Chapter 189: Casualty report: Agent Clay meets an end. Gas Mask Freak plays at Rigor Mortis.

(Liz Sherman on her way back to the Bureau.)


Clay stumbles around, lost. He stops under a grate.

Hellboy: *Voice; Through radio* Who’s there? Clay? Come in, someone.

Clay: Clay, Code 30, this is Clay, over…

Behind Clay, Kroenen drops down from an overhead pipe, through shafts of gray light. He brings forth his customary long blade. Clay turns in time to see Kroenen coming at him.

Clay: Buddy, don’t take another step.

He fires. Kroenen stabs.

From the Abandoned Shower room…

Sora: *Hearing gunshots* Uh-oh… We got a problem.

Carly: Those were gunshots…

Blossom: They came from the Tunnel Labyrinth. Right from the tunnels.

Sailor Zoey: That’d be…

Sailor June: *Gasps*

Sora: Clay!

Carly: Let’s go. Now! Hurry. Clay’s in trouble.

Rikku: *Contacting Rin* Rin… Where are you?

Rin: *Through the radio* By the side of the Tunnels, Rikku.

Spiritual Arctic Frost: You heard the Gunshots, Didn’t you?

Rin: Affirmative, Spencer.

Rikku: Start on over to the center of the Tunnels. We’re on our way.

Hellboy: *Running off towards the tunnels* Clay…

Back at the Center of the Tunnel Labyrinth…

Twin rivulets of blood run from Clay’s nostrils…


Hellboy hears the gunfire, starts running further towards the center of the tunnels.


Clay falls to the floor.

Kroenen stands there, unfazed by Clay’s bullets in his chest. Dust pours from his wounds and piles up neatly at his feet. He hears Hellboy coming.  He places the knife on the floor, then lies down and plays dead. Kroenen had it all planned. He was set on playing dead and make like a Victim so he would be taken along with Clay back to the bureau and prepare the floor for the one behind the veils. It was clear that Rasputin was indeed after Hellboy and nothing was gonna stop him. So it seemed…

Hellboy appears at the end of the tunnel. He glances at Kroenen’s body, then quickly checks for a pulse on Clay.

Rin: *Running in suddenly with Rikku and Spencer* [Hellboy], Ruf ec ra?

Blossom: *Running in with Zoey* Is Clay gonna be okay?

Hellboy: I Don’t know. I can’t find a pulse on him.

Sailor Zoey: *Looking to see Kroenen’s body close by* Kroenen…

Blossom: Kroenen! Get your ass up, Right the fuck now, You shit! GET UP!

Kroenen refuses to respond…

Blossom: *Blasting a shot of Lightning at Kroenen* Asshole! If Clay dies… You better make sure you stay dead. Because if you so much as twitch… Pain will seem like nothing after what we’ll do to you.

Hellboy: Hey Kid… Calm down. It’s gonna be alright. Take it easy. *On the Radio* Man down. I need an ambulance right away. Do you read me? *To Clay* Hang in there, pal. *On the Radio again* Man down. Do you read? Do you read? Quarry, Moss, do you read me? Quarry, Moss, do you read me? Man down!

Blossom: Hellboy… Quarry and Moss are dead. Sammael killed them. A couple of Hell hounds showed up and they tried to blast at the Hell hounds. Tried to blast at them with the flame throwers…They didn’t make it.

Hellboy: You guys were supposed to have their backs.

Sailor Zoey: And we did… We acted on the attack fast and tried to blast at the Hell hounds. The hell hounds came at us as we were trying to blast them. We’re sorry.

Hellboy: Look! It’s alright. You did the best that you could. It’s gonna be alright. *On the Radio* Anyone out there?

Cid: *Through the Radio* Ynsunat Dnyhcbund uh nacbuhca. Fryd’c dra bnupmas? (Armored Transport on response. What’s the problem?)

Hellboy: Man Down… Man Down!

Rikku: *On the Radio* Vydran, Kad uh dra fena yht naxiacd vun y sat-a-jyl! Fa kud y syh tufh. [Agent Clay] ec Tufh… Fa nabayd… [Agent Clay] ec Tufh! (Father, Get on the wire and request for a med-e-vac! We got a man down. [Agent Clay] is Down… We repeat… [Agent Clay] is Down!)

Cid: *On the Radio* Med-e-vac is on the way. Sending up the APB on it now.

Hellboy looks demolished.


An ethnic pop song blasts from the taxi radio. Liz pokes her head out of the window and shoots a Polaroid snapshot. She passes it to Myers:

Liz: It feels good to be outside!! It’s been so long…

He can’t hear her over the music. Myers knocks on the bulletproof acrylic divider.

Myers: Hey!! The music!! Turn down the music!!

Driver: Yeah, yeah, music!!

He merely changes the radio station; the music stays at the same volume. Myers looks back at Liz.

She is halfway out the window, sitting on the door.

Myers: Jesus! That’s not — That’s not safe, Miss Sherman — Miss Sherman?

She takes another Polaroid and passes it down to him. Myers looks at the Polaroid, then smiles. He climbs out of the other window, hands her the photograph.

Myers: Nice View, huh?!

Liz: It’s wonderful. I just hope that the guys are looking surprised when they see me.

Myers: I am sure that they will. Hellboy will be most pleased. He’s been wanting you back.

Liz: He’s not the only one… *Smiles* Those guys that were with him that night he came to visit me at the Mental Hospital… They too were pleading for me to return to the Bureau.

He waves at her. For the first time, she smiles.

Myers: A smile, huh? That’s good.

She takes his picture. With the cold morning wind blowing Liz’s hair and the sun on her face, she looks beautiful.

Liz: Don’t get used to it though.

Myers: Don’t worry. I won’t. I understand that this is a really big change for you.

Liz: It’s okay. I’m used to it. The Bureau is the only place i really know. I left it 13 times and yet manage to return again and again over and over.

Myers taps his fingers on the roof, to the beat of the music. He can’t take his eyes off her. They drive towards the BPRD.

In Metropolis…

Jenna was on her own and trying to decide on what to do about her friend Suzanne. She felt really bad for her friend and it got her to believe that the only out was to possibly start on the same habit as her best friend. She didn’t want to and she knew how it was gonna make her sisters feel. How her father was gonna feel about it and what was gonna be said. She didn’t wish to harp on it too much as she didn’t want to let it outweigh her ability to see a silver lining or the bright side. She That afternoon was walking alone and heading to the liquor store to get something to snack on. She needed some time to be alone and think. However as she was walking…

A couple of men were walking along close by looking for some more victims, when they saw a Bikini girl (Jenna Rhapsody) out alone who clearly appeared to be walking over towards the nearby store. It was one of the daughters to Lord Arnold. Jenna Rhapsody was on her was to grab something to snack on and take some time to just think about what she could do for her best friend. However… it was very windy and rainy out. Good thing if nothing more was that she had at least a Rain coat on. So she would not be too cold or wet…

Man #1: *Spotting the girl- Look, there’s one of those Bikini girls.

Man #2: You mean an Ex-Bikini girl. There’s been word that she’s been adopted by a Radio station owner.

Man #1: Who?

Man #2: Ahhh… Just some big shot who thinks he’s god’s gift.

Jenna: *Turning around suddenly and looking to see a couple of guys following her* Who are you guys? Are you two going over to the liquor store also.

Jenna had never seen these men before so she couldn’t tell if they were harmless or not. To her… they seemed rather harmless and casual. Even if she were to be afraid of them due to being with the sense that from all the reports on T.V and the Radio foretelling about Child Abductors and Sex offenders being among the city streets and lurking. She couldn’t tell either way. But she was with her mind on something else and wasn’t really taking notice that she was in a unsure position. Not realizing that she could have been speaking with a couple of bad men…

Man #1: How are you on a day like today? *Asking her*

The two men suddenly started to walk on toward the girl, pretending to be friendly. Which it really seemed that they were friendly. Of course… Looks had always been known to be deceiving.

Jenna: I’m fine. I just happen to have a lot on my mind right now is all. I’m lost on what to do for my friend Suzanne. She got targeted by some awful guys a few days ago.

Man #2: That’s awful. Is she gonna be okay?

Jenna: I don’t know. I haven’t really spoken to her too much since then as she started smoking and every time that i see her. All i want to do is cry. Knowing that she’s in so much pain and there is nothing that i can do about it.

Man #1:Sometimes the only thing you can do is just be there for her. Just showing her that you care and are there to show that you’re willing to carry her load with her. That she’s not alone.

Jenna: You’re right. I should just try to be with her and help her through it. No matter how hard it seems to be.

Jenna didn’t really know the guys and actually never even met them. She didn’t know who they were. But all she could do was just kindly speak and yet… She started to get some strange feeling from the men. She had then believed that something was up with the men. She got up to the liquor store only barely when suddenly…

The first man suddenly made the first move and grabbed Jenna by the hair. Seconds later… Pulled her back to him and his partner. It spooked her and She was wondering what was going on. She didn’t have it processed that she was in the grips of a Child Molester. She didn’t know. Even with all the moves of being alert and ensuring that she wouldn’t be running into any sick men. She was vigilant. But unluckily… one got to her.

Jenna: *Scared suddenly and no knowing what the men wanted* W-what are you going to do to me? What do you guys want?

Man #1: Where are you going in such a hurry?

Jenna: Nowhere. I was gonna just get something to eat. Something to snack on.

Man #2: We have something for you to snack on… *Suddenly snickering*

At that point Jenna was beyond terrified and it was now showing more and more. She Didn’t understand what the men were after at first and it was not long before the men picked her up and took her right in plain sight of the open public. The men took her and went to a  alley that was close by where they were and got to a spot where they wouldn’t be seen so easily. Only heard…Once there…

Jenna: I uh, have to get on back to my sisters and my dad, they’ll be worried about me. As it is… i shouldn’t be out on my own like this. It’s not safe out with all the sick people out there doing awful things to kids.

The molesters then grab her shoulders and smirk. It was then that Jenna realized… that she was in the clutches of a Sex offender. Two of them. She was trapped.

Man #2: You’re not going anywhere.

Jenna: *Getting even more scared; trying to then break free- Let me go! *Kicking and screaming*

The two men were then exposed as rapists and they were after young girls. But Jenna Rhapsody was 14. A tad young for them… but they believed that she’d suffice. They were even Child Molesters and lived not by the mere rules of plenty. They had Jenna in their grasp and with a quick devious smirk they pin Jenna down on the ground.

Jenna: No! NO! *Screaming and crying* Please, No… Let me go… Please. Stop. Stop it. Let me go. This is wrong. Why are you guys doing this? What is the matter with you two?

Man #1: *Holds her down with a tight grip* You scream too much. I swear… for a rather young kid… You scream way too much. Do you ever stop?

Man #2: *Puts a gag in her mouth- Shut up

The two Men then within seconds got it going and started ripping off the clothes off of Jenna and getting her exposed to the elements. Jenna was trembling with fear as to then knowing right then what was about to happen to her next. She was truly terrified.

Jenna: *Keeps struggling to get away, trying to scream* Mmmmfff

Man #1: *Forces himself on top of her and starts biting and sucking on her neck, while sexually violating her* Mmmm

Jenna: *Tears start rolling down her face as she tries to kick him off of her*

The two men took turns in molesting Jenna, while she remained laying there frightened. Unable to break free. There was no release and the more she tried to break free… the more pressure they put on. The two men were out to molest young girls. Which pointed that of all the possible child abductors and sex offenders… Those two men were slick. They were never ever caught.

The Men: Mmm, you feel so good and tight

Jenna: *Keeping on her attempt to scream in hopes that someone would hear her pleas and cries for help; as more tears come down her face* Get off of me! Stop! SOMEONE HELP! HELP ME!!! *Feeling herself being raped and violated* I Want my father! Please someone make them stop. I don’t want this. Make them stop.

The molesters keep molesting her, ignoring her pleas for them to stop, they start to release in her after a while. With that… Jenna laid there still and she couldn’t move. She was violated. She shook hard and heavily. Her innocence was now gone.

Man #1: That was good.

Man #2: Who knew that having sex with young girls would be so refreshing? We did this for 7 years and no one caught us. Yet.

Man #1: And no one ever will. We’re gonna see that they never do. *Smirking*

As the two men finally had gotten off of Jenna Rhapsody… They had then took the gag they put in her mouth out. It was done and the men left satisfied. Jenna laid there crying and sobbing. She was hurt bad and all she could do was lie there. Not moving a muscle for fear that the men would be back to do more. It took an hour after the men left for her to realize that the men were gone and far from where she was. She got up slowly and grabbed her clothes even if they were now tattered from being literally ripped from her. Ripped off of her. She put on each piece slowly as it hurt. Jenna walked on her way back a moment later over to a Liquor store. She on her way there walked by a news stand where a Teenage boy was corrupt. Selling Tobacco products to Minors for 4 bucks a pop. A bag of smokes. each bag had 6 packs a pop.

Jenna: *handing out 4 bucks and taking a bag* …

As soon as she got home, She went to her room and got changed. She didn’t want to talk to anyone. She didn’t seem to realize that she had the bag she bought lying in the open next to her bed. It was also opened too. Her father came in and saw Jenna just laying down on the bed quiet.

Arnold: Jenna, You okay?

Jenna: No. But i don’t really care how i feel anymore. My life… is… over.

Arnold: How is it over? Plus… Why’re you being withdrawn from your sisters? *Sitting down next to Jenna* Are you feeling alright?

Jenna: I’m fine, dad. I just don’t want to be around them. I am still feeling terrible for my friend Suzanne and no matter how hard i try. I can’t get them to understand.

Arnold: Maybe you don’t need them to understand. Jenna, You know how you feel about what happened to your friend. You got to think of it in your own terms.

Jenna then exposed one of the signs that all was not right and it was seen as a cause for an alarm. But their father didn’t know what it was exactly. All he knew was that something was odd about how Jenna was feeling. He realized that he would have to look up the cause of strange signs in a child. To find out what was going on. Only two signs were exposed…But in Arnold’s mind, it never was like it was before. Not even close. He needed to know. He had to keep a watch on the other signs and see what goes on around Jenna. Arnold was praying that it wasn’t what he was thinking it was. He was praying that his theory was wrong, But something was telling him that he was not the least bit wrong…

As for the fighters…

Back at the Bureau…


Unconscious, Abe floats in a special tank. LED strips read water temperature, pH level, etc. He’s encased in a bio-cast: a cybernetic healing unit wrapped around his thorax and right arm. A web of tubes and hoses keeps him in place.

SHIRTLESS and bandaged, Hellboy sits and studies him, as if in a trance.

Spencer: This should not have happened. This was not supposed to happen.

Rikku: We were right there and kept it where Abe would have been fine. Clint and Theodore… Raven and Serena were right there to ward Sammael off. Keeping him away from getting to Abe.

Spencer: *Groaning and in disbelief* What the hell happened?

Rikku: This was not supposed to happen. Not like this.

Spencer: Abe looks bad.

Carly Black: *Walking in* Don’t be counting on seeing a relief in the running… Manning is coming and he is not in good spirits.

Rikku: Oh no…

Hellboy: *In a trans*

Blossom: *Walking into the medical Bay* … How is Abe?

Spencer: Not so good. Abe doesn’t look so well and Hellboy is devastated.

Blossom: It’s got to be Clay. Clay’s pain… got to him. Clay was like Hellboy’s close pal. A close friend to him.


Manning’s Voice: He’ll make it —

Hellboy turns, Manning is there:

Manning: But not everyone was so lucky. *Beat* Two agents died today. Clay probably won’t survive the night. You’re reckless.

Blossom: Excuse me! Manning, I don’t think you want to start in with the guilt trip. We are not in the mood. We were just in a hell of an ordeal. Seeing two agents get taken out by hell hounds.

Hellboy: I knew those men better than you did —

Manning: Ah, I see. That makes it all alright then.

Spencer: Unbelievable… This is unbelievable.. You’re not gonna spread the blame game now. Not at this time, Manning. This is not the time to enact who to blame.

He turns to leave. Hellboy gets up.

Hellboy: No, it doesn’t make it right, but I stopped that creature, didn’t I?

Blossom: We all did. We got the scars to prove it.

Raven: *Walking in with Serena* Hey… What’s going on in here?

Blossom: Join the party. Manning is shooting the act for the blame of who caused the death of the agents. Manning is sprouting the blame.

Serena: He is… isn’t he? Well… He better think on blaming us all then. We’re all guilty.

Manning: That’s what you do. That’s why we need you. You have an insight. *beat* You know monsters.

Serena: *Snaps* HEY! Manning, Back the fuck off. Right now! You have no idea of what the hell we’ve been through. We were put through hell. The Hell hounds could have fuckin’ killed us, you stone-brained Son of a bitch. We were also facing a gas masked freak like Kroenen. He was there and knowing that he was there… There was possible belief that Rasputin was likely close-by and just itching to strike.

Hellboy: What are you trying to say?

Carly Black: Serena, chill out! This is not the time to be starting a scream fest and start with dramatics. Manning is only doing his duty here. He’s rattled over this too… But is showing it differently than we are.

Manning: In the end, after you’ve killed and captured every freak out there — there’s still one left: you.

Rikku: *Angrily* [Manning], oui yna y naym zang. [Hellboy] ec hud y vnayg. Ra ec zicd tevvanahd ec ymm. Ra ec 6 vaad. nat yht fedr y tajem dyem. Pid dryd tuach’d sayh ra’c y vnayg. Ra’c zicd tevvanahd ec ymm. Ev oui fyhd du ghuf fru dra vnayg naymmo ec… Muug eh dra sennun. Muug eh dra sennun yht oui’mm caa fru dra naym vnayg ec. ([Manning], you are a real jerk. [Hellboy] is not a freak. He is just different is all. He is 6 feet. red and with a devil tail. But that doesn’t mean he’s a freak. He’s just different is all. If you want to know who the freak really is… Look in the mirror. Look in the mirror and you’ll see who the real freak is.)

Spencer: Rikku, Stop. Manning is just being a grade “A” Tool. He is speaking about things he knows nothing about.

Blossom: That’s right. Hellboy did what he was meant to do. His job. There were casualties. But it isn’t his fault. None of it was his fault.

Manning: These Men trusted him to lead them as a team. Where was he?

Blossom: *Standing up to Manning and glaring at him* You know what, Manning? I should fire a shot at you and knock you on your egotistical ass. You think that you have all the right to come here and antagonize us. Antagonize Hellboy. You have no damn right to get at him with your shit. He is a guest of the Government. That is no lie. He is a guest. But instead of treating him like one… You have him locked up here. Locked like what… Like as if he was a freak.

Manning: Listen here, young lady… Things here are done a certain way. You’re a fighter. An agent. When something goes wrong here… It comes on me. Yeah. On me! I have to be the one to report to Washington D.C and the Pentagon the things that happen here. The loss of Agents. Casualty reports. Funding. It all comes on to me. What hellboy did was reckless. Plus in case if you have had the concept escape your mind… You and your crew were summoned here by Broom. And Yes. By me. You can even ask Zoey about it… I was the one that jumped in and accepted in taking you young fighters in. Broom found you guys. I accepted in it and granted the clearance. Plus… i am a fan

Blossom: …

Manning: Oh… What, Zoey never told you about that… did she?

Manning thinks back…

“Manning: *Wondering* The young lady must have a contact from her parents. Someone should call her house.

Zoey: *Moaning and feeling out of sorts* No. I don’t want my mom to know about it. She is liable to freak out. or think something happened. *Waking up suddenly* W-w-what happened?

Manning: You blacked out, Young lady.

Zoey: *Not catching on at the moment* I-i-i-i-i… did?

Manning: Yes. You’re wondering where you are, aren’t you?

Zoey: Yeah… I think that i would be… *Trying to sit up* Ugh… I can’t believe i fainted like that. In front of everyone. I feel so embarrassed.

Manning: I wouldn’t be too shook up about it. When i was your age… It lasted me a month. Squeaky voice and partial flushed tone of skin. I also felt it crack of all things. It cracked. Not exactly a bell ringer. but for that one month… i went through a big change. I however… when i was done… must have been taller and leaner as i wasn’t a 4 footer anymore. I got to be 5 foot something in just that time.

Zoey: You used to be short?

Manning: Sad… but yeah. Before i was made Director… before i got the respect i deserved and earned. I was revered as Tom “McShort and stubby” Manning. Even years after i had my moment of coming out. It stuck. Then as soon as i became Director of the Bureau…. I was no longer with that identity.

Zoey: That’s sad. Didn’t it hurt being called that though?

Manning: Well… Yeah. It did. but i didn’t let it get to me. I chalked it to the people being ones believing it cute to poke some fun at me. I don’t think that they realized that it hurt… But they weren’t mean about it either. It was nothing really. Just the guys pranking. Guys do that almost all the time with each other. They kid around and joke. However… When i became director… all the joking went out the door. I just lost the interest to joke a little.

Zoey: You know… You could change that. Somehow… It is all something that you can change. Give it time and you’ll see.

Manning: Right. *Looking out the window a minute* … *Looking to the side* What is it with your one friend? The one with the black hair and with all these special weapons?

Zoey: Him? You mean Rin? He’s a good friend. He moved into Metropolis the other year and somehow found us. Heard that we were in need of special weapons. Custom made weapons. He’s a weapons builder.

Manning: A Blacksmith… But one who specializes in magical elements. Natural magical elements.

Zoey: Yeah. But… How did you know that?

Manning: How could i not? I happened to see him over by the box of weapons and creating some elemental weaponry. Even Elemental Armory.

Zoey: He uh… He’s just really good with his hands and is very creative. My cousin-In-law Rikku is from somewhere known as Kandahar, Afghanistan. So is her father Cid. Nice knowing that, right?

Manning: It’s a surprise knowing that.

Zoey: I also am a fighter. It comes with being a Rhapsody clansmen. When you are endowed or gifted with certain powers or abilities… You happen to wind up finding that it’s in your better judgement to use them for the side of good. That’s what our family kinda does. Done it for decades really. The original fighters done it. Fought for good. The Generation before them… they fought… The first Gen though… Didn’t. At least… not that anyone knew… because it was never even said or told. But if you were really wanting to know… you could always ask the family Matriarch. Rikku Lorelai Rhapsody. My grandma… She knows of it as she’s got a few large Volumes of the Entire Rhapsody clan. All the way to the very very early days.

Manning: *Listening with intrigue* Really?

Zoey: Really.

Manning: Tell me more. What is with the large volumes of the clan?

Zoey: How far do you want to go?

Manning: As far as you might be able to recall.

Zoey: You sure that you can bare it?

Manning: I’ll be prepared for whatever surprises there are.

Zoey: Okay…”

Manning: Your young fighting cousin… Zoey would be not too moved to know that she and i spoke a couple times…. But we did. I have come across a few shirts that spoke poorly of you… But a few calls had been made and the mass production of those shirts have been sanctioned to meet an end. There are no shirts of those being done. I bought one of the shirts. Only to give the ones creating the shirts a bad rep. As of next week… The ones raising a ruckus… they’ll be known as conspiracy nuts and shamed by the city.

Spencer: And by that… you know who they are, right?

Manning: Yes. They go by the name of Marco. The off spring of one late Martin Julius Marco. CEO and Founder of Marco American Wheelchair corp.

Blossom: That’s it… Those Marco Clansmen are dead. I’m gonna fry them.

Manning: No… Washington’s already got something put in order for them.

Raven: Hmm…

Hellboy: *Letting off a deep sigh* I wish I could be more gracious but —

Manning: Hmm…

BAMMMMM!!!! He smashes a metal LOCKER with his stone hand and raises it above his head…

Rikku: Hellboy… Put that down. What are you doing? Are you trying to tear this place down? Your pops ain’t gonna like this.

Blossom: Rikku, We have seen his temper. Trust me… You don’t want to Sweet talk his temper when it’s like this… inflaming it is only gonna beg for more trouble.

Serena: *Seeing Hellboy about to throw the locker* Uh… Run… now. Hellboy’s lost his senses right now and he’s about to throw that locker… in 3… 2… 1!

Manning cowers, realizing that Hellboy’s rage is a dangerous thing…

The girls that were in the room along with Manning… They were also cowering as they didn’t believe that they were to be prepared to see Hellboy’s Rage. The outburst shook them imperatively…

But while that was going on…


A new space. Office corridors radiate out from a brass B.P.R.D. logo on the floor. A few agents monitor computer stations and tactical glass boards.

Liz and Myers walk in, carrying her suitcases. She looks around and sees BROOM coming down the hall.

Broom: *Spreading his arms in a welcome* Welcome back, Liz. It’s so good to see you back again…

Liz: It’s only for the weekend, Professor Broom. Then I’ll be on my way —

Liz and Broom embrace in a welcoming hug for a minute before letting go and straightening out…

Seconds later…

Paul: *Walking over* You only staying for the weekend or the week here then splitting? Say it ain’t so. You’re one of the family here. They’re not gonna give you up. Not that easily.

Liz: *Looking to see Paul* You plan to tie me down, Paul?

Paul: Nah! Me, Tie down a gifted Pyro-kinetic girl like you. Not a chance. You’d never let that slide for a second. *Grins*

Liz: *Chuckles* Very wise of you, Paul. Very wise. Plus, H.B would be chasing you all over if that were the case.

Paul: Do tell… Do tell.

Broom: *impeccable courtesy* Come and go as you please. *beat* Find your way back. We’ve made quite a few changes –

Paul: We noticed them the second we all returned from the field.

Broom: It’s noticed, Agent Paul. You guys did come back looking rather worn.

Paul: After going through the mess we went through… Wouldn’t you be the same as well?

Broom: Yes. Quite so. Quite so.

CRASH!!! Liz screams and Myers draws his gun. Smashing through a glass partition, the mangled steel LOCKER lands in the middle of the hall in a rain of glass and aluminum studs.

Next, Manning appears, retreating but unharmed. As well as the girls…

Blossom: *Looking at the Prof.* Professor Broom… You need to have a talk with Hellboy. I think he’s having a bit of a temper tantrum about something. Manning got on his case and set him off… But the rage that Hellboy’s got in him… It’s dangerous.

Serena: You better talk to him. This is serious.

Carly Black: He’s a good guy. Strong and muscular… But his temper… beyond nightmarish.

Manning: *gasping* I want that thing locked up, starting now — Now!!! You hear me??!!

Raven: He’s not a thing, Manning. He’s a person. Not a normal common person like us… But he’s still a person. A Man.

Manning: Okay, Young lady… You’re right. Get that man locked up. Right now… I don’t want to see him loose. Not ever.

Manning flees…

Liz: *to Broom* Nothing’s changed… *Sighs* Home sweet home.

Mortified, Broom hurries after Manning. Hellboy calmly steps through the hole in the wall.

Hellboy: *Spotting Liz* Liz?! Liz!

She spins on her heel and walks off. Hellboy turns to Myers.

Hellboy: You did it, buddy. You did it!

Serena: Hellboy… You and us girls need to have a chat. It’s important.

Myers holsters his gun and follows Liz. Hellboy is all alone now.

Hellboy: Pop?


A familiar cell. Fireproof insulation covers the walls. Liz throws her bags on the bed. Myers lingers in the doorway. As does Clint and Theodore who were unaware of the incident that took place in the hall only moments ago…

She reflexively pulls on one of the rubber bands on her wrist, then lets it snap.

Click to view full size image

Clint: *Walking in with Theodore* Hey there firebug… You okay?

Theodore: You look kinda down.

Liz: Am i really that transparent?

Clint: A little. But what do you expect? You just got moved around like cargo on a plane. Feeling as if your life is more traveling back and forth like a yo-yo than a regular and situated Normal Rockwell moment.

Theodore: You’re with more patience in you than you bother on giving yourself credit for. If it were us… We’d be throwing fits of frustration.

Liz: I wish that i could believe that. But i would be more dishonest if i did happen to play the patient angle.

Clint: *Walking over and sitting down on the edge of the bed and looking briefly at Liz* Liz, You’re not in a strange place. This place is a location that you know. The Mental hospital kept you. It harbored you and gave you a safe haven. But no one there to understand you. It’s like our mother. Paige… She grew up misunderstood and chewing the fat of scrutiny. No one to really understand her. Or understand our Aunts Pearl and Dinah. They had these powers since they were 11. Before they discovered the magical land of Birds and bees and popped us out and thereby scooping us with the next generation of powers. The Next Gen. Even we face the part of being misunderstood. Feeling as if we don’t belong. But… You have a place to belong. Here. It’s safe… Plus you know that the Professor’s not about to allow anything to harm you. Neither is Hellboy. Or us.

Theodore: You’re one of us fighters, Liz. You might not think so… But you are. You have power that a bunch of people could only wish that they had.

Liz: You must have been thinking about this for a while.

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Clint: Maybe… But it’s true. You have a lot to be fortunate over. People on the outside… They might never understand… They might never understand no matter what you were to tell them. However… That’s their problem. Not yours. You are being who you’re meant to be. That’s all anyone can expect. Our parents expect no less from us either. Be ourselves and be who we were meant to be. Just be ourselves. That’s the best defense.

It was the return of Liz Sherman. She was back at the Bureau of Paranormal research and Defense.  Which was a surprise that Brought a smile to Hellboy. A smile to the Professor as well. But it was also the aftermath of another round against Sammael—The Hound of Resurrection. Not to leave out… Kroenen. The walking nightmare on two legs. But this round came at a cost. An agent critically wounded. One possibly dead and fighting to stay alive. 2… Dead as courtesy of Sammael. Manning coming down on Hellboy and blaming him for the deaths of the 2 agents possibly 3. However this was not the end. It was gonna lead to more events unfolding. More darkness coming. Plus more to come in Metropolis. More to come in the home city of the fighters. Kroenen was also at the bureau and that lead for a possible visit from Rasputin. Rasputin was gonna be near and expose his intentions to Broom before motioning for Kroenen to kill Broom. Likely… a fated meet. Unlikely… a brief confrontation with no kill. What about the Date between Serena and Carly? Was their date gonna be still on… or was it gonna be on hold? It was date night… An outing between Myers and Liz??!! Plus… a fateful final moment of Broom being alive… Uh oh… Unless the Fighters are looking forward to another possible casualty… They better raise their awareness higher. And fast… Find out what’s next on the next Adventures of the Rhapsody Girls Z! as the Saga continues…

Carly Black: *Voice-over* On this threat… we have had 2 rounds of a hell hound. the 2nd round being with the result of 2 agents dead. one fighting to stay alive and likely not making it out alive because nothing more is heard of him. An Agent critically wounded… And also a surprise bonus. Karl Ruprecht Kroenen brought to the Bureau and making as though he is dead… But somehow i smell a big rat and the rat has 2 feet a bald head. A pair of shades and a book of spells. Dark Magic plus conceals a dark god within him. On the next Adventures of the Rhapsody Girls Z! It’s date night. Serena and I go out on a date… Oblivious of what becomes of Prof. Broom. Not aware that something dark befalls the situation. Serena and I talk among each other while on our date and as we talk… we sense that something is wrong, but we don’t know for sure.

Sapphire: *Voice-Over* While they’re on their date, a group of us fighters have a talk with Zoey. Something about what Zoey told Manning doesn’t sit well with us and it leads to a possible bout of distrust and deeming unreliability. Zoey… Zoey… Zoey… What were you thinking? Plus What is with the scoop of a group of kids in our neck of the woods spouting hatred over our existing within Metropolis? Am i missing something here? Are we missing something?

Liz: *Voice-over* Yeah… I know. I am at the BPRD. I was persuaded and even though i am growing to be alright with it… I am still at unease. It’s date night for two of the fighters. And Of course i go out with Agent Myers. But it doesn’t sit so good with H.B. He glares at Myers and it leaves it up for a couple of the fighters to calm him down… if they can.

Prof. Broom: *Voice-over* It’s Examination time and i perform an estranged Autopsy on Karl Ruprecht Kroenen. Unaware of what might come from him being at the Bureau. A Dark intent is imminent and his initials are G.R. Grigory Rasputin. I moments later get a fated meet with him and my life… Let’s just say… it comes to an end. However a couple of the fighters overhear the commotion and try to come to my immediate aid. But sadly are too late. A couple of them run off to find Myers or find out where Hellboy’s at and tell him of the fated news. None… can contain the shock and disbelief that they have befall upon them.

Kelly G.: *Voice-Over* That isn’t all… There is also the ongoing dilemma that is still stirring in Metropolis. The Child Abductions are still taking control in the city and it’s placed a whole load of fear in everyone. There is a mandatory coverage in the Daily planet over the Child Abductions… Plus Turmoil in the house of one Luna and Zeke Rhapsody. Plus some starting early signs that all is not what it seems in the house of Alvin and Alice Rhapsody. It’s Darkness abounds and suspense coming in for a soon round 3… in The Adventures of the Rhapsody Girls Z! Chapter 190: Elizabeth Sherman Is back? HellBoy is head over heels…

(Serena and Carly Black on a Date in the city.)

(Prof. Broom gets a ill fated visitor)


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