Chapter 181: “Rhapsody, You’ll come to find that there are things that go bump in the night. But it’s we who bump back.”

(The meeting of Abe Sapien, And the man in red with horns.)

B.P.R.D Concrete Chamber…

The elevator stops in a narrow, dark space. Neon lights flicker on, illuminating a circular chamber. PAINTED on the floor is a huge number: 51. Right in front of Myers and the fighters: a magnificent oak door.

Serena: This is it… Right? *Looking around*

Carly Black: *Looking on the side of the wall* Yeah. This must be it. Section 51. However… it’s rather condensed space in here…

Paul: Kinda dark too. There isn’t all that much light.

Sapphire: There’s an oak door and it’s our only way in. We can’t go back.

Spencer: Who’s gonna go inside through the doors first?

Theodore: Why not we all go through it? We’re all going the same direction. Aren’t we? We can’t stay here in this small chamber forever.

Blossom: *Looking to see Myers walking up ahead* I don’t think waiting is a strong suit. Myers is taking the initiative.

Zoey: Maybe we should think about going on over too.

Sora: Yeah. Let’s go.

Carly: Making the guy wait is like making an old man wait to have his nap time. They get really cranky and i don’t think we want to make the Prof. Cranky. That’s not good.

Serena: Let’s get in there.

Myers knocked on the door and got no answer. There was no answer coming from the other side of the room and the fighters knew that they couldn’t just stand there and wait. The Romancers Z! were the first to take the first move and went on ahead. Went right after Myers and then followed the Aquatic Force Z! The Thunderic Force Z! Zoey, Blossom. then the rest. They all followed Myers into the room ahead.

Broom’s office… Full Aquarium…

Myers looks around, fascinated: books. The girls also looked around and saw a whole mess of books. They were in complete awe as they gazed upon the sheer heaping sizes of books. Books as far as the eyes could see. An office made of them. It was like a endless library of books. An endless sea of books. The soft glow of green-shaded reading lamps bathes everything in an intimate, warm light. One entire wall is a thick pane of glass, the wall of a huge tank of water.

Raven: This place is literally huge. You sure that we’re in the right place?

Annie: I think that we are… But there is something that seems really odd. The office here has a wall that consists of glass and looks literally like an in-built aquarium.

Theodore: You’re kidding?!

Zoey: Wait… An Aquarium? *Not understanding* Uh, Why?

Paul: The guy must love fish and knows that he can’t just go to an aquarium whenever he wishes on count of the work he does here. So he must have had one built here. So he could watch the fish when he wanted to while doing the things he does here…

Crystal: Nice answer. But there is one little problem. An Aquarium is supposed to have fish in it… Right?

Serena: It usually does. Unless he forgot to fill it.

Carly Black: In his line of work… Forgetting to fill an in-built aquarium? Not very usual.

Sapphire: He’s a lucky professor. Most professors that specialize in the paranormal usually have to go to a public Aquarium just to see the fish. Here… he can stare at the water and watch the fish in the comfort of his own office.

Daria: *feeling peaceful* Gah! it’s so peaceful in here. It’s like a room of calm.

A Voice crackles through an intercom next to the tank.

Voice: Turn the pages please…

Serena: What the heck was that?

Myers Jumped… The sudden voice startled him. It also startled the girls. Blossom looked around for where the sound was coming from and didn’t see anything.

Blossom: Is there someone here with us?

Zoey: I think so. *Startled*

Myers only moved closer to the glass.

Voice: Turn the pages, please, if you don’t mind.

In the tank, a FISH-MAN glides in and out view.

Raven: *Turning to see a strange creature or being inside the Aquarium* Oh god… What is that thing?

Clint: What is it?

Raven: *Motioning for the others to look at the Aquarium* What the heck do you think? Look. in there!

Serena: *Seeing a blue being in the water* … *Gasps in shock* Holy crap… What is that? Who is that?

Myers: Jesus Christ!

Sora: Is that thing friendly…

Carly: Is that being… Kind?

Myers looks at four BOOK STANDS facing the glass. Each supports an open volume. He leans close to the glass, peering intently. Abe reappears. He is slender, dolphin gray, with dark patterns streaking his soft skin. Bright blue eyes shine with intelligence. Behind a thin wound-like mouth, gills are bubbling. Abe was a merman. Although none of them ever saw one before in their lives. The only ones they might have ever recalled seeing were the ones that they came across in books and those were believed as being considered as mythical creatures. rare. Blossom took one look into the glass and saw the merman… She immediately started freaking out…

Blossom: I don’t think that i am liking it here. Can i go back home now?

Raven: *Startled* I think that it’s time we went back home… See ya! *Starting to make a run for it*

Abe: Please. The pages.

Myers: *Pointing to the four books* These — ? You’re reading these — ?

Abe nods. Zoey could somehow feel a calming sensitive sensation coming from the Merman. But before they could turn and retreat…

Broom: *Walking in suddenly* Four books at once, every day……as long as I’m there to turn the pages. *Introducing himself to the agent and to the fighters; smiles* My name’s Broom. Professor Trevor Broom.


Broom: *Looking at the girls and young men* You must be the New generation. You’ve been expected since the summons. Which you’re finally here. I do trust that your mothers and fathers are seeing that your coming here was foreseen and accepted.

Annie: Actually… We are not so sure that they are too open about us being here. But seeing as we are doing the heroic duties that they once done… it was understood. It wasn’t quite unanimous though. However… us being secretly surveillance prone’d. It’s not sitting so good with us.

Daria: Our mom is very much under worry about us. She knows what the heroes fate can do to a person.

Clint: Our mother is–

Abe: *With a webbed hand on the glass and all eyes on sight* Paige Cass Rhapsody. leader of the original heroic team of Love, Grace and Fury… Noneother known as the Rhapsody Girls Z!  She is seen and believed well to be their leader and captain of the team. Hero name is the Winged Angel of Romance; Miss Love. she possesses 4 kids who are the next Generation of hero. The Romancers Z!.Has a rose colored scratch on her back located on her spine… She keeps it secret wondering if it is ever gonna go away.

Raven: What in the—?

Serena: Holy crap… He just read their mind. How did it… or he… do that?

Zoey: That is it for me… i can detect energy sources. Sense Auras and the sort. Like my mother before me… but this… This is creepy. Even for me… *Feeling weird’d out suddenly and cautiously starting to back away*

Abe: Mother: Luna Tina Rhapsody. Once upon a time… long ago was a humanoid that fell to earth from a fabled place known as the Moon kingdom. She matured and became all human which stripped her of her hero alternate identity. Back in the day she was the senshi of love and everything little.Sailor Luna. Grew up and had 5 kids. the youngest one being just like her. A Senshi just like her. Senshi name… Sailor Zoey. The Senshi of Love, Justice and defender of the innocent. Zoey T. Rhapsody… Parents Zeke and Luna. youngest daughter of the set of five. Energetic and adventurous. has a birthmark on her left thigh the size of a ping-pong ball. Worries over if it will ever diminish.

Sora: *Stammering* How-H-h-h-h-h-h-how is it able to do that? How does it know that?

Carly: We didn’t even say anything about it to that guy and he reverberated it to us… word for word.

Carly Black: This must be the house of horrors.

Raven: And i’m already gone… see ya!

Blossom: *Shaken* He knows too much. Way too much.

Spencer: It seems pretty cool though. What is he?

Myers then extended his hand and started to introduce himself when…

Abe: Agent John T. Myers, Kansas City, 76. “T” stands for Thaddeus, mother’s older brother. Scar on your chin happened when you were ten, you still wonder if it’s ever going to fade away.

Myers: How did it?

Broom: He. Not “it”. *Explaining about the merman* Abraham Sapien. Discovered alive in a secret chamber at St. Trinian’s Foundling Hospital, Washington.

Broom Points at a small piece of antique paper, framed on the wall.

Broom: They took his name from this little inscription that was stuck on his tank.

Susie: *Looking at the antique paper on the wall* Hmm?

Myers: *reads* Icthyo Sapiens, April 14, 1865.

Broom: The day Abraham Lincoln died. Hence “Abe” Sapien.

Raven: *Calmly* Actually sir, Abraham Lincoln was assassinated. By a racist known as John Wilkes Booth on Friday April 14th 1865. While at a theater show. Booth was there to assassinate him as Lincoln in his eyes had represented all that Booth despised. After the shot… Many Witnesses saw him and heard him scream out the words: “Sic Semper Tyrannis!” Which is Latin for “As Always to Tyrants”.

Broom: *Intrigued* You don’t say… Now that’s interesting.


Broom uncovers a tray by the tank: Four greenish eggs. Myers gags and reels back.

Blossom: *Smelling the Rotten eggs* Ewww! What is that?

Broom:  Rotten eggs, a delicacy. Abe loves them.

Sora: Sorry we asked. That is really sick. He eats those things. Rotten Eggs? Doesn’t that happen to make him… Sick?

Carly: That would usually make anyone keel over. It’s making us want to Ralph… just by the smell of them. Bleec!

Abe smiles and takes a subaquatic bow, gracefully nabbing the eggs as they float through the hatch.

Myers: How does he know so much about me?

Broom: Abe possesses a unique frontal lobe.

Sora: You mean… that he’s Psychic?

Carly: He can read minds and use telepathy to sense what others are feeling and/or thinking.

Broom: Precisely. *Beat* That’s a word you’ll hear quite a bit around here.

Carly Black: We happen to see that. So far… the one in the aquarium there is extremely unique. Never thought that something… or someone like him would ever be amongst the living.

Serena: This is a first though.

Myers: Where are we exactly though, Sir?

Broom: As you entered the lobby there was an inscription —

Myers: On the desk, yes. In Latin.

Clint: Actually now that you were to mention it… we too saw something like that Inscribed. Latin and we couldn’t make it out.

Spencer: You couldn’t. I could. Barely…

Broom: Impressive. Do you remember what it said?

Myers: *sighs* “In absentia luci, tenebrae Vinciunt…”

Broom: “In the absence of light, darkness prevails.” There are things that go bump in the night, Agent Myers. Make no mistake about that. And we are the ones who bump back. And i am quite certain that you girls and men will be sure to remember that most of all.

Sapphire: You betcha’. However… Our parents… They’ve went against their share of Evil forces and bounced right back. Overthrowing the forces of Evil. We know that quite well, Professor.

Broom: Very Good.

There was more to see. It was only a minute or so later that Broom pressed on and lead them further in…

B.P.R.D Corridor “A”.

Myers and Broom walk down a corridor. As do the fighters. They couldn’t help but look at all the artifacts as they walked their way down the halls. Blossom and Zoey looked at the Artifacts and sensed something coming from them. Crystal also sensed something coming from the artifacts as well. But she was unable to channel any voices. The walls are lined with glass cases containing occult artifacts. Myers eyes a MUMMIFIED HAND, a CLAY GOLEM, a sumptuous PAGAN ALTAR…

Broom: 1937: Hitler joins “The Thule Society” — a group of German aristocrats obsessed with the occult.

Broom then points to an Ancient, Broken Lance.

Crystal: *Gasps* The Spear of Longinus. The Spear of Destiny.

Paul: What?

Spencer: The Holy Lance also known as the Holy Spear, Spear of Destiny, Lance of Longinus, and Spear of Longinus, is the name given to the lance that pierced the side of Jesus as he hung on the cross, according to the Gospel of John.

Broom: You young fighters seem to know your history. That’s impressive. literally by far.

Raven: Thank our mothers and fathers, Sir. They had us reading a bit of stuff throughout the years that filled us with the Intellect and the knowhow.

Broom smiled at the thought and nods with accepting repose…

Broom: 1938: he acquires the Spear of Longinus, which pierced the body of Christ. He who holds it becomes invincible.

Broom then gestures at an ancient LANCE. Next to it: a silver and gold reliquary.

Broom: Hitler’s power increases tenfold.

They go through a series of pneumatic doors.

Broom: In 1943, President Roosevelt decides to fight back. THE BUREAU FOR PARANORMAL RESEARCH AND DEFENSE is born.

Blossom: Roosevelt fought back against the Occult?

Zoey: That’s… uh… *Speechless*

Workmen are replacing two of the doors. Big dents from an oversized fist have deformed the 2-inch thick metal plates. Myers stares.

Sora: *Spotting the beaten up doors* Prof. Broom?

Broom: *Stopping to turn towards Sora and Carly* Yes, young lady. Sora.

Carly: What is with the two dented doors? They have these like… huge gaping dents in them.

Sora: What could put a big huge dent in those thick steel doors?

Broom: Someone that you’ll be meeting soon. You need not to worry.

Carly: Oh… Okay.

Sora: *Looking at Carly and speaking telepathically* Broom is not saying who it is… But how much would you like to bet that it’s Anung Un Rama. The Son of the Fallen one?

Carly: *Speaking Telepathically* You mean Hellboy? I wouldn’t doubt that for a second.

Sora: Me either. But something is up. Something really big and massive made those dents. The Dents don’t just get that big… that easily. Something must have done it. I am betting that it’s Hell boy.

Carly: I have a bad feeling about this… but i think that you’re right.

As they walked on…

Broom: 1958, the occult war finally ends when Adolf Hitler dies.

Myers: 1945, you mean. Hitler died in ’45.

Broom: *With an Enigmatic smile* Did he, now?

They reach a FINAL DOOR. Stainless steel, like a BANK VAULT. Waiting there is AGENT CLAY, a burly guy in a suit, with a cartful of BEEF AND MASHED POTATOES. A dinner pile at least 4 feet high. The Aquatic Force Z! took one look at the door and then at the agent before glancing at the tray of food. It was no mistake that what they were seeing was a buffet line. A Huge line of food. They were not aware that there was gonna be more sights of that through out their time at the BPRD.

Penny: *Seeing the food* Whoa! I see that what or whoever lives behind that door… must be with the killer munchies. Or with a serious hunger attack.

Christina: Hunger attack nothing. there is enough here to feed a small army of 35 people easy. Give an order of that much food. You’ll be ready for a buffet line.

Amy: Christina, don’t even go there. It has been hours since we’ve eaten and the mention of food… It is not helping our stomachs any. Plus… the Rotten eggs that we saw only a moment ago… it literally killed our appetites a bit. So… Zip it on the food. Okay?

Spencer: Someone’s sounding moody.

Broom: *Looking at the young agent and the fighters* Agent Myers, this is Agent Clay.
Follow his lead. Romancers Z!, Aquatic Force Z! Thunderic Force Z! Fighters… good luck.

Broom hands Myers two BABY RUTH bars and walks away.

Myers: You’re not coming?

Theodore: Is there something wrong?

Zoey: You’re not scared of what or whoever’s in there, Are you?

Blossom: *Curious* Are you avoiding whoever’s inside?

Broom signals “no.”

Broom: I hand-picked you from a roster of over seventy academy graduates. Make me proud. Plus you fighters are summoned here to aid us in our struggle against Evil. To Aid my son. Don’t worry. all questions will have their answers in due time. I myself have heard of the great things that you’ve all done. So i have no doubt that you girls and men will get along with it just fine.

The door closes behind him.

Clay: They’re not speaking. Professor Broom had him grounded.

Myers: Grounded?

Paul: *Looking at the Agent and then at the others* Who’s grounded? Is it a bad kid who wouldn’t share his toys?

Clay: Not really. At least not in human years… but in animal years… Yeah. But you girls… and young men have seen the fish guy, right?

Raven: We sure did. That… was rather creepy.

Serena: It was a complete trip though.

Carly Black: A real trip… Plus not something we’d see everyday. Not like that.

Clay: Well, come on in and meet the rest of the family.

Clay uses an odd-shaped ELECTRONIC KEY to unlock the door. Three solenoid locks turn. Two steel vertical PISTONS open up…

Hellboy’s Den…

Clay pushes the cart into a solid concrete bunker, windowless, austere except for a few SAMURAI suits of ARMOR and WEAPONS. Dozens of CATS wander around; others are curled up on the furniture.

There are Zippo’s everywhere, from every era. On a sofa (made from the bed of a pickup truck) is a heap of blankets and comic books. All in all, a MEGA BACHELOR PAD.

Clay: He gets fed six times a day. He’s got a thing for cats. You’ll be his nanny, his keeper, his best friend. He never goes out unsupervised

Annie: Ever?!

Clay: Ever. It is one of the biggest things that we all adhere to. For the discretion and integrity of the Bureau. Plus it’s how Manning asks for it to be. Broom supports the arrangement. Not many people know about us. And because of “Red” It has to be that way. Not his fault. But the public out there wouldn’t understand seeing or knowing that a Devil-like man is serving to protect them.

Clint: This Devil being… Who is it?

Clay points at a torn comic book: HELLBOY, THE UNCANNY. Myers picks it up, looks at the cover: it shows Hellboy — in a U.S. Uniform, fighting a monstrous ape.Myers watches, amazed, as a bright red TAIL waves in and out of a pool of light about ten feet away. One of the cats playfully paws at it.

Hellboy: I hate those comic books. They never seem to get those eyes right.

Sapphire: *Looking at Hellboy* Well well… Look at that stud. Red… 6 feet tall and lifting weights like a champ.

Myers: Hellboy…

Sora: Boy, is he big. He’s like a buffed up muscle man.

Carly: He sure is.

Theodore: He’s real… He’s red. and he… he lives here?

Clay: Yeah, 60 years old by our count. But he doesn’t age like we do. Think reverse dog years. He’s barely out of his 20s. You girls could very easily relate to him in age. being only little over half to just half his age.

Blossom: How much does he eat? This is enough to last him several days easy. He’s a growing person… but how much can one person really eat? Eating all that food there… all in one night… I would be sick. Anyone would be sick.

Hellboy: I Burn alot of calories.

Zoey: You exercise too much… don’t you?

Myers gasps, seeing a monumental figure in the shadows, exercising with a 300 lb. Stainless steel DUMBBELL. Crimson biceps like cooked hams. Chomping an unlit CIGAR stub. The girls all looked and saw a red man… They were stunned and left in shock. In surprise. All they could do was gasp as they looked at the red man known as Hellboy. Annie and Daria couldn’t help but blow a sneak kiss towards him. It was their mid teens and the hormones were raging hot. But they kept it under the covers and controlled that achy-breaky urge. Clint and Theodore looked at Hellboy with curious attention. They were fascinated by what he was like…

Hellboy: What’s with the hair, Clay?? Finally got those implants??

Agent Clay blushes as he hides his scalp.

Clay: It’ll fill in. Where do you want your dinner, Red? By the couch? However… you do happen to have guests here. Pals that came just for you.

On a nearby pile of junked TV sets, a loop of Fleischer cartoons and home movies cycles endlessly. One subject appears over and over: an ATTRACTIVE YOUNG WOMAN with a pale face and raven-black hair.

Hellboy: Who’s the Squirt and the young sleuths?

Clay: Agent Myers is your new Liaison.

Hellboy: What, You got tired of me, Clay?

Clay: Me? Tired of you? Not a chance. I’ll still be around. Just back on the field more is all… Plus Manning says i am being too soft on you.

BANG!!! Hellboy lets the dumbbell drop. Instinctively, Myers jumps. So do the girls. Blossom and Zoey were startled…

Hellboy: I don’t want him. The young ones however… They’re interesting. They seem to have a bit of spunk and determination in them.

Clay: *To Myers; sotto like* The candy. Give him the candy.

Myers then remembered that he still held in his hand the two Baby Ruths…

Myers: Oh. Uh. Hello. I — I have these. For you.

Hellboy: *Realizing* Father’s back?

Clay nods…

Hellboy: Still angry?

Blossom: Prof. Broom’s your dad?

Zoey: …

Hellboy: Yeah. Raised me since i was a little guy. *To Blossom* You… What’s your name?

Blossom: Blossom.

Hellboy: Blossom, huh? That’s a cute name. Too cute. But you sound like you got spark in you. That’s good.

Clay: They’re known as the Rhapsody New Generation. the 4th generation to the Rhapsody Clan.

Hellboy: Is that a fact? Interesting. Why is father still upset?

Clay: Well you did break out, Hellboy.

Hellboy: I wanted to see her. *grunts* It’s nobody’s business.

Clay: It is. You got yourself on T.V again.

Sora: I take it that by the sound of it… it’s a bad thing for him to be on T.V?

Carly: T.V cameo’s bad. Secrecy… good.

Hellboy: “Myers”, huh? You have a first name??

Clay: *Subtly to Myers* Try not to stare. He hates it when people stare at him.

Myers: John. John Myers. Well, John’ll do. *To Clay* Stare at what?

Clay: His horns. He files them to fit in.

Serena: It don’t matter what he looks like or if he’s got the horns. He’s already okay with us. To us… he’s still a person. With feelings.

Myers: His what?

Hellboy finally enters the light. He’s awe-inspiring, with chiseled features, patterned red skin and deep-set golden eyes. Involuntarily, Myers recoils. In spite of himself, Myers is staring at the horn stumps. Sapphire, Raven and Serena were close and even they couldn’t help but to stare at the horn stumps. They weren’t staring at them as if trying to instigate him… but they were rather curious. Curiosity was always said to kill the cat. But the satisfaction would always bring it back.

Hellboy: *Catching 3 girls looking upon his horn stumps* What’re you 3 looking at? There something on my face that looks off?

Sapphire: No… it’s nothing. We are just waiting for permission to move or speak freely.

Raven: We’re to be working with you and all… but if we don’t make a good impression… We won’t have a shot at being accepted by you. Broom accepts us. that fish guy does too. But… if you don’t… we can’t very well stay. We’d only get in the way.

Hellboy: *While lighting a Cigar* Chill out, Rhapsody. You’re not in the way. I’m very much a sucker around young teens and kids. Even cats. However new agents… Not so much. *Looking at the girls and seeing a couple of them holding their stomachs; likely with hunger pains* You young friends eaten yet?

Penny: Not since noon. We’ve been on the go since then and brought here. The Agents didn’t seem to realize that we were getting hungry.

Spencer: It has been a while. Plus i am sure that my young wife is wondering about me right now. Wondering if i’ve gotten here okay.

Hellboy: *Pauses and with a gasp of shock* Wife… You? Hey kid, how old are you? 12?

Spencer: 16.

Hellboy: 16 and with the wedding bell blues? Impressive work. But for what you put yourself through… the girl better be a real looker. You got a whole life ahead of you kid. Married at 16? That’s not something you come across normally.

Amy: Hellboy, sir. We were just as shocked as you are now. So were our parents. Our Aunts and Uncles. Everyone to be honest. But Spencer’s been accepted with these people known as the Al-Bhed. It kinda stuck in.

Hellboy: You don’t say…

Annie: We do… we do sir. It’s gotten to be where we are used to the idea. We were all for it since it was first brought up. Our Aunt… their mother took the girl in and really reeled in the thought of a young lover marriage.

Daria: Play the cards right and you could get lucky. Love is contagious, you know? Right next to passion.

Myers: …

Clint: We already see you as a plausible friend. You’re one helluva amazing guy. Despite the fact of being with broken Horns. Not your fault. It happens. A tail. Doable. But you… Amazing.

Hellboy: *Looking at Clint* You sound like a guy who’s into fashion. Grow up a little more and get into it. You got some spark in that, Kid.

Clay: You up for getting their names?

Hellboy: Why not?

Annie: *Introducing herself and her team* Hellboy, It’s a pleasure to meet you. I’m Annie. Annie Paige Rhapsody. These are my sister and Brothers. Daria Emerald Jane Rhapsody, Clint Frank Rhapsody and Theodore Henry Rhapsody. In Hero Form… We’re called the Romancers Z!

Daria: Hey. *Smiles* You’re really muscular. It’s nice to meet ya’.

Clint: Hey. How ya’ doin’?

Theodore: Hey man… Nice to see you.

Amy: *Introducing herself and her sisters and Brother* I’m Amy Star Rhapsody. These are my sisters Susie Kate Rhapsody, Christina Sapphire Rhapsody and Penny Natalie Rhapsody. My Brother Spencer Rubeus Rhapsody. In Hero form… we’re Known as the Aquatic Force Z!

Susie: Hey.

Christina: Nice place you have here.

Penny: Does it get lonely in here? *Warmingly*

Spencer: An honor to meet you.

Sapphire: *Introducing herself and her team* Sapphire Jodie Rhapsody. These are my sisters. Raven Meredith Rhapsody. She’s the bookworm of the team here. She’s really with a good nose in the books. Serena Tina Dinah Rhapsody. The tough cookie. She’s got fury and spark. Lots of it. She also has our mother’s temper too. So… word to be wise with that… Don’t get her mad. You won’t like her when she’s mad. Trust me. She has a furious temper in her. But very sharp in kicking butt and defending those in need. In hero form… We’re the Thunderic Force Z!

Raven: It’s true. But i too have my moments. I do get Dramatic at times. It’s a defect.

Serena: Right. And i’m the queen of New York.

Sapphire: Heh heh heh heh heh! See what i mean?

Hellboy: I’m used to it. You should see the dents i made in the steel plated door. You can’t tell that they were ever doors.

Paul: The name’s Paul. Paul Charles Alvin Rhapsody. Paul will do though. The one with the Psychic twinkle there is my sister Crystal. Then there are the younger sisters. The Esp. Elemental Wonder Twins Sora and Carly.

Crystal: It’s a pleasure to meet you.

Sora: Hey there, Hellboy.

Carly: You don’t mind us being here… Do you?

Blossom: Nice to meet you, Hellboy.

Zoey: Hey Hellboy. My Name’s Zoey.

June: I’m June. Originally from the Moon Kingdom.

Carly Black: I’m not one of the fighters… but i’m considered to be an ally. Plus i’m the girlfriend and best friend to Serena. The name’s Carly Black.

Hellboy: Great names.

Seconds later…

Hellboy: Clay, Tell father to send over some plates and eating Utensils. Drinks. Coke. These young ones gotta eat too.

Clay: You got it, Hellboy. *Walking fast pace out to where Prof. Broom is*

While Clay was gone to pass the message over to Broom…

Hellboy: *Looking at Blossom* So… Blossom, was it? What are you into?

Blossom: Not much. Just protecting my family and not standing idly by as creeps try to target them and back them because they don’t seem to like us. I happen to enjoy reading sometimes. But i enjoy hanging out with my best friend Zoey. She’s my best friend. Aside from being my cousin. Whenever she was in need… i’d be there and she’s be there for me.

Hellboy: You tend to love your cousin quite alot, don’t you?

Blossom: Yeah. I do.

Hellboy: What about these creeps you spoke about?

Zoey: Their these pests known as the Marco sisters and Marco Bros. They are going around trying to get people to hate our family. Because their father hates my mother and father. Martin Marco died in the recent Meteor shower that hit Metropolis last year. The City just barely got back on its feet 6 months ago. But it was hard on everyone for a while till someone managed to pop in and fork over a mysterious 900 mil. Which covered the damages done to the city and work in fortifying the buildings and businesses. There was also money donated to the factories to do up blue prints for creating airships. Robots too…

Hellboy: The rebuild is all nice… but these creeps that tried to mess with you. Why do they intend to hate you? They don’t even know a thing about you.

Blossom: Actually… They do. They know that we’re Rhapsody Clansmen and that we’re related to Luna. Zoey’s Mother. Martin Marco hated Luna for leaving him and hated Zoey’s father Zeke. Zeke didn’t do anything to make Martin hate him at all and yet… Martin hated him. Because Luna wanted to help him out and get him a better life and reputation. Martin didn’t seem to see any good in Zeke and made it his life mission to see that everyone hated Zeke enough to see on placing harm on him in every way. But it only backfired. It got the city to hate Martin. They only savor him because of his Business. Because it’s to provide the elderly and or disabled wheelchairs so they could get around when they wanted to.

Hellboy: Someone hurting your family for no reason… That guy is lucky to be gone. I’d give him a case of five fingered Mary.

Zoey: That’s nice of you to say… but it’s okay. He’s gone, Hellboy. The Meteor Shower. The good thing is that he can’t hurt anyone else ever again. But the bad news is that his kids can and are not gonna stop. They’re carrying on his hatred. They managed to form a secret society called the Anti-Rhapsody Family Association club. They already got 20+ members. They’re shooting for getting most of the school to follow suit in the move.

Hellboy: *Grins* And they didn’t even provide you a goodbye kiss… Some sendoff.

Blossom: No one seems to understand us as much as we would hope that they would.

Hellboy: Mainly the reason why they have me kept inside here. Never letting me out without supervision. No one understands me like i’d hope for them to. *Sighs*

Paul: We understand you. You of course are a Devil like being… But to us… you’re still a person. No matter how you seem to appear. We understand you well. You are stuck here. When you could be outside… living a little. But because of your appearance. Red, with a tail. Two horn stumps on the head. Red right hand that is stony like. It would be as if people see you as a freak and nothing more than that.

Crystal: What Paul is getting at is… So what if you don’t look a certain way to people. You are who you are. They can either accept you. Or they can just keep their thoughts to themselves. You don’t have to prove nothing to anyone. You work for the good side. That should be proof enough that you are one of the good guys. We see it. We just met you and we already see it. Why can’t others?

Hellboy: I ask myself that everyday. But the answers are always the same. I am not like others. I am not normal as the others are.

Serena: Neither are we, Big Red… We were normal when we were young kids. Babies. Before we knew or found out that we were with these special abilities. We were happy. But when we found that we had powers. Abilities like Love… Water/light/Ice… Thunder… Lightning… Fire… Esp. Telekinesis… Psychic… Love… But from Senshi powers… When we found this out… Our Paradigms shifted. It became different and we were fated to do what our parents had done but couldn’t do no longer.

Raven: Fate always wins. Hellboy, No matter what you do… You can’t ever outrun fate. It’s just not possible.

Hellboy: *Nods* You guys sound experienced in this area. You must have been doing it a while.

Raven: Kinda. But it’s actually our parents who’ve been doing it a while. Not us. We just barely started getting into it officially since the year before last. So… We’re kinda new to it.

Daria: We’re getting better at it though. it’s just alot to handle as we now have the weight of the whole city of Metropolis on our shoulders. The whole world. Just like our parents before us. It’s alot to deal with. However… I don’t think it’s something that we’d have our kids do. At least i won’t have my kids do it when i happen to have any. years from now.

Clint: I’ll be okay with my kids having powers. Just as long as it’s something that they want. I won’t see them get themselves trapped in a fated destiny that can’t be walked from. Years from now…

Zoey: The dreams of the future… Those leave a person wondering what could be and what might never be.

Blossom: Hellboy, You ever have dreams that you’ve wanted to see become real?

Hellboy: Not really. The only thing i happen to think about is getting that one person back here. With me.

Sora: Who?

Carly: Would it be that girl we see on the screens over there?

Hellboy: *Grins* Yeah.

They continued to chat a little while waiting for the cart with the plates and eating tools to get in. It was only a few minutes later when the cart came and with the drinks as well. It was a odd gathering but they were to make the very best of it. Spencer during that time thought about his wife Rikku and wanted to call her however he was not able to. He managed to get a text from her though. Saying that she and her father were on their way. They got the transportation and were on the way. It made him feel a smile forming on his face. Rin… was also gonna be coming and with the items that Rin had to of made… it was gonna be a smooth time dealing with the dilemma that was just on the horizon. The fighters got themselves a slab of beef and some potatoes. Grabbed a seat and they along with their new friend… Hellboy. Enjoyed their first meal together. It was a very eventful day and there was more to follow throughout their time at the B.P.R.D headquarters. Villains… Bad guys. Beasts a plenty. And in the end of the road… The very likely Ogdru Jahad. But right now… It was a night of peace and getting acquainted. Myers was stationed to stick in another room. As arranged. But Hellboy didn’t seem to pay attention to him. Zoey and Blossom caught it and felt like speaking of it to Hellboy… The only thing was that… what could they really say? The Romancers Z! proposed a toast. To many happy and fulfilling memories with the B.P.R.D Whether they be good or not so good. The Aquatic Force Z! followed suit. As did the Thunderic Force Z! Serena and Carly Black shared a quick kiss and smiled. This was a happy moment for them just as it was for the rest…

As for where they lived…

In Metropolis…

Metropolis Beach…

Beach House…

Margaret: *Looking at the 5 new Bikini Girls* Stevie Wayland, Lisa Silvers, Dani Emerald, Patricia Frank… Olivia Blackwell. You five are older than the others here. But you’re new. You’re to stay close to the other Bikini Girls at all times. Where they go. You go. If they want to go somewhere. You go with them. You’re not to leave their sight. Not even for a second. From what you might have heard… Abductions and Sexual sickening acts against young girls have grown into a very alarming panic. Even if it were only one every great while… it’s still wrong. Always has been. But it’s getting worse. Alot worse and there is little to nothing anyone can do to cut it down to a lower rate. Just today… around Noon… a Bikini Girl named Suzanne Sexton was sexually violated. Molested. By a Plausible Pedophile. A Child molester if it’s a better usage. She is damaged now and we are in a state of fear that more Abductions and molestation attempts are imminent.

Stevie: We heard and we are not happy. I happen to be a recovering victim of Molestation as i too was victimized by it. I understand what it’s like. I find it demeaning and downright asinine. An act of an asshole who thinks it’s literally fuckin’ cute to molest a child. It is as if the people allow the ones that they know are child molesters and pedophiles go free… but would be all for prosecuting and torturing the ones who were accused of doing it but in truth never had and never would.

Lisa: We are not happy. The ones who were seen as innocent and known as innocent… They get the shaft. The ones who were guilty… they walk free. The hell with that shit. The girls will be protected. from any and all men. If any of the guys want at these girls… they get through us first and they’ll find that we’re not moving.

Dani: Margaret… You’re 16 now 17 almost 18. You’ve done your share of this. Protecting the girls. But the new age of Bikini girls are starting. You don’t have to keep doing this. You did more than your share. Trying to protect the girls. They love you. You love them. But there is only so much that you can do…

Patricia: We need to start finding these girls suitable homes. Stable ones. Suzanne Sexton… that poor dear. She’s crying her eyes out because of the Sexual Violation that was done on her. *Feeling terrible for the girl* We should look for the one that did this and nail him. But Suzanne will have to be with us to find him. This will be really hard on her and she’ll be scared as hell to do this… but she’s the only one that might know who it is or what the guy looks like. She’s the only one who could point him out and help us nail the one that had done this to her.

Olivia: I don’t like sex fiends. They are bad omens for all children. young and old… big and small… Boy and girl alike.

Lisa: It’s gonna be fine. We will put an end to the attacks. Where the girls go… we will be there. There will not be another chance of those Pedophiles to get a hold of one of the sweet girls. Not ever.

Patricia: I agree.

Dani: Let’s round them all up and have everyone turn in for the night. There’ll be no outings for them tonight. After what happened… It’s gonna be straight Lockdown tonight.

Margaret: Amber and Becky are at Sid’s. Hanging out. Diamond is close by. I’ll see that she goes to pick them up and bring them back here. Kirsten is still out seeing her boyfriend… Perry Rhapsody. He’s a sweet guy. She calls him her Love stud. Innocently though. She loves him and he loves her. We know him…He’s a good guy.

Stevie: That’s good. As long as he is good. That’s all that counts. But first sign of distrust and she is to dump him. What happened today is not gonna ever get that chance to happen again. Even if it’s from a guy that is seen to be well trusted.

Margaret: Right. *Nods*

The sad moment in the Bikini Girls Regime… Shook their world. and not a single man was to be trusted again. There was no more free reign. The new Bikini Girls members were very distrusting of men. A couple of them were victims of the sexually dark deed. They were hurt once or twice before because of it and knowing that the acts and the sickening motives of men were still going on… it made them hate all men. Good or bad. No matter who it was. The tides were changing and it was gonna mean trouble for the men fighters of the New Generation. They were gonna be watched closer… Deeper.

Of all the things that went on and unfolded so far… What was gonna take place next for the fighters. For their families… Allies. friends. Would the fighters be able to keep up with Hellboy? With Abe? Would they see Myers and Hellboy getting a solid ground? When were they bound to face the first sign of trouble; the first appearance of the instigators Kroenen… Grigori Efimovich Rasputin? Find out where it all starts to unfold in the next chapter of the Adventures of the Rhapsody Girls Z! as the Saga Continues…

Hellboy: Oh, well. Let me go in and say hi. *Voice-Over* Hey there… Hellboy here… Yeah. The one with the Red Right hand is actually sticking with the tale here and count for the readers to follow along. Not sure how Abe did… but, Devil-boy here wants to take a crack at this. Here goes… Next time on the Adventures of the Rhapsody Girls Z! The new Generation and I… and Myers get our first call. The first of many and this is just supposed to be a go in.. shoot the monster in question… go back home and call it a night, Right? Not likely. Turns out that this is just the start of something which will lead to a bigger plot in the line-up. The New Generation aren’t bad shots. They aren’t supposed to literally help me. No one does as i usually go it alone… However… the heroic persona half of them pushes them to act. And i guess i ought to thank them… If it weren’t for them… I wouldn’t be around to tell another tale again. However the new generation receive a bit of help of their own. Hey… Spence. It’s the wife. I think she’s found you and wants some answers. She’s not the only one that comes… Its her father and some guy they call Rin. They manage to provide the Transportation for them and Even for Abe and me. Lucky, huh? But where there is the surprise… there is also some mess to follow in their place of origin. Metropolis is shadowed with the Stigma of Child Abductions… Sexual acts being performed briefly and its got the Bikini Girls in a 5 star alarm shutdown. LOCKDOWN! In Bikini Girl land… Things are getting really interesting now, huh? Well, Stick around Champs… We’re gonna be getting ourselves a nice juicy monster. Extra crispy… probably on the next Chapter of the Adventures of the Rhapsody Girls Z!  “Let’s go catch ourselves a Monster, Rhapsody.”


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