Chapter 187: Raven Meredith Rhapsody and Serena Tina Dinah Rhapsody Experience some Downtime with HellBoy.

(The next plan of attack and a reflection of what went wrong during the battle with the Hound of Resurrection.)

(Carly Black and Serena get closer in relationship and there are talks of a possible romantic night.)

It has been 6 days since the first bout against the hell hound and the fighters were all trying to think about what happened. They knew that they were feeling sorry for Hellboy. He was having to put up with most of the fighting on his own most of the time and even though was used to it… it made it seem like he really was without any doubt… alone.

Since the 31st of October and the tending of Hellboy’s wound, The fighters were learning things about fighting with firearms. Training. They were also learning about Music and Literature. Some of them excelled in the works and had a couple moments where they had been permitted to listen to the Radio Station that they knew. MRHAP Metropolis. They turned it on and heard it play some oldies. Songs that they have not heard… ever.

November 6th 2044

Carly Black: I don’t know that song. What’s up with your Uncle Arnold, guys? Is he trying to travel through the wormhole of Music and pull in a decade that most people forgot?

Sapphire: He’s probably trying to re-introduce some of the music that started in through the 60’s or 70’s. *Thinking* Actually… we don’t know when that song came out.

Paul: No one does. That’s why it’s a forgotten classic.

Broom: Music like that is rare here. On count of Abe only listening to classical or Jazz. But he’s got the intelligence that is exquisite.

Daria: *Looking to see Broom close by* Hey there, Prof. We didn’t see you come in. You were over by where Abe was.

Broom: Precisely. I was. Abe is still running tests on the specimens that were pulled out of Hellboy’s arm. The specimens are unique.

Annie: how unique are we talkin’ here? Like out of this world Unique or just a rather rare kind of unique?

Broom: Out of this world, actually… Annie. They’re translucent/transparent eggs. None like any egg that comes from any known, rare, common, exotic or extinct creature or animal upon this Earth.

Susie: That’s rare. Any idea where they might have come from?

Crystal: The eggs sure must have some type of origin. They came from somewhere.

Clint: That’s true. They had to have come from somewhere. But, there is one thing that makes it confusing… How would the eggs survive here? Depending what they are… wouldn’t the eggs spoil or go cold if they’re not incubated since they came from a creature. That Hellhound was not something you’d normally see. But it was still living. So… if the eggs have life in them… Wouldn’t they need incubation?

Amy: I don’t think that the eggs are with anything in them. There couldn’t be. How could anything be living in eggs that are in fact that small?

Penny: Would that mean the eggs have life inside them and by our trying to freeze the eggs… while trying to ice the wound a little so Hellboy wouldn’t be in too much agony… Would that mean where the eggs could’ve been able to migrate or culminate as they rested in his arm before Abe took them out of the wound that Hellboy had?

Sora and Carly were walking down the hall and down the one corridor. They were writing in their Mini Journals that they were given. They couldn’t help but worry about what was going on back at their home city of Metropolis. Something was going on and they somehow felt it. Only problem was… They couldn’t get back there for some time to do anything about it.

While in the hall…

Sora: *Sighs; Walking down the hall* Do you think that there is something going on back home?

Carly: I don’t know, sister. But if there is… There’s nothing we can do about it here.

Sora: We can’t even contact anyone from back home.

Carly: It’s probably a good thing too. Because if we were to know about what could be going on over back in our home city… It would cloud our mind and we won’t be able to focus on what it is that we’re doing here.

Sora: We did happen to learn a bit of stuff through the last week. But i am not so sure about the use of firearms. Our mom and dad aren’t gonna like this.

Carly: I don’t blame them. I don’t like it either. This isn’t what we were brought here to be learning

Sora: Of course this part of the government has no admiration of the rest of the government. The parts that favor going to another country and fight a needless and rather pointless war.

Carly: You mean, Like Bush? He took this country to war. But it was all staged. For the Oil.

Sora: This Country has many enemies that were made by the President. Both Bush and Obama. They ruined this country. Bush made deals with the Saudi Arabians. Was all in it with the Bin Laden’s.

Carly: How do you know about that, Sora?

Sora: We know about it because we researched it. Plus 3 months ago… we watched that movie… A Documentary. “Fahrenheit 9/11”. With Michael Moore. Bush didn’t even win the Presidency. He stole it. Which… if you think about it… it’s kinda true. Completely true. He didn’t win the presidency. Someone named Gore won it. Al Gore. He won it. However… Bush had someone in the voting poll commission that altered the ballots and made certain that there were more votes for Bush than Gore. Plus Bush’s brother Jeb. The little cockroach was governor of Florida. He made sure that George Bush Jr. Won the Presidency.

Carly: Oh yeah… that’s right. we did. Michael Moore brought alot of it to light. Exposed the truth. The Conspiracy behind the presidency of Bush. Having us go into a needless war. We were supposed to go after Osama bin Laden to avenge this country. Bush started it… then suddenly… switched to going over to Iraq over bogus reasons. The Whole Weapons of Mass Destruction that were more than likely not even there to begin with. Bush wanted to go to Iraq and assassinate Saddam because of a personal vendetta. Because he stated: “He tried to kill my father once.” Bush’s used the Weapons of Mass Destruction angle to ensure that we would go into Iraq. Nothing more. In that one war we caused a whole bunch of countries to think of us as infidels. Monsters. Some were thinking of Bush as a Modern day Adolf Hitler. And what’s worse is that because Bush was our President… We were seen as little Hitler Minions. At least the ones of us who were all for Bush.

Sora: Bush even knew about there being an imminent attack on this country coming from Bin Laden. But a month before the attacks…He was having dinner with. Clinton, His own father. Kadafee, Bin Laden, Saddam Hussein. They were all discussing the plans. Talking of it.Clinton though walked out as he didn’t want any part of the planning. He didn’t want anything to do with the planning of the attacks.

Carly: I hate Bush.

Sora: same here.


Spencer: *Walking over to Sora and Carly* Hey girls.

Carly: Hey Spencer. What’s up?

Spencer: We need to get everyone we possibly can over to the Medical Bay. The Examination Table.

Sora: What?! What happened?

Rikku: *Running out over to Sora and Carly* The results are in. Abe’s got the details on what he was able to find out about the transparent egg specimens.

Carly: We should go and get the others.

Spencer: *Wondering* Where’s Zoey and Blossom?

Rikku: They’re in the briefing room Talking about boys. Sounded kinda cute. But also working on some extra credit material. Blossom’s thinking about becoming a politician in the future. Zoey’s thinking about becoming a troubadour…Letting the music move her. Singing other people’s songs. But she’d be letting the music drive her.

Sora: Is that what she’s thinking?

Carly: What about her being a fighter?

Rikku: She wouldn’t say. I think that she’s still gonna be a fighter as well as we are… But… as for being that in the future… No comment. There is no answer.

Spencer: They should be coming with us to the Examination room. That’s where Abe is right now. He’s got the results on the eggs. From what it sounds like… It’s ominous.

Rikku: Yeah. Let’s go and get them and the others. They need to know about it.

A moment later…


The computer beeps having finished an analysis. On a monitor, an enlarged color image of one of the throbbing eggs. The girls and the guys were standing tall and awaiting the details. Hellboy was also there. Of course he was nursing the wound a bit as it hurt him a little still.

Clint: So Abe. What’d you find in your results on the transparent eggs?

Abe: Not quite sure… But from what the results lay out…

Abe shows off the monitor with the picture of the eggs containing life forms inside them…

Abe: The eggs are very sensitive to heat and light. They need a humid, dark environment to breed.

Amy: Light and Heat are their weakness. That must mean… that anything warm would hurt them. Heat is their fatal weakness.

Susie: How could they be weak to fire and light? Light is one thing… But fire? They’re of an ancient realm of creatures. They’re from hell. Hell hounds are from hell. So it should be water and ice… being their weakness.

Paul: Fire and hell they match. Ask our pops Alvin. He was known as Flaming Soul for a while till he stepped down from the hero biz. He knows all about fire and there is one undeniable fact. Hell and fire go hand to hand. Side by side. If there is anything that can hurt a hell hound… It’s Ice… Light. Water. Unless… it’s a different type of hell hound and the weakness tend to be more different than normal textbook detail.

Abe then picks up an egg with a pair of tweezers and shows it to the fighters but hands it to Hellboy to check out…

Zoey: *Grossed out* That’s sick. Those eggs look really gross.

Blossom: Those things turn into hell hounds, don’t they?

Theodore: I would believe that they do. The eggs aren’t very good looking nor are they the least bit pleasant.

Daria: You’re kidding, right? Those things can go hell hound creepy just by seconds after hatching from those tiny pebble sized eggs?

Christina: That is not what we were expecting.

Annie: …

Carly Black: What does this mean?

Myers: Down there… Did you guys ever track of it?

Raven: That’s a rather comical question… We were in a tunnel.

Hellboy: Well, let’s see — there was that moment, when I had a train on top of my head —

Sapphire: And we were pinned to the wall so we wouldn’t get our butts flattened by 30 tons of steel and metal going at about 70 miles an hour. Sora and Carly almost became railroad kill. If hellboy didn’t jolt a quick move and grab them when he did.

Spencer: Okay… Hormones… Heel!

Raven: Hardy har har!

Clint: Was the beast still with you in the tunnel though?

Raven: Oh yeah. It was… When the train passed us by… we looked for it and if we didn’t look up when we did… We would’ve been Hell hound chow. Hellboy shocked it a good one. Grabbing the third track like he did. If he hadn’t… The hell hound would have tore into him. Then come right at us.

Sapphire: The most unnatural thing we saw it do was re-sew its jaw back together. Hellboy broke that things jaw and Sammael re-sewed its jaw like it was nothing.

Sora: We don’t care what anyone says… That type of sight was by far creepy. Really twisted.

Serena: You don’t think that there could be more of that hell hound out there, do you? *Curious and concerned* Please say no.

Paul: We can’t say it, Serena. We just don’t know. We’d like to say that there isn’t… But we’d be lying about it. We don’t really know.

Broom frowns, worried.

Broom: *To Hellboy* We can’t risk it. You’ll go back to the tracks tomorrow with a group of
agents, search the area, top to bottom. Romancers Z! You will be going with him. Same for The Aquatic Force Z! and the Thunderic Force Z!. Blossom and Zoey, You two will take the lead with the Agents. Paul, Sora and Carly… Will join from the right. Any part of the area that is underwater…there’ll be a group breaking up accordingly to those who can swim.

Theodore: You don’t need to inform us on that… We’re with him all the way. We saw what happened during the beginning preliminaries of the first go at Sammael. It had gotten pretty ugly. So this time… there isn’t a chance that we’ll fall back from his side. Hellboy won’t fight alone.

Annie: Not a chance.

Daria: Right.

Paul: If there is any sign of a hell hound down there… I’ll fry its carcass like shrimp on the barbie.

Sora: You couldn’t be giving us something harder to do… But you give us the will to get at the Hell hounds again. The Hell Hounds will be fried…

Carly: That’s if they don’t try to nail us first.

They were for the next 4 hours talking about the planning revolving their next attempt on going after Sammael again. Finding the eggs and destroying them all. But the one thing that they were not getting in mind was… What if the eggs hatched and came for them first? That was what no one seemed to consider. The ones who were swimming with Abe would have to put that into complete consideration. The eggs were likely in a dark place already and were incubating. In a humid location. But… Would there be a way out for them? How? and in what way…


Later that night…


Dozens of HELLBOY clippings flash by: tabloid headlines along with intimate images of Hellboy as a KID. H.B. at 7, at 12, dressed as a human for Halloween, Broom by his side.

Myers works at a computer workstation.

Blossom: *Walking in with Zoey* We should try to get a hold of the family back home.

Zoey: I know… Shouldn’t we have heard something from them by now.

Blossom: I know. What we should do is see if we can reach Our cousins Janie, Alex and Charlene.

Zoey: They must be worried about us or something. However… I am surprised that my mom didn’t try to call. She’d be wanting to call and see how i was doing.

Blossom: You’re right. Usually by now… she would be pitching a fit or something if she were to not hear from you after like 4 days. But the last time you did that… it was while you were with June. Doing senshi detail.

Zoey: Which was a month before we got summoned to come here. *Sighs*

Blossom: *Wondering* Where’s June?

Zoey: June? I don’t know. I haven’t seen her for the last couple days. I don’t even know where she went. I don’t think that she’d leave this place. The alarms would have sounded.

Blossom: You don’t think that she left you… do you?

Zoey: I don’t think so. But she has been rather distant a little.

Blossom: Well… You did black out and faint in a very provocative manner. You likely have started to reach the coming of age moment.

Zoey:*Sighs* Yeah. I still don’t know where that came from. I even now can’t believe i did that. However… I did have a little bit of a talk with Manning. I actually think that he likes us, but just can’t show it much and has to be on top of his game. I think that the higher ups in the government are putting a little too much pressure on him. I don’t know. But i somehow was able to sense that he was stressed out quite a lot.

Seconds later…

Blossom: *Hearing clacking noises sound off* Zoey, There’s someone in here.

Zoey: Yeah. us. *Hearing the clacking noises* Okay… i hear it too. But who’d be in here at this time of night. We’re already pushing it by roaming around at this time of night. But someone’s in here. Who’d be up at this time of night? There’s nothing going on.

The two walk on and get to a certain point where they come across the Archives room and walk right in to see Myers on a computer…

Blossom: *Gasps* Whoa!… It’s Agent Myers.

Zoey: What’s he doing up? In here?

Blossom: Not sure. Maybe he’s trying to find something to do.

Zoey: Like what? There’s nothing in here that he’d find.

Blossom: *Thinking* He’s up to something. Let’s go see.

Zoey: Yeah…

Blossom and Zoey walk on over to where Myers was sitting and only barely got to the side when they saw what he was looking at…

Zoey: *Reading the screen*  “ARSON SUSPECT NOW WORKING FOR SECRET GOVERNMENT AGENCY” *Looking at Myers* What are you doing, Agent Myers?

Myers: I’m looking into the files about one of the agents. Elizabeth Sherman.

Blossom: What for? You thinking that there is something to be done to help?

Myers: I don’t know. I would like to help her. I got to do something to get on Hellboy’s good graces. I seemed to try everything i can think of to be accepted or wanted by him. But nothing seems to work. He likes you guys better than he likes me.

Zoey: We noticed. It’s bad that he doesn’t like you. You’ve done nothing to make him not like you. What could his problem be with you? I don’t get it.

Myers: You might know. It’s because you and the teams are soft on him. Giving him lead way. he isn’t good at taking orders from people. But you guys don’t bring the law down on him a bit as you probably should. The moment that you do… He’ll lose whatever fondness he’s got of you. That’s what i’ve figured out.

Blossom: Pfft! That’s crazy. He’d never do that.

Myers: No? *Looking to Blossom* Then why is it that since you guys arrived and he’s seen you guys… He’s been more open. More loose and all calm? But then when i step in… he goes quiet and hardly makes a sound. He only grunts at me?

Zoey: Because he’s not opening up to you like he should be.

Blossom: Because we’re soft on him.

Myers: Exactly. But if you pulled in the reigns on him… Laid down rules on him. He would not like you anymore.

Zoey: Myers… We do realize that you feel unwanted and unneeded by hellboy and you’re trying to get on his good graces. But… This theory of him not taking orders well… And if we were to put some rules on him and he wouldn’t like us anymore… It’s not funny. It’s also crazy talk.


Blossom: *Looking at the screen* What’s that?

Another clipping: young LIZ, 11, and a photo of a tenement building burned to the ground: TRAGIC EXPLOSION.

Zoey: *Looking at the screen* Child: Liz Sherman. Only survivor remaining in Smoldering Aftermath of Pittsburg tenement fire.

Blossom: *Looking at Zoey* Elizabeth Sherman burned those buildings. With her power. Her fire power.

Zoey: But it was an accident. It was not intentional. Was it?

Blossom: No. Not a chance. She looks rather scared and terrified in that photo there. She’s in fear that she’s gonna get locked up for the rest of her life.

Zoey: *Looking at the screen* But it has something about her being discovered by the BPRD. Taken in and made into an Agent.

But as they looked on… they read about the testimony given by the young girl. How she blamed herself for what happened. Of course, there is a saying that any power is dangerous power if you don’t know how to use it or control it. They read further when suddenly a Window popped up and started to play a video. An interview of Liz Sherman…

Liz: I don’t like the term “firestarter.” I just don’t. And “Pyrokinesis” sounds like psychosis or something. I dunno — maybe that’s right. Not being able to let go — *shrug* Scary. Sometimes you hear so-and-so lost control and just exploded. *beat* They’re lucky it isn’t true. *looks at the camera* With me — it is.

Of course at where Liz Sherman was…

She was gonna be visited by someone and out of that mysterious visit. While she was asleep… A relapse would happen. She’d have an episode and the results… They might get a bit fiery.


Two strolling ORDERLIES shine their flashlights inside the rooms on both sides of a long corridor.


A flashlight beam sweeps Liz’s room. It illuminates a CORKBOARD covered with hundreds of Polaroids depicting scenes of everyday life.

When the beam of light crosses her face, she turns slowly, still asleep.

As the light fades, with the door to her room closes… the shadows in the room grow deeper. Grigory emerges from a dark corner. He gazes down on the bed, extending his right hand….

Grigory: My master is calling your name now, my girl. You must return to the child. So once again…

He gently caresses the scar on her forehead. Under his skin, a hideous movement, a writhing rearrangement of muscles. His fingers start to glow.

Grigory: *Con’t* … Dream of fire.

Liz convulses. A small ripple of heat rises from her forehead.

A Flashback…

A repressed memory…


Somewhere in a smokestack city, grown-ups and kids hang banners and prepare a ragged birthday party in a cement courtyard.

Seen walking around is a young girl with long black hair and rather pale skin. Couldn’t be any more than 11 or a late 10 years old. It was Liz Sherman. She was just walking minding her own business even though she had a secret power that no one could understand and consider to be one of the common crowd. There was no place for her because no one wanted her. She felt alone in the world. All alone because she was the only one with a power that even she was afraid of. She walked on and just minded her own mind. Her own business when…

Blonde Kid: *Calling out over to Liz* Hey, freak!

Liz freaked out and started running away. She was afraid of the bullies. Afraid of what they’d do. She knew that they did not like her. The kids did not like her and it was no mistake.

Blonde Kid: *With 3 other kids; Chasing Liz* Get back here, freak!

the kids chase her…

Blonde kid: Get her!

The kids were starting to throw stones at Liz as she was trying to climb a fence and get away. one rock missed. the next one konk’d her on the back of her head and caused her to lose her footing. She fell down and bumped her head and the third rock hit her forehead. bruising her.

one of the kids then threw a rock at Liz and that was one that suddenly evaporated and disintegrated into dust. The girl then started emitting blue flames and it first covered her hand. Then traveled up her arm… then both arms…

Liz: *Looking at her hands and arms in panic and terror* Oh no… It’s happening again. No… Please! Not again. Please, not again…Help me… Somebody help me! *Starting to get up* Help me!

It went fast and covered up her whole body and leaving only her face untouched and viewable as she was covered by pyro-kinetic flames. It set a part of the fence on fire behind her and right in front of her were the 4 kids that were calling her a freak. throwing rocks at her. She stood and started to step towards them…


In an instant… Liz lost control of the power and it went like a complete supernova. It obliterated the 4 kids and sent a shockwave of pyro-kinetic power and the power of the flame all over. Catching fire to the 4 surrounding buildings. Causing the Tenement explosion. There was a huge flash which—

Flashback ends…


Liz screams, her back arching, her body now in flames. Her chest glows, silhouetting organs and ribs.

The rubber bands on her wrist vaporize. The flames ripped them up like flashpaper. Eviscerating them within only seconds.

The room had then only seconds later started becoming engulfed in flames. Everything within the room burning. Transforming the whole room into an inferno.


The glow from Liz’s room streams into the corridor.


In their glass kiosk, two ORDERLIES are listening to the radio and sharing a pizza. A red light flashes repeatedly on a panel.

They silence the radio, grab their batons and get up. A low rumble shakes the room.

Within minutes… the silence went out and they saw the glow showing in the corridors. It then showed a big ball of fire hurdling into the corridor and traveling down through. Pillaging the rooms along the way. It knocked down the security cameras and the security station that was only at the end of the hall. The ball of fire blew out the windows and the second floor was destroyed. It was seered with heat and flames.

The outside looked as if the Mental hospital was under attack and or had just gotten blown up from inside…

However… At the BPRD…

The next Morning…

Myers pushes the breakfast cart. On it, three dozen pancakes and a mound of bacon and toast.

He opens the door to Hellboy’s den.

Hellboy’s Den…

Raven: It’s so surreal.

Clint: Yeah right. How the heck could Liz just do that? She literally blew up the second story floor of the Mental hospital. She blew it up.

Paul: That place is not meant for her.

Hellboy: *Looking at Broom* How many buildings does she have to burn down? She belongs here.

Theodore: I side with Hellboy. Strongly. She’s a freak of nature. at least to all those people out there who’d never really truly understand her. They happen to take one look at her and run screamin’.

Paul: This isn’t just some act. Something is wrong. *Looking at Broom* Prof. You got to get her the hell out of that place. She doesn’t belong there. She never did. She happens to believe that she is able to control her ability. that she hasn’t had an episode in months and that she’s not afraid of her power. But what just happened at the hospital… There is no denying that she will never belong there. She belongs here. With you guys.

Sora: She’s dangerous out there. With people like us… all it will take is one person to freak out by seeing her and the fear will start to catch on. People will freak out and will be so afraid of her that they’ll be either facing… Exterminating her. Or Locking her up for the rest of her life. In a rubber room. A padded cell with no way out.

Carly: We can’t let that happen.

Sapphire: But what i don’t get is why would she relapse? Wasn’t she doing better? Paul… That’s what you had said. She looked as though she was nearing a clean bill of health.

Paul: That’s what i thought. But she’s still got the powers. The ability. The Pyro-kinetic ability. She needs to be here.

Broom: That’s not what she feels. She may never feel it. It’s her choice. *Beat* She’s human.

Blossom: Oh… compared to Hellboy. Oh yeah… that’s really gonna put the rosy tingles in his cheeks. He’s a demon. And? We’re human. But we got powers that most could only just hope to dream having. We’re not normal. Neither is Zoey… She’s a Senshi. Like our Aunt Luna is or once was a long time ago. We’re not exactly what you’d call normal.

Annie: It’s really sickening to know that we’re debating about what we should do about Liz. She’s one of the Agents. She’s a fighter. A Fighter. She’s got to be here. She is gonna be in danger by remaining out there.

Raven: That’s a laugh. A real laugh if there ever was one. There is no excuse for what she did… But then again… Maybe it is to be understood. She’s the only one there in the hospital with the powers. The Ability of Pyro-Kine-sis. She’s all alone in there. It’s no difference than when the ones before us had powers. The one known as Thunder Mistress. She began as one who didn’t want the world to know of her powers. Even though the other ones in the original team couldn’t help but let it out. But she could not get into the power trip at first. Mainly because of the skirts. She hated skirts when it all first began. Our parents began worrying that they too would be misunderstood. Ridiculed by the public. It isn’t that far of a stretch to think of it that way… Liz is not any different. She feels like a freak. Our parents felt like freaks when all the heroic stardom began. Being expected to go and fight crime. Save the world.

Serena: Is there a point to that, Raven?

Raven: My point is that when the ones before us… When they had powers and had to go out and do battle with the extra-terrestrial occurrences… They had moments where they didn’t even want to do the hero work. But… it was at that same point where they couldn’t just choose not to do it. They had to do it other wise the world would be destroyed. There were no other heroes around at that time and The Rhapsody girls Z! were all that the city had…

Paul: *With Crystal, Sora and Carly* Ahem!

Raven: Yes… and the Rhapsody Brothers too… Between them and the 3 girls… there was no one else. We had to do it. Plus… we were also worried that we’d be seen as freaks. They were worried all the time when they first began. We’re not Liz. That’s apparent. But the fact is… If our parents were freaking out over being with powers or being able to control the powers and if were trying to suppress it. Imagine how Liz feels about it. She could be scared stiff. Trying to control her powers and keep herself from combustion. slipping into a meltdown and lose all control of her ability. She is likely to be scared out of her ever-loving mind.

Myers: Professor, that girl you’re talking about…

Hellboy: Hey, Boy Scout… …think twice.

Myers: No, listen, I read her file.

Blossom: Not just him. Zoey and I did too… We were wanting to know who the girl really was. We saw Myers look into it. We too have read the files on her.

Hellboy: “Read her file.”

Zoey: It’s true. We read it.

Hellboy: *Shoots out in shock* You did what?! Zoey… Blossom. What on earth were you thinking? Those files were not meant to be seen. It isn’t something that young fighters like you should be seeing. The files are rather personal.

Blossom: We know. We didn’t mean to look into it. We were just wanting to help.

Zoey: Myers wanted to help as well. He tried to get on your good side all along and keeps failing.

Myers: She blames herself… …for that explosion in Pittsburgh. Look, I think I can help. I could talk to her. I think I could bring her back.

Hellboy: Just what was it that landed you this job pushing “pamcakes,” huh? What was it? punctuality? The way you part your hair? What is your area of expertise?

Carly Black: Hellboy… That is enough. Enough. Myers is trying to help you. As are we. You don’t want his help… say it. Don’t be trying to bark out insults to him. He didn’t do anything but try to be of help to you.

Hellboy: *Tilting his head and forgetting that he had the belt sander in his hand* Huh… Uh, Kid… Did you just bark at me? Moody much?

Serena: *Jumps* Whoa! Carly… What the heck was that?

Carly Black: I don’t know. But i just can’t take seeing Myers getting wheezed on anymore. He’s not doing anything to hurt Hellboy. Hellboy is just making him feel like shit. I don’t know about anyone here… But i really don’t settle for that. Especially when the other year when you were somewhere else. I saw some asshole fucking with your sisters Janie, Alex and Charlene. That guy was gonna try to inflict harm on them. Then the shock of them all… Your now erased from the family tree psycho bitch Betty. She was gonna try to come and kill them before going after your mother. Killing her over something that happened now 20 years ago.

Broom: Oh… you are referring to the incident of the accidental murder that was done by their mothers. That never happened. It was a lab operation in a cyn-technics building that went awry. The top Scientist was in the path of the explosion when it blew up and took him. The 3 ladies were never there.

Huh?! A New cover-up on the incident that was said to not have happened years ago? Who would have thought…

Penny: *Trying to defuse the expressive talk* Okay… I think that’s enough of the past guilt and the shifting tolerance of Agent and the Strong armed fighter. Let’s consider something else before someone winds up getting themselves turned into a customized night light.

Paul: What’s wrong Agent Chic Bubble Gem, Afraid that your gems will shatter like glass and then melt?

Penny: Ha ha! Funny. Really funny. Agent Honolulu. Did the witty commentary come with the fire elemental power?

Zoey: What is wrong with everyone? Is this all we’re gonna do? Fight and argue?

Annie: What we need is to take a deep breath and calm down. Yelling at one another isn’t gonna make anything better. All it’s gonna do is get us all pissed at each other and cause us to say things we don’t mean and someone’ll get hurt. All it’ll do is get nothing done.

Sora: We agree.

Carly: That’s right. Getting angry at one another like this is what usually causes for teams to separate and break-up. I don’t think that anyone wants that.

Serena: That’s right.

As soon as everyone took a minute to calm down…

Clint: Okay… Let’s talk about what went wrong the last time we went against the hound of resurrection.

Theodore: Right. We need to know what went wrong that way we’ll know to not make the same exact mistakes the second time. Because the last time we went against Sammael. Hellboy was walking away the winner. But with a few little extra presents that were nothing to be happy and jubilant over.

Sapphire: Well… Tell us how you really feel.

A Moment later…

In Broom’s office…

Myers: He doesn’t want me with him. I know that much.

Blossom: It’s true. Every time Myers steps into the room… Hellboy goes silent and barely says much. He shuns him like he’s nothing, Prof.

Broom: You’re doing fine.

Zoey: Prof. How can he be doing fine? Hellboy won’t accept him. Myers tried everything that he could think of to reach out to him and be like a friend to Hellboy. But Hellboy just won’t take to him.

Blossom: He’s doing fine. Pfft! Yeah right, In someone’s right mind he is. He sure isn’t making a dent in attaining some level ground and equal acceptance from Hellboy. Plus we were told that he doesn’t do well with taking orders. Hellboy doesn’t take demands or orders. Everyone that did that… he didn’t respect. He doesn’t accept. If we start laying rules on him… He won’t accept us anymore.

Myers: Look, he respects Clay and he is all for taking in the girls. He respects them. not me. I’m really sorry, okay? I’m not your guy. I am not getting anywhere with Him and i tried everything. I even looked into the files on the girl… offering to help in bringing her back. Hoping that it would get him to accept me. I got nowhere. I can’t do this anymore. I just can’t.

Zoey: Broom, Hellboy… has a disciplinary problem. *Sighs and looking to Blossom* Who knows if Hellboy will ever learn discipline. He might not ever take to it.

Broom: I’m dying, Agent Myers. Girls. Like any father, I worry about him. In medieval stories, there is often a young knight… …who is inexperienced… …but pure of heart. You fighters are pure of heart.

Myers: Come on. Look, I am not pure of heart.

Abe: Yes, you are.

Blossom: How is it that you know that, Abe? You don’t see exactly how Myers is being disregarded and treated by Hellboy. We know that Hellboy is hard on dealing with discipline. But what he’s doing… it is really mean. Like the bullies dealt with at school. How they are trying to cause people to hate our family. It is just like that. However Hellboy is making Myers feel that coming here was a mistake. Prof. I don’t know if you’re noticing… but you can see that with Myers trying to get on Hellboy’s good side… it’s like a train Head-on collision just begging to make impact.When two people argue or get angry. Sometimes coming to blows. It’s bound to get a little ugly. But to get hit by someone like Hellboy when it comes to exchanging blows… It’s like getting hit by a freight train. There won’t be time to feel any regret. Someone will wind up banged up or dead.

Broom: Rasputin is back for him.

Zoey: Huh?! *pauses and with shock* You’re not trying to kid… are you, Prof.

Blossom: That bald guy i shot a ball of lightning at… He’s Rasputin. After Hellboy. What does he want with Hellboy? Whatever it is… he ain’t getting.

Broom: What I ask of you… …is to have the courage to stand by him when I am gone. He was born a demon. Can’t change that. But you will help him… …in essence… …to become a man.

Zoey: We will. We’ll be with him through it all. Hellboy won’t be facing that guy alone.

Blossom and Zoey had just learned that Broom was dying. That the time was gonna be ticking and yet already had started ticking on the life force of Broom. They couldn’t believe what it was that they were hearing and what happened was that they began to worry about what would happen to Broom in the coming days. Blossom worried. As did Zoey. Sora and Carly were nearby and they heard what was being said. They could not help but look down in dismay. It was terrible news. Knowing that Broom was gonna be dead sometime soon as Broom was medically ill and there was no cure. No reverse on the process. But they also had to place all that on the one side and look at the fact that Hellboy was not feeling open to Myers and the fact that they were seeing themselves getting plastered into a landmine of possible hostility. Spencer and Rikku looked at the others and wondered what was gonna happen next. They didn’t hear from the family back home and they were not able to get a hold of them. It seemed like they were being kept out of sync with their family. But there was something more to it than that…

As for Serena and Carly…

They Walked their way over to the one room. It was dark in the room but they managed to find some lights in the room to turn on. Serena was the first to start with the talks of going on a date. A romantic date if possible…

Serena: I think that we need to think about take our connection to the next phase. At least in Dating. Romantic dating.

Carly Black: I have been thinking about that over the last couple days. but with so much that went on… i didn’t get the chance to bring it up.

Serena: Plus it’s also hard when we have a whole gang with constant eyes on us. So it becomes hard to say anything. You and I are like really close. We’ve been seen kissing each other. We lived with each other for at least 6 months of the passing year. We have been dating. Minor like dates. Just to unwind. But…

Carly Black: You are thinking that we need to get with it?

Serena: Yeah. We love each other. My sisters know. My whole family knows that we do.

Carly Black: We can go on one tonight. We’re gonna have to run it by the Agents and Broom.

Serena: Right. Let’s go and ask Broom. He’s in his office right now.

Carly Black: Sure.

It was then that they learned of Myers already leaving. Myers was on his way to the Bellamie Mental Hospital…

But in Broom’s office, Abe was preparing for the field. It was now or never for them to ask and ask right then. Serena was subtle as she could and came off asking Broom about it being alright if they were to go out on a date that night. Broom only stood up in his feet. paused and looked at Serena and Carly for a second before grinning. Something about young love made him thrilled. He was more than open to the idea and gave them that chance. Abe heard the talk and only could gasp. But even he was submitting to the idea…

It would be an hour before they were to head out… So… While the fighters were all prepping to head out. Raven and Serena spent some downtime with Hellboy. They knew that if nothing else were to happen… Hellboy could really need that time. Just a little time to hang loose…

Hellboy: Hey Raven.

Raven: Yeah!?

Hellboy: I have been meaning to ask you about the book.

Raven: *Lost at first* What book? *Thinking for a second* You mean the book i gave you to read to take your mind off of the pain you were feeling from the wound?

Hellboy: I was trying to forget about that wound. But… Yeah. That.

Raven: I was gonna ask you questions about it. But… I saw that you just wished to read it.

Serena: What book’re you talking about? You’re not talking about that Danielle Steel Book, “Once in a Lifetime”, are you?

Raven: Yeah.

Serena: Raven, That was mom’s book. She’s gonna hang your buttocks from a tree.

Raven: No she won’t. If you remember right, Serena… Mom gave me the book. She saw that i was reading it and knew that i loved it alot. She just gave it to me. I brought it along to read during breaks and all. But when Hellboy was wounded and as he was trying to nurse the wound… I handed the book for him to read. To get his mind off the pain.

Hellboy: It helped. I read about half the book.over half of the book. It was really dramatic. Sad and with means of causing some tears.

Raven: Stories about a woman who had to fight back for her son and try to help her life get back to a good start; help her son cope with being deaf. It is alot to deal with. But… the woman pulls through.

Serena: We’re gonna need to talk about what happened earlier. I mean… it has to be brought up to light.

Raven: You mean… About the demeanor showed towards Myers? Oh yeah… That’s perfect for a downtime conversation with Hellboy. He’s gonna just do back flips over that. We know what happened. We were there and saw it. Myers stuck his nose in where it should not have been. He was trying to help. That’s not what’s the issue. It’s the part that he did it without asking.

Serena: No… It’s that he is not liked by Hellboy. Hellboy doesn’t like him.

Raven: That’s true. He doesn’t. We do though. However… What he did was a rather dumb move. I don’t think anyone noticed the look of disbelief that was plastered all over the Prof’s face. Even he was in disbelief.

Serena: How could you tell?

Raven: How could i not? I mean…. Hello… The guy doesn’t exactly wear a poker face. You could tell that he was in disbelief.

Hellboy: *In confusion and disbelief* Wait… Wait. You two are confusing the point here. What are you girls talking about? About Myers? About me not liking the guy?

Raven: Yeah. What is it about you not liking him? That’s what we are not seeming to understand. Myers has done nothing but try to be like a friend to you. You don’t give him the time of day. Is there something about him that you don’t seem to like?

Hellboy: It’s not that i don’t like him. I just don’t want him. He looks more like a textbook agent. Someone who’s not meant for the field. He only would get himself in the way.

Serena: What about the part of him being like a best friend to you? You know that you’re gonna need to get a hang of him. We fighters aren’t gonna be around forever, you know? After all this is done… We’re gonna be heading back to Metropolis. Our home city.

Raven: Myers is really a nice guy. You really should try to open up to him.

Hellboy: *Sighs* I know. but i can’t open up to him. I don’t want him. I can’t even respect him. It’ll be as if i was trying to forget about Clay. Besides Clay was like an agent i could open up with and shoot the bull with sometimes when it was still and quiet around the Bureau. He knows what i am like. Myers. He doesn’t know a thing about me. He took one look at me and his eyes… It was the stare that begged to be let go.

Serena: You should open up to him. Just give him a chance. Besides… Wouldn’t you be wanting to set it straight with him? Hellboy. Your flaw, is your temper. Right now… Myers thinks that you hate him. That you would rather not ever see him again. Show him that you respect him somewhat. Even if it is something small to start. Something is better than nothing. If Myers does something that makes you mad. Without meaning. Don’t be up in his face. Just talk it out. Communicate.

Hellboy: And you think it’ll work?

Raven: It better work. That’s how a lot of people would try to settle things if possible. That’d be the first place to start. If you can’t start anywhere else in getting the idea across. Communicate. Do that… you will not go wrong. That’s a promise. A certainty.

Rikku: *Running into the Den* [Agent Hellboy],[Raven]… [Serena] Desa du ku. Fraamc yna ib eh 10 sehidac.

Hellboy: *Pauses* Huh?! What’d she say?

Raven: That’s Al-Bhed she was speaking. We understand it. She said: “Time to go. Wheels are up in 10 minutes.”

Hellboy: You know her language?

Serena: Yeah. We studied it. Practiced. At first when we had to do it in the beginning… IT was a real pain. We kept getting it wrong and it didn’t sound right at all. But as time passed… we picked up on it and it got more better.

Hellboy: The needed items and my weaponry in the Armored bus?

Rikku: It’s all set. All the usual equipment. Plus the Elemental Web launcher. You are gonna need to use it. Depending on what you will face once at the destination… It will determine what it is that you’ll meed. The special weapon is something you’ll be wanting to wield.

Raven: I guess that’s the end of our downtime. Let’s suit up.

Within seconds Raven and Serena transformed into their hero forms and charged up. They were then set on making a lead over to their destination. Where they were to go… Who’d know?

To Be continued in Chapter 188: The second go at handling the menace being known as Samael… the seed of Destruction. The hound of Resurrection.


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