Chapter 211: Leslie Tina Burke Introduces Blossom to Dorian Tyrell.

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Oct. 18th, 2045…

7:00 AM…

Metropolis Radio Station…


Arnold: *On the Air* Good morning metropolis… this is your favorite man of the station to start your day right… Lord Arnold. It’s another wonderful clear day. With the highs in the near 70’s and tonight’s lows in the upper 50’s to lower 60’s. We have not a so pleasant day on the streets. There’s a reported 5 car pile-up on the main drag driving by the Metropolis Promenade. So for those driving during the morning commute. Take alternate routes in to work. You won’t want to face this delay. Also on the Financial report…

As the radio report continued…

Arnold and Rhonda’s House…

Living room…

Jenna: *Getting ready for school* That guy Malachi is a real dream.

Danielle: Is he now? Does he still know about the… You know what?

Jenna: Diapers… Yeah. He knows and understands.

Danielle: He does. Well… i guess that the only question is: “Does he still want you?”

Jenna: Yeah.

Danielle: It’s been only 5 weeks since you met him. He told you that you were really sweet and beautiful. You are. However… you’re still in… you know. You’ve been ready to come out of those for the last week.

Jenna: I know. I know i have. *Making sure that things are set and ready for school* But i feel safer in them than i do normal Panties. I feel more safer and better.

Danielle: I guess so. However… the best thing is that you’re no longer with the habit.

Jenna: Of course. I quit it last week.

Nicki: *Walking over and smiles* However… does it mean you’ll be changing yourself too?

Jenna: I wish that were the case… but there are still people who wouldn’t understand. They were already told the reasons why i am in…

Nicki: But yet… still there is the chance that they will come and pop one off. Teasing you and mocking you.

Jenna: Sadly… Yes.

Danielle: What about the guy… Malachi? What does he think?

Jenna: He doesn’t care what people think about him wearing… To him… he does how he feels. Who cares what others think about him for wearing diapers… He doesn’t care. Besides… People will come and go. But he will not change his personality and lifestyle because others got issues with it.

Danielle: He’s a proud person and not ashamed.

Jenna: You got it.

As soon as they were all done and ready for heading out and on their way to school…

Brenda: Let’s go. We got to get to school before they run out of the special breakfast that they announced would be served today.

Radio: *Broadcasting* Let’s send this song as a special request to a woman i call the heart to me… Here’s the four tops with: “Ain’t No Woman Like The One I Got” Right here on the station that lives… 98.6 MRHAP Metropolis…

Luna’s and Zeke’s house…

Zoey: *Sighs; Looking out the window* … So much for seeing my best friend Blossom much. I don’t hear from her hardly.

Luna: *Walking over* things are changing, Zoey. Things are not the same as they had once been.

Zoey: Yeah… Thanks for the memo, mom. It still doesn’t make things alright. I miss seeing her and hanging with her.

Luna: I know. You miss her alot… don’t you? *Feeling bad for Zoey*

The act was a facade. A complete facade. nothing more. However… Zoey wasn’t seeing the fake act. She didn’t see what Luna was pulling. Although she already knew what her mother was doing. She saw a good amount of what her mother was doing. Smelled it. Heard the fights and arguments. She heard what was going on… But she as honest as she could be. Innocent… and not one to make waves where there was no need to… She played as one who believed the act that her mother was pulling. She had to.

Zoey: I sure do. She and I used to hang out alot. Always do things together. But now that this new girl… Leslie came around… She spends most of her time with Leslie. Forgot about me. *Sighs*

Luna: How’s School going for you?

Zoey: It’s alright. I am having a little trouble lately with the Math.

Luna: Hmm… Math? Why… You always come on top on math. Math, Music and also English and History. Every year… when it came to put that to the test… You’d rise over everyone else.

Zoey: That’d be Raven. The Bookworm excess reading girl of Aunt Dinah. She’s the swelling reader. Studying and just keeping up top.

Luna: She’s lucky to not have her head swell. However you’re good too. You’ve done just as good as anyone. You worked hard. But the last few days… You’ve been slacking off here. I don’t know what to even do with you revolving that.

Zoey: It’s because i am mostly depressed. I hear you and dad fight all the time. About whatever it is that you seem to do.

The music for “Wind of Change” plays…

Luna: It’s nothing for you to worry about. There is nothing going on that you don’t already know.

Zoey: *Feeling her heart ache* Then why is dad hardly home when you’re here? He’s hardly ever home while you are. And when he is… he sleeps. But when He’s here… most of the time. You’re not.

Luna: I don’t want to talk about it. It’s not for you to know.

Luna was already covering up the truth around Zoey. She wasn’t about to invoke that chance for Zoey to come down on her too. Zoey felt trapped and wanted to just run away. But to where. She had no place to go other than her father’s business. However if she were to go there and her father saw her there… It would make things more than what they were already. Luna was not apt to discuss the reason why all the fighting and arguing was going on. Zoey was alone in trying to know what was going on. No one in her house was talking…

Curtis and Megan’s house…

On the Roof of the house…

Blossom: *Sitting down; Thinking* What to do… what to do. Zoey’s gotten wind of what i’ve been doing now… Sora and Carly have also done so. I know that i can’t keep on avoiding them. But i can’t bring them into what i’m getting myself into. I can’t. *Smoking* I don’t think that my parents know about my habit. Yet… i think that my older sister Victoria knows. Either knows… or at least suspects.

Suddenly her phone rings…

Blossom: *Answering the phone* Leslie?

Holly: *On the Phone; Confused* Leslie? You’re confused, Blossom. This is Holly Reedy. Zoey’s friend. I guess it would also mean that i am yours as well since Zoey and You used to be inseparable till recent.

Blossom: Oh… Hey Holly. What’s going on?

Holly: Not much… Except that i now know your secret.

Blossom: You… know? *Pauses in mortification* How? How do you know my secret?

Holly: Zoey. She told me about it and she’s really upset. She needed you to be her friend Sunday and hang with her as she was having issues at her house. Issues going on between her mother and father. But she told me that all you were talking about was this girl… Leslie T. Burke.

Blossom: I was not talking only about her. She happens to be my friend. I’m her only friend. No one else has bothered to try and befriend her.

Holly: Yeah. Why’s that? It’s because she’s with the Mob. Possibly selling drugs for them. She’s involved with the Mob. They’re not in any way… safe.

Blossom: She doesn’t sell drugs, Holly.

Holly: How do you know that? How is it that you know that she doesn’t?

Blossom: Because she told me, Holly. She told me.

Holly: *Scoffs* And you actually believe that?

Blossom: Yeah. Why? Shouldn’t I?

Holly: You should pick your friends better, Blossom. She’s a devious liar. She hangs with the Mob. She smokes and Zoey told me that you now do it too. Your friend Leslie bull-faced lied to you. She lied to you. She is lying. When she told you that she wasn’t selling drugs… She was lying. She was only telling you what you were wanting to hear. She was trying to cover her tracks so you wouldn’t know the truth and that she’d be able to keep you as a friend to her.

Blossom: You don’t have proof. How do you know what she has? None of you want to even try to know her. There is another side to her besides the side of her being involved with the Mob, you know?

Holly: And you spend too much time with her. She’s not an honest person. Zoey is. She never has lied to you. Not even once. You know Zoey alot longer then you had the girl Leslie.

Blossom: *Getting angry* Holly, Back off. Leslie is not a drug seller. She doesn’t do drugs. Where ever you’re getting your Info… You better tell them to go back to the basics. And relearn the art of going on Reconnaissance. Leslie Burke is not doing drugs. Never did.

Holly: Find out the hard way then. But… If your friend is such a honest girl… Why not ask her about if it’s true that she came close to killing someone? I’ll bet you that if you were to ask her… She’d tell you she didn’t or she’d try to change the subject.

Blossom: *Hanging up*

Seconds later…

Blossom: The nerve of her. *Angry* The nerve of Holly to try and batter Leslie. Zoey told her some tale and got her to get to me. *Glaring* If that’s how Zoey feels… Fine. Let the games begin. I’m calling Leslie. This is going on far enough.

Metropolis Hotel…

Room #624…

Leslie: *Walking out of the shower and getting dried off* I think that today’s the day that i introduce Blossom to Dorian. This is gonna be the day. *Drying her face* Last night was a close call with the hit. Luckily… No one saw me. But if anyone were to put me at the scene with the miscellaneous object used to make the hit… Putting two and two together… I’m doomed.

Suddenly the phone rang…

Leslie: *Groans* Who on earth could that be calling at this time of the morning? I am not even dressed yet. Whoever it is that’s calling will have to either leave a message or just call later or something. I can’t get to it now. I am naked and no way am i answering the phone in the nude. Disgusting. Ew!

A couple more minutes passes…

The phone rings again…

Leslie: *Scoffs* Ugh! Really? Does the concept of me being unable to get to the phone at the moment… mean nothing to them? Who the heck is calling? *Answering the phone* Hello?

Blossom on the Phone...

Blossom: *On the phone* Hey Leslie.

Leslie: *On the Phone* Blossom?! Hey… I was just thinking about you. You alright?

Blossom: Not really.

Leslie: Why? *Worried* What’s wrong?

Blossom: *grumpy* Holly.

Leslie: Holly?! Holly… who?

Blossom: Holly Reedy.

Leslie: Holly Reedy?! *Thinking* Holly Reedy… Holly Reedy. You’re not talking about the girl who we’ve seen with your cousin… Zoey, Right?

Blossom: That’s the one. Her. She’s got a real nagging quarrel against you or something.

Leslie: Say what?! What do you mean?

Blossom: She is getting this idea that you are on Drugs and that you sell drugs for the Mob. That’s bogus as you’d never do that.

Leslie: I never did that. Because for one thing… If i had… I do think i’d be able to recall doing as such. Who ever is trying to make up rumors about me… I’ll handle. They’ll be thinking twice.

Blossom: You’re not thinking on killing… are you?

Leslie: Blossom, No. I’m not thinking about that at all. Not in the least. The only thing i’m gonna do is talk some sense into them. That’s all. Maybe set them straight. But Kill them? No. That’s when i act as Rita the Hammer. But that would still make it me as me and Rita the Hammer are one and the same. Killing someone is just not me.

Blossom: It’s alright if you were. *Sighs* I am just sick of people trying to talk shit about you. They don’t even frickin’ know you. None of them has bothered to try and get to know you or even meet you. Talk to you. Nothing. If you do… you know wish on Popping a person… Do it to those Marco Kids. They just need to go.

Leslie: I’m getting used to it. It hurts. But… What am i gonna do about it? It’s their choice to not like me. For what ever reason they might have. Whether it be dumb or rather natural or typical. The Marco crew? Let me consider on it. I have to think on it before actually doing it. If i do it… it’ll be like a learned skill and i’ll be wanting to do more or something.

Blossom: Oh yeah. I guess that you could say that.

Leslie: You sure that you’re okay though? Last night when you and I parted for the remainder of the day or night… You seemed a little troubled about something.

Blossom: Yeah. I will be okay. I think that i’ve been abandoning my cousins most of the time. They are starting to think that i don’t like them anymore or something.

Leslie: *Laughs* You’re kidding, aren’t you? You… not like your cousins? Pfft. Come on… That’s so untrue. You’re so into family that it has you under its spell. You’re a family girl. So whatever is making them think that you don’t care or don’t like them… It’s bogus.

Blossom: I guess. However… after a while when you stop hanging with someone… when you and that someone or someones been like inseparable for a long time. It’s as if…

Leslie: You are left feeling as though you’re abandoning them. *Relating* I know the feeling. I can see where you’re coming from, Blossom. When i left my parents and or should i say emancipated from them… I had that same type of feeling.

Blossom: How does a person make that feeling go away?

Leslie: They don’t. But that’s what makes a person… Human.

Blossom: It’s hard. My Cousin Zoey is thinking that i hate her or something.

Leslie: She’s crazy. You would never do that. She knows it. She’s probably paranoid that she’s losing you or something and her only response in shaking you is doing what she’s doing now. Making you think that she thinks that you hate her when you know that you don’t.

Blossom: Yeah.

Leslie: So… Uh, See you at school?

Blossom: You bet…

As for Sora and Carly…

At Alvin and Alice’s house…

Sora and Carly were already ready for school that day. Their homework was all done. They had all their things set. But what they didn’t have was any answers or resolve on breaking out to their mother what they knew about what their father was doing. What what they knew so far up till current. brought them no closer to the ability of breaking out to their mother what they knew. What they found out and how. On the other side of the issue was the part that if they told… Their father would find or discover that they were following him. What were they gonna do?

Sora: Okay. So… What do we know?

Carly: About What? About Blossom never hanging with us or Zoey anymore? Or about dad having you know what?

Sora: About Dad and his likely affair. He’s having an affair and has been going on denying the fact that it’s been figured out. We know. Some of the others know. Janie, Alex and Charlene know about it. We even told them. Yesterday.

Carly: We know this much… It’s hurting us to know of and the fact that mom doesn’t know about it… It’s making it more hard to manage. She doesn’t even believe that dad would ever do something like that.

Sora: She might not want to believe it, sis. Not ever. But This can’t be denied. Dad’s being unfaithful to her. He’s having an affair with another woman. Seeing someone else and cheating on mom. Dad’s been going out on dates with the woman. Whether she wants to see it or not… She’s got to know.

Carly: How’re we gonna tell her though? She won’t listen. We already told her about it once… She played it off as just something considered as hearsay. Nothing else but that.

Sora: Putting us right back to square one. But we also have to be careful on what we do tell her as this could all result in a separation. We could be separated.

Carly: We’re gonna need help.

Sora: From who? We don’t know who can help us. Zoey can’t help… She’s dealing with her own family problems. We can’t go over to see Blossom. She’s so involved with her new friend.

Carly: *Scoffs and feeling abandoned* I know. It’s as if all she wants to do is hang with that girl. Whoever she is… She had better be a Rockefeller.

Sora: *Pauses* A Rockefeller? Carly, Are you serious?

Carly: What?! All i’m saying is that if Blossom’s hanging with that new girl… the one who’s a loner… The girl better be a alienated Rock star or something really eccentric. Because… With her blowing us off… it’s as if she wants nothing to do with any of us anymore.

Sora: Don’t think that, sis. Because… We’re not the only ones she’s ditching. There’s also Sakura and Hikaru.

Carly: How would you consider them to feel the same way we do?

Sora: Not sure. But just because… they don’t say as much… doesn’t mean that they don’t feel it just as we do. They could be feeling just the same as we do. If not worse.

Carly: You’re right. *Sighs* … *Getting up and grabbing her bag* Lets go.

They started to open the front door only seconds later when they suddenly caught sight of something which looked out of place. It was a Jacket or a suit Jacket. It wasn’t but just then that Sora was curious to check it out and noticed something sticking out just slightly from the side pockets.

Sora: *Grabbing the items from the pocket in shock* Oh my god… *Covering her mouth* Sis…

Carly: What? *feeling suspense* What? what’s wrong?

Sora: Take a look at this.

A second later…

Carly: *Looking at the stuff that came from the pockets of the Jacket* Oh… my god… Don’t tell me that those are what we think they are?

Sora: They are. *Sighs and in dismay* Condoms. Trojans.  TROJAN Fire and Ice. *Looking at Carly* Do you know what this means, Carly?

Carly: Yeah… No. What?

Sora: This means… we’ve found our smoking gun. The proof that was missing. Dad’s having sex with another woman. He’s cheating on our mom.

Carly: What’ll we do?

Sora: Not sure… However… First thing’s first. We take a picture of the Evidence and then see that the Picture is kept safe. We have to figure on how how to break all this to mom. One last time and while at the same time lay it on her delicately.

Carly: *Nods*

Zeke’s Marmalade cornerstone Pub…

Zeke has been battling the urges on what to do about his wife. He was at his limit. The drugs… The Excessive Modeling. The Nudity repose. The X-rated modeling. The Pornographic photo shoots. The Exotic Modeling merchandise. The Kinky clothes. Going around the city almost Nude and then smoking plus walking around the house in nothing but a bra and panties. Which were see through. Zeke was sick of seeing it. He was done with trying to look the other way on the matter as he was with high hopes of seeing Luna breaking from the mess. Breaking from the Prostitution. Zeke was at work most of the day and there were a lot of things that he was cavalier with. Things that he might not have noticed. However with the calls he was getting and the things he had been hearing… He thereby heard all that he needed to hear and from the past memories that he had. Ones that he wished would never be revisited… He felt sickened. He was one of the Clan. But now… he regretted it as he had kids tying himself to the woman he was wanting to divorce and cut away from. It was a rather chilled day and the sky even though clear and meticulously sunny and cheering, The air was chilly and bearable. Zeke was just coming back in to the Pub with the day’s mail when a law official arrived. Had Zeke sign for some papers and informed him that he was being served. It was like a knife right through the ribs and heart. As soon as the Official left and made way into the loving crowd of the city…

Zeke: Gabe, I just got this delivered to me. It’s a form for filing on the Divorce…

Gabe: What do you think should be done? You did say that you wanted to Divorce your wife… Right?

Zeke: I did. I do… *Sighs* But there’s a problem.

Gabe: What do you mean? How can there be a problem? You got the papers sent to you and you were aiming to divorce the whore. What could be the problem now? Things are setting, aren’t they?

Zeke: Yeah. But…

Gabe: But what…?

Zeke: I didn’t file yet. I wasn’t gonna file till i could raise the money for it. Because the Divorce cases are $550 Dollars. I could have gotten it for $350… But i still would have to raise that amount. I wasn’t able to. I only raised partial.

Gabe: *Pauses* Wait. Wait wait wait… What do you mean… you didn’t file it? You were talking about cutting it loose with Luna. for almost a month. You said that you were reaching your ends of the rope of options. You had it all planned. and now that you have the papers… You’re telling me that you didn’t file. *In disbelief* Okay… i’m feeling like i can use a good joke. A really hearty joke. If you didn’t file it… Any idea as to who it was that had filed it?

Zeke: *Sighs* My wife. She did the filing of it last week. *Looking at the papers and seeing the date* She filed it and put here that she wants 40% of this place. That and half the assets.

Gabe: *Shrieks* What?! She filed it before you?

Zeke: yeah… She did. She filed it this time last week during the late late morning. I didn’t even know about it.

Gabe: Fight her on that claim. This is your place. Not hers. Yours. She didn’t earn any of this place at all. Fight her back. Hell… I’ll even back you up on the legal battle. She can have the assets… if that’s what she’s after. But… This place? This place here… She ain’t touching.

Zeke: Gabe, I appreciate the battle cry and the raging fury you feel about all this. But This is a Legal suit aimed at me. I gotta take some time to think. I’ll be in the office for a little bit. If the guys need me. just send them over. *Sighs* Put Ilsa on her rounds and have her run inventory. It’s her turn to run it.

Gabe: *Gently patting Zeke on the back* Take heart, Zeke. It’ll be alright. We’ll fight her on this. It may be your battle. But you got us in your court.

Zeke: Thank you, Gabe. At least i got you guys to back me. If any of my kids happen to call… Let me know. I’ll have to speak with them.

Gabe: You got it…

Of course…

Sid’s Diner…

Sid: *Looking at Curtis* Curtis, You have something going on with a kid of yours… don’t you?

Curtis: What would that be? My kids are okay.

Sid: What about your Daughter Blossom?

Curtis: What about her?

Sid: Come on, Sir… Mr. or Dr. Curtis Rhapsody… You mean to tell me that you don’t believe something could be up with one of your own kids… Blossom? She’s been hanging with that girl that happens to be very involved with the Mob.

Curtis: Oh… You mean… The girl Leslie T. Burke? I think that i know a little about her. And i know a bit from what my daughter Blossom told me about her. Why?

Sid: This isn’t really any of my business as it is your Daughter and it is your call… But from a parent to another… You might need to have a sit down with her and ask her what is really going on with her. And what is really going on with her friend Leslie. Holly, my daughter’s been going out getting some Intel on the girl… Leslie and there is some speculation or belief that the new girl Leslie is on drugs and or selling Drugs for the Mob.

Curtis: Okay… Cut the joke. Where’s the source that this info is coming from?

Sid: The same place that your daughter’s at. School.

Curtis: *Trying to understand* Wait. Sid, you’re not making sense here. Let me see if i am understanding you. The girl Leslie… The same one that my daughter Blossom is friends with… Is selling drugs for the Mob. Plus is on drugs herself. and My daughter Blossom is spending alot of time with her… Which is likely making my daughter out to be just like the girl. Is that what i hearing from you, Sid?

Sid: It’s the reigning theory. Others might see something else. But my daughter Holly is seeing it just as it’s been said. Plus from what was found out… The new girl… Leslie; She resides at a hotel. The Metropolis Inn.

Curtis: What do i say to her?

Sid: I don’t know. But, If you knew what was best… You’d sit with her and have a talk. Find out what she really knew about the girl Leslie.

Curtis: I have a feeling that i might have to. I am off from work all day today and all night. I also have tomorrow off unless called or summoned in.

Sid: That’s not the only thing going on too… She’s also blowing off her cousin Zoey and those twins Sora and Carly.

Curtis: That’s impossible. Blossom sees them alot. Sees Zoey a bunch of times. Those two are literally inseparable.  Nothing could pull them apart.

Sid: You’d think so… I don’t blame you. However… My daughter Holly is seeing something else as she was with Zoey for a few hours this past Sunday and gathered that Blossom had been blowing off Zoey, Sora and Carly. Plus… What Holly said that Zoey told to her… Is that Zoey told Holly that she saw Blossom Smoking.

Curtis: That’s not even the least bit possible. Blossom doesn’t smoke. Never would. She was raised better than that. Alot better. Plus… i’d smell it on her if she was doing so.

Sid: I don’t know what to tell you, Curtis. But in all honesty, Something’s up and it’s not good

Sid was blowing a whistle on Blossom. However… He didn’t believe it. Curtis didn’t want to buy into it and no one could blame him as Blossom was something special and he didn’t want to think of her as someone who’s with the bad crowd. He listened and got more details on what was going on with Blossom. Although… As he listened to more and more of what Sid knew from what Holly relayed to him as it was relayed to Holly by Zoey… It was what had him wondering that something was not right with his daughter Blossom. He didn’t know where all this Info was officially coming from… But what he was hearing being said unto him… It was making him want to spill his guts in torment as anything wrong with one of his kids… put him at an unease.

So far the Intel on Leslie was spreading wild sprung theories that raised some suspicious eyebrows. The Intel was coming from Erica Diamond Harper to Sophie Collins to Jessica Spelling to Zoey Creek to Holly Reedy. Each one telling it just the same as the first. Same way as the first. And then back again. The Intel revolving the coming and going of the girl involved with the Mob was enflamed and growing. There was also the Mask. Stanley… Things were spiraling way out of sorts…

Later that day…

At Noon. A half hour before Lunch that day…

Metropolis Courthouse…

Liaison office…

Mrs. Bishop: *Walking over with the cart of coffee* Rikku, Looking for a recharge?

Rikku: You’re kidding, right? A recharge? Does it look like i don’t need one? *Chuckles* I’m running on fumes right now. I’ve been on the go all morning and making one call after another. One call after another. 2 case Evals and 3 Visitation Evals. Seeing the Client in their new living Environment. seeing how the client is trying to get their lives back in stable conditions again. Rebuilding their home and getting stable. Being a Liaison is tiresome… but worth every second.

Mrs. Bishop: I know the feeling. I’ve had 4 Visitation Appointments. this morning. I am so stretched thin that if you were to put me in a taffy puller… I’d break apart with just a tiny amount of pressure and pull. Not literally… of course.

Rikku: I sure hope not. It’d leave a mess. That wouldn’t be pretty.

Mrs. Bishop: Agreed.

A Minute later…

Mrs. Bishop: How’re the young kids?

Rikku: Sandy and Jimmy? They’re great. Sandy’s got the thrills for being a copycat of my Niece Blossom. Well… Not all like Blossom. But She sees Blossom as a real nice inspiration. Sassy but kept well in a cool head. Jimmy’s like a smartypants of the family. He’s constantly reading and he reads as if he is endlessly starved of intelligence.

Mrs. Bishop: What about their loyalty to family?

Rikku: You kidding… They adapted to it without being fed the ruling. They’re just happy that they’re part of a family again.

Mrs. Bishop: How long were they orphans or in the Foster system?

Rikku: Longer than they care to remember.

Mrs. Bishop: What about your other kids. The grown up ones?

Rikku: They’re with their own lives now and yet… i hear from them every now and then. It’s nice that they still keep me in their lives. I remember the part where it was just yesterday that i was changing them. Now… years… Decades later… They’re in the Adulthood. Living their lives and with families and just making a life of their own. With their kids.

Mrs. Bishop: *Smiles* You’re a lucky woman, Rikku. So lucky. I adopted 3 girls 5 weeks ago and they’re so driven. Hannah… She’s a Mathematician. Working with Numbers. She’s into wanting a life of being an accountant. Hallie… She’s seeking to be a historian. She finished the entire chronological timeline of the Italian reform. I think that she’s Italian. She’s Not with an italian name… But she at times speaks like one. Italian accent. Mannerisms and language. Macie. She… She’s a singer. Last week i caught her looking for something to use so she could. She used a Karaoke machine that i didn’t even know that i still had. She found it and sang Katy Perry’s “Firework”. You should have heard her sing. She sang with so much heart.

Rikku: What is it with kids when women like us adopt them? Do they just pick up the fast track of passion and go all in?

Mrs. Bishop: *Chuckles* I wish i knew. But they really live to keep you surprised and guessing, don’t they?

Rikku: Yes they do. They really live to leave a mother or father… guessing.

Mrs. Bishop: What about the father? the other half…

Rikku: He’s on a job. Going after the Mob and working with taking them down.

Mrs. Bishop: You wonder if he’ll be able to do it. Don’t you?

Rikku: I do. However… with his stubborn sense… there is nothing that will get him to give up. When he is set on a job, he’s all in. No slacking. He’s a wonderful man.

In Nick’s Office…

Nick: *Doing some paperwork* This bust better work. This is using alot of law resources.

Helen: I am just primarily amazed as to how the Mob could be having all this money. Close to about 90 million dollars which is unsound as it’s not even their money. The money belongs to the city and the Mob… Led by Niko… customized the large bills to fit them and their way of life.

Nick: That’s the problem… We don’t know who their backer is. It could be a young kid; a girl. But why would she back them? What does she get out of it?

Helen: Maybe it’s not a kid. Do you suspect that it could be an outside source. Someone from a link originating from another country?

Nick: *Looking at the papers and files again* It is. It’s got to be. Why else would they have all that money? 90+ million dollars and more than that in stocks and bonds. However that’s Niko. Dorian is the lower man on the link. He’s hurting for Money. If there is a young kid under his wing… it’d have to be a rich kid or one with a serious trust fund. one that would be used to their advantage. Then once the funds are dried out… the source is wiped.

Helen: It might still be an outside source. A foreign endeavor.

Nick: *Looking at the names again* Fujiyama Enterprises… Tochigi Perfecture.

Helen: Kenneth Fuji.

Nick: Kenneth Fuji. A Multi-million Entrepreneur from Japan. Happens to partner up with big fortune 500 Companies. Local contractors.

Helen: Who’s the Biggest Fortune 500 company that we have in Metropolis?

Nick: Anderson’s Comedic Empire. The Producer of new promising Comedy stars. Although it’s likely a front for a Mob HQ.

Helen: Not very likely… They’re at the Coco Bongo club. That’s where they hang at 24/7.

Conference room…


There were a group of Mobsters and gang cartels roaming the room and walking to the tables to sit down. It was the kitchen and at one of the doors with the detectors… Two detectors standing up and scanning all who walked in. There were two Japanese men… Bulky and very meaty- Muscular in the biceps and the legs. Calves… Quick reflexes. Anticipated perception.

3 men walked in and walked on to the front of the room with a Widescreen Plasma TV… Setting it in place  Turning it on to reveal: Mr. Fuji. A Japanese-American. Japanese by blood and heritage.

Mr. Fuji: *On T.V* Gentleman, Please. As you may all be aware… one of our deposits were stolen. A Relatively small amount… 90 Million dollars.

Morris: Who the heck would be so bloody stupid to think on stealing from us?

Mr. Fuji: I believe that the girl who has orchestrated this heist that aims to pilfer the funds calls herself Rita the Hammer.

Morris: Who the hell is Rita the Hammer?

Niko: Some young kid who is a Middle-schooler and sticks close to the Vest of Dorian and his crew. She’s not our problem… She’s a nobody. *Looking at Fuji* Our problem is that our money’s being tracked and traced by the cops.

The room fills with a rush of surprise…

Mr. Fuji: Thanks to Mr. Niko’s well placed sources at the court house and Police Bureau… We know that the police have thereby identified the marked bills and are said to seize your funds… tomorrow. at Noon. however… with the cops it could happen before noon or after noon.

Shouts of outrage and disbelief then start erupting throughout the air in the room. The whole room was filled with voices of unhappy and displeased mobsters.

Mr. Fuji: *Listening to the outbursts*

Morris: You promised safe, clean money Fuji…

Mr. Fuji: With the ongoing investigation none of you can risk hanging on to your
own proceeds. And since the Strict Law enforcing D.A. has moved to put all my
competitors out of business, I’m your only option.

Niko: What is it that you propose, Mr. Fuji?

Mr. Fuji: Moving all deposits to one secure location. Not a bank.

Feldstein: Where then? Where will you put it?

Mr. Fuji: Obviously, no one can know but me. If the police were to gain leverage over one of you everyone’s money would be at stake. All of you would lose the money.

Morris: What stops them from reaching to you?

Mr. Fuji: As the money is moved I go to Tokyo. Far from Rhapsody’s Jurisdiction. The Japanese won’t Extradite one of their own.

From the back of the room a voice was heard and they all turned to see who it was… It was a Hologram. How one could have been programmed and made for Leslie’s behalf and play her to be in the room… Was someone’s only guess. No one knew. It meant that Leslie had to have made some calls and with in fact a little help from one of the Mob working along side Dorian. The Hologram that was created and made, got brought over to the table suddenly…

It was programmed to animate and speak as if it were a real living person speaking to them in person.

Rita the Hammer: *Appearing; Groans* Geez! And here i thought that i would be with the bad cover-up. He’s worse and you enjoy listening to his droning?

Feldstein: *Standing up and in an annoyed voice* Hey Kid, Why don’t you shut up and go back to playing with dolls? This is not your place.

Rita the Hammer: *Pulling out her Gun* Wanna bet, Shoeshine? *Pointing her gun* Don’t test me. I might look like a Kid. But i know how to use this Semi-Auto. Don’t think that i will not use it.

Feldstein nods at the men nearby and they manage to make their move when suddenly The Hologram of Rita emitted a high pitched screech and caused for their ears to throb with a radiated pulse of pain…

Rita The Hammer: Who’s next? Any takers? I am a Young teen. But i don’t play when there’s business to be a dealing. However… If anyone cares to be generous. I’m all ears. I can be fair. Besides… Some of this attire came from my money. Although alot came from you. Don’t ask how. But i will say that i found my ways to nab a piece of your cash…. or did i?

Feldstein stands infuriated. He was growing pissed…

Morris: Sit. Let’s hear her piece. What she’s seeking from us…

Rita the Hammer: *Looking at the men* Okay… Now let’s try to go back a year. A year ago…I’d guess you were all fearsome. The cops would not think to attempt their luck in crossing paths with the likes of you. But now… it is one year later. Things have changed and you are all in dire risk of being run out of town. Cleaned out as the cops are now putting the pinch… on your wallets and cash flow. Let me ask you here… Just to be on the equal standing. What happened? Did your Man cards get taken? Your Crown jewels get yanked and pulled off your bodies? Did the silent alarm of trouble from the Law decide to take a bite out of your butts and turn your asses into chewed up steak? A Gangster gal… like me…

Feldstein: A Young ignorant kid… A Know nothing.

The other guys stifle a laugh but abruptly go silent seconds later…

Rita the Hammer was blowing it off as she was used to being judged…

Rita the Hammer: A gangster gal like me… I know why you’re all here… Chatting some plan that will likely fault up and malfunction like a power shortage. holding your little group therapy session in broad daylight which to me is kinda stupid. Smart Mob men would do this during the silence of the night. Where there would be minimal risk of someone on the outside and on the other side…coming to overhear and sell you out up the river. I know why you’re afraid to go out at night. It’s the beloved fighters of the City. The Rhapsody New Generation… They managed to somehow show the city your true colors. Who you really are as they learned the knowhow from those who did it before them. The New Generation has blown your cover wide open. D.A Nick Rhapsody is your cyanide. *Suddenly indicating Fuji* Now… as for that guy’s so called plan. The new generation has no jurisdiction. They go where ever. They’ll find him and make him squeal. *Smiling at Fuji* I can tell the squealers every time. But when it comes to someone who’s got a lot to lose… they set up some back plan and find a gaggle of prospective fall guys to take the fall and the girl or guy in question slips away. Like a rat trying to run from the snake. or escape a burning barn. Afraid to get caught.

Morris: So… What do you propose?

Rita the Hammer: It’s simple. Nothing simpler than what needs to be done. We do in the New Generation of fighters. Make them fade away into the woodwork and push them into retirement. Without them in the way… the city’s up for the taking.

Niko: You’re a kid and are saying it’s easy? You’re a young kid. How do you propose it to be easy?

Rita the Hammer: Because i know of someone who can help in bringing them down. It’s one of their own.

Morris: How much do you wish?

Rita the Hammer: Half. But it’s not for me. Just for funding what needs to be done to put the new Generation in traction.

Morris: You gonna take the charge in bringing the rising fighters down? *Laughs* Yeah. You… A Young Teen think that you can bring down such fighters? Heh heh heh heh.

Rita the Hammer then rises… But mind it all that it’s hologram. She rises…

Rita the Hammer: You guys might want to consider on getting this resolved. But pretty soon… if you don’t and the fighters happen to take the charge in going after your funds. All of your funds… Feldstein the nice but hot tempered Shoeshine boy won’t be with even a nickel or couple cents to pinch together or give his granny.

Feldstein: *Slams his fist on to the table before then rising* ENOUGH FROM THIS STUPID IGNORANT KID!

He got up and made off towards the girl and was about to get a hold of her when suddenly…

Rita The Hammer: *Glaring* You Try… You will die.

It was then that the real girl came in and Confronted the Man…

Rita the Hammer: *Aiming the gun at Feldstein* You wanna kill a young kid? By all means. But i do think that if you want to ensure that you continue living… You’d back off. There is a friend of mine that i know and respect. She’s also someone that i care about very much. One call and let’s just say that she’s with a shocking temper. She even gave me a few of these Electric grenades. I press this… this whole room goes with it.

Feldstein: *Glaring at the young Gangster gal* You think that since you got that fancy toy and a connection to someone with some shocking temper… That you have a Semi-Automatic that you can just come in here and just steal from us… then walk away like you own the mob and all source of our cash flow? Seeing you and hearing you speak some scamming bullshit… reminds me why i HATE KIDS! I’m putting the order out. $500,000 for this Gangster girl Rita the Hammer DEAD! $1,000,000 Alive so i can teach this little bitch some manners.

Rita the Hammer: *Leaving the room and walking off* Let me know when you change your mind. Until then… Have fun being swindled. Arrivederci

As soon as Leslie got out of there and was out from the building where the Mob was meeting…

Leslie: What did i just do… I sold my friend’s family out. Put a target on my head. *with distraught* Dorian’s gonna kill me. He’s gonna be angry. So will Blossom. *Sighs* I can’t believe that i did that. *Looking at the time* Oh no… I better get back to school before people find out that i left. Being marked for dead by the Mob lead by Niko is bad enough… But being in trouble at school. That’s something i can do without…

She made her way over to the school. Running over to the school as fast as her legs could possibly carry her…

12:26 PM…

Metropolis Middle School…

Leslie: *Walking into school and trying to calm down* I have to hide and stick to the shadows.

Leslie then hid in the girls restroom. She was rattled and after what happened to her… She had all the reasons to be rattled…

As soon as the bell rang for Lunch break…

Blossom: *Walking out and down the hall* I can’t believe that i have this English test. I mean… Another one? Really? We only had one just last week.

Zoey: You can do it. It’s just like a challenge. See how much we know.

Blossom: You could be right, Zoey. Although i thought that we knew enough already up till now.

Zoey: We do. But this is the last year before High school. This isn’t so far of a leap.

Blossom: Point taken… But there is something that gets me. Why do you worry so much?

Zoey: I don’t. But… I do want to get out of Middle school and into high school. It’s time that we moved on from this school. But till we graduate. We can’t. However we can’t graduate if we don’t pass the classes. You’re doing better than i am as of late.

Blossom: Because of your Mom and her dirty behavior and it stressing you out?

Zoey: Yeah. That. *Pauses* Wait… Why’re you asking about that? You and i haven’t spoken of it much as you were too into something else.

Blossom: *Breaking out with what’s bugging her* What i know as personal is that you think that i am with Leslie too much and that she is selling drugs for the Mob.

Zoey: Huh?!

Blossom: *Not buying the Dumb act* Don’t play dumb, Zoey. You know exactly what i am talking about. Holly called me this morning and told me the whole thing. You think that i am spending time with a druggie. That Leslie is just some bad person who literally sucked me into her lies.

Zoey: I don’t think that. I never said that. All i said to her was that i felt as though Leslie was the only one that would have mattered to you. Sora and Carly have likely given up coming to you. They needed some comfort. Something. Anything. Sunday was the only time in the last 5 weeks that they’ve got to speak to you. Speak with you.

Blossom: As if i would really know what to tell them. Families break apart. It isn’t something you can fix. All they can do is let it run its course and keep on the hope that it will revert back and be back to how it once was. Other than that… there is nothing to be done. It sucks. If it were my mother and father having problems… I’d be having to ask for help too… However… I would have to bring myself to understand that families will have their issues. No family is perfect. No matter how good or clean and prim and proper they seem to be. Underneath… a cesspool of issues could be just itching to bubble up.

Zoey: Blossom. *Groans* Ugh! Seriously… Are you really trying to tell me that they should just suck it up and learn to live with what’s going on between Uncle Alvin and Aunt Alice?

Blossom: It’s the only thing they can do. Anything else would literally be self torture.

Zoey: That still doesn’t make it right. You are never around with us hardly and I can’t understand why. Why are you so into that girl Leslie? What is it about her that has you so clingy to her?

Blossom: She’s my friend. In case you didn’t pick up that point. She is my friend. My best friend. She’s got so much more class than anyone else here. However… You and I are still forever close. But what gets me infuriated is the fact that Holly called me and told me that you said or had belief that Leslie might be on drugs. Holly told me that you said that i am with Leslie too much and that i might be into the Mob just as well as she is.

Zoey: I didn’t say that to her. I didn’t.

Blossom: Bullshit, Zoey. Bullshit. You did. Holly called me this morning and told me all about it. You and I are friends. Always have been. But things change a little with time. However… Because i’m with Leslie, You think that i’m ditching you and think that i am treating you like you don’t matter. Holly’s full of shit. Saying that Leslie sells Drugs. That she’s also killing people. But since you want to listen to her garbage… Go and hang with her.

Zoey: Blossom, I Just want my best friend/Cousin back. Is that too much to ask? I want it to where we hang out and stick together. We were like inseparable. Always as one. *With tears in her eyes* I Just want my best friend back. Blossom, You’re my best friend and i care about you. I Love you. But ever since you became close to Leslie… You turned into someone i don’t recognize anymore. It hurts. I Just want my friend back. I want my best friend back…  *Running away crying and upset*

Blossom: *Sighs; Feeling bad* Zoey… *feeling guilty* Damn it… Great. Nice Blossom. Very smooth. You start pushing away your Cousin who you deem as your best friend and stuck with for years. What’s next? Putting the friendship you had with her in Vain?

Blossom walked off and headed the opposite direction and stirred in her thoughts. She felt bad for what she doing to her Cousin and best friend. She could only ask herself what she was really doing with Leslie. She cared about her friend and also was going with her new friend. Blossom felt terrible for making her Best friend and Cousin Zoey run off crying. She knew that she’d have to make amends. However… all she could do was give Zoey her space for the time being. She had already hurt her and knew that if she were to go and speak with her now… She’d make things worse.

A Minute later…

Girl’s restroom…

Blossom walked in and Pulled out her pack. She didn’t think that anyone would catch her with the pack. However she didn’t really care. She needed time to think and wanted to be alone. Blossom walked over to the far end stall in the restroom and barely got in when…

Leslie: *A little shaky* Blossom?!

Blossom: Leslie?! What’re you doing here?

Leslie: Hiding.

Blossom: Hiding? Why?

Leslie: Because there are people after me.

Blossom: *Not understanding* After you… *Pulling out a smoke from the pack* What do you mean? Who’d be after you?

Leslie: Niko. Niko’s gang. Feldstein… He’s got a bounty on me. I don’t know if he will act on it or if it were a scare tactic. But…

Blossom: Why would he be after you?

Leslie: Blossom, *In an awkward situation* I got to tell you something. Please, don’t get mad when i explain…

Blossom: *Placing the smoke in her mouth* Leslie, What’s the matter?

Leslie: I snuck out of school for a little bit today and trekked into a Mob conference. Niko was there a long with a group of other Mobsters who were working along side him. There was also this guy… Feldstein. The one i mentioned who put a bounty on my head. He wants me found… dead. Or alive.

Blossom: Why would you do that?

Leslie: Why wouldn’t I? Blossom, You still don’t get the fact that or the clue that… I’m with a Mob persona as well. Known as Rita the Hammer.

Blossom: *Lighting up and Sitting down* That’s not something you should expose here. However… i already knew. I knew about that.

Leslie: How did you find out?

Blossom: Sophie Collins. The other week before i came to find you… She managed to pull me aside and get me in private. She told me about what she heard and told me that you were going around the city posing or using the identity “Rita the Hammer”. That’s all i permitted to hear from her about you because alot of the bologna that is out there… It’s all hearsay and as far as i see it… If what’s being said is the truth. I want to hear it from your lips. The source that all this hearsay is circling around.

Leslie: *Smiles a little* Oh… thanks. At least there’s that, right?

Blossom: There’s more than that, Leslie. You know that.

Leslie: *Nods*

Blossom: So… you were saying about this Mob Conference… You went over to it and Got involved in it. I know you’re one with the Mob. You’re a Gangster Gal. But what i don’t know is… Why did you have to involve yourself with Niko’s web?

Leslie: I was only getting into my Mob persona a little bit. Trying to get some Experience and to slide in and gradually Siphon their funds to bring it over to Dorian. However…

Blossom: It didn’t go out that way… did it?

Leslie: No.

Blossom: What happened?

Leslie: Please don’t be angry…

Leslie then recalls the moment earlier where she was facing the Mob Lead by Niko…

“Rita the Hammer: *Looking at the men* Okay… Now let’s try to go back a year. A year ago…I’d guess you were all fearsome. The cops would not think to attempt their luck in crossing paths with the likes of you. But now… it is one year later. Things have changed and you are all in dire risk of being run out of town. Cleaned out as the cops are now putting the pinch… on your wallets and cash flow. Let me ask you here… Just to be on the equal standing. What happened? Did your Man cards get taken? Your Crown jewels get yanked and pulled off your bodies? Did the silent alarm of trouble from the Law decide to take a bite out of your butts and turn your asses into chewed up steak? A Gangster gal… like me…

Feldstein: A Young ignorant kid… A Know nothing.

The other guys stifle a laugh but abruptly go silent seconds later…

Rita the Hammer was blowing it off as she was used to being judged…

Rita the Hammer: A gangster gal like me… I know why you’re all here… Chatting some plan that will likely fault up and malfunction like a power shortage. holding your little group therapy session in broad daylight which to me is kinda stupid. Smart Mob men would do this during the silence of the night. Where there would be minimal risk of someone on the outside and on the other side…coming to overhear and sell you out up the river. I know why you’re afraid to go out at night. It’s the beloved fighters of the City. The Rhapsody New Generation… They managed to somehow show the city your true colors. Who you really are as they learned the knowhow from those who did it before them. The New Generation has blown your cover wide open. D.A Nick Rhapsody is your cyanide. *Suddenly indicating Fuji* Now… as for that guy’s so called plan. The new generation has no jurisdiction. They go where ever. They’ll find him and make him squeal. *Smiling at Fuji* I can tell the squealers every time. But when it comes to someone who’s got a lot to lose… they set up some back plan and find a gaggle of prospective fall guys to take the fall and the girl or guy in question slips away. Like a rat trying to run from the snake. or escape a burning barn. Afraid to get caught.

Morris: So… What do you propose?

Rita the Hammer: It’s simple. Nothing simpler than what needs to be done. We do in the New Generation of fighters. Make them fade away into the woodwork and push them into retirement. Without them in the way… the city’s up for the taking.

Niko: You’re a kid and are saying it’s easy? You’re a young kid. How do you propose it to be easy?

Rita the Hammer: Because i know of someone who can help in bringing them down. It’s one of their own.

Morris: How much do you wish?

Rita the Hammer: Half. But it’s not for me. Just for funding what needs to be done to put the new Generation in traction.”

Blossom: You sold my family out. Marked them… *Wanting to explode* Leslie, I can’t believe that you did that.

Leslie: Blossom… It won’t matter because even though i said that to them… i was only pulling a bluff on them. I don’t intend to do any of that and sell your family out nor sell you up the river. To the Mob… I am a Nobody. But unless i used something like that as a bargaining source of leverage… I would never make it. The Mob world is like the Celebrity world. You have to keep your friends close but your enemies closer.

Blossom: That explains it, i’d guess…

Leslie: I also referenced you. But didn’t give them your identity. You’re my friend. Best friend and for them to get to you… They’d have to get through to me and as you know… I have no intention on moving. I would stick along defending you. No matter what.

Blossom: *Taking a puff* That’s good. But What about the Mob? The group that is led by Niko whatever his name is? What if he comes to expect you to pay up or really hold up to your end of the bargain that you made among them?

Leslie: I’m gonna have to stage it. Meaning that when it’s time… You will have to get your family… the ones that are fighters to convince the Mob that they’re all retired and in traction. That way… they can take control of the city and think that they won. But only to come right back and fight back when they least expect it. It’s the only thing i can suggest as a penance.

Blossom: It’s gonna be hard to get them on the track as they don’t know about you. Or have met you. Only i have.

Leslie: *Pulling out her pack and pulling out a smoke; Placing it between her lips; Lighting up* You’ll have to work it a little. Which leads me to be direct with you, Blossom. *Suddenly looking at her best friend face to face* This is where it starts getting serious. Tonight if you come to the club… You’re gonna have yourself needing to make a decision. Whether you’re all in with the Mob or not. It will depend on how deep you want to get in on the Mob that i am part of.

Blossom: *Smoking* Are you sure? I am already with you. Your best friend and close Ally. I think that i proved it by sparing you a couple or so Electric grenades that i had remaining from my past operation with the B.P.R.D that i told you about.

Leslie: What about your cousin’s and parents?

Blossom: I’ll have to make amends with them. But… i think i can manage a little.

Leslie: I can take care of them if you need it.

Blossom: Thanks. That’d be nice. But seriously… I can handle them. I will have to be the one to handle them. Because no matter what happens… It’s them. My parents and my siblings. My cousins and Aunts… Uncles that i have to answer to when you happen to get to the bottom of it all.

A Minute later…

Blossom Rhapsody Smoking.
Blossom Rhapsody Smoking.

Blossom: *Smoking* I got this English test coming on Friday.

Leslie: Is it bad?

Blossom: Nah. It’s easy. What about you?

Leslie: A History Assignment. Probably social studies. Not hard. Although the work that the teacher Mrs. Laurel gives out feels as though she’s trying to make us seem like moronic school urchins. As if we didn’t know anything.

Blossom: Some people can be so dense. *Looking in her bag* Hey. Have you eaten anything yet?

Leslie: Not since this morning. I didn’t really think to get to the local Diner to pick something up.

Blossom: Wow! Leslie… heaven be lovin’ you. But you really need to keep up with eating and not starving yourself. Don’t worry. I think that i might have something. I kinda made it myself. My parents have this thing about the Velveeta Cheese and everything and over the summer i kinda learned to cook some things. It’s not hot as it’s had lots of time to cool down. But How does part of a Grilled cheese sandwich sound. I also got a couple bottles of Iced tea.

Leslie: Anything is great. *Seeing the sandwich* Whoa. That’s got to be a lot of cheese. Your parents must love the cheese.

Blossom: Yeah. I do too. It’s actually one of my favorite foods. I could eat it all day. But i just don’t as too much of it and *Making the sounds and motioning turning into a blimp* Booop! Blimp.

Leslie: Try soda and sweet stuff at a constant consumption. That’s weight gain city. Can you imagine me being a fat Rita the Hammer?

Blossom: No. i wouldn’t think that. Besides… that would be demeaning. Almost the same as imagining myself as being a bulky or fat Electrogal.

Leslie: *Laughing* That’s really funny.

Blossom: *Chuckles* Yeah.

It was only a minute later than that; that they ate and just relaxed. Of course Blossom couldn’t relax too much as she was feeling rather guilty for how she spoke to her best friend/Cousin Zoey. She was feeling bad and as much as she wanted to keep from showing the guilt… it showed and Leslie caught it. She knew that something was up and motioned to ask if there was something she could do.

As for Sora and Carly…

School Cafeteria…

Carly: This is a nightmare, Sora. This is alot worse than hearing of Cousin Zach being a victim of Child… You know.

Sora: I know it’s bad, Carly. But we are gonna need to tell mom. Tomorrow morning before we leave for school. This has to be told to her. We can’t keep playing it off as if there is nothing wrong. Our father is having a kinky affair with another woman. The Jig is up on him. You notice that for the last 5 weeks he has not really looked at us for more than a minute at a time?

Carly: Yeah. I noticed. But i thought that it was just him being really busy and on a tight schedule.

Sora: Tight schedule? Yeah right. Try… he was thinking of new ways to hide the fact that he was having an official affair with another woman and didn’t stop to talk with us because he knew that we’d be able to read his mind and expose what he was thinking.

Carly: We’re quite good at that. But… How do we tell mom? How will we tell mom about the affair. She’s gonna want pictures. A hard copy of a transcript of the conversations between dad and who ever he’s out mingling with.

Sora: She’s gonna need to settle for whatever it is that we got as proof and of course… the smoking gun.

Carly: The two condoms that we found in dad’s one jacket pocket. What about Blossom’s advice? Suppose that this is all some phase and things get better before long… Then what?

Sora: Things won’t get better from this, Carly. Besides… We don’t need Blossom. She’s not even trying to show that she’s the least bit involved with us anymore. Ever since she started sticking around Leslie… It’s all she cares about. She’s all Blossom cared about for the last 5 weeks.

Carly: But she’s our cousin.

Sora: True… But that’s all she is. Our cousin. We tried speaking to her Sunday… She just didn’t seem to worry that something was going on. She played like she was worried and cared about it… But she didn’t. Zoey tried talking to her. You saw what that got her.

Carly: I guess.

Sora: Plus… Blossom smokes now. You and I both saw the pack of cigarettes laying next to her. Marlboro Reds. Leslie probably also does too. However… we wouldn’t ever know as we don’t go near where that girl is residing. Nor do we intend to.

Carly: What about Zoey? Zoey hasn’t given up on her.

Sora: I know. I don’t get as to why she still tries to get through to Blossom. Blossom has already decided and made her decision. She’d rather be with Leslie Burke or should we be saying: Rita the Hammer?

Carly: You really don’t like that girl, Do you?

Sora: No. I don’t. All we hear about that girl is everything that tells us that she is bad. Corrupt and up to no good.


Sophie Collins: *Walking over* If you want to tail your cousin Blossom… You might want to catch a look in the girls restroom. She’s there. Talking with that girl Leslie and… Smoking.

Sora: Are you sure, Sophie?

Sophie: Oh yeah. She is. Some of the things that are going on in there… I would suggest that you tell her Mom and dad. Your Aunt Megan and Uncle Curtis.

Carly: Why’s that?

Sophie: One obvious reason. Talks about joining the Mob. Blossom was talking about joining the Mob.

Carly: What?! *Gasps* Oh my god. That’s awful. Why would she want to do that?

Sophie: I don’t know… However… I don’t think that she’s aiming to do it willingly. She’s being manipulated by that girl. Conned.

Macie: *Overhearing* Want for us to run a diversion to lure your cousin Blossom away from Leslie Burke?

Sora: Sure. That girl has got to know to back off.

Carly: Uh-huh!

Amber Sweetly: *Running over suddenly* You guys… You all better come right away. Something is going on.

Sora: What’s up, Amber?

Amber: Trouble in gal pal land. There’s a confrontation going on between 3 girls. Zoey, Holly… and Blossom. And the highlight of the cause is that rich girl who happens to be involved with the Mob.

Carly: …

Sophie: Leslie. *Sighs* Let’s go!

In the School hallway…

Blossom: *Looking at Holly* Holly, I don’t want to hear it. You are trying to tear Leslie down. You just can’t find any means to be decent… can you?

Holly: No. Leslie Burke is a druggie. She’s a Drug dealing liar. All she does is deceive.

Leslie: That’s not true. I don’t sell drugs, Holly. You are making a vicious rumor and i don’t find that as the least bit funny. I am not a danger to anyone…

Blossom: *To Leslie* Leslie, Back off. Let me handle this. Holly is gonna wish that she backed off. This might hurt my family’s relationship with the Owner of Sid’s Diner. But Enough is enough. Holly is gonna get it. Right in the mouth.

Holly: What are you gonna do?

Blossom: *Landing a Punch into Holly’s face* That. Leave Leslie Burke alone or i swear you will regret it. She’s my friend whether you like it or not. First… you call me this morning to tell me that Leslie is a druggie. Then you pull this shit with me. You must be really ignorant. Where did you get this news that she was some druggie, huh?

Holly: Sophie Collins.

Blossom: Is that the only source?

Holly: No. There’s also Erica Harper… and Zoey Creek. They can confirm it. *Feeling the sting and Wanting to break down*

Blossom: *Looking at Leslie* Leslie, Is this true? If so… Step up to confess. If not… Run. You don’t want to see this.

Leslie: No. I’m staying. I am not a coward. I can fight. *Facing Holly* This is just like back home in New York before i left and Emancipated myself from my parents. The same thing. People bashing my parents and trying to tear them down. I couldn’t do anything to stop it. I lost my family. My biological roots. All i got is my habit which sadly… sucks. My alter identity which is a grateful form of protection. And All the belongings that i was capable of bringing with me. Plus all my money. Every dime. Every quarter, dime, nickel and penny. Every dollar i have. *Looking over towards Blossom*Blossom is my only friend. She cares about me here. She befriended me. No questions asked. She came to me and had the decency to give me a chance. Gave me a friend. Herself. Her. There are a group of men lead by someone who i won’t mention. They took me under their wing with them… When no one could bother to look at me or motion to care. I am seen as a vagrant because why? Because i am Emancipated from my parents. My family? What about you? You got a mother. A father. You are with them. Right? Would you like it if i were in your shoes and you were in mine… and it was me Judging you for who you were? Judging you because you were Emancipated?

Holly: No. But it doesn’t matter. You’re with the Mob. You’re trying to get Blossom Rhapsody to screw her life up. Just because you choose to Emancipate and leave your family… It doesn’t answer for what you’ve been doing. I am sorry that you had to leave all you knew behind. But that doesn’t make you right by doing what you’re doing. Joining the Mob. You should be ashamed of yourself, Burke. Truly.

Leslie: Ugh! Who here died and made you boss?

Holly: No one. But I happen to care about Blossom’s well being as well as i do her best friend/Cousin Zoey’s. My family cares about their families and a real friend would not get their friends to start smoking. A real true friend would not make their friends walk away from their blood. Their friends and family that clearly are part of them. Part of who they are. You’re not Blossom’s real friend. *Standing up to Leslie* You never will be. Why don’t you go and hang around the Mob, Rita the Hammer? Leave the Innocent teens here… ALONE!

Leslie: *Pushing Holly back* Get away from me. You want me to leave… Fine. *Leaving in a hurt manner* So much for making friends in this school. I guess it’s true what they said about this city. People will tear another down… those who aren’t a certain way.

Blossom: *Calling out to Leslie* Leslie, Wait!

Leslie: *Responding* Forget it, Blossom. I quit. I am not wanted here and i’m tired of trying. Blame Holly. You’ll never see me here again.

Blossom: Yes i will… *Running after Leslie*

Holly: *Grabbing Blossom* No you don’t. Blossom, whether you like it or not… you’re staying away from Leslie. You will not go near her again or i will tell your parents.

Blossom: *Shoving Holly down forcefully*


Amber: *With Sophie, Macie, Sora and Carly; Gasps* Blossom!

Blossom: *Looking over at them angrily* Back off. Leave me alone. Traitors. Leslie is my friend.

Zoey: *Walking over suddenly* Blossom, Why are you doing this?

Blossom: Leave me alone Zoey. This is your fault. If you didn’t tell Holly that i was with Leslie all the time and make her think that Leslie was on Drugs this wouldn’t have happened.

Zoey: Blossom…

Blossom: Zoey, You and I are still best friends. Nothing changed. I just can’t be around you right now. I’m only gonna say something i don’t mean. *Walking away*

But that was when…

Kimahri: *Bringing Leslie over and suddenly dropping her off* Young pup should not leave school. School Important.

Leslie: *Looking up at the blue being* Uh… Who or what… are you?

Blossom: *Gasps* Huh! Ki-Kimahri?

Leslie: Kimahri?! *Confused* What’s a Kimahri?

Blossom: He’s Kimahri, Leslie. Leslie… Meet a good friend of my family’s and me. That Blue hybrid Lion/Rhino is a Ronso. Kimahri Ronso of the Ronso Tribe. Most of his people got taken out and annihilated by an evil Maester. But he’s a very special friend of ours. Kimahri Ronso… Meet my friend. A best friend… Leslie T. Burke.

Holly: The Druggie.

Blossom: Shut up, Holly.

Kimahri: That is unkind, Holly. Mean.

Holly: Kimahri, Please do a favor and wake up. That girl is a manipulator. A fraud. She’s also Involved with the Mob. She’s going around the city posing as Rita the Hammer.

Kimahri: Leslie not bad person. Just misguided.

Holly: But she’s joined the Mob. She’s involved with the mob. That isn’t right and you of all people know that it isn’t right.

Kimahri: In times of change… one must follow own path. Leslie not guilty. Not sell or do drugs. She being set up. Set up by bad men with heavy guns. Leslie is innocent pup. She join Mob for protection. To have a place to belong. Being alone… not fun.

Blossom: Holly, Time to apologize and admit you were wrong.

Sophie: So that means… we were blaming the wrong one.

Blossom: Very good, Sophie. Holly, I think that you have something to say. You own Leslie an apology. You now know the truth and know that her being on drugs or that she was selling them was a lie. You just heard the truth now.

Holly: I have. I now know the truth. *Looking at Leslie* I still don’t trust you. But at least i can admit that i was totally wrong on the fact that you had drugs on you and were not only selling… but taking them as well. You never did any of that.

Leslie: That’s what I’ve been saying all along and yet… you thought that i was lying.

Holly: Evidence never lies, Leslie. It was all pointing to you. That doesn’t really make you out to be squeaky clean.

Leslie: Maybe not… But, i can not stay near you. You were being really rude and hurtful.

Holly: I’m sorry.

Blossom: That’s right, Holly. You should be.

It was then that they all had to recant what they knew about Leslie. They were proven wrong and it was done by an ally of the family’s. A good friend. The tides were turned and it was a literal 180°. Blossom was already hurt by Holly and could not fully forgive and forget what happened in that one moment. If it wasn’t for their one friend… things would never have been resolved. Zoey walked away and so did the others. They were first there to apologize to Leslie… Amber, Macie… Sophie. They were all on the front to apologize to Leslie. It was fortunate for them that Leslie didn’t appear to be one to whip out a gun… shooting. She wasn’t like that. Here’s the thing about Leslie’s Mobster persona Rita the Hammer. Any of us or them would have to understand if they haven’t got it by now was that Leslie’s Mafioso/Gangster gal persona had the tact of Rocky The gangster, Baby face Nelson and the character from the Movie “My Blue Heaven” Vincent Antonelli. She had the charms of Bugs Moran and Al Capone although it never seemed clear as to how slick he was. But She also was seductive, Persuasive and cunning. Although she normally cunning and very sweet. Just wanted to fit in. Throughout more than 100+ years… through the golden years in history. the depression. The Era of Elliot Ness and his trying to crack down the mob. Hard cases that were tough to crack. There were a plenty of names of Gangsters who made it and those who got snuffed by the hands of much stronger, tougher and swifter men or women who have the better knack and knowhow. Henry Hill was a gangster. A Mobster… Wiseguy. He had it all just to lose it all when everything he made went south like for the winter. Leslie’s Mobster personality was still in the early stages and still developing. However… it was rising fast and learning the quirks and ropes. Leslie was still being watched… However… now so tightly now. Blossom felt like she was free as well. Although… when it got to her father and mother and they learned of what’s been going on… It wasn’t gonna look so good for her. Zoey, Sora and Carly took one look at Leslie and nodded. They didn’t speak to her… but they at least acknowledged her as if showing that they were willing to level out and show a little respect. Blossom on the other hand still felt bad and knew that in any sense… that she’d have to make amends with Zoey. She’d have to do something before the damage festered and broke the closeness that both she and Zoey shared and held on to for years.

Metropolis High School…

Main hallway…

Roxanne: *Closing her locker; sighs*

Katie: *Running over to Roxanne with Jacklyn* We saw you talking to Dan? We didn’t want to interrupt. It seemed to look like it was totally important.

Jacklyn: Did you tell Dan about the baby?

Roxanne: Yes i told him and…

Jacklyn: What did he say?

Roxanne: Did you tell anyone about what was going on with me?

Katie: No. I didn’t.

Jacklyn: Same with me. I didn’t tell anyone about it either.

Katie: What about those girls you see? The Rhapsody Pink Ladies? Do they know?

Roxanne: No. I haven’t told them and i don’t really think that i should. I can’t. The whole thing about the gang is that they’re all with raging hormones… but they keep it controlled. But if any member happened to get… well pregnant. It would ruin things for the whole gang. Everyone. I can’t tell them. Are you sure that you two didn’t say anything?

Jacklyn: Roxanne, you’re gaining weight.

Roxanne: And? *Not seeing the point* What’s your point, Jacklyn?

Jacklyn: My point is that if people think you’re pregnant, that’s not our fault.

Katie: That is if they even think that. We don’t even know if they think that. They could still be oblivious to all of it.

Roxanne: Wait. Are people saying that? Are people saying that I’m you know…

Katie: We’re not in the popular group exactly, so we really don’t know what they’re saying, but, uh, we have heard some people talk and…

Jacklyn: Yes.

Katie: Maybe you should just go on home, Roxanne…

What none of them knew was that the whole school already knew. Or at least a good portion of the school knew. There was a saying that i think that even the original fighters wished that they were told… “There are no secrets in High school.” Dan was learning of the truth and happened to know of the reality that Roxanne was pregnant. What he didn’t know was the impact of the reality. What it was said to do to him when that moment of giving Birth approached.

Roxanne: Yeah, maybe I should just go home, stay home. I mean that’s what would happen. That is what would be likely to happen if i were to leave for home right now. I’d never be able to come back and face anyone again. The Rhapsody Pink ladies will be not willing to take me back. *Sighs* If I left right now in the middle of the day, I don’t think I could ever come back. Of course… then again… You know, if I stay and nothing ever happens, then, maybe people will just think it was like a rumor and that it wasn’t true or anything. Right?

Katie: OK, what are you talking about? Are you talking about what I think you’re talking about, because I’m Catholic.

Jacklyn: Yeah… well, she’s not talking about it. At least that’s what we hope you’re not speaking about it.

Roxanne: Help me. Please. I can’t have this baby.

Jacklyn: I can’t. I don’t even know anything about it. I wouldn’t know where it could be done. What about the father of the baby? Does he even know yet? He’s gonna want to be kept in the loop here.

Katie: Roxanne, You can’t be thinking to do it… are you?

Roxanne: i have to. I mean… are you two gonna help me or not?

Katie: How? How are we able to help you?

Roxanne: *Scoffs* I don’t know where to go. Where to get it done… How to get it done.

Katie: By “It”… you mean… an Abortion?

Jacklyn: It’s her choice, Katie, and it’s a valid choice considering her age and the father.

Zoey Creek: *Walking by and overhearing* …

Roxanne: I need help.

Katie: I can’t. I mean, I love you, Roxanne, but I can’t. You can’t. It’s not right.

Zoey Creek: *Walking over* Hey… You know what… If you want to know who the father is… It’s Harry Waller. He’s been talking to some people and they are telling him to fess up to what he did. It’s Harry. Although… i don’t know why he’d want to know about it. He’s been too busy having flings with the Majorette Marcy. But Rita’s now Ex- boyfriend used to be Rita’s till he was caught kissing Marcy. She’s a bad girl. She’s had sex a few times with Harry. The part that sucks most is that i was falling for him. Only to hear and learn that. What i told you.

Roxanne: This is a good reason why i want to have an abortion. I don’t want to have any ties to him.

Jacklyn: Tell your mother. Tell her today.

Katie: Yeah. Maybe at this point, maybe you really should tell your mom.

Roxanne: So… that’s it. That’s how you’re gonna help me? *Suddenly getting upset* By telling me that I need to tell my mother? *Voice breaking suddenly as she finally closes her locker again all the way* I can’t tell my mother. You guys, my dad left us last night.

Sapphire: *Overhearing and Walking over* What’s this i’m hearing… San Fran… You feeling alright?

Roxanne: *Looking to see Sapphire* Sapphire?

Sapphire: Hey Roxy. How’s it going with you? You weren’t at the table with the girls today. You feeling okay?

Katie: You don’t want to know… Do you?

Sapphire: How come? Is it bad?

Roxanne: If you consider my father leaving us last night… yeah. *Wiping away her tears and Walking off; trying to keep from losing it.

Roxanne within seconds was nowhere in sight and Sapphire had no clue as to what was going on. She saw that both Katie and Jacklyn did and asked for the scoop. What she was told made her feel terrible for Roxanne. She gave a call over to the gang and informed them what was happening. They made preparations and put something together to help Roxanne…

Katie: *Worried* A Divorce? An Abortion? What’s next?

Jacklyn: I don’t know… But what i do know… is that this is not what I wanted my high-school experience to be.

Zoey Creek: You two aren’t the only ones who feel it that way. There’s another family that’s got a father having an affair with another woman and the mother… won’t seek reason and do something.

Katie: Who do you mean?

Zoey Creek: Sora and Carly Rhapsody’s Mother. The father is having an affair with another woman and their mother won’t open her eyes and see reason. She doesn’t believe that her husband would be cheating on her.

Jacklyn: Why would he do that?

Zoey Creek: I have not an idea as to why… but i would guess that… if there is a possible theory… it’s because he’s grown into digging for forbidden fruit and or he’s tired of not getting any from his better half that he’s ventured to getting it from the woman he’s seeing. Which is like saying that the mother… Alice. She’s being cheated on. The Son Paul heard about it and he is not pleased.

Jacklyn: That’s wrong. Why would the father do that to the mother of his kids? That’s like saying he’s unhappy with his life. His wife.

Katie: He might need therapy.

Zoey Creek: Come on, Girls… You can’t be meaning to tell me that Mr. Alvin Rhapsody is in need of therapy. How will he get that? Where? From Who?

Jacklyn: My father. Dr. Sterling. That’s his biological name. But Mr. Gilmore is who he is. It’s a married name. He’s a therapist or Psychiatrist. He might be able to help him out.

Zoey Creek: I happen to see and check with Janie, Alex and Charlene. I am like their informant. I’ll give them the details and have them sit around with Sora and Carly. They can get him to take head on getting help.

Jacklyn: Good. We can’t make them do it… but their father needs help. Cheating on spouses is almost side by side with Adultery. Girls hate that. So do guys and for anyone to do that… that’s asking for people to turn their backs on the person doing it. Leaving him. or her.

Katie: But It doesn’t make sense. What would make someone do something like that? Doesn’t he love his wife?

Zoey Creek: I don’t know. I really can’t say. But what is going on with Roxanne?

Sapphire: Yeah… She sick?

Katie: No. *Looking at Sapphire* Sapphire, she’s not sick.

Sapphire: Then what is the deal with her? When she walked away with a sad face… she looked as though she just got dumped by a hot don Juan.

Jacklyn: Sapphire, After school we can meet. There are things that you need to know about her. It’s not bad… but in full honesty… It isn’t something to be happy and pleased to let out.

Sapphire: A secret meet. Got it.

At the Library…

Raven: Lorenzo, What are you talking about?

Lorenzo: What do you think i’m talking about? Roxanne is showing more and more of her pregnancy.

Raven: That’s not funny. There are people here who don’t like knowing about there being a fellow classmate among us… here being Pregnant. Roxanne Harris is pregnant. But it’s none of our business. It’s Not for us to get in the middle of.

Lorenzo: We care about her… But we can’t run her life for her and tell her what should be done.

Raven: She’s been going around school here walking and just stressed out. She’s looking for anyone that will rise up and help her get to a clinic and get the procedure done and have an Abortion.

Lorenzo: It’s not that far of an option considering on who the father of the unborn bundle of life is. Harry Waller… He’s an ass. He the other day was going off to his friends and talking about how he got with a nice easy girl who’d be simple to get with and had a one night stand with her. Only to impregnate her but didn’t stay. he did his thing and then walked. Leaving the girl all alone. The girl: Roxanne Harris. The same one that had gone to Band Camp. The French horn player.

Raven: What about her parents? What do they think about it? Do they even know that she’s… You know… Pregnant?

No response…

Raven: *In concern and disbelief* They don’t even know… Do they?

Lorenzo: No. They don’t.

Raven: How do they not know about their own daughter’s dilemma? How can they just not wonder about what’s going on with her?

Lorenzo: Maybe because she didn’t tell them. I mean… if it were you in that position… Would you be all for telling your parents that you were?

Raven: I would. I wouldn’t like the idea of exposing that kind of bombshell on them… but it would be wise to just say something. They do have that right to know. I wouldn’t be able to handle the situation on my own.

Lorenzo: Neither can she? *Not able to understand* But since that is the case… and it’s fact that she won’t be able to handle the issue on her own… Why doesn’t she… you know… Say something about it to them? Tell them about it. They should know about it.

Raven: I agree.

A minute later…

Lorenzo: What’s up with the Mob front? You know… The issue circling around that Banker… Ipkiss?

Raven: *Shaking her head* I don’t know. Sapphire and Serena have been looking into the matter and haven’t heard anything more on it. It’s been at a stand still for the last 5 weeks.  No one knows anything.

Lorenzo: How about that Mask character? What’s the deal with him?

Raven: Lorenzo… *Sighs* There is something that you may need to know. The Mask… Is Ipkiss. The mask is just Acting out and exposing the deepest desires of the one who happens to be wearing the mask.

Lorenzo: Huh? How is that possible?

Raven: It’s hard to really explain. But you know how you have these deepest desires yet you can’t let it out without it throwing your life into complete chaos unintentionally?

Lorenzo: Yeah. It’s so we can keep a stable life. and a level social standing on the outside.

Raven: It’s kinda like that… But it’s really because we’re suppressing something called… Our “ids” Which happens to be our deepest felt desires.

Lorenzo: Our “ids”?

Raven: Yeah. Like say your were a hapless romantic and couldn’t show it for it would hurt your social image. You and how the outside world sees you. You have it suppressed. But… when you wear the mask. The Mysterious mask that has these odd and untold power… It unleashes the “id”. That deepest desire that was suppressed. The Mask turns you into the person that you want to let out for all to see.

Lorenzo: Or if you were a Rich person who wanted to let out the part that maybe said… that you were… A Rockefeller? It would unleash that and the outside people would see how you really were. That you didn’t care about money and seeing that you remained rich. But just someone who wanted to be free and just live. Not worry what others thought about you.

Raven: That’s one way. Yes. That mask would unleash it.

Lorenzo: Who’d have such a mask like that?

Raven: Ipkiss.

Lorenzo: Ipkiss? Why him?

Raven: Because… he’s the one who found it that one night at the Metropolis river. The Metropolis Bridge. His car was in the one auto-shop that was attacked that same night that he found that mask. He was stuck with a hunk of junk loaner.

Lorenzo: The Loaner… Hmm. What was the mask like? I mean… you said that it possessed some sort of power. What kind of powers?

Raven: The Mask was imbued by the powers of the norse god of Mischief. Loki.

Lorenzo: Loki? One of the aesir gods of the pantheon?

Raven: Yeah. That’s right. Loki. “The Trickster”.

Lorenzo: Wow. And this mask… Ipkiss has and he tried it on. Becoming this green mask character.

Raven: Yeah. The only question is… will it happen again? Will he become the mask again and perform a second wave of mayhem?

Lorenzo: It could be very likely that he would do so… But there’d have to be a reason for it. Something that would trigger the urge and make him want to try the mask again.

Raven: A thrill, perhaps.

Lorenzo: Something like that. Yes.

There were other fighters talking about the Mask too. in their own way and it was believed that all felt a shred of belief that there could just be a second wave of antics done by the mask. A second wave of the Mask and the Zany performance that followed. Although none could figure out when that would have been and where. The fighters were indeed all lost in thought over it.

Metropolis Auto shop…

Alvin was working on another car and unaware that his secret affair was completely found out and that he left the one jacket of his hanging on the side of the couch at home and that his twin daughters Sora and Carly found the item that would incriminate him. The girls were gonna expose him and he would not be able to pull the wool over Alice’s eyes again. Paul suspected and had already made every intent possible to stay away. He did not want any part of the mess. He stayed away and didn’t come near Alvin. Not because he hated him… but because he was hurt and in disbelief of what his father was doing and couldn’t bare to be around him. knowing of what his father was doing and that there was a secret affair going on that wasn’t really all that much of a secret anymore…

Reedy La Paradissimo’s…

Pamela: *Working on the payroll* I’m gonna have to let one of the workers go. I can’t pay him. *Sighs* Shit… What’ll i do? What am i gonna do?

As she looks on through the Monthly payroll…

Pamela: Wait. *Looking closer at the books* The Food rave paid the restaurant here $1000 dollars. The profits are above average… But how? We didn’t have anyone more than just the normal. Unless…they paid double.

She was looking over and over again through the books and sorting out the monthly pay. All she could find was just mysterious surplus of profit. She didn’t know where the excess profits were coming from as she didn’t have any unscrupulous business arrangements or any side sources of funds other than the Food Rave that she’d done and been part of.


Rhonda: *Knocking on the door* Hey hey… You alright, Mrs. Reedy?

Pamela: Huh? *Looking up to see Rhonda* Oh… Rhonda. Yeah. I’m okay. I’m just going over the payroll book records for this month and something doesn’t look right.

Rhonda: How do you figure?

Pamela: This food Rave… last month i was asked to take part in it. Which i did. i was more than willing as it’s been something i considered to do for a while as it would come to help this restaurant get itself more recognition. But it shows in the books here that i was paid twice. A thousand dollars each. I don’t get it though… I Only did a thing at only one Food Rave. Just one. Not two. one. But i’m showing here an extra 1000 here that shouldn’t be here.

Rhonda: You sure that you only did one food Rave?

Pamela: Yes. I’m sure. I just don’t understand where the extra 1000 for a Food Rave opportunity that i only recall doing just one time is coming from. Where is it coming from? Why?

Rhonda: I haven’t a clue. But… If nothing else… I’d take a look at all the Profit records that came from last month and then re-look at this month’s again. You might have over looked something that you didn’t think about before.

Pamela: You’re probably right. I just wish that i knew what it was though.

Rhonda: It’s rather confusing sometimes… i know. I’ll stay in late and we can look through it a page at a time and see what went wrong. We might find that it’s nothing. But at least this way… we’ll know. That you’ll know and it’ll leave you with a piece of mind.

Pamela: Good point.

Rhonda: Have you seen your gal pal Luna recently?

Pamela: *Not knowing who Rhonda is talking about* Luna who?

Rhonda: Zoey’s mom.

Pamela: Doesn’t ring a bell…

Rhonda: *Curious* Okay… what gives? What’s with the no memory or recollection on who Luna is… bit?

Pamela: Nothing. But i just don’t know her.

Rhonda: Why’s that? You mean to tell that you have no idea who she is? That you don’t even know her.

Pamela: That’s right. I don’t know her. And if you want to know why… I’ll tell you. It’s because she’a a bitch. That’s why. This past Sunday… She came over past here and was trying to flirt with a young teen. a 17 year old and i happened to tell her to stop. To not do that. You know what she said? She said and i will quote it: “I am just making a living with my career. This is what i do. I am working as a prostitute now and i am not changing for anyone. My own Husband couldn’t make me change. What makes you believe that you will be able to? Besides… Why should i listen to you? You and your pathetic cooking. Why don’t you go and cook up some ham hocks or something?” She said that right to my face. Before blowing smoke in my face.

Rhonda: What?! You mean that Luna Rhapsody… the hard-working Model and devoted mother. The woman you knew as a wonderful friend just up and turned into a real sleazeball?

Pamela: Yeah. She even blew smoke at my daughter. Blew it right in my daughter’s face. My husband is considering on banning the entire clan from coming to the Diner over what that woman did. I know that it’s not their fault as they didn’t condone it. But the whole thing about Luna’s dive into this X-rated Modeling… then exposing my daughter to it… I don’t think so. I as far as i am concerned… don’t want to have another thing to do with her. The others are okay. But Her? I don’t ever want to see her around here. Or around my daughter. Showing up in fishnets and then walking around where the Diner was and exposing my daughter to it. Flipping her off. Then Blowing smoke in her face. The nerve of her to do that.

Rhonda: Wow! Talk about bad karma behaveth… That’s major. Really harsh. What does your daughter think?

Pamela: What does she think about the whole thing? I don’t know… *Sighs* I really can’t say. I wish that i could say what it was that she thought about it. But, Holly won’t talk about it. She still is Zoey’s friend. Cares about her and everything. But refuses to be anywhere… where she feels that Luna would be close by. She wants no part of her.

Rhonda: I know the feeling. If someone were to do that to my kids… I’d be all over them like maple syrup on Pancakes. Laying into them. My Husband Arnold would be the same too…

Pamela: I already called the old gang from back when i was growing up in high school and everything and told them… They’re in no way… pleased. They too want no part of that. What Luna’s been doing. They have gotten rid of her # as well. Or kept it for Zeke’s sake and want to remain in reach of the family. Just not Luna.

Rhonda: Who?

Pamela: Jennifer Bakeman/Powell. Her Husband’s gone. Died early this year during a recon mission to Bella Coola, British Colombia, Canada. Something was going on over there and he had been assigned to check on it. He did. He died on his way back from there. Friendly fire. Accidental. There is also June Mitchell/Parker. Penelope Walden. Beth Timberland/Marco… Widow. Just to mention some. They want nothing of Luna.

Luna’s lost all her old friends over what she had been doing. What was Luna doing with her life? Was nothing ever gonna shake her out of her obsessive lifestyle? Most of the allies and crew were all slowly walking and giving up on her and it was indeed not looking the least bit good for her. It was getting worse and it already was setting in as Luna was divorcing Zeke and taking one of the final steps of walking from the entire family altogether. It was closing in on her full departure from all things tying her to them.

After School…

Metropolis High school…

A Little fight was going on. A heated confrontation was on bound to ensue and it revolved Daniel, Rita Massey, Marcy Plus also Harry. Even though he left for home…

Daniel: *With disbelief* Give her a ride? Why? Why should you give that girl a ride? Why can’t someone else do it?

Marcy: Maybe I wanna give her a ride. *Going through her locker and straightening it out a little* Is there a problem over that?

Daniel: You shouldn’t hang out with girls like that. You really shouldn’t have anything to do with girls like that.

Marcy: Girls like who, Daniel?

Daniel: Girls like Roxanne Harris.

Marcy: You know… if i didn’t know any better… i would figure that you are a little thing called Jealous. You can’t be that jealous… can you?

A second later…

Marcy: What’s wrong with Roxanne Harris?

Daniel: Come on, you haven’t heard the news concerning her?

Marcy: Heard what News? Daniel, what is it that you’re trying to tell me that i may already know?

Daniel: Don’t you have any girlfriends?

Marcy: No, I don’t. I don’t want any girlfriends.

Daniel: You’re not even friends with the other majorettes in this school?

Marcy: Not really, no. They’re not as good as I am, and they know it. They’re jealous, they’re petty, and they’re mean. You never notice how much better I am? You never notice I do all the solo performances?

Daniel: You know, I really don’t pay attention to the baton twirling. I’m kind of paying attention to the game, you know?

Marcy: What’s wrong with Roxanne Harris?

Daniel: She’s pregnant. She’s having a baby.

Marcy: *Shocked and in surprise* Roxanne Harris?! You’re kidding me… aren’t you? How can that be? You are not talking about the french horn player who is hanging with some love toy named Dan Rhapsody and is a member of the Rhapsody Pink Ladies are you?

Daniel: I’m not lyin’. Roxanne Harris is pregnant.

Suddenly Daniel looked up and saw his self-righteous girlfriend standing at the end of the hall and sighed. He knew what was coming. It was just seconds later that Rita Massey stormed her way over towards them. She was angry and disgusted.

Rita: *Walking over to them in a steady but direct pace*

Daniel: Oh crap… Here she comes.

Marcy: *Turning over quick to see Rita real fast before closing her locker and starting to walk away*

As Daniel started to run off along with Marcy…

Rita: Don’t run away from me. I’ll just run after you, both of you. *Still walking fast towards Daniel and Marcy*

Marcy: *Stopping and turning to face Rita; Laughing it off* Who’s running?

Rita: I can’t believe I was so stupid to think that the two of you just kissed. Nothing else.

Marcy: Me neither.

Rita: He told me, he told me that’s all that was going on, just kissing. *Feeling Disgust*

Marcy: *Feeling unimpressed* Oh please… this is so boring.

Rita: Is it? It’s boring to you when you ruin somebody else’s life? Marcy? You are so used to getting what you want. You don’t seem to care if you end up ruining another person’s life?

Marcy: Did someone ruin your life?

Rita: Yeah, he did. Daniel did. He was my boyfriend, my first boyfriend, and he cheated on me and lied to me, and I in turn had to lie to my parents, and now I don’t know if they’re ever gonna trust me again or if I’m ever gonna trust another guy ever again. You have any idea how that makes someone like me feel?

Daniel: Yeah… Right. Rita. Tell another sob tale. You’re friends with Harry Waller. You trust him?

Rita: *Disgusted at Daniel* At least Harry’s honest.

Daniel: Is he? You really think that he is so honest and that he would never lie about anything? Okay… If you think that… Ask him if he’s the father of Roxanne Harris’ baby.

A fellow Band member walks by suddenly and Marcy snatches a hold of him and questions him.

Marcy: Have you seen Roxanne? Harris. Roxanne Harris, the french horn player.

Band member: She didn’t show up for practice. *Walking away*

Rita: *In shock and dread* So, Roxanne Harris is really having a baby?

Daniel: *Harshly* Yeah. She is. So run along and tell mommy. You win, Rita. You’re the good girl, and Roxanne isn’t. Although when you tell your parents, I doubt you’ll be able to see Harry anymore, huh?

Marcy: This is so pathetic. I mean… It has to be Dan’s. Harry would never bring himself to make a mistake like that. I would know. *Turning and walking away annoyed*

Rita: *To Daniel* I guess that you would know about her too, huh? You should be ashamed of yourself.

Daniel: *Annoyed and fed up* You know what, Rita? Why don’t you just shut up? Shut up. I’m tired of being ashamed of myself. I’ve been ashamed of myself my whole life, so just shut up. Oh what? What’s the matter? Is that too honest for you? Thought you liked honesty, Rita. I mean… it’s all you ever want. god forbid if anyone were to tell you something that had a shred of a tall tale or lie. So let me tell you something else. I only went out with you ’cause my step dad asked me to. He wanted to make sure you and your perfect little family were happy at church. How’s that for honesty? Good enough for you, You self-righteous goody two shoes? *Turning around and walking away in a self centered and hauty manner*

Rita was with her lips quivering and she was upset. It hurt her feelings and yet she rather asked for it. She pushed and pushed till there was a breaking point. However during the last few words or so… Spencer and Rikku were nearby and overheard everything. They couldn’t believe what it was that they were hearing however what they heard was something that took them by surprise.

Spencer: *Looking at his Wife* Did you get that? Roxanne Harris is pregnant.

Rikku: Yeah. That’s so unbelievable. How could she be pregnant?

Spencer: Intercourse connection. That’s the only way i can think of. Unless there was something more to it than that.

Rikku: I am beginning to suspect that something more was going on. *Seeing Rita Massey standing and looking hurt* What’s Rita doing? She’s standing there by herself.

Spencer: What about that guy who walked away from her? That guy was talking to her in a really mean tone. Saying that she was a self Righteous goody two shoes. And that he only went out with her because he was told to by his grandfather who wanted to make her and her perfect family happy and comfortable at church.

Rikku: *Pauses* Huh?! What? You’re kidding, aren’t you?

Spencer: No i’m not. Rita looks upset and it’s all due to that one teen who walked from her. Walking off with that Majorette.

Rikku: Marcy Garcia. That girl is a serious Hottie McNaughty.

Spencer: Spreading her own beauties all over the school like she’s the next exotic dish. Reminds us of what Aunt Luna’s been doing as of late. It’s enough to make a person want to vomit uncontrollably and suffer a turning stomach.

A Minute later…

Rita: *Walking over to Spencer and Rikku* I will bet that you saw that, huh?

Spencer: Yeah. We did and we’re really sorry that you had to deal with a jerk like that guy… Daniel.

Rita: It’s fine. I am so over him. He cheated on me. He was caught kissing another girl. Marcy. He doesn’t even see anything wrong and he even lied to me. Probably had sex with Marcy.

Rikku: You deserve better than that. Alot better than that. I think that we might even know about the perfect one for you.

Rita: Who?

Spencer: Paul, Marty…Charlie… *Gasps* Theodore. Theodore Henry Rhapsody. My cousin. He’d be perfect. He’s kinda like a bit of a profiler in some sense. But he’s very savvy with the girls. He’s respectable and he’s devoted to what he believes in. Headstrong and Materialistic. But a real gentleman.

Rita: Where is he?

Spencer: He’s likely to be at the front gate. He sticks around there for a little before making his way back home.

Rikku: You should go and see him. The worse thing that could happen is that you miss him and lose sight of him before you reach the spot where he sticks around at.

Rita: *Nods* Okay.

Spencer: Don’t worry about anything. You could be really self-Righteous. But you know how you feel. If Daniel is too stupid to see how unique and special you are… then he doesn’t deserve you. He never will know what he lost.

On the field sitting on the lawn…

Sapphire: So… What are you two gossiping about?

Katie: What do you mean?

Jacklyn: Yeah.

Sapphire: Come on… don’t play the village dum-dum card on the 11th hour. What do you know about The Musical Roxy. Roxanne?

Katie: Jacklyn, We need to tell her. She’s gonna find out eventually anyway.

Jacklyn: It’s gonna not sit so good with Roxanne. But, we do owe her gang’s leader the truth.

Katie: Sapphire, Roxanne is pregnant. She is having a baby.

Sapphire: Huh? Okay. please relay that again… You’re telling me that she’s pregnant? By who?

Katie: Harry Waller. The Drummer.

Jacklyn: That guy is a real slime. He has been going all over school bragging about how he met this shy and timid band player. Roxanne. She had sex with him. Bad Sex with him. She didn’t even know that it was sex till two seconds after it was all done.

Sapphire: Hmm… Interesting. So, Roxanne is Pregnant because of this guy Harry Waller. I guess that means just that Musical Roxy’s got a Symphonic bun in the oven. Not one that she’d want and not one that she want to have where it ties her to Harry. She seeking for any help?

Katie: Yeah. She is asking to have an abortion. She wants one. But… I really don’t think that it’s a good idea for her.

Jacklyn: She needs to tell her mother. It’s not an option. Her mother… father… parents are gonna find out eventually. They’re gonna want to see her and hear the truth. She can’t keep this a secret for much longer as it’s gonna be harder and harder for her to hide it as time goes on.

Sapphire: *Thinking* Where is she now?

Katie: She’s probably left for home now. Since lunch break… we haven’t seen her anywhere in school.

Jacklyn: I’m worried about her.

Katie: I’m also worried.


Erica Harper: Howdy. *Walking over* What’s going on?

Katie: *Looking over* Nothing. Just talking.

Sapphire: There’s a meet tonight. All the girls of the gang will meet at Sid’s Diner. Roxanne won’t be joining… For reasons that will be explained tonight at the Diner during our meet. Katie O’Connell… Jacklyn Gilmore will be attending just for tonight to brief us all on the issue. I already called you and the girls earlier and spilled what was heard… But tonight. Confirmation. Katie, you and Jacklyn will be official informants to the gang. It’s not the in crowd… Nor the Popular crowd. But At least you’ll have a place to belong when a gang is concerned.

Katie: Anything that goes on at the school here?

Sapphire: Anything that goes on at the school here.

Erica Harper: I’m gonna head home and get started on the homework. There’s a killer homework assignment tonight. This history paper i got to do is tougher than fort Dietrich security.

Sapphire: You might want to get some help on that.

Erica Harper: *Remembering something* Oh… i almost forgot. *Pulling out a Folded piece of paper with Intel on the Mask and the Mob* Sapphire, I got the intel that you were asking for. *Handing it to Sapphire* See to it that the other fighters are on alert to act on scouring the activity of the Mask and the Mob.

Sapphire: Got it. Good work, Cowgirl Harper.

Jacklyn: My Brother isn’t here yet. He’s probably running a little late.

Erica Harper: Need a ride?

Jacklyn: You sure?

Erica Harper: it’s not a problem. You gotta get home somehow, right? *Grins* Ever rode on horseback?

Jacklyn: No. I never did. Why? *Pauses* Wait… You mean that you got a horse here at the school?

Sapphire: You have no idea. She loves that sweet horse. Jewel. You’ll be in for a shock seeing her horse, Jacklyn. That horse is a real princess.

It was then that they all made off for their homes. Sapphire was on her way home and offered to provide Katie a ride on home to her house. It was only a couple blocks away from where she lived. Katie fortunately was on the same street as Sapphire.  So on the way home they had some time to talk. It wasn’t as though they were close… but with the talk that they did have… it got them more familiar with one another. Their common relation was caring about Roxanne and getting at the one who harmed her. If there was a way.

Metropolis Middle school…

Blossom: *Walking to the corner and catching up with Leslie* Hey Leslie, Heading to your… uh, hotel room?

Leslie: *Looking both ways and then at Blossom* No. I’m heading to the Coco Bongo night club to see Dorian.

Blossom: Him? Why him?

Leslie: Blossom, He’s my Mentor. I know that i told you a little about him already or just a couple things that managed to stick out. But Dorian is my Mentor. When i first came to this city… I knew about nobody. I didn’t know anyone at all. I Lived on the streets but in spots that were feasible and with some sort of protection. It wasn’t till 6-7 weeks ago that i walked around and happened to come across a group of guys who happened to walk into a Diner.

Blossom: Sid’s Diner?

Leslie: *Thinking* Yeah. That’s got to be the one. They were going into that Diner and i got to talking with them and it was there… that things clicked.

Blossom: He took you in and gave you purpose. Something to live for.

Leslie: Yeah. He didn’t have to. But with people seeing him as a bad guy… it wouldn’t be very practical and with good intent to see a Mobster take a young 12-13 years girl under their wings. Making the girl or boy… feel as if they really belonged. Seriously belonged.

Blossom: *Looking to the side* You belong well enough. You’re holding your own.

As Blossom and Leslie walked on the way to the Night club…

Leslie: *Walking along side Blossom* Naturally… I would be. And that’s because i am with Dorian. He turned me into a Mafioso. I don’t know how i could just see myself do anything else. Nothing elso would work for me as i had nowhere to go and at that point it was either that or going into the foster system. Which would mean… we’d never have met. You and I.

Blossom: So, You had to do what you believed was best to ensure you would make it. I know the feeling. Being alone and with no other option. It puts you in a spot that you really don’t want to be in.

Leslie: Right. Dorian showed me the ropes and gave me pointers. There is something else that i never told you.

Blossom: What?! *Curious* Something the matter?

Leslie: Last year… Around the very end of last year. December 10th i am guessing. I was walking around the city and just looking for something to do. I walked down the one street and came across a line of Hearsts and black cars. Plus i also heard music coming from inside the building. A church and i was just curious as to what was going on inside. I walked inside and saw that there was a congregation of people all grieving over someone. There was this priest. He said a name… Zach Bradley… something. I didn’t get to catch the last name as there was a lot of sniffling going on. crying. I was on the outside room of the church and listened in. I felt really bad for the people inside as they were crying and made as though they really knew him. the one that they were grieving over.

Blossom: That was my entire family and the friends that my family and i had and knew. Made over the course of multiple upon multiple years. You were there?

Leslie: Yeah.

Blossom: The one we were grieving over was my cousin Zach. My Aunt Luna’s and Uncle Zeke’s son. One of My best friend/Cousin Zoey’s Brothers.

Leslie: Really? Wow… How did he die?

Blossom: Murder. Due to being abducted and Physically… plus Sexually Abused. Molested by a Ruthless and cruel Child Molester. Zach even was unmanned. That sick bastard that did it to him cut off the Genitals from Zach.

Leslie: Ew! Sick! *Quivering in a sense of feeling completely disturbed* That is really sick… That guy did that to your cousin? Disgusting. What was that guy on? A crusade to collect other people’s sexuality? Gross and very perverted.

Blossom: Pfft! No shit. It was fucked up. That’s what it was. Really fucked up and this all happened. When? Wanna know as to when that was?

Leslie: Only if you’re okay to talk about it.

As they were walking…

Blossom: It was while a group of my cousins and I were working with a secret Government Organization known as the B.P.R.D. To defeat someone known as Rasputin. Grigory Efrimovich Rasputin. plus his one constant floozy known as Karl Ruprecht Kroenen.

Leslie: Wha– *Shocked* You… You… You went against them?

Blossom: Uh, Yeah. I did. It was rather risky. i almost didn’t make it out of there. But for the sake of speaking of miracles… I would believe that it was there with the grace of god… that i was saved. plus… my best friend and cousin Zoey and I pulled a fast one where when Rasputin was trying to take our souls… He instead got our flatulence. Plus the smell of fish.

Leslie: *Laughs* Oh my god. You gave him your… fart? *Shivers* Gross! But a real swift move. Awesome.

Blossom: *Taking a brief bow* Thank you… Thank you!

Leslie: *Smiles*

Blossom: Okay… Uh, what’s going on at the club tonight that you’d have to be there…

Leslie: Something that Dorian and his men have been planning for nearly 5 weeks now. There was a lot of planning in what’s gonna take place tonight.

Blossom: Like what?

Leslie: *Stops and sighs* Blossom, Why do you want to know the details? I can’t tell you. I want to. But i can’t. I am in danger as it is. I already screwed up a bit by trying to over play my hand and literally somewhat hand your family over to the Mob. To Niko. He’s gonna want me to fill my end of the bargain. I already am risking alot with bringing you along to meet Dorian for the first time. I don’t plan on turning over your family and you in to the Mob. Niko’s team. I won’t do it. But when the time comes for me to hold up my end… Like i said before… you’re gonna have to get your fighting cousins to make like you’re all retired and put into traction. Going into hiding. Unless i can pull a fast one on them somehow and it doesn’t have to come to you and your family having to make like you’ve all retired.

Blossom: *Nods* I get it.

Leslie: That’s why i can’t for right now tell you too much about what’s going on. Tonight is the night that a big heist is said to happen. Something that I can’t tell you. But it’s something big. I don’t know how far I’m gonna go with it but i think it’s better that you didn’t ask. Just for your own good. Dorian’s gonna have me taking care of some things tonight and i have to be able to see that i can do it.

Blossom: Meaning that you’re gonna need to be sure that you’re at the top of your game.

Leslie: Which means… Tonight is the first big hit done by Rita the Hammer. Rita the Hammer’s Maiden Voyage is tonight.

A Moment later…

The Coco Bongo Club…

Dorian’s office…

Blossom: *Waiting outside* I sure hope that i’m gonna make a good impression with her Mentor. *Gulps* I feel like i’m gonna throw up.

From Inside the office…

Dorian: *Smiles* Leslie… You brought your friend here. You should be wondering about where her parents are and what they might think. Bringing her here was a thoughtful move… But Her parents… they might not be too pleased of this.

Leslie: I know. But after a couple of weeks towards her hanging with me at the hotel and of course she knows a bit about us. She’s curious. No faults in that. She even told me about her family.

Dorian: How does she know about us?

Leslie: *Looking to the side* Dorian, Uh… Don’t panic. Okay. This isn’t entirely my doing. It kinda slipped out. Blossom asked me about you. What you were like? I didn’t tell her anything bad. But she also asked about the others too. About Eddy. Dr. Freeze. Everyone.

Dorian: Leslie… I will not get mad at that. She’s a young girl… Like you… She isn’t gonna blab about us. So there isn’t a worry. However… bringing her here isn’t exactly the most safest idea. She’s likely a very impressionable girl. Just like you.

Leslie: *Chuckles* That sounds so not like Blossom. She’s different. She’s fiesty. She’s got a mouth on her and says what she feels. But she’s really nice. Sticks up for her friends. She’s outside and waiting for the signal to come in.

Dorian: *Sighs* Okay… okay. have her come in… There’s a pleasant surprise in store. The boys here… 5 boys in the room practiced a Musical #. It’s nothing much… Just something to express a welcome.

Leslie: *Nods* Okay. *Looking to the door and summoning for her friend* Blossom… You can come in now.

A second later…

Blossom: *Thinking to herself; Walking into the office* Stay calm. Stay calm. Don’t panic. It’s just the Mob threshold. No problem. *In the Office* … *Sighs* Here goes.

Dorian: That’s your friend, Leslie?

Leslie: Yeah. That’s her. That’s my good friend. *Winks*

Dorian: Not bad for a girl like her. She’s a real charmer.

Blossom: Oh really? *Easing into the moment* Care to wager on that, Sir?

Leslie: *Introducing her friend to her Mentor* Dorian, Meet my friend. My best friend from school. Blossom C. Rhapsody. She’s one of the fighters however… She’s seeking for a little change in her lifestyle. She’s known as Electrogal. She’s pretty cool. Blossom, Meet my mentor. The head of the Mob team. The one and Only… Dorian Tyrell.

Dorian: *Nods and Grins* Pleasure to meet you, Blossom. Leslie told me about you. You’re one of the fighters. But you also are self-reliable. Not sure though on what you like in Music. But the other day when Leslie here mentioned that she was gonna make the plan on bringing you here one day soon… She said that you might like bands… like…

Leslie: N’Sync. That was the band where Justin Timberlake had his start. Before he made way on a solo career.

Dorian: Hmm… Right. *Looking at the gang* Okay boys… take it away.

It was then that the surprise that was prepared for Blossom was preformed…

Dorian’s Henchmen: *Singing* “Dirty pop, yo

Sick and tired of hearing
All these people talk about
What’s the deal with this pop life
And when is gonna fade out
The thing you got to realize
What we doing is not a trend
We got the gift of melody
We gonna bring it till the end
(Come on now)

It doesn’t matter
‘Bout the car I drive or
What I wear around my neck
All that matters
Is that you recognize
That it’s just about respect
It doesn’t matter
About the clothes I wear
And where I go and why
All that matters
Is that you get hyped and
We’ll do it to you every time
(Come on now)

Do you ever wonder why
This music gets you high?
It takes you on a ride
Feel it when your body
Starts to rock
(Your body starts to rock)
Baby you can’t stop
(You can’t stop)
And the music’s all you got
Come on now
This must be, pop

Dirty pop
Baby you can’t stop
I know you
Like this dirty pop
This must be

Now, why you wanna try
To classify the type of thing
That we do
‘Cause we’re just fine
Doin what we like
Can we say the same for you?
Tired of feelin all
Around me animosity
Just worry about yours
‘Cause I’ma get mine
Now people can’t you see

It doesn’t matter
‘Bout the car I drive or
The ice around my neck
All that matters
Is that you recognize
That it’s just about respect (oh)
It doesn’t matter
About the clothes I wear
And where I go and why
All that matters
Is that you get hyped and
We’ll give it to you every time
(Come on)

Do you ever wonder why (Why?)
This music gets you high?
(Music gets you high)
It takes you on a ride
Feel it when your
Body starts to rock
(Your body starts to rock)
Baby you can’t stop
(You can’t stop)
And the music’s all you got
Baby come on
This must be, pop

Man I’m tired of singing

Dirty, dirty, dirty pop
Dirty pop
Do you ever wonder?

Do you ever wonder why
(Every wonder why)
This music gets you high?
(Music gets you high)
It takes you on a ride
Feel it when your
Body starts to rock
(When your body
Starts to rock)
Baby you can’t stop
(Baby don’t stop)
And the music’s all you got
Come on now
This must be

Do you ever wonder why
(Ever wonder)
This music gets you high?
(Music gets you high)
It takes you on a ride
Feel it when your
Body starts to rock
(When your body
Starts to rock)
Baby you can’t stop
The music’s all you got
This must be, pop

Blossom: *Laughs* That’s funny. You had them put this together? You’re lucky that the band isn’t catching wind of this… They’d flip. *Moved* This is one nice gesture of a welcome.

Leslie: It gets better than this, Blossom. Alot better. However… tonight might be a little too dangerous for you.

Blossom: Dangerous… how?

Leslie: Never mind. I can’t tell you. At least not about the hit that is set to happen tonight. The less you know about it… The more protected you’ll remain. Remember what i told you on our way here?

Blossom: Yeah… I got you. Discretion is the word.

Blossom was feeling that something was up. But she didn’t want to question her best friend Leslie. She didn’t want to come off as someone who didn’t happen to trust her. The part that got Blossom to wonder more about what Leslie was up to with the Mob… was the fact that she happened to walk over to the side and look for something. A weapon. She didn’t really know what was going on and knew that the less she saw for that time… the better she’d be. Although with the welcome she got… It was warming and sentimental. Blossom felt welcomed. Leslie grabbed her weapon and stuck it into her pouch, Closing it before taking Blossom outside the club.

Outside the Club…

Leslie: Blossom, Be here at the club tonight. If i’m not here when you come… just wait in the shadows till i arrive. I’ll signal you.

Blossom: Okay. Just… Whatever happens. I’m there for you. *Hugging her friend* Take care.

Leslie: You too… *Hugging her friend*

Without much more to say…

Blossom made her way back home and saw that she got home within only a few minutes. She was almost unwilling to part from Leslie knowing that Leslie was at risk of being offed by the Mob. By Niko. Dorian wasn’t about to allow for that to happen to her and Leslie knew that she’d be protected by him. However, there was danger for her. One day… she would have to come up with her part of the bargain. Keep her end of the deal. What would she do when it came time?

Blossom was sure gonna have some explaining to do when she got home. There was a lot of talk going on that she was with the Mob. That she was with a habit. Hanging with the wrong crowd. Her innocent days were gonna be ending soon as she was being pulled in by the Mob. Pulled in by Leslie. She Met Dorian for the first time and it was right then that she was fell in love. She was in love with the idea that she got into where the Mob resided. Where Dorian resided. Her father was home in the Living room waiting for her to arrive at the house. He wanted to have a talk with her and get to the bottom of what was going on and what she was getting involved in while hanging around Leslie. He wasn’t neither happy… nor sad or angry. Just morally concerned and worried for his daughter.

Of course…

Sid’s Diner…

Holly: *Drinking some Espresso* Dad, I don’t know what Blossom’s deal is with that girl Leslie. I really don’t know and i am for one… gonna find out one way or the other. She’s blowing off her cousins, Zoey, Sora and Carly, Sakura and Hikaru. She’s just spending more time with that girl Leslie.

Sid: Is that girl… really all that bad or is it starting to sound like you just blowing off steam as you just find that you can’t stand her and want others to feel the same as you… but are frustrated because no one else is seeing things the same as you are seeing them?

Holly: I don’t know… I just don’t get what Blossom sees in her that others are not seeing. I mean… Blossom is so attracted to her that it’s as if she’s in love with her or something.

Sid: *Feeling disturbed* I hope you mean the attracted as in Idolizing another person.

Holly: I wish that it was that. It sure seems that way… but it’s looking like something else. The reason why i say that is because… All Blossom seems to speak about is Leslie. If it’s not Leslie… It’s something that concerns her. Maybe… Leslie isn’t so bad… But after hearing about her almost all the time… it’s as if she’s the #1 person of interest.

Sid: Holly, You really need to calm down. She’s not that bad. No one is truly all bad until they are deemed and labeled as such because of the actions they perform.

Holly: *Sighs* I guess that you’re right. I’m gonna go upstairs and get my homework done. I need to ease up.

Sid: It’s gonna be okay.

Holly heads upstairs to calm down and get her homework done. It was not surprising that there was still some tension coming from Holly over Leslie. She still didn’t like her that much. It was for her… hard to get into liking Leslie because of how much that Blossom was idolizing her and making her seem like a god. It was not her intent… but it just seemed that way and plus not only that… Leslie was in with the Mob. She was involved with the Mob. With Dorian Tyrell. Holly had to let up and start liking Leslie a little. She was gonna cause herself to lose herself some friends if she weren’t careful.

At Curtis and Megan’s house…

Blossom had finally made it home and spent the time she took to walk home to think about what she could do to make amends with her cousins. Make amends most of all with her best friend/Cousin Zoey. It was what she knew that she had to do. She had to do something to fix the rift that was made between her and her Best Friend/Cousin Zoey. It was gonna be an eventful night for them all and it was just the very start of what was to come. Blossom was barely through the front door when…

Curtis: *Walking over with a couple glasses of Iced tea* Long day at school, Pumpkin?

Blossom: *Nods* Yeah. Really long day. I was starting to wonder if it were ever gonna end.

Curtis: Well… Don’t feel too bad, Blossom. I have moments like that at work myself. It’s nothing new. Some days will come off like that. It’s just how it works out. Trick is… To keep up with it and ensure that you’re one step ahead. Seizing the moment and never backing down.

Blossom: But what if something happens and you find it impossible to get on top? Like for example… you accidentally hurt the ones closest to you and you feel unsure as to what to do to fix it?

Curtis: Hmm… If something like that happens… You just try to stop and look back. Think and figure out how you can fix the problem. Making amends with the ones you’ve hurt. Sometimes it helps to stop and think. Reviewing what happened up till that point and find a way to make things right. Sometimes… by making the hardest choice.

Blossom: …

Curtis: Come on… We’re going to the Den. You and I can talk.

Blossom: *Suspecting something suspicious* Okay.

The Den area…

Curtis: *Sighs* Okay, Blossom… You and I have to talk.

Blossom: What about?

Curtis: I think you already know what or who it’s about. It’s about your friend. Leslie.

Blossom: Ah… okay. What about her? Please just don’t start spewing some wild conspiracy theories about her as i’ve had heard more than i care to listen to.

Curtis: By who?

Blossom: Holly Reedy. She’s saying that Leslie does drugs and is selling them for the Mob. I called her up on it and she started to fight with me. Leslie almost left school and gave up trying to belong. Because of her.

Curtis: That’s one part. One.

Blossom: She didn’t get far as a good friend of ours came and carried her back over…

Curtis: Who?

Blossom: The blue being with White hair, A Tail and a broken horn.

Curtis: Oh… Him. That good friend of the family… He brought her back to school? That was swell of him to do.

Blossom: It got Holly to confess that she lied and to apologize for accusing Leslie of being on drugs and selling them.

Curtis: So… Leslie. She isn’t selling them. Possesses none of it?

Blossom: No.

Curtis: Okay. However… I’m curious about her. How close you seem to be with her. Tell me about her.

Blossom: Well… She’s 13. From New York City. Brooklyn area. She’s Emancipated from her parents…

Curtis: At 13? *Pauses* She’s Emancipated from her family. Her parents and is here all alone?

Blossom: Not exactly…

Blossom then flashed back and tried to remember the conversation that she had with Leslie on Sunday…

“Blossom: *Scoffs* Oh yeah… right. Come on, Leslie. You didn’t necessarily manipulate me. I chose to do it. My best friend/Cousin Zoey is trying to shake me because i am always with you. But even though she’s my best friend and family… She’s got to know that i am changing. I am with you, Leslie. You’re with only me as a friend. But i am hoping that it’ll change. Change as in you getting more friends.

Leslie: I would like that. *sighing* However… I don’t think that it’d do me any good. I just about gave up on trying to get people to like me for me. Befriending me. It’s not a conspiracy, Blossom. The others at school don’t want me around. It’s as if they see Emancipated Kids… Teens as vagrants. I am stuck with Dorian.

Blossom: What do you mean, Stuck? You told me that you were involved with the mob. You joined the Mob.

Leslie: I did. I am. But at first… i didn’t know what i wanted to do and i knew that i had to have some kind of guardian to represent me for when i were to enroll in school. I had to have someone.

Blossom: And that’s where Dorian comes in.

Leslie: Yeah. I had Dorian Enroll me. But gave him a phantom name to use.

Blossom: A fake name?

Leslie: Yeah.

Blossom: Why?

Leslie: Because if he told the school that he was truly a Mob man. Dorian. I would have been sent right into the foster system. I didn’t want that.

Blossom: Wow! That’s a bummer. I thought that you were happy to be in the Mob. With a form of protection.

Leslie: I am. But i didn’t really think that it’d be with… the Mob.

Blossom: If that’s the case… Why’re you sticking to this guy… Dorian?

Leslie: It’s because…He’s an adult. and laws in Metropolis… or anywhere in this country… state that anyone under the age of 18 need a guardian to represent them. If the Teenage boy or girl is Emancipated. they can live their own life. Anything they want. But if they try to enroll themselves… They need a guardian present. Someone to represent them. Stand for them. Someone to cater for them.

Blossom: However… Now, you’re trapped?

Leslie: *Snaps a little* Hey… Blossom, I am not trapped. I made the choice. I chose to go to him… He was the only one that really noticed me before i managed to start attending school here. No one even cared. Plus… He cares alot about me. I am like a Daughter to him. He’s seeming to see me as like some sort of daughter figure.

Blossom: Sorry, Okay? But what… I mean one minute you tell me that you are not sure that you were making the right choice… going for the Mob. Then you tell me the next minute… that you were on your own and you went for the first guardian or adult that you could get within close proximity to. Not knowing that it was someone tied to the Mob and that this guy… Dorian… saw you as like some kind of Daughter that he wish that he had but knew that he never would. Because of his profession.

Leslie: You sound like a profiler when you say things like that. But you do have a point. I should have thought better.

Blossom: No. Leslie… *Sighs and getting up; grabbing a drink* No… It isn’t that at all. You are doing what you know is the right thing. You are trying to do what you can to survive. Taking any measure that you can. It’s not easy… But it’s all about survival. You’re 12-13 and Rich. 20 million dollars on you. 20 million. You have no bank account as you have to be like 18-19 at least before you get a Bank account and even then… you would have to open multiple accounts for all the money you’ve got. You’re emancipated. No ties officially to your mom and dad. Biological. You only call them like once a month. As you only recently told me.

Leslie: I can survive on a lot less. it’s just about resources. Being resourceful in life. Knowing how to use things that are around you to build things that will help you get by.”

Blossom: There’s more…

Blossom goes on…

“Leslie: i don’t really live by the hard core stuck up rules of the masses. I tend to follow my own path.

Blossom: Is that the Leslie T. Burke perspective… or is that the perspective of Rita the Hammer?

Leslie: *Playfully posing as Rita* Shh! Not so loud, Blossom. I’m trying to keep that under the wire for right now. I may be involved with the Mob… But i am trying to keep a down low on that… only because…

Blossom: Why?

Leslie: Because i am possibly in danger.

Blossom: Danger? In Danger… from who?

Leslie: Niko Can. *Worried and practically concerned; Worried* He knows about me. And if things go south… He’ll get at me to lure and hurt Dorian. He’s gonna kill him. In less than a week now. He’s gonna kill Dorian. Then come for me and off me. If Dorian and I are not out of town.”

Curtis: She’s in danger? Blossom, You mean to tell me that she is in danger?

Blossom: Dad, No… She’s in terrible danger… but she’s far enough in that she can’t break. She’s stuck. Plus… to get far in the Mob which she’s involved in… She had to use the fighters and Me as a bargaining chip. To convince them of her loyalty. She had to make a pass with Niko Can. And his Mob squad. But she’s already swore to me that she would not actually do it. However when time came to pony up on her end of the deal… She’d have it only look as if the fighters have all stepped down and retired. But then while they’re not looking… the fighters come out and take them out.

Curtis: She used you as a Bargaining chip?! A BARGAINING CHIP?! You have to be kidding me. You seriously must be kidding me. She used you. Leslie is a good girl… but she not only put her life in danger… She had also put your life in the hot seat too… *Terrified* What on earth will i do? Blossom, I don’t have any Elemental powers left that can protect you. Those days are long since gone and done.

Blossom: Dad, It’s not gonna be that bad. I can get a hold of Rin. Have him fix up some Elemental items for me to have on hand to protect myself. It’s gonna be fine.

Curtis: *In a Panic* Don’t you tell me what’s gonna be fine. I’m your father. I’m supposed to be the one protecting you and the family. I can’t. My power is gone. I’m a retired fighter.

Blossom: Dad…

Curtis: Oh my god… Oh god… *worried and in fear* Blossom, How are you gonna be able to fight? You’re too far in with this… You’re now talking about fighting for the Mob. With them. The Mob… Whoever they are… will kill you. They will start with getting at your friend Leslie who only joined them as it was either that or Foster care… She’s got you in danger. *Looking at Blossom* Blossom, if nothing else… Can you at least assure me that you’re at least gonna be careful. Don’t do anything stupid. If anything happens… You will have to fight for your life the best way that you know how… Because i won’t be able to do anything. I got no elemental fight power left.

It was fear and terror. There was now the dread that Blossom was in danger with the Mob. Leslie unintentionally sold the fighters up to the Mob. But vowed to fix it so it’d never come to that. However… There was now more to come… The still final stages of Luna fully and completely leaving the clan and severing all ties with them. Zoey’s possible slip to a habit. Sora and Carly’s possible conclusion on Joining the Mob as well. The Pregnancy. The Mask second wave of antics. It was getting close to the Major Heist that was set and scheduled to take the stage. The clock was ticking and the Mob was setting the reigns. It was also the night that for the first time Leslie Burke Became Rita The Hammer. Rita the Hammer was gonna make her first big hit and it might catch attention of the Authorities and one of the fighters might also catch a shot at sighting Leslie working with the Mob. What will it mean for the fighters once it comes out that they’re being targeted for the deal made with the Mob? Would the Mob really come out and expect for Rita the Hammer to fulfill her end of the bargain? Would the Mob bank Heist be a success or would there be a snag in the operation? Looks like Surprises are being sprung… Would Roxanne finally confess or break out with the truth… “I’m having a baby” to her mother… Find out in the next Chapter of the Adventures of the Rhapsody girls Z! as the saga continues…

Leslie: *Voice-over* Alright, Who’s wants to get the first bullet? It’s Me… Leslie. Or should i say for the upcoming events unfolding Rita the Hammer. Next time on the Adventures of the Rhapsody Girls Z! It’s night time and i am with Dr. Freeze and Sweet Eddy as well as a couple of the men who all work for Dorian. Like Orlando. He’s looking like Niko. But he’s not. Lucky me… We’re in front of the Metropolis City Bank Savings and Loans. In a city truck that is disguised.  I hope that things work without a hitch. This is my big break. But there is not just me on the move. At the Coco Bongo Club, Blossom arrives there and as planned hides to the side and keeps unseen as she awaits for me to come and signal her to step into view. On the Affair front… Sora and Carly reach their ropes and it is now their time of reckoning as they aside from being set on expose their father’s secret to their mother… They make the move to decide on Joining the Mob. That’s right. They manage to find me and finally accept that i am just like one of them and finally befriend me… for who and what i am. Not for what i’m not. But they’re not the only ones in line. As for the side revolving Zoey Rhapsody and her parents… Her father slowly gives up on family and she has to fend for self while her mother soon to be Ex-mother sets her last measures of leaving the entire clan. Zoey takes up Guitar fully and also courtesy of her mother’s Actions… Oh no… don’t say it. She too gets the idea of smoking. I didn’t start that… But with their own family pains… all on their still growing maturing hearts… it pushed them right over their breaking points and it’s all bets are off. Roxanne Harris reaches the point that it’s time to tell her mother. “I’m Having a Baby.” The fighters are on call and one of them manage to catch sight of me with the Mob. Busted… Uh-oh! There could be trouble Imminent for Blossom if this gets out… It’s more affair setting, A Heist to make or break… A show at the Coco Bongo and some of the young fighters seek to join up the Mob. A Confession of Pregnancy in the line… Family pains and strains plus a mother’s soon permanent departure on the next Chapter of the Adventures of the Rhapsody Girls Z! Chapter 212: The Mask comes to foil a heist. Leslie/Rita the Hammer with the Mob on the Heist. Trouble for Blossom: Imminent!

Soon to come…

Chapter 213: “Blossom and Leslie’s meet up at the coco bongo. Blossom’s Seduction to a dark side.”

Chapter 214: “The Mob Vs. the Mask and Blossom’s exposing secret discovered.”


Chapter 215: “Blossom Stationed at: Leslie’s Hotel room. Roxanne Harris’s Emotional reveal is told”


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