Chapter 199: Final Farewell to Hell Boy. Back to Metropolis for the Rhapsody New Generation.

(Normal Life Resumes soon after)

4 days later…

At the BPRD…

In the Lobby and with their stuff all packed to go, The Rhapsody New Generation prepare to say a last final farewell to Hellboy. To Liz and Abe Sapien. Manning was there as well and he too couldn’t help but wish that the fighters would stay…

Spencer: We’re sorry that we’ve got to go. But we have to go. Our families are back in Metropolis.

Rikku: We’ll keep in contact with you guys.

Serena: Yeah. You guys are very wicked. One with the psychic mojo… The hearty goliath with his muscles and strength. The power.

Zoey: I can’t really say that i’m gonna miss my Senshi powers though. I think that i lost them. Fighting along side you and Abe, Hellboy. It was a completely exciting moment.

June: I’m gonna be doing the fighting now. But…

Sora: We wish that we could stay.

Carly: We actually liked it here. You guys made us feel safe and at home here.

Amy: We do know how to sing… We can leave with a music #. To complete our time here.

Susie: You know… We heard this song on the Radio on our way back here from Moscow. Taylor Swift. She did this song called “Shake it off”.

Daria: It was heard on MRHAP. We were able to pick it up from the Radio on the Armored Bus. That song she did… sounded more like a pop/rock song. But… We had thought that she done Mostly Country.

Clint: She does. This trekking into the Pop Genre that she’s been doing… It’s like a phase. Gotta be. She’s having a phase.

Theodore: But on the other hand, you can’t deny that Swift’s got some excellent style in her. She knows how to play good.

Annie: We can do it in the style of her…

Spencer: Rikku, You think that Rin and some of the crew can put together a small stage in record time?

Rikku: Is that a challenge? You already know the answer to that one. It can be done.

Blossom: We can help.

Zoey: Of course.

Hellboy: A hefty little show, huh?

Liz: It would be something to remember you guys by. After everything that you guys had done for us. For Hellboy. Me, Abe… Manning.

Abe: Please… don’t make my water ducts well up. goodbyes always seem to get my water ducts to well up.

It was something to remember and they were not pulling any punches. The fighters and Hellboy along with the Al-Bhed and Rin worked hand and nail.. building up a small but durable stage inside the lobby. they worked fast and in style. Rin however seconds later brought in a mobile Dressing room and the fighters all got into attire for the #. Within a moment later than that…

It was showtime… Time to rock!

Rhapsody fighters and their final farewell to the BPRD…

Carly Black: Hey… Serena. Why don’t you do the #?

Serena: Me? Why me?

Carly Black: You’re the one dating here. We were dating. Romantic dates and plus… before you and i lived together… there were nights where we stayed out too late. hanging out.

Serena: the song is not like me at all.

Carly Black: Sure it is. Go for it.

Susie: Serena… Go ahead. This is our farewell to this place. Let’s do it in style.

Penny: Serena… the lights on you. What’re you gonna do?

Serena could only bite her lip and think a little… But it was then that she bolted over to the stage…

Seconds later…

Serena: *Singing* “I stay out too late,
Got nothing in my brain
That’s what people say!
That’s what people say!
I go on to many dates,
But I can’t make ’em stay
At least that’s what people say,
That’s what people say!

But I keep cruising
Can’t stop, won’t stop moving
It’s like I got this music in my mind
Singing, “it’s gonna be alright!”

Sora: *With Carly; Singing along* Cause the players gonna play, play, play, play, play
And the haters gonna hate, hate, hate, hate, hate
Baby, I’m just gonna shake, shake, shake, shake, shake
I shake it off, I shake it off!
Heartbreakers gonna break, break, break, break, break
And the fakers gonna fake, fake, fake, fake, fake
Baby, I’m just gonna shake, shake, shake, shake, shake
I shake it off, I shake it off!

I never miss a beat
I’m lightning on my feet
And that’s what they don’t see!
That’s what they don’t see!
I’m dancing on my own
(Dancing on my own)
I make the moves up as I go
(Moves up as I go)
And that’s what they don’t know,
That’s what they don’t know,

But I keep cruising
Can’t stop, won’t stop moving
It’s like I got this music in my mind
Singing, “it’s gonna be alright!”

Sora: *With Carly; Singing along* Cause the players gonna play, play, play, play, play
And the haters gonna hate, hate, hate, hate, hate
Baby, I’m just gonna shake, shake, shake, shake, shake
I shake it off, I shake it off!
Heartbreakers gonna break, break, break, break, break
And the fakers gonna fake, fake, fake, fake, fake
Baby, I’m just gonna shake, shake, shake, shake, shake
I shake it off, I shake it off!
Shake it off, I shake it off,
I, I, I shake it off, I shake it off,
I, I, I shake it off, I shake it off,
I, I, I shake it off, I shake it off

Hey, hey, hey
Just think while you’ve been getting down
And out about the liars and the dirty, dirty cheats of the world,
You could’ve been getting down to this sick beat

My ex-man brought his new girlfriend
She’s like, “oh, my god, I’m just gonna shake!”
And to the fella over there with the hella good hair
Won’t you come on over, baby?
We can shake, shake, shake, yeah!

Sora: *With Carly; Singing along* Yeah, oh, oh!
Cause the players gonna play, play, play, play, play
And the haters gonna hate, hate, hate, hate, hate
Baby, I’m just gonna shake, shake, shake, shake, shake
I shake it off, I shake it off!
Heartbreakers gonna break, break, break, break, break
And the fakers gonna fake, fake, fake, fake, fake
Baby, I’m just gonna shake, shake, shake, shake, shake

I shake it off, I shake it off!
Shake it off, I shake it off,
I, I, I shake it off, I shake it off,
I, I, I shake it off, I shake it off,
I, I, I shake it off, I shake it off”

Raven: *Cheering*

minutes later…

All: *Cheering*

Suddenly Music plays and they start getting the sense of celebrating.

This was the call for 3 guys and a girl. Spencer was technical so… he played the Synthetic Keyboard. Rikku Played guitar and Clint play guitar.Theodore played the drums also the Tambourine.

Seconds later…

(In the style of Daft Punk… A Tribute to the band.)

Spencer: *Singing* “One more time

One more time

One more time we’re gonna celebrate
Oh yeah all right don´t stop the dancing
One more time we’re gonna celebrate
Oh yeah all right don´t stop the dancing
One more time we’re gonna celebrate
Oh yeah all right don´t stop the dancing
One more time we’re gonna celebrate
Oh yeah

Rikku: *Doing a guitar riff*

Music beats in rhythm…

Spencer: *Singing* One more time
One more time we’re gonna celebrate
Oh yeah all right don´t stop the dancing
One more time we’re gonna celebrate
Oh yeah all right don´t stop the dancing
One more time
Spencer: *Singing a mellow solo* You know I’m just feeling
Don’t wait too late
You know
You don’t stop
You can’t stop
We’re gonna celebrate
One more time
One more time
One more time
You know we’re gonna do it right
Just feeling
Music’s got me feeling the need
Come on all right
We’re gonna celebrate
*Full on music gradually ups the volume till…*One more time
Celebrate and dance for free
Music’s got me feeling so free
Celebrate and dance so free
One more time
Music’s got me feeling so free
We’re gonna celebrate
Celebrate and dance for free
One more time
Music’s got me feeling so free
We’re gonna celebrate
Celebrate and dance so free
One more time
Music’s got me feeling so free
We’re gonna celebrate
Celebrate and dance for free
One more time
*Music and the beat at full volume and carrying out with syncronization* Music’s got me feeling so free
We’re gonna celebrate
Celebrate and dance for free
One more time
Music’s got me feeling so free
We’re gonna celebrate
Celebrate and dance for free
One more time
Music’s got me feeling so free
We’re gonna celebrate
Celebrate and dance so free
One more time
Music’s got me feeling so free
We’re gonna celebrate
One more time
Music’s got me feeling so free
We’re gonna celebrate
Celebrate and dance so free
One more time
Music´s got me feeling so free
We’re gonna celebrate
Celebrate and dance so free
One more time
Music’s got me feeling so free
We’re gonna celebrate
Celebrate and dance so free
One more time
Music’s got me feeling so free
We’re gonna celebrate
Celebrate and dance so free”

Throughout that time they all danced. Danced to the beat and kept moving and grooving. Hellboy couldn’t even stop himself. Even he danced and grooved. Liz Sherman also danced and cheered. She loved the music.

A moment later…

The fighters were on their way to Metropolis. Back home to where things would hopefully wind down. As for the people in Metropolis… They had no idea whether the fighters were to return or not. No one spoke of it… But there were a group of people who did know. Jessica Spelling. She knew… Somehow in someway… She knew. And Jessica joined the band. The School band and was able to pull a favor.

It was 5 hours later…

Annie: *Walking down the street* Come on. Let’s go home. We need to get home.

Daria: Forget about that, Annie. We got company peering up ahead.

Annie: What do you mean?

Clint: One guess. Look over to the one side.

Fans: *Screaming* It’s the Romancers Z!

Theodore: So much for a quiet welcome… *Looking to the other side* I say we run for it.

Clint: I’m with you. Let’s get the heck outta here!

Luckily their stuff arrived in Metropolis ahead of them per request and were already at their homes. Otherwise they would never get away or make a run for it..

Sapphire: *Running away* Where did all these fans come from?

Fans: *Chasing after the heroes* Lieutenant Thunder, Don’t go! All we want is to have our picture taken with you!

Raven: I don’t know… But unless we want to be stampeded by adoring fans… We better hide. Quick.

Fans: Intellectual Thunderic Wonder, Can we hear something Brainy from you? We want to talk and get a chance to meet you.

Serena and Carly Black however were with them and even they were running for their lives…

Amy: *With her sisters* Run!

Susie: *Running* We’re running!

Christina: This is not the welcome we were expecting to receive. *Running*

Penny: Wanna restate that line?

Spencer and Rikku were running too. This was indeed not their idea of a welcome…

The fighters all ran and tried to hide. They ran and ran all over and got to where they could hide by wearing disguises. Wearing something that would throw the swarming fans off the trail. But there was no positive guarantee that it would last. The fighters then walked out from the hiding spot and walked off to where their homes were. But that was when someone saw them and blew their cover. It was off to run for cover again and it was almost to the point where they wouldn’t be able to make a break for it. However it was then that Spencer and Rikku spotted their friend Jessica and made like they were the heads of the band then leading a band. The rest of the fighters followed suit and it worked. They led it on and got to a certain point before stopping and right off the map… they lead the crowd on to dance. They danced till they reached a clearing leading to their homes…

An hour later…

As soon as the fans were all gone and had ceased from their chasing…

Now it was the start of the fighters catching up with all that’s been going on during their absence…

Alvin’s and Alice’s house…

Kasey: *Hugging Sora and Carly* Thank god… you two are back. I’ve missed you guys. You guys were gone for a month… more than that, actually.

Sora: It’s great to see you guys too. We were worried sick as we tried to get through or call. But we couldn’t. The Bureau wouldn’t let us. We were there and it had to be kept a secret.

Carly: Plus… The whole idea that they keep that strong fighter… Hellboy hidden. They don’t ever let him out. Without supervision from an Agent. But the guy they have there… Abe. He’s like a Telepath. He’s literally smart. When he puts up a fin in front of you… he learns something about you quicker before you can reply or respond.

Sora: You guys should have been there to see how quick he shot out with his intellect. He knew about Aunt Paige without much thought from us. He read our minds like it was nothing.

Carly: Yeah. He even bested Crystal in some length and she is the best Psychic person there is in this family. Besides mom. Crystal’s a Clairvoyant and that was something that Abe could not do… But Even that couldn’t stand a candle to Abraham Sapien’s Unique Frontal Lobe.

Crystal: I need to up my game on that.

Paul: Hey Kasey… Good seeing you again. Looks like you’ve been keeping tight with the reigns here.

Kasey: It hasn’t been easy. Especially with what’s been going on here over the last couple of weeks or so.

Hallie: *A Little shaken and nervous* …

Crystal: I’m just grateful to be back home.

Paul: I think that we all are glad to be home. Back to where there is some normalcy. The super hero reparte is all fine and savvy. But we need a little break. Don’t you think?

Kasey: Normalcy? That’s not gonna be as easy as you hope it will be. There’s uh… something that you’re gonna need to know… *Feeling her heart become heavy suddenly*

Paul: Like what? What is there to know?

Sora and Carly notice Hallie close by and read Kasey’s mind…

Sora: *Gasps* No… No. Don’t say it. Don’t say it… Kasey?!

Carly: You can’t be serious… You just can’t. *Looking over at Hallie who is standing nearby* Hallie, Is it true?

Paul: Is what true? *Confused and not understanding* Kasey… Sis… What’s going on?

Kasey: This past Friday. A few days ago now… Hallie was at school like always and she was just using the girls room when she met or crossed the School Janitor there. The guy was cleaning the place up and Hallie was only idly talking to the guy. Being sweet. She however wanted to be kind and she’s kind. She wanted to give the guy a little help and it was then… that she was victimized. The Janitor Molested her. That night… She ran away and i went to find her… She was seen at a Burger Joint that was close by here and i got to her. That was where i learned of the truth and it was from a passing by teen.

Beverly: *Walking in from the back yard* Hey… What’s up? *Seeing the sisters and Brother* So… You’re the ones Kasey’s been speakin’ about… *Grinning and Smiles* Nice to finally meet you guys and not be just living through stories and tales mentioning about you guys.

Kasey: Guys… Meet the new resident here. Beverly Ferguson. She’s 17 and be warned… Habits are part of the package.

Hallie: Don’t tell about mine. I feel bad enough about it as it is.

Sora: What do you mean? What habit?

Carly: Do we want to know?

Kasey: For the sake of sanity and for a calm mind… No. You don’t.

Sora: What are mom and dad doing about it?

Kasey: Not much. There isn’t much that they can really do about it. They did manage to get the Janitor fired from the school. The Janitor… The one that made the move… He was arrested and is being held in jail… without bail. He’s said to be transported to the state Penitentiary next week on full charges.

Paul: *Annoyed and displeased* This is just wonderful… We leave from this city and this happens. We come to learn of Hallie being Violated. You know what? I don’t give a damn what mom and pop say… Hallie isn’t going back to that school. We’re gonna have her home schooled.

Kasey: Paul, No. No! Mom has already taken action against it. Hallie is being put in a Library. Private tutors. Private teacher. Hallie’s also been having a couple nights of wetting the bed.

Sora: Poor Hallie… *Sighs*

Hallie: *Looking down*…

Kasey: There is something else that you all need to know and i don’t think that you’re gonna like it much.

Paul: What?

Kasey: There’s possible belief that Dad is seeing another woman.

Crystal: *Pauses and not believing* That’s so not true. How do you know that?

Kasey: Because i only a couple days ago… saw dad in a Zoot suit. A $500 dollar Zoot suit and with 2 fine Cuban Cigars. He was wearing cologne. Persian Cologne. Hallie did too. But mom believes that it isn’t like that. Dad managed to somehow get her to believe that it was not the fact that he was having an affair.

Sora: Somehow… Something doesn’t sound right about that. I think that we should keep our eyes and ears open for a while. Maybe think about looking into it if it goes on any longer. There’s got to be some kind of mistake. Dad wouldn’t just cheat on mom. There has to be something else there. Another reason as to why he’d wear something fancy to go and see someone. The only one that he’d do that for is Mom.

Kasey: That’s the thing though… he hasn’t been doing that. He hasn’t been going on any dates with mom in a while and while you guys were gone… he’s been trying to get her to think about going out on one. But every time that he’d bring it up… She would refuse the idea. I don’t know why… But there is a possibility that she might have fallen out of love with dad and just can’t bring herself to say it.

Carly: We need to do something about it.

Paul: How do you think it’ll go from here?

Kasey: I don’t know. No one does.

Hallie: I don’t think that they happen to take much time to be with each other. They hardly talk with one another and when they do… It’s mostly disagreements with one another.

Crystal: What’ll we do? The others might catch on to this all eventually.

Beverly: Eventually. Yeah. But right now… it isn’t much. The others may already be informed on what’s going on here. However… if so… They’re keeping it quiet. Which is what’s best for the time being. Hopefully it can get resolved so it won’t catch to the others. I haven’t been here long and i happened to have noticed something off. It was not good.

Paul: Suppose that the others already know and are just playing it as if they don’t know and are oblivious to what’s really been going on. Then what?

Kasey: We’ll have to defuse the mine. Somehow…

Crystal: Before it’s too late. I don’t care if it’s common for some marriages to have issues and things such as affairs and secret relationships happen. If all this becomes true and out in the open… Let’s just say that i will see that i am not around much. I don’t want any part in that. none.

Paul: Same here. Mom and Pop will always be our mom and Pop… But i won’t be fluffing their psychotic episodes of having affairs with other people because they aren’t as happy as they should be…

As for Blossom…

Curtis and Megan’s house…

She was watching as her older sister was filling out a Job application. Not knowing that her parents were enforcing that she took some actual responsibility in her life…

Blossom: Hey Victoria, What’s the Job Application for? Thinking about getting a Job?

Victoria: Yeah, Blossom. *Sighs* I am thinking about the Job. Thinking about getting one. Dad is hounding me about it and as much as i want to rebel and scream and fight back. I can’t. I have to face it. I need to get a job.

Blossom: It might be a good idea. Not that it is a bad thing. But if you really thought about. Maybe it’s something to open doors for you. Giving you a leg up on what you’d like to do for a career someday. Everyone starts small. But gradually spreads out bigger and just grows.

Victoria: how might you know this? Blossom, Not that i don’t appreciate the consoling that you’re giving off. I do. But, where is this coming from? You’re in middle school and don’t have any worries about a Job.

Blossom: You’re right. But you do know that i was serving as an Agent for the BPRD, Right?

Victoria: Huh? *Pauses* Come back on that one again? Where was it that you had been to for the last month and 2 weeks?

Blossom: The BPRD. In other words… The Bureau of Paranormal Research and Defense.

Victoria: Wh-wh-wh-wh-wh-wh-what in the–? You’re kidding… Aren’t you? You mean… that you were there?

Blossom: Yeah.

Victoria: Nice… What was it like over there?

Blossom: Amazing. It’s really a secret place. Not supposed to talk of that place as it was sworn to secrecy… But i can tell you that the people there… You’ll never forget. Never.

Victoria: What kind of people?

Blossom: Well… For one… They have this Agent who is 6 ft. Red. With horn stumps on his head. A devil’s tail. Ever heard about a guy named Hellboy?

Victoria: Can’t say that i have? Who is he?

Blossom: He’s the son to a Prof. Trevor Broom Bruttenholm. He’s an Agent and he likes to play the Lone hero act. Although while we were there… We got to work along side him. With him. He was being screwed with by some whack job named Grigory Efrimovich Rasputin. That guy is a real creep and is mean. Really mean. He was stopping at nothing to see that Hellboy adhered to some dark destiny. Becoming the Prince of Hell. Anung Un Rama…

Victoria: Sounds like you tussled with a very bad seed.

Blossom: I’ll say. He wasn’t the only one. There was also these creatures known as hell hounds. Sammael, The hound of resurrection; Son of Nergal; Seed of Destruction. Also there was this freak in the gas mask. Karl Ruprecht Kroenen. He was seriously an undead nightmare walking on two legs. He just wouldn’t die. Plus… Hellboy liked me. I think that he was seeming to like me most of all. Weird though. But it was really sweet.

Victoria: What of the others?

Blossom: He loved the whole lot of us. But the strange thing is that he was born a demon. However… he was raised with human like values and feelings. He really was looking forward to us staying at the Bureau. We wanted to stay… but our lives were here… We couldn’t just leave here and not come back.

Victoria: That’s noble. However… i one day plan to leave and never come back.

Blossom: Why?

Victoria: Why do you think, Blossom? It’s clearly obvious that i am seen as the automatic bastard of the family. Mom and dad don’t take any attention to me. They just see me as just someone that they gave life to. But to them… i am nothing more than just that. You and Perry. Marty… Are the only ones who see me as part of the family. As a sister. Mary doesn’t see me really at all. Just as well as Mom and dad. I can’t stay here any longer than necessary.

Blossom: Mom and dad don’t treat you poorly. You do it to yourself. You are not a victim. Mom and dad can’t discard you anymore than they could discard the rest of us. You really believe that they would just single you out? That is ludicrous. Seriously. Why would they do that? What purpose would that prove?

Victoria: How would they not? You know how they treat me… They treat me like i am not even there. Because i happen to choose on being a greaser. I still am one. Whether they wish me to be or not. But knowing that i am still what i choose to be… They think me irresponsible and unreliable.

Blossom: Just get a Job. Prove them wrong. Make them notice you. They notice you… Just not in the way you’d like. But you can always make that change. If they’re trying to strong arm… return the favor. Fight back.Take charge.

Victoria: *Sighs*

Blossom then looked to the side and saw her Brother Perry walking out…

Blossom: Hey Perry, Where’re you going?

Perry stopped as soon as Blossom spoke out to him and he turned. He had not seen her since the 20th of October that year and hearing her voice got him to stop and pause. He looked at her and gasped…

Perry: Blossom?! *Chuckles* I should have known it’d be you. Hearing your voice again after weeks of not seeing you… That’s a surprise. *Walking over and with no second thought; greatly pleased and thankful to see his sister; Hugging his sister* I Missed you, Blossom. I was wondering when you’d be back.

Blossom: *Hugging her brother back* I Missed you too, Perry. I actually missed everyone here. It was more noticed during the part where i was on my way to Moscow. having the back of Hellboy. We had to tussle with the creep Rasputin.

Perry: *Wigging out and looking at Blossom in shock* What… the—? Rasputin?! Grigory Efrimovich Rasputin? The Mystical Rasputin?

Blossom: Yeah. Why?

Perry: Holy Shit… Blossom, You’re damn lucky you’re not dead. That guy is very dangerous. Piss him off and he’d kill you with one back hand courtesy of his Mystic powers.

Blossom: He almost did. He kinda came close to taking my soul. But i happened to pull a fast one on him. So did Zoey. But don’t ask how… You might not want to know how it happened.

Perry: What all happened there?

Blossom: Do you really want to know?

Perry: Sure, I mean… you can tell me. Marty is visiting Grandpa John for the day as school has been shut down. Due to a wave of Child Molestation cases going on. It’s been no school for the last couple days. Monday schools were all closed… Pending an investigation. The Elementary school. Middle School. Even the High School. But the University… It’s unaffected as there are no kids. Just Young adults and Adults. But you can tell me about what all happened. I’m on my way to meet Kirsten. She wanted to see me about something. Said something about mass adoptions of the gang going on.

Blossom: Where is she?

Perry: She’s at the Liquor store. Getting something to drink. Soda. She keeps saying that the gang would go there just about all the time. once a week. or twice a week for Jerky. I don’t get how girls… You know… ones like them would be so into going for Beef Jerky.

Blossom: Must be a bonding type of thing that they all do.

Perry: I wouldn’t know… But i would bet that you could ask Janie, Alex and Charlene. They’d know more than we would. Those 3 have said to form some club. Calling it… the Rhapsody Second/Last Chance club. Saying that it’s obvious purpose was to fight back against the sick people trying to target young girls.

Blossom: Ouch.

Perry: Yeah. Ouch… *Looking to the side a little* I don’t know if it’ll work though. There are too many people out there who are into getting at young girls. Even Young boys now as i heard. Anyone could have been next. Dan, Mark, Walter, Marty… Me. Charlie. Zach. Any of us. At any time.

Blossom and Perry then head out. However they were only outside the front door when…

Perry: Blossom, Kirsten and I have been dating alot. despite the wave of sickening crimes targeting young girls. She and I are possibly gonna consider taking our relationship to the next level. Soon.

Blossom: This is sudden… You sure that you’re ready?

Perry: Kirsten isn’t too sure. Neither am I. But we’re just giving some thought on it but still waiting to see how things go for now.

Blossom: It’s the best thing for now. Rushing someone only ruins the sentimentality. Plus it’s as if you’re only interested in one thing. Girls… Don’t matter who it is. They don’t like when guys push them into having that moment when they clearly are not ready.

Perry: The only thing i can’t get is why there seems to be a rise in Pedophilia cases lately. For the last 5 months… there were 45 cases of it. only 25 were resolved and taken into notice. 20 were untouched.

Blossom: No one’s doing anything about it. It doesn’t make anything better. Just more hopeless.

Perry: Kirsten has been concerned about there being a rise of it going up. She said something the other day about how she felt a sense of someone following her. Watching her.

Blossom: *Feeling Creeped out* That’s enough to give me the willies. She’s still okay, right?

Perry: Oh Yeah. She’s okay. But the whole thing just has her rattled. I am okay as i can fight off the predators. Uncle Alvin managed to show some pointers. Plus… I am thinking that you’ve also shown some pointers.

Blossom: Not sure about that one… but You’re more braver than she is. I noticed that she happens to Jump too easily at things. At least that was before my going to be part of the BPRD for a while due to a summons by a Prof. Broom.

Perry: *Sighs; Looking down* That’s the problem. She gets a little too freaked out sometimes. But why does she freak out over something like that. I just… don’t get it.

Blossom: Probably it’s because some of her friends in the gang got targeted and she fears as though she could be just in the same hot seat that her friends were. Just like you and I. If our friends were getting targeted and we were part of the group of kids or young teens getting targeted… We’d be the same way.

Perry: You’ve got a good point.

They start walking on and as they walked on, Blossom got into what all happened while on the way to Moscow, What happened while there and during the mess coming right from Rasputin and Kroenen. She didn’t leave anything out. But she could only tell so much as it wasn’t too far from where they were to meet Perry’s girlfriend.

As for Sapphire and Raven…

At Dinah’s and Shingo’s house…

Sapphire: *Looking for her family* Raven, Where’re Sakura and Hikaru?

Raven: I don’t know. They’re usually at school and if schools done… they’re usually in their room playing. Why?

Sapphire: They’re not here. That’s why.

Raven: What?! *Pauses and panics* What do you mean they’re not here? They gotta be here… You sure that they’re not just silent and or sleeping?

Sapphire: Yes… I am. Where’s Sora?

Raven: Our young Brother Sora?

Sapphire: Where is he?


Sora: *Shivering*

Sapphire: *Hearing the noise and looking to the one side to see Sora* Sora?! Wha- wha… What’s the matter?

Sora: Zach-san is dead. *Shivering; terrified*

Sapphire: You want to repeat that line again… Sora? What did you say?

Sora: Zach-san is dead. He’s dead. Cops came and asked momma this morning about it. Asked i-i-i-i-i-i-i-i-i-i-i-i-if s-s-s-s-s-s-s-s-s-she kn-kn-kn-kn-kn-knew about it.

Raven: *Shrieks* What the Hell?! How… How the hell did that happen? When did it happen?

Sora: *Trying not to lose it* 4 days ago. Zach-san’s body was found in the bushes by an abandoned building. On the outskirts of the city. He was unclothed.

Sapphire: Oh my god… *Walking over to her Brother* Sora, Where’s mom? Where did she go?

Sora: She went to work. She is trying to take her mind off of it. It too sad.

Sapphire: What about dad? Where is he?

Raven: He’s at work too… isn’t he?

Sora: *Nods*

Sapphire: *Grabbing for her brother and standing him up* You okay?

Sora: I t-t-t-think so…

Raven: Don’t worry. We’ll get some answers…

Sapphire: Every time we’re gone… something bad happens. Raven, We’re never leaving the city limits again. Not for anything.

Raven: Agreed. *Sighs* Why did this have to happen? Every time we come home… back from a major victory… Something like this… comes and just screws it all up. We come home to reconnect with everyone… to get back to a normal stand. But now with this sad news… We can’t. We now have to play catch up. Pick up all the pieces and try to get caught up with what happened and what went wrong.

Sapphire: That’s life. It lives to suck.

Raven: Don’t we know it?

Things were sad again… But it seems that things felt a little calmer over where Holly Reedy was… Or was it?

Sid’s Diner…

Sid: Holly, You can’t be seriously thinking about going over to where the girls are now. They’re still grieving. The loss is hard enough on the family. They don’t need any pressure put on them right now. They have the loss to handle…

Holly: The girls at the club asked for me to be there, dad. I was supposed to be there on the very first day that the club started. I was here. It was my choice. I chose to be here. I already know about the loss. But also about the other. The part where people saw Luna Rhapsody. The mother to Zoey running off and picking up things that deal with the Exotic Dancing. Zoey doesn’t know about that. No one’s told her. Plus… the fighters? They just arrived today. About a couple hours ago.

Sid: Holly. Zoey is a fighter as well as the rest of the fighters that came back home as you’ve said now. She is with them. It is of no conviction that she would or wouldn’t know. But you can not be taking the charge in telling her. It’s for her father to tell her or the source. Her Mother. Not you. *Looking to the side and seeing customers coming in and grabbing a seat* I know that you want to see those girls. I know that you’re itching to go and hang with them. I am just trying to keep things calm. Both on this end. With you in mind. And on their end. This isn’t easy on anyone. Your mother is coming over here and she’s gonna have a couple of those famous pies of hers ready to be taken over to Luna and Zeke’s place. If you want to go see them then… you can. But just for right now… Wait. Please. Just wait.

Holly: I would wait… Only if…


Janie: *Walking in* The Funeral is this weekend. I really don’t want to go. I don’t want to see Aunt Luna. Hearing about what she has been doing… I… *Sickened* Ugh! Talk about sickening.

Zoey Creek: It is bad. But Janie… She is family. Even if she’s into something that is not what the others would expect… She is still family.

Janie: What about Uncle Zeke? He’s wanting nothing to do with her. Not really. He won’t even talk about it.

Zoey Creek: It’s his choice. Janie, you can’t make someone talk about what’s bugging them if they don’t want to. It just isn’t right.

Holly: You’re talking about Luna Smoking… Aren’t you?

Janie: Yeah. I am. We are. Why?

Holly: Have a seat. I’ll be right over to fill you in. I have to warn you… You’re not gonna like it.

A minute later…

Holly: You two… There is a problem. You know that i get some details and info from that girl… Jessica Spelling. She gets it from You, Zoe. But also gets it from what she hears stirring at the school and around town. A couple of the kids from the Middle school. Last week… They reported seeing Luna. Zoey Rhapsody’s mother in front of the Liquor store smoking. She was also talking with a guy. Someone that looked like *Pulling out a couple of photos* This.

Holly shows off the pictures…

Holly: That one…

Janie: Who’s he?

Holly: He’s Russian from what the sources tell. And good Recon skills by the way, Zoe. I looked into him. The guy goes by the name Ivan. Ivan Kandinsky. That guy… He is into the Russian Porn industry. Sick and very gloomy. He preaches a promising life… But those who enter his domain… They don’t ever leave. Ever. His fetish is having his models pleasure themselves. Before pleasuring him. His whole method is having them get sexed up first then once they are at their peak… He moves in. He’s a sick man. On the forefront though… He’s a Sub commander for the U.S Navy. But not even they know of his duplicity. He keeps the secrets of that under a heavy lock and key. Those closest to him don’t even know and that’s how he keeps with getting away with it. The less people that know… The more he can have his secret life and with no one to come take it away.

Zoey Creek: Luna was speaking with that guy last week and she was smoking. With him. The Club was equipped with some hi-tech gadgets. I used it to lock in on the conversation…

Zoey Creek flashes back and shares what she gathered…

“At the Liquor store…

Dec. 1st, 2044…

Luna: *Lighting Up and smoking* Nice to meet you, Sir.

“Nice to meet you, Ma’am.”

Luna: The name’s Luna. I’m a married woman and i am a model.

“A Model, huh? What kind?”

Luna: Well… I started as a normal Model and made a living out of that. Had done that for years till a 4 months ago. The Modeling started getting into a little Exotic. I did some shoots that i didn’t really like but it meant extra money for my family. However my time with that opened my intrigue for the Exotic Modeling. The X-rated material. I had started doing some Nude photo shoots. Nude. *Smoking*

“Really? Does your family know?”

Luna: My husband knows… He is not happy and is forcing my hand in stopping it. But it’s my career. I’m doing this to Raise money for my family. They need the money as my daughters all have College coming in the next year. The money i was making before… Wasn’t making any extra money for it. I had to do what i had to do.

“Why doesn’t your Husband let you do it?”

Luna: Because it reminds him too much about his childhood and what his biological mother had done. I have no idea anymore as it’s been so long. He forgot about it but claims to have recurring nightmares of it every once in a while.

“That is a good reason why he’s trying to force your hand and get you to stop it. But to tell you what to have in a career… It’s Horrid.”

Luna: I agree. You’re right. Plus… he is blaming me for Zach getting abducted. He said: “If you weren’t so into doing shoots and getting into the X-rated material… And more into being an actual parent… Zach would not have been abducted. You should have been keeping a protective watch on him as well as watching out for Charlie also.”

“That is unfair… *Pauses* What’s your name?”

Luna: Luna. Luna Rhapsody. But in the future plan on changing it to Rina Frost…. Mr…

“Ivan Kandinsky. I run a Russian Strip Club. But it runs to foster Asian and German Models too. The best. *Pulling out his pack of smokes and pulling out a cigarette; Placing it on his lips*

Luna: *Pulling out her Lighter and flicking it* Care to have it lit for you?

Ivan: Thank you. *Leaning over and letting Luna light his smoke for him* You are a kind soul, Luna.

Luna: You’re Welcome. Anything for a fellow man.

Ivan: So… You… A Mother?

Luna: Sure am. Mother of 5. But now a Grieving mother of one and a Mother of 4 remaining living kids. 3 girls and one boy. Rina, Natasha and Zoey. Charlie.

Ivan: Nice. You know… I happen to be a Sub Commander. Captain, actually. Been one for 18 years and ran 18 Naval exercises.

Luna: You’re joking… You? 18 Naval Exercises? Were they successful?

Ivan: You kidding? They were all in succession. A couple of them came really close around the final stretch… But I didn’t do too bad. Could’ve been better though.

Luna: That’s Pretty hot. *Feeling herself getting hot*

Ivan: Really?

Luna: Yeah… What’s your Strip club like?

Ivan: It’s a good place. Family oriented. I secretly have the women pleasure themselves before they go for me. But i do it tastefully. I don’t do it for just kicks. Why?

Luna:  Are there living quarters there?

Ivan: There sure is. But hardly anyone wants to live above a Strip club. Namely a Russian Porn Strip club.

Luna: Apartments?

Ivan: 5.

Luna: How much a Month?

Ivan: $650 Monthly. for 5 months. After that… They can Opt to own that Apartment that they paid Rent for.”

Zoey Creek: That’s what i heard and i had to hide where they wouldn’t see me or notice me. I sat there and heard it. Janie, I don’t want your cousin Zoey to know of this. You can’t tell her. Or her best friend. Blossom’s nice but she’s got a mouth on her and she’ll blow the whistle on Luna before it’s time for her Duplicity to come out.

Holly: What do you plan to do then? Zeke’s gonna know about it sooner or later. If he knew that we knew and didn’t say… He will not be the least bit happy. He does come here every couple days or so. He will want to be aware of what’s going on. Especially if it’s Luna.

Janie: I think telling Uncle Zeke is the best option. I don’t want any secrets to be kept. After everything that he’s been going through with the loss of his son, My Cousin… Zach. Having no knowledge of this and knowing that this was kept from him… it’s the last thing he’d need.

Zoey Creek: You could be right. *Looking away and sighs* Holly, If we were to tell Zeke what we know… What do you think it’ll do for Zoey Rhapsody and her well being? Her happy family life?

Holly: Zoe, I don’t know what to tell you when thinking about that. I can tell you one thing though… If you tell him. You’ll be likely to throw a screw into the happy or somewhat happy atmosphere that Zoey’s house still holds on to. I am not saying that you shouldn’t tell him. I am not telling you that you should. But what ever you believe in doing… Be careful. Messing with a grieving parent’s mental state which the news we have about Luna will most likely do… It will be disastrous.

But before Holly could close the matter…

Pamela: *Walking in with a bag carrying 4 Chocolate Pudding pies; on the phone* Rhonda, I already told you… It was nothing.

Rhonda: *On the phone* Mrs. Reedy… Come on. This is not nothing. Your friend Luna is possibly having some early signs of an affair with some Russian. This isn’t just some gag. I saw it. the other day and i waited to tell you because i know how much you care about your friendship with Luna. But… you need to steer yourself away from that shit. Luna’s going into the X-rated field and if the publicist knew that you were friends with her… Especially with a lot riding on you and your intentions of expanding your restaurant business… that will screw it all over. Zeke… Her husband is grieving over the loss of his son Zach. I found out about it from Arnold. I just got off the phone with him… He told me that Zeke has also gotten on Luna about her so called Exotic/X-rated trip. This is not something you can blow off.

Pamela: What the hell do you want me to do? Just cast off Luna? You know… Luna and i once had a habit back when she and I grew up through Middle school and High School. I know exactly what she’s going through somewhat. Doing what she is doing… This is far from easy on her.

Rhonda: You’re right. It isn’t. But you also have to consider the fact that it could rub off on your Daughter Holly. She’s strong and is holding her self perseverance to be on the right side. But She’s friends to Luna’s Daughter Zoey. Zoey is sensitive and could likely fall into that. Not saying that she will… Nor that she wouldn’t. But it isn’t unlikely. You even said not but 6 months ago that you had a feeling that her daughter Zoey was a bit like her and susceptible to falling into the same thing as her mother.

Pamela: I Hinted at it… But i wasn’t saying that it was definite.

Rhonda: What do you plan to do about it?

Pamela: I don’t know. But i do know that i will have to have my daughter keep on guard for a while over the possibility that Luna’s daughter might get exposed to the X-rated field that her mother is venturing. Just do me a favor and ice the subject for now. Just till more is heard on the matter. I don’t want to jump and act on partial info and come to find it being all a ginormous misunderstanding.

Rhonda: If you insist. But you be careful too… With the husband of hers grieving… and likely irritable over what his wife is doing and had been doing as of late… The last thing you want is to be in the crossfire of a fighting couple.

Pamela: Right. I’ll be back later. In a couple of hours.

Seconds later…

Pamela: *Looking at the side and seeing Holly talking with her friends* Holly, Can you come here for a minute?

Holly: *Looking over and nods* Yeah. Be right there. *Looking back at the two* Be careful of what you decide to do. This is a very delicate situation and no matter what is done… Someone will still come out being hurt by it. So… Take warn. Don’t do anything unless you’re sure that you’ll be able to withstand what happens from acting on the detail and informing Zeke and Zoey. Please be careful. *Getting up and walking over to her mother* Yeah, Mom? What’s up?

Pamela: Want to come along with me over to Luna’s and Zeke’s?

Holly: Sure. But what’s the occasion? Is this a social call? A Condolence call?

Pamela: It’s a little bit of both. But primarily a Condolence call.

Holly: To pay respects to them on their dearly departed son Zach.

Pamela: Yes.

Holly: Sounds like a plan to me… I need to see Zoey. She might need a stable friend. Blossom’s her best friend/Cousin. But Blossom’s known to be with a hot streak on letting loose and could come out blabbing something that she shouldn’t be saying. Not meaning to… But at a time like this… Taking that chance is not a good idea. It’s best if i see her.

Pamela: You and Zoey are good friends. She’ll be most happy to see you.

Holly: *Nods*

However not everyone knew about Luna’s Double life. Nor did they know about the death in the family… The Fighters didn’t know. The only ones that just learned of it was Sapphire and Raven. But they didn’t know all the details yet. None of them knew. As far as they all knew… It was pretty quiet and serene… But… Question was, Was it really Serene? Or was there something underneath the surface that was busting right through?

As for the Aquatic Force Z!…

At Pearl and Jack’s house…

Living Room…

Amy: It’s really a relief to be back home. After all that fighting and then the part of almost being Behemoth food… It kinda makes you re-evaluate your priorities in life. Being thankful that you still live and were spared from meeting the hands of death.

Susie: That’s my usual mentality of seeing things. But You’re Right, Amy. Almost getting killed actually makes a person re-evaluate his or her own life and reconsider as to what’s really important in life.

Christina: *Sitting down* Well… The main thing is that it’s over. Rasputin’s dead. Where he should remain.

Penny: At least we got a new Ally. Not so sure about the fact that the Ally used to be an Ex-Nazi Scientist though. That part is still rather rough to digest.

Amy: We’ll get used to it as time goes on… But Getting someone to see the maniacal error of their ways and get them to wake up… It’s supposed to be seen as the greatest reward.

Christina: That’s something which mom and dad would say. They used to always say that to us. That to help someone change their way for the better… Knowing that you helped someone out… it’s to be the greatest reward.

Penny: *Not seeing Spencer and Rikku* Looks like Spencer the teenage love puppy Married man and his sweetie pie flew the coop again.

Susie: Again?! Where do you suppose they gone off to?

Amy: To the back yard. Spending some personal alone time with just the two of them.

Penny: Likely to get some catching up to…

Jack: *Walking from the hall* It’s so nice to see you girls home. I already know that your brother and his wife is home. They were in the room sleeping. In Spencer’s room.

Amy: Hey dad. When did you get in? We didn’t see you come in.

Jack: Oh… i have my ways. I heard there was a bit of an issue at the Bureau while you were there.

Penny: How did you figure that?

Jack: I got called sometime ago. around the 8th of last month and was told that the one who had summoned you girls was murdered. Prof. Broom.

Susie: Please don’t get us talking about it. We don’t want to talk of it. That kind of memory is still fresh and still hurts.

Jack: Memory… What do you mean by that, Susie? What ever happened there is done. What happened over there anyway?

Christina: Do you really want us to break it to you and drag you into feeling how we did when we were there there and had to Endure it?

Amy: It was a hit from the side. We didn’t even see it coming.

Jack: Come on… *Sitting down and eager to listen*

Penny: *Sighs* Okay… Fine dad. We’ll tell you. But be warned… You’re not gonna like it.

The girls think back to the night that Professor Trevor “Broom” Bruttenholm was murdered…

“Broom took out the pieces of paper with writing on it and saw them as part of a clue…

Zoey: *With June* Hey Prof. What’s up?

June: What’re you doing?

Broom: Nothing much. Just looking into these pieces of paper. They happen to be a puzzle of some kind. A description of a place.

June: You mean… Like a name?

Broom: Precisely.

Zoey: Let’s see what it says…

Broom had then put Kroenen’s two pieces of paper together under a MICRO-SCANNER. Hoping to get an answer to what was on the torn pieces of paper. Broom watches as computer enhancement fills out a couple of missing areas. Zoey and June took notice as the Cyrillic letters are now legible…

Broom: *Pensive* SEBASTIAN PLACKBA #16… Moscow.

Zoey: Moscow? What’s in Moscow?

June: did that come from Kroenen?

Zoey: Why would he have pieces of paper with the name of a place in Moscow?

June: He must have been given it by someone.

Broom: Who wants us in Moscow? Why?

Blossom: *Walking in* There’s a problem…

June: What? What kind of problem?

Zoey: *Looking to see Blossom walking in* What’s going on?

Blossom: Crystal just suffered a Vision and it’s not good.

Broom: *Curious* What did she see?

Blossom: Rasputin within the Bureau.

Zoey: *Shrieks* WHAT?! You sure that she saw that?

Blossom: I can’t say… But she had that vision and even she’s freaking out about it.

June: *Detecting an energy source* He’s here. Rasputin… Rasputin’s here.

Blossom: Broom, Find the agents and sound off the alert. We have to go find Hellboy and get him to safety. You too… If Rasputin is here… There is no denying that he might seek to leave a trail of damage.

Too late…

TCHK!! A noise — Broom turns in time to see Kroenen delicately descending a spiral staircase, blade in hand. In spite of all his experience, Broom is shaken. Blossom looked to see Kroenen coming down the steps and growled. She was itching to fry Kroenen.

Zoey: We’ll go get help.

Blossom: Let’s go, Zoey… We’ve got to alert the others.

June: I’ll Hold Kroenen off. You two… Go.

Zoey: Right!

Grigory: Very good, Professor Broom.

Broom turns. Grigory steps from the shadows.

Broom: It was you: The scraps of paper, Liz’s sudden relapse and return…

Grigory: *nods* Bread crumbs on the trail. Like in a fable. They both distract him and guide him exactly where I need him.

Broom: Moscow.

Grigory: His destiny. And the last clue… …will be left by the late Professor Broom.

Sailor June: Why are you after him? Why do you want him so much, Rasputin?

Grigory: Because he’s a being that i conjured. He belongs to me. His power and what his true calling is will bring about a new Eden.

Sailor June: Bring about the end of the world. How? How will he do that?

Grigory: With his stone hand. His right hand. He is the key to opening the portal which shall unleash the Ogdru Jahad.

Sailor June: You’re using him to bring the world to its knees.

Grigory: It was what he was meant to do. He is a demon. That’s his purpose.

Sailor June: Hellboy is not some tool. He is a human being. Even if his origins are that of a demon. He was raised as a human and Human is what he will be. You won’t change that. You can’t. You know that it can’t be changed. It can not be changed. He was born a demon. But he is a fighter for good.

Grigory: Not for long. His destiny must be taken on. He will embrace it.

Sailor June: Wanna bet? *In a fighters stance* Come near Hellboy… Or Prof. Broom and you’ll be Moon dusted by the powers of Mercury.

Kroenen: *Nearby* …

Grigory: *With a gentle hand against Broom’s bare forehead* You raised the child. Nurtured him. So in return… …I will permit you… …a brief, brief glimpse of the future.


A nightmarish tableau…

Crystal: *Silent; Casting Psybeam on Grigory*

Kroenen: *Catching the attack and sending it ricocheting back to Crystal*

Sailor June: *Firing an attack at Grigory* Mercury Aqua Heart Jet FLASH!


The ruins of New York, charred, smoldering. Human remains litter the landscape. Monstrous shapes lumber in the distance… an army of apocalyptic beasts outlined against the blood-red sky. Dominating the horror is a mountain of festering skeletons and skulls. At the top, a figure: HELLBOY, transformed. His horns are in full bloom, his eyes and mouth stream unearthly fire…

“He will open the portal… …and bring about the end of the world.”


Startled, Broom snaps out of it —

Grigory: If only you had him destroyed decades ago… none of this would come
to pass. But, then, how could you have known?

Blossom: *With Sora and Carly; Walking in* Known that you are a certifiable lunatic? How about you take a hike, you deranged psychotic nut? Get your sorry ass away from the professor before we shock your raisins into electrocuted Rice Krispy’s.

Grigory: *Looking to see the familiar girl* You! You spoke to me last time. Rudely speaking to a god.

Blossom: Pfft! You?!… *Laughs* You… A god? Yeah right. In your dreams, Asswipe. God of what? God of the deranged psychotic Nut jobs? Why don’t you go spin a tail from your little book of horrors.

Grigory: *Staring at Blossom* You are begging for death.

Blossom: Beg on this, asshole! *Looking at Sora and Carly* Now!

Sora: *With Carly and Blossom in unison* By the Rhapsody Power of three. Set us free… spark up a surge of thunder and lightning. put Grigory back in traction. *Firing a Shot of Electricity and a surge of thunder at Grigory* Thunder shock by the power of 3…. Thunder CHAIN FLASH!!!

Kroenen: *Moving to ward off the attack and misses*

Grigory: You shall pay for that, girl. You will be sorry for your actions towards a god.

Seconds later…

Blossom: *Running off to get help* Sora… Carly, come on… We’re gonna get the others here and send this psychotic crack pot right to the cleaners…

Sora: Right.

Carly: What about June?

Blossom: She’s gonna have no option but to hold them off as long as she can…


After they left the room…

Broom is speechless.

Grigory: Your God chooses to remain silent. Mine lives within me. those fighters who try to interfere in the child’s destiny will find that they can not prevent what shall come to pass.

Rasputin stands, the flesh of his neck and shoulders heaving and twitching beneath his human skin.

Grigory: In the frozen waters of the Malaya Nevka, in the darkness of the void: every time I died and crossed over, a little more of the Master came back with me. He disclosed to me the child’s true name… Would you like to know it??

Broom: I know what to call him. Nothing you can say or do will change that. I call him son.

Discreetly, Broom removes his rosary and places it on the book. Kroenen settles in behind him.

Broom: I am ready.

Grigory: It’ll be quick. *Stepping away to the side*

Kroenen displays his knives…

Kroenen’s knife goes in…

Sailor June: *Screams* NO!!! NO!!!! NOOOOO!!!!

Grigory: Nothing shall interfere now with our plan. The Child is gonna come to Moscow. He doesn’t have a choice in the matter…”

Amy: June… Zoey’s Senshi friend… She was there at the scene with Blossom and Zoey. Including Crystal. Trying to stand off against Rasputin and Kroenen. Problem was… The end was not good. Kroenen stabbed Broom and There in that room… Broom was dead.

Jack: That is just terrible. Why would someone want to hurt a kind man like him?

Susie: Maybe because they’re assholes.

Penny: That’d be the only reason.

Amy: Where’s mom?

Jack: She’s at the fashion store and taking care of making some money. Something has been going on as of late while you girls were gone.

Christina: Like what?

Jack: There’s been a wave of Child Abductions going through the city. Plus… *Sighs* Girls… Sit down. There’s something that i’m gonna have to tell you. I wanted to wait till your mother got in from work. But… If i don’t say it now… it won’t be said. Your mother isn’t talking about it. She doesn’t want to get weepy again. She already knows… The news of it came from your uncle Zeke the day after he got word of the news…

Penny: What news… What’s going on, Dad?

Susie: Come on.

The girls sit down…

Jack: On the 8th of last month… while you girls were gone… There was a chain of child abductions going on. Through all over Metropolis. The city was being darkened by the stain of abductors going after young girls and boys. Taking them… Performing sexual acts on them. However… we didn’t think that it would get worse than what it had. But we all watched out for signs. Your mother and I also were watching out for any means of warning. Thing was… nothing more was happening. So we thought that it was over. But to our dismay… That was not the case. That wasn’t the case at all. Sometime during the issue that managed to befall the city. Charlie and Zach… Luna and Zeke’s kids. They were out and hanging around. At the Mall. Charlie came back… Zach…. Didn’t. He went missing. He was gone. Charlie explained what happened and described how it went down at the mall and when he knew that Zach was declared missing. He went into every outlet inside the store. Looking for Zach. Leaving nothing to chance. Nothing to chance. He went… searched everywhere within the Mall. But didn’t have any luck in locating him. None. He came home…

Amy: Zach was taken. Abducted?

Penny: How the hell could that be possible? Zach wouldn’t let himself get targeted. Never.

Christina: Was he found? Did he come back?

Jack: No. *Looking down* He sadly… did not. He was during the time where he abducted… He was taken and kept at where ever he was abducted to and Molested. It was during the past weekend When Zach’s body was found abandoned in the shrubs beside an Abandoned building that happened to rest on the outskirts of the city. He was found to be totally nude. Unclothed and with the genitalia cut off. He was also bleeding from the rectal area a little. He was dead. Your Mother and I were told about it the day after and your mother just lost it. She bawled in tears just from the devastation that came from the news.

Penny: What about Aunt Luna?

Susie: Didn’t she do anything about it?

Jack: I don’t know. Zeke wouldn’t say anything about it.

It was then that they all looked down and took time to let the news sink in. They could only shed tears as it slowly hit them and broke through. All while they were gone and fighting the good fight… The worst happened. Spencer and Rikku were in Spencer’s room and they overheard the conversation. Spencer didn’t know what to say. But he looked at his wife and just sighed in dismay.

The Aquatic Force Z! Now knew… They were brought up to speed and it was doing everything but sitting well with them. The devastation that came from being told the news of their cousin Zach found dead and how he was found… Knowing that one of their own was victimized… Susie took it the hardest. As did Penny. They didn’t know about Jenna Rhapsody and Hallie Rhapsody being victims of sexual violation. They didn’t know. Chances were… they’d never get told.

They weren’t the only ones who were gonna be told…

As for the Romancers Z!…

At Paige and Reese’s house…

In the Living room…

Paige: *Worried* You guys had me really worried. I’ve been trying to reach you guys over the last two weeks.

Annie: Strange that you say something like that. We tried to get a call out to here… but couldn’t. The Bureau just wouldn’t let us. Said that it had something to do with the fact that the place had to be mainly undetected.

Daria: Stupid to think of it like that as that place was moving to be so secret… It would take an army of hackers and infiltrators to get that place to open up its doors.

Annie: Right. Very secret. But we totally wanted to call. We were trying to get a call out.

Paige: However… the good thing about this that you’re here now. Although coming back to hear some bad news… it’s not good.

Clint: *Walking over to get some coffee and then back to the Living room* Okay… Mom… What the heck are you getting at? What is this talk about there being bad news?

Paige: Your cousin Zach… is dead.

Clint: You’re seriously high on something, mom. Aren’t you? You want to relay that line again? Did you just say… what we thought that we’ve heard you say… just now?

Annie: What is that talk about bad news? Zach is dead? Zach… As in the son to Aunt Luna and Uncle Zeke. That Zach?

Theodore: Where’s the cheesy sad music when you need it? This would really call for some real cheesy sad music.

Daria: What is this about there being a death in the family? Mom, What do you mean by telling us that Zach is dead? How can that be? How?

Paige: By being abducted and then while under the captivity of the Abductors… Molested. Your cousin Zach was found over the weekend dead lying in the shrubs next to the abandoned buildings that were on the outskirts of town. He was found naked. totally exposed and nude. He also was found without his… *Gulps* Genitalia.

Clint: That’s just really sick. Literally disgusting. Who the hell would do such a dirty rotten unsettling move like that?

Theodore: Someone who’s got the kicks for it of course.

Annie: That’s just not right. Totally unkind.

Daria: One thing. Just one thing… Does Luna and Zeke… know?

Paige: Oh… do they know? Yeah. They do. But Zeke is not exactly the most thrilled with his wife. Your Aunt Luna.

Annie: How come?

Paige: X-rated Modeling. Posing Nude. Buying Exotic clothing. turning their home slowly into a house of Porno. Smoking. She Pulled out 850 dollars from the bank account that they shared. has spent a couple times walking around with just a bra and panties. and nothing else. Feeling herself.

Daria: Ugh! Zoey’s Mother is doing all that?

Clint: *Sickened* That’s just wrong. So wrong.

Theodore: And Zoey’s going home to that? I would be more than open to suggestion over bringing Zoey here and keep her away from that.

Paige: Theodore… No. It is an idea, But… No. if we do that… Zoey will only ask questions and want to know what is really going on. We won’t know what to tell her.

Clint: How about telling her the truth? That always out ranks the other options.

Daria: Well… Zoey’s now lost a brother. She has lost a brother and all that Aunt Luna is doing is going more into her Modeling. Modeling nude and smoking. *Sickened* Ugh! What the shit is Aunt Luna’s problem? She knows how much our whole family feigns and frowns towards the Porno career.

Annie: We’re only teens and we know what this family allows and what it doesn’t.

Clint: I take it that Aunt Luna hasn’t been doing much for her family… has she?

Theodore: Something tells me… that Zoey is gonna be ballistic when she finds out about her mother’s dive down Pornography avenue.

Paige: Hey! Theodore, Stop it right there. Don’t even start on thinking of your Aunt Luna as a whore. She’s not like that at all… At least not that we know of as of right now. But talking about her like that is still mean. She’s still your Aunt. My sister. Zoey’s Mother. As much as we might not be so open to what Luna’s into as of recent… We don’t have that right to tell her what she should do with her career. We are not living her life. Seeing what she is seeing. We don’t have to agree with it. But we do have to respect it as best that we can. If Your Aunt Luna… Zoey’s mother thinks that’s the right path in trying to bring in more money to support her family… Then we can’t say much. Her kids come first and that’s what she’s trying to keep in mind.

Clint: Oh… yeah… that’s exactly what we’re thinking of. We are truly seeing it as if she’s doing the right thing and taking care of her family. How is going into the porno business taking care of her family… the honest and clean way? Mom… We don’t know what you’re seeing in that… but we’re far from convinced.


Reese: *Walking in from running to do a feed run* Hello dear… I’m Home. You wouldn’t believe the traffic. It was a headache. *Catching sight of the young one* Well Look at the 4 young ones who finally decided to return. You Kids all done with going out and fighting the good fight?

Daria: You mean the one where we went against creeps like Karl Ruprecht Kroenen and Grigory Efrimovich Rasputin? Fighting these things called Hell hounds. Sammael. The hound of resurrection. The seed of destruction. The Son of Nergal? Plus to end it all with going head to head against the Ogdru Jahad. Yeah. i guess that we did fight the good fight. Especially with the fact that it was either fight or die and see the rest of the world went to hell courtesy of the revised project of 1944. Known as: Ragnarok.

Annie: We also heard about Aunt Luna’s dive into the X-rated Modeling and smoking. We don’t find it to be the least bit amusing.

As they spoke of what they heard and what they were just told… All they could do was think back and recount all the events that had come and gone. Everything that happened while they were at the Bureau and then what they were hearing now. There was a lot more to know. To be told of… About Jenna Rhapsody being victimized and that she was in Diapers. To hear about Hallie being Victimized and also smoking. Losing her innocence. There was a lot to hear. However the fact that they had to hear of the loss and what happened… it was not leaving them with the tingly and fuzzy emotions and the reason for being at peace as they wished they’d be enduring. Not more bad news. The Romancers Z! knew that things were changing. Things were changing and fast…

Zoey however didn’t find anyone at home… at her house. She didn’t know where her mother went but knew where her father was. She was with June and with only a second to think… She went to see her dad. She wanted to know why the house was quiet and no one was around.

She didn’t realize that her father was freaking out about her and worried sick about her as he was still grieving over the loss of Zach.

minutes later…

Zeke’s Marmalade Cornerstone Pub…

Zoey: *Walking into the Pub* The house is really silent. No one was hone.

June: I know. Plus the house smelt of smoke. Strange.

Zoey: Smoke? *Pauses and confused* What do you mean? I… didn’t smell anything like that.

June: It’s Smoke. Smoke that comes from something unhealthy.

Zoey: What do you think it is?

June: Not sure… but i’m gonna look into it. This meeting or reunion with your dad is something that you should do alone. It’s something personal. But i’m gonna go and check out what’s going on with why the house smelt like smoke. If i find anything… I’ll let you know.

Zoey: Okay.

June heads out to look into the source of the smoky smell that was lingering inside their house…

Zoey: *Looking around for her father* Where’s dad? He’s usually here at work. I hope nothing happened to him.


Click to view full size image

Heinz: *Looking up* Hello… Can i help you, Young one?

Zoey: Hey there, Heinz. Long time no see.

Click to view full size image

Heinz: *Recognizing the Girl* Oh mein Gott! Young Dame Zoey. You finally return from the hero work. It’s good to see you again. *Walking over and hugging Zoey* We missed the likes of you, Young one.

Zoey: I missed you too. You, My mom, My dad and brothers…

Heinz: *Kindly correcting Zoey* You mean brother. One brother is gone.

Zoey: No… There’s Zach and Charlie. Two boys.

Zoey didn’t even know what happened and she was starting to suspect that something was up and as much as she didn’t want to come out with an emotional rebuff… coming out with shock… She sat down and asked something that she was gonna only wish that she never asked…

Zoey: Heinz, What is going on? Why are you saying that there is only one brother?

Heinz: Because sadly… there is only one, Junge ein. Charlie. He is the only one that is left.

Zoey: What about Zach? Where is he? *Starting to get worried and deeply concerned; feeling herself in a panic* Is he okay?

Heinz: Zoey, *Sitting down* Your father will not like the idea that i am about to tell you this. It is something that he should tell you as he’s your father. But as a friend and one of the body guards that swore to your mother that you would be protected from any harm, Swore your father the same thing… I will try to break this to you. It’s not gonna be easy though. *Sighs* While you were gone… with your cousins… fighting the good fight. Something happened. There was a chain of child abductions going on. Through all over Metropolis. This city was being darkened by the stain of abductors going after young girls and boys. Taking them… Performing sexual acts on them.

Zoey: That’s what Sora and Carly were sensing. Crystal was also feeling it too… but on the 31st of October… we were in the Alley outside the Machen Library. In hot pursuit of a Hell hound. 

Heinz: *Shoots up* Hell hound? Höllenhund? Du machst Witze, oder? Bist du sicher? (Hell hound? You’re kidding, Right? You sure?)

Zoey: Yeah. Sammael the seed of destruction. The hound of resurrection.

Heinz: Oh mein gott! That is worse than the issues that were going on in this city. Alot worse.

Zoey: As an Ex-Senshi… i’d agree. Literally.

Heinz: Ex-Senshi? *Pauses* What do you mean… Ex?

Zoey: Just what i said. An Ex-Senshi. I am not Sailor Zoey anymore. I lost the powers. While in Moscow. During my time with the BPRD… I hit the come out moment and lost them. They’re all gone.

Heinz: Does your mother know?

Zoey: No. I stopped by the house first and couldn’t find anyone. No one was home.

Heinz: That’s strange. Your brother Charlie wasn’t there?

Zoey: No.

Heinz: He isn’t here though. Your father didn’t bring him here.

Zoey: He’s probably at the mall. He and Zach would go there alot. At least… that’s what they used to do. If what happened… struck while there… That’d be the last place they’d go. Now… You said that there was a wave of Child Abductions. A big wave of it going on.

Heinz: I did. However… we didn’t think that it would get worse than what it had. But we all watched out for signs. Your mother and father also were watching out for any means of warning. Thing was… nothing more was happening. So we thought that it was over. But to our dismay… That was not the case.

Zoey: Probably because Kimahri Ronso was able to thwart a bit of the attempts imminent in being performed.

Heinz: Maybe… But it was not that simple, Zoey. It wasn’t like that at all i’m afraid. Click to view full size imageSometime during the issue that managed to befall the city. Your Brothers Charlie and Zach… They were out and hanging around. At the Mall. Charlie came back… Zach…. Didn’t.

Zoey: What do you mean… Heinz? Why didn’t he come back?

Heinz: It’s because He went missing. He was gone. Charlie explained what happened and described how it happened at the mall and when he picked up the suspicion that Zach was declared missing which is not much of a stretch as there were abductions going on in the city… Including that with the wave of child abductions rising… Abductors could have been anywhere. Anyone… at anytime. Charlie-Your brother went into every outlet inside the store. Looking for Zach. Leaving nothing to chance. He believed that Zach was still in the mall somewhere. He went… searched everywhere within the Mall. But didn’t have any luck in locating him. None. He came home… Alone.

Zoey: Alone?

Heinz: Alone.

Zoey: Was Zach ever found? Did he come back?

Heinz: Zoey, This is sad and very upsetting already. However… Your family since the moment that Charlie discussed what happened… they have been taking many outings looking for him. They kept hoping that he’d come back. But no matter how much they kept hoping… He sadly… did not. He was during the time where he abducted… He was taken and kept at where ever he was abducted to and Molested. It was during the past weekend When Zach’s body was found abandoned in the shrubs beside an Abandoned building that happened to rest on the outskirts of the city. He was found to be totally nude. Unclothed and with the proud crowns of manhood cut off. He was also bleeding from the rectal area a little. He was dead. Your father and mother were told about it.

Zoey: How did my mom take it?

“Like she could care less… Rina.”

Heinz: *Listening to the voice* Is that you, Mein Liege?

“Yes. Who’s out there with you?”

Heinz: Your young daughter…

A second later…

“Zoey?! Is that you?”

Zoey: Dad?!

It was then that Zoey walked on and went to see her dad coming out from the back room…

Zeke: *Looking to see Zoey in the Pub* Zoey… You’re back. My Young Princess is back! *Walking fast over to Zoey*

Zoey: *Running over to her father*

They hugged and held tight for that briefest of moments. It had only been a moment later when…

Zeke: *Hugging Zoey and holding her* Oh… My dear young princess.

As they then stopped and looked at one another trading heartfelt emotions…

Zoey: I Missed you and mom. Everyone.

Zeke: And i missed you too, Zoe. I was worried sick about you. I tried to get a hold of you where ever you were at. But i just got blocked every time.

Zoey: I know. I tried to get a call out too. I couldn’t get one out.

Zeke: *With a grieving heart* Zoey… There is something you should know.

Zoey: What? What is it?

Zeke: Zach… He’s… he’s… he….he…he….he….he….he’s dead.

Zoey: I heard. Heinz filled me in on it. I just can’t believe it though. Is it true? Is Zach really dead?

Zeke: Heinz Told you?

Zoey: Yeah. He didn’t have to… but he did. He told me the details and i know that he’d never lie.

Zeke: That’s true. He’s honest. *Looking to the side* Where’s June? Usually she’s with you.

Zoey: Usually that would be true. But she’s left to check out the house.

Zeke: *Confused* what for? There is nothing different at the house.

Zoey: Actually… There is. June and I both smelt smoke. It smelt like the smoke that came from an unhealthy product.

Zeke: *Not wanting to talk about Luna* I would rather not speak about it. *Recognizing the detail just let out*

Zoey: Speak about what? I’m not sure that i understand. What is it that you don’t want to talk about?

Zeke: Your mother. What she’s been doing as of late.

Zoey asked for details on what her father was talking about and got nothing. It was one issue that Zoey was gonna have no option but find out on her own…

As For Arnold and his kids…

The Radio Station…


Danielle: *Putting a fresh Diaper on Jenna* There you go, sis. You’re seeming to get better at the toilet training. However… you might still have a long way to go before dad will stop having you in diapers. The people at school won’t be able to ignore it. However we’re making them.

Jenna: It doesn’t matter. I’m still a freak anyway. My life is ruined. No boy will ever go for someone like me.

Danielle: That’s not true. You know it’s not like that at all.

Brenda: School’s out anyway. There’s said to be a pending investigation on all the schools. The Elementary School, Middle and High schools are still closed. I think that till sometime next month… the schools will remain that way.

Danielle: Why do you say that?

Brenda: Why should i not? Since Monday… everyone had been adjourned from school. No one is there.

Nicki: *Walking in* That is common detail as There was an Incident of Molestation. Young Hallie Tanner/Rhapsody got molested. We found that out on Monday as we all were on our way to school and ran into Hallie. She told us the whole thing. Her and Kasey.

Brenda: Hey Nicki… Didn’t see you come in.

Danielle: What’s dad doing?

Nicki: He’s on the air. But i think that he just got off the phone with his lady friend. Seems that someone’s seen Aunt Luna coming out of a Liquor store with two packs of Lucky strikes. Aunt Luna was seen wearing…

Nicki shows off the photo…

Nicki: That. She’s been walking around town wearing that and it’s stirring alot of attention.

Danielle: She smokes now? *Sighs* Plus walks around almost totally nude. That’s truly indecent.

Jenna: Not many people know of it yet…

Brenda: Wanna bet?

Nicki: What do you mean? *Pausing* What do you mean by that?

Brenda: Alot of people know. Remember that girl… Zoey Creek? Jessica Spelling? They are the informants to the whole clan here. As is Erica Diamond… Or should we say Erica Harper. Even she provides the information to us all.

Danielle: *Standing with a loss for words* Okay… Where does that leave our dad? He does do some News line bulletins and announcements on the Radio. What ever is going on out there… Don’t you think that it could come his direction and he having to report it?

Jenna: Hmm…

As Jenna was finally done getting a diaper change…

Jenna: *Looking at her sisters and getting up* You could be right. However with some of the gang fighting back… reporting every sighting of possible Abduction activity in process of taking place. There is not gonna be much of a need to get it out over the radio and through the airwaves.

Brenda: We don’t know that. Plus… What we have to take in consideration… is the reality that one of our own was found dead. with deep signs of Molestation. He’s dead.

Nicki: Who?

Brenda: Zach.

Danielle: Zach?

Nicki: Who else all knows?

Brenda: I think that the entire family must know by now. Even the Allies.

Jenna: Not the fighters. They barely came back from fighting the good fight. I over heard it on the Radio. That they were sighted in the city. It’s gonna be some time before they get caught up to speed on it.

Danielle: Plus about Aunt Luna’s dive to darkness.

Nicki: *Nods*

Danielle: What about that girl… Zoey? She’s the youngest girl to Luna and Zeke. What’s she gonna do when she learns of her mom’s dive down the darkness. Going into the X-rated modeling?

Jenna: Probably be so mortified and petrified. Embarrassed. Stressed out to the point where even she starts smoking. I’ve started it and that won’t stop… sadly. But this wearing diapers crap… that’s stopping. I’m gonna fight it.

Nicki: How can you fight it though… The re-training of controlling your urges of using the restroom and being able to control your senses… It doesn’t happen overnight.

Brenda: Maybe it does. She’s come this far. Plus… she’s been working hard at getting better with herself.

Jenna: In just less than a week?

Danielle: Why not? You fought back. You clearly don’t want to be know as Diaper teen. Do you? Why would you? There would be no life in that. No future. You see yourself as a freak. But Embellishing it? So not you. Not you at all.

Brenda: You need help.

Nicki: We need to get a hold of the others. I even tried to get a hold of Patti. Yesterday. But the leader of the gang… Said that she wasn’t there. I don’t know what that means… but that is by far… strange.

Danielle: You don’t think that she’s sick… do you?

Nicki: I don’t know.

It was then that they all started getting ready to head out to meet the others…

But inside the DJ Quarters of the Radio station…

Arnold: *On the Air* That was Pink with Glitter in the air. We all need a little glitter in the air as the wave of Child Abductions go on. But special forces and new neighborhood watch teams have been sanctioned by the city Police force. Det. Maggie Sawyer is foretold to lead the new teams as the head of the Special forces. There are a few clubs already in line to end the reign of the Child Abductors. I know how the parents feel. I know what it’s like as i too am a parent. Yeah… Your loving Watchdog of the city… Lord Arnold is a father. of 5 girls. I know how the parents feel. But worry not. Worry not on the fear… Those days are gonna come to an end. Child Abductions are gonna screech to a halt. Child Abductors… Beware. Your time is about to come to an abrupt end. *Taking a second pause* In other news… There has been notable changes going on in the city. As of last week… the city’s ports have initiated a proposal for an expansion to the Docking district and shipping yard. A 3.4 million dollar proposal to harbor more ships and cargo. The Metropolis Dock foreman diehard3_2824.jpgWalter Grisby is said to oversee the procedure and handle the construction. Construction is scheduled to start Jan 2nd, 2045. Also there’s been reports of an adoption wave going on. Of Bikini girls. Several girls over the last 5 days have been adopted. More adoptions are prone to start and begin. This could be the last of the Bikini Girls. There’s been 12 Bikini girls adopted. New lives… new places. New families. All with a promise for a better life. If things look better now… Where would there be any room for possible anarchy or new world order? Who would know. *A small pause* Let’s calm the minds and take a little trip back to the 1960’s where peace was more easier to find than it is now. It was a move towards puppy love. Devotion to a guy who was an angel. A spunky hunky guy in waiting. “Oh… If this fire is what they call love… Put me out… I think i’m gonna overheat. That hunk of a guy is all i can think about.” It’s Shelley Fabares… Johnny Angel. Right here on MRHAP Metropolis. Let’s bring back the love Metropolis. Especially for this holiday season…

Of course what no one knew… or realized was that there were Mobsters in the city as of late… Which was not so much a shock as…. with times changing… there was also gonna be different types of people to deal with. But there was a rich girl who was on her own and trying to make out as best as she could on her own. Even though she was Rich and had money to burn. Plenty of Money to burn…

Metropolis Motel…

In a Motel room…

Leslie: *Reading a book while watching T.V* I can’t believe that i am here. In Metropolis. However… there really isn’t much for a person to do here. The schools are out. The city is in disarray over the wave of these Child Abductions. I’m only 12… *Feeling sickened by the thought of there being Abductions taking place* Ugh! The idea that there are people out going after young girls… and boys. Targeting them. What is wrong with these people? *Sighs* I have no one to talk to. I need to find a new place to stay… I surely can’t stay here. *Looking out the window* I need a friend. But who can i trust? Befriend? There must be someone…

Poor Leslie… Sounds as though she is really lonely… There must be someone for her to make as a friend…


At Watchtower Command Center…

Tess: *Getting a fix on the new incoming threat that was nearing* This is a problem. A Mob lead by Dorian Tyrell is coming to Metropolis. Moving in. From somewhere known as Edge city.

Mr. Breslin: There is not just that, Mrs. Mercer. We also got a cheating husband to a wife of 6 kids. Harboring a guest in favor. A mother to a young girl. The mother going into the X-rated world of Modeling and stripping. Plus venturing closer to leaving the entire family and changing her name… Abandoning her kids and Divorcing. Plus a Band geek crossing paths with the Son to the retired fighter Plasma-Core.

Mr. Morgan: How can this be? All these changes and so abruptly…

Tess: We’re also looking into the fact that Zoey is no longer a fighter. She’s lost all her special fighting power. The Senshi power.

Mr. Breslin: But how? How can that be? There is no way that she could have lost the power. It was inside her all this time… It was identical to the power that her mother had once before.

Tess: There is no known explanation as to why she lost it… But she has. The only one that may just possess the power is the girl who sticks with Zoey. June. She’s the only one that possesses the power of Senshi.

Mr. Morgan: *Getting readings* There’re new readings. All pointing from Zoey’s mother.

Tess: Put up the photos…

The Photos then get pulled and sent to the overhead. Put up to view…

Tess: *Gasps* Porn and Stripping intended… What is Luna doing? Her young daughter is gonna notice and be the one who pays for her mother’s dirty lifestyle…

Mr. Morgan: It’s bad. But what is worse is the part that Luna was also seen smoking.

Mr. Breslin: On top of losing a child…

Tess: Zoey’s gonna be having a tough time trying to pick up the pieces.

Mr. Morgan: How will she do that? She might not yet know about her mother’s dive into the X-rated modeling.

Mr. Breslin: Or maybe… she does. Who’s to know?

Mr. Morgan: We also have to worry about her mother changing names and Just up and abandoning her and the family. That will be messy.

Tess: Plus the Cheating Husbands. Alvin… His wife doesn’t know.

Mr. Morgan: You figure that she’ll catch on and get wind of it?

Tess: It isn’t insurmountable. You can only keep an affair a secret for so long before something unravels and leaves open a bread crumb and forms a trail. But we also have to keep a track of all the threats that seek to come towards the fighters.

Genevieve: *Walking in* We got a problem.

Tess: *Stopping and turning to see Genevieve* What’s the problem?

Genevieve: Luna was just seen at a bar. Just now. Smoking.

Tess: You’re kidding… right? Smoking? Is that said to be a bad thing? There are a couple people in that family who do it. Jenna Rhapsody. Arnold’s Daughter. Young Hallie Rhapsody. She’s doing it because she was violated. As was Jenna. Victoria doing it because she’s a Greaser.

Chloe: Come on… *Laughs; Disbelieving* You can’t be serious in trying to tell me that a young 10 year old girl is under the influence of smoking. Being a victim of Molestation… That is one thing due to a fact of losing one’s innocence. But doing it just to do it… That’s something else. Plus… It is inconceivable. No one in this city would allow for that to go on.

Mr. Breslin: There is something else. They’re all going through a loss. Luna’s and Zeke’s Son Zach is dead.

Tess: What?!

Genevieve: Young Zach is dead? That’s not possible. The last we heard about him… he was still missing.

Tess: Do the fighters know anything?

Genevieve: Are they even back yet?

Mr. Morgan: You could always call and see. We have yet to receive any readings indicating that they’ve returned…


At Metropolis Beach…

Margaret: The new girls were just adopted. We’re reaching the end.

Stacy: It is the end for the gang… but also near the end for the Abductors that are out there.

Piper: What do you mean?

Stacy: What we mean is that things are changing.

Lana: *Walking over* You guys should take a look towards the far end of the beaches here… There’s something going on over at the Docking district.

Amber: *coming over from the other side* You guys are not gonna believe this…

Stacy: What is it, Amber?

Amber: The fighters… They’re back.

Piper: They are?

Amber: Yeah. They just came back… hours ago.

Margaret: We also heard about the fact that the mother to the fighter with the ability to change into a senshi… She’s been diving down towards a life of X-Rated Modeling. Plus is planning to leave the family in the future. She’s turned cold and heartless.


A few of the girls showed up…

Sally: It’s Luna. But her name’s soon to be changed to Rina Frost.

Bridgette: Rina Frost?! Who’s that?

Sally: The new name that soon will be who Luna will become. She’s slowly turning into a whore. A Slut.

Margaret: Sally!

Sally: Sorry. But i don’t have any compassion towards a mother who’d throw everything good away and go right for being a slut and whore. Getting into Porn and smoke cigarettes. Her husband is upset at her about it too. I don’t think that you guys even realize how totally screwed up that is. It’s a literal Crock! *Sickened* Ugh! We need to find Zoey and tell her of her mother’s dirty shift of reputation.

Bridgette: No! Sally, We can’t do that.

Sally: *Scoffs* Oh yeah… And Why not?

Bridgette: Because… they’re all grieving. They lost someone close to them.

Stacy: Who?

Bridgette: Zach. Zoey’s Brother.

But as they were talking…

Charlie: *Walking over overhearing the conversation* What are you talking about?

Bridgette: *Gasps* Sally, I think you’ve caught the attention of a grieving brother of Zoey’s.

Sally: Oh… I did… Didn’t I?

Bridgette: Yeah… you did and i don’t think you are gonna be hearing any happy replies from him.

Charlie: *Walking over to the girls* You guys need to just back off of my family right now. We’re all grieving.

Sally: Your mother doesn’t seem to worry about the loss of your brother.

Charlie: Hey! Shut up about my mother, okay?! Just shut up. It’s bad enough that she’s smoking. My mother is smoking and she been roaming our house wearing only a bikini. A Bra and panties. Lingerie.

Charlie described exactly what he saw his mother wearing as she was smoking. He was trying to not lose it as he was still thinking of his dearly departed brother. He was mourning him. Missing him immensely.

Charlie: What’s this talk about my mother?

Amber: Nothing really. We’re just concerned about the young girl Zoey.

Charlie: My sister? How so? She’s not back yet. She’s still out of town. Isn’t she?

Amber: Actually… She is. A couple of us spotted them and a couple hours ago… there was a swarm of people calling out their names. One of them… was Zoey. She’s back.

Paige: That must mean only Annie’s back. Annie is a member of the Romancers Z! The leader. *Sighs* I’ll go and see them. They’re gonna need someone to talk to. If they’re going through a loss… They’re gonna be needing a way to let out their grief. I left my biological family 8 years ago. However… I still know what it’s like to lose someone. It hurts. I don’t know how many times i managed to look back and wish that i stayed with my family. I was 8 years old. Young… Stupid. But yet… thought that i knew everything. My parents knew more than me by far and yet… i was an 8 year old… With an Ego. I acted like i was right all the time and felt that i was being questioned every time i spoke up. I was a week before turning 9 when i just gave up and left. I emancipated myself and left them. Since then… all i could do was look back and wonder… what would have happened if i never left them. If i were to stay. But the more i regretted it. The more i believed that i left them for a reason. I needed my own life. I was one who had the will to raise myself. Teach myself. But… missing someone… became more harder. I Miss them. And knowing that i left them and with no means of contacting them… I killed a part of myself. Losing a part of yourself. Someone close to you… It’s hard. The pain never really goes away. It remains with you for a long time.

Charlie: That must make you out to be really foolish. Leaving your family because you were being questioned all the time and you had given yourself the mentality of one who’s always right no matter what anyone said. That sounds a little like my Mother. She’s begun to form that kind of mentality. I haven’t been home yet. I don’t plan on it till my dad gets home. Seeing my mother the other day walking around almost fully nude. That is just a sight that i’d prefer to not see again. But i suspect that my sisters Rina and Natasha have been home. They’re around at the house. Just avoiding our mother.

It was then that Paige H. and Charlie… Zoey’s only Brother went on their way to Paige and Reese’s house. Paige H seeked to pay her respects to the family for their loss. Charlie was wanting to visit the Romancers Z! Anything to keep from having to see Luna…

Luna however was at the Liquor store. She was out of packs and she needed more… So she bought 6 more packs of Lucky strike Reds and then walked on over to a lounge. She was in no hurry to go home. She didn’t want to deal with being questioned over how she was choosing to grieve the loss of her son Zach.

At the Smoking Lounge…

Luna: *Walking in; Lighting up* …

Man: *Looking at Luna walking in* What a gal! Young and sexy.

Man #2: *Feeling hot* She’s a fox. Who is she?

Man: Someone that is off limits, Samuel. She’s got a wedding ring on her protective finger.

Man #2: She’s a Married lady?

Man: Yeah. She’s got a baggage of 5 kids. All girls.

Man #2: That’s nothing. You should try a woman who’s got 8 or more. That’s a killer. But… 5? 5 Kids? That’s major. How can anyone handle that? Does her better half work?

Man: Yeah. Honest work.

Man #2: *Lighting up and smoking* However… the lady is here and looking as though she’s ignoring the married life.

Man: We should go and chat with the lovely dame. She’s pretty lonesome looking. *Sighs*

Man #2: We should fix that Edward.

Man: You’re right.

The two men watched as Luna sat down at a nearby table and pulled over an ashtray. Within seconds she placed her smoke on the side of it and sat laid back. She didn’t know anyone there but she didn’t care. She found her place to go when she wanted some time away from the family. Luna saw the two guys walking over to her and smiled. God be willing… Luna was up to something and it wasn’t anything innocent either…

Of course…

Metropolis Auto shop…

Alvin was at work and fixing on some cars. He didn’t really speak to anyone as he was crunched for time that day. He had only Rick and Carl with him at that time and was 3 hours behind schedule. Through out the last 3 days… there were a customer list of 7 cars. He had to work on each one and get to the next one… There was limited time.

Alvin: Damn it… *Fixing the spark plugs on the gt-cruiser* Damn this plug… Stupid son of a bitch… Go in!

Rick: What’s up?

Alvin: *Growling a little bit* What the shit do you think? Am i standing here busting a seam of laughs? I don’t think so.

Carl: Whoa! Chill the hell out, man. What’s your quarrel? We know that you’re in the process of grieving… but seriously… Do you have to growl?

Alvin: I don’t know. I don’t want to fuckin’ talk about it. Okay? I came to work. Not play switch. I got a Dead Nephew and talking about it like it’s breaking news… isn’t gonna get these damn cars done… Is it?! I know that it won’t make things easier on the family either. All they want to do is just grieve in their own way and just try to put the departed member of the family to rest. Granting a proper burial. I don’t want to talk about it. Just… Please. Can we get back to work?


Cid: *Walking in* What’s all the hubbub there, Youngun’?

Alvin: *Stopping to turn towards the side* Cid?! You’re back.

Cid: Yeah… And i can see that you are need of a extra boost of hands and labor.

Alvin: That would be most helpful. But yes. *Sighs heavily* But if you’re back… That must mean… that my kids are back too… Doesn’t it?

Cid: You bet. The whole crew just got back a couple hours ago. Likely trying to play catch up with what must have been going on in the city while they were gone.

Alvin: They wouldn’t want to know about the Child Abductions or Molestation wave that had been going on.

Cid: The what?! Child Abductions? Who’s got abducted?

Alvin: Zeke and Luna’s Son Zach. He was abducted… Molested. Dumped somewhere and left for dead. Minus… the crowned beauties. that all men have.

Cid: Oh no… How’s the crew holding up?

Alvin: Oh… They’re broken up about it.

Cid: Well… Don’t worry none. It’s nothing different than when i lost my wife. Rikku’s mother. Sad loss indeed. Lost her to a Malfunctioning Machina. The thing ran a mok and just went doggone crazy. I know the loss well. Been through it and after all this time… the memory still gets me.

They could have spoken more… but there were a load of cars to have done and there was not enough time to sit and commune. Cid was clearly back as Alvin had seen and with the added help from Cid… There was gonna be a faster work force and the cars would be done quicker… Or it was what they planned.

On the other hand…

None of them knew that there was something taking place over at the Family Matriarch’s house…

Rikku and Nick’s house…

Rikku: Sis, We’re thinking about adopting a child or two. But that will mean… Just that you will have to find another place to live. *Looking to the side* It isn’t like i’m kicking you out. I wouldn’t think to kick out my sister. That isn’t me.

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Aquamarine: I know that it isn’t like you to do. But Where am i to go. My job doesn’t exactly pay highly and there is nothing cheap.

Rikku: That’s what i heard.

Aquamarine: How will i find something that is affordable and within price range? There is nothing out there. No houses are available.

Rikku: You don’t know that… There might just be some out there. We just have to keep looking. However… I am gonna help you look for a place that is within your range of budget. A place you that you can call your own and not worry about anyone coming to take command other than you.

Aquamarine: Rikku, Sis… It isn’t like that at all. We’ve been telling one another what to do from one point or another since we were like kids. Like in school when people made fun of you.

Rikku: I have no idea on why you’d bring that up… But yeah… i still remember. Somewhat. Why?

Aquamarine: I was told by the boys who were all over me like cats to catnip. That they thought of you as some mistake. I could have gone with them… Because i loved being loved. But the thing that i wasn’t into doing was going for it at your expense. I told them that if they were gonna call you a… what was it… a “Loser” Then they’d have to think of me as one as well because i’d go and be with the popular crowd. But Family is always the best. I chose you and always would. No questions asked. i would.

Rikku: You were there for me. But the first one to come to the aide was Prince John… Now King John. Or Just John Rhapsody the second.

Aquamarine: I know. But you’re my sister.You are my blood. That never stops just because i will be having to live in another place.

Rikku: I understand that… You’re a survivor. You always were able to persevere and make it out on top.

Aquamarine: Is that your way of mocking me… but in subtle tone?

Rikku: Maybe a little. But what did your expect? Besides… i can get away with it. *Playfully Ruffling her sister’s hair* Because i’m your sister. But if anyone else did it… I’d kick their butt.

Aquamarine: *Giggles* Okay… Okay… I get your point. I get your point, Sis.

As they were talking about some changes being made. The girls were thinking about going out clubbing that night…

Rikku: Nick is also gonna be working on more cases. He’s been in court trials all day.

Aquamarine: How many has he had to do?

Rikku: Today… On a scale of 1-5. 7.

Aquamarine: *Sympathetic* Awwww! That’s too bad. You think that he’ll be alright?

Rikku: I hope so. But if worse comes to worse… I’m gonna likely be going in to lend a hand. I am only a court Liaison. But i can’t just let him be on his lonesome.

Aquamarine: Why don’t you think of a way to surprise him? Maybe lift his spirits. He’s gonna be needing it for the work he does… won’t he?

Rikku: Yeah… I think that i might just have something in mind for him.

Aquamarine: Do tell… Maybe we can pull a good one on him. Make something special.

Rikku: Yeah.

There were talks of adoptions coming in the very near future. It was close. But as for the Family Matriarch… She was in for changes. The only change she would see was that her sister was gonna be moving out and that she and her husband Nick were gonna adopt a child or two. She didn’t know that her husband’s promotion was all an act. She didn’t know. All that could be hoped for… Was that what she was intending to do to lift her husband’s spirits… didn’t make things more complicated. Maybe the promotion was real. Maybe not.

It was not getting to be late afternoon and little by little people were catching on to the news that the fighters were now back home. It was catching the ears of all. However… Dinah had yet to get wind…

Metropolis University…

Bulldog Stadium…

Dinah: *Looking at the team practicing* Way to go Forrester. Keep up that strong arm. You might just get us all to the Superbowl. Keep at it… *Looking at the others* Come on guys… Don’t lag on your feet. Keep on the heat. Throw that pigskin and send it flyin’. Come on.

Coach Whitman: *Walking over and standing beside Dinah* So… Rhapsody, How fares our spotty team this year? Think they be prepared for playing Ohio?

Dinah: *Looking to the side and thinking* Well… i don’t know. But with all the practicing and drills that they’ve been doing… I think that it’s about time we took them out of the box and got them really playing.

Coach Whitman: Does that mean it’s a go?

Dinah: You bet it is… When is it?

Coach Whitman: This Friday night.

Dinah: *Pauses* This Friday night?!

Coach Whitman: Yeah. Why?

Dinah: This friday night is sadly a no go for me… Personal reasons. Family Emergency.

Coach Whitman: What do you mean?

Dinah: Remember i told you earlier this week that my family’s holding a Memorial service for my sister Luna’s dearly departed son Zach?

Coach Whitman: Oh. That… I almost had that slip the mind. How’re the family holding up?

Dinah: How do you think they’re holding? They’re devastated. Not saying as i blame them. I am too. Zach was a sweet guy. He was very optimistic and very well mannered. He even could sing a little too. But… No one knew.

Coach Whitman: Now isn’t that something… It’s a wonder hearing that. But it’s just a tragic waste. Knowing that he’s dead. Poor kid. He deserved better. Alot better. Abducted… then harmed in the worst way imaginable. *Sighs in disappointment* Makes you wonder what the heck this society’s playing at… or thinkin’, huh?

Dinah: It makes me worry more about my younger Daughters. They’re not immune to the terror. Those Child abductors could very well have them in their sights and that’s what terrifying me to no end.

Coach Whitman: You’ve got all the reasons to worry. But it shouldn’t hold any merit. There are measures now in effect to ice the movement from the Abductors. A New Neighborhood watch battalion. A Det. Maggie Sawyer is said to be leading it as the head. There’s said to be a meeting for it. In a week. For all who want to be supporters and members of the battalion. All members get an official radio. Scanner and Mobile Radio. Plus a notepad to mark down each incident and sighting of crime and or wrong doing being performed. Most importantly… Any wrong moves towards a child.

Dinah: *Scoffs* Uh… Good. It’s about time that the city got off its ass and started putting together a move to ensure a watch out and provide a veil of protection for the citizens. Including the kids. It only took them what? A Year to decide what to do. I love this city. Been in this city my whole life. There is no way in hell i’m gonna be forced to move away because the city officials were too incompetent to take action and provide some peace of mind for the people.

Coach Whitman: No arguments here. Besides that it is leading a concern to see a nice mother walking through town in just a pair of panties and a bra.

Dinah: Come again?! What did you just say?!

Coach Whitman: What? You don’t know?

Dinah: Know what? What don’t i know?

Coach Whitman: There was a Model walking the street a little bit ago wearing a Bikini top. A Bra. A pair of panties and she was also smoking too. The strange thing is that it looked a lot like Luna.

Dinah: That’s not the least bit funny. What do you mean to tell me that Luna’s been doing that? She’s probably grieving. Some grieve in different ways.

Coach Whitman: If this was just only recent like the last couple of days… I’d say that i believe you… or Believed that explanation. However… This was a lot longer than just only this week. This was going on for several weeks.

Dinah: *Gasps* More than several? My god. Is she stable?

Coach Whitman: No idea. But from what was told… Let’s just say that if this was a test for mentality… She’d have a very low level of stable mentality.

Dinah: I wouldn’t doubt that. Not at all. As it is… i don’t even know whether or not my oldest Daughters and Daughter-in-Law are back yet.

Coach Whitman: You figuring on calling over to where they’re at and find out where they are?

Dinah: I could do that… But It won’t go through…

It was then that she was starting to sound worried. She didn’t realize that her daughters Sapphire, Raven and Serena were within the city already and taking it easy. Trying to unwind but all the while catch up on what all happened while they were gone. There was still alot to catch up on and plenty to unfold. Adoptions… Cheating. A Mother’s trip to the Porn world. There was still much to know… But the fighters were catching up gradually…

That night…

On the Streets of Metropolis…

O’aka: *Doing business with a couple of customers* What shall be your pick, Lass? Got a wide selection of Jewels and delectable items just waiting to bought. Always a fair deal when doing business with O’aka.

As for Kimahri…

He was calling it a night as it’s been a long day and he was on the look out all day. Answering multiple calls and dealing with them just as quick as he saw something hit. Kimahri stationed himself in the backyard of Where the Thunder powered fighters lived and crashed. Snoozed…

Of course…

as for their newest Ally…


She found where Zeke’s Pub was and requested for a job. She Even made way to prove her worth and how devoted to her job she could be…

Ilsa: *Looking at the men* Mmm! Good team.

Zeke: You must be wanting employment here. Good. We need the extra workforce. Gabe will be the one to Evaluate you. You are to report to him. He reports to me. Heinz will show you the ropes to give you a leg up in the right direction. All the tricks you might find beneficial one time or another. This place is very family oriented. But there is a lounge for the Adults. Personal domain. I run an operation that is to run smoothly and like a clock. Plus Respect. You show it… You get it back. It’s friendly. But if you slack off or start becoming Disobedient… It will be brought to light and just because… we treat one another like family… It won’t be dealt with lightly. Not to personally aim. But it’s for a reason because if people feel it being not the right atmosphere here… They will up and leave… Not coming back here. We’ll lose business and that means… Shutdown. Possibly permanent.

Ilsa: Understood.

Zoey: Dad, Are you sure that this is a good idea?

Zeke: What do you mean, Zoey?

Zoey: *Whispering in her father’s ear* She used to be involved with Rasputin. She was all joining him on the idea of seeing the world fall to its knees. Serena and Raven…Sapphire. They all got her to change her ways. to see the light. But… I don’t know if she can be trusted. What if her act of changing her ways… is all it is… An act?

Zeke: Zoey… I know that you’ve just come back from a big battle. But… you need to have some trust. If she is likely to show some of those old signs… I rather know it from under the nose. Not behind my back. She’s looking for an honest job. That’s not an act.

Zoey: *Sighs*

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Heinz: Don’t worry, Zoey. There won’t be any trouble.

Zoey: How can you be sure?

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Heinz: It’d be because… She’s German, Zoey. I am aware of what type of person she is. Mein Liege… Perhaps she should answer to me and i to you. I happen to be German and i know the personality that she’s harboring. I used to have a bit of that kind of mind set years ago. But i straightened out.

Zeke: I seem to remember that. Okay. Ilsa… You will report to Heinz and he will come to me.

Nikolai: *Tossing an official shirt over to Ilsa* Not sure what your size is… but that should do you nicely. Change up. Welcome to the crew. You’re one of us now.

Zoey: …

There was still the part where a Funeral was in lead to happen. Almost everyone caught on… There was still that time to unwind. But now… it was about that time for the service and last respects to the departed. Serena and her girlfriend Carly Black didn’t know yet. But they were about to get told…

Carly Black’s and Serena’s apartment…

Carly Black: Serena, What is going on?

Serena: *In shock and terror* Oh my god… You sure? Mom, What happened?

Dinah: *On the phone* Serena, Sweetie… Zach was found literally dead. Dead as a door nail. I am not a coroner or Medical Examiner. But from how i found out from your Uncle Zeke… The results of Post-Mort-em point out that Zach was dead since the second or third day of being abducted.

Serena: *Feeling faint inside* When… When did this happen?

Dinah: The 8th of last month… He was Abducted. During that time… He had to have been Molested as well because they found another man’s DNA all over Zach’s mouth. Dried DNA and it had to be reanimated to get a better chance in running it through something the Forensic team call CODIS or AFIS. They ran it and found what happened.

Serena: On the 8th of last month… I was at the Abandoned tunnels with Agents Hellboy, Sapien, Clay, Moss and Quarry. Prepping to tear at the hell hounds. The demonic creations of Rasputin the dickless wonder.

Dinah: That was the day that it happened. But at first… we didn’t know… Your Cousin Charlie was the one that raised the alert and got us caught on to the abduction. But at that same time… or same day… Your cousin Jenna was targeted and molested. But she was lucky to escape. Only to show signs of being molested for the duration of 3 weeks till it came out what happened to her and she was put in diapers.

Serena: Oh god. *Looking at her girlfriend* Where’s Charlie? Where’s Zeke and Zoey?

Dinah: I think that Zoey’s at her house. But Charlie… I don’t know. I don’t know where Zeke is at either. I am guessing that he’s at work. Working at the Pub of his.

Serena: What about Aunt Luna?

Dinah: Don’t get me going on her. Luna’s a heartless woman.

Serena: *Gasps and in disbelief* Say What?! Where did this come from? Why would you say that about Aunt Luna? What did she do?

Dinah: Serena… Don’t press it. Please… I am begging you. We are all in enough pain as it is. We’re all trying to come to terms as we grieve and cope with the loss. The Funeral is tomorrow. It’s been moved up to tomorrow. Zeke wants to have the service done and over with as the longer they have to deal with it… the longer the pain will stick. It’s bad enough knowing that we’ve lost someone in the family… Without having to worry about Your Aunt Luna and her smoking. Descending into the X-Rated field of Modeling. *Sighs* Oh… What the hell… Just call it what it is. It’s Porn. That’s what it is.

Serena: That’s not funny, Mom. *Shaky* Don’t even Kid around with that…

Dinah: Does it sound like i would Joke around when i say that your Aunt Luna is into the Porn style of Modeling… Doing Nude poses?

Serena: I don’t know… You tell me. Are you? She’d never do that.

Dinah: Sorry to burst your bubble on that thought… but… she would. She could… and… she is.

Serena: Since when?

Dinah: According to Zeke… It started happening over the last couple months. Only that at first… it wasn’t too bad. None of us knew it. Zeke didn’t even seem to catch on to it in the beginning when Luna first started taking steps into that area of Modeling.

Serena: Does Zoey know what her mother is doing?

Dinah: No idea. I would guess that someone had spilled the beans about it by now to her. Don’t know how she’d take it though.

Serena: She might be like me. Not wanting to believe it.

Dinah: Serena, Sweetie… I think that we all feel that way. None of us want to believe it. We’d give anything and what ever to keep us from thinking that it is all real. None of the others are happy. Her Son Charlie isn’t. Rina and Natasha are furious. They really are disgusted over Luna getting into porn. Smoking. She was also seen around the house… their house walking around almost Nude. Smoking. Wearing only a Bra and panties. The Panties were also see through.

Serena: I think that i’m gonna be sick. *Sickened*

Dinah: Join the club.

Serena: *Trying to keep from collapsing to the floor* When’s the Service?

Dinah: 11 AM. Fellowship and reception is at 12.

Serena: Carly and I’ll be over tomorrow at 9.

Dinah: Okay. How are things with her? Between you and her?

Serena: *Scoffs; Chuckles* Kinda personal there… Mom. But on a satisfying note… We’re good. We were just on our way to see a movie.

After the call…

Serena: *Devastated; sitting down with a depressed attitude* Carly, bad news.

Carly Black: Serena, What was that?

Serena: That was my mother, Carly. That was my mother. My mother called to tell me that my Cousin Zach is dead…

Carly Black: Dead?! *Feeling terrible* Oh my god. I am so very sorry, Serena.

Serena: Sure you are… Thank you. That’s means alot. I’m just in disbelief. I can’t believe that something like this could happen. All while we were away and working for the BPRD. Jenna Rhapsody… My Cousin from my Uncle Arnold’s side… She was Molested. 3 Bikini girls were also likely Molested. Hallie Rhapsody. My cousin from my Uncle Alvin’s side… She’s been Molested. But… By the School Janitor. Zach… He was Abducted… Molested while under captivity by the Abductors and then when found… Nude and with the privates cut off. Literally cut off. There was only a little nub. Nothing else. *Breaking down* All while we were gone.

Carly Black: Oh my… No! *Walking over and sitting next to Serena; hugging her best friend/Girlfriend* It’s gonna be okay. We’re here for each other. You know that? It’s gonna be alright, darling. The loss is deeply upsetting and its devastating. But… we’ll get through it together.

Serena was devastated and the grieving for her had now finally hit home. She was the tough one and hardly would get emotional… but not for something like the loss of a family member. Not like this. But also the mention of her Aunt Luna getting into the seedy parts of the Modeling. Smoking and posing nude…  that too was playing through her mind and all it did was get her feeling more devastated. More terrible. It wasn’t much to start her up on thinking about where her Aunt Luna was when all this was going on. If she happened to even care. The more she thought about it… The more she wanted to know. She couldn’t call up over to Zoey as since it was getting late at night then… She’d most likely be in bed. She didn’t know what to do. what to feel other than sad and devastated. It was like a maternal instinct. But only in cousin perception. They all loved Zach. Saw how gifted he was. What he was capable of doing if given that chance to soar to new levels…

At Luna’s and Zeke’s house though… Zoey was noticing a whole lot of X-Rated material in view. She didn’t know what to say or think. She at first thought that it was her father’s. But then saw the items near where her mother was and gasped. It was her mother. But her mother being in denial of doing something that the family didn’t like… Covered it up and said it in a way where it wasn’t exactly how it might have seemed to others. It was only a temporary stint. Nothing more… Yeah… Zoey may have been young… But she wasn’t stupid. From all that she was being told about her mother and her recent acting with posing Nude. Which a lot of it… Zoey didn’t see. Thankfully. However it wouldn’t be long before she were to catch sight of what her mother was doing.

Blossom was growing up a little. She was catching up on being with her brother Perry. She and Perry were more like close close friends. Her twin sister Mary was still close to her but it grew in spurts… apart. There was clearly nothing in common with them other than Blood relation. Perry and Kirsten were getting closer in their relationship. The impressions were there and Blossom knew. Perry was comforted in telling her more than anyone else. Victoria was seeking a Job. Not exactly what she would expect yet… But with her parents getting on her over it… It was her only option. As for Dan… Avery’s Son with the sudden maturing Don Juan persona… He was with sights on the new teenage girl Roxanne Harris. He was told about her by Erica Harper. Even she couldn’t keep herself from feeling fuzzy over the new girl. The girl was a Band geek. But smart. Attractive. Very polite and with every bit of a consoling soul. She was endearingly reliable.

As for Hallie… that night was the last straw. She was wetting the bed and by accident. However… Enough was enough. Alvin made the notion to find a store right fast that was open and pick up some diapers. It was the last straw. He couldn’t take it anymore and Neither could Alice. Sora and Carly caught on and they were far from happy. But what could they do about that… They had something more deeper to worry over. Their father possibly having an affair with some one else. That was the problem. The only problem in mind. What got them to pull from that was the fact that there was not enough proof. No Evidence supporting that theory. All they had was an inkling and a hunch…

Clint was thinking about the girl he was feeling something major for. He couldn’t say anything at that time as there was a funeral to think of and the part of saying goodbye to one of their own…

Things were changing…

Throughout the night… They all slept and kept with the idea that things would be better again… But the winds of change had come… Some would be better… Some would not…

The Next morning…

It was the morning of Dec. 10th. 2044…

The girls… The fighters and the parents. The Allies that knew them all prepared for the service. It was a rather cold day that day even with the sun out. It started almost like the day of the Meteor shower. It started out the same way. The same way… But this time… it was a sad day that many would wish never happened. At Carly Black’s and Serena’s Apartment… Serena and her best friend. Lover… They got up early and got into something formal. The most formal thing that they had and prepped up. It was a sad day and even though Serena was getting ready… it couldn’t be hid that she was having a hard time with it. She really didn’t want to go and see the dead body of her cousin lying in the casket for all to see. She didn’t want to endure it. But it was reality. There was nothing she could do to change it. Her sisters… They got ready and were set to go only minutes later. It was hard on them. Zoey was also with tears in her eyes and yet… She was told about what her mother was doing and fell in disbelief. She didn’t want to believe it. Everyone then knew. Everyone. Luna was no longer the most respectable person. Zeke didn’t even want her at the service. However Luna was his wife and the mother of her kids so… She had to be there…

They all got to the Mortuary and shared a welcome and cried in each other’s arms. To share their sadness with one another. Sharing their heartache. Once the service started… They had to keep Zoey from Bawling even though it was hard. Zeke was finding it hard just as Zoey was and the whole time… He didn’t look at his wife Luna even once. He didn’t feel sympathetic or connected to her as to him… He didn’t even know who she was anymore. She didn’t even speak to him and Neither did Zoey, Charlie, Rina or Natasha. None of them spoke to her. Blossom noticed that Zoey wasn’t even facing or looking towards her mother and wondered what was going on. Wondered why no one was paying any attention to Luna…

What none of them knew was that someone else was there watching. It was that new girl. She was there. and no one knew. She didn’t know who they were. But she felt bad.

Leslie: *To herself* I don’t know who any of them are… But i feel sorry for them. Losing someone that they loved. Sure wish that there was something someone could do for them. Somehow… *Sighs* Poor guys.

The girl stayed silent around others and made sure that she blended in so no one would see her at the reception. She kept to the side and distant. All she could do was feel mournful over how the family was feeling…

It was after the reception that everyone left to head back to their homes and just took in the reality of the loss that they just had. They didn’t speak about anything else for the rest of that day. All they could do was grieve. There was sadness in every home. However… In the household of Luna and Zeke… There was nothing said. Luna immediately left and went to the secret place of hers to hang out. She didn’t want to stick by the family and feel as though she was gonna be cornered about how she chose to live. Her career. It was a loss for them. All they could do was relent and reminisce. The fighters went through a lot and there was said to be much more to come their way. Lots more. What was next for the fighters? What were they gonna face and would they be prepared for what new developments itched to unravel before them? Blossom possibly being seduced to the bad girl side… Sora and Carly facing the possible split of their family. Luna going all in on the name change and personality switch. A Whole new Lifestyle entirely and the cutting off from her involvement and ties to the family? New possible romances… And the Mob coming in to make their mark. What’s all in line to happen next in their city of Metropolis? To them? Find out in the next Chapter of the Adventures of the Rhapsody Girls Z! as the saga continues…

Mask: *To the mechanics* Hold on to your Lug nuts. It’s Time for an Overhaul!

Blossom: *Looking at Leslie* … What are you doing here, Leslie?

Leslie: What do you think? I am with Dorian right now. *Panicking* Blossom… You’re not in on this Mob persona. You shouldn’t be here.

Blossom: But Leslie…

Leslie: Blossom… You’re a good friend. I truly like you. But i can’t protect you from Dorian. Dorian is a nice guy. He took me in but he’s got certain rules. If he sees you here… he’s literally gonna come off with a temper. I have seen it… it’s not pretty. Dorian’s gonna be mad. You have to go. Hurry. *Hearing Dorian call her* Go…

Blossom: Will i see you at school tomorrow?

Leslie: Yes. I’ll be there. I’ll be there… Blossom, get out of here. hurry!

Paul: *Contacting the girls* Girls… Come in. Hurry…

Serena: *Voice* What is it?

Paul: One guess. What’s a drab banker mixed with lonesome living?

Serena: Ipkiss!

Paul: You got it. And there is more. Ipkiss has snapped and gone nuts.

Serena: How bad?

Paul: You really want to ask that question? You won’t believe it… But Ipkiss… He’s turned into this green guy. He’s the Mask.

Serena: What?!

Paul: Just what i said. Get everyone to stand on watch. Stanley Ipkiss… Is the Mask. I Repeat… Stanley Ipkiss is the Mask!

Serena: Here we go again! We’re on our way.

on the next adventure of the new Generation within the Adventures of the Rhapsody Girls Z!


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