Chapter 205: A Symbol of Mystery in Metropolis City River… Clint Rhapsody mans up for Ipkiss.

Leslie: *Voice-over* Previously on the Adventures of the Rhapsody Girls Z!…

“Irv: *Walking over to Stanley* Now, what can I do for you, bub?

Stanley: I’m here to pick up the Civic.

Burt: *Standing up and looking at Stanley* The brake drums are shot and you need a new transmission.

Stanley: *In disbelief* What?! I don’t believe this… All i dropped the car off here for was for an Oil change.

Irv: Lucky we caught these problems before they caused serious trouble. *Sliding over the release form* Sign right here, and press down hard.

Stanley looks at the slip and looks for a price. He doesn’t see one and quickly calls them out on it…

Stanley: There’s no price.

Irv: There will be.

Stanley: I’ve no car. I need a car tonight.

Irv: *Tilting his head and looking back* Hey Burt… Bring out the loaner.

Burt: The Loaner?!

Stanley: *Weary* The Loaner?”

“a broken down Citroen in rust bucket red and spackle gray RUMBLES up to the front of the club with a disgruntled Stanley behind the wheel.

A car hop attempts to open the door, but it’s rusted shut. Stanley throws his shoulder into it and the door finally pops open with a SCREECH of metal. Stanley nearly tumbles out into the street. He smiles nervously at a high class couple looking with disdain at the eyesore-mobile. He pats the hood.

Stanley: *Chuckles embarrassed* It’s a classic.

Although from the side…

Paul: *Walking over* You’re not seriously trying to tell us that you’re okay with a car like that… are you?

Stanley: It’s doable… My Civic clearly wasn’t ready and this car was all they had at the Auto-shop.

Paul: *Pauses* Say what?! The Auto shop… lent you that car? My father kinda owns a Autoshop. The Metropolis Rhapsody Auto-shop…

Stanley: Hmm… Tell me more. Who is your father?

Paul: Alvin Ronald Rhapsody. I’m his Oldest guy. The only Son… The rest are girls in my family home… *Introducing himself* The name’s Paul. Paul C. A. Rhapsody. It’s nice to meet you… Mr….

Stanley: Ipkiss. Stanley Ipkiss.”

Charlie: *With an arm around Stanley* Gals, meet my buddy Stanley lpkiss. Humungo in the banking business.

Stanley: Not really.

Paul: A Banker? That’s Riveting. Good. I’m a Plausible Comedian. Not a bad Mix, eh?!

Stanley: No.

Charlie: Who’re you?

Stanley: Someone good natured. Paul Rhapsody, Charlie Schumacher. Charlie, Paul.

Charlie: *Nods and motions to shake the hands* Pleasure to meet you, Paul.

Paul: Likewise. So… You two work close in the banking business, huh?

Charlie: You bet. *Looking at the girls and then the time* Let’s say we get into this joint.

Paul: Right.

Charlie: *Calling out to the Bouncer by the door* How you doing, buddy?

The Bouncer looked up and over to see who it was calling him.

Charlie: It’s Charlie!

Bouncer: *Recognizing who was calling to him and walking over* How you doing?

Charlie: How are you doing, My friend?

Bouncer: Long time no see…

Charlie: Good to see you. Come on, Gals. *To Stanley* See you on the inside.”

Bouncer #1: You crossed the rope. Never cross the rope.

Stanley: *Trying to keep his pose and not show his fear* My friends are inside. They just went inside the club.

Dorian: *Unimpressed and glaring at Stanley* Lose him.

Leslie: *Suddenly walking over* … *Looking to see the Bouncers with a man in their grips* Hey… Dorian. Who’s that man in the Bouncers grip?

Dorian: Just a wise guy who tried to cross the rope. Thought that he’d be a wise-ass.

Leslie: Does he even have a name?

Dorian: Does it matter?

Leslie: Kinda. I guess…

Stanley: *Being carried away* This isn’t fair. *Feeling manhandled* Watch it, I’m a bleeder. *Kicking loose; trying to break loose* Put me down now, or I am never coming back here.

After he got tossed onto the streets…

Stanley: *getting up slowly whilst in a bit of pain* Aghhhh! *Standing up and seeing his suit on the right side soaked* Ah, Jeez!”


Metropolis Bridge…

The Bridge was still under construction in some spots as it was still being built. It was in process of being fully built as per sanctioned and granted by the City officials. It was a project 10 years in waiting till just recently… starting 3 months earlier before that night when the bridge had started getting built. First with the foundation and then gradually with the sides and the road. Then the high steel beams that would help fortify the bridge. It was said to be strong enough to withstand Earthquakes of up to a 8.5 to a 9.7 Magnitude. Any harder and the Bridge would buckle and Grind in pressure… Then collapse.

It was night time…

We can hear Stanley’s car SPUTTERING and POPPING along before it actually
pulls into sight on the dark rain-slick street. It was only drizzling and yet… enough to make the road rather slick feeling. Slippery.

Stanley drives along in a miserable daze. He had thought that this was gonna be a wonderful night on the town. Instead… He was shunned by the bouncers. Tossed onto the street. Splashed with Muddy water. Embarrassed and Humiliated. Before all that… Getting swindled by a couple of rip-off auto mechanics. This was just… Not… his… Night. Suddenly the engine starts KNOCKING violently and the car dies.

Steam had started to hiss from the overheated radiator as the car suddenly slowly rolled to a stop. Stanley tried to grind the ignition key again and again trying futilely to restart the engine. However… there was no luck. The car just refused to start.

Finally, With a boast of defeat and with the realization that the car was completely dead… Stanley fights his way out of the rusted door with a squealing screech of metal, turns and kicks the bumper… which promptly falls off with a resounding CLUNK. That was the sign saying one thing. Ipkiss was irritated and annoyed. It was seeming to him that nothing was gonna go right for him at all.

Beat. The front axle collapses, the tires fall off and the driver’s side door CLATTERS to the ground.

Stanley stood there staring at the steaming heap of useless metal… his mind was a complete blank. To him… There was only one thought going through his mind… How could things get any worse for him that night? Would his luck ever turn around?

He slowly turns, and…

It was there that Stanley Walked on over to the side and started looking down at the black brackish water swirling along beneath the Metropolis City Bridge. A wave of melancholy sweeps over him. Stanley plucks a button from his coat and watches as it drops down… down to the river below. He was alone and felt like he was always gonna be alone.

Suddenly, something catches Stanley’s eye… a BODY?, floating along in the darkness. He snaps back to reality.

Stanley: *Calling down at the believed floating body* Hey Mister!

Stanley rushes down the slippery embankment beneath the bridge. He spots the body dead ahead, floating along in the moonlight and hurries as fast as he can. He had the belief that what he saw was a body. Someone floating face down in the water. But while he was down there…

A car drove by on the bridge. It was a Chevy Truck. It was only a second later…

Clint: *Pulling over* Our date was nice. I had a feeling that you’d be all for something surprising. A Food Rave was new for you. I had to bank on it a little. However… You had fun and enjoyed yourself. That’s the most important part.

Kiyoko Hisakawa

Kiyoko: Because it was with you, Clint. You know that i have a wonderful time with you. No matter what.

Clint: And i feel the same for when i’m with you. I enjoy being with you. Having dates with you. *Suddenly looking down at the water* What—?

Kiyoko: *Pauses* What’s the matter, Clint? Something wrong?

Clint: I don’t know… But someone’s down there in the water. Trying to pull someone out from the water or… trying to drown someone.

Kiyoko: Shouldn’t we call it in?

Clint: No. Not yet. Let’s go and check it out.

Clint parked the car and got out. Kiyoko got out and walked to the edge. They both looked down and watched as someone was checking out what was in the water…

Clint: *Looking at Kiyoko* What on earth could he be doing?

Kiyoko: Not sure. I’d be hoping to ask you the same thing. He’s doing something down there and it doesn’t appear as something a sane person would do.

Clint: *Making the decision* Stay here… I’m going down there to check out the mess and find out what’s really going on.

Kiyoko: Will you be alright?

Clint: It’s gonna be okay. I’ll be okay. I’ll be back before you know it. *Kissing Kiyoko on the lips* Love you. Don’t you worry… Clint here can swim. I’ll be shooting the curls before long.

Kiyoko: *Kissing Clint back* …

Clint Walked over to the side and found a ledge that he could climb down on and worked his way down over to where the man was. He didn’t know who he was… But whoever the man was… He was sure wondering what was going on to make the man just get into the river at this time of night. That part of the river was very clean and even Clint was wondering what got him to get into the water at this time of night…

Clint: *Walking into the River and treading over to the Man* Hey… You feeling alright?

Stanley: *Pauses and Jumps in surprise* Huh?! Wha–? Who said that?

Clint: *Suddenly tapping the shoulder slightly to get the man’s attention* hey…

Stanley: *Turning around slowly* …

Seconds later…

Clint: What’re you doing down here?

Stanley: There’s a body down here.

Clint: A Body? *Pauses and in shock* You sure?

Stanley: No lie. I can’t lie about that. it’s never a funny joke when you happen to see something floating in the water and it’s believed to be a body.

Clint: I believe you… *Looking around at the water* Although… if there’s supposed to be a body floating… here. Where is it? There’s nothing here. Except a little bit of debris.

Stanley: That’s what it looks like. But if i didn’t come down here to see and it turned out to really be a body… I’d be feeling guilty.

Clint: Which makes you a good honest person.

Stanley suddenly got back to grabbing at what was thought to be a body and it was only seconds that he grabbed a hold of it where the “body” right then fell to pieces… revealing that it’s nothing but a trash bag, an old tire and some floating bits of garbage all clinging to the “head”: an old wooden Mask…

Clint: *Looking at the mysterious object being held* What is that thing?

Stanley: Not sure. Looks like a Mask.

Clint: It is a mask. It’s a Mask. But not like any mask i’ve ever seen. Is it even solid?

Stanley: Seems to look as though it is. *Checking the mask out* I wonder where it came from.

Clint: I wish i knew.

Stanley: That makes two of us.

Stanley inspects the Mask more closely; strange ritualistic symbols carved into a puckish face with a leering grin and eerie empty eye holes.

The faintest sound of a haunting “Mask SFX Theme” rises as Stanley turns the Mask around and inspects the inside… slowly bringing it closer and closer to his face. The surface of the Mask begins to SHIMMER.

Clint: That’s not exactly the safest thing to do… You don’t have any clue as to where that thing’s been. It could be diseased or something. It looks pretty creepy on top of that.

Stanley: Maybe… *Placing it closer to his face* However… this thing looks so so surreal.

Suddenly a blinding SPOTLIGHT shines down from the bridge and an amplified voice calls out from a squad car.

Officer: *Calling down* Hey, you! What are you doing down there?

Clint: If you have a cover tale… you better speak it. Now. Because, i think that we’re busted.

Kiyoko: *Calling down* Clint, Is everything okay down there?

Clint: *Replying back* You bet. Things are just peachy…

Stanley squints into the light, trying to think of a reasonable answer.

Stanley: I was just looking for… *holds up Mask* My mask. I got it.


Spencer and his Wife Rikku.

Spencer: *With his wife Rikku* What’s the deal here?

Kiyoko: The deal? Huh… *Turning to see Spencer* Spencer? Rikku? Where’d you guys come from?

Rikku: You mean… how did we get here? We drove here. My dad Cid does happen to lend me his car sometimes. Spencer Drove and we were on our way home when we happened to see lights blinking and saw you standing here.

Spencer: Of course… if you’re here… That could only mean. *Walking to the side and looking down* Clint. What’s he doing down there? How the heck did he get down there?

Kiyoko: He climbed down… which i guess is the same thing that the guy we saw down there must have had done in order to get down there.

Rikku: There should be some rope.

Spencer: Yeah. *Thinking* Wait. Wait… Rikku, Cid’s got some rope in the trunk of the car… doesn’t he?

Rikku: He should. *Walking to the car and popping the trunk* Hmm…

As soon as Rikku got to the back of the car, She popped the trunk and looked inside for some rope. While she looked…

Underneath the Bridge…

Clint: *Climbing the side of the steps beside the bridge* Uhhh! Come on… Stay with me. We’re gonna get back to the bridge.

Stanley: *Looking to the side* Hold on… There’s an up-climb hill on the left side of us. We could try that. Not exactly the most stable… but…

Clint: Let’s go.

It was then that both Clint and Stanley walked over to the small hill that happened to be beside them and climbed on up. It was getting cold and past the curfew… for Clint, Spencer, Rikku and Kiyoko. There was gonna be a problem for them when they finally made it back home to their houses. But at that time… all they were worried about was the well-being of the guy they just helped out from the river.

Once they got back up to the Bridge…

Stanley: *Panting and shivering a little* Thanks for the save back there.

Clint: Don’t mention it. It’s not a problem.

Kiyoko: What were you doing down there anyway?

Stanley: Not sure. I sworn that i have seen a body down there. However… it turned out being just a chunk of garbage.

Rikku: Well… there is that… but also the fact that you appeared to be bummed out about something.

Clint: Yeah. What gives? Something happen to you?

Stanley: The Night Club was a bust. I was to meet my friend Charlie at the Coco Bongo club and he was there. But those bouncers… They took him in and I tried to catch up to him. But he was already in and i thought that i’d cross the rope and… *Sighs* I got tossed to the street and ditched.

Clint: Wow!

Spencer: Really?

Stanley: Yeah.

Rikku: That’s not nice. You had every right to be there too. Those meanies… *Feeling bad for Stanley*

Stanley: You nailed it right there. *Curious* Who are you guys?

Clint: I’m Clint. Clint F. Rhapsody. This is my girlfriend Kiyoko Hisakawa.

Kiyoko: Hi there. *Smiles*

Spencer: I’m his cousin Spencer. And the girl next to me… Is my Wife, Rikku.

Stanley: Rhapsody… *Thinking* I heard that last name somewhere earlier. Someone who had that same last name… Know someone named Paul?

Clint: Paul. He’s our cousin. The son to our Uncle Alvin.

Stanley: Aha! i knew it… I knew i heard that name before. Paul was at the Coco Bongo Club. I saw him there and he saw the heap of junk that i was having to drive. That car along side the road here.

Kiyoko: *Looking to see the broken down car* You had to drive that thing? Why?

Stanley: Because my car was not done. However… all i wanted was an Oil Change. But the repairmen at the Auto shop i go to… they have me under the guise that it needed a new transmission and that the brakes were shot.

Spencer: Sounds like a couple of dishonest repairmen to me.

Rikku: What’re you gonna do?

Stanley: I don’t know. What can i do?

Kiyoko: You could always sue them. You should do that. Besides… if they’re doing dishonest business with you. being dishonest to you. What are they doing to their other customers?

Clint: That’s right. You should have your car fixed at an Auto shop or Mechanic that knows what’s what and will do right by you. for you.

Rikku: Who are you? You know ours now… but we don’t know yours.

Stanley: Ipkiss. Stanley Ipkiss.

Spencer: It’s a pleasure to meet you, Stanley. *Looking at the time* It’s getting late. You must be cold and shivering like a leaf that’s about to tumble and fall. Let’s get you to where your home is and where you’re safe.

Stanley: Okay. This night’s been a bust anyway. Some night on the town this was. Charlie left me to the crows.

Rikku: That’s not being a good friend. He should be feeling guilty for what he did. Leaving you all by your lonesome.

Officer: Is everything alright?

Kiyoko: Yeah. It’s good now. Thanks for asking.

It was then that they took Stanley to his place where it was warm…

As for Blossom…

She was at her house and thinking about her new friend Leslie. She was worried about her friend and it showed on her face. She thought about calling up her best friend and Cousin Zoey. See if she would be awake. Although at that time of night… there wouldn’t be anyone awake.

Of course…

At Sid’s Diner…

The Diner was quiet and peaceful. Things were closed up and the only sign of life inside was Sid. He was tallying the figures for the day. It was a busy day and he figured that it’d at least make him a good 400 dollars. But it came to surprise that it made him a little more than what he expected. Either someone over tipped him or he made more profits than what he figured…

At the Movie theater…

Serena and Carly Black… They were barely done with their movie night when they made their way back to their place. Carly Black was bushed and so was Serena. They looked forward to getting some sleep…

Serena: What a night. *Yawning* I am bushed. I can’t wait till we’re back at the apartment and comfortable in bed.

Carly Black: You and me both. I agree. This has been a really long but eventful day. A Webcast. And our movie night. Andrè is monitoring the activity on the site. He’ll let us know if we picked up any hits from our newest webcast. *Yawning* God, I am really sleepy.

Serena: *Sleepily* Same here.

They pressed on. It was late and they knew only one thing. They would have to be up in only a few hours for another day of school. Another day of senior year. It was after Midnight.

As for Zoey…

At Luna’s and Zeke’s house…

In Zoey’s room…

Zoey: *Looking at the time; Sighs while overhearing her father and mother fighting* I can’t sleep. Mom and dad are fighting all the time and i can’t take it anymore.

From the living room…

Luna: *Glaring* What the hell is the meaning of closing the Joint account, Zeke? What the fuck is your damn issue?

Zeke: Excuse me?! *Returning the glare* I don’t think you want to start in, Luna. Not unless you really want to have an earful.

Luna: I got paid today and tried to cash it in. Putting it into the bank and it didn’t go through. It said that the account didn’t exist which is literally bogus as no one closed the account. I didn’t. I asked the bank about it and asked to find out who closed the account. *Growling and angry* You know what they told me?! They told me that you were the one who closed it. You!

Zeke: You’re damn right that i did. I am glad that i did too… You are over spending the money and i keep getting calls and faxes from the bank telling me that the account is overdrawn. You were also taking money out. Money that WE DON’T HAVE! *Livid and Hot tempered* You are making purchases that take most of the money and leaves the house with nothing left.

Luna: Well… It’s not just your money that is in the account. My money is also in the account.

Zeke: Yeah. And you go through it like it is going right out of style. Spending it then going through my money and money for the kids. There is likely gonna be no prom for Rina and Natasha because there’s no money. You spent tons of money on your Exotic crap. The Porn and Also the smokes. I looked in the closet of ours this morning and saw 2 big boxes full of packs of Lucky Strikes. You were buying smokes and also there were some Cocaine and Heroine. You’re doing drugs.

Luna: Who the fuck are you to snoop into my shit? *Glaring and starting to get fuming mad* You don’t have any right to get through my shit. I don’t go through yours. Do I?! DO I?! Where the hell is the trust?

Zeke: Why don’t you shut your Whore mouth, Luna? You’re a drug dealing whore. Doing drugs. having photo shoots here. Posing Nude and exposing the kids to it. Zoey is stressed out because of it. She hardly sleeps. She won’t really eat much because she’s too stressed out. When she does eat… She gorges herself. To Bury the heartache she is feeling over the hurt she’s feeling. Caused by you.

Luna: *Gasps* How dare you?! *Suddenly reaching over; hauling off and Slapping Zeke hard in the face* You son of a bitch!

Zeke: *Pushing Luna back and into the couch* Whore Wannabe! I closed the account we shared and opened my own… That way i know there’s money in the account. You want to go through your money and support your fixes… You go on ahead and do so. With YOUR MONEY! Not mine, You Bitch. I am giving you one final chance to clean your shit act up. Just one last chance. If i find out any more about your illicit activities and find out that you’ve been up to more crap with the Porn B.S. I swear to you… There will be more than just this.

Luna: Fuck you, You asshole. It’s my life. Not yours.

Zeke: Yeah. It’s your life to fuck up as you wish. But it becomes my business when you’re fucking up and it affects the kids and causes the kids to suffer. That’s where i draw the line. I used to care what you do with yourself. But i don’t anymore. Why should i when you won’t even bother to give a damn what your actions are doing to our kids? Zoey is innocent. She’s young and shouldn’t be made to endure seeing your bullshit. Seeing as her own MOTHER is going into drugs and bondage and selling herself for sex…

Zeke watches Luna’s face go red with disgust and disbelief…

Luna: *Disgusted* …

Zeke: What? You didn’t know that i’d find out about that somehow, did you? You thought that you could just do what ever you wanted and i would never know or that i wouldn’t even think the wiser of it. Newsflash: I would have found out. Those boxes of smokes in our bedroom closet is a real loud ringer and a giveaway. Plus the exotic clothes and the Pornographic toys… Yeah… I would say that it’s a definite giveaway. We have family friends all over the city here and they have come to me telling me about what they saw. What they have been telling me is what gets more than just disgusted. It has caused my stomach to be sickened and forced me stomach to feel nauseous.

Luna: *Arguing*

Zeke: *Arguing*

In Zoey’s room…

Zoey: *in tears; falling asleep* …

Things in the household were in shaky waters. Luna and Zeke were throwing a temper and yelling. Arguing. Having a fight. Zoey was getting more stressed out and upset as it went on. She was trying to keep on the peaceful track and not let it get to her although it was hard and it was becoming to be a total heartache for her and for the rest of the house. June was hearing the arguing and even she was finding it hard to tolerate. She didn’t know what to do. As for Sora and Carly… they were at home and didn’t say much of anything. They were in disbelief due to what they saw and witnessed. They saw their father with another woman and all lovey-dovey. caught that their own father was cheating on their mother. What were they gonna do? How were they gonna tell their mother and how would their mother take it? The fighters on the other hand. The ones who were out still. Paul, Spencer, Rikku. Kiyoko and Clint. They were out with their new Ally… Stanley Ipkiss. The one that they’d have to help. As it were… Serena and Carly Black were in the know of Stanley somehow. As it turned out… on their way home from school that afternoon past… they managed to stop by the Sun Shack and there came across a banker that they never met at all before. But with only a few minutes of chatting with him… Learned of his name and got to be familiar with him. So when they were to hear something turn up… It wasn’t so much a stretch or a far guess that it would lead them to him. Lead them to him. It was Stanley Ipkiss that they met. A Chance encounter. Something that was both surprising and a slight of sheer luck. What was next for the fighters? Would they be called to action soon to witness the beginning of the Zany antics coming from… The Mask? What about the development between Blossom and her New friend who happened to be involved with the Mob? Would it soon seduce or Lure Blossom within the Mob world? If Blossom ends up Joining the Mob and sides with her new friend… would this mean the end of the Electric hero persona she possesses? Find out the details in the Next Chapter of the Adventures of the Rhapsody Girls Z! as the Saga Continues…

Spencer: *Voice-over* There is turmoil and anger within the House of Luna and Zeke. Fighting has just become close to an everyday occurrence. Leaving Zoey out to endure it all in its splendor. Yeah… Not very comforting. But Our Aunt Luna… Zoey’s mother is the reason for it all as she has been diving even further down the dark path and now exposed lightly… as someone who is on drugs. She is on them and Uncle Zeke… Zoey’s father is nearing his final thread of tolerance before he blows up and declares it: “OVER!” Luna better shape up. She’s gonna lose her family soon if she doesn’t wake up to see what she’s doing to those around her. Unless there is a deep possibility that Luna isn’t gonna care as she makes more moves towards officially leaving the entire clan and cutting any and all ties to the clan. Plus the scent of Blossom and the new girl… Leslie. There is a possible exposè of them getting closer… In due time as things unravel. This also in… An affair is in process. You’ll never believe who is having the affair. It’s Alvin. The father to Paul and Crystal. The Esp twins… Kasey and Hallie. The trusted and taken in daughter Beverly. Alvin was caught with another woman and on a date too… Leaving Sora and Carly having to struggle with how they were to tell their mother about the awful sad heartbreaking truth. That their father was cheating and having an affair. Next time on the Adventures of the Rhapsody Girls Z! It’s later at night. After midnight and all was quiet. Or was it. Stanley gets close to his apartment and is confronted by the apparent manager of the Apartments… Ms. Peenman. God… what kind of name is that? Peenman. Whack-o! that’s what kind of name it is. She is very tempermental and gives Stanley a rather hard time. As if his night didn’t already bite enough. As the night goes on… Things happen and it’s drawing the attention to one item… “The strange looking Mask.” That Ipkiss found. Mysterious too. Very odd. Although the Dog that Stanley has wouldn’t stop staring at it and now Stanley takes it and looks into the mask… before bringing it closer to his face. Oh no! I think we’re gonna be in for a surprise. We fighters are all gonna get a viewing of Ipkiss and the Zany antics of “The Mask” On the next Chapter of the Adventures of the Rhapsody Girls Z! Chapter 206: “Rhapsody at the Apartment of Ipkiss. Paul Rhapsody watches the change of Ipkiss. Ipkiss as the Mask: “Smokin’!””

Spencer: *Looking at his Wife* Uh, Honey… Take cover.

Rikku: No problem… Ipkiss is turning into a lunatic. YIPE!


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