Chapter 175: Enter into Sin and Journey onwards within…

Ship dives into Sin’s open mouth. Guardians on deck witness surreal voyage into something vaguely Farplane-like, which includes glimpse of cackling Seymour.

Sailor Zoey: *Bawling into a ball; terrified* Oh god… Oh no. Seymour’s there. He’s somewhere within Sin and that only means…

Sailor June: It means that he’s gonna be near and we’re gonna have no other option but to face him. We’re gonna come across him.

Thunderic Wonder: Oh… *Disgusted and in disbelief* You’ve got to be kidding us. We are gonna have to go against Seymour… a 4th time?

Sir Love: Is it just us… or does Seymour not know the absolute meanings of the Words Die and go to hell?

Paige: *From inside* Clint, Watch your language.

Dancing Heartthrob: This is bad… This is really bad.

Blossom: *Looking at Zoey and then at Sora and Carly* What’ll we do?

Sora: *Scoffs* What’ll we do? What’ll we do? What can we do? There is nothing we can do about Seymour.

Carly: Seymour will never die… He’s near somewhere. That glimpse of Seymour’s face and his cackling… that doesn’t just come out for nothing. He’s still alive and there is obviously no way for Seymour to be taken out of the picture. We beat him… he only comes back… meaner and tougher. Stronger too.

Paul: So… you mean to tell us that Seymour can’t be defeated and sent off to the Farplane?

Sora: In Lamen terms… Yes. That is what we’re saying.

Miss Thunder: I don’t think that we have much choice. We have no option now… Either we go on ahead Seymour being up ahead or not and face the end of the trail and end all this destruction… or we cower and watch as this whole thing repeats itself all over again.

Frosty Ice Bubble: *Standing Next to Rikku* Rikku, You alright?

Rikku: Yeah. I guess. Just a little shaken from that glimpse of Maester Seymour. The Unsent.

Frosty Ice Bubble: I know. That shocking brief sighting wasn’t a very touching present for any of us. If it makes you feel any better. I’m a little shaken over it myself.

Rikku: It doesn’t really make it better. But thanks. At least i’m not the only one who is shaken from the frightening apparition of Sin.

Black Canary: How far in do we need to go?

Wakka: Not too much further, ya.

Auron: We’re almost at the drop off point…

The Airship drives onwards and heads to the drop off point within Sin…


In the Alternate Reality…

Across the street from Sid’s Diner…

Janie: *Looking at Alex and Charlene* You guys think that Sid will love this?

Alex: I am sure that he will… He is in need of a nice gift.

Charlene: Something that will be sweet. *Holding the present for Sid in her hands*

Janie: Christmas is really exciting. Especially since this happens to be our first one out of that Orphanage.

Alex: Happy thing about it is that the two dark people Granny Goodness and Desaad don’t come out in this weather. Plus… they can’t stand Christmas.

Charlene: *Sarcastically* Oh yeah… Christmas happens to be so beneath them that they couldn’t possibly be all for the Christmas Spirit.

Janie: Right. *Looking to the side and seeing their friends* Hey… There’s Kirsten, Cassie, and Piper. What do you suppose they’re doing out here on a night like this?

Alex: Don’t know. *Shrugs* Maybe they’re with the same idea as us.

Charlene: Maybe.

Janie, Alex and Charlene walk across the street and on their way towards Sid’s Diner.

A Minute later…

Sid’s Diner…

Sid: *Sighs*… *Thinking to himself* What am i gonna do? Pamela’s not back yet. It’s almost Christmas and i got nothing for her. What do i do? *Looking at a picture of his wife on the wall* Pamela… Why aren’t you back yet? If only you knew how much i miss you?

The door opens and the bell on top of the door chimes a little…

Janie: *Walking in* Hey Sid.

Alex: Cold night out tonight. It’s also snowing outside too…

Charlene: It’s really cheery.

Sid: *Looking up at the girls* Evening girls.

Janie: *Looking to see something wrong with Sid* What’s wrong, Sid? You look like you’ve been depressed about something.

Alex: You okay?

Sid: *Nods and grinning a bit* Yeah. I’m just missing my wife is all…

Charlene: Your wife?

Sid: Yeah. You probably don’t know her or never met her. But … *Motioning for the girls to look at the picture hanging on the wall* See that woman in the picture?

Janie: *Looking to the side and spotting the picture* Whoa! Who’s that?

Alex: *Catching sight of the picture* That’s a good picture. Who is it?

Charlene: A Chef. A Woman Chef.

Kirsten: *Coming in with Cassie and Piper* Wow! It’s cold out there.

Cassie: Cold in here too…

Piper: Merry Christmas, Sid.

Sid: *Looking at the 3 girls from the beach* It’s a few days early for Christmas. But… Merry Christmas to you girls too. *Looking at the time* It’s almost time for the night time crew to come in. Sorry about the heater not being on. It’s kinda a bit of a depressing night for me.

Kirsten: It is? How come?

Charlene: It’s likely something that concerns the nice lady that is in that picture on the wall. His wife.

Cassie: Wait… I think we know who you’re talking about. that looks like the lady who runs the restaurant that is only a couple or so blocks the other direction. Reedy “La Paradisimo” That’s Pamela Reedy.

Piper: Yeah… That is her… isn’t it? We’ve seen her a few weeks ago. I think that it was the day before Thanksgiving. She was walking by the beach and looking… Happy. But almost as if she was missing someone. We didn’t get a chance to speak to her. But we heard her speak to herself… She sounded as though she was missing her friend.

Kirsten: Yeah. Someone named Luna.

Cassie: Luna?! *Gasps and shocked* Luna Tina Rhapsody’s her friend?

Kirsten: Yeah. Cassie, She’s Pamela’s friend. Why… Didn’t you know?

Piper: I didn’t know. But now i do. It’s just a surprise hearing that Luna and Pamela are friends.

Kirsten: Yeah. They are… They’re friends. Were since middle school. As well as Ted Callahan, Penelope Walden. Beth Timberland. Jake Powell. Jennifer Bakeman. June Mitchell as well… They were all friends. Karen Copeland too. They were really close friends. Inseparable.

Janie: That… That right there, we didn’t even know. But… when it’s coming from you guys… It’s good to know that there are those who are so into our family where if there is something we don’t know… we can ask you guys. We’re new. We’ve only been members of the family for about maybe 3 weeks. no more than that.

Alex: We met Zoey Creek 2-3 days after being adopted and were official members of the family.

Charlene: This is our first Christmas as Rhapsodies. The first of many.

Kirsten: *Smiles* That’s sweet.

Sid: *Seeing the girls shivering* You girls are shivering like feeble leaves… I’m gonna get you girls a round of hot Cocoa. To warm you up a bit.

Kirsten: Thank you, Sid. That’d be nice.

Piper: Could i have mini marshmallows in mines?

Charlene: Mines too. I have a fixation for those Mini Marshmallows.

Sid: I got the mini Marshmallows. *Looking at the girls and writing down the order* So that’s 6 Hot Cocoas. 2 with Mini Marshmallows. 4 with just the Hot Cocoa as it is. I’ll be right back with the order.

Janie: *Nods*

A Moment later…

Sid: *Handing the Hot Cocoas to the girls* It’s gonna be snowing with a larger burst of snow during the night. You girls might want to head on back home where it’s warmer.


A young girl Walks out from the side room…

Girl: Dad, what’s going on? Are we supposed to expect another Snow storm?

Sid: *Turning to see his daughter down from the office* Holly, What’re you doing down from the office? You’re not feeling too good and are sick. You were hacking and coughing this morning with the flu. I couldn’t leave you at home. There was no one there at the house. You need to get back up there. You okay?

Holly: Dad, I’m fine. Just cold. And a little bit worried.

Sid: Worried? Why are you worried? What’s to worry? What?… Is it because of the predicted snow storm that is said to be coming sometime during the night tonight?

Holly: Yes. It’s because of that. How are we to get home in this. Our home is on the far end of Metropolis here and it’s on the other side of the Residential district.

Sid: Holly, Our house is not far from your mother’s friend Luna’s house.

Holly: Oh yeah. *Shivering* I’m just so cold though. I’m really cold.

Sid: It’s gonna be okay, Holly. Sweetheart. Go on back upstairs and get covered up. We’ll go home in a little bit. I promise. It’s gonna be okay.

Holly: Okay… *Heading back up the stairs*

Alex: Who was that?

Charlene: We never seen her here before.

Janie: She looked kinda cute though.

Sid: That was Holly. She’s my Daughter.

Kirsten: She looked really nice.

Cassie: She would make a cool Bikini Girl.

Piper: Yeah.

Sid: No… No Bikini Girl. I don’t want her in that. She’s too young and I really don’t think that her mother would be happy knowing that mines and her daughter Holly turned into a Bikini girl. Besides… I don’t make any big changes with Holly without my wife’s consent. Besides… My wife doesn’t know about you girls yet. What you’re like. So… For now… No. Not till my wife got to get a chance to… meet some of you. and get to know you… a little. I know how my wife gets. Believe me. You do not want to cross her and get on her bad side. Trust me. it’s best to just heed the subtle warning. Just for now.

Kirsten: We’ll speak with our Leader Margaret. She’s very good at finding ones who’d look really amazing. Sweet and even Cute. Beautiful too.

Janie: *Drinking her Hot Cocoa* Kirsten. I am with you on getting Holly to become a Bikini Girl. They’re really cool and are just so together… but if Sid is not wishing to go against the decisions of Mrs. Reedy and just go with Holly being a Bikini Girl. We’ve got to respect that. Sid’s being a concerned father. He wants to protect his daughter. That’s a Parent’s right.

Kirsten: *Backing down* I wish i could believe that. My father left my mother and my mom… My Biological mother rather blamed me for that. It was just the other year when that happened. I ran away and never went back. My mom was a Prostitute. I don’t like talking about it because it is deeply hurtful. I feel sick thinking of it. My father was a DJ for the previous town i lived in. Illinois. Chicago, Illinois. I was only 7 when it happened. My father came home one day and caught my mother having an affair with another man. He watched and felt his heart break. He even thought about saying something but couldn’t due to being so broken. All he said or did was pack his things the next day after it happened and left a note saying that he was leaving and filing for a Divorce. He didn’t even tell me about it. He wanted nothing to do with me. Figuring that i may have one day thought about being just like my mom. My mom looked at the Note and just only sneered at me. She blamed me for losing dad. Told me that it was all my fault. I felt hurt over that and just days later… Ran away. I never looked back. When i got to Metropolis… I was alone. I had no place to go and i was staying in secret little spots to sleep at night. Living off the streets and hoping to find something to eat. Every day. But it was a few days later from that when Margaret found me. She must have been 14 years old then… Maybe 13.  She came and found me scrounging for food and just walked over to me… Took me in with the Bikini Girls. Gave me a Bikini and welcomed me. Promised me a better hopeful life. Which… it has been.

Charlene: *Feeling bad* That’s so sad, Kirsten. You should become like a cousin. or a Sister to us… To give you a better family. Better than the biological parents that you were brought into… till running away.

Kirsten: No. Charlene… It’s okay. I don’t mind it… I’m better being a Bikini Girl. I know it’s not like a real solid family. But… It’s all i know. Margaret kept me from starving and dying. Plus… Shingo is with a full deck. Taking care of you 3 and also the other 3 that are there too… Hikaru, Sakura and Sora. Having to take care of me on top of that… It’d just stress him out and would hurt you 3. I wouldn’t want to be the cause of that.

Alex: *Feeling sad for Kirsten* …

A Minute or so later…

Janie: Sid. We have a present for you…

Alex: Yeah.

Charlene: It’s something you’ll like alot.

Janie: The last couple times we were here… we noticed that you were thinking about getting some new hats and a new Watch. We noticed that you were adjusting it every hour. So… we got you a new Watch… Brand new. It’s the strap on one that adjusts to the wearer’s level of comfort. Plus a set of hats. 5 hats. One looks like a captain’s hat. But it would only be truly doable as you’re the head… the owner of the Diner. and run it like a ship.

Charlene: We actually pictured you wearing it. You looked really really alluring and snazzy wearing the hat. It made you look ready to lead an army of workers.

Kirsten: And we girls got you this for Christmas. *Showing Sid a Disco style Wig* A Disco Dancer’s Wig. We saw something in here that looked like a symbol of the Disco Era. It got us thinking that you loved Disco and probably loved to move to the beat of the Disco tunes when they manage to play on the Jukebox and when there was hardly anyone around watching.

Piper: We actually thought that it was funny and very unique. But we didn’t want to embarrass you. It wasn’t right to bring it out and it come to embarrass you. However… we did notice it. We think that you should always be who you feel to being.

Sid: *Smiles and Touched* That’s really nice, girls. Really. But the Disco is usually not me. It’s more for my wife. But you know what… Maybe by the beginning of the new year… i’ll wear it. Make the day kinda festive and make it Disco day and serve Disco Era Specials.

Janie: That’d be actually pretty new.

Piper: Uh-huh.


At the Seedy Club Desaad…

Desaad: *Watching over the 3rd possible member of the Unholy Trinity* This guy shows Promise. The Dark Lord will make great use of him.

At Zeke’s Marmalade Cornerstone Pub…

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Warren: *Running the Bar* Nikolai, We need Heinz and Gabe for this stuff. We can’t do this anymore. They know how to handle the beverage dispenser. *Sighs* Where are they anyway?

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Nikolai: With Zeke and his family. Apparently something was going on within the family that he had to take care of and he wouldn’t say.

Warren: Probably because he didn’t think we’d want to know… or because he was running short on time and didn’t have time to stop and explain.

Nikolai: It’s likely that. But where ever he is… I sure hope that he’s alright. Heinz and Gabe better be keeping him in safety.

Warren: They are… Although… Wherever it is that they are… it’ll be lucky for them to not be torn to shreds.

Nikolai: *Curious* Why’s that?

Warren: Oh… well uh, for one thing… they’re in another reality. A different dimension.

Nikolai: What? What do you mean that they’re in another dimension?

Warren: Good thing i’m quite sharp with computers and researching. Plus a little bit of hacking. *Walking over to find a computer and getting on* This is something you’re gonna need to see for yourself. See it with your own eyes in order to believe it.

A Moment later…

Nikolai: Okay… Alright. So, Uh… let me get this all straight. You’re telling me that Zeke… Heinz… and Gabe are in a different dimension. Inside of a RPG Video game. And are stuck there till the mess that is taking effect over there… is done? Is that what you’re trying to tell me?

Warren: Yeah. I know how much of a disbeliever of the supernatural you are… but this is something you can not blow off. This is real. As real as it gets. There is no other way to put this all without it sounding so out there… but you saw for yourself. You saw it with your own eyes. This is no joke.

Nikolai: Okay… okay. You win. I give. There is something to this supernatural business after all…

Warren: Come on. Let’s go ahead and get on back to work. We got to help keep this place a running for Zeke and the others. He’s gonna need all the help he can get with this. With us two being the only ones… We’re gonna be working overtime.

Nikolai: Right. *Walking over to tend to the customers*

In the Alternative Reality…

In Spira; Inside Sin…

Sin- Sea of Sorrow…

Tidus: Dad! Where are you?

Auron: We must go to him.

Paul: We’ve got to go and head up to where Jecht is. Well… that’s a detail we should have been told.

Tidus: Then we will! Let me take front!

Yuna: Good luck.

Tidus: Follow me!

Thunder Star: I guess that we follow good ole’ Boy wonder here.

Thunderic Wonder: Lead the way, Star player. You’re the one who’s taking the front.

Miss Bliss: This is a spooky area. Gloomy.

Sir Love: Bleak. if this was the Medieval times… This area would be the top location for gloominess. But the only difference about that is just one little thing called… in our Medieval times era… there was not symbols like Yevon plastered all over the place and there were no platforms with the Yevon Symbol implanted within.

Sailor Zoey: Come on… Clint, let’s just get ourselves going on our way to where we need to be… This constant stalling is gonna only hurt us more than help.

Blossom: I agree with Zoey. We should go.

Frosty Ice Bubble: Time to move.

As they were walking their way towards where Jecht was likely to be…

There were a few fiends that they came across that they had to beat… It took them a long time to beat down the fiends as the Fiends were extremely hard to tear down.

Halfway through the Sea of Sorrow…

Sailor Zoey: I wonder how much more we will have to endure. This is getting really old. Plus… the idea of having to go against Seymour a 4th time? I really don’t want to face him again.

Sora: I don’t think that any of us want to go at him. We’d rather not cross him again.

Carly: I don’t get it though… Sin just absorbed him. But then again… only started to take him. But why? How could Seymour be still alive?

Angelic Star: How could he not be alive. He’s already dead on the outside… inside Spira. Everyone believes Seymour dead. So if he’s here… it would be a perfect hiding spot for him. Hiding here.

Bubble Gem: Leave it to Seymour to want to be in a gloomy place like this. He’s got a very demented choice of hangout spots.

Bubbling Star: That is one thing we wonder about… But… there is something else we need to think about. Jecht. Is he gonna be able to be pulled free from Yu Yevon’s grip?

Melodic Bubble: Don’t be doubting yourselves now. We can’t be thinking that.

Black Canary: Something doesn’t feel right about this.

Heinz: Something is up ahead. About 5: 30 northwest on the port.

Crystal: *Channeling a Voice; As Jecht* “I wish they all would just hurry up. I ain’t getting any younger.”

Tidus: That sounded just like my old man.

Gabe: That could also mean that we’re getting really really close.

Blossom: We also have to think about the fact that we got a couple of huge problems going on back home.

1. A Disgruntled member of the family bringing up an age old crisis.

2. A Meteor Shower.

3. The Unholy Trinity along with Apokolips and the coup de gras’… Lord Darkseid.

Sora: Which we are hoping that we never have to face.

Carly: If we have to face that dark being… Please be sure to remind me why we decided to come back to Metropolis. I will face anything there is… but not something like that. Not someone such as Lord Darkseid.

June: I’ll have to make a contact to the Queen and see what she knows about Darkseid. See what she can suggest be done about Darkseid.

Frosty Ice Bubble: What about those Bikini Girls? Someone here made a mention that there was a group of girls… a large sum of girls. 58 girls. Some as young as 8… some as old as 16.

Rikku: You sure do have much to discuss with your family back home.

Miss Passion: Why… of course. Alot has likely happened back where our homes are just as much as a lot has happened with us. In the world here.

Sailor Zoey: There’s a lot to consider.

Wakka: You don’t suppose that the people back where your homes are had forgotten or moved on without you guys… do you?

Sir Love: Our family would not forget about us…. they wouldn’t be able to live down the outrage of not living through a sequel. Family wouldn’t forget their own.

Dancing Heartthrob: Oh no… They’d never do that. Why would they ever do that… They only have thought us dead after 8 weeks of looking for us and not having any luck. They gave up on us and Yeah… The only person in our family who happened to give a damn about us… was Uncle Shingo. He was the only one trying to keep a constant contact. Did the others…? Did Aunt Megan… or Aunt Summer try to reach us… keep hoping for us to be alright? NO!

Paul: Theodore… Stop it. They didn’t check on us because they probably didn’t know. Likely no one said anything to them about us being here. They can’t do anything if they don’t know. Can they?

Miss Bliss: No.

Crystal: I don’t even want to think about it. All i want to know is what do we expect from our home reality?

Sailor Zoey: What we can expect is death and disaster. If what’s going over there is really taking hold… That is exactly what’s gonna be circling our paths.

Sailor June: *Walking off to the side a bit secretly to make a contact; Fearing what might be on its way to Earth*

Blossom: *Seeing June walking off to the one side* Hmm…

Sora: *Speaking telepathically to Carly* Carly, What do you think is going on with June?

Carly: *Replying Telepathically to Sora* Not sure. Maybe something about this place is bugging her.

Sora: I wouldn’t know, Carly. But this isn’t my favorite of places either. I don’t like it here either.

Carly: Maybe June is actually gonna make the contact to the Queen. She did say that she was going to speak with the queen.

Sora: She did. But what do you think she’ll get from the Queen? What if the Queen doesn’t know?

Carly: We’ll find out soon. Because i think that she’s talking with the Queen now.

Sora: *Nods*

A Moment later…

Sailor June: *Walking back over and looking grim*

Sailor Zoey: June, What’s wrong?

Sailor June: I just got done speaking with the Queen. It’s grim. Very Grim. She informed me that Darkseid’s closed in and has likely found it’s third member. He’s close in sight of his 3rd minion and the Minion… once the Unholy Trinity happens to get beat… There will be a possible loss to someone close to you.

Blossom: What is this Darkseid?

Sailor June: Darkseid is a very powerful alien entity associated with the planet Apokolips. He has been part of some of Earth’s darkest points in ancient history, but was banished each time.

Sir Love: If that is the case… then why does he keep coming back?

Dancing Heartthrob: How is it that he can just keep coming right on back? Would something have to… draw him back to earth?

Sailor June: He returned to Earth to corrupt it once more through a hole in the universe which was created when the Book of Rao was used as a portal to a new world. Re-emerging on Earth, Darkseid sought a vessel to inhabit so that he could directly influence Earth’s people and started to gather prophets to further his cause.

Black Canary: Wait… that’s not possible. When we all beat General Zod 18 years ago… the doorway to another realm was open… Long enough for the Desolate one… The one known as Scath… to come through. But at first…we didn’t think that anyone or anything was set on coming on through. Or Sneaking.

Sailor June: That is true… Trigon was the only beast to come through the gateway… but unfortunately… He was only the first. There was more than just him. There was a Dark Malevolent being. It’s name… was a Dark man. An Evil sinister man. Lord Darkseid.

Thunderic Wonder: That doesn’t make much sense even still. If he was also coming through the portal too… from that intergalactic gateway… And has been here all this time… Where was he during the 18 years of his being upon the planet? Why couldn’t any of us see him? Us meaning our Mom’s and Dad’s.

Sailor June: Good question. As Serenity put it… Darkseid most often appears as a flock of ravens, or as a dark cloud of smoke. His smoke form can be extremely destructive and it seems to be packed with pressure, being strong enough to shatter glass. Also to Pin a Particular man of steel in a Vortex. In his true form, Darkseid has a tall, cracked rock-like body. His eyes and the cracks in his skin glow with red light. When he was possessing someone, the sclera in their eyes became black and their irises disappeared.

Tidus: What is this being… Darkseid like?

Sailor June: Darkseid is said to be manipulative, domineering and most of all… controlling. Granny Goodness… A Prophet of Darkseid described his powers and overall influence as “true gifts.” While he was “using” Patricia R. Loyd as a vessel, Darkseid displayed a charismatic and charming attitude: this helped her win a lot of support in her campaign against vigilantes. Despite his strong influence, people with pure hearts or who had their emotions under control or people with true faith in the heroes, seemed unnerved by him.

Wakka: Does this dark guy… Darkseid. Does he know about this world?

Sailor June: No. This is a world he would not know about.

Sora: What else does he have?

Sailor June: He also possesses a sadistic and somewhat masochistic nature. He is also very intimidating due to the fact that he can mentally undermine anyone but the purest of heart. Darkseid enjoys using his empathy to gain insight into the emotional and moral weaknesses of his opponents.

Paul: Wait! He’s got Empathy also?

Sailor June: Yes. He does. And he can use it to gain insight on the emotions of his targets. Whoever they may be. However… as all beings. Human or Alien or Intergalactic… have feelings and Emotions showing his temper, which was seen a few times before… but after Trigon was defeated… Darkseid went into hiding. Trigon meticulously was only the instigator of tyrants. But Darkseid is one who shows his presence throughout the greatest darkest moments. On your reality. The Spanish Inquisition… The Third Reich. All the Darkest and bleakest of moments in history. A glimmer of hope was there to shine its light. The power of good broke through and triumphed over the Darkness. Darkseid however is known to be incredibly patient since all he’s got to do is wait for people to show a single fault before he could corrupt them directly or through his minions.

Miss Thunder: The Unholy Trinity.

Sailor June: That’s correct, Sapphire. Them. They exist to serve him. However, Darkseid was not naive, as he realized that even he has weaknesses: as such, he was cautious and able to learn from past experiences. Fully aware that his son Orion had left the one weapon that could harm him somewhere on Earth, he created a plan to find and destroy it.

Sir Love: That guy had a Son… Named Orion? That’s a good twist to the plot. If there was a movie chronicling the life of Darkseid normally. Learning about him having a Son that would be the Light to destroy his Evil. To harm the darkness thereby sending Lord Darkula right on back to the boondocks. This whole history lesson would chronicle the timeline and life of Lord Darkseid perfectly.

Bubbling Star: What are his powers?

Sailor June: Possession – While Darkseid can possess vessels that could be either living or deceased, he can only possess hosts that have darkness in their hearts that they can’t control. Darkseid however claims solely that his vessels were still aware when he had control over them. It was believed that this meant he could take possession of nearly every person on Earth, including the entire population of heroes, given time.

Thunderic Wonder: That means only that he could just come and possess the rest of our family and they’d be unable to resist the will of the Dark freak show.

Sailor June: Yes. Sadly… he can and there would be no stopping him. Unless the person was of pure heart. Darkseid can’t take control of a person of Pure heart. Light and Love are his weakness. Above all else. But that’s not the only thing he has for power…

Thunder Star: There’s more?

Sailor June: Yeah. Super Strength – Darkseid greatly increased the strength threshold of his vessels. He possessed enough superhuman strength to snap handcuffs, toss a person across a room and/or pin them to a wall (though the exact magnitude of his strength remains vague).

Frosty Ice Bubble: Now that… That right there is enough to pass an alarm. If he’s that strong… He could just hoist someone up in mid air with only one hand and chuck them… Sending them flying a distance with little to no effort whatsoever.

Sailor June: Telekinesis – Darkseid is an extremely powerful telekinetic who could influence the movement of objects and people.

Sora: Which means that with our mom and Crystal and even Paul Combined… Darkseid could out power us a thousand times over.

Sailor June: Darkseid has more than that. Invulnerability – Darkseid’s true form was virtually intangible and was therefore impervious to almost all forms of harm, though the light of a pure heart can temporarily drive him away. By possessing a vessel, Darkseid increases his host’s durability, allowing him to withstand most injuries. As the darkness in all the people on Earth grew, so did his invulnerability and strength levels apparently. Darkseid can come to anyone and take anyone as a Vessel. Man or woman and possess them. Increasing the person’s durability and strength.

Miss Bliss: That’s starting to make the idea seem like a reality in hell. And Apokolips is said to be right on course behind the presence of Darkseid… Right?

Miss Passion: Don’t go there. Don’t even go there. I’m not kidding. We’re already going through hell here. We still have to put up with Sin… And Yu Yevon. But also… It is likely that we might have to face Seymour a 4th time. So… The idea of us having to face Darkseid too… I only got this to say. FORGET IT!

Sailor June: Longevity. You already might know of it by now…

Black Canary: He tried to conquer Earth time and time before… But couldn’t. Would now be any different?

Sir Love: It could… Although… There is not much we can do since we’re here and Darkseid’s on Earth. Lurking around somewhere.

Sailor June: Corruption – Darkseid can corrupt the souls and minds of living beings, twisting or refining them into tools for his own purposes and desires and those possessed by him are left stained and become completely loyal to him.

Rikku: Can that happen to anyone?

Frosty Ice Bubble: I am thinking that it most certainly could. It is very likely.

Sailor June: Individuals who get infected are sometimes referred to as “prophets.” Empathy – While Darkseid can’t directly read the minds of others, he can see someone’s innermost doubts/fears with a better view on a person’s darkness if someone angry appears. He also seems to be able to find “abandoned souls” and can tell if the most pure person has even a speckle of doubt in their heart.

She goes on and tells of the remaining powers or abilities that are included with Darkseid. It made their hearts all heavy with despair. But they also had to keep with a steady mind and press forward. It wasn’t long before they reached the column of steps and saw that they happened to lead up. What were they to expect once they reached the top of the steps? Where did it lead to? What kind of surprises were they to expect once they’ve reached the top of the steps? Back on in their Reality… Would the fighters be able to encounter and prove themselves tougher and stronger than Lord Darkseid… or was the whole dilemma containing Apokolips and Darkseid… plus the Unholy Trinity nothing more but a Ruse? Was the Unholy Trinity about to claim its 3rd and final member? Who was it gonna be? Would it mean trouble for Janie, Alex and Charlene… And Zoey too as they were getting dangerously involved in following them and Exposing the dark schemes that the Trinity attempted to have Wrought for a while? Would there be any help to come their way to push the Darkness away? Find out in the next Chapter of the Adventures of the Rhapsody Girls Z! as the saga continues…

Up the steps they shall go and who the fighters meet… pray that it isn’t so and that the Unsent Maester isn’t lying ahead. After all the searching and preying upon the weakest of willpower… The 3rd member of the unholy trinity is finally in sight of Lord Darkseid’s presence. Who shall be the unlucky winner of serving the Dark Lord? A 4th round of Seymour and the long last completion of the Unholy Trinity bears its forbidden darkened sinful fruit in: “Seymour… round 4. “The Final showdown with Seymour” Kick Seymour’s Unsent Ass.”


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