Chapter 179: Metropolis Kansas Picking up the pieces… The Normality returns to the Clan.

(Reconnecting with the world that pressed on without the Rhapsody clan)

(Rikku and Spencer Elope and become one. So says Cid. And Pearl.)

(The tides of change are in motion for the bizarre/ The Bikini girls… Permanent Allies to the Rhapsody New Generation… Or in a world of ones own?)

(Arnold Rhapsody sponsors the Bikini Girls. Things are looking up for all once again.)


January 26th 2043.

It’s been only a couple of weeks since the Meteor Shower and the city was still trying to pick up the pieces from the disaster. It was gonna take a while still and yet was starting to pick up. The schools were back in swing again and with what’s supposed to happen there was gonna be something to talk about. Something to remember for a long time. It was the day that Spencer and Rikku were gonna get hitched. The fighters knew it. But after being told what they were told by Tess about the coming threats that were veering to Earth. One of the coming threats… they were gonna come to find interesting. Battling against the forces of darkness summoned by a Russian tyrant. A hellbent Russian tyrant. Then the next threat would be one with dealing against a Mob and their Ally being a drab banker who when has this mask on… becomes a wild and over the top crazy man. The Mask.Then there was the part of them going through their version of Stars hollow. following the script exactly how it was originally written but with their involvement and their take on it. There were more threats than that. Alot more… The girls knew it. They all knew it and some of them… weren’t too moved over it. But there were likely ones with a couple natural Disasters. Like maybe an Earthquake. or a Unknown Volcano lying underneath Metropolis. Seems that the super hero alter identity would be used less and less. Unless things started to change…


Dinah and Shingo’s house…

In the Living Room…

Sapphire: *Looking at the time* We should get to school. It’s not gonna wait for us to get there. The others are likely to be already there.

Raven: Sapphire, what’s gotten into you lately?

Serena: Why are you being so grumpy?

Sapphire: Who’s being grumpy? I am just accepting the fact that fate has it’s grip on us. So should you.

Raven: Sapphire, You’re sounding way too tense. You’re being rather uptight about the situation. Tess told us what she told us because we were ready. We were put through so much already. Spira… 4 rounds of Seymour. Sin. Yu Yevon. Yunalesca before those two. We get back and had to face Darkseid. Not by choice… But we faced him. I think that it speaks enough that we were ready.

Sapphire: *Scoffs* Ready? You’re nuts. We’re not ready. Not yet. We’re only just starting. Our mom is more ready for it. We are only beginners. The time in Spira… was because we were slapped into it. We weren’t the least bit ready and you know it.

Serena: Don’t forget that before Seymour was exposed as a Murderer… You were all infatuated with him, Raven.

Raven: So? He looked kinda cute. Actually… He was rather hot. I wasn’t really gonna get with him. Just rather flirt. No harm in that.

Sapphire: Oh yeah… that’s exactly what we were gonna say. I was thinking the same thing. But what gets me is that when he started to insist on getting with you… and vowed to serve as a father figure. or offer to be like one… You should have stopped it.

Serena: You should have known better. Seymour didn’t… he was used to getting whatever he wanted as he was a Maester and also a Guado. He got away with alot and no one thought otherwise. The Guado set out to destroy the Al-Bhed. But we took care of those Guado.

Raven: And Blossom was heard Cussing. She never said such things before. Not ever.

Sapphire: Well… you go against snooty people like the Guado and see what it’d make you do. *Sighs* Can we please go? I would rather us not get too much into the supernatural details. We have school and an actual normal life to get through. Even though i happen to be seen as one who’d be all for the superhero kick… It can’t be blown off. Normal life is gonna hit us. Whether we want it to… or not.

Serena: Normal life blows. *Drinking the rest of her coffee* But i guess that Normal life is real life. Reality. Oh brother. *Rolling her eyes*

Pearl and Jack’s House…

In the front yard…

Amy: *Sighs* I can’t believe that we got more threats coming our way. Heroes never get any breaks… do they?

Susie: No. They sure don’t.

Christina: The one that Tess mentioned… Something about a fabled Devil man who fights for good and yet is covered up by the government. What was that all about?

Penny: We might be facing that soon. With our recognition in the city… it’s gonna catch on.

Spencer: Not too fast. I am also rather with my own set of problems. Like…

Rikku: Where you and I will be getting hitched at, Spencer. I want to be married soon. The Suspense of not knowing when or if we’re gonna be wed is driving me crazy.

Amy: Rikku, We’re happy for your bliss. But right now… there are a ton of things going on that are taking the top priority in importance. Because we just got new possible threats looming towards us and we got one year to prepare for all of them.

Rikku: A year’s plenty of time. You guys can train alot by that time. Can’t you?

Susie: *Looking stern at Rikku* Rikku, How exactly do you expect us to have much time to train? We got a lot of catching up to do in school. We were gone for almost 3 1/2 months, okay? We are behind and if we don’t catch up on the material that we missed. We flunk the 9th grade. Zoey, Blossom, Sora and Carly… Our cousins they’ll flunk the 5th grade. We want to train. But unless there are doubles of us… we can’t just drop our normal lives and train. It can’t happen.

Christina: *Groans* Susie, Why did you have to bring that up? You know that it’s not gonna change the fact that we’re in the drivers seat for the hero fast track.

Penny: What’re we gonna do though? We have no idea where to begin.

Spencer: I think that if it wouldn’t be too much to consider… That we should just hear Genevieve and Tess out on this. Tess is one of the family. She’s been helping us all out up till now. We should sit on it for right now. Go to school. Get our heads straight. With Rikku and I Eloping in case the Wedding gets stopped. There’s a plan put in place. Then tonight when we come back home… Here. We’ll all go through it again. We’ll even hold a Video Chat with all the parties involved. the Romancers Z! The Thunderic Force Z! Zoey, Blossom, Sora and Carly.June. All of them.

Rikku: Spencer, What about Kimahri? You know that he’s a part of this too.

Spencer: He’s part of it automatically. He hasn’t been left out. In fact… Where is that Ronso friend of ours anyway?

Amy: *Looking to see any signs of Kimahri* No sign anywhere. You sure that he’s here?

Penny: *Calling out for Kimahri* Yo! Kimahri? Where you at? We need to talk.

Christina: That’s gonna call him out. *Rolling her eyes* You think that he’d at least stick around.

Amy: Where does he go anyway when he’s not close by us?

Rikku: I don’t know where Kimahri’d go in the city. This isn’t like Spira. There’s no mountains close by… *Gasps* Wait a minute! Tall buildings here are like mountains… Towers. Right?

Amy: Of course. However… there is only one building tall enough that we know of that he’d think to climb.

Spencer: Luthorcorp Plaza. That building is about the tallest building there is in this city. It’s also the most feared as it’s Luthorcorp property.

Rikku: I don’t think i get what the matter is about that building? What’s so bad about this Luthorcorp?

Penny: Trust us. You are better off not knowing. The less you know about that company… the better and happier you’ll always be…

Paige and Reese’s House…

Living Room…

Annie: *With her bag ready for school* It’s been a couple weeks and the Meteor Shower still seems like it just happened. Plus a week later… Tess gives us the details of there being more threats to come. We’re possibly being set up to fail here. What if we can’t do it? What if we’re not like our parents who’ve done this type of stuff 5 times before? *Panicking and stressed* Shit! What’re we gonna do?

Paige H.:I’m just barely now an official ally to you guys. We girls… are all we have. But Annie… You and your team. The Aquatic Force Z! even the Thunderic Force Z! You all have alot to think about. These threats that you were told would be coming… Didn’t Tess give you guys any type of warning? Like the signs… strange presence. A Calling card of some sort?

Annie: I don’t really know. Paige, It’s all still new to us.

Paige: Maybe it is… But you got a mother who’s been through it all before. Why can’t she help you guys out? It isn’t as if she doesn’t know how to help. She can guide you.

Annie: She won’t. She is not wanting for us to go through with any of this. Paige, I don’t really think i can blame her. How can we blame her for not wanting us to go through with the move? You and the girls are supporting and are all for us doing what it is that we do. But if our mother Paige… If she’s not gonna help us with this… it must be for a good reason. Somehow her mother… Our grandmother Rikku felt the very same as does now. So… I am sure that i get where it’s coming from. At least i think that i get where it is that it’s coming from.

Paige: What about your brothers? What do they think about all this?

Annie: They’re still trying to think more about it. They were there when all of the details were given out. But the thing about that is just the fact of accepting it. We all have to accept it. Even if we don’t want to.

Clint: *Walking out from the other room* Annie, our ride is here. We gotta book.

Theodore: Right. Annie, we need to go.

Daria: Paige, You coming along?

Paige: Of course. I do go to the same school as you guys.


Alvin and Alice’s house…

The Loft…

Kasey: Hallie, You ready to go?

Hallie: *Nods* Yeah. I’m ready. It’s been 2 weeks since we got adopted. Being a Rhapsody is really fun.

Kasey: It sure is. But this is the only year… or what’s left of the school year that you got Sora and Carly to be close by. They’re gonna be middle school attendees next school year. That’s what i am worried about because some of the kids can be really mean.

Hallie: I won’t be picked on by any of the kids at school. I’ll ignore the insults. I’m sensitive. But I’m not one to play into the idiocy of the other kids at school who think it’s okay to tease and make fun of others.

Kasey:That’s a good girl. That’s the best thing to do. Never buy in to the other kids and their mean streak. Their idiocy. All it will do is instigate it and make it worse.

Sora: *With Carly; Climbing up the steps* Hey Hallie. Kasey. You guys ready to go? We got to head to school soon.

Hallie: *With her backpack on her back* We’re ready to go. We were on our way down.

Kasey: What are Paul and Crystal doing?

Sora: They already left for school. They said something about having to be at school a little earlier. Plus had to talk with each other privately about something.

Carly: I think it’s about what Tess explained to us last week.

Hallie: Tess?

Kasey: They’re talking about Tess Mercer, Hal.

Hallie: Oh.

Sora: She mentioned or said that one of the upcoming threats had something to do with a Devil-like man. Whose true name was Anung un Rama. But there was nothing more about the person or man. *Feeling as though it’d be a wise idea to look into the details of the threat* Kasey, if we were to ask you to do something important but secret… Would you be willing to do it?

Kasey: I suppose. I can try to. What’s up?

Sora: We need info on a place known as the BPRD. Tess wasn’t able to pull up any info on it. and we would do it at our school. Looking it up. But the school doesn’t exactly have a computer lab. nor computers that are Internet savvy.

Carly: Wish that they did though. But i don’t think that they ever really thought about getting a computer lab added to the school. The Principal… Mrs. Leviathan had likely planned to have one put into the school. But when the Meteor Shower struck… it took away the funding for one as the funds had to go for repairs on the school. To fix what was destroyed by the Meteor Shower.

Kasey: I’ll see what i can find and if i find anything… I’ll let you two know.

Hallie: Can i help?

Kasey: I wish that you could, Hallie. But this is something that only i’ll be able to do. However… I’ll be sure to tell you what i was able to do and you can be in on telling of what was found. hearing the details.

Hallie: Okay.

Kasey, Hallie, Sora and Carly only seconds later from then looked at the time and saw that they needed to get on their way to school. Their father Alvin and their Mother Alice were already at work. So they had to see that everything was turned off and that the doors were locked. It was to protect their home from being hit by possible looters as the city was still trying to tally up the pieces and rebuild from what the Meteor Shower managed to destroy…

There was a lot of rebuilding to do. A lot of catching up to do…


As for the 5 Adopted Daughters of Arnold Rhapsody…

Metropolis Radio Station…


Jenna: Our first day to school. *Looking through her bag* Dad’s really putting a lot on the line for us.

Danielle: He sure is. *Checking off each item as her bag is being checked for the items needed* Pencils. Pens. Paper. Markers. Notebook. Erasers. A 3 ring binder. Yeah. Everything’s here.

Nicki: We have to be ready for school. He’s gonna be taking us over to school. He even promised and there is something else.

Candice: What’s that?

Brenda: He’s started sponsoring our old gang. The Bikini girls are in a beach house.

Jenna: *Pauses* Huh? What did you say? Brenda, What are you saying?

Danielle: What do you think she’s saying, Jenna? Our dad has got the Bikini Girls in a beach house. He’s sponsoring them as promised.

Nicki: It started yesterday morning. And yesterday afternoon… My best friend Patti Marlborough came to me and told me. While i checking the one part of the Mall for a CD that i kinda wanted to get for some time but was unable to. She ran and found me. Telling me all about it. She could hardly contain herself.

Jenna: Oh my… Where on the Beach is it?

Brenda: Not really sure. I haven’t gone to look for it.

Danielle: Why don’t we look for it after school today?

Candice: We’ll have to ask our dad first though.

Nicki: Where is dad anyway?

Brenda: He’s in the DJ Room… On the Air.

Inside the DJ Station…

Arnold: *On the Air* This is your Watchdog of the city, Lord Arnold with another Update on the City’s progress. The City Clean up crew has been working non-stop for the last week and just last night at midnight concluded the process of Operation: Metropolis Clean streak. Cleaning out all the debris and rubble from the roads. The destroyed buildings are said to be started on by the end of the month. It’ll be a month long process. The rebuilding of the Hospital’s destroyed floors of the East wing will take 4 months to redo and revitalize. Costing about 799,774 dollars in total to breathe life in the destroyed section of the Metropolis Gen. In Other News… The Death toll for the Meteor Shower has halted at 50. The people lost were Martin Marco. Regina Starling and Ted Callahan. We also lost a young artist among the casualties. Rei. Last name was not released to protect the privacy of the family. But the losses have one way or another left a dark empty hole in our hearts. To those affected by the Meteor Shower… the time of Healing goes on. We’re all in this together. Here’s Shades of gray by the never forgotten band that spread their music and fun around during the 60’s, 70’s, 80’s and had their music still going strong even now… The Monkees. Right here on MRHAP Metropolis.

Metropolis High School…

A Moment later…


Paul: Another day. I hear that there is supposed to be Drama club try-outs. Starting tomorrow.

Crystal: And there is leadership. I think that i can go for that… however…

Paul: You have to get your grades up. We both do.

Crystal: There’s always Choir.

Paul: Now that… That will be more lenient.

Clint: Right. *Rolling his eyes* It’s really nice knowing that you guys are looking towards a better life. after our briefing from Tess last week about more threats coming our way.

Theodore: It’s not that bad. It could be worse.

Clint: And how do you figure on that?

Annie: It’s because we can do this. We can balance things if we try.

Daria: We can try. We’re not incompetent.

Amy: *Trying to hear what the teacher is saying* Would you guys mind on keeping it down? We’re trying to hear the teacher.

Mrs. Ross: *Looking to the side towards them* I can see that we have some students who are really talkative this morning. Is it something that you’d like to share with the class?

Clint: No Ma’am. We’re just trying to get our heads in the zone again. Being that this City’s been attacked by a Meteor Shower and stuff. It’s just not really sitting so well with us.

Mrs. Ross: *Understanding* I see. I don’t blame you for feeling that way. I think that we all feel that way in some manner. It did leave a mark on our minds. Personally and Emotionally. I happen to be grieving a bit myself. My mother was killed in the Meteor shower. She was practically my best friend.

Clint: I’m sorry for your loss. My family lost a family friend that we knew as well. Ted Callahan. He was more of a friend to my Aunt Luna? Had been since Middle school back in her generation.

Mrs. Ross: Ahhh… I see. The disaster really has hurt us all in some way. But, It’s best that we all got back to the lesson. It’s gonna be okay though. This city will survive in the end.

Theodore: Mrs. Ross, I don’t mean to sound harsh… But what would really make you think that this city will survive? The military is still running assessments on the damages done to this city. Plus… FEMA is only covering about 18 Million dollars of damages done to this city. There is still 40 Million dollars left. the damages went up to 58 Mil.

Clint: Theodore, What in the blazes are you talking about?

Theodore: Has anyone bothered to read this Morning’s daily Planet? It will say it right there. An article has been done on the major News headlines that are still stirring in the city. This Article was done by Kris Langley. A Reporter at the Daily Planet. Stating that the Military is still running assessments on the Disaster and that FEMA has capped off the amount that it’ll cover of the cost of damages done up by the Meteor Shower. The rest of the cost… will have to come from the Tax Payers. Unless a Multi-Billionaire shows off a big heart and just donates a huge chunk of Money towards the cost coverage that will pay for the damages done due to the Meteors.

Annie: We just got shoved into depression central.

Daria: No kidding. Leave it to Theodore to bring up something to put the depression on us.

Clint: *Shaking his head* That’s just wrong. That was just really wrong.

Amy: We all read the paper. We know what it says. Now… can we please get with the lesson?

Spencer: *Sighs* …


As for Alvin and Cid…

Metropolis Auto Shop…

Alvin: *Working on another car* Cid, Bring me the socket wrenches and Tire Iron. I got to fix these tires here and work on the tire connections to this car.

Cid: Not to worry. Got ya’ covered. *Putting the tools on the remote controlled Wagon* Look out for the Tools. *Using the controls to guide the Motorized wagon over to Alvin* Incoming.

Alvin: *reaching for the tools* Got it. Thanks, Cid.

Minutes later…

Alvin: *Shaking off the excess Axle Grease* God… that was not pleasant. That’s something which i don’t miss.

Cid: Machina like that seems to be too messy.

Alvin: I’m used to it. But… it’s just the Grease part that i don’t like. Although i think that the Axle on the right front wheel is shot. I can’t seem to fix it. I tried to realign it 4 times and it just keeps going all cock-eyed. Lob-sided.

Cid: What do you plan to do?

Alvin: In a short but not so reassuring answer… Strip down the Axle’s and See if it can be rebuilt and then put it back in one piece. Hopefully in time for us to all go to be witnesses to Rikku and Spencer’s Wedding. It’s been set to go on at 4 in the afternoon.

Cid: We’ll be done before then. The Airship carried a few of the Al-Bhed natives. They can work on the cars. Helping with the load.

Alvin: It will most definitely help with the load. All these cars that come in… I fix them and i try to check for any issues. I repair them and yet… only a week or so later… I wind up having to fix them again. *Sighs* Where’re the new customers when you need them the most. At least someone that has a more responsive car. Something that i can actually just fix.

Cid: You sound as though you are rather bored of your Job.

Alvin: No. It’s not that. I just feel like i am repairing the same cars. The same cars over and over and over again. I done them so many times that i know how to fix the minor and fix the semi challenging issues with my eyes closed. Without even trying. There is no real challenge. I would like a challenge in a car.

Cid: …

Alvin: I also have 2 new kids. They’re both… Originally from a gang of girls. Hallie and Kasey.

Cid: Two more younguns for you to be taking care of. What of your 4 other kids. The oldest boy. and Oldest Daughter and the Twins? What of them?

Alvin: They’re taking to them rather well… to be honest about it… Hallie and the twins are really like pals. They play games together. They eat with each other. They talk.

Cid: What of the other one?

Alvin: Kasey?! She’s a very put together kind of girl. She’s into the health bit. The first day that she was made a part of the family… she went into the kitchen and went through all the cabinets. Food. She made a list of all the meals that could be made. A list of snacks. Everything.

Cid: She’s gonna be changing the whole world in your house before long. Ain’t it a rush to be young with the kick for being fit and into the healthy rut?

Alvin: *Chuckles* Yeah. It sure is. Kinda makes me wonder what I’ve been doing with my eating habits for all these years. Teen years… i have been with the kick for energy drinks. Coffee and an occasional wine cooler which is not even Alcohol whatsoever. It’s count on that is so low… it’d take about 200 of those to get any affect. Soda. And for eating. Chips and yet… i still ate healthy. Still ate like i should. But now knowing that i got a daughter who is all for the health kick… It’s gonna take some time getting used to…

Metropolis Courthouse…

In Nick’s Office…

Nick: *Looking at his Wife* Rikku, You’re asking me to go after Mrs. Banks on a technicality.

Rikku: It’s not a technicality. Sandy Banks has been applying for Welfare when she works two full time jobs. has grants and an inheritance from her uncle who lives in San Francisco. The Welfare department has been reprimanding her on numerous occasions. Never Busting her. Allowing for her to claim that she was unemployed. When she had 2 full time jobs. And an inheritance which would make to where she wouldn’t need to work. She’s a Millionaire. 3 times over because of her family on her late Mother’s Side.

Nick: That is not gonna be enough. I can’t go by that alone. 30% of the unemployed civilians who apply for Welfare wind up getting caught for frauding the system. Out of that 30% percent. only 5 percent of that 30% are proven and 2% from that get taken to Court before a Judge. But there is never any guarantee that it’d be carried out. A lot of the time it gets dismissed or deemed a mistrial.

Rikku: So, *Sighs* What’re we to do?

Nick: There is nothing that can be done. All that can be done is for the time being have her Under surveillance and on Watch. If it continues… we can go into it and Prosecute her. But right now… we can’t do anything. *Seeing the look of defeat on his wife’s face* Rikku, Don’t give up. We’ll get her. If there is solid proof of her committing fraud. and Lying about her financial status… we’ll get her. And place a lean on her Inheritance. Taking the amount of money that was given to her in Welfare money out of her Inheritance. To replace what she was Illegally given. It is like Lying on your taxes. You don’t just go lying on your taxes and hope that you don’t get busted. The I.R.S is full of Bureaucrats and sharks. They monitor any irregularities and if there is something not right about your taxes. They’ll act on it and look into it. If they sniff and find that you lied on the taxes… They nail you for it. Penalize you for the indiscretion…


Helen: *Walking in* Hey Mr. Harrison… Er. Um… Sorry. Mr. Rhapsody. It’s still new to call you by your married name. It’s a wonderful surprise of course… but i’m so used to calling you Mr. Harrison that the new one is just slow on sticking. *Seeing Mrs. Rhapsody* Oh… Uh, Hi Rikku. There’s someone waiting for you in your office. Waiting to see you.

Rikku: Who?

Helen: It’s someone who goes by the name Julie Zuko. But… Says that she knows… you.

Rikku: Hmm… I don’t think that i know her. I’ll be sure to meet her.

Nick: Anything else, Helen?

Helen: Uh… Yeah. *Handing over the files of the current stressful case* These files and reports just came in on the Banks case.

Nick: The Process hasn’t changed.

Helen: So you’re under the impression. But… After seeing these new incoming files and reports… You might want to get some calls made. This has gone from technicality to eagerly alarming.

Nick: I’ll be sure to check it out. It’s close to Lunch and i’m about to head out for lunch at the Diner. But the files and reports will be dealt with. *Writing a note of reminder to put on the front of the packet* Urgent. Read and respond ASAP.

Rikku: *Nods*

A Minute later…

Nick: *Walking with his Wife Rikku* So, Rikku… Any preferences for Lunch? You’re not about to have me choose again, are you?

Rikku: *Laughs* No. I’m not gonna have you guess. There’s a place that my Daughter Pearl goes to alot. As well as Dinah’s 3 adopted girls. Dinah herself. Her husband and not to forget Luna and Zeke’s Daughter Zoey. Sid’s Diner.

Nick: Sid’s Diner? *Curious* What is that place? I don’t believe that i’ve heard of it.

Rikku: You’re in for a surprise then. I’ll go and grab my purse and keys. My Wallet too. I’ll meet up in the car.

Nick: Okay. *Sneaking a Kiss with his Wife*

Of course…

As for Janie, Alex and Charlene…

Metropolis Middle School…


Kirsten: I heard that Jenna, Nicki, Danielle, Candice J. and Brenda are now with a family.

Cassie: They are. They are so happy too.

Piper: It’s great to see that they’re happy. I don’t think we’ve seen them any happier than that in a long time.

Dan: I heard about that. You girls are talking about my Uncle Arnold. He adopted 5 of your friends.

Kirsten: Yeah. We know. You know that we are all like fans and followers of your family. We Admire them. Everything that your family has gone through. The powers. The Abilities. The dangers and threats that they conquered. It’s amazing.

Dan: Oh yeah? Tell me more.

Cassie: Okay. Your uncles and Aunts all went against A Drule King together. Margaret got a hold of the Videos with that footage. A copy of it, Actually. It was amazing. Even with the part where your Aunts and uncles and your dad Avery… They were at the time with this yellow hair.

Dan: Yellow Hair, With Energy pulsing from them… Right?

Cassie: Yeah.

Walter Ted Alan Rhapsody.

Walter: *Suspicious* Something about that is really uncanny. Our Father was not ever like that. If he was… I would truly believe that he’d come and tell us. He wouldn’t hide it.

Piper: If that is the case… then why do you sound as if you’re at a loss for words about it?

Dan: Touché. I think that she has us there. If we weren’t at a loss for words… We’d be able to respond and we wouldn’t be this surprised. The fact that we know about what our father used to do… It’s one thing. But… the only thing that we never were told was about the part where our dad had Yellow hair. Energy coming out and pulsing… Surrounding him.

Walter: He never told us because he wanted to spare us. Spare us of the Unnecessary shock. And if you were to remember… I think it’d be a good idea. Remember the last time we caught dad emitting a source of energy from his hands? We were freaked out.

Dan: That was you who was freaked out. I was actually okay with it. I was stunned but… i didn’t let it phase me. I believed it to be where our dad had some things that he didn’t want us to know and… i think it would be enough of an answer for me. Our dad had powers. And? So what? Most of our family does. Our Aunts are the Original girls of Love, Grace and Fury. Now Retired and more mellow. But… do you see others getting all ecstatic about it? Do you?

Walter: No.

Dan: Well… Okay then. Don’t worry. The girls know about our family. No big deal. Everyone knows about our family in some way.

Cassie: *Smiles*

Kirsten: So… you’re okay with the idea that we girls know all about him and everyone in the family?

Dan: Not a problem. You know what it is that you know.

Piper: *Looking to see the Teacher starting to look up* We better get to work.The Teacher is starting to look up and might not be so pleased to see us gossiping.

Dan: Right.

Janie: The Teacher is still going on about the Second World war.

Teacher:In a state of “total war”, the major participants threw their entire economic, industrial and scientific capabilities behind the war effort, erasing the distinction between civilian and military resources. Marked by mass deaths of civilians, including the Holocaust (during which approximately 11 million people were killed) and the strategic bombing of industrial and population centres (during which approximately one million people were killed, including the use of two nuclear weapons in combat),it resulted in an estimated 50 million to 85 million fatalities. These made World War II the deadliest conflict in human history. The Empire of Japan aimed to dominate Asia and the Pacific and was already at war with the Republic of China in 1937,but the world war is generally said to have begun on 1 September 1939 with the invasion of Poland by Germany and subsequent declarations of war on Germany by France and the United Kingdom. From late 1939 to early 1941, in a series of campaigns and treaties, Germany conquered or controlled much of continental Europe, and formed the Axis alliance with Italy and Japan. Following the Molotov–Ribbentrop Pact, Germany and the Soviet Union partitioned and annexed territories of their European neighbours, including Poland, Finland and the Baltic states. The United Kingdom and the British Commonwealth were the only Allied forces continuing the fight against the Axis, with campaigns in North Africa and the Horn of Africa as well as the long-running Battle of the Atlantic. In June 1941, the European Axis powers launched an invasion of the Soviet Union, opening the largest land theatre of war in history, which trapped the major part of the Axis’ military forces into a War of Attrition. In December 1941, Japan attacked the United States and European territories in the Pacific Ocean, and quickly conquered much of the Western Pacific. The Axis advance halted in 1942 when Japan lost the critical Battle of Midway, near Hawaii, and Germany was defeated in North Africa and then, decisively, at Stalingrad in the Soviet Union. In 1943, with a series of German defeats on the Eastern Front, the Allied invasion of Italy which brought about Italian surrender, and Allied victories in the Pacific, the Axis lost the initiative and undertook strategic retreat on all fronts. In 1944, the Western Allies invaded France, while the Soviet Union regained all of its territorial losses and invaded Germany and its allies. During 1944 and 1945 the Japanese suffered major reverses in mainland Asia in South Central China and Burma, while the Allies crippled the Japanese Navy and captured key Western Pacific islands. The war in Europe ended with an invasion of Germany by the Western Allies and the Soviet Union culminating in the capture of Berlin by Soviet and Polish troops and the subsequent German unconditional surrender on 8 May 1945. Following the Potsdam Declaration by the Allies on 26 July 1945, the United States dropped atomic bombs on the Japanese cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki on 6 August and 9 August respectively. With an invasion of the Japanese archipelago imminent, the possibility of additional atomic bombings, and the Soviet Union’s declaration of war on Japan and invasion of Manchuria, Japan surrendered on 15 August 1945. Thus ended the war in Asia, and the final destruction of the Axis bloc. World War II altered the political alignment and social structure of the world. The United Nations (UN) was established to foster international co-operation and prevent future conflicts. The victorious great powers—the United States, the Soviet Union, China, the United Kingdom, and France—became the permanent members of the United Nations Security Council.

Sophie C.: *Writing and listening to the lecture* You guys should be taking notes of this… This is gonna be on the test.

Dan: Yeah, Sophie… No kidding. The teacher is no alarmist. If she says it’s on the test… You better believe it.

Walter: *Taking notes and Listening to the Teacher*

Kirsten: *Thinking about her friends and the rest of the gang; Smiling while taking notes and listening*

Cassie: *Writing*


A few minutes later the class ended and they were handed homework for that night. It wasn’t exactly easy homework as they had to answer questions pertaining to the topic that was discussed in class. Some didn’t sweat it… but others did.


Kirsten: *Walking over to see Perry*…

Janie: *Walking along with Alex and Charlene; Following Kirsten with Zoey C. Close behind* Kirsten, Where’re you going? Cafeteria is the other direction.

Alex: Aren’t you the least bit hungry?

Kirsten: I am. But there’s someone i want to see again.

Charlene: Who?

Kirsten: Perry.

Alex: *Gasp* Perry? Our Cousin? How come?

Kirsten: I don’t know… I just want to see him.

Sophie: *Coming along* Kirsten, Just admit it. You like Perry Rhapsody. Maybe even have a real affection for him.

Kirsten: Sophie… It’s not like that.

Sophie: Who’re you trying to kid? For the last couple weeks… All you thought about was Perry. Face it. You’re in Love.

Cassie: Is that true, Kirsten?

Kirsten: *Trying not to blush* No. It’s not.

Alex: It’s a give away. You’re in Love with him. You’re Blushing. You were blushing over him.

Kirsten: You’re not gonna get me to say it. I am not gonna admit that i am in Love. I’m just gonna go see him.

Charlene: It’s okay to be in Love. We’re looking forward to being in love with a boy ourselves. We just haven’t found the right one yet. or fell in love. Plus… We’re only 12. We got time before that happens.

At the open field of the School…

Perry: *Sitting on one of the benches* Marty?

Marty: Yeah?

Perry: I think that i got a little problem.

Marty: What do you mean? What’s wrong?

Perry: Well… You know that girl that we met two weeks ago… During the Meteor Shower?

Marty: Yeah. Kirsten. She’s one of the members to the Bikini girls Gang. Why? What about her?

Perry: I don’t know. I can’t seem to get my mind off of her. I don’t even know anything about her really. Except that she’s one of the Bikini Girls. She won’t tell me much about what she’s like. Her favorite subjects. What she likes to do. Her favorite Movies, T.V Shows. Books. Nothing.

Marty: You suppose that she might be very well guarded and defensive.

Perry: Not sure. *Sighs* I Just can’t figure her out. I want to though. I happen to like her. Alot. But how can i really feel much for her if i don’t even know much about her?

Marty: Maybe… You should just offer to hang out with her a bit. Make her feel loved and adored. Ask her questions. Show that you are into her. A Girl isn’t gonna know unless you give off signs or little quirks to show that you like her and want to be closer to her. We’re only 12 and are starting to mature. Things like this usually happen to come as second nature anyway.

Perry: Maybe you’re right.

Marty: Perry, It’s not so much about being right. It’s about what we ought to know. Mom and Dad are gonna one day tell us about this stuff. If we don’t start getting a little into it. We’re gonna be lost when they start explaining and discussing about the Birds and Bees. Age 12 is the end of childlike innocence. Once we hit 13… It’s the Pre-teen/Teen years.

Perry: Marty, Don’t get me wrong about this… but, How is it that you know this stuff?

Marty: I read a couple of books that touched the basics of romance. Simple books. It was more like Children books and it didn’t give full detail. But… from what i read… it’s how i know a little about it. You should know of it too…

Seconds later…

Kirsten: *Smiling and walking over from the side* Hi Perry.

Perry: *Looking towards Kirsten* Hey Kirsten. You okay?

Kirsten: Yeah. I just wanted to come see you.

Perry: That i would have guessed. However… I can’t help but ask what the occasion is or what the reason could be that you’d want to see me.

Kirsten: I don’t know what the reason is. I guess that… i just wanted to know where we stood.

Perry: Where we stand?! Stand as in…

Kirsten: a possible relationship.

Perry: Ah… We’re just starting off as friends. But maybe we can hang out this afternoon. See a Movie together or something. I actually happen to like you, Kirsten. I just don’t want us to get too far ahead of ourselves.

Sophie: Kirsten’s in love with you. Perry, Since she happened to lock eyes and meet you. You’re all she seems to think about. She’s in love with you. Since the Meteor Shower she was talking about you.

Marty: Perry… You got an admirer. *Grins*

(Looks like Perry is in targets of a Love. Is there a possible Perry&Kirsten love connection in the future?)

Metropolis Elementary School…


Zoey: *Looking at Blossom* Do you think that we’re gonna be sent into something dangerous in the future?

Blossom: I don’t know. Tess only told us what came in. I don’t think we’re gonna be told anymore than what was disclosed. I don’t want any more danger. I would rather there be peace. But… Whether we like it or not… We’re the offspring of those who’d done it before us. They should have told us what we were like. That we had powers. Zoey, Your mom used to be Sailor Luna back when she was our age. Then she lost it and or thought that she did and gave it right to you. You’re with her Past life. The Senshi power.

Zoey: *Looking at the sides* I know. I Just want peace. Is that so much to ask?

Blossom: Good question. Is it so hard to have peace in the world?

Zoey: I feel like no matter what happens. We’re stuck with the powers that be. The disasters.

As they were talking…

School girl #1: *Walking with a group of 4 girls* Can you believe that those so called Rhapsody Clansmen are actually full of mostly heroes?

School girl #2: Heroes? You mean freaks. They’re the reason why we were enduring a Meteor Shower. They’re probably aliens from another world and bringing disasters with them.

School girl #3: Why can’t they just go to hell?

School girl #4: *Looking to the side and seeing a couple of the fighters* … *Seeing Blossom looking at her* What are you looking at, freak? Yeah. That’s right. You’re a freak. You and your family are the reason for our having the disasters coming to hurt us. It’s your fault. The city might love you freaks… but not us. *Seeing Blossom starting to say something* What? Wanna say something?

Blossom: Our family does alot for this city. But it seems that you are too stupid to see that.

School girl #3: And you are a LOSER! *Flipping Blossom off* Eat shit, Freak!

Blossom: *Motioning for Zoey to hide and change* … *Looking at the girls with a mean pissed off look; Disgusted* You’re asking for it.

School girl #4: Asking for what? For you to bore us to death with some light show?

Blossom: *Drawing in electricity* … *Forming a ball of Electricity and Aiming to fire at the girls* You got a choice. Either you back off and stop battering me and my family…or You keep doing it; Talking about stuff you know nothing about and get a ball of lightning thrown at you which leaves you electrocuted. Better make a decision. If i choose for you… You won’t like what happens.

School girl #3: *Laughing* Oh my god… You actually think that we’re scared of you. What a total Loser! Ahahahahahaha!

“You think that we’re losers?! Let’s see who’s laughing now!”

School girl #2: *Pauses and looking around* Who said that?

Sailor Zoey: *Standing ahead of the 4 school girls* That would be me. You are bashing an innocent family. They’ve done nothing but protect you and the city… day in and day out.

School girl #4: Yeah right. Protecting us? Right. That’s why everytime we turned around… there was nothing but disasters coming and we all had to suffer through them. This city never had that till those freaks and losers came to the city. They’re losers and should all be locked up. Studied.

School girl #2: Yeah. Anyone who supports them should have their heads Examined.

But that was when…

Kimahri: *Leaping off the nearby building and Landing on all 4’s in front of the school girls* … *Growling and lifting one of his palms; Balling up a fist and Punching the ground* … *Rising up and looking at the school girls and suddenly roaring*

Sailor Zoey: Kimahri?!

Kimahri: *Facing school girls* Kimahri protect friends. Rhapsody Clansmen are friends to Kimahri. Any problem with Rhapsody… Is Problem with Kimahri.

School girl #3: *Looking at the others and then at the strange being* Let’s get out of here, girls. Before these losers call up anymore of their loser family members.

School girl #4: *Running off with the girls* This isn’t over, Losers. The loser Rhapsody family is gonna go down. LOSERS!

Blossom: *To the 4 School girls* Go blow yourself, Bitch! Fuck with my family and you’ll regret it! That’s a promise and no amount of bashing my family will be able to save you. Ungrateful Shits! See if we come to save you bastards again. *Throwing a sneak attack of lightning at the 4 girls who were running off* Skanks!

Blossom was pissed about the bullies bashing her family. She was on the verge of itching for blood. throughout the entire lifetime of the clan. From the very beginning till now People who misunderstood the Clan or had something against them and or wanted to tear them down to make themselves look good were always raising a stink. It didn’t matter who it was. There was always gonna be someone out there who just by far hated the Rhapsody Clansmen. Hate everything about them. Everything that they were. What they were about. What they were like. Reading Ill of all the good that clan had done time and time again. Blossom was not to stand idly by and just allow for people to come at her family. She was like most of her family in that sense even though she was an Individual of her own. She just blew up over the insults that were coming right for her family. It was no surprise that it wouldn’t be the last either. However with the temper that Blossom was forming… One could only pray that it didn’t get worse as she grew up. Getting her into fights…

But as for the others… The fighters were yet… still trying to come to terms of what they were told of last week by Tess…

Reedy “La Paradissimo’s”

Rhonda: *taking a customer’s order* So… That’s 3 Vanilla Coke’s. A Chicken cacciatore. A 3 cheese Ravioli and an Eggplant Parmesan. Hmm. Classy. Not a problem. The Order will be done.

A few seconds later…

Rhonda: *Sticking the order sheet on the turning wheel* You got incoming. Another order just sprung a showing.

Chef: Another one, huh? Okay. We’re on it.

Rhonda: Good. Because the customers look as though they’re about to start turning carnivorous. Mrs. Reedy won’t like seeing her customers becoming carnivorous. That’s a definite out.

Chef: *Feeling a little grossed out* I would think not either. Yikes.

Rhonda: *Thinking about something*

Chef: *Seeing the look on Rhonda’s face* What’s up? Something bugging you a bit?

Rhonda: No. I’m just thinking about someone.

Chef: Really? Who?

Rhonda: No one in particular. It’s just some guy that i ran into the other day. He was rather… Suave and kinda Charismatic.

Chef: Sounds like a heartthrob.

Rhonda: Not really. He runs a Radio Station not far from here. Owns it.

Chef: *Trying to figure out who Rhonda was talking about* Not sure i know who that is. Is he the one i keep hearing on Radio all the time?

Rhonda: I don’t know. But he said that his name was… Arnold. However… I am not sure if i’ll cross his path again. He only comes out from the Radio Station once or twice a week. That’s about it. Bumping into him was a fluke.

Chef: *Seeing the blushing expression on Rhonda’s face* But it looks as though you like him. Don’t you?

Rhonda: Oh come on, Maurice. Stop. It’s not like that. I just think that the guy’s a bit of a charmer. that’s all. He was really sweet talking.

Chef: Uh-huh. Sure. You can’t fool this French/Italian man here. I know what it is. You’re in love. That’s what it is. You’re in total Bliss. You forget that i’m with french blood on my father’s side and Italian from my mother’s side. I seen enough girls and women with the blushing and the embarrassed posture to know lovesick emotion when i see it. You’re in a infatuation with the guy. *Grins*

Rhonda: *Not knowing what to say* …

But as for the Rhapsody clans family Matriarch’s sister…

Rikku and Nick’s house…

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Aquamarine: *Starting to fix up something to eat for Lunch* So much for my sister and i going to lunch. She forgot again. I am beginning to think that my sister’s changed so much that i can’t tell if i am to recognize her anymore. *Checking her phone and seeing no texts* I guess things really have changed too much.

The phone then rings…

Aquamarine: *Answering the phone* Hello?

Rikku: *On the Phone* Sis, You ready to go?

Aquamarine: Ready to go?! *Confused* Ready to go where, sis?

Rikku: Lunch, what do you think? Nick and I are on a Lunch break right now. We’re all gonna go to lunch.

Aquamarine: Uh, okay. Sure.

Rikku: What’s going on over there?

Aquamarine: Nothing really. Just got done with doing some cleaning up on the place here. Watched a movie while doing so. It’s however been a rather quiet morning.

Rikku: It’ll get better. What you should do is not stick around the house all by yourself all the time. Get out during the day and do something. Anything.

Aquamarine: Like get myself a Job somewhere?

Rikku: If that is something you’d like to do… Why not? You got to do something to make a personal living.

Aquamarine: I know. *Sighs* I’ll think about it and see what happens.

Rikku: I’ll even help if you want.

Aquamarine: Okay. *Feeling rather happy suddenly*

Rikku: We’ll be there in five to ten minutes. We’re just now on the road.

Aquamarine: See you then…

Of course. As for Arnold…

Metropolis Radio Station…


Arnold: *On the Air* This is your Watchdog of the City Lord Arnold with another List of greats. But first your Metropolis 5 day forecast. It’s right now a sweet delightful 71 degrees out and predicted to hit the upper 70’s by later this afternoon. Tomorrow the high will be in the Mid to upper 70’s. For the rest of the week… in the upper 70’s with the lows in the mid to lower 50’s. Tonight’s low is forecast to be in the lower 60’s. And for those who are wondering whats in store in the upcoming future… It’s Groundhog Day. February 2nd is our annual groundhog day. Punxsutawney Phil the ground hog. The most beloved Groundhog living in good ole’ Pennsylvania holds our fate in its shadow. If it sees it’s shadow… We’re gonna be seeing 6 more weeks of winter. But if he doesn’t… We’re in for an early spring. *Whistles* Now that’s some mystic power. It’s like roulette. A 50/50 chance. Will we see a longer Winter… or an Early Spring? Nice, isn’t it? And Today is the possible wedding or the Eloping romantic rendezvous of two young love birds. It’s… Spencer. and the girl of his dreams. Rikku. The Arabian girl from far in the Middle east. *With the next track playing* She’s a real catch for Spencer. And if Rikku loved Popsicles and thought of love just like a popsicle… Spencer would be her cherry and grape. Here’s something dedicated to Rikku and Spencer on their Imminent betrothal. Here’s The band from the 60’s… The Cordettes… With “Lollipop” Right here on MRHAP Metropolis. The Station that sizzles with the sweetness they call romance…

It’s been two weeks since the Meteor Shower and there were people still feeling the effects of the devastation that came from the Meteor Shower. The Loss of life. One was the woman who happened to be wed to the man that Metropolis hated. Beth Marco. She was now a Widow. Fated to be the woman who was wed to a jerk and lost him to the Meteor Shower…

Beth’s house…

Beth: *Sighs* 10 kids and i have no real job. I’m gonna lose everything.

Penelope Walden: No. You’re not.You’re not gonna lose your kids. I don’t care what happens. But those kids are not gonna be taken from you.

Beth: How do you know that? I don’t have a job. No one will hire me.

Penelope: Oh… You wanna bet? Beth, Look… I know how it feels to lose someone. To become a Widow. I told you once years ago about my father passing away and that it got left up to my mother to raise the family on her own. With her parents helping her out. I know that feeling of loss. I saw my mother go through it. You’re not gonna be alone. I don’t have kids. I only have a Job. With the Child services. The pay is great. I know things that can help a single parent out with the raising of the Children.

Beth: How can you help?

Penelope: There is one thing that can help. You getting a Job. You’re great with kids. So… I’m gonna put in a recommendation to the Child Services to see if they’ll take you as another Agent. They’re looking for Agents now. 5 of their Agents were killed in the Meteor Shower. Sad and tediously pathetic if you were to ask me what i thought about that. But i see that it is just the way it is. The Meteor Shower took lives away from this city.

Beth: I’d appreciate that. *Looking at the time* The kids are at school now. Will be till this afternoon.

Penelope: It’s gonna be alright.  *concerned* I am only hoping that they will take you in. Giving you a Job. I’m gonna keep my place. But till you are stable again and with a steady income. Back to better standing. I’ll be sure to move in here to help you out. Beth, I can’t bare to leave you like this and all on your own.

Beth: I’m very grateful for this. *Looking down and sighs* I just can’t believe that i am now a widow and forever tied to the jerk Martin. The whole city hated him. And didn’t think too highly of me because i married him. Marrying him was the worst mistake i ever made. The kids are starting to mature into him a bit. I just got a call a few minutes or so before you got here from the school. The kids… 4 of them. 4 of my 5 daughters were overheard battering and bashing Curtis Rhapsody’s Daughter Blossom. Our friend Luna’s Daughter Zoey. But were attacking the whole clan verbally towards them.

Penelope: Luna?! I don’t know how she’s been anything like a friend to us. Over the last couple months… I tried calling her. I must have called her about a hundred times. All i got was: “Sorry she isn’t home right now. Can you call later?” Zeke was saying that half of the 100 times.

Beth: She’s been in another world since mid Sept. of last year.

Penelope: *Gasps in shock* She What? How did you hear that?

Beth: From Tess Mercer. I didn’t know that she still had my #. or knew it. But she called me sometime ago. Telling me that Luna and her Daughter Zoey were in another realm. With Paige’s kids. Pearl’s and Dinah’s 3 oldest girls. Alvin’s 4 kids.Curtis’s Daughter. They all came back. Been back since the late afternoon Early evening of Christmas day.

Penelope: Beth, How come you didn’t say anything to the others? They too have been trying to reach Luna. Karen, June and Pamela.

Beth: Don’t shoot the messenger. I heard that Pamela and June were with them for a while in another world. I don’t know why they’d go. But… they did.

Penelope: And we were never told of this… Why?

Beth: I don’t know. But it isn’t as bad as being forever tied to an asshole named Martin. Alot of people have avoided me because of him. Fearing that if they saw me… they’d be seeing him and they wanted nothing to do with him or anything that mentioned him. Although his business they used. Because of the Wheelchairs. But that was it.

Penelope: It’s okay. You can groom and raise the kids to be better than that. A lot better. They’re in the 4th and 5th grade. So… You have a whole bunch of time. An adequate amount of time. 8-9 years to set them straight.

Beth: I hope you’re right. Because… if i have to deal with kids that have the behavior and attitude… plus Ego of Martin…I will go insane and Lose it.

Penelope: *Sighs* I see. I know exactly how it is that you feel. I don’t blame you. I really can’t say as i would blame you for feeling like that. Martin wasn’t very nice. And i might have said it once… or multiple times in the past. But it’s as true then as it is now. Martin has been making you feel bad for siding with Luna because she decided to leave him and go with Zeke. Martin still hated Zeke. Zeke never had done a thing to make Martin hate him. Martin’s pathetic. Martin’s body is at the morgue still. Not claimed by you.

Beth: I know. I don’t care though. I want nothing of the man. I have lost alot of possible and potential friends because of him. People hate me because of him. The kids are acting just like him somewhat and it’s like living right through Martin… times Ten!

Penelope: It’s gonna be alright. You and me will get through this, Beth. Count on it. You won’t lose anymore because of him…

Martin Marco was even hated by his wife who was now a Widow. She was with ten kids and with no idea as to what she were to do to make things better for herself even while having the stigma and the stink of Martin around her. Her kids were coming to be like him and it was hurting her. However with her old friend from school Penelope Walden… She was foretold to get back her life. The life she had before she made it with Martin. Finding a new life that had no trace of Martin Marco in it.

As for Dinah…

Metropolis University…

Bulldog Stadium…

Dinah: *Coaching the team* Come on, You call that a pass? That’s a Lazy shoot. *Looking at the Quarterback* Hey Forrester! Are you running a play or is that your impression of a french tickler? This is football. Not Ballet or a game of Hot Potato.

That afternoon…

It was now after school and It was time for the wedding. There was no time to waste. Spencer and Rikku ran off over to the nearby Wedding Chapel. the girls ran right with them and followed them. Followed them over to the Wedding Chapel. There was also a few others coming to the wedding too. Like the Bikini Girls Gang. They were coming to the wedding too. Alvin was coming as he was with Cid. Sid and Pamela were coming. As were Tess. How she were to know that the secret wedding was that day… stayed as a mystery. But she came all the same. As did Kimahri. He however stuck to the doors to guard. Making sure that no one came to ruin the wedding…

Metropolis Wedding Chapel…

Rikku: *Standing by the Alter with Spencer* Spencer, I hope that you won’t mind hearing that i am a bit nervous.

Spencer: It’s okay. Rikku, It’s a big moment for us. However i happen to be rather nervous myself. Not sure as to why… But i guess that the fact we’re getting wed. at a young age… It’s predominantly a huge world changer. We can still run away and Elope with just the two of us, Rikku. However… It’s got to be what you want. Do you still want to go through with this?

Rikku: Uh-huh. How about you?

Spencer: I’m all for it. Just as well as you are.

Cid: Rikku, I think that you’re gonna need a ring. *Pulling out a small box with a Ring inside* … *Opening up the ring box* This ring belonged to your mother. When she was killed by a rogue Machina… I had to pry it off her fingers… To preserve it as best i could. But she was saving the Ring for when you were to get hitched that it’d go to you and you then give it to your kid when that day came for them to get wed. She’s want you to have it, Rikku.

Pearl: *Passing off a Ring to Spencer* Spencer, This ring is something special. It symbolizes the Love and passion that your father and I had for each other. We got wed after the last threat was done. The one with the Demon. He and I got wed and made our love strong. The marriage was built of that Love. But now… As you’re getting married. It’s best that it goes right for you. It’d be perfect for you. *Trying not to shed too many tears* I’m proud of you Spencer.

There were moments of tears for happiness. Joy and Jubilation. It was new for them as it was a Wedding between two young people. Both were 14. But in Metropolis, With things still shaky as they were… There was no positive guarantee that the Marriage would stick. Although anyone knew that Marriages were absolute. It was a Binding form of an agreement. Solid and Ironclad. Unless Annulled by either party. The man or the Woman. It however in the case between Spencer and Rikku… It was in the acting power of Rikku’s father and Spencer’s Mother or father. To file the Annullment. If decided. But this was one wedding that neither wanted to be stopped. They were all for it.

Spencer and Rikku stood there Smiling at one another and just remained in bliss. They were in total bliss and nothing could take that away from them. There was nothing to come between them as their love was whole. Pure. Innocent and genuine. The priest walked over to the Alter and started the congregation. Beginning the vows and the exchanging of the rings. The ceremony was without a hitch. During the ceremony, The girls couldn’t help but cry. The whole thing was just so moving that all they could do was feel as their hearts melted. The guys all stood and felt their hearts pound with ecstasy and enjoyed the wedding. The Reverend that was at the alter doing the Vows and the ceremony had been doing the Weddings for years. Each month pulling about 35 gigs easily. Each one just as touching and loving just as any other…

As soon as the Ceremony finally ended moments later. It was with a moments silence as everyone watched Spencer and Rikku Kiss and complete the Wedding ceremony. They were now husband and Wife. At age 14.

Spencer and Rikku Danced in Jubilation and Danced with bliss. Spencer’s sisters were also dancing and they had gone on over to hug their new sister. Or sister-in-law. She was part of the family for life. Annie, Daria, Clint and Theodore all looked at Rikku and cheered. Everyone cheered. Even the Bikini Girls. They were by far the most extravagant and literally moved. The moment was as happy as it ever could get. But it was not one to last as they all knew that dangers were nearing. Dangers were coming to them and they had only a year to get right to the very bottom of it. Spencer was thinking about what was coming in the near future however during the moment of his and Rikku’s wedding… His main priority was to enjoy the celebration. Have fun. On the side by the tables as everyone was talking…

Kasey: *Pulling out some papers* Hallie, see where Sora and Carly are?

Hallie: *Looking over to the crowd* Yeah.

Kasey: Bring them over here. They’re gonna want to know what i managed to find out.

Hallie: About the BPRD?

Kasey: Yeah. Go and get them over here. We can tell them together.

Hallie: Okay. *Heading over to the crowd and walking over to Sora and Carly*

A Minute later…

Sora: *Looking at the papers then looking at Kasey* What’s this? What did you find out, Kasey?

Carly: Anything good, Kasey?

Kasey: That depends… What would you two know about a being known as Anung un Rama. Son of the fallen one?

Sora: We don’t know. All we know is that he happens to be government funded. He’s red, 6 feet tall. He’s got a tail and his right hand is considered to be a stony like hand. A Thick stone like bracelet that is considered to be a jackhammer. It could demolish a brick wall with just a couple of hard massive hits.

Kasey: upon his brow is set a crown of flame. He was summoned by Grigori Efimovich Rasputin. In 1944. During the final months of WW2. during Project: Ragnarok.

Hallie: It says that he was trying to awaken the Ogdru Jahad. The seven gods of Chaos.

Sora: Did it work?

Kasey: No. Fortunately… he was stopped. In 1944 he tried to awaken it but lost. However a portal was open long enough to give everyone a glimpse of hell.

Hallie: But also to let something else through. A Devil like being.

Kasey: He was raised by a Professor Trevor “Broom” Bruttenholm. And made into a government Agent. Hunting things of the paranormal.

Carly: So there are paranormal experts out there who can fight against Paranormal threats and occult like creatures which happened to have been brought out by Nazi’s?

Sora: That’s something that no one really hears about commonly. That’s New to us. No one really knew that. I don’t think that we ever were told of that.

Carly: Not ever. Our mom and dad never told us.

Sora: Probably because they didn’t even know of it themselves. That is the only logical explanation we can think of.

Carly: I agree.

Hallie: The BPRD was founded in late 1944 by Professor Trevor Bruttenholm to combat various occult threats uncovered in operations against Nazi Germany. It initially had strong links to the USAAF and was based at a military airbase in New Mexico, but later relocated to a custom built facility in Fairfield, Connecticut. It maintains strong links to various branches of the United States Armed Forces to this day. It is a private organization that receives funding from several major governments (mostly the United States and United Kingdom, although other countries including Canada, Japan, France, and Italy have been mentioned). Professor Bruttenholm served as director until the late 1950s when he stepped down to return to field work. The current Director is Dr. Thomas Manning. Under Manning several “advanced skills agents” were added to the agency including Liz Sherman and Abe Sapien. Professor Broom is A British academic well versed in the supernatural, Trevor Bruttenholm was a member of the British Paranormal Society. He was an advisor to U.S. President Franklin D. Roosevelt when the Allies realized that the Nazi leader Adolf Hitler was racing to use the occult to turn the tide of World War II. Project Ragna Rok, a plan to use black magic to win the war, was put in place by the supposedly deceased mystic Rasputin. However, on December 23, 1944 in East Bromwich, England, a youthfuldemon came into the possession of Bruttenholm, not Rasputin. Rasputin retreated to the Arctic and Bruttenholm named the creature ‘Hellboy’.

Kasey: Exactly… But the one guy of the Bureau… The Director… Tom Manning. He’s not exactly what you’d consider as a nice person. He isn’t all that nice at all.

Sora: We’re not gonna be into meeting him… are we?

Carly: I wouldn’t think that we’d meet him. But the others… Maybe.

Hallie: But if you guys do go along with this… This isn’t gonna be safe. It’s dangerous.

Sora: Hallie, We are quite aware of the danger. You might have forgotten that Carly and I were in Spira for a time. We had to go against a whole ton of creatures. Bosses… Villains. We know how to fight.

Carly: That’s a fact. We can fight. If you need to know how to fight. We can teach what we know. There’s also Serena. She’s tough. She can show you some pointers.

Kasey: This is one danger that you guys might not be so lucky with. You guys… or the Original fighters 15 years ago went head to head with the Demon… Scath. That was by luck and by faith. But this… This is gonna take a bit more than that. There’s this gas masked freak. Karl Ruprect Kroenen. Hitler’s top assassin. Head of the Thule Occult Society.

Sora: He’s not so bad… Is he?

Kasey: Heh heh heh! Uh, You guys want to ask that again? He’s not that bad?

Carly: He can’t be that bad.

Kasey: Uh… yeah he can. He’s with these knives and blades that he forms from his hands and can ricochet any attack that comes his way.

Carly: *Feeling worried suddenly* I don’t think i like the sound of that.

As for the others… they were all still dancing and celebrating the Wedding and now Marriage of Spencer and Rikku. Pearl was feeling beyond pleased. Happy and content. Cid was touched with pride and heartwarming fulfillment seeing that his daughter was married. It was like a dream come true. A real Dream come true and as they all cheered and felt completely in bliss and jubilation… A Surprise came over to them. Rikku the Clan’s family matriarch arrived and told of her thoughts towards the Marriage. She wasn’t all that happy that the marriage happened but she saw how happy and full of romance the two were and saw that they with actual sincere love. True love. All she could do was accept it for what it was…

That Evening…

Sid’s Diner…

Sid: *Fixing up some Coffee and with Post Wedding Specials on the side listed* Those two are married. It’s gonna be a lot of work for them. Age 14 and wed. That’s the Youngest marriage i’ve seen in a long time.

Jessica Spelling: No one has. It’s not common and it’s like defying the laws of traditional marriages. *Looking at the specials* Who’d get married at age 14?

Sid: A couple of good innocent lovebirds.

Jessica: They wouldn’t be known as the clan that has these supernatural like powers. Telekinesis. Elemental powers, would they?

Sid: You’re thinking of the Rhapsody Clansmen. Yeah. A couple of them got hitched today. A Spencer Rhapsody and Rikku. The Arabian girl. No one knows her last name. No one’s even asked and it’s in none of the official files.

Jessica: What are they like?

Sid: They’re rather unique. The girl is creative. She can build things and create things. Build machines too. She’s even an explorer.

Jessica: An Explorer, huh? I actually like explorers. They get to explore all sorts of places. Go on digs. Scavenger hunting. That’s rather cool.

Sid: You mean like that guy that died years ago by a rogue Stingray. That guy… Steve Irwin. He’s got a Daughter who’s like an explorer. Just as he was. Exploring places and looking for new animals. Species. and Extinct animals. Even rare ones too.

Jessica: Um, Don’t mind me being a little sour… but how is it that you know about that?

Sid: My Daughter… Holly was watching some show that revolved Animals and wildlife. A Crocodile hunter who not only hunted or explored for them… but also discovered other animals as well. I happened to catch some of it.

Jessica: Oh… I didn’t know. I guess i just rather assumed that you’d be this single guy running a Diner. *Looking at the specials* It’s just so surreal that there was a meteor shower here in the city only the other week.

Sid: I know. *Sighs* My wife and I are still trying to pick up the pieces from the devastation that the Meteor Shower brought to the city.


Spencer: *With his wife Rikku; Kissing her on the lips while walking into the Diner* I Love you.

Rikku: I Love you too.

Spencer: *Looking ahead at Sid* Hey Sid. Nice evening out… isn’t it?

Sid: Hey you two… Nice to be seeing the new Married couple out and enjoying the life of a married man and woman.

Spencer: We’re only 14. But… The idea of us being married. It’s a real thrill. *Smiles*

Rikku: Rammu [Sid]. *Looking around* This Diner looks nice. It’s spacious.

Jessica: *Looking to see the new couple* So… You two must be the married couple. The girl must be the Explorer/treasure hunter.

Spencer: She sure is. She’s my love. The one and Only. Who are you?

Jessica: Jessica. Jessica Spelling. I’m kinda new to this city as i barely moved here the other day. Heard that this was a place where teens and young gangs come to socialize and hang out. Dine in and grab a bite or two to eat.

Spencer: Of course. This place is the best place. Besides Reedy “La Paradissimo”‘s. They’re the best two places. A restaurant like that is for if you’re into the Italian and french Cuisine. They got a lot there to try out. It even has Hawaiian cuisine there too. It’s the only restaurant in the city that has a blend of 3 cuisines and with the atmosphere of a welcoming family environment.

Jessica: *Beaming with excitement* You’re kidding: I love Hawaiian food. I used to have a bunch of it during the time that i used to live in Marlborough, Mass. They had this place called… “International seat Cuisine” It was owned by Lenard Manson. The guy had this really obsessive knack for the Cuisine. Mondays would be his famous Honolulu Dreams Hawaiian escape. Having all kinds of Hawaiian music. Like a tropical Island. He also had this taste for Jamaican delicacies. Wednesdays… He would make Wednesdays the… Jamaican Dance and dine O’Rama. Sometimes he’d dress in his Jamaican attire and Serve Jamaican Chocolate and Cinnamon Brownies. Having it come with whatever people ordered to eat. Doing skits and it made people just feel so much at home. He at times had to Provide a subtle spot for people to sleep for the night because it was so peaceful that no one wanted to leave.

Spencer: That must have been one fine friendly place.

Rikku: Did it get any trouble there?

Jessica: Not really. It was just overly safe there. Plus the only dangers there were the winter storms. Snow storms. Those were kinda brutal since every time that it would snow in Marlborough… It made it hard to get around as there was only one snowplow and it only worked on the main streets. the side streets were kinda left to fend for themselves. There was only one Snow plow anyway and the town didn’t really have the means for another Snow plow as we only got the bad snow storms 2 times every few years. As far as i can remember.

Rikku: It must have been a great area to live in.

Jessica: Yeah. It was. But when my father got sick and passed away. Last year. My mom tried to work it out so we could keep going but we couldn’t. We were getting overwhelmed with the loss and the Mortgages tied to the place we had… It was too much. It kept going up when it shouldn’t have. My mom tried to fight back but lost. The Town hall there was not gonna reverse the rate of the Cost in Mortgage. We had to leave. My mom found this city through one of the magazines that she reads and liked what she saw. She even saw things that this city had. Like lively people and a group of fighters.

Spencer: *Trying to hide any mentions that he was one of the fighters that were being spoken of* Hmm… Interesting.

Jessica: Not to sound suspicious… But, You wouldn’t happen to know about these fighters… would you?

Rikku: He might know a bit about them… but the fighters never spread their presence out in the open just by a drop of a dime, you know. They are very subtle and only come out when there is trouble going on in the city and lately there has not been any true need for them.

Jessica: So you… know them?

Rikku: A little.

Jessica: I would love to meet them. However… i have a habit that i don’t think they’d be feeling too warmly towards.

Spencer: What habit?

Rikku: What do you mean?

Jessica: I rather not say if… it’d be okay.

Spencer: No one’s asking for you to talk about it. It’s probably something personal. No big deal.

Rikku: *Looking at Spencer* Spencer, Shouldn’t we start heading back to the house?

Spencer: Not yet.

A Moment later…

After they had their first dinner as a married couple. Which was not completely romantic… But it was still sweet as they were with each other. But before they could leave from the Diner…

Brenda: *With her sisters* Hey Sid.

Sid: Hey girls. I take it that it’s dinner time and your dad sent you girls here for something to eat. *Chuckles* He’s definitely fulfilling the duties of being a parent. Seeing to it that you’re getting food inside you. But yet… he’s going without food inside him. He’s gonna be hurting himself in the end from doing that. But go ahead and grab a seat and i’ll be there momentarily to get your orders.

Jenna: Okay.

Danielle: *Walking over to a table with the girls*

Spencer: Jessica, How do you like the City so far?

Jessica: I really like it. It isn’t like Marlborough Mass. But it’s got alot of bright sides to it. I really can get to liking this city and Loving it. Actually… i already do love this city.

Rikku: Famm… Drec ledo ech’d naymmo yldeja yc ed’c cdemm dnoehk du belg ib dra bealac uv dra tecycdan frelr ryt pavymmah drec ledo y luibma faagc yku. (Well… This city isn’t really active as it’s still trying to pick up the pieces of the disaster which had befallen this city a couple weeks ago.)

Jessica: What? I know that language. That’s Al-Bhed. You’re… You’re an Al-Bhed. *Gasps in surprise* Whoa! What a trip.

Spencer: You knew?

Jessica: Well yeah… I mean… Wasn’t i supposed to know?

Spencer: It’s okay if you were to know… We just didn’t think anyone would flat out say that they knew. At least… not to us.

Jessica: You’re Kidding, Right? You think that i would care about that. I wouldn’t care if she were a hick or a redneck or maybe imbred. I wouldn’t even care if she were black or a guy that undergone a sex change. To me… A person’s a person. No matter what or who they are. Plus… She’s an Explorer. I happen to like Explorers. Treasure hunters. They get to go places that most could only dream of going. Searching for treasures and lost artifacts. Anything.

Rikku: *Grins* That’s not all that i happen to be. However… we’ll go with what you’ve said. I am thankful though.

Spencer: *Thinking* … *Looking at the time* It’s time for my wife and I to head back home to the house. Why don’t we just exchange #’s and we’ll contact and meet up sometime? We’re always around somewhere. Meeting you was a surprise. One that we’d like to have again. We’ll meet here tomorrow. Same time.

As for the Bikini Girls…

Metropolis Beach…

The Beach house…

Margaret: *Looking at Kirsten* Looks like you’re in love, Kirsten. With one of the Clansmen.

Kirsten: Yeah.

Margaret: Really now… Who?

Sophie: *Walking over to find out what’s going on*…

Kirsten: Perry Lewis Rhapsody.

Margaret: Wow… That’s sweet. I’m happy for you, Kirsten. *Smiles*

Kirsten: I think that he also likes me too. He wants to hang out with me and would like for me to hang out with him too. Going to see a movie.

Margaret: I think that it’s his way of saying that he’d like to get to know you. and for you to get to know him better.

Kirsten: You think so?

Margaret: Well yeah… What else could it be? No boy in the entire world at the age of 12 would be so into wanting to know about the girl …Any girl. If he didn’t happen to at least show that he had some feelings towards the girl. Wanting to get to know her a little just the same as getting her to learn about him while the boy was trying to get a chance to learn about the girl in the process. He say anything about his liking you alot?

Kirsten: Uh-huh.

Margaret: That explains it. He likes you. You have been in love with him since the first time you laid eyes on him. You have spoken to him twice. There is something between you and Perry. Or there might just be something real. However… in order for anything to show… you have to let it bloom. the seeds been planted. Now… let it bloom.

Veronica: *Walking over from the sidewalk and grinning* Hey… Margaret.

Margaret: What?

Veronica: Guess what i saw?

Margaret: What did you see? A new jewelry store?

Veronica: I only wish that i had. But… No. I didn’t see one. I saw something else. But… i feel as if i might be a little nuts.

Margaret: Why?

Veronica: Um… It’d be because the thing i saw was a being. A 6 ft something blue being. White hair. and a tail. It had a broken horn on its head too. *Seeing the strange look being given to her* I am not drunk. I am not even tipsy. i am not crazy either. I am telling the truth here. I saw that thing. I saw something that has fit that description.

Margaret: What do you suggest that we do? I would say that we might need to go and search for this being. What or who ever it is.

Jennifer R.: *Walking over with Kelly, Bridgette and Sparkle* I think that we might already know who it could be.

Margaret: Who? Who do you think it could be?

Kelly: Ever thought of a Ronso being in a City. In our world?

Veronica: A Ronso? Are you kidding? Would this Ronso be with white hair… a tail and a broken horn on its forehead. Plus appears as being a hybrid mix between a lion and a Rhino?

Bridgette: *Shaking her head* Yeah. Yeah. It’s the same one. The Ronso has all that. It’s got that description and we saw it in the City.

Margaret: Do you girls know where it was heading?

Sophie: Do the Clan know about the Ronso?

Sparkle: I think that they do. We saw a few of them talking to the Ronso. We saw them. Pearl’s daughters were speaking to him as were Sora and Carly. The Esp twins of Alvin and Alice. They were talking to the blue guy.

Kirsten: Shouldn’t we go see?

Margaret: Not tonight. Diamond’s not back yet and she said something about her getting more packs. But she left and has yet to return. I don’t want her coming back to find us not here.

Jennifer: Want us to go find her?

Kelly: She’ll get here. She know where we are. Right?

Bridgette: You sure? She does get lost at times. This place is still rather new to us and for some of us… we are still trying to get used to coming here.

Sparkle: It was bought for us by Arnold. He got this place for us as he also is raising his daughters. Plus running the radio station. He’s got a lot to deal with.

Bridgette: Arnold’s got a good heart. He loves those girls. You saw how his eyes got when he saw those girls. I think that he saw a little of himself in them. He was really in love with them.

Jennifer: It’s good though that they are now in a loving family. It’s gonna be just nice…

Sophie: Right. What about Kasey and Hallie? They’ll be set with a new family. They got Alvin and Alice for parents. Alvin has a bit of a temper in him. He’s the well famous captain of the Enforcers of Justice. Flaming Soul. he would never allow for anything to hurt them. Ever.

Jennifer: There’s that… then there is Paul… He’s got fire. He’d be around to protect them. Wouldn’t he?

Sparkle: Yeah.

Kelly: If that Ronso is a friend of the clan’s… We better hope that there is no danger coming from him…

Bridgette: *Wondering where Diamond could be* …

With things winding down for another day… it wasn’t quite so easy to wind down the reporters as the Newspaper world didn’t know when to die down. In their world… News never stopped. If there was news… it was gonna be told. No matter what…

The Daily Planet…

Reporter’s Bullpen…

John: Another day and we got many articles coming to us. We’re swamped.

Trixie: That’s the newspaper biz. It’s resting for nobody. No one can get it to rest.

Megan: We covered the fast wedding that took place today. A Local couple got wed. 2 fourteen year old teenagers.

Trixie: Yeah. Spencer and Rikku. Not our sister. But a girl with the same first name as her.

John: I heard. Those two must be lucky to be wed at that age. Although… they’re gonna need a lot of help. Tons. It’s not gonna be easy for them.

Trixie: They’ll have it. Although… they have no Job. No money. No financial standing. They’re sunk in that aspect.

Megan: *Fixing another cup of coffee* I heard that we’re gonna be having to pull another all night shift.

John: We’ve been having a lot of those lately. *Fixing another cup of coffee* But i heard that my grandson Arnold’s a father now. Adopted 5 kids. Girls. You notice that we got mostly girls in the family. I mean… Where are the men? Not to say having girls is wrong… but we need some men in the family too, you know what i mean? We need equality.

Megan:Yeah. That’s true. Really. My son though is in love with one of the Bikini girls. Someone named Kirsten Marsh. The good thing is that he’s taking it slow. But really wants to form a relationship with her.

Trixie: Ahhh! Young love. Love is in the air.

John: Better watch it… It’s contagious. You might catch it’s seductive illness.

Suddenly; as they were talking…

A woman walked in and was new to the city and never seen in a long time by anyone…

???: *Walking in* So… I take it that this is the natural habitat for my Uncle John and Aunt Trixie…

John: *Looking over to see the woman* Huh?! Who in blazes are you?

???: *Looking at her uncle* You don’t recognize your own niece, Jennifer?

John: What?!

Trixie: Jennifer Miranda Rhapsody… Is that you? *Looking at the woman and trying to recognize who she was*

Jennifer: You do recognize me, Don’t you? I’m fortunate for that as it has been what… 25 years since i seen any of you. or my cousins…or other Uncles and Aunts? I also hear that i have nieces and Nephews.

John: You sure do. Paige, Pearl and Dinah Rhapsody.Your cousins, Rikku’s daughters. Betty and Angel are also hers. as are Luna. and Shanna. But Shanna’s been gone for years. Isolated herself and joined the scottish rites. in New york somewhere. Haven’t seen or heard from her since.

Jennifer: Betty isn’t Rikku’s anymore. I heard that she was disowned. a couple months or so ago. It was only a little bit of the family that i heard of since i last seen anyone here. I have been traveling all over the country. All over the place and even the world. A Benefactor provided the funds.

John: Who?

Jennifer: A Stuart Russo. He actually brought me here. He’s right now parking the car. He should be here any moment.

Stuart Russo: *Walking in suddenly* Well… Jennifer, You’ve managed to find your family. or traces of your family. That’s good. Didn’t want you to be forever alone and never seeing them again. You’ve been wanting to see them for a long time. for over a decade.

Jennifer: *Turning to see her benefactor* Hey Stu. Did you park the car alright?

Stuart: Yeah. It’s golden. *Giving back the car keys* … *Looking to see the relatives of Jennifer’s* Nice to meet ya’ guys. Jennifer’s mentioned a lot about you guys. I just never happened to put it face value. But you seem to be as physically real as she’s made you out as being. Good thing too… I almost thought i’d be seeing illusions.

Trixie: Right. It’s okay though. It’s nice to meet you too.

John: We’re very pleased to know that you’ve been raising or taking care of our Niece Jennifer here. We don’t know where her mother is. She has been missing for 20 years and no one’s seen or heard from her. No one’s even saying anything about her whereabouts. No one really knows.

Jennifer: Maybe you guys haven’t. But i have. She’s sent me letters. Once a month. She would send me letters and would always send me these Christmas Tins. Christmas Chocolates. It’s very warming.

Trixie: It’s nice that she speaks to you. But… she hasn’t spoken to us. for a long time.

Jennifer: That is apparent. I don’t know why that was that she’d stop speaking with you guys. You were like her sisters and brother. I guess that after the time that your sisters and… you, John… left that guy. The Captain. Names a mystery now. She just couldn’t bare to stick around you guys. It hurt too much.

John: Why?

Jennifer: I don’t know… Does it really look like i would know. My mother would never say… However… i think that the fall out that you all seemed to have with the captain… way back when… She just felt as though she couldn’t face seeing you guys without seeing his face. She loves you guys… But is still very upset at what he did. What he done to Aunt Rikku Marie Rhapsody. All those years ago.

Trixie: *Remembering something* Jennifer… There is something that you might want to know. You’re not gonna like it one bit. Not one bit. But Your Aunt. The one you mentioned… Matured into a racist.

John: What she is trying to say is that your Aunt… My sister… Rikku. She’s a Racist. She emotionally and Mentally abused Luna.

Jennifer: Luna?! *Lost and confused* Who… who the frick is Luna?! I don’t even know who that is.

John: Your Aunt…

Trixie: She was adopted into the family by your cousin Rikku Lorelai Rhapsody.

Jennifer: What about my Cousin, Trixie? What of her?

Megan: She’s no longer the hero known as Aquatic Burn. Someone else is.

Jennifer: Oh… Please! Do tell me everything. Do tell. I really should know about this. Tell me everything.

Trixie: Over coffee. Tomorrow morning… we’re all off. We’ll be sure to fill you in on all of the events that went on since we’ve last seen you and we’ve been together.

Jennifer: I also am thinking on looking for a Job too. I happen to have a kid. an 8 year old girl.

John: You’re a Mother? You… are a Mother? Surprised… We are feeling really surprised. You’re a mother.

Jennifer: Yeah. She’s a cute girl too. Very cute. *Looking to see a small shadow by the door* Hey sweetie. Come here. Get over here, sweetie. Come say hello to your Uncle John and Aunt Trixie.

???: *Walking over to her mom* …

John: Hey there  *Seeing the young girl walking over from the door* What’s your name, Princess?

???: Brittany, My name’s Brittany Lizzie Aqua Rhapsody. Of course i only like using one middle name. 2 middle names gets really confusing.

John: It’s okay. There is a cousin of yours who’s got 2 middle names also. Serena. Her middle names are Tina and Dinah. Dinah’s your Aunt Dinah’s first name. She is a little confused at times too with hers. It’s normal. *Picking up his young Niece and landing a kiss on the side* You’re beautiful. Don’t let anyone say otherwise. Your mom’s also lovely and Beautiful.

Stuart: we got 3 more kids. they’re at our place in Metropolis Heights. been here for a month but didn’t want to stop by till we had everything in order. Making sure that everything was in place.

Trixie: 3 more kids? A full time parent. Wow. Jennifer, You’re growing to be a very successful person. In fact… you are. 4 kids. and still growing strong. Who’s the father?

Jennifer: That’s the thing… Stuart is not only my benefactor… He’s also my husband. Tied the knot officially 8 years ago and still are happily in love. Always will be.

John: What’re their names?

Jennifer: Madison, Trevor and Logan. They’re good kids. 8, 9 and 10 years of age. The boys are twins. But Madison and Brittany aren’t. They’re a year apart.


As they were talking while waiting for the next mad rush of news stories to come in…

Reporter: *Walking over to John and Trixie* Rhapsody… John, Trixie. Mr Newton’s asking for you. He wants to see you in his office. Says that it’s important.

John: must be something really urgent if he’s wanting to see us during the near start of the next shift

Trixie: Let’s get on over to the Editor in Chief and see what he wants. Must be a new story proposition.

John: Well… News is booming and there is no rest for the newspaper hounds prophetic pen. Is there?

Trixie: No. No rest.

Jennifer: *Looking at John and Trixie* You two gonna be okay in there?

John: Oh yeah. We’re gonna be great. We’re gonna be just fine. This is just possibly a casual meeting or Assignment. We seem to get those twice every week.

John then puts Brittany back down and heads with Trixie to the Editor-in-Chief’s office. There was a news twist to what was said to come. The long forgotten past of the clan was starting to come back to life however too much time passed where all there was left was memories. Nothing more than just memories in a deep deep endless pit of history…

Minutes later…

Editor in Chief’s office…

Mr. Newton: *Looking at John and Trixie* You two are with alot of stories in the drivers seat. Like the Wedding that just happened today. You guys covered that. But it didn’t get to print in time. However… The good thing is that it’s something that will be in time to make print for the Edition coming the Day after tomorrow. That’s a plus for you. But you two have 4 stories each to work on. 4. They’re starting to burn the upholstery in your seats. I don’t say much because since the Meteor shower the other week… we all had to get back to picking up the pieces and see on resuming our normal grinds. But it’s kinda getting too lengthy of a wait. News waits for no one. It could come and be all Squirley one minute and out; passe and totally a dead seller the next. You got to be right on the ball. Grabbing the bull by the horns and really get it purring like a pussycat. Having it cater to your power of Journalist spark. I know how you guys are… I saw it. I saw it and i got to say that it is different than the others and how they operate. You guys are even though going at your own pace. It differentiates from fast… to slow… to steady… to… What the hell just happened. But you two were going slow for the last week. It’s bringing your rhythm down and bringing you down to a very lowly flow.

Trixie: We are aware of that. We know. We’re trying to get back to the swing of things.

John: We’re working on it though. Shaking off the effects caused by the meteor shower can be a real pisser.

Mr. Newton: It can be. It can be a real knot in the brain. The mind is too focused on that. People need to be reaching the resume button and hit for getting the news out. There is no news going out hardly and it’s making this paper seem like its dying and shutting down.

Trixie: It won’t come to that. That we promise.

John: Any new assignments for us?

Mr. Newton: Yes. This summer… there will be openings for the L.A. Times. They’re looking for the best. And Brightest. Two of the shining stars. I have been asked to send off the best. the best in the newspaper Biz. But its by this Summer. If you two are up for it… a recommendation for you two to be sent over to California to be possible new permanent Newspaper reporters. Although… I would be begging for you two to stick to the Daily planet.

Trixie: It’d be an honor. However… it would be better here for us.

John: I second that. But the offer is very tempting.

Mr. Newton: There is still News Stories that are needed to be covered. One being the development on the mysterious new artist. A young girl who happens to be one of the very members of a gang of girls. Bikini Girls. Someone’s got to cover that and get the scoop on the story.

Trixie: Right. We can do that.

Mr. Newton: There are news stories on the continuing aftermath of the Meteor Shower.

John: We’ll cover all of that. Megan has been doing some of the News Stories on that.

Trixie: However… we can work on those.

There was new stories coming out into the forefront and there was even more to come. New residents to the city. Some long thought to be missing members of a family. Returning. Stories about the Meteor shower was still in the top priority. People were still trying to gain a footing back from the disaster. There were still stories to be done about the restart of the normal lives of the people in the city. The city was in need of repairs and needed a huge hand of assistance. The City’s damage toll was still high and there was no one to help. Picking up the pieces and getting a footing in the city was gonna be the hardest yet. If someone somewhere didn’t step up soon to lend a hand on the city… The city was gonna wind up leading to a chapter 20 bankruptcy. There was no way that a city could come back from that.

Spencer and Rikku were married and they met a new friend. All was good. However… what they didn’t know about their friend was that she had a habit and as much as they were not wanting to know what it was… they knew it had to be something of concern.

At Pearl and Jack’s house…

Amy, Susie, Christina, Penny and Spencer along with the girl who was now his better half… They were reeling in for a huge chat with the others. It was time for them to get with the huge meeting. They knew that what they were told by Tess the week prior was deep and they needed to get through it. It was bugging their minds all day and as much as they tried to shake it off… they were still being troubled by it. It was their turn to be put through the dangers. The disasters. They went through dealing upon a Alternate reality. A Video game no less and then back. Dealing with a dark sadistic being like Darkseid. Handled him and then now… A Meteor Shower. There were more Allies coming to aide them. to support them and they were ready. But now it was the other way around… Were their parents prepared?

Amy: *Looking at her sisters* Okay… Are we sure that we want to do this? Once we start this… There is no going back till it’s done. This is gonna be a long Video conference.

Susie: I’m ready.

Christina: Me too… But i just hope to god that we know what it is that we’re doing.

Penny: We do. We’re doing the right thing.

Spencer: This is the only chance we have at doing this.

Rikku: It’s gonna be alright.

Amy:Right. *Turning on the Video Screen* Here we go.

A second later…

Amy/Angelic Bubble: *Contacting the other teams and fighters* This is the leader of the Aquatic Force Z! Calling the Romancers Z! The Thunderic Force Z!, Electrogal… Sailor Zoey and Sailor June, Sora and Carly, Paul and Crystal. Respond. I repeat… Respond. This is the leader of the Aquatic Force Z! Calling the Romancers Z! The Thunderic Force Z!, Electrogal… Sailor Zoey and Sailor June, Sora and Carly, Paul and Crystal. Respond. I repeat… Respond.

Annie/Miss Bliss: *Appearing on a side screen* We’re here. Ready to blow a kiss of Romance.

Sapphire/Miss Thunder: *Appearing on a side screen* We’re here. Thunderic Force Z! ready to Electrify!

Blossom/Electrogal: *Appearing on a side screen* Electrogal here. Electrocuting one bad creep at a time.

Zoey/Sailor Zoey: *Appearing on a side screen* Sailor Zoey here…

June/Sailor June: *Appearing on a side screen* Sailor June…

Sora: *Appearing on a side screen; With Carly* The twins are here.

Paul *Appearing on a side screen* Honolulu Torch Paul… Time to flare up.

Crystal: *Appearing on a side screen* Crystal here…

Kimahri: *Appearing on a side screen* …

Amy: We all are here to talk about the threats that are coming for us. We have one year as for what Tess had said to us one week ago. She stated that we were gonna be faced with the first on… in the month of October… of 2044. In one year. But before that day in the next year… we were gonna see changes happening. New looks. more uncommon Allies and help. from people we would not expect. But time is short.

Daria: One year… That means… that on this day next year. Next October is a year and 3 quarters. This is not the only threat though… is it?

Annie: No. It isn’t. We also got one of a threat that smacks of an element revolving a Mob. The Mask… A Mask that was created by Loki. The Norse god of Mischief. We have also to deal with the ideals of a mother daughter life. help fix and make better where we can. We also are going through a Catwoman dilemma. Then there is a run with a natural disaster. We also have a threat revolving… Or not a threat of a natural part. But There are these creatures called Leviathans.

Serena: Leviathans? You’re kidding. Where? Here? In Metropolis?

Sora: Does that mean what i think it could mean?

Carly: I don’t know. But it most certainly doesn’t sound good. That’s quite understandable.

June: We also might have one dealing with the talking Mallard. Or Duck. Howard. But that is a threat that only 4 of us can deal with. It’s a dilemma with specific rules.

Spencer: What about the one dilemma revolving trip to the past. Helping a Unit during the Korean war?

Amy: There’s no recollection of that.That is something we can’t do. We can not change the course of history. Changing what was.. what has been. That is literal Heresy.

Raven: What about the Meteor Rock Epidemic?

Zoey: What about that?

Kasey: *Joining for a second* I’m not a fighter like you guys… but there is something that you might want to know. I ran into Erica Diamond on my way back from the Wedding Chapel. After we all left. Hallie and I took a walk through the city. To hang a little and a fellow Bikini girl that we know… Erica Diamond came past us and warned us of a Meteor rock sighting. She saw a whole swarm of them at Metropolis park. Green Rocks. Red Meteor rocks too. But she also managed to speak of seeing a hoard of Blue Meteor rocks. It might be nothing to worry over. But…with past experience of what has been taking presence in the city… Chances are that you might want to set some time to catch a look at that. Paying a little time to investigate. *Stepping out*

Paul: Hmm… That is something to think about. Didn’t we hear some of the news breaks mention something about a mysterious sighting of strange rocks?

Blossom: We did. But i couldn’t catch it as Perry and Marty were wanting to watch American Horror story. I don’t know why they would want to watch that show… It’s so deranged and demented. It had this one song that really is haunting. *Hearing the tune again* Ugh! That tune is driving me nuts.

Sapphire: *Joking around a little with Blossom; Harmonizing a little of the tune* I know (I know) You belong to somebody new But Tonight you belong to me Although (although) we’re apart Your part of my heart And tonight you belong to me…

Blossom: Sapphire, What the heck was that for?

Sapphire: Nothing. But it’s just to show you how silly it is to be tweaking over a song. It is just a song. That’s all it is. Nothing more.

Rikku: What about the first threat that’s gonna be coming at us?

Susie: We need to discuss that. But first we need to figure out what the BPRD is. What is the BPRD?

Sora: It’s good that we were informed of this… We had Kasey dig into some research on it for us. The BPRD is known as the Bureau of Paranormal Research and Defense. The BPRD was founded in late 1944 by Professor Trevor Bruttenholm to combat various occult threats uncovered in operations against Nazi Germany. It initially had strong links to the USAAF and was based at a military airbase in New Mexico, but later relocated to a custom built facility in Fairfield, Connecticut. It maintains strong links to various branches of the United States Armed Forces to this day. It is a private organization that receives funding from several major governments (mostly the United States and United Kingdom, although other countries including Canada, Japan, France, and Italy have been mentioned). Professor Bruttenholm served as director until the late 1950s when he stepped down to return to field work. The current Director is Dr. Thomas Manning. Under Manning several “advanced skills agents” were added to the agency including Liz Sherman and Abe Sapien. Professor Broom is A British academic well versed in the supernatural, Trevor Bruttenholm was a member of the British Paranormal Society. He was an advisor to U.S. President Franklin D. Roosevelt when the Allies realized that the Nazi leader Adolf Hitler was racing to use the occult to turn the tide of World War II. Project Ragna Rok, a plan to use black magic to win the war, was put in place by the supposedly deceased mystic Rasputin. However, on December 23, 1944 in East Bromwich, England, a youthfuldemon came into the possession of Bruttenholm, not Rasputin. Rasputin retreated to the Arctic and Bruttenholm named the creature ‘Hellboy’.

Carly: Apparently Hellboy… whatever it is… or she or he… is… it’s said that Hellboy is a government agent. Raised to be normal and not embracing his demonic heritage. He’s also Government funded too. He’s bright red and has a tail. Not very common for a government agent to possess those things.

Zoey: Not common… but it is definitely new. He is… friendly, i would hope.

Annie: We all would hope.

Clint: What do you suppose we ought to do?

Theodore: We should think about it first before going for it. This place is over by the east coast. That’s about few 100 miles from here. Do we really want to do this? What about this city here? Who’s gonna protect this city? We’re all this city has apparently. Things have been happening in this city and the one guy… what was his name? Clark? The one guy who should be giving a damn about what’s happening in the city… Just sits on his butt while all hell freezes over before he decides to notice and go: “Hey, Something’s going on in this City. Maybe i should check it out and see what i can do to help take care of it.”

Spencer: Our parents before us… had their share of issues with him. Each time something happened… he’d come and criticize them. All the time. I myself looked back at the records of 18-19 years prior. What i found was that our parents took part in taking a person’s life. There are tapes saying that it was a lab accident. Which is the reigning theory and it’s been pointed. Proven. But what ever went on… it was the hardest choice they had to make. One that they knew they’d never be liable to walk away from without it haunting them for a long time coming. However… they were trying to come to terms with it… try to make what amends that they could. Just that when they had started… In came Clark with his self-righteous guilt trip and sanctimonious platitudes.

Clint: That’s the part that really gets me. Our mom’s and dad’s were part of the extinguishing attempt in disposing of someone. Who?

Spencer: Not sure. there was no name found.

Annie: Be that as it might sound… We need to think about what to do over the upcoming dilemma. This is something that we need to think of. Consider. This is our first threat. Official threat…

Serena: Hey… Come on… There is someone here that has been veering to say something. And that someone is Blue… With a tail. Whiskers and is at least 5 ft tall. Also… a Ronso. And has a Broken horn. But most of all… Our good friend. Kimahri, You’ve been standing there and just silent like a wallflower. You know that you’re part of this. You do have that right to speak.

Raven: That’s right.

Kimahri: Kimahri Just listen. But think fighters should go along with taking care of problem. Not let Problem go unattended. Letting Problem go unattended never help make things right.

Sora: What about the City? Who’ll watch over the City while we are gone. We have a year before all this is said to begin… But when that time comes… Who’s gonna be watching the City? We all know that we can’t depend on Clark Kent. Our parents sure couldn’t. Half the time when Clark was needed… He was found somewhere else sitting in perpetual bliss while a bout of trouble happened to twirl around his doorstep. He sat and waited till it got to be too bad before he felt up to doing something.

Carly: That is true. very true. Need classification? Ask our fathers and mothers. They’d tell about it.

Blossom: Kimahri, What will you do?

Kimahri: Kimahri will protect and watch city. Kimahri will do what Kimahri can to protect the ones in need. Fighters need not worry about leaving city unprotected.

Zoey: Well.. We got one year before this is to all begin. But for now… we have to worry about our grades. School. Getting our lives in order again.

June: It will be hard to do.

Sapphire: No. No it won’t. It will be easy to catch up. All we need to do is dig up for extra credit.

Daria: *Scoffs* Yeah right. Like the teachers are really gonna consider giving us extra credit. We don’t even have that good of grades. We missed nearly 3 and a half months of school. That’s a big percentage of grades. It is gonna be a miracle if we were all to be able towards gaining back half of that at least. if possible.

Sora: We’re dealing with the same thing for our classes.

Carly: We too are behind.

Sora: There are some things about our first coming threat that everyone will need to know. It could be a life saver.

Zoey: Things as in…

Carly: Well… for one. Hellboy. the one we’re gonna likely see… He’s red, 6 feet tall. He’s got a tail and his right hand is considered to be a stony like hand. A Thick stone like bracelet that is considered to be a jackhammer. It could demolish a brick wall with just a couple of hard massive hits. upon his brow is set a crown of flame. He was summoned by Grigori Efimovich Rasputin. In 1944. During the final months of WW2. during Project: Ragnarok. However you’d never know it because the horns aren’t there. The things that are there… are two stubs. Stumps where the horns would normally be.

Raven: *Pauses in suspense* Rasputin?!

Clint: That guy… we learned about him sometime ago in history class. It was on the day of the Meteor shower. 2 weeks ago. It was told that in 1916… at a dinner held in his honor… he was poisoned, shot, stabbed, clubbed… castrated and finally drowned.

Susie: That’s not all though, we’ll bet… is it?

Carly: No. In 1944… Rasputin was manning the Project: Ragnarok. Thereby attempting to awaken something known as the Ogdru Jahad. The Seven gods of chaos. It was fortunately stopped. But the portal he opened was opened long enough to provide a glimpse of hell. For all to see.

Sora: Our parents 15 years ago went against the big bad demon Trigon. That is a feat that not many could do and live to tell tales on. But this one is gonna be way different. There is more to it than that…

Paul: Why’s that?

Carly: There’s this gas masked freak. Karl Ruprect Kroenen. Hitler’s top assassin. Head of the Thule Occult Society.

Crystal: That’s who we’re going up against. or someone we’re gonna have to deal with?

Sora: Afraid so. Plus fighting him will be tough because… He’s with these knives and blades that he forms from his hands and can ricochet any attack that comes his way.

Serena: That’s not gonna be pretty. That’s gonna be a challenge and then some.

Raven: On top of facing Rasputin… Possibly. Working with a Devil like being. Dealing with a gas mask freak… That’s gonna be alot of work. or some hard hits. We’re gonna need a sneak attack to beat that gas mask.

Sora: There is something else too. The BPRD has this director. Someone named Tom Manning. He isn’t one who’s very nice. He is very demanding too.

Serena: And not only that… It’s the fact that we have to face a relic from the Nazi’s. A Gas Mask freak. How exactly do we face someone or something like that?

Blossom: Who the heck knows? But just know that i am not gonna be keeping up with the heroic power act to save this city. Today during break at school… was the final straw.

Sora: What happened?

Blossom: Do you really want to know… or does my voice or tone about the incident say enough?

Zoey: It is best if you didn’t know. Just that there were a group of 4 4th and 5th grade girls… 4 girls trying to stir up some sort of Stink about us all. Our family. Kimahri came in though and scared them off. Stood up for us. *Looking at Kimahri* Good run of interference, Kimahri. it was a fast save.

Kimahri: Kimahri protect young pups from trouble. Kimahri there to protect friends. come to friends aid.

Annie: Awwww!

Amy: So… Is it decided? Everyone… What say you?

Susie: I’m in.

Christina: I’m in.

Penny: I don’t know if i am up for something like a threat dealing with a Nazi relic and Rasputin… But this is not about me. This is to do what’s right. So… I’m in.

Spencer: Rikku and I are both in. We want a part in this.

Rikku: Yeah!

Sapphire: You don’t have to ask for me to be in. I’m in.

Raven: I wouldn’t have it any other way. Some smarts would serve this plan well.

Serena: Count me as another member. I am all in.

Annie: Love needs to be tested. i’m in.

Daria: Same here.

Clint: I am in it too. Sir Love can’t just stand aside in the sidelines and not get in center of it.

Theodore: And me… I got a will to dance a serenade. If Evil wants to come a knockin’… then this dancing heartthrob is ready to give Evil a heart attack.

Blossom: I’m in. This is our calling. Family joins family.

Zoey: June and I are coming too.

Sora: So will Carly and I.

Paul: Crystal and I are gonna start training. But we’re in.

Kelly: *Voice* I’ll be there with you guys. Angelic Kelly shall be there for you.

Kimahri: *Looking in all directions* An Unsent.

Janie: *Popping in* No. That’s not an Unsent. It’s one of the Bikini Girls. We know who it is too… but we can’t tell you. It is a secret. No one can know who she is. Per promise that was made to someone greater. One of a much much higher power.

Spencer: Enough said. That’s a good enough answer for me. I won’t question it.

They spoke more about what they were said to go up against in the upcoming future. It was said to begin the following year and it was coming fast. It was coming fast and they knew it. They knew what was coming and in the next coming months… they were gonna have to balance juggling their normal usual lives… with their super powered responsibilities and duties. Train hard. Train well and don’t go easy.Time was ticking and there was no time to stop and second guess…

A Month later…

Jessica: *Looking at Spencer and Rikku* I know about your family.

Spencer: You do?

Jessica: You’re one of the members of a team of fighters. Calling themselves the Aquatic Force Z! A Member of that big family. The Rhapsody Clan. Your family is kinda like the Dugger family. A lot of members. Old, Semi-old, Young Adult, Teen, Child. The youngest one is like 8 years old. You have a family that just seems to multiply like bunny rabbits. *Chuckles* Geez! If my parents were getting that much action under the sheets and had all those kids… plus… well… Me! They would be needing a sponsor or find a way to get a vasectomy.

Spencer: That is rather cold… but somehow seemingly funny.

Rikku: Yeah. However… some of the Clan are Adopted. 10 of them are Adopted. But they are loved just the same and with equal bonding as the rest.

Jessica: That’s cool. I of course wasn’t trying to be cold. and i didn’t mean for it to… It is just that… well… You gotta admit that all that producing and all that offspring… How does a person keep up with that? All those kids. All those grand kids. That’s gotta be one heck of a christmas gift list. Grocery list. My mom only has me and between the two of us… We’re struggling a bit. But if we were to have that many kids and or grand children to worry about… We’d be buried alive before we could cry for help.

Spencer: I don’t know… It does seem like alot. But… We’re okay. our parents are able to handle it. They’ve done it for over 14 years. It hasn’t failed them yet.

Jessica: You must be lucky. *Excited* You must have like… the most coolest family ever.

Spencer: Oh… it’s not really all that cool. I mean… we do have our little troubles. We have fights with one another every now and then. It’s normal family issues. However in a family like ours and with the things that our family has to do… It does tend to make things a bit complicated.

Jessica: But… you seem to make up a little later for it, Right?

Spencer: Of course.

Jessica: What are you two up to?

Rikku: We’re getting ready to start training. We got something to deal with come next year.

Jessica: *Pauses and looking with shock and anticipation* Training?! What do you mean, Training? Training for what?

Spencer: Jessica, *Looking to the sides and then whispering in secret* If we tell you what it is… You have to swear that it’ll go no further.

Rikku: This is important.

Jessica: *Nods* Yeah. Sure. I won’t tell anyone about it. Besides… who’ll i tell that would believe me if i were to tell people. They’d never believe it anyway. Alot of people are small minded and also rather like non-believers. You could be telling them something bad was gonna happen and they’d never buy it. It’d literally have to come crashing on their doorsteps before they would believe it. And maybe not even then would they buy into it.

Spencer: There are those in this city who just don’t believe anymore. Not because they don’t want to… It’s because too much has happened and they can’t bring themselves to remain believing anymore. Now… What we’re preparing to do is Train. We’re training for a dilemma that is said to be looming off the coast of mayhem and disaster. Have you ever heard of the BPRD?

Jessica: Hmm? The BPRD? No… I don’t suppose that i have ever heard of that before. Why?

Rikku: Well… The BPRD is known as the Bureau of Paranomal research and defense. We are going to the city where that is said to be located to help a Devil like being known as Hell Boy battle against the Ogdru Jahad. And take down a man known as Rasputin.

Jessica: *Gasps* Grigori Efimovich Rasputin?! You’re kidding. Really?

Spencer: Yeah.

Rikku: That’s not the only one… There is also this Gas Mask freak that we have to face as well…

Jessica: And this being has a name?

Spencer: You better believe it. It’s Karl Ruprect Kroenen. Hitler’s top assassin. Head of the Thule Occult Society.

Jessica: Oh god… You all have to train for that?

Spencer: I’m afraid so.

Jessica: How will you pull it off?

Rikku: We don’t know. That is the problem. That’s why we’re training. To get some more skill and sharpen our power. Maybe with better skill… we may just be able to get it done.

Jessica: Hey… *Concerned* You two are not about to just go and handle something like that… are you? What makes you think that training for it will make any difference? What if after all the training… all the prepping that you have under the belts… you still get creamed? Do you two think it’d be worth dying? I am new to this city. But i already know enough to know when you’re heading towards a suicide.  *Dramatically scared* You and your wife are my only friends. My only friends in this city as no one else wants to be around me. I am not gonna just stand around and watch as while you both go and seek to commit suicide. You’re heroes. Its part of the job and description. But going against this… It is gonna just continue. There will always be one more mishap. One more problem. Threat.

Spencer: Jessica, If you feel that strongly about it… Why not stick around us and tag along?


???: *Walking into the Diner* Aha! So this is where you have gone to, Rikku? Good City.

Rikku: *Gasps* Rin?! Oh my god… What are you doing here?

Rin: *Grins* I’ve always been here. I was on the Air Ship, but knocked out for a while going through that portal. This Al-Bhed isn’t quite so used to being in a new world.

Rikku: How do you think i felt at first? I was a bit lost in this city at first even though it was a marvelous sight to see.

Spencer: Hey there Rin. Good surprise seeing you here in Metropolis.

Rin: *Looking to see Spencer* Ah! Spencer. The one with the sensitivity to the heat and the sunlight. Out and in the open. It’s nice to see that you’re not letting the Albino medical condition get to you.

Spencer: It’s nice to see you again too, Rin. And yes… it is a change in my lifestyle. to be out in the open like this knowing that i have this condition. But now that i am married. To a lovely girl… I am gonna embrace life. Not let the condition hold me in the shadows. The Albino Ailment usually acts up as soon as i step into the sun without having my skin covered… But i get by. Today seems to be a good day for me.

Rin: That’s good. I am glad to hear that. I do believe that your family’s holding up well on their feet as usual.

Spencer: They have their on and off days. But… they’re holding up strong as should be.

Rikku: *Whispering* Spencer, Shouldn’t we just tell him about us?

Spencer: *Whispering back to Rikku* Why? It’s not right to just tell him. Rikku, you keep telling me that the Al-Bhed’s were meticulous and resourceful in finding out what they wanted to know. Why should Rin be any different? He is bound to find out anyway. The wedding rings on our fingers are a sure giveaway. There is no way that anyone could miss on catching the rings on our fingers. Let him call it for himself.

Rikku: You’re right. But don’t you think that we should at least say… something?

Spencer: Like what?

Rin: Like… You are both betrothed. I know. I happened to run into Cid. He spoke about it to me. I ought to say that i very surprised. I do hope that you two will be happy and faithful to one another.

Spencer: In more ways than one. In more ways than one.

Sid: *Seeing a new customer* Hey there. First time here in my Diner isn’t it?

Rin: Greetings, Sir. I am Rin. I am quite new to this City.

Sid: I see. Well… It’s nice to see and meet a new customer. The Name’s Sid. This is my Diner. You must be without any currency on you. But given that it’s your first time here and you’re looking for a fix on coffee. The first cup is on the house. Gotta say though that this is a first to be seeing a Middle Eastern man here. None of them come here. Not sure why. But… you. You’re the first. The first of a hopeful many.

Rin: You surely are very kind. I do thank you for your Hospitality.

Sid: And i too thank you.

Jessica: *Looking at Spencer and Rikku* Is there anything i can do to talk you out of going along with the suicide mission?

Rikku: Sadly… no.

Spencer: However… If you would like to help or keep a contact with us… We’ll tell you what. When 3 girls… Janie, Alex and Charlene open up a club and secretly making it a headquarters for allies to meet and watch for any danger. Whatever it is… Find them. Request to Join. If they ask… Tell them that we sent you. That we recommended you to be a part of it. They’ll have to accept it.

Jessica: I’ll do that.

Rin: You guys will be in need of supplies and items while there.

Rikku: That’s gonna help. Alot of the fighters are gonna need a vendor for supplies. Things that they’ll need.

Rin: It’ll take a year to get all the supplies needed made and set to go. But… I have complete confidence in the fighters ability. And in yours most of all, Rikku.

Jessica: What about the others?

Spencer: They’ll need to set up a small mobile base of communications till a permanent place of operations can be built and set up. It’s gonna have the Bikini Girls Gang. the most of them. Janie, Alex, and Charlene. They’ll probably founder it. Create it.

That evening…

At the watchtower…

Annie: *Looking at the screens* We got a lot to deal with for the next 10 to 20 maybe 25+ years. and then when we have kids… They’ll likely be brought into doing what we can’t. *Looking at her team and the rest of the New Generation fighters* But… We can do it. We can do this.

Daria: Are you sure that we will be able to handle all that? What if we can’t?

Clint: We won’t be able to handle it with that kind of attitude. Come on, Daria. We can’t doubt ourselves. Not now.

Theodore: You’re the passion of the team and Annie’s the Bliss. We’re gonna need both Bliss and Passion for this. The first threat is with the Ogdru Jahad. The gas mask freak and That guy Rasputin. Love is gonna be needed most of all for this. But it’s only strong when all of its fighters believe. You have to believe.

Daria: I Do believe. I do. I am just saying that we are gonna be in for a killer. The threats are not gonna be so simple. Not like the ones that our parents faced. They faced ones that were tough but in the end… they triumphed. But we… are new to this. We’re way over our heads. There is a high chance that we won’t make it. I believe that we can do it… I know that we can… But we also have to be aware that this isn’t gonna be the easiest thing we’re gonna get into. We have 7 new threats coming our way. They may as well span to 40 years. before they’re done. Before… we are done. It’s gonna be even longer before there is any peace.

Spencer: That sounds just like a friend Rikku and I made. She kinda said somewhat the same thing. The same thing. We know how this looks for us all. But this is our job. We have to do this.

Rikku: We also got a supplier too. Someone else came with us on the Airship.

Amy: Who?

Rikku: *Calling over to the door leading out* Ed’c cyva du lusa eh huf. (It’s safe to come in now).

Seconds later…

Rin: *Walking in* It’s good to see you fighters again. I however must apologize for being absent for a bit. It was considerably hard to adjust with your reality. But i am here to assist with whatever supplies that you’ll be needing. If you’ll still have me along.

Penny: Oh! No no no… It’s not a problem at all.

Raven: Not a problem. We are very thankful to see you again. We would love for you to be around.

Genevieve: *Looking at the fighters* Romancers Z! Aquatic Force Z! Thunderic Force Z! Electrogal, Sailor Zoey, Honolulu Torch Paul… Psychic Wonder Crystal. Esp Twins.You were born from the famous fighters of the past. The Rhapsody Girls Z! The girls of Love, Grace and Fury. The Senshi of love and everything little, Sailor Luna. The Enforcers of Justice, The Rhapsody Brothers. *Having the fighters look at the side screens to watch the feats of the ones before them* You’ve been introduced to the powers that once were and then by the grace of god… entrusted to you. The fighters before you were of Love. Bliss, and serenity. Romance. Peace, Light and grace. Watery embrace. Gentleness. The Fierce temper of fury. The Thunderous rage of Justice. The Nightmare to those who spread anarchy and injustice to the innocent. the Girls of Love, Grace and Fury were the ones who symbolized all that. in one team. The fiery flames of Justice. The Bellowing furious fists of fire and rage. Burning devotion. Trust. The Sparking Charge. The electrical super charger in a 5000 Watt Generator… Waiting to discharge and unleash. The Plasmatic temper of Justice. The Stinger of Plasmatic embrace. The Secret agent of Severity with the Plasmatic touch. The Watery warrior of life. the remarkable power of the sea and waters of Earth. These were the ones who fought for the innocent. Fought for the city. Dealing with their own issues and personal obstacles along the way. Defeating countless threats. The Drule King of Planet Doom. Bent on galactic conquest. The great Evil and the Evil Queen of Dark Kingdom. Queen Beryl. Metaria. Major/General Zod. The Kandorians. Checkmate. Terra. (Regretfully). Going all against the Desolate Demon… Scath. Trigon the Terrible.

Suddenly something clicks on and grabs their attention…

Susie: *Looking to see a strange globe* What’s that?

Tess: That’s a new tech for the watchtower. A Viewing Globe that gives off glimpses of what is going on outside and presents a view of the dangers that are taking place. Hopefully it will work to show you what you’re going against that way you wouldn’t be going blind.

Genevieve: *Looking at the fighters* Romancers Z!. Your powers are of Passion, Bliss and Romance.All that Love upholds. That comes from the Winged angel of Romance. Miss Love. Aquatic Force Z! Your powers are of Ice, Water, Light, Serenity and Grace. The core power that flows within the Bubbly angel of light and serenity. Bubble Maiden. Thunderic Force Z! Your powers are of Thunder, Lightning, Fury and Vengeance. The Core power and element of the Thunderic Fury. Miss Lightning in a Bottle Thunder Mistress. This has been a trying few months for you young fighters and I am sure that Tess would agree. Considering all that you fighters have been through. And yet so fast. This is why as your new Professor. You will get new gadgets. New communicators and power belts. These have already been put in motion and are now. Tess and I have been setting up new enhanced equipment and advanced High tech lighting. Computer systems. and Security systems. Which is why We’re gonna do this…*Pressing a button and Teleporting the room and everyone in it. All the Equipment to another location*

A Moment later…

Watchtower Command center…

P.A.: *Chiming* Welcome to Watchtower Command Center, Rhapsody New Generation…

Crystal: This is a new place. Where are we?

Annie: I don’t think we’re in Smallville or Metropolis anymore. Our mother’s are gonna freak.

Sapphire: And our mother is gonna have a real fit and a half.

Genevieve: *To the girls and guys* Paul… Your Element is of fire. And of Psychic. Your Psychic abilities helps to an advantage to Fire bend your Fiery element. Just like the fiery element that came from the one before you. Alvin Rhapsody. Flaming Soul… The Alpha Male and Captain of the Enforcers of Justice. Crystal, Your power is a core element that comes from Alice. Psychic Wonder First Generation. You’re the second. But you’re with powers second to none from her but with more than the original. In Silent you possess the ability and power to cast Psybeam. But with training… Will learn new techniques. Sora and Carly… Your ESP skills and knowhow is sharp. But sharper they can become with training. With the best Psychic Specialist. Your skills are bound for becoming more than what they have been before. Blossom… You are the one known as Electrogal. Your power draws from the core of the hero before you. Electric Rage. His Lightning power and sparky disposition brought a charge of Justice to those who needed it the most. and Put the fear of it to those who threatened the balance. Zoey… You are the breeding of an Ex-Sailor Senshi. One who did the calling before your time. She was known as Sailor Luna. The Senshi of Love and Everything Little. Till she matured into a complete Human. She was a Humanoid. Loved as a human. By human. as one of the clan. She was loved by the family… how it was before you new generation kids came. This is your new command center. We have been for the past month working and creating new Equipment and gadgetry for you fighters. Tess and I have been working out all the kinks and There is also an old Ally of your parents. The fighters that did the protecting before you…

Chloe: *Walking over* Aha! So you’re the new Generation that Tess and Genevieve have been speaking highly about for the last couple months. It’s a pleasure to be finally meeting you guys face to face for the first time. Your parents never had you meet with me face to face. Some of you might have come after i had moved to Star City with Oliver. But i have come back. here to Metropolis and So has Oliver. I have read up though on all of your feats up till now and You definitely are chips off the block and are sure on upholding the promise and legacy that your parents before you have created. *Seeing some extra additions* These must be your Allies. Ones to help you guys out as well as here. *Spotting a Blue being* Wow! What is it that we have here?

Serena: Don’t worry about this cat like being, Chloe. He’s like a pussycat. He’s a Ronso. from the Sacred Mountain of Yevon. In Spira. Mt. Gagazet. He is from there originally. But now he’s here. And he’s vowed to be a forever ally to us and wants to be a part of the Watchtower family too. We allowed it as it’s the right thing to do and our mother Dinah is okay with it. She trusts him. as we all do. He’s a swell friend. A great friend.

Chloe: I see. Now that’s impressive. So… We have a Ronso here with us? That’s odd but unique. He does have a name. I could not see us here calling him Ronso all the time… right?

Raven: His name is Kimahri.

Chloe: *Pulling up a file real quick on her portable Ipad* Let’s see… Kimahri Ronso… Youngest Ronso of the Ronso tribe. Home: Mt. Gagazet. Was the once said guardian of a Summoner by the name of Yuna. Daughter of High Summoner, Lord Braska. He’s also with a broken horn due to a harsh confrontation by two of his clansmen. Biran and Yenke. *Hisses in Sympathy; Imagining the pain Kimahri feels* Ouch. I’m sorry to hear or read about that part. You gonna be alright?

Kimahri: Kimahri not worried. Time pass… Make Kimahri realize that Kimahri got what Kimahri asked for by not accepting an honest defeat by Biran and Yenke. Kimahri let pride and Ego get in way. It’s Kimahri own fault it happen. Kimahri must live with it. No matter how hard it may be.

Raven: He’s very wise. Very wise.

Chloe: What about the guy behind you all?

Rikku: That’s Rin. He’s An Al-bhed. Like me. He owns a chain of travel Agencies all through Spira. Well… Except for Luca, Kilika and Besaid.

Rin: Ed’c y ruhunypma bmaycina du saad oui, [Chloe]. (It’s a honorable pleasure to meet you, [Chloe].)

Chloe: And it is a pleasure to meet you, Rin. I take it that you’re also gonna be joining along with the new Generation on their Missions and duties when needed, right?

Rin: *Using Al-Bhed Dialect* That’s correct, [Chloe]. I am gonna be their outlet for items and supplies when ever it is that they might need them. It’s the least that can be done considering as to what they are up against.

Chloe: That’s good.

Spencer: And Rikku and I are married.

Chloe: Huh?! *In Shock* Married?! You’re married? You are rather young… aren’t you? 14 and already married. That’s a new one… even for you. *Grins*

Annie: Not really. In Spira… people are said to get wed at a rather young age. Not exactly sure as to why that’d be… but we suppose that Love really knows no age limit. It’s Ageless. Timeless.

Seconds later…

Chloe: *Looking at the new Generation* You fighters are with the elements of your parents. That of the fighters before you. Now… It’s your turn to be in control and fight to protect this city. Protect it from the grips of Evil and Chaos. Disaster. Your new upgrades will help you to accomplish what you are fated to do. Destined to fulfill. *Walking over to the controls* The Energetic power chamber ahead is an interlocked Energy surging Chamber. Once inside…You won’t be coming out till the upgrades process is done. Please step inside and Embrace the power of your newest upgrades.

Mr. Breslin: *Checking the Vitals on the Machines* The systems are a go, Mrs. Queen. The Upgrades are ready for ascension.

Mr. Morgan: *Looking at the fighters* There’s a Lot of upgrades to be given. Mrs. Queen, We should get this done quick. The systems are a go right now… But we don’t know how well they’ll hold out as this is only a test run on the systems. They’ve never been tested at this great of a level before.

Chloe: It’s gonna be alright, guys. We got a tech to help with the hardware. *Looking at the other side towards one of the remaining fighters* Cyborg. There’s never a computer that he couldn’t hack into.

Mr. Morgan: Apologies, Mrs. Queen.

Mr. Breslin: Time to initiate the process…

Within seconds…

The Fighters were inside the Energy surging Chamber, The door closed and sealed them inside activating the energy core…

P.A: *Chiming* Energy Core Chamber now Activated… Powering intensity at Max Power… Upgrade ascension now in process.

Kimahri: *Sensing something wrong* Kimahri senses something wrong. Not like what is coming.

Rin: The fighters are gonna make it.

Rikku: Will they be okay in there?

The Energy Core chamber within the new Command center of Watchtower charged the fighters up and energized them with a new look. New gadgets and upgrades. Communicators to place on their wrists. It got blindingly bright within the Energy core Chamber. But with the power coercing through the new fighters… It was bringing upon the world new protectors. New fighters and a New cause for Peace and safety. Serenity.The moment of power was theirs and it was then… when the Upgrading Process was in fact complete…

The fighters stepped out and with new looks on them. They were with an updated look. Stronger… With Wings…

But that was for their new hero apparel. The only thing that they saw for both… was the New Communicators.

Annie: *Looking at the team and the others* We’re with new apparel.

They were open to transform into their upgraded forms…

Genevieve: Your new forms are now yours to embrace, Romancers Z! Your new forms are the same as the original. But now with Wings. A Utility belt with unlimited charge of hearts and love. With an array of useful gadgets that will help you on your coming missions and during your battles in the city as the need arises. Annie, You are the leader. Leading the team with devotion and care. Having faith in the power of your team. Your hero name shall no longer be… Miss Bliss. It shall be forever now known as Madame Romance. Daria… You are the second member of the team. Your power of passion is unbearable and second to none. Leaving a trail of Passion behind in your wake. Dealing the evil forces the positive surge of Passion. Your new hero name is Passion Galore. Clint, You’re the second in command in the team. The Male leader of the team. Picking up where Annie is unable. Helping her lead the team and serving well to the cause. Your Power of Romance blares out a melodic tune of Love, Hearts and Serenading Romance. Leading the Evil forces to freeze and lock up. Therefore your new hero name is Majestic Love! And last be not least… The heartthrob of the Team… Theodore. You are the rear member of the team providing the extra boost to the team and ensuring the end of the Evil forces that lie before you and the team. Your hero name is gonna remain the same. Your power of dancing steps of love and charm. Dishing out a surge of Love and Dancing Heartthrob specialty. The Evil forces quiver and suffer a heart attack caused by your Love dancing embrace. Aquatic Force Z!…

Time passes…

Chloe: Your parents have served this city well. Served the world and gave up their normal lives for a cause. A Cause that now flows in through you. Where ever there is Evil… Injustice being spread… It is now up to you to carry on that torch. That Flame. The Rhapsody Girls Z! have had their time… and their legacy lives on. It lives on through you new fighters. You are the new Generation of fighters. Fighting for what is right and for Justice. Defending the Innocent from the presence of Danger and disaster. You fighters… Rhapsody Romancers Z! Rhapsody Aquatic Force Z! Rhapsody Thunderic Force Z! Electrogal, Sailor Zoey. Honolulu Torch Paul, Psychic Wonder Crystal, Esp Twins. Your fathers and Mothers have stepped down from their fighting days. The world is in need of fighters that enforce the laws of Justice. The world is in need of protectors now yet more than ever… Where ever there is Evil and Chaos… it will be upon the power and oath of the super fighters. Extraordinary fighters that honor the perseverance of Justice, Peace and Serenity. You are the Rhapsody New Generation. It is all up to you now. You have made your parents proud in accepting the duties and the responsibilities of those before you. I am sure that they are deeply proud of each and every one of you…

Annie/Amy/Sapphire/Paul: *To the teams* Rhapsody New Generation on 3!




New Generation: *doing a break; posing with a Cheer* Rhapsody New Generation!

This was the first start for the new Generation. and it was now the true end of the time revolving the Original fighters. The Rhapsody girls Z! were now officially retired and on reserve till there is said to be nothing left for them. No remaining power. But Now… it was in the hands of the Rhapsody New Generation. The Rhapsody Romancers Z! The Rhapsody Aquatic Force Z! The Rhapsody Thunderic Force Z! Blossom, Zoey, Paul and Crystal, Sora and Carly. The Allies that were with them now… It was now on them. The ball was in their court. From the beginning of the dilemma through Spira… all the way back to their reality. Dealing with Darkseid. Undergoing a bit of a trifle with the Darkness that was Darkseid. Apokolips. Then embracing a Meteor Shower and finding themselves all lucky to survive the smoldering aftermath. It was not over for them. None of them were gonna see peace. Eternal peace as they wished that there would be. The fighters have indeed come a long long way. Been through so much and yet still have to go right through more. More threats and the first one just along the horizon. The first of a still unknown many. The fighters were met with multiple surprises. Multiple special appearances and many more were coming in the near future. Alot more. Only one thing that had to understood… Were they gonna be prepared to cross them? There was an all girl gang. An adoption of 7 girls. 2 for Alvin and Alice. 5 for Arnold who was now a father. He also had to seek a mother for them. Someone to give them motherly advice and be like a mother to them. What surprises were there in store for the new generation? What was gonna come their way in the months ahead? In the future? What changes were they gonna endure? The new allies were gonna be brought into the fold in the near future. One Ally was the one they were gonna help. He was said to be bright red, with a tail and was government funded… Who would ever know what the future could hold for them… Find out in the next Chapter of the Adventures of the Rhapsody Girls Z! as the saga continues…

Prof. Broom: *Voice-over* Greetings to all those of you who have been following along on this never-ending thrilling tale. Professor Trevor Bruttenholm. Prof. Broom for short if you wouldn’t mind. On the next adventures of the Rhapsody Girls Z! The Rhapsody New Generation get a surprise summons from the government. To be enlisted into the BPRD. On request by me. and Thomas Manning. It is at first in disbelief that they would ever be called to join the Bureau of Paranormal Research and defense. However word of their past exploits were documented and they get hand picked by Manning. I also have a hand in it as i see promise in them and vigorously believe them to be exactly what we need. What my son… Hellboy needs most of all. Needless to say that things may get rocky at first. But he grows to accept them or takes to them alot better than they do Agent Myers. Although on their front… in their City… there is said to be Abductions and a devastating life changing incident for the local girls of the beach. A young Suzanne Sexton gets unfortunately violated. Distasteful in any case. Also one of the members of the Rhapsody Thunderic force Z! is now living with her best friend Carly Black. Which is mutually agreed upon by their mother… Dinah Ellen Rhapsody. The Retired hero… Thunder Mistress. This is an official call to duty. on the next splendid chapter of the Adventures of the Rhapsody Girls Z! “Rhapsody, You’ve been Summoned to Virginia to Join up with the BPRD.”


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