Chapter 184: The Chase of the hound of resurrection. “I’m Shockproof… You’re not!”


On the empty sidewalk, Hellboy sees a trail of GLOWING GOOP.

He hits full stride, following it around a corner. Myers lands a second later, cradling his arm, chasing after him.

Sapphire, Raven and Paul trailed right behind him and were also hot on the trail of Hellboy and the Hell hound Sammael. Rikku and Spencer were heading to the Carnival to check for any un-ordinary occurrences. There likely wasn’t gonna be anything going on over there at the carnival other than partying and frolic fun. But with a Hell hound out on the loose… It was better than not checking and the seeming situation grows worse. Blossom, Zoey and June went back to where the rest of the fighters were to see where they could start cleaning up and assist with the damage control…

Myers: Wait! No! What are you doing?

Lieutenant Thunder: *Running ahead* What do you think he’s doing? The same as we are doing… We’re gonna go right after that Hell hound.

Intellectual Thunderic Wonder: I think that if we were smart… we’d act and fulfill our duty and think later. There’s no time to think now. *Running close by Sapphire* The Hound of resurrection is more trouble than what its worth. But… I think that if Hellboy’s got a trick under his sleeve. I do believe that it’s time he uses it. fast. Before the hell hound decides to use a trick or two from its bag of tricks on Hellboy and turn Hellboy into a jungle apparatus.

Myers: That’s not likely to happen. But… We can still keep our eyes and ears alert. Just in case.

Paul: *Running off ahead and catching up with the girls* Sorry. But we are gonna need to catch up with Hellboy and see that we keep up with him. Sticking to our standing around. Alert and waiting. That’s not gonna help.


Sammael dashes by, followed closely by Hellboy, running full tilt.

A ten-wheeler backs up, effectively blocking their way. A few workers load pumpkin boxes in it. But Sapphire, Raven and Paul were right behind Hellboy, who was on the high tails of that Hell hound Sammael. They were in hot pursuit. But they also knew that they’d have to be careful as they had no backup. It was them 3 alone Plus Myers… Following Hellboy who was chasing after Sammael… Sammael leaped over the truck.and Hellboy followed suit. It was said that his Demon tail had something to do with how he could leap that high… But for all the ones who read the comics of Hellboy and read up on the lore… They could tell a person or two different…

Worker: What the heck is that thing??

Paul: *Looking at the worker* You’re surprised to see a creature like that? Join the club pal… This is gonna only get more and more freaky. This here is only the very beginning.

Lieutenant Thunder: *Leaping up after Hellboy* Don’t worry though… If you really want to know the details… I’m sure someone will drop a tell all and inform with what you want to know.

Intellectual Thunderic Wonder: But you might want to remain fortunate that you don’t know the details. You might have nightmares. We’re gonna be having our share of them also… But then again… We’re the ones going after this runaway creature.

Without slowing down, Sammael jumps onto the trailer, denting the roof then jumping off and into a CROWDED CARNIVAL area.

A small carrousel and refreshment stand flank a pumpkin patch. Full of curiosity, Sammael pauses a second to inspect a Trick-or-treater dressed as a GOLDEN DRAGON.

Hellboy catapults himself onto the trailer’s roof. Sapphire and Raven were right behind him and Paul was dashing on the side and catching wind and heading right for the front of the truck and right into the opening. Chasing after the girls and Hellboy…

Workers: Whoa-whoa-whoa!

Hellboy jumps and lands heavily on top of the driver’s cab: CRASH!!!

The driver is almost crushed under the steel. He screams, showered by thousands of glass shards.

Myers is a few steps behind.

Myers: *Into Headset* We’ll hit the street in a minute. We’re heading towards civilians…

Lieutenant Thunder: *Into headset* We’re hightailing it behind Hellboy. En route to where the creature responsible for the damages is heading. We’re going after him. Remain on alert.

He squeezes between the vehicle and the alley wall. The vendors are yelling at him.

Paul: *To Myers* Don’t worry yourself over the onlookers. We got to get ourselves on the trail. Following Red.

As they run on… they come across a swarm of Civilians who watch and stare in awe. They were also startled by the sight of a creature… Of Hellboy. They were confused about what they were seeing. But in the whole guise of Halloween… they thought it nothing more than just a real good costume get-up. Nothing more. Not knowing that Hellboy was really Hellboy. Sapphire and Raven were still in high pursuit of the creature and so was Hellboy. He too was in high pursuit of the creature. He chased after Sammael and didn’t stop one bit. not slowing down either. However Myers was chasing right behind. Not missing a step. He wasn’t as fast as the others and tried to keep up…

Myers was just then in the middle of the street when a car happened to be nearing him. Nearing him and Hellboy couldn’t help but turn and see Myers about to be hit…

Lieutenant Thunder: Hellboy… Keep going… it’s okay. We got him. We have you covered.

Intellectual Thunderic Wonder: *Sending a shock-wave at the oncoming car* Earth to Driver… Pedestrians crossing the street have right away. Read the rules of the road next time. Red. IT doesn’t mean go. Red is the signal telling you to halt. Freeze!

The Machen Library was not far from where they were at that moment and it was then that Sora and Carly came running over with the Elemental Web Launcher.

Sora: *With Carly* Hellboy… You’re gonna probably need this Web Launcher.

Carly: We kinda heard the commotion and heard that you were in a bind. We saw this lying around and knew that you’d need it so we brought it over to you.

Hellboy: *Grins* Thanks, Sora. Carly. *Grabbing a hold of the Elemental Web Launcher* I’ll handle it from here.

Sora: Okay. Can we be at least your eyes and ears while you chase after the creature? You’re going after the monster… but things from the sides could come at you. It could take away from your job of going at the Hell Hound.

Carly: We won’t get too close. We’ll stay at a safe distance. Just that we want to be of some assistance where we can.

Hellboy: *Nods* Alright. Follow along. But not too close. If it gets too dangerous… You fall back. Okay?

Sora: You betcha’.

Carly: We can do that.

off they went again. on their way and chasing the Hell hound. Hellboy going after it. Sora and Carly following right behind and while keeping at a safe distance Suiting to be Hellboy’s eyes and ears…

Lieutenant Thunder: *Looking at Myers* You alright there, Myers?

Myers: *Holding his one hand tightly* Yeah. I think so. Just that my hand is hurt a bit. But i’ll be okay.

Intellectual Thunderic Wonder: *Looking at Myers* You are lucky about not being roadkill. If we weren’t around… and Hellboy didn’t hear you or turn when he did to make way to help you… you would have been. Next time… Watch out before you cross. We should be watching where we’re going too… so we’re to be in question just as you are. But you really should watch out more carefully. *Seeing the blood on Myers injured hand* Ouch! You need medic help. We need to get you over to where you can get some Medic assistance.

Myers: No… It’s okay. I’ll be alright once the swelling and the throbbing goes down a bit. Just go and help Hellboy. He’s gonna need it most.

Lieutenant Thunder: Okay. You just take it easy. Go slow back to the Library. But be careful. Watch out for cars. Holidays bring out the psychotic drivers. Metropolis gets the same mess there too. Wreckless driving never ends.

It was then that they made way after Hellboy. But what they didn’t seem to realize was that they were being tailed by their cousins. Hellboy was already after the beast and Sora as well as Carly were close by but at a safe distance…


Hellboy follows the GLOWING GOOP into an adjacent alley. At the far end he sees a metal grate has been moved. Sammael’s gone.

He comes up to the opening, then jumps in.

Underground subway tunnel…

He lands on a subway track. Sammael is a few yards away. Seated.

Sora and Carly landed and fell right on the tracks. They didn’t hit too hard although it was a hefty drop from the above surface level.

Sora: *Looking at Hellboy and then at the creature not far ahead* That’s… Uh… the hell hound. Sammael. Sammael is ahead… Uh-oh!

Carly: *Looking to see the hell hound* We need Elemental powers now…

Sora: Yeah. *Turning on the Juice* Carly, Let’s give hellboy a hand. Safe distance… but still lend a helping hand over to Hellboy.

Carly: Yeah. Let’s do it. *Turning up the Juice*

Seconds later…

Sora and Carly: *Emitting frost and preparing to launch an attack of Ice at the Hell hound* Sammael…

Sora: Sammael! You leave our friend Hellboy alone. Leave him alone now! Go back to where it is that you come from and never come back…

Carly: Yeah…

Hellboy: *Looking to see the creature* Waiting for me, chunk-face?

A train horn blares. A headlight approaches!! Hellboy smiles and puts away his gun.

Hellboy: Between a rock and a hard place, Sammy. Looks like you’re cornered like a rat.

Sora: *Casting Blizzaga on Sammael*

Carly: *Casting Blizzaga on Sammael*

Flying down into the Tunnel seconds later…

Lieutenant Thunder: *With Intellectual Thunderic Wonder* Hey Hellboy, Need a little.Thunder power?

Hellboy: I haven’t really thought about it… But why not.

Sora: Don’t forget to use that Elemental Web Launcher, Hellboy. It’ll help out too.

Seconds later…

The Romancers Z! came flying in…

Madame Romance: *Firing an attack at Sammael* Blissful Heart Storm!

Passion Galore: *Firing an attack at Sammael* Love’s Passionate FOG!

Majestic Love: *Twirling his Heart Rod and Then Pounding it on the ground twice before Firing an attack at Sammael* Royalty Love’s MELODY CHARGE!

Dancing Heartthrob: *Twirling his Heart Rod and Then Pounding it on the ground twice before Firing an attack at Sammael* Love’s RHAPSODY BLITZ!

Hellboy: *Pauses and looking to see where the attacks came from* What in the…

Madame Romance: *Hovering near Hellboy* Heya, Hellboy. Lookin’ for some Love power?

Hellboy: Love power on Sammy? Think it’ll work?

Passion Galore: Anything is worth trying. We kinda go for the trial and Error thing. If one element doesn’t work… another will. You always have to ensure that you got a back up element. That way you are sure that you’ll have some type of fighting chance. Physical attacks are good. But not always effective.

Majestic Love: You can ask for a contact from someone we know. Kimahri Ronso. He’s with the expertise on how fiends fight. He knows their way of fighting. Studies their moves and technique. And there is also someone that knows about the Magic elements too. 4 of the basics. Fire, Ice, Thunder and water.

Hellboy: How about using some of that power and grease this Hounds goose?

Dancing Heartthrob: Right. Let’s trash the beast.

Lieutenant Thunder: *Seeing the train coming* Uh… Think fast. Train is coming through. SCATTER!

They didn’t have time to think twice as a train was only inches or a few steps away… As quick as their merry feet could flutter… they grabbed the sides of the walls on both sides and hugged up against the walls. Hugging tight. Sora and Carly didn’t have wings and were cornered. Hellboy thought fast and grabbed them… and planted them quick against the walls in a hurry. They had to all wait for the train to pass… but… there was something else that they had to think about. The Seed of Destruction… Sammael. They were banking on the train splattering the beast into a gob of goo. But Sammael pulled a fast one and charged right towards it…

Hellboy: Damn it! You’ve got to be kidding me.

Madame Romance: That’s not part of the plan.

Majestic Love: *Groans* Do you mean that we’re gonna need to track and babysit that hellish freak of nature?

Passion Galore: No way. I am not gonna make a move to mother that thing. That is out. That thing is untrainable and i don’t think that our mother would be jumping for joy seeing the seed of destruction within our family ranks.

Lieutenant Thunder: It’d make a good throw pillow.

Dancing Heartthrob: Ha Ha ha! Right.

Paul: *Looking Down from the hatch* You guys okay down there?

Sora: *Recognizing the voice* Paul?!

Paul: Sora… Carly. Hold on. I’m coming down.

Hellboy: No. Stay there… The monster here is looking for a fight and it’s got enough targets. Don’t come down.

Sammael unhinges a long, scythe-like bone from his forearm, then jumps at the front car —


smashing through glass and steel and raining sparks.  Landing inside with a ROAR!!! —


Sammael’s tongue punches through the doors as he races through one — two — passenger cars and out the — back on to the tracks again…


Now the train hurtles at Hellboy, who grimaces and does his best —

Madame Romance: *Encouraging Hellboy* Hold on Hellboy… You can do it.


He leaps, but HUMPF!! He’s hit! His legs rattle over the tracks.

Train Driver: What the hell are you?

Sora: He’s someone who is a friend.


Inches from the wheels, he punches his stone hand through the steel floor and grabs a handhold. Steam and sparks explode everywhere…

The Train Driver grabs a fire extinguisher and starts slamming it against Hellboy’s head…

Hellboy: I’m on your side.

Train Driver: Sure. That is what they all say. That’s what all the freaks who pose as these protectors. All freaks say the same thing.

Majestic Love: And i guess that we’re freaks too, huh?

Train Driver: Yeah. You’re all freaks. What will it take for you freaks to just go away? We people don’t want you. Nor need you.

Intellectual Thunder: Oh… Okay. If that’s how you feel about it… Why don’t we just let the Hound of resurrection. The monster that is on the loose come back and have at you then? See if you get saved by us again. You hate us heroes… Fine. Feeling can be just as mutual. *Outraged*

Passenger: Shut up, Freak!

Hellboy tries to hold on and was only able to hold on a moment more before losing grip and getting himself trampled by the train…

BAMMM!!! He goes under!!!

The train whizzes overhead, grazing his horn stumps, making sparks fly!! After the train passes, Hellboy sits up, forehead smoking.  Sammael is gone. A trail of GOOP is glowing. He follows it, until it ends abruptly.

Sora: That train Driver was a real jerk.

Carly: I guess that even in New York… people just don’t seem to understand us.

Sora: They never do.

Intellectual Thunderic Wonder: I could care less about the people now. Since they feel that way about us… they can all get wasted and devoured by the royal creature of destruction… Sammael. Son of Nergal. Hellboy is busting his ass to save people who have no care or respect for the stuff he puts himself through to serve them. Protecting them. For what? To get shunned by pricks who don’t seem to appreciate the things he deals with just to save them?

Hellboy: Raven, You’re angry. I think i understand how you feel. I get it alot. But i have gone under the impression that i do what i do because it’s what i was made to do. What i am said to do. I can’t worry about whether or not i please people whenever i am out wrangling a monster or coming along to save a person or two.

Intellectual Thunderic Wonder: It’s not right though. It shouldn’t have to be that way. At all. You do alot. You are wounded… Should be resting and getting healed back up. But you’re still out busting yourself. For what? huh? What? So they can ridicule you and tear you down… Making you feel even more of a person who doesn’t seem to feel that they belong?

Hellboy: *Scoffs* And what exactly is it that you are suggesting that i do about it, Raven? I can’t make them like me. It’d be nice if i were able to… But i can’t force them to accept me. Besides… I am someone who’s not supposed to Exist. I am not supposed to be seen by people. Other than the people at the Bureau and the Agents. Father. Liz, Abe. and of course… you guys. No one’s supposed to see us.

Lieutenant Thunder: No one will be able to get a chance to know you unless you guys are seen. How they’re treating you and the others… it’s a real spit in the eye.

Sora: We could talk about this all night and it won’t change what is. Let’s search for the monster. It’s in here… Somewhere.

Carly: It is. It’s here. We know it’s here.

Hellboy: *Looking around* We lost track of it here… This is where Stinky was last seen.

Madame Romance: “Stinky”? You gave it a personal name? You’re not thinking of keeping it as a pet… Are you, Hellboy?

Hellboy: No. But i am gonna fry it.

He looks ahead: no trace of Sammael… Then a fat drop of glowing goop hits his hand.

Majestic Love: *Looking up* Uh… Hellboy… You got… You uh… You got company. Above you…

Dancing Heartthrob: It’s S-s-s-s-s-sammael!

Hellboy: *Grins* Hmm… Stinky wants to surprise me, does he?

He looks up. Sammael hangs from the ceiling, then drops. Then the creature lifts Hellboy in a ferocious bear hug.

Hellboy twists around and cracks open the jaws of the creature, like King Kong and the T-Rex.

Sammael staggers back and — in an impossible maneuver, re- knits his jaws together! Then he uses his bone scythe to tackle Hellboy and — TCHAKKKK!! — pin his shoulder down. A deep wound.

Madame Romance: *Gasps* What in the world?

Intellectual Thunderic Wonder: How on earth is it able to reattach its jaw together like that? Hellboy Broke its jaw. Broke the bone. H-h-h-h-how was it able to do that?

Paul: Hellboy, Forgive me for this… But Sora and Carly are my sisters. They are the responsibility of me and their sister Crystal. Where they go… i’m going to be. Our father Alvin and our mother Alice will be very pissed at us if anything were to happen to them. *Suddenly landing on the tracks and Firing a shot of flames at Sammael* Honolulu’s Flaming Beam!

Sammael’s mouth starts to open! Hellboy looks at the sparking third rail which happened to be only a few feet away.

Sammael’s tongue rears back, a snake ready to strike.

Sora: *Casting Thundaga on Sammael* Fry and never come back. Mess with our pal and you mess with us.

Carly: *Casting Flare on Sammael* How does that feel, Sammael? You Evil rotten hound.

Hellboy: Sora… Carly… Girls, Get back. I’m about to make an attempt at trying a sneak attack.

Madame Romance: *Looking at the crew* Come on guys… fall back a bit. Get back.Give him some room here.

Majestic Love: *Backing up*

Hellboy: Ah! Screw this!

Hellboy grabs the rail. An electrical discharge consumes both creatures and burns the frame like flashpaper. Hellboy lets go, his hand and body smoking. Sammael — very crispy — is convulsing in a cloud of smoke. He grows still.

Paul: *Shocked* Hellboy, You okay there, Pal?

Intellectual Thunderic Wonder: *Seeing the fried Corpse Lying next to Hellboy* Wow… Talk about a shocking experience. You Electrocuted the hell hound.

Dancing Heartthrob: And it didn’t even try to hang in there for a heart attack special…

Paul: Nor for some heart burn.

Passion Galore: It’s extra crispy now.

Wreathed in smoke, Hellboy shakes off the shock and uses a flame on his arm to light a cigar.

Hellboy: I’m fire-proof, Stinky. *Puffs smoke and giving a slight kick to the fried carcass* You’re not.


A huge traffic jam clogs the highway. The totalled 4X4 is being TOWED AWAY. Several TV CREWS interview witnesses. Myers — his arm freshly bandaged — signs a police form. His radio beeps.

Hellboy: *Voice-over* Hey, Myers.

Myers: Yeah? Yeah? Yeah?

Hellboy: How’s your arm?

Myers moves away from the Police officers.

Myers: Yeah, my arm’s fine. Where are you?

Hellboy: We just fried Stinky. Listen… Tell father that we’ll be home later… but he shouldn’t wait up.

Myers: No, no no… Yeah yeah… Wait. I gotta come along with you.

Hellboy: No need. I’ll be alright.

Myers: What?!

Hellboy: Hey Myers…

Myers: Yeah?

Hellboy: Bye.

Myers: Damn.

He turns off his belt locator and moves away into the darkness of the tunnel.

Lieutenant Thunder: Hellboy, Where’re you heading off to now?

Paul: Somewhere personal maybe?

Hellboy: Yeah. A place that is personal. Someone that i must see is there.

Sora: *Using Telepathy* Liz Sherman. Elizabeth Sherman.

Carly: That’s probably the lady we saw on all those screens when we were in the Bachelor pad. When we first came to Newark. She looked really nice.

Paul: Who’s all going?

Hellboy: Just me. the one i am going to see… She doesn’t know of you guys yet and no hard feelings… I don’t want her to know about you guys yet. It’s just not the best time.

Passion Galore: Why not let her decide? Hellboy, If you are seeing this girl… Liz. You should let her make up her own mind about… us. if she were to come back to the Bureau. She’d see us anyway during this dilemma that’s in play… Right?

Majestic Love: Oh yeah… that’s exactly what we were gonna say.

Paul: Who’s going where?

Passion Galore: Most of us will be going back to where the others are. But a couple of us will be going along with Hellboy.

Clint: Theodore and I will go.

Paul: So will I. Sora… Carly, you’ll go with the girls back to the others at the Library.

Sora: Okay… But, You better not get yourself into any trouble. We’re far from home and i don’t think that our parents will be happy to know that we’ve landed in a spot of trouble.

It was then that the girls all went on back to the others at the library as the chase was over. But… It was told to be only one of a possible many. Or likely the first of several. The very first of several. At that time… it was growing calm and it started dying down on the excitement of a Monster sighting. The girls were heading back to the Library. Paul, Clint and Theodore were going to tag along with Hellboy.

The issues at hand were over… For now. But what none of them knew… was that something sinister was about to begin. Something was about to unfold…

In the foreground: BLACK light escapes from Sammael’s charred body.

Grigori’s voice: Sammael, die in peace… …and be reborn again and again.

What no one knew was that a sinister force was at wake. A Connection between WWII. The Allied forces and Broom’s uncanny involvement with it was about to unwrap and bust open. The Antagonist: Rasputin. Was back. The Mysterious man that Blossom shot at… Was In fact… Rasputin. If only she knew who he was at that time. However… They were all about to find out. Soon.



An abandoned shower room. A series of sinks and stalls, lined with dirty white tile. A phonograph nearby plays Wagner. Kroenen happened to stand right by it. Playing it before walking to where Ilsa was.

Ilsa just happened to be right nearby and in front of a man… Smoking a light. With a straight razor glinting in her hand. She stood over Grigory who was the man sitting in the chair and his back was seen. hiding the front of him as he was being groomed and tended to.  Ilsa, who was lovingly shaving her master’s scalp; grabbed two GLASS EYES from a table. Ilsa had then placed the two glass eyes into the eye sockets of Grigori. His back was still turned to us and then suddenly he turns to face view showing his face,  Showing his eyes and it is seen that a glass eye was shifting… as if lazily into position…  He then opens his hand: which revealed within the hand once balled…  the pale BLACK light that had just escaped from Sammael’s body. He cradles it like a precious stone. As though the light had such a precious and sentimental value to him and not willing to let it go from his grasp.

Grigory: *Smiling* Sammael has fulfilled his destiny… Die in peace and be reborn again and again…

He closed his fist again…

Ilsa: Only 5 more weeks left Grishka…

Rasputin stands, his neck and shoulders rising, engorged by moving flesh beneath his human skin. Ilsa stares in fascination.

Grigori: The child will be there. And so will we all — Won’t we?

Behind him, in the darkness of a tunnel: TWO SAMMAEL silhouettes appear…

Grigori: But the child happens to have young meddlers who happened to get in the way of telling the child who he was and what his calling was. The one girl possessed Lightning like power. Strong like lightning god.

Ilsa: Who is this girl that you speak of, Grishka?

Grigori: Not sure, My love. But there was ‘nother 2 girls. One pink hair. One water Blue. The gods tell me they go by senshi names. One with the name Zoey. One named June.

Ilsa: You think that they could possibly derail your plans?

Grigori: No. Nothing they do will stop what’s destined to take place. But that one girl… has mouth on her.

Ilsa: Whoever she is… She should learn not to be rude to a god. You got the control.

Grigori: It matters not. Everything shall go as planned. Not even the young protectors can stop what’s coming. It’s the child’s destiny to be where we need him to go…

Things were unfolding and now dark forces were growing. Growing into a concern. The Antagonists were plotting their next move. What was their next move? Was there gonna be a set of surprises put in play for the fighters and for Hellboy? Who was that mysterious man that Blossom fired at? Something happened at the Library before it was covered by Hellboy to handle the details of the recent monster he beat… Who had the answers? Would the Clairvoyant also be one to shed the illusive light on what took place at the Library? Where was Hellboy going and Who was he seeing? Find out in the next Chapter of the Adventures of the Rhapsody Girls Z! As the Saga continues…

Zoey: *Feeling different* Do i look any different?

June: No. You’re still you. But you… *Seeing a change in Zoey* You might be growing up a little bit is all. You’re taller than you were earlier. It’s probably nearing that moment where you hit… the Big P!

Zoey: Wonderful. If i am reaching Puberty… I should be at home. with my mom and dad. Not here. This is no place for me to be going through it.

June: Don’t worry, Zoey. You’re gonna be fine…

Tom Manning: *Voice-over* Tom Manning here… I’m the Director of the Bureau of Paranormal research and defense. I run most of the show and allow for the Prof. to do what he sees is necessary. But lets get this straight. Okay? Let’s get this whole thing straight. This tale has been going on long enough. But it’s what the avid readers out there want. Amusement and something to grab their attention. And Don’t tell anyone… but i kinda am rather curious as to what is with these new aged heroes and avengers. It’s kinda warming to a person’s heart. On The next Adventures of the… Who were they again? Oh right… Rhapsody Girls Z! On the Next Adventures of the Rhapsody girls Z! The Rhapsody New Generation stick around the Machen Library to help with the clean up procedure. Feeling as though they’re partly to blame for the mess. But it’s assured that they didn’t cause it. Its the one who’s red, 6 feet tall with a tail and happens to be government funded. Alot of this mess is his doing. But it’s when they happen to see the Director of the B.P.R.D that things get a little touchy. Things get actually a bit touchy and a little tense. Some of the fighters don’t seem to have high marks of admiration or trust for the Director. I’m used to it as i am not exactly considered to be in the circle of having people liking me that much. But they can’t deny that i get results. However while all the fighters are in the midst of cleaning up and assessing the damages that got done upon the Library Lobby and the Magick Exhibit. Crystal… the one called Psychic Wonder happens to share a vision with Fish-stick. Abe. and they share it with the Prof. Although… 3 of the fighters are missing. Actually 5. But 2 of the five missing show up and disclose to the others what they saw or found… or didn’t find. But the 3 that didn’t are seen over where Hellboy is. To see the girl that Hellboy has the feelings for…

Liz: *Voice-over* Hey… Elizabeth Sherman here. I’m not really all that comfortable with doing this because i never did like speaking towards the public. But i’m gonna get used to it. On the Next Adventures of the Rhapsody Girls Z! While the new Generation of Rhapsody fighters are at the Library helping out with the clean up… H.B. is at the Bellamie Mental hospital. outside and with me. Talking with me. Of course 3 of the fighters were around with us. Honolulu Torch. Majestic Love and Dancing Heartthrob of the Romancers Z! Clint and Theodore. They were with us just listening in and watching over H.B. I guess that i kinda talk a little bit to them and get to know them a little. Boys. Red. White whatever… They’re all the same to me. That’s not all that happens as while they were here with H.B and me just chatting and conversing. Over where the others were… At the Library. Abe, Crystal and Broom endure a Vision. Broom gets shown what went down at the Library hours ago before they were there. What they see in the vision haunts Broom and pains him greatly. Why does it sound like what they were seeing… wasn’t something to dance and cheer over? The fighters seem to get a lot of moments that wind up like that. They’ve got to be used to it or something. But it comes out that it’s not the only thing they have to worry about. One of their own starts showing signs of maturing from older kid… to Pre-teen to teen. It is likely to mean that she could lose her alter identity that she has in her. This all is gonna come to light on the next Adventures of the Rhapsody Girls Z! Chapter 185: “A Glimpse of truth… Who was responsible for the hit at the Library?”


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