Chapter 186: A Connection between Hellboy and Elizabeth Sherman; A wind of Change in Metropolis.

(The light uncovering the issue behind what’s unfolding. Who was after Hellboy?)

(Some trouble stirs for Metropolis. Luna’s Career showing some early signs of turning to Exotic Modeling.)


Hellboy’s sitting on a bench, next to Liz. Paul, Clint and Theodore are Standing nearby and hanging out. They were all for sticking around and speaking with Liz and help Hellboy out where they could…

Hellboy: We miss you at the Bureau. Abe’s crazier every day. And Father’s still mad at me — The only upside i got is having these young fighters along side me and they’re set on guarding me from being hurt where they can. *As Liz is smiling* Come back, Liz. Come back. I —

Paul: Liz, Hellboy misses you. He’s not one to openly say it and you know him best. But you can tell that he truly misses you.

Liz: *To hellboy* No. Not this time, H.B. It’s been months since I’ve had an episode. And you know what? I’m learning to control it.

Clint: You’re able to gain control of your fire power.

Theodore: But you should think about coming back to the Bureau, Liz. If nothing else… To give Hellboy a piece of mind. He’s gonna need that more than ever.

Paul: Prof. Broom would be welcoming back with opened arms.

Clint: There must be a reason. Actually… No. She’s admired. That’s the thing.

Hellboy: Not just that, Paul. there’s a history between me and Liz.

Theodore: You serious? How far of a history? 5 years… 10? 20 years?

Hellboy: About that… yeah.

Clint: That must mean that you met her when you were like what… 11? 12? That’s alot of history behind you two. Alot of history.

Around her right hand a faint BLUE AURA of fire blooms, crawling over her fingers like a velvet haze. She stares at the pale flame.

Paul: *Stands back and with eyes wide open* H-h-h-how did she do that? How is she able to do that?

Liz: I always had this power. But when i was much younger… I couldn’t control it. It would just hit out of nowhere. If i were to get hurt or if i got scared… Threatened… It’d just come out and engulf my whole body.

Clint: Your whole body? But when did you first find out that you had that kind of power?

Liz: I’m not so sure. I was made to have a normal childhood till age 10. That was when the powers had somehow started to manifest itself and come out. Because of me being raised catholic. I believed the fires to be the result of my sins. I for a short time managed to keep the fires under control by a combination of prayer and sheer force of will. However… the control back then was not permanent. Age 11. I lost control and that fire unfortunately destroyed a whole city block. My parents, brother and even the pet dog that i had… they perished.

Theodore: Whoa!

Liz: Theodore, It’s not something to be proud of. I lost control of my pyrokinetic powers at that time and killed my family. It was an accident. But the damage was done. I have had to live with it every day. If i control it… I am useful and a good asset to any team. If i lose control… I’m nothing other than a weapon and dangerous.

Theodore: I am not saying that it’s one to be proud of. I am just like shocked. Really shocked. Having the loss of control over the ability and it manages to do all that. You didn’t feel it even coming over you… It just… Hit.

Clint: That’s why you should come back to the Bureau.

Liz: I can’t.

Theodore: Why not? You can come back. Just because you feel that you can’t… doesn’t mean that you should deny yourself that right. You have that right. You always had.

Hellboy: How is that you guys know that?

Paul: How is it that we don’t? Our parents dealt with this kind of stuff when they were growing up. Facing those who would never belong. Facing those who were different. Just because you’re different and can’t quite yet control your powers… Doesn’t mean that you should just sit around and punish yourself over it. It isn’t gonna make things any better and you know that. All you need is just practice. focus. If you really are in need of help… you might want to think about coming with us. Fire power… I got that too… I can throw some hints and quirks over your way that can help.

Liz: I’m learning where it comes from. *beat* And for once in my life I’m not afraid.

Clint: And you should never be afraid of your element. Magic and elemental abilities are… Well… think of them like bulldogs. or lions and wild animals. They are distinct on fear. They can smell it. If you show it… they will know it. But if you have courage inside you… there will not be any way that you will be unable to control it. Fire is dangerous for any who fear it. But so is electricity. Thunder. When it comes to elements that can turn on you… show no fear. When you train a wild animal… What is it that you do to gain its respect and trust in you? Seeing that it knows that you are unafraid and feel no fear? See your pyrokinetic ability as that. No fear. No fear. Show no fear and let it know that you are not afraid and there is nothing you can’t do to gain control of it.

She clenches her fist and puts the flame out.

Liz: *Looking at Clint and then Paul* You guys are really persistent. H.B is with good people. Let me think about it for a little bit. It’s not a decision that i can make right away.


Liz: Looks like the ride is here…

Clay: *on radio* Have escort stand by…

The Armored Bus and the two black sedan cars have pulled into the hospital grounds. A dozen agents climb out of the vehicles.

Paul: *Finishing his can* Looks like our ride is here, Hellboy.

Hellboy: The Nanny squad.

Over by the cars and escort…

Clay starts towards Hellboy, but Myers stops him and turns to Broom:

Myers: Sir, may I go first??

Clay: *To Broom* Not so fast. He barely knows him —

Serena: That is true… but there is also something more… we noticed that Hellboy doesn’t really like Myers around. Prof. We’re gonna need to help Hellboy take to him better. Raven and I will go with Myers over to hellboy. We won’t be around the Bureau forever. Myers will. He and Myers are gonna need to get used to one another. Somehow.

Broom: Quite right. Serena… You and Raven go with Myers. But be gentle. Hellboy is quite sensitive.

Raven: We know what to do. We got an idea.

Myers: Let’s go.

Blossom: Prof. Broom. I don’t want this coming out wrong… But testing the waters when Hellboy is not opening up to Myers to begin with… It’s gonna likely get ugly.

Serena: We’ve got to try.


Liz stands up, puts her hand on his shoulder…

Liz: Listen, H.B. I’ve got a chance out here. If you truly care about me, you won’t come back. You guys be sure to take care of him. He will need that. As Much as i should come back to the Bureau… I can’t. Not now. I don’t like it here…But i haven’t had a episode in months. Take care of him.

Clint: Of course. This guy’s a bundle of nerves… But he’s a heck of a cool guy.

Theodore: Right about that. He’s got a strong arm. We’d defy anyone who’d want to question that.

Paul: *Chuckles* Heh… Right. As if anyone would question his power.

Hellboy smiles sadly. She walks away.

Hellboy: Goodnight, then…

Liz: Goodnight.

She doesn’t turn back.

Hellboy: Yeah. I gotta go, too. Lots to do…

As he stands up suddenly, He starts feeling light-headed. It was noticed that he had lost blood. Of course as they looked at the arm…they saw that it was drenched in blood. Hellboy was bleeding all over and there was right where he was sitting and where he was standing now… a pool of blood. He sees Myers tentatively approaching. But he also saw Serena and Raven close behind to assist…

Hellboy: What took you guys so long? *Wincing in pain*

Raven: *Walking over and checking Hellboy out a little* You’re not hurt… *looking to the side and seeing a dark stain on the arm* Oh god… Hellboy. You’re bleeding. You’re bleeding all over.

Serena: *Gasps* He What?

Myers: *Tending to Hellboy* Come on, big guy… Let’s go home and get you taped back up.

Raven: You’ve seemed to lose a lot of blood. That’s not good. You’re lucky to not be dead. Losing that much blood would kill a normal person. Bleeding out.

Serena: *Getting to the one side of Hellboy and holding him somewhat level* Come on big guy… Hellboy. Let’s go home.

Hellboy: *To Myers* What’re you… A boy scout?

Myers: No. No. I never have been.

Hellboy: *Weak* Could’ve fooled me. Go away…

Raven: Hellboy, Be nice. Myers is trying to reach out. He’s as you know gonna be here long after we’re all gone. You gotta try to get used to him. It’s only best to do that.

Serena: *Motioning the other agents to help carry Hellboy* Some help here. Hellboy is starting to lose some consciousness.

Raven: *Radioing to the Armored bus* Sora… Carly. Get the medical-kits ready… We got to dress the wound up some to hold hellboy till we get to the infirmary.

Sora: *Replying* No problem. We’re getting the kits set now. How is he? Is he okay?

Raven: You won’t want to know… but you’ll see once he’s inside. It’s not good. It’s a deep wound. A really deep wound.

Carly: *Replying* Say no more. We’ll get some rubbing alcohol and some thick gauze. Along with some water and saline to sterilize the wound a bit to prevent it from being infected.

Serena: Come on guys… Some help.

Hellboy drops to his knees. Clay, Quarry and Moss reach him. Help him up.

Clay: C’mon, champ. You look a little woozy, there.

Serena: Woozy yeah.

Raven: Try losing a bit of blood and see how woozy you become. Hellboy’s been bleeding out a little. He’s a lucky guy to be able to withstand and keep rolling.

Hellboy started to keel over a little but with the combined exertion of Raven, Serena, Myers and Clay… It stopped hellboy from fully collapsing. They held him up…

Rikku: *Over the radio* Kad res ehceta. rinno.

Spencer: *Keeping the back door opened and in position to provide the Agents easy effort to get Hellboy inside*

Hellboy: This — ? This is nothing. You know what’ll kill me? *Pointing at the doorway* Her.

Serena: Love kills. That’s supposed to be heartbreak kills. Broken hearts. Not death by love.

Blossom: Deep love affiliation. Under the influence of love and feeling its burn. That’s something to remember.

Liz stands at the hospital door and sees Hellboy keel over. 

A few of the agents help him to the vehicles.

Myers looks back at Liz. They hold each others’ gaze, their unfamiliar faces filled with curiosity. Eventually, she goes inside.

The moment that Hellboy was inside the Armored bus, Sora and Carly made with trying to clean up the wound a little to prevent it from being infected.

Sora: Hellboy. Be a good guy and hold still… We can’t do any deep cleaning now… but we can at least do what we can to keep it from getting infected. You lost a lot of blood. You are lucky to still be alive and kicking.

Carly: From now on… No more lonewolf McQuade for you.

Hellboy: It’s not that bad, Girls.

Sora: It’s not?

Hellboy: No. I’ve been through worse scrapes than this.

Carly: *Scoffs* Scrapes nothing, Hellboy. That cut is deep. Really deep. If we don’t get it taken care of soon… There will be a good chance that you could lose that arm. It will get infected. *Showing the X-Ray that she was able to sneak a shot of* See that. That is your arm, Hellboy. Yours. Your arm is deeply cut.

Spencer: *Walking in and using one of the spare Arctic Winds on Hellboy’s arm* That will chill the pain a little. Hellboy, When we get back… We are gonna be having to check up on Zoey. See how she’s doing. But you’re to get yourself well. No butts.

Raven: *Thinking* Maybe having something to read will get your mind off the pain While it’s being sterilized and kept from getting infected.

Hellboy: Good idea. Any good reads?

Raven: Read any Danielle Steel? Yeah… It’s a little too emotionally involving. But she’s got books. This one… i got. It was originally my mom’s and she one day caught me reading it… not putting it down. So she just decided to let me have it. I read it like 10 times. The first 3 times i read it… i cried. But it was so good. “Once in a lifetime”. It’s about a girl named Daphne Fields… her life and struggles. *Reading the Synopsis on the back* “Millions adored Daphne Fields, for she shared their passion, their pain, their joy, and their sorrow. But America’s most popular novelist remained a closed book to the world — guarding her life with a fierce privacy no reporter could crack. Her life hides a myriad of secrets. The husband and daughter she lost in a fire. The son who barely survived it and would be deaf forever. The victories, the defeats, the challenges of facing life as a woman alone and helping her son meet the challenges of his handicap. A strong woman, she would not accept defeat, or help from anyone… until she found she could no longer face it alone.”

Hellboy: Sounds a little like me in a strange but awkward sort of way.

Raven went along and handed the book to Hellboy to read. He took to it fast as he barely read the first chapter and let out a sniffle. lasting a second. But the book really started to grab him as he read along…

A couple hours later…


In the depths of the B.P.R.D infirmary, Hellboy lies flat on a stainless steel table. Broom sits alongside him.

Abe peers through a magnifier at Hellboy’s wounded arm. But on the one side was Serena, Carly Black and Raven. Especially Sapphire. Sora and Carly were there too to help Abe with the Surgical stitching.

Abe: You were burned by some organic acid.

Sapphire: Organic acid? That’s new. Must have been something that got on him.

Raven: Yeah. The Tongue of Mr. Son of Nergal. Sammael. The hound had a mean backhand. Clint told us that it whacked him right to the wall. His back is still throbbing.

Hellboy: I’m lucky that way.

Using a scalpel, Abe probes the gash. Hellboy lets out a GRUNT.

Broom: I worry about you.

Hellboy: Me? I’m fine. Had tougher scraps than this. If anyone should be worried… It’s the young ones here. They haven’t seen anything like this before.

Broom: Son. About Rasputin.

Hellboy: Pfft. Don’t worry about that guy. I’ll get him soon enough.

Broom: Listen to me. This time is different. There’s more at stake than ever before.

Serena: How different are we talking here, Prof.? Like different as in darker motives… or different as in same M.O… but with the different endgame?

Broom: No no… It’s still the same objective. But more deadlier.

Carly Black: How bad do you think it will get?

Broom: Very. Catastrophic.

Sora: *Helping Abe with the Surgical procedure* Hold on, big guy… This might hurt a little. But it’s gotta be done.

Hellboy: How hard can it be? I punched the crap out of that thing that he sent — ouch!!

Sapphire: Without the Elemental Web Launcher. Although… Next time… you might have to use it.

Raven: Wait. Didn’t he use it?

Sapphire: No.

Sora: He didn’t. but it was his choice to not use it. He is lucky to be still in the game more or less.

Abe: He is lucky that he’s survived to speak of it.

Carly Black: Really. I would like to beg different on that.

Raven: We’re gonna need assistance.

Sapphire: From where?

Broom: *To Hellboy* I happen to worry a great deal about you,

Hellboy: Me?? C’mon —

Broom: Well, I won’t be around forever, you know?

Carly: Huh?! *Looking up at the Prof.* Say what? What’re you talking about?

Hellboy: Oh, stop that — *Grimacing in pain* Damn… Please… Be careful.

Abe: Red. How long was it latched onto you?

Hellboy: I can’t say. Maybe five seconds. Ow!

Sora: *Using Blizzard on the wound to dull the pain* Easy Red… Easy. Just be still.

Serena: Shouldn’t we hold him down in case if he happens to squirm a bit? This is serious. That wound has to be tended to and by him moving like he’s doing… It’s not making it any easier to tend to it.

Myers: Want me to hold him?

Hellboy: Would you please be a little more careful?


Abe then pulls out a stinger from the arm and the stinger looked rather monstrous…

Abe: Prof. Look.

Broom: Don’t look, Hellboy. Don’t look.

Hellboy: Is it bad?

Raven: Yeah… It is bad. You had a stinger in your wound. The Stinger looked rather disgusting.

Serena: I’ll bet that it even thought to leave you a present too. It probably left you a remembrance gift too.

Broom comes closer, eyes wide: inside the wound on Hellboy’s forearm, nestled like ticks, are 3 translucent EGGS.

Hellboy jumps as Abe plucks the first one out. Abe deposits it in a glass container.

Abe: Touched you five seconds. Laid three eggs.

Raven: Icky! That is really gross. That stinger left him 3 eggs inside him. Inside his arm? What did the stinger think it was… It’s own version of the Holiday Inn. Hellboy Edition?!

Hellboy: Aw! And i didn’t even get a tip. Wow! That’s some gratitude. It buries its treasure in me and doesn’t even get me a drink.

Sora: Who is doing all this, anyway? Who’s trying to cause the end of the world… even if it happens to be on a much broader scale?

Carly: Not sure.

Broom: Rasputin’s back. He is gonna sire to bring about the end of the world and he is in need of something.

Sapphire: Are you siring to tell us that Rasputin’s coming and is after Hellboy?

Serena: You’ve got to be pulling our cranks. Hellboy’s got a Psychopath hellbent on the end of the world after him?

Carly Black: That’s got to mean that Rasputin was the one who’d summoned that Son of Nergal. Sammael. It had to be him.

Crystal: *Walking in* And what’s worse is that he wasn’t alone. There was assistance. He was helped by a Gas Mask mysterious form.

Sora: A Gas Masked freak?

Broom: Karl Ruprecht Kroenen. He was one of the top helpers who aided Rasputin.

Serena: What about that woman. The Blonde woman that walked around carrying that strange book with her?

Carly Black: She was seen by Spencer and Rikku. They saw her and said something that struck a chord or two.

Crystal: We’re gonna need to talk about all this and get some kind of plan in order. Something is coming. If it’s coming for Hellboy… We’re gonna need to be ready and soon…

Although 5 days later…

In Metropolis… Things were getting a turn for the darkness. For the last week Luna, Zoey’s mother was seen doing a beginning of Exotic Photoshoots. A couple were Porno induced. But nothing major. However… Things were about to start showing.

At Luna’s and Zeke’s house…

November 5th…

Luna: *Panicking a bit* Is this what i want? This type of Modeling is close to being in the porno business.

Zeke: *Looking at Luna* I say don’t do it. It is not what you should be doing. It’s not what anyone in this family would want. Plus what about Zoey? Do you think that she’d want to see you get into this stuff?

Luna: I am not getting into this stuff. Yet. I am kinda thinking about it though and want to try it for a little. But… part of me is not sure if would be something that i’d be proud of doing. The Photographer that’s doing it… He’s my boss. He’s looking to raise my pay for it.

Zeke: You’re already into it, Luna. I know that you are as i’ve seen it. The outfits that you came home with yesterday… They’re a cry for the Porno industry. Plus a pack of smokes along with it. Are you insane?

Luna: I don’t know. Maybe i am insane. Maybe i am just clearly off my normal sense. But the bills need to be paid here, Zeke. My modeling isn’t bringing in the cash as it used to. I am young. Young and we’re barely making it now. Next year… Rina and Natasha are gonna be seniors. There is Prom. The Tuxedo’s. The corsage’s. The Class Rings. The cap and Gown. The yearbook. All of that adds up to a high price. You have your Pub.

Zeke: Still. This is not the way. We don’t adhere to the Porno. I don’t want our daughter Zoey being exposed to that.

Luna: It’s not that bad, Zeke.

Zeke: Pfft! Right. so i am just imagining it all then, aren’t i? I’m just seeing an illusion. You’re not slowly turning to doing Porno photo shoots. Exotic Modeling. I am just dreaming. *Taking a sharp deep breath* Then… tell me something. What are these transactions then?

Luna: What are you talking about, Zeke? Transactions?

Zeke: Luna, Dear… are you blind? These Transactions. *Grabbing the papers with the transactions* Take a look.

Zeke shows Luna the papers and sees her eyes go wide…

Luna: You were in my account?

Zeke: No. Ours. You forget. We made that account together when we first got married. Said that we’d both monitor the account. Recording each transaction that got made. 500 dollars on all these Exotic outfits. 6 dollars on a pack of Lucky Strike. The Metropolis Exotic Clothing warehouse. The Metropolis Quick stop Liquor store. I looked at the time stamps of when those transactions were made. 10:30 in the morning… 11:30 in the morning. Oct. 28th 2044.

Luna: *Feeling a little bit irritated* So… what do you want me to do? Not do the Exotic and ensure that we have the extra money? Go back to struggling each month?

Zeke: No… But if we need to be making the extra money… we’ll find another place to cut. Another direction. But not this Porn avenue. No. That is something which reminds me too much of my mother. What she did… Selling herself for sex. This could just as well lead to that and i won’t go through a reprise. I will not.

Luna: Zeke… That was years ago. 17 years ago now… 17. You got over it in time. You even told me.

Zeke: I did… But You don’t realize that i every now and then have a nightmare about it.

Luna: Why didn’t you tell me? *Feeling sympathetic* Zeke… How could you not tell me?

Zeke: Because i didn’t want to make a big deal out of it. I didn’t want to speak of it.

Luna: But you still should have told me about it. I spent years thinking that you were better and that you overcame it. Thinking that you were better and all complete again as you had stripped from that part of your life and were taking in the life that we made with one another. You were telling me that it was over. Now… You tell me this. That you have had nightmares about it. But you don’t seem to think about telling me about it. *Feeling neglected* Zeke, You should have told me. I am your wife… We tell each other everything. Everything. Because that was what our Marriage was based on. Trust. Trust. That there would not be any secrets between us.

Zeke: It is still like that. Still. But i didn’t tell you this because i didn’t want you to feel like you failed at breaking me from having recurring nightmares about it. I didn’t want you to feel as though you failed. Because you were trying really hard. So hard. You lost your first love Martin… Because of me. He spent the rest of his life till it was cut because of the Meteor shower… hating you. Hating the clan. Hating me most of all. I have had to live with that every single day. Every day. *Looking at the Exotic clothing* But those items of Clothing… I will not live with. I am hoping that you cut the reigns of that Porn idea that you’re starting to get into. I am hoping that you cut from it. Because i am telling you straight dear. If we have this talk again… I’m leaving. Because seeing you sell yourself… or knowing that you’re selling yourself for sex… It makes me think too much about my Biological mother who did what she did to me when i was only 5. She sold herself for sex. You know this as i made it very clear multiple and countless times. Martin was told and he thought i was full of shit. Pamela knows. Penelope. Ted, Jake, Karen. Jennifer. They all know. So does the entire family.

Luna: I can not say that i will stop. It would be a lie. But i’ll try to keep it in check. It’s at least something that i can do. I’ll keep it in check and see that it never gets to what your mother that you emancipated yourself from had done… I will at least give you that.

Zeke: I would rather it be where you didn’t do it at all.

Luna: *Sighs* …

Although even as the dark grueling nature was starting to loom in the fold towards the family… More developments on the Child Abductions were in the forefront. Still stirring a vague concern that even now and currently still went on and there were still more danger said to come… Girls… Beware!

5:00 PM

At Curtis’s and Megan’s house…

Perry: *Looking at Kirsten and Margaret; trying to understand* You are telling me that because of the fear of being targeted by some sick twisted guy that is out there trying to abduct girls and have some kind of sick pleasure… that we can’t no longer see each other? Am i getting this right?

Kirsten: I’m sorry. But it’s got to be this way. Till this predicament passes… it has to be this way.

Margaret: It’s not you, Perry. It’s not you. It’s the fear of no knowing which guy to trust and which guy to not trust. That’s what’s gotten the gang to fear being around any boy. Even if we happen to know them. We are even keeping a watch on the Owner of the Radio station. Because he’s got 5 of us as his daughters and are now your cousins. We are even watching out on him. Because with the sick Child Molester out there… We are all in fear that it could be anyone. Anywhere. We don’t know who to really trust anymore and it’s scaring us to death.

Perry: You shouldn’t have to feel scared or in fear. My Uncle Arnold wouldn’t ever be like that. Not ever. Maybe you girls should go into hiding for a bit. There is Maybe a place that you can hide out at for a while. The beach house is a place to stay at… The Sick guys out there don’t know that place. You guys never spoke of that place. Not to anyone who was not a friend or a member or ally to the family here.

Kirsten: *Stopping and realizing* Margaret, He’s got a point. If the sick guys don’t know of the beach house… There is no way that we can be in danger.

Margaret: That’s something else. We don’t know if they are even watching the beach and watching for any likely targets. They could have seen the beach house and were just biding their time before striking.

Kirsten: That’s so not true. they come out of nowhere… They don’t just scope out a place at random. Just to nail one of us girls.

Margaret: And how is it that you know that?

Kirsten: Because they’d have to first be told about it. Before they go over and hide inside. Waiting for the perfect time to strike and then hit it. Grabbing some victims and taking them. Abducting them and then possibly Doing what they were intending to do.

Margaret: Are you suggesting that we have a leak in our gang?

Kirsten: A leak.

Perry: You girls have got a leak in the gang. There is only one thing to consider and you’re not gonna like it. You’re gonna have to question every member of the gang. Starting with you two. Your gang is tied to the family here. Anything that happens to you guys… affects us all. You know that.

Victoria: *Walking in* What’s going on out there? Would someone please tell what is going on?

Perry: What do you want, Victoria?

Victoria: Diamond just called and told me that Suzanne is now missing. She was not at the beach house.

Kirsten: *Freaking out* What?!

Margaret: Suzanne, is missing? How? She has been staying at the Beach house. Ever since she got Molested… She refused to do much leaving from the Beach. She was scared to leave.

Victoria: It was either her or Bridgette. Or was it Krissy?

Margaret: Kirsten, we need to go. Now. Right now. Perry, We’ll talk more later.

Perry: Okay. But on the abductions… Don’t worry about it. There’s a belief that all of it will soon be stopped.

Margaret: Oh… God, I sure hope so. After seeing several of the girls getting targeted. Suzanne Molested. I don’t know how much more of it we can take.

Kirsten: Perry, Call me later?

Perry: *Smiles* You bet. Anything for you, Kirsten.

But out from the danger… there was a shred of hope. the streets were under watch by local authorities. If there were any mysterious signs and evidence of something telling of a child abductor in sight… It would be stopped and the guilty would be behind bars…

As for the five girls…

They were at the local restaurant having dinner…

Reedy “La Paradisimo”…

Jenna: *Looking out the window* I don’t care anymore. I just heard from Suzanne. She is not gonna stop smoking. She’s forever gone.

Danielle: Jenna, Come on. You’ve been moping around for the last several days. There’s nothing that you could have done. There was no way that you could have know what was gonna happen. Suzanne smoking is not your fault. Her getting Abducted and Molested is not your fault. This moping around that you’re doing is getting annoying now. Old too… Suzanne was your best friend and you were really close to her. But now that she’s smoking… You feel as if you lost her. You didn’t. Unless you were to walk away from her and you’d never do that as it’s not you. You care about her too much.

Nicki: Besides… Jenna, What are you expecting to do? You can’t force her to quit. She’s smoking with Krissy Caine and Diamond Walton. Those two are smokers. You can try to leave subtle hints for Suzanne to get her to quit. But… It’s gonna be her decision. Not yours. Not anyone’s.

Candice: Jenna, You should just try to let it all go. There is nothing you can do but just be there for her. She’s gonna need support.

Brenda: I was thinking about something. Jenna should probably join Suzanne in the habit. Maybe. It isn’t healthy to do. It wouldn’t be the least bit permitted by dad. I don’t even think that the kids at school would be too thrilled about it. However…

Danielle: You’re thinking that in order to shake the habit out of the one… You have to get the other to do the same thing and show what it is causing. If Suzanne is caring about the close friendship that she and Jenna has between one another… It might work.

Nicki: I don’t think that it’s a good idea. What if it backfires?

Candice: I take the 5th. I am not gonna be part of this idea. Smoking at 13-14? And doing it shake another out of the habit. I don’t like it. I’m gonna tell dad about this. It’s wrong. Smoking is wrong. Krissy Caine, Diamond Walton and now Suzanne Sexton. They do it. But Jenna isn’t gonna do it. No.

Jenna: It doesn’t matter. It doesn’t matter one way or the other if i were to do it. Suzanne wouldn’t do it if she didn’t get Molested. She was violated. It was because of some sick minded… perverted man… The one that did it is responsible for this. *Sighs* What does it matter anyway? Suzanne is forever lost. There is no return for her. Thanks to that child abductor who molested her… That guy was probably a drug dealer from how Kirsten was speaking about the incident. From what Suzanne told Kirsten. if very little… It was a drug dealing man who was into getting with young girls and penetrating them.

Nicki: How is it that you know this, Jenna?

Jenna: It’s been spoken about all over the news. The Radio and T.V. Newspapers. They get the news from the source and then tell it so everyone hears it.

Danielle: Dad keeps a lot of that from us. He doesn’t want us having nightmares.

Jenna: Too late for that. It’s out there and because of some guy with a drug dealing mentality and into having nasty interception with young girls…Suzanne is ruined. She’s gonna be lucky to not be scarred for life. I worry about her. You guys have no clue how much.

Brenda: Tell us then. We’d want to know.

Jenna was about to speak about how it was that she was so worried about her best friend Suzanne when their dinner arrived. It got them to talk of other things as they wanted to keep their hunger and not be depressed. Getting them to not eat. What she didn’t tell them was that she was on the verge of delving into the habit as Suzanne had… Even if her sisters were only hinting. Jenna was already in thoughts of getting into it. But her sisters didn’t know… If they had… would there be anything that they could do to get her to not consider taking a drive into the same habit as Suzanne…

At Sid’s Diner…

Jessica: *Sighs* These Child Abductions are getting to be totally annoying now. No one is doing anything about it. No one is even trying to stop it. *Looking out the window*

Holly: *Sitting across from the table* Sounds bad. What do you plan to do?

Jessica: I don’t know, Holly. I can’t even think about what can be done about it.

Holly: We’re gonna need to form a club. Some place of protection for the Bikini girls.

Jessica: How do we do that?

Holly: *Grins and hypothesizing* You see… That’s the problem. We can’t. We don’t know where there’s a spot that is abandoned but open for someone to just grab and use.

Jessica: You think that a place could be found?

Holly: Janie, Alex and Charlene come by here alot. We should ask them and see if they can come up with anything.

Jessica: We should. But the last i heard of them… Their mother was keeping them inside the house mostly. Since the Abductions began… They haven’t been allowed out from their house. Their mother enforces for them to go from home to school. Then from School to home. That’s it. Nowhere else. Nowhere else. Sometimes they have their friend Zoey Creek with them to hang out a little. Sometimes they don’t.

Holly: That’s what i would have understood too… But What about Zoey. Their cousin?

Jessica: She can’t do anything. She’s with the New Gen of fighters in Newark, New Jersey.

Holly: *Confused* Huh? Wait… Where?

Jessica: Newark, N.J.

Holly: Since when?

Jessica: The 20th of last month. October 20th of this year. They were summoned by some guy who goes by a Prof. Broom. Since that time till now. They’ve been there. They’re still there and will there for quite a while. Like a couple or so weeks.

Holly: That’s where we’re gonna have a problem. I don’t know if you heard. But my mom… over heard that Zoey’s mother has started to slip into a bit of X-rated Photo shoots. It isn’t very likely that she started it. Not officially. But the early signs of it… Are indeed there.

Jessica: What’re we gonna do? Can it be stopped?

Holly: I don’t know. Let’s just say though that whatever is going on… It’s not with the brightest intent in mind for Zoey. Luna’s older daughters Rina and Natasha… They’re seeing it and Rina is scorning the idea that Luna’s turning towards the realm called X-rated. Porn.

Jessica: What do Janie, Alex and Charlene think? Do they know?

Holly: No.


Tess: *Walking in* Evening Sid.

Sid: *Looking to see Tess coming in* Evening, Tess. Haven’t seen you for a while. You’ve been busy for a while and being part of the clan… it’s full time work.

Tess: Yeah. But it’s worth it. Putting my hefty technical talents to a good cause. Been keeping watch over at the base.

Holly: You mean… The Watchtower. *Walking over to help with the Coffee* You probably haven’t heard about the Child Abductions, Have you?

Tess: Actually. Yeah. I have heard about the abductions. I’ve been sending out Kimahri to scan out the city. Keeping a watch for any incident that takes course.

Sid: *Scoffs and coughing a laugh* You’re kidding about that, right? Seriously? Is it just me… or has everyone gone Cuckoo with the Abductions? You think that the Abductions are gonna stop just because you want them to? It won’t stop just because you want it to.

Holly: That’s so uncanny of you, dad. You don’t think that it’s gonna matter?

Sid: No Holly. I don’t. Why? It’s because there are not enough resources in the city to span a search for all the possible people that could do it. No one can catch every single last child Abductor. There are just too many of them out there.

Holly: If only the heroes were around… They’d be able to provide some leverage.

Jessica: They can’t. Not like they are now. They’re in another state right now.

Tess: Don’t worry. Kimahri can take care of some of the load. He’s here watching over the city while they’re away.

Jessica: He’d do it anyway. But Not alone i hope. It’s gonna take more than just one person to lighten the load.

Holly: *Sitting down a minute later after getting the coffee for Tess as ordered* Maybe… But i don’t know. What we need is to find a place to make into a secret safe haven for the Bikini girls. They’re the ones being targeted. One got molested. a few others were targeted but fortunately weren’t Molested. However… it doesn’t necessarily mean that those Pedophiles out there won’t stop trying on nailing the girls. Plus… There is no guarantee that it won’t get at the boys. Pedophiles will start to even get at boys too. It could be a Coach that specially grooms or favors a specific boy among all the rest of the boys in the team.

Jessica: It doesn’t mean it could happen. At least not in this city… I hope. It’s bad enough that the girls are being victimized by these pedophiles and sex offending nut-jobs. As it is… Girls are getting it most because… Think about it… Girls become women. They can get pregnant. You can’t very well Impregnate a boy. Men can’t get that. That would be like disrupting the whole order of nature. It defies the very laws of nature.

Holly: I agree. Jessica, I agree with you on that. The idea that a boy can get impregnated. It’s sick. Wrong nonetheless.

Jessica: But Holly, What was it that you were talking about earlier. About Zoey’s mother Luna, going slowly into the X-rated field?

Holly: *Looking to the side; Making sure that there are no Clan members around hearing* Well… There’s this rumor as i said earlier that my mother overheard a little bird dropping a tell-all of info about how Luna Rhapsody has been seen walking into a fashion store that specializes in selling outfits and clothing that cater to the Porn industry. I don’t know about it and My dad won’t let me look into it. But from what i could gather… It’s that Luna. The mother to the apparent new aged senshi. The Senshi of Love, Justice and defender of the Innocent. Zoey.  Luna was spotted going inside that place and getting a total of 500 dollars of clothing that venture into the Porn world. They were revealing clothing too.

Jessica: Oh my god… Really? She… She’s bought sexy clothing?

Holly: Oh yeah. She bought them. What i heard though was that Luna was being so secretive about it that she was trying to play innocent and pull a tale of how she was running a favor to a fashion company on the other side of the drag. But several people know different as they paid close attention as she drove towards her house with them. Plus… then soon after… She was also seen spotted walking into a Liquor store purchasing a pack… 2 packs of Lucky Strike Brand Cigarettes. She’s getting into it a little.

Jessica: Who was it that told you about this?

Holly: Someone named Zoey Creek. She came to me and gave me the 411 on what she managed to catch wind of. My mom was told by someone named Quinn Moore. The woman who is into the gossip realm But is also herself a Psychic. Specializing in the part of reading crystal balls and channeling spirits. Although some are still with this belief that she’s a witch and practices Witchcraft.

Jessica: A Witch?

Holly: No fooling. It’s still believed that she might be one… however no one is able to prove it. So… Alot of that is just hearsay. She’s as far as everyone knows… a Gossip columnist. She was driving around as she told my mom and relayed some of it to me… But the lady… Quinn was driving around when she happened to look to the side towards where there were a bunch of shops and clothing outlets laid out for a block… There must have been several of them stores and one was the store which catered to the Exotic clothing. Revealing pieces among other things. Quinn saw Luna walk into the store and minutes later… Walk out with about 500 dollars worth of Exotic clothes. it was curious to her so she followed along and saw Luna go home with them. Only to then be seen heading out and going to the Liquor store and buying 2 packs of Lucky strike reds. Zoey Creek found out about it and told me and said that she was gonna pass the tell all to Janie, Alex and Charlene. See what they thought about it. It was not gonna be anything uplifting. But at least they’d be in the know of it. This could be nothing… But It could also be serious too. The early signs of it are there.

Jessica: What’ll we do?

Holly: Well… You see, That’s the thing. There is nothing that can be done. Luna… as i was told was overheard being asked if she was really thinking about going through with it. Luna was said to reply that she didn’t see anything wrong with it. She’s got the mindset of believing that she’s not doing anything wrong and is not hurting anyone except herself. Which… is like saying that she’s a Masochist in waiting.

Jessica: *Concerned* We’ve got to do something.

Holly: Agreed. You lay low on it for now… We’ll get into it more in a few days… I’ll let you know what i was able to find out. We’ll see about going from there. Also relaying it to Janie, Alex and Charlene. Get them in the loop too. They’re gonna need to be made aware of it.

Jessica: Got it.

What was gonna happen next in Metropolis was anyone’s guess. It was said that the abductions were gonna go on. The Molestation wave was gonna press on over. The darkness was thickening and its target was the Bikini girls. And Ex-members of the Gang. Adopted members. They were being put to the throws of danger. There was danger throughout the city. Even the allies to the Gang were in danger. The Rhapsody Clan was in danger just the same. It could have been Hikaru, Sakura, Young boy Sora. It could be Janie, Alex or Charlene just as well. Perry or Marty, Mary Blossom’s sister. Zoey Creek. Any of them. At any time and any place. The City was gonna be put under a full frontal lockdown and a Mandatory Child lockdown. No Child being left unattended. Adults… Trusted adults were to watch the kids. Parents were to put a lock down on all Child like activity that takes place out of the safe reach of a respected adult. Things were dire… And grim. But even grimmer yet as Zoey was gonna come home to see her mother in a compromising position. A position that brought shame to the family. It was the dark ages again… But for the Bikini Girls and for the Clan soon enough. When they catch the sighting of Luna going into the X-rated realm. Zoey was likely gonna be the one to catch the breeze of it and it was gonna be the suffering of Zoey’s to endure. But would she endure it if that moment were to ever come? The new Generation were still in New Jersey and whisking away through the aftermath of the first bout of combat against Sammael. The Desolate one, The seed of Destruction, The Hound of Resurrection. It was now their time to figure out what went wrong. Where did they go wrong during the battle and how different it could have gone if only they had known what to do? This was all part of a plot done by the antagonists like Karl Ruprecht Kroenen… and the main one of all… Rasputin. He was the one that primarily would be calling all the shots. All the moves. Would the gang ever meet him face to face? Where was Rasputin hiding and what was his next move? Would the new Generation be ready to face him when the moment came? What happened to Zoey? Was her starting on coming to age and reaching her coming out moment the beginning of her maturing and likely losing the powers of the senshi? Find out for yourself in the Next chapter of the Adventures of the Rhapsody Girls Z! as the Saga continues…

Abe: *Voice-over* Greetings again. I see that you readers are still here and up for more. This is where it gets more deeper and a bit darker for new generation. As it revolves their home city of Metropolis… But as they’re at the BPRD… Things are about to heat up. Next time on the Adventures of the Rhapsody Girls Z! It’s now the aftermath and the reassessing of what happened with the first round of going against a hell hound of resurrection. They get together and discuss on what to do about the Hell hound. Where they may have gone wrong. But whilst doing so… Info on the hell hound and the transparent eggs that it left in Hellboy’s arm. Which were taken out. The data comes to them and gives them a bit of info to work on. And they decide on how to go forward. But all while they do that… Something starts at the Mental hospital. Liz Sherman gets a mysterious visitor who whispers that “The Child calls for you. You must return to the child.” She ends up relapsing and something happens to the Mental hospital. It suffers damages because of Liz’s outbreak. Completely unintentional. It goes over the news and Hellboy sighs in disbelief. It will take the reaching out technique of Raven and Serena to get the big red Goliath to ease on down a bit and settle himself down. But That is after Myers tries and fails. It’s a time of reflection and a plan of an attack. plus a little condescending downtime with Red. And what’s this… Serena and Carly Black in talks of a possible romantic Date. Getting closer in relationship. On the Next Chapter of the Adventures of the Rhapsody Girls Z! “Raven Meredith Rhapsody and Serena Tina Dinah Rhapsody Experience some Downtime with HellBoy.”


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