Chapter 203: Sora and Carly Rhapsody smell a rat and the rat is having an affair.

(Bikini Girl gang seek adoption and begin to say farewell to the Bikini girl carefree days)

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That afternoon…

School was out and the fighters were all at home. Doing their assignments that were given for home. It was a clear afternoon which was really strange as that morning was stormy and cloudy. The weather was really insane. Completely off the track for sanity. One moment it’s cold and stormy… Raining with Thunder and Lightning… Next minute it’s clear and bright. Brimming with Sunlight…

As for Leslie…

At Dorian’s Office…

Dorian: *Looking at Leslie and Smiles* So, Leslie… How was your day at the school? Anyone give you any gruff?

Leslie: No. They didn’t. *Looking worried* But i feel a bit concerned. I overheard a few people talking about me… I think that they know about me and my secret. I didn’t say anything to anyone about any of it. I kept it clear-minded. But there are some people at the school who are possible informants for some family.

Dorian: What do you mean? Like spies?

Leslie: I don’t know. I stayed away from them and kept from revealing anything about my Mob Side.

Dorian: We need to find out who those Informants are and take care of them. They could ruin our operation if people catch on about you being with us.

Leslie: It’d help. But i think that i might know one of them… Someone who goes to the same school as i do. Someone by the name of Sophie Collins. I heard someone mention a name and it was Sophie Collins.

Dorian: We’ll take care of that… Besides… She doesn’t know what she’s talking about.

Leslie: That’s right. *Lighting up* She’s with no proof that i am with you and the guys. *Smoking* But on the other side of it… I did happen to make a friend.

Dorian: You did, huh? Who’s the friend?

Leslie: Someone named Blossom. Blossom Rhapsody of the Rhapsody Family.

Dorian: You’re kidding? Really? What is she like?

Leslie: Not sure… But she sure is friendly. She mentioned about usually hanging with her cousins. A Zoey Rhapsody. Sakura Rhapsody and Hikaru Rhapsody. Also two girls who are like twins. Sora and Carly Rhapsody. I didn’t meet them… But from what Blossom told me… They sound like a bunch of rather cool girls. Really nice. Blossom’s really nice.

Dorian: Good. As long as you’re keeping your nose straight and she doesn’t suspect anything suspicious.

Leslie: You kidding? She knows that i am from New York. That i am Rich. And she also knows that i’m Emancipated from my Biological parents. She knows that. That much was obvious as it’s been told to all the guys and girls at school. But what she doesn’t know is the part that i am with the Mob here. She doesn’t know about Rita the Hammer. I didn’t tell her. I am aware that i can trust her… Because she’s coming off as someone who can be trusted… But i am just not open to telling about the other life i have yet. It’s not quite a wise idea to lay out all your cards.

Dorian: Sounds good enough to me. *Looking at the time* Got any homework, Leslie?

Leslie: Just a little. Some Math and History. But that’s about it.

Dorian: Go on over to the table there and get started on your homework. There is a show going on tonight here at the club. I have to make sure that i’m seen. But You’re gonna be there too. Just to the side though. Being part of the Mob has perks. Like staking out Night clubs and being part of something big.

Leslie: You sure it’d be alright?

Dorian: Yeah. *Nods* It’s gonna be fine. If anyone happens to ask… I’ll sell off a ruse that you are lost and that i’m asking around for signs of your folks. They don’t need to know the difference.

Leslie: Okay. *Putting out her light and Sighs* I just hope that no one sniffs out the truth and it coming to bite you in the butt.

Dorian: It’ll be okay. Promise.

Leslie: I believe you. I trust you, Dorian. Besides… before i met you… i was rather lost. You gave me a purpose in life. Something to live for. You also saw to make certain that i would never be lied to. No one else i know would have had all that. Well… other than that girl Blossom. She’s Cool. I like her. *Smiles* …

At Curtis and Megan’s house…

Blossom was thinking about her new made friend Leslie. She didn’t know the fact of Leslie being around a group of men as the ones she had seen. She only knew about what it was that Leslie told her. Blossom didn’t have any homework that afternoon which was a break for her. She sat there and kept to herself while thinking…

Curtis: *Walking over from the other room* Your mom’s gonna be working late at the Planet. A few Deadlines came her way and she’s said to be swamped. *Stopping to notice Blossom sitting really quietly* Blossom, What’s the silent act for?

Blossom: *Shaking away the silent act* Huh?! *Looking to the side at her father* Hey dad.

Curtis: *Walking over and sitting next to his daughter* Blossom, You’re seeming to be rather quiet today. Why?

Blossom: Not sure. Why do you ask that, dad?

Curtis: You’re usually the most opinionated person here. The most opinionated kid in the house and always would be chatting. Having conversations with your sister Mary. Your brother Perry.

Blossom: That’s right. But…

Curtis: But what…? Something happen?

Blossom: No. Other than i made a new personal friend today at school.

Curtis: You did, did you? *Curious* Who’s the new friend of yours?

Blossom: Depends… Do you happen to know of there being a girl who seems to be on the tip of a bunch of people’s tongues?

Curtis: Not really. No. What about her, Pumpkin?

Blossom: Well… She’s from New York. Rich and she’s also Emancipated. She’s alone or… seemed to be alone. Only thing is that she was with these guys. I don’t even know who they were. What they were even doing around the school grounds. However… She apparently knew them. Really knew them.

Curtis: They could have been distant family members of hers. Ones from a family she emancipated herself from.

Blossom: I don’t think so. Dad, the men had guns. Semi-Autos. They were like armed and set to fire.

Curtis: As though they were from the Mob?

Blossom: The thought did happen to cross my mind. Although… I didn’t think much about it. The girl… Her name’s Leslie Tina Burke.

Curtis: Leslie Burke… Hmm. *Thinking* That name sounds rather familiar.

Blossom: How so?

Curtis: It’s just that… the name has been spread around quite a bit over the last couple weeks. Talks of there being a young girl shooting up the city. *Reconsidering the statement* Actually… not the city. But certain places. Like that one piece of property that had building materials. It was with the equipment that would ensure your Uncle Zeke’s Pub to get it’s well deserved Expansion. There were a few people catching sight of a young girl there shooting at bottles.

Blossom: *Gasps* What? Nah-uh! You’re making that up. Leslie didn’t do that. Why would she?

Curtis: I don’t know… But she had done it. She’d been spotted by 10 people. Which are associates that i tend to work with from time to time on the field when the Director of the Seismology dept. has me going out on assignments. Or field work. They saw her and also heard her talk about being a best buddy to one the guys she was seen talking with.

Blossom: *Thinking* You are sure that it was her, dad? What if it was someone who appeared to look like Leslie but wasn’t Leslie and was just there to pose and frame her?

Curtis: Like a copycat? Or a Mysterious Twin?

Blossom: Yeah.

Curtis: That could be a possibility, Blossom. It may have had been a copycat. But… the description they gave was exact. Very distinct. I would like to give this all a benefit of a doubt… But ten people caught sight of her. if it was one person… i could likely question it. But not ten. Ten is too many for just a sighting. They couldn’t all be lying.

Blossom: But she’s friendly. She seemed so lost and rather like without a friend in the world.

Curtis: And i am sure that she may just be that… But… *Sighs; looking at his daughter and getting a point across* Blossom, She’s not exactly the best person to be friends with. Let me just tell you why… I never told you this before and i know that i should have way back when it happened. But… i didn’t. However… here it goes.  7 years ago… Remember when i was on a field assignment and i had to be gone for 6 weeks for it?

Blossom: Yeah. I think i do remember. I was only 5 then… I also was looking for you and mom said that you were on a Field operation. But she never would say where it was at. All she said was that it was somewhere on the west coast.

Curtis: She’s a smart lady. That’s how i wanted her to tell it. Only because… i didn’t want you freaking out. You were really tweaking over things back then… If i were to tell you then… You’d be shaking in panic. But 7 years ago… i was on a field assignment. To the San Andreas Fault. The big mama fault line herself. Mother Nature’s Ace in the hole in all things Earthquake for California. I met a friend there named Frederick Salinger. He was Pudgy and a bit bulky. However he was endeared to be a great friend. Although… There was something not right with him. I didn’t catch what it was till a week before the Field assignment was over. The thing about him was that he seemed all friendly. He was kind. Sweet. He would always be begging to be allowed to assist everyone with everything. Not too friendly… but friendly enough where you’d never catch that thought of him having a bit of a problem with equipment. The last week he was reported pilfering equipment. My equipment and it costed me the data that i gathered from the fault line itself. I came back with nothing and the director deemed the assignment as a fail. Unfortunately… i wasn’t the only one that he did it to. He had done the same thing to 6 others. 6 others and it costed the USGS Metropolis Branch 900,000 thousand dollars. Dollars that the department didn’t have. We had to cut 50 people from the work force for 2 years to raise the money that was lost over the span of 36 weeks.

Blossom: That’s sad. But what does it have to do with Leslie?

Curtis: Nothing. But the point i am trying to get across is that sometimes people who might look friendly. Or lost and seem as though they have no idea what to do or where to go… It doesn’t make the person faultless. People with the most charm and most disposition for being nice and friendly… are the ones with the most problems.

Blossom: So… What’ll i do? Not see her anymore?

Curtis: Not that… I am not saying that you shouldn’t. She is your friend and you are reaching out and providing a chance for her to belong as she should feel that she belongs. But just be careful and watch how much you get involved with her. I trust you. Not her. I’ll tell you why… When she had done what ever it was that she had done… It lost what trust i might have had for her. I don’t want you getting hurt. Now… Mind you. She’s not a bad person. She’s just been seen making some wrong choices is all. That’s all i’m getting at.

Blossom: *Sighs*

Blossom couldn’t disregard her father’s pep talk. What he unknowingly gave her was the power to keep a neutral piece of mind on who she befriends and who she trusts. She always had that power… But she was always taught to befriend everyone… Anyone as all had the chance for finding a friend. That everyone deserved to have a friend. But as times we changing… Blossom had to come with the reality that people… no matter who they were or how friendly or unfriendly the person was… didn’t always have the power to be trustworthy. Blossom sat there and thought still about Leslie and believed that she was making the right choice in being friends with Leslie T. Burke. She wanted to be her friend and knew that she’d more than likely be her only friend…

At Luna’s and Zeke’s house…

Zoey was in her room watching T.V and doing her homework. She didn’t have much for homework and was gonna be done in just minutes as it was easy. Fortunately. But she was in the middle of getting her stuff set for school the next day as she wanted to get it all done ahead of time… When suddenly…

Luna: *Walking past the room* Hey Zoey, Did you get your homework done? You better have gotten it done. This is your last year of Middle school. High school is next year and you won’t be able to graduate if you fail any classes this year.

Zoey: I got it done, Mom. But it isn’t like you would care.

Luna: *Pauses and somewhat taking offense to Zoey’s outburst* What the heck is up with you today? Snappy much?

Zoey: *A little Moody* Uh… No. I’m not. But i do know that because of what your career is… I am much of the time Stressed out because i am getting called a horrible nickname because of the things you do. Exotic Modeling. Doing Naked photo shoots. You posing Nude and being seen all over the city… Smoking. Plus exposing us all to it.

Luna: You have no idea what it is that you’re saying Zoey. There is nothing wrong going on. I am not gonna stop my career because you and everyone else seems to be uncomfortable with the Porn.

Zoey: Oh… So you don’t care that it’s gotten bad enough to were the mess that you created caused the people at school to start on talking crap about you. Talking smack about you? Is that what you are trying to tell me?

Luna: Not falling for it.

Zoey: Oh sure you’re not gonna fall for it. Because by you falling for that kind of guilt trip… it’d mean that you would actually have to care about how others feel. The people are talking trash about you. Namely… The Marco Kids.

Luna: Martin and Beth’s shit-brained kids who are good for nothing but causing bullshit like their piece of shit father?

Zoey: Yeah. Them. They were running their crappy mouths and like an idiot… I stand up for you because you’re my mother and seeing people or hearing them mock you… It hurts. I got into a couple fights today in the girls restroom over it.

Luna: Like you really needed to?

Zoey: Would you rather that i didn’t?

Luna: It doesn’t matter if you were to do it or not. Those Marco Kids were pieces of shits back when Martin was around… And They are still pieces of shits after his untimely departure. The only thing that changed is that they got worse and became like dictating Fucks who sire to kick our whole family out from this city.

Zoey: They won’t stop either. It’s all because they happen to have their father’s hatred towards dad. They hate him alot and want us to suffer till we leave the city… or dad croaks.

Luna: *Pulling out her pack of smokes and pulling out a smoke; placing it on her lips* Hmm… That’s gonna be a long time coming as your father is as healthy as a million dollar dream. He’s got a few more decades to spawn. *Lighting up and smoking* Just stop worrying about those bastards. They’re shit and so not worth it…

But as they were talking…

The phone then started to ring…

Luna: Who the heck could that be calling? *Smoking* … *with her cigarette hanging from her mouth* People can sure call at the most oddest of times.

A second later…

Luna: *Answering the phone* Yes? *On the Phone* Hello?

Lois: *On the phone* Hey Slut! Guess what? We’re gonna destroy you. You and your Slut Jr. Whore of a daughter. You just tell your slut Jr. Daughter that tomorrow… She better have a first aid kit. She’s gonna need one.

Luna: Lois! Is that you, Lois Marco?

Lois: Alright… The Slut knows who’s insulting her. I guess that Sluts do have brains.

Luna: You better back off, You rotten little shit.

Lois: What’re you gonna do? Strip naked and try to flash us with your disease?

Ginger: You suck, Luna. You are a slut. A Whore and we hope that you get every kind of Sexually transmitted disease there is. You broke our father’s heart. You were his. Not that shit-fuck Zeke. We don’t give a fuck what the government does to make us stop terrorizing you. We don’t care how many people you have that happen to love you freaks. We will not stop till Zeke’s dead or you fucking losers leave this city. FUCKING BITCH, PIECE OF SHIT LOSER!

The phone then goes dead ending the call…


Zoey: I hope that those Marco Kids meet an untimely end… When they do… I just hope that we’re there to dance on their graves. Hateful little creeps. They really make me sick. *Angry*

Zoey couldn’t stay at the house… She had to get out and fast. She went to get a change of clothes and her things for school the next day and split. She left to go find her dad. The house was stressing her out too much and she couldn’t do it anymore. She just couldn’t do it anymore… Seeing her mother smoking, Walking around almost completely Nude. Then to get a call from those Mean Kids and literally threatened. That was where Zoey had to draw the line. She had to draw it somewhere.


Paige and Reese’s…

Clint: *On the phone with Kiyoko* I have been thinkin’ about this for a while now, Kiyoko… We haven’t been really on too many dates. Just social gatherings. But tonight. I was wondering… Would you be free tonight?

Kiyoko Hisakawa

Kiyoko: *On the phone* That’s all i do usually. Social gatherings. I never been on a date before and don’t know what expected on a date.

Clint: There is usually never anything expected on a date. Nothing except Love and just the time that two people have with one another.

Kiyoko: Ah… Okay. I’d love to go on a date with you, Clint. It’d be sweet.

Clint: Sweet. What time shall i pick you up?

Kiyoko: 6:30- 7:00 tonight.

Clint: It’s a date. Don’t worry about the details though… I think that i’m gonna surprise you with something.

Kiyoko: *Excited and feeling the romance* Oh… I can’t wait. See you tonight.

Clint: You bet. And… Kiyoko?

Kiyoko: Yeah?

Clint: I Love you. Plenty.

Kiyoko: I Love you, Clint.

As soon as the call ended…

Clint: *Letting out a victory cheer* Yeah! Mr. Majestic Love won himself a date with the girl of his dreams. He’s goin’ on a date. He just kissed by Cupid’s love arrow!

Theodore: *Walking over from the Dining room* Clint, What’s the big idea Jeering like that? We have homework to do and there is no time to be dancing a #.

Clint: There never is time for a dance #. But i think that this time… An exception is in store…

Theodore: Care to lay out the reason why you’re dancing and Jeering?

Clint: Of course. Guess who’s goin’ out on a date tonight?

Theodore: Who? The man in blue spandex and running sneakers?

Clint: No. That’s a funny guess… but no. It’s me. I’m going out on an official date…

Theodore: With your girlfriend Kiyoko?

Clint: That’s right. But… how did you figure that?

Theodore: Who wouldn’t figure that out by now? Clint… You’re madly in love with her and you two were a pair since the end of last year around Christmas and New Years. You two got close to one another and just clicked. I mean… *Scoffs* Face it. When it comes to love… You are pulled into the eternal love handles of bliss. That girl’s got you eatin’ out from the palm of her hands and feet.

Annie: *Walking from the hall* Right. Clint, You’re in Love. But question is… What will you do for true Love?

Clint: Whatever it takes. As well as be just who i’m meant to be.

Theodore: That’s the way to go.

A Minute later…

Paige: *Walking through the front door* Hey guys. I’m home. Long day at work. *A little worn out* Had 4 Publishing Meet and greets today and i am bushed.

Annie: Really? Is it for the new book that you have out?

Paige: Not have… out. But the one that will soon be put out for everyone to see. It’s a story called Romance on the Edge; Family Affairs Redux. It’s about a Scottish family and their romantic struggles and a German family enduring affairs of the heart going wrong. Some get caught having an affair with another person and others shift to being Not straight. However… teetering between Gay and Bi and/or Straight. The struggles and Lessons learned throughout.

Theodore: *Whistles* Wow! That’s gonna be a real hot seller.

Annie: Oh yeah… But that isn’t all…

Paige: *Catching a change in subject* It’s not? Why’s that?

Annie: Guess who’s got a date tonight?

Paige: Who? You?

Theodore: Ha! We wish it would be her to get a date. She’s entitled for one as well… But no. It’s not Annie. It’s The teenage Love puppy. Clint.

Paige: *Pauses and turns to look at Clint* Is it true? You’ve got a date?

Clint: *Nods*

Paige: *Feeling warm inside* Awwww! My Growing boy is with a date. That’s really sweet. You do have transportation and an idea of where to take her… Right?

Clint: Sure. I heard about something called a Food Rave.

Annie: A Food Rave? *Shoots up in shock* Here? In Metropolis?

Clint: Yeah. It’s romantic. It’s something memorable. Besides… I don’t suppose that she’d been to one before. Actually… Neither have I. I only heard of it just the other week. Someone at that Fellowship party made a reference to it. So… Why not?

Theodore: Hmm… You know… That’s not such a strange or uncommon idea. Go for it. The worst case scenario… the Date’s a bombshell. But if it works… You’ll be set to having the relationship rise to a new height.

Paige: Surprise her though. Girls love that. Alot of girls look forward to a good surprise.

Theodore: All girls?

Paige: All girls.

Annie: This will be one good date. I think that Clint will be giving the girl a real entertaining night.

Of course…

As for Serena and Carly Black…

Carly Black and Serena’s Apartment…

They were doing their homework and it turned out to be easy as they got it done in only a half hour. (Now that is fast for getting Homework done. Why can’t the many others get it done in just that short of a time frame? Do they tend to procrastinate?) It was then that they suddenly got set for a Webcast segment. That day… they were thinking about doing a segment on the Mob. Dressing up in Mobster or Gangster girl Attire.

{Carly Black had a section of her Apartment that had been designed for a stage and it looked between a mix of the set seen on The Steve Wilco Show and Maury. It had the Show Logo for the Webcast placed on the back wall of the Set…}

Andrè: *Signaling for Serena and Carly Black to be ready* And we’re a go in 5… 4… 3… 2… 1.

Serena: Hello all you happy viewers out there… It’s time for another iSerena webcast.

Carly Black: That’s right and this time… it’s A Mobster spotlight. Part 1.

Serena: *As the Godfather* And we’re gonna raze your attention.

Carly Black: *As the Godfather* This is Metropolis… Not New York. Not Brooklyn, Brando.

Serena: Nah… I’m Dorian.

Carly Black: And i’m Sweet Eddie.

Serena: No… Try Doctor Freeze.

Carly Black: *Mimicking the Doc.* “Get real man… Everything is his grift. He owns you… He owns this club… He owns this whole stinkin’ town.”

Serena: *Mimicking Dorian Tyrell* “He’s the only one who’s napping… and I’m about to give him a serious wake-up call. But we need cash… so first we take the bank… then we take Niko… and then, my friend, school is out. And this whole city is our playground.”

Carly Black: The Mob is in town and they have come to spread domination of the city. Nowhere in the city is safe.

Serena: That’s scary. Spooky…


The show was being watched through the Web… Live and someone was watching it…

It was Leslie…

Dorian’s Office…

Leslie: *Watching the Webcast* … Oh boy. This is not gonna make Dorian very calm. *Calling for Dorian* Dorian! Dorian…

Dorian: *from the one side of the room* What’s the matter, Leslie?

Leslie: I can’t say… i think that you’re gonna want to come see for yourself. You’re not gonna believe this. I am online right now and there is something that is… not good.

Dorian: *Curious* Is this gonna take long, Leslie? I have to get things set. The show starts in about 4 hours.

Leslie: I know… But this is something that’s going on now. Right now. *Turning to motion for Dorian to come see the screen* Take a look…

Dorian: *Walking over and grinning* … What’s the deal here?

Leslie: I came across a site. It’s tied to some kind of Webcast show. Something called iSerena. They’re doing webcasts and this one… It’s being done covering the Mob.

Dorian: The Mob? The Webcast… is being done about the Mob?

Leslie: Yeah. And the ones they’re covering… They’re mimicking you. Plus Mimicking the Doc.

Dorian: WHAT?!

Leslie: I am serious. Really. They’re doing this Webcast. This is bad… Really bad. There’s got to be a leak here that is telling them something about us.

Dorian: *Pissed* Damn it!

Dorian walked away and grabbed something… He threw it across the room and it broke into pieces… He was angry and it startled Leslie.

Leslie: *Backing away and getting weary* … Dorian… Would you mind calming down? You’re starting to spook me.

Dorian: *Growling* I want the son of a bitch who leaked out the info about us. Leslie, I want to thank you for bringing this to my attention. I am not mad at you. I’m just pissed that there is someone out there trying to expose us.

Leslie: I’ll start looking into putting a small team together and see about derailing the outside world’s attempt to expose us.

Dorian: Leslie, No. No. You don’t have to. You don’t have to do that. Whoever they are… They’ll hang themselves soon enough. Rita the Hammer’s got more important things to focus on. *Sighs and cooling down* You done with your homework, Leslie?

Leslie: You bet.

Of course…

Events were starting to unfold…

Jenson’s Auto Finishing…

Early Evening…

It was getting close to dark or Night fall… Things were about to happen. This was where the excitement was about to begin. Sooner or later… The fighters were gonna come across their new ally. A couple of them would venture into darkness… One being literal involved with Leslie. More developments on the possible affair and the breaking of Luna. Luna leaving the family and officially becoming one Rina Frost…

Stanley walked into the auto shop to find out about his car that he had brought in not long ago. As it was… it had be more than a day or so since he took his car into the Auto shop to get it’s oil changed. He walked into the shop and  scanned the area for signs of life. The sounds of the CLANK-CLANK-CRASH of some less than light-fingered automotive work in progress was heard by Stanley. It was apparent that someone was there. Someone… somewhere…

Stanley: Hello?

Stanley DINGS a little service bell sitting on a counter waiting for a response…

“Hang on, hang on! Don’t get your panties in a twist.”

IRV, a lumbering unshaven behemoth of a man with permanently low- slung refrigerator repairman pants, makes his way past half rebuilt car carcasses towards Stanley.

BURT, a thinner version of Irv with Coke bottle glasses and a mop of greasy hair, pops up from beneath a car, RIPS out of chunk of motor and wiring and holds it up to Irv.

Burt: *examining part* Hey Irv, what the hell is this?

Irv: *eyes it carefully* Ohh… I dunno. About seven hundred bucks.

The two men then laughed evilly as it was noticed that they were a pair of unfair pricing… Dishonest and rip-off mechanics…

Irv: *Walking over to Stanley* Now, what can I do for you, bub?

Stanley: I’m here to pick up the Civic.

Burt: *Standing up and looking at Stanley* The brake drums are shot and you need a new transmission.

Stanley: *In disbelief* What?! I don’t believe this… All i dropped the car off here for was for an Oil change.

Irv: Lucky we caught these problems before they caused serious trouble. *Sliding over the release form* Sign right here, and press down hard.

Stanley looks at the slip and looks for a price. He doesn’t see one and quickly calls them out on it…

Stanley: There’s no price.

Irv: There will be.

Stanley: I’ve no car. I need a car tonight.

Irv: *Tilting his head and looking back* Hey Burt… Bring out the loaner.

Burt: The Loaner?!

Stanley: *Weary* The Loaner?

Stanley was getting screwed and there was no lie about that. Stanley saw it… He and could tell that he was being bulled and when he happened to see what the Loaner was… He would realize that he was a victim to unfair service…

Back over with the fighters…

At Alvin and Alice’s house…

Paul and Crystal were already out having a social activity. Paul was at the Comedy Lounge doing a show. Doing skits and what it seemed was that it felt close to being in the style of one Carrot-top. The famous Comedian. As well as George Carlin. Plus a hint of Bill Engvall and Jeff Foxworthy. He was really comical and the crowds would just eat it up. Laughing and loving every savory slapstick piece of humor and comedy. Paul would just ham it up…

Hallie Tanner/Rhapsody was talking with Beverly, Sora and Carly… Kasey was with Lana Greens and hanging with the Rhapsody Pink Ladies. Sapphire wasn’t holding a meeting that night. So… the meeting was a free hangout and just kick it…

Hallie: What are you guys gonna do? *Looking at Beverly* Mom and dad are having issues. There’s got to be something we can do.

Beverly: Like what? What can we possibly do?

Sora: How is it that you guys know about what’s going on with mom and dad?

Carly: Sora… I think that they know more than we do because when it really started coming out that there was something there… We were still in on the east coast at the BPRD. I think that we should trust them and listen to what it is that they know about what’s really going on between mom and dad. They’re our sisters too…

But before they could get into it…

“I know it’s around. I don’t have any doubts about that fact.

I’ll see you get it tonight and if I can’t I’ll cry…cry.
You won’t see me without it and

I’ll See You Tonight.

But, I know it’s around. I don’t have any doubts about that fact.
I’ll see you get it tonight and if I can’t I’ll cry…cry.
You won’t see me without it and

I’ll See You Tonight. Outside
See You Tonight. Outside
See You Tonight.”

Sora: What was that?

Carly: *Pauses* did we just hear something done by that ego-maniac?

Sora: I think that we have, Carly. We did and i don’t think that i am liking it at all. But…

Hallie: Who’s singing that?

Beverly: You don’t think that…

Hallie: Let’s go and watch a Movie. I don’t think that we’ll want to know where it’s coming from or who’s doing it.

Sora: Who do you think is doing it?

Carly: I don’t know.

Suddenly Sora and Carly look over to see their father wearing a Purple custom made suit. It was a Zoot suit and they knew that there was something going on. A Date with someone… but Sora and Carly were wanting to know who…

Sora: *Walking over with Carly* Hey dad…

Carly: What’s going on?

Alvin: Hey girls. What’re you two up to?

Sora: Nothing. Just hanging out. What about you? What’re you up to?

Carly: You’re looking rather fancy… Where’re you goin’?

Alvin: Out to see someone and provide some comfort. The woman needs it more than ever. Your mom is still at work. She hasn’t come home yet.

Carly: She hasn’t?

Sora: What could be keeping her at work? She couldn’t be working overtime…

Alvin: No idea, Girls. But she’s at work. I would be wanting to take her out on a date… but she’s never up for it anymore. I pretty much gave up trying. It’s like she’s afraid to even touch me. I know what it looks like here… But really, I am not out with another person. There is no way i’d do that. I’ll be back in a little while.

Sora: *Suspecting that something is up* What’ll we do till then?

Alvin: Why not watch a movie? Like that one you watched a couple months ago.

Carly: …

Hallie and Beverly were sitting and listening to what was being said. They were not down where the others were… but even they suspected something was not right…

As soon as Alvin left to go and see the woman he made them think was only a friend…

Sora: Dad is seeing another woman somehow. But he won’t say. If it gets anymore of a secret or a serious predicament… we’re gonna have to tell mom.

Carly: How do we tell her? The last time we told her that something was up… she played it off and said that dad would never do that. That it had something to do with work.

Sora: Work? Really, Carly… Work? Since when did dad’s work include a spunky Zoot suit, a bouquet of roses and a bottle of wine and possibly a couple of cuban cigars?

Carly: I don’t know. Maybe it’s something formal.

Sora: No way. Something is up. Dad is seeing another woman and the last i or we checked… it wasn’t with someone that had the caliber of a seducer and possible prostitute milking for a good man with dire motives.

Carly: What do you suggest that we do?

Sora: we go on a spy rendezvous and find out. Dad’s got two tickets to Pierre Twang’s French restaurant. tonight. at 7. So… we’ll make like we got a date and pose as a couple of women going out for a gathering. Catch him off guard. Not confront him… but see what he’s doing.

Carly: Do you think it will work?

Sora: Don’t know. But we have to know for sure. If he really is dating the woman… it’s serious and we’re either gonna have to derail it… or tell mom. I really don’t want to tell mom. This will break her heart. But unless we find out what’s going on… there is no telling when this will stop.

Carly: How do we do it though? it isn’t like dad won’t notice us…

Sora: We have to still try. Come on… Let’s find our formal outfits and see if we can follow him.

Carly: Yeah. *Nods* I smell a rat and that rat has two legs, is wearing a Zoot suit and is acting very suspicious like.

Sora and Carly didn’t say another word and they weren’t about to tell Hallie and Beverly where they were going. Not that they haven’t heard what was being planned. They knew that something was up and there was nothing that was gonna stop them from finding out the truth. Sora and Carly didn’t want to see their mother hurt by what their father was doing. It was not something they were gonna want. What they were suspecting that their father was doing… it was gonna hurt their mother if it turned out to be true and that their father was really cheating on their mother…

As for Raven…

She was with her boyfriend… She and her new boyfriend Lorenzo were out for a drive and Raven… She was driving. DRIVING. She during the passing Summer went for her Driver’s license and took the test. Passed it and got her license to drive. But how was that gonna help her in her battles when she had to become her heroic identity Intellectual Thunderic Wonder? What would her boyfriend think?

Sapphire on the other hand also was driving. She was with her boyfriend who was the star of the School Football team. It was showing that the easy days were being put behind them all little by little. It was leading to the Adulthood for them. But the younger ones… Still had a way to go.

Raven and Lorenzo went to the Mall and got something to eat from the food court. They sat there and just conversed with one another. Talking about school plans and about Raven’s passion for public speaking. There was a lot to discuss. But they figured… There was all the time to stop and talk with one another about it.

As for Clint…

He was Driving and he had a knack for Chevy’s. It was something that called his name and spoke “Clint”. He Looked at his girlfriend and took her to the Fairgrounds where there was a massive tent billowing up It was odd but rather surprising…

Kiyoko Hisakawa

Kiyoko: Clint, I know this is a surprise… but uh, What are we doing here?

Clint: Ever been to a food rave before?

Kiyoko: *Confused* Huh?! Food Rave? What’s that?

Clint: It’s something that gets held once a month. I never really heard of them till now. recently actually. It’s said to be rather feasible for those who don’t have the money to go for a restaurant or anything. Of course… I got the money. But… Happens once a month, all around the city. Different chefs, different venues. It can vary from french to Italian. German, Russian, Armenian… Asian even. Canadian and or Mexican. Hawaiian. Cuban. Different kinds… all the time. Fish too. Seafood.

Kiyoko: You sure that it’s okay to go in there?

Clint: Oh yeah. Come on.

They got out of the truck and Clint made sure that he locked up before walking side by side, Hand in hand beside Kiyoko. They walked into the tent and saw the place brimming with activity. Clint looked to see what all was being served…

Clint: Hmm… There’s the french and Hawaiian food court over on the left. The Italian on the right. German and Armenian in the middle. Which would you like to venture for first?

Kiyoko: The French and Hawaiian sounds pretty interesting. Let’s try that one first.

Clint: You bet. *Smiles* Anything for you, Kiyoko.

But it was when they got to the Venue that served French and Hawaiian cuisine when…

Pamela: *Recognizing Clint* Clint Rhapsody…

Clint: *Pauses* Mrs. Reedy?

Pamela: Oh my god… *Coughs in surprise* Now this is a surprise… What’re you doing here?

Clint: I’m on a date. A date with a wonderful, Beautiful girl.

Pamela: Ah… Who’s the girl of the heart for you?

Clint: Kiyoko Hisakawa.

Pamela: Kiyoko, huh? Nice name. That’s a pretty name.

Clint: It is. I fell in love with her the first time i laid eyes on her. I am still in love.

Kiyoko: *Blushes* Oh Clint…

Clint: What brings you to work at a food rave?

Pamela: It’s something that i do… I am also doing this to promote my restaurant and get the possibility to be given another outlet. I’m thinking of going Nationwide.

Clint: Putting it all on the chains. That’s gonna be a lot to take on. But no worries… You’ll get there. if it is meant to happen… You’ll get there. Besides… The entire family likes how you prep food and what you do. No reason why the people on the outside wouldn’t. You’re good. real good.

Pamela: Thank you. *Smiles* Hey… How’s your mom and dad?

Clint: They’re good. My mother is about to have another book published. Sometime soon. My Father… He’s continually working the farm.

Pamela: That’s good. Things are going great for you and your folks.

They start trying some of the food as it’s given to them. Kiyoko loved it. She saw to eat every last bite on her plate. Clint was all for the idea that Kiyoko was having a blast. It was what he wanted. If anything. He sired to see that she’d be happy…

As for the Bikini Girls…

The girls started to aim for seeking adoption. They knew that with the change of time… their carefree days were numbered. They wanted to be free… They wanted to be forever with the clan and be there for them… Wanted to be there for their friends. All of their friends. But realized that with the Mob out in the city and likely anywhere at any time… No place was gonna be safe. There was never gonna be a safe place for them to go. Where were to go but for the direction taking them to be adopted. There was no other way. The Mob could find them out at any time and that would have been disastrous…

The Adult members of the Gang… They made a few calls and got a couple or so takers for Adoption. A group of the girls made sure that they had their stuff with them and ensured that they would be prepared to go… When they were picked for adoption…

Moments later…

Mr. Sweetly: *Walking over* Hi there… Are those the Girls waiting for adoption?

Dani: They sure are, sir. You must be Mr. Sweetly.

Mr. Sweetly: That’s right. I am.

Dani: There’s 14 girls to choose from. Susie Mack, Caroline Lightfoot, Becky Altman, Hannah Nelson, Amber Malek, Patti Marlborough, Bridgette Sandsburg, Jennifer Rolland, Cynthia Breslin, Macie Gellar, Mindy Silversmith, Hallie Monroe, Mary North and Piper Mertz.

Mr. Sweetly: Wow! Those are sure to be rather colorful names. It’s nice knowing that they were being cared for so well. However… I can be direct and assure you that the 4 i pick… Will be loved. I understand that they’re mostly in their teens or close to that age. But it will not matter. I will love them as they should be.

Dani: That’s good. I’m glad. Margaret… the Leader of the Bikini Girls Gang will be pleased to know that the girls are being given love and care.

Mr. Sweetly: *Nods*

A second later…

Mr. Sweetly: I’ll take… the first two. the 5th and 6th one.

Dani: Susie Mack, Caroline Lightfoot, Amber Malek and Patti Marlborough. They’ll be your Daughters. Margaret will get the records of them set and give them all to you. You’ll be with kids in no time.

Susie Mack: You must be a government agent.

Mr. Sweetly: That’s right. I am. I work for the Governor of this State. Governor Charlene F. Rhapsody. She’s still in office and the state’s holding it’s own with her.

Caroline Lightfoot: That’s nice. *Smiles*…

Amber: *Pauses* Wait a minute… Did you say Charlene F. Rhapsody… As in Thee Charlene F. Rhapsody… one of the great aunts to the now retired Rhapsody Girls Z!?

Mr. Sweetly: Uh… yeah. I did.

Patti: Oh my god… that’s so cool. We know all about the clan. We admire them.

Amber: *Excited*

They all spoke a little bit while waiting for the papers to be given to Mr. Sweetly. When he had them… the 4 girls that were picked by him said their last goodbye’s and left. They were now Susie, Caroline, Amber and Patti Sweetly. The Man was Wally Sweetly. He owned a luxury home… but it was well filled with warmth and care.

The girls all stood there and considered it the end of the gang but also felt that it was the start of something new. Maybe something even positive would have come from the new lives that they’d all get as time passed. Time came and went and the girls all knew… How long were they to be in a rather carefree gang. Never knowing if they’d be wanted by people and given a stable home… Arnold was sponsoring them. But even he could not deny that change was indeed imperative. It was in requisition and needed now. The Mob was taking the City and for the Mob to never pick up notice of the girls… was slim to none chance. Slim to None.

A minute later…

Mr. Anderson: *Walking over and greeting the crowd* Well look at what we have here. Young girls out on a night like this.

Dani: It is not common for them to be out on a night like this… but this is where they’re gonna be seen when they get adopted. I do take it that you’re the one named Mr. Anderson. Right?

Mr. Anderson: That’s right, Ma’am. That’d be me. That’s me. *Introducing himself* Larry Anderson. I’m the biggest source for comedians to get their big break. The best ones come to me. I’m also Rich too. Honestly Rich. Working hard is how i got rich. I love kids. Raising them would be rewarding. Every kid needs a loving home and i can give that.

Dani: That’s good. I am happy to hear that. So is Margaret. We got 10 kids here ready for adoption. Becky Altman, Hannah Nelson, Bridgette Sandsburg, Jennifer Rolland, Cynthia Breslin, Macie Gellar, Mindy Silversmith, Hallie Monroe, Mary North and Piper Mertz.

Mr. Anderson: Jennifer and Mindy. Those two would be wonderful.

Jennifer: You want to adopt us?

Mindy: Really?

Mr. Anderson: Of course. You’re gonna love your new home. It’s got a swimming pool and it’s also got a nice den and Balcony.

Jennifer: I always did like balcony’s. *Excited*

Minutes later…

They were on their way to their new home. They were now Jennifer and Mindy Anderson. There was one more adoption in store…

Mrs. Bishop: *Arriving* I finally made it here. It’s about time too… I had to get through a lot of traffic. Plus people were driving like psychotic airheads. I’ll be glad when i can finally get home.

Dani: You here to Adopt?

Mrs. Bishop: That’s the plan. Besides i need a kid. A person to hang with. Since the Divorce last month… I had to go home to an empty home. It felt so quiet and lonely. I am right now in the process of fighting for Alimony from the bastard that i divorced. He was narcissistic and thought as though he was always the right guy for everything. Getting rid of him… The best thing that happened but also the saddest. because it is really depressing to be in a house that has no one there to hear you laugh… cry. Scream or yell. It just feels so dead.

Dani: Must be sad. What do you do?

Mrs. Bishop: I’m a Liaison for the courts. I handle cases that are given to me and Make sure that they’re done. But it’s good work. Honest. The ones that are sensitive… are the ones that deal with Young kids. Because when the Adults do something wrong… The young kids are the ones who are made to suffer. I don’t like seeing the kids having to be made to suffer all because their parents had to go and do something wreckless and irresponsible.

Dani: Which makes giving a loving home to a kid all the more important. Seeing that no other kid has to endure the pain that many others had to unfortunately suffer through. We have 8 ready to be adopted. Becky Altman, Hannah Nelson, Bridgette Sandsburg, Cynthia Breslin, Macie Gellar, Hallie Monroe, Mary North and Piper Mertz.

Mrs. Bishop: Hannah, Hallie and Macie. Those 3. They are very sweet looking. *Looking at the girls* How would you girls like to live with me? Become my new family.

Hannah: We’d like that. Is it in the City?

Hallie: It is, isn’t it?

Mrs. Bishop: It is. I do live in this city.

Hallie: Good.

Macie: Only because… The Clan lives in this city and we actually like being within the same city as they are.

Mrs. Bishop: What Clan are you talking about? The ones who fight to protect the city from things we shouldn’t see? Things which we wouldn’t understand?

Macie: Yeah…

As for Leslie…

Downstairs from Dorian’s Office…

Leslie: *Looking at lights flashing on and off; Hearing the live band playing* Wow! This is amazing. Dorian, You really run this place?

Dorian: Of course. This place is like my headquarters.

Leslie: I don’t know how you can really feel that this night club is a headquarters for you. Wouldn’t you be wanting something more… You. and not so… much like it’s something to claim?

Dorian: What do you mean?

Leslie: You know… Like something on a personal level. One that others can’t touch unless you want them to. This Night club… The Coco Bongo club is fine… But it doesn’t really speak you. Not on a personal level.

Dorian: You seem to have the view point of an Artist. *Impressed* I Like the way you think, Leslie.

Leslie: Thanks. *Smiles* You know, Dorian… What you might want to think about doing… Is maybe get a house. Private but personal place that speaks you. You got to have something that speaks you. Like… where do you want to go to when the whole world lets you down and you want to have a place that you know would never judge you or ignore you. But know that it would give you peace and solace?

Dorian: This sounds like therapy, Leslie. I don’t do therapy…

Leslie: Not therapy. Think about it… You’re a Mob Member. One of the higher ups in the Mob. A team that follows you and respects you. But… like family. However… no one really hears your heart… like you do. You want to be seen as something more… Only problem is that… The Mob is all you see. Like me. All i see is a struggle between two identities. Two worlds. The normal life and then the mob life. But i dream of something more. I am new at the Mob Business while at the same time… learning fast.

Dorian: Because you’re young and talented. You know what you want. Any kid your age usually reach that point where they seek for their own identity.

Leslie: Now i feel like it’s Therapy. *Chuckles*

Dorian: It’s okay. Some of the things you said… made a lot of sense.


Blossom: *Walking through the neighborhood* I wonder what Leslie’s up to. She didn’t really say what she was doing with those guys. She wouldn’t say anything about them. Except that one was like a father figure to her somehow… *Sighs* What am i thinking though? I can’t be doing this.

Sora and Carly…

They were outside the Restaurant that they believed their father to be at with another woman. They’d suspected as much since there was signs that their father was having an affair. Sora and Carly didn’t believe that they could get in to the fancy restaurant although Luck had it in favor and they were permitted in. Carly was weary of seeing their father inside and thereby blowing their cover and they get caught by him. But they knew that answers needed to be found. Something had to be figured out about what their father was up to. They couldn’t get in touch with anyone to help… So they had to make their own investigations and get their own facts. They also… couldn’t tell their brother Paul. What could he have done?

Time was ticking to the first round of the Coco Bongo club. Things were unraveling and also some surprises were found. A familiar face at a food rave. Leslie being condescending to Dorian. But also keeping on the Gangster gal mindset. Ipkiss getting screwed by a couple of auto repairmen. What a surprise that was. However… more was gonna happen to all members involved. Serena and Carly Black were on a date and were at the movies. Peaceful and it was a school night. However the others were on their dates and or about to reach the finale of their dates. What was gonna be first to happen next for the fighters? Would they get to meet their Ally… Stanley Ipkiss as a man first… or would their first meet be the first time they’ve crossed paths with him but the fact of it being Ipkiss in the mask? Would Ipkiss be permitted into the Coco Bongo club? Or would his access be… *Buzzer noise* Denied? Would Sora and Carly be able to catch their father in the act of cheating on their mother Alice? What about Blossom? Would she be told by Leslie what her involvement with the Mob was? Would this be the start of her being pulled into the Mob world? Find out what’s next in the Next Chapter of the Rhapsody Girls Z! as the Saga Continues…

Leslie: *Voice-over* There is a lot going on. Some are good… some are bad. But i think that this is where i drag Blossom into the Mob world. She even takes to it… But not over night. And when i first see her around at the Club… i am not too friendly… Not intentional… but to protect her from danger. Next time on the Adventures of the Rhapsody girls Z!… It’s Coco Bongo time. for the first time and i get a taste of the glam of the Mob world. The perks. But before that… Blossom shows up and i have to tell her something about what i am doing with the Mob. Why i am with them. Plus… Stanley Ipkiss… He arrives in a very beat up car that falls apart with each tap done on the car. Talk about getting really swindled by auto mechanics… Dishonest ones. Only to be ditched by the guy who was supposed to be his friend… but was all about the prestige. He get’s thrown off to the side by the muscle-headed Bouncer. Sora and Carly spy on their father Alvin and almost get caught by their father. However… I am seen at the club and a couple notice me. Is that a good thing? Something more to consider… Paul shows up at the club and he gets allowed in. He is under age and he is allowed in. What is going on… On the next Chapter of the Adventures of the Rhapsody Girls Z! Chapter 204: “Night Scene at the Coco Bongo club… Paul Accepted in… Ipkiss- Access Denied.”


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