Chapter 207: Calling Thunderic Force Z! Respond. This Just in… Ipkiss flips out. Ipkiss is the Mask!

Paul: *Voice-Over* Previously on the Adventures of the Rhapsody Girls Z!…

“T.V: *As King* Dr. Neuman, you say that everybody wears a mask?

T.V: *Con’t; As an Author talking about a book (Dr. Neuman)* That’s correct. We all wear masks, metaphorically speaking. We suppress the id, our darkest desires… and adopt a more socially acceptable image.

T.V: *As King* The book is “The Masks We Wear” by Dr. Arthur Neuman. Thank you for being here.

Milo is seen looking at the mask suddenly and lightly growling, groaning then whining.

Kiyoko: *Looking at the dog* What’s the matter with Milo?

Stanley: Not sure. *To Milo* What’s the matter, Milo. What is the matter with you? *Standing up and walking over to where Milo was and noticing that Milo was glancing oddly at the mask…

Stanley: Is it the mask you’re looking at? Is this what you’re antsy about?

Milo: *Barking in a nervous tone*

Clint: I think that the mask is spooking your K-9 friend something odd.

Spencer: Is it the same mask found at that river?

Rikku: Couldn’t be. I… I mean… Who’d get rid of such a mask like that? It looks harmless… Doesn’t it?

Paul: That mask looks like the creation of… Loki.

Clint: How would you know that?

Paul: How would i not? That mask is not like you normal average mask. Plus I saw a copy of the same book which we just saw on the T.V… The same one. Not to mention… a book on something called Norse Mythology. I read it sometime last week and it had a thing on the Norse God… Loki.

Clint: Okay… Spill it, Paul. You are talking about something like a Norse god. Being text book smart. Don’t we usually leave that up to our book worm Cousin Raven? She’s the one who’s always reading and reading till her eyes crossed.

Paul: “Loki, Norse god of mischief. He was also known ” -(the Trickster) – As the youngest son of Odin, Loki was the black sheep of the Norse mythological family. His constant mischievous pranks were an endless source of embarrassment to his father and his siblings. He was, in other words, a bratty little brother. And loki’s ultimate tool of mischief was this, *Pointing to the Mask that rested on the nearby Stand* the mask which he created and tossed down to earth thousands of years ago to create mayhem among the mortals. For, according to legend, the wearer of the mask is imbued with the powers of Loki himself. Loki represents the “id,” the suppressed parts of ourselves, and the mask is the tool which unleashes the id. Of all the aesir gods, Loki was the only one who could shape shift– change his form, even turn himself into a woman. Anyway, Loki brought nothing but shame to Odin and his ilk. In fact, Loki was such an unruly child that Odin ultimately locked him up in chains far beneath the earth.”

Rikku: I don’t think i like that way that sounds. You make as if Loki’s alive. He’d be what? Like 800 and something years or so… wouldn’t he?

Spencer: Whatever it is coming from the mask… it’s giving off a rather haunting vibe.

Stanley: Let’s… *Grabbing the mask and walking over to the mirror with it* check it out.

Stanley checks the mask out and looks on the inside of it seeing a shimmering shade of white and green gleam from one side to the other inside the mask itself…

Clint: Stanley… Uh, You’re not thinking about doing what it looks like you’re about to do… are you?

Stanley: *Mocking the T.V program* “The Masks we wear”. “That’s correct. We all wear masks, metaphorically speaking”. Yeah right.

He turns back to the others and intrigued to know what the mask really is like… He starts to raise it up to his head… his face. For just that instant… The mask starts to suck itself onto Stanley’s face as if in a pulling sensation. But it was just a split second later that Stanley pulled it off fast and started to catch himself a bit.

Stanley: Wha—

Paul: You sure that you want to mess around with that thing?

Rikku: That thing doesn’t look all that much safe. I really wouldn’t try that thing on.

Spencer: If that thing is really an artifact from the Norse god of Mischief… The results of wearing the mask could just come out as unpredictable.

Kiyoko: …

Stanley looks in and sees a shimmer of green glowing on the back of the mask and Suddenly raises the mask onto his face and within seconds…

Paul: Guys… Guys… Uh…. Duck. NOW!

Kiyoko: *Taking cover* Clint… What’s going on?! What’s wrong with him? Why is Ipkiss changing like that?

Spencer: …

Clint: What do you expect me to do?

Paul: Ipkiss… Snap out of it. Take off that mask. Take it off…

Stanley: *From within the sudden spinning cyclone* I can’t. It won’t come off.

Kiyoko: Fight it! Please fight it!

Spencer: *Looking at his Wife* Uh, Honey… Take cover.

Rikku: No problem… Ipkiss is turning into a lunatic. YIPE!

Stanley spun around and around in a twister as the mask was transforming him from a normal person to a being in a mask. The clothes on him turned into a snazzy style Zoot suit. A massive alteration of the Paisley looking Pajamas that Stanley originally wore. Once the spinning was done and he was fully transformed…

Stanley/The Mask: *With a Grin* Smokin’!

Clint: *In shock*

Spencer: *Looking at Stanley as a green masked being* What in the—?

Stanley/The Mask: *Looking in the mirror* It’s party time! P-a-r-t-y Why?! Because i gotta! *hearing voices and turning to see a few people looking at him* Looks like we got an audience. Let’s see… We got a couple of good friends. Paul The Comedian, Spencer the Albino/Whiz teen, Rikku the Afghani cutie, Kiyoko the Japanese flower and Clint… The one who looks like the guy who has been watching one too many horror flicks. How Do?!

Clint: This is insane. This is not even a movie… Not even close to a movie.

Spencer: *Looking at Clint* Clint… What’ll we do, man? What do we do? Is he friendly still or is the mask with it’s own agenda?

Clint: I think that’s debatable at the moment. Right now… I rather it be just us trying to keep from tripping out.

Rikku: Spencer… Hon, I think that you might want to change into the alter identity. Be on guard. The Mask might still be friendly… It may still be Stanley… But we never seen the mask come alive… It could be unpredictable…

Spencer: *Transforming* Spiritual Arctic-frost… Power-up!

Clint: Kiyoko… This is something i never told you. But…

Kiyoko: What…

Clint: I’m a fighter. One of the Romancers Z!

Kiyoko: You are?! *In surprise*

Clint: I am. But i was trying to keep that hidden. I didn’t want you to think…

Kiyoko: To think… what?! That you are part of the super powered persuasion.

Clint: That’s right.

Kiyoko: I am not gonna think anything different of you. You are a fighter. So? You’re still you. Still my guy. Still my protector. My heart… Is your heart.

Clint: *Smiles and Nods* I Love you.

A second later…

Clint: *Posing and Chanting for transformation* Majestic Love… Romanticize!

Clint: *Transforming*… *Glowing with Pink and red light; Enveloped in Pink and Red illumination* … *Emitting energy turning his outfit into a super-powered garment of Hearts and Glitter. His top changing into a red shirt of Gold and Black hearts. Glittery pink and red Pants formed on cue as the energy then spun around churning with power* … *Posing to the left and then the right as Romantic energy seared onto him forming a hat and seconds later Sprouting wings of Love and gold; Emitting Romantic ambiance*… *Forming footwear; steel toed cowboy boots that had formed laser lights on the bottom and producing with each step… a tune of romance as the transformation was near finished*

Seconds later…

Majestic Love: *Fully transformed; Posing* The Majestic Romance of gold and the embrace of the Blissful swagger. I am the Melody of Romance that comes to those in need of Romance the most. I am Evil’s ticket back to the dark; bringing the music of love and Majestic romance back to the light. Give Romance its due and herald the serenade of Love… Evil and hate… Beware! Thy name is Majestic Love.

Kiyoko: *Wide-eyed* Wow! Sweetheart… You look like a dream. *Feeling her heart flutter with a lovesick sensation*

Stanley/The Mask: Wow! Looks like movie boy’s got the love handles under his hood. I better not step on his boots. He might dance on me…”

Paul: *Voice-Over* And Now… the next chapter of the Adventures of the Rhapsody girls Z!…


Trying to be VERY, VERY quiet, the Mask tiptoes down the darkened corridor. The floor makes a barely audible CREE-EEK as the Mask steps with exaggerated care past APARTMENT “A” with it’s little “Quiet Please” sign. He raises a finger to his lip, making the “SHUSH” sign.

Suddenly – and inexplicably – a ringing ALARM CLOCK leaps out of Stanley/Mask’s pocket and starts jittering down the hall.

Stanley/The Mask: Oh no…

Stanley/Mask tries to snag the clock, but it bounces away every time. Frustrated, he pulls a full sized SLEDGEHAMMER from his pocket and starts POUNDING the floor in an effort to stop the clock. Glancing blows shatter the clock face and most of the works, but those bells just keep ringing.

The hammer, of course, slams craters the size of manhole covers into the floor and reverberates through the building like THUNDERBOLTS.

Spiritual Arctic Frost: *Firing a shot of Ice and water at the sledgehammer* Hey! Stop it. What the heck are you trying to do? Wake the dead?

Stanley/The Mask: Nah… Too messy. Can’t play that. But this one is fun. This little clock is too noisy. I’m gonna put it to sleep.

Majestic Love: That’s not gonna put it to sleep. It’s gonna demolish it. Big time.

The door bursts open and Mrs. Peen-man’s angry face pops out covered in blue mud pack and framed in curlers.

Spiritual Arctic-Frost: Oh god… I think we just reached a major problem.

Majestic Love: Mrs. Peenman is out and she’s pissed. I think that we need to put some relaxing move over her before she lets one off and lays it hard.

Mrs. Peenman gets one look at the Mask with his over-sized carnival mallet raised over his head and SCREAMS bloody murder.

Mrs. Peenman: *Screaming in fright*

The Mask SCREAMS in response, his eyes bugging out on stalks and his mouth expanding to the size of a tuba in mock horror.

Mrs. Peenman’s door SLAMS shut and reopens a beat later as she appears cocking an enormous shotgun.

Rikku: *Shrieks in fright* Eek! *Ducking for cover again* Can we go home now? Spencer, This is not what i had in mind of a restful night!

The Mask starts ricocheting off the walls HOOTING maniacal laughter as Mrs. Peenman lets loose with both barrels. KA-BOOM.

The Mask bounces off walls as Mrs. Peenman continues to blast away, and finally leaps straight out the window. KEE-RASH.

Paul: *Catching sight of the Mask bolting right through the window and collapsing to the streets* And… with a last minute resort… out goes the Mask through the window like a victim of desperation.

Rikku: No… He jumped out the window to escape the line of gunfire.

Spiritual Arctic-Frost: The lady is not looking pleased. She’s looking to shoot and she won’t hold her fire.

Majestic Love: Maybe not… But Stanley is unpredictable right now. That Mask is making him do things that he would normally not do. If he’s not stopped… or if someone doesn’t try to talk some sense into him… He is liable to hurt someone… or himself.

Kiyoko: What’ll we do?

Paul: What else? We call for some assistance…

Spiritual Arctic-Frost: The Thunderic Force Z!

On the Outside…

The streets outside the Apartment…

Stanley/The Mask: *Flattened on the road* …

Seconds later…

SPLAT. Stanley/Mask lands face down in the middle of the street. He raises one arm, grabs himself by the head and peels himself off the street…

Stanley/The Mask: Look Ma!… I’m Roadkill… HA HA HA!!!

He only then gradually pulled himself up and unflattened himself before dusting himself off and shaking off the dirt.

Stanley/The Mask: first floor… Lobby.

It was only seconds later that a car came at him and then stopped… The Driver then honked the horn at him and motioned for him to get out from the middle of the street. Ipkiss/The Mask looked at him and grinned…

Driver: Get out of the road!

Stanley/The Mask:  I think he wants to communicate.

He then pulled out something which was a small bike honker and on it said: “Squeeze me Gently”.

Stanley/The Mask: *Squeezing the horn*

The Horn blared loud and strong… It was right at the car that was honking its horn at him and with that horn’s blast… It blew out all the windows of the car. every window was broken… the sides… back… front. All broken and it left the driver sitting there stupefied and unable to react to it. The mask casually dusted himself off and suddenly went along his merry way…

At Carly Black’s and Serena’s Apartment…

In Serena’s Room…

Serena: *Snoring; sleeping* No more… Hero days are done for me.


A call comes in Serena’s Cell…

Serena: *Slowly stirring barely and looking to the side* Wh-wh-what’s going on? *Groggy* Is it morning yet?

Carly Black: *Knocking on the door* Serena, You awake?

From the Apartment Living room…

Raven: It’s late at night… Really early in the morning.

Sapphire: Good thing we’re not in the middle of our dates. Actually we were in the middle of one. A date with beauty rest. *Yawning*

Raven: Where’s Serena?

Sapphire: Still asleep?

Raven: I guess.

Still inside Serena’s room…

Serena: *Grabbing her phone*…

Serena suddenly got up and shook her head trying to shift into a state of alertness. She heard the knocking on the door and it grabbed on to her attention.

Serena: *Getting up and walking over to the door* what the hell is going on? It’s *looking at the time* Only 3 in the morning and i am up… Why?

As soon as Serena got to the door…

Serena: *Opening the door and noticing her phone ringing* Now what?!

Seconds later…

Serena: *Answering the phone* Hello?

Paul: Serena…

Serena: Paul? What is it?

Paul: *On the Phone; Contacting the girls* Girls… Come in. Hurry…

Serena: What is it?! Paul… i am no mood for games right now. I am still half asleep and really cranky.

Paul: One guess. What’s a drab banker mixed with lonesome living but all the while a hopeless romantic?

Serena: Ipkiss! Why?

Paul: You got it. And there is more. Ipkiss has snapped and gone nuts.

Serena: How bad?

Paul: You really want to ask that question? You won’t believe it… But Ipkiss… He’s turned into this green guy. He’s the Mask.

Serena: *Fully alert suddenly* What?!

Paul: Just what i said. Get everyone to stand on watch. Stanley Ipkiss… Is the Mask. I Repeat… Stanley Ipkiss is the Mask!

Serena: Here we go again! We’re on our way.

Paul: Hurry!

The call ends…

Serena: *Looking at Carly Black* Carly, we got a problem.

Carly Black: How so?! What happened?

Serena: One guess. Carly, the guy we happened to meet yesterday afternoon… That banker.

Carly Black: Who are you talking about?

Serena: That Banker. the one that we ran into while getting something cold at that place… The Sun shack.

Carly Black: Stanley… Ipkiss?

Serena: Yes. Carly… That is who i am talking about.

Carly Black: Okay… What about him?

Serena: He’s turned into this green headed guy. He’s become the Mask.

Carly Black: You’re kidding. How? How is that even possible?

Serena: I don’t know.

Carly Black: Well… your sisters are here. I don’t know how that is possible though… but they are here. Sapphire and Raven as it turns out… Were contacted by Rikku. Spencer’s wife and informed of the incident. She said that Stanley found some mysterious mask at the Metropolis River earlier on in the night… it had this weird aura or shimmering glow on the back inside the mask itself. Stanley’s Dog… Milo was whimpering and sniffing it. Stanley took one look at it and tried it on… putting it close to his face and the Mask just attached itself onto him turning him into this Mask gentleman.

Serena: Tell then to suit up… We’re gonna need to respond and watch out for the Mask. Watch out for Ipkiss.

Carly Black: Right. *Sighs* You okay?

Serena: I’m as fine as i’m ever gonna be.

Back on the streets…

The Mask was walking along the street and looking cool headed as the rest of them. Although it was only minutes later when he stopped to a sound of what seemed like some boxes being knocked over and that was when a small group of punkers came out into view. The Leader seconds after…

Death’s Head punker #1: *Coming out from the shadows* Hey, mister… you got the time?

Stanley/The Mask: *Turning to see one of the punkers walking over to him* As a matter of fact, I do, Cubbie!

The Mask scoots over to the leader casually and then pulls out a clock and while looking at and slightly looking at the Leader…

The Mask: Look at that! It’s exactly two seconds before i honk your nose and pull your underwear over your head…

The Clock chimes and it was seconds later… That the Mask did what was expected. Honked the nose of the leader to the punk gang… Then pulled the guys underwear over the head. (Yeowch! That’s gonna hurt!) He then pushed the leader into the group of Punkers and then…

The Mask: *Taunting the gang* Come on!

The Mask… then made a break for it and ran off… The punkers gathered on together and took on the charge and went right after him. Chasing the Mask and hot on his trail too…

By that time the Thunderic Force Z! were in close range and surveillance d the proximity of the area where The mask was said to be…

On top of the building Looking down at the narrow side alley…

Lieutenant Thunder: *Looking at the scene* What is Stanley doing? Is he losing his marbles?

Intellectual Thunderic Wonder: I don’t think he’s feeling like himself.

Lieutenant Thunder: Or maybe he is… Paul said that before the incident hit… this particular incident… He, Clint, Spencer, Rikku and Kiyoko as well as Stanley were watching something on T.V. A quiet program and listened to something about a book called: “The Masks we wear.” Where everyone was said to wear a mask Metaphorically. Which suppressed the “Id” Our deepest Darkest desires. But yet the masks we wear present us looking more common and sociably acceptable to the public.

Thunderic Fury: *Drinking some Espresso to help stay awake to handle the current problem* I’m not worried about suppressing my “Id”. Everyone knows that i’m following my own path and i am doing fine. I don’t have any deep dark desires as of current. I am fine just… the way i am.

Intellectual Thunderic Wonder: That’s a bright side. I guess…

Lieutenant Thunder: Sora and Carly couldn’t come… They were unable to be reached. I think that they’re in deep sleep. Blossom is too…

Majestic Love: *On radio* Do you guys have a lock on Stanley?

Lieutenant Thunder: *Replying* Yeah. We’re above the alley where he is right now. We have him in sight. But… You might not want to approach right now.

Spiritual Arctic-Freeze: Why not?

Thunderic Fury: One reason… Stanley is up to something and i don’t think you want to be anywhere near… At least… Not right now.


The Death heads come to a screeching halt as they discover Stanley/Mask dressed as a carnival barker. Multicolored lights and Calliope music come from out of nowhere.

The Mask: Step right up here, don’t be shy! Nobody likes… a bashful leather head. *Barks* Move It!

The gang step up closer to the display…

The Mask: *Pulling out some Balloons and grins*  For my first trick… I’ll do something for you, son.

The Mask then started twisting and turning the balloon to make a Balloon animal of some kind. It was one with a long neck.

Stanley/The Mask: We have a giraffe. There you go, son. Now get out of here, you bother me.

Female Punker: Wow!

Stanley/The Mask: And for you son… Now…

The Mask then reached into his pocket to pull out another balloon and goofed. Pulled out a wet snot-filled hanker-chief…

The Mask: *Chuckles briefly* Sorry, wrong pocket. *Pointing at the leader of the gang* For you son… *Pulling out a light pink balloon and starting to mold it into a balloon animal* a little body English. A French poodle.

But as he was about to give it to the leader of the Death heads (No Such gang by that name) The balloon popped…

Stanley/The Mask: Sorry son, The dog was rabid, had to put it down.

But then…

Stanley/The Mask: And now last but not least… *Giving off a devious smirk* My Favorite.

The Mask then pulled out a black balloon and started to twist it and mold it and shape it into a gun. A (Tommy Gun). Within seconds… it transformed into a real life Tommy Gun.

Stanley/The mask: *Pointing the gun at the gang* A Tommy Gun!

Within seconds… The mask started firing a rapid fire as the gang had already started running and ducking for cover…

Above the Alley, Looking Down…

Thunderic Fury: *Pauses* Oh crap… He’s snapped. Ipkiss has gone mental.

Lieutenant Thunder: We have to stop him. Talk some sense into him. That can’t be really Ipkiss doing that. It’s not like him.

Intellectual Thunderic Wonder: You might want to reconsider that part… Stanley is totally himself. He’s snapped.

Thunderic Fury: *Looking down and keeping an eye out for Ipkiss* Girls… We got movement. He’s making a move.

Lieutenant Thunder: *Looking down* Where did he go? I don’t see him.

Thunderic Fury: I think that he walked under that arch there…

Intellectual Thunderic wonder: What do you suppose he’s doing?

Spiritual Arctic-Frost: *On Radio* Where are you guys?

Lieutenant Thunder: *On Radio* Still the same spot. Watching on Ipkiss. Why?

Majestic Love: We’re close by… We heard the gun fire.

Rikku: He didn’t see you… Did he?

Thunderic Fury: No. He didn’t. He so far… doesn’t know we’re here watching or following him.


Stanley/Mask tosses the gun aside, intoxicated with his new found powers.

Stanley/Mask: *Looking at his hands* This is incredible. With these powers I could be…

Stanley/Mask then jumped the podium and stood tall… Standing proud and sticking out his chin in pristine swagger…

Stanley/Mask: *Shooting out in a slightly raised voice; proud* a superhero! I’d fight crime, protect the innocent… work for world peace. But first…

He took off and was on the move once again…

The Thunderic Force Z! caught sight of him… Caught notice of him and followed him.

Clint, Spencer and his wife Rikku caught up to the mask and cornered him.

Majestic Love: Stanley… What are you doing? This isn’t you… You’ve got to stop this. You just fired a wave of bullets at a gang. We can figure that they were bad news… But you could have murdered someone. You murdering innocent people… That’s not what a hero does. That’s what a villain does. Don’t act like one. Be a hero…

Stanley/The Mask: But that’s what i clearly am, son. I am a hero. Good ole’ Stanley was messed with earlier by those leather heads… So…I flipped the favor and gave them a scare.

Spiritual Arctic-Frost: A scare? That is not what it sounded like to us… Stanley… You’re a good guy. A wildman and romantic seeker… But doing this… Shooting at people; that is not what a wild and zany romantic man would do…

Thunderic Fury: *Closing in along side her sisters* Stanley… What are you after?

Stanley/The Mask: *Shrugs* I don’t know. A little satisfaction… that’s about it. See Ya!

He didn’t stay around… With a fast paced warp from where they were now… to his next location… Where he felt that he should be. He zipped off and left them standing there not knowing what the heck they were to do. All they could do was just consider what just happened and what the mask was aiming for… in just that night.

Minutes later…

Jenson’s Auto Finishing…

It’s late, but there’s still a light on inside.


The two dishonest auto-mechanics were cracking jokes and drinkin’ Laughing idiotically. They clearly enjoyed ripping people off. But they were just minding their own business when Suddenly the front door EXPLODES inward. Seconds later… Stanley/Mask zipped in and stood there in the room silent for a split second till it was seen that he held two exhaust pipes. one in each hand and it literally spooked the two men right off. They didn’t know who he was or it. They only saw mainly a light shadow and watched as the figure… Which was Stanley prepare to make his move…

Stanley/The Mask: *declaring in a dramatic and performing manner* Hold onto your lug nuts… it’s tiiiiiiiiime for an overhaul!

The Mask TWIRLS out of frame like a human tornado. We can’t see the mayhem, but we can hear wacky/bizarre sound F.X. as the Mask whirls about the garage. WHIZ! SCREECH! BANG! AHOOGA!

The Thunderic force Z! were nearby and listened. They could not believe what it was that they were hearing. What they were hearing were screams of mercy and as much as they wanted to let loose on the Mask. They couldn’t. It wasn’t really Stanley doing the act. It was the Mask taking control. Doing all the acting and taking control. It was acting out Stanley’s “Id”. His deepest desires. So… Even if it were Stanley… It wasn’t completely all Stanley. It was the mask making the moves. But by morning… none of it would be remembered. Stanley wouldn’t remember a thing about what happened. The fighters who were there… would know. But to them… would it make any sense at all?

The Chaos was done. The first round was all done and at a close… But there was more to come. Alot more to come and they all knew it. All the fighters knew. There were also more developments on Luna’s dive into the dark lifestyle. The Alvin Rhapsody Cheating scandal. The Blossom and Leslie close bond. Plus… Pregnancy of a teen. Roxanne and Dan embrace emotional moments. What was next for the fighters? What was next to happen for the fighters? Would there be any recollection of what happened during the night that the first wave of zany antics took place? Would it likely happen again? Would Zoey dive down into a habit due to the stress that she’s getting from what her mother’s been doing? What about those Marco kids? Would they give up on their hatred of the clan? Or was the vengeful hatred just only getting started and picking up? Find out how it all unfolds in the next chapter of the Adventures of the Rhapsody Girls Z! as the saga continues…

Chapter 208: The next morning in Metropolis and a secret Video meeting with all the New Generation fighters……


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