Chapter 196-197: Zoey and Blossom in Rasputin’s Clutches…

(“Anung un Rama!” Hell Boy Succumbs to his dark destiny.)

(The end is in sight. Where’s the help when you need it?)

(Serena, Rikku, Spencer and Raven to Hellboy: “HELLBOY, WAKE UP! PLEASE! REMEMBER WHO YOU ARE!”)

Grigory: No?!

Sora: You can’t make him do it. Whether you want to believe it or not… Rasputin, Hellboy’s will is stronger. He may be tied up and chained now… But you better be hoping that he can’t break loose. If he does… You’re gonna regret it.

Carly: You’re a coward. Sending a gas masked freak to come at us. Why don’t you do your own fighting? COWARD!

By that time… Rasputin tipped the tables in his favor and with his mystical power shot at Blossom and knocked her out… Then levitated her over to where he was and placed her next to Zoey… And Liz…

Ilsa: Silence, Brat!

Sora: Wanna make us? *Preparing to fire a shot at Ilsa and then Grigory*

Carly: You back off from hellboy. Mess with him and… You’ll get this! *Casting Thundaga on Rasputin*

Sora: *Casting Flare on Rasputin* Take that!

Raven: Sora… Carly… Stop. Stop firing. He’s got Blossom and Zoey next to Liz. If you hurt him… they too will get hurt.

Sora: *Pauses* What?!

Carly: No… No.

Sora: *Looking to see two of their cousins next to Liz* …. *Gasp* Blossom! Zoey!

Grigory: In exchange for her life then, open the door.

Sapphire: No! DAMN! Damn you, Rasputin… LEAVE THEM ALONE!

Susie: What is your problem? Why do you have to be such an asshole, Rasputin. Huh? Are you that much of a bastard?

Penny: You are asking for it, You Psychotic maniac.

Annie: We gotta bust free. Keep wiggling till the ties loosen up. We have to get out of here.

Clint: That’s easier said than done. *Trying to work himself loose from the ties and straps*

In torment, Hellboy, shakes his head: no…

Thunder is heard booming overhead even though the moon is in view and glowing bright.

Grigory: Open the door.

Serena: *Coming out of the dazed feeling after being Socked* Don’t do it, Hellboy… Don’t let that asswipe intimidate you!

Grigory: He doesn’t have a choice. Unless he wants the girl spared and the two young girls to survive… He will do it.

Hellboy: No.

Grigory: As you wish…

Hellboy: *Cries out in agony* Noooo! Noooo!

Paul: Oh god… Blossom!

He leans over Liz, whispers in her ear: Her body arches, her mouth emits a plume of energy.

Hellboy: No… No! Noooo! Nooooo!



Grigory greedily inhales it. Then she goes limp. He then leans over the two young girls and Whispers into their ears. Within seconds… energy is emitted from their mouths and he inhales it.

Sapphire, Raven, Serena: *Crying out* NOOOOO! NOOOOO!

Rikku: *Secretly using a lock pick and picking the locks* … Ugh! We’ve got to stop him. He’s gonna kill them. *Busting loose suddenly as the locks snap off* Got it. *Working to sneak in secret around the Altar unseen; Getting close to the Altar and grabbing Blossom fast* …

Before Grigory could catch what happened…

Zoey: *Waking up* What happened? *Looking up to see Rasputin closeby* Rasputin! You’re in alot of trouble.

Grigory: What?! How… How are you and the young girl still alive and with your souls? I Inhaled them.

Zoey: That’s what you think. You think that you got our souls… No. We’re still standing. However… The thing that you got… was… You’ve managed to get our stink. You inhaled our flatulence. So… That means…

Grigory: *Coughing a little*

Hellboy: *Screaming desperately* RAAAAAAAHHHHHH!

Liz’s body remained laying limp. But Blossom and Zoey were free and It was only a minute later…

Blossom: *Springing back to life* Ahhh! *Shaking off the trans and Looking at Hellboy* Hey Hellboy, You digging those chains? What’s holding you back? Break Loose. Don’t let that Schizophrenic nut sack take you…

Hellboy: Blossom, I’m trying. *Trying to break loose* But they won’t budge.

Grigory suddenly walks around the Altar and walks over to Hellboy. Hellboy struggles and manages to snap off one of the cuffs. But the other one still held on tight and wouldn’t weaken itself. Something was different about the other side of the locks… Constricting Hellboy and keeping him from breaking loose.

Blossom: *Looking to see Rasputin in front of Hellboy* Get your ass the hell away from him. Now! PSYCHO! *Emitting some electricity and firing several balls of lightning at Rasputin* Get lost. Let Hellboy go! NOW!

Grigory: His true name is Anung un Rama! Learn it well, Little girl!

Blossom: And you can take a walk off a cliff… F**K-NUT!

Sapphire: Blossom, Zoey… how-how- how… *In shock and surprise* How were you able to come back to life like that?

Zoey: Blossom and I had a stale piece of fish stick. from yesterday night. We secretly thought that it’d be sick for saving it. We were rather grossed out but now after the fact that we were about to honestly have our souls taken… We made sure that we’ve eaten it. A Moment before Rasputin got us under his clutches. So… he got the stench from that… mixed with our… Farts.

Myers: Liz!…

Grigory: *To Hellboy* Her soul awaits on the other side. If you want her back… *Beat* …open the door and claim her.

His head and heart racing, Hellboy struggles for an answer. Can’t find one… the moon is almost totally eclipsed. He drops his gaze. His voice a hoarse whisper.

Zoey: Hellboy… Don’t. That’s exactly what he’s wanting you to do. That’s what he wants… He’s trying to trap you. Don’t do it. *Pleading* Please… Fight it!

Grigory: He has no choice but to do it. This is his destiny. He will answer to it! I Ushered him into this world… He shall obey me!

Spencer: What the hell are you on, Maniacal disease on two legs?

Grigory: To intent on seeing all of herr hitler’s enemies destroyed. It was you pesky Americans who’ve sent allies to ruin my ambitions. But in the dark abyss While i was away… my master… the god that lives inside me disclosed that a demon being came through the portal and was on Earth. Serving the Allies. Living a lie. I was summoned and waited long enough to fulfill the promise i made Herr Hitler.

Annie: *Annoyed* You’re so stupid. That guy is dead. He died in 1945. You are running a show all by your pretty little lonesome. Plus… You’re dead. You were dead during the beginning of the end of his rise to power. You died in 1916. You came back and yet weren’t even really alive. You were playing at being alive. But the only thing that even kept you alive in some format… was whatever god that you happen to believe to have harbored within you.

Grigory: It doesn’t matter. I learned of his true destiny. This Demon is the son of the fallen one. His true destiny is to take his place as the Prince of Hell.

A second later…

Grigory: Your true name is inscribed around the locks that hold you. You cannot break them… …no matter how strong you are.

Ilsa: The Eclipse has begun.

Grigory: Your true name… SAY IT! Become the key.

Hellboy: *In a hoarse voice; In agony* For her…

Grigory: Anung un Rama. Repeat it.

Paul: Don’t do it, Hellboy. Don’t do it… It’s a trap. He’s trying to trick you. He is using you, Hellboy.

Sora: *Casting Waterga on Rasputin* Put out that fire, Rasputin. Take a hint and get yourself iced off.

Carly: *Casting Blizzaga on Rasputin* Freeze, You creep!

Grigory: *Absorbing the attacks and sending them back* Don’t Interfere.

A second later…

As Rasputin saw the Rosary wrapped around Hellboy’s Neck and suddenly grabbed it in fury. Ripped it off and tossed it to the side. Unknowing that it flew right near Myers….

Grigory: Anung un Rama. Repeat it.

Hellboy: *Closing his eyes* Anung un Rama.


Hellboy’s stone arm glows. Ancient symbols of fire burn the
stone. Flames momentarily engulf his body.

Blossom: No… *Freaking out* Oh god… H-h-h-h-h-h-h-hellboy?

Hellboy roars as his HORNS majestically burst forth! Out of his mouth, energy and light boil like condensing breath on a winter’s night.

The fighters all watched in horror. What they were seeing was nothing less than a nightmare…

Hellboy was now transforming into the Prince of Hell: Anung un Rama. Blossom and Zoey were furious and suddenly lounged at Grigory. But Grigory used his mystical powers and Put them in a choke hold. Not letting them down. He held them in mid-air. (Talk about a real son of a bitch! The guy’s a real certifiable asshole.)

Rikku was loose and secretly had gone and called for her father and Rin. Hoping that she could get some needed help before it got to be too late. Spencer looked at the others and saw the pained look that was showing on their faces. None of them could bare to watch although… they couldn’t help but witness as their big red Ally transformed into the Prince of Hell. It was how Rasputin wanted it. He was salivating the whole thing…

Hellboy’s horn stubs turned into horns and the horns grew to its full size. But Hellboy’s mouth and nose breathed in Earthly fire. Which as he was turning… The Moon was being covered by a red veil and was Eclipsing. Turning into a portal just waiting to be activated…

Raven, Serena, Spencer, Blossom and Clint: “HELLBOY, WAKE UP! PLEASE! REMEMBER WHO YOU ARE!”

Hellboy turned and grinned arrogantly at the fighters and wondered who they were. Hellboy inside knew who they were… but couldn’t shake off the spell he was under. He was at the time under the guise of being the Prince of Hell. Known under his true name. He wanted to say something. But couldn’t. There was nothing he could say.

He walked over to the White Marble of slab that had 2 inprints. 2 slots. Once there… he held off his right hand which was the Stone hand.

The key to open the locks and lodged it into the first lock. the lock on the left side of the slab and sounds of the stone Grinding were heard as he then turned the key to the side. It Activated the Slab and turned it on…

A beam of crimson light shoot upwards into the sky…

View from the city…

Visible from all over Moscow, the beam blazes to the moon! The same phenomenon as in the prologue, but this time it’s more intense, with ripples and haloes.

Sora: Wow! Look at that!

Carly: That beam is coming from the slab of Marble. Hellboy activated that beam.

Paul: Yeah. And it’s going right up to the sky and into the Moon.

Sapphire: I think that it already has.

Clint: The Moon’s turning into a Portal. It’s turning into a maniacal portal. Summoning something to come through.

Theodore: We have to bust loose from here somehow. We have to stop this somehow.

Amy: How do you suppose that we are to do that? Rasputin’s calling all the shots and is seeing that the plan goes through.

Penny: He’s got what he wanted.


Again, the infinite, starry space. Again, the OGDRU JAHAD. The ruby beam pierces the darkness.

The Catacombs…

Hellboy watches as the FIRST IMPRINT disappears. In its place: a burning glyph.

Myers struggles with his bindings. The rough hemp cuts his skin, but he manages to free one hand.

The fighters all screamed as they saw what was coming out through the Portal. It was a monstrous beast. Massive and Ancient. A few of the fighters were able to break free and started to untie the others. Busting the others out from the chains. They were gonna make the move to fight back…


OGDRU JAHAD shifts, suddenly breaking free. Gelatinous limbs uncurl, expand. Its enormity puzzles the eye, obscuring the frame.

The beasts all shriek and roar… Twirling their tentacles around circling the portal and preparing to come through…

The Catacombs…

Hellboy thrusts his hand into the SECOND IMPRINT. CLACK! He
turns it. or was about to…

Myers spots the broken rosary and reaches for it —

Serena: *Running over to Myers* Myers, Don’t move… Ilsa is near and she’s liable to hit you.

Myers: But someone’s got to get through to Hellboy. That Rosary belonging to his father… is the only thing that’ll do it.

Sapphire: Let us handle with Bringing Hellboy back to his senses. We’ll take care of this…

Annie: Hellboy can go against one… but not all.

Sora: We’ll Ice him and Chill him off.

Carly: Then we’ll shock him.

Myers: You think that it’ll work?

Paul: It’s gotta work. This is our best bet right now.

The rest of the fighters were finally cut loose. They were all free from the capture and ready to fight Rasputin. But also set on fighting Hellboy if it came to it. They had to get through to him. Had to get him to come to his senses. But how would they be able to get through to him overruling Rasputin. Rasputin was calling all the shots and was not letting up. What were the fighters gonna do? Was there any hope for them? Would there be any hope for the fighters? How was it gonna end? Find out in the next chapter of the Adventures of the Rhapsody Girls Z! as the Saga Continues…

Zoey: *Voice-over* Hey everyone… Zoey here. Been a while since i did this. But had school and that takes up alot of time. Especially when one has a lot of homework to do. I never liked homework too much but still did it. However that is kinda trivial when you’re going against an Evil Tyrant like Rasputin and also in the line to deal with the Ancient hellish creatures known as the Ogdru Jahad: The seven gods of Chaos. Next time on the Adventures of the Rhapsody Girls Z! The fighters all bust through and work hand in hand to get through to Hellboy. But having no option but to attack him a little bit. They had no other option and it was the only way to get through to him… but just when all was to be lost… Myers… Thank god, Myers. He comes through is finally able to grab hold of the broken Rosary that had belonged to the late Professor Broom and with a swipe Tosses it to Hellboy. Calling out to him. It worked too. Hellboy snaps out of the trans and stops.  Breaks off the horns and with a hard jab… Stabs Rasputin in the guts with one of them and then pulls it back out. It also disrupted the process of bringing the creatures to earth. It sent them right back to the dark reaches of Space. But now… the fighters had to answer to the god that was apparent to be within Rasputin but now out of him and growing exponentially by the passing second. That’s gonna be not our lucky day. There was also a surprise soon to be new addition to Metropolis. 2 of them… Roxanne Harris and the one that came on her own… from New York. Rich and 12-13 years old. She was Emancipated from her parents and living on her own… A Rich girl. Also there was the soon to come surprise that a mysterious spirit shows and speaks to the fighters. To us. Talk about a real blow away. Seriously. Hellboy stands to watch and even he finds it hard to believe. But it was finally to be end of Rasputin. And next… out from the Mausoleum. Not a moment too soon too. That place gave me the uber creeps. Plus now with me being with no power… it’s worse than that. It’s the final battle against the creatures and the end of Rasputin. The return of Liz… coming back to life. Even with Blossom and I being free from Rasputin’s grasp. Thank god for that. All on the next chapter of the Adventures of the Rhapsody Girls Z! Chapter 198: “Hell Boy wakes up and fights back. The Rhapsody fighters new Generation Battle the slimy being of the Ogdru Jahad.”


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