Chapter 200: Metropolis is Edge City.

It was almost a year after the threat with Hellboy and the department of Paranormal research and defense. The Rhapsody fighters were into the hero business. The experiences were genuine. And they were unforgettable. But this time… they were gonna witness something that they never thought to be possible. And there was also a new girl in town… A new unknown girl and she comes to Metropolis Middle school and befriends Blossom. But all is not pleasant. The new girl was also a progressive Mafioso and a gangster gal. She interests Blossom into her kind of world and they become close. Very close. But the thing to that was just this… the girl was Leslie Tina Burke. And she was a rich gal. And with the gangster bit… she took up a habit. Would Blossom resist the urge to truly join? Also there was the other supporting leads. Stanley Ipkiss, Mitch Calloway, Tina Carlyle, Dorian Tyrell. Sweet Eddy. The Doctor. Doyle. Peggy Brandt. Mayor Tilton. Niko. This brings in the Rhapsody fighters. But how they come in is undercover and with protective gear. To help Ipkiss. But when they find that Blossom is with the mobsters and crime bosses and tied to the new girl Leslie T. Burke AKA. Rita the Hammer… How are they gonna be able to fight off the crime cartels and take back the city without hurting Blossom in the end?

Previously on the Adventures of the Rhapsody Girls Z!

Hellboy: Damn! *Being dragged off by the towering Behemoth*

Blossom: Oh no! Hellboy! *Running after Hellboy*

Sora: Blossom, Stop… What’re you doing? That’s where the big huge monster is…

Sapphire: Looks like we got some recon to do.

Paul: Again?! What is this… Rescue 101?

Amy: Stick to the punchline, Paul… We’re going in.

Spencer: Yikes!

Clint: We must be in hell…

Theodore: Looks like it. But Hellboy is in trouble… We got to assist. This is not a joke. We have to help him. That Beast from the Ogdru Jahad will rip Hellboy to shreds if we don’t do something.

Blossom: June, Where did you go?

Sailor June: Had some senshi detail to handle. Plus something just came up. A call from the Queen. Said that the Kingdom was blown apart. The power from the kingdom is depleted to a minimum due to the power that was detected from the Marble slab. It destroyed the Kingdom quite a bit and left it in irreparable condition. I might still have my Intelligence and knowhow after this… But the Senshi alter form will be gone after this.

Zoey: It’s not so bad. A normal life might be a better route anyway. Besides… i’m done with not having a choice and letting the super power run my life and leave it where i can’t have a choice between fighting and living life to the fullest.

Sora: We feel the same. But we’ve got no choice. However… Unless we get to fighting this beast… We won’t be making it out alive.

Hellboy: *Smiles at the Attempt the fighters are making*

Blossom: *Firing a large shot of Electricity at the Tentacles of the beast; knocking it back* You belong in the dark Abyss, Beast. Grigory harbored… We won’t. We’ll defeat you.

Thunderic Fury: Enough talk… Attack. It’s either the beast or us that gets fried. I say… The monster should get the pain. Fire!

Majestic Love: Right.

Madame Romance: *Firing an attack at Ogdru Jahad Behemoth* Blissful Heart Storm!

Passion Galore: *Firing an attack at Ogdru Jahad Behemoth* Love’s Passionate FOG!

Majestic Love: *Twirling his Heart Rod and Then Pounding it on the ground twice before Firing an attack at Ogdru Jahad Behemoth* Royalty Love’s MELODY CHARGE!

Dancing Heartthrob: *Twirling his Heart Rod and Then Pounding it on the ground twice before Firing an attack at Ogdru Jahad Behemoth* Love’s RHAPSODY BLITZ!

Passion Galore: *Launching a hinky sneak attack on Ogdru Jahad Behemoth* Passion’s Kiss! *The attack consisted of a mass swarm of hearts and kissing lips surrounded by burning love*

Lieutenant Thunder: *With her weapon- The Thunder Trident; Firing a tri-shot of Thunder at Ogdru Jahad Behemoth* Tri-Star Thunder BEAMS!

Intellectual Thunderic Wonder: *With her new weapon- The Thunderstorm Fan; Firing a Gust of Thunder at Ogdru Jahad Behemoth* Raging Winds of Thunder!

Thunderic Fury: *With the new forged weapon- The Thunder Chains; Whipping the Chains at Ogdru Jahad Behemoth; Shocking him* Thundering VICEGRIP!

Thunderic Force Z!: *With the Thunder energy combined into one* combined. Thunder one… Thunder All… Let’s Shock the Ogdru Jahad after all! *Launching the Thunder blast at Ogdru Jahad Behemoth* Thunder Dragon FORCE!

Angelic Bubble: *Firing an attack at Ogdru Jahad Behemoth with her Bubble Gem grenade Launcher* Bubble SHINE FLASH!

Shining Bubble: *Firing an attack at Ogdru Jahad Behemoth with her Bubble Gloves* Bubble STORM!

Symphonic Bubble: *Firing an attack at Ogdru Jahad Behemoth with her Bubble Laser Rod* MUSICAL BUBBLE BEAMS!

Chic Bubble Gem: *Firing an attack at Ogdru Jahad Behemoth With her Bubbly Harmonica* Sonic Boom BUBBLE FASHION BLITZ…. BANG!

Spiritual Arctic-Frost: *With his new weapon- The Holy Crosses of Frost; Aiming at the Ogdru Jahad Behemoth and Firing a Charged Blast of Ice and Cold frost At Ogdru Jahad Behemoth* Ice Cross CHARGES!

Sora: *With Carly and Blossom in unison* By the Rhapsody Power of three. Set us free… spark up a surge of thunder and lightning. put Ogdru Jahad Behemoth back in traction. *Firing a Shot of Electricity and a surge of thunder at Ogdru Jahad Behemoth* Thunder shock by the power of 3…. Thunder CHAIN FLASH!!!

Sailor June: *Firing an attack at Ogdru Jahad Behemoth* Mercury Aqua Heart Jet FLASH!

Sora: *Casting Blizzaga on Ogdru Jahad Behemoth*

Carly: *Casting Blizzaga on Ogdru Jahad Behemoth*

Sora: *Casting Firaga on Ogdru Jahad Behemoth*

Carly: *Casting Firaga on Ogdru Jahad Behemoth*

Sora: *Casting Thundaga on Ogdru Jahad Behemoth*

Carly: *Casting Thundaga on Ogdru Jahad Behemoth*

Sora: *Casting Waterga on Ogdru Jahad Behemoth*

Carly: *Casting Waterga on Ogdru Jahad Behemoth*

Sora: *With Carly; Casting Doublecast on Ogdru Jahad Behemoth*

Sora: *Casting Flare on Ogdru Jahad Behemoth*

Carly: *Casting Flare on Ogdru Jahad Behemoth*

Sora: *Casting Ultima on Ogdru Jahad Behemoth*

Carly: *Casting Ultima on Ogdru Jahad Behemoth*

Spiritual Arctic Frost: *Tossing a Flash Flare Grenade at the Behemoth* Burn. Burn… Burn!

Madame Romance: *Jamming on her Heart Guitar and gathering Energy to create a Love Storm* … This is Love’s greatest power… the power of life and truth. Two of the things that Love resembles. The Love and the Bliss of perpetual romance. *Performing a power ballad and Drawing it up into her Weapon; Suddenly Stroking the Strings; with a Pink aura and with the energy built and ready; Launching her Overdrive* LOVE’S BLISSFUL SERENADE!!!

Passion Galore: *Jamming on her Heart Guitar and gathering Energy to create a Love Storm* … This is How Passion is born. It’s born with compassion, Romance and Sweet Bliss. Truth and warmth. That is how Passion is born. Love is part of a breathing romance. What Love resembles is Eternal and pure. *Performing a power ballad and Drawing it up into her Weapon; Suddenly Stroking the Strings and with a Pink aura and with the energy built and ready; Launching her Overdrive* PASSION’S ETERNAL REMEDY!!!

Majestic Love: *Twirling his Heart Rod and moving it to the one side and to the other. From the Right to the left; Tossing the rod up and absorbing Love Energy and building up Musical power* Love and Rhythm and the power of romance. There is nothing like it… Nothing. With the heart and soul of Madame Romance and Passion Galore. This is the moment of truth. It’s unable to be measured. *Jumping up to grab his rod once it’s at full power and landing down; Thumping the Rod on the ground and within seconds launching his Overdrive* SIR LOVE’S ORCHESTRATED LOVE CONCERTO!!!

Dancing Heartthrob: *Twirling his Heart Rod and moving it to the one side and to the other. From the Right to the left; Tossing the rod up and absorbing Love Energy and building up Musical power* Dancing to the side and dancing to the right. Watch my dancing groove as i lay the moves of a serenade. I got the love and the dance… Watch as i lay it on you. *Jumping up to grab his rod once it’s at full power and landing down; Thumping the Rod on the ground and within seconds launching his Overdrive* DANCING HEART LIGHTNING SYMPHONY!!!

Angelic Bubble: *Gathering energy* … This is the frost… the water of light. Water and Ice… Light and Glitz Build within me. Wash this evil away. *Launching An attack using her Bubble Gem grenade Launcher* ANGELIC GEM GRENADE STRIKE!!!

Shining Bubble: *Glowing with Light and Energy* Here is the star of the light and the power of water’s force. Evil’s extinction is confirmed with just a blast of water and Ice. Water and Light. *with her Bubble Gloves Launching her Overdrive* BUBBLE MAIDEN’S STAR OF WATER SCREAM!!! (The attack is a combined power of Water and ice in a surging pulse of Stars and Water unleashing a scream of Light and Ice)

Symphonic Bubble: *Casting her Overdrive* BUBBLING BEAMS OF ICE CONCERTO!!!

Chic Bubble Gem: *Launching her Overdrive With her Bubbly Harmonica* WATERY ICE SPIRAL SYMPHONY!!!

Spiritual Arctic-Frost: *Launching his Overdrive with his Holy Crosses of frost* FROSTY CROSSES OF ARCTIC JUSTICE!!!

Lieutenant Thunder: *Glowing with Thunder energy* … Thunder and Lightning i call upon you to grant me the power of Thunders Rage. Come forth and guide my Soul. *Rising her Thunder Trident and swirling the tip into the air and creating a Thunder Storm; Building up energy at full power* The Evil angers the Thunder. Hear the Quaking roar of the Thunder and the intensity of it’s fury. *With The Thunder Trident at Full power* …. Here comes the triple Threat of Thunderic PAIN! *Launching her Overdrive* TRI-BEAM THUNDER MAGNITUDE 9!!!

Intellectual Thunderic Wonder: *Glowing with Thunder Energy* …Here comes the brain of the Thunder and Lightning. There is something that the Thunder and Lightning never put to use. That’s the galling wind and the force it can unleash. This is where the Wind comes to play. The scream of the Wind is Thunder screaming Vengeance. The Wind combined with the Thunder and Lightning is the nightmare of any Evil entity. *With The Thunderstorm Fan; Launching her Overdrive* GUSTING WINDS OF THUNDER AND LIGHTNING!!!

Thunderic Fury: *Glowing with Thunder Energy* Thunder and Lightning flow in me… It’s my element of choice as i have a hot furious temper when i am mad. The Stars of Thunder break open the doors and crack the skies. Snap… Crackle and Pierce the Winds and the Evil intent with the Thunder Star Chains of Fury. *With The Thunder Chains; Glowing and Charging up; Whipping the Thunder Chains against the ground then at the air back and forth; gaining speed while whipping the chains all over before splitting into two and Whipping the Thunder Chains before wrapping it around the target; surrounding the target with the Thunder Chains; Launching her Overdrive* THUNDER STAR HURRICANE CHAINS OF THUNDER FURY!!!

Blossom: *Casting her Overdrive* ELECTRICAL BALLS OF LIGHT!

After the final battle had finally concluded…

The Ogdru Jahad was dead. The God that it sent was demolished and taken out of line. There was nothing left of it. But just when the Romancers Z!, The Aquatic Force Z!, The Thunderic force Z!, Blossom, The Esp Elemental Twin, Psychic Wonder Crystal and Honolulu Torch Paul thought it to be all over…

An mysterious orb of light floated in and levitated. It swam in mid-air all around the fighters and around Hellboy. Somehow it smiled at him and giggled a little before floating away and in remorse. It was a Spirit…

The Spirit’s light then absorbed into the walls of the broken up room and within seconds the room got brighter and brighter… till it shined…

Blossom: What is going on here? What is this?

Spirit of Metropolis (A Hawk): Rhapsody fighters… Wait.

Paul: Who are you? How do you know of us?

Spirit of Metropolis: I am the Hawk of Metropolis. The Screeching bird of flight. I watch over all of Metropolis. Years ago there was foretold darkness that had befallen the land. The world was ravaged.

-A Flashback of the past darkness plays as the Spirit talks-

Spirit of Metropolis: Metropolis was of peace and had foretold prosperity. Till one day… a Dark form came into the city. A half-ling of Demon and human made presence known and befriended the fighters who served and protected the city and the world many times. The arrival of the Half-ling brought forth beasts of fire and brimstone. Ravaging the world in its wake. It took away the power from us spirits. Without the light… us spirits could not fight back. The balance between light and darkness was shattered. Without the light to keep the darkness at bay and suppressed. The great darkness came and destroyed the world. Transforming it into a desolated land of fire and stone. It destroyed all life. The Demon Tyrant was known as Scath. He ruled without remorse. But a group of fighters remained. To take one last stand. Defeating the darkness and bringing back the world. Their light… Ascended throughout… as they had done time and time before.

-The Flashback ends and resumes back to the present-

Spirit of Metropolis: It’s been at peace for 15 years till a Meteor shower befell the serene city of Metropolis. Coming behind the brief time of one Dark lord of corruption. Lord Darkseid. The Unholy Trinity served him and helped bring his teachings to the innocent. Corrupting the minds of the innocent. Turning their souls to darkness and an existence of pain. It took the power of a lost son to send his darkness back to the depths of space. Bringing new Peace. New innocence. But it brought forward a darkness. A cosmic disaster from the far reaches of space. A Meteor shower. Bringing forth new darkness… These dark threats threaten all that is light and innocent. The heroes before your time struggled and paid with their lives. They lived to serve the world and lest give up their normal existence. They were known as the girls… of Love, Grace and Fury. The 4 fighters of Justice. Enforcing Justice and good will to the innocent. But now… Their time of heroic hardship is over. Your time… has just begun. You are the New Generation. The powers you possess were from the gods of old. Poseidon, Aphrodite, Thor, Vulcan, Boreas… Erebus… They were entrusted in the heroes of the past. Now entrusted into you…

Hellboy: *With Wide-eyes*

The fighters all look at each other and then at themselves. They were now lost and confused. But it was not as though they didn’t understand. They were trying to figure out how this spirit knew of them and their family. Spirits? Heroes of Old? What in Sam’s Hell was going on? All the girls could do was listen and try to grasp what the spirit was trying to say. It seemed to revolve them… their family…

Spirit of Metropolis: Young heroes. Fighters… you have driven away a dark force summoned by a dark man fostering a dark evil heart. Rasputin is an Undead harbinger of Evil. Mystical and seedy intent. He lived to bring the world down to its knees. Down to ashes. The Son of the Fallen one adhered to his true calling. His dark destiny till the heartening plea and desperation of Thunder and power woke him up. Reaching out to him to remember who he was. The Prince of Hell: Anung-un-Rama. Hellboy. You saved him from embarking his Demonic Heritage. You Brought light back to his heart. The battle against darkness isn’t over…

Suddenly a bright flash emits from the spirit and shows off what’s to come…

A girl by the age of 13 from New York. A Rich girl is getting involved with a Mob. Lead by…

A Mob Hit man. Running a night club…

One of you will be drawn in by the girl luring herself into the Mob… More might follow as time may pass…

A Fired Shy Artist being given a gift and seeking to take down a cosmetic company that harbors a dark secret. The artist herself goes under the mysterious and slinky fighter with the cat-like senses. “Catwoman”.

The start of the reigns of Alexander “Lex” Luthor…

Leviathans. Dangerous monsters of old. Mystical and Unpredictable…

A Natural disaster in Metropolis… But there is more… Young fighters… An Oil spill awakening a Sinister Evil being known as Blackheart. A Evil being bent on going to a town called San Venganza to collect 2000 souls of the damned.



A Ghost Rider… Johnny Blaze risking everything to break the contract that he made with a Demon known as Mephistopheles.

Blossom: What happened to get him to make a deal with someone like Mephistopheles?

Spirit of Metropolis: “Long ago… He made a deal. To save someone he loved. What he did not know… is the price he would have to pay.”

Paul: So… this guy… He sold his soul… Just for Love?

Sora: That’s the best kind of deal. It’s a deal like that… that is unpredictable. It’s people like those who have the power to save the world.

Carly: You mean… Like us?

Rikku: I think that’s what the general idea is.

Spirit of Metropolis: The battle to vanquish the dark is not over. The land is in constant darkness. But it’s the determination and willpower of you young heroes that pushes the darkness away. Taking away the power of darkness. You young heroes… Chosen by the powers that be. Chosen by the gods. The Next Generation of fighters… Are Metropolis’s last hope.”

And now…

The Adventures of the Rhapsody Girls Z! The Rhapsody New Generation are back…

Here’s the next installment in the lore of the Rhapsody fighters…

Chapter 200: Metropolis is Edge city…

Zoey: *Voice-over* This is the year where everything would change. Less need for powers… OR more need for secrecy due to the city being scared of crime lords retaliating. This city’s changed since the passing year. We’ve changed too. I lost my senshi powers and now… No more hero issues. Just supporting the ones who still got it. June… She’s still with me but she has now become my informant and sister in waiting. She’s been made into a Rhapsody Clansmen. But… I think that she always was one. However now… It’s real. Rina and Natasha… My older sisters… They’re working Part time at City hall as Interns. Their leadership skills managed to grab the attention of a City official and received the privilege and right to work with the City Hall. Natasha though still has her emotional instability issues. But she’s a lot better than she was 3 years ago. Which helps. Sora and Carly… They’re older. But more mature. They have been taking it each day. A day at a time with coping through the change of Hallie Tanner/Rhapsody. They were not happy knowing that she was different from the girl they used to know. But that’s why they got us. To be their pillars of strength. Paul… He’s the new found comedian intern for the Metropolis Comedy Lounge. He’s been going there once a week to do skits and paid 50 dollars a show. He makes 50 dollars a shot. He’s long since put his moments of thinking about the time we were with the BPRD at a close. Putting the recalling memory of the spirit that spoke to us towards the side. Crystal; She’s been honing on her clairvoyant abilities. It’s gotten better than it used to be before. The time at the Bureau changed her. It changed alot of us. Serena and her lover Carly Black… They have been getting more closer than before in relationship. The bond they have… it’s never been so strong. Sapphire and Raven… They’re working towards a career. Sapphire is shooting to be a Leader. Leading a team called The Rhapsody Pink Ladies. She’s already started it since last year… but… Now it’s a reality. Raven. She’s a writer and a Public informant now. A speaker for the school’s Drama club and History class. She’s written 7 speeches and 3 were in need of improvement. But she’s never been better for it. She’s still a scaredy cat when it comes to terrifying incidents or places. But she’s still smart and sharp. Blossom… She’s my best friend. She’s been changing a little. But She and I hang out quite a bit. She’s also gotten more closer in best friend status upon her brother Perry. They comfort one another alot. Perry has also started going on more deeper dates with Kirsten and have several romantic chords together. There might have been some slips of intimate reference. However… I don’t think that Perry would like people to know. As for the Romancers Z! They are growing up and have moved on from the fighting for the most part. However… they’re ready for anything that might come at them. Fighting is what they do. The hero duties call and they respond. Although… As the city has changed… so have the people. I think that’s because they don’t know who to believe in to come and protect them. As Crime has been going up and reaching an alarming rise. Jenna Lands/Rhapsody… She’s been dressing like a guy over the last several months. Since March of this year… She’s been smoking still… None of her sisters could get her to stop. They’re in their Senior year of High school too and since the last year Arnold’s girls now have a mother. Rhonda and Arnold got hitched and they couldn’t be happier. Not sure how they’re gonna handle Jenna’s smoking and dressing like a guy. None of the others know what to do for her. Hallie Tanner/Rhapsody gave up the habit and she’s beat the stigma of being violated only recently. It brought a big piece of calm to Sora and Carly. to Everyone in their home and to Us. Beverly is now a trusted Daughter to Alvin and Alice. Things have changed. Although not all changes were good. Because… with the sweet of things… comes the sour aftertaste… My mother and father have been in constant arguments. My mother Luna has not been around hardly over the last year till now. Since the beginning of the year she has not been with us much and my dad has been wondering as to why. My dad is hardly home but i do go see him at the Pub. He and I still are close. Charlie and I also hang out a bit too. Plus as for our allies… Kimahri Ronso… He’s been on the watch for trouble. Keeping the streets safe as much as he could. He comes to see us every so often to see how we’re doing. O’aka… He’s now a respected Salesman. Merchant. The City finally gave him his due and he’s never been more the happier. Clint… He’s finally landed with the girl Kiyoko. They’re in love and have cultivated a relationship. Since February of this year. Clint finally formed the courage and Kiyoko Matched her courage and they both came out with their feelings. Of course… She still doesn’t know of the other identity he has… But she’s so into him… We may find that it would not change how she sees him or what they have for each other…

Zoey: *Voice-Over; Con’t* But now the City of Metropolis was starting to turn into a crime wave. Not even Kimahri can knock it down. I don’t think anyone can. Will we be able to as it gradually forms and unfolds? On top of handle our many side issues that can not be escaped?


Sept. 4th 2045…

7:00 AM…

Radio: *Voice of Lord Arnold; Broadcasting* Good morning Metropolis… This is your City Watchdog here bringing you your weather forecast and headlines for the day…. Phew! It’s gonna be another hot sizzler and a near unbearable scorcher Metropolis. It’s expected to get up to the triple digits and a bit over… So if you don’t have any need to be out in the sun… Stay inside and crank up those swamp coolers and air conditioners. It’s gonna be a real heatwave to remember. Plus… in the words of the struggling urban inhabitant… “When there is pain… there is relief to follow” But it’s not gonna be that simple nor greeting anyone so soon. Gas prices have been raised to nearly 4 bucks a gallon. Yeowch! Where’s the tender relief when you need it, huh? Looks like there will be a lot of people walking from place to place for a while. Bad luck for us, everyone. And on the front of city entertainment… The movie Megaplex is facing hard times… The Manager… Mrs. Parks. She’s resorting to offering package deals. Heavy package deals of movie credits for those in the unfortunate throws of income. Looks like everyone is hurting for income as of late… Do we smell foreclosures in waiting? *Giving a small pause* …

Music then starts playing through…

Radio: *Broadcasting* Let’s hear it from the group that sang in spirit of summer. Summer is almost over… but that never stopped this band. This song contrasts what it’s like to live in a large city during the day and during the night. According to the song, it’s difficult to walk around a crowded and hot city during the day, but it’s great at night because you have plenty of opportunities to chase women. But we love this city for better or worse and there ain’t no other place I’d rather be. Here’s the Lovin’ Spoonfuls With: “Summer in the City” Here on MRHAP Metropolis… The station with the beat that sizzles…

Paige and Reese’s house…

Kiyoko: *Looking at Clint* Clint, Dreamy boy… What are you doing?

Clint: I don’t know. I guess that i am thinking on what to do for the first day of Senior year. This is the last year for High school. After this… it’s College. then the slap of real world karma.

Kiyoko: Oh… yeah. That is true. But it’s not gonna be that bad. We’re gonna be going to the same college.

Theodore: Right, Kiyoko… you seem to know how everything plays out. But… you don’t know how our parents will see things. They’re working extra hard for our future. They’re having to cut some corners to cover our cap and gowns. The Yearbook. Prom. All that. Grad night as well… All that adds up. You’re from Japan and with a wealthy family. We aren’t. Although… it would be nice if our parent’s were.

Clint: Chill out, Brother. It’s gonna be fine. Things will be better in no time.

Annie: Wanna bet? *Walking over from the side* Clint… Kiyoko, Theodore… you might all want to see this. The T.V is speaking about a rise in crime. A Mob syndicate has been moving in and it’s not good.

Clint: What are you talking about? What Mob?

Seconds later…

T.V: *Reporting* This just in… Over the last few days… this city’s been ravaged by a Mob Crime boss by the name of  Niko. He his team has been seen taking residence at the Oasis. Turning into a mobsters hangout. His team isn’t the only one this city had taken wind of. only an hour… a Mobster syndicate led by one  Dorian Tyrell… has been seen roaming the streets. officials have no word of his current whereabouts at the moment. But the crime rate has been raised to 40% and climbing. There is more to come. So far… this city has seen the ravaging waves of the Child abductors and seen their end. But there is now the Mob. Crime is now at high risk. Metropolis faces hard times and with the Mobster teams in the city… there will be more hard times to follow. We have received reports on where the Mob crime boss is said to reside. Residing at the Night club: The Coco Bongo club. There is now a Mandatory Curfew for minors. 10:00 PM all Minors and adults are to be indoors and remain in their homes. Anyone caught out… Will be apprehended and questioned.

Kiyoko: oh no… this is terrible. Just terrible. What’re you guys gonna do?

Annie: What can we do?

Theodore: Other than watch the city get torn courtesy of the Mob? Nothing. There is nothing that can be done. We don’t even know if the Mob is roaming Metropolis. The TV however says they are and there are reports of the Mob being seen. But that doesn’t mean a thing. It could just be a premonition of something that may not be there. You know how the Media tends to fabricate a story. Just as well as the government. They lie. Anything to make a buck on a dime at someone’s expense.

Clint: You thinking that the Media is playing the card of blowing smoke up our butts?

Kiyoko: Either way… I am scared. They could come towards anyone. Anywhere… at anytime.

Paige: *Walking out into the Living room* You guys ready for school yet? First day of Senior year…

Kiyoko: Yes ma’am.

Annie: It’s hot out. Or will be.

Paige: yeah. I know. Supposed to be in the triple Digits today. Will be for the next 4 days. The next 4 days will be hot.

Clint: Is there supposed to be relief?

Kiyoko: *Looking at her phone* I don’t think so. My mom just texted me. it’s already in the 80’s now. Japan’s got cooler weather than this.

Clint: Do tell.

Annie: We should get on our way to school. We don’t want to be late. We have to walk our way there as gas prices have gone up and there is no way that people will want to do much driving.

Theodore: Can you blame them? The gas prices are too much. People can’t afford to pay $4 a gallon.

Clint: What’s next to come our way? Or in the words of the host for the game that is no longer on… Weakest Link. Anne. “Who’s gone and went bust on luck? Looks like luck has been cut short.”

Annie: *Feigning a laugh* A-ha A-ha A-ha!

Annie, Daria, Clint and Theodore suddenly walked out and with their bags set for school. It was a hot day and they knew that they would have to keep calm. The heat was gonna make them irritable.

As for the Aquatic force Z!…

They were on their way to school. Spencer and Rikku were behind them and even they were feeling the heat. Spencer was suffering most of all because of his condition. His Albino Ailment was acting up.

Rikku: *Worried* Are you sure that you’re alright, Spencer?

Spencer: Yeah… Rikku, Sweetheart i’m fine. I promise. I just have to stay covered mostly and try to take it easy is all. My mom worries about me just about as much as you do. She worries most but then again… she’s a parent and a mother. So it’s maternal.

Rikku: I guess. But i do worry about you Spencer. You haven’t been this bad in the heat since we’ve all been on Bikanel Island and i lead everyone to the Summoners Sanctum where Yunie was supposed to be… but wasn’t as the Guado snuck in and captured her.

Spencer: Yuna?! Oh… that’s right. She is your cousin. From your father’s sister’s side.

Rikku: You got it. However… you’ve been only this bad off with the heat tearing at you as you’ve been on Bikanel Island.

Spencer: Wanna slip me an Arctic wind? That will cool me down some.

Rikku: We’re almost out of those, Hon. We used a lot of those last year while going against those Hell hounds. Plus Kroenen and Rasputin.

Spencer: What about Rin? Would he be able to make more of them?

Rikku: I think so. He does go to excavate for more supplies and materials. I sometimes go exploring. I did that last month for a few days. Remember?

Spencer: *Nods* Yeah. I suppose that i do recall that.


Amy: *Looking at the school up ahead* We’re almost there.

Susie: *Sighs* Yeah. Senior Year… Hard to believe that our simple normal lifestyles are gonna be over after this school year is over and we graduate.

Christina: Sure is… But think of it this way. We’ve come a long way from what we used to be. Right? We’ve been through 2 or should we say… 2 and a half major threats.

Penny: We should be happy. We’ve got a lot of experience now.

Amy: Yeah…

Susie: *Feeling the heat* Geez! It’s hot. It really hot.

Penny: It’s supposed to be in the triple Digits today. Possibly over that.

Christina: *Groans* Ohhhhhh! Why did you have to tell us that?

Amy: Now we’re really gonna be feeling the heat.

At Metropolis High…

7:35 AM…

Sapphire: *Looking at her crew; As Lady Pink Thunder* Come on Girls… Let’s go get’em.

Sapphire was the leader of the Rhapsody Pink Ladies. Her gang consisted of Erica Harper, Kasey Rhapsody (Her cousin who wanted to Join and be part of the gang), Jessica Spelling (She happened to be with the school band and had some influence), Ruby Stone, Krissy Caine (She finally enrolled into school and studied. Worked hard and without a break) and Lana Greens. They made up the gang.  They followed Sapphire where ever and were tight. But when trouble brewed… And the call of herodom rang… She’d have to shift to the role of activating her hero responsibilities and become Lieutenant Thunder.

Erica Harper: Sapphire, we don’t really rule the school. Do we?

Sapphire: You kidding, Cowgirl Harper? We’re seniors here. This is our castle. Seniors have more pressure. But they reap more of the status.

Lana Greens: That’s true. The benefits of being a Senior in high school reap the best of rewards. You get respect. But What we do… it’s not for respect. It’s just to stand out. Standing out in the face of about 2.000 others. Freshmen, Sophomore’s, Juniors and Seniors.

Kasey: That’s what high school is. It’s a hierarchy of groups. You got the Leadership. Drama club, Choir, Student body. Newspaper team. Jocks, Cheerleaders. Varsity. You have groups like that. But then you have the groups that the middle normal students form. Like the Queen Bees. The Mean Bees. Just to name a few Cliques.

Krissy Caine: Where’re your sisters, Lady Pink?

Sapphire: Raven is over by the Speech crew. She’s going into public speaking. Actually no. She’s… Uh, let’s see. She a Public Informant now. She’d be giving speeches in front of the Drama club and Doing speeches for the History club. Serena would be where the AV department is. She and her girlfriend Carly Black… Or should we just be blunt about it and say… Lover. She’s shooting with her Love Carly and working on a Web cast show. Calling it iSerena. Carly Black came up with the name and Serena embellished.

Erica H.: *Gasps* Seriously?!

Sapphire: Well… Yeah. What did you think she’d do?

Lana: Not sure… But does your mom, Dinah know?

Sapphire: Of course. Why would she not know. Serena was planning the workings for it… over the last 7 months. She had even said things about it to us and I happened to see the Pilot run for it. Raven did as well. My mother, Father. They too saw it. They were excited.

Krissy Caine: Do you think that you’ll see them around?

Sapphire: That’s a senseless question. Of course i’ll see them. They’ll see me. I have lunch with them. Come on… Let’s get on with taking this school over. *Laughs playfully*

Kasey: *Giggles* Oh yeah.

A Block away from Metropolis Middle school…


Zoey: *Walking over to school* Blossom, Have you ever thought about where your home life is going? Knowing that you have a happy home but deep down… suspect that something is not right?

Blossom: Not really. *Walking beside Zoey and June* Why?

June: What she’s getting at is the fact that something been going on at her house and she’s feeling that she is being kept in the dark from it.

Blossom: Like what? Your mom?

Zoey: Yeah. Her. She’s hardly home. i never see her.

June: Neither does Zeke. None of them see her. Not even Rina and Natasha.

Zoey: Pfft! June… Rina and Natasha are never home much of the time. When they are home… all they do is talk on the phone. With their friends in leadership. That’s all they do. They’re not even the least bit involved with the family lately.

Blossom: Does you dad even know about what your mom’s doing?

Zoey: *Sighs; looking down* I don’t think he really knows. He says that he does… he makes believe that he does. But he refuses to say what it is. I don’t want to question him. I really don’t want to question his mentality. But if he knows… Then why won’t he say what he knows?

June: Well… Luna does smoke. That part… we know about. We know that much… But it’s worse than that. It’s worse than that by far.

Zoey: What is my dad not telling me?

Blossom: You really sound bad. *Walking on and thinking of something* You know… What you should do is try to take your mind off of it. The whole thing’s gonna drive you postal.

Zoey: Thanks. *Feeling even more down*

Blossom: What? It’s true. You’re trying to think about what it is that your dad isn’t wishing to tell you. You’re suspecting that your mother is up to something and you don’t know what it is. However… asking your father… bares no result as he just will not say anything about it. You’re right now… up shits creek with no paddle in getting information.

June: I can do some reconnaissance and find out. If your dad will not tell you… We’ll find out another way.


Sora: *With Carly; Catching up with Blossom and Zoey* Hey… slow down…

Blossom: *Stopping and turning to see the girls* Sora, Carly… Where were you two? You two were no where near us a minute ago.

Sora: Still close by our house. We were trying to think of what to do about our mom and dad. Alvin and Alice…

Carly: There’s something going on between them. I think that…

Sora: You mean that… we think that…

Blossom: What? What is going on?

Sora: We don’t know… But we think that our mom and dad are having personal problems. Our dad has been going out alot and it hasn’t been with mom.

Carly: Only problem is that we don’t have any proof.


Zoey: Sounds like me and my problem. My mom is hardly ever home… Neither is my dad. I am mostly home alone. Charlie… My brother is there. But he’s trying to also avoid being home. It’s got something to do with what’s going on with my mom.

June: …

Sora: What do you suppose is going on with Aunt Luna?

Zoey: Nothing good.

Blossom: *Sad* Nothing bad either. Only that Aunt Luna Smokes. No one knows when that started.

June: It had to likely been going on since last Halloween.

Zoey: *Confused* How is it that you know that, June? We were all in New Jersey around that time.

June: It’s not how i know… it is more like… why do i happen to know something such as that when we were all away at the BPRD and not here to notice the signs that there was something going on?

Sora: That’s true.

Carly: There’s something else.

Blossom: *Anticipated with curiosity* There is?! What?

Sora: There’s been reports on the T.V this morning that a Mob Crime boss has been seen coming into town. The City.

Carly: Someone named Niko.

Zoey: Niko? Who’s that?

Sora: Not sure… But that’s not the only one. There’s also… this renegade Mobster.

Blossom: Any idea who the name of the renegade Mobster is?

Sora: No.


Zoey: Our family’s are falling apart. But also this city. *Sighs* Why does it always have to be like this?

Blossom: Good question…

As they walked on and were almost at the school…

Sakura: *Walking over from the side with Hikaru* Hey Blossom… Zoey.

Hikaru: *Taking a drink from her water bottle* Phew! It’s hot out today. Really hot. It’s almost as if we’re in the desert.

Blossom: Morning girls…

Sora: Where’re Janie, Alex and Charlene?

Hikaru: They’re in high school. Didn’t you know? This is their first year there.

Zoey: This is our last year in Middle school. We’re gonna be in High school next year ourselves…


As for the trio…

They were in high school and it was their first year. It was also Blossom’s Brother’s Perry and Marty’s first year in high school too. Zoey’s Brother Charlie included.

None of them knew about the new girl in the city… None of them saw her up till recent except for about a minute and it was by chance. They didn’t approach her as they weren’t sure who she was or if she’d be friendly or safe…

At Aquamarine’s house…

Aquamarine was getting ready for work. It’s been only 4 months since she moved out from her sister Rikku’s house. She knew that it was for the best and still in all that happened. Still wished that she didn’t have to move out from her sister’s house. She was into doing secretary work. It paid good. She made a fair share of money and it kept her up and afloat…

Aquamarine: *Checking the weather* Wow! It’s gonna be a real scorcher… I sure hope that i have enough Iced Tea and Root beer. Plus Water. I have a very suspicious feeling that i’m gonna be guzzling these down just to keep Hydrated.

As she was about to turn off the T.V…

T.V: *Voice-over; As Nick Fred Rhapsody* Alot of people have the concept of trust in me. Can you tell why? It’s because i am just that good. In my life i have worked from being a rookie Lawyer… to a Asst. Prosecutor. to Prosecutor. to District Attorney. I shot myself up to the top by being good at what i do. As a Lawyer i defended Accused Serial Killers who were in risk of being sentenced to spend life in prison. defended a innocent Teen who almost slapped himself into the Criminal system for life. As a prosecutor… i pressed hard and took down vile beatniks. Gluttons, Sex Offenders, Molesters and Murderers. Pedophiles and serial Killers who lived to terrorize the public. Now i am the District Attorney. Nick Harrison The top Dog of serving the people. The undefeated titan of Law. At Large. I am that… because as i said. I am that damn good. I don’t back down from any case. Any Crime lords in the City all want to kill me because i am their end. Their undoing. The Cyanide to their chain of terror. I take any case and i don’t back away. People fear the law when it’s a law that’s done right. I also do public Relations. I don’t have a degree in subtlety. but a degree in being the long arm of the law. I don’t step down from anything. You know the District Attorney that was around before me? Ron Larson. He was the prime. The minister of law and order. In his time he put away many crooks who seek to pillage. He was the master of the trade. his track record at best is 500 to Zip. He never lost a case. I am a tough board to break. When i am on a case. i take no prisoners and i don’t take no for an answer. I can argue to people and do it like the very best of them. I’m not what you call a subtle man. I don’t take any time off to ease up. I hardly ever get to seek a break for the work i do. But that’s because in my profession… i work to be the best and the top of my game. You know the guy… the type of man that can pick up any woman who’s mind is set on being the best at what they do? I’m that guy… On Adrenaline.

Aquamarine: *Grins* Sounds like someone’s posting with their promotion. He’s a two star District attorney now. *Smiles* I bet that Rikku is really proud of him.

As for the Metropolis D.A…

At the Metropolis Courthouse…

Inside the Judge’s chambers…

Judge Greensburg: Nick, These cases that you’ve taken on… They’re dangerous. Going against the Mob regime itself. This is will hit them where it hurts. Their money and standing reputation in the city.

Nick: I am aware of the risk, your honor. But this city has never sat back and allowed for the lower underbellies… the Mob to reign and seek control.

Judge: Maybe. But going against them will take hours of cutting through red tape. *Walking over to the nearby window* You’re the city’s rising D.A. a two Star D.A here. that means all the pressure is on you. *Looking out the window* All the pressure on you and that means all eyes will be pointing their sights at you.

Nick: …

Judge: You prepared to take that kind of pressure?

Nick: I’m ready. I’m up for it.

Judge: You had best hope that you are. *Looking back at Nick* Because… if they manage to get anything on you. You’re gonna find yourself riding the hot seat. Right along myself. I’m on the list of Judges who’re in the line of advancing in rank. I am a fair Judge… But… i take the law very seriously. There are no loopholes around the law. I don’t see it that way.

Nick: Alot of people happen to use a loophole where needed, your honor. Knowing where to cut. But… going after the funding for the Mob. It’s gonna get ugly. The Mob has been reported showing presence within the city over the last couple days. They’re gonna be hurting for cash. lots of it and from their shifty skills and apparent knowhow… They could enlist someone who might seem innocent and harmless and be secretly video recording the security who maintain the Vault in the bank. Knowing where to point the cameras and watching for ways to break into the Vault.

Judge: Someone unsuspecting.

But as for the Court Liaison…

Rikku L. Rhapsody: *Looking at a case on file* This isn’t right. Stevens… He has no job and still is being paid. How is he being paid for no work?

Christie: I don’t know, Ma’am. But this is not really my field. Where’s Stevens getting the money?

Rikku: That’s what i’ve got to figure out. He has not kept the last 3 check-ups. The Judge is screaming for my head on results. *Sighs* I am gonna be in deep trouble if i don’t get this straightened out.

Christie: Ever since he went for the Divorce. It’s been hard on him.

Rikku: That is still no excuse to be missing his last 3 check-ups. I’m gonna call him and let him know that he’s got till the end of this week to show up. After that… it’s an automatic Non-Compliance. There is one thing i don’t play around with. That’s the law. I am here to help people get a footing… See that they’re working on bettering their situation… what ever it may be. Not just sit and baby them. if they want to be babied… they should go back to find their momma.

Christie: Ouch! That was harsh.

Rikku: Sorry. It’s not that i want to be coming off this way about it… However after so long… after dealing with constant missed meetings. and with a client who happens to find it wise to no keep his appointments and meet with the Liaison who’s handling their case. It just gets really tiresome and you reach your limit of patience. There is only so much sidestepping that one can bare. This isn’t just some game that they can just blink and watch it go away. This is real. Real life.

Christie: You’ve got a point. *Looking at Rikku and then at the time* When is his next updated Eval?

Rikku: at 1:00 This afternoon.

Christie: Well… I am a Divorce attorney. I do have some pull in getting a person’s settlement frozen due to non-compliance.

Rikku: Hmm… Nice. Maybe that will get Mr. Stevens to comply.

It was not much to go on and she was on the brink of being in deeply hot waters with the Judge she was working for. Answering to. Rikku sighed and took a deep breath and allowed for Christie to take lead and use her resources of being a Divorce attorney and opt to freeze or revoke the access to the settlement that was entitled to the Client Mr. Stevens. It was a hot day and even though the court office was with a running and excellent working Air conditioner keeping the office cool and comfortable… Rikku was feeling the heat and it was making her irritable… It was only 8:30 in the morning by that time and already… the heat was reaching near 100° temperatures.

Sid’s Diner…

Sid was now catching on to what Luna Rhapsody was doing and he was far from impressed. He didn’t want to push Luna to change against her will. But he was seeing how it was hurting Luna’s daughter and the idea that her daughter was suspecting the idea that her mother was turning into a hooker. But she didn’t have the proof. Nothing solid. All Sid could do was try to keep a level head and keep Neutral. That was all he was able to do.

Sid: *Looking at Luna* Luna, I am not gonna condone what you’re doing. You are posing for raunchy photo shoots. Your daughter has been coming here and stressing about the change in you. She’s got no proof. I’m not one to tell her. But your Daughter is paranoid and concerned.

Luna: I am not hurting anyone. *Frustrated* I wish people would stop trying to break me down over my Career choice.

Sid: They do it because they care. What about your friend Pamela? What about her?

Luna: What about her? *Unimpressed* She too has a problem with how i’m dressing or deciding to live with my career now… is that it?

Sid: No. it’s the fact that she too cares alot about you. She considers you to be like her best friend.

Luna: … *Unphased*

Sid: Look, Luna… This is none of my business…

Luna: *Snotty* That’s right. It isn’t any of your business. You and everyone here can just stop trying to talk me out of it. Okay? It’s my business. Not anyone else’s. I am not hurting anyone. I’m not doing drugs… i’m not having an affair with anyone. I still answer to my husband and my kids. No one else. So… Back off. *huffy and paying the tab before storming out*

Outside Sid’s Diner…

Luna: *Pulling out her pack of Lucky strike and pulling out a Cigarette; placing the cigarette in her mouth and suddenly grabbing her lighter and lighting up; Smoking and putting her pack back in her pocket* … That’s the last time i come to this place. The Nerve of him. Trying to rattle me. He’s just like the others… It’s my career and how i am choosing to live and no one is capable to understand and back off. It’s as though they just don’t see that nothing they say will pull me away from my career. *Walking away and walking to work*

Luna was changing and there was more signs coming out… although… as for the entire clan… There needed to be more than just that. Much more. The Posing Nude. The Exotic clothing. Doing Nude photo shoots and smoking plus walking around the house in just no more than a bikini. A Bra and Panties… There needed to be more to it than that. Much more. And they were gonna need to see it happen right before their very eyes. A portion of the clan already knew enough and were in no way opened to it or amused. But most of the clan… that knew… saw it another way and believed that it was a mistake. They were not ready or prepared to admit that Luna was changing drastically. There was a belief that they’d never be ready.

At Metropolis University…

Bulldog stadium…


Dinah: *Looking at the team* This is insane. You guys are all being put under suspicion of cheating on your finals for last semester. This is not real. You guys would never stoop to cheating. Not ever.

Coach Whitman: Dinah, there is a logical reason for why they’re under suspicion. I over heard that someone from inside the Geek Clique of the student body… Supplied them with the answers. Slipped them the answers.

Dinah: They what?! *In sudden mortification* This is a nightmare. A real nightmare. I can’t believe this. Why would you boys stoop to such a level such as cheat on an Exam? You guys are better than that.

Forrester: It’s not our fault. We didn’t know that the geeks were trying to set us up.

Coach Whitman: Doesn’t matter, Forrester. The whole matter is that you should have known better. Used better Judgement. Unless you and the team study and work hard and re-do the test… Prove that you are actually learning something and not using a cheat sheet to get ahead… You’re all gonna be suspended. There won’t be anything we can do. We won’t be able to stop it.

Dinah: We’ve got it mended to favor you as it’s likely the first time offense and a fluke. But it won’t hold for long. Unless you work to better the situation and fix it. And soon. You’ll all be likely expelled for cheating on an exam. I don’t want that to happen. I don’t want to face losing you guys either.

Dinah was on a tight decision. She knew that her career was gonna be shot if she didn’t seek on helping the team fix their predicament. She walked off and started making some calls. Some favors to help her out on helping her team get back from the predicament that they managed to get themselves all slammed in just recent as of the last week of the Summer session of classes at the University…

Metropolis Middle school

At Break…

11:30 AM…

Blossom: *Sitting Next to her best friend* Zoey, This is serious. You need help. I don’t say this unless it was needed to be said… but you. You need therapy… You’re sagging over the fact that something is not right with your mom.

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Zoey: I know. Okay… I know. But… What do you want? She’s my mother. My mom is deranged and there is clearly something wrong with her. But what it is… i still don’t know. I can only bide my time and hope that whatever is going on with my mom passes.

Blossom: I don’t know if it will.

Sora: What do you think will happen?

Carly: She will break away from whatever phase it is that she’s under… won’t she?

Blossom: Maybe… *Sighs* However… some people have it hard when trying to break from their psychotic episodes. Whatever it might be. You sure that your mom’s not suffering from some sort of Epilepsy. or some kind of Bipolar outbreak?

Zoey: Would it matter if she were? I got to take some modicum of having her back. She’s my mom. Even if there is something seriously off about her and she happened to just shift from being normal and sweet to… deranged and Raunchy.

But as they were talking…

Their old vengeful rivals started making a stink again. But with the fact that it was a very hot day that day… Tempers were running high and that was gonna call for a fiery confrontation between Rhapsody and Marco. It was the Marco Kids… They just wouldn’t back off…

Tara: *Walking by* Well… It’s the Loser Rhapsody table… Let’s see… we’ve got the Esp freak twins… The Electric Psycho bitch. and Oh… Well what do ya’ know… It’s Slut Jr. Hey there Slut Jr.

Blossom: Piss off Tara the Disease.

Tara: No. You go to hell, Blossom the Psycho Bitch. You’re a psychotic shit. Every time we try to do something to ruin you freaks… you find some way to derail it.

Zoey: It’s because we’re good natured. You Marco… are just pathetic wastes who make as though you’ve got nothing better to do than to bug us.

Tara: Can it, Slut Jr. You’re just polluting the air with your self-righteous B.S.

Zoey: What did you call me?

Tara: Slut Jr. That’s what you are. We heard about your slut mom… She’s selling herself for sex and drugs.

Blossom: *Emitting some Electricity* You have 5 seconds to get the fuck lost before you get electrocuted.

Ginger: *Coming from behind Blossom and Punching her in the back* Payback time, Bitch! You fucked us… We’re gonna fuck you up. You stinkin’ Rhapsody freaks need to learn to just fuck off and get the fuck out of this city. Take your Diseased existence out of here.

Sakura: *Looking at the Bullies and Walking towards the bullies; confronting them* Hey! Ima wa hanarete korera no on’nanoko kara shutoku shimasu. Nigeru. Naze anata ga iku to, henkō no tame ni hoka no dareka ni erabu zotto shinai nodesu ka? (Get away from those girls right now. Get away. Why don’t you creeps go and pick on someone else for a change?)

Hikaru: Sakura… Don’t worry. I’ll go and get security.

Sakura: Hurry.

Lois: *Grabbing a hold of Hikaru* Oh no… You’re not goin’ anywhere. You’re a Rhapsody. You’re gonna take your torture whether you like it or not.

Blossom: *Getting up and blowing her top* That’s it… Marco. We are sick of your shit. We’ve had it up to here with you.

Tara: Good. Maybe finally you’ll get your family and leave this city, Bitch. This is Marco City now. You want to spread your disease… do it somewhere else. We are all sick of you Rhapsodies. You freaks just don’t know when to take the hint. We hate you. We despise you. None of the disasters that befell this city happened till you and your stinkin’ freak ass kind showed up. Why can’t you die and leave us all alone?

Zoey: Because this is our city. We have all the rights on being here as you do. You Marco… Need to back off. Why do you have to hate us so much? Huh? *Standing up to Ginger* You’re carrying on a petty vendetta that your jerk-off father started. You’re carrying on his terror and hatred. You don’t have to be like him. You don’t need to be like him. It isn’t something that you should do. Our family never done anything wrong. What we did was save the city. It’s in the records. Your father was only a hero for a short time. He was only playing at being a hero.

Ginger: What do you know? You used to have powers too…

Zoey: Yeah. I did.

Tara: Why don’t you show them off?

Blossom: Because they’re gone. She was a real senshi before… But then she lost them. The powers left her.

Lois: They did… huh? Well… this makes our job a whole lot easier.

Frenchy: *Walking over* Girls… Leave those pricks alone. They’re not worth it. They have the Government on their side. We tried to sell shirts to turn people against them. It didn’t work. People will always stand up for them no matter what is done to ruin them.

Tara: *Sighs*

The Marco girls had suddenly stopped to realize that they were numbered. There was nothing they could do. They had no choice but to throw the white flag of surrender. It was over… for now. But the outburst of calling Zoey Slut Jr. That was gonna sink in before long. However… the reality of it could be sooner than they thought. Zoey didn’t believe that her mother was turning into something dirty. She didn’t want to buy into it. The trouble making girls walked away and made with avoiding them from there on. But was it over permanently? Or just gonna bide its time till they decided to start something new?

Blossom: *Laughing* They think that we’re with the government… What dumb minded morons!

Zoey: *Chuckles slightly* Yeah…


It was different for the older fighters of the New Generation…

Metropolis High School…


Serena: *Walking through the Lunch line* Carly… I think that we might have made an actual show.

Carly Black: I think so also, Serena. iSerena is a total renaissance. We made it. All we have to do is Pitch the idea to a local T.V station here and get it to take on.

Serena: The Pilot though was a test run. To see if there was potential for a show to be done. It went well.

Carly Black: We had John Mayer on the Pilot and that was a shock in itself as we were just doing a test. But somehow… out of nowhere he shows up and offered to play us any song. Any song at all.

Serena: *Chuckles* Yeah… We had him do the song called “Bigger than my Body”.

Carly Black: I can still remember the hype that we got from it. Our tech… Andrè Fishmen… helped. We did the whole show. But if it weren’t for him… It wouldn’t live.

Serena: Not at all.

Carly Black: *Looking at the Food* Wow! they have a lot of Italian food here.

By time they got their food…

Serena: You think that we’ll be able to start another web cast?

Carly Black: We’ll have to call Andrè. But yeah… When do you want to do it?

Serena: How about this afternoon? Do it on this ridiculous heatwave.

Carly Black: That’s gonna be a good one. Putting some cheer in people. This heat is a killer. No need to see people having to suffer for it. Cheering them up with some humor. Now that’s better.

Serena: *Nods*

At the table…

Lana Greens was sitting at the table that was claimed for the gang. She was at the time the only one there as she got out of class a minute early. Her class was close to the cafeteria and that granted her the chance to grab the best table there in the cafeteria.


Sapphire: *With Erica Diamond, Kasey and Jessica* Ba, ba, bamba
Ba, ba, bamba
La, la, la, la, la bamba.

Seconds later…

As they all sat down…

Sapphire: *Laughs*

Lana G.: Hey girls… got this table. Lucky break.

Erica H.: Yeah. Lucky…

Jessica: Hey, Did you get a look at the sweet guy that the AV department took in this year? He’s so brainy and full of intelligence.

Lana G.: What about the guy on the football team?

Kasey: Who?

Lana G.: George Edwards. Before we came into the gates of school here… We passed by the football field.

Jessica: He’s lookin’ good this year, ain’t he, Sapphire?

Sapphire: That’s ancient history.

Erica H.: Well… you know what they say… History has a way of repeating itself.

Sapphire: Tell that to fate itself. The Alter identity of mines… Seems to think different. So… History is only a temp. My experience with guys is completely PG. Plus… if i wanted a little Crust. I wouldn’t flaunt and try to aim for someone with more muscles than wit.

Jessica: That’s because you never had a guy before.

Erica H.: No… i wouldn’t think that she’d be one to attain a guy. You forget that her mother may be “Danger Zone” Dinah… But that doesn’t mean there’d be free reign on going for any guy.

Sapphire: Plus… How would a guy be into someone who’s got the split alternate identity and changes into a hero almost on a flip of a switch?

As they were talking…

Sapphire: So, Greens… What’s snakin’ ya?

Lana G.: What do you mean, Sapphire?

Sapphire: You know what i mean… You look like someone who just got their favorite brooch crushed.

Lana G.: It’s nothing. But i think that i just saw someone court with the Band geek. However… the girl is not really opening to him.

Kasey: Who?

Erica H.: Dan. Dan Rhapsody. I think he’s your cousin. From your Uncle Avery’s side.

Sapphire: I know of him. That guy’s got a Don Juan personality as of late. He’s lovesick.

Jessica: No… he isn’t Lovesick. He’s smitten by love potion #9. He’s love crazed.

Kasey: What do you think he’ll do?

Lana G.: In a word… Approach.

Erica H.: *Seeing the band geek walking over* Uh… correction. The girl’s coming over here.

Sapphire: She is, huh? *Intrigued* Surely she’s not thinking on Joining the Rhapsody Pink Ladies… She looks a little too pure to be a Pink Lady.

Jessica: Oh yeah… Tell her that. She’s coming here.

Seconds later…

It was then that the new girl came over to them and sought on looking for a place to belong. There was someone with her as well… Someone that they all knew. Krissy Caine. Ruby Stone. They came with her and apparently befriended the new girl…

Krissy C.: *Approaching the table* Hey guys… Sorry to be late. Line was kinda long.

Lana G.: Ain’t that a fact.

Ruby S.: *Introducing the new girl as the new girl tends on grabbing a seat* Girls, This is Roxanne Harris. She’s the new girl. All the way from Sunny California. San Francisco, California. Roxanne, *Introducing the gang to her* This is Lana Greens. Sassy but with a load of class. Kasey Rhapsody. Daughter to the hero of the past Flaming Soul. Cousin to our Leader. Erica Harper… The Cowgirl with the knack for riding off into the wide blue yonder and back. Very informative.  Jessica Spelling. The girl with resources that match one Zoey Creek. but works pro-Bono. And the one with the sass and the Leader skills lasting a plenty… Sapphire Rhapsody. Leader of the heroic team The Rhapsody Thunderic Force Z!.

Roxanne: Hey guys… *Smiles*

Sapphire: Hey there Roxanne. Musical Roxy. Made it here from Golden San Francisco. *Chuckling and Coughing up a kind sarcastic remark* How’s the Rice-a-Roni?

Roxanne: Good thanks. *Smiling*

Erica H.: *Looking at the new girl* When did you get here to Metropolis anyway? We didn’t see you here at the school at first. the rest of last school year… you were said to be here in this city but no where to be seen within the school.

Roxanne: Oh… My mom and dad… they were trying to get all the previous records from the school in San Francisco. When we first moved here… We almost couldn’t make it here. But my mom was able to find work here. A good source of work.

Sapphire: *Playful* Oh… Ring-a-ding Ding!

Krissy Caine: Have you been to Band camp?

Roxanne: Yeah. I kinda got sent there for the summer. It was one of the things that my parents were able to do as they were trying to hold on and see to make ends meet here in the city. My dad was a furniture salesman and Sold high price Furniture. But quality. He even sold some Victorian cabinets and Chairs. Lamps. My Mom is a Secretary. She’s with a law firm. Lot of stress. But rewarding… she even is able to set her own hours. She’s home nights.

Ruby S.: Don’t worry. You’ll be okay here.

Roxanne: Thank you, Ruby.

Ruby: Don’t mention it. I know what it’s like to be the new girl in school. It can be rather lonesome and hard at first. But it gets easier in time.

On the bright side of the cafeteria…

Dan: *looking over at the new girl* She’s like a real beauty. I want to meet her. I want to talk to her. But… I don’t know if she’ll notice me.

Zoey Creek: Dan, you shouldn’t be too nervous over talking with a girl. She won’t notice you if you don’t take that chance and walk over to her. Just go up to her and speak.

Dan: Easy for you to say, Zoey… You got a guy in your sights. That guy by the far end of the cafeteria. Harry. Harry Waller. What about him?

Zoey Creek: What do you mean? Do i like him? Maybe… but this isn’t about me. This is about you and your nervous acting towards going for the girl you like. Roxanne is never gonna even know you exist unless you take that shot and just go talk to her. The longer you wait… the harder it’ll be for you to do it. Even if it shouldn’t be hard as it’s just you going over to make yourself known to her.

Janie: *Grabbing a seat and smiling* What’s this…? Dan’s in Love?

Alex: With the new girl. Roxanne is speaking to our older sister Sapphire and the members of the Rhapsody Pink Ladies.

Charlene: We doubt that you’ll get a shot at her now… You’ll need to get her when she’s alone or by herself.

Zoey Creek: That’d help. Or he could just risk it and go now. Talk to her.

Dan: Yeah… *Getting up* I have to at least try to talk to her. I won’t know if she’ll like me or notice me if i don’t at least make the attempt on going over and try talking to her.


Before he could get the chance to go and talk to the new girl in school… The bell rang signaling for the Lunch break to conclude. Dan however didn’t let it stop him. He walked over and approached Roxanne. He wasn’t gonna wait till later to see on contacting her. But for the sudden surprise that came to him… He was in the same class that she was… Or the one on the other side of his.

While on the way over to 3rd Period…

Dan: *Walking next to Roxanne* Hi. I’m Dan. Dan Rhapsody.

Roxanne: Hey Dan. Nice to meet… you.

Dan: I heard that you played in band. That you play the uh… French horn.

Roxanne: Yeah. But how did you know about that?

Dan: I have a family that have a couple or so Informants in their pockets that won’t stop doing recons and gaining Intel on people. They told me about you and i was just smitten by their first description of you. Said that you hung around two girls who tend to be the Equivalent to Madison Cooperstein and Lauren Treachy. The best friends to Amy Juergens on that show… The Secret Life of the American Teenager.

Roxanne: I heard about that show. *Interested*

Dan: *Gasps* Really? That’s so weird. I thought that i’d be the only one who would have heard about it… At least… the only one in this school.

Roxanne: No. You’re not the only one. I heard of it too.

Dan: I was actually siring to come speak to you earlier. During Lunch… but you were with my cousins Sapphire and Kasey.

Roxanne: You were? *Curious* Why? I mean… You and i never met before and you only heard about me from the ones who’ve been watching out.

Dan: Because… *Feeling a little nervous* I happen to like you. Call it crazy. It’s likely to be really unheard of as we just met and we come from two different families and everything. However… I Like you. Alot.

Roxanne: *Touched* Awwww! I like you too. You’re sweet. You’re a very nice guy.

Dan: Same here. You happen to be shy. But it’s okay. I am too. Because i kinda was a bit nervous as i didn’t think that you’d notice me or like me. I am a bit of a greaser type of guy. But i am very soft natured.

Roxanne: that’s good.

Dan: I was wondering… that maybe… If you’re up to it. Even though we just met. That maybe we can… you know. Go out.

Roxanne: Out? *Pauses* as in… On a date?

Dan: Yeah. But not as a girlfriend-boyfriend thing… but like a friend-friend thing. Innocent and Just hang out. Talk.

Roxanne: *Chuckles* Okay. That’d be nice. I’d like that.

Dan: *Giving out his home #* This is my Number. If you call my house and i am not there… My brothers or sister will most likely be. Or my mom and dad. Just leave a message and or tell them it is you and that you’re calling for me. They’ll ask… but they’ll be into helping out. It’s something that my parents fostered into my brothers and sister and me.

Roxanne: Okay. *Looking at the clock on the wall* Well… I’ll see you later?

Dan: You bet. And be sure to keep cool. The heat’s gonna really bite.

Roxanne: *Smiles*

It was likely to be love on first contact. However… Dan didn’t know that Roxanne Harris had a awkward revelation which was gonna hurt him if he ever knew…

While the day went on…

At the Fashion store…

Madame Pearl’s/Mystic Stars…

Pearl: Star, We’ve got no more materials here. What’re we gonna do about the new designs that we’ve now made?

Star: I don’t know, Pearl. I don’t have a car right now. It’s being serviced at the Auto shop today. The damn car was acting up this morning and started overheating. But… as soon as we close shop here today… We’re gonna go to the fashion supply store. We’ll stock up on all the material we need. Even more of the ones that you saw in the Alternative realm a few years ago.

Pearl: What do you think is wrong with your car?

Star: I don’t really know. I mean… I take care of it. I make sure that i change the Air filter in it every so often as needed. Make sure the there is fluid in where needed to keep it flowing as it should. I keep it working perfect. I wash it. insure that it has Anti-freeze in the one chamber where it goes. I don’t leave out a thing. Nothing.

Pearl: How much do you think it’ll cost you?

Star: *sighs* hopefully… not too much. I don’t know. I haven’t had anything like this happen to me like this for a long time. 6 years at the most. That’s the last time i had this sort of thing happen.

Pearl: *Walking over to the back room to grab some coffee* I know. This is just sudden. For as long as i’ve known you… you hardly ever had a thing go wrong with the car. I am the same way with my car. My car still runs good and i do still drive that old Toyota Camry that i told you about. The one that i was driving when i first started driving.

Star: Oh god… You still drive that? *Chuckles* That car must be old and a relic by now.

Pearl: Hey… Don’t be dissin’ a classic. It’s a considered classic now. It’s one of the originals. Back when cars were worth a thought. Compared to what they got out now… All this hi- tech that a big percentage of the time… don’t run right or tend on malfunctioning every chance it gets… Just about.

Star: You sound like one of those activists.

Pearl: Oh… Now that hurts.

Star: Tech is growing and as much as it malfunctions… Society’s been so into having it around… So used to having it do things for them… The people can’t live or survive without it. Without it… People go stupid.

Pearl: Watch that kind of talk… My mom happens to be one of those who are into the tech stuff to help make living a breeze.

Star: We all have girl… *Looking at the T.V* Shit… You’re not gonna believe this one…

Pearl: What?

Star: The T.V’s stating that we got another 4 more days of excessive heat.

Pearl: Oh god… *Groans in disbelief* It’s gotten hot out. We’re gonna die.

Star: Where does that leave your son Spencer? You know right off that something has to be done about his… You know… Ailment.

Pearl: You mean… the fact that he’s an Albino?

Star: You said he was.

As soon as Pearl had her coffee made and back out in the front of the store…

Pearl: You’re right. *Walking over to the window* I worry about him in this heat. This heat’s gonna burn him and or dehydrate him to no end. He’s gonna be needing himself pumped up full of icy cold water, Iced-Tea. Anything cold. Slurpee’s… Iced coffee. Chilled Malts. Milkshakes. All things cold. Anything hot… He’s done for.

Amber: *Walking from the outside and carrying one of the Display boards* Ma’am… I’m gonna get this board repaired. It might take a little while. But while i’m out… If you’d like… i can drop by the Fashion supply store and get the stuff you’re needing.

Pearl: You sure?

Amber: Sure. Why not… Besides while i’m taking care of getting this board repaired… i’d make some good business going for this store. This is a thriving business. I can’t bare the thought that this place could suffer.

Star: You’re not the only one. We’ll make up a list of the things we’ll need from the supply store. It’s gonna be a sizable list. 20 things but in bulk for each item.

Amber: *Nods*

Although as for Zeke…

Zeke: *Drinking a Beer and cooling off after a confrontation with his wife* Luna thinks that i’m gonna answer to her… She’s got something coming to her. She was the one that started the crap of keeping secrets. What ever she’s doing… I’m not gonna be sticking near the house to see. The young ones are smart. They’ll find someplace else to stay. But not be near their slut mother.

Gabe: Your wife is not even a woman anymore. She’s a whore. She’s been selling herself for sex. It’s been caught by people all over town. several people were going on about it. Zeke, Bud… you got yourself a dead fish. A corrupt link in the family chain and it’s name is Luna Tina Rhapsody. You might still love your wife. That is all fine and sweet. Easy peasy… Lemon Squeezy. But you… Zeke… have your young daughter Zoey to think of. Your only son Charlie. They are gonna need you most. The oldest Daughters… not very much as they’re proven to be self reliant and capable to man their own ships and steer their own path.

Zeke: *Scoffs* Thanks for that little insight, Gabe. But i think that i got that loud and clear. I don’t really know what it is that i’ve seen in Luna all those years ago anymore. I saved her from that controlling asshole Martin Marco. But now… i am beginning to wonder who was the cause for their break up.

Gabe: It’s gotten that bad between you and her, huh?

Zeke: What do you think? *taking another drink* It sure isn’t getting any better. that is for damn certain.

Gabe: What about the young ones?

Zeke: I’m gonna be having them here. Away from that Skank mother of theirs. Only thing is that the part where they may get suspicious with why they’re having to come here. Charlie and Zoey already know… They are catching on and yet Zoey is likely gonna start getting into the habit that her mother is in. Not the modeling… but the other.

Gabe: You can’t be serious… You sure?

Zeke: It could be possible.

Gabe: Tell me that you’re not serious on having them here. They’re always gonna be welcome here. No matter what. But this is not a place for them to remain and just stick around. You know that better than anyone as there are some customers who tend on being rough and tough.

Zeke: What am i to do?

Gabe: Not sure, Zeke. I wish i could tell you what you could do about it all… However… what i might inquire to pass along to you in advice… You are likely not gonna feel too comfortable with.

Zeke: I gotta do something though.

Gabe: That’s true. But… *Whistles* Bud, You’ve got troubles.

Zeke: Don’t i know it…

That afternoon…

as for the New girl… The Rich girl from New York.

Leslie was new in the city and she was looking for a way to fit in. There was nothing for her to do as she was new and she didn’t know anyone. But she happened to catch sight of a 13 year old girl. She didn’t know who she was… but she looked at her with intrigue. However she was also not enrolled in any schools yet at the time. Leslie was still living on her own and spending little by little at little motels or hangout shacks. Very rarely would she stick to a hotel. She was a lone wolf. But it was only then that she managed to make way past the one side of town. She happened to catch sight of someone with a group of guys. Talking and heading to a local diner. She had no clue as to who they were. None. No telling where they were to stop, but she followed them and as curious as she was… She wanted to just fit in. The Man she followed was None other than Dorian Tyrell. Big time mob man. Crime boss who happened to work under a Big time Crime Lord named Niko. Suddenly Dorian noticed a young girl between his guys. He looked at his guys confused and hunkered next to the girl and asked her what her name is.

Leslie: Hi there. I’m Leslie. Leslie Tina Burke. *Smiling*

She knew that she was seen and somehow… even though she should have been scared… she wasn’t. Not Really. Just if anything other… a little nervous…

Dorian noticed that he could use Leslie for some of his jobs. But he wasn’t sure if her mom was somewhere looking for her. He didn’t even seem to realize that Leslie was on her own. That her mother was nowhere near…

Dorian: Leslie, why are you following us? Did you lose your mom? *With a soft voice*

Leslie looked at Dorian and started to look down. She didn’t know what to say. But she had left her mom and dad. It was rather odd for a 12-13 year old to be walking alone… with no parents near. But she was one of the ones who was from a rich wealthy family. She was rich herself. But she Emancipated herself from her parents and lived how she felt… Or so it was since not too long before that moment. She looked and sighed. Grinning a little before letting out what she was doing there… around Dorian and his crew.

Leslie: I don’t have a mother looking for me. I kinda left them. My father and mother are never around for me anyway. They’re rich. I am rich too. But I emancipated from my parents. I am on my own in this city and new to this city. This Is Metropolis that i came to… right?

Leslie asked in a sweet voice. She was kind and very sweet. She even smiled at the smell of the strange scent. It was like smoke. She smiled and thought that it was rather mesmerizing but she was new to the city and didn’t quite know what she was to expect. Dorian wasn’t sure if he should believe her words since she’s a little girl in Dorian’s mind. He decided to stop his violent activities while this girl was around them.

Dorian: *Curious* Where is your home Leslie?

Dorian asked her as he was starting to feel concerned. He was motioning to see on driving her home and see if her words were true.

Leslie: My new home is Metropolis. I Emancipated myself from my parents. No lie. I even have a copy of the papers with me. Not sure why i need them. But i have them. It shows right in sight that i am on my own. Rich and free.

She was with a honest but also a sense of one who was being pegged as an exaggerator. She was telling it as she saw it. She was telling the truth. There was no speck of lies in anything that she said.

Leslie: I never lie. I will never lie. It gets a person nowhere to lie.

Dorian: Okay Leslie I believe you. But what do you mean by your new home is Metropolis? Are you homeless?

Leslie: *A little Nervous* Uh… well… That’s the thing. I kinda am. I am literally new to this city and just came to this city around the end of the passing year 2044 and didn’t have a place to really stay so i had to find means of getting to a place where it was warm and hold on the best that i could. I have lots of money as i am rich. But Would you really think that they’d believe a 12 or 13 year old if i were to check into a hotel and say that it was just for me… for the night? It’s a new city to me… the hotel may be a tad snooty but they’re not stupid. They’d never believe me if i were to tell them that i was by myself and all alone.

She was homeless as she didn’t have a place to go and since she really was emancipated from her parents. The world was her home… staying anywhere that seemed decent and safe for her to stay for the night… each night that she was on the go…

Dorian: Yeah, well that’s true. No one would believe that.

Dorian wanted to make a deal with her without telling her quickly that she should make underground missions for him sometimes. Instead of that he said they could need a little girls help sometimes for some little jobs. As a reward he would send one of his guys to check her into a hotel. And soon they would by a house for her.

Dorian: So Leslie, what do you say?

Leslie: *Pleased and feeling Jubilant* Say? Say to what? The deal that was made? I’m in. I mean… the idea that i would have to do odd jobs. Possibly gangster like jobs. It’s really out there for me. But i would be okay with that. I always wanted to have a place where i’d… you know… Belong. I’d like to become one of the crew sometime soon. It’d be great. I can be very resourceful also. Which i suppose that i might already be. Because you’re seeming to be nice to me and all while not even knowing much about me.

She smiled as she took up the offer. She smelt smoke coming from them and even though she wanted to say something about it… she just nodded and looked at Dorian and then without realizing she was doing it… She hugged him. Maybe it was because she was really happy… or because she was being taken under his wing and was being given a place to stay… But she was happy. Relieved and felt like she was gonna belong. Dorian wanted to extend his arm, but when she hugged him, he just smiled. He didn’t expect that she would be so happy about it. Even though when Dorian was a professional killer and killed people for money he still had a good side too. So he hugged Leslie back. After a while he stopped hugging her and thought about what he should do with her right now while looking at her eyes. Since actually he had no idea, he decided to drive her over to a good hotel in where she could eat, drink anything and sleep anytime she wanted. So he gets in his car and waited for Leslie to get in the car too…

Leslie had her suitcase and a couple of bags with her. plus a few envelopes in her one bag. they were full and stuffed like fat cats… Fat Bulky wads of cash. But she didn’t pull it out. She Smiled at Dorian and had her things with her. It looked like a lot of stuff but in truth… it was just what she had with her. That was all. She didn’t have much and with out thinking a second more, she grabbed her things and got the baggage into the car and then immediately got herself into the car and smiled. She didn’t take anything for granted. She was very accepting of what she was being offered. Leslie didn’t beg. All she did was let luck come to her.

Leslie: The Metropolis Inn. I happened to walk by it when i first came to this city. I didn’t really go in and see what it was like. But i met a lady who works there. Someone named Renee Locksley. She seemed to be really nice. I think that you might be able to strike something with her. Some arrangement. I think. But i don’t know. I don’t know her that much. She goes to the Sun Shack. That part i know as i go there a few times. It’s friendly.

She remembered that much… but the City of metropolis was really new to her. Dorian started to laugh when she came up with her suitcase and another bag. It was like she knew what was coming. But he helped her to put all of her stuff into the car. After that he gave one of the guys the order to start the car and drive to a hotel. While they were driving he asked Leslie who this girl named Renee was and what kind of arrangement he could do with this Renee.

Leslie: Renee… She’s this new owner of the Metropolis Inn. Or has been one for 9 years. But… she passed off as someone who just worked at the hotel. Not own it. She owns it though. She’s also one who’s a friend to someone in this city. I never met her. But Renee did say that her name was Dinah. Dinah Rhapsody. That they were roommates back in college. She might be willing to strike a deal. Where if i could stay with the hotel… and maybe help promote it from time to time… i could stay for a low rate. Something like that. She might even grant immunity. Maybe. But don’t know for sure. I only briefly spoke with her. or to her.

She didn’t really know what all to say. All she could say was that she had been told of her friend. and that she was the New owner of the Metropolis Inn. and that she had been for about 8 years. Leslie looked at Dorian and Smiled but also felt weary as she didn’t know what was gonna happen. She knew that she was gonna feel safe around Dorian and his mob family… But she didn’t know if she would cut it with being a good Mafiaso. in the upcoming future. If the hand was indeed right. After a while, the road trip had come to an end. Dorian, Leslie and his guys arrived the Hotel. Dorian gets out of the car and takes Leslie’s suitcase and a couple of bags. Leslie followed Dorian over to the Hotel’s front doors and sighed. She knew that it was where she would be staying. She was new and didn’t even know what to expect.

Leslie: Dorian, I have been thinking that since i don’t know anyone and would like to get a footing in this city somewhere. I was wondering. Can i be like one of you and your men. Do what you do? I’ll work really hard.

She was seeking a place to belong. Anything. She also was thinking about the girl she saw that looked like her in some way. Innocent just like she was. Leslie was hoping that she’d see the girl again soon. But also seeing and becoming a part of something big.

Dorian: Of course you can be one of us Leslie. Actually you already are. But I want you to do some smaller tasks at first before you do something that happens to be dangerous. It will be better this way. *While walking with her over towards the Hotel*

She nodded as she agreed to it. She was just happy to be around someone.

Leslie: You’re right. Smaller Jobs first to start. That’d be more suitable.

However as she walked into the hotel… she thought more about that one girl that she saw. Although she was more into being part of the Mob. Being one with them. After they arrived the reception, Dorian used the service bell and demanded a room for Leslie. After he got the key card for her, he and his guy helped her to drag her suitcase and bags to her hotel room. Dorian pressed the elevator button and waited of it to come to stage where they are. Leslie looked at Dorian and smiled.

Leslie: This place is nice. But i do believe that we should be speaking with the new owner of the hotel. Set things up.

Leslie was just loving the way that the hotel’s interior looked. Dorian agreed with Leslie. And looked at the hotel’s interior. The look of the hotel was just flawless. Very beautiful decorated. After the elevator arrived, he got inside it and pressed the button where they wanted to go. Inside the elevator Dorian replied to Leslie while smiling.

Dorian: Don’t worry about talking with the new owner. We will do it after we bring your stuff to your temporary new home.

Leslie: You sure it’ll be okay to do? I mean… i love it here and like this hotel and everything. However i don’t want to out stay my welcome.

She was also smiling as she admired what she was seeing as she looked at the Hotel’s decorations. She was falling in love with it. She didn’t even want to leave. It felt just like home to her and it made her feel safe. Awkward. She thought as it really was strange or rather thrilling to live in a hotel. Dorian just noticed that he was holding the key card all the while. So he gave the key card to her, to let her open her own room by herself.

Dorian: I know this place is beautifully decorated, very clean looking and also very comfy. But Leslie, you can’t live here all the time. It’s just temporarily until we find a new home for you. It’s just that it wouldn’t be right for you to stay at my place… in the office. At least not for right now.

Leslie: Yeah. You’re right. I can’t live in a hotel forever. Even if it does happen to be really nice and serene. Where can i live though other than here? I don’t really have anywhere else to go. I could stay with you… but that might create a complication with you and what you have going on. I wouldn’t want to intrude.

She said as she was just smiling and yet kinda nervous. Nervous. However… it was the good kind as this was indeed a new city and there were a lot of new changes about to happen. She Looked at Dorian and Wondered if her future could really be… with him. Being within the world of the mob and hit men…

At the Metropolis Promenade…

O’aka: *Pitching a sale* Come on and look at these fancy watches… Ye be thanking yourself greatly for a watch like this. An Omega Constellation Watch 168015 Men’s 18K yellow gold 33mm Omega Constellation Swiss made automatic watch with champagne dial, yellow gold-tone index hour markers and stick hands, brown leather strap and buckle closure. $3,125.00. But for you fine gents and gals… I’m Putting on a deal for ye to feast an eye and take a possession of a watch like this for only $900. That’s 60% off the original price. 60%! I tell ye’ for a watch like this… there is no beating that price for a watch. Nothing like this has ever been made. Not in a long time. In fact… did you know that in the second world war the air force and the British soldiers wore these kinds of watches and used these to synchronize the mission. their operation? Britain’s Royal Flying Corps chose Omega watches in 1917 as its official timekeepers for its combat units, as did the American army in 1918. This watch is famous. Famous people wore these kinds of watches… People like Elvis Presley. He was an American singer, actor, cultural icon, and one of the most popular musicians of the 20th-century. He wore a black-dialed Constellation Calendar But still an Omega. Tom Hanks. He wears An Omega Speedmaster Professional.

O’aka: You seem to know a good bargain when you see one. Ye’ have a good eye on the deals i can tell.

A few customers come in and buy a watch. The sales were going through the roof.

At Sid’s Diner…

Sid: *Looking at Holly in outrage* Holly, I can’t believe that i am hearing this from you…

Something was going on… Sid was on the verge of coming out with a ban on Luna’s family and the kids as well… Or Just Luna.

Sid: *Scoffs* You mean to tell me that the Marco kids is assuming that Luna’s daughter is believed to veer into the same thing that her mother is doing?

Holly: That is what the kids are saying. Dad, It’s bad. Really bad. The kids at school are nicknaming Zoey Rhapsody: “Slut Jr.” Those Marco kids are terrible. They continually hate the entire clan. They are strongly aiming all their hate towards Zoey and Blossom. The Marco girls… They hate Blossom so much that they are with the itch towards Killing her.

Sid: Didn’t you think on calling for help?

Holly: What could i tell them? Those Marco Kids would only deny it and make as if we were just blowing smoke up the butts of the Authorities.

Sid: Well… I’m gonna call the cops on them right now. The bull stops. Today. Zoey Rhapsody’s a good innocent Girl. Honest and straight. Those Marco Kids are just jealous because that family is all the things that those Marco Kids know they’ll never be.

Holly: It won’t work… Ginger and Tara Marco have a counter in place. if we call the cops… they’ll seek to shut down anyone who stands up for the clan.

Sid: *Shoots up* A Counter! How the hell did they come up with one?

Holly: There’s a cop lined in their back pocket.

Sid: They are wanting to use that for intimidation… I don’t think so.

But trouble was about start…

Seconds later…

Ginger: *Walking in* Hey Reedy… We meant what we said. You stay away from those Rhapsody fucktards… or you’re going down. Those Rhapsody Clansmen are gonna learn their place. One way or the other. *Looking at Sid* That means you too, Mister. You even try to warn the clan… we’ll make the call and your business will be shut down. *With her cell* Drop that phone or Kiss your business goodbye.

Holly: *Growls and blows up* MARCO! GET OUT! LEAVE! You will leave us… and the Clan alone. Cause anymore trouble and you will wish that you never met me. Better yet… *Walking over and grabbing Ginger’s Cell and Throwing it into wall hard; Grabbing Ginger and Pulling her by the hair; Dragging her over to the door; opening it and then dragging Ginger outside*

Seconds later…

Holly: *Letting go* You bitch!

Ginger: *Looking with a glare at Holly* Fuck off, Rhapsody lover. You’re just a snot nosed informant who’s got nothing better to do than to be their messenger boy. You can’t even live for yourself. You devote all your time for them. Like they were gods. Wake the fuck up, Reedy. They’re not god. They’re losers. The whole stinkin’ lot of them are a bunch of losers. The so called Rhapsody Girls Z! Pansies and freaks.  The Rhapsody Brothers… Alpha Males and Testosterone kings who have nothing better to do than compete on to see who’s got the bigger stick. The Rhapsody New Generation… A Bunch of fuckin’ Gestapo’s in waiting. Making people think that they do things out from the kindness of their hearts when in truth… they’re doing things to make them look good. That’s all they do. But you’re too stupid to see it because you constantly have your head so far up their ass that no one who’s got a brain in their heads know where those Rhapsody fucks end and you begin.

Holly: You’re just jealous because the Rhapsody family is loved by many and you Marco Kids are hated because of what your father was like and because you seem to act and follow in Martin Marco’s footsteps. Get over yourself, Marco. Martin Marco is an asshole. He treated Luna like shit when she was a kid. My mom told me the story. The real story as she was there. She saw the whole story.

Ginger: Oh please… Your mom… Mrs. Reedy. She was just like Luna and Zeke too back then. Growing up. Smoking. Yeah. I know as my father Martin caught sight of that. He saw her smoking. Your mother is a hypocrite. So while you’re thinkin’ on that. Here’s more to think about. If those Rhapsody Creeps are so good… They why is there a 19- almost 20 year old cover up on them that even the government is dubious and stupid enough to cover up? Huh? What about that? Or did your little recon skill fail to gather that kind of Intel?

Holly: You’re an Idiot. *Glaring back* It was never covered up… because it never happened. There was never any proof of it because the incident never happened. It doesn’t exist.

Tara: *Walking over* It did too. We can prove it.

Holly: Show me proof. Show me the proof of really happened back then if you are so adamant in destroying an innocent family. When you have the proof… We’ll discuss it. Till then… Leave and do not come back to Sid’s Diner. Do not cross paths with the clan either. Or you can bet that i will make it my personal mission to expose the real Martin Marco and tell all the kids at school what your real issue with the clan truly is about. I will destroy you. You forget. My mom’s played the Bitch card against trash like you… back when she was my age as she told me. She played it well. I learned to play the bitch card and i can play it real good. You don’t want to toy with that. Because i swear to you… you will not like what happens.

With that… The Marco girls walked away with a growl and disgusted manner. They were dead set in seeing the clan falling. Ruined. They were in the seat of their father being the better man. Seeing that their father was the innocent one and done no wrong. It was never gonna end…

At Avery and Summer’s house…

Dan was barely at home when he thought about what he overheard some of the people at school say about Roxanne. He didn’t believe one word of it. Pregnant? Roxanne? By who? How did it happen? He didn’t want to know. it was none of his business. He had no desire in knowing about it. He was more into just being a friend to her for the time being and he wasn’t gonna just come off and ask Roxanne if the rumors were true. He didn’t want to make her feel that she’s being exposed as a 15 year old pregnant teen. As far as he knew… it was all rumor and hearsay. nothing more than just that. Plus… What if it was just some false tale? It’d make the ones spreading it look stupid. Or if it were true… What would it serve to have everyone find out and get it where Roxanne would have to hide? Roxanne’s two girl friends… Laura and Tiffany. They were not sure what to say. To anyone about it. They swore that they’d never speak of it… For now…

But it was gonna get some attention sooner or later. It was… only a matter of time…

At the Harris household…

It was a typical night evening at the Harris Household. A Typical time. And the Harris family was just having dinner or just enjoying a peaceful night. None were in any suspicion to what was going on with Roxanne. They didn’t know and Roxanne was trying to play it off. It worked as all the current attention was put on Roxanne’s sister Rosie who caused a fuss at school. Violating the school’s dress code and it was something that the Harris family took much respect towards. Especially when the father was a hard pressed man. He didn’t take any excuse.

“Why do these people think there’s something wrong with a belly button? It’s not like everyone doesn’t have one. I mean, I have one, they have one, you have one. Personally, I don’t see the big deal if it shows. It’s not like anyone else is covering their buttons.”

Sergio: Excuse me, Young lady… But it’s in the school’s dress code. It is there for a reason.

Miranda: They’re supposed to. It’s in the dress code.

Rosie: Oh please… No one has ever paid much attention to the dress code till today when i get hauled to the principal’s office. Then instructed to put on a sweatshirt. Why should I follow the rules if no one else does? It’s stupid.

Sergio: Wanna know why? I’ll tell you why. Because I don’t wanna get another call from the principal’s office and neither does your mother. We don’t like being embarrassed by our 13-year-old daughter every other who insists on dressing like a street floozy. You were raised better than that. Alot better than that. I mean… What?We take our hard-earned money to buy you decent clothes that meet the dress code requirement. Not to meet the requirements for a new aged stripper or a future prostitute. Now… Forget about the school dress code. We have our own dress code, Rosie. You didn’t just happen to right off break the school’s rules you also had went and broke our rules, rules of good taste. *Looking towards Rosie* Seriously, Rosie. What is going on inside your head that continually daydreams thinking that one can wear what ever they wished and with no restrictions? Time to wake up, Young lady. What are you trying to prove, that you’re not 13? You’re 13. That you’re sexy? You’re not sexy. Do you even know what sexy means or the concept of what it implies? A girl who is stunning, gorgeous, and cute all at the same time, lulling men into a state of deep attraction, even with their denial. It means you’re ready to have sex, and you are not ready to have sex. Neither of my daughters are ready to have sex, and you two will not be ready to have sex for a long time. A long, long time. By time you two will be ready for sex… I will be most indubiously be an old man. God be willing.

Rosie: …

Sergio: Maybe after you’ve been married a couple years. Wanna make sure it’s gonna work out first. Maybe then… it could be well accepted.

Rosie: Funny. Really funny…

Sergio: Am i Right?

Miranda: He’s right you know. Although… I very well doubt that you’ll get your father’s permission even after you get married.

Roxanne: *Trying to take mind off of her hidden secret; Knowing that it won’t be hidden forever* You’re Right.

Rosie: *In outrage; annoyed* Right about what? Showing my bellybutton means I wanna have sex? Do you have to be such a geek and ruin everything for me?

Sergio: *Stating* Hey, your sister’s not a geek, she’s a nice girl, and you know what? Boys like nice girls, so why don’t you start trying to look a little nicer and be a little nicer.

Miranda: *Noticing Roxanne appearing off* Roxanne, are you feeling OK? You don’t look well.

Roxanne: Yeah. No, I’m fine. I’m just a little tired. I’m okay though.

An hour later…

As Roxanne is starting to see on clearing things up from the table…

Sergio: So… Roxanne… What time’s the game start tomorrow night?

Miranda: 7:00 Home field.

Sergio: Good. I won’t have to leave work early.

Roxanne: *As she starts walking off to the kitchen with the plates* You don’t have to go.

Miranda: Of course we’re going. We’re not gonna miss seeing you march in your first high-school halftime. We’d never want to miss that.

Roxanne: Thought you didn’t like marching bands, and you hate football. I mean… don’t get me wrong, mom… but when it comes to sports… you have a low admiration towards it.

Miranda: But i love you, Roxanne. That is undeniable. It will never change.

Rosie: I don’t have to go… do it?

Miranda: Yes.


Roxanne was thinking about coming out with the truth… However… whether she got it out or found something to derail her from doing so… it was not known.

Roxanne: Can I talk to the two of you alone?

Rosie: *Stopping and looking to make her sister embarrassed* You have to talk to them alone about something? Like what? Finally decide to wear a bra? If that is all you’re thinking of asking them… why waste time? Just get one and wear it.

But then… the phone rings…

Miranda: Rosie, why don’t you get that? It’s probably for you. Maybe a boy finally getting around to ask you out or talk to you. Maybe it could be a friend from school.

Rosie walks off to get the phone and see who it was that was calling…

Roxanne by then had started sitting down.

Sergio: Must be serious… She’s sitting down. It’s probably something big or maybe a bit of something that must be hard to digest.

Mr. and Mrs. Harris are in wonder and suspense as they are waiting for Roxanne to spill what’s on her mind…

Sergio: Why the long face, sweetheart?

Rosie: *Suddenly walking back in with the phone; Walking over to Roxanne* It’s for you, Roxanne. It’s a guy.

Sergio: *To Roxanne; in Shock* You have a boyfriend? Is that what you’re trying to tell us? Well… Why didn’t you say so? That’s wonderful. There is no wrong in having a love interest. Love is never wrong.

Miranda: Sergio… Give her some privacy… come on…

Roxanne’s mom and dad suddenly got up and went to the other room allowing for Roxanne to have some privacy…

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Roxanne: Hello?

Dan: *On the phone* Hey Roxanne… it’s Dan Rhapsody. From school.

Roxanne: Dan? *On the phone* Hey Dan.

The Next night as things were calming down or seemed to have been. There was said to be a fellowship party at the local church. Everyone was there and that meant… Carly Black and Serena… Spencer and Rikku… Raven and Lorenzo… Sapphire and the new football star George Edwards. Then there was Dan and Roxanne. Not to mention Clint and Kiyoko. Dating was in bliss…

At the table with the drinks…

Dan: *Walking on and yet sticking close to Roxanne* I wanna thank you for coming here with me. *Seeing literally nothing on Roxanne’s plate* You sure that you don’t want anything? You don’t really have any food on the plate.

Roxanne: No. Thank you though… I’m fine. I’m just not with much of an appetite tonight.

Dan: My dad’s some chauffeur, huh?

Roxanne: I guess. I didn’t know that he could drive.

Dan: You don’t mean that he is a beginner… do you?

Roxanne: No. I am just… Surprised is all.

Dan: It’s a nice night though. It’s a lot cooler too. Much cooler than it was yesterday.

Roxanne: Yeah.

Sapphire: *Walking over from the side with her date* Hey there, Roxy… Glad to see you around with the crowd. people here treatin’ you well?

Roxanne: *Looking to see Sapphire* Yeah.

Sapphire: That’s good. You don’t worry about a thing though… Anybody messin’ with you… just let us gals handle it. You’ll be okay.

George: *Looking to see Dan* Hey man… What’s up? I hear that you’re joining up with the basketball team.

Dan: Thinkin’ about it. Tryouts aren’t for another couple months or so… Plus… the Coaches are already with their quota of possible winners to be part of the team.

George: It’s okay. Stop by the Coach’s office Monday… I’ll hook you up with a shot for a spot in the Basketball team.

Dan: Sounds like a plan.

Sapphire: *Noticing Roxanne with a practically empty plate* Say… Roxanne, What gives? You have hardly a spec of food on the plate. You feeling alright?

Roxanne: I’m okay. I’m just not really that hungry tonight is all. I don’t really have an appetite…

Raven: *Walking over from the side* This party is entertaining and the music is great. But who’s responsible for all this?

Lorenzo: *Coming up from behind Raven* I don’t think you’d like to know… But it’s that girl over there near the center of the dance floor.

George: Don’t tell us… that it’s that church dweller?

Sapphire: What’s the fuss about a church Dweller? They ruffling your pretty feathers, Muscles?

George: No… It’s just the fact that the girl over there… People i usually kick it with for sports night… They crossed her. She’s said to be very sweet. But when you talk religion. You’re dead where you stand. Socially. the guys i know; know her to be a goody-goody. where she doesn’t accept any answer other than the truth and won’t settle for any excuse on why people lie. Plus… she has that annoying knack for being perfect. Preaching that you can’t have Sex till after marriage as its going against God if you have it before marriage.

Dan: Is that even a good thing to say about her? Who is she?

George: Rita Massey.

Dan: We better steer clear of her then, huh?

Roxanne: She’s not that bad… is she?

George: You wanna bet? Looking for someone to judge you for not being a certain way? She’s your girl.

Raven: She’s also a cheerleader at the school… That’s what makes it even more tense.

Clint: *Walking over* Don’t look now… But the Church dweller has her sights on us. She’s coming this way and she’s got one heck of a smile. Sweet and serene… But also with an alternate zeal. She’ll try converting us. So… lay off the religion. She’ll let you have it and you can bet on it.

Kiyoko: Clint, She’s not the only one here… There’s this guy that came…

Rita: *Walking over; Smiles* Hey guys… So glad that you all could come and join.

Sapphire: No problem. Besides… Our parents are out on dates themselves for the night and since it’s been hot out… They’re out at the beach and having a little beach party. Just the rents’ of course.

Clint: It’s a wonderful party though… You behind all this?

Rita: not really. I’m just really involved… But the church was responsible for getting all this set. I just did the inviting and spread the open invite to all the people at school. As many as i could.

Lorenzo: Making you busier than the norm.

Rita: Not really. I just help out where needed and when i can… provide extra assistance.

Sapphire: Meaning just that you’re very church savvy.

Rita: of course…

Raven: *Not seeing Roxanne* Dan… Where’s Roxanne?

Dan: Huh?! *Perking into being at attention* What?

Lorenzo: Dan… Your date has flown the coop. Or better yet… walked off.

Spencer: *Nearby* Harris… 10 steps ahead. and 3 small crowds away. She’s with two girls. Don’t know who they are… but they’re with her and talking about something.

Rikku: You might want to slowly make way on over. Just don’t make it too obvious.

Over by the other side of the dance floor…

“How’s it going?”

Roxanne: *Turning to see her two girl friends* Katie, Jacklyn, what are you guys doing here?

Katie: What do you think we’re doing here? We’re spying on you.

Jacklyn: So?

Roxanne: So this is a really stupid idea. I should not even be here. This was all a mistake.

Jacklyn: Why?

Roxanne: Because i am pregnant!

Katie: Shh! *Gently pulling Roxanne to the side* Not in a Church gym.

Jacklyn: OK, so are you gonna go out with him again?

Roxanne: Until he finds out that i am pregnant. or till my parents find out I’m pregnant, then he’ll never wanna take me out again, and I’ll never be allowed to date again. Dan’s been nothing but really nice and sweet to me. Kind. I don’t want to lose him.

Jacklyn: OK. So, here’s what we were thinking.

Roxanne: Wait. *Pauses* You and Katie were thinking the same thing?

Katie: Yeah. Can you believe it? It’s because it’s the perfect plan. You date Dan, you get Dan to fall in love with you, then you have sex with Dan, then you tell Dan you’re pregnant, then you marry Dan. See? Problem solved. It will really work.

Jacklyn: You said he joined the band to be with you, right? So obviously he already likes you, and I checked him out. He’s one of the youngest of 4. His father is like a secret agent. A Double “00” agent and he’s got the funds to assist. his mother is a teacher and a Figure skater by art. She’s good. Real good.

Roxanne: So?

Jacklyn: So, What are your other choices?

Roxanne is noticed looking to the side and in sight of her is the Drummer: Harry Waller.

Jacklyn: Why are you staring at the drummer?

Katie: *Looking at Jacklyn* The drummer’s in the band. Anybody who’s in the band can go to band camp.

Jacklyn: No…

Katie: No…

Jacklyn: Please, no. Not him.

Only seconds later…

Roxanne looks over to see the Drummer walking over…

Roxanne: *Panicking* No, he saw you staring at him. Now he’s coming over here.

Katie: Good, *Itching to let loose on the drummer* ’cause i’m gonna kill that snake.

Roxanne: No. Katie, don’t say anything.

Jacklyn: And you either. Don’t tell him. Just stick to the plan. Dan’s more likely to marry you than he is. And you do not wanna have bad sex for the rest of your life.

Only minutes later…

Rita was seen dancing till Harry Waller came in and asked if it was alright to cut in…

Rita: Hey, Benny, why don’t you check outside, see if Mom and Dad are here yet.

Benny: Okay….

As Harry and Rita started to dance while Rita’s brother stepped aside…

Harry: So where’s your boyfriend?

Rita: Daniel. He’s outside getting some air. What about your girlfriend?

Harry: Marcy? I don’t know.

Although it was minutes later…

Benny: *From outside* Rita! Rita! RITA!!!

Everyone went running out and saw what was going on…

Outside the Church Gym…

Sapphire: Wow! Now this is a scene for the highlight. A scandal. Cheating on one’s girlfriend.

George: I think that someone’s just been busted.

Raven: Busted? No. I think that you are thinking more in terms… “Who’s just got caught with their hand in the cookie Jar. Touching forbidden fruit.”

Lorenzo: Ha! Good one, Raven. Good one.

Benny: I’m calling dad, Rita. Your boyfriend’s a bad person. he cheat on you. That is bad.

Rita: *In Humiliation* …

Although still inside the Gym…

Roxanne and Dan were holding each other and dancing…


All the while that was going on, There was something about to take its root as by the next morning…

after Dorian gave Leslie a place to stay temporarily in a hotel room, he received a phone from one of his henchmen and woke up because of his phone rang. Dorian picked the phone up and talked about the rich girl they found last night with a bunch of money on her suitcase. After a while, later Dorian ended the conversation and hung up. He gone to the kitchen and made a cup coffee for himself. He looked out the window and planned what to do with her next. He also wondered if she was awake or still sleeping. Should she call the hotel service ? or better wait a little bit because it’s too early still. Few hours later Dorian called the Hotel-Reservation and so they connect him to Leslie’s room. Leslie was still asleep and just barely waking up suddenly as she heard sirens rolling by in the distance…

Leslie: *Trying to wake up* Ugh, What is going on? Sirens going off. Something happening outside?

she sat up and rubbed her eyes. It was only a minute later when the phone next to her rang. She looked at the time and saw that it was still early.

Leslie: 6:30 AM? Who’d be calling at this time in the morning?

she grabbed the phone and answered it. She was a little groggy. But slowly waking up.

Leslie: *Trying to fully wake up* Hello…

Dorian: *On the phone* Hey Leslie, it’s me Dorian. I just wanted to know if you are awake so we can take care of serious things. Were you still sleeping?

Leslie: I kinda was asleep still… But it’s okay. I can’t really sleep any longer. The sirens outside kinda woke me up anyway. What kind of serious stuff are you speaking of?

She asked. She was a little slow on the grasping at what she was being told. She wasn’t fully awake yet. But she now had to wake up and be ready for what was gonna happen soon.

Dorian: Some things that I can’t tell you on the phone. It would be better to see you face to face. Wait were you are, so I can pick you up.

It was then that Dorian hung up leaving Leslie wondering what was going on. While Dorian was driving to the Hotel to pick her up, he thought about how they needed enough money so they can finally overthrow Dorian’s boss who happened to be the now feared Don of Edge City/Metropolis and take his place. Few minutes later when Dorian arrived the Hotel he gave Leslie a call and waited for her to come down to the Hotel lobby.

Leslie was just then changing into something fresh and barely grabbed something to eat from the mini-bar that the room had. She devoured it and then grabbed something to drink. It was still early in the morning and she still felt rather off. But it was when she was done getting ready that she had things put away and placed under the bed safely. Turned things off, locked the doors and started making her way down. She knew that she would have to enroll into a school soon.

Leslie: I need to go to a school. Maybe i’ll ask Dorian to look into that. He’s got connections. I think.

She was thinking to herself as she made her way down to the lobby. Where Dorian said he’d be waiting. Leslie didn’t know what to expect as she made her way down, but she knew that Dorian was asking to see her.

That day… Dorian wanted to teach Leslie how to use a gun, so she can be useful in some situations. Before he start to let her shoot some bottles. Dorian asked her, when she came up to the Lobby if she used a real gun before with a very quiet voice. In order to not scare the other people around the lobby.

Leslie: *Gasps; with a shocked whisper* A real gun?!

Leslie spoke out in a quick release but whispered. She was a little lost on the idea. But she wanted to belong. She never really used a real gun before however… She was apt to learn the ropes and she did lay out the fact that she read on guns and things during her trip from New York. She read on how to use one. Watched a few shows that illustrated on how to hold one. So… Given that she never touched one. She believed herself to be a fast learner.

Leslie: I never had used one before. But i am up for learning. I kinda slept on the decision. I want to truly be one of you guys. So… anything it takes. I’ll do.

She asked about being one already… But at first there was a sliver of doubt. But this time… She was completely sure. It was… What she wanted.

Leslie walked over to the car and got in. There was a sense of that she felt as though someone was watching her from a distance. But she had remained… unaware. Was it the one who she’d soon encounter and befriend? A Stranger? She didn’t know.

Leslie got in and sat down. She felt herself needing a Gangster mentality. Innocent mostly but she knew that she’d need one to pull off the hits she’d be doing. If she wanted to really be in the life of a gangster. A Mafioso.

Leslie: Where exactly are we going?

She was a bit curious. She felt as though this was the beginning of the mob life for her. It was…

Dorian: We are going to somewhere where I can give you a gun and you can shoot without taking the cops attention.

While they were driving, Dorian told Leslie about the underground world and how dangerous it is by making mistakes. Mistakes ends up deadly…. Dorian also told Leslie about his plans. That they need a lot of money so they can finally start a war against his Boss and kill or at the very least overthrow the feared Don of Edge City/Metropolis and finally take his place. Dorian also explained to Leslie that he’s not using her for anything bad and that he and his men will protect her anytime. What Dorian wants is a new person who’s not known in the underground world. When they finally arrived to a good place, Dorian gave Leslie his gun and some good useful tips, and then ordered his driver to set up some bottles around the place. He self looked around to see if he can see anything she can shoot.

Leslie: So… The Mob world happens to be dangerous. You never got into a dangerous situation though, have you? You made it all work out.

She said as she was getting to understand the idea of what it would be like in the mob world.

Leslie: I really should be scared of the things you’ve let out about the underground. or the Mobster world. But i am not scared. I’ve seen worse than that. Muggings and Shoot outs. My home Neighborhood. or what used to be my Home Neighborhood… had that almost 2 and sometimes 3 times a week. The only difference is that my parents knew how to fight and protect when needed. I did too. I taught myself. Just… I never did it with a gun. I had a few incidents of getting into a fist fight at the school i went to in New York. Some jerk was trying to bad mouth my father and mother and it got to the point to where i either had to make the guy shut up… or endure it. I did not want to endure it… So… I fought the guy. After that… i just made off with emancipating from my parents. I tapped into my money that i was entitled to. My parents were multi millionaires. I was entitled to 20 Million. I requested it all. Took it. Made my way here.

She was being honest and was not about to just keep secrets. in the life that she was about to be fully in… she could not afford to keep any secrets from anyone. At least not from Dorian. She couldn’t. She understood that he was likely risking much from taking her in… So keeping secrets from him was not gonna be in her favor. She had to be out right and honest.

Dorian: The underground world is really not a place to joke about it. I wouldn’t be alive without my henchmen. To survive I had to move to another place. The other gangs wouldn’t let me life if I were all alone. Being alone with no power anymore means nothing good. But we hope that you will never see bad things like that. And we will always protect each other.

Leslie: Dorian, As far as i am concerned… You’re my friend. and there is one thing you can take to heart. When you’re friends with me… You’re friends for life. I’ll work hard to use a gun so when you’re in need… i will come with guns blazing and aide you. You’re never gonna be alone. The Mob world is scary. But not when people work as one. I won’t abandon you.

She was with Honest Devotion. She was showing and proving how devoted and dedicated that she really could be. Leslie wanted to show her full worth.

Dorian: Right. We are. And that’s true, having loyal friends and loyal men around is good, but not good enough. Therefore we want enough money. Being rich makes you very strong and powerful. I also want you to know how to use your gun. To protect us and yourself in dangerous situations. After you learned the beginner part of shooting, I want you to shoot to real people so you can shoot to our enemies without showing any mercy. But by that I don’t mean we are going to rampage.

Leslie: What about showing them Mercy? But instead of just nailing a shot without remorse… Make the enemy think we’re gonna show mercy then when they least know it… fire at them and take them out? I don’t want to kill. But anyone who hurts my friends… I’d like to maybe maim them to an inch of their lives. Make the enemies regret ever crossing us. Killing is too quick. You don’t get to see the fear in their eyes for what you’re intending to do to put the fear into them. Making them quake.

She was open for suggestions and offering some too. She felt that she owed some advice to Dorian after everything he was doing for her so far. She wanted to show her thanks in any way possible.

She was also ready to start learning how to use the gun. Leslie however had to get some answers. About attaining a normal life in some form so it wouldn’t be to conspicuous on what it was… that she was doing. It was to protect her… And also protect Dorian as well. Which she swore to do. however she could.

Dorian: No it’s not good to hold back. But it’s also not good to waste ammo. Every corpse will take the cops attention. But if there is no other choice just shoot them so we won’t deal with this person anymore again. You probably saw some kind of scenes on movies already. And it’s also good to not shoot quickly, when we need some answers from that person.

Leslie: I have. But… wouldn’t that be… I don’t know Malicious? I mean… If we gotta kill them. It’ll be done… But is that the only answer?

She was curious. Wanting to know what there was to know in being a gangster. A Mafioso. A good one. Not Evil. She needed to know. However she began to wonder what that would make her. She also thought about what Dorian just said. To be careful on use of firepower. Not to waste it. Leslie somehow believed that by shooting someone… it meant being in control. Not being afraid while in the underground. To have protection. If she was gonna make it on her own on jobs that were just for her… she’d need a henchmen of her own. But Something was gonna happen. Next. Leslie took one look at Dorian and nodded as she got into position and ready to learn the ropes a bit. All she could hope for was that she didn’t mess up.

Dorian looked at Leslie and answered her question.

Dorian: No, not really. We just follow our plans to get what we want. While doing our plan, we also stop other guys doing their evil things. Also there must be someone who have to stop these bad guys. If we will not stop them them, then who will? We just protect ourselves and our business from the other guys. We are not 100% the bad guys.

Leslie: Only half. But only as bad as we need to be. Sounds good.

She had understood the concept. She had to then ask… But was not sure how to ask it.

Dorian: That’s right. No one can take the full bad guys only we. We are the only one who can handle them and clean our territory.

Leslie suddenly asked as she then let off and started shooting at the bottles and cans that were set at a distance for her to shoot.

Leslie: It’s a little too soon to ask this and i don’t want to sound like i am trying to have doubts towards doing this. But now that i am one of you guys… I was kinda wondering about how to have a normal life to cover this half of my life up. Thereby protecting you guys if anyone were to get to me to come at you guys. Like is there a way to have an Alternate life? to give some normalcy?

Dorian thought to this question a little bit. But then he remembered and said to Leslie that they were already living a normal life. Just focusing on their enemies much more so they will not make us some bad surprises. But not to worry. After a while she’ll get used to it and everything will seems like normal to her.

Leslie: No… What i mean is a cover identity. I am only 12-13. I will need school. This can’t be denied. Dorian, I am with the gang here. I’ll fight for it. Also fight for my friends too… Anything. But to make sure that what we’re all doing here… the things we do… don’t get exposed. because i am part of this now… I need to be put in school. To throw the law off as much as possible.

She wanted to see that her being with the Mob didn’t screw up all that they worked for to create. She was into keeping things covered up. She was one of them and wanted to never do anything that would compromise their line of work.

Dorian understood her point. Leslie was a 12-13 years old girl who was still very young. She could wind up being in serious trouble if any of the looming enemies to Dorian were to take notice to Leslie and learn of her name somewhere… What could they do? What were they to do?

Leslie: What we could do… is I take up a habit. get hooked on it. With a Mobster Identity. Maybe something that stands out. Powered. strong. But only keep that on for the Mob life. But on the other half… the normal life… I just stick to being Leslie and i go to school. I have my records with me at the hotel. I can Enroll myself in the Middle school right away.

she covered her bases and ensured that everyone else would be just as well covered too. He liked the idea and thought that this would be important for her. Since she’s still in a young age. Just like a Super Hero covers her real identity to protect herself and the people she cared for.

Leslie: After this i got some things to handle to set up my mafioso identity and also get things bought for my schooling too. It’s just to cover both sides. An outfit for the mob life. and some new school clothes. A habit. and maybe a Cellphone. A New one. My current one happens to lock up and malfunction sometimes for some reason. So i’ll be doing that as well. *Groans* Ugh! All this prepping… I feel like a preppy.

she was thinking ahead. She knew that with the life she had gotten into now… she’d have to do alot of thinking ahead.

Dorian agreed with it and so he nodded.

Dorian: It would be also good to give you a new name for your underground world Identity. Every time you enter it you should use it so nobody can find out your real identity and so something horrible to you.

Leslie: Or to my friends. Because anyone that hurts my friends… hurts me and i don’t take nice to that. No. They hurt my friends… they’ll be asking for trouble.

she began to feel as so she had always belonged and not just seen as a newbie.

Dorian: That’s true. That was exactly what I said earlier before, by not to show mercy. When we leave our enemies go, they can take their revenge and do something terrifying to us by hurting our friends. We don’t want this to happen.

She fired at the rest of the bottles and cans and hit them right in the center. Right in the center of the can. The Bottles. What she wanted to know was when she’d be expected to perform her first hit. She needed to know where to start. But that was when she felt her phone ringing. Buzzing. She looked at her phone that she suddenly had pulled from her pocket and saw a unknown #. She didn’t know who it was. So she let it go. But it was then that she thought that it might be someone who might have gotten a hold of her # and wanted to reach her… But who? As it was… she didn’t know anyone other than Dorian and his gang. So… who could it have been that wanted to reach her?

Dorian didn’t know what happened. He first thought it’s one of her family member who just annoyed her… But when he looked at her face he didn’t see an annoyed person in front of him.

Dorian: What happened ? Is everything alright?

Leslie: Not sure. But it sure was weird… whatever it was. I sometimes get these strange calls coming in and it just gets so so confusing. But i think that getting this training done… would be a good idea.

She didn’t want to give too much thought on the mysterious call.

Dorian was worried about the mysterious caller…

Dorian: Are you sure that the anonymous caller is not a big deal ? Maybe the person who keeps calling you is watching you somewhere right now.

Leslie: I am sure. And asking that… It’s making me feel a bit Nervous.

She didn’t want to think about the call. She just wanted to get with what she was doing while training. She wanted to be good at being being a Mobster.

Leslie was learning a trick of the trade in being a Mobster. She had some things to do to prep herself for the life she was getting into… But she was set on being part of that life. Although… that was one of the things that the fighters were gonna be wondering as it was gonna take Blossom and possibly Zoey in for the Mobster life. Sora and Carly were gonna be seeing the signs of their mother and father splitting and likely see an affair happen. Plus… Dan’s details revolving his possible girlfriend Roxanne. Luna’s gradual to official severing from the clan and saying goodbye to it all. The Marco Kids winning Holly Reedy over. or do they? This is where is all begins on the upcoming chapters of the Adventures of the Rhapsody Girls Z! Find out what happens as the Saga continues…

Roxanne: *Voice-over* Hi Everyone… It’s me. Roxanne Harris. I am a new ally to the fighters… or a new friend. A Band geek. Rhapsody Pink Lady. But also Pregnant. Courtesy of the Drummer. However no one knows of it yet. Other than Katie and Jacklyn. They know and they try to console me as it’s gonna be hard on me. My life changes.  But my life isn’t the one that will change much when it comes to dealing with Heroic details… On the next Adventures of the Rhapsody Girls Z! The new Generation start with the first start of the new threat that has come. The Mob is in… The Rich girl from New York is with the Mob and now is with a Mob Identity for herself. Say hello to Leslie Tina Burke Aka… Rita the Hammer. Sassy and flirtatious. Captivating and a lure to innocent people. Lowering their defenses. But the fighters first meet up with a Drab Banker. One Stanley Ipkiss. He is seen as a nice guy and sadly gets under the guise… “Nice guys finish last.” Sorry for him. But that’s not all… The fighters also have to endure more of the gradual change in a corrupted mother. Luna. She gradually starts showing signs of slowly and completely leaving the family. Thus becoming Rina Frost. Then there’s also the Cheating scandal between Husband and Wife. Not just with my mom and dad… as it slowly gets exposed… But Alvin and Alice. Sora and Carly wind up catching wind of it and come to terms of it throughout… Plus more on… My Pregnancy. It starts all from the beginning of the next Chapter of the Adventures of the Rhapsody Girls Z! Chapter 201: First National Bank of Rhapsody and Ipkiss.


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