Chapter 208: The next morning in Metropolis and a secret Video meeting with all the New Generation fighters……

It was the morning light. After the first wave of the Antics done up by the mask. Stanley was the Mask. Although the question that the original writers of the Movie and the leading actor never thought was necessary to ask was… How much of the Mask’s actions was the mask… and how much was actually Ipkiss? Was it really all him and the Mask was acting it out… or was it the Mask and Ipkiss was just going along with it? Now none of the fighters knew of what happened. A bunch of them already met Ipkiss. By luck. By chance alone. But there were some… who didn’t meet him. However they were part of the fighting force … so they were gonna need to know and know right away. It was right before school and the fighters were all getting up to set up for another day of school. Another day. or was it?

At Dinah and Shingo’s house…


Living Room…

Sapphire: *In conference with the fighters and sisters* Okay… Here is the details of the situation. Yesterday… A bunch of us came in meet with a Stanley Ipkiss. Drab Banker of the Metropolis Savings and Loan Bank. He’s what Paul gathered of Ipkiss… A Love sick… Love crazed man. Nice and peaceful. A Hopeless romantic. But is always getting the block on luck.

Raven: There has to be more to it than that…Last night was really Zany. Not what we would call anything of the description…

Annie: But how did this happen? Is he alright?

Serena: Oh… He’s alright. He’s sleeping it off and is likely one who’s got no recollection of it at all. That’s what Paul tells us at least.

Carly Black: You guys… This is serious. Ipkiss needs help.

Daria: No he doesn’t. What he needs is to be without that mysterious mask.

Clint: Daria… Stop it. That is not gonna help. Ipkiss is not a maniac. He couldn’t help what the hell was going on. The Mask was taking over… Some of it was him… But most of the actions… were all done by the Mask Personality. It was acting out Stanley’s “Id”. His deepest darkest desire.

Amy: His what?! *Lost and confused* What did you say?

Spencer: Amy… IT is just what he said. What Paul said too. We were there at his apartment. At Ipkiss’s apartment… There was this Author on T.V. Arthur Neuman… One of the things or the only thing that he said… was: “We suppress the id, our darkest desires… and adopt a more socially acceptable image.”

Blossom: If that’s the case… we have a problem… I have befriended a gangster girl and the only thing that i can say is that the girl is not like the many others who were young but asinine… Or shall i say… Ego-tistical. The girl i met… Her name is Leslie Tina Burke. This could all be an offset of a Mob throwdown. Ipkiss… He is mr. Nice guy. He is sweet as you are stating. Leslie is also nice too… But Involved on the wrong side. Not by choice… But because the other side took her in when she was new in the city and had thereby… Nowhere else to go. She had nowhere to go and the ones on the other side of this soon to be struggle… just took her in and made her a part of them.

Theodore: What does that mean? What does that even mean? The girl you met… is part… of the Mob?

Blossom: I don’t know… She said she was… With a persona of a Mafioso. However… she wouldn’t specify. I can’t push her to tell me as it would put her in an awkward spot. The other thing is that i am her only friend.. No one else wants to befriend her.

Zoey: Whoever that girl is… Could she be in lines for another friend? No one deserves a life of loneliness. Everyone deserves a friend. No matter who they are.

Annie: What about Ipkiss? Why did he become… this green headed guy? How did this happen?

Clint: One guess and it is found at the Metropolis river. Last night… by time the date i was having with Kiyoko happened to near an end. I happened to drive right along the bridge. On one side of the road of the bridge was a broken down piece of… pardon the language as it might not be for the sensitive ears or the weak in mind. It was a disgraceful piece of Automotive garbage crap that it looked as if someone placed a few things of metal together and molded them into the shape of a car. calling it a car. when it broke down and turned to literal crap. The worst crap ever formed. Ipkiss was given that car by a rip off Auto finishing place. He filled out complaints too… But nothing changed from that. He can’t seem to get his own car back. I pulled over and looked down to see Ipkiss down below. Standing in the river by the River bank.

Penny: What was he doing there?

Clint: Well.. That’s the initiative. The really compromising part. He was said to rescue a believed person which wasn’t a person from drowning. Ipkiss said that he thought it to be a person. A real person. there is a catch though…It was a hunk of garbage. An old tire and other little things bunched up together… He sifted through it… to find… A Mysterious Mask. odd looking one at that. It was very strange. on front there was some kind of engraving on the near top of it. That looked like… Well…

Raven: The Norse god of Mischief. Loki.

Clint: Yeah. But how did you know?

Raven: Uh, Clint… Who are you talking to right now… It’s me… The Family Bookworm. Or… one of the family bookworms. I read. I may not look like a pencil geek. but i am still a book worm who’s itching to read till the eyes went numb.

Clint: Point well taken. But you’re right. It was an engraving like that. Obviously… Imbued with the powers of Loki. Because on the back… There was this green shimmer. Then white… then green again. Stanley tried it on as some kind of spoof or something. He tried it. Within seconds… he turned into this green guy. He tagged me too. As a person who looked like someone who happened to watch one too many Horror movies.

Spencer: That’s nothing. He could tell that i was Albino. I never even told him. I never said anything about being one to Stanley… But the Mask knew. Knew about that just like… *Snapping his fingers* That. No trick. No reading minds… Just knew.

Sapphire: Where is Stanley now?

At Stanley Ipkiss’s Apartment…

Paul: *In a Video conference with the other fighters* I stayed at his apartment and kept his dog Milo happy. It was better than being home to sniff the scent of a father having an affair.

Zoey: What?! Wait… Wait a minute. Uncle Alvin is cheating on his wife. Cheating on Aunt Alice?

Blossom: Welcome to the conference call, Zoey. You okay?

Zoey: Not really… but what can i do? But… did i just hear what i thought that i just heard?

Blossom: I think so.

Paul: It’s true. But please… just let the matter drop. I don’t want to embellish it. *Clearing his throat* I am at the apartment. Stanley’s barely stirring right now… But the incident that hit last night… took a lot out of him. Not that it could be all on him. It was that Mask that was doing most of the Zany Mojo.

Susie: *On screen* I hope you’re right. But what if the situation happens again?

Christina: Smaller units… But a tighter watch. Stanley is what you are telling us he is… A Nice guy. A very down to earth… homely guy who is love-crazed. Love obsessed. Looking for love almost on the fly. But as long as he wears that mask… he’s putting his good standing at risk. Hurting someone unintentionally and himself just the same.

Serena: So… What’ll we do? We can’t even tell our parents. The ones who done it before us. They’re all retired. They stepped down and it’s on our shoulders. Ours alone.

Crystal: *Sighs* So… How do we go along with this?

Annie: We go in careful…

Rikku: Undercover if we’ve got to…

As for Sora and Carly…

They Sat at the dining room table and were facing a tough choice. What they saw the night before… It was something that they wished they wouldn’t ever see. Sora and Carly couldn’t shake off what it was that they saw. They had to start talking among themselves to decide… What they should do about what they saw their father do. Seeing as he was caught with another woman.

Sora: Carly… We’re gonna need to tell mom about this soon. Last night was nothing more other than a nightmare.

Carly: Sora, We can’t tell her. We can’t. This is gonna hurt her.

Sora: We should do something though.

Carly: But what can we do? We can’t just come out and tell mom. What if it’s all just a big misunderstanding and what we saw… was just our minds telling us what we were fearing was happening but in truth… wasn’t?

Sora: Don’t be foolish on that, Carly. You and I both know what it was that we saw. It was no Misunderstanding. This is alot worse than the constant dealing with those Marco Jerks. This could break apart our family and it’s enough to make us feel the constant aggravation of the Marco kids to be a cake walk.

Carly: I guess so. *Sighs* But what’ll we do about the affair that dad is having? He’s cheating on our mom. Paul has spent the night out. He hasn’t even come back last night. Either he’s forgot about coming home here… He’s avoiding the family… He had a fight with dad and or mom about something… or because he knows something and he’s staying away from us so we won’t find out about it.

Sora: Which do you think it is…?

Carly: I think it’s because he happens to know something about the likely affair dad’s having.

Sora: We need to shake it out of him.

Carly: How are we gonna do that? You know that Paul has a stubborn will just the same as dad does. If he has the mind to not cough up information… there is no way we’re gonna get him to open up. Unless…

Sora: Unless… What? What’re you suggesting?

Carly: Not sure… But maybe… we can use something that Paul loves… and Lure him. Persuade him to tell us what he knows about Dad’s possible affair.

It was getting more and more clearer that something was going on with Alvin. Sora and Carly were smelling a rat and that rat had two legs and the knack for sniffing the forbidden fruit. The line of cheating on the better half. They didn’t have enough to go on as all they had was what they saw of the secret date that their father was having. The Suit and the fancy cologne. But they didn’t have the proof of secret purchases that their father was doing and they didn’t have proof of the secret signals of calls going on between their father and the woman he was seeing. There was other things that they didn’t have and yet… each passing moment… they were gradually putting the pieces together. one piece at a time…

At The Metropolis Hotel…

6th floor…

Room #624…

Leslie: *Stirring from her sleep and looking at the time* 7:00. *Getting up* I need to stop having these late nights. Dorian is lucky i am all for this. This life can murder anyone else.

It was another day and Leslie was finally stirring from her sleep. She usually would by up by 10 to 7 in the morning as it was the exact time she got up every morning. At least tried to… She got up and got her things prepped. Made sure that her pack was put in her pocket and also her cell. Leslie however secretly listened to the Metropolis Radio Station MRHAP.

Radio: *Broadcasting* Good Morning Metropolis… It’s another bright morning this September 15th 2045 and here are the highlights for the day. The gas prices are finally going down. the record high has broken and the prices are estimated to break down to a $2.50. That’s is the song of relief for all drivers and high maintenance vehicle owners. Whew! In the tale of local news… A local Auto-shop has been hit by a reported unknown being. At around 3 in the morning… In the still silent and serene of the night… Jensen’s Auto Finishing was hit. By a Maniac in a distinctive looking Zoot suit. But no word on the whereabouts of the unknown marauder…

Leslie: *Pauses* Huh?! A Zoot suit? Someone attacking an Auto-shop… That’s new. Why would someone stoop to attacking an auto shop? I’ll have to ask Dorian about that. Maybe he’d know. An attack on a Auto shop just seems unheard of. At least… in this city. *Wondering*

Radio: *Continuing* In the Entertainment world… Last night at the Coco Bongo Club of Metropolis… The Musical fox and hot Kitty Tina Carlyle blew the night away with her Musical #. The Club struck a high chord of cheers and bells. Cheers and an explosion of applause. Who in the world would have ever figured that a Hot and attractive woman like her would be the one to wow the crowd? Not to forget there is a new resident with the Mob… Her name… Hold on to your hearts but… She is a 12-13 year old girl. Leslie T. Burke. She’s a real sweetheart. Not like the other Mob members who are sweet and nice till things go south. This girl is someone… We’d send hugs to anytime. *A Slight second pause* And now to start the morning off… Let’s hear a little Frankie Valli and the four seasons… Here’s their song: “Candy Girl”. Leslie’s sweet nature will put someone into a diabetic coma. Leslie, Not many people know you yet… but they will. This song goes out to you… Wherever you are. “Candy Girl”. On MRHAP Metropolis. The Station that has the stuff you want and delivers on the fly…

Leslie: *Walking over to the Window and looking out* It’s gonna be a very nice day out. A wonderful day. No time for a quick light. I’ll have to wait to have one in the girls restroom later at school. Where nobody will see me. Wait. *Thinking* is there even school today? I better call Dorian. He’s probably got something for me to do. A Hit or something. Maybe he’s hungry. I think that i’ll go to the Sun Shack. They have carry out and Breakfast stuff there. I’ll get some Breakfast for Dorian and the guys… Besides… With all the Mob hits they do and running all these small time operations… It’s gotta be tiresome for the guys.

Leslie didn’t stop to think about anything as she was having to get herself all ready to head out. She saw to it that she had all her stuff set for the day. That she was changed into something nice, That she had at least 500 Dollars with her on hand but the rest of it tucked away in a very safe spot that only she knew about. She closed everything up and made her way out.

She made her way over to the Sun Shack and saw to it that she got the Breakfast for the guys. It was the best idea to do as it would help Nourish her Mob friends. Leslie didn’t think about anyone noticing her walking on her own on the streets. As far as she knew… No one really approached her. To those around her… She was just like they were. They didn’t think on getting her attention. Why would they? She wasn’t bugging anyone. So, Why confront. Unless to greet her and make her feel good.

At Dorian’s Office…

Dorian: *Looking at Eddy* It’s time to go and get the girl.

Sweet Eddy: Should i go and pick her up?

Dorian: Not yet. She’s probably still trying to get her stuff set for school. I’ll give her a call and see if she’s ready. She’s done good last night. Some of the patrons at the club looked at her and believed her to be my kid.

Sweet Eddy: But we know otherwise… Don’t we, Boss?

Dorian: I wouldn’t mind making her my daughter. But… i wouldn’t be able to protect her as a father should. Our line of work… it’s too dangerous and since it’s only me… No stable woman for a mother. If anything were to happen to me… I can’t very well expect her to wander all on her own with no parental guidance. She’s a good honest kid. But to put her though that… It’s just not worth the pain. It wouldn’t be fair to her.

A second or so later…

Dorian: *Picking up the phone and dialing up Leslie’s cell* Maybe calling her would help. We’re gonna need her this morning to do a Mob Hit. It’s a simple hit. *On the Phone; Hearing it give a dial tone and ringing*

Phone: *Voicing a Outgoing message* Hey there… This is Leslie. You’ve reached my Cell. I’m sorry that i am unable to come to the phone at the moment. But if you leave your name and # at the tone… I shall get back to you as soon as possible. Have a Richly sweet day. *Voicing a Default* At the tone… please leave your message.


Dorian: *Leaving a message* Hey Leslie… It’s Dorian. I don’t know if you’re awake yet or if you are on your way over here… but I got a hit for you to do. It’s simple and easy. If things work out well for the hit… You’ll be ready for the big leagues. To join in on the Bank Heist that is to take place in 5 weeks. Everything is set. Hope to hear from you soon, Leslie. Bye for now.

As soon as Dorian hung up…

Sweet Eddy: What’s up? Leslie didn’t pick up?

Dorian: No. She’s probably still asleep. However… Go over to the Metropolis Hotel and head up to her room. See if she’s there.

Sweet Eddy: You got it. *Heading out*

A Moment later…

At the Metropolis Hotel…

Sweet Eddy: *Walking down the hall on the 6th floor* I feel like a nanny. She’s a good kid. But having to retrieve her like she’s a package… *Groans* God help me.

It was seconds later when he reached the door and knocked.

Sweet Eddy: *Calling over to Leslie* Leslie… Are you awake?

Housekeeping servant: *From a couple doors down* Excuse me, You looking for somebody?

Sweet Eddy: Yeah. I am, Lady. I’m looking for a 12-13 year old Girl. She’s inside this room here.

Housekeeping servant: I don’t know if she’s still there. She was seen leaving the hotel grounds 15 minutes ago.

Sweet Eddy: Where did she go?

Housekeeping servant: I don’t know, sir.

Sweet Eddy: *sighs*

It was morning and the fighters were all set to lead off to school. It was School for the fighters however… the now rolling or recently started issue that revolved Ipkiss… They were left in a cloud of uncertainty… They didn’t know what to do or what they were to think. To them… Ipkiss was just Ipkiss and just being under the influence of the Mask. Although everyone knew that even though someone could become under the influence of the mask… It was in the end still the same person underneath. There wasn’t any other explanation than that. It was gonna leave them with a problem. A huge problem and it was only just beginning. It was right cold. Would they be able to pick up the pieces in time? How much time did they have before there would be a 2nd showing of the Mask? Find out in the Next Chapter of the Adventures of the Rhapsody Girls Z! as the Saga continues…

Dorian: *Voice-over* Hey. How’s it goin’? Dorian here… Long tale and it’s just not gonna end. There is just so much to do. Way too much to consider. But Easy does it on the jump there. We got the Mob. Lead by me. I lead a team of my own and i also got to work under the likes of one Niko. Not for long though. Hopefully… With the Kid i got working for me… I’ll get the upper crust. Rita the Hammer is my security. But i also like the kid. Admire her and am very protective of her. So… You screw with her… You’re dead. So don’t think about making any move to mess with her. Next time on the Adventures of the Rhapsody Girls Z! It’s the move to pick up the pieces where possible. Not as easy as it might look. There is also the Affair of the Rhapsody Clan. The house of Alvin and Alice Rhapsody. Sora and Carly Rhapsody look for ways to get Intel on their father’s secret affair and gather a bit more info before taking the next step… the hardest step for fear of hurting the mother. Alice. The Deeper delving into the Porn industry and Exotic Modeling… Zoey Rhapsody’s slowly starting to lose her faith in the good natured and pure of heart. A likely fight between Luna and Zeke may be imminent and Zoey is feared of being caught in the immediate crossfires. Dan and Roxanne hang out and it comes out that Roxanne’s pregnant. She comes out with the tell all to Dan and even though some couples break when they find that the girl they loved had sex with someone before the current relationship and is having the previous one’s Kid. Dan doesn’t shake. He pauses and then still sticks to Roxanne. True Love is among them. Then there is the growing friendship that shakes and molds strong for Blossom and Leslie. It could lead to Blossom becoming one with Leslie. Of course… What’s this… Stanley Ipkiss gets Encountered by two people. Questioned. First by a Lt. Mitch Kellaway of the Metropolis P.D. Then at the Bank… He gets met and questioned… Interviewed by the reporter of the Tribune/Daily Planet. Peggy Brandt. Huh? She works at the Daily Planet? Since When? Where the heck was she through out several years up till now? Stanley gets met by her and it’s a break. Plus I get taken by a couple of delivery boys sent by Niko. Shit! Where do i get a break? When? He knows about the girl and warns me that i have 5 weeks to get out of town… otherwise he’s gonna use my skull to try out his new 9-iron golf club and order a hit on the girl and she’d meet her untimely end. “I got to get one over on Niko and fast. Leslie will be killed if i don’t. Niko’s gonna kill her.” Or will she? It’s Questions and Intel… Ultimatums and Affairs… Family breaking and Then Pregnancy Exposè on the next chapter of the Adventures of the Rhapsody Girls Z! Chapter 209: “Ipkiss is two time encountered. By Kellaway then by a woman named Brandt.”


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