Chapter 188: The second go at handling the menace being known as Samael… the seed of Destruction. The hound of Resurrection.

(Rhapsody teams split up and Provide backup for Hellboy.)

(Paul Rhapsody meets a close call with the menace.)

(Jenna Rhapsody gets targeted by a Child Abductor and is ???)

It was a day later…

November 7th 2044…


Part of the building is demolished. Repair crews and firemen are still hosing down smoldering piles of debris. From what had happened the night prior, there was no lying over what was the result of the sudden and abrupt incident that was accidentally caused by Liz Sherman.

Suddenly A taxi cab stopped in front of the building and out came Agent Myers.


Myers looks at LIZ through a see-through mirror. She sits on a bench inside a padded cell. A security CAMERA AND MONITOR records her constantly.

A worried-looking Dr. Marsh stands alongside him.

Dr. Marsh: She had made wonderful progress. Excellent even. Then suddenly… This. She’s been like this since it happened. We have never seen anything like this before. Not in this magnitude. Thankfully, We can rest at ease as There were no casualties. But it’s sadly put a big dent in our Thorazine supply… Alot of it got blown to bits when the incident happened. *dubiously looking at Myers* Are you sure you want to go in?

Myers nods, loosens his tie and enters.

Dr. Marsh: This is not good. *Concerned*


Liz was inside and sitting silent. She didn’t move, speak or even blink. There was to be no reaction from her. At all…

Myers however came into the cell seconds later and walked on over to her…

Liz doesn’t acknowledge Myers’ presence. He kneels and looks up at her…

Myers: Miss Sherman? I’m Agent Myers, FBI.

Liz only looked away. Turning away as she was not wanting to see anyone. It wasn’t that far a hunch that she was broken and Emotionally hurt…

Myers: Miss Sherman? I’m Agent Myers, FBI. *Seeing there being no response* The hospital called us. They don’t feel they’re capable of caring for you any longer, and —

There was only silence…

Myers: Liz — can I call you Liz? It’s a beautiful name —


Myers: It’s still impressive by my standards: My name’s John.

She suddenly looked at him as he started to offer her his hand. But she only looked away from that…

Myers: Dr. Broom asked me to invite you back to the Bureau. No special precautions, no security escorts. You and me in a taxi. Like regular folks.

Liz: That doesn’t even sound like him.

Myers: Miss Sherman, he’s asking you back, but it’s entirely your choice. Plus… The 3 guys that were with Hellboy the night he came to see you. They too want you back. They are asking for you to come back. But… It still has to be your choice.

Liz turns to the 2-way mirror. Both their reflections are there.

Liz: Choice, huh? That’s cute. I’ve quit the Bureau thirteen times. I always go back. *snapping two rubber
bands* Where else would I go? If Paul, Clint and Theodore really want me back… Fine. But they should know that i am dangerous when i’m mad. My ability is not a toy.


An explosion of sound and light as a subway train passes through a dank tunnel. Then, light beams sweep the encrusted walls and steel columns.

Clay and some B.P.R.D. agents hold flashlights. Two of them — MOSS and QUARRY — carry FLAMETHROWERS. (Not Originally seen)

Hellboy and Abe bring up the rear as did the fighters. They were in position to infiltrate the area.


Passion Galore: *Looking around* This is new. Where are we again?

Dancing Heartthrob: No idea. But where ever Abe is walking… It’s dark and very musty. Likely even colder than a chilling breeze.

Abe: *With a hand ahead and sensing energy spikes coming through* Hmm. Over here.

Moss: You said that those eggs needed it dark and humid? Well… They hit the Jackpot.

As they walk on…

Moss: *Con’t* The Subway lines, Uh, They all Converge right around here. *Standing on the one side of Hellboy and looking at the data; Looking at the map*

They press on…

Moss: Right below us however… Is the old Vandeveer Reservoir. It was abandoned in the Mid 30’s.

Angelic Bubble: That really makes us really touched inside. We’re now inside where the beasts are. We’ve likely now managed to ring up the darn dinner bell and Offered up a tasty smorgasbord.

Chic Bubble Gem: Amy! Stop that. That is not the least bit charming. Nor is it amusing in any way. But if you’d like to go to the beasts and let them eat you… Be our guest. Just don’t expect us to breakdown. Those hell hounds are trouble. But going off and inviting for more to befall… I would say… Let’s not… and say we did.

Further on…

Abe: *Picking up something* Hmm… There’s a pulse.  *Pointing ahead* A Cistern on the other side. Most of the eggs are there.

Spiritual Arctic Frost: You sure about there, Abe?

Rikku: That is a most unnecessary question to ask someone who has telemetry, Telekinesis like abilities. But… in any case… must we really be here? This place is really creeping me out.

Symphonic Bubble: Come on… Let’s get to checking it out. We can’t do anything about it if we don’t keep on moving.

Shining Bubble: We know what to do though, Right?

Paul: Don’t we all? Maybe some firepower at the wall to break an opening will be what’s needed.

Quarry: There’s no way in.

Rikku: *Thinking of something* I think i have an idea. A grenade. Blow up the wall and blow open the path wide.

Blossom: A Grenade?!

Sailor Zoey: Is it safe to use here? This place doesn’t exactly look all that stable. It could cause a collapse.

Clay: We should go back and request permission to… Special Permits. Type two.

Madame Romance: Hold that thought there, Clay. I think that Hellboy is landing in with the initiative. He’s hammering his way in.

BAMMM!!! Hellboy’s stone hand cracks the concrete. He starts pounding, again and again, like a jack hammer.

Lieutenant Thunder: Come on. Girls… Let’s help Hellboy bust down that wall.

Intellectual Thunderic Wonder: Right.

Thunderic Fury: Just say the word.

Lieutenant Thunder: Hellboy, watch out. Some thunder is about to be unleashed on the wall. We’re gonna blow that wall into Thunder bits. *Looking at the girls* Thunderic Force… In position. Aim and Fire!

Seconds later…

Thunderic Force Z!: *With the Thunder energy combined into one* Thunder one… Thunder All… Let’s Bust down the wall after all! *Launching the Thunder blast at the wall* Thunder Dragon FORCE!

Hellboy: *Watching the attack and looking at the wall as it began to crumble even further* Wow! That’s uh… That’s the end for the wall. *Driving his fist into the wall once more to reveal a clearer path* Way to go, Girls. That was fast thinkin’. With fast muscles like that… It’s no wonder how swift your time of reaction is at getting the job done.

Within a secret room which originally was on the other side of the wall…

Makeshift living quarters tucked below a maze of furnace ducts. Scores of old clocks fill the room with TICKING.

The Gas mask freak… Kroenen was there… calmly repairing a mechanical hand; Namely his

His face is partly exposed. Under his leather mask, horrible lidless eyes glitter over a skull-like grin, made of raw gums and taut skin.

As Hellboy’s pounding reaches his ears, he rises, like a spider whose web has twitched. The mechanical hand rattles blindly on the table.

He opens an ancient leather folder and extracts an engraving depicting Sammael. Carefully places it on the table. Then he opens a drawer and, from an envelope, takes two torn pieces of paper. He puts them in a pouch in his belt. What ever it was that he stuck into his belt… it was liable to become a valuable clue. A lead to someplace dark.


The wall collapses under Hellboy’s attack.

Hellboy: So, You guys coming or not?

Sora: We’re coming.

Carly: We’re gonna be coming along. There’s a few monsters that are asking for a spankin’. We’re gonna give it to them.

Paul: Right. *Arming his fire power* Lock and load. Let’s do this.

Clay smiles uncertainly back. Hellboy moves in.

Clay: *Looking at the two young fighters* Blossom… Zoey. Check this sector out. Then come join the rest of us.

Sailor June: No problem.

Sailor Zoey: We’ll have this spot here checked out in a hurry.


A large oval room of rusting metal, with pipes spilling water through a large GRATE on the floor.

Abe studies it, senses something, and nods. With superhuman effort, Hellboy lifts it. Hundreds of roaches pour out.

Abe: We lead a charmed life, hmm?

Blossom: *Squealing in fright over the roaches* EWWWW!!!!

Spiritual Arctic Frost: *Casting a vast veil of frost and ice over the bugs and freezing them solid*

Majestic Love: Don’t feel blue, Abe. We’re gonna come into that underwater tank with you. If this was an original movie and we were’t here… You’d be fish bait. Sammael the hellhound is not just some tickler who loves to just play. Sammael is a beast with an ancient feeling. and Origin. But… This is like the Movie… Only better and with some helping hands to ease the grease and the load.

Dancing Heartthrob: We’ll get through it. No prob.

Sailor Zoey: Let’s go on ahead… we’re gonna need to keep a lead on this… *Listening in for any signs of extra visitors* Scour more of the area.

Sailor June: *Listening in*

Hellboy then snapped open two chemical flares and dropped them into the pool…

The flares sink, illuminating floating office furniture and torn paper…

In the lower depths, they pass shadowy industrial ruins. Settling on the bottom they reveal the hulk of a waiting SAMMAEL.

There was DANGER in store for Abe and for those who joined him in the underwater tank. But what the real issue was… Would they be able to fend the Waiting beast off and keep Abe in safe waters?


Abe pulls off his breathing apparatus. Activates the locator on his utility belt. Hellboy does likewise. BEEEP! The devices synchronize.

Hellboy extends a metal reliquary containing a small bone.

Sora: *Looking at the reliquary* That’s to keep Abe safe?

Carly: It looks like a protective charm. A charm that might ward off ancient creatures.

Sora: It’s sure a small charm.

Carly: Very small. Almost Tiny.

Hellboy: There you go, Doctor. This should cover your tailfin — On loan from the Vatican, a bone from Saint Dionysius. Ugh. Looks like a pinky.

Abe ties the reliquary around his hand.

Abe: *Needing reassurance* Remind me why I keep doing this…

Hellboy: Rotten eggs and the safety of mankind.

Blossom: You seem to love the rotten eggs alot. They may look gross… But you love them and they satisfy your palette.

Passion Galore: Can’t deny that one. There is no way you can deny it.

Madame Romance: That and plus… saving mankind… it’s what you do.

Abe: Oh right.

Seconds later…

Rikku: *Looking at Spencer* Spencer, We’re going in there, right?

Spiritual Arctic Frost: We sure are. *Looking to see Rin close by* Rin… Take watch of this spot. If anyone comes out from this tank other than us and or Abe…. Use one of the elemental items and dish some pain at it.

Rin: Of course.

Seconds later…

Teams were split… and each portion went accordingly. Blossom, Zoey, June, Sora and Carly stayed with the Agents. Paul and Crystal made a team of two. Just the two of them. Clint, Theodore, Raven, Serena, Spencer and Rikku Dived into the Underwater tank to aide Abe. The remaining fighters stayed with Hellboy and were armed and loaded. They were prepared to be his wingers…


Underwater, Abe finds an entire control room. 1940’s magazines float by, like paper jellyfish. The amber light of the chemical flares gives the room an eerie other-worldly feel. Rikku and Spencer swam and looked around. Spotting to see if there were anything of concern. Clint and Theodore looked to the one side and didn’t see anything to cause an alarm. But they did hear noises that seemed a bit irregular. Raven and Serena covered Abe’s sides looking to see that there were no danger. Only problem was that… there was. It was only a matter of time before it’d come out to encounter them.


Waiting above, Hellboy chews a Baby Ruth and pokes around. Finds a pile of children’s shoes covering some yellowing albums. In the albums, a myriad of sad faces, the orphans from the past.

Some of the faces have been cut out. There’s an unfinished letter to Father Christmas, dated 1866.

Clay stands below a grate, admiring his hair implants with a hand mirror.

Madame Romance: *Looking at the swarm of Children shoes* What in the world is going on here?

Passion Galore: I don’t know. *Looking at the albums covered by the shoes* Something is really wrong… There are albums here. All yellowed out and sad faces on each one of the albums.

Chic Bubble Gem: The faces are cut out on some of the albums. I am not one to speak in fashion sense here and just flaunt. But… This is a fashion disaster.

Shining Bubble: No. It’s a dingy disease infested abandoned orphanage of some kind. Rotten to the core.

Symphonic Bubble: Plus… An incomplete letter to some known as Father Christmas… *Reading the date* 1866.

Lieutenant Thunder: Well… Looks like debris and garbage aren’t the only things here that this place collected. It’s also got the memory of whoever wrote this unfinished letter to Father Christmas trapped here too. Well… If Sammael’s left his eggs here… because it was dark, dank and humid. He broke the mold. This place has all the dark feelings here to inflict a total black out.

Clay: This doesn’t really look like doll’s hair. Be honest, Red. What do you think?

Hellboy: *Looking back towards Clay* I’m thinking about doing it myself. *Snaps open a flare and turns; speaking into the radio* Hey, you guys find anything?

Agent Moss: No eggs yet, Red.

Hellboy: What, are you guys on a lunch break?

Agent Quarry: *Looking to the side* Nothing’s here.

Madame Romance: Ouch… That… Was not pleasant.

Suddenly, something moves. Hellboy shines his light into an adjoining tunnel. Kroenen is standing there, like a deer caught in headlights.

Passion Galore: *Looking to the side and spotting a shadow* What the heck…?!?! *Looking closer and seeing the shadow as a being wearing a gas mask* It’s Kroenen…

Angelic Bubble: Huh?! You’ve got to be kidding. Kroenen? He’s here? Why would he be here?

Lieutenant Thunder: One guess. What’s Mystical and dark plus hellbent on bringing about the end of the world?

Symphonic Bubble: If he’s here… Rasputin’s not far. Oh god… We’re gonna be in for it now.

Hellboy: *Running off after Kroenen with his gun drawn* …

Lieutenant Thunder: *Catching Hellboy running off after the gas masked freak* Hellboy’s on the hunt. Let’s go…

Angelic Bubble: Let’s get our feet a movin’. Time to move.

Clay: *Running after Hellboy and the fighters* Hellboy and the fighters are on the move… I’ll cover them.

The Chase was on… But it was only seconds or so later that Clay lost sight of Hellboy and the fighters…

As for Spencer, Rikku, Clint, Theodore and Raven as well as Serena…

They were underwater with Abe. Collecting samples of the translucent eggs. Spencer and Rikku were helping with the sample collecting. Collecting as many eggs as they could. But the others swam around and were on alert for any surprise encounters. They had a feeling that something was up. They were not about to leave a single thing… to chance.

Although while Abe was still collecting the eggs and samples…

SURPRISE!!! SAMMAEL bolted into view…

Majestic Love: *Looking at Theodore and the girls* … *Motioning for arms drawn and loaded*

Dancing Heartthrob: *Nods and Charging up to attack*

Sammael started to swing an attack at the fighters and get at them however…

Intellectual Thunderic Wonder: *With Serena; Launching an attack of thunder at Sammael*

Thunderic Fury: *Tossing a couple of grenades at Sammael*

The attacks managed to knock Sammael back and send it flyin’ into the wall on the other side of the tank. It didn’t knock him out, but it did stun him a little. Rikku and Spencer swam out of the tank for a second to toss over the samples they collected of the translucent eggs of Sammael to Rin. To hold on to and keep safe.

Rin: Is everything okay in there?

Spiritual Arctic Frost: For the most part… not sure. We’re alive… But we might be under attack down there.

Rikku: One guess.

Rin: The Hell hound?

Rikku: Yeah. Sammael the Mutt of hell is down there and he’s mad.

Spiritual Arctic Frost: *Scoffs* No duh… You try having your eggs taken from you by someone and see what it makes you be. But This hell hound is not a subtle creature. It’s hell on 4 legs and with powerful arms. a steel trap. Rin… Firepower, Now. If you have some Ice Grenades on you handy, Let them over. We’re gonna need them and fast. hand over a cluster of Bomb cores too… We’re gonna ice Sammael then Bomb it to DEFCON 1.

Rikku: The Hell hound isn’t the only thing that is unholy.

Spiritual Arctic Frost: *Looking at Rikku* Rikku, Hon…. What do you mean?

Rikku: Hellboy. He isn’t exactly holy himself, Spencer. He’s a creature of hell too. A Being of hell. A Son of a fallen one.

Spiritual Arctic Frost: Maybe so… But compared to the others out there… Hellboy works for the government. He also is one of the good guys. As Broom said. He was born a demon. That can’t be changed. But despite that… He’s as good an ally as any. We can’t deny that. But right now… Abe is in need of help.

Seconds later…

Rin: Good luck you two.

Spiritual Arctic Frost: Don’t you worry… We’ll handle that sorry slimy snake Sammael. Just make sure that nothing besides us come out from that tank.

In they went…


Raven and Serena were spritzing all over the water and chasing Sammael. Not letting it get away from. It was gonna lead to Abe. It was after Abe and they knew that it was. Clint and Theodore snuck shots of heart and love energy at Sammael. Stunning it however even though Sammael was not about to fall back.

The monster had then raked a claw right at Abe and dug the claws right across the chest; dark blue blood begins to flow. Abe shoves himself into a long, concrete fissure.

Raven and Serena fortunately had their portable Oxygen masks on and saw Abe get attacked…

Thunderic Fury: Raven, Abe’s hit. He’s hit. We have to get him the hell out of here. NOW!

Intellectual Thunderic Wonder: *Looking at Serena* How do we do that? Sammael’s got him cornered. We can’t get in there to pull Abe out from the cracks.

Spiritual Arctic Frost: *Through the transmitter* Don’t worry. We’ll draw out Sammael’s fire. We’re gonna lure it to come at us… Once the chance comes… You grab Abe and get him the heck out of here.

Thunderic Fury: *Nods* You got it, Spencer. Hurry!

Sammael can’t fit through, but the tongue darts out, missing Abe by inches. Sammael scratches at the walls, trying to reach deeper, screaming in rage. Abe screams too, emitting a trail of bubbles.

Spencer and Rikku armed up with Ice grenades and Bomb Cores. Using the Ice Grenades to frost up Sammael and Case him in Ice then as Sammael was encased inside a block of ice… Rikku Tossed Bomb Cores at Sammael Blowing it up to an inch of it’s unholy existence. It got Sammael mad and before they could catch Sammael turning, they made a run for it and lead it away from where Abe was…

Intellectual Thunderic Wonder: Now is our chance. Let’s get Abe and move. Now. *Transmitting* Thunderic Force Z! Intellectual Thunderic Wonder and Thunderic Fury to Agents Moss and Quarry. Thunderic Force Z! Intellectual Thunderic Wonder and Thunderic Fury to Agents Moss and Quarry. Come in. We are under attack. Do you read?

Moss: *Transmitting* Agent Raven, we read you. What’s the situation?

Intellectual Thunderic Wonder: I’ll tell you… but you’re not gonna like it. We got a man down. I repeat… We got a man down. Agent Sapien is badly wounded. He got nailed hard by Sammael. We’re gonna bring him out of the tank here for medical assistance.

Quarry: Medical team is on the way. E.T.A 3 minutes. They’re on their way.

Thunderic Fury: Right. Thanks guys.

The two girls dash over to where Abe was and grabbed a hold of him. They saw to it that the grip was strong and firm and took him out from the tank. Abe was bleeding deep. Blueish blood was oozing all over the place…

Outside of the Underwater Chamber…

Blossom: *Looking at Zoey* This is bad.

Sailor Zoey: Sure is. We need to get Abe out from here and fast. He’s gonna die here.

Sailor June: *Looking at Blossom and Zoey* Stay on alert you two… Eyes sharp. They’re coming out but… they might not be the only ones that are coming out.

It was only then that Zoey’s hero power started shorting out…

Sora: *Looking at Zoey* Zoey’s power is going.

Carly: Zoey… You’re losing power.

Sailor Zoey/Zoey: I am? *Panicking* What’ll i do?

Blossom: There isn’t anything that you’ll be able to do. Get to safety. Zoey… you’re losing power.

Sailor Zoey: *In fear*

They didn’t get to speak more as something was coming out from the underwater tank and they had to keep alert. Zoey’s power kicked back in and just in the nick of time as they had to enforce countermeasures on anything that came out from the tank besides Rikku, Spencer, and the others that went in there with Abe…

Out from the tank came the fighters that went in and Abe…

But it was seconds later after they got Abe out from danger and to safety…

Moss: *Looking to see a creature coming out* Oh shit…

Quarry: *Turning to the girls* Girls… You might want to prepare to fire…

Sora: What do you mean?

Carly: *Spotting a hell hound*


The bubbles burst on the surface. Watching them is a SECOND SAMMAEL.

Center of the tunnel Labyrinth…

Clay: *On the Radio* Red? Red. Come in, Red. What’s your ? I got no signal. Where the hell are you?
It’s like Swiss cheese in here.


Hellboy: *Still in pursuit* Sit tight, pal, I’m on him.

Madame Romance: We’ll get at the walking disease on two legs.

Hellboy stops, disoriented. No trace of KROENEN. He sniffs the air, then steps through a non-descript portal.


Hellboy stands in Kroenen’s quarters. An array of gas masks dangle from ducts overhead. Glued next to the walls are dozens of old photos of children.

He discovers the Sammael engraving.

Madame Romance: *Looking around the room* Okay… Now this is starting to get really strange and i don’t know if i like it.

Angelic Bubble: I don’t like this either. But this place looks like someone’s been residing here for a while. A Long while and with no end in residence.

Chic Bubble Gem: Hellboy, that gas mask reject was here… But the only question is… What was he up to?

Hellboy: Can’t say. But I’m sure as hell gonna find out.

Lieutenant Thunder: That might not be so wise.

Hellboy: You don’t say, Sapphire. Why’s that?

Shining Bubble: *Looking to the side and spotting an engraving laying around* One apparent reason why not. *Pointing* Take a look, Red. You’re gonna be having a serious case of Dejà vú when you get your eyes feasting on this…

Hellboy walks over to take a look and looks to see the Engraving…

Hellboy: *Picking up the book and reading the inscription* “Sammael: seed of destruction. Death
becomes the fertile ground.”

Madame Romance: *In dread and mortified* Uh… I don’t think i like the way you’ve just said that or how that sounded.

Symphonic Bubble: Do we now believe that Sammael could be alive again?

Chic Bubble Gem: What do you think, Christina? I mean… hello, daydreamer… Does the tagline “Hound of Resurrection” manage to escape your mind in any case?

Shining Bubble: Not mine…

Before they could speak another word…

Drool is seen landing on the floor with a loud plop…

Lieutenant Thunder: *Looking up to see a lifeform hanging from a beam; Tapping Hellboy* Uh, hellboy… Don’t look now… But uh, I think we got ourselves a bit of extra company.

Hellboy: Who?

Lieutenant Thunder: Not so much who… It’s more like a what. and that what… is *Motioning with her eyes looking up* Look up. You’ll see.

Hellboy: *Looking up to see Sammael hanging from the beam* … Didn’t I kill you already?

Sammael lunges, hurling Hellboy through an open service shaft…

…and it’s a long way down.

Hellboy: You goddamn monster!

When Sammael leaps, Hellboy throws him over the edge. Sammael, however, grabs Hellboy’s tail and pulls him over the side. The Girl members of the Romancers Z!. The Girl members of the Aquatic Force Z! and The leader of the Thunderic Force Z! all saw Sammael pile drive Hellboy down into the open service shaft.

Angelic Bubble: Should we be going after that hell hound?

Madame Romance: You rather stay here and let Hellboy get his butt kicked by Sammael… Again?

Passion Galore: *Shaking her head* Uh… Girl, I’m voting no on that one. I say we go and help him.

Chic Bubble Gem: I second that motion.

Symphonic Bubble: That’s enough to satisfy me. Let’s go.

Passion Galore: Down the shaft we go.

With a fast sprint the girls sped right for the opened shaft and dove down into it. They descended down the shaft and went down aiming to catch up with Hellboy and Sammael. They knew that they’d have to catch right up with him and not lose sight of him. There was a long drop and they had no idea that they were in any way that high up till they saw as to how far they were gonna be falling. It didn’t escape the mind of Annie and Daria that Penny and Christina were rather scared of heights. Not that it was much surprise to them as they saw as to how far they’d have to go before they reached wherever the Shaft lead or would take them…


They crash through pipes, wiring and ducts and slide off down a duct and into — But the girl members of the Romancers Z!, Aquatic Force Z! and Lieutenant Thunder of the Thunderic Force Z! were descending right behind Hellboy and Sammael. They were falling right along and leading to where Hellboy and Sammael were heading off to.


another passage. There they bounce off of dripping water pipes and jutting steel beams, until they finally break through a mesh/insulation ceiling and directly onto —


A subway platform. Full of people.

The two fighting creatures land on the ticket booth — in an explosion of coins, glass and steel!!! Some bold New Yorker in the crowd start picking up handfuls of change.

The dust clears, revealing a large crater in the platform floor.

Madame Romance: *Landing with Daria, The Aquatic Force Z! and Sapphire* Don’t forget us. We’re here to aid the fight. Come on… Let’s fight Sammael.

Madame Romance: *Firing an attack at Sammael* Blissful Heart Storm!

Passion Galore: *Firing an attack at Sammael* Love’s Passionate FOG!

Lieutenant Thunder: *With her weapon- The Thunder Trident; Firing a tri-shot of Thunder at Sammael* Tri-Star Thunder BEAMS!

Angelic Bubble: *Firing an attack at Sammael with her Bubble Gem grenade Launcher* Bubble SHINE FLASH!

Shining Bubble: *Firing an attack at Sammael with her Bubble Gloves* Bubble STORM!

Symphonic Bubble: *Firing an attack at Sammael with her Bubble Laser Rod* MUSICAL BUBBLE BEAMS!

Chic Bubble Gem: *Firing an attack at Sammael With her Bubbly Harmonica* Sonic Boom BUBBLE FASHION BLITZ…. BANG!

The people all watch and stare at the fighters and witness the fight. However they were all noticing that the creature was coming right for Hellboy. Sammael was making the aim towards Hellboy and not pulling any punches…

Madame Romance: *Looking at Sammael* Hey there hell hound. Wanna try on some warm love? Try us for a little bit. We got some love for you. *Blowing a kiss* Mwah! A whole lot of love for you, Sweetheart.

Passion Galore: *Launching a hinky sneak attack on Sammael* Passion’s Kiss! *The attack consisted of a mass swarm of hearts and kissing lips surrounded by burning love*

Sammael hits Hellboy. The Red Giant lands on a line of turnstiles, uprooting them all.

Angelic Bubble: Hellboy! *Running over* Oh god… Hellboy, are you alright?

Hellboy: Amy, Don’t worry about me too much… Just focus on the monster. We’ve got to wrangle the beast here. Worrying about one fighter getting hurt all the time is just gonna leave it for Sammy to make way with the attacking. Get at Sammy.

Shining Bubble: Don’t worry. We got your back, Hellboy. We’re here to help you. Come on… let’s get the beast. You need to fight the creep too… it’s got its sights set on you. But we’re gonna be putting out its fire a bit so you can get the upper hand.

Lieutenant Thunder: *Looking at Sammael* Hey! Hellish Mutt, get your stinkin’ carcass away from Hellboy before you get yourself a nice shock treatment of 5,000 Volts. *Pressing a button on her belt and pulling out a pack of Thunder Bombs and showing them off* See these? One step closer to Hellboy and you’ll be getting yourself electrocuted into a side of sparked beef.

Sammael screeches and take offense to that and starts coming right for Sapphire. But then changes direction leading right back for Hellboy…

Lieutenant Thunder: Okay… That does it! Now you asked for it. *Launching the Thunder Bombs and tossing them at Sammael* Take that! *Firing the shot* Thunderstorm Bombshell!

Sammael flies through the air, unfolds its bone scythe. Hellboy rolls away. Sammael misses: the tip imbeds itself in the floor and then —  TCHAKKK!!! — in a concrete column. Sammael pulls, bringing down part of the ceiling. More SCREAMS from the fleeing public.

A mezzanine above Hellboy collapses, bringing the ceiling, steel cables and office furniture down onto the Red Giant.

Symphonic Bubble: *Panicking* Hellboy!

Shining Bubble: Oh no!

Chic Bubble Gem: We got to help him. But how do we do that? We can’t lift those cables. And that Mezzanine is not light. It’s heavy.

Lieutenant Thunder: *Catching sight of Sammael going towards the people* Don’t look now… But i think that we got a problem and it’s gonna get messy unless we stage a barricade and block Sammael from the innocent civilians.

Angelic Bubble: Music… Music soothes the savage beast.

Madame Romance: Amy, You’re on to something… You’re suggesting that we sing to it and lure it away from the people through song.

Symphonic Bubble: Sounds like a plan to me… I am okay with that. If it’s gonna get the beast away from the people… I’m fine with it.

Sammael takes a step towards the crowd and roars —

Madame Romance: *With Daria, Sapphire, and the Aquatic Force Z!; Singing* “I know (I know)
You belong to somebody new
But Tonight you belong to me
Although (although) we’re apart
Your part of my heart
And tonight you belong to me

Way down by the stream
How sweet it will seem
Once more just to dream
In the moonlight
My honey I know (I know)
With the dawn that you will be gone
But tonight you belong to me

Way down, way down along the stream
How very, very sweet it will seem
Once more just to dream
In the silvery moonlight
My honey, I know (I know)
With the dawn that you will be gone
But tonight you belong to me
Just to little old me”

It got the people to cheer and calmed them but now Sammael was coming right at the fighters. It was exactly what they wanted and wanted to get the people safe. But now… they had to think fast and start firing at Sammael before Sammael clobbered them with the Bone Scythe and the claws.

Passion Galore: If we have the intention of blasting at this hell hound while the going is good… we better do it before we get clobbered senseless.

Lieutenant Thunder: Fire!

Madame Romance: *Firing an attack at Sammael* Blissful Heart Storm!

Passion Galore: *Firing an attack at Sammael* Love’s Passionate FOG!

Lieutenant Thunder: *With her weapon- The Thunder Trident; Firing a tri-shot of Thunder at Sammael* Tri-Star Thunder BEAMS!

Angelic Bubble: *Firing an attack at Sammael with her Bubble Gem grenade Launcher* Bubble SHINE FLASH!

Shining Bubble: *Firing an attack at Sammael with her Bubble Gloves* Bubble STORM!

Symphonic Bubble: *Firing an attack at Sammael with her Bubble Laser Rod* MUSICAL BUBBLE BEAMS!

Chic Bubble Gem: *Firing an attack at Sammael With her Bubbly Harmonica* Sonic Boom BUBBLE FASHION BLITZ…. BANG!

Madame Romance: Keep firing… We have to draw its attention to us and get the people to take the chance in running for safety.

Lieutenant Thunder: *With her weapon- The Thunder Trident; Firing a tri-shot of Thunder at Sammael* Tri-Star Thunder BEAMS!

Angelic Bubble: *Firing an attack at Sammael with her Bubble Gem grenade Launcher* Bubble SHINE FLASH!

Shining Bubble: *Firing an attack at Sammael with her Bubble Gloves* Bubble STORM!

Symphonic Bubble: *Firing an attack at Sammael with her Bubble Laser Rod* MUSICAL BUBBLE BEAMS!

Chic Bubble Gem: *Firing an attack at Sammael With her Bubbly Harmonica* Sonic Boom BUBBLE FASHION BLITZ…. BANG!

Madame Romance: *Firing an attack at Sammael* Blissful Heart Storm!

Passion Galore: *Firing an attack at Sammael* Love’s Passionate FOG!

Madame Romance: *Jamming on her Heart Guitar and gathering Energy to create a Love Storm* … This is Love’s greatest power… the power of life and truth. Two of the things that Love resembles. The Love and the Bliss of perpetual romance. *Performing a power ballad and Drawing it up into her Weapon; Suddenly Stroking the Strings; with a Pink aura and with the energy built and ready; Launching her Overdrive* LOVE’S BLISSFUL SERENADE!!!

Passion Galore: *Jamming on her Heart Guitar and gathering Energy to create a Love Storm* … This is How Passion is born. It’s born with compassion, Romance and Sweet Bliss. Truth and warmth. That is how Passion is born. Love is part of a breathing romance. What Love resembles is Eternal and pure. *Performing a power ballad and Drawing it up into her Weapon; Suddenly Stroking the Strings and with a Pink aura and with the energy built and ready; Launching her Overdrive* PASSION’S ETERNAL REMEDY!!!

Angelic Bubble: *Gathering energy* … This is the frost… the water of light. Water and Ice… Light and Glitz Build within me. Wash this evil away. *Launching An attack using her Bubble Gem grenade Launcher* ANGELIC GEM GRENADE STRIKE!!!

Shining Bubble: *Glowing with Light and Energy* Here is the star of the light and the power of water’s force. Evil’s extinction is confirmed with just a blast of water and Ice. Water and Light. *with her Bubble Gloves Launching her Overdrive* BUBBLE MAIDEN’S STAR OF WATER SCREAM!!! (The attack is a combined power of Water and ice in a surging pulse of Stars and Water unleashing a scream of Light and Ice)

Symphonic Bubble: *Casting her Overdrive* BUBBLING BEAMS OF ICE CONCERTO!!!

Chic Bubble Gem: *Launching her Overdrive With her Bubbly Harmonica* WATERY ICE SPIRAL SYMPHONY!!!

Lieutenant Thunder: *Glowing with Thunder energy* … Thunder and Lightning i call upon you to grant me the power of Thunders Rage. Come forth and guide my Soul. *Rising her Thunder Trident and swirling the tip into the air and creating a Thunder Storm; Building up energy at full power* The Evil angers the Thunder. Hear the Quaking roar of the Thunder and the intensity of it’s fury. *With The Thunder Trident at Full power* …. Here comes the triple Threat of Thunderic PAIN! *Launching her Overdrive* TRI-BEAM THUNDER MAGNITUDE 9!!!

They fired at the Hell hound and moved to keep it under wraps… It was working for the most part till Sammael pulled a fast one and leaped at one of the fighters and started to make with ripping one of the girls to shreds. It went right for Annie. But…

Then, BAMMMMMM!!! A desk flies up into the air. Hellboy’s stone hand emerges, triumphant.

Hellboy: Hey Chunk-face! Miss me?

He climbs out of the crater. Sammael growls.

Hellboy: You can do better than that. Big monster like you. Why don’t you leave the girls alone and come tangle with me. If you can…

Hellboy rips off one of the turnstile bars (A pay Phone) and hits Sammael again and again.

Hellboy: It’s for you! You shouldn’t hurt people!

Sammael blocks the last hit and throws the bar away. It embeds itself in the tile wall.

Sammael punches Hellboy, a hard uppercut.

Hellboy flies up, crashing through the plate glass of a second mezzanine above the platform. He skids on the tile floor, scraping a jagged line with his stone hand.

He slides past a group of BYSTANDERS and into a row of backlit subway ads. He lands in a shower of glass and debris on a wooden bench, breaking it in two.

Sammael climbs up into the mezzanine.

Hellboy gets up — his back bristling with glass shards — and hears a WAIL: a YOUNG GIRL is pointing at A BOX OF KITTENS abandoned on a bench.

Madame Romance: *Getting up and shaking in fear* Oh god… that was a close one. Really close.

Passion Galore: You were almost eaten to shreds by that hell hound. You’re lucky to be alive, Annie. That thing could have killed you. If Hellboy didn’t break out from that pile of debris when he had… you would have been nailed.

Angelic Bubble: *Looking up* We can shake off the fright later… Hellboy’s in need of help.

Chic Bubble Gem: Let’s go…

The girls all fly up over to where Hellboy was and notice that Sammael was looming at a box. Containing Kittens moving and meowing.

Lieutenant Thunder: *Walking over to the young girl* Hey there…

Young girl: *Turning to see one of the fighters* W-w-who are you?

Lieutenant Thunder: Lieutenant Thunder. The leader to the Rhapsody Thunderic Force Z! I’m one of the good guys.

Young Girl: My kittens are in danger. They’re helpless things.

Lieutenant Thunder: It’s gonna be okay. We’re gonna guard them while taking down the hell hound. Your cats will be fine. You have our word on it.

Young Girl: *Thankful* Thank you… Please save them.

Passion Galore: *Firing shots at Sammael*

Hellboy: Aw, crap.

Sammael charges!!! Hellboy scoops up the box, holds it high!! Using his bone blade, Sammael pulverizes the bench.

Hellboy: Girls… Get out of here… There’s nothing more you can do… Don’t worry about this hell hound. I’ve got this.

Angelic Bubble: Hellboy, We’ll clear the people from here… Just be careful.

While Hellboy made along with dealing with the hell hound, The girls gathered the people and got them to safety. Lead them to the side out from dangers path…

Next, Sammael slashes at Hellboy, scattering a dozen shrieking citizens.

Illuminated by sparks and shorting lamps, Hellboy advances, blood dripping from his forehead and nose.

Hellboy starts to reload, but — Sammael’s tongue shoots out. Hellboy throws the kitten box in the air and — traps the tongue with his stone hand —

Hellboy: Second date. No tongue!!

Young Girl: My kittens. Careful with them!

Hellboy: Lady, Gimme a break here!

Symphonic Bubble: *Looking at the fight* Whoa! That was a fast move…

Shining Bubble: It is. But… We got to ensure that the people here are safe. Hellboy’s got his hands full right now. The best thing we can do now is keep the people out from harms way. Making it simpler for Hellboy to nail Sammael.

Lieutenant Thunder: Nice idea. However… Looks like Hellboy and Sammael are playing tug-of-war with one another.

Madame Romance: What?!

Passion Galore: Oh swell… Now this is a game for them. To see who can pull harder and who can get who smacked hard by a train. That’s great. And exactly how long will it take to see who gets splattered by the weight of 30 tons?

Shining Bubble: It doesn’t matter. As long as that hell hound gets creamed… It’ll make no difference. I just hope that Hellboy puts that slimy hound out of its misery.

Chic Bubble Gem: Well… Why don’t you tell us how you really feel, Susie?

— while catching the box with his tail. The kittens are fine. Using the tongue, he throws Sammael out a glass window. Through the hell hound hard and with force. The girls caught sight of it and gasped as they saw the fight press on. Amy, Annie and Daria continued to get the people away from the scene and in safe distance. The situation was likely to be contained however they were around enough fights of supernatural element to know that things were likely to turn the opposite direction and get pretty ugly. They didn’t want to take any chance. The other fighters there watched and kept an eye out for any opening to jump in and lend a hand to Hellboy. Hellboy had however told them that he had the issue handled and he’d take care of it… But if they didn’t help anyway and something did manage to go wrong… They’d be kicking themselves in the back side over it for a long time. They stuck around just in case.

Sammael dangles above the tracks, but he re-joints himself and grabs a handhold on the train wall above the tunnel. From here, he pulls on Hellboy, sliding him toward the jagged glass. Sammael pulls harder, enters the tunnel. Hellboy fights to free himself, but his sweaty face is millimeters away from being sliced by the glass. The girls were watching and were begging… Cheering. Encouraging for Hellboy to keep holding on… They were pleading for Hellboy to hang on tight. But the hell hound was pulling harder and harder. Hellbent in seeing Hellboy getting himself splattered. The girls didn’t want that and were itching to jump in and aide Hellboy. All seems lost, when… WHAAAAA!!!!!! A train appears out of nowhere heading straight for Sammael. It splatters the thing against the tunnel wall and plows on. Sammael’s body sprawls motionless at the side of the tracks. It was done… Sammael was toast and turned into roadkill. It was a miraculous sense of a silver lining…


Hellboy gives the cats to the young girl —

Young Girl: Thank you so much.

Hellboy: Don’t mention it. It’s my job.

Lieutenant Thunder: We come to serve. We care about the innocent. No job is too small or too big.


Under the water, BLACK light blooms within TWO OF SAMMAEL’S EGGS as a fantastic methamorphosis starts. The embryos burst out, gyrating in the water, swelling and distending.

Back at the Subway station platform…

Madame Romance: *Noticing the transponder on Hellboy’s belt coming alive and flickering* Red, your transponder is kicking a fit. Something’s going on.

Hellboy: *Looking to see the light on the transponder* It’s Blue. Abe.

Intellectual Thunderic Wonder: *Through the transponder* Red… Girls… Abe’s been wounded. He’s on his way back to the Bureau. But… we might have a problem. Where ever you guys are now… Double time it back to the abandoned shower room. We’re gonna need help here. The Agents are in peril.

Passion Galore: We’re on our way.


Back in the tunnel, Quarry and moss move filing cabinets and rotten bozes full of files. One of them gives out and papers spill all over.

Moss: Jesus —

Sora: *Looking at the agents* Abe is safe now… But I don’t think that we’re with the fortunate part.

Carly: We need help here and we need it fast.

Suddenly — a noise! The agents leap up and sweep their flashlights over the columns… Nothing there.

Quarry: Moss, what the hell was that?

Blossom: What was what? *Looking to see shadows starting to form* Uh… Okay… I think that we got company.

Then, TWO SILHOUETTES cast long shadows. Powerful footfalls boom like thunderclaps. Agent Quarry raises his gun and fires at the dark shapes. Useless: the things plow on. Moss hurriedly straps on his flame thrower. After a few seconds, a green light beeps, READY. The muzzle of the flamethrower vomits a 30 feet long gout of fire into the blackness. The men pause: silence! Quarry turns on his flashlight, hand trembling.

Sailor Zoey: Agent Quarry… Calm down. We’ll take care of this. Just ease up.

Sailor June: Let’s stay alert. *Sensing something* two creatures… 20 feet away from us.

Quarry: Whatever it was —

BAM!!! SAMMAEL’S TONGUE uncurls from the shadows and lands on Quarry’s face, pulling him into the dark. His flashlight bobbles and strobes, lighting up a nightmare:

Blossom: QUARRY! *Panics* Oh god… We have to get out of here! Now!

Sora: No. We stay and fight. We have to fight these things off.


Sailor Zoey: *Firing a shot at Sammael* Moon Star Cosmic FLASH!

Sailor June: *Firing an attack at Sammael* Mercury Aqua Heart Jet FLASH!

Sora: Fire at Sammael! Now!

Carly: Lightning by the power of three…

Blossom: Yeah. Lightning by the power of 3.

Sora: *With Carly and Blossom in unison* By the Rhapsody Power of three. Set us free… spark up a surge of thunder and lightning. put Sammael back in traction. *Firing a Shot of Electricity and a surge of thunder at Sammael* Thunder shock by the power of 3…. Thunder CHAIN FLASH!!!

TWO SAMMAELS stand in the tunnel. One of them gleefully squeezes Quarry. The man’s screams are muffled by the creature’s fleshy lips wrapping around his head.

The attacks were a direct hit. They hit on Sammael and did damage. However it didn’t stop Sammael… The hell hounds kept coming and kept advancing. There was no pause. Moss runs as fast as he can, jumping and tumbling through an obstacle course of beams. Turning, he readies the flamethrower.  The SECOND SAMMAEL lands on Moss’s back, breaking his spine.

Sora: *Looking at Moss and Quarry’s remains* No… No! Moss! Quarry!


Sailor Zoey: Attack the Hell hounds… NOW! NOW!!!! NOW!

Sailor June: FIRE!!!

Sora: *Casting Firaga on Sammael* Go to hell Sammael, You want to eat our friends… Eat some fire instead.

Carly: *Casting Firaga on Sammael* We have a message for the dark man Rasputin. If he wants Hellboy… He’s gonna have to come for hellboy himself. Because otherwise… He’s gonna only face embarrassment and shame!

Sailor Zoey: *Swinging her wand towards Sammael; Firing an attack at Sammael* Moon Star Cosmic FLASH!

Sailor June: *Firing an attack at Sammael* Mercury Aqua Heart Jet FLASH!

Blossom: *Emitting a ball of Lightning and preparing to fire* Hey Sammael! Take one more step… Just one more fucking step, you slimy carcass sorry son of a bitch! One step.

Sailor Zoey: Enough with the intimidating statements, Blossom. Agent Blossom… FIRE! NOW! That’s an order. FIRE!

Sora: *With Carly; Casting Doublecast on Sammael*

Sora: *Casting Flare on Sammael*

Carly: *Casting Flare on Sammael*

Sora: *Casting Ultima on Sammael*

Carly: *Casting Ultima on Sammael*

Sailor Zoey: *Swinging her wand towards Sammael; Firing an attack at Sammael* Moon Star Cosmic FLASH!

Sailor June: *Firing an attack at Sammael* Mercury Aqua Heart Jet FLASH!

Blossom: *Firing a Big ball of lightning at Sammael* TAKE THAT!!!!

Within seconds they opened fire on the beasts and blasted them with direct hits. Not letting up for a minute. They fired at the hell hounds trying to hold them off as much as they could. In any way that they could.

Where was their back-up? Where was the fighters? HELP!!! NOW! The younger fighters are UNDER ATTACK!!! Older Fighters… GET YOUR BUTTS IN GEAR BEFORE IT’S TOO LATE!!!


Just when all hope was dimming for the young team…

Madame Romance: *Firing an attack at Sammael* Blissful Heart Storm!

Passion Galore: *Firing an attack at Sammael* Love’s Passionate FOG!

Majestic Love: *Twirling his Heart Rod and Then Pounding it on the ground twice before Firing an attack at Sammael* Royalty Love’s MELODY CHARGE!

Dancing Heartthrob: *Twirling his Heart Rod and Then Pounding it on the ground twice before Firing an attack at Sammael* Love’s RHAPSODY BLITZ!

Passion Galore: *Launching a hinky sneak attack on Sammael* Passion’s Kiss! *The attack consisted of a mass swarm of hearts and kissing lips surrounded by burning love*

Lieutenant Thunder: *With her weapon- The Thunder Trident; Firing a tri-shot of Thunder at Sammael* Tri-Star Thunder BEAMS!

Intellectual Thunderic Wonder: *With her new weapon- The Thunderstorm Fan; Firing a Gust of Thunder at Sammael* Raging Winds of Thunder!

Thunderic Fury: *With the new forged weapon- The Thunder Chains; Whipping the Chains at Sammael; Shocking him* Thundering VICEGRIP!

Thunderic Force Z!: *With the Thunder energy combined into one* combined. Thunder one… Thunder All… Let’s ________ after all! *Launching the Thunder blast at Seymour* Thunder Dragon FORCE!

Angelic Bubble: *Firing an attack at Sammael with her Bubble Gem grenade Launcher* Bubble SHINE FLASH!

Shining Bubble: *Firing an attack at Sammael with her Bubble Gloves* Bubble STORM!

Symphonic Bubble: *Firing an attack at Sammael with her Bubble Laser Rod* MUSICAL BUBBLE BEAMS!

Chic Bubble Gem: *Firing an attack at Sammael With her Bubbly Harmonica* Sonic Boom BUBBLE FASHION BLITZ…. BANG!

Spiritual Arctic-Frost: *With his new weapon- The Holy Crosses of Frost; Aiming at the Sammael and Firing a Charged Blast of Ice and Cold frost At Sammael* Ice Cross CHARGES!

Rikku: *Using a Shining Gem on Sammael* Go away… You hellish Meanies!

Sora: You guys made it…

Carly: We were beginning to think that you guys might have forgotten about us.

Madame Romance: Us forget about you guys… Not likely at all. Not even. Family stick close. You know that better than anyone. We’re not leaving you guys hangin’.

Passion Galore: How’re the Agents?

Blossom: *Looking down* Annihilated. They didn’t make it.

Sailor Zoey: Manning is gonna have a bird. He is not gonna be singing praises for any of us…

Intellectual Thunderic Wonder: Manning has no say about this, Zoe. He isn’t here on the field with us… Is he? We are here. Not him. If he’s got a problem… Then he’s gonna have to just swallow his ego and back off. We’re the ones fighting. likely about to Die. We just lost 2 agents. Agent Clay might be next if we don’t take care of this.

Hellboy: Where is he anyway?

Rikku: Where’s Paul and Crystal?

Spiritual Arctic Frost: Good question… Where are they? We haven’t heard from them since we got into separate teams.

Angelic Bubble: Are you sure that they’re alright?

Thunderic Fury: See about contacting them. See if they respond. They should have been back here by now.


As for Paul and Crystal…

They were at the center of the Labyrinth of the tunnel portion to the area that they were stationed at; during that time…

Paul: Where the hell is everyone? Did they all just fall off the face of the planet? *Looking around for any signs of Sammael or the gas mask freak* There’s no sign of that Hell hound or of that masked freak show.

Crystal was with him and she was sensing something near even though there was nothing in sight. They walked on and kept going when out of nowhere…

Kroenen: *Standing close-by and preparing to draw his Long blades*

Crystal: *Looking around and detecting a presence among them* … *Looking to the side and spotting a form in a mask* … *Getting Paul’s attention and pointing towards the one side*

Paul: *Looking to see Kroenen* Karl Ruprecht Kroenen, the gas mask freak show. *Seeing the gas mask freak show stepping closer into view* Oh shit… Crystal… Attack that freak. He’s gonna make a move with that long blade of his. If we don’t get him… He’ll get us.

Crystal: *Casting Psywave at Kroenen* … *Launching Psyshock at Kroenen*


Kroenen reflected the attacks and sent it back at them. The Long Blades were used to cause the attacks to bounce back…

Paul: *Looking at Crystal* Now what? The gas mask freak returned the attack back at us…

Kroenen came close towards Paul and Crystal and made way with moving to land a hit. About to Stab them with the long blade.

Paul: *Dodging the attack just by luck* Whoa! Does it seem a little too close for comfort to say that Kroenen here wants to shish-kabob us?

Crystal: *Firing another shot at Kroenen*

Paul: *Launching a blast of flames at Kroenen and burning him* Have some flames, gas mask Psycho. You’re an undead being… But don’t think that you can’t still be burned. You can. *Adding more flames and Burning Kroenen deeper*

Kroenen however didn’t stay burned for long as he found a puddle and rolled around in the puddle putting out the fire. Paul watched as Kroenen extinguished himself of the fire.

Paul: This guys got a psychotic personality. He is undead and yet thinks of himself as someone who’s alive. He is dead… There is nothing living inside him. A normal undead being would be burnt to a crisp and like charcoal. How is it that this guy can withstand the flames? What the heck is this guys secret?

Paul couldn’t make much more moves at Kroenen as Kroenen then made with attacking Paul and nearly sliced him even though he managed to miss the point of contact by mere Inches. Paul of course saw that Kroenen was close enough to get kicked in the groin and given an uppercut. Paul dished out some physical hits on Kroenen and Knocked him back. Sending him flying into the nearby wall which was only for a moment. Paul and Crystal only turned their backs to catch a breath when Kroenen snuck away from their sight and hid… Or did he?

To be continued in Chapter 189 “Casualty report: Agent Clay meets an end. Gas Mask Freak plays at Rigor Mortis.”


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