Chapter 212: The Mask comes to foil a heist. Leslie/Rita the Hammer with the Mob on the Heist. Trouble for Blossom: Imminent!

Leslie: *Voice-Over* Previously on the Adventures of the Rhapsody Girls Z!…

“Doctor: Yeah… Stop it right there.

Dorian: *Pressing a button on the side as he looks over to the doctor*

A second later…

Dorian: What do you think?

Dr. Freeze: Layout’s not bad. But… the motion detectors are a pain. I do have one question.

Dorian: Which is?

Dr. Freeze: What does Niko have to say about this?

Dorian: Nothin’… this ain’t his grift.

Dr. Freeze: Get real man, everything is his grift. He owns you, he owns this… club he owns this whole stink’in town.

Dorian: Things change.

Leslie: I’m new at this… But isn’t that guy… Niko supposed to be the feared Don of the city?

Dr. Freeze: You mess with Niko you end up takin’ a dirt nap.

Leslie: Is that a good thing. Or a bad? *Worried*

Dorian: It’s a bad thing… But, Leslie… there isn’t a thing to worry about.

Leslie: That’s what worries me… if all this is Niko’s domain… Wouldn’t it be risking the veil of discretion if you were to make the plan to rob the bank? I mean… wouldn’t it get back to Niko? He might get wind of this and that could mean trouble for you guys.

Dorian: You could be right, Leslie. But… It’s gonna be okay. Once we pull off this heist. I have a good feeling that Niko will be the one meeting his last curtain call. He’s the only one who’s napping… and I’m about to give him a serious wake-up call. But we need cash… so first we take the bank… then we take Niko… and then, my friend, school is out. And this whole city is our playground.

Leslie: That’s cute… We take the whole city? That’ll be a feat to remember. However… from everything you laid out about Niko… You have to realize. He’s not stupid. A little over the top… but he isn’t stupid. People with billions of dollars have this thing called Paranoia of someone trying to come and pop them off and take over. He’s gonna be watching everything and if he even sniffs a scent of innuendo or subterfuge… he’s gonna come a knockin’. You know what you’re aiming for… But be careful. Not knowing who you’re messing with will spell your end on a rap sheet.

Freeze: Hey Kid… You set for school?

Leslie: Been ready, Doc. But thanks for asking.

Dorian: Leslie, While at school… try to keep the Mob identity to a minimum. If anyone gives you gruff… just don’t react. Just stable yourself and don’t give away the idea that you’re one of the Mob.

Leslie: Don’t sweat it… Rita the Hammer can keep secrets just as easy as one Dorian Tyrell Rising future Mob Crime Lord. *Winks*

Dorian: *Chuckles* Cute. That’s cute… But i get the point. Have a good day at school. Don’t worry.”

Blossom: *Walking by and catching sight of the girl* Hey… You’re new to this school… Aren’t you?

Leslie: Yeah. *Stopping suddenly and turning to look over at the girl; walking over a bit towards the girl* I am kinda still new. I haven’t been here in this city long. Since the end of last year… However i didn’t know where to go. Or who i could trust.

Blossom: Well… You’re here. It’s got to be a sign for something. I mean, I am usually with my cousins. The ones who go to this school too.

Leslie: Your cousins?

Blossom: Yeah. The 3… or 5 that i hang with are usually with me. But they’re right now at the library. No… They’re at the cafeteria getting something to eat.

Leslie: What about you?

Blossom: Not really hungry. I’ve had something on my mind.

Leslie: Got something going on?

Blossom: Not really. But it’s just the idea that there are these kids. Last name: Marco. They’ve been bugging me and my cousins.

Leslie: They must be really mean. Why do they bug you?

Blossom: I suppose that i can tell you about it… But it’s just between us. *Pauses*

Seconds later…

Blossom: You know… You might have trust issues. Because you’re new and no one is really taking to you. But everyone needs a friend here. If there is no one else that you can find here… to trust. You can trust me. Consider me your friend. I’m Blossom. Blossom Rhapsody.

Leslie: That’s a nice name. I’m Leslie. Leslie T. Burke. But… I uh… Don’t take it the wrong way. Even though that’s a nice name… Why do they call you… Blossom?

Blossom: It’s okay. I don’t mind. It’s my parents. They gave me that name when i was… born. I could have been just peachy with being called Angel or Renee or Winifred or something. But Blossom to them is kinda enduring.

Leslie: That’s cool.

Blossom: *Chuckles* I guess so. It is cool, isn’t it? Say… Where you from? You’re not a normal Metropolis girl. You definitely don’t talk like one.

Leslie: New York City. Brooklyn Originally. But the part of Brooklyn i lived in originally was like the edge of Manhattan. Around the cut separating Brooklyn and Manhattan.”

“Sophie: I’m sorry to pull you out of there like that. But you were about to bust open something that you might not want to know about.

Rosie: What do you mean? Who are you?

Sophie: Sophie Collins. One of the Bikini Girls and a good friend to the Rhapsody clan. At least to the younger members of the clan. You’re… uh, Rosie. You’re the sister to someone named Roxanne Harris.

Rosie: That’s right. But what is it that you’re after?

Sophie: You were looking into asking about the new girl. The one they call Leslie T. Burke… weren’t you?

Rosie: Yeah. What is the deal with her?

Sophie: I can tell you… but… you have to be real delicate with this kind of info. The girl you are wanting to know about. She’s from New York. She’s Rich. And she is only 12-13 years old. It turns out from a source i know… Erica Harper… She caught wind of the girl coming to Metropolis around the end of last year. During the ending reigns of the Child Abductions and Molestation cases that were hankering about. The new girl… She’s involved with the Mob. The Mob lead by a guy named Dorian Tyrell. He took her in. She’s with his gang. But she is also known as another name. Rita the Hammer. Plus… It turns out that Leslie T. Burke also was caught smoking yesterday.

Rosie: Smoking?!

Sophie: Yeah. She comes to school posing as a normal girl. She is… but when she is with Dorian… She’s under the switch mostly as Rita the Hammer. She’s friendly when living as a normal girl. But when she’s with the Mob… She’s sassy and contentious. Seductive in a way.

Rosie: She goes to this school?

Sophie: You better believe that she does.

Rosie: Is she dangerous?

Sophie: No way… the only thing that is of concern that she does is run some hits for them. She’s quick too. Plus she is also good at talking her way out from being busted on a hit job that she does for Dorian. She works simple but it’s all fast. In… out and done in only a few minutes. She even out runs a Merchant that people know to be sly and swift as a fox. O’aka XXIII Merchant Extraordinaire. Rita the hammer outsmarts even him. And he’s the best salesman with the sharp wit in the whole city. She out does him.

Rosie: She doesn’t sell drugs though, does she?

Sophie: Who knows… It could be in her back pack. But who’s to know… People don’t think twice of it because for a kid with a bag that is a little weighty. Who’d question a Kid. or a young teen. Even one like Leslie T. Burke. She’s sweet and gives no sign of a dark secret that she moves to hide aside to keep others from learning of her other life.

Rosie: What should we do?

Sophie: Do? What can anyone do? Your sister is safe. She’d never target anyone innocent. Ever.

Rosie: What about the others? Do they know?

Sophie: No. It’s best that they don’t know for now. Please… Just what ever you do… Don’t tell anyone. Please. We don’t want a panic. on our conscience… Because if the others were to catch on… and people in this school knew… There would be a fearing panic breaking loose and it would mean trouble for everyone. Exposing the Mob. but also putting those of us who know of her and those of us who manage to befriend the girl… in danger.”

“Genevieve: There are reports of a girl in the city that is involved with the Mob.

Tess: What are the details on this mysterious girl?

Genevieve: The info on her is that she’s known as Leslie Tina Burke. She’s got the same name that resembles the character from one of the movies decades ago. But she’s different than that. Much different. Very. She’s from New York. New York and she is Rich. Very Rich. She’s only 12-13 years old and plus… She’s Emancipated.

Tess: She’s a Runaway.

Genevieve: No… She’s not. She is emancipated from her parents. Meaning that she is on her own. All alone and with her Money. $20 Million Dollars on hand. In Hard Cold Cash.

Tess: Is she involved with the Clan? The Fighters?

Genevieve: No. She’s not. Unfortunately… She’s involved with the Mob.”

Dorian: *Looking at Leslie and Smiles* So, Leslie… How was your day at the school? Anyone give you any gruff?

Leslie: No. They didn’t. *Looking worried* But i feel a bit concerned. I overheard a few people talking about me… I think that they know about me and my secret. I didn’t say anything to anyone about any of it. I kept it clear-minded. But there are some people at the school who are possible informants for some family.

Dorian: What do you mean? Like spies?

Leslie: I don’t know. I stayed away from them and kept from revealing anything about my Mob Side.

Dorian: We need to find out who those Informants are and take care of them. They could ruin our operation if people catch on about you being with us.

Leslie: It’d help. But i think that i might know one of them… Someone who goes to the same school as i do. Someone by the name of Sophie Collins. I heard someone mention a name and it was Sophie Collins.

Dorian: We’ll take care of that… Besides… She doesn’t know what she’s talking about.

Leslie: That’s right. *Lighting up* She’s with no proof that i am with you and the guys. *Smoking* But on the other side of it… I did happen to make a friend.

Dorian: You did, huh? Who’s the friend?

Leslie: Someone named Blossom. Blossom Rhapsody of the Rhapsody Family.

Dorian: You’re kidding? Really? What is she like?

Leslie: Not sure… But she sure is friendly. She mentioned about usually hanging with her cousins. A Zoey Rhapsody. Sakura Rhapsody and Hikaru Rhapsody. Also two girls who are like twins. Sora and Carly Rhapsody. I didn’t meet them… But from what Blossom told me… They sound like a bunch of rather cool girls. Really nice. Blossom’s really nice.

Dorian: Good. As long as you’re keeping your nose straight and she doesn’t suspect anything suspicious.

Leslie: You kidding? She knows that i am from New York. That i am Rich. And she also knows that i’m Emancipated from my Biological parents. She knows that. That much was obvious as it’s been told to all the guys and girls at school. But what she doesn’t know is the part that i am with the Mob here. She doesn’t know about Rita the Hammer. I didn’t tell her. I am aware that i can trust her… Because she’s coming off as someone who can be trusted… But i am just not open to telling about the other life i have yet. It’s not quite a wise idea to lay out all your cards.”

Curtis: *Walking over and sitting next to his daughter* Blossom, You’re seeming to be rather quiet today. Why?

Blossom: Not sure. Why do you ask that, dad?

Curtis: You’re usually the most opinionated person here. The most opinionated kid in the house and always would be chatting. Having conversations with your sister Mary. Your brother Perry.

Blossom: That’s right. But…

Curtis: But what…? Something happen?

Blossom: No. Other than i made a new personal friend today at school.

Curtis: You did, did you? *Curious* Who’s the new friend of yours?

Blossom: Depends… Do you happen to know of there being a girl who seems to be on the tip of a bunch of people’s tongues?

Curtis: Not really. No. What about her, Pumpkin?

Blossom: Well… She’s from New York. Rich and she’s also Emancipated. She’s alone or… seemed to be alone. Only thing is that she was with these guys. I don’t even know who they were. What they were even doing around the school grounds. However… She apparently knew them. Really knew them.

Curtis: They could have been distant family members of hers. Ones from a family she emancipated herself from.

Blossom: I don’t think so. Dad, the men had guns. Semi-Autos. They were like armed and set to fire.

Curtis: As though they were from the Mob?

Blossom: The thought did happen to cross my mind. Although… I didn’t think much about it. The girl… Her name’s Leslie Tina Burke.”

Blossom: *Walking over from the side; Coming from the street* Hey Leslie.

Leslie: *Looking at Blossom suddenly* Blossom?! Oh my god… I can’t believe that you’re here… near me at a time like this.

Blossom: What do you mean? *Confused* Why’re you here? You do realize that this is a nightclub, right?

Leslie: I think that i gathered that, Blossom. However… i am involved with someone here.

Blossom: Who? Who has you here? Leslie… You should come with me. We can hang out at my house. I can make an excuse with my dad and you can stay at my house.

Leslie: That’d be nice, Blossom… But, I can’t. I have to stay here.

Blossom: I don’t understand… Why? Why do you have to stay here?

Leslie: It’s not really any business of yours, Blossom. You shouldn’t be here. You should not have come here. Go. Please.

Blossom: Leslie, You can trust me… I won’t tell anyone about your being at the nightclub.

Leslie: Alright. You happen to be a good friend. My only friend from school. So… I have to at least trust you with some of the truth.

Blossom: Truth? Leslie… What is going on?

Leslie: What do you think? I am with Dorian right now.

Blossom: Who?!

Leslie: Dorian Tyrell. He is the big time Crime boss who happens to work under the Crime lord Syndicate known as Niko. But Dorian is trying to get out from under him and over take this city. Out power Niko… if he can. That’s part of the reason why i joined under him. i am involved with the Mob. To help him get one over on Niko. Take him out.

Blossom: What would that do for Dorian? If he is wanting to take control of the city and over throw Niko… Why doesn’t he just try to spread a Rumor or a damaging tale about him and get people to believe it? Fabricate it somehow. He doesn’t necessarily have to… you know… Kill him? does he?

Leslie: That’s what i am trying to get Dorian to consider. I mean… he’s wanting to get above Niko and bring him down… But he’s so set on killing Niko that it’s all he considers. However… He’s wanting to protect me from all that for now. Till he knows that i will have to join in on the fight. I am just worried that he’s gonna bite off more than what he can take on.

Blossom: I don’t know why… but you’re putting yourself in danger, Leslie. You need to get away from the Mob world before it destroys you. I am your friend. Your only friend apparently. But i can’t just stick around seeing you getting in the middle of danger. This location… the glitz and glam. It might be all sweet and cute now… Simple and serene. But eventually those rose-tinted glasses are gonna shatter and break. When they do… You might come to see what a mistake this all was.

Leslie: … What you just said… Blossom, is not really for you to be judging. You don’t really know about the Mob world. You’re not living it. I am. However… I know what i’m doing. I know how to fire a gun. But i really don’t favor in it.

Blossom: *Scoffs* God… Leslie, I wish i knew how i could help you with this mess. I want to be there for you. You need to be careful. All i ask is that you try to think hard on what you’re trying to take on. You’re my friend. Just know that i’m here… if you ever feel like opening up about the Mob world. not like now… but i mean really open up. I’ll be here for you.

Leslie: *Smiles* I appreciate that, Blossom. Thank you.”

Donald: *Recognizing the girl from late last year* Well well well… Aren’t we a sight for sore eyes? It’s been a while since The likes of one Leslie T. Burke came a waltzing on in here for a spill. How’s it goin’, Leslie?

Leslie: Oh… It’s goin’ okay. Just figured that i’d do something for the guys. Like Dorian and his crew.

Donald: *Choking up* What in the—? You know that guy? What brings a sweet charming gal like you to the explicit world of Tyrell?

Leslie: Nothing. *Sighs* It’s not that i willingly just made the choice to join the Mob. I Joined him because when i was new to this city… He was the only one who even noticed me. I know that i trapped myself into his world. But… What could i do? I was a 12-13 girl. still 13 and yeah… Alone and with no family as i emancipated myself from my parents. I Love them… But i couldn’t stay a part of them and watch them suffer anymore. I couldn’t. They were being hurt by these strong aristocratic snobbish people. I didn’t want to be around my parents and watch as they tear themselves apart on count of facing problems and their reputations and careers were going to the crapper. I got myself into several fights with the kids in my old neighborhood as i was standing up for my parents and when I saw the reality that my parents were indeed facing trouble and having issues… That was when I knew that it was time to break. I was being called “Baby face Burke” Not that much of a insulting or hurtful name to be called. But after being called it every time the chance called for it… the kids would chant it and even threw rocks at me. Eggs. I fought back and i was able to pack a bit of a punch… However… I at that time… reached my limit. The last fight that got me to call it over and make the choice of breaking off… Was the one that got me angry. Really angry. I just lost all sense and threw things in every direction. The whole thing made me mad. Angry. But then… it made me sad. Because i knew that with all my devotion to my parents… All the care i had for them. My love for them… I just couldn’t do anything to stop it. It then got me slowly into a state of shock. I saw what my family was going through and all i could do was watch. I was 11 years old when i saw the very worst of it. The very worst of it and it upset me until finally… it had left me undeniably devastated and heart broken. I just couldn’t do it anymore. I had to break away from there. I had no choice. No choice. It was that or watch as everything i knew of my family… fell to a distant memory.

Donald: Wow! That would be a real Hollywood story if you were like a celebrity. But in all sympathy. Reaching out… I am truly sorry that you had to deal with such hardship. You did what you had to do. Do you ever regret leaving your parents?

Leslie: Half of the time… yes. But that’s when i have to stop and remind myself that i had to do what had to be done to see a better life. I think that my parents would have wanted that for me… No matter what the outcome would have been. My parents were strong. Really strong willed and would not back down. I don’t know anyone other than them who’d be so selfless like that and just give up everything. Just so their children could live on and have a better life. My parents are still in New York and i do call them once a month. Just to keep them in my life even though i emancipated from them.

Donald: That’s the best thing. Because it’s like someone had once said… You don’t know where you’re going… till it is that you know where it is that you’ve been.

Leslie: *Nods* You do happen to be right. However i already chose my path. I know that it isn’t exactly something i’d consider to be recommended for others to get into… Although, It’s given me a way to arm myself. A Way of protection.

Donald: *Sympathetic* A Way of protection? Being part of the Mob world. Leslie, You’re a really good kid. A good Teen. You’re aware of what you are doing. All i can say is that you pray that you know what you’re getting into. The Mob isn’t all that guaranteed to be the most safest clique to be mixed in with. Some people in the Mob do happen to mysteriously vanish with out a trace once every so often. I don’t want one of them Mysteriously Vanish Subjects to be you.

Leslie: It’s okay. I’ll be alright. At least… i know that you happen to care and worry about me. Not many others do. Except for a fellow Girl who goes to the same school that i do and She’s a really cool Girl.

Donald: Who?

Leslie: Blossom.

Donald: Blossom Rhapsody of the Rhapsody clan? Electrogal. I know her. Heard about her at least. She’s a hero. One of the New Generation of fighters.”

“Clint: What’re you doing down here?

Stanley: There’s a body down here.

Clint: A Body? *Pauses and in shock* You sure?

Stanley: No lie. I can’t lie about that. it’s never a funny joke when you happen to see something floating in the water and it’s believed to be a body.

Clint: I believe you… *Looking around at the water* Although… if there’s supposed to be a body floating… here. Where is it? There’s nothing here. Except a little bit of debris.

Stanley: That’s what it looks like. But if i didn’t come down here to see and it turned out to really be a body… I’d be feeling guilty.

Clint: Which makes you a good honest person.

Stanley suddenly got back to grabbing at what was thought to be a body and it was only seconds that he grabbed a hold of it where the “body” right then fell to pieces… revealing that it’s nothing but a trash bag, an old tire and some floating bits of garbage all clinging to the “head”: an old wooden Mask…

Clint: *Looking at the mysterious object being held* What is that thing?

Stanley: Not sure. Looks like a Mask.

Clint: It is a mask. It’s a Mask. But not like any mask i’ve ever seen. Is it even solid?

Stanley: Seems to look as though it is. *Checking the mask out* I wonder where it came from.

Clint: I wish i knew.

Stanley: That makes two of us.”

“Officer: *Calling down* Hey, you! What are you doing down there?

Clint: If you have a cover tale… you better speak it. Now. Because, i think that we’re busted.

Kiyoko: *Calling down* Clint, Is everything okay down there?

Clint: *Replying back* You bet. Things are just peachy…

Stanley squints into the light, trying to think of a reasonable answer.

Stanley: I was just looking for… *holds up Mask* My mask. I got it.”

“Clint: Stanley… Uh, You’re not thinking about doing what it looks like you’re about to do… are you?

Stanley: *Mocking the T.V program* “The Masks we wear”. “That’s correct. We all wear masks, metaphorically speaking”. Yeah right.

He turns back to the others and intrigued to know what the mask really is like… He starts to raise it up to his head… his face. For just that instant… The mask starts to suck itself onto Stanley’s face as if in a pulling sensation. But it was just a split second later that Stanley pulled it off fast and started to catch himself a bit.

Stanley: Wha—

Paul: You sure that you want to mess around with that thing?

Rikku: That thing doesn’t look all that much safe. I really wouldn’t try that thing on.

Spencer: If that thing is really an artifact from the Norse god of Mischief… The results of wearing the mask could just come out as unpredictable.

Kiyoko: …

Stanley looks in and sees a shimmer of green glowing on the back of the mask and Suddenly raises the mask onto his face and within seconds…

Paul: Guys… Guys… Uh…. Duck. NOW!

Kiyoko: *Taking cover* Clint… What’s going on?! What’s wrong with him? Why is Ipkiss changing like that?

Spencer: …

Clint: What do you expect me to do?

Paul: Ipkiss… Snap out of it. Take off that mask. Take it off…

Stanley: *From within the sudden spinning cyclone* I can’t. It won’t come off.

Kiyoko: Fight it! Please fight it!

Spencer: *Looking at his Wife* Uh, Honey… Take cover.

Rikku: No problem… Ipkiss is turning into a lunatic. YIPE!”

“Stanley/The Mask: *Looking in the mirror* It’s party time! P-a-r-t-y Why?! Because i gotta! *hearing voices and turning to see a few people looking at him* Looks like we got an audience. Let’s see… We got a couple of good friends. Paul The Comedian, Spencer the Albino/Whiz teen, Rikku the Afghani cutie, Kiyoko the Japanese flower and Clint… The one who looks like the guy who has been watching one too many horror flicks. How Do?!

Clint: This is insane. This is not even a movie… Not even close to a movie.

Spencer: *Looking at Clint* Clint… What’ll we do, man? What do we do? Is he friendly still or is the mask with it’s own agenda?

Clint: I think that’s debatable at the moment. Right now… I rather it be just us trying to keep from tripping out.

Rikku: Spencer… Hon, I think that you might want to change into the alter identity. Be on guard. The Mask might still be friendly… It may still be Stanley… But we never seen the mask come alive… It could be unpredictable…

Spencer: *Transforming* Spiritual Arctic-frost… Power-up!

Clint: Kiyoko… This is something i never told you. But…

Kiyoko: What…

Clint: I’m a fighter. One of the Romancers Z!

Kiyoko: You are?! *In surprise*

Clint: I am. But i was trying to keep that hidden. I didn’t want you to think…

Kiyoko: To think… what?! That you are part of the super powered persuasion.

Clint: That’s right.

Kiyoko: I am not gonna think anything different of you. You are a fighter. So? You’re still you. Still my guy. Still my protector. My heart… Is your heart.”

“Stanley/The Mask: Look Ma!… I’m Roadkill… HA HA HA!!!

He only then gradually pulled himself up and unflattened himself before dusting himself off and shaking off the dirt.

Stanley/The Mask: first floor… Lobby.

It was only seconds later that a car came at him and then stopped… The Driver then honked the horn at him and motioned for him to get out from the middle of the street. Ipkiss/The Mask looked at him and grinned…

Driver: Get out of the road!

Stanley/The Mask:  I think he wants to communicate.”

“Serena: *Answering the phone* Hello?

Paul: Serena…

Serena: Paul? What is it?

Paul: *On the Phone; Contacting the girls* Girls… Come in. Hurry…

Serena: What is it?! Paul… i am no mood for games right now. I am still half asleep and really cranky.

Paul: One guess. What’s a drab banker mixed with lonesome living but all the while a hopeless romantic?

Serena: Ipkiss! Why?

Paul: You got it. And there is more. Ipkiss has snapped and gone nuts.

Serena: How bad?

Paul: You really want to ask that question? You won’t believe it… But Ipkiss… He’s turned into this green guy. He’s the Mask.

Serena: *Fully alert suddenly* What?!

Paul: Just what i said. Get everyone to stand on watch. Stanley Ipkiss… Is the Mask. I Repeat… Stanley Ipkiss is the Mask!

Serena: Here we go again! We’re on our way.

Paul: Hurry!”

“The Mask: Step right up here, don’t be shy! Nobody likes… a bashful leather head. *Barks* Move It!

The gang step up closer to the display…

The Mask: *Pulling out some Balloons and grins*  For my first trick… I’ll do something for you, son.

The Mask then started twisting and turning the balloon to make a Balloon animal of some kind. It was one with a long neck.

Stanley/The Mask: We have a giraffe. There you go, son. Now get out of here, you bother me.

Female Punker: Wow!

Stanley/The Mask: And for you son… Now…

The Mask then reached into his pocket to pull out another balloon and goofed. Pulled out a wet snot-filled hanker-chief…

The Mask: *Chuckles briefly* Sorry, wrong pocket. *Pointing at the leader of the gang* For you son… *Pulling out a light pink balloon and starting to mold it into a balloon animal* a little body English. A French poodle.

But as he was about to give it to the leader of the Death heads (No Such gang by that name) The balloon popped…

Stanley/The Mask: Sorry son, The dog was rabid, had to put it down.

But then…

Stanley/The Mask: And now last but not least… *Giving off a devious smirk* My Favorite.

The Mask then pulled out a black balloon and started to twist it and mold it and shape it into a gun. A (Tommy Gun). Within seconds… it transformed into a real life Tommy Gun.

Stanley/The mask: *Pointing the gun at the gang* A Tommy Gun!”

“Stanley/The Mask: *declaring in a dramatic and performing manner* Hold onto your lug nuts… it’s tiiiiiiiiime for an overhaul!”

“Dispatch: Sheriff Adams, What’s your 20?

Sheriff Adams: *On Radio* On standby.

Dispatch: *On Radio* Please be advised on a Code Six George on 10043 Kilo Ave.

Sheriff Adams: Repeat that.

Dispatch: Code Six George on 10043 Kilo Ave.

Sheriff Adams: What’s the location?

Dispatch: Jensen’s Auto finishing.

Sheriff Adams: Are there any other units on route to that location?

Dispatch: That’s affirmative. Lt. Kellaway and Det. Sawyer are reporting to location now.

Sheriff Adams: On my way. Carry out a four alarm. Secure the location.

Dispatch: Initiating a four alarm now.”

Blossom: *Speaking to Leslie Through the bathroom stall door* Leslie, what are you doing?

Leslie: *Coming off cold* Does it matter what i am doing, Blossom? Besides… Why do you care anyway? You certainly don’t believe in telling me the truth.

Blossom: What are you talking about? Leslie, Where is that sort of tone coming from?

Leslie: Don’t play dumb, Blossom. I’m new… But i am not stupid. Or should i say oblivious, Electrogal?

Blossom: *Pauses and in shock; Caught off guard* What is your deal, today… Leslie? What did i do to get on your bad side?

Leslie: What do you think, Blossom? Huh? What exactly is it that you think? *Scoffs* You and i Met just yesterday. We spoke about things. Some things that friends would talk about… Like maybe a secret. In confidence. But all that time till now… You didn’t happen to pass off a warning that you were a member of the Super-powered persuasion. Part of the members of the Law. Do-Good’er’s. You didn’t even think to tell me that you were with a heroic identity on the side. That you were this hero that the city know as… Electrogal. I really believed that we would be friends.

Blossom: It’s not for you to know, Leslie. I wanted to spare you from that. You shouldn’t have to worry about that. Leslie, I… *sighs and feeling like she’s placed with no other choice but to come out with the truth*”

“Blossom: Leslie… you’re right. I should have told you about it. Open up… I’ll show you the truth. But only because i don’t want to hide it anymore. You’re with all the right in the world to be mad at me. I should have told you. But, You have to be aware that if i were to tell you… and something happened to you because of it… i would never forgive myself.

Leslie: *Unlocking the door and opening the stall door* Maybe so… But that’s the thing i don’t have figured. Why would you think that i wouldn’t be able to handle it? You seem to not understand something which for a sharp girl like you… it should have been a loud giveaway that there was something more to me than my being new here. I am involved with the Mob and have been for some time now. Briefly so far.  *Sensing a pause* Yeah. I admit it. I am with the Mob. Involved. And something else too. I am also known as “Rita the Hammer”.

Blossom: You’re kidding! Really? *Psyched* That’s like a complete trip. Leslie… Why didn’t you say anything?

Leslie: For the same reason as to why you didn’t say anything about what you were. But what gets me is that i got the tell all from the guy at the Sun Shack this morning. He told me that you were coming over to that place a few times. With your cousins… Sora and Carly. Zoey. Yeah… I know about their Alter identities too. Sora and Carly. They’re the Esp. Elemental twins. They can read people’s minds. The thoughts that are on the top of someone’s head. Zoey… She’s a senshi. Sailor Zoey. How strange is that?

Blossom: This is what i have. *Emitting Electricity* This is what i have for power. My Element of power. Leslie. My father is the retired hero… Electric-Rage. My powers that i have… Are none more than a certifiable plausible by product of one who passed the torch. Some of his DNA had powers and it got mixed with the DNA of my mother.”

“Blossom: Leslie, I’m sorry for not telling you the truth about the other side of me… What i could do and what i possessed.

Leslie: I’m sorry too. I am just worried that your side of the struggle and my side of the struggle that is slowly unraveling is gonna pull you and I apart. What if we wind up being unable to be with one another again?

Blossom: That won’t happen. I won’t let that happen. You and I are friends. From now on… we’ll tell each other everything. No matter what.

Leslie: Best friends. *Smiles*

Blossom: You bet. Zoey’s My best friend though on top of my cousin and she’s family. She and I would always be doing things together. But you and I… We’re best friends in our own way. We are gonna be best friends. I care about you. Alot. Being new to a school really sucks. Having to re-work your way up back to where you were again. Restarting your life and trying to get a footing again. It can bite. I never had that type of luck. But it doesn’t mean i don’t know the feeling. I’ve seen a few new kids coming to the schools throughout the years and know what they go through. Not knowing where to go in the school. Who to talk to. What to do. Wondering if they’ll be able to make any friends. or if anyone will seek them out and befriend them.

Leslie: Like me?

Blossom: Yeah. But you got to admit, Leslie… You are new to this school still. Not like first day new… But… Still new enough to where you’re looking as though you’re like a hobo or homeless person whose got nowhere to go. Not that you are. But yesterday before you and i first met… It seemed as though you were still lost. With no idea as to what is to be done. Almost unsure.”

“Zoey: You know what it is… You’re never around Sora, Carly and me anymore hardly. Everyday at school for the last 5 weeks…

Blossom: So? I was with that new girl. Leslie. She’s got no friends at all. I am her only friend. The only one who’s willing to give a damn about her. I took time to befriend her. You know what else? She knows about us. What my power is. Knows about who you used to be. She knows.

Zoey: How is it that she knows? We never met her. Who told her?

Blossom: Who told her… Uh, Let’s see. It would have to be the guy at the Sun Shack that seems to like squawking little tell all’s.

Zoey: Oh… yeah. That’s right. he likes spreading secrets. *Scoffs* That still doesn’t explain what you’re doing… What you’ve been doing as of late.”

“Zoey: Blossom, What are you doing as of late? You’re now smoking. You didn’t do that before.

Blossom: Zoey, I realize that you’re the goody two shoes of the family… but you should really butt out. I am not doing anything that i haven’t done before.

Zoey: You’re not? *Looking to the side and then at Blossom* Prove it. You have been seen hanging with that new girl. Leslie. She’s been hanging with those guys. Mob people. She’s been seen smoking too. I also saw you with her… Yesterday.

Blossom: *Scoffs* You were spying on me? What are you… A Snitch?

Zoey: No. Try… someone who really cares about you. You’re my cousin. In case you happened to forget. And plus… You said that we were like best friends. The best of friends.

Zoey: Remember? Doesn’t that mean anything to you? Aren’t we friends? Aren’t i your Best friend anymore?

Blossom: *In disbelief* You are… but you’re not my warden. Leslie is my friend. She’s with Dorian Tyrell and his gang. I am also. Or at least… i will be sometime soon. She still hasn’t introduced me to him officially yet. But i still am gonna be with Leslie. She’s out right now doing some Mob hits with Dorian. But in a couple hours… I’m gonna be hanging out with her at her hotel room.

Zoey: Why?


Sora: *Walking over with her sister* Hey guys…

Zoey: Hey Sora… Carly. What’s wrong?

Carly: Our mom and dad are having problems.

Blossom: Really? *Curious and concerned* Why? What’s the matter with your parents? Uncle Alvin and Aunt Alice?

Sora: They’re never home much as of late. *Looking down* Our father’s been going out on dates with another woman.

Zoey: Oh… *Gasps* Oh my god… You’re serious? Your father is cheating on your mom? Uncle Alvin is Cheating?

Carly: Uh-huh. Some of this… you and Blossom already know. Paul and Crystal also know. They are hardly around at home as of late because of it.

Sora: Kasey and Hallie are in disarray. or disorder. They have no clue as to what to think or what they should believe.

Blossom: *Hissing at the bad news* Wow! That sucks. Any idea who Uncle Alvin is seeing?

Carly: Not really. We didn’t really get the chance to take a really good look at the woman. But *Disgusted just thinking about it* Ugh! Dad could have gone to someone much better than that. However… i think we would most definitely rather he’d stay with our mom.

Zoey: I agree. Any idea when this all began?

Carly: Sometime around last year. However… when we first heard of it… it was from Hallie and that was on the same day we were back from the BPRD and the same day we learned of the death in the family. She said that it started a day or two before Halloween. However… at first… there was nothing there to wave the white flag.

Blossom: as to now?

Zoey: Plus my mother is also smoking. She’s done it for a while. Since around the same time last year. She’s also posing Nude for the modeling agency. Saying that it’s them who are making her do it. Saying that it was her boss having her do it. But… she has a choice. She could walk from it. She could walk away from that. It’s always been a choice. A Conscious choice that a person can make. Deciding as to whether they want to do something or not. She could choose to not do it.

Blossom: What’s it doing to you?

Zoey: *Sighs* Nothing good. But why do you want to know, Blossom? I was for the last week trying to get in touch with you to talk it over. Maybe get a piece of mind in some way. But you were always gone. Hanging around with… Leslie T. Burke. She’s not even all that safe. The people she hangs with… They’re dangerous.

Sora: She is? Why doesn’t she break from it? Why would your mom smoke, Zoey? She knows what it does to a person. She should also stop the Porn too. Didn’t you even tell her how you felt about it?

Zoey: Till i was blue in the face. I was even striking some tears in trying to seek reason with her. No luck… She just wouldn’t see reason. My dad started drinking because of the stress of it all. The other day or so… He came home with 3 24 packs of Budweiser. Yeah… It’s bad.

Blossom: I don’t know why your mom would do that? Smoke. My father is mostly gone on field work. My sister Mary is with the Drama club at school. Or Choir. She’s a really good singer. I even heard her. She’s got a real clear strong voice. Hearty.

Carly: More than our older Sister and Brother. They’re both with High school groups. Crystal is with the Leadership. Paul is with the Drama club. But does Comedy skits too. At that Comedy shack located downtown.

Zoey: Well… My mom is smoking and i don’t like it. June doesn’t either. She’s not happy. She’s practically my adopted sister.

Carly: We all know that, Zoey. Your mom and dad had practically adopted her in.

Sora: You think that she might be able to help with getting our father and mother back together? Or before they actually split once we tell our mom what our dad has been up to?

Blossom: …

Zoey: She might be able to help. However… June right now is Following up on my mother and father. My father and mother have been rather distant over the last month. Because of what my mom’s been doing. I keep asking my dad about it and he just grunts about it. I don’t think that he wants to talk about it with me.

Blossom: Ugh! Zoey… of course he won’t. He doesn’t believe that you should know of it. He’s trying to protect your mental state.

Sora: *Gasps* Blossom! What was that for?

Blossom: What do you think? For the last month… Zoey’s been on her deep end of stable thinking due to what her mother… The Whore in high heels and moving in sin. What that woman was doing. It was fucking with Zoey’s right mind. causing her to stress out. We all saw it since the first day of the school year of the 8th grade. She would hardly eat. And when she did… She would literally gorge herself with food. stuffing herself senseless. Till she were to literally vomit from over stuffing herself.

Carly: Sora… She’s got a point.

Sora: *To Blossom* Well… At least your dad is around. Ours isn’t. Plus our mother is always at work. She doesn’t even want to stick close to home hardly because being home and also while knowing that our dad’s possibly seeing another woman… It is too hard.

Carly: Maybe joining with the mob… will be better for us. It’d be something to consider.

Blossom: That’s what I’ve done. However… i have not been officially taken in yet. I am still with the basic start of it. I hang with Leslie Burke/Rita the Hammer. She’s a Mobster. A Gangster gal. My mother is always at the planet and never home most of the time and with my Sister Victoria being at the diner and working most of the time… She’s not paying that much attention to me. So i use that to sneak out.

Zoey: Really?! That’s lucky. I sure wish that i could do something like that.

Blossom: Zoey, You’re too much of a goody goody to do that. You wouldn’t do anything like that at all. It isn’t you. However… before you think of it… Just consider all your options. But i am gonna… as a cousin plead that you don’t do it. Please. Just because i’m moving to join the mob… doesn’t mean that you should too… Please don’t do it.

Sora: *Looking at Blossom* What about us?

Carly: Yeah.

Blossom: You two shouldn’t do it either. Your mom and dad… My uncle Alvin and Aunt Alice… They’re going through a rough time… The best thing you guys can do is let it ride its course. For all you might know over the situation… It could be a huge misunderstanding. I am part of the Mob a little bit… At least… I am intending to be a part of the Mob. Not as much as Leslie is. Although Leslie’s already all in. Just give it a couple more days… Keep on watching and see if anything more happens. If it gets worse… I’ll ask Leslie to see if she can call over a favor with Dorian, Eddy and the crew to put a eye or two out for anything going on with Uncle Alvin. See if anything strikes as a concern. But if it gets better and works itself out… It’ll fall into place little by little. However… it’ll take time. It won’t get back to being better all the way. All at once in just one moment.

Sora: Thank you.

Carly: Yeah. We don’t know what else to do and we’re afraid that if they divorce… We might be split up. We don’t want that to happen. Not that it could… Our mom doesn’t know about the details. we haven’t told her and we’re finding it harder and harder each day to come out and let it out. This is gonna break her heart.

Blossom: We’ll fix it somehow. If there is a way for us to fix it… we will. And Your parents won’t divorce. If we happen to know Alvin and Alice really well… and we do. They’ll never just call it quits and say it’s over. Not without a fight. The 4 men… Alvin, Arnold, Avery and my father… Curtis. They’re tough. Very tough willed. When something goes wrong… They don’t ever give up. If anything… They take a few moments to rethink the issue. Consider what they can do to fix it… Remind themselves that a relationship is always worth keeping and then get back on the trail. Trying again. They don’t give in when something tries knocking them down.

Sora: Even if it happens to be something like a mother… or father Cheating.

Blossom: Of course. Granted that they may never feel the same way again as they felt in the beginning. But… the point is… They don’t give up. Ever.

Zoey: I feel as though everyone’s turning to the dark side. My mom… My dad… You guys. Am i the only one who’s willing to stick to being on the good side and keep on the path of honesty?”

“Blossom: You know what, Leslie? This is pretty cool. You’re free to do what you like. You have a career. You’re a Mobster but have more class than anyone at school. *Smoking*

Leslie: *Lighting up and smoking* I don’t have that much class, Blossom. I am not all that sweet either. I do have a learned knack for being seductive in a sense. Even Manipulative. I mean… i didn’t use to smoke. i only started since the other month. However… Dorian doesn’t know and i didn’t tell him. I figured that it would be best if he didn’t know the full details. But i did. Done it since then. Not much. Just 3 a day. I then manipulated you into doing it. Controlled you in some way.

Blossom: *Scoffs* Oh yeah… right. Come on, Leslie. You didn’t necessarily manipulate me. I chose to do it. My best friend/Cousin Zoey is trying to shake me because i am always with you. But even though she’s my best friend and family… She’s got to know that i am changing. I am with you, Leslie. You’re with only me as a friend. But i am hoping that it’ll change. Change as in you getting more friends.

Leslie: I would like that.”

“Kasey: We have a little problem. Actually… It’s something that you might want to get some Intel On.

Erica: Intel? *Curious; Listening* What about?

Kasey: A girl that goes to Middle school. The same school as my sisters Sora and Carly. My Cousins Blossom, Zoey, Sakura and Hikaru. Sora.

Erica: Which girl are you talking about, Kasey?

Kasey: One guess. The girl has been reported to be seen with a group of Mysterious men. Possibly the Mob. Sora and Carly overheard Blossom mention something about a name. before they managed to seek a shot at talking with her. The girl in question has spoken of herself to be a Gangster Gal. Name of girl: Burke, Leslie T. Alias: Rita the Hammer.

Erica: Leslie Burke?! *Gasps* You’re not serious… are you? What do you need on her?

Kasey: Intel. What she really is. Where she’s staying. We have to find out more about her and pull Blossom away from her. For Blossom’s own good.

Erica: What about your sisters Sora and Carly?

Kasey: We can’t let them get pulled into her. we can’t.

Erica: Okay. I’ll do some recon tonight. It’ll be okay. If i find anything more on her… i’ll have it to brief you and the others tomorrow.”

“Erica: *Shaking her head* Mom, Let’s get my hair done. I got a night of Recon to do.

Doralee: Is it serious?

Erica: Sometimes i would prefer that it weren’t. However… with what’s going on out there… Serious is an understatement. A serious run with trouble. Trouble by the name of a girl being lured into a dark world.

Doralee: Who?

Erica H.: Blossom Rhapsody.

Doralee: *At a loss* Excuse me! You want to ride that line again? Did you say that… Who was it again? Blossom Rhapsody… is being lured into the dark world. The Mob?

Erica: *Sighs* Yeah…

Doralee: *Holding her hand on the forehead* This is not good. Kasey called to tell you that Blossom is being gradually lured into the Mob. And next… you’re gonna tell me that Blossom is under a habit.

Erica H.: Yes. She did. I got to recon and find out the whereabouts of the Mob girl. Where she resides. If Blossom is going to be in that world soon… we need to know where to find the lead and stop it. Fast. I am the only Intel source on horseback.”

“Blossom: Oh… Hey Holly. What’s going on?

Holly: Not much… Except that i now know your secret.

Blossom: You… know? *Pauses in mortification* How? How do you know my secret?

Holly: Zoey. She told me about it and she’s really upset. She needed you to be her friend Sunday and hang with her as she was having issues at her house. Issues going on between her mother and father. But she told me that all you were talking about was this girl… Leslie T. Burke.

Blossom: I was not talking only about her. She happens to be my friend. I’m her only friend. No one else has bothered to try and befriend her.

Holly: Yeah. Why’s that? It’s because she’s with the Mob. Possibly selling drugs for them. She’s involved with the Mob. They’re not in any way… safe.

Blossom: She doesn’t sell drugs, Holly.

Holly: How do you know that? How is it that you know that she doesn’t?

Blossom: Because she told me, Holly. She told me.

Holly: *Scoffs* And you actually believe that?

Blossom: Yeah. Why? Shouldn’t I?

Holly: You should pick your friends better, Blossom. She’s a devious liar. She hangs with the Mob. She smokes and Zoey told me that you now do it too. Your friend Leslie bull-faced lied to you. She lied to you. She is lying. When she told you that she wasn’t selling drugs… She was lying. She was only telling you what you were wanting to hear. She was trying to cover her tracks so you wouldn’t know the truth and that she’d be able to keep you as a friend to her.

Blossom: You don’t have proof. How do you know what she has? None of you want to even try to know her. There is another side to her besides the side of her being involved with the Mob, you know?

Holly: And you spend too much time with her. She’s not an honest person. Zoey is. She never has lied to you. Not even once. You know Zoey alot longer then you had the girl Leslie.

Blossom: *Getting angry* Holly, Back off. Leslie is not a drug seller. She doesn’t do drugs. Where ever you’re getting your Info… You better tell them to go back to the basics. And relearn the art of going on Reconnaissance. Leslie Burke is not doing drugs. Never did.”

Rita the Hammer: *Appearing; Groans* Geez! And here i thought that i would be with the bad cover-up. He’s worse and you enjoy listening to his droning?

Feldstein: *Standing up and in an annoyed voice* Hey Kid, Why don’t you shut up and go back to playing with dolls? This is not your place.

Rita the Hammer: *Pulling out her Gun* Wanna bet, Shoeshine? *Pointing her gun* Don’t test me. I might look like a Kid. But i know how to use this Semi-Auto. Don’t think that i will not use it.

Feldstein nods at the men nearby and they manage to make their move when suddenly The Hologram of Rita emitted a high pitched screech and caused for their ears to throb with a radiated pulse of pain…

Rita The Hammer: Who’s next? Any takers? I am a Young teen. But i don’t play when there’s business to be a dealing. However… If anyone cares to be generous. I’m all ears. I can be fair. Besides… Some of this attire came from my money. Although alot came from you. Don’t ask how. But i will say that i found my ways to nab a piece of your cash…. or did i?

Feldstein stands infuriated. He was growing pissed…

Morris: Sit. Let’s hear her piece. What she’s seeking from us…

Rita the Hammer: *Looking at the men* Okay… Now let’s try to go back a year. A year ago…I’d guess you were all fearsome. The cops would not think to attempt their luck in crossing paths with the likes of you. But now… it is one year later. Things have changed and you are all in dire risk of being run out of town. Cleaned out as the cops are now putting the pinch… on your wallets and cash flow. Let me ask you here… Just to be on the equal standing. What happened? Did your Man cards get taken? Your Crown jewels get yanked and pulled off your bodies? Did the silent alarm of trouble from the Law decide to take a bite out of your butts and turn your asses into chewed up steak? A Gangster gal… like me…

Feldstein: A Young ignorant kid… A Know nothing.

The other guys stifle a laugh but abruptly go silent seconds later…

Rita the Hammer was blowing it off as she was used to being judged…

Rita the Hammer: A gangster gal like me… I know why you’re all here… Chatting some plan that will likely fault up and malfunction like a power shortage. holding your little group therapy session in broad daylight which to me is kinda stupid. Smart Mob men would do this during the silence of the night. Where there would be minimal risk of someone on the outside and on the other side…coming to overhear and sell you out up the river. I know why you’re afraid to go out at night. It’s the beloved fighters of the City. The Rhapsody New Generation… They managed to somehow show the city your true colors. Who you really are as they learned the knowhow from those who did it before them. The New Generation has blown your cover wide open. D.A Nick Rhapsody is your cyanide. *Suddenly indicating Fuji* Now… as for that guy’s so called plan. The new generation has no jurisdiction. They go where ever. They’ll find him and make him squeal. *Smiling at Fuji* I can tell the squealers every time. But when it comes to someone who’s got a lot to lose… they set up some back plan and find a gaggle of prospective fall guys to take the fall and the girl or guy in question slips away. Like a rat trying to run from the snake. or escape a burning barn. Afraid to get caught.

Morris: So… What do you propose?

Rita the Hammer: It’s simple. Nothing simpler than what needs to be done. We do in the New Generation of fighters. Make them fade away into the woodwork and push them into retirement. Without them in the way… the city’s up for the taking.

Niko: You’re a kid and are saying it’s easy? You’re a young kid. How do you propose it to be easy?

Rita the Hammer: Because i know of someone who can help in bringing them down. It’s one of their own.

Morris: How much do you wish?

Rita the Hammer: Half. But it’s not for me. Just for funding what needs to be done to put the new Generation in traction.

Morris: You gonna take the charge in bringing the rising fighters down? *Laughs* Yeah. You… A Young Teen think that you can bring down such fighters? Heh heh heh heh.

Rita the Hammer then rises… But mind it all that it’s hologram. She rises…

Rita the Hammer: You guys might want to consider on getting this resolved. But pretty soon… if you don’t and the fighters happen to take the charge in going after your funds. All of your funds… Feldstein the nice but hot tempered Shoeshine boy won’t be with even a nickel or couple cents to pinch together or give his granny.

Feldstein: *Slams his fist on to the table before then rising* ENOUGH FROM THIS STUPID IGNORANT KID!

He got up and made off towards the girl and was about to get a hold of her when suddenly…

Rita The Hammer: *Glaring* You Try… You will die.

It was then that the real girl came in and Confronted the Man…

Rita the Hammer: *Aiming the gun at Feldstein* You wanna kill a young kid? By all means. But i do think that if you want to ensure that you continue living… You’d back off. There is a friend of mine that i know and respect. She’s also someone that i care about very much. One call and let’s just say that she’s with a shocking temper. She even gave me a few of these Electric grenades. I press this… this whole room goes with it.

Feldstein: *Glaring at the young Gangster gal* You think that since you got that fancy toy and a connection to someone with some shocking temper… That you have a Semi-Automatic that you can just come in here and just steal from us… then walk away like you own the mob and all source of our cash flow? Seeing you and hearing you speak some scamming bullshit… reminds me why i HATE KIDS! I’m putting the order out. $500,000 for this Gangster girl Rita the Hammer DEAD! $1,000,000 Alive so i can teach this little bitch some manners.

Rita the Hammer: *Leaving the room and walking off* Let me know when you change your mind. Until then… Have fun being swindled. Arrivederci.”

“Blossom: Leslie?! What’re you doing here?

Leslie: Hiding.

Blossom: Hiding? Why?

Leslie: Because there are people after me.

Blossom: *Not understanding* After you… *Pulling out a smoke from the pack* What do you mean? Who’d be after you?

Leslie: Niko. Niko’s gang. Feldstein… He’s got a bounty on me. I don’t know if he will act on it or if it were a scare tactic. But…

Blossom: Why would he be after you?

Leslie: Blossom, *In an awkward situation* I got to tell you something. Please, don’t get mad when i explain…

Blossom: *Placing the smoke in her mouth* Leslie, What’s the matter?

Leslie: I snuck out of school for a little bit today and trekked into a Mob conference. Niko was there a long with a group of other Mobsters who were working along side him. There was also this guy… Feldstein. The one i mentioned who put a bounty on my head. He wants me found… dead. Or alive.

Blossom: Why would you do that?

Leslie: Why wouldn’t I? Blossom, You still don’t get the fact that or the clue that… I’m with a Mob persona as well. Known as Rita the Hammer.

Blossom: *Lighting up and Sitting down* That’s not something you should expose here. However… i already knew. I knew about that.

Leslie: How did you find out?

Blossom: Sophie Collins. The other week before i came to find you… She managed to pull me aside and get me in private. She told me about what she heard and told me that you were going around the city posing or using the identity “Rita the Hammer”. That’s all i permitted to hear from her about you because alot of the bologna that is out there… It’s all hearsay and as far as i see it… If what’s being said is the truth. I want to hear it from your lips. The source that all this hearsay is circling around.

Leslie: *Smiles a little* Oh… thanks. At least there’s that, right?

Blossom: There’s more than that, Leslie. You know that.

Leslie: *Nods*

Blossom: So… you were saying about this Mob Conference… You went over to it and Got involved in it. I know you’re one with the Mob. You’re a Gangster Gal. But what i don’t know is… Why did you have to involve yourself with Niko’s web?

Leslie: I was only getting into my Mob persona a little bit. Trying to get some Experience and to slide in and gradually Siphon their funds to bring it over to Dorian. However…

Blossom: It didn’t go out that way… did it?

Leslie: No.

Blossom: What happened?”

“Zoey: That still doesn’t make it right. You are never around with us hardly and I can’t understand why. Why are you so into that girl Leslie? What is it about her that has you so clingy to her?

Blossom: She’s my friend. In case you didn’t pick up that point. She is my friend. My best friend. She’s got so much more class than anyone else here. However… You and I are still forever close. But what gets me infuriated is the fact that Holly called me and told me that you said or had belief that Leslie might be on drugs. Holly told me that you said that i am with Leslie too much and that i might be into the Mob just as well as she is.

Zoey: I didn’t say that to her. I didn’t.

Blossom: Bullshit, Zoey. Bullshit. You did. Holly called me this morning and told me all about it. You and I are friends. Always have been. But things change a little with time. However… Because i’m with Leslie, You think that i’m ditching you and think that i am treating you like you don’t matter. Holly’s full of shit. Saying that Leslie sells Drugs. That she’s also killing people. But since you want to listen to her garbage… Go and hang with her.

Zoey: Blossom, I Just want my best friend/Cousin back. Is that too much to ask? I want it to where we hang out and stick together. We were like inseparable. Always as one. *With tears in her eyes* I Just want my best friend back. Blossom, You’re my best friend and i care about you. I Love you. But ever since you became close to Leslie… You turned into someone i don’t recognize anymore. It hurts. I Just want my friend back. I want my best friend back…  *Running away crying and upset*

Blossom: *Sighs; Feeling bad* Zoey… *feeling guilty* Damn it… Great. Nice Blossom. Very smooth. You start pushing away your Cousin who you deem as your best friend and stuck with for years. What’s next? Putting the friendship you had with her in Vain?”

“Blossom: You sold my family out. Marked them… *Wanting to explode* Leslie, I can’t believe that you did that.

Leslie: Blossom… It won’t matter because even though i said that to them… i was only pulling a bluff on them. I don’t intend to do any of that and sell your family out nor sell you up the river. To the Mob… I am a Nobody. But unless i used something like that as a bargaining source of leverage… I would never make it. The Mob world is like the Celebrity world. You have to keep your friends close but your enemies closer.

Blossom: That explains it, i’d guess…

Leslie: I also referenced you. But didn’t give them your identity. You’re my friend. Best friend and for them to get to you… They’d have to get through to me and as you know… I have no intention on moving. I would stick along defending you. No matter what.

Blossom: *Taking a puff* That’s good. But What about the Mob? The group that is led by Niko whatever his name is? What if he comes to expect you to pay up or really hold up to your end of the bargain that you made among them?

Leslie: I’m gonna have to stage it. Meaning that when it’s time… You will have to get your family… the ones that are fighters to convince the Mob that they’re all retired and in traction. That way… they can take control of the city and think that they won. But only to come right back and fight back when they least expect it. It’s the only thing i can suggest as a penance.

Blossom: It’s gonna be hard to get them on the track as they don’t know about you. Or have met you. Only i have.”

Blossom: *Looking at Holly* Holly, I don’t want to hear it. You are trying to tear Leslie down. You just can’t find any means to be decent… can you?

Holly: No. Leslie Burke is a druggie. She’s a Drug dealing liar. All she does is deceive.

Leslie: That’s not true. I don’t sell drugs, Holly. You are making a vicious rumor and i don’t find that as the least bit funny. I am not a danger to anyone…

Blossom: *To Leslie* Leslie, Back off. Let me handle this. Holly is gonna wish that she backed off. This might hurt my family’s relationship with the Owner of Sid’s Diner. But Enough is enough. Holly is gonna get it. Right in the mouth.

Holly: What are you gonna do?

Blossom: *Landing a Punch into Holly’s face* That. Leave Leslie Burke alone or i swear you will regret it. She’s my friend whether you like it or not. First… you call me this morning to tell me that Leslie is a druggie. Then you pull this shit with me. You must be really ignorant. Where did you get this news that she was some druggie, huh?

Holly: Sophie Collins.

Blossom: Is that the only source?

Holly: No. There’s also Erica Harper… and Zoey Creek. They can confirm it. *Feeling the sting and Wanting to break down*

Blossom: *Looking at Leslie* Leslie, Is this true? If so… Step up to confess. If not… Run. You don’t want to see this.

Leslie: No. I’m staying. I am not a coward. I can fight. *Facing Holly* This is just like back home in New York before i left and Emancipated myself from my parents. The same thing. People bashing my parents and trying to tear them down. I couldn’t do anything to stop it. I lost my family. My biological roots. All i got is my habit which sadly… sucks. My alter identity which is a grateful form of protection. And All the belongings that i was capable of bringing with me. Plus all my money. Every dime. Every quarter, dime, nickel and penny. Every dollar i have. *Looking over towards Blossom*Blossom is my only friend. She cares about me here. She befriended me. No questions asked. She came to me and had the decency to give me a chance. Gave me a friend. Herself. Her. There are a group of men lead by someone who i won’t mention. They took me under their wing with them… When no one could bother to look at me or motion to care. I am seen as a vagrant because why? Because i am Emancipated from my parents. My family? What about you? You got a mother. A father. You are with them. Right? Would you like it if i were in your shoes and you were in mine… and it was me Judging you for who you were? Judging you because you were Emancipated?

Holly: No. But it doesn’t matter. You’re with the Mob. You’re trying to get Blossom Rhapsody to screw her life up. Just because you choose to Emancipate and leave your family… It doesn’t answer for what you’ve been doing. I am sorry that you had to leave all you knew behind. But that doesn’t make you right by doing what you’re doing. Joining the Mob. You should be ashamed of yourself, Burke. Truly.

Leslie: Ugh! Who here died and made you boss?

Holly: No one. But I happen to care about Blossom’s well being as well as i do her best friend/Cousin Zoey’s. My family cares about their families and a real friend would not get their friends to start smoking. A real true friend would not make their friends walk away from their blood. Their friends and family that clearly are part of them. Part of who they are. You’re not Blossom’s real friend. *Standing up to Leslie* You never will be. Why don’t you go and hang around the Mob, Rita the Hammer? Leave the Innocent teens here… ALONE!

Leslie: *Pushing Holly back* Get away from me. You want me to leave… Fine. *Leaving in a hurt manner* So much for making friends in this school. I guess it’s true what they said about this city. People will tear another down… those who aren’t a certain way.

Blossom: *Calling out to Leslie* Leslie, Wait!

Leslie: *Responding* Forget it, Blossom. I quit. I am not wanted here and i’m tired of trying. Blame Holly. You’ll never see me here again.

Blossom: Yes i will… *Running after Leslie*

Holly: *Grabbing Blossom* No you don’t. Blossom, whether you like it or not… you’re staying away from Leslie. You will not go near her again or i will tell your parents.

Blossom: *Shoving Holly down forcefully*


Amber: *With Sophie, Macie, Sora and Carly; Gasps* Blossom!

Blossom: *Looking over at them angrily* Back off. Leave me alone. Traitors. Leslie is my friend.

Zoey: *Walking over suddenly* Blossom, Why are you doing this?

Blossom: Leave me alone Zoey. This is your fault. If you didn’t tell Holly that i was with Leslie all the time and make her think that Leslie was on Drugs this wouldn’t have happened.

Zoey: Blossom…

Blossom: Zoey, You and I are still best friends. Nothing changed. I just can’t be around you right now. I’m only gonna say something i don’t mean. *Walking away*”

Kimahri: Leslie not bad person. Just misguided.”

“Lorenzo: What’s up with the Mob front? You know… The issue circling around that Banker… Ipkiss?

Raven: *Shaking her head* I don’t know. Sapphire and Serena have been looking into the matter and haven’t heard anything more on it. It’s been at a stand still for the last 5 weeks.  No one knows anything.

Lorenzo: How about that Mask character? What’s the deal with him?

Raven: Lorenzo… *Sighs* There is something that you may need to know. The Mask… Is Ipkiss. The mask is just Acting out and exposing the deepest desires of the one who happens to be wearing the mask.

Lorenzo: Huh? How is that possible?

Raven: It’s hard to really explain. But you know how you have these deepest desires yet you can’t let it out without it throwing your life into complete chaos unintentionally?

Lorenzo: Yeah. It’s so we can keep a stable life. and a level social standing on the outside.

Raven: It’s kinda like that… But it’s really because we’re suppressing something called… Our “ids” Which happens to be our deepest felt desires.”

“Blossom: *Thinking to herself; Walking into the office* Stay calm. Stay calm. Don’t panic. It’s just the Mob threshold. No problem. *In the Office* … *Sighs* Here goes.

Dorian: That’s your friend, Leslie?

Leslie: Yeah. That’s her. That’s my good friend. *Winks*

Dorian: Not bad for a girl like her. She’s a real charmer.

Blossom: Oh really? *Easing into the moment* Care to wager on that, Sir?

Leslie: *Introducing her friend to her Mentor* Dorian, Meet my friend. My best friend from school. Blossom C. Rhapsody. She’s one of the fighters however… She’s seeking for a little change in her lifestyle. She’s known as Electrogal. She’s pretty cool. Blossom, Meet my mentor. The head of the Mob team. The one and Only… Dorian Tyrell.

Dorian: *Nods and Grins* Pleasure to meet you, Blossom.”

Curtis: *Sighs* Okay, Blossom… You and I have to talk.

Blossom: What about?

Curtis: I think you already know what or who it’s about. It’s about your friend. Leslie.

Blossom: Ah… okay. What about her? Please just don’t start spewing some wild conspiracy theories about her as i’ve had heard more than i care to listen to.

Curtis: By who?

Blossom: Holly Reedy. She’s saying that Leslie does drugs and is selling them for the Mob. I called her up on it and she started to fight with me. Leslie almost left school and gave up trying to belong. Because of her.

Curtis: That’s one part. One.

Blossom: She didn’t get far as a good friend of ours came and carried her back over…

Curtis: Who?

Blossom: The blue being with White hair, A Tail and a broken horn.

Curtis: Oh… Him. That good friend of the family… He brought her back to school? That was swell of him to do.

Blossom: It got Holly to confess that she lied and to apologize for accusing Leslie of being on drugs and selling them.

Curtis: So… Leslie. She isn’t selling them. Possesses none of it?

Blossom: No.

Curtis: Okay. However… I’m curious about her. How close you seem to be with her. Tell me about her.

Blossom: Well… She’s 13. From New York City. Brooklyn area. She’s Emancipated from her parents…

Curtis: At 13? *Pauses* She’s Emancipated from her family. Her parents and is here all alone?”

Curtis: She’s in danger? Blossom, You mean to tell me that she is in danger?

Blossom: Dad, No… She’s in terrible danger… but she’s far enough in that she can’t break. She’s stuck. Plus… to get far in the Mob which she’s involved in… She had to use the fighters and Me as a bargaining chip. To convince them of her loyalty. She had to make a pass with Niko Can. And his Mob squad. But she’s already swore to me that she would not actually do it. However when time came to pony up on her end of the deal… She’d have it only look as if the fighters have all stepped down and retired. But then while they’re not looking… the fighters come out and take them out.

Curtis: She used you as a Bargaining chip?! A BARGAINING CHIP?! You have to be kidding me. You seriously must be kidding me. She used you. Leslie is a good girl… but she not only put her life in danger… She had also put your life in the hot seat too… *Terrified* What on earth will i do? Blossom, I don’t have any Elemental powers left that can protect you. Those days are long since gone and done.

Blossom: Dad, It’s not gonna be that bad. I can get a hold of Rin. Have him fix up some Elemental items for me to have on hand to protect myself. It’s gonna be fine.

Curtis: *In a Panic* Don’t you tell me what’s gonna be fine. I’m your father. I’m supposed to be the one protecting you and the family. I can’t. My power is gone. I’m a retired fighter.

Blossom: Dad…

Curtis: Oh my god… Oh god… *worried and in fear* Blossom, How are you gonna be able to fight? You’re too far in with this… You’re now talking about fighting for the Mob. With them. The Mob… Whoever they are… will kill you. They will start with getting at your friend Leslie who only joined them as it was either that or Foster care… She’s got you in danger. *Looking at Blossom* Blossom, if nothing else… Can you at least assure me that you’re at least gonna be careful. Don’t do anything stupid. If anything happens… You will have to fight for your life the best way that you know how… Because i won’t be able to do anything. I got no elemental fight power left.”

Leslie: *Voice-over* And now… The next chapter of the Adventures of the Rhapsody Girls Z!

It was close to night time and Leslie was at the Coco Bongo club. The time was near for her to get into her persona of Rita the Hammer. What she didn’t have figured was that she was gonna be in for a huge wake up call as she may have been at risk of being made. The innocent side of Leslie was on the line. She knew it and so did everyone else. She took one look at Dr. Freeze and grinned…

Dr. Freeze: Hey Kid… This is your big break. You know what to do, Right?

Leslie: Yeah. I just hope that i don’t faint because of this. This is a vital operation… We’re risking a lot here.

Dr. Freeze: It’s not a problem. Les… There’s nothing to worry about. We’re just gonna deactivate the Security systems to the bank. Making sure that the alarms are cut out. We’ll be in… and out before the outside masses even know that we’re there.

Sweet Eddy: It’s almost time that we got to location and set up the operation enactment.

Dr. Freeze: Rita the Hammer time…

Rita The Hammer: *Holstering her Semi-Auto and Nods* Let’s get to it. The bank’s money belongs to the Mob. Time for Rita the Hammer to make her mark.

Rita the Hammer and Dorian’s men grabbed their equipment and weapons as they made their way out to where they needed to be. The Operation was a go and before they could do it… They had to survey and listen to the wire taps and the Audio feeds. The Video feeds of the Banks security cameras. Looking at the location from every angle. All sides. Rita the Hammer was feeling uneased and felt her stomach twitching into knots. Twitching into lumps and she felt a tad queasy over it. But she was as ready as she knew she’d ever be. She was gonna be on a heist and this was one that would put all that she learned and knew to the test. She was a gangster gal and knew what she wanted. This was her path…

That night…

Sid’s Diner…

Sapphire: *Walking over to the gang* Hey girls… Been here long?

Ruby: Nah… We just got here about a few minutes ago. We were planning to be even earlier… But some of us had something to take care of. Krissy however kept wanting to do more reading and studying.

Kasey: I had to help with the dishes. It was my turn to do them tonight. Plus Hallie was not feeling all that good. She seemed to have caught some kind of bug of some sort. She was fine this morning and was just like her normal… Then sometime during the day… BAMMM! She starts Sneezing like a walking Air rifle.

Erica Harper: My mom brought me over tonight. She’s on the other side of the Diner Eating.

Lana Greens: I hitched a ride with Jessica. No big deal Besides… She was near the beach and saw me walking over here. gave me a ride on the Motorized Scooter that she has. That thing rides really smooth.

Sapphire: That counts for everyone then… But there is one member missing. The Musical Roxy. She’s not here. However… we’re all gonna be told why.


Katie: *Opening the door and Looking at the inside of the Diner* This place must be really popular. *Looking to the side and seeing the group sitting and waiting*

Jacklyn: We got something to tell them and i don’t think that they’re gonna like it. It is gonna without a doubt rock their world.

Katie: What about Roxanne? She’s the one who’s suffering. Bad sex… Asking for an Abortion and her parents getting a divorce…

Jacklyn: She’s lucky to not be screaming.

Sapphire: *Looking over and spotting them* Hey there Jellybeans… Over here. The crew’s all here for the meet. *Looking at the gang* Girls… earlier in the day i gave you the heads up and spoke of there being something going on with one of our own. It’s also been forwarded among one another that something was going on and that it was Roxanne who was in question. Setting something up for her… But we now have two girls here who are closest to her and are with some vital info we all need to know about Roxanne Harris. She’s a Rhapsody Pink Lady. A Newbie… but a member. Her well-being is Vital to us as it is vital to her parents. Katie and Jacklyn have the Intel on what’s shaking Roxanne’s teen World living…

Seconds later…

Katie: *Looking at the girls* There is a problem… It’s with one of your members. There is something going on and it’s all on Roxanne.

Jacklyn: Yeah. During the Summer. The past Summer Roxanne went at Band Camp. Her parents permitted her to go to band camp. A Summer Music Program. What happened there was she performed and practiced playing. Doing Music drills. While she was there… during her time at Band Camp, She met this boy… This guy who was the Drummer for the Band. His name: Harry Waller.

Katie: He and Roxanne met and crossed paths multiple times. One of those times… was at night and before she knew what happened. She had the one night stand. Sex. With Harry Waller. Harry Waller on the other hand has since that passing time… been seen with the school Majorette Marcy Garcia. She’s into getting sex from anyone… anywhere. The whole school knows it. But she works all for herself.

Jacklyn: Roxanne has already told the one she’s in love with. Dan. He’s alright with it… But issue behind that is just that he doesn’t know the impact it’s gonna have on him. He’s not ready for it. Neither Is Roxanne. It’s a life long commitment that a 15 year old isn’t prepared for. Not now.

Katie: She has also been talking about getting an Abortion. I myself am all against it. I’m Catholic. Catholics are as you know… not understanding of people wanting to get an abortion to prevent having a baby that they are not ready or willing to have…

As they were talking and giving out all the Intel that they had about Roxanne’s situation…

At Paige and Reese’s house…

front yard…

Theodore: *Looking at Clint* Clint, I got some girl tailing me.

Clint: Who?

Theodore: Does the name… Rita Massey ring a chiming bell to you?

Clint: No. Not really. Why? *Thinking* Wait. Would this be Rita Massey of Tom and Melissa Massey. The same girl that we encountered only a few weeks ago at that Church fellowship party?

Theodore: I don’t know. How the hell should i know? I don’t know. I haven’t met her. But that girl is tailing me. Asking me if i want to be her new relationship target. New Boyfriend. *High-strung* I don’t even like her. I don’t know a thing about her.

Clint: *Feeling as though blame was being aimed at him* Don’t look at me. I didn’t lead her to you. That was Spencer and Rikku’s doing. I had no part in getting her to pose sights towards you. But if i were you… I’d like her. Just a little. Get to know her a little and see what she wants. She’s probably just lonely since she rather broke up from some guy named Daniel. Spencer and Rikku overheard the whole thing and from what they heard… They were itching to put Daniel through a wall.

Theodore: Daniel… Sands?

Clint: Yeah. That guy’s so obsessed with Sex that he only wanted that and nothing else. Knowing it’s a sin to have it before marriage. But then again if nothing else… make sure that it was safe and protected before having it. Daniel though just wanted it. That was it. Rita’s family… i heard is very frugal and very devout. They are all about abstinence and making a promise before the lord and Savior to save their virginity and vanity. Waiting till after marriage and after one’s had time to form a career and build some kind of life. Not all are like that and Her family don’t see those kinds as equals. Rita is like that… But she’s also one to follow her own path. Her own Heart. However… Her Brother Benny and her parents have a certain lifestyle that they want her to follow and won’t accept any alterations.

Theodore: Perfect wannabe snobs if you ask me… *Rolling his eyes* Is Rita really trying to make her own choices and path or is it just what she is trying to get everyone to think?

Clint: I think that it’s what she’s wanting. However… Her family… They got different plans for her and i don’t think it’s apt to change.

Theodore: I only need one answer now. How is it that you know this?

Clint: Kiyoko. She happened to tell me only last week that she had a talk with Rita and got the whole lowdown on how her family is and what they’re like. This is what she was told and Kiyoko told me and yeah… Even i couldn’t believe it. I just found it to be really asinine.

Theodore: What do i do about her?

Clint: Give her a shot. What’s the worst that can happen? Plus… think of it this way… If you’re with her… You can get into her parents minds and shake them of their holier than thou attitudes. It’ll be a plus.

Theodore: Suppose her parents don’t like me or trust me or something. I don’t want to be treading on enemy territory.

Clint: It’ll be okay. However… for now, Just sleep on it. Think on it a little bit and go from there.

Although none of them could really sit and look about dating and or resting. something was about to unfold and it had the aura of one Stanley Ipkiss billowing all over. A possible second wave was about to hit from the Mask. The Mask and the Mob were about to clash from here on in…

At Stanley’s Apartment…

It was late at night… 10:00 and there was nothing stirring. Nothing except for the snoring and the erotic dream that was being had by Stanley. Resting in bed…

Stanley’s Dream…

A milky layout of the Coco Bongo club…

Stanley was standing, leaning on a light pole and looking suave and like a Jet. A Hip man as well as someone who was cool confident and laid back… clocking his every move. timing it just right…

In his silky dream… in a white luxurious car was the woman of his most tender dreams. Tina Carlyle. She was being let out by a pristine driver who in fact wore a black tux. A Black Tie and white undershirt. A dress shirt that was pressed and primped for a formal event. How lovely, right? Just like a picture perfect dream that would just be too good and too rich to be true. It was all a dream.

Tina got out and looked over to the one side to see Stanley. She smiles suddenly with her bright glowing pearly whites. Smiling in all her beauty. Stanley in a cool cat pose with a cigarette, Takes a quick smack drag off the smoke and inhales a little then blows the smoke into the air with a bravado manner. Too cool to puff and too cool to give a damn.

He flicks it away…

Tina: *Looking at Stanley* Are you okay?

Valet: Your car, sir.

Stanley: I am now…

Stanley soon then signaled for her to come over to him and it was almost like sheer sense of will that she walked over. Animal attraction was nothing to the feelings of bliss and admiration that came from her. Stanley had a pearly white car. Opened roof and it was a VIPER! A classy Viper. Nice and looking as though it were left in mint condish…

She runs to his arms and they embrace in a passionate kiss. But Tina suddenly pulls back and begins rapidly licking Stanley’s ear… which is kinda weird.

Stanley was feeling it and squirmed. It happened to feel really weird to him and…


Stanley: *With his eyes closed* Tina, come on. You can’t. You can’t.

It was then that he opened his eyes and was a bit alert as he then looked to his side and saw that it was Milo licking his ear…

Stanley: *Groans* AGGHHH! Milo! Go on.

He pushes Milo away, tosses back the covers and rises out of bed. It’s still the dead of night and Stanley is all in a huff from his dream.

He spots Tina’s clipping on his dresser mirror and rips it off, upset with himself.

Stanley: *Looking at the Clipping* … *Sighs; To himself* Get real, Ipkiss… You’re a low man on the totem pole. A Loser. There is no way in your lifetime that a girl like her would go for someone like you. Not in a million years.

Stanley wheels about and to his complete surprise sees… THE MASK. It was still with him and he only took a minute to express his surprise as he has just tossed it out the window and into the four winds just that morning a few weeks ago. But then he had to stop and think… “If i had thrown it out the window… then why is it that the mask is still in my apartment and with me. Of all people?” He was lost in thought as he couldn’t figure it out and no matter how hard he tried… it was still the same. A Blank. He just didn’t know…

He tossed the Mask to the side and it landed behind the couch in his apartment…

Stanley: *To himself* No way! Not gonna do it. Paul was right about that Mask. It’s unpredictable. I shouldn’t attempt to play with things that are not understood. But… *Trying to shake the urge to try the Mask on again*

He only walked a couple steps away from it when he suddenly thought fast and figured that it wouldn’t really be him that Tina would see and knew that this would get him near Tina. So with a wry devilish grin… he paused and then turned. Leaped and jumped to the back of the couch face first into the mask and with a Whipping flash and a couple thunderclaps of mystery and sparkling energy… Stanley transformed into the Mask again…

Milo whined and whimpered at first as it first happened as he knew what it meant. He saw the first time what it did to his master… He didn’t want to see a replay performance. Stanley spun around in a fast cyclone twister as he was transforming into the Mask. The Mask Hopped over the couch and landed on the floor with both feet making a THUD! Around and around he went till suddenly…

Stanley/The Mask: *Picking up the Clipping and looking at the picture of Tina Carlyle* Hold on, Sugar! Daddy’s got a sweet tooth tonight!

With a quicksilver swipe and exit… he zipped right to the bathroom and freshened up. Shaved, used the hair dryer on his head (Even though there had been no hair on his head. The Mask was bald). Dried his face using the bareback of Milo-Stanley’s Dog. It was Stanley… Milo knew and sensed it… but Stanley at that moment was not exactly Stanley. Once done…

Stanley/The Mask: *Proud* Ooh, somebody stop me!

The Mask quickly searches his pockets. He pulls his pants pockets inside out and a moth flutters out.

Stanley/The Mask: Hmm… Can’t make the scene if you don’t have the green. *Thinking* I better make a little pit stop. I’m no crook… But in the words of the Moonwalker… The bank’s about to be hit by… A Smooth Criminal.

Within seconds…

The Mask was off and running…

Metropolis City Bank Savings and Loans…

In front of the building diagonal from the front doors of the bank…

There was a disguised Maintenance vehicle and inside the cab-trailer…

Inside… Crowded with Dorian’s men, it’s been set up as a makeshift control room for the robbery. Dr. Freeze SLAPS a clip in his 9mm and looks down through the van’s false bottom to Sweet Eddy, who is standing in an open manhole working on a bundle of underground wiring.

Freeze: *Looking at Eddy* what’s the E.T.A?

Sweet Eddy: Five minutes.

Rita the Hammer: *Looking over at Eddy* Don’t blow it, Eddy. This is an important hit. We have to make this work. If this gets blown… Dorian is gonna be livid. But this will mean… We’re out. Niko’s given Dorian and me 5 weeks to get out of town. Or he’s gonna kill us. This Hit will get us the money enough to overthrow Niko. Out rule him. But if this falters… We’re through.

Sweet Eddy: Leslie… It’s gonna be fine. We have done this type of stuff plenty of times. It’s a cinch.

Rita the Hammer: Watch with using the normal name for this… When i am working a mob deal… It’s Rita the Hammer.

Freeze: Countdown. Set your time… Now.

Sweet Eddy: *Nods*

A very short moment later…

Dorian: *Voice* How’s it goin’ over there, Freeze?

Freeze: It’s all good, man. It’s goin’ fine. Rita the Hammer is right now arming herself with some heavy firepower to blow down any snags that snuff our hit.

Dorian: *Voice* You’re on your own. I must go downstairs, make sure I’m seen. Guard Rita with your lives. She’s ready for this heist. But she’s still young.

Freeze: Do It! The Doctor… is about to Operate. *Cocking his gun and arming himself*

Rita The Hammer: *Arming her Semi-Auto* Once a goodfella, always a goodfella. Time to Rock!

It was then that the men and Rita the Hammer all made their hefty operation a go. This was it. Go time! Freeze opened the doors and the crew all broke out and carried their equipment and bags. As well as their weapons. Armed and locked. Eddy, Orlando, Freeze and Rita the Hammer were all pressed by the doors to the bank and ready to infiltrate… Orlando and Greens were with the lock picks and worked the locks while Freeze Signaled for the others to wait for the signal.

Rita The Hammer: *Whispers* Let’s get this bank job high and tight… Leslie’s got an endurance run for P.E Tomorrow and she has to be ready to hit.

Freeze: Don’t you worry, Rita. This whole thing will be done before you know it. Just remember what Dorian showed you. What he taught you. No Mercy to the enemies and people who stand in the way.

Suddenly the glass doors EXPLODE wide open as a HUMAN WHIRLWIND bursts out of the bank, shoots right past them and zig-zags up the street. Twenty dollar bills slowly drift down onto the stunned robbers in its wake. In an instant the whirlwind does a U-turn, zig-zag races back up to them and SCREECHES to a halt. The Mask, still in his banana yellow zoot suit and carrying huge sacks of money like Santa Claus, plucks those stray twenties from the air, one, two, three.

Stanley/The Mask: *Looking at the Mobsters and Gangster Gal* Sorry, fellas. Waste not want not!

Rita the Hammer: *Aiming her Gun* Give that money to us or get your sorry excuse of an ass… Blown away. Your choice!

And ZZZOOM, he’s off again.

Freeze pulls his gun.

Sweet Eddy: *Looking at the others and over at the street* … What the fuck was that?

Rita the Hammer: *Looking at the crew* Hey… get up… No time to snooze. We gotta get out of here. This whole thing’s a bust. That Mask wearing psycho just took all our loot. We got nothing. We are gonna be dead with Dorian. He’s gonna be pissed. *Stressing* Crap! Crap! CRAP!

Freeze: Rita, it’s okay. We were just out beat by the maniac is all. There was nothing that we could have done.

Rita the Hammer: I should have used one of those Electric charged Grenades that my friend gave me. It would have shocked that creep.

Sweet Eddy: But… *Getting up* Wouldn’t that also have fried the cash that were within those bags?

Orlando: I don’t think it would matter either way… *Shaking off the surprise attack* Who or whatever that was… came right from the bank and sure had a huge shit eating grin spread all over the face. *Getting up and Looking both ways* This is bad. We just got hit. Hit by a green masked maniac.

Two cop cars now SQUEAL around the corner, their sirens blaring and ROAR up the street at the bank robbers.

Freeze: Oh shit! The cops!

Rita the Hammer: *Looking at the men* Ice them! *Tossing an Electric grenade at the Cop cars* What are you guys waiting for? Fire!

Rita the Hammer had started firing at the cops and Firing continually. She knew that she was busted. She also knew that if this were to get told to Niko… It would without a doubt mean curtains for her. There was a Bounty on her. Someone was after her. Although there was someone close by. Not far from where the incident was taking place.

Susie: *Looking to see a group of men in front of the bank and possessing guns* What are they doing? Those guys are robbing the bank. *Looking among the men and seeing a young girl with them* Wha- what the heck is that girl doing with those men? Who is she?

She was set on going over to take a closer look and to see what was going on. She didn’t know that there was gunfire going on. Susie Rhapsody looked to see the police firing at the men and the men firing back. Susie also saw the young girl toss something at the cops and what she saw was an electrical discharge…

Susie: *Gasps* What in the…? That was an… electric Elemental grenade. *Knowing who it was with the men* Blossom.

Only… It wasn’t Blossom. It was one Rita the Hammer. Blossom’s friend Leslie…

Now on top of the Watchtower Command center building standing on the part where there was a beacon that served to send a radio wave signal to the fighters when times called for it

Watchtower Command center- Beacon Platform…

Kimahri was standing watch for his last rounds of the night as a Raven came into view… It screeched before changing into human form… The Man that was also there waiting then turns to show his presence: It was the D.A. Nick Rhapsody…

Nick Rhapsody meets the Ally who will be bringing back the one that fled from prosecution...

Nick: *Seeing the Mysterious Ally* You’re a rather near impossible person to reach.

Kimahri: Raven not hard to reach. Just very Solo.


Commissioner Jones came bursting through the door and with his weapon drawn. He he sees Nick and huffs in disbelief…

Nick: Fuji’s halfway to Tochigi Prefecture, Japan- if you’d asked, I could have issued a Mandatory court order and request that his passport be taken away- I told you to keep me in the loop. Keep me up to speed on the procedure!

Commissioner Jones: Yeah? All that was left in the vaults were the Customized marked bills- With glitter and that special made blue dye. they knew that we were coming coming for the Mobs Loot! As soon as your office got involved, there’s a leak…

D.A Rhapsody: *Irate* Excuse Me?! My office?! My office?! You’re sitting down here with scum like Vance and Antoine… *Giving over an annoyed look of discontent* Oh, yeah, John- I almost had your rookie cold on a racketeering beat.

Jones: Don’t try to cloud the fact that clearly Niko’s got people in your office, Rhapsody. He’s got someone on the inside of the court house listening in on any of the busts that are made against his Armada of supporters.

Nick then turns to the Mysterious Ally…

D.A Rhapsody: *Looking to the side* We need Fuji back, but the Japanese won’t extradite a national under any circumstances.

Raven: If I get him to you, can you get him to talk?

D.A Rhapsody: I’ll get him to sing. Soprano. Alto and Falsetto. By time i’m done with him… He’ll be singing a chorus.

Jones: We’ll be going after the Mob’s life savings. It’s gonna get ugly. Real quick. They will retaliate.

Kimahri: Mob not problem… Young one with Mob… Misguided.

Nick: If the girl people have named Rita the Hammer is with them… She’s gonna have no other choice but face the consequences.

Raven: I can fly. I’ll bring him back to this country. He’s gonna find that no one escapes Justice. Not even those who back up the Mob.

Kimahri: Kimahri come too… Mob need know… Crime and injustice… Mustn’t stand.

Nick: That’s fine and just the same to me. But i take the Law very seriously. I don’t allow for anything to slide. *To the Cloaked Ally* How do you intend to bring him back anyway?

Within seconds… She was gone…

Commissioner Jones: She does that. Ask the fighters who had her as an ally for a time…

On the streets…

Raven: *Driving* Lorenzo, I don’t think i get you. You mean on telling me that you think that what the girl… Roxanne Harris did was wrong and that she knew what she was doing?

Lorenzo: No Raven, It’s not that. It’s just that she should have known better. I mean… some guys are predators. I should know… I happen to be one in case you missed it. I am not saying that she’s a bad person. I’m not. I sympathize with her pain. Understand how hurt she must be over being… Pregnant. But still… you have to admit… That welcoming it… was just as bad as saying that she wanted it. Imagine if you were her and had that happen to you… Would you be thinking the same things you do now?

Raven: Not really, no. I would have had my Paradigm shifted. It’s not that far of a leap to suspect that something in my way of thinking would change. Although with Roxanne. She’s now gonna be a teen mother. A Teen mom. It’s a responsibility that no 15 year old girl or boy wants. It’s a stressing life path. Having to know how to be a mom. Know what to do. How to do it. Be able to raise your child and nursing him or her back to health. Feeding it. Clothing it.

Lorenzo: That’s pretty true and it is a fact. However… Roxanne is with that life. Or if she isn’t now… chances are gravely high that she will be. Soon.


Raven’s Cell goes off…

Raven: *Answering the phone and putting it on Speaker* Hello?

Serena: Raven, What’s going on?

Raven: Nothing but me on another date… Why?

Serena: Turn on the Radio. Fast. We just got trumped with a call. There’s a reported sighting of a man in a Zoot suit and the guy’s in a green mask.

Raven: Green Mask? *Pauses; Stomping on the brake in shock* What?

Lorenzo: *Freaking out* Whoa! Holy crap! Raven, what’s the big idea just stomping on the break like that? Are you trying to give me a heart attack or something? I nearly jumped out of my skins here…

Serena: *Over the phone* Calm down. this is just a summons and news flash. However… i think that the Job of the Thunderic Force is needed. There is something else too… I got a call from our cousin Susie. She reports seeing a group of men firing at the cops and it was going on in front of the bank.

Raven: When was this?

Serena: Only about a moment or so ago. It just happened not so long ago. One of the shooters on the other hand was in fact a young one. Looked like a girl.

Raven: One from our school… or one from another?

Serena: Ours. However… It was A Middle school girl and Our cousin Susie tells to have heard one of them spill out the name Rita the Hammer. But here is the strange part… The girl had an Electric Charged Grenade with her. How could that be possible for her to have one of those?

Raven: I don’t know.

Serena: Susie at first thought that the girl was our Cousin Blossom. But that was till the name Rita the Hammer was spoken. That was when it changed. The only thing that doesn’t make a load of sense… is what would she be doing with Electrical Charged Grenades? How did she get them?

Raven: You don’t think that she’s got a hold of someone we know and had them made for her?

Serena: It could be Blossom’s friend. We don’t know. It’s the first time that we heard of her.

Raven: What’ll we do?

Serena: We follow the Mask and we also have a couple people following the Mob and keeping tabs on the one who is with the Mob. At night.

Raven: Where are you?

Serena: At the Apartment. Sapphire is still at the Diner and she’s being notified now…

Raven: I’ll change into the form and meet you at the night club. There’s supposed to be a big performance there by the gal Tina Carlyle. Never heard of her… but she’s scheduled to be there…

Serena: Carly and I are on our way. See you in 40.

To be continued…


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