Chapter 182: “Let’s go catch ourselves a Monster, Rhapsody.”

(The First Call of Rhapsody… and the first start with Hellboy.)

(The Al-bhed Rikku Rhapsody and Cid Provide transport part of the service)

(Bikini Girls Jennifer Rolland, Lori Hart and Kristen Marsh get Met by a ???)

Oct. 26th…

At the Metropolis Beach…


Jennifer Rolland: *Sighs* Suzanne has been so silent since the other day. We’ve got to do something.

Lori Hart: Yeah… But what do you suppose we are to do, Jennifer? She won’t speak to anyone other than her best friend Jenna Land/Rhapsody. Margaret tried to get her to speak and she just only shrugged. There is nothing that any of us can do. Amber Malek even tried to surf and purposely crashed to get a response out of Suzanne. Nothing. There was no reply. Not a Chuckle. A gasping outburst. Nothing. Not even a moan. She just won’t speak to anyone by to her best friend. It’s almost like they are deeply connected in a way spiritually and bonding wise that none of us will ever understand.

Kristen Marsh: I don’t think that we’re meant to. *Looking at Terra Reed walking close by* Terra has checked on Suzanne just a moment ago. Even she could not get a response from her.

Terra: *Stopping near Kirsten* Suzanne refuses to talk. But i think that she’s delving into the same habit that Diamond and Krissy are doing. Just this morning… Hallie Monroe walked around the beach and caught Suzanne with Krissy and going on about smoking. Krissy was opening up to Suzanne and I think that Suzanne might have tried it.

Kirsten: Are you sure?

Terra: I don’t really know. Hallie Monroe didn’t know for sure. She didn’t even know what she saw. Whether she was seeing Suzanne delving into the habit or if she was just seeing them talk. She said something about Suzanne being mostly silent and literally secretive.

Jennifer: There must be something that we can do to get Suzanne to snap out of it and get her back to how she used to be. This is not her.

Lori: That’s apparent. It’s definitely not her at all. We know that she got her innocence taken away. But… This is sad. Seeing her like this. Seeing her lose most of her will to go on. Losing her reasons to truly be happy. *Sad*

Amber: *Running over suddenly* Terra, We got a bit of a problem.

Terra: What? Amber, What’s going on?

Amber: It’s Suzanne. She’s delved into the same habit as Krissy and Diamond.

Terra: Huh?! *Pauses and looking towards Amber* Amber, Are you sure that she’s diving into what they do?

Amber: Yeah. Hallie Monroe just came to tell me… of all the ones to tell about it to… She comes and tells me. She saw Suzanne puffing with Krissy and Diamond…

Over on the other side of the beach…

Diamond: Suzanne, You’re falling into a dark patch right now. You are now having a light with Krissy and I because you lost yourself a bit.

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Krissy: Suzanne, You were Violated. Not Seduced. Molestation does not equal smoking till your insides blackened and you turn into a human torch.

Suzanne: *With a smoke lit and sighs* We quite done? Let me know when the lecturing is over. I already made my decision and i am not gonna change. I was molested. My innocence is gone. I lost it to a Sex offender. He got me to a dark room. and had me exposed. He literally stripped me and i cried for help. I cried for help. No one showed up. No one came. I must have been drugged though because when i came to… I was strapped onto a table and penetrated. I didn’t see who he was. I didn’t even see who did it. But i felt it. Okay? I felt it. and i tried to push him off. But why couldn’t anyone come to me when i called out?

Krissy: Suzanne, Jennifer, Bridgette and Sparkle did come to you. They tried to get to you before it was too late and couldn’t. There was nothing that they could do. There was nothing that they could have done by time they got there. You were already harmed by time they arrived and they mentioned that they were listening for screams and listening for the sound of your voice… getting closer and closer as they made to where you were being held. They tried to get to you. Just… they failed to get there in time. They have been beating themselves up over it since then.

Diamond: Jenna… your best friend heard about your situation and from what we heard… She hasn’t spoken to anyone hardly. Her sisters who are also once Bikini Girls like us… They tried to reach out to her and couldn’t. Brenda as well… She couldn’t either. I think that Jenna is gonna dive down into a habit as well… Just as you are.

Suzanne: That’s not what i want for her to do. I don’t want her punishing herself because of what happened to me. I didn’t ask for that. I didn’t even ask for this to happen. I am now under the influence of smoking. I don’t do this. I never would have done this… Ever. *Dramatic* I am now someone who does this and it’s horrible. I feel as if all i got left is this.

Diamond: It’s not the only thing that you have, Suzanne. *Lighting up*

Krissy: If anything… it’s the only thing that you can think to do as… it’s the first thing that came to mind. You were hurt. Molestation Victims naturally tend to start Drinking. Not smoke. Although… Smoking is not the best choice either… it’s what ruins your nails. Hair. Clothes. Gives you a hacker’s cough. A Smoker’s cough. It ruins you. Not necessarily a class “A” Bell ringer.

Diamond: *Smoking* Suzanne, You’re gonna be fine. Just take it easy. That’s the best thing for you to do right now. Take it easy. You should call up your friend Jenna Lands/Rhapsody. Speak with her… She’s gonna want to hear from you sometime, Suzanne. You two are like really close.

Krissy: That’s true. You are.

Suzanne: You’re right. I should call her. *Finishing her first light and Nods* I’ll go call her and see about hanging out with her somewhere. Telling her about what i just started doing is gonna be hard on me to get off my chest… but if i am as close to her as i happen to be… I owe it to her to be told the truth. Let her make up her own mind and get her thoughts on it.

Diamond: That’s right. You might never know till you sit down and talk it out.

Krissy: But it’s probably best if you were to leave your pack of smokes here with us. You’re wanting to tell her the truth… but you might want to consider that she might not be up for that much truth. Not at first… that is.

Suzanne: You’re right…

Suzanne then went to look for a phone and gave her best friend a call. She wanted to see her best friend. But there was one thing stopping her. The fear of what happened to her the last time that she went somewhere on her own. Last time she went out anywhere… on her own, she was abducted and then sexually violated. Of course… her luckiest of good fortune was that she didn’t get impregnated. That was the only saving grace. The only saving grace. But her innocence was gone and she believed that no matter where she went… even if it were on her own… The fear of what happened to her was gonna go on. There was no stopping that. The fear was gonna go on. The memory would remain in her mind for a long time to come.

A Moment later…

At the Nearby Metropolis Casino Down in the near center of Downtown Metropolis…

Jenna: *Walking around; Nervous* What am i doing here? Suzanne asked me to meet her here and this is supposed to be illegal. Under 18 is illegal for being in a casino. She’s gonna get into trouble here and so am I.

Suzanne: *Walking over from behind* Hey Jenna. I’m glad to see you. I’ve been wanting to see you since the other day… But i still felt so bad. I wasn’t ready to see anyone.

Jenna: I know. I heard. *Sighs* I feel so bad about what happened to you. I couldn’t think about anything but what you were going through. How you were doing. I can’t believe that i wasn’t there when you were in need of me the most.

Suzanne: Jenna, *Looking at her best friend and reaching out to her* It is not your fault. There was no way that you could have known this would happen. I sure didn’t. I just however… happened to be at the right place… at the wrong time.

Jenna: It still doesn’t make it right. I should have still been there for you. When it first happened… i felt so bad that i wouldn’t talk to anyone. I wouldn’t speak to my sisters. I didn’t really speak to my dad Arnold. Not much since that day. I was scared to. He’s a nice person… Sweet and would bend over backwards for me and the others. Providing for the sisters and me. But now knowing that you were hurt by a man… I am afraid that my dad would be just another one of the men who’d do something like that. I am scared and i shouldn’t be. He wouldn’t do that. Never… but i feel bad all the time. Feeling bad that you were in need and i wasn’t there.

Suzanne: Jenna… Please. You were in school. How could you be one to be in school and then be where i was at the same time? You were in school. There was nothing that you could have done. No one really knew where i was exactly. They heard the screams and heard my voice… but i could have been anywhere.

Jenna: *Looking to the sides and then at her best friend* Suzanne, What exactly are we doing here?

Suzanne: *Walking ahead and sighs* Jenna, i got to tell you something and i am hoping that you won’t be upset with me. Because… with what i’ve been through… it’s the last thing i’d need. Having my best friend mad at me.

Jenna: I won’t be mad. How could i be mad at you, Suzanne? If nothing more… I’d be worried and concerned… but also feeling sorry for you. But not mad. Why? What’s the matter?

Suzanne then stops a minute later as she and her best friend Jenna were walking through the casino casually and innocently. Suzanne looked to the side and saw a smoke vending machine close to the side and walked over to it. She saw something she wanted and inserted the money needed for it and made her selection. She picked a pack of Winston’s.  Suzanne looked at the sides and then walked over to her friend and made way out of the casino. She lead her friend to an alley and that was when she suddenly came clean. With everything…

Suzanne: Jenna, I have to confess something to you and this is what it is. When i got myself Abducted and Violated by a sick man… I felt that he penetrated me. It was intentional and the thing about it was that after he did it. That sick man. I didn’t see his face as it happened. Nor after it happened. But before… the Abduction happened… I saw him. His face looked really fuzzy. Almost like a dirty harry. After he did what he did… he apparently was smoking. I smelt it. And saw him lighting up. I hated the smell and i begged for him to let me loose. To let me go. He wouldn’t let me go. Instead… He stuck a smoke in my mouth. Forced it. and He even had a gun to my head. Threatened to pull the trigger if i didn’t do it. he had me do it. I didn’t want to die. I hated it. I really hated it and i cried as i done it. I bawled in tears because i hurt so bad and i wanted the pain to stop. But the more i cried… the more he pressed. The more it went. He even lit it and told me that unless i did it… he would keep me strapped to the table and exposed. Not letting go. I even screamed and tried to bellow out for help. Loudly and not stopping. However…

Jenna: You hated it… You didn’t want to do it. But knowing as though your life was at stake… there wasn’t much choice in the matter and you had to do what ever you could to see that your life was spared and not taken. It was desperation. Even though it came at a cost. You lost your innocence.

Suzanne: Yeah. I lost it. That is why for a few days i didn’t really speak to anyone. I didn’t even speak to the leader of the gang much. I didn’t speak to any of them… i didn’t laugh. gasp. I didn’t even move. Nothing. I hurt so much that i didn’t have any feelings. After being violated… i didn’t know why i’d have to. I didn’t know. This morning… i recalled in my mind what happened when i endured the harm. I went to where Krissy and Diamond were and saw an unopened pack of these close and grabbed it. opened it and pulled out a smoke and grabbed a lighter and lit it. Krissy and Diamond  saw me do it and wanted to stop me. But i wouldn’t allow it. I had hurt so much that i didn’t care if it was hurting me. I had my first light. and actually enjoyed it.

Jenna: So you now smoke? Suzanne, Why? Why would you do this? You would never let this become you. You were said to be stronger than that. I can’t believe that you’d just do it. The first one was a fluke and you were being forced. You didn’t have to dive down in to it. You didn’t have to do it. But now that you had… You are hooked.

Suzanne: I know. I know… I feel so bad for doing it. I really do. I just feel awful. Knowing that i have this to speak for myself. *Looking at Jenna and seeing the hurt look on her face* I now seemed to have hurt you over this…

Jenna: No. You didn’t hurt me. You’re hurting yourself. Which is actually hurting me to see that you’re hurting yourself. I want to help you… But how can i help you? You’re hurting all over and it’s because of that awful sick man that did it to you. I should have been there. To break his grip and to get you out of there before he could have done it. Before he did what he had done. I’m gonna think about this… maybe think on joining or trying all that i can to support you and work on breaking you of the habit. You’re better than this, Suzanne. You’re better than this. Seeing you slip like this… it’s breaking my heart.

Jenna couldn’t stick by and watch her friend delve down a path that was leading her to lose herself a ways. Jenna hugged her best friend and wished for her to get better and to fight back. To try and retake control of her life before leaving back to her sisters and father. She couldn’t bare to watch her best friend fall apart. She walked away as soon as she wished her best friend the best and while walking her way back home… She cried. She cried for her friend and felt so bad. She wanted to join her friend. Do what her friend was doing. It was said that she was faultless… None of it was her fault and yet she believed that it was her fault as she should have been there when her friend needed her the most. She didn’t come when she should have and it was not possible as Jenna Rhapsody was in school around the time that it happened. There was no way that she could get to her. It mattered not to her as she believed it to be her fault. She cried and bawled in tears. All the way home to the Radio station. Once there… She walked to her bed and laid down crying herself to sleep. She didn’t want to speak to anyone.


While Suzanne was with her friend spending among each other… It was during that time where something happened. Something happened to Lori, Jennifer and Kirsten. They were cornered by a man and the man had two helpers. They grabbed the girls and took them to a secret hide out… But this time there was warning.

Stevie: *Following with Dani* Come on… More of the girls are being abducted and are in danger of being Molested by Sex fiends. Those damn sick fucks are trying to penetrate all the innocent kids.

Dani: Enough is enough. These sick men need to have their asses kicked to the curb. *Sighs* Good thing we got cars so we can tail those men and catch where they’re going with the girls.

Stevie: *Driving and following the mysterious car* Right. Let’s get these girls back from the asshole sick pricks.

The chase was on and the 3 girls that were just abducted… They were being taken to a hideout. A dark place where there wouldn’t be any hope for help to come to the girls. The Sick men didn’t realize that they were being followed. They were being tailed by the two Adult Bikini Girls and were gonna be meeting a snag. It was only moments later when the Mysterious Van stopped at the spot where it was headed and the dark minded men grabbed the girls. Knocked them out and then carried them over to the hideout. Carried them off to where there would be no chance to escape. As it was… there had been no chance for anyone to escape an abduction. But the 3 girls… Jennifer, Lori and Kirsten were taken inside the hideout and then a moment later awakened back up to find themselves on a table. Strapped and exposed. unclothed. They screamed and yelled for help. Screaming as loud as they could. As strong as they could. It wore out their voices a bit… but they kept screaming and crying out for help. They kept going and just when they began to lose all hope…

Kimahri: *Aiming his Spear at the dark men* You evil Men hurt young pups… You shall be hurt by Kimahri’s spear! Untie young girls now!

Jennifer: *Gasps* Kimahri?!

Kirsten: Kimahri?! How did you find us?

Kimahri: Kimahri hear screams of young girls. Sensed trouble being done. Kimahri feel sorry for the pup that got hurt. Kimahri fail saving her. But not fail saving you young ones.

Jennifer: Kimahri, You friends to the Rhapsody Clan?

Kirsten: You know of them?

Kimahri: *Nods* Kimahri knows. The new gen… gone east coast to deal with problem. Kimahri stay to keep watch of city while they be away.

Lori: Well… if you’re a friend of theirs… Could you cut us loose from this? We would like to get off this table and clothed back up. This naked act we’re being put through… It’s beyond gross and these men are gonna try to get on to us.

Jennifer: That’s really sick. I would rather us not have that happen to us if you wouldn’t mind. It’d be something i’d like to not have recurring nightmares from.

Kimahri: Do not worry. Bad men won’t touch you. Kimahri not let happen.

Kimahri swiped his paws against the ties and cut them off. Breaking the girls free from the men in the room. The Men however tried to loom for the girls and were sliced by the spear that Kimahri wielded. He swung it right at the men and cut them. It wasn’t fatal… but it was enough to scare them off to an inch of their lives. The girls got back in their clothes and took off running but only got as far before being spotted by the two Adult members of the gang. Stevie and Dani.

Kirsten: *Looking at Stevie* You two got here just in time. Those guys were gonna try to do to us what it was that they did to Suzanne. We were about to be violated. But…

Lori: We got saved. By someone in blue.

Stevie: *Curious* Who?

Jennifer: A Blue haired being with white hair, a tail… A broken horn on his forehead. Is a Hybrid mix of Lion/Rhino. Originally from another world. But is now here in this City and is friends to our friends. The Rhapsody Clan.

Kirsten: Kimahri Ronso.

Dani: Really?!

Jennifer: Uh-huh. Really.

Stevie: It’s a guy though, Right?

Lori: Yeah. But he’s nice. Really nice. He’s friendly.

Dani: Right. That’s good knowing he’s friendly. As long as he is friendly and nice. It’s fine. But we don’t openly trust any man. After what happened to your friend Suzanne… You girls shouldn’t be trusting any man either. It’s for safety.

Stevie: We know that you know of these men and that you trust them as they came off as being honest hard working people… But Men are still men and they still have over active Libido’s. Nothing can change that.

Lori: What do you suggest that we do? Not trust any guy. If we don’t learn to trust others every once in a while… We’re gonna only wind up being alone…

As soon as they got back to the beach where it was safe…

The gang was mandated to get into a lockdown…

At Sid’s Diner…

Holly: *Helping her dad with the coffee* Hey Dad, Did you ever hear about the abductions that were going on as of late?

Sid: The Child Abductions that were occurring through out the city?

Holly: Yeah. I heard that a Bikini girl got Violated some days ago…

Sid: Where did you hear that?

Holly: I heard it being mentioned by some of the girls in school. Someone named Kirsten Marsh was going around talking about one of the Bikini Girls getting Abducted… then Molested… and then ditched… or let go after the act was done. She was being submissive around any one who was Male. Distrusting.

Sid: *Looking at Holly* Holly, you are hearing this stuff in school?

Holly: No. Just from the words spoken by Kirsten. She was speaking about it. Going on about it. She was so broken about it that she couldn’t talk of anything else.

Sid: Holly, This is serious stuff that you’re talking about. Child Abductions… You’re talking about something that is very serious. It could have been you that got targeted and it’d kill me to endure that. *Setting up the coffee* Holly, I worry about you and your involvement around that particular element.

Holly: Why’re you worried? It won’t happen to me.

Sid: *Stopping to look at his daughter* Holly, You don’t know that. That could have been you. Your mother is dealing with a lot right now with the restaurant. I really don’t think that she’d be wanting to catch the news telling of you being victimized by a Child Abductor. In fact… I don’t want to be catching the news of that either.

Holly: Dad, Do i look like i am a victim?

Sid: No. But hearing about the Child Abductions… I can’t help but to worry about what could happen. I worry about you, Holly. *Looking to the side and sighs* The Radio stations and the News is telling that it’s gonna get worse. 3 more girls got Abducted today. No one knows where they were taken or who took them. But one of them was the girl you spoke of. Kirsten… She was one of the ones that were Abducted. Just this afternoon. It got reported right away as it happened.

Holly: This is getting bad. What about the girls that got adopted by the one who owns the Radio Station? What about them? They could be at risk too… couldn’t they?

Sid: I don’t know. *Seeing Jessica coming inside* Evening Jessica.

Jessica: Evening Sid. *Walking over to order a cup of coffee* Long day. Or not so long day…

Holly: *Confused* Long day… Of what?

Jessica: hearing about the outbreaks of Child Abductions. All cases were girls.

Holly: You too? You were hearing of them too?

Sid: News gets around fast.

Jessica: Sure it does. Everyone speaks of it. It’s a very heavy subject. But it’s mostly the Bikini Girls that are getting targeted. Someone got targeted a few days ago. Some girl named… Suzanne Sexton. She got Molested and there is word that she’s not the only one that got it either. But just one of the few known cases that are out there. It might seem like nothing now… But the shit is out there and it’s a literal disease.

Holly: No… It’s not a disease. It’s a sign of a down fall between the concept of morality and dignified behavior. This isn’t a game.

Jessica: No shit. It’s the game of a loss over right and wrong. in the last month. 19 Children… Wide spread in Metropolis have been abducted and some… have been Mo——. Some have been kept to see Explicit material. There are sick people out there. Some girl… A Bikini Girl got nailed just recently. 3 more might have had the same fate. The same fate and it’s getting worse and worse. *Looking at the girl in the room* Who’re you?

Holly: Holly Reedy. I’m Sid’s daughter.

Jessica: So… you’re the one that Sid spoke of a few times since the year before last when i first came to Metropolis? When i first came to this Diner. He spoke of you.

Holly: He’s a good father. Married my mom when i was like 8. He’s been a real kind father. I happen to like the business here and want to maybe one day in the future work here and then when i grow up… Open a Diner of my very own. I think that i’ll call it: “Holly Reedy’s groove-in Diner”. Have it possess a radiant and flaring atmosphere of peace.

Sid: *Chuckles* See?! Now that’s a chip off the old block. Only Middle school and she’s hard core focused in what she’s wanting to be doing years from now…

It was minutes later when Arnold’s daughters came into the Diner. All except for Jenna. She was too upset to come. Although there was no mystery as to why she was upset. Arnold had to spend some time with her to talk with her. He didn’t necessarily understand the idea of what it was like to have a friend who got violated. But he knew about what it was like to see someone hurting because they felt helpless that they couldn’t do what they could for their friend. That they saw their friend losing themselves because of what they were put through. Jenna Rhapsody saw it in her friend and all she could do was cringe and cry in agony. She felt incompetent and useless. In her mind, she thought of herself as worthless and undependable. Pathetic even. All she could think about was the absolute pain that her friend Suzanne was feeling. Knowing that there was no way to fix it. No way to undo what was done… Jenna caught on to the idea that with what her friend had gone through… her friend was likely now feeling Dirty. Disgusting. Self-loathing. Unworthy. Pathetic. Hideous. It was gonna be the longest road to recovery and even that seemed dim and hopeless…

At Dinah’s and Shingo’s house…

Dinah: *Looking at the girls* Janie, Alex, Charlene. You’re not going out tonight. Not by yourselves.

Janie: Why not? It isn’t like something bad is gonna happen… Right?

Dinah: Janie, something could happen. I heard the News broadcast on my way home from the Bulldog stadium. There was 3 more abductions. 3!  I might be a little behind on the situation that’s plaguing the city…. But i won’t sit and feed the fires. You 3 are in high school now. In High School… But are still young and fresh enough for those sick shits to grab and try to get on a psychotic episode and try a sickening act on you.

Alex: *Scoffs* Ugh! Mom! Whatever you’re trying to tell us… It’s not gonna scare us. Okay? The only thing that really scares us 3 is the part of our lives when we were residents of that Orphanage and dealing with those psycho’s Granny Goodness and Desaad. They freak us out. The Child Molesters… They don’t scare us. Yeah… We’re concerned about what could happen and what is likely to impact… But we’re not scared.

Dinah: You might not be… But i am. You 3 were saved from the Orphanage. Saved. Shingo saved you and that’s a lucky break for any kids to be taken from a deranged orphanage. But Those sick people out there are not like the one at the Orphanage. They live for getting with children and gaining their trust. Then BAMM! Pedophilia in the midst.

Charlene: That doesn’t really make much a difference, Mom. *Sighs* You’re getting worried over something that has always gone on. It’s still happening. The only problem with that is it just recently reached Metropolis. Metropolis never had this come to play for the longest time. The longest time. Everyone thought that it wouldn’t be a problem if it didn’t come here. But… Truth is…

Alex: It has always been a problem. You just didn’t see it because this city always covered it up or pretended that it wasn’t happening. This city’s probably had reports of it for years and no one even paid a speck of attention to it.

Janie: It’s not that scary.

Dinah: It’s not, huh? Tell that to the 3 girls who were abducted today. They were taken in broad daylight. right from the beach. Many witnesses caught it.

Janie: What… are you talking about, Mom? What 3 girls?

Alex: *Pauses* You’re not talking about the Bikini Girls gang, are you… Mom?

Dinah: Yes. That’s who i am talking about, Alex. They’re being attacked. a few days ago… one got targeted. Suzanne Sexton. that nice girl has been violated by a sick man.

Charlene: Oh no… Is she gonna be alright?

Dinah: I don’t know. Your cousin Jenna isn’t saying either. She’s too broken up about it all.

Charlene: We caught that coming from her. For the last few days… she’s been mostly silent. Really quiet and wouldn’t speak to anyone. She wouldn’t even speak with her sisters. Nicki, Danielle and Brenda came to us and told us of the details. Said that Jenna learned of her best friend Suzanne getting Molested that she just broke up her senses and just went silent. Numb. She didn’t even do much of any talking to anyone…

*Knock… Knock… Knock!”

Dinah: *Getting up* Who could that be? I hope that it’s not any of the girls. You’re all in for the night. I don’t trust anything. A few days ago, that innocent girl got hurt. Then just today… 3 more. Who’s gonna be next? You 3? No thanks. Not happening.

Dinah walks on over to the front door and answers it. It was…

Kimahri: *In worry* Dinah… Pups in danger. Young Janie, Alex and Charlene in danger.

Dinah: *Lost and bewildered* Uh… okay. It’s uh… nice to see you too… But what do mean that my 3 girls are in danger?

Kimahri: Bad men in neighborhood. saw Young Janie, Alex and Charlene. Plan to take girls next. Get them to different spot. Not safe here.

Dinah: Are you sure that they’re gonna come after the girls?

Kimahri: *Nods* Kimahri no lie. Kimahri sure.

Dinah: *Concerned and suddenly panicking* Oh my god. Kimahri… Hurry in. I’m gonna get some things packed for the girls and once they’ve got some things set to go… lasting a few days or so till this dies down… Take them immediately to the Luthor Mansion. Tess is likely to be there. I’ll call her and give her the details… *Running off to the other room in panic* Oh my god… Not my girls… Not them. No… *Freaking out*

However… it was just the very beginning of things to come. The very beginning. and with the Bikini Girls being attacked… one by one… the peace that was thought to remain… was diminishing. fast and unfortunately… at an alarming rate.

At Alvin and Alice’s house…

Hallie: *Scared* What’re we gonna do, Kasey? What’ll we do?

Kasey: *Worried* I don’t know, Hallie. I don’t know if there is anything that anyone can do. The fighters are on the east coast now and are likely gonna be there for quite a while. There is not much that we can do.

Hallie: The girls… at the beach are being attacked by some sick man… They’re our friends.

Kasey: I know… I know, Hallie. Okay? I know. They’re being attacked and as much as we’d be wishing to help… We can’t. There is nothing we can do. What’s worse is that dad is having a possible affair with someone else. There are signs which are screaming out saying that something is not right. Dad every other night for the last 5 months gone out with a couple Cuban Cigars… It’s rather awkward to know that… But also wearing a Zoot Suit. Yeah. A Zoot Suit. and Italian loafers. Wearing as well cologne… Persian Cologne. He sneaks out. Mom doesn’t know about it.

Hallie: Shouldn’t we tell her?

Kasey: We can’t. We don’t know for sure that he is seeing another woman. We can’t follow him.

Hallie: What’ll we tell Sora and Carly? They’re gonna wanna know.

Kasey: Not now. They’re not here for us to tell them. They’re on the east coast too.


A Knock sounds on the front door…

Kasey: *Walking over to answer the front door* Who’s at the door at this hour?

Hallie: *Shrugs*

Seconds later…

Erica Diamond: *Getting off the horse* Hey Kasey. Hallie. Been a while since the last you came down to visit the gang. But… *Looking at the dusk; seeing the sun go down further* With the recent wave of Abductions that were going on… It was better that you steered your spurs away from everyone. You had to take care of Hallie and attend to the family here.

Hallie: Yeah… But we feel bad over what’s going on with the gang. We wish that there was something we could do.

Erica Diamond: Hallie, Sweetie… There was nothing you could have done. Nothing that anyone could have done. It was out of everyone’s hands. Even Margaret’s and she’s supposed to be the leader. She has been trying to keep strong and it’s been uneasy for her. Really uneasy. Suzanne Sexton has now taken up smoking. She’s smoking Something called Winston’s. I never heard about that… But Krissy and Diamond had. Although we know that Diamond smokes KOOL’s. Krissy has the Marlboro Mediums.

Kasey: Suzanne smokes now… Why?

Erica: Why do you think she’d do that? She’s lost her way. She’s also been having mood swings as well. Personality changes. That’s a sure sign of expressing the whole stigma of being Sexually Violated. The only good thing is that she’s not Pregnant. That’s a blessing.

Kasey: We’re still a bit young to know about that… We’re only 14.

Erica: Like i don’t realize that, Kasey? We are not oblivious. We know what’s what.

Hallie: That doesn’t sound so pleasant.

Erica: No… It doesn’t. It never has sounded pleasant. It’s awful. I also overheard that Jenna Lands… Jenna Rhapsody is considering to join in with Suzanne. Some time in the future. I don’t know how true that is… But you might want to keep your eyes and ears peeled on the possibility.

Kasey: I think that we’ll do that. Our mom and Dad aren’t back yet. They’re still at work or at least… that’s what we’re guessing. It’s just us here right now.

Erica: The gang is likely gonna wonder where i’ve gone off to, But… I kinda follow my own path. Always had. *Looking at the horse and seeing that her guest is still on the horse* Hey, you could climb down from there you know. It’s safe.

Seconds later…

Erica Diamond: *Introducing her guest* Kasey, Hallie… This is Royale Morrison. She’s Irish, Romanian and with some Greek. Her family has a larger history with the Greek and the Irish though.

Royale M.: Hey there. *Nods; Smiling* Nice to meet you girls.

Kasey: Nice to meet you too. You’re new though. Have we seen you before in school?

Royale M.: Not sure. I don’t think you have… But Being in high school. I think that we might have crossed paths and just never knew.

Hallie: How long have you been in Metropolis?

Royale M.: Not long. Only been in Metropolis since March of this year. So… I’m still new. But i did happen to catch sight of these people. They wore communicators on their wrists and had this noticeable belt. Couldn’t make out what they were though.

Kasey: *Not knowing who they are* Hmm… I wouldn’t know anything about that. But Communicators? Sounds more like multiple generations of the Power Rangers to me.

Hallie: Power Rangers have Zords. the girls at school… don’t.

Kasey: Maybe… But who’d have Communicators on their wrists like that?

Erica Diamond: No idea.

Royale M.: They wouldn’t be considered as the heroic teams… would they?

Kasey: No. No… You’re probably thinking of some other girls that have these gadgets you speak of. But it’s not like them.

Hallie: Let’s get inside. It’s getting cold out here.

Nothing more could have gone wrong or gotten any more weirder. There was nothing more that could happen aside from the suspicion of a possible affair… the dark shadows of Child Abductions and possible sexual violations that were placing the vice grip of fear into all children… young and old… all through the city of Metropolis. This was all before the day of Halloween. or what particular groups and religious people would count as All Hallows Eve. The Celtic day of the dead. The Festival of Samhain.

As for the fighters though…

On the East coast in New Jersey…

At the B.P.R.D…

The fighters were all scattered throughout the place. They were studying history and Science. Crystal, Sora and Carly… Raven. They were learning History from Abe. Serena, Spencer, Susie, Clint and Theodore, Annie, Blossom and Zoey were learning from Broom. But on their breaks… hanging out between Abe… Broom and also with Hellboy…


in Broom’s office…

Crystal: *Looking at Abe* With the history that you taught us… You seem to be as though you lived for several hundred years.

Abe: It is true. I had. for centuries. Since 1865. But for many of those years… i was under the vice of slumber. But when found… i gained much knowledge. reading anything historical. About the Occult. The paranormal. However… i can sense the inner thoughts of other people with only a slight touch of the palm. Learning about them without them even having to say a word.

Crystal: Really?! *Grins and intrigued* That’s impressive. I am somewhat or… i am a bit of a Clairvoyant. I also have Visionary foresight Just like my mother.

Abe: *Detecting something coming from Crystal* You also possess Telekinesis.

Crystal: Yeah.

Sora: *With Carly* We also have Esp.

Carly: Plus Elemental abilities too. Learned them from a Black Mage. Someone named Lulu.

Abe: However… you seem to be worried about something.

Sora: No. We’re just thinking about how lonely it must be in here for you and… Hellboy. Having to remain hidden from the world because of the fact that you and he believes that no one would ever understand you. or bother to understand you two without Judging you guys first. It’s really sad.

Carly: It’s not fair that you guys have to hide from the world and hide who you really are.

Abe: It is a shame that we’re having to hide from the world. But in the midst of chaos… at the end of the day… all we freaks and special people have… is each other.

Raven: Making it as where… all we special people and or freaks…are meant to be alone. *Sighs* Sad, isn’t it?

Abe: Without a doubt.

As for Serena, Clint and Theodore, Spencer, Blossom and Zoey…

Hellboy’s Den…

Susie and Annie were sitting and helping Hellboy clean up the place a bit…

Blossom: We should be going after monsters. But there’s been short supply.

Zoey: That’s not the only part. We yesterday have met or come across that guy… Manning. He isn’t very nice.

Blossom: No kidding. He comes and barks orders at us and it’s as if… if he barks… we jump and respond to his call.

Spencer: That won’t happen, girls. It will never happen. Manning is the director. But We are not doing this to suit him. We’re here to work with Abe Sapien, Hellboy and Broom. Not Manning.

Clint: Don’t worry about that guy… He’s back in Washington now. He left yesterday morning and is said to be gone for awhile.

Theodore: But even though he was hard on us… You have to admit. He actually likes us. He just doesn’t come out and say it… but he really seems to like us.

Serena: Well… His way of expressing it sure needs some work. If i was him and acted like that. I’d be shafted into grounded beef. I think we all would for that matter. Our parents give us a lot of lead way on things only because they understand what it’s like to be fated to do this hero work. To have a calling that is different from everyone else. But acting like that. How Manning acted… or his attitude. We’d be grounded quicker before you’d cry for help or beg for mercy.

Annie: Hardy har har…

June: *Looking at the T.V’s* There sure are alot of T.V’s in here.

Susie: *Straightening up the wide set of Zippos and getting them nice and organized from big to small and from old to new* Hellboy, You’ve got to have a filing system for all these Zippos. There’s likely about 600 Zippos easy here that i must have straightened up for you. Granted that this is your pad. You know how you like it. That’s true. But… A little cleanliness would help. Because even though it isn’t much a home… but is a bachelor pad made just to suit you… The concept still should apply. A Clean home is a happy home.

Hellboy: You’re right, Susie. *Lifting some weights* Better cleanliness. However… that is what you guys are here for. To take care of all that. But besides that… You are seen as friends and partners. You don’t really have to do much of the cleaning if you don’t wanna. Plus… The thing about Manning. Don’t worry about him. He isn’t that tough. I’ve dealt with him many times. His bark is usually always worse than his bite. So when it comes to Manning… Just let me have words with the stiff. I’ll deal with him.

Susie: You sure?

Serena: We’d step up to bat for you.

Clint: That’s true. we would step up to bat for you if it came to it. Even if it didn’t. We’d still do it.

Hellboy: I’ll keep that in mind.

But it was an hour later when…

Myers came in with the carts of food. Grilled Cheese, Pizza, French fries and Ham…

It was almost mid evening and even with all the studying and hanging out with the crew… The fighters all had the sense to wonder when the action was really gonna start. It was only about a week and a half since they first arrived at the B.P.R.D and there was not really much activity going around. Maybe some briefing .. But nothing of action and it was starting to get the fighters a little bummed. It was time for a feast again. Hellboy looked at the fighters and grinned. He right then had Myers rush off to get the remaining fighters and get them into the Pad. The fighters all got together and grabbed a serving of everything and grabbed a drink as well. There was peace unknown and they all sat as one and talked about their home in Metropolis. Hellboy sat listening to everything and couldn’t help but to show admiration. He didn’t think to drink some beer while in the company of the fighters. But he happened to believe it to be a reason to celebrate. He wanted to get into the mood…

Hellboy grabbed for a can of beer that was on the top shelf in the ice chest that he had up on top and to the side and opened it…

Paul: Hellboy, You got Beer. You sure know how to celebrate hard. This is Halloween. All Hallows Eve. In our Home City of Metropolis… We’d usually go to a Halloween party and hang loose. But since we’re here. We have to make this work as best as it can get. Make it work. We’re here. And are providing a service to the cause. Serving our time doing what’s right.

Blossom: I’ll buy that. *Grabbing her bottle of coke and motioning to propose a toast* A toast. To Hellboy. the muscular man in red. To Abe… The Intellectual Merman… To everyone here at the BPRD. May the time we are to have here be fruitful, full of peace and nothing but happy pleasant times. Good friends. Good times. To the BPRD!

All: *Clanking their drinks together and giving cheer* To the BPRD!

Hellboy: Dig on in, kids. Chowtime…

An ALARM sounds, and a red light blinks on the wall. Myers looks around, bewildered. The fighters looked around and saw that there was red lights blaring and flashing all over the room.

Alarm: Code red.

Hellboy: *Looking towards Clay and the fighters* Hey, hey, hey.

Alarm: Warning. Code red.

Hellboy: *To the fighters* They’re playing our song. Looks like Chowtime will have to wait. But at least have the sandwiches. That’ll tie you kids down till after the outing is over.

Minutes later…

Annie: *Looking at everyone* Rhapsody New Generation… To Arms…

Clint: Let’s do it!

Theodore: Time to give some monster a heart attack with the Dance of the Heartthrob.

Annie: Madame Romance. *Putting her hand into the middle*

Daria: Passion Galore. *Putting her hand into the middle*

Clint: Majestic Love. *Putting his hand into the middle*

Theodore: Dancing Heartthrob. *Putting his hand into the middle*

Annie, Daria, Clint and Theodore: *Chanting and Posing* RHAPSODY ROMANCERS Z! Power… LOVE DREAM ACTION!

With a flash of light and with a sudden down pour surrounding them… Annie and Daria were covered in Pink light and bare with exposed skin before being transformed. Red and Pink blouses covered the girls and Shirts with red and gold hearts appeared on the boys. Glittery Pink and fushia Skirts covered the lower parts of the Girls and Glittery red and Pink Pants covered the boys lower half. They had heart shaped rings and Jewelry appear on them in style. The girls had Tiara’s and the boys had German style hats on them. The girls received weapons in the shape of heart guitars that when stroked by the strings Turned into heart blasters that Released pure bursts of Love energy. The guys received weapons that were in the shape of Rods. Heart Rods. When Spun and twirled and then finished with a thump on the ground Firing a strong concentrated blast of Music and Blissful heart energy… The girls had shoes that were high heels with Nylon Leggings. The guys had steel toed cowboy boots that have laser lights on the bottom that with each step… Sang a tune of romance. Their Gloves were all Red with Tiny pink and black hearts decorating them.  Once fully transformed… They presented themselves in their alternate forms…

Madame Romance: *With Passion Galore, Madame Love and Dancing Heartthrob; Posing in unison* Rhapsody Romancers Z!

Amy: The Evil is awakening… There’s a possible monster sighting and we’ve got to wipe it clean. Put the extinguishing power of our water on it.

Susie: Looks like we’re up.

Amy: Angelic Bubble. *Putting her hand into the middle*

Susie: Shining Bubble. *Putting her hand into the middle*

Christina: Symphonic Bubble. *Putting her hand into the middle*

Penny: Chic Bubble Gem.*Putting her hand into the middle*

Spencer: Spiritual Arctic-Frost. *Putting his hand into the middle*

Amy, Susie, Christina, Penny and Spencer: *Chanting and Posing* RHAPSODY AQUATIC FORCE Z! TIDAL WAVE DREAM ACTION!

A storm of Ice and bubbles and sparkles surrounded them with it’s embrace. The appearance within seconds changed piece by piece. The girls were surrounded with Shirts that struck as Blouses and with designs on it. Shards of ice stuck out and shined light out which enveloped them with a white veil putting wings of light on them. Blue and white Blouses with bubbles all over.  A Skirt formed on them long skirts that sparkled with twinkling gems and ice dust. their shoes were high heeled Pumps in their sizes and had the designs of Ice and Gems. Bubbles on the bottom for the ability to hover off the ground. each of them had a tiara made of bubbles and gems. shining like the light of angels. Their weapons were the Bubble Gem grenade launcher, Bubble gloves, Bubble laser rod and the Bubbly Harmonica… With each blow on the Harmonica… a Sonic boom of Bubbling Ice gets released and fires at the target in sight. For Spencer got turned into a Monk of Ice and Bubbles. his attire was with the cross of Bubble Maiden and Jack Frost and the weapon was the Frost Scepter. and for the accessory was the Frost and bubble Charm bracelets. The footwear were the angelic slippers. With frost on the bottom to grant the power to swim.

Angelic Bubble: *With her sisters Shining Bubble, Symphonic Bubble and Chic Bubble Gem; With her Brother Spiritual Arctic-Frost* *Posing in Unison* RHAPSODY AQUATIC FORCE Z!

Sapphire: Time for the pain. Thunderic Fury and the rage of Thunder.

Serena: This is what we live for. Let’s go serve some monster a can of Thunder pain. Hands in!

Sapphire: Lieutenant Thunder! *With her hand in the middle*

Raven: Intellectual Thunderic Wonder! *With her hand in the middle*

Serena: Thunderic Fury! *With her hand in the middle*

Sapphire: *With Raven and Serena; Posing for transformation* … *Transforming* Rhapsody Thunderic Force Z!… Electrify!

Within seconds the appearances changed and replaced the attire with Thunderic charged suits. The Boots were with Thundering energy… Each step was with Thunderic power. The Gloves were with Thunder and lightning. Their weapons were the Thunder Solar Discs. The Jet propelled Lightning Shooter. The Seismic Thunder Boomerangs.

Lieutenant Thunder: *With her sisters Intellectual Thunderic Wonder and Thunderic Fury* … *Posing* Rhapsody Thunderic Force Z!

Zoey: *Posing and Chanting* Zoey Cosmic Power… Make up! *Glowing and covered by a white light and spinning; The pants turning into a skirt with a Pink and red Ribbon on the back and front* … *With a sparkle of light and stars the hair turning pink with two Pointed meatball buns on the sides; With a Pink crescent moon hair clip on the left side of her hair* … *The shoes changing into high heels Including high risen stockings with the crescent moon on them and her hands formed gloves on them one saying love and the other saying innocent; Then with a shining flash two Earrings appeared upon her ears with a weapon upholstered to her side; A Crescent moon Wand that turned into a moon wand scepter with a royal crown on the top and a glowing gem on top* …

Sailor Zoey: *Posing* I am the senshi of Love and Justice and the defender of the innocent, Sailor Zoey. In the name of the Rhapsody clan… The guilty at heart will be punished.


June: *Posing* June Star power… Transform! *Transforming*

June’s body was covered in white light as she transformed and the light emitted energy which turned into water and bubbles as her hair turned Blue and her appearance became one of a sailor. a light blue skirt. White top with a light blue bow on the chest piece of the uniform. A Light Blue Buckle that glowed. White gloves and Light Blue High rise boots. A Light blue Neck collar. With water and Light a tiara formed on her forehead and it was then that a swarm of bubbles covered her and transformed her the rest of the way…

Sailor June: *Posing* I am the Senshi of Wisdom, Love and the defender of truth Sailor June. In the name of the Moon… The presence of Evil will no longer be welcome…

Blossom: *Emitting some Lightning* Electrogal… Ready to battle!

Paul: *Emitting some flames* Honolulu Torch Paul… Flame UP!

Crystal: Psychic Wonder Crystal… Mystify!

Sora and Carly Nod and get set to roll…

Hellboy: *Nudging Myers and walking on out of the room* Come on, champ… Kids, let’s go fight some monsters.

On their way out…

“*Speaking through the Communicator* Mrs. Spencer calling master control… This is Al-Bhed Recon. Air Transport scheduled for immediate pick-up. E.T.A… 5 minutes…”

Madame Romance: What the… Who is that?

Passion Galore: *Looking ahead and catching sight of a tall Teen* What do you think that was? Who’s that?

Blossom: I don’t know about you guys… but that girl looks awfully familiar.

Sora: That girl is familiar.

Carly: It’s Rikku.

Rikku: *Turning to see the fighters walking over and making way out of the Building* Hey guys…

Spiritual Arctic-Frost: *Looking to see his wife* Rikku?! You’re here. H-how did you get in?

Rikku: How do you think i got in? All i had to do was tell that guard in the Lobby that i was the wife to one of the fighters. I was granted clearance to get in here. But… What’s with the gramps and his preaching about Evil forces at work? *Looking to see a red being with a stony right hand, a Tail and two horn stumps* …  *Pauses* Uh… Spencer… Dear? W-w-w-who is that?

Spiritual Arctic-Frost: *Looking to the side* Oh… Him. The Devil like being? That’s Hellboy. He’s gonna be our Ally through this threat that has seemed to just begin. Don’t worry. He’s a friend. A good guy.

Rikku: *Startled* That’s H-h-h-h-h-hellboy? Uh. Okay… *Looking again at Hellboy* Wow…

Thunderic Fury: Did you bring Cid along too, Rikku?

Rikku: You betcha’. Rin is also here too. He’s got a whole lot of items and supplies for use.

Sailor Zoey: Where are they now?

Sailor June: Are they ready to go? We can’t wait around. We gotta go and we gotta go immediately.

Sora: *Looking at Carly* Do you think that it’s gonna be a smooth fight?

Carly: *Shrugs* I don’t know… I’d guess. Why?

Sora: No reason… But something feels odd.

Carly: What?

Sora: Too early to tell. But it’s not good…

Rin: *Appearing from the end of the hall heading out* Rikku, Fighters… Wheels up in 5 minutes. That Prof. Broom fellow is already at the location where you guys are expected to be. You must hurry.

Paul: That’s our cue. Let’s move.

Within minutes… They were all outside and prepped to go. They were in a armored Bus… Which was first an Airship… But now an Armored Bus. with all the Equipment needed for the fighters and miraculously included items and weapons for Hellboy and Abe. Myers was in the cockpit. As was Agent Clay. The time was now. They were on their way to their first destination…

Inside the Armored bus…

Blossom: What are we to expect inside where we’re going?

Sailor Zoey: There could be a number of things to expect while inside the location. Wherever it is that we’re heading.

Shining Bubble: We are going to a Library i’d guess, Right?

Symphonic Bubble: Maybe…

Carly Black: Serena, You’re gonna be alright. Right?

Thunderic Fury: Heh! Yeah. Of course. How bad could it be?

Intellectual Thunderic Wonder: *Thinking* I am thinking that this could be a beginning to something leading us where we were brought here… to prevent. But i am thinking that this place that we’re going to. It might hold some sort of clue. Something that we might catch on to. The one agent on our way in here said something about an alarm being triggered. Or set off.

Lieutenant Thunder: But by who? Who could have triggered it? If the place was locked down and secure… how could someone just get in without setting off an alarm? Wouldn’t there be at least someone guarding the displays and artifacts that were said to be inside the Library?

Passion Galore: Something happened. We got to find out what it was.

In N.Y…


An imposing four-story structure, all pillars and pediments. A HALLOWEEN BANNER advertises: MAGICK: THE ANCIENT POWER.


Chaos near the entrance: policemen, TV reporters, MOUNTED POLICE.

Loud protests from the reporters as a line of black sedan cars are waved through…

Blonde Reporter: The NYPD has yet to issue a statement. We’ve got SWAT vans, paramedics, you
name it… and now here’s — an armored Bus… — *Double taking* — an armored bus?

Trailing behind the cars, The Armored bus strolled right behind the motorcade of cars and on its sides read the Banner that was customized and in Super print… “Fast Pace Cleaners, Inc. -With fast work and Team effort… Trash and garbage is wiped away. In-out-done!-”

An Al Bhed is driving the truck, with Myers at his side…

MACHEN LIBRARY – Street Entrance…

The crowd parts like the Red Sea for the Armored Bus. Dozens of faces are reflected in the truck’s mirrored logo. A MOUNTED POLICEMAN rides past the mirrored sides of the Armored Bus. The fighters took one look through the window and saw how many people were standing by watching as the Motorcade and the Armored Bus strolled on by past them. The Romancers Z! Looked towards Hellboy and Abe and saw them setting up.

The mounted Policeman was visible as they were all riding by. The mirrors are see-through. The back parts of the Armored bus was made to be fully quipped with elemental items. Surged with power in each item. Frag grenades, Electric Paint Bazookas.Grenades All the items were charged with elements that would add to the aid and get any job done with ease. It also came with a part of the bus being made into a fully-equipped crime lab, crammed with hi-tech gear and low-tech talismans. All the necessary equipment that could be in great use.

ABE fits a respirator over his face. It looks like a mechanized Elizabethan collar. Valves bubble and hiss as he inhales liquid through his mouth and out his gills…

Blossom: What is that around your neck, Abe?

Abe: A respirator. It’s to help me breathe while out of the water. It looks quite like an Elizabethan collar. Mechanized to release water and liquid through the gills and the mouth. It might look a little tacky. But it’s the only way that i can last as long as i do out of the water.

Blossom: So… Without it… You’re like a fish out of water?

Abe: Yes.

Hellboy looks out onto the Crowd and sighs. He showed signs of how he longed to be out there with all the people. Not having to hide from the world and hide who he was inside. He knew that he was one of the people but because of how he looked and what he was born as… it made it all the more harder for him to feel as though he’d ever belong…

Hellboy: Look at them ugly suckers, Blue. One sheet of glass between them and us.

Abe: Story of my life.

Madame Romance: It’s probably to provide privacy. There are some things that the outside world may never understand.

Majestic Love: You guys are with us… and we accept you for what you guys are. if the people outside can’t… it’s not your problem. It’s theirs. Besides…  It is possible that they’re just not ready to understand yet. But then again, Should it really be your fault as to why they don’t understand you?

Dancing heartthrob: But the other thing about that is if people don’t really see you. or just see little sightings of you guys. Like a hand and or a foot perhaps. How do they ever expect to get their chance on getting to know about you guys. Speaking to you and just accepting that you exist and are all for protecting them?

Spiritual Arctic-Frost: There’s a good point there.

Hellboy: You guys could be right… But it’s not gonna happen. This whole program of ours runs on secrecy. in all fairness… We are beings that no one knows about. In case point. We do not Exist.

Paul: That’s where the problem lies. That’s exactly where the problem rests. You do exist. The people outside need to see that. They need to know that. All they see is maybe a silhouette. or a brief shadow.

Hellboy: Outside. I could be outside.

Abe: You mean… Outside, with her.

Hellboy straps on a huge utility belt heavy with amulets, rosaries, horseshoes. From an ashtray he grabs a handful of stogie stubs. Lights one, puts the rest in a pouch.

Sora: *Looking at Carly* That is gross. Those are used stubs and he’s put one in his mouth.

Carly: It’s a cry for help. Gotta be.

Sora: Not likely.

Hellboy: *To Abe* Don’t get psychic with me, fella.

Abe: Nothing Psychic about it, Red. You’re easy to read. You are wanting to be with Liz. You want her back.

Blossom: Who’s This Liz? Is she… Like a friend?

Abe: It’s a woman that Red cares about alot. Even loves.

Thunderic Fury: Ah… So the big guy does have a soft spot. I guess we now know his weakness. The girl. Love even comes to a guy in red.

Madame Romance: That’s sweet. Everyone is entitled to find love.

Hellboy: How am I gonna get a girl? I usually ride in a garbage truck. Now an Armored Bus. A heavily Armored Bus.

Rikku: *Through Intercom* guys, suit up… we’re almost in position of where we’re to lead you guys in…

Angelic Bubble: That’s our cue.

Abe: Liz left us, Red. Take the hint.

Sailor Zoey: *Lost* She left you guys? Why? Why did she leave you guys? Wasn’t she happy? Did something happen that made her leave?

Abe: It’s a long story really. We don’t… really know. But this isn’t the first time that she’s left. She’s left 2 times prior and came back just the same. But everytime she left… She’d go to the same place. She’d go to the Bellamie Mental Hospital.

Blossom: Why there?

Abe: Particularly for the same reasons as to why you might go when things let you down. You’d go to where you are familiar and happy about. A place that feels safe to you.

Sora: We would only usually feel safest when we’re with our family… But you have a point. You have a good point, Abe.

Carly: *Nods*

Hellboy: *hefting the gun* We don’t take hints.

Passion Galore: Sounds like Someone’s getting touchy.

Crystal: No. It’s just that the talk about the girl… It’s kinda getting him a bit.

Shining Bubble: Hmm…

Minutes later…


The Armored Bus pulls into an interior courtyard and stops.

FBI/BPRD teams spread through the area, expelling uniformed cops and securing the doors. It was almost time for everyone to step out. The fighters on the inside were prepped and ready. They were with their communicators. and their responder switches that they were given only hours ago. It was set.

THREE AGENTS — QUARRY, STONE and MOSS — close a gate, sealing off the area.

Stone: All Areas are secure. You’re opened for docking.

From a nearby roof, Agent Lime signals all clear.

“The song “Red-Right hand” Plays in the background.”

Clay: *Into a handheld Radio* Seal the doors. Red and Blue are coming in.

Rikku: *Looking at the Agent* The fighters are inside with Red. They’re coming too.

Clay: Right. *Signalling the Agent close-by* Stand clear… Rhapsody Fighters are arriving with Red and Blue.

The Armored Bus backed up and finally stopped at the loading dock seconds before opening up the back hatch and lowering a Sturdy drawbridge… onto the dock itself revealing Hellboy and Abe. The fighters were right behind standing by. Abe, Clay and Hellboy activate lights on their belts. They beep and blink. Hellboy starts walking. The Rhapsody fighters activated their lights on the responders seconds later and walked right on with Hellboy and Abe. It was go time…


As BPRD agents clear the area, Clay, Myers, Abe and Hellboy march through the main lobby. On view, various display cases. Two BANNERS flank the marble staircase.

The fighters start walking their way in and head in along with the agents, Abe and Hellboy.

Intellectual Thunderic Wonder: *Looking at the artifacts displayed while walking on* Wow! Those are old. What are they?

Blossom: How could anyone get artifacts like those in here?

Crystal: *Sensing something* …

Paul: *Noticing something striking across Crystal* Sis, Something a miss?

Crystal: I don’t know. Something feels really weird here.

Paul: What do you mean?

Crystal: I’m… uh, I’m not sure.

Clay: *Reading the report*  At nineteen hundred hours an alarm tripped. B&E. Robbery. Type 5. Very aggressive. Six guards dead —

Rikku: 1900 hundred hours? That’d be 7 o’clock.

Spiritual Arctic-Frost: Yeah. There is something not right here… the alarm was tripped. at 7. and that was what? An hour ago? So what ever it was… could have already come in to do what it came here to do… leave a mark of some kind. then split. with just a few minutes of down time.

Chic Bubble Gem: But wouldn’t there be… well, Let’s say… A wreckage or like broken shards of glass showing proof of entry or penetration. However… there doesn’t seem to be any type of break-in.

Angelic Bubble: I would agree… but there is one thing that points another version. *Looking to the side* Look over there.

Dancing Heartthrob: This place got hit good. Where’s the clean up crew when you need them? *Looking at the sides* Are we really gonna be seeing more of this? Did other spots get hit or was this the only location?

Hellboy: Hold on — hold on — I thought we checked this place. Fakes, and reproductions.

Broom: Apparently not everything was fake.

Broom stands at the base of the marble staircase.

Madame Romance: *Looking to see Prof. Broom Standing before them on the staircase* Prof. Broom?!

Thunderic Fury: Whoa! Uh… He got here fast. But… Uh…

Intellectual Thunderic Wonder: *Looking behind back towards the door and then double taking back to the front at the stairs* How… how did he… How… how did he get here before us?

Majestic Love: He’s got a secret. He’s like the shadow… The shadow is quick. In one minute… out the next.

Hellboy: *Surprised* Father…?

Myers observes as the red Goliath sheepishly averts his gaze from that of the fragile old man…


They approach an oversize set of brass doors. Abe removes a leather glove from his hand. FWAP!! he spreads his webbed fingers on the door. He closes his three eyelids and concentrates.

Two agents arrive with a rolling munitions case. Myers observes as Hellboy opens it and looks over a potpourri of bullets of all colors and shapes.

Rin: *Walking in and helping with opening the case* …

seconds later…

Rin: *Looking at Hellboy* Agent Hellboy, Sir. There is also new equipment in store for you. *Opening up the one drawer to reveal an elemental web launcher* This is a web launcher… fast built. intended to trap any monster or villain with an Elemental web. Shocking, Soaking, Freezing, Burning. 4 elements that serve to get any job done.

Hellboy: *Grins* Interesting. I might just try that as a last resort. Keep it here. If all else fails… I’ll be sure to use it.

Broom: The Entity is still in there. The Video surveillance shows… A 16th century statue was destroyed. Saint Dionysius the Aeropagite.

Intellectual Thunderic Wonder: Dionysius the Areopagite was a judge of the Areopagus who, as related in the Acts of the Apostles, was converted to Christianity by the preaching of the Apostle Paul during the Areopagus sermon. According to Dionysius of Corinth, quoted by Eusebius, this Dionysius then became the first Bishop of Athens.

Broom: That’s right, Agent Raven. That’s indubiously correct.

Hellboy: Who wards off demons.

Sailor Zoey: *Looking at June* June, What’s the matter?

Sailor June: I’m detecting a strange vibe close by. It’s strange too. Really strange. Strange and… *Gasps* Ancient.

Blossom: Good for you, June. That’s good work. But i think that you might want to stick to seeing the Merman do his thing. I think that he’s starting to get something. He’s twitching.

Broom: Smuggled into this country by an overzealous curator. The statue, however, was hollow —

Paul: Hollow? Why do i have that feeling that this never follows good news?

Hellboy: Reliquary —

Broom: *Chuckles* A prison. The Vatican deemed its contents dangerous enough to include it on the List of Avignon. Of which we hold a copy.

Lieutenant Thunder: Okay… Pardon the sigh of disbelief and uncanny reference here… But the Vatican? That seems very dull minded. I would believe this as something that puts the familiar scenario in mind. 16-17 years ago The Original fighters had to go against a issue with the Vatican which was solved right off the bat. About a massive Gate of Hell far beneath the Vatican. Just underneath the crypt of the dead. Necropolis. The door had 3 seals as our mother might recall as she was in college around that time and endured the skies going red. With Blood. The door was closed by a reading of the Azarathian pamphlet. That would close it. Later the original fighters had to go against a Desolate one. A Demon. Known as noneother than Scath… Trigon the terrible. Is that the same Vatican?

Broom: Yes.

Hellboy selects a clip full of bullets and a speed loader.

Hellboy: Would’ya look at these babies? Made’em myself. Holy water, silver shavings, white oak: the works.

Abe: *Pulling his hand away from the door suddenly* Behind this door. A dark entity — Evil, ancient and hungry.

Sora: *Looking at Abe* Huh?!

Carly: You detect that… from behind that door?

Crystal: *Picking up a unknown energy* Something is wrong. Very wrong…

Rikku: What’re you guys gonna do?

Within an instant and no second thought, Abe quickly starts scanning a few leather-bound volumes of ancient magic. Crystal walked over and joined with Abe to get a crackin’ on the reading through the Volumes of Ancient magic. With all the belief that maybe she could sense something that Abe could not and vice-versa.

Hellboy: Oh, well. Let me go in and say hi.

As Hellboy opens the big doors, a flickering amber glow illuminates him. He steps inside…


BLUE emergency lamps are on. The exhibits are destroyed; piles of debris are burning. Hellboy walks past a fallen display case.

He moves around cautiously. A couple of large carvings and statues startle him.

On the floor: boots, half chewed. Bitten belts and shreds of uniforms and hats.

Hellboy: *Whispering into the Radio* Blue: It stinks in here — Finely aged roadkill.  You better hit the books, Brother Blue. We’ll definitely need more info on this one.

From outside the room…

Myers: No one’s going in there with him?

Abe: No. He likes it that way. The whole “Lonely hero” Thing.

Sailor Zoey: Ew! That’s really gross. Hellboy, Did you really have to say that? That was really nauseating.

Hellboy: Don’t worry about the reference there, Zoey… The less you know about this scene… the better.

Sailor June: I wouldn’t be too sure of that Agent Hellboy. I really wouldn’t. I can sense auras coming from within the room you’re now in… It’s not good. Be careful. If there is more trouble in there… We’re gonna come to aid.

Hellboy: It’s okay, kid. How bad can it be?

The sickening sound of snapping bones and mastication reaches his ears. Hellboy reacts to a smell, raises his eyes to discover —

A huge pale CREATURE hangs from the ceiling, chewing slowly. SAMMAEL: equipped with powerful arms, a head full of tentacles and two well-muscled hind legs. Most of its face is hidden, but the jaws are shiny with blood.

Hellboy: Hey. Stinky. Kitchen’s closed. *Beat* Whatcha havin’? Six library guards, raw? Plus belts and boots? Man, you’re gonna need some heavy fiber to move that out —

Abe: *Through earphone* Red… I think that we’ve found something.


Abe has found a small, medieval engraving of Sammael in one of the books.

Abe: There’s not much here: the entity’s name is Sammael, the desolate one, son of Nergal —

Crystal: *Sensing an enemy presence* It’s been conjured up by someone. Someone with… a dark purpose.

Sora: That really doesn’t sound reassuring.

Carly: Did you really have to say that, Crystal?


Sammael releases himself, lands on the floor. Part of the neck is exposed: white, slimy skin, cracked like old marble and criss- crossed with blue veins.

Hellboy: Hold it —  *Beat* Hey, Sammy,  whaddayasay we work this out?? Peacefully. I’m not a great shot, but —  “The Samaritan” here, uses really big bullets, so whadyasay we work this out?

However Sammael had a different idea and it apparently didn’t care to work anything out. It turned and snarled it’s monstrous grin and snare… before darting off…

Hellboy: Oh crap. This was not part of the deal.

Hellboy shoots. The high-caliber ammo rips a few columns apart and finally catches Sammael. The bullet goes through it and destroys a statue and a large window behind him. The monster squeals and goes down. With a rattling cough, it grows still.


Hellboy: That’s all for you, Sammy.

Abe: *In earpiece* Red — you need to hear the rest of the information —

Hellboy turns away for a moment. Puts his gun away, like a gunslinger.

Hellboy: Nah — he’s taken care of.


Crystal: *Speaking through earpiece* Hellboy… Please. We know that you are doing the right thing and are with assurance that you’ve got the monster… but this is really need to know info. It could be something which will save you from a surprise hit from a monster that has the power to resurrect itself.

Hellboy: What?!

Abe: Sammael, the desolate one, lord of the shadows, son of Nergal —


Abe: *Voice* hound of resurrection —

Hellboy: See? I don’t like that —

From outside of the room…

Crystal: Neither do I. Hellboy… You’re doing this Lonely hero bit… But you’re gonna need help. This is bad. Really bad.

Madame Romance: *Voice* Romancers Z! Move in! Defense now.

Lieutenant Thunder: Thunderic Force Z! Move in from the other side of the room. Hellboy needs a round of intervention in there. There’s a bad beast that intends to make a move on him and if something doesn’t divert it… Hellboy will be the one to suffer.

Broom: You must wait.

Intellectual Thunderic Wonder: Sorry, Prof. Broom… We can’t. Hellboy is possibly in trouble in there… Waiting is gonna be likely the worst thing that can be done. Trust us… Waiting for an opening and only seeing the issue grow worse… It’s the worst thing one can do. Especially for something like this. This beast that’s inside with Hellboy… It’s not here to play possum or play at rigor Mortis.

Thunderic Fury: *Charged up* Rin?!

Rin: Yes?

Thunderic Fury: Toss us over some of those grenades and Bomb cores. We’re gonna need them.

Rin: Right. *Chucking over a 25 ct. bag of grenades and bomb cores over* Good luck.

Rikku: Spencer, You and I should help.

Myers: We’re gonna around to the back of the building.

Back inside the room…

Abe: *Voice* — Hound of resurrection?

Hellboy looks back at the corpse: it’s gone!

Abe: *Voice* harbinger of pestilence, seed of destruction —

Hellboy: Skip to the end, willya? How do I kill it — ?

Abe: *voice* It doesn’t say —

Crystal: Hellboy… Get outta there. Now. The attempt is no good. we repeat… no good.

BAMMM!! From out of nowhere, Sammael appears and swings an arm!! Hellboy CRASHES into the brass doors!


The doors bulge and crack under Hellboy’s impact.

Abe and Broom backpedal fast. Myers pulls out his gun, and starts looking for another way in. Broom observes this, pleased.

Blossom: Want to wait now? I don’t think waiting is doing any good.

Lieutenant Thunder: *Commanding her team* Thunderic Force Z! Electrify time. MOVE OUT!

The Thunderic Force Z! then bolt out and zoom over to find a secret way into the room to aide Hellboy…

The Romancers Z! on the other hand Barged into the room through the doors and laid out a Barrage of hits…


Sammael lashes out with a massive punch.

Madame Romance: *Standing in the room with her team* Hey… Hell hound! What do you think you’re doing? You want to fight? Fight us. But just wise up to the fact that you’re Evil. Of Hate. And We’re of Love. Love will win one over every time.

Sammael: *Screeching and growling*

Madame Romance: *Commanding her team* Romancers Z! Ready… Aim… FIRE!

Madame Romance: *Firing an attack at Sammael* Blissful Heart Storm!

Passion Galore: *Firing an attack at Sammael* Love’s Passionate FOG!

Majestic Love: *Twirling his Heart Rod and Then Pounding it on the ground twice before Firing an attack at Sammael* Royalty Love’s MELODY CHARGE!

Dancing Heartthrob: *Twirling his Heart Rod and Then Pounding it on the ground twice before Firing an attack at Sammael* Love’s RHAPSODY BLITZ!

Sammael: *Swinging his arms and knocking the romancers Z! into the wall*…

Madame Romance: *Barely missing the wall* Whoa! That’s one mean backhand…

Majestic Love: *Hitting the wall and falling down* Ow! That hurts. *Feeling the back throbbing a little* This is not a nice fight. I think that we’re gonna need the big guns.

Dancing Heartthrob: From where? *Landing on the floor*… Hellboy is sorry to say… getting pummeled.

To be continued in chapter 183: Hellboy Vs. Sammael the Hound of Resurrection. Rhapsody comes in to run a slight of hand…


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