Chapter 180: Rhapsody, You’ve been Summoned to Newark,N.J to Join up with the BPRD.

(Author’s Note: To any and all readers. Young and old and or those who are sensitive. Or with heart conditions… Be forewarned that some topics in this chapter and the upcoming chapters might have parts and or topics that might be unsuitable for the faint of heart. But rest assured that it’s not to offend and to spread encouragement of the actions that come from the topics. It’s to spread the awareness that it’s going on and that it needs to be addressed. The topic of Children being abducted and hurt in any way by Sick people… It’s being expressed mildly for story purposes and not for self gratification. Not for pleasure in any way… Just to use for a angle in the tale as it touches on real life issues that happen to remain going without the proper attention.

The author also states that he or she doesn’t condone the move towards molestations or any of that element. There is no intent on offending anyone or angering anyone. It is not the intent of the Author. And it is warned that some of the things the reader might see or read… Might upset others or be offensive. But also states that it’s a real life issue and it’s got to be addressed and brought to light. TO bring awareness that it is going on out there in the world and that the more people get aware of it… it can bring people a step closer to aim on putting a stop to it. Because stopping it or know of it happening so one can be aware of the matter can make all the more difference for a future child. So they don’t meet the same fate as those who had been hurt. To those who had been abducted and abused in the worst possible way. To ensure that it never happens again.

The Author also wants to apologize to those who have come across the topic and felt offended by it in any way. There was no offense or intending harm intended on being done. Nothing of that kind. Also note that if the topic is yet still too much to bare… it is urged that the reader… whoever it may be… skips the part in question to spare them of any negative feelings that might develop from the certain issue discussed.)

(The bureau of Paranormal research and defense.)

(One Year Later… Serena Living with Carly Black?)

(Someone help! A Fellow Bikini Girl Abducted and possibly ??? Friends… Make your move and assist. NOW!)

—In the Movie: Hellboy… The Events that took place seemed to strike within a couple weeks at most. But this version will be spread out to a natural length.—


Annie Rhapsody/Madame Romance)


Daria Rhapsody/Passion Galore)


Clint Rhapsody/Majestic Love)


Theodore Rhapsody/Dancing Heartthrob)


Amy Rhapsody/Angelic Bubble)


Susie Rhapsody/Shining Bubble)


Christina Rhapsody/Symphonic Bubble)


Penny Rhapsody/Chic Bubbling Gem)


Spencer Rhapsody/Spiritual Arctic-Frost)


Sapphire Rhapsody/Lieutenant Thunder)


Raven Rhapsody/Intellectual Thunderic Wonder)


Serena Rhapsody/Thunderic Fury)


Paul Rhapsody/Honolulu Torch Paul)


Crystal Rhapsody/Psychic Wonder)


Sora and Carly Rhapsody/Esp Elemental wonder-twins)


Blossom Rhapsody/Electrogal)


Zoey Rhapsody/Sailor Zoey)

“Zeo, go Zeo!
Stronger than before!
Go, Zeo!
Powered up for more!
Go, Zeo!
Rhapsody Fighters at the Core!
Zeo, Rhapsody Fighters! (Zeo!)
Higher they can soar!
Go, Zeo!
Fired up for more!
Go, Zeo!
Even up the score!
Zeo, Zeo!
Go, go Rhapsody Fighters!
Go, go Rhapsody Fighters!
Go, go Rhapsody Fighters!
Zeo, Rhapsody Fighters!”

Dinah: *Voice-over; Narrating* This is the first Official threat for the New Generation…

The roar of a Thunderstorm in the background is heard…

Dinah: *Voice-over; Narrating* What is it that makes a man… A Man? Is it his Origins? The way things start? Or is it something more than just how it begins? Something quite harder to describe… or explain. Our family started way after WW2. It started 41 years later. However…this one goes back to 1944. For a professor of Paranormal interest… It all began that year. On a Classified Mission off the coast of Scotland. WW2 was nearing its end and the Germans were getting desperate. The Axis powers were failing and it had led them to a move of desperation. The Nazis were Desperate most of all. Combining Science with Black Magic, They were intending to upset the very balance of the war. The Professor was 28, Already a Paranormal Advisor to President Roosevelt. He knew that he would never be able to have suspected. That what was said to transpire that night… Would not just affect the course of history itself… but change his life as well. If only he knew that the ones he would someday meet could inspire him. To believe that there are still reasons to hope… It was 16 years later… After the end of Trigon the Terrible’s reign of terror. The world had been changed. Things were different than they were once before. We thought that the terror was gonna be over and that the threats would no longer be… We believed in it till the other year we were put into a Video game and help a world bring the calm and end the 1000 year old tradition. It made us understand better that the tests of time… always leads another threat coming around the corner. Now it was the New generation who were to go into the paths of danger. But this was one dilemma that would change their lives forever… They were 15, 16, 12 and 13 years of age…

One year later…

Since the last year… multiple things have taken place. One of the things that changed was Serena’s place of residence. During the passing year…Serena was seen with Carly and some would disregard as to what they saw… But it happened to be described as just a real close… close best friend thing. A real close best friend like behavior when Serena and Carly had been caught kissing each other on the lips a couple times. Dinah took note of that and made motions to have something done about it. It wasn’t much… But it might have been pretty huge for her to allow for Serena and Carly to live together. To be together. All the while knowing that Serena was always gonna have a home with her sisters and her parents. That was not gonna be forgotten. Serena knew of it. So did Carly. Another thing was that Zoey and June were training hard for what was coming. The two went off and did their own thing away from the family as well as take care of senshi business. Paul took time throughout the year and trained hard. Honing his fire powers. He had to do it in a place where he was alone and with no one distracting him. It was gonna be a grueling race for him. A Hard trial for him. Crystal on the other hand… trained on her Psychic abilities and sharpened her Visionary foresight. The detection of energy presences. Life forces. From all that she achieved from the training… She learned a couple of new moves… In silent mode…Psy-Shock and Future sight. Sora and Carly learned how to read minds more sharper and more precisely.

Spencer and Rikku helped each other train. It was ongoing throughout the year. They all trained off and on during that year and while doing so… had some chances in foiling crimes and busting the ones attempting to commit an act of injustice. On the normal front while they were not training and preparing. Blossom and Zoey were seen hanging out. Doing things that normal 12 girls do. They were talking about boys. It was innocent. Sora and Carly… They started noticing the change in their family. Something was going on in their family and it wasn’t good. Even though it was in the very very early stages… They noticed that there was something going on. Sora and Carly were both hoping that they could be wrong. As for Sapphire… She was into being popular. And she was. Throughout that time… She had formed her own version of the Pink Ladies. But… it was the Pink Rhapsody Sweethearts. A clique of girls who were tough but equally warming and caring. Raven was more into reading and also got into some public speaking. She had also done some public speaking for the city as well… Even though it was minor.

Perry… Blossom’s brother had been seen hanging with Kirsten for about a year… off and on where out from that… An actual relationship has bloomed. They got closer and yet… were unaware that something was coming. Something big. Clint was also seeing someone too. A cute Asian girl that during that passing year had come to the school. A new student from Japan. from The Tochigi Prefecture. Her name was Kiyoko HISAKAWA. Last name meant “market place by the river”. He was very warming to her and saw that she was yet being picked on and scorned as an outcast by the other girls. A few of the times it was so bad that he had to step in and intervene. It got him in a bit of hot water in the field of woman animosity and trying to defuse a likely confrontation. But he didn’t back away. He really cared about the girl. Even loved her… but couldn’t really get too close to her and risk her finding out that he had an alter identity. That he was with a heroic alter-ego. However… the girl got close to Clint and made it no secret that she thought of him like a real prince. The Changes were there and as for Blossom’s changing… She and Zoey got closer in relationship. Becoming best friends 5 times over. There was a few times that Zoey was in trouble and Blossom came to her immediate defense. Zoey returned the motion in the same way.

Blossom had although changed. She started to slowly show signs that she was gonna lose her way a little. But the only mystery about that was… When… and how.

It was October 20th, 2044… and this is where the start of the new beginnings for the New Generation begins…

Carly Black’s Apartment…

Serena: *Looking at Carly* I have been away from my sisters and family for a while. It’s been a year since my sisters and I got our apparent upgrades. Since then… we all had numerous sightings of crime and attempted robberies and who the heck knows what else. My sisters Sapphire and Raven could handle it… But me? Hello… Fury? Anyone?

Carly Black: Serena, Sweetheart… I know how you feel about it. If i were in your shoes and dealing exactly the same as you had dealt with… I don’t really know what i’d do. You’re stronger and tougher. But with the new upgrades that you and your sisters got… Do they really help make the work easier or more flexible. Not that you couldn’t handle it without those… But do they help?

Serena: I don’t know, Carly. i really don’t know. You seen me transform here in viewing distance of you. I now got wings. It’s like i got Airbourne now. I mean… the new gadgets help out quite a lot. I don’t mind it at all… I am just feeling as if we’re all trapped in a fated life that we can never break apart from without screwing everything up in the process. This city needs protectors. To do the things that the normal protectors can not. It is true then and still true now… this city can’t depend on Clark Kent. When there is trouble… he hides like a chicken and acts like a little shit. Thinking that he can choose when he will and when he won’t show up and do what he was meant to do.

Carly: This is since last year. That you felt like this. There must be something we can do…

Serena: Yeah. *Drinking her coffee* It’s been half a year now since i was allowed to move in with you. My mom was more than okay with it. My father however… He was alright with it and understood. But… thinks that you and I are like in a real official relationship. I made him think that we weren’t. At least for now. I didn’t want him to know too much. It was better that way.

Carly: *Grins* Serena, Your father likes me. And i believe that he already knows about us being in a relationship. Your mom must have told him by now… Plus… You moving in with me was the best move. I mean… you once said… not too long ago. maybe about a few months ago that there was only so much that you could do to hide the fact that you and I were really really close and in a rather lovey-dovey relationship before they were to put all the pieces together and figure it all out. Your sisters knew. Your mom knew. She caught it. Your dad knows. He had to of known sometime.

Serena: I know… So does my mom. They both love you. Just as i do. I kinda remember when we first met. You and I were rather opposed of one another at first. Not because we didn’t like one another. We liked each other… but were kinda shy or scared that we would not have anything in common. And you’re right about that. You were sure of it. We both were.

Carly: That was in Elementary school. Before you embarked on your heroic identity. But it is as true then as it is now. You and I have been through alot.

Serena: *Groans in disbelief* God… So much has happened since then.

Carly: *Looking at the time* Serena, We gotta book it to school.

Serena: *Looking at the time and seeing it near the first bell* Oh man… Shit. We’re gonna be late. My mom is gonna go postal if i am late. I know that my sister Sapphire is likely gonna be after me if i am late. She’s good at that.

Carly: We got our bags. Everything is off and locked. Come on. We can stop by Sid’s on our way to school and see on grabbing a couple Danishes… He usually has those around the morning time. We can talk more on what you and your sisters Sapphire and Raven are going through tonight. We can get through this. Your sisters believe it, Right?

Serena: *Nods* Right.

As for Zoey…

Luna and Zeke’s house…

Living Room…


Zoey: 11 days till Halloween and it feels as if just lost all reason to be happy. *Laying back* all year… all i could think about was the threats that were coming. The first one is coming. I can feel it. We were preparing for this all year.

June: It has been a trying year. Zoey, This is what you are meant to do. It’s not supposed to be easy. If it’s easy all the time… How will you grow and learn from life? Being a senshi is never easy.

Zoey: Maybe not… But Watchtower is sure trying to set us up to fail. What if we can’t do it? What if we fail? It will mean that everything we have done up till now was for nothing. We changed nothing.

June: It’s probably the pressure of Middle school getting you.

Zoey: It is. I guess. I didn’t hear from Blossom yet. She was supposed to have called last night.

June: She got herself grounded yesterday.

Zoey: *Gasps in shock* She did?

June: Yeah. She got herself cornered and got into a fight. She returned fire and fought back… She was the victim. But you tried yesterday when it happened to assist. However it was sadly too late. It was over and she was hurt. The Principal saw it and thought that it was Blossom starting the fight. She wasn’t starting it. She was defending herself. However… the ones who started it…

Zoey: *Glaring while realizing who June was speaking of* I think i know who the creeps were. The same ones that were trying to start their bull last year. Kimahri fortunately came to intervene. But… since then… those creeps started more and more of their bull. 2 of the 4 girls did this to Blossom. *Standing up* June, Come on… Let’s go on and get to school… Blossom’s my best friend. Those two whore-bags messed with the wrong family. Mess with my best friend, will they? I’m gonna fix them.

As Zoey starts walking in a temper…

June: *Sensing something not right coming from Zoey* Zoey, Uh… *Getting in front of Zoey and trying to defuse the fire* Zoey… Hold your fire. Don’t do it. You’re a senshi of Love. Justice and Defender of the innocent. Doing this will go against everything you stand for. It won’t do Blossom any favors either to get yourself in the same hot seat that she’s in. her father and mother grounded her because she knew better than to get into fights. Even if it were for the right reasons. Fighting solves nothing. All it will do is bring about more fighting. That will not serve anything.

Zoey: June, Look at my face right now. Does it look like i care? Because i got news about that…I don’t.  *Growling and pissed* I am sick of those bullies. I know who they are too… Tara and Ginger Marco. They’re two of Martin Marco’s kids. The ones that were made by that son of a bitch who hurt my mom when she was around my age. Well… Guess what? this girls got claws and i am gonna be out for a fight. To even the score.

June: *Sighs* This is gonna not end well.

Zoey and Blossom have been dealing with the coming and repetitive antics of the Marco sisters for some time. It would come and go from time to time and there was the thought that it’d get better. But… It only got worse. Zoey during that time had seen the progress of the antagonizing attempts done by the Marco sisters and seen as it went on. But this was now the last straw. She was fed up and it was almost identical to the Luna/Martin/Zeke painfest regime that had struck 16 years ago. It didn’t make things any less painful for any of them. Zoey saw how it was hurting her friend Blossom. But most of all hurting her mother as she caught wind of it and was being forced to recall what she’d gone through 16 years ago.

On Zoey’s way to school…

Sora: *Running over to Zoey with Carly* Zoey, Oh god… You okay?

Zoey: Yeah… But does it really seem that i am alright? I am in a very heated mood right now. Pissed.

Carly: I’d bet that it was Blossom again. Wasn’t it?

Zoey: Yeah, No kidding. She got into a fight with those Marco Sisters. She gets the shaft and those Marco sisters get the clear.

Sora: You’re not gonna like this… But i heard that the Marco sisters are gonna go after our new sister Hallie. She’s not accustomed to handle a mess like this. We couldn’t do anything for her last school year. But this year… we can.

Zoey: How, She’s still in Elementary school.

Sora: We’ll find some way to be there for her as much as we can. But we’ll save her from those creeps.

Zoey: Hallie is only like 10. She’s gonna be in Elementary till next year.

June: I think that they know that, Zoey. But the important thing is that she’ll be protected as much as possible. Sora and Carly will find a way. It’ll be okay.

Zoey: That’s if those Marco brothers and or sisters don’t make a habit on pounding towards Hallie just to spite us. or raise a stink.

Sora: We know what you mean. Those creeps are just the worst.

Carly: Those Marco sisters are gonna be asking for a bruisin’

Zoey: Do you two think that they can be outwitted?

Sora: Of course. We can read their minds. What do you have in mind?

Carly: We could always scare them.

Zoey: All i want is to see them beg for mercy.

Sora: Don’t worry. We’ll get them. No one hurts our family and gets away with it.

But by time they reached the school…

Tara: *Confronting Zoey* Hey there, Sailor Loser! Wanna try to fight us?

Zoey: Without a doubt you Bitch. *Landing a Punch against Tara’s face* Hurt my Cousin Blossom and then try to go after a young 10 year old. You’re low.

Ginger: *Walking over* Oh yeah! Well fuck off, Rhapsody. You’re a stupid loser and your family is gonna go down. our father Martin hates your mother Luna. and anything we can do to carry on his hatred towards her… we will do. You’re going down. Period. Luna was to be with Martin. But instead she goes with some piece of shit like Zeke. Yeah. our dad’s told us about it. All the things that he said he made that loser Zeke believe… was all a smoke screen. He was just being one to get on everyone’s good graces. But he hated him. Always has. And till the day we die… you will never have Peace.

Zoey: *Grabbing Tara and Pulling her hair; Throwing her into the pole and making impact* You lowlife idiot. You are hurting innocent people because it’s what your father says. Your father was a Degenerate drunk. He is also a player. You have the nerve to trash talk my dad and my mom. You’re just pissed because you don’t have a backer. No one to help you. No one in this city loved your father. The city all hated him. And you acting like him is gonna get the city to hate you too. *Landing punches* You’re a disgrace. A real disgrace.

Sora: *Reading Tara’s Mind* She’s gonna think about pulling a victim act and make you look bad, Zoey.

Carly: Zoey, You might want to do something about it. pull a fast one. fast.

Zoey: Right.

However… before she could make a move…

Blossom: *Grabbing Ginger from behind* Tara and Ginger Marco are bitches… They need to be taught a lesson.

Tara: Hey… Little skank wannabe. What do you think you’re doing? Didn’t we already get you in trouble already?

Blossom: You did. But this is where i get even.

Ginger: *Screaming and playing victim*

Carly: *Firing a sneak shot of lightning at Ginger; shocking her* You be quiet, Marco. You’re not gonna get away from being punished this time.

Blossom: *Suddenly stopping and Pauses* Actually, You know what? Zoey. Why don’t we just leave them alone? Messing with them is just get us nothing but trouble. Plus… It’s just what these creeps would want. Just so they could look good and make us take the fall for trying to push back and respond.

Zoey: You sure, Blossom? These bullies need to be taken down.

Sora: *With Carly* You sure, Blossom? We are doing this for you, you know? Also doing it for Hallie. The creeps are gonna try to go for Hallie also.

Blossom: Yeah. *Sighs* I know. I’m sure though. It’s better if we let them go. Fighting them will bring nothing but more pain. I’m sorry.

Zoey: *Nods and Holding for Blossom’s hand; hugging her* It’s okay. We’ll get them another time.

Blossom was feeling as if she was exposing her weakness and all it did was make her feel more down. She wasn’t one to allow for anyone to hurt her family. However she knew that it was a losing battle. She was already grounded by her parents for getting into a fight to begin with. She didn’t see as to how another fight would help anything…

Pearl and Jack’s house…

Living Room…

Amy: *With her things set to go* We really should get on our way.

Susie: We know, Amy. We’re just waiting for Spencer and Rikku. They’re still in the shower…

Christina: They’re really slow today. Aren’t they?

Penny: No. It’s called… another all night run with the training they’ve been doing. They hardly got any sleep. It’s a miracle that they can still function to do the basic routines.

Amy: We’ve all had to do our fair share of training. Working fast and holding no punches either.

Music was heard from the bathroom…

“Baby when I met you there was peace unknown
I set out to get you with a fine tooth comb.
I was soft inside there was something going on.

You do something to me that I can’t explain
Hold me closer and I feel no pain ev’ry beat of my heart
We got something going on…”

Susie: *feeling awkward* Uh… is it just me… or does this seem to be like an every morning occurrence with them?

Christina: It’s an every morning occurrence with them. You don’t imagine it.

Penny: I heard that Clint found himself a girlfriend sometime ago. During the past year… he was seen with the new student. From Japan. Kiyoko Hisakawa. That girl looked really lovely. Clint gave us a copy of her picture.

Penny shows the picture briefly while they were waiting for Spencer and Rikku to finish preparing and getting ready…

Amy: She looks really nice. I like her drive. She’s… A band girl, isn’t she?

Susie: Actually… No. She’s Choir and Drama.

Penny: Either way… she’s nice. I think that Clint’s got a good girl for himself. Just hope that she doesn’t suspect about the hero part. That’d be… ill advised.

Christina: That’s if she doesn’t happen to know of it already. She might already know about it.

Seconds later before they could look at the time and wonder again what was taking Spencer and Rikku so long…

Spencer: *Looking at the time and then the girls* Morning again, Sisters.

Rikku: Sorry we took so long. We were really exhausted and the warm water wasn’t kicking on too good. It did manage to wake us up though.

Spencer: We were just so out of it.

Amy: Yeah. We noticed. You and Rikku were singing though. We heard it from out here and we know it wasn’t dad or mom. They’re already at work.

Rikku: Don’t look at me… it wasn’t really my idea. I just had it hit me as it hit spencer. He had the music bug hit him and i guess… I too… felt it.

Susie: it’s okay though. It was good.

Spencer: True. But we’re many many eons away from American Idol.

Penny: Hardy har har.

Amy: Kimahri’s already patrolling the schools and the surrounding areas. He’s gonna be keeping an eye out for any signs of trouble. Hopefully there is none… But it’s around this time that things are supposed to start.

Christina: *Walking over to the kitchen and getting something to drink real quick before heading out* It’s kinda cold out this morning, isn’t it?

Penny: Not really. But we should maybe take something with us.

Although it was then that Christina walked right into the kitchen and as she went for something to drink, she stumbled upon a note on the refrigerator…

The Note read:

“Kids, Your father and I are gonna be out for the night tonight. There is a fundraiser that we were invited to attend. So… Call in and order a Pizza or check out the Diner. We’ll be seeing you kids tomorrow. Take care, Be good. Stay safe. Love, Mom.”

Christina saw some money attached to the note and immediately noticed that something was up. A Fundraiser? In Metropolis? Since when… Christina did not buy it… but it wasn’t as though she could question their mother. There was no time left to think. They all looked right at the time once again and saw that it was nearing the time for the first bell. Without any hesitancy, the girls, Spencer and his darling wife Rikku saw to it that everything had been locked. Shut off before making their way to the high school. During that time… They couldn’t help but to wonder when they were to start on their first threat. When it was said to begin. The Aquatic Force Z! though was more than amp’d up and ready…

But as for Annie, Daria, Clint and Theodore…

Paige and Reese’s House…

Dining Room…

Annie: *With her communicator on* We should get going. We all got testing to get done in class today.

Daria: *Sighs* Don’t remind me, Annie. There’s a History test being given today. I don’t even know if i studied enough.

Annie: I have that same thought myself. I don’t think that we studied enough either. The history test is supposed to be really hard.

Clint: *Doing some last minute research* We have five minutes before we really have to hurry over to the School. But… Annie, You’re right. That history test is predicted to be hard. But i think that it’s the least of our problems. I checked the site called Government Updates… We got a problem. Or maybe not so much a problem… but something completely chilling.

Annie: What’s that? *Curiously looking at Clint and wondering what Clint was getting at* Something wrong?

Clint: There’s a mention of an article or a report here stating that the BPRD has spent some time doing background checks on a group of people. A group of possible candidates who possess abilities and elements. Guess who their highlight choice was or should i say still is…

Daria: Who?

Clint: Us. That’s who. *Reading what he found online upon the site* “There has been given time and thorough consideration towards the best likely chosen selections to be accepted by the BPRD and there is no reasonable doubt that it wouldn’t be the 4th generation of fighters of a family who preserve the very foundations of Peace and Justice including truth. They’re being scheduled for immediate pickup by a entourage of government agents by the next week. The 20th of October of this year. This order has been sanctioned by the Director of the Bureau of Paranormal Research and Defense’s Dr. Thomas Manning. These fighters in mention… will be briefed by Prof. Broom.”

Theodore: *Stunned and in disbelief* You won’t mind repeating that…will you? You serious about that, Clint? The BPRD… they have been documenting us? How? How could they have done that? Unless… they secretly have been watching us and having us not know about it. But if they were watching us or having us under surveillance all this time… that would mean just that they could have been watching us. Keeping tabs on us. What we did… where we went. Who we spoke to. When we happened to turn into our heroic Identity forms. They could have also monitored all those that we have communicated with.

Daria: Oh god… Theodore, Can you please be any more of a paranoid person? There is no proof that we could have been followed or placed under watch or surveillance. There is too much to read up on revolving us. or this family to be honest.

Annie: We can’t say for sure as to how accurate that report is. We don’t know how much they’d know about us or if they know about us at all. They could be just blowing smoke up everyone’s butt.

Clint: I would like to believe that. I really would… *Looking at Annie* However… with everything that we had put ourselves through over the last year… I am not so sure that it can be blown off quite so easily.

Daria: Either way… *Looking at the time* We really don’t have time to ponder about what they’d know and not know. We should get to school before we’re late.

Theodore: I agree.

It was then that they locked things up and started their way over to the school. Even they felt that something was coming. After reading about what the Government site was saying and what was being stated by the BPRD… It got them feeling as though they really were gonna be brought into the dilemma and there was no way out of it. None. But Annie looked at the others and just believed that it could have been just a sheer coincidence…

It was a moment later when they reached the school and saw that something was going on. There were a crowd of people standing around. Standing and in confusion. There was word that a few government vehicles and a couple of Limousines were seen strolling in the city and one of them being with the director of the BPRD. However… Tom Manning was somewhere else…

As for Sapphire, Raven, The Rhapsody Trio, Hikaru, Sakura and Sora…


Dinah’s and Shingo’s house…

Front Yard…

Sapphire: *Walking to the end of the front lawn and looking both ways* the girls should be here by now.

Raven: Your Clique isn’t likely to show up here, Sapphire. You know that they wouldn’t be showing up here.

Sapphire: Why not?

Raven: Hmm… Let’s see… how about… for one thing, Serena moving out from here. Moving in with her best friend Carly Black. Mom is not wanting to have a clique here. It’s just not something she’d want to deal with. She misses Serena.

Sapphire. We all miss her. But it was for the best and you know it. You know it better than anyone.

Raven: Sure i do. And if you happen to remember right about how mom managed to see Serena and Carly kissing a couple times. It was innocent and there was nothing quite so wrong with it. But it was when Mom happened to overhear them talking about going on dates sometime as girlfriend/girlfriend Material. That was when…

Janie: You 2 have to admit that it isn’t exactly something you hear an Innocent best friend friend status pair talk about unless there was in fact something there.

Alex: It’s bad enough knowing that you and Raven are gonna be smacking the sticks with these threats that are looming off the coast. But to face the reality that our sister Serena… is without a doubt gay. or one who has converted to being Gay… It’s not exactly one to be prancing around and making it public news. You guys are in the public eye. You have to now be a certain way. Act and think. Look a certain way. Do certain things to appease the masses. As it is…there are a few people at school raising a Stink against you guys. Or should i say against Aunt Luna?

Sapphire: What are you two talking about? Or should i say… What on earth are you talking about, Alex?

Alex: Ugh! Are you starting your phase of being oblivious? The Marco sisters and Brothers. They have been targeting Blossom, Zoey… Not to mention Sora and Carly. The Marco Kids are stirring shit and trying to get a group of people together to form an Anti-Rhapsody Family Association club. Getting a club of those who happen to despise our family. They have already 20 people willing to Join and they’re not gonna stop till they get the whole school in on it. The Marcos are trying to take us all down. Aunt Luna’s Friend Beth Marco is aware of it. She’s even trying to stop it… She’s only failing miserably.

Raven: What do you suppose we’re to do about it? We can’t just walk into it and try to reverse the damage. If the damage is done… It’s gonna already likely be too far deep.

Janie: So… We’re just gonna do nothing?

Raven: No… We need to find us someone who can hide in the shadows but keep a close eye on the Marco kids and watch their every move.

Alex: Who do we know has that sort of pull?

Charlene: *Suggesting a name* Brenda. Adopted Cousin Brenda. She’s tough. She is also with the knowhow on being secretive and can follow people without even being noticed. She’s very discreet with how she does it and it’s effective. We could get her to keep tabs on those creeps and give us the upper hand.

Sapphire: Think she’ll do it?

Alex: We’re sure of it.

Hikaru: You don’t think that the Marco sisters will try to come at us… do you? *Starting to get scared*

Sakura: *Nervous* If they’re there at school stirring trouble… They could try to come at us next.

Sora: *Scared; speaking a little English* I don’t like school. No like Bullies.

Janie: I don’t think anyone does. But we are gonna stop those creeps.

Raven: This is all on top of Serena living with her best friend Carly Black. Being in a more definite relationship.

Sapphire: We should get to school. Serena is likely to be there already.

Raven: Right.

Janie: We’re in High school now ourselves.

Alex: It’ll be better that way. There’s said to be strength in #’s.

Charlene: We’ll be together.

It was then that they made off over to the school. It was almost time for the first bell to ring and they were running behind. Their mother Dinah had already gone off to work and their father Shingo was also at work too. There were alot of clients needing Limo’s and he had about a good 5 trips. Plus remain on call for being a private Driver for the one he had been hired to drive around. Sapphire and Raven didn’t see to mention to the others that they saw notices and signs through their research of the BPRD stating that the fighters were gonna be picked up. It was something that they were gonna keep upon themselves and hope that their sisters wouldn’t catch on. It was that day where it was foretold to begin… Sapphire and Raven knew it… But Janie, Alex and Charlene… Didn’t. Neither did their yet younger sisters and Brother. Not even they knew.

As for Brenda, Jenna, Nicki, Danielle and Candice…

Metropolis Radio Station…


The girls were on their way to school. Candice was in the 5th grade now… while the others were also in the 9th grade…

In the DJ Room and Studio…

Arnold: *On the air* This is Lord Arnold with a special message for all you listeners. This Halloween there’s gonna be an Autumn festival. It’s gonna be all day and all night on Halloween. With fun and activities for the young boys and girls. Games. Rides and also a Halloween Noon Presentation of the theatrical version of Disney’s classic movie: “Hocus Pocus”. Throughout the day there will be Volunteering opportunities for anyone to get on stage and do a #. It can be a festive Halloween tune… or a song you like. A Song right from your heart. Then at night… There will be fireworks and to wrap things up… The Bewitching hour. A Closing Poem to Wrap up the festivities. An recital reading of the famous Edgar Allan Poe Poem: “The Raven”. That’s this Halloween at the Metropolis Fairgrounds. Also at Metropolis City Park. Beginning at 8:00 in the basking morning Autumn light. See you there. *A second pause* Now for your news headlines of the Day: These have been troubling days which started for the last month as there have been a report of young pubescent girls vanishing for only moments just to come back hours later changed and with signs of harm done upon them. These are the times that are more unsafe and with fear. Parents. If you have girls ranging from ages 5-12… Keep a watch on them. Ensure maximum protection of them. If they’re with friends. Enforce the Buddy system with them. Have a trusted responsible Adult with them. Guiding them to their homes or to where they were going to hang out. Strength in Numbers. At all times. Remember… A Well protected kid is a ensured lucky kid holding on to their innocence. Don’t let your Kids go anywhere alone. Accompany your Daughters and Sons at all times. It could mean their safety and their lives. Robbery crime wave… A wave of crime hits have been scouring the city. throughout the 4 week period… an estimated 5 blocks of stores… Shops and gas stations have been hit. Some officials believe it to be miscreants just trying to cause a ruckus. But others believe that this is a beginning of a crime wave. One unending Wave of crime hits. Jewelry die in as the heaviest of hitters as an estimated 600,000 Dollars were stolen and taken from the Jewelry shops along the Promenade strip. businesses have been instructed to upgrade their Security systems. Putting padlocks and Security doors on their businesses. Their property. Times have been changing and there are no signs of a break in the near future. *Another secondary break* Here’s another set of hits right here on MRHAP Metropolis. The station where the Hits will never die…


As for the fighters… They had little to no idea that the events that were soon to come…  Were starting to unfold. But they at the time… figured that it was just here-say… Although… For the ones who used to deal with the super fighting and the existence of not having any control of their life. Having to deal with the powers that be… They knew otherwise. They knew otherwise…

10 AM…


There were three figures moving on through a narrow passage that was indescribably leading them somewhere. It was a passage that lead somewhere and they moved on through it until they were met by a meticulous dead end.

The first figure then stopped at a symbol that somehow appeared to have been carved into the rocky ground and consults a Leather-Bound book that looked dark but also appeared to belong to someone. The symbol it saw happened to have matched an illustration in the book which happened to mark an Exact match…

Before them, a thick wall of ice. Using a heavy steel hammer, The first figure without much hesitancy broke on through…

Peasant Guide: I will guide you no further.

The second figure suddenly then produces two small Gold Ingots. Which it was just only seconds later that the second figure then Handed one to the guide. All the while Keeping the other one.

The ice curtain collapses, revealing but a rough-walled corridor. The first figure spots a mysterious glowing firefly. They follow it into the Main Nave of the Ice Cave.

It was a cathedral-like vault that could easily hold a stadium within it. From an opening somewhere above, eerie blue light was seen streaming down on a magnificent labyrinth. A few more fireflies speckle the air, winking on and off. It was mysterious… but also a phenomenon unlike any other.

Through the Labyrinth…

The three figures gallantly moved past a path of what made out being a row of cyclopean statues guarding the inhuman architecture. The humans are without noticed or a nevermind dwarfed by the monumental scale of the walkways and ramparts. Walking ever so through the walkways and heading on to where the path lead to a center…

At the center of the labyrinth the stone floor is covered in grooves radiating from a shallow stone basin.

FIGURE 3 uncovers his face: he’s a PEASANT GUIDE.

Peasant Guide: *in Romanian* This is a sacred place. Where’s my gold? We shouldn’t be here —

The First figure had then paused and seconds later made a motion and thereby exchanged a very meaningful look with the second figure. The first figure throws two solid gold pieces at the feet of the Sherpa. On them, was a symbol that was indeed well seen… well known and well spread all throughout the known world during the second world war…. It was an embossed Swastika. After a greedy moment of thought, the Peasant kneels to pick up the gold. He worked for gold and lots of it. He had a definite bad feeling about the very place that they were in and was trying to warn them. But the other figures were persistent on going on in deeper and deeper. It led them to the center where there were grooves which radiated from a Stone Basin.

TCHKK!!! A long, shiny blade pierces the Peasant’s chest from behind. He blinks twice and slumps forward.

The second figure then steps out from behind him and with him in his hand was a long, bloody blade. The figures uncover their faces. One of the figures was a woman.While the other one was the gas Masked freak. Karl Ruprecht Kroenen. The mask was the same exact one that was worn back in 1944. (Something about that was starting to seem by far familiar). Kroenen then cleaned his blade in the snow and takes back the gold that was only given to the Peasant not but a second or so ago..

The Woman watched as the Sherpa’s blood ran in a steaming rivulet, tracing a glyph in the grooves and filling the basin.

A figure then arose right from the Basin of Blood… A naked human shape, haloed
by fireflies.

Woman: *Looking upon the man* Master?! Your eyes! What did they do to your


In New York…

Doctor’s Office…

Mechanized rollers transport X-Ray films over a backlit screen. A group of 4 DOCTORS studies the pictures and exchange somber looks. Rain spatters the windows.

Doctor #1: Have you told him yet?

Doctor #2: No. But someone should. The files here do say that he’s got a Son.

Doctor #1: Do you think his son knows?

Doctor #2: No.

Doctor 2 looks through a glass partition at an aged but dignified man. The man was known as none other than Prof. Trevor Broom; Age 72, who slowly buttoned back up his shirt. Plus Hanging from his wrist, his rosary. Broom was considered to be understood as a Roman catholic. A Very devout one at that.

In the Examination room…

A minute later…

Doctor #2: *Giving the diagnosis and the results to the man; sadly* Malignant sarcoma. In the lungs… the spine, liver…

Broom: Approximately… how long??

Doctor #2: Maybe — six weeks.

Broom impassively takes in the information. It was of no mystery or slight of illusion to know that the information that was just given to him… Was by far, unsettling and deeply devastating in every way. In every possible way known. But in his mind felt that he’d lived a long good life. A rather full life.

Doctor #2: I can arrange for hospitalization, pain management. Make the time more bearable —

Broom then pensively shuffles his tarot cards. There was something about Broom that no one could understand. He was a man who devoutly ventured vaguely and profoundly into the realm of the paranormal. But also was a bit of a psychic and used Tarot cards to foresee things. One of the cards that he foresaw was Death. He foresaw that his time of Death was indeed near. But… he was soon to find out… that he would not be the only one that could foresee his death.

Broom: *shaking his head briefly* I’d rather… stay home, you know. I’ll be making arrangements — *Beat* For my son.

Doctor #2: You can always get a second opinion.

Broom: That shall not be necessary. But the Gesture is very much appreciated.

New York, Manhattan Street…

Leaves stir on the pavement. All the stores are decorated for Halloween. Two kids dressed as Skeletons run in front of Broom, carrying a Jack-o-Lantern. Leaning on a cane, Broom exits the building and walks toward a waiting black Mercedes. The Driver (Agent Lime) opens the door. Broom pauses to buy a dozen Baby Ruth candy bars from a street vendor.In an Electronics Store, a wall of TV’s. The image of a Red, Blurry Shape (Hellboy) fills the screens…

Back In Metropolis…

Things were calm but yet… there were said to be things starting to unfold. One of the things that were foretold to unravel was…

An Abduction. One was about to take place… But not in a way most would notice so easily…

At Metropolis Beach…

Suzanne Sexton: *Walking the sidewalks and enjoying the air* The air is a little cold. But feels good. *Looking ahead and seeing a group of guys hanging up some Halloween decorations upon the nearby store that lied across the street* Hmm… Halloween must be coming quick this year. I always did like Halloween. *Curious over the decorations that were being hung up for the Halloween Holiday* I wonder what those things are. They’re different from the usual ones you see on the display stands. I think that i’d like to see what they are.

Suzanne Sexton was curious about what she was seeing. She didn’t think that she’d see her best friend there as she only saw her every other week. She knew that school had to be demanding. But she saw that something was going on across the street and wanted to see what it was. She barely got across the street to see up close when…

Man: *Walking by* Look at you… You’re a new one to be coming over here.

Suzanne: Yeah. I just love Halloween. It’s like my favorite holiday.

Man: Because of the costumes and the fun disguises, right?

Suzanne: That’s one thing that makes it fun. But really… It’s just my favorite holiday on count of it being the day where you can pose as anyone you want. Be anything you want and no one could tell you no. You get to go to these wonderful costume parties that have all kinds of people in costume. Having fun and what makes it even better is spending it with the ones that make you feel safe. Happy and just grateful to be alive.

Man: I thought that was Christmas.

Suzanne: It is. But it’s for any Holiday. having those sort of feelings. Anyone can feel that way.

As she was talking the weather started to change and it got her feeling cold. Suzanne Looked around and spotted some of the other girls leaving to do their thing for a little. She was already feeling cold… so she had to head back to the Beach. But…As she walked on…


At Watchtower command center…

The Siren were going off…

Mr. Breslin: *Looking at the screens and seeing something going on* Mrs. Queen? We seem to have something going on.

Chloe: *Looking at the data from the Orbiter* There’s been another Abduction. Another Girl has been grabbed.

Mr. Morgan: This is terrible. We should notify one of the fighters.

Chloe: We can’t. However… we can notify their Ronso friend. send out a signal to Kimahri. Bring him in.

Mr. Breslin: Contacting him now. *Sending out a signal over towards Kimahri*

A Moment later…

Kimahri: What seem to be problem?

Genevieve: Observe the Viewing globe. It’s a sad situation. As of late… There’d been a # of Child Abductions going on all over the City of Metropolis. However the last one that took place…Hit right in the public eye. The Abductions are rising to a critical rate. It’s getting worse and there is not much that the authorities can do.

Kimahri: *Looking at the globe* … *Shaking his head* Poor young pup… Kimahri feel sad. Think Kimahri should help.

Genevieve: Yes. You must go and attend to the poor girl’s rescue. There is no time to think. That girl is in danger.

Jennifer: *On Screen* Don’t worry guys… Suzanne’s one of us girls. We take care of our own. We’ll go after her.

Bridgette: Suzanne was taken by someone. a strong man. A possible sick minded man.

Sparkles: We’re gonna find her. This is something that the Bikini Girls must do. Rescue one of their own.

Kimahri: Kimahri on his way…


At Metropolis High School…


Paul: *Looking at the T.V* We might have a problem.

Crystal: Why?

Paul: Take a look at that… on the T.V. You’ll find out. You’re not gonna believe it.

T.V.: *Broadcasting* Tom Manning is the head of special operations at the FBI. He joins Pat in the studio tonight to go over the latest Hellboy sighting.

Pat Connors: *On T.V; Pointing to the overhead* There. That’s the tail. And these are the horns.

Tom Manning: I have a question. Why is it, in these pictures, pictures of aliens, UFOs, the yeti, Hellboy, why is it they’re always out of focus?

The Audience laughs…

T.V Host: Why don’t you tell us… …about the Bureau of Paranormal Research and Defense?

Tom Manning: Let me tell you – let me tell you something about the Bureau of…

Television Host: Paranormal Research and Defense.

Tom Manning: …I wanna tell you, I wanna tell the American public one thing. Now, this Bureau for the… Paranormal Research and Defense. There is no such thing. It doesn’t Exist.

Amy: Well… *Looking at the T.V* This is a new development. Shocking.

Spencer: What’s this about no… Paranormal Research and Defense?

Rikku: Could they be mistaken?

Amy: I don’t know. It couldn’t be just some attempt at foul play.

Clint: Besides that… we read something online this morning… it was found on a government site that the BPRD was gonna come for us. They picked us to be a part of the Bureau.

Spencer: That is highly unlikely. We are not even in their caliber.

Daria: How would you explain it then, Spencer? Clint saw it online. Read it. It’s even said… Official.

Christina: You know the government likes to lie. When has it ever spoken the truth?

Penny: Like the time it conspired to have its own president killed. The Vice president was in the same area… the same state as the president. We read our history. A president has never been in the same state or area as the Vice President. Or Vice-versa.

Susie: Now… That is positively the most conspiring thing i think you’ll ever say. Penny, Saying stuff like that and a Government that would be all for Murdering its own president… You’re just asking for a room without a view and put into a federal clink. That is what you’ll get if you talk like that. We know it’s true… but you know how this government is like. You are just asking for a bout-ful spot of trouble. Unwanted trouble.

Rikku: Do you suppose that we are gonna be surprised by the Bureau out of nowhere? or while our backs are turned?

Paul: It wouldn’t be the first time it happened. It definitely won’t be the last.


A couple government agents walked in…

Penny: *Seeing a couple Agents walking over* Uh… guys? We got a bit of company here.

Spencer: We sure do. Rikku, You might need to go and inform the rest. Cid and Brother.

Rikku: What about you, Spencer?

Spencer: Don’t worry about me. i’m gonna be fine. But… Hurry and tell the Al-Bhed. It’ll catch on to the parents. They’ll figure it out.

Agent: *Looking at the photos and then at the fighters* Romancers Z!, Aquatic Force Z! Thunderic Force Z!, Honolulu Torch, Crystal… Come with us.

Amy: Huh?! What’s going on?

Susie: Who are you guys and why do you want us to come with you?

Agent #2: You’ve been summoned to report to the post in Newark, N.J.

Crystal: Might we ask why?

Agent: All the details will be given to you when you arrive in Newark.

Rikku: *Running off to notify the Al-Bhed and the parents*

Annie: *Concerned* What’ll we tell our parents?

As they were dealing with a surprise summons from the Agents…

At Paige and Reese’s…

Paige and Reese’s Room…

Paige: *Typing and working on more of her next book* This book is gonna be a good tear jerking novel. Alot of sadness but following a good size dosage of jubilation and heartened joy. But… something more might need to happen. But What? A tragedy? A death. An accidental Murder. I think something like that would bring more meat to the story. *Nods* Yeah. That’s exactly what i’ll do. Accidental Murder. Something that none of them would expect to see happen.

*Rinnnnnnggggg… Ring… Ring!”

Paige: *Reaching to the side and grabbing the Phone* I wonder who could be calling now… It couldn’t be Reese. He’s got a bunch of feed runs for the Farm today and won’t be able to get to the phone to call till late.

Seconds later…

Paige: *Answering the phone* Hello? Rhapsody Residence.

Broom: *On the Phone* Mrs. Rhapsody?

Paige: *On the Phone* Yes? Who’s this calling?

Broom: Ah. I do beg pardon. This is Prof. Trevor Bruttenholm. Prof. Broom will do though. I’m From the Bureau of Paranormal Research and Defense.

Paige: Uh-huh. Okay… Well… It’s nice to meet you, Prof. Broom. But please don’t mistake curiousness as seeming to be distrusting. I’ve been getting a lot of kooky messages and calls over the last 3 weeks and it’s gotten to be a total headache. I’m curious though. What would the Bureau of Paranormal research and Defense be doing calling me?

Broom: Ah yes… i do understand your weariness over getting such a call… But i am calling on an official summons. We here have for a while been documenting a large roster of Agents and people with special abilities and skills that would best help aid our efforts in the coming war. A rather disturbing war if it were… The Bureau has discovered the exploits of a young team of fighters… Calling themselves the Romancers Z! However they’re not the only ones that were discovered. The Aquatic Force Z!, The Thunderic Force Z! Electrogal, A senshi by the name of Sailor Zoey and her guide. A Honolulu Torch Paul, Psychic Wonder Crystal. The Esp Twins. Not to forget an Agent Myers.

Paige: *Pauses and in Mortification* Hold on… How did you hear of my kids?

Broom: From documented files and undercover surveillance. The Bureau has been keeping a close eye on their feats and we are very intrigued and with profound amazement over what we have seen and learned of their feats. Astonishing by far.

Paige: Well… Thank you kindly for that. That is deeply sincere of you to say even though this is a bolt out of the blue. The kids will be thrilled to hear that they got government fans who watch over them. I shall tell them of it tonight when they get home from school.

Broom: That won’t be possible, I’m sorry to say. The Young fighters are being picked up by a few Agents as we speak.

Paige: What?! *Panics* Oh god… Why?

Broom: Not to worry. I assure you that they shall be provided the best of care and under a watchful eye.

Paige: What about their Schooling? They do have school after all.

Broom: An official call has been given to the Schools that the fighters attend. We’ll handle the details. seeing to it that they are fully credited for their Education while away.

Paige: Right. I really don’t know if i’m quite okay with this. I used to be like them back in the day. I know what all to expect in the work. They don’t. But if i allow this… Can i at least be promised one thing?

Broom: Precisely.

Paige: Can i be given tabs on how they’re doing during their time at the Bureau of Paranormal Research and Defense?

Broom: An Agent from the Bureau shall be directed to call and provide tabs on how the young fighters are doing. Not to worry though. The young fighters shall be well watched and taken care of.

The call then ended minutes later and as it was for Paige… She was equally distraught as well as shocked but also with dread, uncertainty and worry. She was no longer on the active line of fighting and going into battle with threats of supernatural influence. Neither were Pearl or Dinah. Those days were finally… Finally over. But now it was on to the new Generation and even though she wanted to be distinctly proud of her kids… She was scared and terrified most of all on the uncertainty of what could come of the young fighters. It was the one thing that was making her feel a sense of hesitancy over allowing her kids… the young fighters to be taken to Newark…

Metropolis Fashion Emporium/Madame Pearl’s and Mystic Stars…

Pearl: *Looking at the designs and chuckling* Oh my god… Star. Those designs look so fabulously ridiculous. You did these designs?

Star: Yeah. Why?

Pearl: They look so Fabulously ridiculous that it’s adorable. You must have went all out with these. How did you come up with such designs?

Star: I kinda used the prototypes of our very first designs and then the second generation ones that we done… and i looked at them. Over and over and thought of something that you and I didn’t realize. Vision. We had the glitz. the color. The vibrant patterns and the heart. But… the one thing we didn’t see. Vision. That’s when i thought of these… The prototypes that we’ve done and the second Gen combined. New age and old collide.

Pearl: Ahahaha! That’s my girl… That’s what i call thinking deep. Star, see on getting a bit more of these things done. Made and done up. These are absolutely breathtaking.


The Phone rings…

Star: *Answering the Phone* Hello. Madame Pearl’s and Mystic Star’s Fashion Emporium. Where the best designs within the city are made and created.

Broom: *On the Phone* Mrs.Rhapsody. Pearl?

Star: Uh, No. This is Star Hall. Who might i ask is calling?

Broom: I Do beg pardon, Miss. I’m Prof. Broom Bruttenholm. Prof. Broom for short. I am calling on regards of a team of young fighters. The Aquatic Force Z!

Star: Uh… Okay… You’re talking about my Business partner’s kids. Hold on… *Covering the mouthpiece of the phone and looking towards Pearl* Uh, Pearl… I think we got something going on here and it’s beginning to sound nuts. But do you happen to know of a Prof. Broom?

Pearl: No. No i don’t. Why?

Star: Well this guy here says that he’s Prof. Broom and that he was calling in regards of a hero team. Aquatic Force Z! However… they’re your kids. I don’t know if he’s got a full deck. But i think that you might want to talk with this guy and find out what his issue is.

Pearl: I think that’d be a good idea. Talking of my kids. He has no idea about my kids.

A Second later…

Pearl: *On the phone* Hello? Prof. Broom?

Broom: Yes. Is this Mrs. Pearl Rhapsody?

Pearl: It is. *Getting to the bottom of the Mysterious call* Now what is this about calling about my kids? My Kids are in school and they are not gonna be dragged into what ever it is that you are trying to sell. *Pauses* Wait… Prof. Broom… You wouldn’t be the one who is from the the Bureau of Paranormal Research and Defense…would you?

Broom: That’s right. I am.

Pearl: That explains it then… I must apologize for coming unglued a bit there a second ago. The last couple weeks were a nightmare in fashion sense and had me really grumpy plus i’ve been getting strange letters in the mail for the last month and let’s just leave it as being that it got to be an annoyance that i wish didn’t have to happen to me. Or to anyone. But… I now have to be curious. What’s the reason behind calling me and speaking of my kids?

Broom: They’ve been documented and thoroughly screened by reports of their extra curricular activities and their heroic exploits. They amongst others have been chosen to be assigned to provide a service to the Bureau of Paranormal Research and Defense. Your kids have been hand chosen through a roster of files and carefully put together documents. All to form official government jackets. Counted for their skills and their valuable devotion to preserve the peace and the persevere against the forces of Darkness.

Pearl: You gather all that by just what you found of my kids. Info. You must have kept tabs on them.

Broom: It was deemed Necessary as we were searching for perfect selections to bring into the Bureau.

Pearl: I’ll have to see with my kids. See what they think.

Broom: That won’t be possible I’m afraid. For as we speak… they’re being picked up and escorted to Newark by specially trained agents.

Pearl: ???

Broom: There isn’t a need to be worried. They are gonna be well cared for and provided with the best of care. The agents here are like family. We always take fondest of care of our own. Their schools have been briefly notified. things have been set for them to be educated while away and what they learn here at the bureau is set to be applied to their education from the schools.

Pearl: *Sighs* Okay. Okay. But i trust that you may realize that you’re to be responsible for them while they’re there.

Broom: Quite right. They’ll be well watched and working with top agents. The best in the field. Rest assured that they will be quite fine.

Pearl: I see. I hope that i’ll at least get tabs from time to time on how they’re doing. Maybe get the chance to speak with them a little throughout their time there.

Broom: Precisely.

It was then the call ended and it was not but seconds later that Pearl broke down and cried a little. She couldn’t help it. She couldn’t understand how her kids could have been picked by a government organization. She was scared for her kids and she wanted to go right for her kids; grabbing them from the grips of the government. She had every plausible reason to. But all it was gonna do was make her out to be ridiculous. It was after the end of the surprise call that Pearl felt her heart start to fail on her because she felt as if she was losing her kids. It was not the case. Not by far. But even when she was a young Girl… she had moments like that. Moments where she was so upset and devastated that she believed as though her heart was failing on her. Now that she was a mother… it was more maternal and instinctive. More surreal and as if she were losing a piece of herself. A Massive piece of herself. her heart. Star saw Pearl feel the pain of knowing that her kids were gonna be gone a while and wanted to console her. The only solace Pearl believed that she had was the fact that she would be given tabs on her kids and be kept informed on how they were holding up during their time at the Bureau. It was not all that much… but she knew that it was the best for now. It was all she had. Problem was… What would she tell Jack? What could she tell Jack?

Metropolis University…

Bulldog Stadium…

Coach’s office…

Coach Whiteman: *Answering the phone* Met U. Bulldog stadium… Coach Whiteman.

Broom: *On the Phone* Hello. Is Mrs. Rhapsody there?

Coach Whiteman: Not right now. She’s out at the field coaching the Football team. Can i ask who’s calling?

Broom: This is Prof. Trevor Broom… Of the Bureau of Paranormal Research and Defense.

Coach Whiteman: Well… It’s nice to meet you or speak with you. However… Mrs. Rhapsody is gonna be on the field for a while. But… I’ll Be sure to pass her along the message that you’ve called.


Seconds later…

Dinah: *Walking in* The boys are good. They’re Practicing some throws and passes. Some of them are exercising and using the treadmills and weights. Training them is hard work. But a little hard work as they say…

Coach Whiteman: Makes a person strong plus honest. *Pauses* Oh… Hey, Dinah. You got a phone call. Someone on the phone here is asking for you.

Dinah: There is? Hmm… Who could it be?

Coach Whiteman: Prof. Broom.

Dinah: Prof. Broom? Huh? Who’s that?

Coach Whiteman: No idea. I never heard of him. But he says that he’s from the Bureau of Paranormal Research and Defense.

Dinah: And yet… he wants to speak to me?

Coach Whiteman: That’s affirmative, Dinah. He wants to talk to you. I don’t have a inkling of what about… but it’s got to be something.

Dinah: *Walking over and reaching out for the phone* I’ll take care of it. Thank you. *On the Phone* Hello? Prof. Broom?

Broom: Yes. Is this Mrs. Dinah Rhapsody?

Dinah: Sure is. I hear that you are calling to speak to me. Would i be permitted to ask as to why you’re wishing to speak with me?

Broom: It’s about the young fighters who’re known as the Thunderic Force Z!.

Dinah: Uh-huh. I see. So… this is an attempt to get at my kids.

Broom: No. No. Nothing like that. Just that your kids… the 3 oldest Daughters are gonna be escorted to Newark. To Join the Bureau of Paranormal research and Defense.

Dinah: Come again? *Pauses and in panic* Did you just say that they are being escorted there now? No… No way. I didn’t even know about this. But now i am being told that my oldest kids are being taken to Newark. To be a part of a Bureau. *Sitting down and sighs* Look… Please just start from the top… What is this all about? Grant me that. Okay? What is this all about and why is it that you feel as though you need my kids to be a part of it?

Broom: It’s nothing to worry over, Mrs. Rhapsody. They’re gonna be quite fine. As you or your Daughters… As they might have told you… The Bureau of Paranormal Research and Defense had been documenting a significant # of qualified fighters and Agents. Anyone who have proven out to be exceptional and gifted in their skill and ability. The young fighters have been carefully watched and documented for some time and with their immediate skills… They’ve been hand picked and chosen amongst others to be part of the Bureau. Don’t worry though… It’s gonna be quite fine as their schools have been notified and briefed on the matter. And it’s been set where as soon as they’re done with their duty here… they shall return with full credit. Their Education is gonna continue. While at the Bureau… they’re gonna be taught well and get the best education. The Bureau has a vast room of books that they read and learn from. The reason i am summoning ones such as them here is because… I am dying. He was born a demon. My Son. That can’t be changed. But in essence… i am hoping that they can help him become a man. He is like a child in many ways… But he’s also one that i worry over greatly.

Dinah: *Unable to stop herself from letting off a laugh* Hahahaha! You’re kidding, Right? You’re really gonna be in for it once you meet my Bookworm Daughter Raven Meredith Rhapsody. She’s a real bookworm.

Broom: Is she now? Interesting. However… i do believe that it won’t be a problem. There is someone here who happens to read 4 books a day. 4 books at once. But only when i’m here to turn the pages for him.

Dinah: This is rich. But nice. I shall be expecting for Raven to see what she’s gonna be challenged by. Or who. Plus to be kept up to speed on how my Daughters are holding up.

Broom: That shall not be a problem. An Agent or I will be personally providing a call to you and the parents of the other young fighters informing of how they’re progressing.

Dinah: Thank you.

The call ended and Dinah looked down for a minute to think before looking at a picture of her Daughters: Sapphire, Raven and Serena. She remembered the time when her oldest Daughters were younger and were starting to excel in their abilities and skills. It was then that with the look back on the memories from years ago… Dinah began to remember when she used to be the tough tomgirl. A girl who never wore skirts and was into sports. Fierce and aimless. A wild cannon just waiting to unleash and fire. She thought hard on those times and began to feel as if some of her passion for life left her through out the years. She had a family. Kids and a loving husband… But what she didn’t have was a zest for life.  It was never thought of for all those years past. It took learning of her kids being taken to a Government place. A place that was opening itself to them due to their excelling skills and abilities that they’d possessed. To get her to stop and look back at how she never got the same opportunities back when she was their age. It made her feel unnoticed. But as a mother… it made her feel maternally proud and excited for the fact that her kids were being accepted into something that was likely secret but in the Ivy league of recognition. She Smiled then before looking back up and sparked an idea…

Dinah: Let’s round up the boys. I think i have an idea…. Something that will bring the team closer and made into an unbreakable family. The team’s like a family… But now… Let’s really make them a family. *Getting up and Heading to the stadium Field*

Coach Whiteman: Sure. Let’s get to it. *Following the head coach*

Metropolis Auto Shop…

Alvin was on the Phone with Broom and from what he was being told… He couldn’t grasp the idea that his Only son and his Daughters were gonna be in Newark. He wasn’t all that happy at first however it changed to being thrilled and excited. He looked at Cid who was then watching as his Daughter Rikku arrived and told him the news. Cid looked down and sighed. He too couldn’t believe it. He was surprised. Happy but then also with uncertainty. He didn’t know anything about the Government. He never dealt with them once up till now since he and the Al-bhed clan that he brought with them came to Metropolis. To this reality. But hearing of his Son-in-Law being escorted to Newark and to the Bureau of Paranormal research and defense… He got to action. He started making plans on getting a means of transportation to go over to New Jersey to aide and assist his Son-in-Law and his Son-in-law’s family who were also with him…

Alvin on the other hand listened to what he was being told over the phone and nodded. He didn’t take long to understand and feel opened to what he was being briefed. He knew that he was gonna need to sit with Alice and get her to the same page as he was on the matter. It was not gonna be so easy as it was making him look back to when he had taken their kids with him to Spira the year before last and caught some strong headwinds of an angry wife. He was not sure if he wanted to sit through that a second time. However he knew that he had to at least say something to Alice. Something at that point was a whole lot better than not saying anything at all and having her find out on her own and then really raise “hell”. Alvin was dreading that. But once the call was done, he called his wife Alice and told her about the matter. It was right on the money… She was livid and not pleased. It took some finessing and sweet talk to calm her down a bit. Although throughout that time… it was indeed a success as she calmed down and only felt pressured. She was having to face the idea of her kids being somewhere far away… Again and that was what she didn’t want to deal with. It was just the same as the Spira dilemma. She having to find out the hard way about the kids being away. But what calmed her down… was the fact that this time… it wasn’t in another Reality. It was only in another state. on the East coast this time. She knew that if nothing more… at least if worse came to worse and she had to get to them for any reason… she’d only have to figure out a travelling arrangement to get to her kids. Not wait for a portal and face the idea that she might not be able to reach them.

Zeke’s Cornerstone Marmalade Pub…

The Men were working the bar and seeing to the customers being served by them. It was a busy day. Zeke was also there too. However it was only minutes later when the phone rang…

Click to view full size image

Heinz: *Answering the phone* Zeke’s Cornerstone Marmalade Pub, Heinz Freudenberger speaking.

Broom: *On the Phone* This is Prof. Broom. Is Mr. Zeke Rhapsody available?

Heinz: He’s currently busy right now. What’s the nature of your business with him?

Broom: This is in regards to a unique fighter by the name of Zoey.

Heinz: *Pauses and gasps* Zoey?! You talking about Zoey T. Rhapsody. The young daughter to my Boss Zeke? Why? How do you know of her?

Broom: We here have for a while been documenting a large roster of Agents and people with special abilities and skills that would best help aid our efforts in the coming war. A rather disturbing war if it were… The Bureau has discovered the exploits of a young team of fighters… Calling themselves the Romancers Z! However they’re not the only ones that were discovered. The Aquatic Force Z!, The Thunderic Force Z! Electrogal, A senshi by the name of Sailor Zoey and her guide. A Honolulu Torch Paul, Psychic Wonder Crystal. The Esp Twins. Not to forget an Agent Myers.

Heinz: That’s not funny, My liege, won’t like hearing of someone talking of his daughter. Someone he doesn’t know… Speaking of his daughter. How do you know of Zoey? She’s like a favorite girl to this Pub. We protect her and care about her well being.

Broom: I am calling on an official call to inform that she’s on her way to Newark, New Jersey. Right now. There is a upcoming supernatural imbalanced war nearing and we need all the trained fighters possible. One with abilities and divine skills. We’ve been monitoring and keeping surveillance on the young fighters and motioning to gather them and make them a part of this Bureau. It’s all been arranged. Their schooling will not be affected as their schools have been briefed on the matter.

Heinz: *Calling over Zeke* Mein Liege… You might have a problem.

Zeke: *Walking on over* What’s the problem?

Heinz: There’s some guy here on the phone saying something about your young girl Zoey.

Zeke: *Pauses* …  *Shoots up* What?! Are you kidding me? What is with these people trying to come after my daughter? Do they have no decency?

Heinz: I don’t think that the guy is like that… but it’s rather a cause for worry.

Zeke: *grabbing the phone* Heinz, Thank you for telling me. But please just let me deal with this. I’ll handle this call.

Heinz: Be weary of this guy, Mein Liege. No telling what he is after.


Zeke: *On the Phone* What is your interest with my daughter Zoey?

Zeke was unhappy hearing that someone was trying to get to his youngest daughter. He for the most part thought that it was In dubiously another attempt to get at his daughter. For the last 5 months… there had been untold several different people trying to get at his daughter to use for their own personal unknown gain. He didn’t trust anyone calling about her. But as he listened to what was being said… He realized what was really going on. Zeke froze in panic and in terror for a moment as he didn’t know how else to grasp the idea that his daughter Zoey was gonna be an agent for the Bureau of Paranormal research and defense. He could only listen and was told of what was gonna happen. What would be done with her and how she’d be doing. Education remaining intact…

It was then as the call had concluded that Zeke felt ill. He dialed for his wife and told her and all he could hear was sobs and crying. It was upsetting. There wasn’t a reason. Wasn’t a clue as to how being accepted to be part of the Bureau of Paranormal Research and Defense could upset someone. It never made a bit of sense at all. But Zeke tried to talk with Luna about it and got only the crying. There was nothing to be said. I think that it was what broke Luna up and shook her. Mysteriously. Some people feel as if their kids were gonna be forever gone. But it wasn’t like that. The only problem was that when they were in Spira… it was like a huge separation. A massive and likely permanent separation. But what their kids were gonna endure… it was possible that their kids were gonna be facing a likely death. Good thing about that was the kids… the New Generation had a huge part of their parents within them. If nothing more than that… it was the part that would help them keep alive. Help them keep fighting and hanging on.

Daily Planet…

Megan got the same call and she spent the whole day from then on that day… feeling numb…

As for the girl that had been abducted…

In an Alley; In a dark Lit Room…


Suzanne: *strapped to a Table and open to the Elements* What’s going on? Why am i here?

There was no answer…

The Room was dark and with no light to see that there was anyone inside the room with her, Suzanne was panicking and freaking out. She started feeling pressure as something got on her. Someone… She didn’t get to see who it was. She couldn’t see and before she could cry out. She felt something go into her and oh god… Please don’t say it was so. She was being Mo——-. There was no one there to help her. What was she to do?

By time anyone showed up to help… It was too late…

A couple hours later…

At Watchtower Command Center…

Kimahri: *Looking down in dismay* Kimahri failed. Got there too late… Innocent girl Violated. Hurt.

That afternoon…

As for the Bikini Girls…

Metropolis Beach…

Click to view full size image

Krissy: *With Diamond; Walking over to where Margaret is* What do you think is going on?

Diamond: I have no idea, Krissy. I really don’t know. All i got was this text saying that we were to report to the beach house Immediately.

Krissy: Something must have happened. I sure hope that it’s nothing bad.

Diamond: We both do. I know the feeling.

Caroline: *Running over to Diamond and Krissy* Oh god… Diamond. Krissy. You two are safe… Right?

Diamond: Of course we’re safe, Caroline. What’s the idea of asking that for?

Caroline: Because one of us got abducted by a sick man and Molesting bandit.

Patti: Yeah. *Walking over from the side* It’s not good. It’s Awful.

Krissy: Who?

Caroline: Suzanne Sexton. She’s been… Violated.

Krissy: *In a panic* What?! You’re kidding?!

Patti: No. We’re not. We wish that we were… but we’re not kidding. Margaret is calling all Bikini Girls. Even those of us who were adopted into the Rhapsody Clan. It’s a Mandatory Meet.

Diamond: Oh good god. *Running faster over to the beach house* Come on… Let’s get over there, Right now. Fast!

At the Beach house…

Margaret: *Looking at the entire gang* Today is a very sad day. A day of sadness as one of our own has been savagely Molested. By an apparent known sex offender and registered Pedophile. 7 hours ago it happened and i just moments ago learned of it. I am issuing a complete watch. Heightened security for the well being of all Bikini Girls. Suzanne Sexton is now damaged goods. Sadly. I don’t need to tell a single one of you about how dangerous these sex offenders and Pedophiles are. They’re ruthless. They will at times wear disguises or try to hide their true natures in order to sweet talk and lure innocent girls and boys. There are those who never did it… but the suspicions and the slight belief that it may have been them… It was enough to ruin them. they got locked up for it and were killed by the inside inmates. Because of it. Unfortunately… for the ones that actually did do it. They are still out there. Still lurking and closing in on more innocent girls. Innocent boys. Starting now… I am recruiting A few Adult women to be Bikini Girl members. There is now no playing. Suzanne got molested. Bridgette was close to being Molested. twice. Laura and Patti included. came close 3 times. But now Suzanne got nailed. Who’s gonna be next? Where? When?

The girls all talk and panic of the scare. It was a huge cause for worry. They all looked at one another and felt as though they were gonna be unable to trust any adult male… The world of the Bikini girls was that day… forever stained. Rocked. One girl officially Molested. Who? WHO WAS GONNA BE NEXT? Was the wave of sex offenders gonna rise… or would there ever be an end?

As for the Rhapsody New Generation…


The girls and the guys all reached the front gates of the complex and got out of the Motorcades. They were scared… But more alert than anything else. The place was rather spooky feeling but as to anything more… it was way too soon to tell…

On a wooded, new jersey hill, a low-slung, high-tech complex rests at the edge of a bluff, its foundation fused with the rock below.

A dolled-up MOD-STYLE moped stops at the massive gate. Strapped to the luggage rack are two cheap suitcases. The driver, a very wet young man named Myers, touches an old fashioned buzzer under a sign reading “Waste Management”

Annie: *Looking at the property* What is this place?

Clint: Not sure. But if this is the place we were summoned to… It’s sure not much to look at. It looks rather… run down and old.

Sapphire: *Looking to see someone close by* Who’s that guy?

Annie: No idea. *Looking to see a man by the gates* Suppose he’s trying to get inside?

Susie: We should ask. It doesn’t look as though we can leave from this location. The agents here are blocking our path and i think we’re expected.

Penny: So we’ve been told.

Zoey: *Looking at June* I don’t think i like what’s going on here. We’re here and it’s cold. There are agents here. But the part that seems off is that the gates are closed. Why? If they were expecting us… Why didn’t they have the gates opened?

June: I’m sensing some strange vibes here, Zoey. No matter what happens here. Stay on guard.

Zoey: I intend to do that. I don’t trust this place and i really don’t think that we should stick around here.

Blossom: Are we really gonna go inside that place?

A crackling INTERCOM VOICE answers…

Intercom: Yes?

Myers: *Shivering* John Myers, FBI. Transfer from Quantico.

Serena: *Overhearing* Holy crap… That guy’s FBI. He’s an FBI agent.

Carly Black: What? Shit! *Looking at Serena* Sweetheart… This is serious. Being here is one thing and also the fact of you being summoned here. Where the BPRD is supposed to be located. But… This is a Government facility. There are countless things that could go really wrong here.

Sora: *Looking at her sister* Carly… This doesn’t look good.

Carly: We might have made a mistake with coming here…

A beat, then — WHIRRR!!! An EYEPIECE and an LCD screen scanner suddenly popped out and as much as it seemed strange to Myers… It seemed even more stranger to the fighters. All they could do was watch. Not sure what to do. Were they to deal with that too?

Intercom: Look at the birdie, son.

Myers looks into the eyepiece. On the screen, Myers’ cornea is scanned. TWO VIOLET FLASHES. His ID and badge numbers appear. CLACK! The gate opens.

Sapphire: *Looking at the others* Should we follow?

Agent Sanders: *Walking over to the young fighters* The security knows you’re here. You’ve all been given clearance to go in…

Raven: *Shrugs* I guess… that means… we go.

Crystal: If that means just that we are to go in… Then i think we should just take that as our cue to go in..

Zoey: Let’s get going.

Blossom: *Grabbing Zoey hesitantly* Zoey, You sure that we should be doing this?

Zoey: Of course. Why shouldn’t we be doing this? We’re here and we’ve been called to be a part of this.

Blossom: What if this is all a trick? Don’t you somehow sense that this could just as well be some sort of trap and we don’t even know it?

Sora: Blossom, This isn’t a trap. Why would they trap us with a summons?

Carly: If this was a trap… we would be ushered in by force and chained. in Cuffs or something. But we’re not. We’re here as requested.

Blossom: Maybe… But something about this… doesn’t feel right. I don’t know what it is… but something is way off.

The fighters all stood and looked for a second and took a deep breath. they knew that they couldn’t stand out there forever and would have to go in sometime. Without a seconds thought, the fighters walked past the gates and over to the building. Leading inside. Annie saw Myers close by and without a hesitant motion called out to him.

Annie: *To the FBI Agent* Hey there. You going inside that place?

Myers: *Stopping to look at the group of new fighters* Yeah. I’m here to see a Prof. Broom.

Clint: A Prof. Broom? You’re kidding.

Raven: That’s not Prof. Trevor Broom, is it?

Myers: Yeah. It is. That’s the one.

June: We’re here to see him too. We were summoned here.

Amy: We’re from Metropolis, Kansas.

Paul: We’ve come a long way from Metropolis. But we’re confused as to what we’re doing here.

Myers: Metropolis, Kansas? You’re not kidding, are you? I heard about that city. Wasn’t it the city ravaged by a Meteor Shower last year?

Crystal: Yeah. Sure was.

Myers: I read about that city. I actually was there lot long ago. 3 years ago. It looked lively. Still does, i’d guess.

Susie: It is. We have seen our share of unusual activity there also.

Penny: No one’s told you about the fighters that resided there and were to have said to protect the city and keep it feeling safer… have they?

Myers: Not really. I never really asked. But i may have had my suspicions that the city had these sort of people with super abilities who lived to protect the city and guard the innocent.

Zoey: Any of them ring a bit familiar to you?

Myers: I don’t know. I heard someone there mention about someone that used to exist years ago… a number of years in the past. Someone named Luna. But they called her a Senshi. I didn’t quite get it… But they said that she once upon a time existed. The hero.

Zoey: That’s my mom. Luna. Luna Tina Rhapsody is my mom.

Myers: *Pauses* What? Your mother? She’s your mother? Y-y-y-y-you’re her Daughter?

Zoey: Uh-huh. My name’s Zoey. Zoey Rhapsody.

June: I’m her close friend, June. Like a secret sister.

Blossom: *Nods* I’m Zoey’s Best friend Blossom. I kinda have a bit of a sparky disposition though.

Myers: Nice to meet you girls.

Annie: Same here…

Myers: John Myers.

Serena: We’re probably expected to go inside there… aren’t we?

Spencer: This is the place…

Myers: The Prof. is most likely inside expecting us.

a minute later…

B.P.R.D Lobby…

Seated at a dramatic circular desk is a solitary guard. Myers approaches. The fighters were close behind him and were likely more than lost as he was. But followed his lead to see where it was that they’d have to go.

Myers: Hello. I’m John…

Lobby Guard: You are late. That’s what you are.

Blossom: What do you mean late? We’re all right on time. He’s from Quantico. Which is closer distance here than Metropolis… but it still takes time to get here. Not many people know about this place.

Myers: Five minutes.

Amy: Same as us. Please… Don’t blame him for our being late. We kinda stalled outside a little. It’s our fault.

Lobby guard: I know. Just don’t worry about it. You’re expected.

Myers: I’m going to…

Lobby Guard: Section 51… I am well aware of where you’re going. *Seeing the fighters* You girls and guys… are expected to be briefed by Prof. Broom and to be seen by the director Manning. But… For right now… get onto the platform and be sure to be pressed among one another to ensure that you all fit upon the platform  Oh… Watch your hands and Elbows too…

Daria: Uh… Thanks. *Not sure what to say*

The fighters and Myers all got on to the platform. Of course they all had to be scrunched together in order to fit as there were a bunch of them and they all had their stuff with them. Immediately, the floor under Myers’ feet starts down. He’s on a small elevator…

Open Elevator- On their way down…

Raven: *Looking down and seeing the platform lowering* Whoa! Wh-wh-wh-what the heck is going on here? Are we sinking?

Serena: No. This is a platform. Must be.

Daria: Where is this thing going anyway?

Paul: Do you really want to know or do you rather just enjoy the ride?

The panel overhead slides shut. A row of safety lights comes on…

Open Elevator…

He’s in a vast underground area with other elevators moving up and down in the distance. The fighters were also in a vast underground area with him. The underground looked rather dark and bleak for the most part. it was rather conjoined and stuffy. most of them could handle it. But Blossom couldn’t. Raven also was claustrophobic. It was making her want to pass out in fear…

What was gonna happen when they reached the destination? Who were they gonna meet? This was their beginning the journey and it was at the time of a Halloween hype. Prof. Broom was the one to meet and from there they were gonna meet the rest of the crew. It was meet and greet time and a quick fast briefing with Broom… Plus the big red man himself… Find out in the next chapter of the Adventures of the Rhapsody girls Z! as the saga continues…

Abe Sapien: *Voice-over* Please turn the pages. *Gasps; Voice-over* Oh… Pardon me. I didn’t quite realize that you avid readers and followers were there. Greetings. Abraham Sapien here. I am psychic. With psychometric abilities. Genius level intelligence and adept to telepathy and Psychometry. I also have encyclopedic knowhow and understanding of the occult. So i can provide some intel when needed. On the Next Adventures of the Rhapsody Girls Z! The New Generation finally make it to Prof. Broom’s office and they first look around for him but happen to meet me just briefly. Raven and Serena however seem rather startled and That might also include Blossom, Sora and Carly. Meeting then with Broom and talking with him where as they talk and the fighters get the feel of the B.P.R.D They get lead down a hall leading to the big guy. “Red” Hellboy. It’s a meeting with the rest of the team and getting acquainted with the crew. Rhapsody…. I know this isn’t much for a welcome… But please do feel at home here at the B.P.R.D. It’s gonna be an eventful time. It’s a meeting between Rhapsody and the rest of the residents at the BPRD on the next Chapter of the Adventures of the Rhapsody Girls Z! “Rhapsody, You’ll come to find that there are things that go bump in the night. But it’s we who bump back.”


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