Chapter 185: A Glimpse of truth… Who was responsible for the hit at the Library?

(Crystal Rhapsody Shares a Vision with Abe Sapien.)

(Zoey Starts to mature a little and signs begin to show)

A Moment later…

Nearby the Carnival grounds…

A teenage boy was walking over to the nearby bench with a 6 pack of beer and getting close to a friend. A Teen girl who was just sitting and enjoying the peaceful Halloween carnival. It was halloween and festivities were still in its full swing of Excitement. But on the other side of the fence…

Hellboy was sitting and sneaked a surprise as he sat on the other side of the fence and used his tail to reach and nab that 6 pack of beer.

Paul: *Watching Hellboy work his tail to grab the beer* Whoa… What a way to be working that tail.

Clint: You must have trained it.

Hellboy: Eh, It’s a cinch. No big deal.

As soon as he grabbed the beer…

Hellboy: *Making a once time deal* Come on. And just this once… I’m gonna let you guys taste the pleasures of Adulthood. You’re still a little young… but I won’t say anything if you don’t. A Beer a piece.

Theodore: This is what Adults do? Or just one of the things that they can do? Partying and let loose a bit.

Paul: Actually… It’s not that much of a taste for what Adults get to do. We’re older teens now… but this is just a piece of Adult pleasure. I should know because my pops… Alvin. He would sometimes have a cold brew. to unwind. Not very often as he doesn’t want to see us exposed to that kind of mindset. Thinking that getting drunk was right. Younger kids are more expressive because they want to make out like they’re bigger and older when they’re still growing.

Clint: I’m okay with it. One a piece. Just a once in a lifetime chance that teens get.

Theodore: *Unsure* Okay… But we better not have the others find out. They will not be happy.

Paul: *Nods* Right. Let’s go.


Dry leaves fly up in a gust of wind. A small army of EMERGENCY VEHICLES roars down the deserted streets, right past a…

…brick 1940’s HOSPITAL, behind a high wall topped with barbed wire. The mesh-covered windows are decorated with paper skeletons and jack-o’-lanterns. A topiary garden surrounds the building.

Watching from atop the wall is HELLBOY. One sleeve of his overcoat is soaked in blood. He keeps an eye on the SECOND FLOOR windows. Hanging from his tail: THE SIX PACK OF BEER. While Paul, Clint and Theodore were below and looking towards the windows of the building…


Doctor Marsh, a female psychiatrist, moves down a line patients, distributing pills.

Behind her, a lithe young woman in a patient’s gown carries the medicine tray.  This is LIZ SHERMAN, age 26, her pale skin contrasting with her raven-black hair and piercing dark eyes. A scar mars her forehead. Three thick rubber bands circle her wrist.

Near a window, a Down’s Syndrome PATIENT senses something.

Downs Patient: *Pointing* There’s a big red man down there. With 3 Teens…

Doctor Marsh: *Readying more pills* That’s fine, darling. Santa’s not here for another month.

Downs Patient: Not Santa. He’s big and red. He’s got beer too.

Hearing this, Liz stops. She closes her eyes, tugs at one of the rubber bands on her wrist and lets it snap against her skin.  She winces and peers out the window. The garden below seems empty.


Liz steps out a side door into the hospital garden. She follows a trail of blood to a large, thorny bush. As she circles it… She catches sight of 3 teen boys and a guy in red…

Hellboy: *Dangling the beer by his tail* I Brought Beer.

Liz: *Concerned* Oh Red… Your arm. You better get that looked at.

Paul: *Looking at the deep cut* Yikes… That does look bad. That’s gonna get infected soon.

Clint: Oh man… Wounded and still staying lucid. He’s got to be pushing his luck on that one.

Theodore: He’s pushing.

Hellboy: *To Liz* I wanted to see you.


Back at the Machen Library…


A sleek black limo drives past the crowd and stops outside. FBI agent TOM MANNING emerges.


Manning and Broom walk through the mess. A crew is cleaning up. The dead guards are carried out.

Sapphire: *Carrying out a body with Raven* Easy does it, Sis. This is grueling work but… It’s got to be done. Decomposition is likely starting to set in. I don’t think the smell of rotting flesh is what the good people would ask for.

Raven: *Carrying out the body* Ugh! don’t remind me. That hell hound was likely seeking upon having a smorgasbord with these poor guys.

Manning: Every time the media get a look at him, they come to me. I’m running out of lies, Trevor.

Broom: I thought you liked being on TV.

Manning: I do. *Beat* But let’s get real here… How many escapes so far this year alone: Five! It’s not as if i can keep lying and make the people believe that they didn’t exactly see what they thought that they had. People are talking. It’s gonna eventually reach the higher ups. If they get word… It’s gonna be over for the Bureau.

Blossom: No it won’t. *Looking up at Manning from cleaning up one of the piles of debris* You need to have more faith. Keeping him locked up like you do… It’s making him want to bust loose more and more. Testing you.

Manning: And how exactly do you know what that’s like?

Blossom: It’s just like back home. Where our parents are. In Metropolis. They at first wanted to keep us well cooped up in our homes. Not letting us out because of the fear of what could happen if people saw what we could do. But it got them to let loose as they realized that they were doing to us the same thing that was done on them when they were growing up. Partially because of the powers that be. What they could do.

Zoey: It’s true.

Manning: And who exactly are you guys again? *To Trevor* Who are these guys?

Broom: They’re the Rhapsody New Generation. The 4th generation to the Rhapsody clan. They’re the upbringing examples of those who fought against the darkness before them.

Manning: Very good. Nice to know that they’re certifiable.

Broom: Tom — he’s our guest, not a prisoner. Plus he’s taken to the girls and the guys more than well.

Blossom: You bet, Prof. Hellboy is like a big protector. We’d protect him too. From anyone and anything. Even some Psychotic nutjob that was encountered in the Alley when Hellboy fell down out the second story window.

Broom: What guy do you speak of, Blossom?

Blossom: Some guy was saying that he ushered Hellboy into this world. That he knew his true calling. True name. I didn’t let the guy get his presence planted close. I sent a shot of Electricity at the guy and he vanished. Fast. Just like an apparition.

Broom: … *Deeply concerned*

Manning: Your “guest” happens to be six foot five, bright red, and is government funded.

Annie: We’re not Government funded. But even we know that it’s wrong to keep someone locked up or hidden.

Manning: Hey! You’re not one with the government. There are certain procedures that must be adhered to in an organization like ours. The people who are higher up in the government don’t think too highly on the occult and secret agents with supernatural abilities. The Government happens to consider it something that should be covered up. Having the outside people know about it isn’t what they call keeping it all under a microscope and a tight watch.

Daria: So… In other words, We are supposed to be treating him like a freak. Treating Hellboy like he’s a chained up beast that should be locked behind a closed door?

Abe: *Looking up and pausing* Pardon?

Daria: Sorry, Abe. I meant… Uncommon life forms working for the good side only untrusted to be allowed to walk among the rest and treated like an individual.

Broom: I know where to find him. I’ll get him back.

Manning had by then Moistened and suddenly lit a fine Cigar, using a kitchen match.

Manning: *In a low tone; to Broom* They give me the creeps. I am not the only one that happens to be freaked out by this. You do know that you are up for review. You and your petting Zoo.

Broom: I am quite aware of this, Tom.

Manning watches as Abe finds a sharp dagger embedded in the floor. But he wasn’t the only one that found it…

Crystal: *Sensing something coming from the sharp dagger* Abe… Something… was here. Someone with a dark purpose… has been here.

Abe: *Pausing; To Crystal* Are you quite sure, Crystal?

Crystal: I think so. I am rather sure that it is what i am sensing.

Manning: Hey, fishstick — don’t touch anything —

Crystal: *To Manning* Sir… His name is Abe Sapien. Not Fishstick. And unless you are wanting to swim in absolute ignorance… Please allow for him and I… to do our work.

Abe: I need to touch it. To see…

Crystal: And my Visionary foresight can sync in with Telepathy and Psychometry.

Manning: To see?? See what??

Abe: The Past, The future… Whatever this object holds.

Crystal: *Pulling out a Pendulum and centering it on the sharp dagger* This is a Pendulum, Abe. It can detect auras and presences. Spirits. Let’s see what this dagger’s little story or history lesson can teach us.

Abe: Right. But, One question… Where did you get the Pendulum?

Crystal: It’s something that my mother gave me. She picked out a set of 8 Pendulums. All with Amethyst. I am more of a rose Quartz Gem. But i was just so surprised and thankful that i didn’t really mind it much. i practiced with it.

Abe: Sometimes it takes months of practice to get a hang of working with a Pendulum.


Crystal: Well, yeah. It does take a plenty of time. But if a person really tried… they could get a hang of using it. I however am still getting the hang of it. Problem is that when you don’t have many chances to practice using it… It kinda makes it hard to handle.

Abe: Unless you were a natural. And i can detect that you are. It’ll get easy.

Crystal: Of course.

Manning: Are they serious?

Blossom: You have no idea as to how good our cousin, Crystal is. Just stick around.

Zoey: Is that what were do here? Stick around?

June: No. Just cleaning up the damages.

Zoey: Like it’d help. I Just see alot of standing and gabbing.

June: Zoey, What’s the matter with you? You sound rather grumpy.

Zoey: No i don’t. I am just wanting this to just stop.

June: *detecting something coming from Zoey that begs for alarm* … huh?!

Abe: Need not to worry about fingerprints. Never had any.

A Moment later…

Crystal: *To Abe* Something strong has occurred here. Likely ancient.

Abe: Something was here. The intruders… They were here. *To Broom* Prof. They were here.

Manning: Oooh!! Who was here? Nixon? Houdini? You mind sharing your mystic insights?

Crystal: Wouldn’t you like to know?

Sora: *Walking over from cleaning up some Debris* What did you find, Crystal? Is it bad?

Broom examines the dagger: a RAGNAROK symbol crowns the hilt. The dragon and swastika.

Broom: *Feeling dread; but in dire need to know* Show me, Abe… show me. Show me, Abe. Show me what happened here.

Carly: *Looking at the dagger which laid in Abe’s hand* Oh… Prof. Broom, Uh… I don’t think that’d be a good idea. That sword or dagger might be hazardous.

Broom: Carly… It’s quite alright. I have been around long enough to know about the risks of certain artifacts and items. I am not worried.

Carly: *Feeling nervous*

Sora: *Looking at the dagger* That doesn’t look safe to me either.

But as they were talking and Abe plus Crystal were preparing to take Broom back in time for a moment to show what happened within the Library hours earlier…

Spencer: *Walking in with Rikku* Nothing within the Carnival area. We kept sharp for anything out of the normal.

Rikku: There were some games there that we played while keeping a look out. But nothing happened. It was oddly peaceful.

Crystal: *Channeling the voice of a man* Ready the welcome, My Love. “Salt gathered from the tears of a thousand angels. Restraining the essence… …of Sammael, the hellhound. The seed of destruction. This I can promise, Sammael. For each one of you that falls… …two shall arise.”

Abe: *Shocked* Crystal, How were you able to do that?

Crystal: I… I’m not so sure… It just hits me i guess. I’ve been able to do it for the last 3 years and it’s still new to me. I am still trying to get a hang of it.

Abe: But that… That was predominantly remarkable.

Crystal: The man… He had supernatural power of some kind. But there were two others there too. A being in a mask and a woman.

It was then that Crystal and Abe held together and took Broom’s hand and grabbed the handle of the dagger…

Hours earlier…

the place is intact. Both Abe, Crystal and Broom witness spectrally as —

They watched the Events that folded hours earlier…

A guard was walking along the room checking on the alarm monitoring unit.

Guard: This is east-wing check-in. We’re all clear.

Guard #2: Also, make sure it’s all locked up over there in the annex.

Guard #3: Copy that.

The guard stopped just then as he heard a ticking sound. But when he looked up with his light… He found nothing. Saw nothing there. But after the guard had moved on, a spidery form emerged from the pool of shadows that was noticed on the floor.

It’s KROENEN, encased in shiny BLACK LATEX from head to toe. On his chest, a close-fitting harness comprised of softly ticking gears.

He approaches a glass case which holds an ancient WOODEN STATUE of an Eastern Orthodox SAINT.

Then, on the glass, a reflection appeared. It was the blonde haired lady. Ilsa.

Ilsa: Kroenen! Move.

She uses her hammer to destroy the glass case. The glass went through the red laser forcefield which thereby triggered an alarm and blew the cover of Kroenen and Ilsa. The Alarm then shrieked and seconds later Warning lights came on.

The guards responded seconds later to check out the situation…

Guard: There he is!

Some of the guards started to scramble in hopes to surround Kroenen…

Guard #2-4 We’ll cover him from over here… *scrambling to the east of Kroenen*

Kroenen pulled out a double-ended BLADE. It spins, like a giant bone saw, slicing across the statue. Slicing the statue as if it were jello or a piece of cake. At first it seemed as there were No apparent signs of damage upon the Statue until: CRACKKKKK!!! a diagonal line appeared and seconds after that… the top half of the statue fell.

KROENEN reaches for a small crank embedded in his chest and winds himself up. (Sick and most undeniably disturbing.)

Ilsa on the other hand then had reached for the contents of the statue which was indeed hollow. She reached in and removed a Large reliquary jar that contained golden sand.

Six guards hurry in. They point their flashlights and guns at Kroenen.

Guard: Put them down…

Ilsa: Get them.

But none knew about the type of person that Kroenen was. None of the guards seemed to know. They were about to find out.

Guard #1: You! Don’t move! Hands up!

Kroenen starts shaking, as if in a seizure and readies two TWIN BLADES.

Guards #2 and #3: On the ground! Last warning! Take him out!

A Multitude of bullets tear into Kroenen’s arm, spewing forth an explosion of dust. dust where there should be blood. He turns. The guards shoot again. Kroenen maneuvers the steel, deflecting each of the bullets which — in fact ricochet wildly in literally every direction but finally hit 3 of the 6 guards. They fell silently to the floor as if they were completely lifeless. Kroenen dispatched two more in a flurry of knives. With various will and abominating speed.

The last guard raises his gun.

But lost…

Guard #6: Don’t do it.

Something clearly stopped him. His hand then broke, twisted by an unseen force!!

The flesh on his neck pushes upwards. The guard was being held by an invisible force. He starts floating in mid-air. With no control of his body at all. There was no voluntary sense of movement coming over his body. The blinking lights of arriving police cars suddenly began to tint the windows: red and amber. They outline a figure formerly submerged within the shadows. It was Grigory. He had been gesturing with both hands, as if holding an imaginary doll. But the hands were as open and free as ever.

His arm muscles twitch under his skin, shifting, changing, gaining strength. With a quick gesture Grigory twists the lower and upper parts of the guard’s body in opposite directions.

With a wet CRUNCH, the guard’s shadow on the wall goes limp. The guard had then fallen onto the ground. Lifeless and with no reaction.  Grigory looks at Ilsa.

Grigory: Now, ready the welcome, my love.

Ilsa had then opened the reliquary jar and poured a circle of sand onto the floor. as instructed. Apparently she was like a pet following everything that she was told by Grigory.

Grigory: Salt gathered from the tears of a thousand angels. Restraining the essence… …of Sammael, the hellhound. The seed of destruction. This I can promise, Sammael. For each one of you that falls… …two shall arise.

Grigory slices the air with his open hand, creating fleeting glyphs… and a small BLACK flame dances on his open palm. He deposits it in mid-air, at the center of the circle.

Then, the sand begins to move, like liquid mercury. Lines fuse into a pile. It melts and bubbles, growing and foaming. Bones are formed, tendons and ligaments join together, GROWING, GROWING, INTO SAMMAEL. It roars!!!

Flashback ends…


Abe and Crystal snapped out of the vision. Broom is pale. He stepped away suddenly, wincing,
enduring a bolt of pain in his side. Abe then holds him. Crystal then held him close also. She could feel that something was not right. There was something wrong going on with the Prof. She knew and felt that something was not right. Abe and Crystal both Motion for the others to stay back. They motioned for the other fighters to stay back.

Sora: Is he gonna be okay?

Carly: *Worried* He doesn’t seem to look so good.

Blossom: *Looking to see Prof. Broom wincing a bit* He looks pretty sick. He’s not looking stable.

Annie and Daria overhear the commotion and Walk over from where they were and set up a chair for Broom. It wasn’t exactly much, But at least it gave Broom a spot to sit and catch a breath or two…

Annie: Prof. Broom, Are you gonna be okay?

Daria: You looked as though you were about to collapse.

Serena: *Walking over fast with Carly Black* Prof. Broom?! What’s the matter? You alright?

Broom: *Sitting down and trying to get the pain to go down* They’re back.

Carly Black: Back?! Huh?! Prof…. Uh, What are you saying?

Abe: *Worried and deeply concerned* Professor? You’re very sick…

Broom: I don’t want Hellboy to know.

Serena: Know?! Know what, Prof.?

Crystal: *Sighs*

Sora: *Reading Broom’s mind* He’s dying?

Carly Black: Huh? How did you know that?

Sora: I read his mind. But there is something else that troubles him.

Serena: What?

Broom: *To Abe, Crystal and the girls* Sixty years ago Abe… Girls, they tried to destroy the world. And they are back — in my lifetime, they are back. To finish the job.

Blossom: Who? Who’s back?

Broom: Rasputin. Grigory Efrimovich Rasputin. Occult adviser to the Romanovs.

Sora: You are pulling our pretty legs here. That’s who was here?

Carly: We thought that he died.

Serena: History had pointed out that he was dead. He was assassinated by Great Prince Dimitry. The books are with multiple interpretations of it and yet all point that Rasputin was killed. He’s dead. It had to be someone else…

Blossom: We’re gonna need to get specifics here on what was really going on.

Sora: *Thinking* What were they trying to do with the golden sand that was inside the Reliquary? It obviously was how that Hell hound got created. But what was really the importance of getting that stuff to suit their cause?

Carly: The guy… Rasputin. He’s unfortunately alive. But He had the powers to do his own work. To do what he needed to have done. Why couldn’t he just go on without creating or summoning the Hell hound? It isn’t like he’s gonna train it. The Hell hound obeyed him but all wild creatures… Creatures of unknown instincts and personalities… They’re only gonna be loyal and obey him for so long before they turn on even him.

Rikku: *Looking to the sides* You know… I think that we should ask Kimahri. Call him up and ask him what he might know about ancient fiends. or creatures. He’s got to know a little something about the monster you had to go against.

Zoey: *Starting to feel weird* June, I don’t feel so good.

Blossom: *Looking to see Zoey about to fall down and collapse* Zoey, Are you alright?

Zoey shakes her head no. She started to feel that something was going on inside her and what ever it was… She didn’t feel too pleased  In fact. She didn’t like it as she started to faint and black out.

Zoey: Uhhhh! *Fainting*

Blossom: Zoey! *Running over to Zoey and barely catching her* Zoey?! You alright?

Manning: *Witnessing the incident* What’s going on with her?

Blossom: I don’t know. I am sure no doctor. I can’t tell what happened.

Abe: *Walking over and holding a webbed hand towards Zoey’s chest* … The young girl must have over exerted herself. *Picking up something from inside Zoey* There seems to be something going on inside of her. *Slowly shifting the webbed hand downwards a little*… *stopping and gasping*  She’s… She’s reaching her coming out moment. Her vitals are changing and are growing. But…

Blossom: She’s passed out though.

Sora: *Looking to see Zoey on the floor* Zoey?

Carly: *Telepathically speaking with Zoey* Zoey, What’s wrong?

They all get around Zoey and watch over her.

Manning: She needs medical care. Escort her back to the B.P.R.D and take her to the Infirmary. She needs care. Laying on the floor isn’t gonna do her any good.

Crystal: That is a good suggestion. Manning. That is a very good solution. What happened to Zoey is common as she may have reached her coming out moment. She is 13 after all. If only her mom was here… She’d be able to figure out what to do.

Annie: *Looking at Zoey* She must have just had it hit her.

Susie: She did. The signs are showing. Maybe this is where it starts.

Christina: Maybe. Maybe not. *Looking at the others* Who’s gonna carry her?

Amy: *Looking at Manning* Dr. Manning?

Manning: *Stops and immediately looking at the girls* Yeah?

Penny: You’re likely heading over to the B.P.R.D soon, right?

Manning: Will be. Soon, Why?

Blossom: Would you like to take Zoey over to the Infirmary?

Manning: That’s what we have agents for… But of course. the Limo is outside waiting.

Manning then calls over an agent to pick up Zoey and carry her over to the Limo. Leading her to the Infirmary. It was something that usually wouldn’t be expected. Maybe never. But that was the moment when they started to see the nicer side to Manning. The more civil and respectable part of him. Blossom stopped to think that maybe… Just maybe… There was sweet aspects about Manning after all. Just Maybe…

Before Manning took his leave…

Manning: Locate Hellboy. I want him back at the Bureau.

Broom: Agent Myers is seeing to it. As is Clay. I’m gonna be heading with them.

Manning: Good. You sure that you’re gonna be alright?

Broom: Yeah. I’ll manage. Thanks, Tom.

As soon as Manning left…

Spencer: *Looking at Sapphire and Raven* We have to talk. We’re all gonna need to talk.

Rikku: This is something important.

Serena: Almost as important  or equally as important as what we have to tell you.

Spencer: Equally. Depending on how you were to see it.

Serena: Okay. Carly and I were at the other side of the Carnival area. but by the loading docks of the Library here. We were checking out for any strange sighting and didn’t see anything. But as we started to head back here from over at the Loading docks… Something popped out. Something…

Carly Black: Or someone. We caught sighting of someone with a gas mask on them. With these winders on the torso. As if they were gears.

Spencer: The Gas mask freak… You saw him?

Serena: Saw him. But also heard his walking. It was way spooky. That thing was spooksville central and we thought about approaching him but knew that if he was as dangerous as the description… We’d be pretty much Chopped human fillets or Paté. Yuck!

Rikku: That’s almost as bad as seeing some mysterious woman walking by through the carnival. Some Blonde was walking through and she had this leather book with her. Something which seemed rather dark.

Spencer: We casually followed her a ways and saw her go into a side building through a side door. We waited till she was no where in sight before we opened the door and Looked down into the door where it lead to. We did not go in and through the area… But heard clanging and noises. But where ever it lead to… It wasn’t anywhere good.

Carly: So… Does that mean what it sounds like it would mean?

Sora: I sense trouble… Bad trouble. Something about that sounds completely completely… unpleasant.

Carly Black: We seemed to all catch a sighting of mysterious figures. All 3 of them were after something.

However while on the way back to the BPRD…

Manning: *Wondering* The young lady must have a contact from her parents. Someone should call her house.

Zoey: *Moaning and feeling out of sorts* No. I don’t want my mom to know about it. She is liable to freak out. or think something happened. *Waking up suddenly* W-w-what happened?

Manning: You blacked out, Young lady.

Zoey: *Not catching on at the moment* I-i-i-i-i… did?

Manning: Yes. You’re wondering where you are, aren’t you?

Zoey: Yeah… I think that i would be… *Trying to sit up* Ugh… I can’t believe i fainted like that. In front of everyone. I feel so embarrassed.

Manning: I wouldn’t be too shook up about it. When i was your age… It lasted me a month. Squeaky voice and partial flushed tone of skin. I also felt it crack of all things. It cracked. Not exactly a bell ringer. but for that one month… i went through a big change. I however… when i was done… must have been taller and leaner as i wasn’t a 4 footer anymore. I got to be 5 foot something in just that time.

Zoey: You used to be short?

Manning: Sad… but yeah. Before i was made Director… before i got the respect i deserved and earned. I was revered as Tom “McShort and stubby” Manning. Even years after i had my moment of coming out. It stuck. Then as soon as i became Director of the Bureau…. I was no longer with that identity.

Zoey: That’s sad. Didn’t it hurt being called that though?

Manning: Well… Yeah. It did. but i didn’t let it get to me. I chalked it to the people being ones believing it cute to poke some fun at me. I don’t think that they realized that it hurt… But they weren’t mean about it either. It was nothing really. Just the guys pranking. Guys do that almost all the time with each other. They kid around and joke. However… When i became director… all the joking went out the door. I just lost the interest to joke a little.

Zoey: You know… You could change that. Somehow… It is all something that you can change. Give it time and you’ll see.

Manning: Right. *Looking out the window a minute* … *Looking to the side* What is it with your one friend? The one with the black hair and with all these special weapons?

Zoey: Him? You mean Rin? He’s a good friend. He moved into Metropolis the other year and somehow found us. Heard that we were in need of special weapons. Custom made weapons. He’s a weapons builder.

Manning: A Blacksmith… But one who specializes in magical elements. Natural magical elements.

Zoey: Yeah. But… How did you know that?

Manning: How could i not? I happened to see him over by the box of weapons and creating some elemental weaponry. Even Elemental Armory.

Zoey: He uh… He’s just really good with his hands and is very creative. My cousin-In-law Rikku is from somewhere known as Kandahar, Afghanistan. So is her father Cid. Nice knowing that, right?

Manning: It’s a surprise knowing that.

Zoey: I also am a fighter. It comes with being a Rhapsody clansmen. When you are endowed or gifted with certain powers or abilities… You happen to wind up finding that it’s in your better judgement to use them for the side of good. That’s what our family kinda does. Done it for decades really. The original fighters done it. Fought for good. The Generation before them… they fought… The first Gen though… Didn’t. At least… not that anyone knew… because it was never even said or told. But if you were really wanting to know… you could always ask the family Matriarch. Rikku Lorelai Rhapsody. My grandma… She knows of it as she’s got a few large Volumes of the Entire Rhapsody clan. All the way to the very very early days.

Manning: *Listening with intrigue* Really?

Zoey: Really.

Manning: Tell me more. What is with the large volumes of the clan?

Zoey: How far do you want to go?

Manning: As far as you might be able to recall.

Zoey: You sure that you can bare it?

Manning: I’ll be prepared for whatever surprises there are.

Zoey: Okay…

She then begins telling what she knew and as she told… her voice started to crack. Pop up and down a little. There was no mistake that the signs were starting to show. and were being heard a bit too. Zoey however was not about to let it get her. She kept going and didn’t stop to realize that she was being escorted back to the BPRD.

To be continued in Chapter 186: A Connection between Hellboy and Elizabeth Sherman; A wind of Change in Metropolis.


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