Chapter 190: Elizabeth Sherman Is back? HellBoy is head over heals…

(Serena and Carly Black on a Date in the city.)

(Prof. Broom gets a ill fated visitor)

Back in Metropolis…

Early Evening…

Sid’s Diner…

Sid: *Looking at Brenda, Nicki, Danielle and Candice* You girls seem to like getting just about the same thing every evening. No concerns really… But Does your dad know about this?

Brenda: I don’t know. I guess so.

Sid: As long as he knows of this… I won’t press it. But i do serve other things that you girls are open to try. You are not being limited to just one thing.

Candice: *Giggles*

Nicki: What’s with the pressed shirt?

Sid: I had a meeting to attend to.

Janie: *Walking into the Diner with Alex, Charlene and Zoey C.* Evening Sid.

Sid: *Looking to see the girls* Hey girls. Your High strung mother Dinah finally let you loose from the coop?

Alex: Yeah… You could say that. She’s high strung sometimes… but she’s also very protective of us. Afraid to have us out in the open and at risk of being targeted by the sick creeps.

Charlene: She’s not overzealous about it… She’s just terrified of what the sick minded child Abductors could be capable of.

Brenda: Who wouldn’t be? The sick men are everywhere.

Zoey Creek: *Not seeing one of the girls* Where’s Jenna?

Danielle: She’s still at the Radio station. She was out on her own after school today and she said something about taking some time for herself to think about her friend Suzanne. She had some things to think about. But then she came home and was so quiet that we didn’t see her come in. Jenna just went right on to her bed and fell asleep. Without a word to anyone.

Janie: You don’t suppose anything could be wrong with her, do you?

Brenda: *Unsure* I don’t think so… But with the way she’s been as of late… One can’t really say.

Zoey Creek: We should keep our ears and eyes open for any changes in her.

Brenda: *Scoffs* And how exactly are we to do that? Jenna won’t say much of anything to us. She hasn’t really spoken to any of us since the day we found out that Suzanne Sexton got victimized. Jenna won’t talk about anything. All she does is just doodles in her books and diary. She would just come home most of the time from school and just sit in her room. She doesn’t do anything other than sit on her bed and just sigh. When we ask her what’s up… She just goes silent. She won’t talk. So… how can we monitor for any changes in her? How can we do that, Zoey?

Alex: *Snaps* Hey! Brenda… Back off. She’s only suggesting that we keep our eyes and ears open for anything different in her is all… That’s all. This is not easy on us either. We had to literally beg our mother to let us out. She almost didn’t let us out. But fortunately eased up just enough so we could and not be talked into staying in the house for another night with no means of social interaction from the outside world.

Brenda: Yeah… I know that. We know that… Alex. But there is not much that we can do to get through to her. There is nothing we can do. Our sister Jenna isn’t gonna open up. She’ll open up to her best friend Suzanne. But… No one else. She won’t even open up to dad. She keeps to herself consistently.

Sid: *Looking at the girls and feeling rather at a loss* …

Of course…

Watchtower Command Center…

Tess: *Pulling up the readings* Another girl got Victimized.

Chloe: Who?

Tess: Jenna Rhapsody.

Chloe: One of Lord Arnold’s Adopted daughters?

Tess: Yes.

Mr. Breslin: *Walking over with the new readings* Mrs. Mercer… Mrs. Queen. We’ve just received this data and it’s not good. It’s grim.

Tess: What did you find out?

Mr. Morgan: More girls are being targeted. Young girls. Plus over the last 6 days… there had been 4 cases of Molestation victims acting with explicit tendencies. Their Innocence since ripped from them… It opened them up to Rated X influences. There are a couple of sightings of Drug dealers who are seeking to target more girls. They’re biding their time but it could only be just a matter of time.

Tess: What’ll we do?

Chloe: We have to notify the authorities. This is work too long and deep for us to have Kimahri to take control of.

Tess: Dinah’s 3 oldest daughters are in New Jersey still. As are the rest of the fighters. The fighters are not able to help now. Not while they’re there and…

Chloe: Even if they were here… there wouldn’t be much that they would be able to do to derail the Abductors.

Tess: We’re gonna have no other option but to issue a mandatory joint bipartisan with the Local Authorities. These Child Abductions have to end.

Mr. Breslin: We don’t know if doing that will make much of any change. The situation has gone on for a while now and it’s too deep. Plus… It’s now lethal.

Tess: Either it gets done… or we have talks of a change in roster for the Command center here…

Chloe: Tess, That won’t help. We just have to hack into the local authorities and take matters into our own hands.

As for the fighters…

In New Jersey…

At the BPRD…

In the Corridor…

Serena: *Looking at Carly Black* Tonight’s our date. However with everything that’s gone on earlier… If you’re thinking twice about it… It’s okay.

Carly Black: Serena, No. I am not thinking twice about it. I am still on for the date. It didn’t change. However… I can’t deny that what happened back there with Manning–

Serena: What?

Carly Black: It’s made it seem like you were itching for a fight.

Serena: I was not itching for a fight. I just was not in good spirits over what happened down on the field. Where the teams were. Carly, We almost died down there. Those Hell hounds killed 2 of the agents. Moss and Quarry were taken down by those Hell hounds. That could have been us.

Carly Black: *Not understanding* Didn’t you have back up?

Serena: What backup? *Scoffs* Carly, all we had was us… Rin, 3 agents. Hellboy, Abe. That’s it. There wasn’t anyone else.

Carly Black: I should have been there.

Serena: And do what? You didn’t have a weapon. You would have been torn to shreds faster before you could whimper for help.

Carly Black: With the Hell hounds… I likely would have been.

Serena: Hellboy is in his Den… He’s kinda feeling a little down.

Carly Black: After the abrupt scene that he made moments ago… I would doubt that. He’s got a temper and one of these days… it’s gonna wind up getting the better of him.

Serena: *Walking on along with Carly Black* Just like me.

Carly Black: Not like you. You’re with Rage too… But you don’t throw fits and cause a hole in the wall. Hellboy does.

Spencer: *Walking around with Rikku* Hey you two… Getting set for your date tonight?

Serena: Of course. What about you two?

Rikku: We’re gonna be having a Movie night in the conference room.

Carly Black: How is that so? Isn’t that room usually off limits for everything but official briefings?

Serena: How are you two gonna be in there?

Spencer: We were given the okay. Rin is helping a couple of the Agents set up the movie screen and there’s a few concessions being set in there too.

Carly Black: You two are married and yet… dating. Wow! You two must be just full of Bliss.

Spencer: And we’re proud of it.

Serena: *Smiles and grinning*

Carly Black: Don’t have too much fun.

Rikku: Right back at ya’! *Winks*

Spencer: Have you seen Clint and Theodore?

Serena: Hmm… No. can’t say that i have. I haven’t seen them since we got back from the Abandoned tunnels and Subway areas dealing with the Hell hounds. Annie and Daria are also gone. They’re around somewhere though. But since we came back… They somehow just split.

Carly Black: Why do you ask?

Spencer: No reason. But since you two are going out and might catch up with them… If you see them… Let them know that Sapphire and Raven are asking for them. A couple or so of them are getting together to confront Zoey. Something about what Manning said that Zoey told him that night when she happened to have blacked out while we were overseeing the clean up process at the Machen Library… It’s not sitting too well with them.

Serena: Got it. Don’t worry. If we see them… we’ll pass on the details and let them know that they’re expected to meet with the others.

Spencer: Thanks.

As for Sora and Carly…

They were with Broom and helping him prepare for tending to the specimen: Kroenen…

Hellboy’s Den…

A cat bats at a ball of paper. On it, two words are visible: DEAR LIZ. Hellboy’s tail scoops up the paper and throws it in a brimming wastebasket.

He’s sitting at a stainless steel desk, deep in concentration, writing with evident difficulty. The floor around him is covered with more crumpled pages. In the background, the projector is showing DUCK SOUP.  Myers pushes in a cartload of CHILI.

Myers: I’m gonna put these over here, okay?

Hellboy: One minute. One minute. *Having trouble with writing an evident love letter* Hey, Myers… …you’re a talker. What’s a good word, a solid word, for “need”?

Myers: Well… …”need” is a good, solid word.

Hellboy: Nah! Too needy.

Myers sets the tray on the table.

Myers: Start in, you got nachos coming.

Hellboy: Mmm! Nachos.

As he goes out, Liz appears in the doorway. Hellboy quickly stops writing…

Clint: *Walking in and seeing wads of paper all over the floor and around the garbage can* I guess that tornado season is in favor. Where the house-cleaning seal of approval is concerned… It definitely didn’t meet you, Red.

Theodore: The cleaning bill is gonna be really high.

Clint: High? No… Try catastrophic.

Theodore: Much better.

Liz: *Looking at the cats and picking up one of the cats* Oh, my God. Look at them all. Who had babies? C’mere Tiger.

Clint: You don’t want to know.

Paul: *Cleaning up some of the clutter* Hellboy, Not that it’s much to think about… But… does the concept of a clean home is a happy home ever stick to you?

Hellboy: I never really thought about it.

Paul: You might want to start thinking about that. This is clearly your pad… You know what you like and how you like it… But this… Look at this. This is a fire hazard. No Pun attended, *Looking towards Liz for a split second* Liz. But this is gonna someday cause a fire. It’s not insurmountable.

Hellboy: I’ll work on that, Paul. Thanks.

Paul: Don’t mention it. *Grins*

Liz plays with a cat. Hellboy lifts the piece of paper, which looks like a postage stamp in his stone hand.

Hellboy: Liz, there’s something I need for you to hear, and it’s…

Liz: Will it take long? Because I’m actually going out.

Theodore: Huh?!

Clint: Uh… Come again on that part.

Hellboy: Out? Out out?

Liz: *Nods*

Paul: It’s gonna be cold out. We’re kinda with a concern that Serena and Carly Black are going out. In the cold on a date. This isn’t like Metropolis.

Hellboy: No kidding…

Liz: For a cup of coffee, but go ahead, read.

Hellboy: Are you going alone?

Liz: No, Myers is taking me.

Clint: *Seeing the moody expression on Hellboy* Hellboy… Hellboy… Don’t over-react. It’s not what you’re thinking. It’s only coffee… Nothing more. Just coffee. No harm.

Hellboy: How is it that you know, Clint? Myers is trying to make some move on her. That little cretin.

Theodore: Oh boy… This will not go well.

Hellboy stands up, walks towards her.

Hellboy: Him!! Why him? Why not me?

Paul: … *Not sure how to respond to that statement*

Myers walks back in pushing a tray of nachos.

Myers: *To Hellboy* Hey, your chili’s getting cold —

Hellboy: *Sitting back down* Not hungry…

Liz: What did you want me to hear — ?

Hellboy then folded the paper in a rather hurt and rejected manner. He felt that it was yet another nail in the idea of him having reasons to not like Myers.

Hellboy: It’s nothing. It’s just a list. Not finished yet.

Liz: Oh, okay then. Maybe later then.

Paul: Okay… This is getting close to being a sappy soap opera. Hellboy… Just tell her what the note says. Just come out with it. Tell her how it is that you feel. She’s not gonna know how you feel unless you tell her.

Clint: He’s got a point there, H.B. He’s right. Liz can’t react to how you feel unless you open up and tell her. Although… of course unless it’s something else and you’re the type of guy who sits and ponders and feel unable to say how you’re really feeling but making it no secret that it isn’t as if you don’t feel it in your heart.

Theodore: And this comes from the hopeless Romantic.

Hellboy: … *feeling his senses locking up*

Paul: Liz, Hellboy is in love with you. He wanted to tell you his feelings and let you know how he really feels. He realizes that he can be rather brutish and over the top. But he actually loves you. Literally loves you.

Clint: He has the T.V’s in here usually plastering a picture of you all over without end. If that there isn’t proof… I can’t begin to wonder what would be proof enough.

Hellboy: *Blushing* You guys are Kinda making me blush here. Stop it.

Theodore: Come on… Hellboy, it’s true. You know that it is true.

Liz can’t hide the fact that it touched her and made her feel sentimental. She was happy, But she was trying not to let it come out. Not as if she didn’t want to let it out… She was shy. She then leaves as Myers came into the Den. Hellboy didn’t take to him happily.

Myers: Anything else you —

Hellboy: *Snappy* Not from you.

Myers: Well then… Uh, Good night.

Hellboy: Goodbye.


B.P.R.D Medical Bay…

Under a sheet, Kroenen’s cold, naked body lies on a slab. Broom talks into a tape recorder.

Broom: The subject: Karl Ruprecht Kroenen —

The visible areas of the body were in bad presentation and certainly made it where anyone would be grateful that the sheet remained covering the rest of the body given how sickly and deranged it appeared to be. Sora and Carly were in the room and assisted in giving Broom a hand. seeing that the attachments that came from the body were set neatly.

Broom: *Into the tape recorder* Born in Munich, Germany. Subject Suffered from a masochistic compulsion… …commonly known as surgical addiction.

Sora: *Looking at Carly* This is like playing Dr. Frankenstein.

Carly: And we’re Igor. Prof. Broom has got to be Dr. Frankenstein.

Sora: *Shrugs* I guess…

The silver hand and harness lie on a table.

Broom: *Beginning on examining the body* Both eyelids were surgically removed along with his upper and lower lips, making speech impossible. The blood in his veins dried up decades ago. Only dust remains. *Looking at the X-rays* Four pulverized vertebrae. A steel rod inserted into his pelvis held him up…

Sora: He’s a lab experiment gone terribly wrong.

Carly: Broom, Something is not right about him being here. Something is up.

Broom: Such as what?

Sora: This whole thing is too easy. Kroenen is undead. There is no blood in him. Just Dust. No working organs. The Harness is what appears to be what kept him alive and rolling.

Carly: We saw Kroenen at the tunnels during our second round against the hell hound. He laid right by Clay. Hellboy saw Kroenen laying only a few inches from Agent Clay. Blossom also saw and was itching to electrocute Kroenen into fried jerky.

Broom: Figuring that finding him there was an eleborate plot and with a purpose.

Sora: i really don’t think this is gonna end good.

Carly: Something dark is coming. If Kroenen is here… There is no doubt that the one behind all this… isn’t far behind.

Sora: *Sighs*

Broom: What horrible will power could keep a thing like this alive?

He finds the small pieces of paper Kroenen planted in his pouch.

Sora: *Spotting sight of the items in Broom’s hands* What’s that?

Broom: Not sure. *Feeling dread coming over him*

Carly: No offense, Prof. But something about this is telling you that wicked foreplay is near.

Broom: I have a feeling that you may be right, Carly.

Of course…

B.P.R.D Hallways…

Under the gaze of high-security cameras, AGENT LIME rolls Hellboy’s food cart down the corridor and into the domed intersection. He whistles a happy tune. Opens the high security door.


Lime’s jaw drops.

Across the room, one of the walls has been completely demolished, revealing a SERVICE SHAFT.

No sign of Hellboy.

Lime: Jesus… Hellboy, what have you done? Broom is not gonna be happy with you.

In the Cafeteria…

A group of the fighters were standing inside and sitting at a table. They clearly had something to say to Zoey and from the way it seemed… It wasn’t good.

Sapphire: *Serious* Okay… Now that we’re here… we can talk. In private.

Raven: Right.

Clint: What is going on here?

Theodore: *confused*

Annie: Not that it will change anything… But what we are here for is the fact that Manning knows of our family. Knows of us… Every strip. Possibly… knowing of every last incident that had befallen us.

Blossom: Zoey told Manning about our family. Maybe she was just passing Idle chitchat and wasn’t thinking at first.

Zoey: Hey… Why is everyone coming on me?

Annie: What do you think, Zoey? *Scoffs* You know why we are coming down on you. You told Manning about our family. Our parents. Everything.

Zoey: Yeah. I did tell him about us. I told him and yes… It is true of what he told you. He said that he was a fan of our family. And i think that it is true. Because even though he doesn’t say right out that he is a fan and spouting the reasons why he is one… He is. Telling him about us was only to peak his interest. That’s all.

Blossom: Maybe so… but you shouldn’t have told him. Now if things go south… He’s got ammunition to use on us. He’s got details to use against us. He might claim to like us as you believe… But he isn’t as nice as you are picturing him out to be. He’s nothing of the kind. No where near that. He might sound as if he’s genuinely for us… but it’s all a ruse. Nothing other than a ruse.

Zoey: Manning isn’t like that. He’s misunderstood is all. He is not the monster that you all paint him as. Being the director of the Bureau here isn’t as easy as it seems. It’s stressing work. Stressful work. There is no easy parts towards the Job. Everything that happens here as he might have told you… he has to report it right to the pentagon… to the higher ups at headquarters. The casualty reports. Reports of Funding for the Bureau. Damage control. Hellboy has been known to strike some damage and Manning has to cough up the plea for repairs. Hellboy isn’t guilty either. He is misunderstood too… Manning doesn’t see that. We do. But there are rules here. Hellboy doesn’t seem to understand well. Manning doesn’t enforce the rules to be a hard ass. But he does keep this place a secret because if people knew that the taxpayers money was going for a secret like this… They’d want to know why. They would demand to know what this place was about and be gunning for a piece of this place. There would be chaos and possible panic. Not many people know about this place and Manning’s job is partly to come up with stories that will throw people off. So no one would come here to expose this place and thereby destroying the only kind of secret defense against the paranormal entities and supernatural beings and creatures. Things that people don’t know about and should never know about as they’d never understand.

Raven: Maybe so… But, Zoey… Why? Why… Why tell him about us? We’re not part of this place. Not full time. We were summoned here. But in the part of him that said that Broom summoned us here and he agreed to it and stated that he was: “All for it”. That makes it to where we were invited to come here. To be a part of this issue that is still in the throws. But we don’t officially belong here. We are not getting paid to be here. We’re visitors. Nothing more.

Zoey: Actually… *Sighs; Not wanting to spill the truth out* I don’t know if i should say this… but we are being paid. We just won’t see it till this is all over. But we are being paid. Manning didn’t have to tell me. He probably wouldn’t have allowed for it to slip out that he was having us on payroll. We are summoned here. But if that is the case… why is he having us on payroll? He knows that after this is all done… We’re gonna be on red eye back to Metropolis.

Clint: *In Disbelief* Hold on a second, Zoe… Hold on. You mean to tell us that we’re actually being paid for being here… Manning is actually gonna pay us? Us?! A Bunch of teens and Pre-teen fighters? You sure that you’re not trying to blow smoke up our butts with this fluffy delusion of us being actually paid to be here just for a short time and then creeping on back to the boondocks? This sounds really out there… Even for you.

Zoey: It does. But it’s true.

Sapphire: But the fact is that you told Manning about us, Jellybean. What makes you think that we’d be able to rely on you to keep our family’s alternate life a secret from the outside world? We can no longer trust you, Zoey. You broke our trust in you. You think that it’s like it was when our parents had their alternate lives exposed and the world knew that they were the: “Rhapsody Girls Z!” It isn’t. The world is different now. Not the same as it was back in their time.

Daria: What does it matter if she told Manning about us? The only thing that should matter is the idea that we now get told… We’re getting paid to be here. We are now working. Technically.

Clint: Okay… I do believe that we were about to come on to Zoey over her telling Manning about us. Where is this talk about us being on Payroll coming from? Hints… Anyone? I’m looking right at the idea of how the talk of money came into play…

Theodore: I don’t think that blaming Zoey for Manning knowing much about us is gonna change anything. She was only doing what she believed was the right thing. Not that it was the best thing to do… Nor was it entirely smart. But she only did something like tell about us out of pride. Maybe to even the playing field a bit between us and Manning. *Looking to see eyes glancing and leering towards him* I’m not saying that Manning is to be trusted. I am not saying that Zoey can be trusted again… Because that was broken. It’ll take time before the trust we have in her… comes back. But maybe that now since Manning’s got a page out of the Rhapsody New Generation/Rhapsody Clansmen handbook… Maybe it’s a good option and something to think about where we take a page out from the Thomas Manning Handbook.

Annie: *Thinking* Hmm… That’s something to consider. I think that we could do that. It’d help.

Paul: Says who? Manning is not exactly the most easiest to read. He isn’t gonna just open up his mind and just let us in on what he’s thinking and what he’s gonna say. You can’t just read him.

Crystal: You can’t… But i can. Remember… That i am Psychic. Just like mom is. Only difference is… I don’t flaunt. She does. But then again… It’s her Job. Her career requires it. I do as needed. Nothing more than that.

Annie: …

Susie: Right. Right… Let’s think about that a bit…

As for Serena and Carly Black…

At a Diner in New Jersey…

Serena: *Looking out the window; Looking back at her best friend* It’s nice out. Cold though.

Carly Black: It is… But it’s hard to tell as we are mostly kept inside the Bureau.

Serena: Of course. But at least the Prof. allowed us to have this date. I don’t think that he and or Hellboy… Nor Abe. that any of them realize that you and I are a pair or in a relationship.

Carly Black: What do you mean… Of course they know… at least they should by now. They heard us asking if we could go out tonight on a date. A romantic like date… Wouldn’t you figure that to have been a rather obvious bell ringer?

Serena: You’re right about that… When you put it in those terms. *With something on her mind* …

Carly Black: *Catching the concerned look on Serena’s face* What’s up, Serena? You alright?

Serena: Huh? Oh yeah. I’m fine. I am just thinking about what’s possibly going on back at the Bureau. Knowing that the faking dead body of that gas masked freak…is there. I don’t know… But the fact that Kroenen was there at the tunnels. And dead when we got to where Clay was and He was lying down not far from where Clay was lying down literally lifeless. I don’t know…

Carly Black: You thinking it was too easy?

Serena: Way too easy. It was as if he knew where to lie down… how to appear and make like he were really dead when it could have just been a ploy so we’d take him along with us back to the Bureau.

Carly Black: What’re you thinking?

Serena: That Kroenen isn’t really dead. That this whole thing of his being dead… was an act and part of a plan.

Carly Black: The others are at the Bureau. Sora and Carly are with the Prof. He was in the midst of examining the body of Kroenen.

Serena: You don’t think that…

Carly Black: No… It couldn’t be that easy. It couldn’t be that obvious that Broom would examine the body and then when his back was turned or the moment that he walked away from the dead or not dead body that Kroenen would rise up and come to out from his act of Rigor Mortis and re-attach the removable parts back on and then walk out like nothing happened. That can’t be the least bit possible. Dead is dead. You can’t just come back from the dead.

Serena: Unless there was help or a source to ensure for him to never die… From something… or someone.

Carly Black: Like who?

Serena: Rasputin.

Carly Black: *Groans* Oh god… You’re really serious about that… aren’t you? You believe that Kroenen is still alive? *Sighs* Oh brother…


Carly Black: Something tells me that you might be right about something. When you and your sisters and cousins came back from the field… You guys spilled out that you were excavating the Abandoned tunnels and reservoir. And made the remark that while there… you felt that you weren’t the only ones there. That besides you and the gang… The 3 agents. Moss, Quarry and Clay…  There was someone else. Someone else there lurking in the shadows watching. But not to forget that your sister… Sapphire made notion that she along with Hellboy caught sight of Kroenen. Chasing him which only minutes later lost track of him and got met by Sammael again.

However… as they were talking their food came to them…

While they were eating…

Serena: *Looking out the window briefly before looking back* You notice that we haven’t heard anything from the family back home?

Carly Black: I have… It’s strange. You would figure that we would have heard something from your mom Dinah and dad Shingo. However… we haven’t.

Serena: It’s the same for the others. They haven’t heard from their parents either. Then there is the fact that we haven’t been able to call the family back home. I don’t know why though… Sure that our parents are liable to be really worried about us. They’d have to be after not hearing from us for some time.

Carly Black: That is not normal… I’m as well wondering about that. i didn’t even hear from my father. He usually would call. However he for the last couple months… he hasn’t done so.


At a coffee shop…

Myers: And one of those cookies. Do you have any doughnuts?

Cashier: Sorry, pal. How about a bear claw?

Minutes later…

On the Streets of New Jersey…

Myers and Liz leave a coffee shop, strolling down the street. Myers hands Liz her coffee. They chat and laugh. He pushes his Moped. She has her Polaroid with her.


Hellboy was watching the activity that was going on below on the street. He was getting a look at Myers and Liz. No idea what his issue with Myers was… But, some of the fighters were getting a little fed up with the way that Hellboy was treating Myers and regarding him. Hellboy watched and couldn’t help but be suspicious…

Hellboy: What are you two talking about. What’s so fascinating?? So important??


Liz and Myers pause at a corner, waiting for the light.

The shops are closing.

Myers: I admire him. He’s a force of nature.

Liz: He’s just pushy.

Myers: No… He’s determined. Unstoppable — Just like those fighters. I actually find them very devoted to what they do. You know… They have even stood up for me a few times. Trying to cool the fires that they saw being passed between Hellboy and I.

Liz: Yeah. That he is.

Myers: Hey, I’ve got yours.

A second or so later…

Myers: My uncle used to say… we like people for their qualities but love them
for their defects.

Liz half-smiles, sips her coffee.

Myers: He — loves you.

Liz: I know.

Myers: What about you?

Liz: Don’t know. Really. I grew up with him. *beat* I’ve missed him too, but now, every time I see him, I get confused. Hardly a day goes by he’s not in my mind. Even now, I feel he’s here — Can’t say that any of the fighters are with him. They can’t leap from rooftop to rooftop.

Myers: Unless they were in their alternate form…

Liz: Alternate form? *Confused* What Alternate form?

Myers: Romancers Z!, Aquatic Force Z!, Thunderic Force Z!, Electrogal, Sailor Zoey, Honolulu Torch Paul, Psychic Wonder Crystal, The ESP Elemental Twins.

Liz: Paul? *Pauses and recognizing the name* He was one of the 3 fighters that came with H.B that night. He’s said something about lending off some pointers on controlling the fire abilities.

Myers: You should ask him. You don’t have anything to lose. It might prove out to be helpful in the long run…

A second later…

Liz: *Walking on*

Myers: Hey, wait up!

As they walk down the street. A red streak jumps over roof tops. If only they knew that Hellboy was there and watching them from a distance and above them…


Hellboy lands neatly on the adjacent roof. He looks down at Myers and Liz —

He listens to what is said between Myers and Liz…

“Do you like Donuts? I’ve got two.”

“Oh thanks, That was nice.”

“And i got a cookie as well. Sugar?”

“No, No No… No sugar.”

Myers offers her cream and sugar.

Hellboy: No cream and sugar, moron. She takes it black.

She takes the coffee, waves off the half and half.

Hellboy: Told ya.

But then Liz was seen taking Myer’s picture.

Hellboy: She took his picture. I can’t believe it. *growls and in disbelief* Damn.

Hellboy then turns and walks off as he keeps them in his sights and at the same time staying out from Myer’s and Liz’s line of sight… He was not happy.


Myers: It’s freezing, isn’t it.

Liz: Coffee’s warming me up.

By now, all the shops are closed. They approach a small park near a train track.

Myers: What do we do now? Newark, New Jersey, entertainment capital of the world.

Liz: You sound kinda like a Game show host.

They walk on…

Liz: All right, tell me something about you. Where do you come from?

Myers: I lived with my uncle most of my life. Then I went to Quantico, went to top of my class. I’m nothing like…

She cleans off a wet, dirty bench, sits down.

Liz: You offered me a cup of coffee. I’ve got one, so just sit down.

Myers is falling for her.


Hellboy leaps off a building.


Two red hands appear over the rooftop parapet. Cursing, Hellboy hauls himself up. He finds himself next to a pigeon coop where a YOUNG KID is feeding the birds.

Hellboy: *Looking at the kid* Hi.

The kid stares at him.

Kid: Hellboy… You’re hellboy. *shocked* I’ve heard about you on the T.V.

Hellboy: Shh. I’m… on a mission.

He watches as Liz and Myers sit on the bench.

Hellboy: Don’t tell anyone, Huh?

Kid: It’s okay. I’ll never tell anyone that you were here.

Hellboy: That a boy…

Of course…

Hellboy’s break out attempt was found out…

Hellboy’s Den…

Broom examines the damage to the wall. He turns to see Hellboy’s locator belt hanging on the wall. Broom shakes his head.

Lime: Sir, He left his locator. Should we send out some scouts?

Blossom was close by and overheard. She didn’t want to buy into seeking on making Hellboy into a prisoner. It just wasn’t right to do.

Blossom: Why? He hasn’t really got himself seen by anyone this time… No one’s gonna see him at this time of evening… Night. Who’d be out?

Lime: Good point. But he has to stay here for a reason.

Broom motions for him to stop. It’s useless,

Broom: *Sighs; seeing as it was pointless to discipline Hellboy* No. Enough. He will never change — always a child. Always.

Blossom: Prof. Hellboy will change somehow… but not by forcing his hand. The more that his hand is forced… The more he’s gonna just defy.

Paul: *Walking in and grins* Looks as if you were trying to chain him up and he didn’t happen to like it.

Blossom: Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha! Very funny, Paul. That’s really witty. Did you just come up with that all of a sudden?

Broom: That’ll be quite enough, Blossom. It’s best if it wasn’t pressed any further. Hellboy is forever gonna be like a child.

Blossom: *Shaking her head* He’s still your boy… He may be hard to understand… But you’ll love him no matter what.

Broom: That’s a father’s love, Blossom. It’s neverending.

B.P.R.D Medical Bay…

Kroenen’s body lies on the table. Slowly, his chest starts to rise and fall. He sits up.
His arm stump docks into the prosthetic hand — Click! He flexes the shiny fingers.

Kroenen’s hideous cranium is visible for an instant before he zips up his mask. He takes the sharp Ragnarok knives and turns one over. It reflects a figure standing behind him: Grigory.

But back outside in Jersey…

Building rooftop in Jersey…

The pigeon kid walks towards Hellboy, carrying two glasses of milk and a plate of cookies.

Kid: My Mom baked ’em.

He sits by Hellboy’s side as he watches Liz and Myers chatting and laughing.

Hellboy: That’s it: she’s laughing. I’m done.

Hellboy grabs three cookies off the plate and scarfs them down.

Kid: They don’t look like spies.

Hellboy: Come on! Look at him, those shifty eyes, that — phony grin…!! *seeing the last cookie* You gonna eat that?

Below, Myers yawns. Hellboy slaps his forehead.

Hellboy: Oh, the yawning trick. That’s so 1950’s! Watch his arm —

He looks around, picks up a pebble, hefts it.

Hellboy: First he wants my Job… Then he wants my girl. I’ll fix his act…


Myers: We all have a side that we try to hide…

Myers stretches and places his hand and arm behind her back. Something hits him in the head.

Myers: Hey! What the hell? Who threw that?

He gets up, annoyed. No one in sight…


Hellboy snickers, hiding and chewing a cookie. The Kid “gives him five”.

Kid: Wow! What a shot… That had to be like 10-15 feet in distance…

Hellboy: I’m full of surprises. If you happen to stick around… You’ll see more surprises coming.

Broom’s office…

Broom took out the pieces of paper with writing on it and saw them as part of a clue…

Zoey: *With June* Hey Prof. What’s up?

June: What’re you doing?

Broom: Nothing much. Just looking into these pieces of paper. They happen to be a puzzle of some kind. A description of a place.

June: You mean… Like a name?

Broom: Precisely.

Zoey: Let’s see what it says…

Broom had then put Kroenen’s two pieces of paper together under a MICRO-SCANNER. Hoping to get an answer to what was on the torn pieces of paper. Broom watches as computer enhancement fills out a couple of missing areas. Zoey and June took notice as the Cyrillic letters are now legible…

Broom: *Pensive* SEBASTIAN PLACKBA #16… Moscow.

Zoey: Moscow? What’s in Moscow?

June: did that come from Kroenen?

Zoey: Why would he have pieces of paper with the name of a place in Moscow?

June: He must have been given it by someone.

Broom: Who wants us in Moscow? Why?

Blossom: *Walking in* There’s a problem…

June: What? What kind of problem?

Zoey: *Looking to see Blossom walking in* What’s going on?

Blossom: Crystal just suffered a Vision and it’s not good.

Broom: *Curious* What did she see?

Blossom: Rasputin within the Bureau.

Zoey: *Shrieks* WHAT?! You sure that she saw that?

Blossom: I can’t say… But she had that vision and even she’s freaking out about it.

June: *Detecting an energy source* He’s here. Rasputin… Rasputin’s here.

Blossom: Broom, Find the agents and sound off the alert. We have to go find Hellboy and get him to safety. You too… If Rasputin is here… There is no denying that he might seek to leave a trail of damage.

Too late…

TCHK!! A noise — Broom turns in time to see Kroenen delicately descending a spiral staircase, blade in hand. In spite of all his experience, Broom is shaken. Blossom looked to see Kroenen coming down the steps and growled. She was itching to fry Kroenen.

Zoey: We’ll go get help.

Blossom: Let’s go, Zoey… We’ve got to alert the others.

June: I’ll Hold Kroenen off. You two… Go.

Zoey: Right!

Blossom and Zoey then take off to warn the others and sound the alarm…


June: *Posing* June Star power… Transform! *Transforming*

June’s body was covered in white light as she transformed and the light emitted energy which turned into water and bubbles as her hair turned Blue and her appearance became one of a sailor. a light blue skirt. White top with a light blue bow on the chest piece of the uniform. A Light Blue Buckle that glowed. White gloves and Light Blue High rise boots. A Light blue Neck collar. With water and Light a tiara formed on her forehead and it was then that a swarm of bubbles covered her and transformed her the rest of the way…

Sailor June: *Posing* I am the Senshi of Wisdom, Love and the defender of truth Sailor June. In the name of the Moon… The presence of Evil will no longer be welcome…

Broom: I see the puppet. But — where is… the puppet master?

In the dark, a voice hisses —

Grigory: Very good, Professor Broom.

Broom turns. Grigory steps from the shadows.

Broom: It was you: The scraps of paper, Liz’s sudden relapse and return…

Grigory: *nods* Bread crumbs on the trail. Like in a fable. They both distract him and guide him exactly where I need him.

Broom: Moscow.

Grigory: His destiny. And the last clue… …will be left by the late Professor Broom.

Sailor June: Why are you after him? Why do you want him so much, Rasputin?

Grigory: Because he’s a being that i conjured. He belongs to me. His power and what his true calling is will bring about a new Eden.

Sailor June: Bring about the end of the world. How? How will he do that?

Grigory: With his stone hand. His right hand. He is the key to opening the portal which shall unleash the Ogdru Jahad.

Sailor June: You’re using him to bring the world to its knees.

Grigory: It was what he was meant to do. He is a demon. That’s his purpose.

Sailor June: Hellboy is not some tool. He is a human being. Even if his origins are that of a demon. He was raised as a human and Human is what he will be. You won’t change that. You can’t. You know that it can’t be changed. It can not be changed. He was born a demon. But he is a fighter for good.

Grigory: Not for long. His destiny must be taken on. He will embrace it.

Sailor June: Wanna bet? *In a fighters stance* Come near Hellboy… Or Prof. Broom and you’ll be Moon dusted by the powers of Mercury.

Kroenen: *Nearby* …

Grigory: *With a gentle hand against Broom’s bare forehead* You raised the child. Nurtured him. So in return… …I will permit you… …a brief, brief glimpse of the future.


A nightmarish tableau…

Crystal: *Silent; Casting Psybeam on Grigory*

Kroenen: *Catching the attack and sending it ricocheting back to Crystal*

Sailor June: *Firing an attack at Grigory* Mercury Aqua Heart Jet FLASH!


The ruins of New York, charred, smoldering. Human remains litter the landscape. Monstrous shapes lumber in the distance… an army of apocalyptic beasts outlined against the blood-red sky. Dominating the horror is a mountain of festering skeletons and skulls. At the top, a figure: HELLBOY, transformed. His horns are in full bloom, his eyes and mouth stream unearthly fire…

“He will open the portal… …and bring about the end of the world.”


Startled, Broom snaps out of it —

Grigory: If only you had him destroyed decades ago… none of this would come
to pass. But, then, how could you have known?

Blossom: *With Sora and Carly; Walking in* Known that you are a certifiable lunatic? How about you take a hike, you deranged psychotic nut? Get your sorry ass away from the professor before we shock your raisins into electrocuted Rice Krispy’s.

Grigory: *Looking to see the familiar girl* You! You spoke to me last time. Rudely speaking to a god.

Blossom: Pfft! You?!… *Laughs* You… A god? Yeah right. In your dreams, Asswipe. God of what? God of the deranged psychotic Nut jobs? Why don’t you go spin a tail from your little book of horrors.

Grigory: *Staring at Blossom* You are begging for death.

Blossom: Beg on this, asshole! *Looking at Sora and Carly* Now!

Sora: *With Carly and Blossom in unison* By the Rhapsody Power of three. Set us free… spark up a surge of thunder and lightning. put Grigory back in traction. *Firing a Shot of Electricity and a surge of thunder at Grigory* Thunder shock by the power of 3…. Thunder CHAIN FLASH!!!

Kroenen: *Moving to ward off the attack and misses*

Grigory: You shall pay for that, girl. You will be sorry for your actions towards a god.

Seconds later…

Blossom: *Running off to get help* Sora… Carly, come on… We’re gonna get the others here and send this psychotic crack pot right to the cleaners…

Sora: Right.

Carly: What about June?

Blossom: She’s gonna have no option but to hold them off as long as she can…


After they left the room…

Broom is speechless.

Grigory: Your God chooses to remain silent. Mine lives within me. those fighters who try to interfere in the child’s destiny will find that they can not prevent what shall come to pass.

Rasputin stands, the flesh of his neck and shoulders heaving and twitching beneath his human skin.

Grigory: In the frozen waters of the Malaya Nevka, in the darkness of the void: every time I died and crossed over, a little more of the Master came back with me. He disclosed to me the child’s true name… Would you like to know it??

Broom: I know what to call him. Nothing you can say or do will change that. I call him son.

Discreetly, Broom removes his rosary and places it on the book. Kroenen settles in behind him.

Broom: I am ready.

Grigory: It’ll be quick. *Stepping away to the side*

Kroenen displays his knives…

Kroenen’s knife goes in…

Sailor June: *Screams* NO!!! NO!!!! NOOOOO!!!!

Grigory: Nothing shall interfere now with our plan. The Child is gonna come to Moscow. He doesn’t have a choice in the matter…

Grigory and Kroenen then vanished from sight and Broom’s body was there lying upon the floor…

Sailor June: *Weeping* Goodbye Prof. Broom.

The others didn’t know about the fateful visit that came to Broom. But they were about to be told. The fighters were in their quarters and working on some of their lessons… They didn’t catch on to what just happened at the time… But they were about to find out…

Building Rooftop…

The pigeons flutter on the rooftop.

The pigeon kid sits by Hellboy’s side.

Kid: Just go down there and tell her how you feel!

Hellboy shakes his head: no…

Kid: My mom says —

Hellboy: It’s not that easy, okay? *beat* Plus, you’re nine. You’re not old enough to give me advice.

Kid: *shrugs* Who are those guys??

“All right, stand by.”

Hellboy turns and sees — TWO of the black B.P.R.D. Sedan cars rounds the corner. Agent Lime bounds out of one of the vehicles, grabbing Myers, talking rapidly. Liz screams, covers her ears.

“Liz, I’m sorry. It’s Broom. Let’s go. We need to find him.”


“Wait, what happened?”


“It’s okay.”

“No, not him.”

“Would you take her?”

Hellboy: Something’s wrong —

Down on the streets…

Myers: Serena and her friend Carly Black are on a date. We should find them and notify them as well…

Lime: They’re being notified right now.

Liz: How did it happen?

Lime: We don’t know, Miss Sherman. We were notified by the fighters. Sora and Carly came and notified us and they were in tears while informing us that they could barely get it out.

Liz: The poor girls.

As for Serena and Carly Black…

Malt shop in Jersey…

Serena: *Sharing an Extra large Chocolate fudge Malt with Her Love Carly Black* This has been a wonderful date. It’s a shame that there are no theaters open in town. Everything’s closed.

Carly Black: I know. I didn’t see much open tonight. It must have been a dead night.

Serena: But the fact that i am out on a date… and it’s with my best friend and girlfriend… It’s not dead. It is a live night.

Carly Black: One of the best… Because i am with you, Serena. You and I are girlfriends and lovers…

Serena: What do you think that the guys back at the Bureau are up to?

Carly Black: Who knows… But before we left for our date… Spencer and Rikku were getting set for their date.

Serena: Kinda silly though… They’re married already and yet… they’re dating as if they’re just girlfriend and boyfriend.

Carly Black: Actually… You know what? That is a little odd or awkward. I thought that you were to meet someone and fall in love first and then start off with going on casual dates first then work your way up. Not just get hitched and then smack into a casual date.

Serena: It confuses me.

Carly Black: You are not the only one…

As they were consuming the Extra-Large Chocolate Fudge Malt…

A couple of Black sedans screeched to a halt and a couple of car doors opened. Agents Lime and Dunn get out and walk over to the Malt Shop…

Carly Black: *Sighs* Any idea what we’ll be doing once all this is over?

Serena: No. Not from the top of my head. Why? You got one?

Carly Black: Well… We could try again with our planned web Show.

Serena: That’s a thought… We should do– Uh… *Spotting a couple of Agents coming into the Malt shop*

Carly Black: What’s up? *Noticing a pause coming from Serena* Something bugging you? *Turning to see the Agents walking over* Okay… Something is going on…

Serena: i don’t know… but somehow… i don’t like where this is going. I have a bad feeling that something awful happened. Something terrible.

Carly Black: Serena, *Scoffs* Are you trying to tell me that you’re with the rush of paranoia?

Serena: …

Agent Lime: *Walking over to the girls; Into the Radio* Stand by… We’re picking up Agents Serena and Mrs. Black now…

Agent Dunn: *Approaching the girls* Serena… Carly.

Agent Lime: *In dismay* We’re so sorry… But… It’s the Professor. Professor Broom is dead.

Serena: What?! *In shock* What the… Oh my… god… No!

Carly Black: You sure that he’s dead?

Agent Lime: Afraid so. We’re deeply sorry.

Serena: It doesn’t make any sense though… He was alive and kicking before we left for our date. What happened? What the heck went wrong?

Carly Black: *In shock* …

Agent Lime: We don’t know. Agents Sora and Carly came and informed us what was going on. Agent Blossom relayed that she managed to get a shot at the attacker and by her description… it was someone in a gas mask. plus someone wearing a black Priests robe. carrying a book. A desolate book.

Serena: *figuring out who the attackers were* Broom wasn’t killed. He was murdered. We can’t say who did it… but we have a pretty good idea on who it may have been.

Carly Black: *Getting up* Serena, Let’s finish our Malt and hurry back to the Bureau.

Serena: *Nods* Right.

Seconds later…

Serena: *Feeling a sharp pain in her head* Ack! I don’t think we should have done that.

Carly Black: Brain freeze.

Serena: *feeling pain* Ow!

Seconds later…

Serena and Carly Black share a kiss. and Walk out with the agents back to the Bureau… There was no official word on what they were to expect once there back at the Bureau and yet… they kinda knew what was likely to happen. What was likely to take place once there. Serena and her best friend/Girlfriend and most definite lover Carly Black happened to start wondering how Hellboy was gonna take it although they had already known as Hellboy was a son to the Professor. And The Professor was Hellboy’s father. Had been since the day or moment that Broom found him…

To be continued on Chapter 191: Death of Professor Broom is a sad Surprise…

(Rhapsody Thunderic Force Z! investigate the death and sniff out Evidence of a Killer.)

(Briefing time. Where is the target and how do we get to him?)


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