Chapter 173: Wakka, Rikku and Kimahri Lead the Rhapsody Clan to War against Sin.

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(The Bikini Girls gang meet the Rhapsody trio)

On the Outer Hull of the ship…

Rikku: The main gun’s busted!

Blossom: What?!

Sailor Zoey: Could that really happen? How was it able to break? I thought that the ship and even the weaponry was fixed and fortified.

Sailor June: How can we beat Sin now? Should we still try anyway?

Miss Bliss: I say… we go.

Cid: Dang it! All right, back inside! Time for another plan!

Black Canary: He’s right. This isn’t working. the cannons on this ship busted. There is no extra firepower.

Gabe: I don’t know about you guys… but i’ve seen where things go wrong. It’s highly possible that it could get even more wrong. But… i wouldn’t just throw in the towel just yet.

Sir Love: We should go back inside. Come up with another plan of attack.

Tidus: No! We’re going in! Every blitzer knows: when you got the ball, you gotta score!

Thunder Star: You think you’re clever. Trying to take the win… Well… there is enough of a brawl for all of us to have.  *Running and Leaping off*

Kimahri: On My honor as a Ronso. *Running and then leaping off* You fighters… Let’s go!

Rikku: This is a fight for all of us. You fighters helped us till now… Let’s go beat this monster. *Running and leaping off*

Wakka: Sin is no Bird, ya. But if he was… this is gonna be one big bird that is about to be shot down. *Running and leaping off*

Sailor Zoey: No introduction needed. I’m all in. *Running to the edge and Leaping from the front of the ship*

Tidus: Hey! Star players first! *Running off after the others and Jump off down from the ship and down onto Sin*

The Rhapsody Romancers Z!, The Rhapsody Aquatic Force Z! and The Rhapsody Thunderic Force Z! Zoey, Blossom, June, The Twins… Paul, Canary… The Guardians, Yuna, The two gunmen all Leaped off the ship and plummeted down below. It was a mystery as to how they could know that Sin would have been sticking in place. However… Sin was right below and it was right by the Core that they landed. The girls made way over… Lounging right at Sin’s Core. But before they could get to it… A piece of Sin’s skin rose up and a creature forms. A Sin Spawn.

Thunder Star: *Steps back* Whoa! Uh… That’s a Sin Spawn. An Escargo. Another one… but this one is different. It’s out of it shell this time. The other one was in its shell and we had to knock it senseless.

Miss Thunder: Is this one any different?

Miss Bliss: All the ones that can cast Fire. or any fire element spell against the Sin Spawn here… Flame up. Torch this Sin Spawn so we can all beat the stuffing out of the Core.

Paul: That’s our dept.

Sora: *Stepping up and Facing the Sin Spawn* I’m here. Carly, You ready?

Carly: Not really… but if it will help get this beast put down… I’ll be as ready as i’m gonna be.

Lulu: We have the Flare spell. Between that and fire… we’ll win this battle.

Rikku: This Sin Spawn is nasty. Do we really have to face it?

Frosty Ice Bubble: Yes. But… don’t worry. I’ll be here for you. If it gets too tough… i’ll come and put the freeze on the spawn. It’ll be alright.

It was then that Sora, Carly, Lulu, Paul and Rikku stepped up and casted their fire and Flare on the Sin Spawn.

Lulu: *Casting Firaga on Sinspawn Genais*

Sora: *Casting Firaga on Sinspawn Genais*

Carly: *Casting Firaga on Sinspawn Genais*

Rikku: *Casting Firaga on Sinspawn Genais*

Paul: *Shooting a hot stream of fire at Sinspawn Genais*

Sinspawn Genais: *Sighs*

Lulu: *Casting Firaga on Sinspawn Genais*

Sora: *Casting Firaga on Sinspawn Genais*

Carly: *Casting Firaga on Sinspawn Genais*

Rikku: *Casting Firaga on Sinspawn Genais*

Paul: *Shooting a hot stream of fire at Sinspawn Genais*

Sinspawn Genais: *Launching Venom at the fighters*

Sora: *Covered in Venom* Ewwww! Gross.

Carly: We’re poisoned…

Rikku: Don’t worry. I got plenty of Al Bhed potions.

A second or so later…

Lulu: We better hurry… It’s gonna go inside its shell.

Carly: *Using Telekinesis and mind control on Sinspawn Genais* Not so fast. I don’t think so. You wanted to fight. Now stay out and fight.

Sailor Zoey: *Coming in and Firing a shot at Sinspawn Genais* Moon Star Cosmic FLASH!

Heinz: *Aiming his rifle at Sinspawn Genais* Shock this weapon. Have some rapid fire. *Firing a round of gun fire at Sinspawn Genais*

Gabe: *Allowing for some of the Thunder element to hit his weapon* … *Firing a shocking round of ammo at Sinspawn Genais*

Rikku: *Using a Arctic Wind on Sinspawn Genais*

Sora: Let’s put some Ice on this Sin Spawn…

Seconds later…

Wakka: *Using a Arctic Wind on Sinspawn Genais*

Auron: *Using a Arctic Wind on Sinspawn Genais*

Tidus: *Using a Arctic Wind on Sinspawn Genais*

Lulu: *Casting Blizzaga on Sinspawn Genais*

Sora: *Casting Blizzaga on Sinspawn Genais*

Carly: *Casting Blizzaga on Sinspawn Genais*

Rikku: *Casting Blizzaga on Sinspawn Genais*

Paul: *Shooting a hot stream of fire at Sinspawn Genais*

Angelic Bubble: Ugh! This is getting us nowhere. The Sin Spawn is still alive. Let’s ice this beast!

Angelic Bubble: *Firing an attack at Sinspawn Genais with her Bubble Gem grenade Launcher* Bubble SHINE FLASH!

Bubbling Star: *Firing an attack at Sinspawn Genais with her Bubble Gloves* Bubble STORM!

Melodic Bubble: *Firing an attack at Sinspawn Genais with her Bubble Laser Rod* MUSICAL BUBBLE BEAMS!

Bubble Gem: *Firing an attack at Sinspawn Genais With her Bubbly Harmonica* Sonic Boom BUBBLE FASHION BLITZ…. BANG!

Frosty Ice Bubble: *With his new weapon- The Holy Crosses of Frost; Aiming at the Sinspawn Genais and Firing a Charged Blast of Ice and Cold frost At Sinspawn Genais* Ice Cross CHARGES!

Sin’s Core: *Casting Gravija on everyone*

Sailor June: *Getting blown back to the edge of the footing on Sin* Whoa! That was close. Too close.

Yuna: *Summoning the Magus Sisters*

A second later…

Sandy: *Performing the special attack- Razzia on Sinspawn Genais

Cindy: *Performing the Special attack- Camisade on Sinspawn Genais*

Mindy: *Performing the Special attack- Passado on Sinspawn Genais*

The Aeons… The Magus sisters… Casted spells on Sinspawn Genais and tore it down. Once it was beat… the Magus sisters all struck fast at Sin’s Core.

The Magus sisters Busted through the Core of Sin and Performed the Overdrive… DELTA FORCE! It blew away over half of the Core’s HP and left it open for an all out attack against Sin’s Core. It was cutting close… but That’s When Sin’s Core casted Gravija on everyone. Twice.  It knocked out the Aeons. The fighters had no option but to come out fighting…

Thunder Star: This is round 3…

Miss Bliss: *Commanding her Team* Rhapsody Romancers Z! ATTACK!

Angelic Bubble: *Commanding her Team* Rhapsody Aquatic Force Z! WIPE-OUT!

Miss Thunder: *Commanding her Team* Rhapsody Thunderic Force Z! ELECTROCUTE!

Miss Bliss: *Firing an attack at Sin’s Core* Blissful Heart Storm!

Miss Passion: *Firing an attack at Sin’s Core* Love’s Passionate FOG!

Sir Love: *Twirling his Heart Rod and Then Pounding it on the ground twice before Firing an attack at Sin’s Core* Royalty Love’s MELODY CHARGE!

Dancing Heartthrob: *Twirling his Heart Rod and Then Pounding it on the ground twice before Firing an attack at Core* Love’s RHAPSODY BLITZ!

Angelic Bubble: *Firing an attack at Sin’s Core with her Bubble Gem grenade Launcher* Bubble SHINE FLASH!

Bubbling Star: *Firing an attack at Sin’s Core with her Bubble Gloves* Bubble STORM!

Melodic Bubble: *Firing an attack at Sin’s Core with her Bubble Laser Rod* MUSICAL BUBBLE BEAMS!

Bubble Gem: *Firing an attack at Sin’s Core With her Bubbly Harmonica* Sonic Boom BUBBLE FASHION BLITZ…. BANG!

Frosty Ice Bubble: *Firing an attack at Sin’s Core With his Frost Scepter* BUBBLE MAIDEN’S FROSTY DREAMS!

Miss Thunder: *With her weapon- The Thunder Trident; Firing a tri-shot of Thunder at Sin’s Core* Tri-Star Thunder BEAMS!

Thunderic Wonder: *With her new weapon- The Thunderstorm Fan; Firing a Gust of Thunder at Sin’s Core* Raging Winds of Thunder!

Thunder Star: *With the new forged weapon- The Thunder Chains; Whipping the Chains at Sin’s Core; Shocking It* Thundering VICEGRIP!

Frosty Ice Bubble: *With his new weapon- The Holy Crosses of Frost; Aiming at Sin’s Right Arm and Firing a Charged Blast of Ice and Cold frost At Sin’s Core* Ice Cross CHARGES!

Miss Bliss: *Jamming on her Heart Guitar and gathering Energy to create a Love Storm* … This is Love’s greatest power… the power of life and truth. Two of the things that Love resembles. The Love and the Bliss of perpetual romance. *Performing a power ballad and Drawing it up into her Weapon; Suddenly Stroking the Strings; with a Pink aura and with the energy built and ready; Launching her Overdrive* LOVE’S BLISSFUL SERENADE!!!

Miss Passion: *Jamming on her Heart Guitar and gathering Energy to create a Love Storm* … This is How Passion is born. It’s born with compassion, Romance and Sweet Bliss. Truth and warmth. That is how Passion is born. Love is part of a breathing romance. What Love resembles is Eternal and pure. *Performing a power ballad and Drawing it up into her Weapon; Suddenly Stroking the Strings and with a Pink aura and with the energy built and ready; Launching her Overdrive* PASSION’S ETERNAL REMEDY!!!

Sir Love: *Twirling his Heart Rod and moving it to the one side and to the other. From the Right to the left; Tossing the rod up and absorbing Love Energy and building up Musical power* Love and Rhythm and the power of romance. There is nothing like it… Nothing. With the heart and soul of Miss Bliss and Miss Passion. This is the moment of truth. It’s unable to be measured. *Jumping up to grab his rod once it’s at full power and landing down; Thumping the Rod on the ground and within seconds launching his Overdrive* SIR LOVE’S ORCHESTRATED LOVE CONCERTO!!!

Dancing Heartthrob: *Twirling his Heart Rod and moving it to the one side and to the other. From the Right to the left; Tossing the rod up and absorbing Love Energy and building up Musical power* Dancing to the side and dancing to the right. Watch my dancing groove as i lay the moves of a serenade. I got the love and the dance… Watch as i lay it on you. *Jumping up to grab his rod once it’s at full power and landing down; Thumping the Rod on the ground and within seconds launching his Overdrive* DANCING HEART LIGHTNING SYMPHONY!!!

Angelic Bubble: *Gathering energy* … This is the frost… the water of light. Water and Ice… Light and Glitz Build within me. Wash this evil away. *Launching An attack using her Bubble Gem grenade Launcher* ANGELIC GEM GRENADE STRIKE!!!

Bubbling Star: *Glowing with Light and Energy* Here is the star of the light and the power of water’s force. Evil’s extinction is confirmed with just a blast of water and Ice. Water and Light. *with her Bubble Gloves Launching her Overdrive* BUBBLE MAIDEN’S STAR OF WATER SCREAM!!! (The attack is a combined power of Water and ice in a surging pulse of Stars and Water unleashing a scream of Light and Ice)

Melodic Bubble: *Casting her Overdrive* BUBBLING BEAMS OF ICE CONCERTO!!!

Bubble Gem: *Launching her Overdrive With her Bubbly Harmonica* WATERY ICE SPIRAL SYMPHONY!!!

Frosty Ice Bubble: *Launching his Overdrive with his Holy Crosses of frost* FROSTY CROSSES OF ARCTIC JUSTICE!!!

Miss Thunder: *Glowing with Thunder energy* … Thunder and Lightning i call upon you to grant me the power of Thunders Rage. Come forth and guide my Soul. *Rising her Thunder Trident and swirling the tip into the air and creating a Thunder Storm; Building up energy at full power* The Evil angers the Thunder. Hear the Quaking roar of the Thunder and the intensity of it’s fury. *With The Thunder Trident at Full power* …. Here comes the triple Threat of Thunderic PAIN! *Launching her Overdrive* TRI-BEAM THUNDER MAGNITUDE 9!!!

Thunderic Wonder: *Glowing with Thunder Energy* …Here comes the brain of the Thunder and Lightning. There is something that the Thunder and Lightning never put to use. That’s the galling wind and the force it can unleash. This is where the Wind comes to play. The scream of the Wind is Thunder screaming Vengeance. The Wind combined with the Thunder and Lightning is the nightmare of any Evil entity. *With The Thunderstorm Fan; Launching her Overdrive* GUSTING WINDS OF THUNDER AND LIGHTNING!!!

Thunder Star: *Glowing with Thunder Energy* Thunder and Lightning flow in me… It’s my element of choice as i have a hot furious temper when i am mad. The Stars of Thunder break open the doors and crack the skies. Snap… Crackle and Pierce the Winds and the Evil intent with the Thunder Star Chains of Fury. *With The Thunder Chains; Glowing and Charging up; Whipping the Thunder Chains against the ground then at the air back and forth; gaining speed while whipping the chains all over before splitting into two and Whipping the Thunder Chains before wrapping it around the target; surrounding the target with the Thunder Chains; Launching her Overdrive* THUNDER STAR HURRICANE CHAINS OF THUNDER FURY!!!

Blossom: *Casting her Overdrive* ELECTRICAL BALLS OF LIGHT!

Sailor Zoey: *With her Moon Wand Scepter Pointing it forward and then Lifting it up before then swirling it back and forth; gathering power before then spinning once and suddenly posing to initiate the attack; Moving the Moon Wand Scepter back and forth to the left then to the right making the attack; Suddenly swishing it back and forth a couple times as it being one last time before Pointing it at the target* Moon… Cosmic… Hearts… Extermination!

The attack was a direct hit. It made a dead center contact and smacked into Sin’s Core hard. In Full force and with no breaking. The Core within seconds exploded and shorted itself out.

Heinz: Time to go… This beast is starting to sink. *Grabbing the Radio and speaking into it* Heinz To Al-Bhed ship Fahrenheit. Heinz to Al-Bhed Ship Fahrenheit… Come in.

Alvin: *Through the speaker* We read you. What’s the status?

Heinz: We are requesting an immediate pick up from Sin’s surface… near the core. Sin is about to sink. I repeat… Sin is about to Sink.

Cid: Hold on… We’re on our way. We’ll lower the ship so you youngun’s can jump on…

It was fast and yet almost didn’t make it. Because Sin was sinking way too quick and the Airship had to sail in to a slanted path in order to catch them all…

Sunset. Sin plows into the outskirts of Bevelle… The fighters all look and watch with their own eyes. This was something that they could not believe. They were seeing Sin plummet and Slam into the outskirts of the city of Bevelle. There was signs that it was gonna be all over. But as it seemed… it was too early to tell. Too soon to declare Sin to officially out for the count…

Inside the Airship…


Brother:  Vydran! E lyhhud pameaja fryd E caa! (Father! I cannot believe what I see!)

Cid: Pameaja ed, cuh! Drao’ja tuha ed! Ed ec rybbahehk! (Believe it, son! They’ve done it! It is happening!)

Alvin: That’s my Boy! Those are my kids… Dishing the throwdown to Sin.

Dinah: And that’s double for my girls. They are the force not to be reckoned with.

Pearl: I am so proud of my precious kids.

Paige: As i am with mines. They were so great.

Jack: There is still alot more to go against with Sin… isn’t there?

Zeke: Oh no… Not at all.

Luna: Sin’s out for the count. He’s toast.

June: *Nods* Sin came down and crashed. They beat him. They had to of beaten him.

Pamela: I am sure that they had. We all saw Sin crash down to the ground. There is no way that Sin can withstand the existence of having no arms… and getting beaten at its core. They knocked it out… But there is also that chance that Sin could only be knocked out cold momentarily and then still reawaken and come out fighting again.

Rina: That is not so… That can’t happen. There is no way that someone can come back out and fighting after being blasted as much Sin had. It lost both its arms. There are no arms on it. There is no way that it can use its arms for anything now. They’re gone.

Natasha: What does it matter? They laid the hurt on Sin…

The fighters, guardians and Allies. Plus Yuna return from the fight…

Brother: Rikku, excellent!

Spencer: You bet she is… We all did it. Sin’s got his big monstrous behind shut down..

Serena: It’s not gonna be so easy for it to return. It’s gonna be a cold day in hell… before it comes back.

Yuna: It’s going to come back, isn’t it?

Zoey: Huh?!

June: …

Tidus: I know.

Cid: What? You’re kidding me!

Serena: You’re losing it, Skippy. You’re losing it bad. Sin… Come back? You sure that you’re not cracked?

Annie: If you say that Sin is gonna come back. We’re done. We’re not sticking here till our hair happens to just suddenly decide to fall out.

Clint: Ease up on the dramatics. Love is stronger than Evil. If Sin is only knocked out… We’ll be sure to finish it off if it does manage to reawake and come back for another course.

Penny: We already have the upper hand over Sin anyway. I mean… really. 3 wins to Sin… None? Uh, Doesn’t that count for something?

Tidus: No! We have to beat the guy inside Sin.

Paul: Yu Yevon. Right?

Clint: Rolling out.

Wakka: The Crusaders would be out of a job if it was this easy, ya?

Lulu: But it has weakened. I’m sure of it.

Daria: It has. We broke its core. It lost power. No way it can have much fight left in it.

Rikku: Yeah! We’re winning!

Spencer: We sure are. I think that by time we’re officially done with Sin… It’ll be as though there was no such thing as Sin.

Cid: All right, I’ll do what I can with the main gun! *Leaves to work on repairs*

Alvin: Avery, Let’s go. We’re gonna help him out. We started the repairs on the ship. We’re gonna give Cid a hand with it. *Grabbing for the tools and heading out along with Avery to help Cid with the repairs* Cid. We’ll get this thing fixed. Let’s go see what we can do with the weapon and see where it broke.

Cid: Right. You know what to do, eh?

Alvin: You bet. Started mechanical repairs when i was in my teens. Started with fixing my motorcycle. It just took off from there. Going from knowing the measurements to the tools and the parts which were needed to fix a car. Transmissions, carburetors. Shocks. Cadillac Converters. The whole kit and caboodle. I even built a car from scratch. Did it for my Wife. As a Early wedding gift for her. It was also on the same day that i Proposed to her. The car took me a few weeks to do… But it was well worth it. Every minute doing the car. It was something that i built.

Cid: Sounds like enough Experience to me.

Avery: He never does anything half-ass’d. He is devoted and dedicated in everything that he does.

A minute later…

Yuna: *Looks down, slips out*

Dinah: *Noticing Yuna walking out* Where’s she going?

Pearl: Beats me. Is something bugging her?

Jack: No idea. *Looking at the girls* But our kids sure are looking a little worn out.

Luna: What about my daughter Zoey? She’s been doing some of the fighting too. Actually her fair share.

Curtis: *Scoffs* And Blossom didn’t? She’s got the bruising and the dirt marks on her to prove it.

Zeke: That’s true… but they both nearly fell to their end. If it weren’t Kimahri and Black Canary… they would have been…… gone.

Serena: *Looking out the window and catching sight of Sin* Well… Whatever you guys are gabbing about… You don’t need to worry over Sin. I think Sin is gonna be napping for a long time. There’s no movement coming from him.


In the Alternate reality…

Dec. 17th 2042

At Sid’s Diner…

Janie: Too bad that we don’t know how the fighters are doing.

Alex: *Sighs* I know. But dad did say that it was best if we didn’t know too much about how the others were doing for now. He said that they were doing fine and that they’re working hard at ridding the world of Sin.

Charlene: But it’s been like 4 days since they started fighting against Sin. It’s not as though we can just… go there.

Zoey: We have to take some solace in the idea that whatever they’re doing over there… It’s to bring the massive beast… Sin to its knees.

Janie: That’s just it though… we can only hope that it’s that. However… we still have to worry about those dark guys.

Charlene: Granny Goodness and Desaad. They’re trouble. We are gonna need a Psychic to help us see visions or something to let us know what those two are plotting.

Zoey: Who do we know that can help?

Alex: No one. Our dad is also trying to wrap his brain around the possibility that our older Sister Serena might be converging to being Gay. I don’t know how he figured it out with that part… Being since we didn’t speak much on that issue.

Janie: There is nothing we can do… But there is something that we can do.

Zoey: What’s that?

Alex: We keep track of the dark people. The Unholy Trinity.

Charlene: Oh yeah…

A Minute later…

Det. Stella: *Walking in with Mac* Not bad for a place to grab something to eat.

Det. Mac Taylor: Well… This is the closest place. Plus the service is professional.

They grab a seat at one of the tables by the Window…

Sid: *Looking towards the two customers that walked in* Be right with you two. Fixing up a fresh pot of Coffee.

Det. Taylor: *Replying back* It’s okay. We’ll be waiting.

A Minute later…

Sid: *Approaching the two C.S.I’s* … *With a couple cups of coffee* How do you take your coffee, Sir?

Det. Taylor: Cream and two sugars.

Stella: Same.

Sid: You got it. You two are… C.S.I’s?

Stella: Yeah. From New York City.

Sid: You don’t say… Hmm. Interesting. I used to live there as a young kid. I moved from there with my parents when i was 11. It got to be so bad there. the part of the city that we were living in.

Det. Taylor: You’re thinking of Harlem. That’s said to be the most rough part of New York. Had 20 serious Murders in that area. It’s not as bad as it once was. But You’re very fortunate to get out when you had.

Sid: I was in the only known white family in that area. In a sea of black. I didn’t mind the blacks. i am all for them. They’re people too.

Stella: Yes. They are. *Noticing a couple girls on the other sides of the Diner* Question… who are those kids over there?

Sid: Oh… Those girls? They’re regulars. They come here alot. Started since the other week. They’re the Rhapsody trio. Janie, Alex and Charlene Rhapsody. And their friend Zoey Creek.

Det. Taylor: Interesting names. They come here often?

Sid: yeah. every day. But they usually speak amongst themselves alot. Not sure what all they talk about.

Stella: *Overhearing some of the conversation* They’re talking about following a couple of dark people. Desaad. Granny Goodness.

Sid: Desaad. He’s the one who runs an exotic night club nearby… over by the dark and seedy section of the city. Desaad’s. Not sure about the woman though.

Det. Taylor: We should find out and get some answers.

But as for the girls…

Janie: *Noticing a couple of people on the opposite side of the Diner* Who’re they?

Charlene: *Looking towards the other side of the Diner* They’re new. We haven’t seen them here before. They look like C.S.I’s.

Zoey: C.S.I’s. I’ve seen the show C.S.I: NY… They look just like the two leading C.S.I’s. Stella Bonasera and Det. Mac Taylor.

Alex: What do you suppose they’re doing here?

Janie: I don’t know. Is there a case from New York that has ties to here?

Charlene: You don’t suppose that they heard us talking about the Unholy Trinity and the Dark being Darkseid… Do you?

Zoey: It’s not as though they can really help. This is not something that can be solved by normal people…


The Jukebox managed to turn itself on and played an upbeat song…

“My name is love, I’m your announcer
You bring the heart, I’ll bring the answers
I need a few good men and women on my team

My name is love, your friendly partner
I’m on alert cause my work’s getting harder
I need a few good people to rebuild my dream, you see

These are uneasy times
Good friends are hard to find
In this life, that we live
Reach out and lend your help
Sit back, ask yourself

Without me, what are you
Tell me what’s the world coming to
We’ve got a lot of work to do
We’ve got a lot of work to do

(Woah woah woah oh oh yeah, yeah)

My name is love, I’m here to tell you
The price of hate’s getting way too familiar
We need to stop it now before it’s gone too far

You know my name, you know the mission
So don’t delay cause I crave your assistance
We gotta go start mending all the broken hearts, woah, woah oh

These are uneasy times
Good friends are hard to find
In this life, that we live
Reach out and lend your help
Sit back, ask yourself

Without me, what are you
Tell me what’s the world coming to
We’ve got a lot of work to do
We’ve got a lot of work to do

My name is love, I’m your announcer
You bring the heart, I’ll bring the answers
I need a few good men and women on my team”

Margaret Trent: *Walking in with her gang* Hey there. *Looking to the side and seeing 4 girls sitting at a table* Girls, that must be them. The 3 clansmen that i mentioned seeing.

Stacy York: Them? You sure?

Margaret: Yes. I am sure of it. Because there’s the girl with the glasses.

Stacy: You mean… the one that those 3 girls called Zoey Creek? That’s her.

Margaret: Yes.

Paige Holland: *Looking at the girls* You weren’t kidding. They’re there and they look as if they’re really isolated.

Stacy: I wonder why?

Margaret: It’s because of what they know. Remember the dark stuff that’s been going on as of late?

Paige: You mean… Granny goodness and Desaad? We’ve just heard something about that one guy. He’s truly deceptive.

Kirsten Marsh: What do you guys mean? Are you talking about the Darkness?

Stacy: I think that all are. The super fighters aren’t around to help them out with the problem.

Courtney Jensen: *Shaking her head* I don’t get it… Why are those 4 girls over there having to deal with something so dark? They’re young. They’re in need of help and the ones who should be around to help them… are not. What will they do?

Kirsten: Shouldn’t we talk to them?

Margaret: Kirsten, We can not do that and you know that. Not unless we are invited to. We admire them and are followers. Fans and supporters. But unless we’re invited to talk with them… we can’t converse or chat among them. It’s like a safety niche with them.

Stacy: So… what are we to do here?

Janie: *Looking over at the crowd of girls* Hey there. You guys lost? You guys are new to this city.

Alex: *Smiles* Hey.

Charlene: *Looking towards Kirsten* I like your pink headband.

Kirsten: *Smiles* Thank you.

Charlene: Where’d you get it?

Kirsten: Jan got it for me the other month. Said that it’d look good on me. Pink is kinda my color anyway.

Hallie Tanner: Hey there. *Waves shyly*

Janie: Hey. You okay?

Hallie: Yeah. Just shy.

Alex: Why? Is it because of us?

Margaret: Don’t worry. It’s not like that. She’s just shy with everyone. One of the leaders of the gang here is like a mother to her. Hallie lost her mother when she was like only 2 years old. She was found by…

Kasey Lancaster: Me. I found her under a doorstep. She was alone and abandoned by her father. Her father wanted nothing to do with her. Disowned her. She’s got no other family that would take her. At age 7 i had to do some side jobs… Like mowing lawns and walking people’s dogs to raise some money to care for her. If i didn’t find her when i did… Hallie would have been dead. Her own father left her to die.

Alex: *With a tear running down her face* That’s so awful. *Looking at Hallie* Are you gonna be alright?

Hallie: Uh-huh. Kasey’s been taking good care of me. I look to her as my big sister. and like a Mother figure. She’s been there for me a long time.

Jan Burns: We all were there to help out too, Hallie. You’re like our baby member of the gang. You mean a lot to us and it’ll be hard to let you go if someone were to come and wanted to adopt you.

Stacy: There’s a lot of love there, Hallie.

Zoey: What exactly are you girls?

Margaret: The Bikini Girl gang. I’m their leader. Well… one of the Leaders. Kasey Lancaster and Jan Burns are the other leaders. they help pick up the slack when i am out… I am in charge of everything. Jan Burns is the leader for the gang when there is something major going on. Kasey Lancaster is the leader of the gang on the front of health and nutrition. She’s kinda like the head expert in that field.

Kirsten:  Kasey sometimes buys us snacks and provides for the whole gang. We don’t know how she does it. But however it is that she does it… It’s honest work. Doing odd favors. She works hard too.

Margaret: As do i.

Lori Hart: We never ask what it is that they do. Nor do they tell us… It’s to protect us. Some of the things that they do… they’re not exactly something that you’d normally see someone do to make an honest earning.

Sophie Collins: What about you guys?

Janie: We don’t have an allowance. Although we should be getting one. Maybe we can start doing odd jobs.

Charlene:  We mostly go to school and also try to get to the bottom of where the Darkness is coming from. But we kinda already know where. From two dark people.

Jill Cole: You mean like the Unholy Trinity?

Zoey: Right. *Confused* But… how did you know?

Jill: How did we know? Uh… really? You really think that we wouldn’t know about the Unholy Trinity? They’ve been around for the span of at least 4 years. But till recent… there was no real problem revolving them. Nothing that major… However.

Winifred Allen: That soon started to begin changing. Young girls were being Abducted… Molested. There were young teens seen going into the Exotic Nightclub. Being Lured there. A place called Desaad’s.

Janie: *Looking at Alex and Charlene* Girls… it’s worse than what we’ve figured. There’s corruption building. Young girls being abducted. Sexually violated. By drug dealers and sex offenders.

Charlene: This is really bad. But… One thing gets me.

Alex: What’s that?

Charlene: How does it tend to fit in with the fact that Apokolips is on its way? Or the fact that the dark being known as Lord Darkseid is likely among us and we just don’t seem to know it?

Cindy Ridley: You girls aren’t alone in that.

Zoey: Maybe not… but we’re the only ones who seen to care and are willing to follow up on it and see about stopping it.

Janie: We need to have the super fighters. the heroes in our family here to help with this.

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Emma Patterson: Maybe not. Even though we’re Bikini girls… we do have some resources that might be useful. We do wish to help.

Margaret: Just tell us what kind of help you need?

Ruby Stone: We can help. But you have to allow us to lend a hand. We can’t do anything till we know what it is that you girls really expect.

Zoey: We can’t allow you girls to become involved.

Charlene: We are grateful that you’d like to… However… we’re scared. We are afraid that you girls’ll get hurt. It’s bad enough that we’re getting ourselves placed right into danger… pursuing the issue. But for you guys to do it too? We can’t risk it.

Diamond Walton: *Grins* That’s where you’re a bit wrong. We are involved already as we’re followers of the clan. We believe in the clan and admire the clan. We want to help. If it means risking on getting hurt. We will accept. It’s the price to pay. We’re more than willing to.

Cassie Pierce: Yeah. We love you Rhapsody Clansmen. We followed along on all the data and readings circling you guys. The battles. Fights. Sacrifices. Everything. We want to help. We believe in what the clan believes in.

Stacy: Justice.

Lori: That’s right. Justice isn’t just with the team of fighters who have the super abilities and the elemental firepower to obtain it. It’s with those who are the normal… Average Joe’s who see that Justice can be had and are willing to go and get it.

Macie Feldstein: Janie, Alex, Charlene… You girls are not alone in this. We believe in you girls. We followed all that your family had done. We want to be the Allies to the Rhapsody Clan.

Kasey: Just as long as Hallie doesn’t get involved. I don’t want her in on this dangerous issue.

Hallie: Kasey?!

Kasey: *Looking at Hallie* Hal… I don’t want you in on it. I am like your mother figure. Been like a mother to you. You’re like a daughter to me. I can’t expect you to be part of the movement and it come to you not getting hurt. It’s gonna be really dangerous. I can’t risk that. I don’t think that you should be thinking on risking it either. You’re only 8… 9 years old.

Hallie: *Not Understanding* But…

Jennifer Rolland: It is probably for the best that you don’t, Hallie. You’re young. Innocent. Pure. As am I. But maybe we can get some stuff and set up a little place. A base so we can still be in it… but in a safe spot.

Kasey: That will take alot of money. We don’t have it. What we should do is keep our eyes open. Keep a watch on anything that happens.

Terra Reed: That’s a good idea. We should do that. One thing though… How do we keep a contact with you girls?

Janie: We have cellphones.

Alex: Yeah. What about you girls?

Margaret: We do… It’s only a pay as you go though. It’s all we can afford. We aren’t really accepted into the City here yet.

Zoey: Why not? How long have you guys been in the city?

Jan: A year. Only a year… Although we’ve been keeping things a bit on the down low. Not that many people know about us. Not that we wouldn’t want them to. But they just wouldn’t understand.

Stacy: Yeah.

Janie: How come? We understand you guys.

Alex: Of course.

Kirsten: What are you girls up to?

Lillian Crawford: You girls just talking here?

Zoey: Yeah. But we’re gonna be leaving soon. We have to get back home to our houses soon.

Margaret: *Seeing a man walking over to the Diner* Who’s that?

Alex: *Looking outside the window* That’s… our dad.

Kasey: *Looking at the man walking closer to the Diner* That’s Shingo Rhapsody… Isn’t it?

Margaret: *Pulling out a book and Looking at the pictures of the Clan* Yeah. That’s him.  *Looking at the picture and showing the gang* That’s him. Shingo Toshiro Rhapsody. Husband to Dinah Ellen Rhapsody. Father of 9 kids. the 3 older ones are the ones in Spira.

Kirsten: What… So… that man walking over is the same man who’s the father of the Thunderic Force Z!?

Paige: He is.

Emma: Wow. He sure does look rather wonderful. Is he nice?

Charlene: Yeah. He sure is.

Zoey: You might come to really feel as if you know him alot by what he says.

Kelly Godson: It’s okay. we believe you guys. We followed everything about the family. We know what it’s like. What he is certainly like.

Stacy: He’s almost to the door.

Hallie: Think he saw us?

Jennifer: He’s looking through the window. So i think that he saw us.

Sid: *Walking over from the other side* Hey, You girls are crowding up the walkway here and no one can get through.

Margaret Trent: *Turning to see a man Walking over towards them* Huh? Sorry about that. Girls, Clear the way a little… Free up some room.

Macie: Right.

Lori: Good idea.

The girls all clear the way and open the walkway a bit. Stepping out from the main flow of people in the Diner.

A Second later…

Shingo: *Walking in* Hey Sid.

Sid: Hey Shingo. You here to pick up your girls?

Shingo: *Nods* Yeah. *Looking to the side and seeing a swarm of girls surrounding his daughters* What’s going on? Who are those girls… the ones surrounding my girls?

Margaret: *Turning to face the father to the 3 girls sitting at the table; Walking over to the father and Smiling* Hey there. You must be their dad.

Shingo: Who did ya’ expect?  Dr. Livingston? *Grinning and curious* Who might ya’ be, young lady?

Margaret: I’m The leader… head leader of the Bikini Girls gang. Margaret Trent. I lead a gang that consists of girls who were abandoned as young babies… orphaned… Unfortunately Molested. and those who are Runaways. Or Emancipated. a few of the girls are. Stacy York. Lori Hart. Kelly Godson. Emma Patterson. Paige Holland. They’re Emancipated.

Shingo: Hmm… Nice to know. It’s nice to meet you, Margaret. *Curious* You’re a Bikini Girl. The head Leader? How old are you?

Margaret: 16. I started this gang 8 years ago. Kasey is actually my cousin. from a distant relative. She Emancipated herself from her parents half a year after i started the Bikini Girls Gang. Diamond Walton was my first member. However… she started diving down into a habit the other month. She goes somewhere private when she has herself a light. To shield the younger girls from enduring any of the darkened examples of adolescent life.

Diamond: Margaret… What the hell? That was supposed to be personal and confidential.

Margaret: Diamond, It is… But if we want to be allowed to converse with any of the younger Rhapsody Clansmen… we can’t hide anything from them… No matter how low or degrading it might seem.

Diamond: That’s fine. But I would have rather it not come out. It’s not something i am proud of doing. I smoke. But it isn’t like i am wanting everyone to know. Especially since i’ve done it since i was 12. Yeah. 12. I did it since then but secretly and in a spot where i wouldn’t be seen. You never smelt it on me because i would spray myself with perfume to cover it. Covering it before i came on back to where the gang was at that time. Some of the things about my life… i’d like to keep personal and private. Alright? Please!

Shingo: Anything else that you want to get out?

Margaret: There’re no secrets, Sir. We are honest. We don’t settle for anything other.

Shingo: How do you know about my family?

Janie: They followed up on the family, dad. They read everything there was about us. Everything. Battles. Issues. Incidents. Everything. Even Abilities and Powers. Everything.

Shingo: Ah… Well… Now that is something you don’t get to hear or find out often than a blue moon. Not that it’s a bad thing… But all these girls are followers to our family. I am beginning to think that our family is turning into a clique or a legendary band of sorts. *Chuckles* Interesting and yet completely amusing in more than one way.

Caroline Lightfoot: *With a Microphone in her hand* What do you mean? Your family’s no Clique, Sir. Your family is full of those who believe in the thing that we know as Justice. We believe in it too… We’re just doing the basic kind… but in the end it is still Justice as we’re into doing what’s right. Not just for us. But for all those around us. For those who are in need of it the most.

Kasey: We don’t settle for any injustice to be done. We do what we can. We care about the innocent.

Candy Newhart: It Might seem as though we’re just saying it to sell a tale or two… but we mean it. There are a couple of kids. A couple Trio’s of kids. Sisters. Two families. They were in need. We helped them. We probably didn’t need to… however, we did it anyway. Because we care.

Susie Mack: We happen to know about the issue that Janie, Alex and Charlene are dealing with. Something that revolves An Unholy trinity, A dark Being named Lord Darkseid. Plus something called Apokolips. We know… because as Margaret would say… We are fans, Believers and supporters of the entire clan. Your family.

Kirsten: That’s right. You would be surprised as to how much we admire the clan… Everything they’re about. All that they’ve done. What they believe in. Everything.

Becky Altman: Plus… some of us want to be truly be a part of the clan.

Shingo: *Holding up his hand and surrendering* Okay… Girls… Girls… Enough. What you’re saying is so sincere and it’s starting to make a grown man like me cry here. Stop. I get the idea. You are into my family and love my family sincerely. Truly. Point well gotten. *Sighs* Look. You girls appear to be hungry. It’s been a long day. You probably haven’t eaten for some time and it would not do you any good to part back to the beach or where you came from without something to eat. So… granted that i don’t know that much about you girls other than you’re The Bikini Girls Gang. You’re followers and believers of my family. and that you girls want to be all for my family… which i am dearly grateful… and touched. I’m gonna put this on my tab for this one time. As generosity and mainly because knowing that you are all going possibly without much to eat… It’s heartbreaking. Dinner… is on me. *Pulling out a hundred* Sid?

Sid: Yeah?

Shingo: *Handing over the hundred dollar bill* Dinner is on me… Make sure these girls are taken care of. I don’t want them leaving here without something in their stomachs. They’ve probably gone a long time without anything to really eat. I can’t allow that. It’s inhumane. Given that they’re new and none of us know much about them… It would not excuse for us to send them without something to eat.

Sid: I agree. Let’s get them tended to.

Penelope Pink: *Looking at Margaret* He’s buying us all Dinner.

Margaret: We weren’t coming off as needy. But this is an act of generosity. He’s being beyond kind.

Kasey: This is from the kindness of his heart. No one’s done anything like this for us before. We should be very grateful for this.

Hallie: I’m thankful. *Smiles*

Hannah Nelson: What about you guys? *Looking at Shingo and the 3 girls*

Shingo: We’re gonna be eating at home tonight. Hot Dogs… Hamburgers and fries. Plus sitting together for a calming movie. Matilda. the girls love that movie and Actually… So do i. It’s touching.

Darlene Randall: *Touched* Awwww! That’s really sweet.

Janie: It is… But sometimes it’s the calming movies that open it up for a person to relax their mind and think clearer about things.

Charlene: Exactly.

Sparkle Mathers: What about the Darkness though? You girls aren’t gonna let that go, are you?

Alex: No. Not at all. We will be looking into it. We just need a night to think about what we intend to do about the darkness.

Kirsten: *Hugging Charlene suddenly and Whispers something in her ear* Find out anything you can about the dark people. Let us know what you manage to find. If there is something more behind it. As well as the Abductions. Find the connection. Anything you can.

Charlene: *Whispering back* Sure. We will do that. We’ll let you know what it is that we find. When you girls head back to the Beach… Be careful. stay safe out there.

Kirsten: You got it.

Krissy Caine: *Nods*

Amber Malek: *Looking at the others* What’ll we order?

Bridgette Sanburg: Burgers and fries.

Patti Marlborough: Mmm! *Licking her lips* That sounds good. I’m always up for a Juicy Burger. What about you, Lana?

Lana Greens: Burgers will be fine to me. I don’t care what it is… I am just thankful for the generous offer and gratitude.

Lori: we are always gonna be thankful, Lana. This is something that we rarely ever come across from anyone.

Sally Coors: True. *Looking at the Menu* I wouldn’t mind just having a couple hot dogs and some fries. It’ll be good enough for me.

Cynthia Breslin: Double for me. What about you, Daisy?

Daisy Dunley: We can’t really pick both, Can we?

Macie F.: No. We can’t. We can only have one or the other.

Macie Geller: *Looking at the Menu* There’s the Fish Sandwich. But… *Sighs* It’s 6 dollars. *Imitating Spongebob* Ahhhh Tartar Sauce!

May Danes: Macie, Don’t worry. Alot of us are gonna be getting just Burgers and fries. Some are getting Hot Dogs.

Kasey: That’s right.

Krissy: *Not speaking much*


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Candice Stamp: *Looking at Patti Marlborough* Hey, Patti. I’m gonna get a shake. Would you like to Split it together?

Patti: *Looking at Candice S.* Really?

Candice: Sure. Why not? You and I can have one together.

Mindy Silversmith: *Smiling*

Suzanne Sexton: *Quiet*

Erica Diamond: *Walking over to grab a seat*

Hallie Monroe: *Looking at Erica* Hey, Erica… Would you like to sit together with me?

Erica: *Nods* Okay. I’d like that.

Mary North: Can i Join you?

Hallie M.: Sure. Come on.

Nora Ortiz: *Looking at Lori* Let’s sit together.

Lori H.: Okay.

Brenda Giovanni: …

Piper Mertz: *Looking at Janie, Alex and Charlene* Will we see you girls again?

Janie: Yeah. We haven’t gotten to know you girls hardly… but we think that you’re all really amazing.

Charlene: If we don’t see you till after Christmas… Merry Christmas.

Mandy Fordman: Thank you, Charlene.

Shingo: *Looking at Janie, Alex and Charlene* Come on girls. Time to head home so i can make us that quiet dinner.

They nodded and left the Diner. their friend Zoey Creek left along with them. She too had to get back to her place. for the rest of the Evening. But on their way home… they thought a lot about the girls and where they came from. The encounter was very surprising to them and the fact that the girls were all in one large gang. The Bikini Girls gang…

Still inside the Diner…

Laura Donner: Those girls were really sweet. And their father was in fact a darling man. He didn’t know much about us and yet… paid for us to have something to eat.

Kasey: From what we know about him… He was a real Gentleman.

Stacy: Yeah. He was. *Looking at Margaret* But there is something that doesn’t seem normal.

Margaret: Why’s that, Stacy?

Stacy: The girls. Janie, Alex and Charlene are going off against the dark people. Granny Goodness and Desaad.

Sparkles: *Sighs* There is darkness going on in the city. Crime is going up and so are the Abductions. Plus, the Unholy Trinity is looking for their 3rd and final member.

Emma: Either them or their master… Lord Darkseid.

Ruby: We have to help them.

Paige H.: But how? How do we do that?

Suzanne: We have to find a way to help them. Somehow.

Martha Juergens: How do we do that? There is nothing we can really do but keep tabs on all the Abductions. Maybe call to inform them of each abduction that occurs and lend a hand in calling the Authorities on the attempted Abductions.

Candice Jones: The Police wouldn’t want to listen to us. We’re not officially of this city. We just reside in the Beach areas.

Kirsten: That’s true… but we still should try.

Hallie T.: That’s right. We should… I want to help with that. It’s not much since i won’t be able to help with following and keeping watch for the dark people.

Kasey: It’s gonna be okay. Let’s just enjoy the generosity. We’ll take some time to think of what to do when we get back to the beach.

Veronica Hanson: *Chuckles* Like that’s really gonna do any good. Come on… You guys are thinking foolishly. The police won’t listen as they don’t see what the Clan sees. The Clan had been around doing this stuff for almost 20 years. Started way before we were even a forethought. They know what to expect in the end as they’ve lived with similar signs time and time before. We haven’t. Neither had the city. What makes you think they’ll listen to us? We all are ones helping the clan. Following them. Being their allies. But we’re just a bunch of Bikini girls. What luck do you think we’d even have…

Diamond: Well… *Scoffs* Thank you much for the lack of faith. We’ve got to still do what we can to help the Clan. Janie, Alex and Charlene Rhapsody are 3 kids on a mission to expose the dark doings of the dark intent beings. Granny Goodness and Desaad. Those two are bad news.

Jenna Lands: What do you think we should do? How do we help them stop those guys? Didn’t Janie, Alex and Charlene mention something about Granny Goodness and Desaad having some kind of Darkened power?

Veronica: *Thinking* You know… I think that they may have hinted at it. But it doesn’t take a genius to figure out what they were getting at. Janie hinted at the idea of the dark beings having powers of Corruption and Mind control. Wiping away a person’s memory.

Jennifer Rolland: That isn’t what we’ll be ready for. They could come right at us now with that.

Margaret: Tonight… we take shifts in gathering everything we can about those two dark people.

Jan: Finding everything we can about the Unholy Trinity. Everything.

Lillian: We’re gonna help them, Right? The 3 girls?

Danielle Williams: *Looking at Lillian* I think that is what Margaret just said.

Nicki Pines: I’m in.

As they sit at the tables and await their orders…

Det. Taylor: *Stopping in front of the table next to the girls* Excuse me… Aren’t you girls out past your curfew?

Margaret: *Looking up at the man and Standing up defending her gang* Sir, You are disturbing our meals. We are not here to hurt anyone.

Det. Taylor: *Looking at the girl standing* Who are you?

Margaret: Margaret Trent. Head leader of the Bikini Girls Gang. And you are…

Stacy: Yeah. Who are you?

Det. Taylor: *Showing his badge* Det. Mac Taylor of the New York City Crime Lab.

Kasey: That’s nice. But what do you want with us?

Det. Taylor: There’s been reports of a store owner claiming that he saw a couple of girls running from his store. Running off with 5 lighters and 5 packs of a Tobacco product. One of the girls looks like you…  *Looking at Krissy* Who are you?

Krissy: Krissy Caine.

Det. Taylor: *Recognizing the name* Caine. As in Horatio Caine of the Miami Dade Crime Lab?

Krissy: No. I have no idea who that is. I don’t know who that is and i never met him.

Det. Taylor: Hmm… Well… that name Caine. Rings familiar. After you girls are done with your meals… We’re taking you all to the station. To the crime lab for a DNA swab from you. If you’re not in any relation to a Horatio Caine… The DNA Swab will be proof of that.

Kirsten: *Looking at Krissy* Krissy, What is he talking about? Are you really the daughter to the guy Horatio?

Krissy: *Offended and feeling hurt* No. I am not. I don’t even know the guy. My parents left me. I was abandoned at age 5. My parents didn’t even want me. And i might have been young and usually people that young wouldn’t remember who their parents were. But i do and … They certainly weren’t anything like this Horatio Caine of the Miami Dade Crime Lab. *Looking at the Det. and getting emotional* You don’t know who my parents are. I am not Horatio Caine’s daughter. I am nothing like him. Grabbing a napkin and wiping her face with it* … *Tossing it at the Det.* There’s my DNA. Leave me alone and Leave us alone. My parents were Drew and Cherry Caine. They were both in the modeling agency in Seattle, Washington. They were always gone at work. Never paying the least bit of attention to me. They didn’t even care about whether i ate. or if i was okay. When i was 5 years old… they wanted to make up to me for not being there… So i thought. They took me to the carnival… a place that we heard was being held in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. I had alot of fun… only to by time the day ended… it was time to go back home to Seattle and it was gonna be a 5 day trip back. But i was told to stay there and they’d be back in a few minutes as they were gonna get some snacks for the road back. I waited. Waited and Waited… An hour later… I went to go and find them. I went to go find them and instead… i find my stuff there… with a note. A Note. Disowning me. They left me there… To Die. I was Abandoned. I was left alone. By my own parents. *Starting to cry* You want me to prove to you that i am not his daughter. Take me to him. Cuff me and take me to him. Otherwise leave me alone. I don’t have parents. my biological parents didn’t even love me. I was just a mistake to them. *Crying; Getting up and running out of the Diner* … *Running to the one side and sitting on the ground; Hugging her knees and sobbing*

Sparkles: *Getting up and Heading out to find Krissy* Nice going, Mr. Taylor.

Det. Taylor: *Looking at the girls* Look. I’m only doing my job here. But if she isn’t the one that was seen running off with the items… Who was? There is a store owner who is claiming that your friend that just ran off… took the 5 packs.

Margaret: Alright Det. Taylor. I am gonna be speaking for everyone here. Everyone. *Snatching the Phone from the Det.; Entering her # into the phone* This is my #. Tomorrow, I will go to the store and meet with this guy. Taking Krissy with me to get to the bottom of the matter. If there is anything about the claim… the guy will have to say so to my face. Krissy didn’t take the packs. Because if she did take them… Would she be crying in defense feeling as if she was being accused of something that she had no part of?

It was then that things ended. Minutes later…

Patti: *Sighs* Poor Krissy. That guy was really being harsh. A good time wrecked by an accusation.

Hallie T.: I hope that Krissy’s okay.

Jenna L.: So do I.

Krissy: *Walking in suddenly* Sparkles, I don’t care anymore… I got nothing to live for. My parents hated me and i spent all this time trying to let it all go. I let it go and just a moment ago… i feel as if it came right on back. I had to expose my heart breaking memory. Being disowned. The nerve of the guy claiming that i was the daughter to this Horatio Caine. *Sulking*

Patti: It’s gonna be okay. We’ll get this dealt with. Whatever that guy was saying that you did… We’ll prove him wrong. Whoever the guy was at the store… we’ll prove him wrong too. We believe you.

That night…

At the Watchtower…

Tess: *Looking at the overhead* The Meteor Shower… It’s backtracked a bit.

Genevieve: How can that be?

Tess: I don’t know. But now it’s saying that there is 3 weeks left before the Meteor shower comes to make impact on Earth.

Genevieve: Sounds a little uncommon for a Meteor shower to just backtrack.

Tess: *Getting readings coming from Metropolis* Something’s going on in Metropolis.

Genevieve: *Looking at the Data coming from Metropolis* There’s a new group of Allies for the Clan.

Tess: *Looking closer at the readings* Who?

Genevieve: Not really sure. But from what i’m getting according to the data here… It says that they’re the Bikini Girl Squad. Consisting of 58 girls. Some in their teens. A few that are only 8. A few 10 year olds.

Tess: There are no names showing to identify any of them.

Genevieve: Whoever they are… they’re said to be fans to the clan. Followers. Supporters to the clan.

Tess: We need to know who they are and find out what their intentions are in the city.

Genevieve: Whoever they are… They’re already being put in some hot water.

Tess: Why’s that?

Genevieve: They were just confronted by a C.S.I and one was assumed to be the daughter to a C.S.I from Miami Dade. believed to be the Daughter to a… *Chuckles* You’re gonna think this is preposterous… but the C.S.I that confronted them… A Det. Mac Taylor believed one of them to be the daughter to Horatio Caine. The C.S.I from Miami. But it’s completely unheard of as the guy has only a son. A Kyle Harmon. This girl that was believed to be the daughter… *Getting readings from the data coming from the Orbiter* Her name is Krissy Caine.

Tess: Sounds like a close resemblance. Only by name. Not by DNA.

Genevieve: But… who are they? These girls that are being picked up by the Orbiter’s tracking… Who are they?

Tess: We’ll have to find out.

Back in the Alternate Reality…

hovering over Bevelle…

On the airship…

In the Bridge…

Rikku: Pop’s machina always seem to break down when you need them most.

Blossom: How can that be possible? Rikku, Even though the weapon blew out right when we were on a roll with Sin back there… It helped us out. We’ve come this far. Yeah… i think that we can agree on this… it sucks… But we can do this. We can do this.

Rikku: You’re right. We can do this. We can. I just wish that pop’s machina would quit breaking down when he knows that they’re needed the most.

Blossom: It’s just what Machina do. Machines. They will eventually break if no one tends to them periodically when needed. Even the Super Computer at the Pentagon. It’s a super computer and is said to never break. No. It can. It will. If one doesn’t keep a maintenance on the machines and ensure to see that it’s kept in good or… best condition. It will break. Engineers and mechanics savor in that. To tend to the upkeeping of machines.

Rikku: Wow! That would explain why the machina of ours never hold up. No one’s helped provide maintenance.

Blossom: Kinda makes things really simple in that aspect… doesn’t it?

Rikku: Yeah.

As for Sora and Carly…

Lulu: I think it’s a little early to start celebrating.

Sora: What do you mean?

Lulu: Sin. We saw Sin fall… But is Sin really dead?

Carly: It’s got to be dead though. It couldn’t be able to withstand all that damage and still live.

Sora: If Sin is still alive… we’re gonna need to be ready for whatever surprises Sin’s got in line for us. For Spira.

Lulu: Sin is an all powerful fiend. The Bringer of death. there is little to nothing that will break Sin apart easy.

Carly: Lulu, Don’t you think like that. We will get Sin. The Fayth want to rest. We have to see this through.

Sora: We lured it. We have to face it. The people all over Spira are banking on us. Everyone is counting on us to bring them peace. To bring them the calm that they all seek and are in desperate need for.

But they too were in a state of fear that they might be unable to truly beat Sin. It was not over yet and they knew it. Sora and Carly felt it. They believed that there was more to come. Sin was not officially dead. Which they were gonna soon witness…

As for Sapphire, Raven and Serena. Even Dinah…

Wakka: Man, we must have hit that thing enough by now!

Dinah: With the strong blasts coming from the Al Bhed secret weapon… It had to be enough to knock Sin down for the count. Sin couldn’t be able to just embellish and withstand all that firepower being done on it.

Sapphire: We shocked it.

Raven: We gave it a real fight. Blew its arms off and pounded its core into fried chicken.

Serena: Fried Chicken for the whole team here… Not literally. But with the firepower that we laid on Sin so far… it’s a shame that it wasn’t knocked out silly.

Wakka: How much more could we have done to Sin? Sin couldn’t take that much more pain, ya?

Dinah: You really think that Sin is easy to beat? I don’t think so. Wakka. Sin is Immortal. You should know this. If all this fighting against Sin was meant to be so so easy… Would you be seeing the Crusaders around anymore? The Crusaders are around to protect the people, towns Villages and islands. The Cities too… That’s what they do… but they also have gone off to fight Sin. But with us doing what it is that we do… If it were really so much of an easy thing to do… The Crusaders would be out of work.

Raven: Nothing is that easy. Nothing ever is that easy. Some things are just very complex. Sin is still alive. Just ask Aunt Alice. She’s Psychic and can detect energy sources.

Serena: No… That’s what Zoey and June can do. June from the Moon Kingdom. Those two can detect energy sources and Auras too. Enemy presences.

Wakka: Did they detect Sin still being alive?


Sapphire: Yeah. I am thinking that they have. However… they’re not exactly here right now… are they? They’re somewhere else on this ship.


Raven: Aunt Luna and Uncle Zeke are with them. In the Corridors just outside of this Bridge. They walked by just a minute or so ago.

Serena: Rina and Natasha are also with them. I think that they’re gonna be having a huge discussion.

Dinah: Luna seemed as though she was a bit tense. But that’s because she’s worried to death about her daughter Zoey. You forget that Zoey almost died twice. the second time… She was in a moments long deep deep sleep. However… if Zoey didn’t break out of it when she had… it was very likely that she would have been officially dead.

Wakka: Heh… Never would’ve figured that something like that would make a mother seem so tense. People die alot in Spira. It’s been like that for a long time. Sin usually saw to that.

Sapphire: So… this is where we are now… We’re here… and we’re gonna put an end to Sin. To Yu Yevon.

Dinah: You got that right girls.

In the Hall…

Auron: This isn’t over. Not yet.

Paul: True. Sin is not dead yet. It’s gonna be back. Alot meaner and tougher. *Looking at Auron; Sighing* Question. What can we expect from your old friend Jecht? What do you think will happen once we finally come face to face with him?

Auron: He’s gonna want to see his Son one last time before asking that we finish Sin up for good.

Paul: And how exactly do we do that if Sin winds up being resurrected by Yu Yevon? Sin isn’t the only one that we need to worry ourselves over. There is the Immortal being… Yu Yevon. That’s what we need to worry ourselves over. What Serena said before we started battering up against the arms of Sin… About Sin being just the puppet on the pretty strings. Either Sapphire or Serena said back there… They have a good point. Sin’s nothing more than the puppet dancing by the strings. If we want Sin to be gone. We have to storm in and end Yu Yevon.

Auron: Yes.

Paul: Only question is… How do we draw out Yu Yevon?

Auron: By taking Jecht out from Yu Yevon’s grip. Saving him from Yu Yevon’s power.

Paul: And the only way to do that is… Jecht has to die. In his final Aeon Form.

Auron: Unfortunately… yes.

Outside in the Corridor…

Zoey: Kimahri, Is Sin really alive… He can’t be still alive. We did fight him and beat down the Core of Sin. Sin’s Core was beat. It should have broken Sin down.

Kimahri: Sin still lives. Kimahri knows.

June: You’re not the only one who can sense it. or know that. We sense it too…

Kimahri: What we done… it not enough to end Sin.

Rina: What does that even mean? *Looking at Kimahri* Sin not being dead. My sister is gonna have to go back and face it. It’s gonna kill her.

Natasha: What no one gets is that Sin will not be subtle. Sin is destructive.

Zeke: Natasha. That is enough. Come on… This is serious enough without the slap of the obvious. Sin is already the one we know to be deadly. Zoey is the hero now… We don’t want her to do this. We don’t want any of the fighters to go out against Sin. We would rather it not be them. Problem is… They’re the only ones who can do this. Zoey is gonna be in danger here. We can’t deny this.

Luna: Zeke… that is something that i would usually say. I would normally say that and be trying to convince you.

Zeke: Luna, *Sighs* I know. But this is something that i got to step forward and encourage. We always have done our share to encourage our kids to always finish what it is that they start. Luna… with all the times that you held on to the Hero duty schtick and tried to feed it right on down into our young daughter… You could be already telling me only a part of it and i would already find it while at the same time nuts… i would see it as something to literally believe. I would believe all of it as i know you and what you once had done. What you were all about. But this is about our kids and their well being.

Kimahri: Fate cannot change. those who don’t try… don’t live happy.

Rina: So to live happy… A person has to at least try to make a change.

Natasha: That happens to be the most irrelevant thing that was ever spoken from you, Kimahri. But… you may well be right. Fate is hard to change.

Luna: Natasha, Fate can’t ever change. No matter who it is or what it tells. Someone’s fate… is absolute. Some fates are absolute.

Natasha: Mom, What do you mean? What do you mean that some fates are absolute.

Luna Flashes back…

“Raven: *sees Arella in the tower and flies up to her* Arella! No, wait! I’ve come back. Mother, please help me.

Arella: You always had a home here, my child. But help, we could not give.

Thunder Mistress: *Landing on the ledge and Setting Luna down* Wow! This is really high up. 

Luna: *Seeing a white robed person by the wall that looked like a door* Who’s that?

Arella: *Seeing two people nearby* Who are you?

Raven: Mother. They’re my friends.

Luna: Are you the one they call Arella?

Arella: Yes. I am Arella. The Holy mother of the land. Azarath. I would welcome you to the city… but as you can see… there isn’t much of the city left to be seen.

Thunder Mistress: Why? What happened?

Arella: A demon… who we know as Trigon ravaged the land and destroyed the land to nothing. There were no survivors of his last onslaught.

Raven: *pulling out her book* The prophecy. It’s happening. You have to tell me how to stop it.

Arella: Nothing could be done. The promise of your birth was absolute.

Thunder Mistress: What promise? What do you mean that you can’t help her? Mother Arella… I don’t know what your customs are here… but Raven is your daughter. You should be able to find some way to help her. It’s not that hard to do. Do something. Don’t let her be this key to let that Big bad demon tyrant out. 

Arella: We can’t. It was a promise given to her as she was born. She was sired by the demon who impregnated me to one day let him out and let him sire to rule the world. The High Council wanted me to kill her. but i could not. Even though she was said to be with Demon blood in her and power within her… she also was a human. A hybrid of both Human and Demon. I could not bare to see her killed. I kept her. She is my daughter. I tried in vain to help her, child. But help… i couldn’t give. The promise of her Birth was absolute… Nothing could be done to stop it.

Raven: I don’t believe you! There has to be a way! I don’t want to be this. I don’t want to help him. Mother, I’m afraid.

Luna: There has to be a way that she wouldn’t have to become the gate that allows the Demon out.

Thunder Mistress: So… the Prophecy? It’s all true. it’s gonna happen at the end of the year 2027. Which is this year. *Shaking her head* this is a total nightmare. *To Arella* Raven’s our friend. we don’t want her becoming the thing that lets that son of a jackass out. He’s gonna destroy everything. I have 3 babies. 3 girls. I don’t want them to die in this. Raven doesn’t want the Demon to come out. She doesn’t want to do it. I am a mother. of 3 girls. If my daughters were going through something and needed help. I would bend over backwards for them. I wouldn’t feed them the line that there was nothing that could be done. I would help them.

Raven: *Looking at her mother desperately* Mother… Please… Please! I don’t want to be the cause for Earth to end. I don’t want to be this. letting him out.

Luna: We don’t want to die either.

Arella: You forever had the love of your people, Raven. Even knowing what you would become and what that would bring.”

Natasha: You’re kidding, Right… Mom? You mean that you actually got to see Azarath for that one moment and saw this holy mother?

Luna: Yeah. But i was 13 when that happened. And that was before everything changed. The world back then was on the fast track to end. We were all scrambling to find out how to prevent it from happening. Trying to stop the inevitable. But… we all failed miserably. We had to endure it.

Rina: And from the things that are forming back where we belong… the end of days might just be happening again… but with a different sort of circumstances.

Zoey: We’re gonna be back before any of that happens.

Rina: At the Rate that we are going… i find that to be doubtful. Zoey, you and the others have only gone through the first parts of beating Sin. Although… You two have just sensed that Sin was still alive. This isn’t over.

Kimahri: Sin still alive.

June: We can sense it. We didn’t really beat Sin. Just knocked it out cold.

It was with that… they felt the terror. It was not over… But with there being uncertainty over what was going to happen next with Sin… if there was to be something to be going on with Sin. If so… What would it mean for them?

Back inside the Bridge though…

Brother: Will Sin truly return again?

Spencer: Tita, E tuh’d ghuf. Pid ev drana ec yho luhcumydeuh du yho uv drec. Ouin bemudehk cgemmc yna bnaddo esbnacceja. (Dude, I don’t know. But if there is any consolation to any of this. Your piloting skills are pretty impressive.)

Brother: *Blushing a little* Yffff! Dryhg oui, [Spencer]. E naymewa dryd oui yna eh muja fedr so cecdan, [Rikku]. Oui ycgat vun ran ryht du synno. Pid e ryja du ycg… Yna oui cina dryd oui lyh gaab ran hayn oui? (Awwww! Thank you, [Spencer]. I realize that you are in love with my sister, [Rikku]. You asked for her hand to marry. But i have to ask… Are you sure that you can keep her near you?)

Spencer: Uv luinca. Fro tu oui ycg dryd? (Of course. Why do you ask that?)

Brother: Palyica… Cra ec luhcdyhdmo kuehk uid aqbmunehk yht dnaycina rihdehk. Cusadesac cra cdyoc kuha vun faagc uh aht. (Because… She is constantly going out exploring and treasure hunting. Sometimes she stays gone for weeks on end.)

Spencer: E’mm pa ugyo fedr fryd cra fyhdc du tu. E muja ran. E zicd fyhd ran du pa rybbo. E’mm ajah ramb ran ymuhk fedr dra Aqbmunehk yht dra dnaycina rihdehk ev dryd’c fryd cra naymmo fyhdc. uv luinca… e tuh’d drehg ed’t syddan aedran fyo ev Ceh ech’d lusbmadamo tavaydat. yht zicd syhykac du cbnehk uh pylg. (I’ll be okay with what she wants to do. I love her. I just want her to be happy. I’ll even help her along with the Exploring and the treasure hunting if that’s what she really wants. of course… i don’t think it’d matter either way if Sin isn’t completely defeated. and just manages to spring on back.)

Brother: Ceh femm hud lusa pylg… femm ra? (Sin will not come back… will he?)

Spencer: [Brother]… E fecr e luimt cyo dryd ed naymmo fuh’d lusa pylg. E tu. Pid fa pudr ghuf dryd drec ec vyn vnus ujan. [Sin] ech’d dra uha fa haat du funno ypuid. ([Brother]… I wish i could say that it really won’t come back. I do. But we both know that this is far from over. [Sin] isn’t the one we need to worry about.)

Brother: *In Shock* Fryd oui sayh po dryd, [Spencer]. Fro fuimt oui drehg [Sin] hud pa dra uha fa cruimt funno ypuid? (What you mean by that, [Spencer]. Why would you think [Sin] not be the one we should worry about?)

Spencer: *Looking to the side and Glancing at the screens surveying the outside of the Airship and looking down towards Bevelle* Fryd e sayh ec dryd [Sin] syo pa fryd fa yna kuehk ykyehcd. Dra uha fa’na ymm vekrdehk yht pnyfmehk fedr… Pid [Sin] ech’d dra uha eh dra tnejanc cayd lymmehk dra crudc. [Yu Yevon]… Dryd ec dra uha fa ryja du luhcetan. Yc muhk yc [Yu Yevon] mejac yht ec uh dra suja. Cusafrana fedreh [Sin]… E’mm pa vnyhg fedr oui uh drec. Drec fruma pyddma. drec fruma lnecec… Ed’mm hajan aht. Ed femm zicd nabayd ykyeh yvdan 10 oaync. Frana fa’mm ymm ryja du ku drnuikr fedr drec ymm ujan ykyeh. Oui tuh’d fyhd dryd. Haedran tu E. (What i mean is that [Sin] may be what we are going against. The one we’re all fighting and brawling with… But [Sin] isn’t the one in the drivers seat calling the shots. [Yu Yevon]… That is the one we have to consider. As long as [Yu Yevon] lives and is on the move. Somewhere within [Sin]… I’ll be frank with you on this. This whole battle. this whole crisis… It’ll never end. It will just repeat again after 10 years. Where we’ll all have to go through with this all over again. You don’t want that. Neither do I.)

Brother: Oui yna nekrd. (You are right.)

Spencer: Pid drana ec uha drehk paouht ymm drec… Uha drehk dryd fa lyh ymm muug rybbemo vunfynt du. (But there is one thing beyond all this… One thing that we can all look happily forward to.)

Brother: Dra Lyms?! (The Calm?!)

Spencer: Famm… dryd… Oayr. Pid drana ec ymcu dra bynd frana so vysemo kuac pylg du Sadnubumec. Yht E ghuf dryd Ed’t sayh ymud du ouin cecdan [Rikku] ev oui lysa ymuhk duu. (Well… that… Yeah. But there is also the part where my family goes back to Metropolis. And I know that It’d mean alot to your sister [Rikku] if you came along too.)

Brother: Naymmo? Tu oui naymmo sayh ed? (Really? Do you really mean it?)

Spencer: Oui pad. Pacetac zicd drehg uv dra ubbundihedo dufyntc maynhehk yhudran myhkiyka. E’mm cruf oui ruf ed’c tuha. Drana yna syho buccepemedeac zicd fyedehk drana vun oui. Bmic… hud uhmo dryd… Oui’na ymcu vysemo. Vysemo… Ed’c dra knuihtcduha du yhouha’c meva. Fedruid vysemo… y bancuh’c kud hudrehk kietehk res un ran. (You bet. Besides just think of the opportunity towards learning another language. I’ll show you how it’s done. There are many possibilities just waiting there for you. Plus… not only that… You’re also family. Family… It’s the groundstone to anyone’s life. Without family… a person’s got nothing guiding him or her.)

Brother: ….

Spencer: *Looking at the others and then back towards the cockpit window* Pid vencd… Fa taym fedr [Sin]. Drec paycd ec kuhhy pa y naym vekrdan. (But first… We deal with [Sin]. This beast is gonna be a real fighter.)

As for Annie, Clint and Theodore…

They were wondering what was going on with Yuna and the Star Blitzball player. It was a while since they’ve seen them about. Since they all returned from beating Sin for the first part. It was then that they ran on to find them. See what they were doing.

Top Deck of the Airship…

Annie: *Walking out* Yuna, What are you guys doing out here all on your own? You guys just ditched everyone and are sticking here. Do you guys just not like being around others that much anymore?

Tidus: No… It isn’t like that at all.

Clint: *Grins* Well then…What is it like? What brings you two out here all on your own?

Yuna:  We’re just worried about Sir Jecht.

Theodore: Really… Hmm… Who wouldn’t be worried about him? He is in there somewhere. Somewhere waiting for us all to bust him out from that beast and free him.

Yuna: I wonder if Sir Jecht is in pain.

Annie: I happen to wonder that too… It isn’t easy being in that big beast and literally be condemned inside an unholy being. Yu Yevon is possibly just salivating his or her palate watching as all the innocent people suffer under its control. Sin’s power and destructive nature.

Tidus: Let’s just end this…quickly. The fayth said they would help us, right?

Clint: They did say that. I believe it too. Zoey and June were with you and Tidus when you spoke with the Fayth, Yuna. They also believe that the Fayth said that they’d assist us.

Yuna: It bothers me, the way they said that.

Tidus: Huh?

Theodore: How do you figure? Why would it bother you? They said that they’d help. I don’t know how you could expect for the Fayth to say it any other way.

Yuna: I mean, they’ve been fighting alongside us this whole time, but now they say they’ll help?

Tidus: I guess so…

Annie: Well… That is something which we’re gonna need to leave that to them and see how it is that they assist during this upcoming onslaught. We can’t question them. Not now.

Clint: Yeah. This movie isn’t over yet and we’ve just not finally reached the final climax of the movie. The second half of the battling against Sin is likely to start.

Yuna: Wait! Sin is reborn when Yu Yevon merges with an aeon, isn’t that right? If I summon an aeon, Yu Yevon will join with it. But at first, it’ll be small, won’t it?

Tidus: Yeah… Then, we might be able to beat it without the Final Summoning.

Annie: Oh… Yeah. So you beat Sin and Yu Yevon will just jump into any Aeon that you Summon.

Clint: That sounds like something that a coward would do. Hide and use the Aeons to do its fighting. That’s really nice.

Theodore: Talk about a coward. Yu Yevon… He is neither good… nor Evil. He’s Awake, yet he dreams…. but also poses as a Big Coward.

Yuna: I don’t know. What if Yu Yevon jumps again?

Tidus: Then we’ll take it down again! We’ll fight him until there’s no place left to run!

Annie: Yu Yevon Jumping from one Aeon to the next? *Snorts in disgust* Like hell he will. We’re not about to allow for that to happen. Are we?

Yuna: I never thought it would come down to this.

Theodore: *Groans* Yuna… for the love of pete and all that is sane. Stop thinking like that. You know that it was gonna come to this. How else would it turn out? This isn’t like when you forgot to do your homework and you got served with punishment such as a incomplete and a negative mark on your grades. This is Sin. Yu Yevon. Sin the Bringer of Death and Yu Yevon the Immortal. Iron Clad and using Sin as its impenetrable armor.

Tidus: Yeah, I know. Hey, the fayth, they’re tired of this whole thing, too. Let’s let them rest. And Theodore, Lay off of Yuna. This is not easy on her.

Theodore: And you think that it’s easy on us? Look at us, Tidus. Take a good look. Some of us are with shaken sanity. Even though what you see on the outside of us… is different and strong courage… on the inside… we’re nervous wrecks and yet… we don’t speak about it because we’re needing to pull in and handle the crisis here. We can’t afford to think of anything more than that. There is nothing that we can do except that.

Yuna: The fayth said it’s pointless to keep dreaming. The dream will disappear, he said. What did he mean? And what is it that Yu Yevon is summoning from within Sin?

Tidus: The dream of the fayth.

Annie: The Dreams. Yu Yevon is keeping the Fayth from being able to rest. It’s almost like Yu Yevon himself is afraid to rest and embrace the farplane.

Clint: Afraid to die. Now that is something you don’t hear about as a normal statement.

Theodore: No way.

Yuna: *To Tidus* You won’t…go away, will you?

Annie: *Looking at her brothers* …


Rikku: *Interrupting over the intercom* Yunie! Guys! Come look! Something’s happening to Sin!

It was then that they all looked. Through the screens and then with their own eyes witnessing as Sin started rising and coming out from the spell he was under. It was unfortunately seeing that he was only knocked out. for only a few moments if not more. As Sin arose from its apparent latent slumber it started to sprout wings. Which was very apparent as Wings had then formed on its back and with that Sin propped himself on the tower in Bevelle. Right at the tip of the tallest tower. Perching right on the tip. Conquering the skyline of Bevelle.  Tidus and Yuna watch. Annie, Clint and Theodore were there too and were standing on the Airship right along side Tidus and Yuna watching…

Theodore: What’s going on now with Sin? Is Sin now thinking of itself to be a bird?

Annie: Well… If Sin’s a Bird. It’s definitely a new type of species of Bird.

Clint: *Mortified* Okay. I think that the Jury is out. This is definitely a good example of freak out factor. That’s just totally wrong. You don’t have a clue as to how wrong that really is. Sin… A Bird? What do we intend to call it? A Sin Bird?

Annie: Not even in our most insanitary dreams. *Disturbed* Come on… Let’s get the hearts a pumping with anticipation and get ready to battle Sin… Again.

Theodore: Inside… Now! Let’s go.

Sin was Back in play again.

Sin was Back in play again.

Sin was Back in play again.

Sin was Back in play again…

There was no doubt about that. None of them could thereby deny the fact that Sin was back up and awake. They all thought that Sin was down for the count. But Sin was not down as they thought he was. Sin was only sleeping. Out cold for a little bit. And it was now about to kick over to the second round. It was all on the attack. Full frontal assault and no punches being pulled. No punches being pulled by the fighters. The fighters and new generation had to prepare to charge at Sin. Once again… This time in hopes on sending it to the eternal afterlife. Would they be able to Give Sin what for a second time? Would they get the same luck that they had for the beginning of the Brawl against Sin? What were they gonna expect from Sin this time? Would they be able to beat Sin before Sin used its Overdrive: GIGA-GRAVITRON? What about the Bikini Girls? Would their reputations in the city of Metropolis be sticking further or would the loose unfortunate accusation that had befallen them become their ticket to the path of Exile? Would they be true to their word and be helping the Clan with keeping a track on the Dark people and inform of any developments on the Abductions and possible Child Abductions that were starting to darken the atmosphere of the city? What was next for the girls? Would some of them be targeted by Predators or would their luck stick on lasting aside from being in their favor? Would the Fighters be able to hold on against Sin or Would the soon to be Battle be their last Moment of Existence? Find out in the Next Chapter of the Adventures of the Rhapsody Girls Z! As the Saga Continues…

Bikini girls now welcomed to be in close range of the clan. New Allies are seen within The girls. Sin is back and fighters go against it. For another round. 2 rounds against Sin. More to come… Sin has Wings and meet the Fighters and Guardians along with the allies in hand face to face. Danger befalls the clan with uncertainty. It’s all on War against Sin again in:  “Time to Tango, Sin. Rhapsody Clan Vs. Sin. “Let’s take the trash out of Spira!” Heroes 2 to Sin ZIP!”


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