Chapter 191: Death of Professor Broom is a sad Surprise.

(Rhapsody Thunderic Force Z! investigate the death and sniff out Evidence of a Killer.)

(Briefing time. Where is the target and how do we get to him?)

Metropolis Beach…

The Beach house…

Margaret: *Looking at the girls* We need to start locking down on the beach house here. Child Abductions are rising.

Bridgette: How are they rising?

Stacy: *Looking at Bridgette* The Abductions are rising… Over the last 6 days… the Abductions have accelerated and they’re not just sticking to us. The Abductors are now going after boys. 4 boys have gone mysteriously without a trace. One of the boys is rumored to be from the clan.

Terra: The Clan? Which boy would it be though?

Bridgette: The Brother to Perry.

Stacy: Perry? Kirsten’s boyfriend’s brother. That’d be Marty. Wouldn’t it?

Amber: No. It couldn’t be him.

Stacy: How do you know that?

Amber: Because the one that was taken was Zach.

Bridgette: Luna and Zeke’s Son?

Stacy: Zoey Rhapsody’s Brother. *In Denial* No. It couldn’t be him… There is no way that it could be him.

Margaret: Where’re the others?

Amber: Diamond and Krissy are on the other side of the beach and So is Suzanne. They’re having a smoke together and are talking amongst each other.

Stacy: Go and get them. Bring them in. We’re locking up early. Till those rotten Child Abductors are caught and brought to justice… Put behind bars… There’s gonna be a lot more nights where we’re all gonna have ourselves an early Lockdown and Turn-in.

Sophie: *Walking over* Hey… Girls… Did you hear about what happened earlier?

Bridgette: Hey Sophie… What’s going on?

Sophie: A girl got confronted by a dark man over by the one liquor store. You know the one… The same one we used to go to for our beef Jerky.

Amber: *Concerned* Is the girl okay?

Sophie: For the most part… yeah. She lived. But she’s got victimized. Some of the passing people gave a description of the girl and what is really awkward about it is that it sounded almost like they were saying that they saw Jenna Lands get confronted by the dark men. There were 2 men.

Margaret: Does her father know? Lord Arnold is her father… he should be told about it.

Bridgette: You don’t suppose that he might already know about it… do you? He might have found out about it by now… There are people talking about it. There are gossipers speaking of it. Plus reporters are catching on to it. Her father might hear of it before long.

Amber: Maybe… but there is one little problem. Arnold doesn’t read the Newspaper that much.

Sophie: Actually… he does. Done so for a long time… However no one knew it as he didn’t spread it out in the public. But he does.

Amber: *Looking to see Diamond, Krissy and Suzanne walking over* Here they come.

Kirsten: I want to see Perry.

Jennifer: *Sighs*

Margaret: Not tonight. Until those sick men are caught… there’ll be no free reigns.

It was not gonna be letting up any time in the current time… More Abductions were taking hold. More kids were being targeted and more girls were in dire risk. There was no turning back… Something had to be done in Metropolis and done soon. But… by who? Where? Who was gonna step up and sneak some side shots which could maybe thwart the impeding ambitions of the Abductors? There was terror in the air. All young girls in the city were in the risk of being torched. Captured. There was no end in sight… or was there?

At the Daily Planet…

Jennifer: *Looking at John and Trixie* You two need to get your heads in the frickin’ game here. Child Abductions are getting worse. There are cases of Molestation anxiety. 7 girls got targeted. 7! But only 3 are heard about. Oct. 20th a young girl gets victimized. Just hours ago… another gets nailed. But in between the first one and the recent one… 4 more are cornered and nearly raped. I’m a mother myself and fear for my kids safety. This shit is everywhere. We’re reporting it and yet… no one is taking the initiative on icing it. It’s as if no one cares.

John: We have already gone out to get the story… We’re bringing the awareness to people. People are watching out for these child Abductors.

Jennifer: Wanna bank on that one? Who? Who’ll be watching for these sick maniacs who apparently get their kicks from abducting young girls? These sick Child Molesting twits have absolutely no moral compass. No restraint. They have no conscience or mind for right or wrong.

Trixie: Yeah. we know. My Daughters are worried about their kids. Actually… I have only one daughter. My Daughter Trixie is with no husband and 2 kids. Girls. Young adults. They are however into the Modeling business. But both are on the watch for any explicit material. For some reason… the other day they called me and gave me the scoop on the developments revolving the Abductions.

John: *Chuckles* I guess that it’s true what they say… When you’re in the newspaper business… You get scooped even with family giving you headlines on the juicy bits of a likely major story. News just seems to find us anywhere… doesn’t it?

Trixie: You have no idea. We’ve been doing this for years and even now it is still the same. If you don’t scoop the story… the Story scoops you. No punches pulled. No rest either.

Jennifer: That’s Journalism. You either scoop or be scooped. My daughter Brittany is 10 now and she is a victim like any of the other kids getting targeted… Stuart is watching over her and even he is spooked to hell about the sick men out there just chomping at the bit for a new victim. My Daughter Brittany wasn’t nailed by the sick men. But it don’t mean that it won’t likely happen. Any girl is fair game in the eyes of a Child Abductor. That goes for the guys as well. The boys are also getting it… However it’s the girls who are getting the worst end of the attack.

John: It’s something to think about, isn’t it?

Trixie: You have no idea. This is only getting more out there.

John: More out there… No. It’s getting more sickening. It’s become the new tagline for this city. “Welcome to Metropolis. The fair city of Child abductions and Molestations running rampant in the Midst.”

Jennifer: Yeah. And our family is in this city.

Trixie: Which leads to their being targets too.

Mr. Newton: *Walking into the Reporters Bullpen* Okay everyone… Listen up and listen good. For the next few days… The Daily Planet is gonna be covering all angles on the Abductions. Anything that relates… or talks about the Abductions… We’re gonna cover it and get it out in the open. There has been another incident of a highly likely Child Molestation attack. You’ll be getting a list of the victims that came in to light up till now. I have to in no way subtly remind you to keep a personal connection to any of the victims among yourselves. To check all Personalities and leave your parental attachments at the door. No matter how hard it might be for you. Exposing the Child abductors will require your utmost attention and focus.

The Editor-In-Chief then walked out and back to his office…

John: What just happened?

Kris: *Walking over* What just happened is that we all just got slammed with the dark and seedy of Newspapers reputation going down the garbage chute.

Jennifer: We should get started then. If this is the beginning of the end for our good image in the newspaper biz… We better relish in what little we have left of the happy and clean image among this career.

Trixie: That’s something i’d say. Usually. But Jen… That… That was… very well put.

Megan: *Walking in from the side* Sometimes i wonder if it pays good doing this type of work. Reporting on the sickening acts that are being done upon young kids. Girls mostly.

It was then that they got their gears rolling along with the reporting. There were developments in the Child Abductions and they had a lot to sift. But as they were working into the issue at hand through out the city; They spoke about some things to keep their minds off of the depressing and utter saddening dilemma. It didn’t take much thought to see that none of them wanted to spend all their time on just one topic. It was hurting them and It was also hurting Jennifer most as she was with 4 kids. two 12’s. an 11 and a 10. She started worrying that her kids could be victimized next in the wave of Child Abductions and sickening acts. She was terrified. Trixie and John were not affected by it as they didn’t have young kids. But there were still nieces and nephews… And on that line… they were worried…


As for the fighters…

BPRD Hallway…

Agents and Bureau employees are crammed into Broom’s office doorway. Hellboy, face contorted by grief, pushes through. The Fighters stood to the side and only a few close ones went in. Blossom, Sora and Carly… Zoey and June. They went with Hellboy over to the room where the body of Professor Broom laid on the floor…

Broom’s Office…

The room is full of forensics people taking pictures, picking up evidence, etc. Tom Manning is there. Seeing Hellboy, he respectfully steps back. Broom’s fragile body lies flat on the floor. He holds Broom’s body close to his chest. Blossom walked over to Hellboy and rested a hand on his shoulder…

Blossom: Hellboy, I’m so sorry for your loss. If there is anything you need from us, let us know. We’re here for you. *Trying not to be on the verge of breaking down* … *Looking at Broom’s lifeless body and speaking to it as if Broom’s spirit was among them* Professor, We fighters haven’t known you long enough to be too close to you. But you’ve been like an outlet for us fighters. Taught us things. Both you and Abe. Hellboy being a wonderful companion and a guide. A wonderful friend. We tried to keep you from getting hurt by the one that took you away from us. But we promise you this… We’ll find the Murdering snakes that took your life. We’ll find them and take them down. We’re gonna avenge you, Professor. We’ll nail the shit that did this to you and hang his balls on the wall or we’ll cut them off and feed the son of a bitch his balls for lunch.

Hellboy: *Letting out a quick laugh and smiles at Blossom* Okay… Okay, Kid… You’re fighting along side me on our next mission. You’re a real spark. *To his fallen father* I wasn’t here. You died alone… Forgive me.

June: *Walking over and Looking at Hellboy* I am sure that your father forgives you… He knows what was in your heart. Hellboy, Your father didn’t die alone. We came to his defense and tried to ward off the attack as best we could. Standing up to the attackers.

Zoey: Hellboy, We’ll get who did this… Somehow. We’ll make the ones that did it pay dearly for what they’ve done.

Sora: *With Carly* Poor Professor Broom. This is so unfair.

Carly: He didn’t deserve to die. He should not have died. He was killed. By a vengeful freak.

Sora: We can’t believe that they did this… For a purpose. *Saddened and stifling a few tears*

Carly: *Stifling a few tears and trying not to feel herself breaking down into tears* …

The rest of the fighters couldn’t stick around the room a second longer. They looked at the now dead body of Professor Broom and began to quiver in heartbreak. The girls all turned and ran off crying. The idea that the Professor was gone upset them and they didn’t think it made anything better since now Hellboy had to endure the loss of his father. It hurt him. Stung him immensely and Alarmingly…

The next day…


The fighters stood and all wearing black. Black tops, Black pants, Skirts. Shoes. All Black. Each of the fighters expressed their condolences to Liz as they knew how close she was to Broom…

It’s raining like hell.

The PALLBEARERS, Manning and Myers among them, load Broom’s casket into a HEARSE. Flanking it are two rows of BPRD agents.

The hearse doors close and the vehicle pulls away.

Watching like a gargoyle from a distant roof: Hellboy. Rain bounces off his wet overcoat.

Liz observes him, worried. The fighters were also worried about him as well. Their hearts were heavy knowing that with the loss of the Professor things were gonna change and it left them feeling a huge bout of uncertainty. Not knowing what they were told to expect from there on…

But the fighters looked up and saw as Hellboy stood watching. In Mourning and in his left hand laid dangling loosely was the rosary Necklace that was once worn by the now Late Professor Broom…

Liz: *Voice* He hasn’t spoken to anyone in three days. Not a word. He doesn’t eat, he
doesn’t sleep… The girls haven’t seen him hardly either. They don’t know what to do for him. They’re lost.


Nov. 11th 2044…

Abe, conscious now, but still in the cast, floats upside down, solving a RUBIK’S CUBE. Liz stands by the tank…

Liz: I’ve never seen him like this. Never. *beat* Should I stay? With him, I mean?

She smiles faintly….

Abe: Listen — I’m not much of a problem solver… *displays the cube* Three decades and I’ve only gotten two sides. *beat* But I know this much: if there’s trouble — all we have is each other. And I’m stuck here. *beat* So — Take care of the big monkey for me, will you?

Their hands almost touch, separated only by the glass…

A second later…

Sora and Carly walk into the Medical Bay to spend time with Abe and plead for some insight on what to do about Hellboy. How to go on now that the Professor is gone. They didn’t know what they were to do. It was the same for the fighters as well. Neither did the fighters know what to do. All they could do was mourn.

Sora: *Forlorn* Hey Abe.

Carly: What’s up?

Abe: Hey you two. Is something the matter?

Sora: Kinda. We just feel bad.

Carly: Professor Broom is gone. He was killed. Hellboy won’t say anything to anyone. Not even to us.

Abe: *Gasps* Dear heavens… You don’t say. The Prof. is dead? How is this possible?

Sora: He was killed by a dark man with a dark purpose. Plus there was help from a being in a gas mask.

Abe: Oh dear…

Carly: *Placing a hand on the glass* What do you think that we should do?

Abe: Sora… Carly there is *Placing a hand on the glass* nothing that can be done but be there for him in his time of need. The Professor was like a guide to him and able to keep him level. He’s now with no source for comfort. Liz is gonna do all she can to be there for him and look after him as much as she knows how to… But he is gonna need his friends.

Sora: Will he be alright though?

Abe: In time… He will be. But it’s gonna take time. I am not much of a problem solver… But i do know that with any loss in ones life… Time is one of the most common healer. But for some losses of life… wounds are likely at times known and maybe understood to be wounds that are too deep to be mended and healed. The big red Monkey will be okay eventually. If he knows that you are there for him and are there to be a means for comfort for him… It will help him heal.

Carly: What about you? Will you be alright?

Abe: I’m still healing… but in time… I should be.

In Broom’s Office…

Sapphire, Raven and Serena were looking around for clues. They had no intention on ruling out that the death was natural… They believed that there was foul play. They were informed as well as the others were. Informed of what was going on and told that Broom was under attack. Blossom, Sora, Carly, June and Crystal tried to ward off the attack and failed. Failed and were having their guilt eat at them. It was getting to them and growing. But as for the Thunderic Force Z!… They scoured all through the office for clues as to what happened. Where the attacker came in and how he left without being seen…

Sapphire: *Looking through the one side of the office* Okay… Let’s… see. The killer: Obviously Rasputin. The bald cue ball psychotic. he came seconds after Zoey and June caught sight of Kroenen descending down back alive and yet… the Undead. Broom was the one that stated seeing the puppet. which was Kroenen. But wondered where the Puppeteer… The attacker was.

Raven: Kroenen made the move… But Rasputin ordered it. It might have been revenge. Dire revenge. Remember back when we were at the Machen Library…

Raven Recalls a previous moment…

“Broom: *To Abe, Crystal and the girls* Sixty years ago Abe… Girls, they tried to destroy the world. And they are back — in my lifetime, they are back. To finish the job.

Blossom: Who? Who’s back?

Broom: Rasputin. Grigory Efrimovich Rasputin. Occult adviser to the Romanovs.”

Raven: Broom said that to us… At first when he said it, we all thought that he was having a nightmare or a sudden paralyzing sensation. But with the event that followed after and the part where Broom was attacked and hence… lost his life to the one that attacked him. How would you explain what’s going on now? Broom was killed. By someone with a dark agenda and relentless ambitions.

Serena: Raven, You’re over-reaching. Aren’t you?

Raven: Does it look or sound like i am, Serena? I’m not even close to over-reaching. But before all brain activity of Broom was lost… Crystal… our resident Visionary foresight and Psychic wonder… Clairvoyant. She was able to tap into an early memory… A very early memory. Re-visiting the point in time that lead to how all this began.

Sapphire: You think that she still has that memory with her to show us?

Raven: Yeah.

Serena: Go and get her. She’s got to show us all the vision.

Raven: She’s only gonna show us. The others don’t want to see it. They’re still grieving over the loss of Broom. We ought to be grieving too.

Sapphire: We are. We’re just trying to be strong and are in fact barely holding on by a mere thread. What we’re doing in here… Scouring the room where Broom was last seen alive. It’s not making us feel too thrilled. We are struggling.

Raven: I think that we all are in one way or another. *Looking down*

Sapphire: We need to know who killed Broom. If it does happen to be who we’re thinking it is… we need to know.

Theodore: *Concerned* And how exactly are you gonna do that? The killer is dark and not exactly gonna come out saying that he or she committed the attack. Besides we’re just a couple people… But if we all called the attacker out about the attack. He or she’d have no option but to come clean with it.

Serena: *Turning to see Theodore* Theodore, When did you get here? Weren’t you with the others?

Theodore: I was… They’re all talking about packing up and finding a way for us to all go back home.

Sapphire: They’re Just gonna give up?

Theodore: No, Sapphire. They’re not giving up. But look around you. We just endured a loss. We lost Professor Broom. He summoned us to be here. Not Manning. Manning isn’t really opened with us being here. We’re over staying our welcome and Hellboy is so distraught with anguish that he’s not really taking heart with speaking to anyone. Not that you can blame him. Broom was like his father. the only father that he knew. It’s over. We are not openly welcomed here anymore. So… to be honest… we’re better off just going back to Metropolis.

Raven: *Scoffs In outrage* What about Hellboy? he needs us. We owe it to him to help avenge his father. Blossom kinda made some unbreakable vow that we would all find the killer and take them down.

Theodore: *Groans* And what do you suppose we do? Go after the one that did it? The killer isn’t gonna just stick to one spot and let himself get nailed. He’s gonna seek any source of protection and he’s gonna use it. We’ll be lucky to get within 10 feet of him. or her… whoever the killer is.

Sapphire: We’re not gonna quit. Neither are the others. Plus this is our job. what we were meant to do. Manning is with us on Payroll. We’re being paid. We aren’t doing this because of money. This is us… doing what’s right.

Serena: Tell the others that the flight plans back home have been delayed. Our Jobs aren’t done here. We’re here for a purpose… we’re not gonna back away just because a loss happened.

Theodore: Okay… okay. You win. We’ll stay. But only because it’s the right thing to do. *Looking to the side* So… What exactly’re we looking for?

Sapphire: Evidence of an attacker. Who the attacker is… How they got in… how they left.

Theodore: Think we’ll find anything in here?

Raven: Not sure… But this room is the final place Broom was seen in when he lost his life.

Theodore: *Curious* So… You’re thinking that maybe something of the killer might still be here and managed to get over looked by the Forensic team and Agents?

Sapphire: We’re not entirely sure… But we’re here to find out. We have to.

Theodore: Okay. Not that i don’t know how to figure out what the killer was after… But if the killer was here and was who we believe it to be… The killer would have to leave something on the Victim. On Broom. Killers are known for that. They leave something on their victim so others would know who he or she was. Meaning the killer. The Killer would want to be remembered and take no holds on getting his message known. Ensuring that people would not forget who he was or who she was.

Serena: *Jokingly* Okay… That’s it. You’re going to work your way up to join the BAU. In Quantico, Virginia.

Theodore: *Laughs* Good one. The BAU. Working with the F.B.I.

Sapphire: Right. You clearly have got the skills for working as a profiler and agent. Look into that, Theodore. You might just find that you have skills for that and never knew it till now.

Seconds later…

Raven and Serena went on looking for evidence. Clues and any signs of entry. They found… nothing. There was nothing showing how the killer got in. The Spiraling staircase that led to the Coroners room. Examination room. They looked up there and found… Nothing. It was near hopeless and they were about to give up when suddenly something caught their eyes and pointed out something that was missed…

Serena: Oh crap… Uh, I think we know who the killer was. We know who it was… Rasputin.

Sapphire: How the heck could it be Rasputin? He can’t kill willingly. He’s mostly dead. He’d need someone or something to do it for him…

Serena: Maybe… But he can still order for the hit to happen.

Raven: What would he have against Broom anyway? Suppose that this was a hit out of vengeance? Revenge?

Theodore: Retribution.

Sapphire: Retribution?!

Theodore: Yeah. Rasputin made a personal hit due to retribution. He believed as though he had something to say. A message demanding something. Something big.

Raven: Like What?

Theodore: Think about it… Rasputin is seeking to bring upon the end of the world. He wants to summon something that will assist in his master plan. He believes himself to be a remnant of a god.

Serena: You need to tell all this to the Agents and Manning.

Sapphire: They’re gonna need to know about it.

In Metropolis…

The stain of the Child Abductions and Lewd acts were still in fear. Still in the front. Spreading terror in its wake and placing the fear in every girl. in every boy…

That was not the only development unfolding. There was another one going on right from under the noses. Which seemed to be unfortunate… but to a family’s soon to be dismay… Ongoing. It revolved Luna’s sudden but slow decline in good reputation. The descending into the Explicit field… X-Rated material.

At Zeke’s Cornerstone Marmalade Pub


Zeke: *Looking at the papers and trying to balance the payroll* We’re doing meager in the service here as of late. *Sighs*

Gabe: Please do tell. I notice the same thing too, Zeke. But who’re you trying to fool? We know what’s really going on.

Zeke: Don’t change the subject here, Gabe. This is not open for a cover-up. This is serious.

Gabe: So is your personal strife. You’ve come in here over the last 3 days in a sulky mood. You won’t even speak about your wife. or your Daughter Zoey.

Zeke: My Daughter Zoey’s with her older cousins… My wife? I couldn’t really care less right now.

Gabe: Wanna talk about it and get it out into the open?

Zeke: Wish for Unemployment? I don’t want to talk about it. I’m trying to forget the fact that my wife is slipping into the X-rated field of Modeling.

Gabe: Is she?

Zeke: Gabe, wake up from the kinky wet dreams playing in your head. This is not some damn Joyful break for Pleasure. My wife is getting into the porn. Plus… It’s vaguely starting to remind me of my biological mother. My mother… She was a whore. My wife is showing signs of that and i really don’t appreciate it.

Gabe: You’re kidding? Sweet as can be Luna going porn in the fast lane?

Zeke: *Looking at the new transactions* She’s been going to the shops that sell pornographic merchandise. Plus… She doesn’t know that i was in the other room the other night and just walking by the room to check on her because she wasn’t feeling so hot. I caught her stripping naked and putting on a sexy Bikini.

Zeke shows off the picture as he had a copy of a photo that he snuck of Luna without Luna paying much attention getting snapshot…

Zeke: This is the photo. My wife is slipping and she’s also getting into smoking. saw her this morning before i left for work here and she was lighting up.

Gabe: *Sitting down and scratching the side a little* Hmm… Wow. That’s uh… an awkward surprise to catching a view of. Your wife smoking and shattering the lovely sweet innocent view you had of her. She’s not siring to run rampant… is she?

Zeke: i don’t know. Why must you ask me about that? I don’t know what she’s gonna do. This is all very early stages of the transition. So far… it’s still early on the move but she is getting there fast. Really fast. But as far as i know up till now… It’s got little to no showing that something is definitely up. Although… the signs are bubbling.

Gabe: What does young Zoey think about all this? She is the most sensitive one in the family. Plus more adamant in being out there in the world. Friend to all and head strong with what she believes in her heart.

Zeke: Zoey doesn’t know about it and i don’t think i will want for her to know about her mother shifting to the X-Rated realm of modeling. The reality of her mother likely becoming a Whore in waiting. I don’t even like thinking of my wife that way… But… *Sighs* What am i to think? What can i be made to think? My wife is likely becoming a Prostitute and or a Stripper. I can’t break this to Zoey. She’s gonna be so hurt.

Gabe: And she’s gonna be more hurt than not if you don’t tell her. Zoey’s got to be told of this so she can brace herself for the change. If she finds out on her own… It’s gonna be worse than that when she happens to come asking if its true and come to find that you knew and didn’t say.

Zeke: *Groans* I know… That’s exactly what i am trying to figure out. How to tell Zoey and not have it snare her happy way of life. She’s still pretty innocent. Innocent and with hardly a flaw in her. Just very temperamental as of the last couple months. She has been dealing with personal issues and also the fact that she and her best friend have been wrangling with some roughnecks raising a stink towards the family of ours because of me being in it.

Gabe: Sounds just like the dilemma that my 14-15 year old daughter is facing. She’s hearing about all the innocent girls in this city going belly up. She’s been hearing of some people trying to start some kind of hate towards a family. Your family has been right on the tip of their pretty tongues. She tells me that there a group of kids at the school coming up with ideas to hold rallies on eradicating all traces of your family out from this city. No one is listening to those rabble rousers though. But the ones raising the stink aren’t giving up. They’ve got a hold of a deal to put together a fund raiser to raise some funds to get some shirts done up. With the lines saying: “Get Metropolis to Be Chaos and disaster free. It’s time for the Loser Rhapsody family to leave.”

Zeke: *Snaps* And just what the fuck is that supposed to mean? You want to relay that to me once more? These girls or kids are spreading that shit. What are their names? Who are they?

Gabe: Their last names… Marco.

Zeke: Marco. That’s quite enough. I’m gonna put an end to the crap right now.

Gabe: How will you do that?

Zeke: Going to the source. To the Marco household.

Gabe: What for?

Zeke: To get a hold of the now widow of Martin Marco. He died or was killed in the Meteor shower. The wife has to handle everything. Even the kids and if those kids are trying to carry on the hatred of the father… They’re gonna face derailment.

Gabe: Uh-oh!

Zeke got up from his desk and grabbed his jacket and cell and marched out. He was already in a bad mood as he was having to deal with his wife slipping down the X-rated path. Then the fact that he learned of there being kids raising a stink about his family and aiming it right on him. It was not his night. Plus there was talks of fear towards the rising of Child abductions which were not making anything the least bit relieved. What was he to do about it and what could he hope to do about his wife veering? He knew that he would have to tell their young daughter Zoey about it… Only problem was… How could he reach her?

A Moment later…

At the Marco Household…

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Beth: *In her room* What am i to do about those kids of mine? I can’t get them to quit their personal mission to tear down Luna’s family. They refuse to stop…

The Doorbell rings…

The Front Door…

Living Room…

Chris: *Answering the door* Hello… *Seeing Zeke* Oh… It’s Mr. Loser. What do you want, Loser?

Zeke: You know what it is that i want. You’re gonna stop trying to tear down my family.

Josh: *Walking over* No. Make us. We are not gonna stop. You Zeke are a fucking loser and we don’t care what our mother gets us to believe. We are gonna keep up with our plans to destroy you and your family.

Earl: Your family is going down unless you die. Our father hated you. Ever since you came into this city and if he were here right now… He’d be wanting to rip you to shreds.

Zeke: And why’s that?

Lois: *Walking over to the door* Because of your bullshit that you were violated when you were young… Our father believed it to be bullshit and so do we. You took his first love Luna away. Luna was his. NOT YOURS!

Zeke: *Shoving Lois against the wall and then Pushing Earl and Josh down to the floor* You can fuck off with that shit. I was abused. Your father was an asshole. Luna was right to leave his ass. I had nothing to do with it. She chose to leave him for how he was treating others and Me. My habit didn’t help anything… But She chose to leave him. I didn’t tell her to do it. So don’t you kids even fucking start that shit. Why don’t you get off your high horses and take a whiff of the shit you’ve been shoveling? Get your facts straight.

Tara: No… You can get out and off our property, Rhapsody. We don’t care what you have to say… Your daughter and family are going down. so GET LOST! *Grabbing the door and Slamming it in Zeke’s face*

Ginger: *Looking at the boys and sisters* No matter what happens… The Rhapsody Clan are gonna fall. Until the day Zeke Mansfield dies… They will suffer. They don’t like it. Tough. This city doesn’t need losers like them. Even if it’s just us doing all the work to chase them out of this City… They’re leaving. Either they leave or we’ll make them wish that they left. Or if they want this to stop… Get rid of Zeke. Zeke’s gonna learn to fuck off and die. Whether those losers like it or not. That goes for that Bitch Blossom and that little slut Zoey.

Frenchy: *Nods* That’s right. They’re to learn their place. the easy way or the hard. They can take their pick. Our father was a good man. If anyone should have died in that meteor shower… it’s Zeke. Not our father. It should have been Zeke that got dead.

Earl: The hell with those punks. With the shirts we passed out… People are starting to turn on the family.

Chris: *Snickers* Yeah! Goodbye Rhapsody Clan!

The Clan was gonna be torn apart and the Marco Kids were their killers. But their time was gonna reach a snag. As it was stated by Manning… Something was in place to put an end to the Marco Kids and their vendetta… Only question was… Were they gonna care? Would the Marco kids be phased by the Government? None of them knew that the fighters were being backed up by the government. And they were never gonna know. The Marco Kids were gonna be getting a big wake up call and they were not gonna like it. Who’d have the last laugh now? The Clansmen… or them?

As for the Fighters…

Back at the BPRD…

The Next Evening…

Nov. 12th 2044..


A PROJECTION SCREEN shows the enhanced image of the piece of paper with Cyrillic characters.

Manning: We’ve collected and destroyed thousands of eggs. No trace of this “Sammael” or this “Rasputin” character. But we have this address —

In a meeting room, Manning stands at a polished obsidian desk. A group of agents — Myers among them — listens attentively. The girls and guys were also inside the room and taking notice. Taking notes and listening in. But with what they found out as they looked into the situation and did some digging, The fighters had a few things to add to the briefing that they… believed may just come to be of great use…

Theodore: *Clearing his throat* Actually, Manning… Sir. That’s not entirely true…

Manning: What’s that, Theodore?

Theodore: The Thunderic Force Z! found signs of an attacker. As did Crystal. She picked up Visions of there being an attacker. 2 of them. A being in a gas mask… Plus one… in a dark cloak and wielding a mysterious book.

Clint: There’s something about the Attacker that you’re gonna need to know.

Raven: *Nods* It’s important, sir.

Manning: You Agents are part of this briefing and are working for the Bureau on this. So… Please do… Provide the insight you have on this.

Annie: *Nods* Theodore, You’re the one who’s figured a lot of this out. Go up over there and brief everyone on the details.

Clint: Don’t worry. We’ll be up there too. So it won’t be so bad. We’re in it together.

Sora: We have to get with it and go after the ones who took Broom away from us. Prof. Broom was a good man. The one that took him from us should be made to pay.

As Soon as Theodore got to the front of the room…

Theodore: *Looking at the Agents in the room* Okay… We did some digging on this mysterious guy Rasputin. Grigory Efrimovich Rasputin… This guy is immortal. Killed multiple times before. Shot… Clubbed. Hung. Castrated and Drowned. Yet… in 1944… He was seen again. Broom the late and dearly departed Professor was one to have seen him. Rasputin is after something and we happen to believe it’s Hellboy.

Myers: The Professor said the same thing. He said that Rasputin was after him.

Clint: That’s correct. Rasputin has come back. And the guy is not someone to toy with. He has mystical power. Untold power and tends to believe himself out to be a god. He’s uncalculated in his ambitions. Using any resource possible. If he can’t get to it…  he’ll work through a woman by the name of Ilsa. A Seemingly ageless woman. She lives to serve Rasputin and be at his beck and call like a Dog greeting its master.

Blossom: There’s also the Gas Mask freak. Karl Ruprecht Kroenen. he is trouble. If his Knives don’t get you… You’ll be wishing they had if you run into a Hell hound Known as Sammael. The Son of Nergal. The Hound of Resurrection. They’ll do worse to you than what Kroenen will.

Sora: We know that this sounds way out there… But trust us… This is what we have gathered. What we have seen. Rasputin is dangerous. He’s got black magic and is far from being hesitant in using it. He seeks revenge on the late professor which in fact… he’s already taken the professor. Took his life. But he’s after the same prize. Bringing the world to its knees and “from the Ashes… A New Eden will arise.”

Manning: *Reading off the data* Sebastian Plackba #16. Volokolamsk fields, fifty miles from Moscow. We leave as soon as we get clearance and equipment —

Seconds later…

Manning: Hellboy’s coming — *beat*  I’m not pleased about that, but I’ll be in charge this time. We either wrap this up or I’m closing this freak show for good.

Raven: This isn’t a freak show. Manning, this is not a freak show. It is anything but that. However… You are right. This whole thing has been going on for a bit too long.

Paul: What we need to do is just take this one step at a time. One wrong move and everything will get screwed up.

Annie: I agree. Manning, Sir… How long do you think it’ll take to get clearance for everything and opened for us all to go to Moscow?

Manning: About a couple weeks. There happens to be paperwork and clearance forms to have filled out. The Number of Agents. The transportation… The Armory and weapons needed to handle the Job.

Susie: It’s not that bad.

Spencer: We got Transportation. Just ask my wife Rikku’s Father. My father-in-law. He can build up a machine fast.

Zoey: It’s true. They can.

Manning: Very good. Just be sure to have it meet all the requirements.

Rin: *Walking in* …

Seconds later…

Rin: *Walking over to Manning* Byntuh sa.

Manning: *Turning to see a Middle eastern man walking over* Who are you?

Rin: So Ybumukeac. E ys [Rin]. Yd ouin canjela. (My Apologies. I am [Rin]. At your service.)

Manning: *Reaching to shake hands* It’s a surprise to officially meet you face to face. Tom Manning. Director of the Bureau. *Clearing his throat slightly* I take it that you’re the one with the elemental arsenal and with the capabilities to create items and weapons. fusing them with elements.

Rin: That’s correct, Sir.

Manning: Well it’s nice to know that. You came through on helping the teams with their objective.

Rin: Of course. The Clan are like real close friends of mine. I’ve seen what they could do.

Manning: We’re getting things set for a operation to Moscow. The location is Sebastian Plackba #16.

Rin: That’s Rasputin’s Mausoleum.

Manning: Yes. But… how did you know?

Rin: I happened to overhear part of the briefing before i walked into the room.

Manning: You do know that this is gonna be a dangerous trip. Don’t you?

Rin: Yes. i do.

Rikku: He’s aware of it, Sir. He wants to help.

Manning: You’ll be our Weapons builder. Of course they’ll have to be by the book.

Rin: Consider it Done. I am quite capable of forming some weapons and forms of firepower to serve any purpose.

Cid: *Walking in* Don’t you be forgetting about good ole’ Cid here. I can have Transportation set up and built in due time… We Al-Bhed/Afghani’s can build strong Machina. Strong Machines.

Blossom: It’s true. They got magic fingers when it comes to building Machines.

Manning Nods…

Myers spots Liz walking past the conference room…


Hellboy stands before Broom’s desk, pensive, his naked chest bandaged. Liz watches him from across the room. He finds Broom’s rosary on top of the book. Reads the underlined phrase on the page.

Liz: Hi —

He turns to her. She slowly comes towards him.

Hellboy: Hi.

Liz: I’ve changed my mind. I’ll come to Moscow. If you — are still going — The young fighters are going along with you to Moscow.

Hellboy nods, then clears his throat.

Hellboy: I am. *beat* But — I have something to say, too. *beat* I never had the guts before –

He looks her in the eye.

Hellboy: But I understand what you don’t like about me. I do. What I am makes you feel out of place — out there —

Liz: Red, I —

Hellboy: Listen. I’m not like Myers. I’m not like the young fighters. They clearly make you feel like you belong as does Myers. He makes you feel like you belong. And — that’s good. It really is. I — wish I could do something about this — *points at his own face* But I can’t. *beat* I can promise you only two things… One: I’ll always look this good. Two: I won’t give up on you. Ever.

Liz: I like that…

Hellboy: Good. The fighters are good guys. They know what they want and settle for nothing less. They also believe in you. They believe in us.

There was nothing else to do but get ready to go and face Rasputin. Face him and deal with the Ogdru Jahad. But there was one problem… Clearance and prepping the equipment needed for the Operation. The weapons. Transportation. What were they gonna expect once there in Moscow… In the Mausoleum of Rasputin? What dangers were they to expect? Would it come out that Zoey can no longer transform into Sailor Zoey and she’s a Sitting Duck? Would she be a likely target for Rasputin to use to get Hellboy to give in to his fate. His Destiny that Rasputin is hellbent in getting hellboy to embrace? What about In Metropolis? What was gonna transpire in the city now? Was there finally gonna be a resistance formed to fight back against the Child Abductors? What about the targeted victims? What would their fate be? Who’d be the next targets for the Abductions? Hallie Tanner/Rhapsody? Was Jenna Rhapsody’s fate gonna be diapers as the truth of what happened to her is found out by Arnold Rhapsody? How was the City gonna ever fight back against the Abductors? Would they win? Would the terror ever see an end? Find out in the next Chapter of the Adventures of the Rhapsody Girls Z! As the Saga continues…

Kasey: *Voice-over* Oh my god… No! Hallie’s been… No… No… No No No No! She’s been Mo- Mo- Mo- Molested… This is a nightmare. She’s only 10. 10! TEN YEARS OLD! On the next Adventures of the Rhapsody Girls Z! Molestations have taken a heavier toll and a heavier heart. This time… Going after 3-4 Bikini girls in one swipe. Targeting them at an Arcade. No one hearing a thing. Then that afternoon… Hallie gets targeted and Victimized. But by a Janitor who was as friendly as any. Kind, Sweet and Gentle. Yeah right! Molester city in waiting. But at first i don’t know of it. I chalk it to her being picked on by some bullies. But during that night i get told of it by a stranger. A Teenager who was in fact hanging with Hallie at a Burger Joint. Hallie also is seduced into smoking. at age 10! Her outlook changes and gets turned into a different personality. Plus later we learn that Jenna Rhapsody was also Molested and no one knew it till then. Even with the signs there… Red flags and ringers… What the hell is going on? Jenna Rhapsody Is being put in Diapers. However… As for Janie, Alexandra and Charlene… They finally find a place and thereby start to take measures to form a resistance against the Child Abductors. Rhapsody Trio to the innocent and Victimized: “We’ve been made scared for long enough. Now it’s our turn to change that. Time to Fight back!”

Blossom: *Voice-over* It’s over to Moscow for us and hey… we don’t even get to have second thoughts about it either. So much for a moment to have a second opinion. But we are on our way to Moscow. We’re going to avenge Prof. Broom. Avenge his life that was stolen… ended by the mystical Rasputin. We’re gonna be going over to face Rasputin. Take him down. “Rasputin, We’re coming for you… You Bastard!” Plus as we go through the Mausoleum… Something goes totally wrong for Zoey. She loses her Senshi powers. She’s being made into a sitting Duck. No firepower. No defense. Nothing. What will she do? Is there any firepower left for her? It’s Danger for Zoey… Danger and possible peril for the New Generation of fighters. plus more ongoing terror for all girls and children alike in Metropolis but with a starting turn of the tables and a means to fight back for control in the next chapter of the Adventures of the Rhapsody Girls Z! Chapter 192: Rhapsody New Generation goes to Moscow.


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