Chapter 195: Hellboy in Chains and Fighters helplessly watch.”You are the one. The Right hand of Doom. What did you think your right hand was for?”

(More Bikini Girls Adoptions. A capping of the Bikini girls may near.)

(“Don’t do it, Hellboy. Don’t give in to that nutcase. Don’t do it!” Serena Calls out to Hellboy.)

That night…

8 PM…

In Metropolis…

Metropolis Beach house…

Sophie Collins: The hang out was really amazing. It’s just too bad that we had to endure the idea that Jenna was wearing diapers. She was also smoking too… Not in the club. But I went outside to talk to her and she kept talking about her future as a possible Adult Baby Diaper lover.

Lori Hart: What do you mean? You think that the incident that happened to her got her to shift?

Sophie Collins: I don’t know… But she’s really different than what she used to be. I have a bad feeling that she’s gonna turn to the dark side. Be a trouble-maker.

Lori Hart: No… Don’t even think that. Jenna Lands is a caring person. She’s just really hurt. Can you honestly blame her for being like she is now? She had her innocence stolen from her. Her innocence is gone. But it does not mean that she’s liable to start doing the things that you’re suggesting that she is bound to begin doing. *Scoffs in disbelief* I mean… Come on… it’s Jenna we’re talking about.

Cindy Ridley: You guys should not be talking about Jenna Lands like that. She’s still our friend. It stinks that she’s the way she is now because of her being violated… but she’s still our friend. Still a strong person. She just needs to find herself again is all.

Margaret: *Walking over suddenly from the side* And you girls need to stop stressing over Jenna Rhapsody. She’s in pain. But all that can be done is just keep her in our thoughts and minds. Plus… That’s not all… There’s a few people driving by. They happened to spot this place and are coming here…

Sophie Collins: When?


Man: *Walking over from his car* Hey there… What’re you girls doing out here all by your lonesome’s huh? Especially on a night like tonight?

Margaret: We kinda live here. We call this our home most of all.

Man: You don’t say… *Chuckles and scoffs* Unbelievable. Nice young girls who got the whole world to see… Still kids and teens… but yet… happen to live right here. I would ask why… but i might get an answer that i might not agree with. Who might you be, Miss?

Margaret: Margaret Trent. 17 years old and i’m the main leader of the Bikini Girls Gang. I overlook and oversee everything that goes on with the girls here. You’re…

Man: *Reaching out his hand to offer a friendly salutation* Alfred Richardson. I’m a Limousine Driver by day and Bartender by night. I’m rather new to this city as the life i had in a previous city that i came from took a huge crap on me and left me with just myself and my careers. Plus… I’m now a Divorced man. Been married for 3 years and then one night… i come home and find my wife in bed with a salesman and Well… *Sighs* Now i’m here… to restart my life… with my careers… Making a living and just looking to maybe start a new family.

Margaret: *Shaking the hand in return* You’ve been met with a bit of misfortune coming on to you… That’s sad. Really sad. You do live around here in the city though… Right?

Alfred: Yeah. I do. Just bought a house with the divorce settlement that i got out of my Ex-Wife. It’s somewhere on a street called Charity lane… Only a few houses from the pink and purple house that happens to be on that road.

Sophie: That’s Dinah and Shingo Rhapsody’s house. They live there. The Pink and purple house… That’s where they live. You live close to them?

Alfred: Yeah. Sure do. I live on the same street now. It’s a nice street. Peaceful. I of course don’t know who the people are that you mentioned… What are they like?

Cindy: They’re nice. Caring too. The lady… Dinah. She’s a Head Football coach for the Metropolis Bulldogs. She used to once upon a time… Be this super hero known as Thunder Mistress… Miss Lightning in a bottle.

Alfred: Wow! I happen to have heard about her. A few years ago… They were with some Special on T.V. Fox News and CNN… Talking about the Exploits and the service that was done for this city here. Done by 3 girls. She was one of the ones mentioned.

A second later…

Alfred: However… the fact that you girls are out here all by your lonesome… in late fall almost winter… That’s just not right. You should be where it’s warm. It’s a bit cold out. *Looking to see some more girls walking around up ahead* Say… Who’re those girls over there?

Lori: *Looking to the side* Them? That’s more of the gang. Cassie Pierce, Jennifer Rolland, Penelope Pink and Candy Newman. Why?

Alfred: Just wondering. Heard that some girls were reported missing last year… a couple girls kinda looked somewhat like those girls over there. It’s likely speculation though… But it’s just something i’ve heard.

Margaret: Hmm… Strange.

Alfred: *Clearing his throat a little* Yeah. Must be kinda odd to know about that. If the girls over there were missing from home… and someone was really missing them… you’d figure that they’d say something right from the start. Not wait till maybe weeks…Months or years later to start some kind of fuss about it. That to me is just rather stupid and downright pathetic. *Thinking* I’m thinking though… now that i’m here. I’d like to adopt. 3 kids. 3 of the ones that you mentioned. The first, 3rd and 4th one. I want to have them. Give them a new home.

Margaret: Sure. I’ll get them to start packing up and i’ll get their records too. Their medical and education records. Transcripts.

Alfred: You have all that from them? I don’t want to come off sounding suspicious… But, How is it that you have all their records? Aren’t they supposed to be the property of the parents to the Child?

Margaret: Technically and usually… They should be. However… some of the girls are Victims of abuse. Physical and Psychological abuse. A couple were abandoned. Actually… A few of them were. Some were Violated. And there are some who were violated just recently as there was a wave of Child abductions and Molestation floating around. There’s one that was found and rescued… by us. Hallie Tanner. She was abandoned by her biological father at age 2. If we didn’t find her when we had… she’d be dead. Her father left her to die. Didn’t even love her. Kasey became like a mother to her. She and Hallie are now daughters of Alvin and Alice Rhapsody. Brenda, Danielle, Candice, Nicki and Jenna are the daughters of Arnold. The Owner of the Radio Station in this city. MRHAP.

Alfred: Okay. I suppose that would explain it. You seem to have the most stress and pressure though.

Margaret: I sure do. But… It’s worth it. It’s proved to be worth the stress. Because these girls were supposed to be getting loved. Instead… they got everything but that. But i gave them the care and love they were supposed to get from their parents yet never did. It’s okay though. They’re stronger now than they were before. I love them. They know that.

Alfred: That’s terrible. I however know that these girls will be loved. It’s what they deserve. It’s good to know that you’re giving them that. You must be like their den mother.

Margaret: The head mother of the gang. Yeah.

A Minute later…

With the papers all set and the stuff all packed. Cassie, Penelope and Candy were on their way to their new home. They were now Cassie, Penelope and Candy Richardson…

But it was only a Minute after they left when…

Western Woman: *Walking from her Cadillac* Excuse me… Is this where i can find some nice kids to adopt?

Margaret: Depends. Who are you?

Western Woman: If i’ve come to adopt a couple kids and give them a loving home. A home well entitled and deserved… does it matter who i am? But i do guess that salutations are in order. *Offering for a fair shake of the hand; Introducing herself* Doralee Harper. “The Kissing Bronco” Doralee Harper.

Margaret: *Shaking the hand in return* Nice to meet you. Margaret Trent. Leader and head of the Bikini Girls Gang. Which girls would you like?

Doralee: Which ones would one suggest? I am a free minded Westerner… Any 2 would be just as fine with me.

Margaret: There’s Daisy Dunley. She’s not much of a westerner… but she is adaptable. However… She’s Shy. So… It may take a little time to get her to open up a bit. There’s also the girl who likes to ride her horse and manages to be gone days at a time. But explores and comes back to tell what she saw and heard. Erica Diamond. She’s around somewhere… *Seeing a horse coming into view* in fact… here she is now.

Erica Diamond: *Pulling on the reigns on the horse and getting off* Whoa! What a ride. Quiet night out tonight. Seems like things have died down.

Margaret: Well… Not too much.

Erica Diamond: Why do you say that?

Doralee: Because you’re about to get a new home.

Margaret: You and Daisy.

Sophie: 3 of us girls have already been taken. Adopted.

Lori: It seems like there’s gonna be a whole lot of adoptions tonight.

Erica Diamond: I’m gonna be getting adopted and given a new home?

Doralee: That’s right. I see that you ride horses and have your own horse. I happen to own a Ranch myself. With stables and a house that is 2 stories and good sized back yard to play in. I have a horse myself also. A Black stallion. I call her Pearling Black Sam. She’s a very playful horse. She just love to play. However… the only thing she likes for treats is Sugar cubes. Two a day and she’s tame.

Erica Diamond: You’re kidding! Really?! *Amazed and intrigued* That’s really cool. I ride mines alot. I name her… Jewel. She likes Sugar Dipped Carrots and Celery. Sometimes a Piece of Broccoli and Cauliflower. But when feeding her… she likes when i toss it into the air and she bucks her head and snatches it. Neighing happily. I happen to ride alot and search around for anything that strikes of intrigue. I am like an informant to everyone here and to the clan as well.

Doralee: Really?

Erica Diamond: Of course. Like for one thing… I found sources of strange rocks. Meteor Rocks. Green, Red and Blue. Possibly Silver.

Doralee: Wait… You wanna come again on that last bit? Did you just say… Meteor Rocks?

Erica Diamond: Yeah. Why?

Doralee: That’s what i found on my Ranch a year ago. It was the red kind. It made my horse overly infatuated. It took 4 days to sweat it out of the horse’s system. I had to Scour all over the Ranch to see that every piece of Meteor rock was tossed far from my Ranch.

Erica Diamond: I didn’t hear of any outbreak. And if there were… It’d be thought that the green kind would more than likely be of cause. Alot further and common for something to break. Not the red.

Doralee: That would be understandable… However… the rocks are very unpredictable. I found red meteor rocks. Some green ones as well. Although after seeing what the red ones were doing to my horse… i wasn’t gonna stick by and see what the green ones were gonna do. I had the Entire Ranch scoured and cleaned of any and all traces of Meteor Rock.

Erica Diamond: Where did the Meteor Rocks get thrown away at?

Doralee: Tossed and taken over to the old abandoned Quarry. Condemned. My Ranch is only 4 miles away from there.

Daisy: *Shyly* Are you giving us a home?

Doralee: You betcha’ i am. As soon as i am given the records belonging to you two… it’s off to the ranch. Then the next day… in the morning… We’ll be going to the Adoption agency and officially make you two adopted and my new daughters.

Erica Diamond: I’ll ride my horse and follow along. Jewel loves the night ride sometimes… She would just neigh happily and smile. Trollop-ping with a beat.

Within minutes… Erica Diamond and Daisy were on their way with their new mother. They were not the only ones to be adopted… There were others that would soon be adopted. But as 5 of the girls were now adopted… 5 new ones showed up.

Their names were Angel Larson, Linda Falk, Emily Cochran, Tara Martiñ and Isabelle Buscemi…

At Sid’s Diner…

8:45 PM…

Holly: *Looking at her dad* Dad, You work too hard. You do know that, right?

Sid: Yeah. But i don’t have a choice, Holly. I tried letting people work here for me and they proved to rip me off. Pilfering from the cash register.

Holly: That was Cassie. But not everyone is like that. Curtis and Megan’s Daughter Victoria is looking for work. She might be more dependable. Maybe hiring one of the Bikini girls. Or one who used to be one. Kasey. She’s dependable.

Sid: Are they? *Unsure*

Holly: Well… Not too sure about Victoria. But Kasey is. She’s been really responsible. Remember during the summer when all the guys were free for vacation? Kasey and Hallie would always come here. We would see them like… everyday and each time… Kasey made like everything was for her to pick up. Plus even so… she would lend a hand in taking orders to the customers who were coming here.

Sid: You got a point. You’re still a young one, Holly… but i can not deny… You’re right.

Holly: So, What’re you gonna do?

Sid: Do what i can… Just let me think about it. At least for the night.

Holly: Victoria hasn’t come to turn in her app yet. You’ve got the night to think it all over.

Sid: I know. *Looking towards the window* You haven’t been seeing any of the gang today.

Holly: I know. I think they’ve been tied up with stuff.


Janie: *Walking in* Hey there, Holly. Sid.

Holly: Hey girls. What’s up?

Alexandra: Nothing. At least not now. We were actually looking to see you at the club today. You didn’t show.

Holly: I know. I’m sorry. I had to mind the Diner here. Last night my dad over worked himself. Worked himself till he literally was running on fumes. He wouldn’t sleep. I had to talk him into it. So he’d at least get some rest. Which got me minding the Diner. Didn’t mind it though… But i could have needed a break.

Charlene: You look beat. You really did work alot today.

Holly: It’s good work. Tiresome… but good.

Janie: You should have been there though. There was a lively Club. We even got an alert system. It can detect when another incident occurs. It notifies the Cops.

Alexandra: Somehow… I think that all our systems are connected to a place that our older sisters head to. Some place called The Watchtower Command center.

Charlene: We can’t mention that, Alex. That place is supposed to be top secret. No one knows of it.

Jessica: *Running in* Guys… *Stopping and suddenly panting; catching her breath* There’s something going on over at the beach.

Janie: Huh?! The Beach?!

Alex: What’re you talking about?

Jessica: The Beach… The gang of girls. 5 of them were taken. some adults… came and took some kids. one took 3. Another took 2.

Charlene: *Pauses* Took them… As in… Abduction?

Jessica: No. This time… it wasn’t that. This was an Adoption wave. Cassie Pierce…Penelope Pink and Candy Newman. They got Adopted by a man. Erica Diamond and Daisy… Don’t know her last name… They got adopted by a woman. A woman in western attire.

Alex: Any idea who they were…

Jessica: No.

Janie: There must have been something.

As they were talking…

Dinah: *Walking in* Yeah. It’s called you 3 need to get on back to the house. It’s Sunday night and It’s a school night.

Alex: That is apparent, Mom… *Pauses* What?! *Turning to the side* Mom?!

Charlene: What are you doing here?

Dinah: You mean… how did i get here? I walked. I decided to walk myself over here. Following you three.

Holly: *Looking to see Dinah* Hey there, Mrs. Rhapsody. Stopping by for a cup of coffee?

Dinah: Oh… Alright. But just one cup. I mainly came to see that these 3 get back home to get ready for school tomorrow. The younger kids are already asleep and have even said their night time prayers. My oldest daughters however… are still over on the east coast. as are some of the others.

Charlene: We are just here hanging out, Mom. We’d be home soon.

Dinah: No. As soon as i finish the cup of coffee… We’re going home for the night. So… Start saying your good night partings for the night and get ready to go. It’s still dangerous out and with the fact that your Cousin Hallie got violated… i am not taking anything to chance. I am not gonna take that risk.

Jessica: Hey! Calm down… It isn’t like that at all. Not like that at all. But the issue that is now starting… it’s got them concerned.

Dinah: Like what?

Jessica: Some of the girls from the gang that reside on the beach… Just got taken. Adopted.

Dinah: Adopted? *Suddenly Curious* Okay… would someone like to tell me what this is about? The girls from the beach. The Bikini Girls… 5 members… Taken… Adopted? What is going on here?

Holly: It’s just as she said. 5 girls got taken. Adopted. 3 girls went with a man. 2 with a woman.

Jessica: The guy… His name was Alfred. Alfred Richardson. The woman though… Her name was Doralee Harper. “The Kissing Bronco” Doralee Harper. However… there’s said to be more adoptions. tomorrow. From what i heard from the adult member of the gang. They have 5 adults now… ones who very distrusting towards all men. No matter who it is. But i managed to get one of them to spill the details on what’s going on. She was a bit hesitant on saying much… but from what it sounds like… the Adoption idea… was her doing.

Holly: Who? Who did it?

Jessica: Patricia. Patricia Frank. She did it. She’s got a couple more people coming either tomorrow or the day after with the intent on Adopting. But there’s a rule. Kirsten Marsh was off limits.

Alex: Why are they trying to break up the gang?

Jessica: I don’t think that they’re trying to. I think what they’re trying to do is get them adopted and with the chance to have an actual loving home. Something they came from not having.

But while they were talking and having words with one another…

Doralee: *Walking in with a cracking whip and full Cowgirl attire* Howdy… *Walking over with a smile and a pristine glow* Care to rustle up a cup of that wholesome coffee for Stunning ole’ Doralee here, Sugar?

Janie: *Looking at her sisters and then at their mother in confusion* What’s going on?

Jessica: Apparently we’re being graced by the presence of one Doralee Harper. “The Kissing Bronco”.

Alex: Wha– Uh… Um… Okay. So i guess that 2 of the 5 girls adopted are hers now. Which ones?

Jessica: Erica Diamond and Daisy Dunley. But Now… They’re Erica Harper and Daisy Harper.

Charlene: Oh boy…

But all was not so happy and thrilling…

The issue between Luna and Zeke… That was something far from happy. There were some emotions running high and someone was gonna end up blowing their top…It was too early for that… But the events that were going on… It was the ground stone of things imminent to come…

At Zeke’s Cornerstone Marmalade Pub…

9:30 PM…

Zeke: *On the Phone* Wait just a minute, dear. You’re the one who is never around. I am constantly coming home from work. I should know because half the time… I have one of the guys with me. To hang loose a bit. You are constantly off at the Modeling Agency. Posing for those photo shoots. Nude too.

Luna: *On the phone* No i haven’t.

Zeke: Bullshit, Luna. Bullshit. You have and now that i am thinking along that line… Didn’t i tell you to refrain from getting into that X-Rated crap? I think that i did mention that. or told you. But you’re still getting a little more into it.

Luna: Where’s the proof?

Zeke: *Annoyed* Are you trying to get me to back off?

Luna: Yes. I am. I am following my career. I am not hurting anyone. What you went through when you were a young little kid… I am sorry. I really am and as i told you… i wished that i could take that pain away. That i felt awful and Mortified. Not being able to take away the pain that was done on you away. But here’s the truth… It doesn’t give you the right to tell me what i am to do with my career.

Zeke: Wanna bet? It does when i get a call from the bank telling me about there being excessive purchases being made on the bank account.

Luna goes silent in shock and Zeke catches the silence coming from her. She didn’t know that Zeke sometime ago asked to be faxed all transactions that were done on the bank account that they both shared together as one…

Zeke: *Irritated and sounding pissed off a bit* Yeah. That. The bank called me today and told me that there were multiple purchases made on the account. And i checked it out… Each of the transactions that were made… Were done by you. 4 at stores that deal with X-Rated material. 5 at Liquor stores. Buying Smokes. Then a Withdrawal of $850 from the bank 4 days ago. It was done by you. because you and I have the same account. The calls come to me. *Starting to become Irate* ME! I get a copy of the transactions faxed to me here. They don’t lie and there is only one person i can think of that would buy that stuff and it isn’t me. That puts you in a very trapped position.

Luna: So… I bought the stuff… And? It isn’t a crime.

Zeke: Oh… So you snake money out from the account and not say anything… till i get the transactions and corner you about it… And i’m supposed to be alright with it? What planet are you from anyway? In case you didn’t figure… this is not fantasy. This is real life. You’re taking money out from the account and literally robbing from the kids. Charlie is at home moping around and broken. Rina and Natasha are out with the Leadership. Afraid to come home for they don’t know what you’ve got cooked up at the house with all that X-Rated stuff stocked away in the one closet.

Luna: Charlie just lost his brother. *In a huffy tone* But at least i was at home when i got the call… Where were you? At work?

Zeke: Yeah… I was at work. Someone had to work an honest job. A clean Job. You sure as heck aren’t. *Growling* What have you been doing lately? Waiting for calls to come in about meets for Modeling opportunities. Posing Nude. Yeah… That’s really nice for our only Son to see. Zach is Dead and all you can think about is your damn career. Charlie is a wreck and you could care less. You were at home… Right? You weren’t at home. When i left this morning to come over to the Pub here… You were gone. Plus i smelt smoke wisping a little from one of your shirts that you had hanging. You think i am stupid that would figure it out.

Luna: I guess the feeling’s the same then… You are never around. You’re always out. Who knows where you go after work. at night… i go to bed… alone. By time you come home… i am already out cold. There were nights where i was crying in my sleep… But did you even bother to ask what was wrong? Did you? No!

Zeke: *Reaching the end of his patience and tolerance* You know what, Luna? Why don’t you just admit it… Just admit it… You would rather sell yourself for sex than be an actual mother to our kids and a Wife to me. Charlie needs both you and me. Not just one… more than the other.

But before another word got spoken… Zeke hung up in fury. The attitude of Luna as of late made everyone within the Mr. and Mrs. Zeke Rhapsody household miserable and discomforted. None of them wanted to stick around the house much and came up with any excuse to not be around the house when Luna was around. Not many people knew about the sudden change in Luna… But sometime soon… they were gonna catch on and there was a likely chance… that much of the family… were gonna all split up as a result in the darkening and seductive change that was coming over Luna… Where was that sweet person? No one would ever know…


At Luna’s and Zeke’s house…

9:55 PM…

Luna: *Smoking* Jerk. I don’t care what he says. I am not gonna change from my career because he feels unhappy about it. I told him that i was gonna keep it under control. However… My Photographer wants me in more Porno photo shoots and it’s a binding contract. I have to play the part… But No one around here can understand that.

Charlie: Mom, What are you doing?

Luna: None of your business what i am doing, Charlie. I am not in the mood to talk. Your father and I just got into another fight.

Charlie: I heard some of the conversation… I hate taking sides. I hate it. But… *Grieving* Dad’s kinda right. You haven’t been around much and are always at photo shoots. My Brother Zach is dead. And your career is all you seem to think about. It’s as if… It’s not something to do with your career… you don’t want any part of it.

Luna: What the hell do you know, Charlie? You don’t know what i really do at the photo shoots.

Charlie: Who says that i have to know what it is that you do when at the photo shoots? You’re mostly nude. Except for a pair of panties and a bra.

Luna: *Snaps* Hey! Charlie…. Back off! Who’s the Adult… and who’s the Minor?

Charlie: I don’t know. But i’m not staying here. I’m calling dad.

Luna: Fine. The hell with this… *Walking off to the bedroom and Slamming the door shut* Go to your father.

Charlie: I Will! Plus… When Zoey comes back from where she is right now… I’m telling her about what you’ve been doing. I want a mother. Not a Hootchie momma. Not a Whore wannabe. You’re becoming a hooker and a Stripper model. Where the heck is my mom? Because right now… you are not being a mother… You’re being a Model who’s a hooker and a plausible Whore. That is not my mother.

Looks like Zoey’s gonna sometime soon be coming home… but to see a family dramatic emotional war zone. Emotions and tension running high and stepping to learn of her mother… delving down into the Porn Industry. Nude photo shoots… Zoey, Save your sanity and good innocent mentality… Do not come back. Unless it’s at your own risk…

As for the fighters…

In Moscow…

December 5th 2044…

1 AM…

At Sebastian Plackba #16… Rasputin’s Mausoleum…


Hellboy slowly comes to. He is chained to a massive wooden yoke. He takes notice of his surroundings: a large church- like space, surrounded by funeral niches and statues holding swords. High columns flank huge mechanical gears. An SOLAR SYSTEM MODEL takes the place of an altar. The fighters slowly come to as they felt the dank chill of the dark cavern air touching them. It was the catacombs and yet… to them, A dark place which they wish that they never faced. The room looked like a Church of some kind. With a couple of ancient Angels on each side of an alter. Tall and looking down. Sapphire and Serena took one look to the center and saw that Hellboy was Chained. With his right hand tightly wound up in a part of the wood that had some kind of inscription on it. They couldn’t make out what it was.

Off to one side, Ilsa uses a hammer to destroy the timers on the explosive belts. Paul and Crystal woke up to see Ilsa hammering on the Explosives… the Timers on the belts. It was then that they knew only one thing. Their firepower was malfunctioning on them as they were tied up. There was no way to bust loose… Or was there. Sora and Carly stirred to see Blossom and Zoey laying on opposite sides appearing to be Comatose. Frozen and stiff. Zoey most of all. Or so it seemed.

Next to the main nave, Myers is tied to a stone pillar. Under his feet, a blood channel, leading to the immense stone slab bought from Lapikov.

Liz lies at Grigory’s feet. He’s dressed in a ceremonial robe and holds his leather book open. His back to Hellboy, he faces a mural of the angel Abbadon holding a key.

Grigory: “And I looked and beheld an Angel, and in his right hand the key to the bottomless pit…”

Hellboy tenses, rage building. The yoke creaks, but doesn’t bend.

Serena: Hang on, Hellboy. Don’t waste your energy. You’ll need it to tear Ras-Psycho-putin a new ass.

Blossom: *Coming to* Where are we?

Raven: Blossom, Don’t react too much. Don’t give that lunatic the satisfaction…

Blossom: Don’t let Rasputin have a case of pain… No way. It’s time to kick his ass. *Trying to get up; feeling Dizzy* Whoa!… Maybe not right now. I am feeling rather loopy right now and seeing stars. *Looking slightly over to see Zoey out cold* Zoey…

Grigory: *gestures at the stone piece* These were the words I heard as a peasant boy in Tobolsk. And now, the door — Sent by the Ogdru Jahad so that they might at long last enter our world.

Annie: *Alert* What? You’re gonna destroy our world because you want to see it fall? Are you insane? If the world ends… You will go down too… The whatever Jahad… They’re not gonna let you live.

Clint: You’re a psycho if you think that you’ll survive the aftermath.

Blossom: You’re a Murderer! Rasputin! You’re a Murderer. You killed Broom! You ordered for Kroenen to kill Professor Trevor Broom. He was more of a man than you’ll ever be, Prick! You better fuckin’ pray that none of us break loose. Because i swear it, Rasputin… I swear it by the hero that fought against psychotic assholes like that before me… that you will wish to fuckin’ god that you never crossed us. That isn’t just blowing smoke up your ass… That’s a guarantee… You satanic… mentally unhinged… Schizophrenic STONE BRAINED SON OF A BITCH!

Ilsa: Shut up! You don’t have the privilege to speak. You pesky kids are to remain silent and behold what is about to begin.

Theodore: Too bad this isn’t a movie. We’d be able to mute you.

Clint: *Grinning at Theodore* Good side line there, Theo. Witty.

Theodore: Thanks. But it’s coming from the fact that i’m annoyed.

Clint: The sense of being annoyed… It does that to you every time.

Spencer: Tell us more.

Blossom: No… We got something else to worry about. That piece of shit on two legs has done something. Something seems to be wrong with Zoey.

Amy: What’s that?

Blossom: Zoey. She’s not moving.

Ilsa: *To Hellboy* You are the key! The right hand of doom!

Hellboy studies the stone sculpture, its three HAND IMPRINTS —

Ilsa: *triumphant* Your Stone hand… What did you think it was made for? Open the locks.

Hellboy stares at his huge right arm, as if for the first time…

Myers: Don’t do it, Red! Don’t do it!

Serena: “Don’t do it, Hellboy. Don’t give in to that nutcase. Don’t do it!”

Ilsa Kicks Myers in the face…

Ilsa: Silence!

Ilsa walks over to where the fighters were and Laid a punch to Serena…

Ilsa: Shut up, Brat. You’re gonna witness the end of the world whether you want to… or not.

Raven: Go to hell… Ilsa, You’re just a little bitch to Rasputin. You were given the power to serve him. Everlasting life…  But do you really think Rasputin needs someone like you? Wake up. He is using you. He’s using you to further his cause. He’s got no earthly ties as he tries to make you believe he does. He needs you serving him so he’s got a hold on Earth. Without you… he’s nothing. That’s why he’s got you serving him. He doesn’t trust you. When things really go south for him… He’ll turn on you. He’ll abandon you.

Ilsa: You don’t know what you talk about…

Sapphire: Hello! It’s not rocket science… Think of it, Ilsa… Why do you think he granted you the power to serve him? Because of trust? No. He did it so he’d have an outlet for the human mortal world. Rasputin’s an unsent. He has died… In 1916… At a dinner in his honor… He was Poisoned, shot, Stabbed, Clubbed, Drowned and Castrated. Yet he… lives. He likely has never told you that… Has he?

Ilsa: …

Raven: If he didn’t tell you that… What makes you think that he’s telling you everything. Not hiding something from you. If he trusted you… he would not be keeping that from you. He claims to be a god. But… He’s not. He’s playing you.

Ilsa: Enough.

She walks away and goes to the other side…

The open dome above reveals the moon. An eclipse is beginning. The altar’s clockworks monitors its progress.

Blossom: Zoey! *Calling out over to Zoey* ZOEY! WAKE UP! SNAP OUT OF IT!

Ilsa: Imagine it: An eden for you and her — With those two girls that you favor as your pets…

Hellboy: No.

Grigory turns to Hellboy…

Grigory: No…

Sapphire: That’s what he said. What… You deaf now too?

To be continued on Chapter 196-197: Zoey and Blossom in Rasputin’s Clutches…

(“Anung un Rama!” Hell Boy Succumbs to his dark destiny.)

(The end is in sight. Where’s the help when you need it?)

(Serena, Rikku, Spencer and Raven to Hellboy: “HELLBOY, WAKE UP! PLEASE! REMEMBER WHO YOU ARE!”)


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