Chapter 192: Rhapsody New Generation goes to Moscow.

(“Uh-oh! I Smell something rotten going on.)

(Janie, Alex and Charlene start a Club.)

-From here on… the Time zones and times are really confusing. It might be one time in one country and State. It could be a different time in another timezone… or country. Time will get confusing and you’ll get lost here very fast. So… throughout the next couple or so Chapters… Read with caution and be warned. Times will be confusing and not make any sense-

There was still more darkness to follow and this was where a young girls life was gonna be forever changed. Who was it gonna be?


Dec. 2nd 2044…

During the mid-morning…

At the Arcade…

Becky, Cynthia and a friend of theirs were at the arcade, playing a few games, one of them was air hockey…

Becky:*Playing the game with Cynthia* This game is fun

Cynthia: Yeah. It seriously hurts your hand though if the air hockey puck hits it *Hits the puck towards Becky*

Becky: Oh… you mean like shooting fast and catching the person’s blind side?

Cynthia: Yeah. Like that.

A few hours later

Becky: *Looks at her watch* Oh man. We have to get back to the beach house

Cynthia: Oh. Well lets go then… but that was fun playing the games

The 3 girls walk out of the arcade back to the beach house or were about to when 4 men came in and blocked their paths. There was mysteriously no one inside the arcade with them. Other than the 4 workers and they were upstairs answering calls and calculating the profits of the store. They didn’t come out as they were on a crunch for time and for seeing that they could keep the place running.

But downstairs over by the doors leading out…

Becky: Who let these guys in here?

Cynthia: I don’t know *Scared to move or say anything else*

Bridgette: Where did they even come from?

Becky: I have no idea. They just came out of nowhere. And they don’t look nice either. They look like trouble and are possibly itching for trouble.

The molesters smirk and grab the 3 girls. There were 4 men… to 3 girls… So in all truth… The girls were in dire straights outnumbered.

Becky: AH!

Cynthia: *Struggling to break free* Let us go you creeps!!

Becky and Cynthia’s friend was trying to struggle free also as she screams as loud as she could…

The molesters: Stop struggling! *They pin the girls down to the ground hard*

Becky: No!! Please! *Gets tears in her eyes, fearing the worst*

Cynthia: *Trying to get free from their grip- Leave us alone you scumbags!!

The molesters then force themselves onto the girls and strip them naked

Becky: *Crying hard*

Cynthia: No!! No!!

The 4 men were Molesters… Who favored in getting with children. But they were mostly after girls and looking to impregnate some girls and cultivate some new aged young-lings and sell them off for some big bucks. Where ever possible. The 4 men… rapists had then slammed themselves hard into the girls as they screamed loudly, Begging for help. They were leering in thoughts and were hoping anyone would hear them and come to save them. Someone. But to their utter despair… There was no one nearby. for a block around…

Molesters: No one is going to hear you *They keep molesting the girls*

Becky: *Tries to kick them off her* No, this is against the law. Stop!!

Cynthia: *Struggling* Yeah. You can go to jail for this. Don’t you guys even realize that this is a felony… what you’re doing?

The molesters keep molesting the girls more, not listening to them. To them… they didn’t care as they planned this move well. Knew that they had time to do what they intended and get out before anyone were to catch them. It was a fool proof plan to them and nothing could possibly go wrong.

Becky: LEAVE US ALONE!! *Screaming out in pain*

Cynthia: Someone help us!!

The molesters eventually release in the girls after a while, and they all smirk at the 3 girls.

The molesters: That was good, for us at least

They get off them and pull their pants back up which was before they bolted out. The men then left the girls laying there… curling up in a ball and sobbing hard.


For Hallie…

That afternoon…

At Metropolis Elementary…

Hallie: *Walking into the girls restroom* I can’t believe that there are still scary people out in the world.

Janitor: There always will be, Sweetheart. It won’t ever stop. In life people are put in two groups. Scary… and the kind and sociable as well as mature.

Hallie: *Looking to the side and seeing a Janitor Cleaning up some of the stalls* But there are people out hurting young kids. Girls. who happen to be my age. They went after several already.

Janitor: Oh my… That’s terrible. Awful.

Hallie: I am scared. Some of them were girls i knew. From the gang i used to be part of. The Bikini Girls Gang. However… I never wore a Bikini… Although i was considered to be one of them. They cared for me. Raised me since i was like 2. I was left to die by my biological father. I don’t remember him. But… I do know that if someone didn’t come and happen to find me. Rescue me when they had… i would have been dead.

Janitor: I’m sorry to hear that. It’s a shame how people can just abandon their own kids and leave a defenseless and helpless child to die. *Feeling bad* I really am sorry that you’ve had that happen to you.

Hallie: It’s okay. I have a loving family. My mother figure Kasey’s been really nice. She’s been very loving too.

Janitor: That’s good. *Looking at the stalls and sighs* all these are done. Now i have to do the boys restroom. But there are also the other 2 restrooms that i need to finish. I’m a little behind. *Seeing the shine in the work done in the restroom* Hmm… Now that’s what i call clean. The way a sanitary restroom is supposed to be.

Hallie: You looking for someone to help you a little? *Offering to help*

Janitor: Nah! It’s okay… I kinda got it all handled. It’s just a bit to do is all. You never can imagine how dirty all these restrooms get. You kids do need to answer that call of nature… but alot of you kids just happen to forget to clean up after using it. Not that it’s so bad… It just makes a little more work for me to do. I don’t mind as it’s my job and i love my work. But why make more work when there is no need for it, Right?

Hallie: *Chuckles and a little grossed* Right…

Hallie then went on to use the restroom and the Janitor went on to do what he had to do. However Hallie was into lending some help where she could. She wanted to help. So she did the most common thing and with a kind heart… went to find the Janitor and offered to help. She knew that the Janitor was to be okay with doing it on his own. But she still felt that she should give a hand…

Hallie Being the nice person that she always was. Never a bad bone in her body. Always thoughtful and sincere… Went to help out the Janitor. Only…

When she walked into the restroom where the Janitor was currently working on cleaning up the stalls and sinks. The floors. She didn’t know that the Janitor was gonna be one with a split personality. He was nice. Kind and sweet. Who’d know that he would pull a Jekyll and Hyde? But he did. However he made like it was innocent and out of sheer innocent fun. casual and even the most subtle… Asked if she’d like to play a simple game. It was harmless. Innocent… Or was it? Hallie was open to games and played along. Didn’t think much about the change in the Janitor’s demeanor. She saw only the nice attitude and the sweet gentle nature. To her… There was most certainly nothing off about the Janitor.

But she turned out to be wrong… sadly wrong as the motives suddenly turned into something dark and alternative. Before she knew what was going on as she was tricked… She was instructed to lie down and subject to play doctor. She being the patient and it was when it all went wrong. All wrong. Wrong and sickening. Hallie was then pinned to the ground and gagged. The Janitor pulled off her pants and undies and connected. She still tried to scream all while it happened. But since she was gagged. No one could hear her. The screams were not heard. Nothing came out. By time it was over… Hallie laid there crying and with tears running down her face. She hurt all over and all she could do was cry. She was victimized… Because the truth was… The Janitor was actually a lonely person and the real deal was that she was grabbed and made to think it was all a game when in all honesty… There was nothing gamely about what was going on…

Hallie has just been Molested. She walked out of the school restroom in tears and with tattered clothes. Her hair was a mess and it was gonna be hard to know that she was molested as she was still young enough where the truth was still easily hidden. Able to be kept under wraps and made to where no one would ever know. But the only part of that whole getup… Was just that she looked in the mirror and looked at herself. She saw herself as Dirty, Disgusting. Self-loathing. Unworthy. It was time for the bell to ring letting out everyone for the rest of that day. Everyone walked home and Hallie only got to the front gate where Kasey was standing and waiting to pick her up when suddenly Hallie starting shaking and broke down in tears. She was hurting and yet… wouldn’t say why. She even unfortunately wet herself as the recurring moment of her being violated still was racing in her head. In her mind. She didn’t feel as if she could trust anyone. Not even her mother figure Kasey. Hallie couldn’t look at Kasey and see the look that her life was gonna be over. Kasey was lost to what was wrong with Hallie. She didn’t realize that Hallie was hurt and in the worst way. She believed that her crying was the result of a bad day at school or a bully picking on her. But not anything else but that.

At Alvin’s and Alice’s house…

That night…

Hallie was still in pain and she didn’t feel like herself anymore. She got up during the night and snuck out. Slowly and made sure that she would not wake anyone else up in the house. She tip-toed out of the house and walked her way through the neighborhood aimlessly…

At the Local Burger Joint…

Minutes later…

Hallie: *Sitting down; crying in pain due to the incident that she went through* I hurt so bad… Where’s my momma? *Bawling in tears and sobbing in tears; With a broken heart and psyche*

Hallie was devastated by the attack that was done on her at school before it let out for the weekend. It was a friday night… Hallie sat there in terror and with a broken psyche. She felt dirty. She didn’t know that the Janitor was gonna molest her. The Janitor was in all respects appeared being a real nice but lonely guy. Clean shaven, Prim and proper and direct in the work he did. He minded his manners and was just as gentle as a love. But then out of nowhere… Slam and release… There was a breakdown and he pulled an act on the girl. Stripping her of her innocence. Stripping her of a childhood. What was left of it 3 years before a growing child had to start letting go of childish things and look into being focused on a career in the future. Something that they would be into… No mess. No foul. It was as she sat there that suddenly…

A 17 year old girl who was a loner. With nowhere to really go as she had a unfortunate life. She lost her parents when she was only 10. Lost her Aunt just a year earlier. Her name:  Beverly Ferguson. A girl who is mostly all for herself and is on her own in the world. Her mentality is that to her… The world is just shit and she’d care less. Cares for no one… but herself as she’s lost everything when her Aunt passed a year earlier. Her parents died when she was 10. Her relatives were all but gone. So it was her and her alone.

Beverly: *Out and walking alone, walking and passing a burger joint; stopping by to get a burger to eat* *smoking* … *Spotting a younger girl on the ground in a ball and crying hard*

Beverly didn’t know who the younger girl was but she appeared to be very frightened and alone so she walked over to her and kneeled down beside her*

Beverly: Are you ok? Did you need help? *Looking at the younger girl*

Hallie: *Sobs; suddenly pausing to look up and see someone close to her* … *Scared and frightened* W-w-w-who are you? *Pushing away in fear*

Hallie was indeed terrified and broken. She didn’t know who to trust or talk to. She was afraid that she would be hurt again by someone. After what happened to her… She was even aftaid of her adoptive mother and father. The family. She didn’t know who she anymore. She was lost.

Beverly: *Looking at the terrified younger girl*

she didn’t normally care about anyone else but herself, but she really got worried when she had seen this poor innocent girl upset.

Beverly: Don’t be afraid. I’m not going to hurt you, I want to help you. What in the world happened to you anyway? *Trying to place a comforting hand on her shoulder*

Hallie: I don’t know… *Scared* I got hurt at school. I was in the girls restroom and only walked out when i got grabbed by a man. A Janitor who wanted to talk to me. He was lonely. So i-i-i-i-i-i spoke to him only to suddenly get trapped in the bathroom. The boys restroom and the janitor made like he wanted to play a game. But it wasn’t a game. He tried something on me and had me p-p-p-p-p-p-p-pinned to the floor… He ripped off my skirt and undies and got on… *Bawling* Waaaaaaaaa!!!!!! *Sobs*

Beverly: Oh my! You poor thing. Ssssshhhh, it’s going to be ok *Suddenly pulling the younger girl in a hug* No one deserves to have that happen to them. Where are your parents, do they know about any of this?

Hallie: I-i-i-i-i-i don’t know. I didn’t tell them. I didn’t even tell my sister Kasey. She is actually who i see as my mother. She took care of me since i was 2. I was abandoned by my biological father and My Biological mother died. After having me. I don’t even remember who they are. Kasey saved me from being left to die. But i-i-i-i-i-i-i-i-i-i c-c-c-c-c-c-can’t t-t-t-t-t-t-t-t-t-tell her about this… I can’t. *While crying*

Beverly: *Thinking* Wanna come inside to get a burger with me?

Hallie wasn’t really all that hungry. She was upset and feeling dirty, self-loathing. But knew that she had to eat something to settle her stomach…

Hallie: *Scared and morally afraid to get up* I guess. But i am really terrified. What if i have an accident? *Terrified; Getting up really slowly but frightened to react*

Beverly: *Supporting her as best she could* I won’t let anything happen to you. You know, I haven’t had it that easy in life either *Walking into the burger place with Hallie*

Hallie: Really? *Hurt* Why? What happened to you? *Walking inside the Burger place*

Beverly: I lost everything when my aunt died. She passed away a year earlier, my parents died when I was just 10 years old, my whole family is gone and I’m all alone in this world without anyone to turn to. All i got now is my well-being, This face. What i got up here. *Pointing for a split second at her head* … *Walking up to the counter with her and ordering 2 burgers*

Hallie: You’re all alone in the world. That’s sad. How do you get by?

Hallie was not speaking too much or so it may have seemed and was mostly sniffling as she was hurt and destroyed because she was violated by the Janitor. She lost her innocence and didn’t know what she was doing. She felt self-loathing by far as she believed herself to be trash. Hallie didn’t even feel that she was lucky to be living.

Beverly: *Looking down a little* I took up a habit that’s not very good for you. Been doing it since I was 11. *Seeing that Hallie was still looking so lost and broken and wishing there that there was something that could be done to ease her pain*

Hallie: Does it help express the pain and the hurt inside. I lost my innocence and i am scared to let my mom know. I can’t let Kasey find out about it. She’ll be so upset. I can’t tell them. What would they say? They wouldn’t know what to think? I can’t go home and look at them. *Feeling herself getting damp* Not again. *Sobs* I feel so disgusting…

Beverly: Yes, it helps ease the pain a little. Hey, it’s fine if you’re not ready to tell anyone about what happened to you yet, parents are the best supporting roles in life and know how to help a child through things *Lights up again and takes another smoke*

Hallie: How can i tell them? My dad is at work alot and half the time… he’s out on dates. I think that he’s seeing another woman. Which i can’t tell my mom. It’d hurt her. It’ll hurt her to know that i was… Mol—–. *Scared* I feel so alone. Scared. I feel really dirty. *Broken*

Beverly: *Thinking about letting Hallie try a smoke* Well um, since you’re hurting a lot do you maybe want to try a smoke to see if that eases some of the pain you are feeling? *Not forcing it on Hallie; Unsure if Hallie’d want to do it*

Hallie: Smoking is not all that good. But i don’t know what to feel anymore. My innocence is gone. I already know that i will be in trouble because i snuck out. *On the Verge of breaking down again* … *Nods* Okay. But can we go outside. I don’t want to do it in here. having people stare at me acting this way is making me really scared. I don’t want to draw unwanted attention. I can’t. I want to do it outside.

Beverly: Yeah. We can go outside *Going outside with Hallie with a comforting arm around her*

Outside of the Burger stand…

It was cold and wet feeling, But Hallie didn’t really care. She was too broken and upset to care. She didn’t even care about herself anymore as she didn’t know why she should. She was feeling worthless and unwanted as she believed herself to be self trash. She hated how she looked because of what happened to her.

Beverly: You’re not alone. A lot of other girls, even guys believe it or not, get molested. Guys don’t have it happen to them as much as we do though

Hallie: They’re lucky. They don’t have this happen to them and leaving them to feel as though they’re disgusting and self-loathing.

Beverly: Not too Lucky. But they are pretty fortunate. They can’t be impregnated. But.. us girls. We can. Making us automatic targets. *Taking out a cigarette from her pack of smokes and lighting it up for Hallie, handing it to her*

Hallie takes the cigarette and at first is unsure but then suddenly sticks it in her mouth and starts smoking.

Hallie: *Slowly smoking* getting sexually violated is not something to be proud of… I am not proud. I feel so terrible. *smoking* … I hate myself. I shouldn’t even live. I’m really worthless.

She felt so broken down that all she could do was think to cry. All she wanted to do was cry.

Beverly: *Shocked at what she just heard Hallie say* You’re not worthless. You didn’t even ask for any of that to happen to you *Nodding her head* I know, being molested is not something to be proud of. I think your school needs to get rid of that janitor creep, he needs to be turned over to the police for comitting a crime.

Hallie: *Feeling herself getting wet* I don’t have any control of my body. I don’t know how i can ever go home and let my sister who’s like a mother to me in a lot of ways… see this. She’d never understand.

Hallie was taking puffs off the smoke. It was slow but she was not paying much attention to what she was doing. She was broken and afraid to let her mom and dad see her. Just the idea that she was out on her own and snuck out of the house… it was enough to frighten her to where she could never go home. Not like the way she was.

Beverly: *Feeling her heart break for Hallie* Your mom loves you. It would hurt her to hear what happened to you but you wouldn’t be the one she’d be mad at, it really hurts a parent when their son or daughter is hurt and they keep it from them *Taking out a second pack of Marlboro reds, thinking about giving it to Hallie*

Hallie: They’d be hurt either way. I don’t know how they’ll be able to look at me the same way again when they learn that i was Molested in school… By a Janitor. But the Janitor will deny the whole thing. I’ll be pinned as a liar. I’m ugly… I’m disgusting. I feel it too.

Beverly: You’re not disgusting, the janitor at your school is. He’s a rotten pervert who needs to be locked up *Sighs and then holds out another pack of smokes for Hallie* Here. Since you were molested against your will you should have this pack of smokes. Whenever you feel yourself getting upset and scared again you can have a smoke. But try not to do it so much, smoking can cause all sorts of problems otherwise. *Feeling like she wanted to just call the police about the janitor at Hallie’s school* Smoking is also very addictive and it’s hard to stop once you get started.

Hallie: I should take up the habit. I’m only 10. The janitor in that one moment took away my childhood. I don’t have anything good about me. I feel so bad. Since it happened in the afternoon and till now… I was hurt. I still feel hurt. I Feel bad all the time. I feel as if my identity was taken. I don’t know who i really am anymore. *Taking the two packs of smokes and putting them in her pockets* Thank you,… I don’t know your name. But you seem to be like an old Bikini girl. Just more mature.

A voice echos in the distance calling out a name…

Hallie: *With the packs of smokes in her pocket and a lighter* I need another light. before my sister gets here. She’s near… *Scared and terrified suddenly*

Beverly: *Suddenly realizing that she hadn’t introduced herself to the younger girl yet* My name is Beverly. What’s your name? I’ve seen plenty of people in this kind of state after a horrible encounter. Bikini girl? What’re they? *Suddenly confused*

Hallie: The Bikini girl gang is a gang of girls that have come from different situations. Some were abandoned. Some were abused. Runaways. There are those who have even been molested once but they don’t happen to remember because it’s been so long and they may have blocked it out. Some are Abuse victims. Physically, Emotionally and Mentally. The leader of the gang is Margaret Trent. She started the gang when she was only 7 or 8. Kasey and I used to be in the gang… but now we’re part of a large family. *Smiling a little* I’m Hallie Tanner/Rhapsody. My mother figure is Kasey Lancaster/Rhapsody. *Motioning for a smoke*

Beverly: They should really put a stop to abuse. *Smoking*

Hallie: Can i have another? *Looking to the side and catching sight of Kasey only a block away; Frightened* Oh no… It’s my sister. It’s Kasey… I got to hide. *Quickly hiding in terror* Don’t let her see me. Please. *Bawling*

Beverly: *Looking over and seeing Kasey, as she quickly moves over so that Kasey wouldn’t see Hallie as she keeps smoking a little more*

Kasey: *Suddenly walking over and looking around for Hallie* Oh god… where did she go? I’ve got to find her. She’s hurt and if anything were to happen to her… *Panicking* Hallie?! Hallie, Where are you?

Hallie: *Sniffling*

Kasey: *Looking to see a Teen close by Smoking* Hey there.

Beverly: *Looking over at Kasey suddenly* Oh hey. What’s up?

Kasey: Did you happen to see a young girl come around here? Young. about 10. She’s like really special to me. She’s really important to me. Have you seen her? Please… I have to find her. *Trying to not break down* … *Calling out for Hallie* Hallie! Hallie! WHERE ARE YOU? Please… come back… PLEASE!

Kasey was now where Hallie was and she was calling out for her. She followed the trail of where Hallie was as she picked up the scent of the young girl perfume. That Kasey got for Hallie a month earlier. She knew that it was Hallie for that reason however… didn’t see Hallie. She stopped where the scent ended. But didn’t see Hallie… Or was it because she was hiding? Beverly wasn’t gonna say where Hallie was unless Hallie was ready to be seen. If ever she would decide to come on out into plain sight…

Beverly: Nope haven’t seen her. But I’m sure she’ll come back when she’s ready to *Seeing the look on Kasey’s face and seeing how worried she was about Hallie* Don’t worry, you know what kids are like these days. So full of secrets and running away from home.

She was banking that Kasey would buy it. But Beverly didn’t know Kasey. And Kasey didn’t know her. So… the thought that it would work… didn’t stick.

Kasey: You don’t understand. She’s my sister. Plus like a daughter to me. I found her when she was only 2. She was abandoned. Her biological father left her to die. I raised her. I love her. Please… You’ve got to tell me where she is. Please… *Calling for Hallie* HALLIE! WHERE ARE YOU?! *Crying out* Hallie! WHERE ARE YOU?!

It was now getting sad… But Hallie was too scared. She could not bare to let Kasey see her. She couldn’t. She was terrified.

Beverly: *Understanding Kasey’s worry for Hallie*

Beverly really wanted to let Kasey know where Hallie was but she knew she couldn’t cause Hallie had asked her not to let Kasey find her. She was in a bind. What was it that she could do?

Beverly: I understand you’re worried, I really do. I’m sure wherever she is she’s fine, it’s not easy for someone to tell their parents that they’re hurt.

Hallie: *Sniffling and Sobbing*…

Kasey: *Hearing the sobs* Hallie???

Hallie: *With the packs in her pocket* K-k-k-k-k-k-kasey?! *Terrified*

Kasey: …

Beverly: *Sighing softly* Hallie is hurt, she was afraid to come home because she didn’t think you would ever see her the same after what happened to her. She thought you’d be mad, it’s not my place to tell you what happened to her at school she has to be the one to tell you *Feeling a little guilty*

Kasey: What?! What happened to her at school? When i picked her up from school… she cried. But she didn’t even tell me from what. I thought it was from the bullies and i’d be able to deal with them. But… It’s something else. Isn’t it? What happened? Do you know what happened to her? *Panicking and starting to freak out*

Beverly: *Looking over at Hallie* Listen, Hallie. Your sister needs to know what happened to you, she can’t help you unless she knows. Don’t worry I’m here. Family is there for each other no matter what happens.

Hallie: I-i-i-i-i-i-i-i-i-i-i-i c-c-c-c-c-c-c-can’t t-t-t-t-t-t-t-t-t-t-t-tell her. I’m afraid to tell her that i was….. M-m-m-m-m-m-m-mol-mol-mol-moles-moles-moles-… *Unable to say it; Bawling in tears in agony and fear*

Kasey: *Gasps* Is she saying what i think she was about to say?

Beverly: *Looking back over at Kasey* Hallie had a bad encounter at school, she was in the girls’ restroom and as soon as she walked out she was grabbed by a man. A Janitor who wanted to talk to her, he was apparently lonely. So she spoke to him only to suddenly get trapped in the bathroom, the boys restroom and the janitor made like he wanted to play a game. But it wasn’t a game, he tried something on her and had her pinned to the floor. He ripped off her skirt and undies and got on top of her. *Saying to Hallie then* I’m sorry but someone had to tell her.

Kasey: Oh my god… No. No… NO!!! *Freaking out and walking over to Hallie and grabbing her; Hugging her as she now breaks down in tears* Oh my god, Hallie. I didn’t know that it was that. I thought that it was a bully like situation. I didn’t know that it was due to a molester. *Hugging and Crying with Hallie* Oh Hallie.

Hallie: I’m sorry, Kasey… I was just scared to tell you. I felt so bad that i knew that if you were to know… It’d hurt you and hurt me more because you were hurt because i told you that i had been hurt.

Kasey: *Sobs into Hallie while hugging her* I’m so sorry. *Looking to the side* Is there more? Is there more to this? Please, tell me. *In agony and wanting to know what else happened to Hallie*

Beverly: *Shaking her head* No. That’s all that happened to her, but you might want to call the police on the school janitor before he can hurt anyone else.

Kasey: That’s what i am planning to do. I’m calling the school tomorrow and making a complaint and i’m filing a report for an act of grievance. But is there a bit more that i should know? *Asking through her tears*

Beverly: She didn’t tell me about anything else happening to her *Saying back to Kasey* If she had’ve mentioned something else happening to her I would tell you right away.

Kasey: I know. However is there something going on here? What was she doing here? *Looking with tears in her eyes* Her mother and father are worried about her too. They caught the front door open after i started looking all over for Hallie. Unable to find her. They’re out looking for her now. They’re both worried sick. I had been worried most of all. But What made her come here at this time of night?

Beverly: I just found her here curled up in a ball and crying her heart out when I happened to be passing by and stopped for a burger. I started talking to her and asked her what in the world happened to her and then she told me about being molested, she doesn’t want your parents to know about it though.

Kasey: I’m sorry that it happened to her. I feel so bad that i didn’t pick up on it when it could have made all the more difference. *Starting to smell smoke coming from Hallie* Hallie?

Hallie: *Sniffling* Yeah?

Kasey: Why do you smell like smoke?

Hallie: What do you mean? I don’t smell like smoke. Why do you think i smell like smoke? *Broken and through her tears*

Kasey: Mom and dad will need to know. They must know about this. This is serious. Really serious, Hallie. Being sexually violated… Molested. It’s serious.

Beverly: … *Suddenly going quiet*

Hallie: I feel really dirty. I hate myself because of what happened. Beverly… You tell her what i did here. I can’t. I just can’t.

Kasey: Hallie, What’s going on? What do you mean that you can’t say what you’ve done here? Why? What did you do? *Looking at Beverly* What is she talking about?

Beverly: I.. I offered her a cigarette, I know I shouldn’t have but she looked so broken inside. She’s now slowly getting into the habit *Suddenly getting hit with more guilt*

Kasey: You did what? You offered a Cigarette? to a 10 year old girl? *In outrage* Just what in the hell do you think you’re trying to do? She’s now hooked on them. How could you do such a thing? her mother and father are gonna be so upset. More with being informed that Hallie’s been Molested in school. *Unable to believe what she heard* Damn it… *Looking at Hallie* Hallie, Did you really try one?

Hallie: *Nodding shamefully* Uh-huh! *With tears in her eyes* I’m sorry.

Beverly: *Looking down in shame of what she had done* I’m sorry. I’m so sorry!

Kasey: That’s all fine and good. But it’s a little too late to be saying sorry now, isn’t it? *Sitting down* Sorry isn’t gonna make anything better. This is bad. Hallie doesn’t happen to have any on her… does she?

Hallie: *Scared and not open to speak about what she’s hiding*

Kasey: Hallie, I am not gonna be mad at you. Just at her because she should have known better. You’re hooked on the habit. And if you’re doing it… I’ll cover it up as much as i can. Even though i am wishing that you wouldn’t take it up.

Hallie: *Terrified as she then pulls out a pack and shows it off* This is it. *Gulps and shakes in fear* I’m sorry.

Kasey: *Looking at Beverly* This is your fault. Your fault alone. But guess what? Since you got her hooked… You’re gonna cover it up. You’re gonna be with her whenever she has one. If anyone says anything… You are to cover it up. Keep it under wraps and use the Molestation as the excuse. I want her shielded from it. She gets hurt… you and i will be having words. *In demand*

Beverly: I’ll do anything to make it right again *Still feeling very guilty*

Kasey: Hallie is gonna do it. when she’s wishing to. I don’t like it. But she’s gonna do it. She’s lost her innocence. But i will say this. If Hallie is hurt… And you don’t do anything to divert it. Don’t think that i won’t let it out. You got my sister… Daughter figure to take up smoking. You’re responsible for her protection from those who will only wish to ridicule her once it’s out that she’s been molested and is smoking at a young age.

Beverly: I won’t let her get hurt. I’ll protect her from the people who try to hurt her.

Kasey: You better.

Kasey barely turned to see Hallie walking off and barely caught sight of her pulling out a smoke and placing it on her lips before lighting up and smoking. Kasey saw it and couldn’t help but feel nauseated over what she was seeing Hallie do. All she could do was break down in sobs for what she was seeing happening.

Hallie had walked her way back to the house while smoking and losing all touch of innocence. She didn’t have any happy part of living going for her. She had no innocence. She lost her childhood from that one incident. All it took was one incident to ruin her. Kasey was not gonna leave Beverly by herself. She meant what she said. She demanded that Beverly stayed with her and Hallie and pitch in.

Beverly: *Stays with Hallie, knowing this was all her fault that Hallie was smoking now*

Moments later…

Back at Alvin and Alice’s house…

Hallie: *Barely finishing her light; Walking into the house and walking on to her bed*

Hallie didn’t say anything as she was self-loathing to herself. She had no means to be happy. There was no point of being cheerful. Nothing could get her to really smile as there was no innocence. Hallie got to her bed and hit the sheets. Within seconds, she was out cold. She had her packs placed in her backpack. She didn’t speak to anyone and wouldn’t. There was nothing for her to say. While she slept… all that could be heard was her crying in her sleep.

Beverly: *Sleeping in the spare room at the house, hearing Hallie cry*

Hallie: *Crying in her sleep*

Kasey: *Sitting up and in emotional strife and agony* … *Sighs* Hallie…

Beverly: *Opening her eyes and sighs*

All that was heard was Hallie crying and bawling in tears. The whole house heard it. By morning… It got to be too much…

In Moscow…


TOPOCKBA STEEL MILLS, MOSCOW A wasteland of rust and decay. Rotting warehouses line the street like dead steel watchdogs. No one’s around but a few lonely sentries. A limo and motorcycle caravan are waved through the security gates.


A metal door trundles back and the limo and escort motorcycles enter.

Fleshy Russian General — LAPIKOV — gets out of the limo. Then Ilsa and Grigory.

General Lapikov: I have accumulated many objects of great interest. Preserving our heritage. Grigory, I have strong belief that much of what you’re to see may well be to your liking.

The warehouse contains a world of bric-a-brac: a towering marble LENIN HEAD, Old Master paintings, tanks, warheads, missiles, etc.

General Lapikov: Many — like me — believe Mother Russia to be very close to a historic rebirth. This should please you greatly.

They stop before a cargo container. With a butane torch, a soldier melts away the lead Kremlin seal, then open the doors.

Grigory: Rebirth? I like that.


A massive stone monolith of polished MARBLE.

Lapikov: Twenty tons of stone. This thing fell from the sky into Tungaska

Grigory: June 30th, 1908. It burned hundreds of square miles of forest. The
Romanovs took possession of it immediately. The Czar guarded it jealously — I have wanted it for ages.

Grigory’s fingers brush over its smooth, perfect surface. At the center —
— TWO CIRCULAR IMPRINTS that match Hellboy’s four-fingered
stone hand.

Grigory: Now, finally, it’s mine.

Lapikov: You are aware, of course, there’s no way you’ll get it out of Russian

Ilsa: *curtly* He is aware.

Ilsa brings out a chrome box, full of gold.

Lapikov: It’s a pleasure doing business with
you. Perhaps you have other interests.

Grigory’s voice drips with serene brutality.

Grigory: Enjoy the bright metal you’ve earned. There will be no further transactions *beat* Only closure.

Back in Metropolis…

At Alvin and Alice’s house…


Living room…

Kasey had no choice. She had to tell their mother and father. There was no other way. It had to be told. The parents had to know what was going on.

Beverly: *Going into the kitchen to get something to eat for breakfast, and then goes and sees Hallie* Oh Hallie. This is just breaking my heart to see you like this *Hugging her* Your parents are going to have to know sooner or later.

Hallie: I don’t think that telling them will matter.

In the living room…

Kasey: *Looking at her mother and father* Mom, Dad… Uh… There is something that you need to know.

Alice: *Looking over at Kasey, feeling her heart stop* What’s the matter sweetie? What happened?

Alvin: *Waiting to hear what Kasey was wanting to tell them* Is it anything to do with Hallie?

Kasey: Yes. It’s About Hallie. Something bad had happened to her. It’s not good. You’ll be crying over this. But save it. I’ve already had my share of them last night. Hallie’s been stripped of her innocence. Yesterday. At school. *Telling the news to her mother and father* Hallie had a bad encounter at school, she was in the girls’ restroom and as soon as she walked out she was grabbed by a man. A Janitor who wanted to talk to her, he was apparently lonely. So she spoke to him only to suddenly get trapped in the bathroom, the boys restroom and the janitor made like he wanted to play a game. But it wasn’t a game, he tried something on her and had her pinned to the floor. He ripped off her skirt and undies and got on top of her. Mom. Dad. Hallie’s been Molested. *Wanting to break down over the news*

Alice: *Gasping and nearly breaking down in tears* My poor baby girl *Crying suddenly*

Alvin: *Hugging Alice and trying to calm her down, looking at Kasey* Where had she run off to last night? *Trying to stay calm*

Kasey: She ran off to a local nearby Burger stand. But i got her back. I brought her back. Last night when she snuck out. It wasn’t hard as i picked up her scent. There’s something else too which i won’t say as it’s too much to deal with. On top of knowing that she’s been Molested. *Sighs before sitting down and feeling devastated*

Alice: *Looking at Alvin* What if she took up a habit? Oh my god! *Hurt to know her youngest daughter had been molested* I’m calling the school and filing a report

Alvin: Don’t worry honey. We will get through this like we get through anything, I’ll go talk to her. *Walking off to Hallie and Kasey’s room*

However as it was the weekend, It was close to the time where Alvin got ready for a morning brew at the Pub. Zeke’s Pub where Alvin would go and have words of conversation with Zeke. But this was one Saturday that Alvin wasn’t gonna be having that brew. After hearing that his youngest Daughter. Adopted originally… had been Molested at school. He didn’t dare leave and see his wife holding the bag. He stayed… He didn’t know what all to say to Hallie. But he had to reach out to her and comfort her the best way that he knew how.

Alice: On Monday, I’m gonna go in to work late. I’m calling the school board and filing a complaint. Filing a report on the Janitor that Molested Hallie. I’m suing the School board as well. The very nerve of a Janitor who must have been a child molester in disguise being allowed to work at a school around young kids. *Angry suddenly as she was indeed with outrage*

The Phone then rings…

Kasey: *Answering the phone* Hello?

Megan: *On the phone* Alice?

Kasey: Hold on. *Looking towards her mom* Mom… Phone. It’s Megan.

Alice: What does she want?

Kasey: I don’t know.

Alice: It’s okay. I’ll take care of it…

After the call…

Alice: Jenna Rhapsody was Molested 3 weeks ago.

Kasey: What?! Jenna Lands was molested? How… *In disbelief* Oh my god… I can’t believe this. How could that happen?

Alice: From what Megan said… 3 weeks ago Jenna was walking on her own as she was feeling down and it was around that time that the Molestation started. She was caught and pinned and stripped naked and then Molested. By a Sex offender. A Child Molester. Jenna at first didn’t show any of the signs of being molested. Which was a plus… So it was said. But through out the last 4 days… She’s been wetting the bed. Burning herself. Trying to commit suicide. 3 times. Depression. Has been seen smoking. She was caught smoking at school. She won’t talk and has been withdrawing from others at random times.

Kasey: How are the others handling it?

Alice: Well… Your uncle Arnold has been said to reach his limit. He’s gonna put Jenna in diapers. Jenna’s wearing diapers or should i say will be… starting tonight and relearning toilet training. What happened to her 3 weeks ago… Really screwed her up. I feel bad for the poor girl. She didn’t deserve that. She didn’t deserve to have that done to her. Not like that. Hallie is lucky somewhat… All she showed was Running away from home. But was luckily brought back home. But has been wetting the bed. We noticed it this morning… but didn’t say anything as we didn’t want to embarrass her. She clearly has been already through enough. There was Excessive crying. That’s saying something. However if Hallie keeps wetting the bed like she’s done since last night. We’re gonna have to put her in diapers too. This is really serious. This isn’t just something simple. Her life has changed. She’s had her whole life altered.

Kasey: What’ll we do? Hallie can’t go to school anymore. Not feeling or with the marks on her that were done by the one that violated her. She can’t. I can’t stay home either. What’re we gonna do?

Alice: I’m going to have to take a couple days off work to be here with Hallie *Picking up the phone and calling the school*

Kasey: Mom… It’s Saturday… There won’t be anyone there on a Saturday. It’s the weekend. It’s a good idea though… but all you’ll get is a dial tone. There’s no one there on weekends.

Alice: I’ll call them first thing Monday then. I was going to leave them a message so they wouldn’t wonder why Hallie isn’t in school Monday.

Kasey: That’d be the only thing you would be able to do… But i think that filing a report or issuing a lawsuit against the school for emotional strife and harmful pain on a minor. demanding for them to pay for emotional and psychological distress.

Alice: *Sobs* Why Hallie? Why did this have to happen to her? WHY?!

Kasey: I don’t know. I really don’t know… When i picked her up from school yesterday… She just cried and bawled. I don’t know why that she’d just cry out of nowhere. I happened to think it was because a bully was picking on her. I didn’t even think it was anything too serious and yet felt bad for her. I felt really bad. I didn’t know that it was Molestation till last night when i found her at the burger stand and with the 17 year old teenage girl. *Groans in disbelief that she couldn’t notice the signs earlier when it would have made a difference* Beverly. She was there and I was asking Hallie what happened. She didn’t say. It was Beverly who told me. Plus the fact that Hallie now is under the influence of something. But Beverly told me about what happened. Hallie told her first. But would not tell me. I don’t know if it was because she was terrified of what i’d say. Or what you and dad would say. She was really upset. Terrified and frightened.

Alice: *Suddenly looks at Kasey with a serious look in her eyes* What is the meaning of there being an idea of Hallie being with a habit about? *Curious and with emotional pain*

Kasey: Beverly knows what it’s about. I only caught the brunt of it. *Calling for Beverly to come over* Beverly… Mind coming down here?

Beverly: *Hearing her name being called as she goes downstairs* What’s up?

Kasey: You were with Hallie last night at the Burger place before i got there… Hallie is with a habit. Can you please tell her what it is. She needs to know. My mom needs to know this.

Beverly: *Looking over at Kasey and Hallie’s mother and sighs* When I found Hallie last night her heart was in agony. I asked her what happened and she told me about being molested at school by the janitor and I uh… offered her a cigarette.

Alice: *Looking shocked and outraged* You let her take up smoking?! Do you HAVE any idea how serious this is?! You got a 10 year old to take up a bad habit!

Kasey: Mom, She feels guilty about it already. Yelling about it won’t change what is. However selflessly… It’s better than running away and getting into worse trouble. It still doesn’t make it better… but at least… this we can seek to find some way to motion for Hallie to grow out of the habit. If it was a habit like sexual… There’d be no way to stop it. This we can gradually stop. Hopefully. But i too had been outraged when i was told.

Beverly: It’s all my fault and I take full responsibility. You have every right to be mad with me but please let me tell you that I won’t let anything that bad happen to her again. You have my word.

Alice: *Nods* Since you got her into the habit you’re going to help us slowly and carefully get Hallie to grow out of it.

Beverly: I will. And I know that if anyone asks about why Hallie is smoking I’m to use the excuse about her being molested, not that it is an excuse because it really happened to her so I’d be telling the truth that it’s why she’s smoking.

Kasey: What’s Hallie doing now? *Looking at Beverly* Is Hallie okay?

Alice: Is she still crying? *Wondering how her daughter was*

Beverly: Yes. She’s still crying and in a lot of pain.

Kasey: There must be something we can do about this. The only good thing about it that the others aren’t around to see any of this. This would break their hearts. Sora and Carly wouldn’t be able to live it down. *Sighs and feeling her heart ache with sadness* Isn’t there something we can do about this? Did Hallie have any… Lights? *Praying the answer would be “no”*

Beverly: She’s had a few lights already *Informing Kasey and Alice*

Kasey: When?! *Feeling her stomach quake and somehow quiver*

Beverly: She tried one and then had one officially last night before she left the burger stand.

Kasey: It’s true. Mom. She did… It happened. When i first saw Hallie there… It didn’t catch on. But when i held her close… i smelt smoke on Hallie and it wasn’t just a mistake. It was smoke. Hallie unfortunately took up the habit. Beverly got her into it… But the point is… that she feels bad about it. She’s sorry about what she did. Although we can’t really blame her as she really didn’t realize how major the situation was. This is awful. But Beverly’s got a good mind. She’s feeling remorse over it. Over what it was that she had done.

Beverly: I feel terrible about it. It was very wrong of me to do that, and I should have known better and I should have helped her with her emotional pain instead.

Alice: I think you’ve learned your lesson now or shall we say… you understand the consequences and are willing to set things right again where you can. *Saying to Beverly, then turning to look at Kasey* Your father needs to hear about this too.

Kasey: You tell him. I think i had enough emotional pain for one day. I don’t think that i can stomach anymore than this.

Alice: *Calling out to Alvin* Dear, can you come down here? There’s something you need to hear about.

Alvin: *Coming down stairs* What’s the matter?

Kasey: Beverly… Break out the news to him. *Trying to stay calm*

Beverly: *Looking at Alvin and gulping a bit* When I found Hallie last night her heart was in agony. I asked her what happened and she told me about being molested at school by the janitor and I uh… offered her a cigarette.

Alice: *Nodding her head* It’s true but she has already accepted full responsibility for her actions. She’s agreed to help us slowly but carefully get Hallie to grow out of the habit.

Alvin: *Looking at Beverly with full rage* HOW COULD YOU DO THAT?! She’s underage and you OFFERED her a cigarette!! How many lights has she had? DO YOU KNOW HOW HARD IT IS FOR PEOPLE TO GIVE UP SMOKING?!

Alice: Alvin please. Don’t make it any harder than it has to be *Begging him*

Kasey: *Quivering* ..

Beverly: *Taken aback by the outrage from Alvin* I don’t really know what to say other than what I have already that I’d protect her and not let anything like that happen to her again. I do know how hard it is to stop smoking that’s why I’m helping to get her to stop carefully and slowly. She tried one last night at the burger stand then officially had one when she left.

Hallie had then come down from the loft and she was holding her pack in her hands. She Walked to the back yard and didn’t say a word. She was too broken up about it yet and the more it showed… The more concern it left for Kasey and everyone else in the house. Sora and Carly were gonna feel that something was wrong. The only problem was… Little could be done about it. Hallie was changing from the sweet girl to someone that none would begin to understand or handle.

Alice: *Trying to calm Alvin down* Honey I’m upset about it too but shouting and yelling at Beverly isn’t going to change what happened. Right now all we can do is try to be there for Hallie.

Alvin: *Calming down a bit* The others are going to notice something is different about Hallie and they’re soon going to start asking questions. *Feeling very upset*

Kasey: How are we to do that? When Sora and Carly get back… They’re gonna pick up on the issue. They’re gonna get curious and will ask questions. What’ll we tell them? We can’t just hide it. They have Esp. They’ll figure it out.

Alice: I’m not going to be the one to tell them and I’m sure Beverly can’t take anymore of feeling the guilt from it *Looking over at Alvin* You’ll have to be the one to break the news

Alvin: *Nods*

There was no mistake that what was smelt next was smoke. Kasey smelled it and followed it to the back yard. It took her to look and see that it came from Hallie…

Beverly: *Sighing softly*

Out in the backyard…

Beverly: *Going outside*

Kasey: *Walking outside and walking over to Hallie* Hallie, are you okay?

Hallie: *Smoking* What does it matter? leave me alone. I don’t want to talk about it.

Kasey: Hallie… What’s the matter with you?

Hallie: Nothing. Just back off.

It was how things started to turn. Hallie’s sudden change in tone and her immediate outburst… It was a sign that things were gonna be different. Was Hallie gonna be corrupt? Was she ever gonna break from her current phase? Kasey stood there in shock…

Hallie: What’re you looking at, Kasey? Why don’t you just take a picture? It’ll last longer. *Smoking*

Kasey: *Feeling her heart getting torn in two* … *Wanting to break down in tears*

Beverly: *Eyes widen when she hears how Hallie had spoken to her sister* What have I done? I’ve turned a sweet 10 year old girl into someone that snaps at other people *Walking over to Kasey and Hallie* Hallie, there is no need to snap like that. Kasey was just wanting to see if you are ok.

Hallie: So? I don’t care. I’m damaged goods anyway. I don’t have anything nice about me anymore. I heard what was said… Others are gonna notice and ask questions about me like i am some kind of freak. I heard you all talking about me. *Looking upset and glaring with anger* You think that i didn’t hear the conversation? You think i am stupid. I got news on that. I heard everything. You all think that i am troubled and unstable. That i’ll probably get into something even more harmful. Nice compassion. *Hurt*

Beverly: *Feeling hurt by what Hallie said* Your father was right to be outraged with me. I’m just a 17 year old trouble maker that gets young girls into smoking.

Hallie: You are lying. You didn’t get me to do it. I got myself into it. I could have said no. I should have too… But at the time i was so hurt and in emotional agony that i was not thinking. Now i’m hooked. So don’t tell me that you got me into it. I got myself into it. Plus He thinks that you’re a trouble maker? Prove it. What trouble have you caused? None. You made one bad move… Whoop-de-do! It isn’t like he’s innocent. Seeing other women. He sure doesn’t go on dates with mom. Does he? *Sore and hurt*

Beverly: You wouldn’t be smoking if I hadn’t of thoughtlessly offered you some smokes. When my parents died my heart was in agony, I cried for a year and I wouldn’t talk to anyone much and I would snap at anyone that asked me what was wrong. Then when I heard my aunt died it was too much for me and my heart was in even more agony and pain and one day something finally snapped in me and I went to buy some cigarettes because I was hoping that they would be able to relieve some of my heart ache since I had no one to turn to for emotional comfort. Look around you, Hallie, you have caring parents and a caring sister that are all here trying their best to support you. I never had that at your age, I never had a shoulder to cry on or to tell anything to about how my heart was aching from the loss of my family because I was on my own my whole life even growing up. *Explains to Hallie, hoping to shake Hallie into becoming a sweeter person again*

Hallie: I thought that you smoked since you were like 10? That’s what you said at first when we first met, Beverly. And i know my sister cares alot about me and is trying to support me the best she can. But what about my mom and dad? They don’t really spend any time together anymore. Dad always goes out and somehow is dating other women. Mom is Constantly oblivious to what dad is really doing. She doesn’t even ask or notice that something is not right. I can’t talk to Sora and Carly as they’re not here. They’re with their cousins in a different state. I can’t go to them. *Smoking; Suddenly sighs and Looking down* I hate myself. I can’t even feel any love for myself. I am not even innocent. I smoke. You offered me them but were only trying to give me a way to express how i felt. I’m dirty. Disgusting. How can i be sweet when there is nothing sweet about me anymore? I am broken.

That was when Hallie cracked and within seconds broke down crying and broke down sobbing, Bawling with heartbreak…

Beverly: I did start smoking when I was 10 *Wanting to take Hallie’s pain away*

Hallie put out her light and as upset as she was… She curled up into a ball and just cried. She cried and cried…

What could Kasey do to take the agony away? What could Beverly do? It was gonna take some time. Maybe a few days… Maybe a week. Hallie however was gonna be forever damaged. Forever changed. She was forever changed and it all started by that one moment. An infamous act done by a Janitor who was not as nice and safe as he appeared to be…

Some would say just that this was a dream… That one blink would erase all that happened up till now. But nothing would erase the damage that was done on 10 year old Hallie Tanner/Rhapsody. She stayed forever a Victim of Child Molestation. A victim of lost innocence…

That evening…

At the Metropolis Supermarket…

Arnold: *Walking through the aisles and looking around* Hmm… The diapers should be around these aisles. But… It doesn’t say.

Arnold was at the Store looking for some Diapers for his daughter Jenna. He had at current reached his point of tolerance over his daughter Jenna wetting the bed. for 3 weeks since Jenna came home after walking the streets on her own and having some time to think about her Best friend Suzanne… She was quiet and withdrawn from the family. She wouldn’t talk or speak with anyone hardly. Certain places would terrify her. But before never did. Arnold didn’t catch on at first till one week ago prior to this night. He didn’t know what else to do. He tried talking to her. Tried calming her. Putting her mind at ease in whatever way he knew how. Jenna’s sisters had done so as well. Each passing day for the last 3 weeks, Brenda, Danielle, Nicki and Candice tried to talk to Jenna. But Jenna wouldn’t really say a word. Arnold even asked a friend that he would run into from time to time for some advice. His friend that he never told his daughters about was a Victim of Child Molestation also. 50 years ago. She was also a victim of Child Molestation. She knew the signs well as she had been through it all. At least the signs that were without a doubt Notorious bell ringers. Her name was Rosalyn Wallace. In 1994… In the suburban vicinity of Chicago. She lived in the dangerous parts of the vicinity as her parents were steel mill workers. Her father was a functioning Alcoholic. Her mother was a welfare worker. Her pay was meager but enough to get by as times were tough for them due to the steel mills handing out layoffs and pink slips cutting the work force down 36%. She was said to be on her way from school one day when out of nowhere from the shadows a grimy hairy man in his mid 30’s grabbed her and in broad daylight. In the public view ripped her clothes and raped her. She was only 10. 40 years later… She still had the memories. Even she wore diapers as she never grew out of the psychological train of mind. She could still remember. He spoke to his friend a day prior to calling it over with holding off on putting his daughter in Diapers. He spoke to Rosalyn on the phone in private and got advice that was very well useful. It helped him try to come to some sort of terms with the fact that his daughter was suffering and he wasn’t sure what it was from. Rosalyn knew the signs as Arnold was telling her. He had to tell someone and once she told him that his daughter was a victim of Child Molestation… His heart froze for a moment as he tried to conceive the explanation. He couldn’t stomach the idea and yet… Somehow already for a while had some kind of inkling. He had letters or calls from the school saying that Jenna was wetting herself and for 3 weeks had been soiling herself. Minor levels but enough to raise a stink that something was indeed up. But Arnold had also got word that his daughter Jenna was smoking in the girls room and under the bleachers at school. He didn’t know what to do. Putting Jenna in Diapers was the only option. the only thing he knew to do. Short of having to put her into a mental health clinic…

Arnold: *Walking through the Aisles* I can’t believe that i have to do this. Jenna is gonna be with a broken mind. But what can i do? I’ve done everything that i could. Nothing worked.

Rosalyn: *Walking out from the aisle on the right* Arnold?! *Surprised* How ya’ doin’ baby? Surprise seein’ you here.

Arnold: *Looking to see his Woman friend* Hey Rosalyn. Good seeing you too. Kinda cold out tonight, isn’t it?

Rosalyn: Yeah. It sure is. But if it weren’t for my needing to get some groceries and another pack of diapers for myself. i wouldn’t be out. I have been a little under the weather over the last week and being out when it’s cold… doesn’t help. *Sniffles*

Arnold: Which would beg the question… Do you have a ride back home?

Rosalyn: No. Not tonight. I walked 7 blocks over here. No car and i don’t think i know anyone who can vouch a ride for me.

Arnold: If i had a car… I’d Drive you. but confidentially… I walk or take the bus. Yeah… I know. A Radio Station owner who likely makes a lot of money taking the bus. Not very lifting, huh?

Rosalyn: It’s not so bad. It could be worse. Walking back to the station in the rain. That’s worse.

Arnold: Ain’t that a fact. *Looking for the aisle that’d have the diapers* Do you know where i can find the Diapers?

Rosalyn: Diapers?! That’s aisle 5. Why? *Pauses and Realizing the reason* Oh my… You’re finally at that point where you have to put your daughter Jenna in diapers.

Arnold: Yeah. I am at that point. *Sighs* I don’t know what else to do, Rosalyn. I tried everything. Everything that i could think of to get through to her. I even took your advice. As well as advice from some self help sites on what parents should do about a child of theirs when they became victims of Child Molestation. I don’t know what i am to do.

Rosalyn: I understand your pain. I know that it isn’t easy. When i was 10 and molested. I had to wear diapers myself. I still do. I feel safer in them and they’re more comfortable than the panties that they have out for women these days. Plus i still am freaked about the incident that happened to me. It’s been 40 years and i can still recall every bit that happened that day when i was raped. Molested. It was a cold day. Just like this one and there was not too many people out. Possibly a few kids and they were out playing double dutch. My parents were not home as they were still at work. This was before my father got laid off from work. It was a week before he got laid off that my incident happened. That i was molested.

Arnold: It can change someone’s life so fast that one minute… You’re on top. Happy. Free. Without limit. With belief that you can rise and can maybe even fly. Then the next… Tragedy hits and you’re under the dark veil of despair and misfortune. It isn’t that far a stretch.

Rosalyn: It’s a sad thing. There has been a huge rise in Child Molestations going on that there are no kids out in the open much as parents are terrified. They’re mortified.

Arnold: I am right there with them on that one. I am also terrified and in disbelief. That’s not the only thing… My daughter Jenna has also been smoking too. She’s been smoking in school. I don’t know why. Where or when it started. Nor do i know where she’s gotten the packs of cigarettes. She’s got a bag that contained 3 cartons of Camels. 3! I didn’t even ask where she was getting them. She was being solely withdrawn from the family that i couldn’t ask. I didn’t know how i could ask without trying to invade her privacy.

Rosalyn: How old is Jenna?

Arnold: Well… When i adopted her last year. She was 12-13 years old. Now she’s 14.

Rosalyn: I think i know the type of Diapers you’ll need for her. I passed by them just a minute or two ago as i was picking up 4 things of diapers for myself. I wear the Pampers Brand. they work wonders. But Jenna could be different.

Arnold: Can you take me over to where they’re at?

Rosalyn: Sure, Hon. I can do that. I know how hard this is for you. And the fact that she’s smoking… It’s gonna be rather hard to deal with. But for a while at first through the start of her being put in diapers… Have her sisters keep their distance. Let Jenna breathe in the change. This is gonna be hard on her as it will be on the others. *Leading Arnold over to the Aisle where she was*

A few seconds later…

Rosalyn: Here we are… What your daughter’ll need are these… *Grabbing for the pack of diapers on the shelf and looking at Arnold* Pampers UnderJams. These work wonders. But you could also get her the Good Nites for girls. Jenna will complain and cry at first. All teens who don’t want to be put back in diapers will do that. But It is for her own good. It’s hard for her. It’s not gonna be easy for you to have to do… However… your daughter was Molested. She’s a victim of Child Molestation. She’s wetting the bed. She’s got to get this under control before she grows into an adult. In the outside world… if she were to soil herself… She would screw up her Social status and have no one wanting to be with her or around her. They will run. Plus not many people will be able to handle being in a relationship with someone who’s been Molested/Raped by a possible Child molester. She’s gonna need to get used to that.

Arnold: What’ll i do if this gets worse than what it has already gotten?

Rosalyn: It won’t get bad. Not overnight. But for self security. OR a piece of mind, Just have someone keep an eye on her. To make sure that she is okay and there is no changes in her behavior.

Arnold: I’ll be sure to do that. I only know that i’ve got to do something to curb this situation. I have to. *Grabbing 5 more boxes of Pampers Underjams and 5 packs of Good Nites* I hate the idea that i have to do this. I hate it.

As soon as Arnold was done with shopping for some groceries and getting some baby stuff for Jenna, He looked at the stuff and couldn’t help but sniffle as he knew that he was having to consider doing the hardest thing he never believed he’d have to do. He looked at his lady friend and nodded. She had things with her as well and knew that there was no way he could get back on foot to the radio station. He called for a ride. From his brother Alvin…

Alvin had a big car. He drove a Dodge Ram. He saw Arnold with the 6 boxes of Pampers Underjams and 5 packs of good Nites which suddenly got him to ask…

Alvin: *Helping Arnold with setting the groceries and items in the back of the Dodge Ram Truck* Bro, What’s with the Boxes of Diapers and Baby wipes… Plus Baby powder? I don’t want to sound off about it or anything… But is there something going on?

Arnold: Alvin, I really don’t want to talk about it. I am having a hard time dealing with the fact of having to do what i wish i didn’t have to do as it is…

Alvin: What do you mean?

Arnold: *Putting his arm on the side of the Truck and resting his head on the arm; Sighs* I have to put my daughter Jenna in diapers.

Alvin: I heard. *Sighs* Damn it… I am so sorry to hear that, Arnold. I wish that there was something i could do to take away the agony you’re feeling.

Arnold: I know. I just can’t see myself putting Jenna in diapers. I just can’t do it. How can i bare looking at Jenna wearing diapers or pull-ups. Good Nites? How can i deal with that?

Alvin: I don’t know. I wish there was an answer to that. However you should take heart. All is not hopeless. I am having to likely face that myself. Having to put Hallie… in Diapers as well. She was Molested. So… I know the feeling. Believe me. I do.

Arnold: All i know is that i want to find the son of a bitch that raped my daughter and break his neck. He took my daughter’s innocence and childhood. Jenna’s now a victim to a unspeakable crime. *Pissed* I hate the fact that there’s a Pedophile out there somewhere looking for young kids to victimize. I HATE IT! What is wrong with the people though? It’s like they don’t even give a damn that there is a child molester out loose. That their children could be next. As it is… i was given a report on 4 members of the gang i sponsor being targeted by Molesters. Sex offenders. Suzanne Sexton, Cynthia Breslin, Becky Altman, Bridgette Sandsburg. Who the hell’s gonna be next? What about Kasey? What about her? Is she gonna be safe? You know that if these Pedophiles are out there and targeting Bikini girl members… She could be next.

Alvin: Don’t say that. Please… It’s bad enough to know that i’ve got to deal with Hallie being a Victim. It was found out this morning and I have to tall you that Alice is more than upset about it. She is devastated. But maybe i should talk with her on putting Hallie in diapers as well… Not to punish Hallie. But to help her. Seeing her hurting is terrible and i know what it’s like to feel helpless. *Looking at the time* The store is still open. But i’m gonna sleep on it a little before going along with putting Hallie in Diapers. Do you know what you’re doing though? I mean… are you sure that you want to do this to Jenna?

Arnold: I don’t know. But it’s got to be done.

Alvin: *Seeing a woman close by* Who’s the lady friend?

Arnold: That’s Rosalyn Wallace. She’s a friend. She too is a victim of Molestation. She is the one that informed me of the fact that Jenna was molested.

Alvin: Does she need a ride too?

Arnold: Yeah. But first she’s coming over to the radio station. to help me tend to doing what has to be done.

Alvin: I see.

Arnold: Thanks for giving me a ride back to radio station.

Alvin: It’s not a problem. That’s What family’s for.

As soon as everything was set in the back of the truck, They made their way over to the Radio Station and Arnold took the stuff he bought in. But kept the boxes of Pampers Underjams and the Good nites in a side storage closet. To hide them for the moment. But made sure that he pulled out a Diaper and the baby wipes

Arnold: Brenda… Danielle.

Brenda: *Walking over* Yeah dad.

Danielle: What’s up? *Spotting a Diaper and baby wipes in their father’s hand* What’s going on?

Brenda: Something wrong?

Arnold: Get me a towel and lay it down here.

Brenda: Is something going on?

Arnold: I’m afraid so. I have come to a decision and i just know that your sister is gonna cry and be upset about it… However… It’s got to be done for her own good. She’s been wetting the bed. Her attitude as of late had been poor. She’s smoking and she is also showing signs of being infantile. Danielle, Where’s your sister Jenna?

Danielle: She’s gone out to the beach to spend some time with Suzanne. She took her pack of Camel with her and said something about Staying the night with her friend Suzanne.

Arnold: She needs to come home. Danielle, Go and get her. Tell her that i have something to give her. If she asks… Tell her that it’s a surprise.

Danielle: Yeah…

However while that was taking place…

At a discovered pad…

Janie, Alex and Charlene walked in and saw that the pad was more like a dressing room. But for some mysterious reason it was fixed with all the things they’d need. A Video screen. 3 of them and Computers. Games and scanners. Hammocks and a Minibar loaded with soft drinks and Espresso’s. Everything to make a hangout and see it be a secondary home. A safe haven for the Bikini girls. It was also seen to be a base of operations for anything going on in the city. Janie, Alex and Charlene were gonna be the founders.

Janie: This is gonna be our new headquarters.

Alex: Those sex offenders are going down. Starting with the ones that messed with Becky, Cynthia and Bridgette. This club will be known as the second chance club. Providing the affected girls that got targeted by Child Molesters. Rapists. The bikini girls have been targeted. Hallie was the latest victim. She’s gonna be the last one.

Charlene: But… we need to get the girls to take notice of this place. *Seeing that there is a mobile Medic clinic built inside the pad* This place will be perfect. We can use this for a base… the girls will be safe here.

Janie: We’re gonna need to have things all set up here. We got everything built in here. How that is possible, we can’t say. But we have to bring some personal things in as well… claiming this place. Right now this place is deemed as anyone’s fair gain. However… if we have some personal things in here… This place can’t be touched. It’ll be ours.

Charlene: Yeah. We are lucky though that Mom let us out to find a place like this. This is a wonderful location for a secret base. A Base of operations of some kind. We can create Agendas here. Create positions for people. For the girls.

Alexandra: What about Hallie, Jenna, Suzanne and Becky, Cynthia and Bridgette? What about them? They are coming here too… Aren’t they?

Janie: I think so. They should. But after what happened to Hallie… There is gonna be a rather tight squeeze on open freedom among the girls and the other young ones in the family. Like the guys.

Alexandra: *Serious* We have been made to be scared by these Molestors that are out there for long enough. Now… We’re fighting back. Those so called pedophiles out there want to come at us girls so much? Let’s see them try to do it when facing more girls than there are of them. Play time is over.

Charlene: Whoa… Alexandra, Angry much?

Alexandra: No… It’s called learning to take a stand against sick freaks with a fetish of getting after young pubescent girls.

Janie: Yeah. *Looking at her sisters* Alex, Charlene… We know what to do. Let’s get to it.

Charlene: You got it.

Back at the Radio station…

20 minutes later…

Jenna: *Walking in* What’s the surprise? Did i win something or is something being given to me?

Arnold: Jenna, Take off your skirt. Untie it and take it off.

Jenna: Huh? Why?!

Arnold: Do it.

Jenna: No. I’m not gonna just undress in front of my own father. That’s disgusting.

Arnold: Either you do it… or i do it. But it’s to be done.

Jenna: No.

Arnold: *Motioning for Brenda and Nicki to grab hold of Jenna and lay her down on the towel*

Brenda and Nicki walk on over to Jenna and grab her.

As they’re laying Jenna on the towel…

Jenna: What’s going on here? Why are you laying me on the towel? Is this like a game?

Arnold: No. I’m afraid not, sweetheart. This is something that has to be done. *Kneeling down beside Jenna and motioning for Candice and Danielle to hold Jenna’s ankles and for Brenda and Nicki to hold Jenna’s arms*

Seconds later…

Jenna: *Being held down* Why are you guys doing this? Dad, what’s happening?

Arnold: *Grabbing the Diaper and opening it up* Jenna, You’ve been wetting the bed. I don’t know what else to do. I know that you’ve been Molested by a sex offender. I found out about it just yesterday and all i can do is cringe in agony for not knowing it earlier. But since you came home from having some time to walk through the city alone to think… You’ve been like this.

Jenna: I wanted to tell you. But i couldn’t. I was ashamed of it.

Arnold: Jenna, I am not mad at you. I never was. I am mad at myself. I should have been more aware of the signs and more responsive. The bed wetting was a ringer that something was up. But i though for a while thought that it was just you not going to the bathroom in time. Then the fact that you started getting scared of going certain places. Places that never scared or terrified you before. Smoking in school. Under the Bleachers and caught doing it. The smoking we can do something about. But the victimized status of being molested/Raped. This can’t be undone.

Jenna: What’s gonna happen to me?

Nicki: Jenna, calm down. Nothing is gonna happen to you. Dad and us are trying to help you. We have to do this. Soiling yourself… having accidents in your pants or undies… That’s got people at school asking questions. They are starting to think that you’re being molested by dad. That’s not the truth. But with the scare and the outbreak of Child abductions… They are all suspecting all single parents. Ones that have only girls. or only boys. They’re suspecting everyone. If they start to really believe that dad is doing it… We’ll be taken away. We’ll be taken away and put into the Foster care system. A Place that Margaret Trent worked in Vain to see that we never got put there.

Arnold: Jenna, lift up your butt.

Seconds later…

Arnold: *Untying the string of Jenna’s skirt and Pulling it off; Grabbing the Baby wipe and setting it on his leg before grabbing Jenna’s undies and pulling them off; Pulling the undies down and using the baby wipe to wipe all over the spots required then grabbing the diaper* Hold still Jenna. *Trying not to break down as he does the hardest thing; Putting the Diaper on Jenna and fastening the sides*

Jenna: *Shedding tears and starting to cry* No! I’m gonna be a freak now.

Arnold: *Putting Jenna’s Skirt back on Jenna once he had got the Diaper on her* Jenna, Please don’t cry. I am sorry that i had to do this… There was nothing else that i could do short of admitting you into a mental health clinic and that would only have made worse off as you’re not crazy. You’re not a freak either. You just need to be retrained to use the restroom again is all.

The girls let go and Jenna only cried.

Arnold: *Holding Jenna in his arms and having her let it all out* It’s okay, Jenna. It’s gonna be alright. We are gonna get through this… I promise you. We will get through this and this will all get better in time. Your sisters and i will see that you’re okay. *Looking at Brenda* Brenda, girls. Jenna’s gonna be wearing diapers from now on. At least till the bed wetting stops. Maybe a little beyond that. But for the time being… If anyone asks why she’s in a diaper. Just tell them that it’s a medical problem that she was diagnosed with and that the doctors are not sure as to when it’ll pass.

Brenda: Got it.

Minutes later…

Arnold: Jenna, there is nothing wrong with being in diapers. Some people feel safer in them and more comfortable. There are those who are adults and are addicted to being an Adult baby. Wearing diapers and acting like a baby. Playing Baby.

Jenna: Yeah, Who?

Addicted to being an Adult baby is not a crime. Even if most don't understand.
Riley Kilo. Porn star and Adult Baby Diaper lover.

Arnold: Riley Kilo. She’s over 18… Likely in her 30’s and is addicted to being an adult baby. There has been Interviewers and Psychiatrists trying to shake her… But she still plays the baby. She is well admitting to be Addicted to being an Adult baby Diaper lover. They did a thing on her, years back where she openly admitted to being one and she was not gonna be made to be ashamed of it.

Jenna: Well… That’s her. I am not her. I am 14 and in a diaper. People at school are gonna just make fun of me and taunt me. I’ll likely have no friends once this gets out.

Arnold: You don’t know that. There could be a plenty of others who wear diapers and not due to being a victim of Rape. There could be ones who do it because they feel safe. Comfortable and better in one.

Jenna: *getting up and sighs* Fine. I’ll wear diapers from now on. I’ll mature into being an adult baby. That’ll probably be the only thing i’ll be able to do with my life.

Nicki: *Looking away in shame* The Humiliation… The Embarrassment.

Candice: It’s really sad.

Danielle: *Looking down*

Jenna Rhapsody was now in diapers and it was a sad moment for her. To be put into Diapers was a form of Psychological harm to any teen. No matter what the situation was. But Arnold was faced no other option but to do it. The only question to be thought of… was just what was that gonna do for Jenna in the future. Was it gonna turn her into one who’d revert to being a baby as a lifestyle and string up an alarm for her family? Were the signs gonna be showing as time passed? One would only wonder and her sisters could only guess. However… They now had to take turns in either changing Jenna when the time came or she changed herself…

As for the New Generation of fighters…


The Al-Bhed Airship… Fahrenheit was back in the air again and with all the powers of flight. All the capabilities of flight. It’s been almost 2 years since the last time they’ve seen the airship… But this time it was modified to meet the code and regulations of the Bureau and government. Manning was bewildered by the idea that he was in an Airship. It was most certainly new to him in more than one way. The fighters made sure that the agents were occupied and okay. Hellboy was fixated on the way that the Airship looked.  He went to the outside of the airship. To the Hull of the ship and looked out towards the view. It was indeed breathtaking…

A map details the plane’s journey over the Black Sea…

Outer hull of the Airship…

Hellboy: *Looking out* This is great…

Blossom: *Walking over from behind* It sure is. This Airship brings back a lot of good times. It even kicked some serious behind.

Hellboy: *Turning to look at Blossom coming towards him* Hey there, Blossom. Thought you would be sleeping.

Blossom: Yeah… Well it’s no big loss. Besides i got plenty of time to sleep after this is all over. I got your back, Remember? Zoey… She’s also got your back and there’s no way we’re gonna have it any other way.

Hellboy: …

The Tune for “The World ain’t slowin’ down” begins to play…

Blossom: Nice view, huh?

Hellboy: great view.

Blossom: But i sense something up… Something wrong?

Hellboy: No. But i do wonder. What’s your city like back home?

Blossom: Well… It’s huge. It’s got the Newspaper building called the Daily Planet. It’s like the biggest Newspaper distributing company in the Newspaper biz in Metropolis. Anything that happens in the city. Metropolis scoops and reports it on the fly. There is also the other papers. Like the Inquisitor… But they are less respected since they tend to fabricate anything just to make a buck. even if it’s not true and happens to ruin someone. There’s the Metropolis University. It’s got this famous Football stadium known as Bulldog stadium. All the biggest football games in the city happen there. It’s kinda like a spin off to the Wrestlers Wrestlemania. It’s like a flash view of the Superbowl for Metropolis. The mother to the Thunderic Force Z!… She’s a coach there. Works there and leads the team to victory.

Hellboy: Must be a lot of activity.

Blossom: It has it’s moments.

Hellboy: You don’t sound too thrilled over it.

Blossom: *Shakes her head* No… it’s not that. It’s just the fact that after a while… you get kinda tired of the same old thing every day. You start yearning for something fun… Exciting. Better. Not that i don’t like the city. I do. *Looking away as she starts feeling homesick* I just miss my sisters and Brothers. My dad. And mom. *Shedding some tears* I Miss my family.

Hellboy: *Feeling bad for Blossom* Awww! Don’t feel so bad about that, Blossom. You’ll see them again. You’ll all see your families again.

Blossom: I don’t know if that is likely possible. What if we… “Die” while at the Mausoleum?

Hellboy: *Pulling Blossom over and Comforting in some way* It’s gonna be alright. You girls will not die. No matter what might come… You guys will not die. We’re gonna be alright.

In the Observation deck…

Zoey: June… I don’t know if i can go on…

June: What do you mean, Zoey? Of course you can do it… You can’t just back out from this.

Zoey: I’m not backing out. I just feel as if i might have lost my power.

June: *Lost* What do you mean… lost your power? How can you lose your power? You’re a Senshi. Zoey, Senshi never lose their power. It just goes dormant. As in sleeping.

Zoey: What do you want me to tell you? I can only tell you what i feel. I am just feeling as if i lost it. Over the last couple days or so… i felt as though i was changing inside and that something was going on. Ever since i blacked out back on Halloween night… it’s been like this… It’s only gotten worse instead of better.

June: *Not understanding* I sensed that… But i just don’t understand how that’s possible. Your the second Gen of Sailor Luna. The second Generation. In order for you to really lose power… Your mother would have had to completely lose her powers… Lose it altogether. Not just have it dormant or sleeping. But literally lose it. It would then reach to you and you’d lose it as she had. But… she lost it from being turned completely human. You’re already human. The only one that can literally take it is the Queen. But she didn’t take it.

Zoey: June, I am not like i was anymore.

June: How much power do you think you have left?

Zoey: given the length of time that i start blacking out and shortening out of power since the evening of Halloween… And as we are now in the 3rd day or night of December… which is over a month… I’d say it’s down to 55%.

June: *Sighs*

Zoey: We’re gonna be making our arrival soon at where we need to be… to switch over to ground transportation and from there over to the location of where we need to be.

June: Sebastian Plackba #16.

Zoey: *Nods*

June: Zoey, If you are really losing your Senshi power… We’re gonna need to pray that we can achieve a lucky break. Because in that Mausoleum… There might be a lot of danger within. You’ll be like a sitting duck inside. So… As much as you can… You stretch out that power. as far as you can till there is nothing left.

Zoey: If i can…

on the Bridge…

Manning: We should be close to the Russian airspace.

Cid: *Looking at the map* That’s 50 miles from our current position.

Manning: Where’s the equipment that the Elemental weapons builder promised?

Rikku: Don’t worry. He’s getting them all done and in good order too. He’s already got a few things made and they are powerful.

A Moment later…

Myers supervises BPRD agents Lime and Stone, who stencil a large crate: FRAGILE! LIVE CARGO.

Hellboy and Liz stand around a brightly-lit work table. Hellboy shows them the medieval illustration of Sammael.

Hellboy: “One falls, two shall arise.” So: you pop one, two come out. You kill
two, you get four. You kill four, you’re in trouble. We have to nail’em all at once. And the eggs.

Blossom: Okay… so… we go in and wield flamethrowers and anyone who has the capabilities of Thunder and Lightning. And also anyone who possesses fire type powers. Burn them before they can make a move at us. I got Lightning… so i can electrocute the hell hounds. But… i’m gonna be backing Hellboy. So… Where he goes… I’ll be goin’ too.

June: Zoey and I will be riding from the rear.

Sapphire: Raven and Serena… plus me. We’ll be accompanying them as well. Manning will be in between us. We’re gonna be moving in as a team. Tightly wound and on full alert. No telling what is to be expected while inside. Anything can happen at a seconds notice. So no one goes in trying to play the hero. Going off solo might become your end.

Raven: Wow! Sapphire, could you be anymore direct?

Serena: She’s got a point. She’s got a point there, Raven. Anything is liable to happen.

Manning: *Nods and grins* Good plan, Agent Sapphire.

Rin: *Walking in suddenly* Mr. Manning… Sir. The Weapons are complete. They’re even better than the last.

Rin then walks back to the hall to grab the trunk filled with Flare-flash grenades and Bomb core Thunder belts…

Rin: *Pulling in a trunk full of grenades and Bomb core Thunder belts* Flash Flare Grenade. They work with little to no handling. With the Flash Flare Grenade… You just Aim at the target Press the button to activate the timer. Throw. 4 seconds later… Flash! Burnt target. Pristine Accuracy. The Bomb Core Thunder Belts. They come with a Strand of 20 Grenades. Ten in front and ten in the back. With a timer. You just set it to a maximum of 10 seconds… Toss it at the target as you pull the string and the pins. Then run. In less than 10 seconds… The target is bombarded with a barrage of Fire and then a blast of rolling thunder. Leaving the target smoldering in 4th degree burns. But warning… don’t be within the range of the blast. because the blast will hit you too.

Sapphire: Wow! You really went all out with it.

Manning: These will get the jobs done. The operation will go smoothly with these.

The next day…

It was early in the morning but not too early. The Airship landed and the agents transferred to 4 large Mini-vans and a Huge Big-Rig with a trailer trailing in the back. Hellboy was inside…



Myers and LIZ struggle with a Moscow map…

Blossom: *From the side* Is it really necessary to be having Hellboy riding in the cargo? He’s not a thing. He’s a living person. Different than us. But still living. He should be out with us. Plus… it’s not very comfortable back there. You positive that he’s not gonna get a concussion back there from being banged all over the place back there?

Liz: *Into the Radio* Sparky to Big Red…

Popping her head out of the window, Liz looks back at the truck bed.


Fastened to it, the crate labelled: LIVE CARGO. Small breathing holes have been drilled in the sides.

Hellboy: *Voice* Sparky?? Who came up with that? Myers?


Liz snickers…

Sora and Carly overheard and they couldn’t help but to stifle a laugh… Briefly…

Myers: We’re almost there.

Paul: *On Radio* It better be close by or we’re gonna have a little problem. Something feels really unsettling and some of us happen to believe that we’re walking right into a trap.


Hellboy, sitting on the floor, in the dark.

Liz: *Voice; on radio* We’re leaving the main road, so hang on —

They hit a series of bumps. The box rattles and shakes. Hellboy bangs his head. The vehicle lurches to a halt.

Hellboy: *on the radio* This better be the place or I’ll puke.

Amy: *On the Radio* Make that Double.

Penny: *On the Radio* Triple.

Spencer: *With Rikku; On Radio* Consider us feeling a bit tense. That road was not the least bit pleasant. What were you guys driving over? Rocks and stones?

Motors are turned off. The crate is opened. Liz peeks in.

Liz: Come out and see.

The fighters all stepped out from the Mini-Vans and the truck. They were a bit queasy but no worse for the wear. It was a long drive and they were just looking forward to getting the operation done. They didn’t get to sleep much since they took off from the Airspace in New Jersey. There was too much going on. Too much was happening and with everything now riding on the major operation; there could not be any means of tapering off. Carly Black, Serena’s best friend and girlfriend stayed at the airship. She couldn’t tag along for this operation. The fighters all were about to gear up and change into their Hero forms as it was gonna be time to start excavating the landscape leading to the Mausoleum itself and then inside…

To be continued in Chapter 193: Infiltrate the property and lock on to Find Rasputin’s Mausoleum.


Chapter 194: Within the building and Lurking on to the center into Danger…


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