Chapter 210: Blossom and Leslie form a closer Bond.


For the last week…Zoey has come to spend some time with her best friend Blossom. She didn’t get to see her best friend much over the last 4 weeks as Blossom was never around her or the others. Sora and Carly were not really around much either as they were trying to come with a run on how to cope with telling their mother about what their father was doing. They didn’t know what else to do. They had not told and part of them wondered why they were being reluctant in exposing what it was that they saw. What they knew. Sora and Carly both saw what was going on with their father Alvin. It was there. The girls saw it. However as for Zoey… She was dealing with her own situation. Her own set of problems. Not knowing what to do. Some people tend to have a stronger resistance and it was what Zoey had. However… it was losing strength. Losing its hold. Her mother was moving to leave the family. Where was she to go? What was she to do?

Oct. 15th 2045…

It was around noon when Zoey was out and looking for Blossom. She didn’t even know of the change in Blossom and Blossom wasn’t gonna just confess openly. Over the last 5-6 weeks the closeness between them had changed a little. Zoey didn’t even know that Blossom had taken up a habit. Until a week ago. From then on… She could only hope that she was wrong…

At the Metropolis Park…

Zoey: *Walking over to meet up with Blossom* I need to talk with her. Blossom knows more about how to deal with a falling apart family. She’s tougher willed than i am. *Looking ahead and seeing someone smoking* That looks bad. That young teen is ruining herself.


As Zoey got closer…

Zoey: *Recognizing who the girl is* Blossom?! *Walking over to her cousin* Blossom?! What are you doing?

Blossom: *Looking up and over towards Zoey; putting out her light* What does it look like, Zoey? What… You never saw a family member smoke before? My sister Victoria… She smoked. Jenna Rhapsody… Our Cousin… Uncle Arnold’s daughter. She smokes.

Zoey: But… not you. *Not understanding* I don’t get it. Why are you doing this?

Blossom: Doing what? *Feeling as though she’s being questioned*

Zoey: You know what it is… You’re never around Sora, Carly and me anymore hardly. Everyday at school for the last 5 weeks…

Blossom: So? I was with that new girl. Leslie. She’s got no friends at all. I am her only friend. The only one who’s willing to give a damn about her. I took time to befriend her. You know what else? She knows about us. What my power is. Knows about who you used to be. She knows.

Zoey: How is it that she knows? We never met her. Who told her?

Blossom: Who told her… Uh, Let’s see. It would have to be the guy at the Sun Shack that seems to like squawking little tell all’s.

Zoey: Oh… yeah. That’s right. he likes spreading secrets. *Scoffs* That still doesn’t explain what you’re doing… What you’ve been doing as of late.

Blossom was in disbelief over what was eating Zoey. She had changed and was sticking close to being with Leslie most of the time throughout the last several weeks. Opening up to one another. But with all that was going on. Throughout the whole several weeks that passed and with many things taking place. One of the things that went on was that of Blossom taking up smoking. Blossom’s sister Mary didn’t know. Not once. Neither did her father Curtis. He didn’t know and with that in mind… it would have had to be a good thing… If he were to ever catch on to the fact that Blossom was now smoking; He would be so displeased…

Zoey: Blossom, What are you doing as of late? You’re now smoking. You didn’t do that before.

Blossom: Zoey, I realize that you’re the goody two shoes of the family… but you should really butt out. I am not doing anything that i haven’t done before.

Zoey: You’re not? *Looking to the side and then at Blossom* Prove it. You have been seen hanging with that new girl. Leslie. She’s been hanging with those guys. Mob people. She’s been seen smoking too. I also saw you with her… Yesterday.

Blossom: *Scoffs* You were spying on me? What are you… A Snitch?

Zoey: No. Try… someone who really cares about you. You’re my cousin. In case you happened to forget. And plus… You said that we were like best friends. The best of friends. Remember 3 years ago… In Spira. When i almost died. Back when i still had the powers of Senshi. Powers that i am glad to be rid of by the way?

Zoey flashes back…

“Heinz: *Walking over along with the whole gang* Zoey… You’re alive? Ach tu Lieben! How are you alive? We saw Seymour kill you. You were killed by Seymour.

Gabe: Way to go with the Subtle approach, Heinz. But yeah… that is right. You died. Seymour killed you.

Heinz: I am not saying that it’s impossible. But it’s just astonishing.

Paige: *Surprised and thankful* It’s great to see you back alive though.

Pearl: Right. We missed you, sweetie.

Dinah: You sure managed to give us a bit of a scare though. We all thought that you bit the dust and were forever gone like the wind.

Curtis: Although none of us wanted to truly believe that you were really gone. We played it in our minds that you were just put into a deep deep sleep. Just to keep us from really losing it even though we all knew what we saw…

Curtis Flashes back…

“Seymour Flux: *Performing his Signature move: Total Annihilation*

Sailor Zoey: *Running out in front of everyone and standing between Seymour and the fighters* …*Crying out* STOP IT! WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS?! SEYMOUR… WHY ARE YOU HURTING PEOPLE? YOU WERE HUMAN ONCE… YOU HAD FEELINGS AND HAD A WONDERFUL LIFE BEFORE YOU TOOK YOUR FATHER’S LIFE. WHAT TURNED YOU TO BRING SUCH PAIN TO THE INNOCENT? *Getting the full force of the attack*

Luna: *Seeing her Daughter taking the attack* NO!!!!! *Cries out* NO! My BABY!!! ZOEY!!!

Black Canary: *Unleashing a deadly Siren at Seymour*

Once the attack was done and the smoke cleared… Everyone stopped and looked to see Zoey… Lying on the ground… Not moving.

Luna and Zeke ran over and kneeled next to Zoey’s seemingly lifeless body and tried to wake her. Tried to shake through to their Daughter hoping to get through to her and get her to snap out of it. But there was no chance. None… No luck in getting a response.”

Curtis: We saw you sacrifice your life to save everyone. Zoey, You did a monumental thing. A great thing. But you really didn’t need to do it. We all would have gladly taken the lumps.

Alice: You giving your life like that was huge. Courageous.

Mary: Zoey, You’re amazing.

Zoey: Do you guys think that i was brought back from the dead as a reward for sacrificing my life for others?

Curtis: Yeah. It had to be that.

Blossom: *Walking over to Zoey and surprisingly landing a slap to her* Don’t you ever do that again. Not ever.

All: *Gasps*

Zoey: Ouch! Blossom, what was that for?

Blossom: *Hugging Zoey* I’m sorry. I am shocked and so relieved to see you back… But… You risked your life and got yourself killed. I was worried sick about you. *Pulling away a bit and Looking at Zoey with Sincerity* Zoey, You’re my best friend. The idea that you were dead… made me feel as if i lost my only close friend.”

Zoey: Remember? Doesn’t that mean anything to you? Aren’t we friends? Aren’t i your Best friend anymore?

Blossom: *In disbelief* You are… but you’re not my warden. Leslie is my friend. She’s with Dorian Tyrell and his gang. I am also. Or at least… i will be sometime soon. She still hasn’t introduced me to him officially yet. But i still am gonna be with Leslie. She’s out right now doing some Mob hits with Dorian. But in a couple hours… I’m gonna be hanging out with her at her hotel room.

Zoey: Why?


Sora: *Walking over with her sister* Hey guys…

Zoey: Hey Sora… Carly. What’s wrong?

Carly: Our mom and dad are having problems.

Blossom: Really? *Curious and concerned* Why? What’s the matter with your parents? Uncle Alvin and Aunt Alice?

Sora: They’re never home much as of late. *Looking down* Our father’s been going out on dates with another woman.

Zoey: Oh… *Gasps* Oh my god… You’re serious? Your father is cheating on your mom? Uncle Alvin is Cheating?

Carly: Uh-huh. Some of this… you and Blossom already know. Paul and Crystal also know. They are hardly around at home as of late because of it.

Sora: Kasey and Hallie are in disarray. or disorder. They have no clue as to what to think or what they should believe.

Blossom: *Hissing at the bad news* Wow! That sucks. Any idea who Uncle Alvin is seeing?

Carly: Not really. We didn’t really get the chance to take a really good look at the woman. But *Disgusted just thinking about it* Ugh! Dad could have gone to someone much better than that. However… i think we would most definitely rather he’d stay with our mom.

Zoey: I agree. Any idea when this all began?

Carly: Sometime around last year. However… when we first heard of it… it was from Hallie and that was on the same day we were back from the BPRD and the same day we learned of the death in the family. She said that it started a day or two before Halloween. However… at first… there was nothing there to wave the white flag.

Blossom: as to now?

Zoey: Plus my mother is also smoking. She’s done it for a while. Since around the same time last year. She’s also posing Nude for the modeling agency. Saying that it’s them who are making her do it. Saying that it was her boss having her do it. But… she has a choice. She could walk from it. She could walk away from that. It’s always been a choice. A Conscious choice that a person can make. Deciding as to whether they want to do something or not. She could choose to not do it.

Blossom: What’s it doing to you?

Zoey: *Sighs* Nothing good. But why do you want to know, Blossom? I was for the last week trying to get in touch with you to talk it over. Maybe get a piece of mind in some way. But you were always gone. Hanging around with… Leslie T. Burke. She’s not even all that safe. The people she hangs with… They’re dangerous.

Sora: She is? Why doesn’t she break from it? Why would your mom smoke, Zoey? She knows what it does to a person. She should also stop the Porn too. Didn’t you even tell her how you felt about it?

Zoey: Till i was blue in the face. I was even striking some tears in trying to seek reason with her. No luck… She just wouldn’t see reason. My dad started drinking because of the stress of it all. The other day or so… He came home with 3 24 packs of Budweiser. Yeah… It’s bad.

Blossom: I don’t know why your mom would do that? Smoke. My father is mostly gone on field work. My sister Mary is with the Drama club at school. Or Choir. She’s a really good singer. I even heard her. She’s got a real clear strong voice. Hearty.

Carly: More than our older Sister and Brother. They’re both with High school groups. Crystal is with the Leadership. Paul is with the Drama club. But does Comedy skits too. At that Comedy shack located downtown.

Zoey: Well… My mom is smoking and i don’t like it. June doesn’t either. She’s not happy. She’s practically my adopted sister.

Carly: We all know that, Zoey. Your mom and dad had practically adopted her in.

Sora: You think that she might be able to help with getting our father and mother back together? Or before they actually split once we tell our mom what our dad has been up to?

Blossom: …

Zoey: She might be able to help. However… June right now is Following up on my mother and father. My father and mother have been rather distant over the last month. Because of what my mom’s been doing. I keep asking my dad about it and he just grunts about it. I don’t think that he wants to talk about it with me.

Blossom: Ugh! Zoey… of course he won’t. He doesn’t believe that you should know of it. He’s trying to protect your mental state.

Sora: *Gasps* Blossom! What was that for?

Blossom: What do you think? For the last month… Zoey’s been on her deep end of stable thinking due to what her mother… The Whore in high heels and moving in sin. What that woman was doing. It was fucking with Zoey’s right mind. causing her to stress out. We all saw it since the first day of the school year of the 8th grade. She would hardly eat. And when she did… She would literally gorge herself with food. stuffing herself senseless. Till she were to literally vomit from over stuffing herself.

Carly: Sora… She’s got a point.

Sora: *To Blossom* Well… At least your dad is around. Ours isn’t. Plus our mother is always at work. She doesn’t even want to stick close to home hardly because being home and also while knowing that our dad’s possibly seeing another woman… It is too hard.

Carly: Maybe joining with the mob… will be better for us. It’d be something to consider.

Blossom: That’s what I’ve done. However… i have not been officially taken in yet. I am still with the basic start of it. I hang with Leslie Burke/Rita the Hammer. She’s a Mobster. A Gangster gal. My mother is always at the planet and never home most of the time and with my Sister Victoria being at the diner and working most of the time… She’s not paying that much attention to me. So i use that to sneak out.

Zoey: Really?! That’s lucky. I sure wish that i could do something like that.

Blossom: Zoey, You’re too much of a goody goody to do that. You wouldn’t do anything like that at all. It isn’t you. However… before you think of it… Just consider all your options. But i am gonna… as a cousin plead that you don’t do it. Please. Just because i’m moving to join the mob… doesn’t mean that you should too… Please don’t do it.

Sora: *Looking at Blossom* What about us?

Carly: Yeah.

Blossom: You two shouldn’t do it either. Your mom and dad… My uncle Alvin and Aunt Alice… They’re going through a rough time… The best thing you guys can do is let it ride its course. For all you might know over the situation… It could be a huge misunderstanding. I am part of the Mob a little bit… At least… I am intending to be a part of the Mob. Not as much as Leslie is. Although Leslie’s already all in. Just give it a couple more days… Keep on watching and see if anything more happens. If it gets worse… I’ll ask Leslie to see if she can call over a favor with Dorian, Eddy and the crew to put a eye or two out for anything going on with Uncle Alvin. See if anything strikes as a concern. But if it gets better and works itself out… It’ll fall into place little by little. However… it’ll take time. It won’t get back to being better all the way. All at once in just one moment.

Sora: Thank you.

Carly: Yeah. We don’t know what else to do and we’re afraid that if they divorce… We might be split up. We don’t want that to happen. Not that it could… Our mom doesn’t know about the details. we haven’t told her and we’re finding it harder and harder each day to come out and let it out. This is gonna break her heart.

Blossom: We’ll fix it somehow. If there is a way for us to fix it… we will. And Your parents won’t divorce. If we happen to know Alvin and Alice really well… and we do. They’ll never just call it quits and say it’s over. Not without a fight. The 4 men… Alvin, Arnold, Avery and my father… Curtis. They’re tough. Very tough willed. When something goes wrong… They don’t ever give up. If anything… They take a few moments to rethink the issue. Consider what they can do to fix it… Remind themselves that a relationship is always worth keeping and then get back on the trail. Trying again. They don’t give in when something tries knocking them down.

Sora: Even if it happens to be something like a mother… or father Cheating.

Blossom: Of course. Granted that they may never feel the same way again as they felt in the beginning. But… the point is… They don’t give up. Ever.

Zoey: I feel as though everyone’s turning to the dark side. My mom… My dad… You guys. Am i the only one who’s willing to stick to being on the good side and keep on the path of honesty?

Sora and Carly were still on the good side. Blossom was verging onto the other side. She was still seeing them as her gal pals… Even though they were like cousins… They all would hang as one.

But on a day like that day, things were at a slow but steady pace. It was a day to pick up some of the pieces that came from the events that transpired and the lead to what was to come.

At the Daily Planet…

Megan: *Proofreading the article* This doesn’t sound right. What exactly have you been doing with this, Brandt?

Peggy: The usual. I have to make a name for myself here in some way. I’m losing tenure and the whole run of “Ask Peggy” is paying nothing but dick. I’m not being paid enough and i am losing my apartment. if i don’t come up with something soon… i’m on the streets.

Megan: Now that is sad. Sad. But i will say that for the heart strings… You pulled a bunch. No one should be made to be on the streets and come to starving. Not even you. You have not done much of any reporting at all. This is definitely your first jump on the Journalist reporter vein. *Chuckles* Geez! I thought that they only did pro bono to those who were only doing sections like: “Dear (Name)” Or “Ask (Name)”.

John: *Walking by* They do… But with the Editor-In-Chief that we got… You’ll be lucky to get a prospective Byline. Good guy. He’s a wonder in himself and with others… But when it comes to getting a break. You have to be really good. Squeaky clean.

Jennifer: *Sitting at her computer and finishing her article* Good thing on us then. We got enough good standing that the juicy and meaty stories… we’re getting the reigns and pulling strong on the controls.

Peggy: As opposed to me…

Megan: …

John: Yeah. But you have to admit, Peggy. You have managed to really slack off over the last few months. Not many people notice you and you’re not like in their face. But you’re not pro-active. You’re good. But the credibility you got is dismal as there aren’t many reports under your belt.

Peggy: I want to change that.

Megan: Good for you. That’s step one in seeking to change your situation. By declaring that you want to change and are wanting to get a footing in your life. Your career.

John: It won’t be easy… But the rewards and the feeling of accomplishment that comes from making that change and getting a better track record… It’s so worth it. You have no idea how much worth it… that it really is.

Seconds later…

As soon as Brandt was taken care of and on her way to speak with the Editor in chief…

Jennifer: Oy vey! That woman is like a prima-ballerina mess in a Reporter’s suit. She’s even so clingy. Her messed career is of her own making.

Megan: True. But she however is seeking to make a rise on her career. A comeback. *Getting up and walking over to grab some coffee* Just wish that i’d see more of my husband.

Jennifer: What do you mean?

Megan: My Husband is hardly ever home as of late. He’s always at work.

John: Suppose it’s overtime? *Curious* Maybe it’s just a coincidence. You did say that he laid out the details of what he’s gonna be doing for a while. Field work.

Jennifer: Assignments.

Megan: To fault lines. To Yellowstone National park. You know… that’s the home of a geyser. Old faithful.

John: We know that. anyone who studied basic Geography and common Geology knows that.

Megan: That’s the site where underneath… Deep Underneath is a large mega-sized Caldera. A Massive Magma Chamber. There is said to be another name for that section of the park. The Home of the Mountain known as: Mt. Bighorn. It’s considered to be a Super Volcano and it’s deadly. Extinction deadly. That thing going off would make the rest of the volcanoes that are in this country all second rate. Like for Example… Mt. St. Helens. That one packs a punch. Or Mt. Shasta. But the one in Wyoming… It passes that power by several loops. Plus… It’s a bit more forceful. There are other massive ones… Mt. Fuji and Mt. Pinatubo. Vesuvius. Big Volcanoes. Super. They go off… You’re a goner. The Pyro-clastic clouds that come from those… reach an 800 mile radius at best. You would not have enough time to say goodbye. Plus… those are big enough to blow a hole in the world.

Jennifer: Easy on the details there, Megs… Easy. That’s starting to venture into Apocalyptic theories.

John: You better believe that. And yet we all know all about that. But they say that Volcanoes like that… they don’t go off often. It’s been a really long time since it last went off.

Megan: Meaning that we’re overdue for a big one. *Sighs*

Jennifer: What’s eating you, Megan?

Megan: Nothing. Just worried about my youngest daughter.

John: Which? Blossom?

Jennifer: What’s up with her? She okay?

Megan: She’s fine. But the last couple weeks… She’s been sneaking out or going off to hang out with one of her friends. She says that it’s the new girl at school. Or the one that was new at the school but now… isn’t.

John: You are not talking about that one girl who’s involved with the Mob… are you?

Jennifer: *Scoffs* You really don’t like that girl… do you?

Megan: *Stopping to look at John* John, There is nothing wrong with that girl. Stop being paranoid. Enough. *Sighs as she tries to keep from stressing* Look. All i know is that she’s been going out as of late. Seeing her friend. I ran into her usual best friend. Luna’s Daughter… Zoey. I asked her if Blossom had been seeing her and she said that she hadn’t spoken much with Blossom for almost 4 weeks. That every time that she happened to turn around… Blossom was always somewhere else. Hanging with someone else. I would like to think that it’s just a misunderstanding. However… I honestly don’t know. That’s all i know. Okay? However… John, If you really have a flea up your butt about that one girl, Leslie T. Burke… if that’s the one girls name… Just learn to deal with it. That girl is not bad. It’s only the choices that she makes.

Jennifer: Good enough for me. The news about the Mob has leveled out. There’s been new sightings of the Gangster gal. No one knows much about her other than she’s young. She’s also with a seductive manner and also a little manipulative. But that’s about all…

John: It wouldn’t happen to be… Rita the Hammer. Would it?

Megan: I… Uh.

Jennifer: *Not wanting to give more of a reason to light the fire* …

Things were somewhat dying down… But Megan, Blossom’s mother was getting concerned about Blossom. Who she was hanging with and where that was leaving her normal friends. the ones that she would normally hang with. She didn’t know about Blossom’s smoking yet. She’d never know as Blossom was in her own way… secretive. Very secretive. Zoey used to know what to expect from Blossom. What to think. But there was a mystery now. Blossom was hanging with Leslie and Neither her mother or father knew…

At the Metropolis Courthouse…

In courtroom 14…

There was a case going on and it revolved Mr. Sterling. who was a suspected outlet for the Metropolis City Crime Syndicate…

Niko: Funny. I almost had you pegged as someone who’d play golf with the Mayor or the Governor’s assistant.

Nick: Well… Tee-off’s at 2 this afternoon. So there’s more than enough time to have you strapped by the arms of the law, Niko.

Judge Greensburg: Mr. Rhapsody, You may proceed. *Looking at the Guilty party on the plaintiff bench* Niko… I don’t need to remind you that you are under oath of the court. You are prepared to tell the courts… the truth. Is that correct?

Niko: Yes, your honor.

Seconds later…

Nick: With Georgio Can… the original head of the Metropolis City’s Crime Syndicate. I don’t know about anyone else in this courtroom sleeping so peacefully knowing that one scum infested Crime boss is behind bars and the syndicate got iced cold. But i find it rather relaxing that without someone like him roaming the streets. The people can be placed in ease. However in light of recent incidences that managed to unfold… I can’t but help and wonder that there would be someone just itching to man-up and take the command of the new Metropolis City’s Crime Syndicate family. *Looking at Sterling* Is that man in this courtroom today? *Seeing Sterling nod* Could you please help the courts and point him out? *Seeing Sterling nod again; Smiles and grinning*

Nick turns to face Niko who is thereby poker faced. With a smug look as if hiding something.

Mr. Sterling: You win, counselor. It was me.

The one on the stand was clearly making a joke. It was not but seconds later that Nick turned back to face the one on the stand and his smile just turned to a frown.

Nick: *Pointing to the defendant* We got word from your statement Mr. Sterling that this man Mr. Cann is the Mastermind of the new Metropolis City’s Can’s Crime Syndicate.

Mr. Sterling: Niko? He’s the fall guy. I’m the brains of the whole operation.

Nick had then sighed and looked at the Judge…

Nick: I move for permission to treat witness as a hostile.

Mr. Sterling: Hostile? I’ll show you who’s Hostile…

while cross-examining one of Niko’s thugs on the witness stand, the thug pulls a gun and fires it at Nick Rhapsody; it mis-fires, and Nick decks the thug with a right cross, and takes the gun away…

Nick: *Looking at the defendant* .44 inch optical fiber… Authentic trigger… Made in china. Next time you want to carry a gun, Niko… I would suggest that you stick to a model closer to home.

Everyone had begun staring as Nick was then straightening his tie. But the people in the crowd were with opened mouths as they were in complete shock. None of them could believe it. It was a surprise to see Nick pull a move like that and with no restraint. The Bailiffs were wrestling with the witness on stand and taking him away…

Judge Greensburg: Mr. Rhapsody… That’s enough. I think that the defendant has the message.

Nick: But your honor, I’m not finished.

Judge Greensburg: *Grins* This is gonna be good. seeing what else you got to dish out.

After the Trial hearing…

In the hall…

Nick: Helen, What’s next?

Helen: Not sure. But with that proceeding in the courtroom. You know that we’re never gonna be able to trace it back to Niko. He’s gonna be let go until we can find something that has his prints and it leads right to him.

Nick: What do you mean?

Helen: I happen to have a connection at the Metropolis PD Crime lab.

Nick: *Stops and curiously getting the tell all from his secretary* You do? Who?

Helen: This guy… Charlie Sanderson… *Handing over the lab results* I had him run a trace on that gun. It wasn’t Niko.

Nick: Did he find the lead?

Helen: Yeah. It was matching the prints of someone named Rita the Hammer. But here’s where it gets really strange. It was on top of the prints that belonged to a Dorian Tyrell.

Nick: The small time crime team. The branching Mob gang that is lead pro-Bono?

Helen: The one and very only. However… with that aside… The fact that they’re trying to kill you or get you knocked off… It is a sign that states of you hitting a nerve. It points that you’re getting to them. *Motioning to help straighten Nick’s tie* Mr. Rhapsody…. Nick. You’re Metropolis’s D.A. A 2 star D.A. You should know by now that if you’re not getting shot at… You’re not doing your job right. *Smiles to lead Nick to lighten up*

Nick: You’re right. But i have to tread careful. I am a married man and plus i also am a recent father of 2. I can’t be getting too close to the danger’s vest. No matter how good i am. I’m good. But… I’m now a father. I have to delegate a little.

Helen: You will… Your wife has faith in you. But so do I.

As for Rikku L. Rhapsody, The Rhapsody Clan’s Family Matriarch…

At Nick and Rikku’s house…

Living Room…

The family matriarch was off that day and already she was thinking about her job. She also was thinking about her Kids. The start of motherhood all over again. Rikku looked at the nearby T.V and wondered what her sister was doing. She also worried about her husband and wondered if he was okay. She knew that for the last two weeks he had been under the gun with the cases of taking down the Mob. Wiping out the cash flow that provided the standing of solid ground for the Mob. The control. What she didn’t know was that her husband was just in a case. done with a Trial that seeked to put the Crime Boss Niko behind the bars for life. She didn’t know and would be afraid to ask. However… that day, Rikku L. Rhapsody… The Family Matriarch was at home and spending some quality time with the two kids…

Rikku L. Rhapsody: *Smiling* What are you two up to?

Sandy: What does it look like, Mom? *Grins* I’m just reading this book. How did you get a hold of all these R.L. Stein Books?

Rikku L. Rhapsody: I collected them. Plus going online to Amazon… It can help. I was able to get all the books of R.L Stein Goosebumps Books for $150 dollars. But only because… The first complete set i had… I gave to my biological daughters. Paige, Pearl and Dinah. They were reading them a little growing up. Their favorite book was The Cuckoo Clock of Doom. Monster Blood and My Hairy adventure. Even The ghost Dog, Stay out of the basement, Haunted Mask and Phantom of the Auditorium. Dinah… She would read that one 30 times a month. She loved the suspense.

Sandy: Dinah’s our older sister. Isn’t she?

Rikku L. Rhapsody: Yeah. She is. At least… she’s one of them. There are also Paige and Pearl. They’re also your older sisters. Much older sisters. There are also Betty and Angel. But Betty was killed the other year. She was mugged and attacked…

Sandy: Is there a way to see her?

Rikku L. Rhapsody: *Scoffs* I would most certainly say not. She’s gone. You know that after she was attacked… Someone decided to get rather crafty and take her body and feed her to the sharks. Yeah… tell that to the street hoodlums. They in truth took her to the city morgue and cast her off into the incinerator. By time anyone stopped them… it was too late. It was all over. Betty was gone.

Sandy: Creepy. *Feeling disturbed* I don’t think that i’d want to know what happened to her. Not if it’s something like that. Morbid and derogatory. Ew!

Jimmy: You think that’s bad… *Looking up* Try having a body dug up by grave defilers. That’s worse. However… you might not want to know about how that goes on. You’ll lose your appetite.

Rikku L. Rhapsody: Jimmy, I think that a change in subject would be in need.

Jimmy: Yeah. Sure, Mom. However… you brought up the part of what happened to the one girl. I suppose i was just taking a part in participating in the subject.

Rikku L. Rhapsody: You’re quite right. But i do think that with so much going on in the city… The Mob running rampant. It’s better to not fill your growing minds with the Jabbering thoughts of Morgues and corpses… Mobs and the sort.

Sandy: *Shrugs* Okay…

Rikku L. Rhapsody: It almost mid afternoon. *Looking at the T.V* What do you say we head over to the park? You two wouldn’t want to be cooped up in the house all day, would you?

Jimmy: Sounds good. I wouldn’t mind going to the park. It’d give me a chance to play some frisbee.

Rikku L. Rhapsody: *Nods* Your father won’t be home till late tonight i don’t think. He’s got a lot of work to see being done at the courthouse. He’s been swamped with paperwork for the last week and it’s kept him at it for several days. A couple of all night runs too…

Sandy: Dad works too hard. He should try to cool down a little.

Rikku L. Rhapsody: I agree… But in his line of work… He can’t afford to. Being the D.A takes a lot of work.

Jimmy: We should hope that he stays out of danger.

Sandy: Right…

It was then that the 3 of them had everything closed and shut off. Even though there was not much going on that day and there wasn’t really anyone out there… She wanted for her kids to have some time in the fresh air and have some fun. Rikku L. Rhapsody, the family Matriarch didn’t think to consider that they would come across something that she wouldn’t want to see. It was at the park that she would catch one of her nieces embracing a habit. But by that time… Blossom was no longer at the park. She had gone off to find her friend Leslie.

Zoey wasn’t going home… She couldn’t go home… She didn’t want to be around her house and catch notice of her mother doing drugs. After all that she had seen her mother do. The smoking… The Nudity even though it was not by choice as it was on nights where she was home for the night and only just that moment heading to bed when she would accidentally walk by and catch her mother in the nude and having porno shots done. She also walked in a few times and swore to have seen her mother wearing a diaper and taking photo shoots with her in a diaper and posing seductively. It made her sick and nauseated. She didn’t want to go home and endure that. She also couldn’t talk with her best friend Blossom much anymore and it drove her to be all alone. She walked over to find her friend Holly Reedy. She knew that if nothing else… Her friend Holly would be willing to talk with her.

As for Zoey’s father…

Zeke’s Cornerstone Marmalade Pub…

Zeke was in a fit of depression as he was missing the good days. How things used to once upon a time be with his wife. He missed the good times and wanted so much for things to be back to how it used to be. Before the X-rated modeling came into the front seat…

Zeke: *Having a Beer* I miss the good ole’ days, Gabe.

Gabe: I am sure that you do, Zeke. *Sighs; feeling concerned* Man, i wish that there was something that could break you out of this depression slump that you’re getting into.

Zeke: I wish that there was. I have to constantly worry about my Daughter Zoey. Her well being. About Charlie’s too… He’s been hanging around with Krissy Caine. The Bikini girl who was said to smoke for a few years as i heard. She stopped that habit cold over the end of last school year.  She gave it up. Since then till now… She’s been aiming for the straight. Charlie and Krissy are in love. However when Krissy is with the Gang that is lead by my niece Sapphire… It’s a different ballgame.

Gabe: Two different identities. That’s leading a double life.

Zeke: Yeah. But even though he’s got that. There are days where he is in his room for an hour or two and all he will do is sit and cry on his bed. He’d cry and want to see his brother Zach. I don’t know what to do about that. He knows that Zach is dead because of those Child abductors.

Gabe: *Fixing up a glass of beer and grabbing a seat to have a consoling talk with Zeke* It’s still a fresh wound on his heart and on yours. It’s gonna take some time for it to fully heal itself.

Zeke: That’s what i keep telling myself and also telling Charlie. *Drinking his beer* But in his mind… he sees his brother walking around alive. But when he snaps out of it… he doesn’t see him and would be looking for him for about an hour until he comes to his senses and realizes that his brother is gone.

Gabe: What does your wife, The Whore… Luna do about it?

Zeke: Who cares what she does? *Feeling sour and dead talking about his soon to be Ex* I couldn’t give two shits about her ass. Not anymore. She’s a total mystery to me.

Gabe: No arguments there man. I hear ya. Luna’s a real dirty slut. As you may have thought of her in that way for a while now as more of her sex run came out and you caught the winds of it.

Zeke: No kidding. My daughter Zoey and son Charlie are stressed because of it all. Charlie more stressed due to the bull coming from Luna’s porno fetish. But also because of her my daughter Zoey is suffering. She’s got no one to really hang with that can get through to her. For the last couple weeks… she had hardly seen her best friend/Cousin Blossom. They’d talk with one another and hang out. But lately… Nothing. Zoey’s on the verge of breakdown. My soon to be Ex… She’s no help. She’s always gone. Doing photo shoots. And has been going to some lounge and would stay there for like 5 hours… or till closing and smoke and drink. She’d even do drugs too. I actually had her followed and they followed her right on over to the Lounge. At the house… She’d snort some Coke… and Inject some heroine into her. Zoey’s being tortured with that.

Gabe: You should move to take ownership of the house and divorce her. Taking all her rights of seeing the kids away.

Zeke: *Shaking his head; Drinking his beer* I don’t know if i can. That battle-ax woman is throwing fits over my closing the Joint account that she and I shared. I am glad i did it. Because i was tired of her over-spending. But if i were to Divorce her and take all her rights to the kids away… She could likely turn psycho. Literally psycho.

Gabe: *Scoffs* See? That… That right there tells me that you’re still in denial of what should be done with that woman. The woman. Luna… The Whore. She needs help. Lots of it. She is causing your young sweet growing gal Zoey to wind up a stressed out mess. You’re starting to crash. I know how much you want to consider your options on what to do about her. I do. I understand the feeling too… But Come on, Zeke… You have to bust away from her before she creaks her Mojo into you. making her sexual vulgar escapade your cup of tea as well.

Zeke: What’ll i tell Zoey and Charlie?

Gabe: I don’t know. I would like to say that it’d be easy. but… i can’t say what you should tell them. However… you should make moves on changing how things are with that woman.

Zeke: *Struggling and itching to go for another beer* How do i do that? You don’t understand… As much as things have changed between Luna and I. She’s still their mother. A Dirty behaving mother… but still their mother. If i were to take her rights away. All of them. Then Divorce Luna and cast her out… What would that do for the kids. If i were to tell them what’s going on… I don’t know how they’d be able to understand. This is their mother. Their mother. *Sighs and feeling at a loss*

Gabe: I can’t say that i truly understand how you feel as i am not married. Haven’t been in almost 8 years. I’ve been a Widower for a long time as you know… But if there is one thing i do know… It’s that when things change… You have to see a way to change with it too. As it is with that woman. It’s not worth it. She’s already made her choice. You still feel as if you should worry about her. But you shouldn’t. It’s not worth it. You have to start thinking more on the kids. Zoey and Charlie. Forget about Luna. She’s not worth the stress or aggravation. Live for you and the kids. They are the only ones that matter to you. The Woman… Let her rot.


Heinz: *Walking over from the side* Zeke, We got a visitor.

Zeke: *Looking over to Heinz* Who?

Heinz: Your oldest Daughter… Rina.

Zeke: Rina?! Where is she?

Heinz: At the counter, sitting.

Zeke: She never comes straight to me unless something is up. *Getting up and walking out to the main room-The Pub area*

Ilsa: Another busy day?

Zeke: When isn’t it?

Gabe: It’s one of those days…

Out at the Pub main room…

Rina: *Looking at her father coming out to the counter* About time you got out here… *Displeased*

Zeke: What’re you doing here, Rina?

Rina: Nothing. But i will tell you that if you don’t back off from mom… There will be trouble. I just got done with talking to Mom… She’s telling me that you are trying to control her.

Zeke: Rina… Stand down. Now. You don’t know what the hell is going on.

Rina: I don’t? I don’t know what is going on? Really! Fine. Then tell me, dad. What the hell is going on. Huh? What?

Zeke: *Sighs; groaning in frustration* I so don’t need this right now… I really don’t need the headache. But since you want to know. I’ll tell you. But i warn you… you’re not gonna be dancing happy once you hear of it. *Looking towards Gabe* Gabe, You and Heinz man the place for a bit. I’m gonna have a talk with my older daughter Rina for a little bit.

Gabe: Right. No problem… We’ll hold the fort for you. You just do what you gotta do.

Zeke: *Nods*

A Minute or so later…

At the Burger Joint on the corner…

Zeke: Rina, I am not at open liberty to discuss the whore… you call a mother. *Sighs* And yes… she is a whore. *Noticing his daughter wanting to come unglued* Wait. Before you start in with how you think she’s innocent… Let me tell you why. Remember last year? September of last year before the Waves of Child Molestation and victimization really kicked its high end…

Rina: I do. Mom was starting her new phase of Modeling. Said that it was a renaissance.

Zeke: A Renaissance?! What the hell are you on, Rina? Her new phase isn’t a renaissance. It was a leap to the X-rated material. The Porno… The Nude Photo shoots.

Rina: So? It’s called Modeling. You never heard of Modeling Exotic before?

Zeke: Rina, The Modeling is not the issue. It’s the X-rated Modeling. The Nudity. Exposing herself. Walking around the house… Almost fully nude. All she’d walk around in is this…  *Showing the photo to Rina* Rina… this isn’t a joke. This is what she has been walking around the house in. And it’s see through. Around town at times… She would wear this…  *Showing the picture off to Rina* This. Sid Reedy… You know of him, Right? Remember him?

Rina: Yeah.

Zeke: he had a couple moments of seeing her coming into the Diner. Wearing only that. She also was in possession of smokes.

Rina: *Gasps* What?!

Zeke: I am not kidding. Rina. She was going around town… in just that. That’s not the only problem. She was also withdrawing a huge chunk of cash from the Joint account that she and i had. Overdrawing it… It was done 20 times. 20!

Rina: But… *Not believing what she’s hearing* How is that possible? Dad, Mom didn’t do any of that. It is not the least bit possible for her to pull something like that. She’d never be able to pull it off or hide it without taking the money and the replacing it only minutes after before anything would show of money being taken out and you knowing about it. The Joint is ran by you and her. If she did anything like that… She’d be busted. By you for one where the bank account is concerned. And on the other stuff that she’d been seen doing… she’d be caught. Others would see it. They’d know too. If they’ve spotted her. Wouldn’t they?

Zeke: Rina… That’s what i’m trying to tell you. people have seen her. I do think you remember a friend of ours. One that we haven’t seen in a while. Quinn Moore. She is a gossip columnist and a reigning psychic. She managed to follow Luna… Your mother. Your Whore of a mother… Luna was caught walking into a fashion clothing store. The one that specifically caters to the Exotic clothing. Exotic. X-rated material. Porno. Then… after that… She was spotted going into a Liquor store. She came out with two packs of Lucky strikes reds.

Rina: Oh my god… Dad, You sure that it’s what she’s been doing?

Zeke: Why would you think that she would never do that? I know that you truly don’t want to believe in that kind of possibility. But… It is what your mother’s been doing. She’s been buying drugs as well…

Zeke then showed a copy of the transactions of the recently closed Joint account to Rina and had her read it. All of it…

Zeke: See that? You’ll notice that all those outrageous Transactions… Are done on times that i was at work. I was at work during each one of the transactions. The Metropolis Exotic Clothing warehouse. The Metropolis Quick stop Liquor store. I looked at the time stamps of when those transactions were made. 10:30 in the morning… 11:30 in the morning. Oct. 28th 2044. That was to start. Days later… Multiple transactions were done. A $20. A $60. A $300. Then there was several $500 dollars. Then a fast automatic withdrawal from an ATM. An amount of $850 dollars. Done by…

Rina: Mom?!

Zeke: You got it. How i know about it is because i was called and had the faxes of all the transaction records sent to me at the office in the Pub building. The transactions don’t lie.

Rina: This is a nightmare. *Panicking and in devastation* This can’t be true. It just can’t be. *Broken* She lied to me. Mom told me that she didn’t do this. But you got more proof here saying that she has. She LIED TO ME! How… H-h-h-h-h-h-how on earth could she do that to me? She never would lie to me. Not ever.

Zeke: I’m sorry. I really am.

Rina: *Concerned* Where’s Zoey and Charlie?

Zeke: I don’t know. I am guessing that Zoey might be at home… or at the park. She was intending to meet up with her best friend Blossom and hang with her. Charlie is likely to be at the beach hanging with his girlfriend Krissy Caine.

Rina: I’m calling Natasha. We’re gonna find them and bring them back here. We need to talk… about this.

Zeke: Rina… no. No. The best thing to do is let it ride its course for the moment. I’m stressed out about already. But there isn’t much to be done. I will be seeking to divorce Luna sometime soon. But for now… we need to just lay back. Zoey’s been stressing enough over it. This move… so soon will only shatter her.

Rina: *In forlorn* …

The truth was out and now… If Luna was seeking to have someone on her side… she just lost it. Rina was all for her up till that moment. It was now changing sides. Zeke was seriously near calling it quits on Luna. But as he was just telling Rina… It was more wiser to just lay low for the time being. However… the end for Luna’s Marriage was nearing and it wasn’t gonna speak with a cheer for Luna. But it was also gonna shatter Zoey. More than likely. It was getting more tense. Plus… With the Mob in the city… there was bound to be more trouble just itching to roll on in. Zoey was moving to take up guitar. It was at that time of her life gonna be her way of letting out her hurt. and pain… Blossom was changing. Sora and Carly were going though some hard times as well. Things were not as happy as most would expect. In fact… Some of the things going on… It brought more pain than peace and serenity.

As for the mother to one of the members of the Rhapsody Pink Ladies…

At the Metropolis Pharmacy…

Doralee: *Walking down the aisles* My goodness… Erica Harper. What is up with you and wanting a make-over? A change in look is one thing… But Dyeing your hair another color? *Shaking her head* I really hope that you know what it is that you’re trying to do. *Looking around for someone to assist* There must be someone around here that can help. *Suddenly spotting someone close by* Maybe that nice young man up ahead can be of some help.

Seconds later…

Doralee: *Walking over to the worker* Excuse me, Sir. could i get some assistance?

Pharmacy Worker: Of course, Ma’am. What do you need? How can i be of service?

Doralee: It’s Mrs. Harper. But the pleasant tone is very much appreciated. I’m looking for Hair Dye. The stuff you put in your hair and it changes your hair’s color.

Pharmacy Worker: Ah… Colored Hair Dye. Yes. We have it. It’s on aisle five. Which is… 3 aisles over towards the right. I’ll show you where it is exactly… if you like.

Doralee: That would be nice. This is my first time coming here for colored hair dye. But my daughter… The Cowgirl of the family… Wants to spice her image a little bit.

Pharmacy Worker: You got kids? That’s nice. I know the feeling as i got 2 kids of my own. My one son is a bit of a punk rocker personality. He has his thing with the Spiked hair and has it dyed Orange. *Passing off a small laugh* Yeah… a really weird color to dye your hair, right? He had his hair dyed Orange and looked or was mistaken for a show business promoter or something. From a venue to a show.

Doralee: It gets weirder when you are happen to be a Cowboy or Cowgirl. A Western attire wearing woman.

Pharmacy Worker: Oh… You have no idea. We’ve seen much weirder things than that. It’s just the craze of the new generation. Strange tastes.

Cut to…

The Metropolis Strip club…

Exotic seductive music Plays in the Background…

Luna was there and she was working a shift. She didn’t tell her husband Zeke about the Job and kept it a secret. After the last fight that she had with her husband… she kept much more of her life to herself. Luna for the last couple weeks had been staying with the Strip club owner… Ivan Kandinsky…

Luna: *Dancing and stripping for a local patron* …

Ivan: *From the loft and Watching* That lady is gonna be a real treat for this club.

After the dance…

Luna: *To the customer* Come on to the back room, hot stuff. I’ll show you a real good time. Why worry about whether your wife knows… You’re here to get a kink. This is how you get a one night stand. only… it’s during the day, Sexy.

Ivan: *Watching; Smiling* … It’s about time that she changes her name. She wants to leave her good for nothing Husband and cut all ties to judging people. I can help her. But she must want it.

Luna was now secretly working at a Russian ran Strip club and getting sex from her customers. Only 3 times a day. But her family didn’t know of it. Her husband did not know and she was not about to come out and tell her family. To her… After the last fight that she and her husband had… She saw it as that her husband had no right to know about what she was doing. To her… He lost all right. as did her kids. She even came to hate her family. Hate her kids. Her family life. It was not something to hide from her boss Ivan. He could tell that when it was time to head back home to her family… That Luna was dreading it. Knowing that she’d have to sit through a life of a family that would tell her what her career should be and tell her what to do. She was tired of her daughter Zoey throwing fits at her in an attempt to get her to stop stripping and posing nude. Doing her career as she saw fit. Luna was sick of Charlie and his constant Moping like a zombie idiot in her eyes. Luna was tired of her sisters trying to shake her from her career. Her best friend. One who cared about her. and was trying in vain to get her to stop. Luna wanted a new life… A brand new life that consisted of nothing that spoke of the life she was still with. Trying to pull away.

But even though she was turning to a lost cause…

Others were living life the right way. One was the sister to the family Matriarch…

Aquamarine’s house…

Aquamarine was working as a head secretary for a fashion Mogul… She however was a slow starter and was just starting to get her footing. A new career… Which she had. The life she had was better than before. In a month she made about 1000. She worked for Cheryl Ann Miller.  The Metropolis fashion Mogul. Rising through the Ranks and so high respected that even all fashion stores had to bow to her. She was a sincere legend. Everyone within the fashion world knew who she was… and knew what she was all about. Aquamarine was off that day. But in her time of rest… She enjoyed her life. She even met a guy. Which was a plus for her. A high job. A caring job. One that paid well and took care of its workers. No questions asked. With heart. She had a good home. She was happy. What she wanted more now… Was kids. A family. Kids. 3 kids. Aquamarine Looked out to the back of her house and smiled but also sighed as she feeling lonely in her home… The guy she met though was Literally just like a Personality of Judge Reinhold. But had the distinct look of a Baldwin. He looked like a Baldwin. His name was Brad Storms. However as she stood there looking out the window, she thought about her sister and the time she was away from everyone. She knew that what happened… had happened for a reason, But for some reason… She felt that everything was going on too fast. She was found. In spira… Reunited with her sister. Connected back with the world that had gone on without her in it. Then she gets a job. A house. Then meets a guy. A nice guy who was so polite and so honest that she could ask anything… No matter what it was and get nothing but honest. Not even a hint of a move towards deception…

A Minute later…

Mr. Storms: *Looking at Aquamarine* This is a really cozy house. Nice and peaceful. You live here?

Aquamarine: I sure do. I really like it here. My sister is married to the D.A of this City. This county.

Mr. Storms: Who?

Aquamarine: Nick Harrison.

Mr. Storms: Him? That guy is said to have a real stone face.

Aquamarine: Not really. He’s proven to have been nothing but a real gentleman around my sister Rikku and He loves her. She loves him. There’s no doubt about that. My sister has been around him for 17 and a half years. Then suddenly last year… She and Nick finally tied the knot. Finally got married. It’s been a long engagement for them and it’s been worth the wait. I heard that my sister and Nick recently adopted a couple of kids. Sweet ones too.

Mr. Storms: You must be proud of her.

Aquamarine: You kidding? Of course i’m proud of her. This is a huge step up. She used to be hesitant about a lot of things. Hurt Childhood. I’m not gonna bring that up. But from then till now… She’s come so far. She made a huge change and gained a humongous amount of success.

Mr. Storms: How about you? You came out alright, haven’t you?

Aquamarine: I would like to think that i had. I mean… i got a good career. A nice house. But with all that my sister has done… Compared to me… I can’t hold a candle to her. She has had a really hard struggle all her life and made it further than me. I was a really attractive girl back when i was a kid. All the boys were wanting to get with me. But wanted me to leave my sister in the dust. I would have gone with the boys… But i chose my sister over all those boys. I loved my sister more than my beauty and popularity. I always will. Because… Really, If i had to go back to the very beginning… I’d do it all over again. I would still choose my sister. I don’t care if my sister happened to be the ugliest person in the whole world and destined to be just unloved all her life. I would still choose her. Still her. No matter what.

Mr. Storms: I like the sound of that.

Suddenly something came on The T.V that caught her attention…

Aquamarine: It’s that Advertising promo again. For the D.A.

T.V: *Voice-over* “T.V: *Voice-over; As Nick Fred Rhapsody* Alot of people have the concept of trust in me. Can you tell why? It’s because i am just that good. In my life i have worked from being a rookie Lawyer… to a Asst. Prosecutor. to Prosecutor. to District Attorney. I shot myself up to the top by being good at what i do. As a Lawyer i defended Accused Serial Killers who were in risk of being sentenced to spend life in prison. defended a innocent Teen who almost slapped himself into the Criminal system for life. As a prosecutor… i pressed hard and took down vile beatniks. Gluttons, Sex Offenders, Molesters and Murderers. Pedophiles and serial Killers who lived to terrorize the public. Now i am the District Attorney. Nick Harrison The top Dog of serving the people. The undefeated titan of Law. At Large. I am that… because as i said. I am that damn good. I don’t back down from any case. Any Crime lords in the City all want to kill me because i am their end. Their undoing. The Cyanide to their chain of terror. I take any case and i don’t back away. People fear the law when it’s a law that’s done right. I also do public Relations. I don’t have a degree in subtlety. but a degree in being the long arm of the law. I don’t step down from anything. You know the District Attorney that was around before me? Ron Larson. He was the prime. The minister of law and order. In his time he put away many crooks who seek to pillage. He was the master of the trade. his track record at best is 500 to Zip. He never lost a case. I am a tough board to break. When i am on a case. i take no prisoners and i don’t take no for an answer. I can argue to people and do it like the very best of them. I’m not what you call a subtle man. I don’t take any time off to ease up. I hardly ever get to seek a break for the work i do. But that’s because in my profession… i work to be the best and the top of my game. You know the guy… the type of man that can pick up any woman who’s mind is set on being the best at what they do? I’m that guy… On Adrenaline.”

Mr. Storms: *Intrigued* Confident guy. Not bad. He’s got a courageous zeal to him.

Aquamarine: He’s really good at his job. Perfect in every way.

Mr. Storms: What about the Mob? What do you think that they’ll do to someone like him. He’s the D.A and you can bet that the Mob will try to get at anyone who stands in their way.

Aquamarine: I don’t know. I wish i could say what could happen however… i wish that nothing would come to hurt Nick. It would hurt my sister and i can’t bare to see her hurt.

Mr. Storms: There’s only so much one can do to prevent it. But in her time of need… the best action to perform… is be with her. Your sister.

They got to talking more and got to know about one another. Mr. Brad storms was an accountant. A C.P.A  and good at it. Making 4 grand a month as he worked for himself but a correspondent for H&R Block. In Metropolis. It was then that something formed between the two and it’s also been 5 weeks since things were going along in the city. But The Mob’s been around for more than a month which no one knew at first. Aquamarine was starting to feel something for the guy she was with now. It was slow… but it was gonna grow. She was claiming a strong life for herself.

But with all the sentimentality… In came the sour or the not so moving.

The fighters didn’t know about Blossom’s habit other than Zoey, Sora and Carly… And even they didn’t know where Blossom was going to. Not knowing that Blossom concealed smokes on her and was with Leslie T. Burke. Luna was becoming more of a Slut and Zeke was reaching the edge and about to call it over with Luna. Legal battles would ensue. Or would they?

Over where Blossom was…

An hour and a half later…

At Leslie’s Hotel room…

Blossom: You know what, Leslie? This is pretty cool. You’re free to do what you like. You have a career. You’re a Mobster but have more class than anyone at school. *Smoking*

Leslie: *Lighting up and smoking* I don’t have that much class, Blossom. I am not all that sweet either. I do have a learned knack for being seductive in a sense. Even Manipulative. I mean… i didn’t use to smoke. i only started since the other month. However… Dorian doesn’t know and i didn’t tell him. I figured that it would be best if he didn’t know the full details. But i did. Done it since then. Not much. Just 3 a day. I then manipulated you into doing it. Controlled you in some way.

Blossom: *Scoffs* Oh yeah… right. Come on, Leslie. You didn’t necessarily manipulate me. I chose to do it. My best friend/Cousin Zoey is trying to shake me because i am always with you. But even though she’s my best friend and family… She’s got to know that i am changing. I am with you, Leslie. You’re with only me as a friend. But i am hoping that it’ll change. Change as in you getting more friends.

Leslie: I would like that. *Taking a puff and sighing* However… I don’t think that it’d do me any good. I just about gave up on trying to get people to like me for me. Befriending me. It’s not a conspiracy, Blossom. The others at school don’t want me around. It’s as if they see Emancipated Kids… Teens as vagrants. I am stuck with Dorian.

Blossom: What do you mean, Stuck? You told me that you were involved with the mob. You joined the Mob.

Leslie: I did. I am. But at first… i didn’t know what i wanted to do and i knew that i had to have some kind of guardian to represent me for when i were to enroll in school. I had to have someone.

Blossom: *Smoking* And that’s where Dorian comes in.

Leslie: Yeah. I had Dorian Enroll me. But gave him a phantom name to use.

Blossom: A fake name?

Leslie: Yeah. *Smoking*

Blossom: Why?

Leslie: Because if he told the school that he was truly a Mob man. Dorian. I would have been sent right into the foster system. I didn’t want that.

Blossom: Wow! That’s a bummer. I thought that you were happy to be in the Mob. With a form of protection.

Leslie: I am. But i didn’t really think that it’d be with… the Mob.

Blossom: If that’s the case… Why’re you sticking to this guy… Dorian?

Leslie: It’s because…He’s an adult. and laws in Metropolis… or anywhere in this country… state that anyone under the age of 18 need a guardian to represent them. If the Teenage boy or girl is Emancipated. they can live their own life. Anything they want. But if they try to enroll themselves… They need a guardian present. Someone to represent them. Stand for them. Someone to cater for them.

Blossom: However… Now, you’re trapped?

Leslie: *Snaps a little* Hey… Blossom, I am not trapped. I made the choice. I chose to go to him… He was the only one that really noticed me before i managed to start attending school here. No one even cared. Plus… He cares alot about me. I am like a Daughter to him. He’s seeming to see me as like some sort of daughter figure.

Blossom: Sorry, Okay? But what… I mean one minute you tell me that you are not sure that you were making the right choice… going for the Mob. Then you tell me the next minute… that you were on your own and you went for the first guardian or adult that you could get within close proximity to. Not knowing that it was someone tied to the Mob and that this guy… Dorian… saw you as like some kind of Daughter that he wish that he had but knew that he never would. Because of his profession.

Leslie: You sound like a profiler when you say things like that. But you do have a point. I should have thought better.

Blossom: No. Leslie… *Sighs and getting up; grabbing a drink* No… It isn’t that at all. You are doing what you know is the right thing. You are trying to do what you can to survive. Taking any measure that you can. It’s not easy… But it’s all about survival. You’re 12-13 and Rich. 20 million dollars on you. 20 million. You have no bank account as you have to be like 18-19 at least before you get a Bank account and even then… you would have to open multiple accounts for all the money you’ve got. You’re emancipated. No ties officially to your mom and dad. Biological. You only call them like once a month. As you only recently told me.

Leslie: I can survive on a lot less. it’s just about resources. Being resourceful in life. Knowing how to use things that are around you to build things that will help you get by.

Blossom: *Nods*

A minute or two later…

Blossom: I’m almost out of smokes. *Sighs*

Leslie: It’s okay Blossom. I’m gonna be going to the office of Dorian’s tomorrow. He smokes the same brand as you do. He’s got a box of them. I’ll snake a couple packs for you tomorrow. But for the rest of the day… rest off from it. *Walking over to the mini-fridge and looking for something to eat* Dr. Freeze… He also has the same brand too. But i will have more better luck checking through the box that Dorian has. *Thinking* You haven’t eaten much since you got here. Before you head out back home… you might want to eat something. Plus… till tomorrow when we meet up again… You might want to leave your pack here.

Blossom: You sure?

Leslie: I am. From what you told me about your mom and dad… I don’t know if it’d be all that smart to have packs of smokes in your possession around them. I carry mines with me but in a spot where no one knows… but me. However… It’s because i don’t really live by the hard core stuck up rules of the masses. I tend to follow my own path.

Blossom: Is that the Leslie T. Burke perspective… or is that the perspective of Rita the Hammer?

Leslie: *Playfully posing as Rita* Shh! Not so loud, Blossom. I’m trying to keep that under the wire for right now. I may be involved with the Mob… But i am trying to keep a down low on that… only because…

Blossom: Why?

Leslie: Because i am possibly in danger.

Blossom: Danger? In Danger… from who?

Leslie: Niko Can. *Worried and practically concerned; Worried* He knows about me. And if things go south… He’ll get at me to lure and hurt Dorian. He’s gonna kill him. In less than a week now. He’s gonna kill Dorian. Then come for me and off me. If Dorian and I are not out of town.

Leslie was scared then and she could not really tell Blossom everything behind it. She couldn’t. It was terrifying her to even bring it up as she was even though very well resourceful for a 12-13 year old girl… She was still really young. Still a Minor. Rich. and still learning. Some would still take one look at her and mistake her for being the same Leslie Burke that was in the one movie ages ago. in ’07. Called “Bridge to Terabithia” But no matter how she looked. She was different. Leslie was from New York. She was Emancipated from her parents and she was also really really rich. One Rich girl. Blossom was now in the throws of being one with the Mob. It was there that the signs had shown. Although… first she was gonna have to meet Dorian. When was that gonna be? That was to be figured out. Would it catch on to her parents… as in… her father?

Of course…

At the Harper Ranch…

4:30 PM…

Doralee: Erica, I am hoping that these are what you wanted. It was all they had. Actually they had one of each color. I grabbed one of each color. However… i don’t know how good they are. The only place i could find them was at a Pharmacy.

Erica Harper: It’s okay, Mom. These will do. I wasn’t expecting it to be like a perfect edition. The only part now is that i must think on which color to try. Red, Pink, Purple, Green, Blue or Black.

Doralee: *Looking at the colors* Hmm… How about Black Night Veil? That’s Black. You could be looking swell in Black.

Erica Harper: Black Night Veil? That’s not bad for a first try. *Nods* I’ll try that.

The phone then rings…

Doralee: *Looking to see the phone flashing* Hmm… Who’d be calling this time?

Seconds later…

Doralee: *Answering the Phone* Hello there, Harper Residence…

Kasey: *On the Phone* Hi, Mrs. Harper. It’s Kasey… Is Erica there?

Doralee: She sure is. However… she’s about to be tied up with something. Why?

Kasey: Nothing really… I just need to talk to her. It’s about something personal. I need to ask her something.

Doralee: Okay. Hold on one second, Kasey. *Walking over to Erica* Well, Erica… Better brace your spurs and ears… You have a phone call. It’s your friend Kasey.

Erica Harper: Kasey Rhapsody? What does she want? She okay?

Doralee: Not sure. Said it was a personal matter.

Erica: With her… it usually is. But… It’s probably something normal.

Seconds later…

Erica Harper: *On the phone* Hey Kasey, What’s up?

Kasey: We have a little problem. Actually… It’s something that you might want to get some Intel On.

Erica: Intel? *Curious; Listening* What about?

Kasey: A girl that goes to Middle school. The same school as my sisters Sora and Carly. My Cousins Blossom, Zoey, Sakura and Hikaru. Sora.

Erica: Which girl are you talking about, Kasey?

Kasey: One guess. The girl has been reported to be seen with a group of Mysterious men. Possibly the Mob. Sora and Carly overheard Blossom mention something about a name. before they managed to seek a shot at talking with her. The girl in question has spoken of herself to be a Gangster Gal. Name of girl: Burke, Leslie T. Alias: Rita the Hammer.

Erica: Leslie Burke?! *Gasps* You’re not serious… are you? What do you need on her?

Kasey: Intel. What she really is. Where she’s staying. We have to find out more about her and pull Blossom away from her. For Blossom’s own good.

Erica: What about your sisters Sora and Carly?

Kasey: We can’t let them get pulled into her. we can’t.

Erica: Okay. I’ll do some recon tonight. It’ll be okay. If i find anything more on her… i’ll have it to brief you and the others tomorrow.

Kasey: Thank you. We’ll see you tomorrow, Bright and early.

Erica: You bet. *Feeling curious* You bet, girlfriend. I’ll be there by dawn’s early light on the city. This girl’s gonna be ridin’ a little tonight and with the recon i Fetch to doin’; It’ll do my horse good.

When the call ended…

Erica: *Shaking her head* Mom, Let’s get my hair done. I got a night of Recon to do.

Doralee: Is it serious?

Erica: Sometimes i would prefer that it weren’t. However… with what’s going on out there… Serious is an understatement. A serious run with trouble. Trouble by the name of a girl being lured into a dark world.

Doralee: Who?

Erica H.: Blossom Rhapsody.

Doralee: *At a loss* Excuse me! You want to ride that line again? Did you say that… Who was it again? Blossom Rhapsody… is being lured into the dark world. The Mob?

Erica: *Sighs* Yeah…

Doralee: *Holding her hand on the forehead* This is not good. Kasey called to tell you that Blossom is being gradually lured into the Mob. And next… you’re gonna tell me that Blossom is under a habit.

Erica H.: Yes. She did. I got to recon and find out the whereabouts of the Mob girl. Where she resides. If Blossom is going to be in that world soon… we need to know where to find the lead and stop it. Fast. I am the only Intel source on horseback.

Doralee: I don’t think so, young missy. You’re not the only one that can ride Horseback. Good thing is that Daisy is visiting Macie Bishop. Apparently… those girls are going to school as well. So… Even though the Bikini girls are starting to end… You still can see the gals. No ones icing that.

Erica: Got that…

Doralee: Let’s do your hair first. Then once it sets… I’ll saddle up Pearling black Sam. You Saddle up jewel and we’ll get on with the Recon.

Erica: You sure?

Doralee: Why… sure. Besides, you know what they say, don’t you? Two heads are always better than one.

Erica: *Giggles* Right. Let’s get to partyin’!


That night…

At Paige and Reese’s house…

Clint: *Looking at Theodore* Something is changing.

Theodore: What is?

Clint: The gang. We have not been seeing much of the crew lately.

Theodore: Can’t say as that i blame them… There hasn’t been much activity going on as of late.

Clint: What about the Mob?

Theodore: That’s something else. They’re breaking in with trouble. Lots of it. Dorian Tyrell is out there.

Clint: What about Niko? We don’t know about him really. Not much… However… he’s the top Dog in the Mob Biz.

Theodore: How about the part of there being a side ally of the Mob?

Clint: I wouldn’t know about that. We got trouble and that isn’t a lie. If there is someone out there who’s involved with the Mob… We’re gonna be on a fast track alert.

Paige: If you boys have a itch about the Mob. Expose them. Sniff them out.

Clint: We can’t just go on out there and sniff them out, Mom. We’re talking the Mob. Niko. Not to forget this other guy… Dorian. Or the alternate runner. Some Girl. A young one.

Paige: *Pauses* What young one?

Theodore: That’s what we’d like to know. The fact of the matter is… We don’t know. We never even knew that there would have been a side arm.

Clint: We need to know who it is.

Paige: You will.

Clint: Where’re the girls?

Paige: They’re with their cousins. Amy and Susie right now.

Clint: You think that they might know about the Mob?

Theodore: I haven’t a clue. School is tomorrow…Things will sure start up again and when they do… We better be darn well prepared for it.

Reese: *Walking over suddenly* Hold on there, you two. You are not about to think towards going after the Mob. Are you? The nasty sort of villains are one thing and you usually mop the floors with them. Blasting the bad guys with the elemental powers. But going against the Mob is almost the same as going for the firing squad. They’re with semi-autos. Machine guns and high powered pistols. You’d never get with an inch of their property or hang out threshold… They’d spot you and pop you full of lead. You have no well made shield… armor or normal firearms to fire back. This is one ordeal that your alter form will be no good against warding them off.

Theodore: Pops, what the heck are you trying to tell us? That we sit around to do nothing?

Clint: If the Mob is in town for sure… They want in… We challenge them.

Theodore: How?

Paige: One option. One.

Clint: Make a call over to the Watchtower Command center.

Reese: Hmm…

What they also had for a source a weapons builder. An armor builder. From their Al-Bhed/Afghani friend Rin.


At Pearl and Jack’s house…

Annie: *Sitting with Amy and Susie* What are you talking about? What girl?

Amy: The new girl. The one who attends the Middle school… She’s involved with the Mob.

Susie: We heard about it. People at school are talking all over.

Daria: Are you sure?

Amy: There is no lie about that… What’s worse is that one of our own… Blossom was seen hanging with her yesterday. We’ve seen her.

Susie: Blossom was also… Puffing.

Annie: *Pausing* You sure?

Daria: Tell us that you are just passing off some kind of Joke.

Amy: We wish that we were. We really do wish that it was just some joke. But… sadly… it isn’t.

Susie: Sora and Carly have called us and told us about it. Blossom’s been seen at the park. Smoking. Zoey. She caught her. She even told her friend that her mother originally found for her… Holly. Zoey told Holly and was really frantic about it. all of it. Holly had to calm her down with a couple of cokes and consoling.

Annie: What’ll we do?

Amy: What do you expect for us to do? There is nothing we can do about it.

Susie: We should tell Uncle Curtis and Aunt Megan.

Daria: We don’t know enough yet.

Amy: *Scoffs; in disbelief* Come again?! we don’t know enough yet? Are you serious? How much more do we need? We have enough detail to go on. This has to stop.

Susie: Either we tell Uncle Curtis soon… or we don’t tell him at all and wait till the bad Pr comes to hit him right in the chops. Literally. With bad press. That one girl… who is involved with the Mob… She’s bad news… Whoever she is.

Daria: What about the ideal mess revolving Aunt Luna and Uncle Zeke? Uncle Zeke is having problems with Luna. Luna’s been waltzing around town dressed in sexy outfits.

Annie: That’s a problem. A real problem. We have to watch for that.

Amy: Why? There’s nothing we can do about that. Aunt Luna will not listen to us.

Daria: Maybe so… but she’s been ripping off her kids and Zeke. Over spending money they didn’t have. Buying drugs.

Susie: Drugs?! *Pauses* Drugs as in… Cocaine. Pin needles. Smack, PCP… Heroine?

Penny: *overhearing* Luna’s doing drugs? Say what?

Annie: She is doing the drugs. It’s all over the city. a good part of the city is going on about it. Zeke… Uncle Zeke is motioning for Divorce. Soon. He’s also having to worry about the kids. Zoey and Charlie. He’s worried about them. Also worries about the Older daughters. Rina and Natasha. He’s worried for them.

Penny: What’s Zoey gonna do?

Daria: No idea. I don’t think that there is anything that can be done about it. Zoey’s a real mess and the part where she couldn’t as of late go to her best friend Blossom for piece of mind and or some down time… It’s just not sitting well for her.

Susie: Plus… Sora and Carly are facing problems in their house. Their father seeing another woman…

Annie: *Sighs*

The stress of the Mob being in the city. The realization of Blossom slowly going into a dark path and gradually being pulled into the Mob world. There was no sign showing Blossom being with the Mob… but she was hanging with the new girl Leslie. The one who appeared to be a Loner and with no friends other than Blossom. There was also the affair that Alvin was having. Sora and Carly were put to suffer over it. They were stressing over it. Luna was also the issue as she was even closer to leaving the entire family. It was gradual. But… they all knew it…


On the front of stress and worry due to what was going on with Luna. What was going on with Blossom and more on the Mob…

At Sid’s Diner…

Victoria: *Tending to a customer* Diamond, I don’t know what is going on out there. I am mostly at school… or here. OR at home studying. I can’t find any time for what’s going on out in the city. But i did hear about my sister Blossom. She’s been talking about her new friend.

Diamond: Yeah… That girl who’s involved with the Mob.

Victoria: Leslie T. Burke.

Diamond: Yeah. That’s the one. She’s the girl being spoken about all over.

Victoria: What is so special about that girl where my young sister Blossom feels as though she has to be all in with her?

Diamond: I don’t know. But there is something else. The woman… Luna. She’s been seen with other men and having sex with them.

Victoria: Say what? You’re not trying to joke around with that… are you?

Diamond: No.

Victoria: Where did you find this out?

Diamond: What does it matter where i got it from? Luna’s been at the local Strip club.

Holly: *Walking by* Victoria, Diamond… Stop going on about Luna. It’s bad enough that Zoey’s a mess because of it. She’s been devastated as she also finally caught first ever sight of her best friend/Cousin Blossom Smoking. Blossom was caught with cigarettes in her possession.

Victoria: Holly, You’re making that up. Blossom doesn’t do that.

Holly: Hey! You know what, Victoria… You need to wake up. Okay? Just wake up. I am not saying this just for a wave of laughs and snide remarks. I am telling it like it is here. Zoey is also feeling stressed out. I know as i was just with her up till an hour ago. She’s distraught and hurt. I don’t know how anyone could even blame her. Luna Rhapsody has become a real whore.

Victoria: Holly, You are Zoey’s friend. You are also trying to break out the news to us… But if you ever call My Aunt Luna a Whore again… Job be damned. You will get it.

Holly: Pfft! Yeah, Right. You really think that i am all for calling her a whore. It is not like me to do something like that. But if you were to notice… My dad has had several run ins with Luna. He even watched as she lit up a cigarette just outside the Diner. She was wearing this…

Holly Showed off the picture…

Holly: That’s what she’s been wearing. The very thing that she was wearing. She even once came in only a Bra and panties. It was see through. See Through. Ask my father. He was here when it happened.

Victoria: Okay… fine. FINE! You’re right. What the hell do you suppose should be done about it?

Holly: I don’t know. I can tell you this though… There is also an affair going on and It’s Alvin. Sora and Carly’s father. They have followed him and caught him having an affair with another woman. Alice doesn’t even know about it.

Diamond: Wouldn’t someone need to break it to them? Tell the mother.

Holly: *Unable to believe what she’s hearing* What?! You want to go and just tell their mother about what her husband is doing? You want to just break it to her…

Victoria: Uh… Yeah! That would be the most logical idea.

Holly: You really haven’t been paying clear close attention to the details and the Intel of what was relayed by Sora and Carly. Have you? Alice won’t see reason. From anyone who tells her. She doesn’t believe it.

Diamond: *Looking at Victoria* Now what?

Victoria: I don’t know… This is getting us nowhere.

Victoria was working and now with what just got laid out to her… She was now distracted by the problems that were going on. Her sister’s possible habit. An affair. Luna’s deeper slippage into the X-rated realm and even closer point of breaking all the way from the entire clan.  It was a growing problem… What more to worry over or not worry over was the fact that the Marco Kids were gradually backing off. There was starting to be less activity from the terror coming from The Marco Kids…

Over on the far side of the Diner, Sitting alone…

Charlie: *Sighs* What is dad gonna do about mom? Mom’s become a total… dirty woman. *Spotting his mother walking down the street* Oh god… What on earth is she wearing?

On the outside of the Diner only a few feet away…

“You keep saying you got something for me
Something you call love but confess
You’ve been a’messin’ where you shouldn’t ‘ve been a’messin’
And now someone else is getting all your best
Well, these boots are made for walking, and that’s just what they’ll do
One of these days these boots are gonna walk all over you

You keep lyin’ when you oughta be truthin’
You keep losing when you oughta not bet
You keep samin’ when you oughta be a’changin’
What’s right is right but you ain’t been right yet
These boots are made for walking, and that’s just what they’ll do
One of these days these boots are gonna walk all over you

You keep playing where you shouldn’t be playing
And you keep thinking that you’ll never get burnt (HAH)
Well, I’ve just found me a brand new box of matches (YEAH)
And what he knows you ain’t had time to learn
These boots are made for walking, and that’s just what they’ll do
One of these days these boots are gonna walk all over you


Are you ready, boots?
Start walkin’.”

Luna was seen walking wearing a see through bra and panties but with a short skirt, Fishnets and sexy pumps for shoes. Gloves that were with leather feelers on them. She was prancing around and from inside, Charlie was watching what she was doing. Watching the whole thing. All he could do was fall ill to the very idea of his mother walking around looking as that of a whore. A slut in every word. He didn’t even want to consider the word of what he saw her become. A prostitute. Charlie looked and watched for as long as he could stomach it. He watched it till suddenly…

Charlie: *Growling* Alright. That’s it… *Breaking down and on the front of an emotional scene* I have had it. I’m gonna have words with her and tell her off. *Getting up and walking out the door*

Holly: Not alone, You’re not. I also want some words with her. This act of hers has gone on long enough… *Going outside with Charlie and seeking to confront Luna*

A few seconds later…

Exotic Luna 32

Luna: *Standing around in her Prostitute outfit; Lighting up; Smoking*

Charlie: *Walking over* Mom! What the hell are you doing?

Luna: *Looking over* None of your business, Kid.

Charlie: Kid?! *Outraged* Kid?! What the hell? I am not just a kid, Mom. I happen to be your son. Or did that happen to escape your whore mind.

Luna: Fuck you. You are just like that man you call a father. Both contradicting. and controlling.

Charlie: What the heck are you on? That’s the drugs talking and you know it. You were never like this before. You used to be my mom. I used to call you that and always tell those 3 words that are true. But i haven’t done it in a year because you didn’t deserve it. You have turned into a whore, Mom. A real Whore. A Slut. Zoey… She’s stressed out. She won’t hardly eat anything and when she does… she scarfs it down. Choking on it. She is broken up about what you’re doing. The Marco’s are calling her Slut Jr. Thinking that she’ll turn into who you’ve become.

Luna: So? *Looking the other way* I don’t care. This is my career and i am not changing it for anyone.

Holly: Not even for my mom, Mrs Rhapsody? Does my mom’s friendship with you mean anything to you?

Luna: … I am not changing my career.

Holly: Look, Mrs. Rhapsody. You are right now being a complete Bitch. On top of a Drug addict. A Slut. A Whore. You smoke. You neglect your Son Charlie. You blow off Zoey. She’s your youngest daughter and you instead of being a real mother… You do this. *Disgusted* Zoey came to me today and told me what she was going through because of you. She couldn’t go to her usual best friend Blossom as she has been unreachable for a while to her. She came to me… in tears. In sobs.

Charlie: She what?

Holly: She did. She came to me. She truly needed a friend and i was right there for her. How can someone like Luna even call themselves a mother or a parent. Acting the way that she’s acting?

Luna: I am not changing my career. Not for anyone. *Snaps and barks* So why don’t you take the hint, You stupid shit? BACK THE FUCK OFF MY CASE! IT IS MY LIFE! MY CHOICE! You can tell that asshole father of yours to Get a better use of his life. Stop trying to screw with mines. That can go for you too. Young lady. It’s my life. You don’t share my bed. You don’t sign my fuckin’ checks. So… Get off my ass before i lose my calm and come to blows.

Holly: *Irate* That’s It! Luna, as the daughter of the Restaurant Owner Pamela. Diner owner Sid… I am banning you from coming to Sid’s Diner. Or to Reedy La Paradissimo’s. You’re not welcome. I maybe 12 or 13 now… But i swear… that if i hear of you being in either place. I will call the authorities and have you on report.

Exotic Luna 15

Luna: *Flipping off Holly and Charlie* See that? That’s my answer. Pretty soon i will be officially severing all my ties to an asshole controlling family. So… Ban me. I don’t care. My new name is Rina Frost. I am heartless to you guys. Because you’re all assholes. *Blowing smoke in Holly’s face* fuck off. *To Charlie* I’ll be home when i choose to. But without you shits knowing.

Charlie: Go to hell, Mom. You’re a Dirty slut. A walking disease that i am disgusted to even consider the fact that you were my mother. I hate you, Luna. You’re not my mother anymore. And you can stay away from Zoey. Come near her and you’ll be reported for stalking. *Walking over closer and pushing his mother down one last time* Whore! Go away. Never come back.

Luna: *Blowing up and feeling the sting of the shoving* I’ve had it. That does it. I have had it up to here with the whole city. With Your asshole father, Zeke. You, Zoey. The people here at the Diner. That restaurant. the whole stinkin’ family. I took up smoking. So fuckin’ what? I made the choice. I chose to do it and last time i checked… i was allowed to choose. Had the freedom of choice. But apparently… I only have the Freedom of choice when it’s something that suits the whole family. It’s got to be only what everyone else wants. If its something i want… I get the shit. My rights and respect goes right out the damn door. I know that Victoria smoked for a little and no one gave her this much shit that you all are giving me. I am selling myself for sex. And? Is that a problem? At least i’m getting something. I sure haven’t gotten anything from that father of yours. I get nothing like that. He’s been afraid to even fucking touch me. I do nude photo shoots. The porn. Big deal… I am on drugs. I over spend. It isn’t a crime. Family’s have problems. They have issues all the time. But your father and you… Plus Zoey all go around trying to hold on to a facade. Thinking that everything is gonna be always happy and free. People were right about the whole family… No wonder there are people who just come and happen to hate the whole clan. You all think that everyone’s got to kiss the very ground that you all walk on. WAKE UP! The world does not and will not revolve around you. Ever!

Charlie: *Barks* Knock it off… The family doesn’t act like that. The family has rules. Conditions. We all have rules. Rule #1: NO PORNO BULLSHIT! No X-RATED MODELING! The Marco Kids hate us. They want us dead. YOU got that? DEAD! They come after Zoey and call her names because of you. How you’re acting. But what’s the point. Why tell you? You already made it quite clear that you couldn’t give a shit about us. About the family. Plus you not but a minute or so ago made the remark that you were soon gonna be forever away from the family and with no ties to the family. That you were soon gonna be Rina Frost. I don’t even know who the hell that is. or why you’d make that name. It is like you hate the very idea that you are with us. You had a good family, Mom. A really good family. Had a clean job. A respected Job and were doing what you loved. Us. A bunch of great kids. A loving man that you had for a husband. But who’s to care about that, right? Why would you care? You haven’t cared for about a couple years. You didn’t even think that it’s an everyday challenge to make it work. But not knowing that it already did work. Because… we all had each other. We had one another and were strong because we would always have one another no matter what.

Luna: …

Charlie: You don’t even want us. *Outraged* You don’t even care. You would rather… Smoke. Hang out somewhere else for hours at a time so you wouldn’t have to be around us. You had a wonderful happy family. A wonderful life.

Luna: Charlie… *Feeling bad suddenly* I…

Charlie: No. Luna… I don’t want to hear any side excuses. Any lame tales as to why you did this. You want to screw yourself over and be on drugs. Smoke. Having plausible sex with strangers… Fine. Go for it. Get yourself disease ridden. With a happy life … A wonderful family. It’s what you wanted. It’s what you had and created. But It’s quite clear… that it’s plainly not enough for you. That you don’t even care for it anymore and would rather sell yourself for sex. Selling out. Posing Nude. Posing Naked. For strangers.

Luna: But… Charlie!

Charlie: *Starting to pull away completely* No! Go away. Leave us all alone. Have your new life. One that is away from us since you clearly can’t stand us. You made your choice. You choose this path. Go… Go and be free.

Holly: Leave. Just sever all ties you have with the Rhapsody clan and take your new life. You lost. You made your decision and made it clear by your attitude and tone. Plus your behavior… If you were my mother… I’d sell myself up for adoption. Either that or Emancipate myself. You are a real scumbag. *Looking at Charlie* Come on Charlie. Let’s leave her alone. She’s not worth it. *Putting an arm around Charlie* Come on… It’s okay.

Holly and Charlie then Walk off back inside the diner. They were both hurt by what Luna was saying. If any. She didn’t really say much at all. Except show her blatant disrespect towards her son and speak as if she couldn’t give a damn. Where was the sweet person that used to once be there? Holly got into the Diner and slammed the door in anger. She was angry. But it was expected after that unfortunate confrontation. Charlie was also in anger. To him… he wished that Luna would just vanish and never return. He grew to hating her so much… But the only part that got it feeling double sided was that Charlie didn’t just hate Luna… His Ex-Mother. He just didn’t know who she was anymore. Luna was mean and lost. She was dressing pornographic. She had fishnets and she was smoking. She didn’t care about what her life was heading for. Her own family began hating her. She lost her son’s love. this time officially. And… Permanently.

Inside the Diner…

Sid: *Looking to the side and seeing Holly Fuming* What’s eating you, Sweetheart?

Holly: *Stopping and looking at her father while still fuming and in outrage* What the hell do you think, Dad? I am sure that you could see what was going on out there. Or hear what was going on outside. Luna was starting her shit. She was also smoking and was wearing fishnets. She was wearing a very raunchy outfit. Making like she could care less.

Sid: She’s still out there?

Holly: Yeah.

Charlie: My Slut Ex-Mother even blew smoke in Holly’s face.

Sid: *Snaps up* She did what?!

Holly: She Blew Smoke in my face. She literally blew Cigarette smoke in my face. Directly at my face.

Sid: That’s it. Holly, Stay here. I’ll handle this.

With a father’s protective vanity… With direct fierce take charge pose… He stormed out to where Luna was standing and grabbed her. It was not like him to lay a hand on a woman… But this was a move to take measure to get retribution for his daughter Holly…

Sid: *Grabbing Luna and tossing her into the wall* You unsanitary woman. The very nerve of a woman like you to blow smoke in my daughters face. In My Child’s face. You rotten Bitch. You already sold yourself for sex. It’s all over the city. Several people have seen or caught you at a strip club. Yeah. My wife heard of it and told me. Holly knows because she knows… You are a disgrace to parents everywhere. Your own daughter is a wreck because of you. Stressed out.

Luna: *getting up from being tossed into a wall and sent to the ground* Ugh! What the hell?

Sid: What the hell, Yourself… Luna. Just because you want to screw your life up. destroying everything that you had going for yourself… Doesn’t mean that you can try to sell your behavior over to my Daughter. You blew smoke into the face of a 12-13 year old girl. She’s only 13… or sorry… 14. You have any idea what second hand smoke does to someone? DO You?! It gradually makes the person breathing it in… come off as someone who does it. But deep down knows it to be untrue.  The person feels like they’re smoking. You even subject it to your own Daughter Zoey. To your son Charlie. Exactly… What the hell is the matter with you? Huh? What?

Sid was fuming and pissed. He went up and smacked her hard in the face a few times to get her to feel the justifiable rectification of what she had done. It was not about just itching to strike back. This was a parent standing up for their own kid. For their Child. That’s what it was. Nothing other. Sid was by far disgusted and in anger over what he heard Holly tell him that Luna had done. It was sickening and downright discourteous…

Sid: Luna, You are from this day forward… Banned from my diner. I do not want to ever see you… hear you or sense you within a hundred feet of my diner. If i see you… hear you… or sense you even once… I will file charges for stalking. I am not even kidding.

It did not in any way take a rocket scientist to know that Sid was serious. He would never get to the point where he’s banned someone from his Diner. Even if it were to mean… Permanently. He would never allow for it to get that far. But he reached his end. His last strip. What he heard Luna do… and what he was told was done by her got him angry. He knew that his daughter could handle anything… But hearing Luna blowing smoke in her face. Dressing in sexual clothing… Acting blatantly careless. The limit was passed. Sid was fed up and let Luna know it. He was done. Charlie watched from inside and smiled. He saw it as being poetic Justice. Poetic. Holly also watched and was more than pleased. She was disgusted at Luna. She also worried for her friend Zoey. She felt bad for Zoey. What’s even more dramatic was that Victoria and Diamond saw and heard the whole thing. They couldn’t believe it but then when they thought about what they were seeing and what was being heard… It was in most fairness the fact that Luna had got what was indeed coming to her… Although… She was not gonna leave her career. She was still deadset in her career. Dead set in her ways. Her path was already laid out and she was not stopping. But it left not a shred of doubt that her lifestyle choices were putting everyone in stress… in anger. This was gonna leave things where Luna was now closer and closer to becoming Rina Frost. Closer and closer to fully leave the clan thereby severing all ties there were to them. Her kids… Family. Soon to be Ex-Husband. Her seemed to have been happy family life… Everything. All of it.

What was next for the fighters now as there were more to follow. More development on the Mob. More on Blossom’s gradual seduction to the Mob life. Roxanne’s pregnancy and a lead to the second wave of the Mask. More mayhem. Plus Now measures on the D.A seeking to take down the Mob. What was next for Sora and Carly? Were they gonna have no option but to soon expose the affair that their father was having with another woman to their mother? Would they find themselves with no choice and it be hoped that their mother would see reason and believe it? How was Zoey gonna survive courtesy of her home life falling to pieces? Would she succumb to falling down a habit? What about Stanley Ipkiss and the Mask? Was there soon to be a second Performance coming right from him and the Mask? And besides that… What’s this… Was Blossom gonna finally meet for the first time… Dorian Tyrell? Would the meet go well? There was recon on the Mob girl Leslie T. Burke… An Expose on her. More on what was gonna happen with the Pregnancy… There was alot to unravel… Alot to unfold. Would it soon summon out the fighters and get them to act on the hero beat again? Find out in the Next Chapter of the Adventure of the Rhapsody Girls Z! as the Saga continues…

Leslie: *Voice-over* Okay… this is it. Blossom’s finally gonna meet Dorian Tyrell. I just hope that this doesn’t flop. Not to disregard the part where people now know about where i’m staying. This isn’t gonna leave me with a pleasant taste or feeling. Only because no one really wants me around. Other than Blossom. She’s wanting me around. Next time on the Adventures of the Rhapsody Girls Z! It is salutations and well anticipated meet between my friend Blossom and My mentor Dorian Tyrell. My only worry is that will she be accepted into the club down the road… Or will i have to sneak her in to get her accepted?

Sora: *Voice-over* … On the next adventures of the Rhapsody girls Z! While Blossom is being slowly seduced or steadily seduced… into the Mob world, We have our own problem and it’s got a Zoot suit. A man who has a fetish for dating another woman. putting on a facade of saying that it’s just a casual date. We without knowing stumble upon a couple of condoms in our father Alvin’s jacket pocket. That’s before school. Oh… *Voice-over; Looking at Carly* What’re we gonna do? How do we tell our mother that our dad is cheating on her. That our father is gonna be having intercourse with another woman? This is a nightmare. What are we gonna do?

Zoey: *Voice-Over* I feel so alone without my best friend Blossom. I don’t even see June anymore. She’s been always out. Everyone knows that we took her in as a new sister to me. But the real part of it is that she’s always out. Never around. What’s worse is that my mom hates everything about the family. She has made preparations on officially leaving the family and it’s gonna be soon. I start doing not so good in school and even though my mom is gradually completely leaving the entire family all together… She pulls the Mother act and makes like it’s all okay. Or does she? Too bad that i don’t completely see what she’s really up to. How can things get any worse?

Dorian: *Voice-Over* Hey… How’s it goin’? On the next upcoming chapter… I get informed of Leslie’s friend coming over to spend some time with her. I get to meet this friend of hers. Not bad lookin’ i’d say. I even have the men see that the girl is made to feel at home during her visit. A musical # too. Hey Blossom… Hope you like boy bands. Something to make you feel at home.

Rikku: *Voice-Over* Someone wish to explain to me how there is more development on the Mob and how a Heist done by the mob goes bust? Just by luck… It goes bust. it’s all over the T.V and i get wind of it. But what is not told that there was a casualty plus also something that would bring trouble to My Niece Blossom. Plus what i also hear is that My adopted Daughter Luna turned into a Slut. Are you kidding me? I am stressing here. Hanging by a thread for calm here. I Just got word that my husband is being targeted by the Mob. An affair is going on between my Nephew Alvin and his wife Alice. My Niece Blossom being lured to the Mob and is now smoking. Plus an issue with teen pregnancy.  The only things that are not bad from my viewpoint on what you’ll be reading and seeing on the next Adventures of the Rhapsody Girls Z! Are my two sweet adopted kids and my sister finally landing a guy of her own. So excuse me if i am not the least bit thrilled… Of learning that my Adopted Daughter Luna had grown up to become a Whore or a Slut. Plus there are more leads for the Mask. More mayhem… All while my Nieces and Nephews are trying to go through the motions of high school Senior year and the middle school portion seeking to soon enter High school. The lead to the second wave of Antics Courtesy of the Mask… Which of whom is none other than the Drab Banker… Stanley Ipkiss. On the next Adventures of the Rhapsody Girls Z! Chapter 211: “Leslie Tina Burke Introduces Blossom to Dorian Tyrell.” Chapter 212: “The Mask comes to foil a heist. Leslie/Rita the Hammer with the Mob on the Heist. Trouble for Blossom: Imminent!” Chapter 213: “Blossom and Leslie’s meet up at the coco bongo. Blossom’s Seduction to a dark side.” And Chapter 214: “The Mask Dances with Tina in the Coco Bongo Spotlight…”


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