Chapter 178: Final battle. The Battle to end all battles. Part 3

(Meteor Shower Makes impact on Metropolis.)


(4 Bikini girls get adopted by Arnold Rhapsody; the Bikini girls get Sponsored by Lord Arnold)

Zoey: That. That voice… it’s him. *Turning to see a peddler with a young beard and a camping backpack on his back* O’aka?!

June: I don’t believe it. He’s here. He’s come to Metropolis with us. But… How did he… get aboard the Airship without being seen?

O’aka: A Merchant like me… is slicker and more sneakier than any other. I was in Besaid at the time you and your ranks were giving off your final farewells. I didn’t want to face the idea of me losing you lass’s. So i snuck me self aboard the Airship in silence. Undetected, I were.

Zoey: So… You’re now a Metropolis City Dweller.

O’aka: That be correct, Lass. That’s what i am now.

June: Welcome to Metropolis.

Zoey: I would say come back with us and to our house. But… I don’t know how my mom would take it. She doesn’t know about you being in Metropolis. She is barely hearing about Kimahri being in Metropolis. Barely… And already knows about the Al-Bhed on count of we came back to Metropolis via Airship. Their Airship.

O’aka: Part of my dubious charms. I am a silent shadow.

Zoey: What do you intend to do now that you’re in Metropolis?

June: Are you looking forward to starting a merchant business again?

O’aka: Alas’ I am looking on to do the Merchant business again. There is a multitude of people here just hooked on buying stuff.

Zoey: It’s human nature. But You should do whatever it is that makes you happy. Don’t do something because it’s what others expect to see. Do it because it’s what you wish. What you are wanting to do.

Final battle. The Battle to end all battles. Part 3

a couple days later…

Dec. 31st, 2042.

The city prepared for what was premeditated and said to make an impact. It was to be on that day… However… it never happened.

But that was soon to change…

Jan. 9th, 2043…


Alvin’s and Alice’s house…

Crystal’s Room…

Crystal: *Shaking and turning* No… No. *Channeling a Military official; in her sleep* “Attention all citizens of Metropolis. By order of federal decree… all citizens are ordered to pack up what ever they can and leave from the area of Metropolis. In Approximately 2 hours a massive Meteor shower is predicted to hit Metropolis. and Smallville.”

Seconds later…

Crystal: *Waking up Screaming* AHHHHHHH!!!!

Alvin: *Running into the room* Crystal, What’s the matter?

Crystal: *Jumping up fast and looking out the window fearing; shaking*

Alvin: Crystal, Sweetheart… What’s gotten into you? You literally scared the living daylights out of us… Screaming like that.

Crystal: I did? *Looking over to see her father in the room*

Alvin: Well… Yeah. You kept speaking of a Meteor shower. You and everyone knows… as well as we do. that there is not gonna be a meteor shower. It was supposed to come by the very end of last year. It never did. However… you already were screaming and exclaiming that something was coming… Something was on its way. You kept going off… “It’s coming… It’s coming.”

Crystal: *In dread*

In Space…

Jan. 10th, 2043…


It was a new day… Wintry day. the air was crisp. fresh and the sun was shining pure. It was still winter… but with the sun shining majestically… it was as if Spring was here. The people in the city were going about their business… Without a care in the world. there was no crime… nothing out of the ordinary. But while the people of Metropolis were going about their business; they were not aware that something spelling disaster was soon to befall them and disrupt the peace that they were enduring. No one knew… But there was only one question that had to be asked… Would they be prepared for what was to come? The well known family that everyone knows much about were not keeping their hopes up that Peace would be permanent as they have been around enough disaster and chaos… Not by choice to know that Peace was only momentary. that eternal peace was none more than a wishful dream that only came in small short supply. This was the day where things were going to change. For the people… The Girls who resided on the beach and for the family that’s seen it all time and time before…

“Stand Back By Joan Osborne” plays in the background…

Sid’s Diner…

Pearl:*walking in to get her morning coffee* Morning Sid. Cold morning, isn’t it?

Sid: Morning Pearl. Yeah… It’s a cold morning. You in need of a couple cups of coffee?

Pearl: Yeah. Please. two. to go.

Sid: You got it. The pots of coffee are being brewed right now. but when they’re ready… you’ve got the first two cups.

Pearl: Okay…

At Paige and Reese’s house…

8 AM…

In the Living room…

Paige: *With her things set for work* I’m off to the Modeling agency.

Reese: I’m gonna be heading to the farm to do some cleaning up. The cows and Cattle need to be fed and watered. I’ve been able to get some hired help for the farm… but i still got to maintain the work. Pay stubs. Farming doesn’t make all that much money… but it’s alot better than it was before.

Paige: I am beginning to realize that. You still hold that like a profession.

Reese: I always will… I welcome hard work. It keeps a man honest. Shows that you’re willing to get your hands in and really have something to show for it. Fashion… it’s all great. The glitz and glam… the prestige. But hard work in farming is more fulfilling. Showing that you care for the land and are proud to work it. Because… the land’s gonna be around for many years and centuries after you and i are no longer walking upon the ground and lands.

Paige: Still the same talk… But now that you’ve explained better how you thought of things and the way you were seeing it. getting me to see better reason. I can’t say anything about it. I have done more on the writing of my books. Dialed down a bit on the modeling. I rather only do certain Photo shoots. Modeling gigs. Been using a few of them for inspiration towards some of my books that i’m writing.

Reese: Very well… But just remember. Don’t over do the Modeling. You’re a Author and a mother. of 4 kids. They might be okay on their own… but by the end of the day… they’re gonna need their mother. You can do the modeling. Just don’t lose yourself in it. and get your head too far in the clouds.

Paige: *Chuckles* Don’t worry. I’ve got this all planned. It’ll be okay. I got my priorities straight…

In Space…

The Meteor shower was coming and its sights were directed right for EARTH!

On Earth…

In Metropolis…

At Metropolis Elementary…

Zoey: *Sitting in class listening to the geography teacher*

Mr. Barnes: Okay… We’ve already gone through this before and got into the next area of the Geography… However, for some of you who might have missed out on some of the material. We’ll go over it again. Just to bring you back to the level. *Looking at Zoey, Sora and Carly plus Blossom* Girls… You missed a bit of my class. Been out of school for a while. Some of this might be hard for you. Be sure to listen closely and well…

Blossom: We will.

Sora: *Looking at her sister* The material can’t be too hard. We were gone… for a while but it’s not that hard to answer the questions.

Carly: Ask the questions… We can answer. We might have been out for some time… but we’re not stupid.

Sakura: It’s okay. We can help you guys out. We know the stuff. We can help you.

Hikaru: Uh-huh!

Blossom: *Looking to the side* …

At Metropolis Middle School…


Lori: Janie, we got a bit of a problem.

Susie: Yeah. We have to get people to keep watch for a meteor shower.

Janie: Why? There was no Meteor shower. It was said to be here by the end of the year that just ended only 9 days ago. There was nothing coming.

Alex: How can you be sure that one would come to Metropolis?

Susie: I’m a bit of a Seer. Sometimes i let it out… But most of the time… I don’t. My biological parents never knew about it. I don’t even think that they really paid much mind to it.

Lori: Susie, How can you be a seer? You never told us about your being one.

Susie: I know. But i wanted to. I really did. However… i didn’t think anyone would want to know about that.

Charlene: You thought that we wouldn’t understand?

Lori: It’s probably something that she didn’t want anyone to really know about. To spare us of it. Only because… How many people do you know with the seer Ability coming out with the confession that they can foresee things… before they actually happen. Having Visions?

Janie: Good point. I think that you may be right. There are people with abilities that don’t come out and say anything about what abilities that they might have because they don’t want anyone to mock them or put them down.

Alex: Yeah. It must be really hard to be yourself when you have the feeling as though you’re gonna get mocked or teased once you reveal that you got an ability of a Seer and let out that you have visions. People just don’t understand.

Lori: No one ever will. People are just so small minded.

Charlene: What about the others? What do Piper, Kirsten and Cassie think?

Susie: They are okay with it. They know a little about it. But know that i keep that part hidden for a reason. I usually am more of runner. I run alot.

Lori: That’s more than what we can usually say about Jenna Lands.  She’s a Fashion critic. She’s also a popular girl. She loves the Popularity. However… She does have a heart for her friends and towards a loving family. She might change her ways a little when she’s with a new family. Her best friend Suzanne and her are just so close to each other. They tell each other everything.

Charlene: *Sighs* This Math is a little hard.

Janie: What do you mean?

Charlene: Long Multiplication. I don’t know how to do that.

Alex: You aren’t the only one. I don’t know how to really do it either. I just press along.

Janie: We might need help with that. This math is gonna be hard for us. We’ll need a tutor.

Lori: You know of one?

Janie: I think so. Our Mom.

Susie: Ask her to help you guys out with the long Multiplication. She may just be able to get you out of it. Help you girls do it.

Although none of them really spoke about the Meteor Shower… they already knew that something was coming. Something was in direct sights for Earth…

At Metropolis High…

In History…

Spencer: *Looking at Rikku* You alright?

Rikku: Yeah… I guess so. It’s just a little hard to get settled in here. I’m more used to the world being the school. Not just a classroom.

Spencer: It’s new for you, isn’t it?

Rikku: Uh-huh. How do you think the others are doing now that we’re all back… in Metropolis?

Spencer: Not sure. My sisters are taking to it okay i guess. We do know that we’re all gonna be in need of Summer school since we missed a bit of school. Almost 3 months. Actually 3 months and 2 weeks.

Paul: *Looking at his sister* Crystal, You sure that you’re okay?

Crystal: Yeah. I’m fine, Paul. Just had a rather intense nightmare is all…

Paul: Would it have anything to do with a Meteor shower?

Crystal: Not sure. But it was really bad. I can’t seem to focus on anything that the teacher is saying. The whole thing is so annoying. I am getting these dreams and visions but yet… i can’t do anything about it.

Paul: How’s that? Why don’t you know?

Crystal: Uh, because… I am not like our mom for one. She might know more than i would.

Paul: Don’t doubt yourself, Sis. You can do it. Just think. Just clear your mind of everything else and think about it. Think hard.

Raven: You guys really should start reading more into reality. The idea of there being a Meteor shower in Metropolis is astronomically impossible. There has never been a Meteor shower in Metropolis… not in the history of the whole history of the city. If there was… wouldn’t you be the least bit curious about how or where in the city that it first made impact?

Paul: I think that we already know that, Raven. But Crystal’s vision…or nightmare… It wasn’t had for laughs. Something about her lively nightmare really struck something and rattled her.

Serena: Maybe… But you guys can’t be thinking that there would be one. There was supposed to be one at the end of the year that had already ended and it never came. It never happened. It could leave to reason that maybe there never was one coming to Metropolis.

Knowing (2009) US Summit 2009 Blu-ray Screenshot #6 / 30

Mr. Nelson: *Looking at the girls* Girls, Might we be getting back to work and doing the assignment? Whatever it is that you girls are gossiping about can wait till after class. Now is not the time for that. *Looking up and towards the whole class* Okay class… Let’s get to talking about the mysteries of the galaxy. What type of mystery can you recall or think of from the top of your head that makes our galaxy unique?

Spencer: The Black hole…

Mr. Nelson: That’s a good example. The Black hole. It’s a region of spacetime from which gravity prevents anything, including light, from escaping. Some say that it’s an equivalent to the Bermuda triangle. Only difference beyond that is the Bermuda Triangle can be escaped from several years later after being pulled in. Some tales about that are that once you’ve vanished into it… there is no chance of you ever coming back. The Black hole though… There is no escape. The theory of general relativity predicts that a sufficiently compact mass will deform space time to form a black hole.

Rikku: Can things like that happen?

Mr. Nelson: No one really knows. Thereby making it one of the dire mysteries of the galaxy. The boundary of the region from which no escape is possible is called the event horizon. Although crossing the event horizon has enormous effect on the fate of the object crossing it, it appears to have no locally detectable features. In many ways a black hole acts like an ideal black body, as it reflects no light. no life. It’s dead energy. You could say that it’s considered the Grave yard of the Universe. Of any Universe/Galaxy. Moreover, quantum field theory in curved space time predicts that event horizons emit some energy known as Hawking radiation, with the same spectrum as a black body of a temperature inversely proportional to its mass. This temperature is on the order of billionths of a kelvin for black holes of stellar mass, making it all but impossible to observe.


Mr. Nelson: Oh… before i go on… Class, we have a new student here with us today. She’s to common people and the normal human race… an Alien. But she’s Human nonetheless. She’s An Al-Bhed. And she’s rather new to this school and to Metropolis. Everyone take a minute to say hello to Rikku. Welcoming her to our class and school. Wishing her a good time in Metropolis…

Everyone welcomed Rikku. There were a couple who were hesitant but still came to welcome her. The fighters didn’t as they knew her and she knew them. However no one had a clue that something was coming. Crystal did… But she was trying to count it off as nothing more than a very bad nightmare and nothing more…

At the Metropolis Auto shop…

Alvin: *Looking at Cid* You ready to start working on some cars?

Cid: You better believe it, Alvin. Where’s the first one?

Alvin: Over there at the far end of the room. The Car belongs to Mr. Walker. It’s an 1999 Toyota Camry. Then there are two that belong to a Mrs. Crowley. A Light Copper 1969 Ford Lincoln. and a Honda Civic Hatchback Both cars need a complete oil change and some new spark plugs. However… the Spark plugs for the Honda Hatchback are hard to find. The last time i had to look for spark plugs that went to that type of car… was two and a half years ago. It took 4 weeks to get the parts. Several calls to 10 different manufacturers. Almost no one had them. So Don’t touch that one. Let me worry about that one. I’ve dealt with it before. I kinda know what to expect out of that car.

Cid: How hard can it be? Nothing harder than repairing an Airship, eh?

Alvin: Be that as it may… it’s best if i were to wrestle with it. I can handle it. One time was hard… but the second time might be a little easier. But… it can still be a pain in the ass.

Cid: You happen to deal with weird fiesty machina, Alvin.

Alvin: You can say that again. However… as one might say… A car can be a man’s good trusty friend. If you take care of it and make sure it’s in great condition… it can be your best bud. Possession wise of course.

Carl: *Walking in with Rick* We got a ton of work to do.

Rick: *Looking to see a familiar face* Hey… Look who’s back.

Carl: *Seeing Alvin inside the shop* Whoa! Flamers is back… *Walking over to Alvin* Hey Flamers! What’s up?! You’re back to the work force?

Alvin: I never left. I always tend to make a living. I was gone awhile. Personal family business.

Carl: Oh… Everything’s okay though, right?

Alvin: Yeah.

Rick: *Noticing something bugging Alvin* You sure, man? You look like you’re a little out of it.

Alvin: I’m sure. I just had a very bizarre wake up call last night. During the night.

Carl: What do you mean?

Alvin: My Oldest Daughter Crystal… She had some trippy nightmare. She was going off about a Meteor shower. Saying that one was coming.

Cid: Eh? You’re not trying to pull this old man’s leg, are you?

Carl: Hey Flamers… Who’s the new guy?

Alvin: That’s Cid. He’s a good mechanic. He’s also the leader of a clan. Just don’t ask for a verification.

Cid: And you two would be…?

Alvin: The Machine Duos… The Dunesberry Bros. They and I were in the University together.

Cid: Well then… Any friend of yours… Is good enough to be good friends to me. *Getting some tools* Let’s get on with putting some life back into these cars…

While they worked… they spoke about what Alvin was bringing up about his oldest Daughter Crystal harking on about a possible Meteor shower. None of them could believe it. But knew that there was something more about it. If only they knew how real it was gonna soon become…

At the Daily Planet…

John: *Fixing himself another cup of coffee* Today is gonna be a very long day.

Megan: Why’s that?

John: We’re scheduled to be meeting our new Editor in chief today and from what i overheard… The Editor in chief is a Known Movie star. Someone that we see in Movies. or used to see in movies but don’t anymore and haven’t since 2002. No one has. He runs the Comedy shack. The Laugh factory on the Sunset Strip in California.

Megan: Who?

John: Don’t shoot my butt over this… but i heard that it’s none other than Pauly Shore.

Megan: What the blazes… You’re kidding. You mean that he’s gonna be our new Editor in Chief?

John: Yeah. The weird thing about it is that in Journalism… he is known as Mr. Headlines. He even made an identity for himself in the Newspaper business. Monroe Newton. He is funny… rather comical. but very straight. Knows how to get the juices flowing for newspapers to really get out there fast. In fact… his first act of business was already done. this morning. Everyone came in to find a 6 GB Flashdrive on their desks to upload all the files they had on their computers on to the flash Drive. He’s also got in an order for new computers. Laptops that are compatible for Printers and Wireless internet.

Megan: When do we get to meet this new Editor?

Kris: *Walking in* I think that we’re gonna be meeting him… right now. He’s coming down from his office. He’s gonna be here any minute now.


A Man with a tall build and sleek pressed back hairstyle. Black haired… with a well pressed Suit and tie walked out from the Elevator and stepped on into the reporters Den…

Mr. Newton: *Grinning at the star reporters* I see that the star reporters are getting a swing of their new stunning Flash drives that were put on their desks this morning… *Looking at his Clipboard and glancing at the pictures* Says here that you two are high working reporters who’ve seen alot of news… and got it out lickity split.

Trixie: *Confused* Who’re you?

Mr. Newton: Don’t recognize me… do you? *Chuckles* It’s okay. Not many people are used to seeing a well known comedian and once Actor in a Suit and Tie waltzing into the Newspaper Biz. But i think that i know you two. from some of the Archival Newspaper articles i’ve read done by you two. Trixie and John. Last name… Rhapsody. You two covered hot articles for years. Articles revolving the V.R.A. that got dismantled. Good thing too… Even if it was a well thought out Bill… it was still seriously and meticulously flawed. in at least a dozen areas. The Demon outbreak that was blanketing the city or world… putting the whole world into a possible permanent case of Disaster and Mayhem… Permanent Beddy-bye.

John: You’ve read all that.

Mr. Newton: You betcha. I saw a lot of curious insight and much of the perplexing creativity. I’m no Newspaper hound. Not really. However reading those articles… it really got me intrigued. And Mrs. Langley… Kris? *Looking at Kris* You were doing those Krispy Editorials. Something called the “Langley Viewpoint corner” Giving your perception on the action taking on in the city and or the world. Talking about people. Places… Events. Articles that others do… but giving your buzz on it. From a fresh perspective. I read a few of those… I picked up a load of passion from that. You should get back to doing that. I enjoyed reading your outtake on things.

Kris: Why… uh, thank you.

Mr. Newton: New Computers will be coming in tomorrow morning. so everyone’s gonna be having tomorrow morning off. The entire morning will be free. And during that time… every computer here will be a Laptop. Don’t worry. Things will still be the same… but with laptops… the Newspaper articles will be getting written faster and News will be getting out like quicksilver. A Bullet train.

The new Editor in Chief… The poor guy. His first day in Metropolis and it being on the day that something disastrous was coming. What are the odds of a New Editor in chief coming on the same day as a possible imminent Meteor shower… Not even he knew. The shadow of suspense was getting thicker… Still the Question remained. Were they gonna be prepared for the Meteor shower?


As for Arnold “Lord Arnold”

At MRHAP Metropolis…

Arnold: *On the Air* This is your city Watchdog with his triumphant return from the gallows Lord Arnold with another set of hits of perpetual gold. There is a new Editor in Chief in Metropolis for the Daily Planet. His name: Monroe Newton. He happens to be known to all as Pauly Shore. the American Comedian and Actor. as well as the keeper of the Laugh factory in California. He is here… and is with the thrill to get the Newspaper Biz flying into the next generation… The upgraded computer age… New ideas and a whole new look. New attitude and maybe some laughs along the way to ease the moods a little. *Playing the track and as the beginning beat of the Song # plays* Let’s just hope that Monroe Newton can keep a steady equal with the Newspaper Biz at the same level with his Comedy. Otherwise… it might be a Red light special for him. Mr. Newton… All eyes are on you. Better hope you can muster the duties of running a Newspaper Company Chain… Here’s Usher with his song “Red Light” Right here on MRHAP… The Station that continues to bring it home right to your ears and heart.

In Smallville…

At The Watchtower…

Tess: *Looking at the screens and getting a reading from the Orbiter* This is impossible. What’s going on out there in Space, Watchtower? What is it that you’re seeing?

Suddenly a live feed shows up on screen revealing a massive storm of meteors cruising its way to Earth…

Tess: *working to get a hold of the data revolving the Meteor shower* Watchtower command… rewind back to when the Meteors first started falling over towards earth.

A minute later…

Tess: *Seeing the feed and panics* That’s the same one that originally lead the way for Planet Apokolips to come… Darkseid is gone… but so is the planet. Why is the Meteor shower still coming to Earth?

Genevieve: Tess, We need to contact the girls now! They’re gonna need to be warned of this…


In Space…

The Meteors were coming closer to Earth… and were just passing the Earth’s moon. with a few smacking into a crater on the moon while the rest of the massive swarm of meteors pressed on towards Earth…

It was gonna be detected by the Astronomers…

On Earth…

In Metropolis…

At the Metropolis Observatory…

A couple of Astrological stargazers and Astronomers were in the back room and setting up for the upcoming festivals that were told to come in a month from that day. there was a team of people in the back with them. Thomas Storm and Abigail Blakeley were getting things all planned before moving things around in the main parts of the Observatory in preparation for the upcoming festival only a month away. The Observatory held a week long festival every year in the second month on the tenth day of the month. lasting a week. People from other cities and the elementary schools would always come on the field trips to enjoy its splendor. the fun activities and artifacts on display for all to gaze on. However the festivities planning were gonna be put to a halt…Thomas Storm was one of the stargazers who was just fixated on searching for new constellations and stars. Any new wonders. He barely stopped what he was doing to go and take a look through the telescope when he saw something that caught his attention. It was a bunch of meteors which were no larger than a basketball and they were coming right towards him… or that’s what he saw through the telescope…

Thomas: *Panicking* Oh… crap. Shit… we got a big big not good problem. This is really not good. Not good at all. *Calling Abigail over to the Telescope* Abigail… I think that there is something going on… Something is going on and i don’t know if i saw what i think i saw… or if it’s just my mind playing some kind of trick. But…

Abigail: Thomas… What are you on?

Thomas: Nothing. Why?

Abigail: What’s the matter with you?

Thomas: I… uh… i think that we got a disaster coming down right for us…

Abigail: How is that possible?

Thomas: There is no explanation for it. The only Meteor showers we know of… are the ones that struck Smallville.

Abigail: Everyone knows about that. October 7, 1989. that was the date of the very first meteor shower. The first one to hit Smallville. Bringing down with it… many forms of these strange rocks. Green K. Red K. Blue K. and Gold K as well… Green K fell in spots like Crater Lake, Riley Field, Lemaris Pond and Carlton Gorge. That was said to be the mother load of all meteor rock. Red K… Fell in a place called Hobb’s pond. The red K. was used by a ring Manufacturer to make class rings for Smallville high that one year. 

Thomas: I don’t know what all to tell you, Abigail. But take a look through the telescope and see for yourself. You’re not gonna believe it.

Abigail then takes a look through the Telescope and sees a swarm of Meteors hurling down towards them… Hitting to Earth…

Abigail: *Gasps* Oh my god… Oh god… We got a problem. Thomas… Get on the horn to the Authorities. Call the Astrological Institute and warn them… We got to warn people. There’s a massive Meteor shower coming. It’s coming and it’s moving fast.

Thomas: Right.

The calls were then made… however… the Institute was about to pick it up on their radars and on their satellites… Looks like there was real trouble. Something was gonna chime out the fact that Crystal’s Nightmare… was not a Nightmare after all. It was starting to turn out as being a premonition.

Metropolis Astrological Institute/Satellite station…

Two men were inside the control room of the Local Satellite station. They were there to listen and survey any blips coming within range. But it was supposed to be a Quiet day. Until…

Gen. Jake Powell: *Calling over to Dean as an alarm and a reading on the screen immediately grabbed his attention* Sir, you better take a look at the right ascension. Something is going on.

Dean: How long has there been activity?

Gen. Jake Powell: *Looking at Dean then at the screens and the Radar tracking* There was nothing there 10 seconds ago. It just came out of nowhere.

Dean:  My God. It’s headed straight for Earth.

Gen. Jake Powell: It’s going right for Metropolis… and Smallville.

Dean: What? *Looking at the General* Metropolis? Are you positive?

Gen. Jake Powell: I’m afraid so sir. It is coming right for Metropolis. I know an old friend there. She and her entire family are there. They all live there. Luna Rhapsody and her Daughters, Sons and Husband. Her entire family… Sisters, Mother, Nephews, Nieces. They’re all there.

Dean: If you need to make a personal call… do it.

Gen. Jake Powell: We need to get the federal emergency Management agency on the line. This is a full on Emergency.

Looks like the coming danger is getting noticed and detected. So much for its surprise appearance…

In Smallville…

At The Watchtower…

Tess: *Unable to get through to the girls* I can’t get through. Genevieve… See if you can tap into the emergency communications and get a signal out to the clan. We have to warn them. The New Generation are in school right now and the original fighters are at work… There is no one home…


Brother: *On Screen* What’s going on?

Tess: *Seeing the Al Bhed on screen* You’re… Rikku’s Brother. *Clearing her throat* There’s something going on that your sister and Brother in Law need to know.

Brother: What do they need to know?

Tess: This…

Tess puts the image of the activity in space showing a Meteor shower hurdling towards Earth…

Brother: I think that’s my cue to go. *calling out as the call ends* Vydran! Rikku! …


At the Psychic House…

Alice: Mr. Olson, Do i have any appointments for the afternoon?

Batman: The Dark Knight Rises (2012) US Warner 2012 Blu-ray Screenshot #7 / 60 (I-frame @ 0:17:06.860, #24620)

Mr. Olson: only 2. But i am not quite sure whether they will show up or not.

Alice: Why’s that?

Mr. Olson: I do apologize to say this… but there are some people declaring you to be inexperienced in the Psychic field. I however ushered them out and got them to recant their statements. You are no fraud. I should know… i’ve seen you do your work…

Alice: *Flattered* Thanks.

Mr. Olson: I can’t help but notice that something happened to bother you when you first came in this morning.

Alice: You noticed that, huh? *Sighs* I see… *Sitting down and laying her head back a little* I just had a rather disturbing revelation during the night and it’s more sound as my Oldest Daughter Crystal had a real intense Nightmare that made it even more out of sorts… It shook her. My husband told me about it this morning after i told of mines and it just kinda shook me. *Looking up over to Mr. Olson* I had a nightmare foretelling about a Meteor Shower. Coming today. Crystal’s nightmare however was really more sound and extreme.

Mr. Olson: You serious?

Alice: I’m afraid so. This is one of the times where i wish that i weren’t serious about it… but i unfortunately am.

Mr. Olson: What do you intend to do?

Alice: In a word… Pray.

In Space…

The swarm of Meteors were looming closer to Earth. It was coming and each passing moment only brought the meteors further in and even closer yet to Earth…

Back on Earth…

In Metropolis…

11:30 AM

At the Metropolis Fashion Emporium/Madame Pearl’s and Mystic Stars…

Pearl: These Spira Designs are selling hot. People love these designs that we’ve made. I think that we just got a new surge of income coming to this store.

Star: *Looking at Amber* I know… but i think Amber is trying to crunch the numbers and is reaching an overload. We have had 20 back to back sales. People were buying these designs so fast. The accessories and the little jewels are being sold out fast. We’re gonna need a new shipment soon. People are buying like mad.

Pearl: See? This is gonna be a wonderful month. I can feel it. I can just literally feel it.

Star: And soon you’re gonna see your only son Married. At a Young age no less. He’s 14 and getting married. Strange thing is that he’s 14. but was born a year after your first 3 kids. and right after your 4th yet it was at the same time as your 4th kid. They’re not even twins. They’re on their own. Nice huh? Spencer’s Albino and is getting wed to–

Suddenly military sirens are coming from a distance and the truth of the matter was that the Fashion Emporium was faced with a one acre opened field on the other side of the street… The Sirens got louder as whatever was making them got closer. Closer to them…

Pearl: *Looking out the window; confused* What the heck is that? What on earth could that be?

Star: *Walking out of the Store and looking both ways* Pearl, What is going on out here? What’s that sound?

Pearl: I have no idea. It sounds like Military. An Air Raid siren though. How can that be when we haven’t had any predicted attacks nearing. We’re not getting hit by anything. Nothing’s coming towards us… Is it?

Star: I can’t say as i’d know. This is foreign to me… Living here in this city all my life and nothing like this ever happened. Well… Except for the great Evil and then there was this Major Zod that you told me about… the V.R.A. The Earth powered girl… Then the Demon Scath. Those happened. But you and your sisters all took care of that.

Pearl: *Seeing a group of Military jeeps and vehicles coming closer* I think that we’re gonna get a real surprise and it isn’t something we’re gonna like.

Star: Oh god…

Minutes later…

The Jeeps all parked in the middle of the road and chimed an official decree…

Military official: *Speaking through the Megaphone* Attention all citizens of Metropolis. By order of federal decree… all citizens are ordered to pack up what ever they can and leave from the area of Metropolis. In Approximately 2 hours a massive Meteor shower is predicted to hit Metropolis. and Smallville.

Pearl: *Gasps* What?! Oh my god…

Star: What’ll we do? *Running inside* Do we have an underground bunker?

Pearl: I don’t know. Do the Schools?

Star: I think that the high school does. But the Middle school and Elementary school… I can’t say. I haven’t thought too much about that.

Pearl: I Got to get to my kids.

Star: You’re right. You go and get to your kids. They’re gonna need you.

Pearl: What about you?

Star: Don’t worry… I’ll man up the fort here. Amber and i have this. These are your kids. They’re in need more. Get to them.

Pearl: Okay. *Nods* You be careful.

Star: Amy’s my Godchild… I know her as well as you do. Things like this really terrify her. She’s gonna need comfort.

Pearl: Right.

Pearl then grabbed her things and her keys… her purse and jammed to her car and rushed off to the school. Hoping that she’d be able to reach them before the Chaos started to commence…

At the Watchtower…

Tess: We might be too late.

Genevieve: *Looking at the readings* we got a code red… There’s an emergency decree initiated and foretelling of a Meteor shower to hit here… We have got only 2 hours or less to get out.

Tess: We have to Initiate total Lockdown of Watchtower. There’s a secret Anti-Chamber here inside the Watchtower. Chloe had one build 14-15 years ago when we all had to handle the Demon dilemma. Scath. We had it built to keep Raven of Azarath in to keep her away from Trigon… her father. It’s still up. It can withstand any disaster. Even a Meteor shower.

Genevieve: Will it contain us and sustain against the coming disaster?

Tess: Yes. Genevieve… Initiate Lockdown.

Genevieve: Right away. *Commanding Watchtower to initiate Lockdown*

P.A.: *Chiming* Alert. Alert… Now Initiating Watchtower Lockdown.  Now Initiating Watchtower Lockdown. All points of entry will seal and lock in T-minus 10 minutes.

Tess: *Thinking to herself* Sorry girls… You’re gonna have to fly this on your own. Be careful out there…

In Space…

Entering the Earth’s atmosphere…

The Meteors were catching fire and now beginning to pick up acceleration as the Earth Gravity was starting to tug on them. Pulling them with an invisible force field…

Time till Impact…

2 hours… 40 minutes and 30 seconds…

Back on Earth…

In Metropolis…

Reedy’s “La Paradissimo”…

Pamela: *On the Phone* Sid, there is a Federal decree… We are all to get out of Metropolis as soon as we can.

Sid: Pamela, What am i to do?

Pamela: Close shop over there in the Diner. Send everyone out and lock up. Holly is still in school. The Elementary School. You need to get over there now.

Sid: Okay… I’ll get right on it. I’ll refill the customers cups with what’s left in the coffee pot here… check them out one by one and then close up.

Pamela: Please hurry. We are running out of time.

Sid: *Sighs* Crap…

Pamela: I’ll see you soon as i can. I promise.

Sid: I’ll see you soon too. Love you.

Pamela: Love you too… *Kisses over the phone before hanging up*

Rhonda: What’s going on?

Pamela: What do you mean, Rhonda? What’s the idea asking what’s going on? You should know what’s going on. There’s a Meteor Shower coming. We have less than 3 hours to get everything that we’re gonna need and get within a 50 mile radius away from this city.

Rhonda: *Pauses* You want to spill that again? We’re getting a Meteor shower coming right for this city?

Pamela: Yes.

Rhonda: No way. Nah-uh! This girl don’t do Meteor shower mayhem. If there is nothing else you need me to do here… I’m gonna clock out and head home to gather what i need then head out of the city. If there’s a Meteor shower due to hit here… i’m gonna see that i am a good 50-60 miles away from here. Away from the Chaos.

Pamela: Please… Stay and help me close up. everyone else have already gone from here already. You’re about the only one left other than me.

Rhonda: Okay. Because you’re in need… i’ll stay and help close up here. But as soon as things are shut down here and we got everyone out paying for their order and on their way… I’m splitting. You’d be wise to do the same. Meteors are not subtle. They call it a disaster for a reason.

Pamela: Thank you…

At Metropolis University…

Bulldog Stadium…

Dinah: *Hearing the Radio initiating the Emergency Broadcast message* What’s going on?

Military Personnel: *Walking over* Ma’am… Excuse me, Ma’am.

Dinah: *Turning to see a Military personnel* Uh… Okay. Do i ask now or later as to why military men would be storming the Bulldog stadium? We are in the middle of a few plays. Practice.

Military Personnel: That will have to be stopped. By federal decree… all citizens are ordered to pack up what ever they can and leave from the area of Metropolis. In Approximately 2 hours a massive Meteor shower is predicted to hit Metropolis. and Smallville.

Dinah: What in the hell is this? A Joke? A prank? I got to tell you that i’m not laughing. this isn’t funny. A Meteor shower was supposed to come at the end of the year that just recently ended. 2042 was supposed to end with the Meteor shower. It never happened. But now… you are declaring that one is coming.

Military Personnel: I’m afraid that i can’t discuss that. All we know is that word got out of a Meteor Shower predicted to hit this city. And Smallville.

Dinah: *Groans* Agh! Shit! I knew that something wasn’t right. No Meteor Shower on the 31st of December, 2042. It had to have meant only one thing… The readings before then were false. The Meteors could have also stalled too… *Looking at the Military Personnel* Okay… Let me call my team in to change back into their normal clothes and Evacuate.

Seconds later…

Dinah: *To her team* Boys, We had just got word that a Massive Meteor Shower is predicted to hit this City. And most likely Smallville as well. In less than 2 hours. If you have any close family in this city or a wife or whatever in this city… get them out of this City. get out to safety. Get there as fast as you can.

Quarterback: *Concerned* What about you, Coach? What are you gonna do?

Dinah: Not sure. But i do know that i’ve got to get to my kids. I have 3 kids in High school… 3 in Elementary and 3 in middle. The 3 in Middle school are Adopted. My Husband Adopted them while i was away and gave them a home. I see them as my kids too. Loving them as if they really were my kids that i gave life to. But i don’t know if i can get there in time. If the Evacuations have already started… it’s gonna be a mad house on the roads.

Quarterback: It’s okay. I’ll get changed and take you over to get your kids… You gotta get to your kids.

Dinah: You sure?

Quarterback: Pfft! Yeah. Besides that your kids are gonna be in need of you. I couldn’t stand and watch a parent get kept from their kids. It’d be like me being kept from mines if i were to have kids. No one should be kept from their families. It’s not right. I’ll be right back. It’ll be okay.

Military Personnel: You all need to hurry and Evacuate. This is a Mandatory evacuation. It’s not safe to remain here…

With all the developing Chaos due to the coming Meteor Shower, It was grabbing the attention of the Bikini Girl Gang…

Metropolis Beach…

Margaret: *Looking at the gang* Everyone… there is something going on within the City.

Stacy: What though?

Suzanne: I’m thinking a Meteor Shower. But i could be wrong.

Becky: Suzanne, You could be right. *Turning up the Radio*

Radio: *Broadcasting* This is MRHAP in Metropolis… Sorry to interrupt the normal broadcast. This just in and you’ll have to bare with me on this as this just came in to the Radio Station’s APB wire. As of last night… 12 Midnight. there was belief towards… *Sounds of someone clearing their Throat* A Meteor Shower predicted to hit Metropolis. It was only a speculation and Listeners… A Meteor shower happens to hit Earth quite a lot. Most of the time it’s just tiny rocks whizzing by in the sky which pose little to no threat whatsoever. other times… they manage to pass us by. only skimming the surface of the Earth’s atmosphere. Coming no further than that. But then there are those times when we get a coming disaster such as a Dangerous Meteor shower aiming to impact Earth. Well this time… we are not lucky to escape from there being a Meteor Shower coming to Earth. We just got word only moments ago of a Meteor Shower predicted to hit Metropolis and the Town of Smallville. The Discovery of the Meteor Shower was made by two of the Stargazers at the Metropolis Observatory. Thomas Storm and Abigail Blakeley were the first two to catch sight of a swarm of Meteors coming towards Earth. then as they were to report it… A detection of an anomaly from space was picked up by the Radars at the Metropolis Astrological Institute. It was then that the federal Government got the call and initiated a Federal Decree. Evacuations are now in effect. Everyone is ordered to evacuate from Metropolis and get within a 50 mile Radius away from the city. If you have Bunkers connected to where you are now… get to the bunker and stay there. Stay there until the word passes that it’s safe to come out into the open…

Macie F.: What’ll we do?

Courtney J.: The Clan are in the City… Will they be alright?

Brenda: They will be okay… won’t they?

Margaret: There’s no way to tell… We’re gonna go into the City. All of us. The first place we are going to is Metropolis High. The Thunderic Force Z! The Aquatic Force Z! and the Romancers Z! are there. We’re to find them and help them out. Get them to safety.

Kasey: Right. Hallie though is in Elementary School. That’s where i’m gonna go.

Margaret: Not alone you won’t. Lillian, You, Jill, Ruby and Lana will be going with Kasey. No matter what happens… You do not leave each others side. You stay close by each other.

Lillian: You got it, Margaret.

Jan: Let’s go. The Clan are in need…

Evacuations and search parties were now being made… The Chaos has begun and the Meteor shower has not started yet… Would the Bikini Girls be able to reach the clan and get to their aide in time before the Meteors were to make Impact…

In Space…

Still pushing through the Earth’s atmosphere…

Time till Impact…

20 minutes, 40 seconds…

On Earth…

In Metropolis…


people on the street were hurrying to lunch, meetings and children were playing either in the school yards or parks. The noon sun felt good after a long cold winter. The cars on the streets seemingly to never end. However with the now impeding Imminent threat closing in and time running out… No one had that time to enjoy any of it. The people were on the streets in their cars trying to get out of the city. But the roads were only getting congested with traffic as time was ticking fatally towards Zero.

O’aka: *Walking the streets looking for customers* Sure is noisy in the city today. But the bushels of people are with the promise of buying and spending… Shame that i can’t make a business deal with anyone.

The local schools were about to be given the news that something was coming…

At Metropolis Middle School…


Kirsten: The teacher seems excited about what she’s going on about. The second world war.

Cassie: She’s been going nonstop. She’s gonna need to calm down before she overheats.

Janie: It’s a lot better than Math. Math was kinda hard today.

Alex: Long Multiplication. *Feeling swimmy in the head* My head is swimming with numbers and Math problems.

Piper: Don’t feel so bad, Alex. I don’t know it either. But maybe we can learn it together.

Charlene: That would be nice. Having help would make the effort of learning the long Multiplication more feasible.

Kirsten: When do we meet for that?

Janie: What about tonight? At our house. It’s about time that we opened the doors to come to where we live.

Alex: Uh-huh. *Nods*

Sophie: Math is easy. It’s history that’s hard. There’s always so much to know. Facts. Places. Times. Faces. People involved. The good side. The bad side.

Mrs. Truman: *Lecturing* World War II (WWII or WW2), also known as the Second World War, was a global war that lasted from 1939 to 1945, though related conflicts began earlier. It involved the vast majority of the world’s nations—including all of the great powers—eventually forming two opposing military alliances: the Allies and the Axis. It was the most widespread war in history, and directly involved more than 100 million people from over 30 countries. In a state of “total war”, the major participants threw their entire economic, industrial and scientific capabilities behind the war effort, erasing the distinction between civilian and military resources. Marked by mass deaths of civilians, including the Holocaust (during which approximately 11 million people were killed)…


the principal runs in with orders directly from the military…

Principal Vance: *Whispering to the teacher discreetly* I need to have a word among the class. This is very serious.

Mrs. Truman: *Nods*

Principal Vance: *To the Class* Boys and girls… Students. The School just got notified about a Federal Decree. It came just minutes ago as the threat reached wide through out the city. In less than 15 minutes… There is said to be a Meteor shower predicted to reach Metropolis. A Massive Meteor Shower. The other schools through out the City are already being informed of the Urgent situation. There are also reported Evacs going on in the town of Smallville. A Mandatory Evacuation operation was put into effect only minutes after the order went out. We must get you kids to an underground bunker safely out of the meteors trajectory. Grab your things. Your bags… and coats. All your belongings and follow to the Quad. The Bunker is next to the Quad. Just stay calm and walk over to the Quad in a steady pace and there… over to the Bunker. Your parents… will pick you up after the disaster is over and the Meteor shower has ceased.

Kirsten: This is not good. How will the gang find us in a Bunker?

Janie: How will our mom find us down there?

Charlene: How could we be getting a Meteor shower? A Meteor shower hasn’t hit here since ’05. That was 35+ years ago.

Piper: It’s bad. We got to get to where the gang is.

Zoey C.: How are you supposing to do that? We can’t get out of here. The Principal isn’t gonna allow for us to leave school. Plus… There’s a Meteor Shower coming. It’s coming here to Metropolis.

Cassie: *Gulps*…

Evacuations were underway and the Students at the Middle School were being led over to the Quad and right over to the Bunker that was said to lead to an underground safe location.


Metropolis High School…

Paul: *Walking next to Crystal* Crystal, Looks like your Nightmare was a prediction and it was right on the nose.

Crystal: That’s what i was afraid of…

Serena: Well… good work in not telling us that it was a premonition. This school doesn’t have a Underground bunker.

Raven: Actually… Yeah it does, Serena. Only thing is that it’s never been mentioned because up till now… there was no apparent need for it. For years… there was no natural disaster that called for the Underground bunker to be used.

Rikku: Would it be safe for us? *Worried*

Spencer: No clue. But we’re being led there right now.

Annie: *Looking at the surrounding kids* There are too many people here. We won’t be able to change into our forms.

Clint: Annie, Now’s not that time for super power Redux. There is a Meteor Shower coming and we’re with less than 10 minutes to get from here… to that underground Bunker.

Theodore: We have to hurry.

As they were making their way over to the Bunker…

Margaret: *Approaching with the gang; Meeting with the fighters* Hey guys…

Sapphire: *Looking at the gang of girls* Uh… Who are you? Do we know you?

Margaret: That depends… We seem to know a lot about you girls and fighters. About the whole family actually.

Theodore: You followed up on our family? What are you girls? Fanatics? Supporters?

Susie: You girls don’t go to this school… do you?

Diamond: *Walking over suddenly* Not really. But i do.

Veronica: As do I.

Victoria: They’re really cool girls.

Penny: We got to get out of here. Time is running out.

Rikku: *Running over to where the Bunker is and guiding everyone inside*

Christina: Are there more of you girls?

Caroline: *Running over with a few more of the girls* Margaret… We got a problem. I think that we’re out of time… Candice just saw a couple of Meteors falling from the sky… just a few feet away from the north side of the school.

Diamond: Kasey’s not back with Hallie yet.

Margaret: *Looking both ways trying to think* Oh god… We’re gonna need some extra help.

Daria: This is getting out of hand… *Looking at Margaret* You girls are supporters and fans of us… You need help? You got it. You help us… we help you. We’re not officially opening to you guys yet. But right now… consider this a Joint union.

Samantha: Come on.

It was then that the fighters and the Bikini Girls formed a Joint agreement and made their way to the underground Bunker of the school. Rikku was already at the entrance of the Bunker leading people in. She of course had to be careful as no one knew that she was Al Bhed. Spencer… His family knew. But the outside world didn’t. Time was out and it was now Chaos. The Meteor Shower was Impacting Metropolis…

Military Personnel: *In a state of Panic* Everyone run for cover! HURRY! RUN! EVACUATE NOW! TO THE BUNKERS! Move… Move! EVERYONE… GET TO SAFETY!

In Smallville…

The Meteors were falling down in a slanted position and striking everything. It was a rain of fire. The open fields were hit. the points of interest were also hit and hit hard. The Sullivan Household was untouched. But spots like Landers field, Crater Lake… Carlton Gorge… They were hit hard and plummeted with several Meteors. The roads got some of the impact and Main street also took hits. There was a mass load of meteors. a rain of fire. with trails of fire and smoke billowing down led by the falling meteors. Each of the meteors fell and came crashing down.

The People of the quaint town of Smallville ran in multiple directions trying to escape the impeding paths of destruction. Trying to escape the path of disaster in anyway they could. They were nowhere near a Bunker and the streets were jammed. The roads were gridlocked with cars as far as the nary eyes could see. With road blocks and Military vehicles blocking people from trying to come back into the town. The farms were also hit. nothing was left untouched. It was ongoing…

In Metropolis…

Meteors were hitting everywhere. Slamming against buildings and at the roads. The Streets were filled people who were not able to get out of the city. Those who were trapped in the city and all they could do was run. Run for cover in any direction possible. But as the civilians in the city were all running for a safe location. The beloved fighters were scattered all over. The Romancers Z! The Aquatic Force Z! and the Thunderic Force Z! Paul, Crystal and Rikku were as well as their cousins who were in high school as well… were in the Bunker. Where it was safe. In the Elementary School, Zoey, Sora and Carly, Blossom, Hikaru, Sakura and Sora… Hallie and Emma.  They were still stuck in the school. They had to fend for themselves as the Meteors came down on to the school. Zoey and Blossom didn’t try to use their power. They couldn’t with too many witnesses around to see…

Kasey:  *Running over suddenly from the side trying to Dodge the Meteors* Hallie, Stay there. Out from the Meteors path.

Hallie: *Scared* I don’t think that i can move from here. I’m scared.

Lana: Hallie, It’s gonna be alright. We’re here. We’re not going anywhere.

Zoey: Are you friends to Hallie?

Kasey: We are. I am like a Mother figure to her as i found her under a doorstep abandoned. She was 2 when i found her and i was 6 when i found her. I had to take care of her as no one else would. No one wanted her. I was feeling really heartbroken over seeing her being so alone. I raised her. As did the others. the girls all helped where they could. I did most of all.

Lillian: It’s true. She has. Hallie Tanner is like a daughter to her and it’s no joke. Hallie was abandoned and left to die by her Biological parents. They didn’t love her. To them… She was a mistake. Kasey didn’t see it that way. She raised Hallie and no matter how hard it got… she didn’t give up. She loved Hallie. Loves her like a sister. A Daughter.

Blossom: Wow! Now that is something really sincere. I like how that sounds. But i feel sorry that Hallie had to be left to die by her biological parents.

Sora: Same here. That is just really low of her real parents to just leave her abandoned and left all alone to die. That has to be just the most cold hearted thing anyone could ever do.

Carly: Hallie, You’re with us now… We’ll stick together with you. *Looking at Kasey* Would it be okay with you if we got our mom to step up to adopt her. Make her one of us?

Zoey: Yeah… We have a loving family. Our entire family is loving.

Ruby: Kasey, I think that it might be a great idea. Their family is all about being together and family. Love. Strength. What do you think?

Kasey: Let me think about it a little. I have to see that it’s what Hallie would like. This is something that she’s got to decide and i don’t want to just push it on her.

Blossom: The Meteors are still coming down. The other kids are all scattered and are near the bunkers… we’re not close to any of the Bunkers.

Hikaru: We’re gonna die.

Sakura: *Scared* I want our mom.

Sora: *Terrified*

Emma: *Seeing more Meteors falling down* What’re we gonna do? How do we get out from this?

Lana: The Meteors are still coming down and we don’t have a way out from being in the middle of the Meteor shower.


They were about to be rescued by someone…

Out of nowhere… A Dragon came down from the air and roared gently before looking towards them…

Sora: *In surprise* Aunt Trixie?

Mary: *In Dragon form; Growling playfully* No way. This isn’t Aunt Trixie. It’s Mary.

Blossom: *In shock* Mary?!

Mary: Hey sis. Surprised?

Blossom: If my head was glued to the wall right now i wouldn’t be more surprised than i am right now. You’re now officially the hero that Aunt Trixie once was…

Mary: You kinda knew about that. Remember when we all went against Darkseid before the lazy Man of Steel decided to step it up? I came and explained the whole thing.

Blossom: That’s right. You did.

Mary: I got the flight part down and even the Speed and Maneuvering. The Evading though is a little rough. But i’m getting better at it.

Sora: Care to get us out of here… to someplace safe?

Mary: Out of this Meteor shower? *Seeing the Meteors starting to dissipate* I would… but i think that the Meteor Shower is starting to subside…

But that was when more meteors came down and fell to the ground. Making impact. There was no pause or breakage of the meteors…

At Metropolis Middle school…

In the Underground Bunker…

Janie: What’re we gonna do?

Alex: We are trapped here. There is no way out till the Meteors are done.

Kirsten: If only the Meteors would stop falling and destroying things.

Cassie: I don’t think that’s ever gonna happen. Not anytime soon.

Piper: Where are we again?

Perry: *Walking over from the side* The underground Bunker of the school. This place isn’t very sturdy… but it’s a safe haven that seems to be the safest spot in the school. I don’t think that we have much choice but to stick here.

Marty: Who are you girls?

Kirsten: Oh… us? We’re members of the Bikini Girls Gang. I’m Kirsten Marsh.

Cassie: I’m Cassie Pierce.

Piper: Piper Mertz. and the other members of the Bikini Girls Gang that go here are Lori Hart, Susie Mack, Sophie Collins. They also attend here.

Perry: Nice to meet you. I’m Perry. Perry Fritz Rhapsody. My actual middle name is Lewis, but… i keep getting called Fritz. I kinda just stuck with it.

Cassie: *Giggles* Fritz is a funny middle name. But it’s cute.

Kirsten: *feeling attracted to Perry* … I like you, Perry.

Perry: You do?

Kirsten: Uh-huh.

Marty: Looks like you got a crush with a girl, Perry. I think that mom and dad will be psyched to know about that.

Perry: Maybe.

It was moments later when the Meteor shower finally ended. It was then that a sense of calm came over the city. It took a little time for people to come out from hiding and take stock on the damages… the devastation. Multiple buildings were destroyed. One of the buildings destroyed was the night club The Oasis and the Ace of Clubs… The old Movie Theater also took heavy damage and with all the damage it took. It was now unstable and rendered condemned…

Sid’s Diner took a good hit and was seen to be in need of repairs. Reedy “La Paradissimo” took a few hits. A dozen homes were lost. some of the Promenade was ravaged and that included Zeke’s Pub. It took sustainable damage. But only minor penetration. The Metropolis General was hit. The top two stories on the east wing was destroyed and had to be redone. With all the damages throughout the city… it was a grand total of 30 Million dollars.

In Smallville…

Main street was wasted. several stores were wrecked and that included the Talon. Although the Talon took minor hits compared to the competing business: “The Beanery” It got wiped out. With the School taking some hits and getting battered by the Meteor shower. Grand total damage from the Meteor shower… 459, 800 Dollars. The Watchtower was thankfully spared of the onslaught…

After the Meteor Shower…

The Military personnel scoured to all the Bunkers and informed that it was clear to come out to the open outside of the Bunkers.

At the high School…

Serena: *Looking at the scene* Oh god… the city’s been beat down to an mere inch of it’s life.

Raven: *Looking to see a group of parents coming towards the gates of the School* And there are parents coming over from the gates.

Paul: There’s our father. *Seeing a scared look on his father’s face* Looks like he’s petrified. And if i were to cough up a comical line… i think he’d cry and break down. Not that we would blame him. He looks as if he’s been freaked out senseless.

Crystal: That’s nothing. Try me. I feel as if i were the cause for all this. I had a premonition. I dreamt about the Meteor shower and now that it happened. It’s gonna eat at me… It is like i asked for this. I know that there would be no way for anyone to cause for one to come. No one’s got that type of power. But i feel so bad.

Penny: Crystal, Stop it. You’re not at fault. It’s no one’s fault. The Meteor shower came and hit. It’s done.

Cid: *Running over to Rikku* Rikku!

Dinah: *Running over to her Daughters* Sapphire, Raven… Serena.

Alvin: Paul, Crystal!

Pearl: *Running over to her kids* Amy, Susie, Christina, Penny, Spencer… Rikku!

Paige: Annie, Daria, Clint… Theodore!

Luna: *Running over to her Daughters* Rina… Natasha!

Curtis: Victoria!

Avery: Samantha!

Amy: *Looking at the scenery and unable to stomach the view* I can’t even bare to look at the destruction. It’s terrible.

Margaret: It’s gonna be okay. This city will be alright somehow. It’ll pull itself together.

As soon as the parents got there to their kids, they hugged and cried in relief that their kids were alright. But also feared of what could have likely happened to them all. It was a fear that shook them maternally and personally…

Margaret: *Looking at the fighters* It’s not safe here anymore. We’ve got to get you all away from here.

Pearl: *Wiping her tears while still hugging her kids* Right.

Rikku: The school looks really bad.

Alvin: It’s gonna be okay. Let’s get you all where it is safe.

Paige: *Looking over to see a gang of girls* Who are you girls?

Stacy: We’re The Bikini Girls. But we’re also fans… followers and Supporters.

Annie: Of our family. They know all about us. the things the family had done. The abilities, powers. everything. They followed up on us.

Shingo: *Finally arriving* Is everyone alright?

Dinah: *Looking at Shingo* You’re here. Finally. What happened to you?

Shingo: Traffic. It was a killer. When the Federal decree got issued… I grabbed my stuff and got into my Limo and started driving my way here. But… before i could get within a few blocks of the school… The traffic started getting congested and i tried to get around. It was no good. I was literally stuck where i was. I had to tough it out during the Meteor shower, Luckily making it out alive. I just got here a minute ago and literally ran my way over here from the gate.

Dinah: It’s good you’re here.

Quarterback: Coach, We should get your family over where its safe. Where’s your house?

Dinah: On Charity lane… 1456 Charity Lane. It’s not far from here…

Shingo: *Looking at the Quarterback* Who’re you?

Quarterback: Irwin Forrester, Quarterback of the Metropolis Bulldogs.

Shingo: Nice to meet you. I’m her husband… Shingo.

Sapphire: What about our sisters and the young brother of ours. We need to get to them.

Shingo: I’ll get them. You 3 go with your mother. Head to the house. Stay there. I’m gonna go and get Janie, Alex and Charlene, Hikaru, Sakura and Sora. *Kissing Dinah on the lips* Love you. I’ll see you again soon.

Pearl: *Looking at her kids* Amy, Susie, Christina, Penny… Spencer. Come on. I’m taking you kids to the store with me for a while. Your father is gonna be stuck at school helping out with the kids at the elementary school for a bit.

Amy: Right. *Looking at the girls* What about you girls?

Margaret: We can assist the rest of the clan. It’s okay.

Danielle: There’s a lot of you guys to be helped out from this issue.

Nicki: What’re we gonna do though? The city is still riveting from the chaos and the Meteor Shower. The Meteor Shower has caused alot of damage.


At the Elementary school…

Alice: *Walking over to her Daughters* Sora. Carly. *Relieved to see that her twin daughters are okay and in one piece* Thank heavens you’re alive and well.

Sora: We’re alive and… scared.

Carly: Can we go home now?

Kasey: We can help out if you need some assistance. We wouldn’t mind helping.

Alice: Who’re you girls?

Blossom: They’re the Bikini Girls. Or… they’re members of the Bikini Girls Gang. They’re like real followers and fans of ours. Supporters.

Hallie: Please… We’d like to be like allies to the family. We like the family.

Lana: Actually… we rather quite love the family.

Lillian: Sora and Carly actually have something to ask you, Ma’am.

Blossom: *Seeing her Mother* This is one nightmare that we survived. Hopefully we never have to endure another disaster like this one. That Meteor Shower was just really spooky. Spooksville and then some.

Kasey: We really need to get out of here though. This school isn’t exactly the most safe right now as it was just targeted by a Meteor Shower.

Alice: You know what? Save it. Let’s just get to the house first and then we can get into it. At least in our house… we’ll be safe. *Looking at the girls in confusion* Who are you girls? Surely now that you girls have got a name to yourselves. Other than just calling you girl #1, Girl #2, Girl #3 and onwards.

Kasey: I’m Kasey Lancaster. And these girls are Hallie Tanner, Lana Greens, Lillian Crawford, Emma Patterson and Ruby Stone. Hallie is like a daughter to me. It’s a little bit of a story to explain.

Lana: Let’s get to the house first. We should all talk there…

Assessments of the damage done by the Meteor shower were in the process of being conducted and sorted. Going through the casualties of the Meteor shower. How many people died…. got injured. Wounded.

At Metropolis city park…

Military vehicles were parked throughout the park and a mobile command center was initiated for the assessment. Going through all details and deciphering on how much FEMA would have to chip in to break in repairs and tools to rebuild the City…

A Moment later…

At Luna’s and Zeke’s house…

In the Living room…

Zoey: June, Where are you?

June: In the other room. Trying to reach the Queen. I can’t seem to reach the Queen.

Zoey: Are the communications between the Moon and us down?

June: *Walking out into the Living room* I don’t know. But the meteor shower managed to knock out all means of communication. Even Cellphones don’t work. Cell Towers were heavily damaged.

Zoey: Have you heard from my mom?

June: No. She’s not back yet. She’s probably still trying to get to your sisters Rina and Natasha. They should be back any time now.

Zeke: *Looking at the back yard and seeing billowing plumes of dark smoke as there were damages through out the neighborhood as the eyes could see* That Meteor Shower made alot of damage. It left a devastation behind.

Zoey: The City is gonna need a lot of repairs.

Suddenly the Phone Rings…

Zeke: *Answering the phone* Hello?!

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Heinz: *On the Phone* Boss, is now a good time?

Zeke: Not really. I’m the only one home at the house here. My youngest Daughter is the only one here. Her and her friend June. The Wife isn’t back yet. Why, What’s wrong?

Heinz: The Pub is on fire. We can’t seem to put it out. The Meteor Shower only done minor penetration and sustainable damage. But it was enough to cause a fire. We’re gonna need help.

Zeke: Check to see if there’s Anti-fire retardant. We should have some in the storage closet. Use some of that and just keep dumping water on the fire. Get it to go out. I’ll be over as soon as i can with some extra Flame retardant.

Heinz: We’ll try. But when you can get here… Please do. Nikolai and Warren are trying to use the fire Extinguishers on the fire.

Zeke: Right. *Looking outside the front door and seeing his wife pull up in the driveway* Actually… give me 30 minutes. I’ll be there soon. Luna just pulled up in the driveway… Let me go and bring her up to speed on the situation. The back room there is sentimental to her and I. It’s where she and i got it going and lead to having My youngest Daughter Zoey. Age 18 was when that happened.

Heinz: Alot of memories. *Chuckles* Alot of memories.

Of course…

At Rikku and Nick’s house…

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Aquamarine: Sis, We’ve just had a Meteor shower and you are talking about work, why?

Rikku: It’s my Career. I can’t just not go in because of a Meteor shower.

Aquamarine: *Groans* Look, I am all for the idea that being a Court Liaison is the best career thus far for you because you get to help others as you always have wanted. But There is nothing you can do. The City is in a bit of a shaken situation. But there is nothing out there for you to do. There are no cases. I am more certain about this that with natural disasters… Like the Meteor shower that just happened moments ago. There won’t be any focus on cases that require the duty or the description of Court Liaison. everyone out there are gonna be so buzzed over the Meteor Shower that there won’t be a need for Liaisons for at least a week.

Rikku: Aquamarine, Sis… I’m sorry. But what do you know of what will be needed at the Courthouse? Do you work there? Are you a career woman? No. Last i checked… you were none of those. Don’t go there. *Sighs* Sorry… I’m just stressed out about the wedding that’s gonna be in less than a week. Nick and I are finally getting wed and i am just freaked out about the idea that i’m gonna see his in-laws and his relatives. They don’t know me… and i don’t know jack about them. What if i screw up and they just right out… hate me?

Aquamarine: Sis, It’s gonna be alright. You’re gonna be fine. Even if you happen to be an Ex-Pink haired mop top. I love you no matter what. If they don’t like you… then that’s their loss. What matters is that Nick likes you and Loves you. And you always have me.

Rikku: I know… *Looking at the T.V suddenly* Oh my god… Look at the T.V.

T.V.: *Reporting* Metropolis Kansas has just been devastated by a massive Meteor shower that hit a hour after Noon. It’s the worse astronomical disaster since the Meteor shower that hit and ravaged Smallville in ‘o5. There is a total of 14 dead. one of the casualties is a 31 year old Male. Martin J. Marco. His last whereabouts were reported to be a store off the main Veins of the city. He leaves a Wife and 10 kids without a father. Martin Marco was the Inherited founder of the Marco American Wheelchairs Co. Which was willed to go to him on his 21st birthday. He is the only child to Christopher and Renee Marco. Who died while flying back from the bahamas a week before he made it to age 6. The City of Metropolis has suffered a devastating disaster. The grand toll of damage is 30 Million dollars and climbing. Smallville Kansas damage toll is 459,800 Dollars and Climbing. The Death Toll in Metropolis: 14. The deaths include: Martin Marco, Ted Callahan, Regina Starling. The Death Toll is predicted to rise as the assessments over the damage continues. To all those who were affected by the Disaster… Please try to bear with us as we deliver the news as we receive it.

Aquamarine: This is bad. Really bad.

Rikku: I know… *Fearing for the survival of the City* This city is gonna be feeling the financial and economic sting for several years. a good ten years easy.

Aquamarine: Good thing that we’re gonna be alright. Although it’s the rest of the clan that we might need to worry about. This is gonna hurt them. They have never dealt with this before.

Rikku: They’ll be fine. I am sure that they’ll be just fine. They have to be. Dinah’s alive and she’s got my tough girl attitude. She’ll likely be their Primary source for strength.

Aquamarine: I hope that you’re right about that, sis. I really do hope that you have a positive feeling about that. *Changing the subject a bit* There is also a possible wedding for the family too… I overheard someone the other day mention that Pearl’s Son Spencer was gonna get hitched.

Rikku: You What?! Hitched?

Aquamarine: Yeah. Someone said that Spencer Was gonna get hitched. At age 14. to someone named with the same first name as you.

Rikku: That is absurd! He can’t get married at age 14. The legal age for marriage is age 18+. Not 14. That Wedding is not gonna happen.

Aquamarine: You mean to say that you’re actually gonna stop him from being happy?

Rikku: No. It isn’t that at all… It’s just that he’s still rather young. He’s got a lot of time to decide what he really wants in life. to make something for himself. From now till he’s 18 and above… he could have a change in who he loves or wants. His aspirations and desires could change by that time… What if he falls out of love with the girl he’s wanting to wed now? It would make things only complicated for him. And not to forget the girl too. How will she hold up through the change in tastes and likes? Desires…

Aquamarine: I know how it must feel to see it that way. But his mother is comfortable with it. If she wasn’t… i think we would both be hearing of her trying to prevent it.

Rikku: She should be trying to prevent it anyway. Who’d be wanting to get married at age 14 for heaven’s sake? Marriage takes years of maturity. Financial stability. Emotional maturity. Social sophistication. A Career. A Steady and promising Job. A way to provide for the family. He doesn’t have any of those things. I would love to see him getting married. Finding a life and being eternally happy. But he’s rushing into the married scene.

Aquamarine: But that’s what he’s got family for… A family that can help him. Be there to carry his load when he can not. Till he gets a real footing in a life of his own. He can do it.

Rikku: It’s more than the type of help we got. Our Mother never helped us where we needed it. The stories she make up about us… how she was there when she wasn’t. I figured that out. Painfully. I went through all of our history. The history of our family and found nothing about what she did for us. There was nothing.

They watched as the T.V provided continuous live coverage of the Meteor shower. It was hard to believe that all that damage could be done in just one full hard hour of the Meteor shower making an impact.

Of course…

At the Metropolis Courthouse…

The District Attorney Nick Harrison soon to be Nick Rhapsody was going over some cases and as he was working… He couldn’t help but to worry over how his soon to be wife. It was only moments after the Meteor shower and even still things were in chaos. Nick looked at the phone and motioned to call his Fiance. He was worried about her and had all the reasons to be worried…

At Metropolis Radio Station…


Arnold: *Thinking* I need to form a family for myself. Terra… She was supposed to be my last chance. But you know what? No. My chance to make a family for myself has to start by finding a kid. any kid who is in need of a family. Adopt them and give them that right and gift of Love. I can’t make a kid of my own. I got no girl. No Spouse. So Adopting a child or two is my best option. I need to start getting my butt in the game. My brothers are with a family of their own. So are my cousins. Now… It’s my turn.

A Second later…

Arnold then set up a 10 tune set. Called for Drake to cover for him. He was going out for a while. His mind was thereby made up and nothing was gonna stop him. He was gonna adopt a Child or two. A Family was his plan…

At Sid’s Diner…

That evening…

The Diner was in need of some repairs, But nothing too extensive as it was luckily minor. Although was enough to cause a hindrance to provide service. Sid was not looking too perky. He was unable to get to his and Pamela’s Daughter Holly. There was no telling as to where she could have been. What Sid didn’t figure was that Pamela had gotten over to Holly within only a few minutes. Got there fast and picked her up. She was terrified but not too bad.

Arnold: *Grabbing a seat* Hey Sid.

Sid: *Seeing Arnold for the first time in days* Hey there, Arnold. What a surprise seeing you here. Taking a break from the Radio Broadcasting?

Arnold: I’m gonna be going back later. I just needed some time away. I pulled a long shift and i am tired. Plus i heard that a bunch of kids were coming here alot to hang out and socialize and… giving no trouble.

Sid: Those girls who are led by a teen girl named Margaret Trent. She’s come here enough for me to know who she is and what her gang is like. A group of them pop in from time to time.

Arnold: No kidding? I guess this place attracts even a gang of girls… You usually never allow for big crowds to pop in and just hang. Not at that grand a scale.

Sid: Maybe i loosened up a bit.

Arnold: Right. It’s good. *Seeing some glass on the floors* No damages here… but there’s glass everywhere. That could be dangerous. *Grins* I’m gonna have to say that i will pity anyone who dares walk in here barefoot.

Sid: *Sighs* You’re not the only one. The Meteor Shower made a real mess of things. The Radio or T.V broadcasts stated that the damages caused by the meteor shower tolled up to 30 million dollars.

Arnold: *Looking at the T.V replaying the broadcast* So I’ve been hearing. I have a small T.V at the station. The Radio station didn’t get hit. It was fortunate. But seeing the rest of the city. It seems as that the city didn’t really fare out so good. It got knocked around like it were a ping pong ball and or like a huge cluster of rolling pins and the Meteors were bowling balls.

Sid: Strange reference for the Meteor shower… but it’s better than nothing. I would just think of it as a complete nightmare for this city. This is my first natural disaster of cosmic proportions and it’s likely not to be my last one.

Arnold: Join the club. My whole family’s been dealing with things like this for a long time. A Long time and just when we all were to think it was over… In comes another dilemma. A New threat and calls us to respond to it. The only difference about now in this generation is that now it’s the younger ones going at it. Leaving the ones who did it 5 times before them… freaking out and panicking over the idea that the younger kids might get themselves hurt… or worse than that.

Sid: Sounds like your family’s seen it all. More than what you’d like to see in your lifetime in disasters.

Arnold:Ugh! Don’t remind me. Please. I am also with abilities. Sid, I am one of the Enforcers of Justice. A Identity that i haven’t used in nearly 14 to 15 years. *Trying to Emit some power* See this? See this here? Sid, This is water. My Element. I used to be able to make both my hands and nearly my whole body emit off water. If i were to really focus and i usually do when it comes to battling and training to get better and stronger. But i used to be able to emit alot of water.

Sid: That i didn’t realize. I had no idea you had it that rough. You’re gonna alright though, right?

Arnold: I wish that i could say. But yeah… I am sure that i will be okay. I am looking to find some kids to adopt. I just a moment ago or so…had myself something people would call an epiphany. I am getting older and have no family of my very own. The Radio station became my life and i just buried myself in it. Thinking that it would matter most. I mean… Hell, I seemed happy for my brothers. They had a family of their own. Wives and kids. But me… Nothing. I had only me, myself and the radio tower. That’s all.

Sid: Arnold, Stop tearing your will down. Don’t be putting yourself in the list of lowly feeling degenerates. You’ll find someone and get that chance to have kids. You just have to believe that it is possible. You doing what you’re doing right now… That was what i did for a while till i met Pamela. And yeah… she had a kid. Don’t really know how and it isn’t my business. She’d tell me if she wanted to. 14 years ago… she was 12 and down that time till now she changed. Alot. Got into cooking. She made a life for herself. Had a kid. raised it on her own. But all while going to school and dealing with a career. Then it comes out that she had her parents… Her parents owned some property. Giving her one of them to turn into a restaurant and with the education she got for herself… She’s the youngest owner and founder of a business. 26-27 years old and running a business. No one before her ever had that type of luck. No one. You worked for years and had the Radio station for 6 years Six good years. You can find a way to make a family. You don’t have to remain alone. Not if you don’t sire to.

Sid however didn’t think to mention that his and Pamela’s daughter was missing. or that he didn’t realize that Pamela got to their kid ahead of time before he could get there to where their daughter was. He saw that Arnold was feeling rather down as it was… Mentioning about his own strife would make him feel even more depressed…

As they were talking…

Becky A.: *Walking in with a small group of girls* Hey Sid, How’s it going tonight?

Sid: *Looking at the girls* How do you think it’s going, girls? There is glass everywhere and i got a cleaning crew trying to clean off all the seats and tables. The floors. The only part of the Diner that isn’t scathed is the counter and seats at the counter. The new glass and windows won’t be here for about a week.

Arnold: Ouch. How will you keep this place protected till then?

Sid: A couple of patrolmen are stationed to watch over the place at night while it’s closed.

Arnold: Hmm… Hope they can keep this place protected then. With there being no windows on the place here… anyone could pop on in and ravage the place and no one would think different.

Laura D.: *Looking around* Not many people in here tonight.

Sid: It’s gonna be a rather slow night tonight as there’s people still being barred from the City till the Military’s done running assessments of the damages and figured the total of people who got wasted in the meteor shower. As far as it seems… 2 familiar people got nailed. Martin Marco. The guy that this City hated alot as he was believed to be a real scummy jerk. However his wife who is likely a widow now… tried to keep him in his place. It didn’t work much. Unless she really got on him about his attitude and way towards treating others unkindly. I met him a couple times and immediately i saw why people disliked him.

Becky: He must have had a lot of anger in his heart.

Sid: I wouldn’t know about that. But he was most definitely rude and very uncivil.

Veronica H.: The Meteor shower literally ruined a lot of the city. But it doesn’t seem to phase you much. You sure don’t get rattled much, do you?

Sid: Rattled? You don’t think that i got rattled by the Meteor Shower? I would be sorry to disappoint on that. But i am rattled. The only thing keeping me from showing it is the talking and company. Taking my mind off of the chaos that hit the city. But if anyone should be most rattled… it’s clearly got to be you girls. You are younger and are apt to be more sensible to seeing huge disasters impacting the city. Populated areas.

Laura: Well… It’s true. We should be. But we’re not.

Sid: Must be strong willed young girls.

Veronica: Maybe.

Jenna L.: Is everything okay?

Sid: Everything is as okay as it will get. I am surprised that you girls would be out during this time… It’s not exactly safe out you know.

Arnold: *Looking at the girls* What are you girls like anyway? Where are you girls staying?

Danielle W.: At the Beach. It’s mainly our home but somewhere on the beach there’s a place that we girls just reside. Where it’s insulated and roomy. It’s not the best of places… but it’s what we see as home. Margaret found that place and made it like a home for us all. A place for refuge.

Arnold: I don’t understand…You girls are on the streets. With no place to go? No real place to live?

Danielle: *Unable to hide the fact* Uh-uh.

Arnold: I think that i am gonna start getting weepy. Why would you girls be so into living on the streets? What exactly is your story where you bright girls would just stick to the streets. With no home cooked meals? No warm bed. With only the clothes that happen to be upon your backs and nothing else?

Nicki P.: We can’t really say. You should come with us and meet Margaret. She knows all our tales. All our stories. She could fill you in on all of it.

Arnold: Really?

Laura: *Perky* Yeah. Really, Arnold. It’s true. She knows. She’s also the keeper of all the files on us. Medical records… School records. Birth certificates too… Well… the last one… she had to pull some strings or something to get. She never would tell us what she had to do to get the records. Maybe it was to spare us of things that we wouldn’t want to know. To spare our feelings because when she found each of us… we were all lost. Abandoned and cold. Some of us had worse things happen to us.

Veronica: Worse things that we would wish to never ever speak of.

Arnold: No. I’d never ask to be told of that. Not unless it was willingly. I am sure that you’d all have reasons as to why you wouldn’t wish to speak of the worse things that must have happened to you.

Candice J.: *Smiles* …

Arnold: It’s getting rather cold out. Before we go over to meet this Leader of yours… Anyone care for something to drink?

Becky: *Feeling touched* Uh… oh…okay.

Laura: Sure.

Veronica: You’re actually gonna order us something? *Surprised*

Arnold: Why not? *Laying out a 20* Sid, set up 7 medium cups of hot cocoa’s. It’s on me.


A Moment later…

At the Metropolis Beach…

Margaret: *Looking to the girls back and with an adult with them* Becky, Laura… You two are finally back. I’ve been wondering when you girls were gonna be back. You girls had me worried terribly as since the city’s not all that safe at the moment… and it might take a few days up to a week before it gets back to normal again somewhat. Anything could have happened to you. We just got back here an hour ago. from helping the fighters and their family out. It took a little time to reassure them that things would be better again before long.

Jenna L.: Did it work?

Margaret: It did. But… we might have to say farewell to a member of the gang here.

Nicki: *Gasps* Huh? Who?

Margaret: Hallie Tanner. She’s gonna be adopted into the Rhapsody Clan starting the day after tomorrow. It was a set agreement between Kasey and Hallie. Kasey’s gonna be a permanent part of their family. Helping them. as an addition to Hallie being the new daughter of Alvin and Alice Rhapsody.

Candice: Really?!

Becky: Oh my god… that’s so cool. Hallie has to be really happy about that.

Margaret: She is. I’m not. Not really. Only because i’m gonna miss those two alot. Kasey’s been the one handling the Health parts of our gang. She knows what to do in that aspect. Not me. *Sighs* But… I guess that it was gonna happen sometime. The girls being taken in and given a new family.

Laura: Will we get to ever see them again?

Margaret: I am sure that we will. However… there is no chance that they’ll be sticking close to us much.

Arnold: *Stepping forward* Times do change.

Margaret: *Nods* You’re right. *Looking to see Arnold standing close* … *Gasps* A-A-A-A-Arnold Rhapsody. What on earth are you doing here? How come you’re not at the radio station? Is everything okay?

Arnold: Well… Yes and no. However… these girls here tell me that you and the gang live here. That you have all their records and raise them here. On the Beach. on the streets. That’s where i see a problem. I mean… i kinda get why. You started the gang as these girls have told me. You began the gang and along the way… rescued girls who were abandoned. abused. Disowned. Runaways and those who were possibly targeted by sick minded people.

Margaret: That’s true. I have. I founded this gang. Kasey Lancaster and Jan Burns are also Leaders of the gang in aspect of their respected fields. Picking up the pace where i can’t. But when it came to leading the gang in entirety… It was up to me with doing it. I started the whole gang at age 8. I wanted to better the lives of these girls. Girls are constant targets of sick people. Pedophiles and sex offenders would be after them if it weren’t for me. Where these girls are originally from… there were a few bad elements. Not deeply bad ones… but ones that were rather unsafe. Some of these girls were abused or Abandoned. Like Hallie Tanner for example. Kasey Lancaster found her. Found her under a doorstep. She was alone and abandoned by her father. Her father wanted nothing to do with her. Disowned her. She’s got or had no other family that would take her. At age 7 Kasey had to do some side jobs… Like mowing lawns and walking people’s dogs to raise some money to care for her. If she didn’t find her when she did… Hallie would have been dead. Her own father left her to die. Hallie was abandoned and left to die by her Biological parents. They didn’t love her. To them… She was a mistake. Kasey didn’t see it that way. She raised Hallie and no matter how hard it got… she didn’t give up. She loved Hallie. Loves her like a sister. A Daughter. Kasey’s like a Mother figure to her as she found her under a doorstep abandoned. She was 2 when Kasey found her and Kasey was 6 when she found Hallie. Kasey had to take care of her as no one else would. No one wanted her. Kasey was feeling really heartbroken over seeing her being so alone. Kasey raised her. As did the others. We all did. We girls all helped where we could. Kasey did most of all. Then there’s Krissy Caine. She’s another member of the gang. Her parents were Drew and Cherry Caine. They were both in the modeling agency in Seattle, Washington. They were always gone at work. Never paying the least bit of attention to Her. They didn’t even care about whether she ate. or if she was okay. When she was 5 years old… they wanted to make up to her for not being there… So she had thought. They took her to the carnival… a place that they heard was being held in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. She had alot of fun… only to by time the day ended… it was time to go back home to Seattle and it was gonna be a 5 day trip back. But she was told to stay there and they’d be back in a few minutes as they were gonna get some snacks for the road back. She waited. Waited and Waited… An hour later… She went to go and find them. She went to go find them and instead… She found her stuff there… with a note. A Note. Disowning her. They left her there… To Die. Krissy was Abandoned. She was left alone. By her own parents. Her biological parents didn’t even love her.

Arnold: That’s terrible. *Feeling bad* Is she okay though?

Margaret: Yeah. She’s alright. She however joins up with Diamond. She smokes. Diamond does. Krissy has now begun doing it. Done it since mid last month sometime.

Arnold: We’ll have the girls here come with us. You and I can talk over things with some Ice cream. I got a lot of time still before i should return to the Radio station. I am the founder of MRHAP after all. So i think that i can get a sliding away with some extra time if i needed to. I got someone working the station. It’s good to go.

Margaret: Sounds like a good idea. We should talk. Let me go and let Jan know though. Have her be put in charge till i come back. I think that she’d be dying for some experience in being a Leader. A Head Leader to be exact.


While they were out and spoke…

News broke out of a few more deaths reported to be assessed due to the Meteor shower. There was more deaths to be assessed as the Military was still at the City park going through everything. There was no end to the devastation at that point and there was likely little to no chance in there ever being a break. But through it all… Arnold was about to find himself the opening for being with that chance to adopt a few kids. He wanted 4 of them and he knew which ones he wanted. He didn’t really quite know how to explain it but he looked at the 4 he wanted to adopt and when he saw the girls, Jenna Lands, Candice Jones, Nicki Pines and Danielle Williams… He saw a little of himself in them. Innocent. full of freedom. No hard responsibility. How he was when his brothers and he were that age. How simpler things managed to be.

There was also news of the Meteor shower bringing with it strange green rocks. However no one realized it. There was no outbreak of Meteor rock sightings…

It Took two hours for Arnold and Margaret Trent… the leader and founder of the Bikini Girls Gang to talk things over and one of the things that were mentioned was that Arnold stepped up to sponsor The Bikini Girls Gang. He was also gonna work at finding them a better suited place to reside upon the beach. He knew that he’d have to pull some big strings and make some shady minor promises to a few side companies. Although he was gonna see that the girls received a more solid leg up. He set up a date where he was gonna be free and with a whole day off. So he could make that call to Adopt the 4 girls. However… Margaret believed that it’d be a swell idea to offer up Brenda Giovanni as another adoption. Arnold grinned at the idea and agreed…

Before he left…

Arnold: *Hugging Margaret* You’re doing a wonderful Job caring for the girls. They’re loved by you. You’re like a mother to them. I give you my word. I will see to it that things start looking up for your gang. I’ll bust myself to see it become real. I Swear on it… You and your girls will not be left out.

Margaret: *Whispers a motion of gratitude* Thank you. You have no idea how much it’d mean to the girls. They’re gonna be so pleased. As will I.

A week later…

Copyright by me…

The city looked still ever so threatening…

At the Adoption center…

Arnold: *With the adoption papers and all the medical files on the 5 girls he had with him* Excuse me. *At the front desk* Yes. I’d like to adopt these 5 girls.

Mrs. Drewson: *Walking over to greet Arnold* You must be Mr. Rhapsody. It’s nice to be meeting you. Linda Drewson.

Arnold: And the opportunity is all mine I’m sure. Are you the one that handles the Adoptions?

Mrs. Drewson: Yes. I am. Or one of the ones that do. there are five agents here that handle Adoptions. I am one of the 5. *Looking to see 5 girls standing nearby Arnold* How can i help you today, dear?

Arnold: I would like to adopt these 5 girls. I have their medical records. The files with their SSN. and their education transcripts. All the needed papers.

Mrs. Drewson: *Curious* Not that i am questioning this… I find it really heartfelt that you’re wanting to give these kids a loving home. But… I just have to ask. Curiously, of course. Where did you get these files?

Arnold: I got them from the leader of a gang of girls. They happen to call themselves the Bikini Girls Gang. Margaret Trent. She and the girls came to find my family. My Nieces and Nephews during the Meteor shower and saw that i was looking to start a family of my own even though i am single.

Mrs. Drewson: A Child needs both a mother and a father.

Arnold: I know. But i am willing to be both for them for the time being till i do find myself someone to be… A wife to me… and a mother to them. However… I Run a Radio Station. I know that it’s not a common place for raising a family. But… I assure that there will never be any less supply of love and care.

Mrs. Drewson: A heartfelt and sincere statement. I guess that i can’t say there will be any problems. Let’s have you fill out some forms and make it official. You do work at a Radio station, right? It’s a bit too demanding of a Job. Will you be able to balance the parenting with the running of the Radio station?

Arnold: Trust me… there will never be a problem towards that. I will raise the girls to become self-efficient. Making sure that they have everything that they need. Lots of love. Lots of care and plenty of attention. The girls will never be made to feel alone or unloved. I will not allow for that to happen. Not ever. Their biological parents might have made them feel like that. And with the Bikini Girls… they happened to feel secure and safe because they were with other girls who had gone through bad things or had things happen to them. Had peers to relate to and with. But with me… i will protect them. I’ll be there for them. I don’t care if it’s the butt crack of dawn or the middle of the night. I don’t care if i happen to be dead tired. They will come first.

Mrs. Drewson: Heartfelt.

A Moment later…

Arnold: *Looking at the girls* Guess what girls… You’re now members of the Rhapsody family. You have a new family and new home. I’m Officially your father. Who wants to hug their old man first?

It was minutes later when they finally left from the Agency. It was a wonderful end to a disastrous day. The Meteor shower came and hit hard. But much of the city still ran strong and didn’t shut down.

On the way to the Radio station…

Brenda: So… You’re now our father, huh? Cool. You’re a real honest hard working man. You are also loving too. Margaret Must have really liked the things you were telling her. Sponsoring the gang. That’s got to be a devoted gesture.

Arnold: Well… I did mean it. I will find a way and make it happen. I’ll settle for nothing less.

Candice: What’s it like to run the Radio Station all day and all night?

Danielle: It must be lots of work.

Arnold: Well… Yeah. it can be. But the rewards are worth it. I mean… it does get stressful and sometimes it can be a pain. But it’s no different than any other job you see out there in the world. The Job i have gave me connections to places that helped me get where i am now. I am good at what i do.

Nicki: Does it pay you?

Arnold: *Scoffs* Are you kidding? Of course. The Radio Station gets endorsed with funds for upgrades and for new Equipment every year. I however have the leverage to swag some funds to the side. Which will be for you girls. I can do it.

Jenna: You’re not gonna get in trouble for that… are you?

Arnold: Not a chance.

Candice: *Looking at the smoldering trails of smoke billowing up into the air*

Danielle: That Meteor shower left a lot of damage. Will the City be able to get back up on its feet again?

Nicki: It should be able to get back on its feet again. There shouldn’t any trouble. This city is strong.

Jenna: Not strong enough. I don’t think that this city will be stable again. *Looking ahead* Look at all the damage done by the Meteor Shower. There’s a row of buildings over there… ahead of us… They look really bad.

Danielle: *Looking ahead* Oh man… the meteor shower really did a # on the city. *Shaking her head* Dad, do you think that the city will make it?

Arnold: I don’t know, Danielle. I can’t say. I wish i could say though. But the City did take a major thrashing.


Alvin: *Running over from the other side of the street* Hey, Brother. What’s going on with you? I’ve been trying to call you for the last hour and a half.

Arnold: *Looking to Alvin* Oh… did you now? Sorry. I must have had it on Vibrate or something. I just got done Adopting 5 kids.

Alvin: Who?

Arnold: You’re looking at the 5 girls now. They are now my daughters.

Alvin: What?! Since when?

Arnold: A Moment ago.

Alvin: You’re now a father. A Parent.

Arnold: Of course i am. I actually wanted to adopt for a while now. Wanted to since earlier this year. January 2nd. It was since then that i wished to adopt.

Alvin: Those 5 girls are familiar though…

Jenna: We are familiar, Uncle Alvin. We’re originally from the Bikini Girls Gang. Which we’re still a part of… but we 5 girls are gonna be dialing it down on that and be Rhapsody Clansmen. It’s for the best. We surely can’t be both Bikini Girls and Clansmen at the same time. It’s just not possible. No matter how well we figure it out.

Brenda: And You’re Lucky, Uncle Alvin. You got our friend Hallie Tanner who’s now Hallie Rhapsody. Plus you got Kasey Lancaster. She’s gonna be close to you.

Alvin: That i realized.

Arnold: What’s going on, Alvin?

Alvin: One of our old friends was found dead.

Arnold: Who?

Alvin: Ted Callahan. He was killed in the Meteor Shower. As well as Regina Starling. And Martin Marco.

Arnold: So Martin Marco was killed. One less dirtbag in the world. He wasn’t a nice person. He was mean and disrespectful. Uncivil. You forget what he did to Luna 14-15 years ago?

Alvin: I didn’t forget. But it is a sad loss nonetheless.

Arnold: Excuse me while i dish up some croc tears for the bastard. I mean… come on, He was an ass. He was trying to control Luna. Tell her who she could be with. Who she could help. Where, When and how. She was helping Zeke. At first we didn’t really seem to like him too much but understood him and felt sorry for him. However… we grew to like him and we accepted him. More than we would for Martin. Martin had done nothing but batter Zeke and Zeke did nothing to make Martin hate him so. Martin hated Zeke because Zeke got near Luna. Martin saw Luna as property. not a person. Which caused Luna to pull away from him from the get go.

Brenda: So that’s the real story behind Luna and Zeke… and Martin. *In Shock* We never even caught about that part of the story. What about the part where Luna took up a habit for a time?

Alvin: I remember that time. I lectured her on it. i really got on her and it managed to shake her.

Alice: *Walking over from the other side* Hey Alvin, I have been trying to reach you for the last half hour.

Alvin: *Looking at his Wife* Hey dear. What’s up? Anything wrong?

Alice: No. Nothing is wrong. But the fact that we now have two extra kids. One being a Teen Bikini girl and a young one. They’re a handful. I’m just trying to catch up with them. Kasey’s got a wise hook on health coming from her. She’s also made a list of healthy snacks and meals to make. Hallie… She is hanging with Sora and Carly. The three of them are playing a board game with each other. Scrabble. But… where to set them. I don’t know. We need to find a bigger house for us. We don’t have any spare rooms.

Alvin: We can give them the loft. It’s not a room but it’s got room for two beds. A night stand. A dresser. 2 of them. A small walk in closet. Kasey is looking for side innocent jobs. or is thinking of looking just so she can buy some things for Hallie. Even though Hallie is our daughter as is Kasey. Hallie is more susceptible to Kasey only because Kasey raised her and gave off everything to see that Hallie was cared for.

Jenna: Don’t forget us. We all helped where we could with Hallie.

Nicki: She’s been considered as the love child of the gang. Everyone loved her. She even wanted to help us when we were seeking on lending a hand to uncover the dark deeds of the Unholy trinity. When Janie, Alex and Charlene were trying to expose that group. She wanted to help. But Kasey wouldn’t allow it. She was scared that Hallie would get hurt bad by it. It was understood. But Hallie still wished to help.

Arnold: She’s gonna be a spirited young girl. Brother, You might want to keep a close eye on her. She’s gonna be really active and wanting to take on the whole world.

Alvin: *Chuckles* Yeah… I know. Say… What’re you guys up to?

Arnold: Not much. We were just heading over to the Radio station. I was gonna show them their new home. Why?

Alvin: We were kinda on our way to Lunch and then to visit Our father a little bit. We haven’t heard from him in awhile.

Arnold: You’re right. He usually would call. You don’t suppose that something’s happened to him. Do you?

Alvin: No. Not a chance. Not him. No.

Arnold: *Looking at the girls* So, Girls… What do you say? Lunch with your Uncle Alvin and Aunt Alice then go see Grandpa John. Or Radio Station and Pizza with just the rest of the day to kick back and hang at the station?

Brenda: The Lunch.

Candice: The Lunch.

Danielle: The Lunch.

Jenna: The Lunch.

Nicki: The Lunch.

Arnold: Okay. The Lunch it shall be. Plus while you girls talk. It’ll give the adults here time to catch up on some things.

As for the girls at Dinah’s and Shingo’s house…

Sapphire: School is still out. And i am really popular at school. I’m literally drowning in it.

Raven: What did you expect, Sapphire? You’re a popular person in school. At least now. Because of the status. But… also because you’re you.

Serena: Right.

Kimahri: *Walking into the Room* Sapphire, Raven, Serena… Tess call on Video screen. She is requesting to see you 3. Says it Important.

Serena: Really? Is it something that can’t wait?

Kimahri: This can’t wait. Kimahri has suspicion that this be very important.

Raven: *Hearing Buzzing sounding off* Hold that thought there, Kimahri. Looks like we got a call coming in and its…

Sapphire: Watchtower.

Tess: *On Screen* Thunderic Force Z! There’s trouble. There are several threats coming. And it leads to more disaster. Some will be normal… But others will be intergalactic. Or Supernatural… Come to Watchtower. Details will follow when you get here.

Annie: *On Side Screen* Stop dragging the feet. The duty of superhero work… calls.

Amy: *On Screen* Come on guys. Let’s get with it.

Rikku: Lusa uh. Kad ouincamjac cad du rayt du dra Fydlrdufan. Fraamc ib eh 20. Hu cdnykkmehk.(Come on. Get yourselves set to head to the Watchtower. Wheels up in 20. No straggling.)

It was that time again. The New Generation was thus officially put into the roster. They were set to be activated and the Originals in reserve. The Meteor Shower had come and destroyed or caused a huge amount of mayhem. But through it all… there was a glimmer of hope and a winding course of change. New Changes were to be among them all. Rikku and Spencer were gonna be soon wed in the very near future. The New Generation in the swing and having to balance normal life and Superhero life on one platter. One surface. If their accidental time in Spira… Going through a forced introduction of the superpowered Destiny and then coming back to go against Darkseid was their first bout of a role of destiny and fate… There was more to come. Much more and likely towards more Adoptions… more life changes and challenges. Mysteries and Threats. Dangers to come. Plus with O’aka the 23rd Merchant Extraordinaire and Kimahri now to be in Metropolis. In their reality. forever… What else were they soon to expect? Find out in the Next Chapter of the Adventures of the Rhapsody Girls Z! as the Saga continues…

Rikku: *Voice-Over* Hey there, Metropolis. Rikku The Al-Bhed girl here. I’m here in Metropolis and so is my brother and my father Cid. Plus there are also two extra additions from Spira. To stay here in Metropolis. I guess this is home for me. Cool huh? Next time on the Adventures of the Rhapsody Girls Z! I get Hitched to Spencer Rhapsody and it’s like a real dream come true. But i think that there are some who might find it a little strange for 2 14 year olds getting hitched. Wed. Although… this is Love we are talking about here… How can that be so wrong? The thing is though that it’s while the City of Metropolis is in process of trying to pick up the pieces again after enduring a massive Meteor Shower. During the Meteor Shower there were a # of people killed. the toll has lifted to 40 people. Some were old allies and people that the clan knew. Oh no… Then there was the fact that the Clan had to get back to reconnecting with the world that moved on without them. The Clan had to get back on the level with the city again. It was not gonna be easy for them… or was it? Oh… and get this… The Bikini Girls become permanent allies to the clan. The new gang of allies and supporters. Things were looking up for the girls as they find themselves sponsored by MRHAP Metropolis. Arnold Rhapsody Sponsors the Bikini Girls sticking true to his word. Sticking true to what he swore. Changes were coming. Plus The new Generation reflect on the new threats that were said to soon make impact. Wow! All these Changes are enough to make an Al-Bhed faint with anticipation. How will they be able to keep up? Changes and the step to the next phase… in Chapter 179: Metropolis Kansas Picking up the pieces… The Normality returns to the Clan.


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