Chapter 206: Rhapsody at the Apartment of Ipkiss. Paul Rhapsody watches the change of Ipkiss. Ipkiss as the Mask: “Smokin’!”


1 AM…

Stanley’s wet shoes SQUEAK as he tiptoes past. Paul at that time found them and saw that Ipkiss was not having a really fun and fancy free night. He looked at Stanley and felt sorry for him.

Paul: *Whispers* Stanley… you didn’t miss much at the Club. In fact… You were left out… but you’re fortunate that you were. It was only with that gal. Someone named Tina Carlyle. She was good. But the fact that you weren’t there when it should have been your night. It just make it feel good. I didn’t stay anymore than just one # of that girl’s… I got out and split.

Spencer: That’s not helping him feel any better, Paul. This night has already been a real downer for him.

Paul: Sorry.

Stanley: It’s okay. It’s for the best anyway.

Kiyoko: *Whispers* What do you see in that friend of yours, Stanley? He sounds like a real creep. Up and ditching you out in the cold while he’s having fun.

Clint: He’s your friend, Stanley. you know him better than we do… but so far… this friend, Charlie. He sounds like a real jerk.

Rikku: Yeah.


A sign that reads “Quiet Please” hangs from the doorknob. Stanley continues past it to Apartment “B”. Just as he removes his keys – the Manager’s door flies open and MRS. PEENMAN appears. She’s an old dragon in hair curlers who will probably live forever just to spite her relatives.

Mrs. Peenman: *Snarls* Ipkiss! Do you have any idea what time it is?

Stanley: Actually, No. No… i don’t kn–.

Mrs. Peenman: *Seeing the carpet soaking wet* … *Gasps* My New Carpet! *In a temper* Well, this is coming right out of your security deposit.

Kiyoko: *Standing up to Mrs. Peenman* Hey. Ma’am… Back off. Do you have any idea what Stanley’s been though tonight?

Mrs. Peenman: No. And i don’t care. It’s late at night. He’s always coming in late and this carpet was new. His wet feet has just ruined it.

Clint: Is that all you can think about? Your new carpet? What about the well-being of your tenant. What if he didn’t come back? How will you be able to take care of what’s in the apartment? And his dog? What will you do for him?

Mrs. Peenman: Uh… I don’t know.

Clint: Exactly… You need to be a little nicer. He had a very crappy night. He doesn’t have his car back. He’s been swindled by a couple of dishonest Repairmen… He’s been Tossed to the streets by a couple of bouncers at the Coco Bongo club. His hunk-a-junk rental loaner car took a literal crap on him and died on him stranding him on a bridge. Who knows what the heck would have even happened to him if we didn’t show up and gave him a lift.

Stanley: You know what?

Mrs. Peenman: *Barks* What?!

Stanley: *Sighs* Nothing.

Mrs. Peenman: *Ecstatic* Well… that’s what you are, Ipkiss… A BIG nothing!

Mrs. Peenman was about to head back into her apartment when…

Paul: *Grabbing the lady and staring her in the face* Okay. You know what? You’re a real grouchy old lady who really needs to chill out. You’re angry about the carpet. We get it. we all get it. You are cranky about being woken up at such a late hour in the night. We got it. But taking it out on Stanley is not right. You know that it’s not right. So… Go to bed. Chill out and stop taking things so literal.

Mrs. Peenman: …

Paul: Don’t worry… If it’ll help. You go ahead and look for a new carpet here. To prove that there’s no hard feelings… I’ll even help out with putting the new carpet in.

Spencer: That goes for my wife and I as well…

Mrs. Peenman: *Stunned; In shock* I don’t even know you people and you are stepping in to do that? I don’t even know what there is to say about such a gesture. Thank you.

Within Minutes…


Small, full of books but very neat. A few cherished animation cels from 1940s cartoons are framed on the wall. As Stanley locks the door behind him – he’s greeted by MILO, a happy little terrie sized mutt with a big heart.

Stanley: Come on in, guys.

Clint: *Coming in with his Girlfriend and the others*

Milo: *Barks and Jumps up*

Stanley: *Greeting Milo* Hey you… Milo!

Milo Jumps up again happily and playfully…

Stanley: *Holding Milo gently* No Jumping allowed. It’s against Doggie Ordinance. *Letting Milo down*

Rikku: *Looking at the dog* Awwww! He’s so cute. What kind of dog is he?

Stanley: A Terrier.

Clint: He’s sure a playful thing, isn’t he?

Stanley: You have no idea.

Kiyoko Hisakawa

Kiyoko: *Petting the dog and smiling* Hello Milo. You being a good boy? You’re a good boy, aren’t you? Yeah you are. you’re a good dog.

Milo: *Barks happily*

Stanley pats Milo on the rump, crosses his tiny kitchenette and heads straight into…


Stanley’s prized collection of “golden Age” Looney Tunes tapes are neatly displayed on a simple bookshelf.

He tosses the Mask down on his bedside table, pops one of his cherished Tex Avery cartoons into the V.C.R., plops down on his bed and starts to strip off his shoes and socks.

MILO enters, holding a Frisbee in his mouth.

Spencer: *With his wife; Sitting down on the couch* So… You’re a banker?

Stanley: Yeah. Sure am.

Rikku: Is it a good job?

Stanley: It proves to be a good career. It pays well and i make an honest living doing it. What about you guys? You guys seem to be a little young yet.

Spencer: That’s because we are. Alot of us are senior year in high school. I’m a married man. Married at 15. but now 17.

Stanley: Wow! Now that’s a shocker for ya’. Nice one.

Clint: *Sitting down* It sure is. Not one you’d hear about happening everyday. But They love each other and are devoted towards one another. So… In the end… it all works out for the better.

Paul: I’m a Comedian. I can crack up some jokes.

Spencer: Our families are huge. big families. My sisters and I happen to be a team of fighters. Although with so many things going on… we happen to have that on the down low.

Paul: Not to mention the part where lately a member of our family has gone off doing explicit photo shoots. Against the wishes of the family. The family is thinking of writing her out from the entire family and disown her. But a bunch of us have the suspicion that she’s planning to walk from the family. Changing the name and all.

Stanley: *Curious and wondering* Who’d do a thing like that?

Clint: Our Aunt Luna. Our Uncle Zeke is… has just about reached the end of his level of tolerance towards what Luna’s been doing.

Stanley: Zeke? *Recalling hearing or meeting someone with that same name*

Spencer: Yeah. Why?

Stanley: Would this Zeke be rather tall, ruffled straight hair. about 6 feet tall and with a kind of walk that is seen on a seemingly stressed out man?

Clint: That’d be him. He’s like we said. Stressed out and at the end of his line of patience over what Our Aunt Luna has been doing.

Stanley: Yeah. That’s him… That’s him. He came over to the Bank today or yesterday now. Around the morning hours and opened a new account. A new single account. But also closed the Joint account that he showed having with his Wife. He came on his own and said personal things. Stating that his wife… was overspending the money and he was set on putting a stop to it.

Rikku: Luna’s been really raunchy and dressing Exotic. She keeps acting like she’s not hurting anyone. She’s hurting us and putting the impression with the people around us where we condone that sort of behavior. We don’t. However…

Stanley: She’s making people suspect that you do.

Paul: That’s not the only thing going on… It’s gotten her daughter… our Cousin Zoey really stressed out. She’s Still nice and innocent. Sweet. But the behavior that Luna is showing off…

Kiyoko: It’s putting the pressure on her and she’s been crying on and off as of late.

Stanley: *Concerned* Will she be okay?

Spencer: we don’t really know. We’d like to say yes. But it doesn’t seem to appear as if she’s gonna be feeling so good. At least not at the moment.

T.V: *Playing the cartoons* … *Howling and letting out sounds of horns honking*

Stanley: *Laughing a little* heh heh heh!

Rikku: *Laughing at the T.V* That wolf is nuts.

Paul: The wolf is howling and spazzing out over the sheer appearance of that red hot woman on stage. He’s totally lovesick gone nuts over her.

Milo walked over to Stanley and let out a yip as if wanting to play…

Stanley: *Looking at Milo* What do you want? You want me to throw that?

Milo wagged his tail as a sign that he wanted to play a little…

Stanley: I’m very tired, Milo. You know i’d like to play with you. But i’m beat.

Milo remains standing there with a frisbee in his mouth…

Stanley: *gives in* Okay… Okay. I’ll throw it. But just one time… Okay?

Stanley then grabs for the frisbee…

Stanley: *Trying to pull the Frisbee* I won’t throw it with you attached to it.

Milo lets go of it and the frisbee flies at Stanley’s mouth and nose. Letting off a little sting…

Clint: Ouch! That’s gotta hurt.

Kiyoko: No kidding. It does hurt. it came and smacked into him fast.

Rikku: …

Stanley: You ready? *About to throw it*

The dog yips and makes ready…

Stanley throws the frisbee… and Milo goes long and takes the hit. Catching it in his mouth.

Clint: Oh yeah… That’s 5 from downtown.

Paul: That’s good air. Really good air. He’s been practicing.

“Ipkiss! Turn down those cartoons!”

Clint: Ugh! Doesn’t that woman ever sleep? I swear… I think that she stays up just to torment people.

Spencer: Even tormenting Stanley. He can’t even watch a single zany short without having that lady on his back waiting to scratch and bite.

Stanley: *Sighs* …

Stanley in defeat and feeling once again deprived of his animated shorts… Ejects the tape and seconds later… a Much more Quieter program comes on…

T.V: *As King* Dr. Neuman, you say that everybody wears a mask?

T.V: *Con’t; As an Author talking about a book (Dr. Neuman)* That’s correct. We all wear masks, metaphorically speaking. We suppress the id, our darkest desires… and adopt a more socially acceptable image.

T.V: *As King* The book is “The Masks We Wear” by Dr. Arthur Neuman. Thank you for being here.

Milo is seen looking at the mask suddenly and lightly growling, groaning then whining.

Kiyoko: *Looking at the dog* What’s the matter with Milo?

Stanley: Not sure. *To Milo* What’s the matter, Milo. What is the matter with you? *Standing up and walking over to where Milo was and noticing that Milo was glancing oddly at the mask…

Stanley: Is it the mask you’re looking at? Is this what you’re antsy about?

Milo: *Barking in a nervous tone*

Clint: I think that the mask is spooking your K-9 friend something odd.

Spencer: Is it the same mask found at that river?

Rikku: Couldn’t be. I… I mean… Who’d get rid of such a mask like that? It looks harmless… Doesn’t it?

Paul: That mask looks like the creation of… Loki.

Clint: How would you know that?

Paul: How would i not? That mask is not like you normal average mask. Plus I saw a copy of the same book which we just saw on the T.V… The same one. Not to mention… a book on something called Norse Mythology. I read it sometime last week and it had a thing on the Norse God… Loki.

Clint: Okay… Spill it, Paul. You are talking about something like a Norse god. Being text book smart. Don’t we usually leave that up to our book worm Cousin Raven? She’s the one who’s always reading and reading till her eyes crossed.

Paul: “Loki, norse god of mischief. He was also known ” -(the Trickster) – As the youngest son of odin, loki was the black sheep of the norse mythological family. His constant mischievous pranks were an endless source of embarrassment to his father and his siblings. He was, in other words, a bratty little brother. And loki’s ultimate tool of mischief was this, *Pointing to the Mask that rested on the nearby Stand* the mask which he created and tossed down to earth thousands of years ago to create mayhem among the mortals. For, according to legend, the wearer of the mask is imbued with the powers of loki himself. Loki represents the “id,” the suppressed parts of ourselves, and the mask is the tool which unleashes the id. Of all the aesir gods, loki was the only one who could shape shift– change his form, even turn himself into a woman. Anyway, loki brought nothing but shame to odin and his ilk. In fact, loki was such an unruly child that odin ultimately locked him up in chains far beneath the earth.”

Rikku: I don’t think i like that way that sounds. You make as if Loki’s alive. He’d be what? Like 800 and something years or so… wouldn’t he?

Spencer: Whatever it is coming from the mask… it’s giving off a rather haunting vibe.

Stanley: Let’s… *Grabbing the mask and walking over to the mirror with it* check it out.

Stanley checks the mask out and looks on the inside of it seeing a shimmering shade of white and green gleam from one side to the other inside the mask itself…

Clint: Stanley… Uh, You’re not thinking about doing what it looks like you’re about to do… are you?

Stanley: *Mocking the T.V program* “The Masks we wear”. “That’s correct. We all wear masks, metaphorically speaking”. Yeah right.

He turns back to the others and intrigued to know what the mask really is like… He starts to raise it up to his head… his face. For just that instant… The mask starts to suck itself onto Stanley’s face as if in a pulling sensation. But it was just a split second later that Stanley pulled it off fast and started to catch himself a bit.

Stanley: Wha—

Paul: You sure that you want to mess around with that thing?

Rikku: That thing doesn’t look all that much safe. I really wouldn’t try that thing on.

Spencer: If that thing is really an artifact from the Norse god of Mischief… The results of wearing the mask could just come out as unpredictable.

Kiyoko: …

Stanley looks in and sees a shimmer of green glowing on the back of the mask and Suddenly raises the mask onto his face and within seconds…

Paul: Guys… Guys… Uh…. Duck. NOW!

Kiyoko: *Taking cover* Clint… What’s going on?! What’s wrong with him? Why is Ipkiss changing like that?

Spencer: …

Clint: What do you expect me to do?

Paul: Ipkiss… Snap out of it. Take off that mask. Take it off…

Stanley: *From within the sudden spinning cyclone* I can’t. It won’t come off.

Kiyoko: Fight it! Please fight it!

Spencer: *Looking at his Wife* Uh, Honey… Take cover.

Rikku: No problem… Ipkiss is turning into a lunatic. YIPE!

Stanley spun around and around in a twister as the mask was transforming him from a normal person to a being in a mask. The clothes on him turned into a snazzy style Zoot suit. A massive alteration of the Paisley looking Pajamas that Stanley originally wore. Once the spinning was done and he was fully transformed…

Stanley/The Mask: *With a Grin* Smokin’!

Clint: *In shock*

Spencer: *Looking at Stanley as a green masked being* What in the—?

Stanley/The Mask: *Looking in the mirror* It’s party time! P-a-r-t-y Why?! Because i gotta! *hearing voices and turning to see a few people looking at him* Looks like we got an audience. Let’s see… We got a couple of good friends. Paul The Comedian, Spencer the Albino/Whiz teen, Rikku the Afghani cutie, Kiyoko the Japanese flower and Clint… The one who looks like the guy who has been watching one too many horror flicks. How Do?!

Clint: This is insane. This is not even a movie… Not even close to a movie.

Spencer: *Looking at Clint* Clint… What’ll we do, man? What do we do? Is he friendly still or is the mask with it’s own agenda?

Clint: I think that’s debatable at the moment. Right now… I rather it be just us trying to keep from tripping out.

Rikku: Spencer… Hon, I think that you might want to change into the alter identity. Be on guard. The Mask might still be friendly… It may still be Stanley… But we never seen the mask come alive… It could be unpredictable…

Spencer: *Transforming* Spiritual Arctic-frost… Power-up!

Clint: Kiyoko… This is something i never told you. But…

Kiyoko: What…

Clint: I’m a fighter. One of the Romancers Z!

Kiyoko: You are?! *In surprise*

Clint: I am. But i was trying to keep that hidden. I didn’t want you to think…

Kiyoko: To think… what?! That you are part of the super powered persuasion.

Clint: That’s right.

Kiyoko: I am not gonna think anything different of you. You are a fighter. So? You’re still you. Still my guy. Still my protector. My heart… Is your heart.

Clint: *Smiles and Nods* I Love you.

A second later…

Clint: *Posing and Chanting for transformation* Majestic Love… Romanticize!

Clint: *Transforming*… *Glowing with Pink and red light; Enveloped in Pink and Red illumination* … *Emitting energy turning his outfit into a superpowered garment of Hearts and Glitter. His top changing into a red shirt of Gold and Black hearts. Glittery pink and red Pants formed on cue as the energy then spun around churning with power* … *Posing to the left and then the right as Romantic energy seared onto him forming a hat and seconds later Sprouting wings of Love and gold; Emitting Romantic ambiance*… *Forming footwear; steel toed cowboy boots that had formed laser lights on the bottom and producing with each step… a tune of romance as the transformation was near finished*

Seconds later…

Majestic Love: *Fully transformed; Posing* The Majestic Romance of gold and the embrace of the Blissful swagger. I am the Melody of Romance that comes to those in need of Romance the most. I am Evil’s ticket back to the dark; bringing the music of love and Majestic romance back to the light. Give Romance its due and herald the serenade of Love… Evil and hate… Beware! Thy name is Majestic Love.

Kiyoko: *Wide-eyed* Wow! Sweetheart… You look like a dream. *Feeling her heart flutter with a lovesick sensation*

Stanley/The Mask: Wow! Looks like movie boy’s got the love handles under his hood. I better not step on his boots. He might dance on me…

Spencer changed quick and kept a watch on the mask. What they saw… was by far… mesmerizing. Stanley Ipkiss has become the mask. A Zany acting green being with the sleeky and resourceful manner. Crazy… Nutty and downright exciteful in a very comical format. There was not a thing that could be expected from the Mask… but just the unexpected. None of them knew what to expect. Clint and Spencer were on the watch. Keeping the sight on Stanley. They didn’t know the mask… Not in this way and what they did not take in… was that If Stanley was now acting as the mask and the mask was making all the shots… That only would mean just one thing. If they were to fire on The Mask… They’d also be attacking Stanley. Stanley/The Mask was on the move… What were they gonna do? Would they be able to get through to the Mask? This was a call for some reinforcements. Who’d they call? Would they respond? Find out the Chase in the next Chapter of the Adventures of the Rhapsody girls Z! as the saga continues…

Paul: *Voice-over* Hey there folks… Paul Rhapsody here again. It’s been a while since i came around to do this. Usually it is all on the others. Not me. But enough about that… Because this whole tale is about to get a really hyped up adrenaline rush. Excitement and zany antics coming our way… Wanna know why? One guess and you’ll never buy it. He’s a Drab banker. Considered as a “Mr. Nice Guy” He’s also a hopeless romantic. aching for love but is finding no luck as well as he’d like. Know who it is now? If you’re thinking Ipkiss… You’re right. Surprise! It is Ipkiss. Stanley Ipkiss. He tried on the mysterious looking mask he happened to find at the river that depicts Loki, the Norse night god of mischief and has transformed into the Mask. A green headed man and also a cartoony romantic wild man. His inner self. Or as the Author of the book: “The Masks we wear.” would see it… Our “Id”. Next time on the adventures of the Rhapsody Girls Z! It’s all out on the chase. “After that Mask!” the fighters… The Thunderic Force Z! is contacted and on the alert. Plus on the other front… things are at the brief moment at a still with Leslie Burke and the Mob. For now… But things could just as well change. It’s The Chase on the next Adventures of the Rhapsody Girls Z! Chapter 207: “Calling Thunderic Force Z! Respond. This Just in… Ipkiss flips out. Ipkiss is the Mask!”


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