Chapter 201-202: First National Bank of Rhapsody and Ipkiss.

(Jenna Rhapsody falls in love.)

(Bikini Girls Stationed at the headquarters founded by Janie, Alex and Charlene)

(Dorian Tyrell and the threat of Niko the Crime Boss.)

(“First we’ll take the money. Then we’ll take the city. Then we take Niko. Then my friend… School is out!”)

(District Attorney on the defense; Defending the Honor of the New Generation)

A week later…

Metropolis has become Edge City… Literally. But the city was still Metropolis. There was no change in the name of the city or how it looked… but the Atmosphere and the events that would ensue and start. Bringing the New Generation in… Was gonna begin…

Metropolis/Edge City Bank.

“We Bank on the integrity and spirit of tomorrow and beyond.”

STANLEY IPKISS, a bright-eyed amiable young account exec…

Stanley: *Opening the side drawer in his desk and pulling out something* I’ve got those… Uh… Concert tickets you wanted.

MAGGIE, a cute young blonde now strolls by…

Maggie: *Gasps* You’re kidding! For Friday night? *Jubilant* Stanley, this is great.

Stanley: What time shall i pick you up?

Maggie: I don’t know for sure…

Stanley: How’s that?

Maggie: Here’s the thing. My best girlfriend is here and she’d die to go to this… so could we get an extra ticket for her?

Stanley: I wish it would be possible. I really do. But sadly… they’re sold out. Meaning that there isn’t anymore being sold. There aren’t any more tickets being put out.

Maggie: I can’t let her sit home all alone.

Stanley: Okay… I think that i can fix this. I’ll tell you what. Go with your friend.

Maggie: *Laughs in shock* Oh… Stanley. No. I-I couldn’t do that. You sure?

Stanley: I’m sure. besides it’d be something that you and your friend can enjoy.

Maggie: *Thrilled and in happy bliss* Stanley, you are the nicest guy. Really, you are. *Looking at Stanley’s work partner* Isn’t Stanley just the nicest guy?


Charlie: The best.

Maggie gives him a quick air-kiss and hurries off to her teller’s window.

Charlie: That was the most sickening display I have ever seen.

Stanley: I disagree… I think that i’m wearing her down.

But that was when…

Zeke: *Walking over to the desks* Excuse me. I’m here to open a new bank account. I just closed the Joint account that i shared with my wife. Who do i speak to; on setting that up?

Stanley: Hmm… that’d be over here. Why don’t you have a seat and we’ll see what it is we can do to help you on your journey to a fresh new start.

Charlie: You’re a member of this bank. One of the customers here… aren’t you?

Zeke: Of course. Been one for 10 years i suppose. But that was when i opened the account and it was one that my wife and i Shared together. But i had it set to where i would get the faxes of all transactions that were taking place on the account.

Stanley: 10 years. A Solid decade. *Whistles* That’s good standing. Why’re you opening a new one when you have one with your spouse? Not that it’s being questioned. But wouldn’t it be hard to keep track of two accounts?

Zeke: No. Because I am closing the Shared account. Opening my own. My Wife has been constantly spending money that wasn’t there half the time and i had to keep playing catch up and make up for what she spent. Taking out money. I want it stopped. So i’m closing the account and opening a new one. Letting her open her own. So if she wants to over spend… It’d only hurt her. Not me and the kids. My youngest Daughter Zoey is suffering over the mess and it hurts.

Charlie: Wow! You got woman problems, man… You gonna be okay though, right?

Zeke: I am hoping that i will be pulling through.

Stanley: It’s okay. We’ll take care of you, pal. No sweat.

Minutes later…

Stanley: There you go… You’re all set there… Mr. Rhapsody. It’s as always… A pleasure doing business with you.

Zeke: And it’s a pleasure being serviced here… Mr. Ipkiss. *Lending a shake of the hand* You be sure to have a warm day. It’s raining outside.

Charlie: You too… It’s kinda like freak weather, isn’t it?

Zeke: *Scoffs in agreement* You have no idea. Last week it was all hot as a oven and a little over. Now… It’s raining out there like a storm of cats and dogs. Only with no screech and bark.

Charlie: We know the feeling. Strange but it fits. Strange weather this year. Never know what is gonna roll on in each day.

It was only minutes later when…

Charlie: Stanley… You need a gal. No foolin’  Buddy, you need a little change of pace. Tonight, I’ll take you on a love safari. Deep into the darkest heart of the urban jungle.

Stanley: Tell me more. Bwana!

Charlie: The Coco Bongo Club. Hottest new joint in town. Only the crème de la crème need apply.

Stanley: How do we get in?

Charlie: Are you kidding? Leave it to me. Trust me, buddy. This will be the perfect… night on the town.


A young woman scurries into the bank holding a newspaper over her head. She’s soaking wet and pauses in the foyer to straighten herself out. Charlie immediately notices her…

Charlie: Hold that pretty phone… *Trying to get Stanley to look up* Killer… At 3 o’clock.

Stanley followed his gaze and turns to see a woman. A wonderful blonde and hot woman. in Red. (Wow! WOW! WOOOOOW! Be still my heart. My heart is a poundin’ and it’s in love.)

CHEESECAKE TILT-UP starting with the woman’s million dollar legs as she squeezes some of the water out of her skirt… up past her body, which through her damp summer clothes is undeniable proof that there is a God… up… up… to her face as that newspaper is tossed aside. She’s a heart-stopping woman/child with a Cupid’s bow mouth and ice blue eyes. In other words she’s trouble. Big trouble, also known as TINA CARLYLE.

Charlie: Stand back and observe… *Watches as the woman closes in on the desks*

Tina: Where do i open an account?

Charlie: New accounts, right here. You’re lucky, I was on my way out–

Tina: Hold this for me, please?

Charlie: I’ll hold anything you want. Whatever… whenever.

Charlie is left holding the coat and as if in a trans… Lowers his head to sniff the scent coming from the coat and feels high on infatuation.

Tina: *To Stanley* Can you help me?

Stanley sits down and situates at his desk and tries to be charming. It works as Tina chuckles…

Stanley: *Sighs and grins* So… what kind of account do you want?

Tina: Well, I’m not sure exactly. I’m just terrible with things like that. That’s an interesting tie, Mister… *Pauses*

Stanley: Ipkiss. Stanley Ipkiss.

Tina: Tina Carlyle, it’s a pleasure.

Stanley: Oh… No, The pleasure’s all mine.

Tina: May I?

Stanley: What?

Tina: *Looking down at herself and then back up* I’m such a mess.

Stanley: Oh, of course. *Picks up the box of kleenex* That’s what they’re there for. *Laughs amusingly*

As she was wiping herself off…

Tina: As I was saying, that tie… reminds me of those, what do you call it, ink blot tests.

Stanley: A Rorschach test.

Tina: Right. *Smiles* It sort of looks like… *Leaning over to take a better look before leaning back* a young woman riding bareback. Sort of… Lady Godiva or something.

Stanley: Of course.

Tina: What do you see,  Mr. Ipkiss?

Stanley: I don’t know… Bright colors… *Shy and a bit fuzzy*

A second later…

Stanley: It’s a power tie. It’s supposed to make you feel powerful.

Tina: Does it work?

Stanley: *knowing it doesn’t work, tries changing the subject* Now, uh, how about that account? We have… *nervously jams a pen in the pencil sharpener, making a loud grinding noise* checking, savings and checking, CDs, savings and CDs, checking and CDs, savings, checking, and CDs, T-bills, or we can just take all your money and throw it in a big mattress back there. Now, I have some forms for you to fill out.

They both share a laugh. But it was as Tina secretly moved her purse to the side just by a few tiny inches. Inside there was a small tiny camera. No one knew that there was a camera inside her purse. No one. It was also taking surveillance of the Vault that was in the back.

Someone was watching. The transmission was rolling and it led over to a VIDEO MONITOR.

displaying the shot of the vault that Tina is broadcasting…

“That’s it, sweetheart. Now just a little bit to the right.”

Coco Bongo Night Club…

Dorian is watching the video and Nodding…

His two gunsels, SWEET EDDY and CHUN WOO are busy at the back of the room playing air-hockey. Serious firepower is visible in their shoulder holsters.

Doctor: Yeah… Stop it right there.

Dorian: *Pressing a button on the side as he looks over to the doctor*

A second later…

Dorian: What do you think?

Dr. Freeze: Layout’s not bad. But… the motion detectors are a pain. I do have one question.

Dorian: Which is?

Dr. Freeze: What does Niko have to say about this?

Dorian: Nothin’… this ain’t his grift.

Dr. Freeze: Get real man, everything is his grift. He owns you, he owns this… club he owns this whole stink’in town.

Dorian: Things change. *takes drag on cigarette*

Leslie: I’m new at this… But isn’t that guy… Niko supposed to be the feared Don of the city?

Dr. Freeze: You mess with Niko you end up takin’ a dirt nap.

Leslie: Is that a good thing. Or a bad? *Worried*

Dorian: It’s a bad thing… But, Leslie… there isn’t a thing to worry about.

Leslie: That’s what worries me… if all this is Niko’s domain… Wouldn’t it be risking the veil of discretion if you were to make the plan to rob the bank? I mean… wouldn’t it get back to Niko? He might get wind of this and that could mean trouble for you guys.

Dorian: You could be right, Leslie. But… It’s gonna be okay. Once we pull off this heist. I have a good feeling that Niko will be the one meeting his last curtain call. He’s the only one who’s napping… and I’m about to give him a serious wake-up call. But we need cash… so first we take the bank… then we take Niko… and then, my friend, school is out. And this whole city is our playground.

Leslie: That’s cute… We take the whole city? That’ll be a feat to remember. However… from everything you laid out about Niko… You have to realize. He’s not stupid. A little over the top… but he isn’t stupid. People with billions of dollars have this thing called Paranoia of someone trying to come and pop them off and take over. He’s gonna be watching everything and if he even sniffs a scent of innuendo or subterfuge… he’s gonna come a knockin’. You know what you’re aiming for… But be careful. Not knowing who you’re messing with will spell your end on a rap sheet.

Freeze: Hey Kid… You set for school?

Leslie: Been ready, Doc. But thanks for asking.

Dorian: Leslie, While at school… try to keep the Mob identity to a minimum. If anyone gives you gruff… just don’t react. Just stable yourself and don’t give away the idea that you’re one of the Mob.

Leslie: Don’t sweat it… Rita the Hammer can keep secrets just as easy as one Dorian Tyrell Rising future Mob Crime Lord. *Winks*

Dorian: *Chuckles* Cute. That’s cute… But i get the point. Have a good day at school. Don’t worry.


At Sid’s Diner…

Sid: *Looking at Pamela* Hon… You’re gonna be having a problem soon with Holly. She’s being harassed by those Marco Kids.

Pamela: How so?

Sid: Well… Last week they came in here and threatened to see on having this place closed down and also the fact that they were making it their life mission to stop at nothing to see that the clan was destroyed. The Marco Kids all hate that family.

Pamela: What do you think should be done?

Sid: Not sure… They happen to have a cop in their back pocket and if anyone tries to raise a stink over the Marco Kids… those kids will find out because their Cop resource will contact them and tell them about it.

Pamela: Not if someone were to say… Lure their inside man at the station into a trap. Or lock the guy in a meat locker and have him chained. See that he couldn’t break loose.

Sid: Pamela, That’d be considered Murder. We can not do that.

Pamela: What about paying him off somehow to get him or her to side with the family.

Sid: The Marco Kids are all with hatred towards the family and they’re not about to stop. The government is against their attempts. The schools are. But yet… they refuse to quit.

Pamela: Holly’s suffering over them.

Sid: yeah.

Pamela: Doesn’t their mother Beth even know about it? Why doesn’t she do something to stop them?

Sid: I don’t know… But i think that you’re gonna want to call and find out.

Pamela: Good idea.

She dialed up the Number for Beth and called…

Beth: *Answering; on the phone* Hello?

Pamela: *On the phone* Beth… It’s Pamela.

Beth: Pamela? Oh… Hey. Been wondering when i’d hear from you again. It’s been a while now since the last i heard from you. I don’t even hear from Karen Copeland.

Pamela: It has been awhile… hasn’t it?

Beth: Sure has… It’s just not the same as it was before. I have been struggling with things since Martin’s passing. He died in the Meteor shower the other year and… since then… I had to make ends meet where i could.

Pamela: Which doesn’t leave you that chance to be with your kids.

Beth: No. It doesn’t. Plus… i don’t think that i’d want to. Knowing about what they’re doing.

Pamela: Maybe not. And it is probably a good thing that you weren’t.

Beth: Why’s that?

Pamela: They’re still going around trying to tear down the Clan. You know which of whom i speak of.

Beth: *Sighs* What did my hateful kids do this time… Or is it better if i didn’t know?

Pamela: It’s probably better if you didn’t know. But what your kids are doing… It’s gonna eventually come back to bite you. Because you’re their mother.

Beth: I know. And by this… The kids are going around spreading my ex-husband’s hatred towards the clan all over the city and relentlessly trying to get the city to turn on them all. My kids hate the Rhapsody clan so much that they would give no greater pleasure than to kill them off. I tried all i could to get them to back off… Nothing worked. They just refuse to back off. The last time i tried to force them to back off… they said: “Mom, we don’t care what you try… Those freaks are going down. We won’t quit till they’re the most hated in the city. Making them wish that they were dead. We hate them and if you get in our way… We’ll do the same to you. Mom be damned.”

Pamela: *Gasps* What?! Oh my god… They’re that vengeful towards that family… You need to have them committed to an asylum. They’re gonna seek to kill that family.

Beth: I’m with the intention of having them committed. They are up till midnight every night trying to come up with ways to ensure the downfall of that family. It’s as if all they think about is the destruction of the Rhapsody Clan.

A few minutes later…

Pamela: *Sighs* We got a problem.

Sid: Do we now?

Pamela: We have to do something. We have to… Holly is likely to be in their cross hairs.

Sid: *Nods*


At City Hall…

The cops were getting scared. Terrified and their faith was being torn apart. For the last several days there was crime being committed and it was getting worse. There was little to be said… The people were wanting answers and they were demanding for some kind of release.

Helen Bellman: *Speaking to the people* Ladies and Gentlemen… Your district attorney at law. The Enforcer of the integrity of Metropolis… Nick Rhapsody.

Nick walks over to the podium from the side and motions for his assistant to kindly step down…

Nick: Ladies and Gentleman… I have come here to set things straight and i want to be direct. In the recent days that passed… We have seen a ravaging climb of aggravated crime and burglaries. Shootings and Injustice being done. The police force has been working without end. But it’s reaching a problem. The New Crime lord Niko… His reign has been rising and it’s been left up for the heroes of the city. to take notice and do what they know to suppress it.

Officer Antoine: What about the Clan that the city depends on? Where are they? Not around to do the job they were entrusted for.

Officer Petrov: Why don’t the Thunderic Force Z! just retire? it’s because of them that the crimes are rising and getting worse. The streets are not safe anymore. There are shootings and mob hits going on in the city and those fighters… They’re not doing anything to stop it. That goes for the Aquatic Force Z! and those girls… The Romancers Z!

Nick: It’s true… They aren’t doing much on stopping it. But there is not that much they can do. They don’t use fire arms. Their only defense is the element that they possess. Two things that i want to ensure the people of the city is that everything that can be done… is being done. Secondly… the stopping of the Mob is what our Vigilante heroes… The Rhapsody Thunderic Force Z! The Rhapsody Aquatic Force Z! The Rhapsody Romancers Z! The Esp Elemental Twins… Electrogal and Honolulu Torch… They are doing the best they can with what they got…

Reporter: You rather protect the integrity of a group of Vigilantes than the very lives of the people of Metropolis?

Nick: *Speaking to the people* The Rhapsody new Generation are Vigilantes… They should be made responsible for the crimes rising. The Mob don’t know about them and we kept it that way. Should we give in to the Mob that easily and not fight back? We want the Rhapsody Thunderic Force Z! The Rhapsody Aquatic Force Z! The Rhapsody Romancers Z! The Esp Elemental Twins… Electrogal and Honolulu Torch… to retire because we’re scared of what the criminals who ravaged the city may do… We are not wanting them to turn themselves in because we want them to come forward. We are doing so… because we are terrified. The fair heroes have always fought for peace in this city. Just like their mothers and fathers before them.

Press reporter: And now things are worse then ever…

Nick: You all know of their mothers and fathers. The ones you all loved throughout the years… throughout the tears… “Danger Zone” Dinah. She was tough… Hard to beat… and kicked butts all over the city. The Emotional Heart Pearl, The Winged Romance Paige, The Captain of the Enforcers… Alvin, The Watering Fury Arnold, The Plasma-tic temper, Avery and the Electrical current wielder Curtis. Why are the off-springs any different than they are? If they should turn themselves in… Would that help things? Would the crime go away? No. It would only get worse and never better. It’s the darkness. The Night is always darkest before the Dawn. The Dawn is coming. But to force the girls out…it will stir more crime. it will wipe out our only chance to trim Crime down. I ask you… Think about it? Will you be wanting to see crime rise? The law Enforcers that you all see on the streets protect the people. They protect you. The Rhapsody Thunderic Force Z! The Rhapsody Aquatic Force Z! The Rhapsody Romancers Z! The Esp Elemental Twins… Electrogal and Honolulu Torch… are the very same. They believe in the law.We should put the trust in them as we do the police. The Men in uniform.

Officer Petrov: *Angrily* No More dead cops.

Detective: Those heroes should retire or Turn Themselves in!

Mixed chatter is then heard and filling the room…

Nick: Very well… Bring them into custody…

Nick then stepped out from behind the podium and stepped forward…

Nick: I am the head of the New Generation. If you take them… you also have to force me into retirement…

The people didn’t know what to say to that. There was nothing to say as what they heard the D.A expose was an ultimatum. The people couldn’t deny that they needed the fighters and needed to remain with strength and not let the fear of the Mob put them in submissive terror. But… that was a move to side on both ends… To protect the fighters reputation. And the citizens. Plus the cops. It was a seal of protection. But the struggle was not done and as the mess pressed on… there was not gonna be any end to what was said to happen next. Would the Mob retaliate? Would this ordeal make one of the fighters? As the saying goes… “The night is always darkest before the dawn.”

However while the state of the press conference given by the D.A was taking place…

At the Mob hangout within the Coco Bongo…

Dorian: The D.A is quite the character. He’s got guts talking like that. Protecting a group of heroes like that.

Sweet Eddie: Boss, The heroes that the D.A mentioned… You don’t suppose that those heroes will seek us out and try to bust us?

Dorian: No. How can they? That D.A just announced the flaw of theirs. Those heroes can’t use firearms.

Sweet Eddie: What about our new girl… Leslie?

Dorian: What about her?

Sweet Eddie: You don’t think that those heroes will sniff her out and blow her cover and follow it right to us, do you?

Dorian: Not if she plays it straight and clean. She’s a good honest kid. She’s careful.

Sweet Eddy: Maybe here… yeah. What about in school, Boss? There are tons of kids there who might catch her trying to think on a Mob hit. If she happens to plan or put together a Mob operation inside the school… Her cover will get blown sky-high. Plus it might attract Niko. Niko is gonna murder you and maybe do worse to the kid. She is only 13. She’s only beginning as a Mobster or in her words… a Mafioso. Niko is a hard core pro. She won’t stand a chance. His men have Semi-Automatics and fast firing machine guns. She’s only got a gun.

Dorian: Hey. Don’t worry about her that much. She’ll be fine as long as little attention as possible is laid on her. As far as the outside people know… Rita the Hammer is an after-thought.

Dorian thinks it over a bit and then considers…

Dorian: Better yet… Take a run over to the school. Watch over the gates there. If you see the kid there… split. You’re to watch over her and make sure no trouble comes her way. But she’s not to see you unless necessary. If she happens to catch you by surprise… Just play it cool and make as though you’re there to make sure that things are okay with her.

Sweet Eddie: You got it, Boss. If the Doctor calls… have him on stand-by. *Heading out over to the Middle school*

Of course that was one thing taking place… Although as for the Court Liaison; Our good all around Family Matriarch of the Rhapsody Clan…

Metropolis Courthouse…

Rikku L. Rhapsody: *Looking at Mr. Stevens* Look, Mr. Stevens… I have been patient with you. Given you all the lead way that i possibly could as i understood how it was like to be divorced. I’ve had 7 other cases other than you who’ve been down this same road. Some tougher than you and They kept their end of the deal. Still kept up with all the requirements. You don’t have an excuse. You are in this predicament for a reason. You got yourself in it… I am a Court Liaison handling your case. Yours. I’m not your mommy. I am not gonna hold your hand and say don’t be scared. I am here to help you. But i can not help you if you don’t hold your end of the deal.

Mr. Stevens: What do you want me to do? I can’t just drop everything i am doing to just come here every single time i got an Eval meet. I mean… since this case… i have had to come to 30. I was only divorced a month and a half ago, you know. Plus… I am paid under the table for the things i do… It’s not exactly Illegal… but it’s not hurting anyone. The work i do… is however practically Legit. Not many people happen to understand. I’m a cargo smuggler. for a Italian syndicate. They ask me to smuggle certain things and i make the score. 700-800 dollars a pop. What i do with most of my earnings is put into stocks. for the group of kids who hang around a half-way hangout. They got no where to go and no one’s taking a gander at them. I make a hit on that. But how can i do that… if every 4 days… i have a Eval. Meet?

Rikku L. Rhapsody: Hmm… So that’s what you do under the table? You make connections and provide stocks for under privileged kids. Give them something to survive on. That’s honorable. It’s very kind of you. But… *Sighs; Also understanding where the Client is coming from* The law requirements state that you need to have a honest working job. A paying job that can be monitored. So we can amend the files we have on you. Helping you so you can get your life… back on track again. Because… correct me if i am wrong on this, but that is what you want. Isn’t it? Your life back in good standings again and the way it once was before the Divorce was thrown at you?

Mr. Stevens: Yes. that is what i want. That is what i want to have happen. My life being my own again. back to being well again as it was before all this. I am doing alright now. But… that is on the surface. Under the surface… I am hurting. The only thing that gets my mind off of it is the hits i do.

Rikku L. Rhapsody: It’s a hard road. But you’re trying to make good progress. This is not what i usually do. But since you do what you do which in the end provides for the kids who don’t have anywhere to go. The one you do these hits for… he’s your Employer. You’re to put all your earnings into a bank account or a Vault of your own. Protecting it under a lock and key. You do have a place to live, right?

Mr. Stevens: Yes. I do.

Rikku L. Rhapsody: Livable and stable?

Mr. Stevens: Yes.

Rikku L. Rhapsody: comfortable?

Mr. Stevens: Yes it is.

Rikku L. Rhapsody: Good. I will set up 5 Evals… for the next couple weeks. All by phone. Just to see how things go each step of the way. Hoping that by then… you’re reaching a more stable lifestyle again and are keeping on your end of the deal. The transformation won’t happen over night. Not fast. But in due time… things will show improvement.

Mr. Stevens: This time… i’ll be sure to be more flexible on seeing level ground on my Evals and keep on track the way it should be.

On the other hand…

As for the Father to the Esp. Elemental Twins and The New Gen. Fire wielder…

Metropolis Auto shop…

Alvin: *Looking at the car code reader and seeing the problem* Mmhmm… Thought so. The spark plugs are shot. Transmission is misfiring. And the Brakes are cracked. The Carburetor is overheated. Plus… Don’t get me started on the Alternator. It’s shot to hell. *Looking at Mr. Allison* What the hell do you do with your car, Sir? Are you moronic or just plan careless?

Mr. Allison: Hey! how dare you speak to me like that? I came to you for service. Not Insults.

Alvin: Well… Guess what? Life sucks, doesn’t it? You forget that i have worked on cars for 16 years. 16! I have come to know how a car is supposed to run. It’s a machine, yes. But it’s also seen and treated like a living thing. A Child. A baby. Making sure it is raised right. That it’s fed. Bathed. Watered. serviced and cared for. A Car or truck… Vehicle is the same thing. You feed it what it needs. Water it. Service it and keep it working nice. Smooth. That way something like this doesn’t happen. Your car is close to being dead all around. The only thing that still works in starlight condition… is the Engine. That’s all. You sir… neglect your car. with the heating up that your car has been doing before you bothered to maybe give a damn. It is a miracle that it didn’t blow up killing you along with it. Imagine if you didn’t bring it here and it got worse… Then one day you and your family… Given that you have one. Which you do since that Wedding ring on your finger is a loud bell ringer. One day you and your family decide to take a ride in the car and get half way to… Let’s say… Topeka. When all of a sudden your car decides to over heat. Steam rising from the hood of the car and suddenly fire starts up in it and then god forbid that it reaches the gas tank. blowing up the car. Killing both you and your family. inside the car before you can bail and abandon ship. You’ll be dead. Is that what you want to have happen?

Mr. Allison: No. And it wouldn’t get that bad.

Alvin: Bullshit, sir. Bullshit! It can… and it is possible. Cars can become like Explosive devices and detonators if not cared for and they happen to over heat. That is what can happen. *Seeing the scared look coming over the customer’s face* You scared now? Good. Maybe now it’s shook some hard reality to you. Prompting you to actually give a damn about your car and not about trying to make yourself into a big shot. Because… being a big shot ain’t gonna do you a damn lick of any good if you’re dead from being blown up in your car due to your car over heating and just spontaneously com-busting and thereby blowing up, will it?

Mr. Allison: Okay… I get it… Okay? I get the point. How much will it cost me to have this all fixed?

Alvin: I’d say… at least… $3000 dollars. At least. That’s with all the labor of working on the car. Getting the parts and detailing it. repairing it. Price is apt to go up depending on the difficulty and the extended time it could take to get this car all fixed and resurrected. You’re lucky that i’m charging only 3 grand and likely a little more depending on over time of fixing the car. Anywhere else… you’d be looking at the price being close to 5-6 thousand dollars and more for the Labor. You’re cutting the ropes on luck.

Mr. Allison: …

Minutes later…

Alvin: *Disgusted* Ugh! You believe that guy?

Cid: Why not?

Alvin: That guy is with the mind set that he didn’t neglect his car. His car is gonna take at least a couple weeks to fix as we need to order the parts for it. He just made us $3000 plus. but to get it… We have to go through hell to repair this car.

Cid: It’s not the first time this happened though… is it?

Alvin: No. Cid. It’s not a mistake. It’s nothing like that at all. The last this happened… It was interior of the car and remember that we had to scrape up an Upholstery expert to redo the whole inside. Top to bottom. The time before that… he had the windows busted. All the windows had to be redone. All the windows had to be busted out. the remaining parts of the windows that were busted… taken out. Then the new ones had to go in.

Cid: That guy just has a terrible track record of maintaining his Machina. His transportation source is being busted and beaten to an inch of dear life.

Alvin: Right. We need to put this car in fast work and get it done. Soon. We got a list of 8 customers coming within the next few days… So we got to get a starting lead on this. Now.

Cid: Not a problem… It ain’t about to fix itself. Let’s get ourselves to fixin’.

Carl: *With Rick; Walking in* Hey there. We’re back. Traffic was a killer.

Rick: Did you two know that there is a proposal for an expansion of the Auto-shop here and a pledge for 20 mechanics. to be hired here?

Alvin: *Looking up and snapping his head fast to the side* Huh?! come again? An expansion of this Auto-shop and possible grant for 20 mechanics?

Carl: You bet.

Alvin: When?

Rick: this time come next week. We heard that it went through and it was taken… seconded and accepted.

Alvin: That’ll help out in more ways than just one…

Metropolis Modeling Agency…

Luna: *Modeling and Posing nude* …

photographer: *Snapping pictures* Just a few more and your first Exotic Portfolio and Porno Jacket is complete. You’re making a big splash sexy. Yeah. Really sexy. You’re working it.

Luna: *Posing and moving her body to different positions in order to get great pictures done of her*

It was getting to the point where Luna was getting too in to the Exotic Modeling. The posing nude. She had been diving further into it and it was gonna be exposed soon. For the last couple months… She had been keeping it covered up. Hiding it from her family. Ensuring that no one would ever see it. However… she was bound to get caught in the middle of doing it. She had a couple of photo shoots scheduled to be done at her house. Her husband was likely gonna see or walk in on it.

Photographer: This is the big time. The big time, Luna. You’re making a splash.

Luna: I wish that i could believe that. It’s costing me my family. My family hates me for it and i can’t make them understand. Although i gave up caring as it’s never gonna get them on the same page. I tried to reason with them and all i got… was insults.

Photographer: Well… that’s their tough luck. You’re adhering to the things that people want. They want the nude. The Exotic. Your family is wanting to stay in that sweet and innocent… Babyish mindset. Times change… whether they like it or not. The things that sell are the Nude photo shoots. The nudity poses. The Exotic. Kinky. Things like…

The Photographer then shows some pictures…

Disney Channel Misc, Model Become, Acting Lessons, Disney Job, Seattle Talent, Casting, Teen Modeling

Photographer: These models are girls. But these are not what the people want to see. They don’t want cute and short. Petite. They want skin. Exposure. Sexiness. Nude and fornication. That’s what’s in right now. Any Photographer will tell ya’ just about the same thing. It’s the demand of the future. It’s what they all want. All the paying people out there want it. It’s the Porn and the Sexed up images. Teens in this decade pop off and masturbate at one of the pictures of a hot model. One who’s not afraid to get dirty. Showing some skin.

Luna: How do you expect that i get them to see reason?

Photographer: Get creative. Sell up a fluff story. Just something to get them to back off from trying to keep you from adhering to the calls of change. You’re doing your career. It’s what you do. Either they accept it… or they can just fight a losing battle.

Luna was in process of sometime officially leaving her family and cutting all ties to her family. But she was not sure whether she ought to go all for it. To her… She was counting on all her options. All her options that left her thinking of alternative routes to go for. She didn’t stop to figure that her youngest daughter was gonna get into the habit soon as the stress of this life was being visible and she also didn’t know that her daughter was being called something awful. She didn’t know and never asked. It was something that she didn’t know. However… As Luna stood there talking with her photographer… She couldn’t help but feel a type of discontent and hate towards them. The family was trying to force her to walk away from something that made her who she was. Even if none of them could ever understand it. It was just who she was. She was a model. A Model and a maturing stripper. She was turning into a prostitute. It was not the likely choice and she knew it. But she refused to stop because her family expressed discontent and disrespect over it…

But while Luna was setting up to do more Photo shoots…

Zeke’s Cornerstone Marmalade Pub…

Zeke: *On the phone* What about the Expansion to the bar?

Gabe: *On the Phone* It isn’t likely to happen at the moment. The whole thing got botched. It’s been derailed.

Zeke: How so? The plans were a go. The construction crew that were doing it… sent us a invoice saying that it would be done.

Gabe: Yeah. well… that was before this morning. Their materials were found to be shot. The wood that was set for the operation… was found to have Bullet holes in it. Multiple bullet holes and they are unable to be found in this city. The Contractors are having to reorder the wood that is required for the Expansion to the Pub. It is gonna take a month.

Zeke: *Shoots up in disbelief* A Month?! What the hell?! Why a month? It’s wood. Not a plasma-screen T.V. Or a Car. It’s Wood. Wood!

Gabe: I know. But this wood is custom made. It was to fit for another 2 feet of property. Including the Aluminum siding. The Stucco. The Electrical cords. Pipes. The works. Because of the wood being damaged… it’s all postponed back a month. But there is a silver lining to all this news…

Zeke: Sure there is. I can hardly wait to hear what that’d be.

Gabe: The Invoice that came in… and i do believe that you might receive it… in about a moment. The Invoice is for immediate service. Which means… that once all the material comes in to them. They’re making it… are you sitting down for this? This is big.

A second later…

Gabe: They are guaranteeing a mandatory first priority operation. Which means that no matter what calls they have to answer to… We’re first. Straight down. Hands on board. We are the first serve.

Zeke: Nice. *With a hearty grin* Now that’s something to look forward to.

Gabe: It sure is, My friend. It’s a look up on the surplus space we’re gonna get. First thing is first though… You got to now decide on what to do with the new expansion. What you’re gonna use it for when it’s finally built. What would benefit us guys and the customers who come to the pub of ours.

Zeke: I’ll start thinking. But there is one thing that gets me…

Gabe: What’s that?

Zeke: how did the wood get wrecked to begin with?

Gabe: You mean… Who put bullet holes into the wood? *Chuckles* This is a trip. But you’ll find this really insane. It’s been done by a Kid. A Girl. and a group of men. Likely the Mob.

Zeke: A Girl? You’re kidding. Really?

Gabe: You better believe your bottom buck that it was. Word has it that she’s been seen with the men. Hanging with them. She could have been like the Daughter to one of them. An Innocent bystander or just Misguided. But… No one knows her name.

Zeke: Strange.

Gabe: You can say that again. It gets weirder than that. A contact that i got a hold of… He said something about there being word that the girl was from New York. Emancipated. Plus… Get this. Calling herself a one Rita the Hammer. Prodigiously legit. The girl however acted like she was just joking about the name. Of course… it didn’t stop on ruffling a few shreds of hair.

Zeke: Hmm… Sounds like this girl is making a bit of a splash. What a way to do it… *Stifling a laugh* What will they come up with next, huh?

Gabe: No idea. But… rest easy there, my friend. I’ll be on the way soon. Just got some back logs to finish for our pub.

Zeke: Okay. See you in a bit.

A Minute later…

Ilsa: What seems to be the problem?

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Heinz: What did Gabe say, Zeke?

Zeke: Not much… But if nothing more than just a case of bad luck and then soon to come… a bit of relief. The Wood that was done for this place by the contractors… It was found. This morning it was being checked to make sure that it was prepped to go and was gonna be brought here.

Ilsa: An Expansion? How? There wasn’t any word of it being approved yet and was said that it was gonna be a few more months before one would be achieved.

Heinz: Did the Contractors and the City have some change of heart.

Zeke: What do you think? It was gonna happen. The Invoice even said it would. Everything was there and ready to be brought over so it could happen. So the Expansion could be made. But when they pulled it into the light. There was Multiple Bullet holes. Multiple Bullet holes all over the wood.

Ilsa: How on earth could that happen?

Heinz: Who would do such a thing to the wood?

Zeke: Funny you ask that… It turns out that it was done by a girl. A young girl to be exact.

Heinz: Zoey?! She did it?

Ilsa: You must be joking. It couldn’t be her. Why would she do such a thing like that?

Zeke: Hold on… hold on there, you two. It wasn’t her. But i can enlighten you on who it was. Gabe gave me a name.

Heinz: Which is… What?

Zeke: Rita the Hammer.

Ilsa: Rita the Hammer?! That name… strikes a resembling bell somewhere. But it’s not one that we heard of before. Who is she?

Zeke: A Young kid. Possibly 12-13 years of age.

Heinz: Now that is something you don’t hear everyday.

Ilsa: Not one bit…

Daily Planet…

The reporters were on the ball. The outbreak of Mob sightings were staggering and at a climb.

In the Reporters Den…

John: This is our nightmare.

Trixie: Or our paradise in a stormy pot.

Jennifer: It’s not enlightening. It distasteful and like a dark Noir. The Mob is rolling around in the city.

Megan: It’s getting worse. There is this guy… Someone named Dorian Tyrell… He’s working under a Crime Don known as Niko. It’s been spread through the wires as of the past week. You guys know of it now… but then… it was only just a vast informal release. However… Now… The games have changed. It’s no longer just hearsay. They’re here. In this city. Plus What is more bizarre is that Dorian has a young kid working for him. With him somehow. But no one knows who she is or what the M.O is. All they know is that the girl is rich. Young and only 12-13 years of age.

John: Hmm… That’s a diabetic coma description.  You don’t think that it could match…

Megan: Who? My daughter, Blossom? No. She would know better than that. She’s got a mouth on her… but she’s not prone to jump to the Mob life beat.

Jennifer: Neither are my girls… But it still leaves it open for a window of opportunity. Anyone could be drawn to it.

Trixie: What about the other ones? Zoey… Sora and Carly? Those girls could be susceptible to it.

Megan: It’s a possibility. But the girl out there… 12-13 years of age. Rich. Emancipated from her mother and father as some word tells it. And is from New York. Who do you think it could be?

It left them to think… They were with a lot of questions on who the new girl was. They were not able to figure who the girl was. But with the worry of the Mob being in town… Moving in… There was no lie… Something was gonna happen. It was as it was said… The darkness before the dawn…

Metropolis Middle School…

It was break time and Leslie was walking around. She didn’t know anyone and she was still new. She kept her head clean and thought of being normal. However as she walked around and thought about how to keep her other life hidden. She came across a fellow girl… The Girl was one of the fighters. But Leslie didn’t know. And The girl would not catch on that Leslie was one with the mob. Or that she was involved among their world…

Blossom: *Walking by and catching sight of the girl* Hey… You’re new to this school… Aren’t you?

Leslie: Yeah. *Stopping suddenly and turning to look over at the girl; walking over a bit towards the girl* I am kinda still new. I haven’t been here in this city long. Since the end of last year… However i didn’t know where to go. Or who i could trust.

Blossom: Well… You’re here. It’s got to be a sign for something. I mean, I am usually with my cousins. The ones who go to this school too.

Leslie: Your cousins?

Blossom: Yeah. The 3… or 5 that i hang with are usually with me. But they’re right now at the library. No… They’re at the cafeteria getting something to eat.

Leslie: What about you?

Blossom: Not really hungry. I’ve had something on my mind.

Leslie: Got something going on?

Blossom: Not really. But it’s just the idea that there are these kids. Last name: Marco. They’ve been bugging me and my cousins.

Leslie: They must be really mean. Why do they bug you?

Blossom: I suppose that i can tell you about it… But it’s just between us. *Pauses*

Seconds later…

Blossom: You know… You might have trust issues. Because you’re new and no one is really taking to you. But everyone needs a friend here. If there is no one else that you can find here… to trust. You can trust me. Consider me your friend. I’m Blossom. Blossom Rhapsody.

Leslie: That’s a nice name. I’m Leslie. Leslie T. Burke. But… I uh… Don’t take it the wrong way. Even though that’s a nice name… Why do they call you… Blossom?

Blossom: It’s okay. I don’t mind. It’s my parents. They gave me that name when i was… born. I could have been just peachy with being called Angel or Renee or Winifred or something. But Blossom to them is kinda enduring.

Leslie: That’s cool.

Blossom: *Chuckles* I guess so. It is cool, isn’t it? Say… Where you from? You’re not a normal Metropolis girl. You definitely don’t talk like one.

Leslie: New York City. Brooklyn Originally. But the part of Brooklyn i lived in originally was like the edge of Manhattan. Around the cut separating Brooklyn and Manhattan.

Blossom: Like The big apple, right?

Leslie: That’d be the likely assumption. But yeah.

However… As they were talking…

On the outside of the school looking in and sticking to the shadows…

Sweet Eddie: *Watching* The Kid’s made a friend. She’s gonna be okay. Looks as if the girl doesn’t know about Leslie’s secret. Good. She’s got this normal identity down.

Sweet Eddie walked away to the nearby corner to contact Dorian…

Sweet Eddie: *On the phone* Boss… I spotted the girl.

Dorian: *On the phone* Did she see you?

Sweet Eddie: No. she doesn’t suspect that i was there watching. But you’re not gonna believe this.

Dorian: What?

Sweet Eddie: The Kid… Leslie. She came across a fellow kid. She’s made a friend.

Dorian: She’s keeping her nose clean and obtaining a normal life so her secret can be hidden.

Sweet Eddie: Looks like it. The girl she’s talking to doesn’t seem to catch anything out from the norm of our girl.

Dorian: Any idea who her friend is?

Sweet Eddie: No. No idea. However the girl is friendly. Very friendly. A little sassy too but happens to be quite fond of our girl Leslie.

Dorian: Good. Get back to your position and…

A message is heard over the phone…

At the Night club…

Dorian’s office…

Dorian: *Looking to see one of the guys coming in* What is it?

Mac: Dorian, We got a problem…

Dorian: What… What happened?

Mac: It’s Niko. He heard about the kid. He is planning to snatch her.

Dorian: *Alert* When?

Mac: Now.

Dorian: Son of a bitch! *On the Phone* Eddie, Get the kid. Get the kid now…

Sweet Eddie: *On the phone* Now?! Something wrong?

Dorian: Yeah… Niko… He’s caught wind of the kid being with us. I don’t know how he heard of the girl. Or who told him. But Niko now knows and word just came that Niko is said to abduct her. Get to the school. Get her attention without her new friend seeing you. Do it now!

Sweet Eddie: Right. You got it Boss…

Back at Metropolis Middle school…

At the cafeteria…


Sora: *Looking at Carly* Where do you think Blossom went?


Carly: I don’t know. She never came here with us. She said something about needing some time to think.

Sora: Think about what?

Carly: She didn’t say. She just went off to the clearing and just didn’t say anything.

Sora: Something’s bugging her.

Carly: Just as well as something bugging Zoey. She’s bugged about her mother.

Sora: Very bugged.

Sakura Rhapsody
Sakura Rhapsody

Sakura: *Running over* Sora… Carly…

Sora: *Looking to the side* Sakura?!

Sakura: Sora… *At the table* You guys… You guys have to check this out… We just saw the new girl. Her name is Leslie. Leslie T. Burke…

Carly: Wait… That’s a familiar name… We saw a movie earlier this year. 5 months ago. Something called “Bridge to Terabithia” There was a character who had that same name.

Sakura: Yeah. Although… this one is by far different. But there is something else… Zoey… She’s been in a bit of a fight. We just heard of it and it’s been done by those Marco Kids.

Sora: Again?!

Carly: What the heck is the problem with those jerks?

Sakura: No idea. But i am getting way too sick and tired of those Marco Kids.

Holly: *Walking over* What’s the matter? The Marco Kids hurt your feelings again?

Sora: Hey Holly. What’s up?

Carly: Anything new?

Holly: Not really… But i just caught sight of that new girl. She’s a real catch. Smart. Honest. Driven. But incredibly lost and with no friends hardly. Although… there is one friend she did make. Blossom. She and Blossom are now friends.

Sora: Really? We should go and befriend the new girl too…

Holly: Not a good idea.

Carly: How come?

Holly: Something is off about that girl. Way off. I mean… How does a girl from New York. Is Rich and has Emancipated themselves from their parents get by without any parental guidance? Plus… no one to look out for her. Either she’s really lost… or there is something more there that we are not seeing. Something is there. Something is there and we are just not seeing it.

Sakura: You don’t think that the new girl is shadowing something unsafe… do you?

Sora: That’d be a likely blessing compared to the reality that our father Alvin is up to something not right at all.

Carly: *Shaking her head in dismay*

Back out at the grassy field…

“Eddie, Niko isn’t coming after all… But till Dorian gets here… keep an eye out on the girl. She’s not to leave our sight.”

“The girl might see us.”

“We’re gonna have no other choice but to risk it. But that girl is our meal ticket. She’s rich. If the bank Job said to take place in the upcoming future fails… She’ll be still around to help us.”

“Dorian doesn’t see the girl that way. I think he sees her as more like a daughter figure. He’s been rather protective of her.”

“It’s a risky move that he’s taking. He better know what it is that he’s doing. the kid is only gonna distract him. She’s a good kid. We see that she is… however. Our line of work is not the least bit safe. This is dangerous.”

“Tell Dorian that. He likes her. I think that if things go well… he could become like a father to the kid. He already is very protective of her and into raising her. teaching her.”

Although what none of them knew was that someone overheard and decided to do some asking around. It was the sister to Roxanne. She was overhearing what was being said and it got her curious…

In the Counselor’s office…

Rosie: Something really weird is going on revolving that new girl. I smell a rat and that rat is festering with something underhanded…


Sophie Collins: *Walking over and gently Pulling Rosie to the outside and to a quiet spot to talk*

Rosie: *Confused* W-w-what… Who are you?

A Minute later…

In the girls restroom…

Sophie: I’m sorry to pull you out of there like that. But you were about to bust open something that you might not want to know about.

Rosie: What do you mean? Who are you?

Sophie: Sophie Collins. One of the Bikini Girls and a good friend to the Rhapsody clan. At least to the younger members of the clan. You’re… uh, Rosie. You’re the sister to someone named Roxanne Harris.

Rosie: That’s right. But what is it that you’re after?

Sophie: You were looking into asking about the new girl. The one they call Leslie T. Burke… weren’t you?

Rosie: Yeah. What is the deal with her?

Sophie: I can tell you… but… you have to be real delicate with this kind of info. The girl you are wanting to know about. She’s from New York. She’s Rich. And she is only 12-13 years old. It turns out from a source i know… Erica Harper… She caught wind of the girl coming to Metropolis around the end of last year. During the ending reigns of the Child Abductions and Molestation cases that were hankering about. The new girl… She’s involved with the Mob. The Mob lead by a guy named Dorian Tyrell. He took her in. She’s with his gang. But she is also known as another name. Rita the Hammer. Plus… It turns out that Leslie T. Burke also was caught smoking yesterday.

Rosie: Smoking?!

Sophie: Yeah. She comes to school posing as a normal girl. She is… but when she is with Dorian… She’s under the switch mostly as Rita the Hammer. She’s friendly when living as a normal girl. But when she’s with the Mob… She’s sassy and contentious. Seductive in a way.

Rosie: She goes to this school?

Sophie: You better believe that she does.

Rosie: Is she dangerous?

Sophie: No way… the only thing that is of concern that she does is run some hits for them. She’s quick too. Plus she is also good at talking her way out from being busted on a hit job that she does for Dorian. She works simple but it’s all fast. In… out and done in only a few minutes. She even out runs a Merchant that people know to be sly and swift as a fox. O’aka XXIII Merchant Extraordinaire. Rita the hammer outsmarts even him. And he’s the best salesman with the sharp wit in the whole city. She out does him.

Rosie: She doesn’t sell drugs though, does she?

Sophie: Who knows… It could be in her back pack. But who’s to know… People don’t think twice of it because for a kid with a bag that is a little weighty. Who’d question a Kid. or a young teen. Even one like Leslie T. Burke. She’s sweet and gives no sign of a dark secret that she moves to hide aside to keep others from learning of her other life.

Rosie: What should we do?

Sophie: Do? What can anyone do? Your sister is safe. She’d never target anyone innocent. Ever.

Rosie: What about the others? Do they know?

Sophie: No. It’s best that they don’t know for now. Please… Just what ever you do… Don’t tell anyone. Please. We don’t want a panic. on our conscience… Because if the others were to catch on… and people in this school knew… There would be a fearing panic breaking loose and it would mean trouble for everyone. Exposing the Mob. but also putting those of us who know of her and those of us who manage to befriend the girl… in danger.

Rosie: So… what? we just sit on it for the time being?

Sophie: It’s what’s best for now.

Rosie: *Sighs*

Metropolis High School…

In the Cafeteria…

Serena: *Looking at Carly* We have to think about the Web cast. We don’t have a site for our show yet.

Carly Black: Of course we do, Serena. Remember Andrè is helping with tech. He came over during the weekend and got the site for iSerena all up online. Published it too.

Serena: Oh… Yeah. That’s right. He did, didn’t he? *Thinking*

Carly Black: Something is bugging you. Isn’t it?

Serena: Kinda. I can’t help but wonder about what the others are going through. Or about what Zoey is going through.

Carly Black: Why’s that?

Serena: Well… It’s just that ever since it came out that her mother. Aunt Luna… was exposed as a shifting prostitute… She’s been stressed out.

Carly Black: What about the possible affair that you mentioned that your Uncle Alvin was having?

Serena: *Scoffs* Carly, Are you seriously trying to get the entire school to scoop that story? I don’t want the whole school to know. However… in all fair and honesty… I am deeply concerned. My cousin Paul… isn’t thinking about it. But deep down… you can tell that it’s bugging him. He won’t speak of it and i can’t say as i blame him. I mean if your father was having the affair. Would you be apt to just talk about it?

Carly Black: I wouldn’t want to speak of it.

Serena: *Looking to the side and seeing one of her cousins being encountered by a fellow teenage boy* Looks like someone’s getting a taste of luck coming at them…

Carly Black: Who?

Serena: Jenna Rhapsody. She’s been walking around looking rather gloomy and in despair for a while.

Carly Black: That’s sad.

Serena: I know.

Carly Black: *Sighs* What about the classes?

Serena: The classes are kicking my ass. The History homework… It’s to be done on the black death… or the dark ages…

Carly Black: That’s not hard. There is sites online that might have info and historical facts revolving that.

Serena: I get that… But stuff about the dark ages… it gets me.

Carly Black: Why?

Serena: Well… It’s the dark ages. The dark ages brought out the end of discovery. no new inventions or insight. The progress of modernization was put to a halt.

Carly Black: That’s the whole idea, dear. That’s why that called it that. Because it was known as the time of silence. People would forget about what they learned. what ever it was that they would write… it would be meaningless. There was no need to remember anything.

Serena: I have to write a paper on that piece. or something covering that time in history. The teacher is expecting it by the end of this week.

Carly Black: You’ll be alright. We’re gonna be home watching movies and just kicking it tonight. With the Mob out… there’s said to be a mandated curfew locked in.

Serena: Tell me about it. But what about the adults?

Carly Black: They are safe.

Serena: Right. At least… for now.

Over by the far side by the window…

Jenna: *Standing and looking at the guy standing close to her* I’ve seen you around for a while. You were running track last year. weren’t you?

Malachi: Yeah, Hot legs. But you were busy puffing away. You know that the stuff can kill you, right? Not that i’ll tell you what to do… But a pretty fox like you is too hot to be influenced by a unhealthy habit.

Jenna: *Blushes* Why thank you… I however am not that hot. Besides. I am a victim of child Molest—-.

Malachi: I heard about that junk stuff. It’s all crap. Besides… shit like that happens anywhere. But you… you say that you’re a victim. Who got you?

Jenna: A Couple of rough cusses. They were into getting me impregnated. It didn’t happen though. Just the violation part.

Malachi: That sucks… You got the shit for being just sweet and kind and happy go lucky. Why doesn’t that ever surprise someone like me? I actually like you, you know?

Jenna: You do? *Feeling something good coming over her*

Malachi: Shh… yeah! You’re pretty. Attractive. Plus very likely… smart. What’s not to like?

Jenna: You’re kinda hot yourself. I Like you. But i didn’t think that you’d like me as i happen to wear… Diapers.

Malachi: And? That don’t phase me none at all. I wear them too… The Luvs brand though. They fit like a glove. Been wearing them all my life. I feel much safer in those than i would wearing those shitty ass Butt-huggers that they have out. They ride up on you like you were a butt steak to it’s Hamburger and cheese. They hurt like hell.

Jenna: *Starting to fall in love with the Teenage boy* What’s your name?

Malachi: The name’s Malachi Trent. But some of the folks call me M.T… For short. What about you? What do they call you?

Jenna: Jenna Rhapsody. But Birth name is Jenna Lands.

Malachi: That’s a nice name. Malachi is referred to as like a messenger of god. But i ain’t no priest.

Jenna: This is one of the twelve minor prophets of the Old Testament, the author of the Book of Malachi, which some claim foretells the coming of Christ. In England the name came into use after the Protestant Reformation.

Malachi: Yeah… *Pauses before gazing at Jenna in surprise* But… how did you figure that?

Jenna: It’s common knowledge. My dad has me and my sisters reading these books from time to time. Plus… our mother… Rhonda… She’s got a whole set of Encyclopedia’s and Bibles. I read some things about names and their meanings and that’s how i know what i know about the name.

Malachi: That’s enough for me, Miss Jenna. I’m cool with that. Anyone who can read and know stuff like that… has enough attraction to cover inside and out. You know what…?

Jenna: What?

Malachi: *Leaning over to kiss Jenna on the lips* I want to be yours…

Jenna Rhapsody was from that very moment… in Love. She was talking to the teenage boy and he loved her… liked her for who she was. How she was all around. There was not one thing that turned him off of her. He was fixated on her and it was the Kiss that set the heart a running in bliss…

Over by the Bodega part of the cafeteria…

Raven: That’s really nice of you to think of us like that, Lorenzo. I didn’t even know that you saw us that way.

Lorenzo: Raven, How could i not see you that way. 3 years ago… You were in the hall and you were feeling like you were a… well… A freak. You felt that you wouldn’t ever fit in because of your book smarts. Everyone knows that you’re like the total brains of the sisters that were with you. Sapphire and Serena are far out awesome. But you’re more vibrant than that. You’re like a masterpiece just waiting to unravel and show the crowd. But you felt low. I noticed you then… but didn’t approach you because while you were having a fit of anxiety. Freaking out about something… I didn’t want to approach and wind up making you even more freaked out than you already were. But even then… i fell for you.

Raven: You did?

Lorenzo: *Nods; Scoffs* Raven, When are you gonna realize that i Love you? I already suspect about your other identity. I already know that you are a super heroine. But it doesn’t matter to me. I could care less. I couldn’t care if you were to tell me that you were from a different time or that you were from planet Jupiter or something. I love you.

Raven: *Blushes*

Seconds later…

Lorenzo: *Looking to the side* … *Thinking* What is the deal with that girl which your cousin Dan is infatuated with? What’s her tale?

Raven: What do you mean?

Lorenzo: What do you think i mean, Raven? That girl happens to be glowing and if you noticed. I am sure that you would notice as everyone else may have noticed… That it’s a sign of… one thing.

Raven: As in… what?

Lorenzo: Pregnancy. One of the signs of that is a short stint of Appetite loss.

Raven: Wait… *In disbelief* Are you trying to tell me that Roxanne. Roxanne Harris… Is Pregnant?

Lorenzo: I’m afraid so. You know… She did go to band camp and the Drummer… Harry. He also went to Band Camp too.

Raven: Oh god… Do you think that Dan knows?

Lorenzo: No. I don’t think that he would know. But if anyone ought to tell him… it’s either your sisters… Your other cousins. or his father. Or your Mom. Someone’s gonna have to tell him eventually. Because if he doesn’t learn of the truth soon and his relationship with Roxanne goes too far and too deep. He then having to learn of it the hard way… one of two things will happen. Either he’ll get his heart broken… or he might be stuck in a life that he might not be willing to accept yet.

Raven: And the other choice? Tell him and crush his heart before he gets too happy. Lorenzo… He should be told… But it has to be done slowly. Catching him off guard and just jumping all into breaking the news to him will shake him. It will mess him up. Dan gets muddled easily.

Lorenzo: *Thinking* You could be right. But we have to consider the possibility that… as time passes… it might be harder to break the news. So… if we tell him… it’s got to be soon. The longer we wait… the harder it’ll be to come out with the facts.

Metropolis University…

Bulldog Stadium…

In the Coach’s Office…


Dinah: *Looking at her husband* Shingo, What are you trying to tell me?


Shingo: What i am telling you, Dinah… is that I have to be stationed mostly at the Office. I can not be in the same house as the family. Not for a while at least.

Dinah: But… What about the girls? They’re gonna be asking about you. Asking as to why you’re not home much. What am i to tell them?

Shingo: I don’t know, Dinah. I really don’t know. I don’t want to have it turn out like this… But, it’s for the best at the moment. For a while. But just because i am not home… i am unreachable. I’ll be on call. At all times. Whenever you or the kids need me… i’ll be there. No matter what i am in the middle of. I’ll come running on over for you and the kids.


Dinah: Are you sure that you even know what that will mean? I can’t run the house on my own. You know that. Sora knows just a certain amount of English. Janie, Alex and Charlene taught him as much as they could… I can’t teach him English, and tend to the girls and raise the house all on my own. Shingo… I need help and you know this. The family is like 50/50. Not 60/40… 40/60.  50-50.

Shingo: I know… Dinah. And i am trying to maintain something so you and the girls will be able to afford things in the long run. This is senior year. The older daughters are gonna be relishing alot. But to do this… i have to sacrifice some things. Not that i’d want to… I have to. Raven… Sapphire. They drive. I am doing this to pay off the cars. Making double payments for now till sometime in the future they get on track of getting a job. I can’t do it other wise. I just can’t.

Dinah: *Sighs* Look… I get it. You are the new boss of the Limousine depot. Having to cater to all the drivers and all the business affairs that roll with it as well… But Since you started with that… I don’t really get to see you much. Not as much as i’d like. And now… i’ll gonna be enduring seeing you less than that. Do you have any idea what that is like. To be married and come to a house. To a family and be looking forward to your better half coming through that door… only to see no show of the better half. Leaving to where you’re sitting around waiting and hoping that they’d come in and sadly never coming home. or coming home late?

Shingo: I know… It does feel like abandonment. But, Dinah… You’re my soul… I would rather gouge my eyes out and walk in traffic blind. Killing myself before abandoning the best part of me. You and the kids are that best part. Just because i have to stick at the property for most of the time for a while… it won’t change my heart. My heart belongs to you and the kids. Nothing will change that. Nothing. *Looking at Dinah* Dinah… You know… you can surprise me and visit the office any time. I would expecting nothing less. Because seeing you with everything you could ask for… that’s my life.

Dinah: *Nods* I know. It’s just gonna be hard.

Shingo: Life is always hard. But… there is one thing that life never counted on.

Dinah: And that’s…

Shingo: Miss Lightning in a bottle. “Danger Zone” Dinah. The toughest woman i know.

Dinah: *Laughs* Oh my god… you are a crack-up. But that is enlightening. Thank you… *Smiles*

Although there was something cookin’ for Alice and Alvin. It was called the scent of something fishy going on…

Over at the Psychic house…

Alice: Something is up with my husband.

Mr. Olson: How do you figure, Alice?

Alice: I don’t know. I just know that something is up. He’s been acting secretive for the last several weeks and i can’t get him to fess up.

Mr. Olson: Do you believe that he might be being unfaithful to you?

Alice: It is possible that he might be and if that is the case… I don’t know what i’ll do. *Sighs and looking down* I just can’t think about anything other than that. It’s driving me nuts. But no matter what… i will never believe that it is real. My Twin daughters could likely come to me and say that it’s true… i’d still deny it.

Mr. Olson: There… you see? Problem solved. If there happens to be anything to it… it’ll come out.

Alice: I don’t know if i’d be willing to learn of it. I’d be more likely trying to deny it.

Mr. Olson: I feel in-dubiously sad for you, Alice. But i also happen to understand where you’re coming from. I had a wife 15 years ago… She was cute as a fox and as sharp as a blade. She had been quick witted and very Predominant. Intelligent to last. I had the most desired love for her. But one day i happened to come home and it was earlier than i normally would come home from where i was. I would happen to find the house to be really quiet mostly. But i happened to come home early that day to surprise my wife. Which i would say that i was surprised and also crushed most of all… I came to the one room. only to see something that i wished i never had to see…

Alice: Which was…

The Dark Knight

Mr. Olson: I had come to find that not only that i witnessed before my eyes… my wife in bed with another man. But… it was with my old friend Richie Samson. I didn’t even say a word. I just walked out… Waited till she was not around and would be gone a while… I packed up all my things and left. Divorced her a week later and never spoken to her… or with her since. But for 7 years since then… i was never the same. I would come to cry in my sleep every night. Till… i finally one day decided to provide closure and reach her… one last time. She and I spoke and said our sorry’s and good-byes. I wished her the best and stopped it with that. Closing the book on that point of my life.

Alice: That’s something you never mentioned to me. Although… you may have great reasons not to. I mean… it’s not something you’d want to have spread around like some story for gossip. I don’t blame you. I wouldn’t know of anyone who’d want to have their sad story spread around. Especially when it’s not a highlight to a happier time in one’s life.

Mr. Olson: True. But the point of the matter is that Unfaithfulness in couples is unfortunately common as some couples have one or the other getting tempted in the reigns of forbidden fruit. Now… if you are already in the train of thought that your man… is out secretly committing acts of Adultery and happens to be cheating on you… It might come to reason that he may just be doing what you fear of him to be doing.

Alice: Unless…

Mr. Olson: You savor on taking the train of thought insisting that it’s just some trick and what you fear him doing is something else and feel to believe the side story he might have fed to you on a plate. Not accepting or admitting that something is indeed not right.

Alice: I plan on it… for now. Because if i do dig too deep into it and force the truth and it turns to be nothing but a misunderstanding… I will be the one to be embarrassed. If he is at fault… I rather it be he who hangs himself for it. Not me. *Sighs* Although… I just know that something is up. Something has got to be up.

Of course…

Watchtower command center…

Genevieve: Tess, We really have a problem.

Tess: What do you mean that we have a problem?

Genevieve: There are reports of a girl in the city that is involved with the Mob.

Tess: What are the details on this mysterious girl?

Genevieve: The info on her is that she’s known as Leslie Tina Burke. She’s got the same name that resembles the character from one of the movies decades ago. But she’s different than that. Much different. Very. She’s from New York. New York and she is Rich. Very Rich. She’s only 12-13 years old and plus… She’s Emancipated.

Tess: She’s a Runaway.

Genevieve: No… She’s not. She is emancipated from her parents. Meaning that she is on her own. All alone and with her Money. $20 Million Dollars on hand. In Hard Cold Cash.

Tess: Is she involved with the Clan? The Fighters?

Genevieve: No. She’s not. Unfortunately… She’s involved with the Mob.

Tess: The Mob?

Genevieve: That’s right. There are details on that.

Mr. Morgan: *Walking in* There is something else… The Mob is lead by a man known as Dorian Tyrell. He’s got a team of men who plan to overthrow the Crime Lord Don. *Putting up the Photo on the Overhead*

Mr. Morgan: Niko. He is the Crime Lord Syndicate. He Happens to now own the whole town. The entire town and that means… he might get wise of this place and seek to own it too.

Genevieve: How does the girl fit in with all this?

Mr. Morgan: She’s part of the Mob. Part of Dorian’s team. She’s in Mob Identity known as… Rita the Hammer. But in normal identity… She’s a school girl. A young girl who attends Metropolis Middle school and this is another thing… She’s befriended one of the fighters.

Tess: Who?

Chloe: Electrogal.

Tess: …

Genevieve: *Gasps* You mean… Young Blossom is hanging with her?

Mr. Morgan: Yes. She is…

Mr. Breslin: *Walking in from the side* We also have more to worry.

Genevieve: What else is there to worry about?

Mr. Breslin: A couple of families facing a break.

Tess: Which ones?

Mr. Morgan: The household of the ESP Twins. Then there’s Luna and Zeke. Luna’s been sighted in the city making notions of breaking away from the family. Severing all her ties to the family and leaving all of it behind.

Genevieve: The fighters are gonna be feeling the sting of a shattering family break-up…

Chloe: That is why we’re gonna have to keep moving to ensure that the fighters know that we’re here for them.

Tess: *Nods*

As for the remaining members of the Bikini girls…

At the Rhapsody Second chance club…

Margaret: *Looking at the remaining members of the gang* This is our safe house. Our home is no longer safe.

Stacy: Why not?

Caroline: Well… For one thing… The Mob out there. They’re dangerous.

Bridgette: Not to forget that there is now a new girl in the city. That Rich girl who comes from New York. She’s with the Mob.

Stacy: Who?

Bridgette: Someone named Leslie Burke. Leslie Tina Burke. She’s making like a friendly person. Innocent. But she’s with the Mob and that means trouble.

Mary North: For who?

Stacy: The Clan. Everyone.

Bridgette: What’ll they do about it?

Margaret: That’s not the half of the problem. One of the fighters are already befriending the New girl. The Fighter… Electrogal. She’s made friends with the girl and will likely be with her soon.

Amber: No… That’s not true… It can’t be.

Margaret: It is… A possible breakage of the team of fighters is foretold to be near. However being stationed here will help protect us. Janie, Alex and Charlene opened this place to us to keep refuge…

The New girl was making a splash. The whole city was catching on. Multiple members of the clan was on watch of the new girl. Getting wind of one Rita the Hammer. The Identity of one Leslie Tina Burke. That was soon to turn into a reality. Blossom had befriended her and that was sure to mean something was indeed coming. Zoey was stressed out over her mother shifting to the dark side and going even deeper into the Porn industry. Zeke although took measures into securing the Money that he made. He saw that the ties to Luna getting to the money fast and spending it were broken. The fighters were now with lives. Normal lives that meant… possible die down of the powers… So they would hope. But there was also turmoil in the ranks as there was a possible affair going on. Done by one Retired fighter; Flaming Soul. And the wife… Alice Rhapsody being the target for heartbreak sometime down the line. Plus with the stress and pressure being put on Zoey’s mental state due to Luna diving into a further spiral of Exotic Modeling and Posing Nude. Porn in the wakes… There was gonna be a likely shift of Zoey’s personality. No one would be prepared for what might come. What was gonna happen next for the fighters? Would Blossom really Join Leslie and the Mob… Taking up the same habit as Leslie/Rita the Hammer? Would Sora and Carly come to find themselves in a contradicting situation and catch their father in an act of having an affair with another woman then debating on whether they should tell their mother or keep what they saw a secret? Find out what’s next in the next chapter of the Adventures of the Rhapsody girls Z! as the Saga continues…

Leslie: *Voice-over* Hey there, It’s me… Leslie Burke or for the duration of the current adventures of the Rhapsody Girls Z! Rita the Hammer. It’s the first time that i have done something like this and it’s even new to me as i am originally from New York. But when i Emancipated myself from my parents… i kinda gave up my home there and the only good thing is that i got my entire Inheritance. 20 Million dollars. Yeah. I am a Rich girl and it might seem as though i am being used by the Mob. By Dorian… However… he happens to see me as like some sort of Daughter figure. Strange… but endearing, Right? Next time on the Adventures of the Rhapsody Girls Z! It’s the afternoon and things start getting more light… But with darkness following soon after. The fighters come to soon find themselves with a new Ally. A new person to help. Blossom on the other hand starts having thoughts about me as she is excited that she and I crossed paths. She likes me and I like her. The only problem is what would Dorian think if he were to know. However… There was more going on… Sora and Carly… The ESP Twins were about to be dragged into a dilemma of seeing their mother being cheated on by their father. It was likely and very unfortunate. But the only problem was could they succeed in catching it happening and see if it was true… That their father was having an affair. Which would put more solidity to Alice’s fears. Jenna Rhapsody is in love and with the love she found… she was likely gonna be back to a happier life. It’s no more gloom for her. Relief. The rest of the fighters all embark on their lives… Raven and her Boyfriend spend time together… Sapphire and her Boyfriend also spend time together. However… the duties of leading the Rhapsody Pink Ladies takes authority… There is also Serena and her lover… Carly Black. Would they be able to do another webcast for their web show? Zoey starts feeling more stress and Luna starts showing more of her Exotic nature and soon becomes the last straw for Zeke and the family. Tension could build… If Zeke happens to catch it. Plus Clint and his girl plan on going on a date. As for me… I hang with Dorian and he asks about my day at school… It’s been only 4 days and School feels so very new still to me. Can i really hope to see that my Mob life and Normal life remains balanced? It’s events unraveling and an attempt to get some answers on an possible affair likely taking place in Chapter 203 of the Adventures of the Rhapsody Girls Z! “Sora and Carly Rhapsody smell a rat and the rat is having an affair.” (Bikini Girl gang seek adoption and begin to say farewell to the Bikini girl carefree days)

Blossom: *Looking at Leslie* What are you doing?

Leslie: Enjoying the fresh air. I’m usually inside where the guys are.

Blossom: What guys?

Leslie: Dorian and his crew.

Blossom: Dorian?!

Leslie: Yeah. I am working under him. I’m a Gangster gal.

Mask: *In a Mafia suit; with Eddie G. Robinson’s voice* You were good, see? Real good. But as long as I’m around, you’ll always be second best, see?

Leslie: That guy is Psychotic.

Blossom: Not again…

Serena: *Running after the Mask* After him!

Voice: *As Animal* Goooo Bye-bye! *Laughing*

Carly Black: Serena, Slow down! *Running after Serena* Are you trying to run from your feet?!


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