Chapter 209: Ipkiss is two time encountered. By Kellaway then by a woman named Brandt.

(More developments on the first wave of The Mask)

(Blossom pressed to confess to Leslie)

(Rhapsody Fighters and Allies Vs. Marco Kids-The struggle that won’t end)

At the Sun Shack…

Leslie: *Walking over to the Counter* Morning there… Can i have 6 Breakfast specials please?

Donald: *Recognizing the girl from late last year* Well well well… Aren’t we a sight for sore eyes? It’s been a while since The likes of one Leslie T. Burke came a waltzing on in here for a spill. How’s it goin’, Leslie?

Leslie: Oh… It’s goin’ okay. Just figured that i’d do something for the guys. Like Dorian and his crew.

Donald: *Choking up* What in the—? You know that guy? What brings a sweet charming gal like you to the explicit world of Tyrell?

Leslie: Nothing. *Sighs* It’s not that i willingly just made the choice to join the Mob. I Joined him because when i was new to this city… He was the only one who even noticed me. I know that i trapped myself into his world. But… What could i do? I was a 12-13 girl. still 13 and yeah… Alone and with no family as i emancipated myself from my parents. I Love them… But i couldn’t stay a part of them and watch them suffer anymore. I couldn’t. They were being hurt by these strong aristocratic snobbish people. I didn’t want to be around my parents and watch as they tear themselves apart on count of facing problems and their reputations and careers were going to the crapper. I got myself into several fights with the kids in my old neighborhood as i was standing up for my parents and when I saw the reality that my parents were indeed facing trouble and having issues… That was when I knew that it was time to break. I was being called “Baby face Burke” Not that much of a insulting or hurtful name to be called. But after being called it every time the chance called for it… the kids would chant it and even threw rocks at me. Eggs. I fought back and i was able to pack a bit of a punch… However… I at that time… reached my limit. The last fight that got me to call it over and make the choice of breaking off… Was the one that got me angry. Really angry. I just lost all sense and threw things in every direction. The whole thing made me mad. Angry. But then… it made me sad. Because i knew that with all my devotion to my parents… All the care i had for them. My love for them… I just couldn’t do anything to stop it. It then got me slowly into a state of shock. I saw what my family was going through and all i could do was watch. I was 11 years old when i saw the very worst of it. The very worst of it and it upset me until finally… it had left me undeniably devastated and heart broken. I just couldn’t do it anymore. I had to break away from there. I had no choice. No choice. It was that or watch as everything i knew of my family… fell to a distant memory.

Donald: Wow! That would be a real Hollywood story if you were like a celebrity. But in all sympathy. Reaching out… I am truly sorry that you had to deal with such hardship. You did what you had to do. Do you ever regret leaving your parents?

Leslie: Half of the time… yes. But that’s when i have to stop and remind myself that i had to do what had to be done to see a better life. I think that my parents would have wanted that for me… No matter what the outcome would have been. My parents were strong. Really strong willed and would not back down. I don’t know anyone other than them who’d be so selfless like that and just give up everything. Just so their children could live on and have a better life. My parents are still in New York and i do call them once a month. Just to keep them in my life even though i emancipated from them.

Donald: That’s the best thing. Because it’s like someone had once said… You don’t know where you’re going… till it is that you know where it is that you’ve been.

Leslie: *Nods* You do happen to be right. However i already chose my path. I know that it isn’t exactly something i’d consider to be recommended for others to get into… Although, It’s given me a way to arm myself. A Way of protection.

Donald: *Sympathetic* A Way of protection? Being part of the Mob world. Leslie, You’re a really good kid. A good Teen. You’re aware of what you are doing. All i can say is that you pray that you know what you’re getting into. The Mob isn’t all that guaranteed to be the most safest clique to be mixed in with. Some people in the Mob do happen to mysteriously vanish with out a trace once every so often. I don’t want one of them Mysteriously Vanish Subjects to be you.

Leslie: It’s okay. I’ll be alright. At least… i know that you happen to care and worry about me. Not many others do. Except for a fellow Girl who goes to the same school that i do and She’s a really cool Girl.

Donald: Who?

Leslie: Blossom.

Donald: Blossom Rhapsody of the Rhapsody clan? Electrogal. I know her. Heard about her at least. She’s a hero. One of the New Generation of fighters. I do know about them as i see the news reels all the time on them. But the one you mentioned… Blossom, She once came in here not too long ago and i think that she was with her cousins . 3 of them to be exact. She always came in a group of 4. She came in with her cousins.000835.pngZoey, Sora and the twin sister of hers, Carly. Sora and Carly are twins. What’s funny about that is the fact that they take the look of the Olsen Twins. Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen. But they look literally the same almost like a complete mirror image of each other that it’s so hard to tell them apart. Unless you were to break them… apart. then look at them. Those two are known as Esp Elemental twins. They can read your mind and know right off the first thought in your head.

Leslie: Blossom is one of the fighters?

Donald: You bet she is.

Leslie:*In shock* Wow! I didn’t know that. She never even said a word about that.

Donald: That’s weird. one would figure that it’d be something that a couple people who became friends would talk about. You know… Just like sharing a secret among one another. But she never did that… did she?

Leslie: No.

Donald: Maybe she forgot?

Leslie: probably. Or…

Donald: What?

Leslie: She probably doesn’t feel that she can trust me. *Sighs* Those other girls you mentioned… They too go to the same school as Blossom does…

Donald: As far as i know… Yeah.

It was then that Leslie had to re-evaluate how she saw Blossom. She didn’t know how she could be around a member of the opposite side. She was with the Mob and even though she was sweet for the most part and plus all for being friends with Blossom as Blossom was the only one that befriended her… She didn’t know how she could be friends with her… And then hang with her on top of being with the Mob and keep her status Quo. Leslie Would have to ask Blossom about that. Hoping that it wouldn’t offend in any way as she didn’t want to lose the only friend she had from school. She paid for the 6 breakfasts and waited for them to be made and ready. She had some stuff to get done. Although all in very very short time. Time was slim that morning for her as she had to also be ready for school. She was short on sticks. plus she needed to be ready for what ever Dorian had planned. Hits. She had to be well in prep for what was to come.

Once the food was done, She Nodded and took the breakfasts paid for. Leslie walked on her way to the Coco Bongo Club to meet Dorian.

It was 20 minutes later when she got there that she saw something which shook her. She saw a Squad car in front of the club and became worried that something happened.

Leslie: *Looking from across the street* Oh no… Dorian. I’ve got to call him and warn him. *Pulling out her phone and Dialing for Dorian* Oh god…

Seconds later…

Dorian: *On the phone* Hello?

Leslie: *On the Phone* Dorian, It’s Leslie. There’s a problem. I don’t know if you already know by now and you might already know… Or Maybe not… But… There’s a Squad car in front of the Club. In front of the Coco Bongo club.

Dorian: How do you know that? Leslie, Where are you, Darling?

Leslie: Don’t worry about that right now… I am across the street from the club right now. Listen… Is there a back way out from the Club. A secret way out that you can get to?

Dorian: I don’t know. I’ll have to look.

Leslie: No. Don’t Just look. Get to it and get out of there. The cops are there. It might be nothing… But don’t chance it. Get out of there. They are possibly gonna question you. Not to say that they intend to arrest… But something is going on there and if the cops get wind of you… There could be trouble. Get out of there. Hurry.

Dorian: Niko is on the other end of the Club… I’ll see if i can give the cops a slip and meet you outside.

Leslie: Outside in 6 minutes. I’ll be across the street at the corner where the small looking Diner is at. Meet me inside there. Nourishment will be waiting.

Dorian: On it.

Call ends and it was then where Leslie made over to the corner as she said she’d be and at the Diner that was on the corner. Waiting… for Dorian.

As for the Fighters…

Where Paul was…

Stanley’s Apartment…


8:30 AM…

The Morning light was pouring lightly through the windows… and lightened up the apartment. Stanley slowly awakens. He grabs his head and moans, looking and
feeling completely hung over. Then suddenly he remembers – and jumps out of bed with a start.

He went right for the mirror in just seconds to look at the mirror. Looking at himself in the mirror. He was in shock and could not believe that the episode he had was over… at least… it was for now.

Stanley: *Stifles a laugh and scoffing in disbelief with the mask in his hand* It was a dream… It was all a dream. I can’t believe it… Oh god… i really have to lay off those cartoons. They’re gonna drive me to the nut house.

Paul: *Getting his car keys and making sure that he’s got his things all taken cared of* Book bag, Car keys… Change of clothes… Wait… Do i have a change of clothes? I think that i do… Somewhere. Where. *Sighs* Oh man… don’t tell me that i have to go home and get a change of clothes. Darn it! *In disbelief*

Stanley: *Jumps in shock and sees Paul in his apartment* Whoa! how come you’re still here?

Paul: *Chuckles* Well good morning to you too, Stanley. You slept kinda heavy. last night when you crashed on the bed. You okay?

Stanley: Yeah. I am. I guess… I just am stunned and can’t figure out what the heck happened last night. What did i do?

Paul: Don’t you know…

Stanley: Nope. I don’t. I don’t remember.

Paul: That’s not possible. I mean… we saw you change.

Stanley: Ew! Peeping tom!

Paul: No… We saw you change change… Into… *Imitating the Mask* “Smokin’!” “P-a-r-t-y! Why? Because i gotta!”

Stanley: Paul, I am serious… I honestly don’t remember. The only thing that i happen to remember… is seeing you and the girls… Your cousins i think they were… all wondering about the mask. You were giving me this type of look that was all: “You are asking for trouble over that mask. You really want to mess with that thing?” look.

Paul: Clint and Spencer were wondering the same thing. Your dog was going nuts. He was whining at it and obviously seemed weary of it. Not understanding what all to make of it.

Stanley: Hmm.

Paul: Not to leave out the fact that you kinda startled Spencer’s Wife Rikku a little when you were turning into that Mask character. She’s startled. Plus… You even gave Mrs. Peenman a real scare fest. You looked like a prowler to her and was gonna come off popping your skins full of lead. She missed. But it don’t leave a thing to chance that you were really out there. Completely. Forming things out of nothing. Out of thin air.

Stanley: …


A knock on the door sounded…

Paul: Who’d be knockin’ at your door at this time of morning?

Stanley: Search me… *Walking over to the door and unlocking the locks and deadbolts*


Stanley opened the door and answered it to see a Police lieutenant. A Lieutenant Mitch Kellaway. The guy was not the least bit calming. He looked very strict and seemed to appear as though he were sincerely high strung. High strung and not one to drop for a joke… Paul didn’t know what was going on. But he was gonna come to terms and provide an Alibi for him which would help keep Stanley from getting greeted with rather hot water…

Lt. Kellaway: Ipkiss? Stanley Ipkiss?

Stanley: Yes?

Lt. Kellaway: Lt. Kellaway, city precinct. You know anything about the disturbance last night?

Stanley: Dis… turbance?

Paul: You sure about that, Lt. Kellaway?

Lt. Kellaway: Yeah, some kind of prowler broke in and attacked Mrs. Peenman.

Stanley: Attacked?

Lt. Kellaway: You didn’t hear anything? She unloaded a couple of rounds of buckshot 5 feet from your door.

Paul: *Looking towards the end of the hall* That’s some damage. The Prowler did all that? Must have been someone on adrenaline. Lots of Adrenaline. with some left in reserve.

Lt. Kellaway: Or some Hooligan thinking it be cute to stir up a ruckus at late hour of the night and make off with trying to attempt a old-fashioned B&E.

Paul: B&E… You mean… Breaking and entering. Going into another person’s residence uninvited and without the resident that lives at that spot knowing.

Lt. Kellaway: That’s right. You seem to know the law and what Cop abbreviations are. Who’re you?

Paul: Paul. Paul Charles Alvin Rhapsody.

Lt. Kellaway: You’re Alvin Rhapsody’s kid, aren’t you?

Paul: Yeah. And you’re about to ask me… What am i doing with Stanley?

Stanley sees Mrs. Peenman complaining about big hole in floor…

From down the Hall…

Mrs. Peenman: *Pointing right at the floor*Look at the floor. He put that right in my floor, then he jumped out… the window. *Coming off annoyed; looking up* Officer, are you writing notes?

Stanley: *Looking away and in disbelief* This is… impossible.

Lt. Kellaway: Those pajamas are impossible. This actually happened.

Stanley: See, I have an inner ear problem. Sometimes I can’t hear anything.

Lt. Kellaway: Is that a fact? *Looking at Paul* And that’s right. I would ask that.

Paul: It’s because… I’m a friend. He’s had a rather rough night last night and was down on luck. We spent the whole night talking and getting things out. We actually played cards and Sprung a tie. Stanley wound up whippin’ my butt. He might have been down on luck… but when it comes to cards… He don’t fool around.

Lt. Kellaway: I see. And that explains why you or Stanley didn’t catch the fact that there was anything out of the ordinary going on in the hall last night.

Stanley: Eh? *laughs*

Lt. Kellaway: *Handing over a card* Here’s my card. If you remember anything unusual about last night, anything at all, call me.

Stanley: You betcha. Thank you. And good luck… cracking the case.

Paul: Let us know if you have any more questions to ask us.

As soon as the Officer walked off, Stanley closed the door and leaned against it.

Stanley: Oh god…

Paul: Stanley… Come on. Pull yourself together. Take a deep breath. Gather your thoughts and just take a deep breath. You’re gonna be alright.

Stanley: I’m the Prowler. I did that. It could’ve been me that did it.

Paul: Stanley… It wasn’t all you. It was that Mask persona. The Mask was just acting out your “Id”. Your deepest desire. That’s what it was that did it. You didn’t do anything that you would normally not do. It was just you as that Mask. It was controlling you. Acting out your innermost desire.

Stanley: *Sighs* I guess. *Looking at the time* Oh god… I’m late.

Paul: I’m also late for school. You don’t have a car. But the Bank is on the way to the high school. I’ll give you a lift. It’s no big deal.

A Moment later…

Stanley: *Thinking and making sure that he had everything* Keys, keys… Where’s the keys? *Picking up the lamp and placing it back on the stand; Not able to find the keys* Damn. *Calling over to his Dog* Milo. The Keys. Get the keys. Find them. Find me the keys. *Closing his briefcase and then getting up; Walking over to the Mirror again; Bumping into the coffee table* Aw! Geez!

Milo leaped up on the couch and pulled the one pillow to the side and revealed the keys. They had to have been to the apartment door and to car that he was likely never gonna get back. Milo grabbed them and brought them over to Stanley. At first it was like a tug of war and Milo was trying to hold his grip on the keys that he used his jaw to grab a hold of them. Paul snuck in and tried to tickle Milo on the side and it got him to loosen his grip and let go.

Stanley was on his way out and barely got close to the door when he looked to the side and noticed the Mask lying on one of the pillows on the bed. He grabbed it and chucked it out the window. But as it flew out the window… the breeze caught it adrift and blew it right back into his apartment. And it landed on his couch. Paul Drove Stanley right over to the bank and Assured him that things would be alright.

Paul: Just keep a cool head and try not to think too much on what happened last night. Don’t let it get to you. Just play it out in your mind and over lap it with other thoughts. Like work. The bank. The people you meet and Your dog. Your friends. As far as you should be concerned… Last night was nothing more than a dream. A very sound dream.

Minutes later…

Metropolis City Bank…

Stanley walked into the Bank and made off over to where his desk was. He was not too much in good spirits as he was still shook about last night. He was having a very hard time trying to wrap his head around the events of last night. Stanley couldn’t believe what he had done. The only thing he had going in a positive light was the fact that he had some friends who were gonna have his back. Like Paul. He would have Stanley’s back. The girls that were with him also were gonna be on his side. However… a few of the fighters were on verge of losing their way a bit.

Stanley barely walked into the main lobby of the bank when…

Charlie: Where were you last night? We looked all over for you.

Stanley: Did you happen to look outside, in the gutter? I was left in the cold. Some night on the town i had. If it weren’t for some of these girls that i met and a few of the guys… Finding me when they did… at the river… That would have been all she wrote on my backside.

Charlie: Who’re you talking about?

Stanley: Paul. The one you met. Then there were some others. Like Clint and his girlfriend. Spencer and his wife Rikku.

Charlie: Why does that name sound really familiar? Hmm… It seems to ring a bell or two.

Stanley: *Scoffs* I’ll bet.

Charlie: Did you check the paper? *Showing Stanley the front page of the Daily Planet* Your girlfriend got a great review. An amazing Review. The people there went literally nuts.

Newspaper Clipping: “Bombshell Explodes at Coco Bongo”


MR. DICKEY, the smarmy office manager who is younger than Stanley, now appears.

Mr. Dickey: *Walking over in a bit of irritation* IPKISS! You’re 40 minutes late. Now that’s the same as stealing!

Stanley: I’m sorry, Mr. Dickey. It’ll never happen again. I’ve been a jerk.

Mr. Dickey: *Snatching away the Paper* If you weren’t busy oogling girlie pictures… you might get some work done. I mean… does it seriously look as if i pay for two of the best bankers/Accountants and watch as they spend all their time looking at girlie pictures all day. Forgetting that they’re supposed to be doing business and working. Not drooling over Babes?

Charlie: Sir. She’s a perspective client of Stanley’s.

Mr. Dickey: *taking another look at the photo* Really? *Grinning briefly and curious* Well now… The next time she comes in… You be sure to send her over to my office. I’d like to meet her.

Stanley: You bet.

Mr. Dickey turns and walks off…

Charlie: *after Mr. Dickey leaves* Gee, I wish MY daddy owned a bank. Then I could be a rich little creep too.

Stanley: *About Tina* You think she’ll ever come back?

Charlie: Oh, man, forget her. Listen to me.*referring to Tina* A girl like that is always looking for the BBD: Bigger Better Deal.

Stanley: You don’t know that, Charlie. She’s an artist. She’s… she’s sensitive.

Charlie: Stanley, listen to me. That girl will tear your heart out, put it in a blender and hit “frappe.”

Stanley: It’s no different than the two you went inside with. Or is it?!

At the Daily Planet…

Mr. Newton: *Looking at the reporters* Okay… This is it. I just got off the phone with the News station and from the corporate office. The Mayor’s office as well… There’s word of a Prowler in the city. Several sources have reported seeing a man in with a green mask stirring some trouble around and causing a ruckus. An Auto shop was hit in the first wave of the mysterious Prowler. Jensen’s Auto-shop. Was hit last night. *Looking to the side* Mrs. Brandt. you want to prove on being a top reporter anytime soon… Get on it. The story is yours to cover. Dear Peggy is not doing you much good and you’ve been slacking off. I could let you go and terminate you. But that would hurt our bottom line here as we’re goosed up for news. Newspapers don’t cultivate on progress with only a limited army of reporters. Nail this story and you’ll have a footing here. Start working on a Byline headline for the Article till it’s time to hit it over to the scene. As for the rest of you… One of you had done a complacent article on last night’s appraising performance at the Coco Bongo night club last night. Trixie… Top work. Very top rate work. There is also the other news targets… But anyone who has something on this Prowler who one of the cops have labeled this Prowler: “The Mask”. Anyone with something on him… get front page spectacle.

A Minute later…

Trixie: *Looking at the others* What?! Someone had to cover the Night club performance.

Jennifer: True… What about this Mask person that the Editor in Chief spoke of? Who the heck is this Mask guy?

John: No Idea. We sure as heck never even heard of the guy. He’s no one we ever crossed. There were those dark guys. The Unholy Trinity brigade the other year. almost 3-4 years now… That was pain. Then we had these news breaks on the Child abductions. That was something else entirely. We had to cover those tales. Cover those news breaks. One break from that was a loss. A Loss in the family. Luna and Zeke’s Son Zach.

Jennifer: That’s true. It was a nightmare. A complete nightmare. However… there was this mysterious girl at the Reception party. A Fellowship of sorts. Some Mysterious girl was there. Sticking close to the side wall. The far side and watching us all. She didn’t say anything. She just sat there. Silently and looked as though she were shedding tears. Maybe because she felt the same as we did or because something was bugging her.

Trixie: Maybe something was bugging her.

John: *Walking over to get a cup of coffee* Someone said her name one. Someone said that the girl’s name was Leslie. Leslie… Something. I didn’t catch the last name. Wait… Wait a minute… Didn’t Megan say something about the girl not too long ago. Only a few days ago…

Jennifer: No. All she knew was that the girl was rich. that the girl was what… 12-13 years old. From New York.

John: So… The truth is… we don’t know a thing really about her. The girl is a total mystery. *Looking at the Nightclub pictures that Trixie gathered*

a second later…

John: *Looking at the picture of the girl and looking at the others* This girl is unknown. However who ever she is… We are to see that she never comes near our kids. If Megan was smart as we know she is… She’ll see that her Daughter Blossom stays away from this girl. That mystery girl… Leslie. She’s with the Mob.

Trixie: John, stop. That girl is no more a danger to our kids than the mob is to the city.

John: I don’t think i care. I’ve seen enough corruption going on. Good kids. Good clean honest kids… going bad because of girls like the one in the picture. That mystery girl is not bad… but she’s with a bad element. A bad element like the Mob. What if she tries to sucker one of our kids into it? Are you trying to snow me in saying that it’s not in any way possible for that to happen? All they gotta do is befriend her and hang with her a bit. Getting closer and closer to her. That’s all it’d take. All it’d take.

Kris: *Overhearing the comment* John, that girl… the one you’re conniption fitting about… She goes to the same school as Megan’s girl Blossom. I saw her there the other day as i drove by the school on my way back from the Promenade. Leslie… She was talking with Blossom. Hanging out with her.

Jennifer: Heh! Well… *Scoffs and sounding sarcastic* How do ya’ like that, John? She’s in the same school. What’re you gonna do? Huh? Raise a ruckus with the school over it?

John: *Sighs* I don’t know… But i know that our Nieces and nephews are gonna be in for a troubled storm of bad attention as long as they have any closeness or connection with her. As long as this girl… Leslie is with the Mob… Her presence is a dangerous sort for our young ones…

At Metropolis University…

Bulldog Stadium…


Dinah: *Sitting and thinking* This is not my day.

Coach Whitman: Why’s that?

Dinah: One thing is for sure… This morning there was no coffee to drink to wake up with. Then there was the fact that i caught my daughters holding a Video conference with their cousins about some guy named… Ipkiss. Stanley Ipkiss. I mean… *Scoffs* Ugh! Who the hell is Stanley Ipkiss? There is no one in this city by that name. Plus they were talking about the issue of this guy Stanley finding some bizarre mask and turning into this crazed love-obsessed maniac.

Coach Whitman: Hmm… I heard something about this Mask fellow. This morning…

Dinah:  What. What did you hear?

Coach Whitman: Oh… Don’t you mean… What didn’t i hear? I heard that this Mask guy… Attacked a Auto finishing shop. Jensen’s Auto finishing. They are thinking it to be him… but they don’t know as all they saw was the front of the building spray painted… with the tag saying: “Rip-off” That’s what the Radio is saying. What it said and the DJ was also talking about that girl. Someone named Leslie T. Burke. Sending a Song out for her. Called her a Candy girl.

Dinah: Hmm… What kind of girl is this Leslie?

Coach Whitman: *Shrugs* I have no idea. I don’t think that anyone knows. Or better yet… none are saying. Some are saying that she was spotted with a group of men and shooting at cans and bottles or something. The girl was being taught on how to be a Mafioso. I think that was the term they spoke. It was on the news the other day and… I will be damned if they didn’t say that the girl was going about to a couple places telling that she was: “Rita the Hammer”.

Dinah: Get out… You kidding? They actually heard her say that?

Coach Whitman: No bull… They said it and it was not subtle lingo either.

Dinah: *Looking at the team* So… How’re the team working out?

Coach Whitman: They’re doing well… The Quarterback is making a real class “A” play with the team and they’re nailing it. The fall-backer though is a little rusty.

Dinah: He’s a new one… isn’t he?

Coach Whitman: Sure is… Came in this morning and turned in his tryout slip. Said that he wanted to be part of a team. Make an impact with his life in some way.

Dinah: That’ll do it. *Chuckles* That’ll do it. Is there a real reason behind it?

Coach Whitman: Not really. Just that he said that Chicks or girls should i say happen to love the thrill of seeing an Athlete play and act all manly on the field.

Dinah: Be that as it may… There is no credits in being macho to impress a girl in Football. The best trick… Is be yourself. Be just who you’re meant to be. Not be someone you’re not.

Coach Whitman: Yeah… That’s the best ticket.

Dinah: *Grabbing her whistle* Let’s get to the program. Time to gather the boys and have them run some drills. They might need it.

Coach Whitman: Right on… Time to get crackin’.

Of course…

At the Metropolis Auto-shop…

Alvin: *Working on the side of the car; Hammering at the side fender and straightening it out* Last night was a real thrill… That girl Kelly. She’s a real looker. But not like my wife. However… it’s what i got to stick with as i can’t get any lovin’ from my wife. She won’t even touch me and it’s as if she’s doggone terrified of me or something.

Cid: I can’t say that i would be one to relate to that. But it is possible that she must have fallen out of love with you. Not saying that she had. The fact is that if she is showing reluctance and hesitance towards you… I think it’s probably her way of playing hard to get. Women tend to like that. I think that she’s baiting you. Trying to see if you’ll take the bait. She’s trying to bait you.

Alvin: *Mending the metal for the car* Maybe so… But i might be having an affair with the woman. Secretly and my wife doesn’t know about it. I don’t want her to ever know of it. I can’t have her hearing of it. But what am i to do, Cid. I tried making myself looking hot. Looking sexy. I even tried to make like a Zoot Suit gentleman. I tried to even come off with the good cologne. The works… I even tried simple things like a rose and a thing of chocolates. I tried the secret Admirer approach. leaving her little mysterious messages but made to where she’d know somewhat that it could be me. The only thing that happened was that she closed up more.

Cid: Hmm… Wow! That’s worse than my wife… My only daughter Rikku’s mother being killed by a rogue Machina. Much worse. My wife and i when she was alive… never had this type of problem.

Alvin: *Stops; Looking up* Of course not. It’s not the Al-Bhed way. No… Sorry… Not the Afghani way. Afghani’s don’t follow that type of lifestyle and don’t allow for women to cheat on their men. Nor do they allow men to have affairs with other women other than their wives. Nothing more. They have customs that are very hard-core.

Cid: *Guffaws* You have studied and read up on the Afghani’s. You really know what’s what. Now that is what i call the way of being resourceful. Knowing the ways of another culture. Another race of people.

Alvin: Do i look like i wouldn’t know? I did read up on it and everything. I just don’t know what else to do to get Alice to notice me and want to touch me. She won’t even sleep next to me. For the last 4 months… and i don’t think that the girls and my son Paul even noticed that something was not right. I haven’t told them and i am already certain that my twin daughters are coming up to wild theories thinking that i am cheating on their mother. I am not. Not deliberately. I am just tired of beating myself into a brick wall in trying to get some romantic tension from my wife… their mother. Nothing i do is working and it is as though nothing is gonna change. Everyday it’s like a a strain to get her to even be more open and more Active with me and the kids. She just won’t take any attention to me. Nothing. *Sighs*

Alvin went back to working on the car and just felt that his married life was taking a literal crap and that nothing he did was working. It didn’t seem to cross his mind that his little tall tale that he tried to pull over Alice months ago was not working anymore and hadn’t for the last 5 months. He didn’t seem to suspect that that one day 5 months ago was when his wife Alice stopped reacting to anything romance with him or taking any attention to him. He didn’t figure and he knew that something was up. Alvin almost sensed the very idea that his wife was hating him and that she knew of his affair with another woman and knew what was going on… but was play stupid and making like she was totally oblivious to all of it. It wouldn’t be too much to think on… because over the last 5 months… it was a romance struggle and a ongoing attempt on seeing if there was any romance left. Anything to spark in the marriage and there just was nothing between them. Not even Love as there once was. Alvin tried to fix it… in what ever ways that he could. He tried. But got nothing. Sora and Carly already knew about the affair as what Alvin didn’t know was that they secretly followed him and were watching him. They smelled a rat. Alvin could only get back to work and take his mind off of the matter as all it was doing… was making him miserable. He loved Alice. Loved and adored her immensely. However… what more could he do to make her feel that romance for him that he hadn’t done already to get her to respond back to him. Feeling the same he did? What more could he have done? What was there for him to do?

Would the others catch on?

Madame Pearl’s and Mystic Star’s Fashion Emporium…

Pearl: *Looking at the Delivery man; Annoyed* Excuse me… Are you the one who’s dealing with angry customers? I don’t think so. You guys are late. You were supposed to be here 4 days ago. 4 DAYS! The stuff you now got here is Late. I don’t give a damn what got in the way. When you are scheduled to be somewhere on time… You are to be at that location at that set time… on that set day. Not when you feel like it.

Delivery Man: What is your problem lady?

Pearl: What my problem is that you have no concept of being on time. I have angry customers here who were looking to buy something that they wanted here. Something that they saw here on Display. But could they get it? Could they?! NO! Why is that? Huh? You tell me. You can’t… can you? And why is that? Oh… that’s right… It’s because you were late.

Star: *Looking at Pearl* Pearl… Calm down. Stop it! That’s enough. *Looking at the Delivery man* You! Next time we have a scheduled shipment… You are to bring it on time. No bullshit. You understand? If you are late like this again… I swear… That a call will be made to your corporate office. To your boss and we will have your job for it.

A Moment later…

Pearl: *Irritated and angry* the nerve of that delivery man! He was late getting here. He could have ruined us with being behind schedule. Several people have walked from us and came up with the likely assumption that our being out of inventory like we were just a moment ago… is how we operate here. We don’t know if we’ll get them back. That Man may have just screwed us.

Star: I know the feeling. I just can’t stand how some people are. How incompetent they are.

Pearl: I wish that i knew why we deal with such dirtbags and cretins who think it funny to screw us up and likely cost us some rather valuable customers.

Star: I wish i knew too. But just like you… i too am at a loss.

Pearl: *Sighs sharply and trying to calm down* I don’t know what to even think anymore… My Son Spencer and his wife Rikku were out most of the night last night.

Star: Huh?! He was?

Pearl: Yeah.

Star: Why?

Pearl: I don’t know why. He or they wouldn’t say.

Star: How come? Were they unsure what to say? Did they even realize that you had caught them?

Pearl: I don’t know. *Shaking her head and trying to take her mind off of the stress* When i caught them trying to sneak in… All they would say was that they were unaware of how late it was. My son is married and has somewhat… his own life.

Star: You got a point, Pearl. As much as you would like to still control him and set some rules for him as a Mother should… You can’t. You’d only cause for him to try and rebel.

Pearl: But he’s still a Minor. He is trying to test his luck. Only catch to that is just that… as much as i would like to come down on him and his wife over it… I can’t. I used to be like that back in those days. When Jack and I were first dating back then. We had moments where we stayed out till sometime late in the night. After Midnight. I wasn’t being more sufficient with time. Keeping track.

Star: *Thinking back* Those were the days. We had alot going for ourselves… didn’t we?

Pearl: *Trying to smile as she thinks back* Yeah… We sure did.

Star: *Looking at the T.V* Say… Did you hear about some Auto shop getting attacked by some type of Prowler?

Pearl: Huh?! *Confused* Prowler? What prowler?

Star: Why… Didn’t you catch the morning news breaks or the Scoop that came over the Radio this morning?

Pearl: No. I was a bit strapped for time. Getting the Kids all on their way to school. Making sure that they had what they needed.

Star: Senior Year.

Pearl: Yeah… *Sighs* Kinda makes you wonder where all those years went. I mean… Just yesterday i was changing their diapers and just teaching them how to read. Now… Here we are. Graduating High School. They’re graduating. At the end of this school year… They’ll be on the fast track to College.

Star: Sure does go fast… Doesn’t it?

Pearl: *Nods* …

Star: …

Pearl: What was this about the prowler attacking an Auto-shop?

Star: I can tell you about what happened or what the News said… But i will have to tell you. You’re not gonna believe it.

Pearl: I can handle it… if that’s what you’re implying.

Star: …

A second later…

Star: They were saying that late last night a prowler. Some weird man in some kind of odd mask. It was a green mask. They said that he attacked an Auto-shop. Jensen’s auto shop and oh… god. The Prowler rustled with the Mechanics that were there and They don’t look so good. Spray painted. With Mufflers out their rear ends. They don’t have the actual report on it. But Pearl… It’s deep. That place from what little the News gave out as well as the Radio… Looked like someone went nuts and just pulled a demolition rush on the place. Papers everywhere… Parts tossed to the sides. Tools chucked around. Food wrappers and Styrofoam cups ripped to shreds and food smeared on the walls by a high velocity. The Prowler was… all on the insane track.

Pearl: That would sound pretty messy. *Feeling sympathy for the victims* Sure hope that they’re gonna be okay.

Star: *Looking to the side then back* That makes two of us, girl. I just hope that they catch that wacko… whoever it is.

Pearl was also worried about her son and Even though he was a young member of the family to be wed… She was worried about him. She knew that his ailment was acting up as of late and knew that it was hurting him. She started to believe that if things didn’t change for the better in her son’s condition… She was gonna have to face the possibility of getting her son to the hospital for treatments. What was she to do? All she could do was feel worry and concern.

Reedy “La Paradissimo’s…

Rhonda: *Writing down the order for the customer* So… You want a Diet Pepsi, with a slice of Apple pie. Which i hope is for after the main course… if there is a main course. And for late breakfast… You want Choc. Chocolate chip pancakes. Wow! That’s a hearty appetite. But if you’re trying to diet… The Choc. Chocolate Chip pancakes just pushed you over the limit. You’re gonna need a crash diet. fast.


Sirens are heard whizzing by and jamming down the street…

Rhonda: *Looking up to see squad cars speeding by* Something must have happened to get those cops in a real fast hurry. Just another day in Metropolis.

Seconds later…

“I thought that was supposed to be my line.”

Rhonda: *Looking over* Well… I’ll be. If it ain’t the sheriff from the small peaceful town of Smallville Kansas.  Sheriff Adams…

Sheriff Adams: I’d say it has been a while since i last saw you. Last time i saw you… you were still putting on the single beat.

Rhonda: You found me out, huh?

Sheriff Adams: Not really. Kinda asked around. It’s not everyday that you get a day with some free time to venture out to see a down to earth woman working well and honest. *Grins* Plus… Call it curiosity. I kinda called in to have Dispatch look into any information on you and took lead from there.

Rhonda: Good call. I like the way you get around. I could have relayed it all… But You seem to have that all in the bag. It’s been like a really hoppin’ day. Police sirens have been buzzin’ by like a swarm of bees.

Sheriff Adams: No kidding. Good heavens… What’s been goin’ on in the city today? A heavy 4 stage alarm?

But that was when the scanner kicked on…

Dispatch: Sheriff Adams, What’s your 20?

Sheriff Adams: *On Radio* On standby.

Dispatch: *On Radio* Please be advised on a Code Six George on 10043 Kilo Ave.

Sheriff Adams: Repeat that.

Dispatch: Code Six George on 10043 Kilo Ave.

Sheriff Adams: What’s the location?

Dispatch: Jensen’s Auto finishing.

Sheriff Adams: Are there any other units on route to that location?

Dispatch: That’s affirmative. Lt. Kellaway and Det. Sawyer are reporting to location now.

Sheriff Adams: On my way. Carry out a four alarm. Secure the location.

Dispatch: Initiating a four alarm now.

It was then that the Sheriff walked out fast and jammed over to the scene. It was getting serious now and It was very likely to only mean trouble for Ipkiss soon. Also the Mob too… But also meant trouble for the fighters. They were rearing to stick up for Stanley… However, as things start to unfold… Would the fighters be able to avoid the negative PR?

Metropolis Radio Station…


Arnold: *On the Air* It’s almost 11 AM… We kicked it with a little of the 50’s and 60’s…  Now… We’ll turn up the Juice with some Disco. But first… an update on the incident which struck the Auto shop late last night. There are no new details on the situation at Jensen’s Auto Shop. The local authorities have no possible leads to the incident. It will be some time before any word comes from the Investigation on the Late night prowler’s wave of attack on the Auto-Shop. For more information… stay tuned to this station for more updates. This is your Beloved watchdog of the City… Lord Arnold broadcasting high in the old Watchtower building. The beacon in the sky… On 98.6 MRHAP Metropolis. *Music then plays* In 1978 Alicia Bridges came on to the seats with her music song number: “I Love the Nightlife (Disco Round)”. This disco classic is about a woman who has better things to do than listen to her man’s empty platitudes. She tells him to kiss off, and that she’s going to get some “action” at the disco, where she can boogie all night. Bridges, a white singer born and raised in North Carolina, detested disco and refused to record a full album of disco songs. Her follow-up single “Body Heat” was more in the rock/R&B vein, and topped out at #86 in the US. Her non-disco output never found a wide audience, and after one more album with Polydor she left the label, releasing material independently from time to time. Although… this tune of hers… doesn’t sound like someone who hated Disco. It sounds like she was denying herself the thrills of Disco. But not us. We love the night life. So… Teens out there… At night… go with the boogie shoes and let your inner disco Mojo… glow and groove. Here’s I Love the Nightlife (Disco Round) on 98.6 MRHAP Metropolis… The station with the Disco beat. Wait! Is this our disco era revisited?…

Sid’s Diner…

Sid: *Looking at the people coming in* Aren’t you guys supposed to be at school? Playing hooky. That is not gonna look good for you if the school catches you.

Paige: School is at break. I am not ditching school. Besides… i intend to head on back. I just came here for coffee. A Large one. The school has been going Loony today. Everyone’s talking about the strange attack that happened last night late.

Sid: The Attack on an Auto shop? I heard a little bit and that’s about all. A few cops have come here this morning speaking about it. Even they are baffled.

Paige H.: It was some guy in a mask. Someone wearing a mask. A green one. But also a complete maniac.

Sid: Right. The whole city’s gone nuts.

Paige H.: How can the whole city be so fixated on this Prowler? It’s probably just someone with the knack for stirring up trouble. Who else could it be?

Sid: What about those fighters?

Paige H: I really don’t know. I wish that they could come out and just do something. But with the whole city now in fear of the Mob and now… That Prowler… What’s next?

Sid: That’s one thing that seems bad. But there is also the part where one of the Clan is planning on leaving the family.

Paige H.: Who? Who’s planning on that?

Sid: Luna.

Paige H.: Zoey’s mother. Luna, The Ex-hero’s mother? *In confusion* What? Why? Why would she do such a thing? Why?

Sid: I could tell… but it’s none of my business as it has been made abundantly clear by Luna yesterday. *Looking at the time* Look… I know that this is supposed to be your break time from school. That school is on break. But you really should get back. I don’t think that you’re wanting to be in trouble. Not by the truant officers. It just wouldn’t do you any good.

Paige H.: I know. *Concerned* How’s her best friend doing over the idea that Luna’s in plan on leaving the Clan?

Sid: You mean… My Wife, Pamela? *Sighs* I don’t know. She won’t say anything about it. The whole thing about Luna posing Naked and doing pornographic photo shoots and smoking. It’s just not sitting the least bit well with her and or the family. Luna’s Husband is seeking to file for separation.

Paige H.: You’re not thinking that he’s considering on divorcing her… do you?

Sid: I don’t know. How would i know? It isn’t like Zeke is one who would just up and spill his brains out on it. Talking about it like as though he’d be proud of it.


Wally: *Walking over from the side* Hey… would it be possible to get a coffee to go?

Sid: Do you really have to ask that? You know that the answer is yes. *Walking over to grab the pot of coffee; grabbing the pot and bringing it over; Pouring a cup of coffee for the Customer* There you are.

Wally: What do i owe?

Sid: Only a dollar. it’s Just coffee. If it were coffee and something extra… It’d be more than just a dollar. But coffee is only a dollar. No more than that.

Wally: That’s good. At least this place has integrity. More than the other diners.

Sid: So i heard. People are hurting as of late because of what’s been going on. The Mob moving in. So far… there’s been no trouble coming from them. The City hasn’t faced any issues from them up till now.

Wally: Something i’d be saying at a time like this. But you’re right. I don’t really have to let out that it’s scaring some of the kids. The young people out there are not sitting well over it.

Sid: *Wiping off the counter* Well… As always… we do what we can.

There was fear over what was unfolding little by little in the city. It was not a smoke screen. No one was looking ready to embrace it. There was gonna be a struggle before long. Sid however had to worry about his Daughter being put in the middle of the Struggle between the Clan and The Marco Kids. Worry about his wife being hurt by the dark change in Luna. Knowing that it was gonna hurt Young Zoey. He couldn’t say anything… but he could not deny… that he was worried…

As for The District Attorney…

At Metropolis Courthouse…

Nick: *Walking with his Wife* I was thinking that tonight after we get done with adopting a kid… We stake out a barbecue. The first family meal out of many that the kid has.

Rikku: Sounds good. *Thinking* I am actually thinking on going there to the Adoption agency during lunch break which is in a few minutes and may get us two kids. But we can go together if you prefer. During Lunch break and just adopt a couple of sweethearts.

Nick: That sounds fine with me. Let’s go there now. I have to meet with Det. Sawyer or a Commissioner John Jones at 1:30 today. I got selected to handle the Mob finances. Working on wiping out their funding. Ending the Illegal Money trafficking that the Mob has been attempting.

Rikku: Commissioner John Jones? You wouldn’t be talking about Det. John Jones… The one who happens to be the Martian Manhunter… are you?

Nick: Yeah… Why? You know him?

Rikku: Well… Kinda. Remember i mentioned once that he was like a family friend. A close friend?

Nick: Yeah… that’s right. I remember that you had mentioned that he was a family friend of yours. that your large family knew him and saw him as a real close friend. It’s been years since you’ve spoken of him.

Rikku: Yeah… Well… with everything going on over the last couple years… Work. You working harder to get where you are now. Me and my work. Keeping on the good track with the Judge. Every day after my shifts end… i report to her and let her know whether there is likely to be a need to issue a court hearing. Luckily… there has not been any need for one. But some of the cases that come… Need one.

Nick: Work does get in the way of things. When it is something like this. When you first began… when we first met… i stated that.

Rikku: Not literally… but yes you did. And it’s as true now as it was then. *Sighs* Memories. But Nick, When you do have a meeting with Commissioner Jones… Be nice.

Nick: I’m always nice, dear. You know that. I’m always giving others a fair shake.

Rikku: I know how you get though with others sometimes… You like the whole prestige of being the top dog. *Chuckles* You’re really cute when you look like you’re about to lay down the law like you do.

Nick: A Bull dog to them… But a nice Puppy dog to you. *Growling playfully*

Rikku: *Laughs* Silly man. *Sneaking a kiss*


At Jensen’s Auto-finishing…

The place looks like it’s been hit by cartoon graffiti guerrillas: Everything’s printed in polka-dots, checks, tartan, etc. The “Jensen’s Auto Finishing” sign hangs askew over the doorway. Letters have been sprayed out to read “Rip Off!” Several REPORTERS and curious ONLOOKERS stand nearby as Kellaway and his men take it all in. PARAMEDICS appear wheeling Burt and Irv out of the building on two gurneys. They’re both in severe discomfort and look more like cars than men: Bodies spray painted metallic colors, hood ornaments glued to their foreheads, wire rims under each limb, and gleaming four foot long mufflers sticking out of their rear ends. They wince in pain at each tiny bump of the gurney.

Paramedic: *Bringing out the victims of the attack on a gurney* I want a proctologist standing by. The best one you can find.

Peggy Brandt: I’m with the Daily Planet. Can you tell me what happened here?

Lieutenant Mitch Kellaway: No, and you can quote me.

Peggy Brandt: Well, it looks like some sort of Mob tactic.

Lieutenant Mitch Kellaway: There it is, boys, she broke the case. Come on, get these rubbernecks out of here.


The empty garage has been turned into a topsy-turvy nightmare. The same cartoon paint job covers the walls. Peggy looks around, sifting through some papers scattered all over the floor. Nothing. Then she spies the COMPLAINT BOX. Peggy opens it and pulls out a HANDFUL of pink “comment” slips. She looks at them. Almost all of them are from one customer – STANLEY IPKISS…

At Metropolis City Bank Savings and Loan…

11:59 AM…

Stanley was still with the woman from yesterday on his mind. He wanted to see her again. He never would flat out say as much but anyone could tell that he wanted to see her.

Charlie: Come on, Stanley… You need to forget about her. She’s the type of girl looking for the constant bigger better deal. The BBD in the deal. Who’s got the dìnero in their pockets. Ask her what her sign is and she’ll say dollar. “Cha-Ching!”

Stanley: That is not so…


As they were talking, a red haired woman stepped into the bank and looked right to the side and spotted them. She was looking for someone and before long… It was gonna be said. “I’m Looking for Stanley Ipkiss.”

Charlie: Of course it is… ask anyone and they’ll confirm. You need somebody down to earth. Somebody with some integrity. *Spotting a Red-headed woman walking over to them* Somebody with… red hair… full, pouting lips… a white blouse, green jacket… and a name tag.

Stanley: Wow… When it comes to narrowing things down… you really narrow it down. So, All i can get is one with a name tag. and the details you let out.

Charlie: But at least… i come with the facts. You know that better than anyone.

Stanley: *Grins* …

Seconds later…

Charlie: Too bad she’s already taken. She would’ve been your cup of tea. *Patting Stanley’s shoulder before walking over to the Red-Haired woman* … *Greeting the woman* Hello there, may I be of assistance?

It was a woman… Named: Peggy Brandt.

Peggy: Stanley Ipkiss?

Charlie sighed and caved in, Stepped aside and pointed over to Stanley…

Seconds later…

Peggy Brandt: *Shaking hands in greeting* Hi, I’m Peggy Brandt from the Tribune/Daily Planet.

Stanley: *Shaking hands before sitting back down* Oh, hi. Look, I cancelled my subscription because they kept stealing my paper from the…

Peggy: *Sitting down in front of Stanley; ready to ask questions* Oh, no, actually, I just want to ask you a few questions.

Stanley: Really? About what?

Peggy: Jensen’s Auto Finishing. You’re a customer of theirs, aren’t you?

Stanley: Me? No. I don’t even have a car. You know, ’cause they pollute.

Peggy: You don’t own an ’89 Civic?

Stanley: Oh, that car, yeah. Yeah. It’s all coming back to me. Miss… *not knowing the name* What was your name?

Peggy: Peggy Brandt.

Stanley: *Recognizing the name suddenly* Wait a minute. Peggy Brandt? Of “Ask Peggy”?

Peggy: *Acknowledging the column she had at the Planet* That’s right.

Stanley: *thrilled a bit* You printed one of my letters last year. Remember? “Nice Guys Finish Last.”

Peggy: You’re Mister Nice Guy? Oh my god… Stanley… Do you realize how much mail we got about that letter? 100’s of women are looking for a guy like you.

Stanley: Really?

Peggy: You know how hard it is to find a decent man in this town? Most think monogamy is a kind of wood.

Stanley: *Curious* Why are you covering this story?

Peggy: Because “Dear Peggy” pays dick. I’m starving to death. I’m looking to become a real reporter. When you were at Ripley Auto did you see anything suspicious? Anything? I won’t make trouble for you. I just want the truth.

Stanley: God, I wish I knew the truth. You know, I really do.

Peggy: *Writing down her number and giving Stanley her card* If you think of anything… this is my number. This is my… you know, personal number.

Stanley: 100’s of women are looking for a guy like me?

Peggy: Sure. I’m one of them.

Why did that seem to be rather hard to believe? There were signs coming from the woman that felt off. Stanley didn’t know what it was. But he was attracted to her in some way. He was just looking for love. Anyone who’d accept him for him and not for what he had in his pockets. He remembered the woman. He stated that he used to write letters to the Planet in regards to “Ask Peggy”. One of his letters got printed. out of a possible many… one. but it was that one single letter that struck alot of responses and people coming to answer and ask for him or someone just like him.

As for the fighters…

Metropolis Middle school…


Sora and Carly were hanging out by the Clearing of the school. They were thinking about what they were gonna do about their father’s secret. About what they saw. It was spoken of earlier in the day. Before they left the house for school that morning… However what they saw was something that they probably shouldn’t see. But… what they saw of their father and the fact that he was having an affair with another woman. Cheating on their mother…. Sora and Carly couldn’t shake it off. They could not shake off the reality that they were gonna be seeing their house become a very uncomfortable atmosphere for them, their sisters and brother. For everyone.

As for Zoey, Sakura and Hikaru…

At the cafeteria…

Zoey: *Upset; at the table* What is going on with my mom? She’s turning into a whore and those Marco Kids think that i am turning into one just like her.

Sakura: Zoey, It’s gonna be okay. If those Marco Kids come at you… We’ll let them have it. Serena taught us how to fight. We can fight.

Hikaru: I don’t get how those Marco kids can carry out their father’s hate. Why would they want to? Their father was really really mean. Terrible towards others. Everyone knows it. Some of the people in fact are terrified of them because they’ve been going around inflicting fear in anyone that stand by our side. The Marco kids are forcing people to hate us.

Tara: *Overhearing* That’s right, Rhapsody. And we’re not stopping. Want us to stop? Leave Metropolis. Take your whole stinkin’ family and get the fuck lost. Otherwise… enjoy being tortured. Because it will never end. You can count on that.

Sakura: Shut up, Marco. Everyone has had it with you kids. You Marco’s are not being listened to. The school had shut you down. The City had shut you down… The Government too… No one is listening to you. Why don’t you give it up? It is a losing battle. You lost. No matter what you Marco’s try… No one is gonna take the side of your father. No one loved your father. The city all hated him for what he was doing. He was treating others like dirt. Acting holier than thou. People are all starting to hate you Marco Kids… You lost.

Tara: Wanna bet? *Not backing down* We Marco’s have a copy of the tape of something that some of you Stinkin’ Rhapsody Clansmen had done. We’re getting it set to show the whole city. Once we do… they’ll all be drawing their pitch forks and running you freaks out of the city and taking us with opened arms. That’s what we want to see happen and we’re not stopping till it happens. You Rhapsodies are gonna learn whether you want to or not… that you are not gods and the people are gonna wake the fuck up whether they want to or not. Your reign is gonna end. PERIOD!

Zoey: *Reaching her limit* That’s it! I’m done! *With tears in her eyes and suddenly getting up; Pushing the table to the side and walking over to Tara* I am done being upset. Worrying about what you are gonna do to us. You want to fight, Marco? Bring it. Right here… Right now. My mom is a Whore. She turned into one. But she is still my mother. I have heard all i care to hear about it from you shits. We Rhapsody clansmen never had done shit to hurt any of you. None of you. You’re just pissed that we are loved and your father was an asshole and everyone hated him. You can’t take it.

Tara: *Glaring* You better shut it, Slut Jr. Before we Marco Kids ram a fist into your face.

Zoey: Want to try it?! Go for it. I’m done caring. It’s done. *Grabbing at Tara and throwing her into the nearby pole and giving her a bloody nose and lip* You want to screw with us. Go for it. We are done being nice about it. We stood back and kept our cool and remained restrained. Just letting the words and insults get to us but letting you speak the fools. But… Enough is enough. Enough is ENOUGH! *Blowing up and Screaming so everyone hears* I AM NOT SLUT JR. Just because my mother decided to become a Whore… doesn’t mean that i am next in line. I am not like that. If anyone’s got something to say… say it to our faces or shut the fuck up! That goes for you as well MARCO! You Mess with my family… You will regret it. We’re all done with putting up with you. *Seeing the tape on the table and grabbing it* This tape is your only copy of the conspiracy theory that you have on my family, Right?

Tara: The only one that we could make. Because every other source shows something else making your family into gods.

Zoey: *Throwing the tape on ground and stomping on it* Say good bye to the tape. It’s history.

Tara: *Screaming in outrage* I so can’t believe you did that. You Bitch. We spent hours putting that together. Hours. Why do you have to do that? Are you afraid of what the people would see? That the truth is that your Aunts Paige, Pearl and Dinah… Are cold Blooded Murderers? That’s the truth. But the government fabricated a version of it where it made your whole family into a gaggle of galloping legends and Prestigious heroes. Your family has a dark stain on it and no matter how much you cover it up… it’s always gonna be there in the back of anyone’s mind. festering. You have 3 Aunts who are Murderers. Murderers. Why the hell would you protect them? Why are you protecting them?

Zoey: because they’re family. I love them. I don’t care what they did or didn’t do that was awful. I am sure that they beat themselves up over it every single day. Ever since it happened way back when they were in their teens. Before any of us came around. The city loves us because we stick to being who we are. Heroes. My aunts took a life. In the past. But back then… times were different. Things were different. You, Marco…  *Standing up to the creeps* should know that heroes sometimes face a dark hour in their work. Where they have to commit an act that would change them. The one they exterminated was out to ruin them. Possibly kill them. So they had to do the one thing that they really didn’t want to do. They had to Kill this guy: Stroker.

Ginger: … How the hell did you know?

Zoey: Uh, Hello… Wake up. I’m a Rhapsody. Or how you’d call us… Freaks. We all know about it. And you know what… When they told us… We were all mad at them for a while. My mom told me a couple or so years ago. I know about why they did what they did and what got them to do it. It’s ancient history. We young kids were told and for a while… as i said… were hurt and distrusted them because of that… But we gradually came to trust in them again… When they told us. But you see… That’s the difference between us and you. We let things run it’s course and gradually find a way to close those chapters in our lives. We learn to forgive. You guys… Just Harp on the bad and make others feel like crap because why? They don’t think like you. See what you see. Believe what you do. Your father was a Jerk. Martin treated my mother like crap. It’s provocative to come out with it. But i was shown some of the scars on my mom. Done by your father when they were younger. Years younger. Zeke is seen as the vagrant in Martin’s eyes. He saw nothing good in him and wanted my mom to feel the same as he did. She wouldn’t. He then started drinking…

Zoey remembered what her mother and father once explained to her…

She told them everything of what she was told and didn’t leave anything out from what she intended to tell the bullies. They were appalled by what they were being told about their father. What their father did. how he was to others. The Marco kids still loved and respected their father but as they listened to what Zoey was telling them… All they could do was quake in distress as their respect and devotion for their father was broken into multiple pieces. Multiple little pieces that seemed as though they were endless and ongoing…

Zoey: My mom back then smoked. For a little while. I should know as i over heard some of the talks that were between her and my dad. I just don’t talk about it because it’s nothing for others to know.

Lois: You Rhapsody Clansmen need help. Lots of it.

Sakura: And so do you guys. You’re all trying to carry on your father’s name. No one loved him because of how he was to others. By you acting just like he did… It’s gonna get everyone to only hate you too. Is that what you want?

Tara: …

Ginger: But he’s the only father we have. We can’t just forget about him.

Zoey: No one is saying that. But don’t be trying to carry on his hate. It’s not worth it. He was a mean person. Even if he were alive still… It wouldn’t change as he’s never gonna be anything other than a mean spirited man. He’s your father. Your Dad. But don’t live life carrying on his hate. Live it your way. How you want to. Not his way. Just because he was an ass… doesn’t mean you have to be the same way.

There was tension between the Marco Kids and the clan. It was growing and they were itching to brawl and come to draw Blood. They were in the means of drawing Blood. But what they were in need of… was Blossom. She had a mouth on her and took no crap from the Marco Kids. They start in… She’d knock them back into place. However… Now the question was: “Where was Blossom”?

In the Girls restroom…

Blossom: *Speaking to Leslie Through the bathroom stall door* Leslie, what are you doing?

Leslie: *Coming off cold* Does it matter what i am doing, Blossom? Besides… Why do you care anyway? You certainly don’t believe in telling me the truth.

Blossom: What are you talking about? Leslie, Where is that sort of tone coming from?

Leslie: Don’t play dumb, Blossom. I’m new… But i am not stupid. Or should i say oblivious, Electrogal?

Blossom: *Pauses and in shock; Caught off guard* What is your deal, today… Leslie? What did i do to get on your bad side?

Leslie: What do you think, Blossom? Huh? What exactly is it that you think? *Scoffs* You and i Met just yesterday. We spoke about things. Some things that friends would talk about… Like maybe a secret. In confidence. But all that time till now… You didn’t happen to pass off a warning that you were a member of the Super-powered persuasion. Part of the members of the Law. Do-Good’er’s. You didn’t even think to tell me that you were with a heroic identity on the side. That you were this hero that the city know as… Electrogal. I really believed that we would be friends.

Blossom: It’s not for you to know, Leslie. I wanted to spare you from that. You shouldn’t have to worry about that. Leslie, I… *sighs and feeling like she’s placed with no other choice but to come out with the truth*

Blossom and Leslie were only friends a day. One day and already there was something starting to form between them. Something that neither Blossom or Leslie knew about. But despite all of that and the different worlds that they were from. Different lives and sides. They were like close. Blossom was indeed her only friend. Leslie only had her as a friend. No one else wanted to be around her.

Blossom: Leslie… you’re right. I should have told you about it. Open up… I’ll show you the truth. But only because i don’t want to hide it anymore. You’re with all the right in the world to be mad at me. I should have told you. But, You have to be aware that if i were to tell you… and something happened to you because of it… i would never forgive myself.

Leslie: *Unlocking the door and opening the stall door* Maybe so… But that’s the thing i don’t have figured. Why would you think that i wouldn’t be able to handle it? You seem to not understand something which for a sharp girl like you… it should have been a loud giveaway that there was something more to me than my being new here. I am involved with the Mob and have been for some time now. Briefly so far.  *Sensing a pause* Yeah. I admit it. I am with the Mob. Involved. And something else too. I am also known as “Rita the Hammer”.

Blossom: You’re kidding! Really? *Psyched* That’s like a complete trip. Leslie… Why didn’t you say anything?

Leslie: For the same reason as to why you didn’t say anything about what you were. But what gets me is that i got the tell all from the guy at the Sun Shack this morning. He told me that you were coming over to that place a few times. With your cousins… Sora and Carly. Zoey. Yeah… I know about their Alter identities too. Sora and Carly. They’re the Esp. Elemental twins. They can read people’s minds. The thoughts that are on the top of someone’s head. Zoey… She’s a senshi. Sailor Zoey. How strange is that?

Blossom: This is what i have. *Emitting Electricity* This is what i have for power. My Element of power. Leslie. My father is the retired hero… Electric-Rage. My powers that i have… Are none more than a certifiable plausible by product of one who passed the torch. Some of his DNA had powers and it got mixed with the DNA of my mother. Between the two… i have power and a hot emotional temper when times call for it or if i get really heated or annoyed. High strung. But i am also very much into family. You could hurt me and i wouldn’t really do too much other than try to defend myself. But be warned that if you were to hurt anyone in my family… and i knew or found out about it… It would be bad news for you. No lie. *Shutting off the power* You are knowing the truth. And i guess it’s more than fair to say that the truth with that is… Zoey isn’t Sailor Zoey. Not anymore. She lost her powers last year. She used to be though.

Leslie: How is that possible? How did she lose it?

Blossom: She hit the coming out moment on Halloween night of last year. and on the 3rd-4th of December of last year… My cousins and i were in Moscow. Working for the BPRD. The Bureau of Paranormal research and defense. We were on a mission to go after the guy who killed Professor Trevor Broom. He was Murdered. By someone named Grigory Efrimovich Rasputin. We ended him. Or shall we say… someone named Hellboy. A Man. Devil-man who is red, 6 ft. tall and government funded. He’s also got a red right hand that is like stone.  He killed Rasputin and we all bashed the creature that Rasputin unleashed.

Leslie: Wow. That is cool. You guys all went through that?

Blossom: Yeah. We sure did. You are lucky that you were not there though… I was… Well, Uh… Let’s just say that i wasn’t speaking like a normal but happy and calm girl. I had a mouth on me…

Blossom then reminisced back to last year and recalled the event that she was a part of…

Serena: Hang on, Hellboy. Don’t waste your energy. You’ll need it to tear Ras-Psycho-putin a new ass.

Blossom: *Coming to* Where are we?

Raven: Blossom, Don’t react too much. Don’t give that lunatic the satisfaction…

Blossom: Don’t let Rasputin have a case of pain… No way. It’s time to kick his ass. *Trying to get up; feeling Dizzy* Whoa!… Maybe not right now. I am feeling rather loopy right now and seeing stars. *Looking slightly over to see Zoey out cold* Zoey…

Grigory: *gestures at the stone piece* These were the words I heard as a peasant boy in Tobolsk. And now, the door — Sent by the Ogdru Jahad so that they might at long last enter our world.

Annie: *Alert* What? You’re gonna destroy our world because you want to see it fall? Are you insane? If the world ends… You will go down too… The whatever Jahad… They’re not gonna let you live.

Clint: You’re a psycho if you think that you’ll survive the aftermath.

Blossom: You’re a Murderer! Rasputin! You’re a Murderer. You killed Broom! You ordered for Kroenen to kill Professor Trevor Broom. He was more of a man than you’ll ever be, Prick! You better fuckin’ pray that none of us break loose. Because i swear it, Rasputin… I swear it by the hero that fought against psychotic assholes like that before me… that you will wish to fuckin’ god that you never crossed us. That isn’t just blowing smoke up your ass… That’s a guarantee… You satanic… mentally unhinged… Schizophrenic STONE BRAINED SON OF A BITCH!

Ilsa: Shut up! You don’t have the privilege to speak. You pesky kids are to remain silent and behold what is about to begin.

Theodore: Too bad this isn’t a movie. We’d be able to mute you.

Clint: *Grinning at Theodore* Good side line there, Theo. Witty.

Theodore: Thanks. But it’s coming from the fact that i’m annoyed.

Clint: The sense of being annoyed… It does that to you every time.

Spencer: Tell us more.”

Leslie: That’s what happened?

Blossom: Yeah. But Zoey couldn’t fight. She lost her power. She was like a sitting duck and she knew it. We all did.

Leslie: That could have been curtains for you. Was it bad?

Blossom: Well… That depends on whether you had power to fight back with…. or not. It determined a lot of it.

A Minute later…

Blossom: Leslie, I’m sorry for not telling you the truth about the other side of me… What i could do and what i possessed.

Leslie: I’m sorry too. I am just worried that your side of the struggle and my side of the struggle that is slowly unraveling is gonna pull you and I apart. What if we wind up being unable to be with one another again?

Blossom: That won’t happen. I won’t let that happen. You and I are friends. From now on… we’ll tell each other everything. No matter what.

Leslie: Best friends. *Smiles*

Blossom: You bet. Zoey’s My best friend though on top of my cousin and she’s family. She and I would always be doing things together. But you and I… We’re best friends in our own way. We are gonna be best friends. I care about you. Alot. Being new to a school really sucks. Having to re-work your way up back to where you were again. Restarting your life and trying to get a footing again. It can bite. I never had that type of luck. But it doesn’t mean i don’t know the feeling. I’ve seen a few new kids coming to the schools throughout the years and know what they go through. Not knowing where to go in the school. Who to talk to. What to do. Wondering if they’ll be able to make any friends. or if anyone will seek them out and befriend them.

Leslie: Like me?

Blossom: Yeah. But you got to admit, Leslie… You are new to this school still. Not like first day new… But… Still new enough to where you’re looking as though you’re like a hobo or homeless person whose got nowhere to go. Not that you are. But yesterday before you and i first met… It seemed as though you were still lost. With no idea as to what is to be done. Almost unsure.

Leslie: You got a point, i guess. i did seem as though i was a bit lost. i was… too. I was feeling as if i were continually turned around. almost non-stop.

Blossom: *Smelling something* What’s that smell?

Leslie: What do you mean? *Not sure about what to say to her only friend*

Blossom: That smell… It smells like smoke. Some kind of smoke. Tobacco smoke.

Leslie: How do you figure that?

Blossom: How do i not figure that… smell? It’s the same smell that comes from my older sister Victoria. The same smell that comes from my cousin Jenna Rhapsody. She’s 15 or 16 now and she smokes. Victoria does too or she did. She stopped the habit cold turkey early this year. Around like late January or something.

Leslie: Blossom, Uh… I can’t keep trying to cover up things about me like this… You need to know the truth. The smell comes from me. Because… i happen to you know what?

Blossom: What… You happen to what? Smoke? Leslie, if you do happen to do that… It’s not gonna scare me off. *Hugging Leslie* It’s gonna be alright. I understand that you’re with a Mob. I shouldn’t normally be too close to someone who’s in with the Mob. But You are my friend and for better or worse… I am not about to just abandon you and leave you to rot with no friends. You’re my friend, Leslie. My best friend.

What they didn’t know or catch was that someone was listening in on the whole conversation. It was one of the Marco Kids. Cindy Marco…

Cindy: *Whispers to herself* Oh my god… the new girl is a Mobster girl. She’s also smoking and is “Rita the Hammer”. Oh… this is too good. Plus that Pathetic Bitch Blossom is with her. I gotta tell the others and let them know. We can use this against those Rhapsody freaks. Heh heh heh heh heh! *Sliding under the stalls and making sure that she wouldn’t be seen; Running off to tell the others*

Uh-oh! Trouble is gonna be started again and soon. Courtesy of the Friendship that is between Blossom and Leslie. Blossom was gonna get burned… or was she?

As for the older members of the New generation fighters…

Metropolis High school…


Sapphire: *Walking with her gang* So, Pinkies… What happened last night?

Lana Greens
Lana Greens

Lana G.: We didn’t really talk about much. Just hung out and discussed about updating our look. Getting a little make-over.

Erica Harper: You have to admit that we are gonna need them make-overs and soon. Me, however… i am fine just the way i am now. Besides… i don’t think that my mom will be too open on seeing me change looks too drastically. She’s well aware that i’m a member of the Rhapsody Pink Ladies. She’s noticed it. Had for 5 months. But i don’t think that i should flaunt it about.

Ruby Stone: Same here… I wouldn’t mind a little make-over… but i don’t want to change my look too much.

Krissy Caine: How was your date with that guy… George, Sapphire?

Sapphire: It was nice. He took me to this thing at the mall. Said that he saw the romance coming when there was something to compete on. He dared me to Arm Wrestle him. It was a thrill. I beat him twice and he beat me twice. However… on the 3rd win… he won. It was okay. I actually enjoyed it.

Lana G.: That’s good. How did it end though? Was there like a romantic finesse?

Sapphire: You mean like a serenade? No. But we sure kissed a storm. He’s a really spunky kisser. Like a Von Cassanova. If more guys were to kiss like his kissed me… You’d be in High school Musical Territory.

Erica H.: Wow! *Excited* I can’t wait to get me a guy like that.

Sapphire: Don’t worry, Cowgirl… You’ll land a guy. Besides, there’s a ton of opened guys who’re looking for love in all directions. Just waiting for any girl to come their way and love them and give love to. Unless you are gay or bi. It’s okay if you are. My sister is and It’s her personal choice.

Ruby S.: *Grins* That’s really observant of you, Lady Pink.

Krissy Caine: Oh… Did you guys hear the news last night though… or this morning?

Erica H.: Not really. Why?

Krissy C.: An Auto Shop was reported to have been attacked by some kind of Prowler last night. Early this morning the Auto shop got hit. He attacked a couple of repairmen.

Lana G.: How bad was it?

Krissy C.: Not sure… but if you were to see two guys having exhaust pipes and Mufflers sticking out from their butts… You’d be certain that… it got pretty freaky.

Erica H.: *Hisses in pain out of Symphony* Yeowch! That’s gonna scar them for life. They’re gonna be okay… Right?

Krissy C.: No idea. I just heard the news break on the Radio only a half hour ago… It’s really weird.


Raven: *Walking over with her boyfriend Lorenzo* Hey, Sapphire… There’s something going on.

Sapphire: *Looking to the side and seeing her Sister Raven* Hey sis, What’s up? Something a miss?

Raven: Nothing to be pleased about.

Lorenzo: The News is saying that there was possible evidence of additional instigators. 3 additional people. But that no one knew who they were. all from last night. Some Cop named… Kellaway is saying that there is 3 more.

Raven: And there is something else besides that too… Someone out there reported that they were out and caught sight of 3 girls. Teens. matching the same description as… *Feeling uneasy* Us.

Sapphire: What? You’re not serious… are you? We were spotted?

Lorenzo: This is what i am not understanding. Raven is convinced that it was the same description as you, her and Serena.

Raven: It is us. Us 3 teens. There was too much of the details that seemed way too familiar. Too much of a match. There can’t be 2 sets of 3 teens who fit the same exact description. It was us.

Erica H.: Hmm… You know what? Someone should go and get the real details on the matter and find the guy who claims to have seen you 3. After school i’ll do some investigating and see what i can find. Something about this seems fishy. When the news was first breaking on this matter… there was just whatever the authorities could find if anything and believe it to be some prowler. Then a moment later… they come out with saying that someone out there has claimed to have seen 3 other people besides this Prowler. One who wears a green mask? *Suspicious* Sounds like someone out there is trying to ensure that they get their 15 minutes of fame somewhere. Making a story out of possibly nothing.

Krissy: I agree. I think that something is up.

Lana G.: What does it mean though?

Kasey: It means that there is someone out there who is living to stir unwanted trouble and making a scene out of nothing.

Sapphire: That would be the most acceptable answer. But who’s doing it?

Roxanne: *Walking with the girls* Probably someone who enjoys making trouble for others.

Perry: *Walking over from the side suddenly* Oh… You mean the asshole Marco Kids? Is that who you’re speaking of?

Kasey: Perry? *Turning to see Perry walking on over from the side with Kirsten* Where did you come from? You were on the other side of the Hall just a moment ago…

Kirsten: Does it matter how we got here, Kasey? The fact of the matter is that those Marco Kids are literal assholes. We just overheard their conversation and they were talking about exposing some Tape about the Murder Conspiracy that revolves the original 3 fighters. Ruining them. Sapphire, Raven… Damn it. Those Marco kids are planning to destroy your Mother Dinah, and also destroy Paige and Pearl.

Sapphire: Huh?! What the hell are you talking about, Kirsten?

Kirsten: *Scoffs and annoyed* What do you want? A Diagram? Marco… Tape… Conspiracy Theory of event which never happened… A Murder of one guy named Stroker. Your mom being one of the 3 instigated conspirators of the Murder.

Raven: Who’re talking about the bogus conspiracy?

Perry: Earl, James, Josh and Ben.

Lorenzo: What the hell is their problem with you guys?

Perry: Other than the fact that they’re assholes? Nothing.

Raven: What’re we gonna do?

Erica H.: One thing. We take the fight to them.

Lana G.: Well… I always carry my pepper spray with me. Margaret Trent provided us with some during the summer through the minor episode of those creepy hoodlums coming to make some raunchy move with us. Trying to start some bull.

Ruby S.: I got my lucky brass knuckles.

Krissy C.: I have my pocket knife.

Erica H.: I also have my Cowgirl Attire. A winding rope… Plus my spurs. Send them a fighting challenge. Call them out to a showdown.

Sapphire: Right. But girls… take it easy. We have to set a time and date for the showdown. It can’t be here at the school.

Raven: Right.

What turned out to be a casual meeting or a simple conversation with one another and among the members of Sapphire’s gang. changed into a minor development of what happened the night prior and then right into the constant ongoing menacing deal with the Marco Kids and their bull and the ongoing desire of theirs to destroy the Clan. It was not oblivious to consider that the Marco Kids were hellbent and were never gonna quit. Nothing was gonna make them quit with the antagonizing antics and battering the Clan. None of the allies to the Clan would be able to force the Marco Kids to stop. I think that for this inception or annoying dilemma… We’ll condone Rita the Hammer trying to shoot at someone and drawing blood. All anyone can wonder is… Would it be able to seek a cover-up and paid off so the truth would never be known of how the Marco Kids suddenly vanished without a trace?

At the Cafeteria…

Andrè: Something is wrong. *Looking at Serena and Carly* You guys… We have something going on with the site. The iSerena Website crashed last night.

Serena: What do you mean that it crashed, Andre?

Andrè: I don’t know… It just crashed. Last night when i uploaded the Webcast that you two had done… I made sure that it went in. Checked the recs and the stats on the site. It was fine last night. it was before midnight when i checked it. I luckily managed to extrapolate a copy of all the Webcasts and photos that were put on the Website. But i checked this morning… I found nothing.

Carly Black: What does that mean for the show of ours?

Serena: Does it still go on?

Andrè: Until i can get the site back up or find out what went wrong… the Show is at a pause. You two will have to take a hiatus on it. Just for now.

Carly Black: That’s just great. What will we do now?

Andrè: *Getting up* It’s gonna be alright. You two still have a show. It’s just on a temporary Hiatus is all… Look. Serena, Carly… Don’t worry about it so much. I’ll get on my laptop this afternoon after school and work on it. Looking into what happened and why it crashed. It could have been an overload on the server or something, but… i’ll work on it and see if i can fix the problem.

Serena: Any idea why it crashed to begin with?

Andrè: It could have been a multitude of things. Hacking. Seizing of the IP Address of the webpage. An Overload of the site. Malfunction. Hacking… i can just trace it and follow it through to the original source and get a screenshot and a hard copy of the original point of entry of where the Attempts of hacking originated. It won’t be too hard. It’s just like going through a back door. and sneaking in to the perpetrators system and get a hold of their IP Address.

A Minute later…

Serena and Carly started making their way over to the main building and started to make way to class…


Serena: *Not pleased* I can’t believe that the Site crashed. What the hell happened?

Carly Black: I don’t know, Serena. I find all of it just unsound. It was all fine yesterday and was running like it was supposed to. Then now… it’s not? *Sighs* I just don’t get it.

Serena: Neither do I. Plus the fact that last night was a eventful night.

Carly Black: How was the stake out last night?

Serena: I don’t know. It was just mostly watching to see what that Mask was up to. He made a Balloon animal form into a Tommy gun and just fired at that group of gang members. They ran off like rats running from a burning barn.

Carly Black: Who was the Mask?

Serena: No idea. I think that from what Paul said when he called my sisters and Me… That this guy… Ipkiss. Stanley Ipkiss. He was the mask.

Carly Black: That does sound somewhat surreal. Didn’t your sisters pay us a surprised visit and inform that there was something going on and that they were getting the same exact call as you did?

Serena: I think so. But i was half asleep. The way i was last night when it was going on… You could have told me that my hair was on fire and i’d be thinking you were spacing out or something. I was rather out of it.

Carly Black: Same goes for me. I was not all there either.

Serena: *Spotting Spencer and Rikku nearby*


Spencer: *Walking over with his wife* Hey Serena… Carly.

Serena: Hey Spence. What’s up?

Spencer: Nothing really. Same batch of crud… different day.

Rikku: The Radio’s been going on about the Auto shop being hit. That it’s been attacked. Some of the officials are saying it’s possibly a mob hit.

Serena: A Mob Hit? You’re kidding?!

Rikku: I don’t think we are. They’re talking about it and it’s all over the Radio. MRHAP. Lord Arnold’s broadcasting updates on the story behind the reports. There’s also a couple of those Rotten Marco Kids.

Carly Black: Why… *Annoyed by the mention of Marco* What did those asshole Marco’s do now? What shit did they start this time?

Spencer: Pfft! Don’t you mean… What didn’t they start? They’re getting together a tape that contains bullshit footage of our mothers and what they committed 20-21 years ago now.

Serena: You mean… The Conspiracy Murder that didn’t happen?

Spencer: Yep. That’s the one. They’re relentless in getting it together and bringing it out into the open. The Marco Kids are seeing no end in their plans on trying to ruin our family. They don’t care if everyone’s against them. Nothing is making them back off. I overheard one of them say this: “We’re not gonna quit trying to ruin those Rhapsody freaks. We don’t give a shit if everyone is against us. Those Rhapsody freaks are royal pains in the ass. We want them gone and we don’t give a shit what anyone of their buddies and allies want. This is our city. Not theirs. We’re taking it back. We don’t even care if those two tough bitches who run that loser webshow come to brawl with us. We’ll knock them down. This is our school. Our city. It’s past time that they all started learning their place.”

Serena: Bring them here.

Carly Black: Do you really want to fight those pricks now?

Serena: It isn’t what i want or what i do not want, Carly… But i am just sick and tired of those Marco’s. I’ve had it up to here with their shit.

Spencer: *Spotting one of the Marco’s making their way over from the side* Don’t look now. But uh, here they come.

Serena: Perfect.

Seconds later…

Josh: *With James* Hello there losers. What’s new? Planning to derail our ambitions to ruin you freaks again?

Serena: *Standing up to the Marco Boys* Stuff it, Prick. You are bunch of assholes. Your father was a fuckin’ loser. Everyone hated him.

James: *Coughing up a rebuttal* Oh yeah, Serena The Bitch. Well… We Marco’s hate you Rhapsodies and wish that you and your entire freak clan were dead. How do you like them apples. Don’t like it? Huh?! Too bad. *Shoves Serena onto the floor* Piss off, Tough freak. You’re a freak. And i know what you are in secret. Thunderic Fury. Go ahead and throw some thunder at us. Come on freak. Do it. *Seeing Spencer itching to react* Hey! Albino shithead… Don’t even think about it. Make a move and you’ll get burned. You’re all gonna learn. You’re not gods and we’re not gonna step down and allow the city to press on considering you to be like gods. The city don’t like it. That’s tough.

All the kids in the hall: *Screaming at the Marco’s and taking a Stand* SHUT UP MARCO! SHUT THE HELL UP!

James: No. Fuck you people. You’re not having your way anymore. We’re not stopping. Yell and scream and try to stop us. We won’t stop. You’ll never win. Want us to stop? Start hating the Rhapsody clan. Otherwise… sit back and deal with what we dish out. *Flipping off the surrounding kids* See that? Eat it!


a few of the surrounding teens came in towards the Marco Boys and grabbed them. They started wailing on them and Kicking them. Serena, Even though she was a little bruised from being shoved. Got up and fought the Marco Boys. She was tougher than a few little bruises. She and her lover Carly Black got at the boys and started Kneeing them and Punching them right in the guts. HARD! It was an ongoing war. Rikku was irritated at the Marco’s and pulled out her weapons. Her claw and clawed right at the Marco boys. The Marco Boys didn’t even try to fight back. They only laughed and coughed up some blood and were hurting in agony… but they didn’t care. They were set in their ways and no one was gonna force them to stop.

Except for a gunshot. A couple of the surrounding kids in the hall… Had a gun and no one knew. it was never heard. It was a Silencer. (How in the world could a Gun get past security and no one knowing about it?) But it did create a scene…

School Security came rushing in and broke up the crowd. It didn’t take much for them to see that the two Marco Kids were shot and they called for an ambulance. It was a mystery as no one knew what happened and in the back of Serena’s and Carly’s mind… They felt bad… but the main rush of their demeanor… felt absolutely nothing else but gratification. The girls were pleased. Spencer and Rikku were also satisfied.  They saw what happened and didn’t say a word. They both played the Village Idiot card gladly. Unbeknownst that that night would be the call for death on Marco. They didn’t care. But if nothing other… They’d be receiving a call from Beth Marco who reformed back to her maiden name of Timberland. However… the kids would keep the Marco Name…

1 in the afternoon…

At the Coco Bongo Club…

High Executive office…

Niko’s Golf Game: *Niko hits a golf ball, it lands in a virtual reality golf game screen* 120 yards.

Dorian enters with 2 of Niko’s men on each side…

Niko: Hello, Dorian. Thanks for dropping by. Of course… it would have been more surprising if you had that young girl with you too. *Sensing a pause of dread* What? Dorian, You really think that i wouldn’t catch on to the idea that you got a young Girl to serve you? Anything that goes on at the club… i know about. There’s nothing that goes on that i don’t know about. I’ll hear of it.

Dorian: Well, next time why don’t you call, all right? Leave the delivery boys at home. And what young kid do you mean? I don’t have any kid around me and my boys. It ain’t my style. The Kid is just hanging with us because she wants to do a school report on us. That’s all.

Dorian was right there covering for Leslie. Niko wasn’t the least bit stupid. He knew about her and he knew what Dorian was trying to pull over his eyes…

Niko grins at the thugs evilly and nods. They force Dorian to the floor, and Niko laughs as they do. One of them points a gun at Dorian and the other places a wooden tee in Dorian’s mouth. He spits the tee out. The man with the gun cocks the hammer and holds the gun to Dorian’s head. The other man then places another tee in Dorian’s mouth and puts a golf ball on it…

Niko: *swings the club slowly around Dorian’s face* The cops, ah… tried to shut the club down this morning. They say you’ve been using the place to run your own small-time scams. To make things even more disturbing… They even had come up with word that you had a young 12-13 year old girl working alongside you. I hear things like that, and I start losing my concentration. And my game, it goes straight to HELL! *pulls the club back for the swing* You could, too. *swings and hits the ball* You can’t snow me, Dorian. You never could. You forget that… I Own You!

Dorian: *cries out in pain* Ahh! FUCK!

Niko’s Golf Game: 205 yards.

Niko: I’m fed up with you, Dorian. But I’m gonna cut you a break. Five weeks to get out of town. Same goes for that Girl too… *brushing Dorian’s cheek with the club. Dorian smacks it away* After that, I’ll use your empty little skull to break in my brand new 9-iron. I will also see that your young pet sees as her life is cut short in an untimely fall.

the two thugs lift Dorian up roughly and escort him out of office…

Dorian: *barking back* You stay away from Leslie. You touch her… You’re dead where you stand. Not even your influence here will be able to protect you.

Niko: Strong words… But when coming from you… I don’t have much to worry about…

1:30 PM…

Metropolis Courthouse…

Nick’s office…

Commissioner Jones was in the waiting room just outside the office and waited for Nick to arrive. But it was only minutes later when Nick walked over and opened the door to his office and walked over to his desk. He sat down at his desk and The commissioner sat down facing him…

Nick: It’s a shame that this guy… Dorian Tyrell is gonna slip away squeaky clean. There was nothing but a few scraps of cash and a dirty pair of boots.

Commissioner Jones: He’s not the big concern. Niko’s the big fish.

Nick: It’s what makes the job hard. However the good thing about the Mob… When dealing with them… You get second chances and the chance to find something that sticks.

Nick by that time had grabbed the stack of bills sent to him that morning from the Internal Affairs….

Nick F. Rhapsody

Nick: *Looking at the stack of dollar bills before tossing them back onto the desk* Unscathed lightly irradiated bills. Clean and glossy. Customized for a special purpose. This is fancy stuff for a common city cop who works best with beating the streets. Not to mention the fancy work of a blue being with white hair and a tail clawing down crime where possible. Have help coming to you from somewhere?

Commissioner Jones: we join in with different agencies who follow the reigns of Justice.

Nick: Save it, Jones. I want to meet this blue being and meet face to face with these super sleuths. I know about them already… But i want to have an audience with them. Sometime soon.

Commissioner Jones: Maybe so… But in their line of work given that they’re young heroes… It’s best that they work under the radar as much as possible.

Nick: What about that Place they go to… the Watchtower command center as they refer it?

Commissioner Jones: It’s a secret base of operations. But it’s found best if i remain unknowing of it.

Nick: I’ve put all the outer sources of the mob’s cash flow behind the bars. Locked up many of their secret resource providers. But somehow… they’re still getting their money and it’s from someone that has nothing to lose off hand. Whoever this blue friend of yours is and you have seemed to find the last link to their money… Their wallets. Pinching them where it will hurt the most. It’s a bold move. *Curious* You gonna cut me in?

Commissioner Jones: In an operation like this… the fewer people that know about it… the better.

Nick: John, I don’t like the fact that you happen to have your own personal team. Not only that… but i am not too savvy over the idea that it’s consisting the ones i had once investigated in the Internal affairs once before on an slight injunction.

Commissioner Jones: Nick, You’re doing the best you can with what you got. I am too. We’re following the same line of Justice. Bring the veins of crime down to its knees. But in the honest truth and the hard reality of the matter here… If I didn’t work with cops you investigated while you were making your name at I.A. 20 years ago… I’d be working alone. I don’t get political points for being an idealist, I have to do the best I can with what I have. Plus i also have Martian powers. Which i am certain that you know of them.

Nick: True. I suppose that i do know of them. My wife seems to know of your alter identity. Said that you were working with her family for a long time. With her daughters who were the original girls of Love, Grace and Fury. And the Original Enforcers of Justice. who were Sons to someone named John Drake Rhapsody Son to John Walter Rhapsody. I am part of that family… so i can’t really be too shocked as my wife seems to know of the service that you fulfilled while veining morally on the Superhero beat. *Looking down and considering* Okay… What i am hearing is that you want me to provide backing on the search and Leisures on 4 different banks. Without briefing on what we’re after…

Commissioner Jones: I can’t really give you many names. But one of them is said to be a young Kid. A Misguided teen.

Nick: Hmm… *Considering* Well… that’s a start. I’ll get you, your warrants. But i want your trust.

Commissioner Jones: *Grins; to Nick* you don’t have to sell me, Mr. Rhapsody. Everyone knows you’re Metropolis’s Shining Knight.

Nick: *A little unsure of being deserving to be called the Shining knight* I hear that they have a different name for me at the I.A. department.

Commissioner Jones: *Denying it* I wouldn’t really know about that.

5 weeks later…

School was out that day which was luckily a blessing… but then a lead for concern. It was 5 and a half weeks since Dan and Roxanne met and got to know each other. Dan wasn’t much of a band guy. He didn’t join as he didn’t even want to get too attached and be mistaken as a stalker. But he clearly loved Roxanne. He admired her. Adored her. Wanted to be hers forever. It was a bright day out. A wondrous day and no one knew it. No one knew that Dan was out with Roxanne. However they all knew that he and Roxanne were without a doubt… Boyfriend and Girlfriend status. Dan had a picnic basket full of Chicken wings. Barbecued Chicken wings which was strange as he had to find a place that sold them and hot too. already cooked but fresh. he bought them and made them look as if he made them. However… it may have turned out that he made them as he for the past several months had started teaching himself how to cook. There was a shock behind that as he was a Teen who was still unsure what he wanted to do. But he was matured into a Don Juan Heart throb. A soft Greaser with a noble heart. Rumors about Roxanne were circling and it was making to where as though she had the ability of hiding the pregnancy even harder. Roxanne was getting more weight. she was starting to get fat and it was showing. The signs were there and it was gonna get more visible.

Metropolis Park…

Dan: *Walking over to a clearing; With Roxanne* It’s nice of you to accompany me like this. It’s a nice day for hanging out and having a morning picnic.

Roxanne: I know. This must have been something you were setting up for you and me. Dan, you’re really sweet.

Dan: I try to be. I actually am sweet. but when i get surrounded by stress or the constant worry that comes from my family as they’re enduring my sickening acting Aunt Luna and what she has been doing… I get really tense. But being around you… it just takes away all the stress. You’re like a light to a happier existence.

Roxanne: That’s something i’d like to believe… but i’m not like that. not really. *Noticing that Dan is starting to struggle with carrying the basket* Are you okay?

Dan: Yeah. *Carrying the basket* I’m okay. It’s a little heavy though… but i don’t mind. *Grunting a little* Besides… you do know the saying that everyone says… or uses. “No Pain… No gain.”

Roxanne: Of course. But are you sure that you wouldn’t like to have some help?

Dan: I’m sure. Really.

Roxanne: *Walking along with Dan*

Dan: However… what is it that you have in your bag?

Roxanne: Just books for school. Text books and reading books.

Dan: How come you carry all these books? I mean… not that i’m saying anything against it… But Wow! If i had to carry all these books and things… I’d go nuts. I would never make it too far as i’d collapse.

Roxanne: Don’t say that… You’re stronger than you think.

Dan: I appreciate the compliment. *Touched*

As soon as they got to a clearing and approached a bench… Dan sat down and Roxanne sat right next to him. Dan got out all the stuff and set up the bowl of the Barbecued chicken wings. He also had a bottle of wine or Sparkling cider and two glasses. He poured a drink for both her and himself and saw that she had already started eating. With just one. Diving in…

Dan: *Chuckles* You’re a real trip, Roxanne. You’re already going for it. The Chicken wings must be like a craving. Wow! I never have seen a girl eat like that before. *Laughs amused*

Roxanne: *Chuckles in return* I know… I just don’t know why i’m so hungry like this. It’s like i haven’t eaten a thing in weeks or in several days.

Dan: You okay?

Roxanne: Yeah. *Eating* Mmm…

Dan: *Exposing his feelings to Roxanne* I love you, Roxanne Harris.

Roxanne: *Lost a little in her craving and hunger attack; Not aware that Dan was revealing his feelings to her* Thanks… Me too.

Dan: And i love how it is that you love to eat.

Roxanne: I just don’t have any idea as to why i am hungry… All the time. It’s crazy. How can i be constantly hungry?

Dan: Maybe it’s just one of those times when you get the urge of wanting to just eat and eat and eat. Not caring as to why… but just to do it. I notice that some people use food for getting romance coming their way. Others… for a kind and caring gesture. some do it to let someone know that they are not alone and that someone is thinking of them. Seeing that the person would never go hungry.

Roxanne: That’s not the usual soft greaser talk. Dan, You sure that you’re okay?

Dan: Me? Oh… of course. *Nods*

Dan then got out two glasses and the bottle of Sparkling Cider… Pouring a glass for Roxanne and one for himself. Seconds later… He placed the bottle back into the basket sealed and handed a glass to Roxanne…

They took a few sips and then placed the glasses down and Dan made sure that there was something for Roxanne to clean off her hands a bit. It was romantic but with the guise of it being a rather casual outing…

Roxanne: *Cleaning up her fingers and hands* Thank you, Dan. That was really good.

Dan: It was no trouble at all. I’m just loving how it is that you just love to eat.

Roxanne: Why Chicken wings though? Not that i mind. I loved the wings.

Dan: Oh… Well… My father is a bit of a cook. He’s gotten better with the cooking as time passed… but a few years ago… he tried to cook a Turkey with his remnant Plasma Element that he wields. However… It didn’t turn out so good as it was supposed to. He did two turkeys and one wasn’t done till hours later after the first one. The second turkey was done the next day. By time we had it all done… There was enough turkey to last 2 months. Almost. It turned out to be an after Thanksgiving feast. We couldn’t eat all that. We had to make some sandwiches and even make a basket of turkey sandwiches… dropping them off at the homeless shelter for the homeless people. So they’d have something to eat. We couldn’t eat that… Not all that turkey. We’d be so sick of it by time we finished that we’d never want another thing of turkey at all. We’d be boycotting it.

Roxanne: *Pauses; Curious* What… Why would he want two turkeys cooked for thanksgiving? Wouldn’t it have seemed like as if he were trying to feed an army?

Dan: It actually did seem as if he were intending to do that. I think that it was one of those things where he wanted us to have more than just plenty to eat. I don’t really understand it myself. My mom didn’t get it that clear. She was also wanting to know what the reason behind it was really about. but by time she got up to say something… it was too late. Two turkeys were already prepped for cooking and they were both being placed in the Oven. Both cooked and made tender. One was done before the other unfortunately. The second one was done the next day and it left for my brothers and Sister… My mother and father to try and cut all the pieces of the Turkey and carve it dry as we could. Pick it clean off its bone. Then try to find a place in the icebox for it. To store it so it wouldn’t spoil. However… it was not simple as we had the fixings from the Thanksgiving feast in there too. It was a real mess.

Roxanne: My parents would never attempt that. It’s rather… unusual.

Dan: No disagreements there, Roxanne. I agree. However… at first… i thought it was rather funny. But now that i think back about it more and more… it made it out to be really excessive and as though we were serving a hoard of people. Close to about a hundred or so. The Turkeys were 25 Lbs. a piece.

Roxanne: Wow…

Dan: Roxanne, Would it be alright if i were to ask you something?

Roxanne: Sure.

That was when Dan went big and took the chance. Risking big and somehow got out a small box. It was bought at a Merchant’s stand that was operated by a family friend. O’aka XXIII Merchant Extraordinaire. He used his Allowance which was saved for at least 2 years solid to buy something which was pricey. He saved up to $500 dollars and the ring was $479.00 It was beautiful. A sweet looking ring. Dan opened it as he got on one knee in front of Roxanne and that was when he popped the life changing question. The Universal question that all people ask when they propose…

Dan: Roxanne Harris. Will you Marry me?

By then… Roxanne had the ring in her hand and holding it in her fingers. Looking at it. feeling as if she was having her life literally changed. Literally and with no punch being pulled. Dan didn’t even know that she had sex with someone at band camp. He never even knew. Never knew. But Roxanne looked at the ring and felt her heart shake and began to quake with an upset tone in her voice. Dan didn’t know if she was gonna say yes… or if she were to say no. He waited for a response…

Dan: *Surprised* A simple “Yes” would suffice.

Roxanne: *Through her tears and on the verge of breaking down; Blowing her nose before looking towards Dan* You know?!

Dan: I know that i Love you and had since the day i saw you…

Roxanne: *Crying* You know about me?

Dan: Uh, I’m not sure what you’re talking about, but I know that I love you and I wanna marry you. That’s what i am wanting to do. That’s what a couple does when they love each other. I know there is a long road ahead after the engagement. Life. Money. Finances and the works… But i’m up to taking on that life long task. With you.

Roxanne: *In heartache* Why did this all have to happen to me?

Dan: I don’t really know for sure what is supposed to happen to you. Or why the things that were happening to you… managed to happen to you. I happen to know that you could have easily chosen someone else… Someone who’d be more deserving than me. More better than a Greaser. But you came for me. Didn’t have to… but you did. *Seeing tears falling from Roxanne’s face* Don’t cry.

Roxanne: *In tears* Who told you?

Dan: What?

Roxanne: Who told you?

Dan: My father.

Roxanne: Your father knows? *In an upset voice; still on the brink of crying and feeling Embarrassed*

Dan: Yeah. Of course… I mean it wasn’t much to figure out that when he saw us together… last week that he managed to notice that you were… well… Glowing a little. Plus he’s like a Double “0” secret agent. Getting Intel from British Intelligence and the sort. But… for things like teen Pregnancy… I don’t think it takes much for him to know. He just keeps an ear out and listens for certain things.

Roxanne: *In heartache* I’m so Embarrassed…

Dan: No… *Holding Roxanne close* Roxanne, Don’t you be Embarrassed about it. It’s gonna be okay.

Roxanne: No… *Emotional* It’s not okay… It’s Definitely not okay. Dan, You’re such a nice person. *In sobs* I’m such a whore.

Dan: If that’s the case… You’re my Whore. Not that i’d ever call you that. But you’re mine and i am yours. *Seeing Roxanne breaking down a little* I’m kidding. But… i do love you, Roxanne. I know that it might sound like i am just saying it… just to say as much. But it’s true. I love you.

Roxanne: What am i gonna do?

Dan: Well, Marry me of course.

Roxanne: *Emotionally hysterical; With heartache* I can’t get married. My parents will never let me. I’m only 15. I’m not even sure they’re gonna let me do this. Maybe they’ll want me to get an abortion or something. My parents’ll never let me keep this baby. Never. They’re gonna be so mad at me and there is nothing i can do to keep them from losing it.

Dan: They won’t ask for that. Plus… I am sure that we can be married. My Cousin Spencer got married at 14. It was consensual and of equal agreement. My cousin-in-Law Rikku’s father was all for it. My Aunt Pearl was just as much all for it too. Ask her to confirm. It was young love. Young romance. But Rikku and Spencer were in so much love. It could not be denied. It just couldn’t be iced. Not only that… Not a one was pregnant. Although some situations are different than others. Ours is different. Not uncommon and wrong. Just different.

Roxanne: …

Dan: You don’t have to do that. Asking for an Abortion. You don’t have to do it. I’m here for you, Roxanne. That will never change. *Looking to the side* I know that i can sometimes be a little self-involved and i can be rather late on things… But i would never stop loving you for who you are, Roxanne. I love you and i’ll care for you. As long as you let me. Which i’ll still care for you even if you don’t want me to. I’ll always be yours. No matter what. We can tell your parents that it’s my baby, that it’s yours and mine, and that we’re getting married. My parents will want to know how its my baby. But… they will be more than fine with the fact that you and I love one another and that We’re wanting to get married.

Roxanne: *Looking at Dan* I am so stupid. Dan, I lied to you… I had sex with Harry.
It was awful sex, though. I mean, it only lasted, like, two seconds, and I wasn’t even sure it was sex until this happened.

Click to view full size image

Roxanne let out a cry as she laid her head on Dan’s shoulder. She was so hurt and ashamed that she was pregnant and knowing that it was with someone who was not anything she’d want in her life. She loved Dan and wanted him. But now that she had let out that she had sex with someone else… Roxanne knew that she’d have to go to the one that she had intercourse with and tell him that he was the father of her baby. It was something that she didn’t want to do… However… both she and Dan knew… that eventually the truth was gonna be coming out. There was nothing any of them could do. Roxanne was so embarrassed. Hurt. Knowing that she might have risked hurting the only one she’d ever come to love…

Seconds later…

Roxanne: What am I gonna do? What am I gonna do?

Dan: Everything’s gonna be fine. I don’t know how or when, but everything’s gonna be fine.

Roxanne: How do you know that, Dan? How can you say that everything’ll be fine?

Dan: Because everything is fine.

Roxanne: No… Everything is not fine… I mean, I’m getting fatter and fatter by the second, and more and more people are finding out. Sooner or later, my parents are gonna find out. So will Harry. Even if i don’t tell him… he’ll find out.

Dan: Forget about him. As far as you and i should be concerned… it’s yours and my baby. As far as the rest of the world is concerned… the baby belongs to us. Not to Harry. If he really cared about you… he’d be with you. Asking you how you were and showing heart. *Angry about Harry* The sickening part of it all is that… Zoey Creek has her sights on him. Not knowing about the dirty deed he had done. He impregnated you. But he’s nothing like a Gentleman. It’s a long shot… but I’ll ask Jessica Spelling to do some recon on him and find out what his M.O is really about. But you’re my Wife and that’s my baby. Mrs. Roxanne Rhapsody. The Greaser Princess. The lovely Greaser Princess. But… Please… Let me be your Handsome Greaser Prince.


That was not the only thing going on. There was the main attraction. The issue with the Mask. Ipkiss. Dorian… The Mob. The Change in Luna and many other things… It was gonna get really interesting now.

Blossom was now with Leslie and it was 5 weeks later. It was a change in life for her and Leslie was like her most best friend. The Struggle with the Marco Kids was loosening its grip suddenly as two of the Marco kids were dead. They were dead on arrival and it was not made to be an accident. The Marco Kids had vengeful enemies and some of the fingers were pointed right at Serena… Carly Black, Spencer and Rikku. However… They were by far the guilty ones even though they’d be wanting to be in the spotlight of ones who had killed the 2 Marco Kids who were in that hall. With the Mob high Elite Niko in the know of Leslie… It meant that danger was on its way to her and it would spill the troubled waters in her direction. The Affair with Alvin and the recon of Sora and Carly. They were also in a bind as they were struggling. Their schoolwork was starting to falter and flounder as the reality of their father’s affair was plaguing them. There was also the change in one marriage. Luna and Zeke were having fights almost every day. Sometimes 2 to 3 times a day. Some of the fights were violent. Domestic. Causing Zoey to start considering on taking up a habit. But she was still holding on. She had to. Blossom on the other hand was starting to slowly get pulled into the Mob world… Or that was what it seemed. Everything was changing and also there were more and more developments going on with the Mask. With Ipkiss. There was no doubt… that more was to come. The fighters were gonna be facing even more changes. Much of them were gonna have their worlds rocked and not in a Justin Timberlake’s: “Rock your body” sort of way. But in a way that none would like. Roxanne’s Pregnancy… Blossom’s now sudden start in flowing to the life of the Mob… Zoey struggling more and more. Becoming even more stressed. On the side of learning to play Guitar. Luna slowly but more developing to leave the entire Clan all together. What was next for the fighters? For Zoey? Sora and Carly? What were they gonna do? Would Roxanne be able to finally tell her mother that she was having a Baby? Would that put Dan in the hot seat? What about The Affair? What was gonna happen to the family in question if the Affair someday got exposed and the truth was told? Find out in the next Upcoming Chapters of the Adventures of the Rhapsody Girls Z! as the Saga continues…

Zoey: *Voice-over* I can’t believe this… My best friend Blossom is smoking. She’s Been hanging with the new girl Leslie T. Burke and that girl is a coming out of the closet and Confessing involvement with the Mob… Mafioso. A Gangster Gal. I feel as if i lost my closeness to my best friend. This is a nightmare. Plus… there is a family dealing with an affair going on. Not to leave out that my mother is slowly leaving the family all together and my father is changing into a Drunk. Why did all this have to happen? On the next Adventures of the Rhapsody Girls Z! More comes in to the limelight on the Affair. Sora and Carly get closer to calling it quits on the innocent nature of theirs. They’re watching as their father is having affairs. A most likely affair with another woman. They have to combat with their conscience and inner feelings on what to do. Do they tell their mother? Do they keep silent? What were they to do? Luna, My mother becomes more into the Exotic modeling. The Nudity. The possible Drugs and selling oneself for intimate foreplay. Debauchery in the midst. My dad gradually turns into a Drunk. What’ll i Do? But as that’s going on… Signs of the end of terror coming from the Marco Kids begins. now that there’re only 8 Marco Kids left… The hardcore ropes of terror courtesy of the Marco Kids starts to lessen its grip. On the front of the main event… The Mob and their control of the City develops a bit more as Dorian Tyrell’s crew initiate their first big mob hit. But it also spells out likely trouble for Leslie and also puts Blossom in a bind because it exposes her closeness to Leslie. What about the Pregnancy of Roxanne’s? Would the one who got Roxanne in Pregnant Lane… come in and take responsibility or would this be a way of the teenage boy claiming deniability? There is also the fact that our new Ally Stanley Ipkiss has the Mask. There is little to no telling when or if there’ll be a second wave of the Mask’s Antics. But when one arises… it’s gonna be up to the Romancers Z!, Aquatic Force Z!, The Thunderic Force Z!, Honolulu torch Paul, The Psychic Wonder and the Esp Twins. Hopefully including Blossom to handle it. as well as which ever allies we got that has the resources to help in the fight. and to help pick up the pieces and do damage control. It’s Affair development, Luna’s going further to the official departure of the Clan, My possible dive to a habit and taking up Getting into playing Guitar, The end of Marco Kids terror antics, Blossom smoking, The second wave of the Mask, as well the shot of meeting the Adopted kids of the Family Matriarch Rikku L. Rhapsody… in the next chapters of the Adventures of the Rhapsody Girls Z! Chapter 210: “Blossom and Leslie form a closer Bond. “, Chapter 211: “Leslie Tina Burke Introduces Blossom to Dorian Tyrell.” and Chapter 212: “The Mask comes to foil a heist. Leslie/Rita the Hammer with the Mob on the Heist. Trouble for Blossom: Imminent!”


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