Chapter 169: Rock and a rollin’ with the regroup within Airship. Serena to Kimahri: “What are we to do now? Where can we go for answers?” Part 2.

(Going to meet in Bevelle to get the answers on how to Lure Sin and face it.)


Rikku L. Rhapsody: We should get to talking.

Aquamarine: Here. Now? On a night on the city here… we should be enjoying ourselves. What is there to really talk about?

Rikku L. Rhapsody: What i couldn’t speak about around my fiance.

Aquamarine: Oh… that! Uh… okay. I would guess that it is something serious and really personal if you were not able to talk of it around… Nick. What is it?

Rikku L. Rhapsody: One of my daughters hates her sisters.

Aquamarine: You’re kidding…

Rikku L. Rhapsody: No. I’m not. I wish that i was only kidding. But i’m not kidding.

Aquamarine: Who is it?

Rikku L. Rhapsody: Betty. She hates Paige, Pearl and Dinah. Nothing that anyone says to her will make her change.

Aquamarine: Why? Why does she hate them?

Rikku L. Rhapsody: Remember a man… or guy named… *Groans* God i hate speaking of his name. It to this day is like an infectious growth on the back. Stroker. Pidge Stroker.

Aquamarine: Now there’s a name i haven’t heard in a long long time. What’s bringing his name up from the ether?

Rikku L. Rhapsody: He’s Betty’s father. But that man and I broke apart. He was going a different way and so was i. But when my 3 girls got these powers… he became their professor and was like there… all the time. Just about all the time. Always calling. Contacting. It went on for like 4 years. Maybe 5. That was when it got more constant. He around the time where i started to cut off the contact with him… Started Investigating the girls. I got on his case about it and…

She then tells her sister everything and some of the things she said about it ran her blood cold. It was when she was done that things got dramatic…

Aquamarine: What the heck is going on here… Your daughter who you birthed courtesy of that man. He investigates your 3 girls and because of them not liking the fact that they were being investigated… your 3 girls… Paige, Pearl and Dinah… They Murder him? Sis, I know he investigated them. You’ve just said that he did. But geez! Sis, they took a life. They should be behind bars. In Prison. We can’t condone what they had done. Even if it was for the right reasons or to end a nightmare. That man may have been a bastard, But… it was still a life. A Human life. They took his life, sis. We can’t allow for that to slide. It would be as if we were all for all the serial killers that go around murdering. They’re not Serial Killers… But it still doesn’t change that they killed a man.

Rikku L. Rhapsody: That’s it though… it was all on count of that man investigating them. That man had damaging info on them. He even sold a copy of to a Corrupt D.A By the name of Sacks. It was all covered up. All of the law enforcement agencies all deemed it as a lab accident and the tape that was made… it showed where Stroker made the fatal move. He made the move. Not them. It was ever since then that Betty felt hatred towards them. She’s even vowed to become their Arch-Villain. She’s even gonna destroy them…

Rikku L. Rhapsody then relays the last conversation she ever had with Betty to her sister.

“Betty: It’s good to see you again, Mom. You still expecting to be wed to the DA?

Rikku L. Rhapsody: Yeah. Although the work is keeping us from it.

Betty: Still the same old mom… still making excuses. Just like when you tried to cover up the trespasses of what those 3 girls did. Paige, Pearl and Dinah are Murderers. You are so into protecting them that you won’t do the right thing.

Rikku L. Rhapsody: What do you mean by that, Are you hating them still that much?

Betty: Yes. I will always hate them. for coming between you and I. They come and take away everything. They took away my father. I still remember, Mom. You really think that after all this time that i would forget. I haven’t forgotten it. I have not forgot about it and i never will… The forgiving was just a smokescreen against Dinah. *Sneering* I curse the day that you and they found each other. Those little brats.

Rikku L. Rhapsody: Excuse me… Betty. Despite of your dislike over them. Your distrust of them… they’re still your sisters. Still your family.

Betty: Yeah… my family. They’re family which took away my father. I don’t care if you want to protect them. But don’t anoint them for sainthood and make like they don’t have a dark stain on their soul. One day… the darkness will take them and see their darkness. They will be seen for who they really are.

Rikku L. Rhapsody: No. That is not it and you know it. You are being unspeakably cruel. They’re your sisters. Your Blood. How could you just write them off like that?

Betty: Simple. It’s called the act of ditching and forgetting. You should try it too. Forget about them. They’re not even worth caring for as they took away your ex-Flame. Stroker and you go way back. *Seeing the blank look come across on her mother’s face* Yeah… Uh-huh. That’s right. i know all about it. All about it. You know how i know? The answers lie in the one person that those 3 managed to kill. Managed to kill and then cover it up. I am as far as i am concerned… their Arch-villain. They want peace. They better find a way to bring back my father. He told me how you and him were so close and that you were all over him like some hot to trot goo goo doll wannabe. Then when he met Tammy Garland… the nice girl that he reunited with… you and he had to break it off as you were going a so different path than he was… You were fated to do wondrous things. But did you? No… You… What was it? Oh… that’s right. You chose to sit in a life of single life with the whole # of: “Oh my god… I’m alone. No one will want me. I’ll always be single no matter what i do. All anyone will see me as is nothing more than a freak.” Where’s the pink hair mom? Huh? Where is it? You may fool everyone else… even the guy that you say loves you… but i’ll be one who knows the real you. A Pink haired LOSER! Dad left you. because he did not want to be tied to you and ruin you. He loved you… but the one thing he regrets or had regretted was not seeing it sooner that you were still so fixated on him that you wouldn’t let him go and be happy. You were trying to trap him. 

Rikku L. Rhapsody: Stop it. Stop it, right this minute. I am not kidding. *Feeling anger come over her* You’re tearing down at your sisters. And i am getting tired of you trying to tear at them. You want to hate them… Fine. Do so. But you might want to feel the same of me as well… I love them. As i loved you and Angel. Shanna and Luna. Shanna is studying off abroad. Luna is still around and she’s in Labor with her first child. But the point is that i loved you and Angel just as well as Paige, Pearl and Dinah. You should have known that. 

Betty: *Feigning the touched expression* Awww! That’s so loving. Excuse me while i vomit. she’s only what… 15 and she’s gotten herself pregnant. SLUT! She’s a young slut and you’re so stupid that you don’t see it. she is too young to have kids. She fucked her life up now… Now she’s got to get a job in order to support her newborn. She’s not even ready for that. Some mother you are… But then… it’s expected since you allow Paige, Pearl and Dinah to have Cart-Blanche and do whatever the hell they wanted.

Rikku L. Rhapsody: *Blows up suddenly and coming at Betty; Punching her and slapping her hard in the face* How dare you speak of them like that. HOW DARE YOU?! You rotten unfeeling girl. They are your sisters and if you want to be like that towards them… Fine. But get this… This is the last time that you and i will meet. Those 3 are innocent. The truth was proven. They didn’t kill your father. He died in a lab explosion. The tapes showed it. You saw it over and over again… But apparently you’re not as bright as you say that you are as you keep thinking that it was them who killed your father. It wasn’t them. It never was. 

Betty: Those tapes can say what they want. anytime. At any moment. It won’t change that they’re murderers. I will expose them. And mom or not… if you support them… I’m gonna take you down along with them. Paige, Pearl and Dinah better enjoy their freedom while they can. Because it’s gonna end.

Rikku L. Rhapsody: Not if the law doesn’t believe it. They never will… Every law enforcement agency… from the E.P.A to C.I.A. You want to question me… Your own mother… You go right on ahead. But you better not question what’s in the C.I.A or F.B.I. The E.P.A. The DDS… None of them. They will all show the same thing. They watched that tape millions of times. The top researchers of that tape… they knew of it from the minute that it was made. Luthorcorp saw to that as they caught it all. But the engineers and technicians… they spent many hours trying to dissect it… dissecting it a piece at a time. saw what i told you. What they had. Oliver, Tess… everyone. It was a lab explosion. and the last physical blow… was his own doing. He made the fatal move. *Walking away* But if you want to live in anguish and see things that are not there and never were… you go right on ahead, Betty. But You heed my word. You go near your sisters with your appetite for vengeful cruelty… Daughter be damned… You will be sorry. That’s no threat. It’s a promise.

Betty: Go ahead and cover up their dark deed. They’ll find out that when it comes to the law… they’re gonna get slapped. Your 3 favorite girls are gonna learn. They will do as they are told. They take a life… they’re going down. And you… mom. You made the wrong person your worst enemy. Next time we meet… your life will be ruined. Count on it. *Leaving in fury* You’re about to find out that you’re not the only one who can play Bitch. You’re gonna learn that it’s my way… or nothing. I see laws as the ground stone. They will be obeyed and adhered to. Whether those 3 bitches and you like it or not.”

Rikku L. Rhapsody: That was the last time that i spoke with her and it is the last time i ever will.

Aquamarine: *Cross and not pleased* Okay… Where’s your phone?

Rikku L. Rhapsody: In my pocket. Why?

Aquamarine: Hand it here. I’m gonna do something.

Rikku L. Rhapsody: What do you mean? What’re you gonna do?

Aquamarine: You’ll see. Your daughter Betty wants to call you a pink haired Loser… Let’s have her do it again. With me in the room. I guarantee that she won’t get the chance to do it again. I am a sweet and loving person. You know that. But the one thing i will not put up with is a Child dissing their own mother and making any excuse to cover why they did it.

As Rikku hands her sister the phone…

Rikku L. Rhapsody: We can’t say much because i just dissed our mother.

Aquamarine: Ours is different. She was a racist and a drug addict as you just showed me. I saw all the proof. The videos and the transcript. Your Fiance helped with getting those for you so you could show me. And from what i saw… There is nothing about our mother that i want to reconnect with.

Rikku L. Rhapsody: Sorry.

Aquamarine: Stop. Sis, it’s okay. I am not mad. I am actually happy. Like i said before. I am happy that you showed me and told me the way you did. You were looking out for me as i had done for you for a long time before i passed for all those years. It hurts though… but it was better for me to hear from the source. or should i say Eyewitness. Not the outside people looking in.

A second later…

Aquamarine: *Posing as her sister* Betty, I need to see you. I turned in your sisters for the Murder of your father. But now they want to see you. I tried to hold off. But i couldn’t. I am at this nightclub right now hoping to hide. But they spotted me. Now they want me to cop out more details. They think i am hiding something. Come here as fast as you can…

Aquamarine hangs up the phone and Winks at her sister…

Rikku L. Rhapsody: You are a real devil… *Chuckles* You’re baiting her. Aren’t you?

Aquamarine: Not exactly… What i am doing is seeking for a re-enactment of what you and she said. Only this time… Embarrass her with what she said. Giving her a taste of her own medicine. See… I kinda learned this while on the Pilgrimage with Jecht and Braska. Calling out the trouble makers. There were trouble makers crossing us on the pilgrimage. But we called them out on it and turned the tables. It might have been done differently than here. in our reality. But… What’ll happen is we make her think that we’re gonna do what she wants. You make her think that you’re gonna abide. Then just when she is with the illusion that she’s won you. I come in and turn the tables. That’s when we both call her bluff and make her choke on her own insults.

Rikku L. Rhapsody: Aha! Now that’s one swell plan. I like it.

At Dinah’s and Shingo’s house…

Janie: *Washing the dishes with her father*

Shingo: So… *Putting some of the dried dishes away* How was the hangout with your friend? Anything happen there?

Alex: *Putting the food away* Not really. We just talked about school. It turns out that Zoey… the girl we met at school. She’s with the dream of being a Special Agent or a C.S.I in the future. She also knows a bit about this family. Says she’s done research. I think she really likes what this family is all about. What it lives for.

Shingo: Really now? Looks like you 3 picked up a fan and a friend.

Charlene: She’s more than that. She’s really smart.

Shingo: How smart are we talking here? Like Brainy smart or Rise to the top Prodigy smart?

Alex: Brainy smart. Literally… Super Brainy OMG Smart. Psychology, Physics and Math. Science and not forgetting Forensics. She’s somehow learned so much stuff by research and she even says that she watched shows like Criminal Minds, CSI: Miami, CSI: NY and everytime she watches… she picks up things that she never caught the time before. She is like a Young Penelope Garcia, Spencer Reid and Rossi. Delko, Wolf and Alex the M.E. Danny, Stella and Mac.

Shingo: Whoa… Slow the heck down… She’s only 12 and she knows this stuff? *Mesmerized* forget brainy smart. She’s a young Super computer.

Janie: What seems to be more surreal is that she can even likely put the Watchtower’s knowhow to shame.

Charlene: She’s said some things that were so out there… I think that she might have been groomed to be the poster child for Infinite Wisdom.

Shingo: *Intrigued* Suppose that she might be a profiler sometime soon?

Alex: *Chuckling* No… Dad, she’s not gonna be like a profiler. Not too soon.

Janie: But with her… She’s one girl with a lot of good fortune.

Alex: Not only that… She said that she had been at the Orphanage that we were at. She was there for a year. However we never knew about it. She told us about that at school and we couldn’t believe it at first. But she said that she was kept behind locked doors. However… when we were there… we were never told. We were told something different than the truth. That it was one of the other girls having a nightmare. However… we believe that it might have been the girl. Zoey Creek. It had to be her.

Shingo: I’m gonna have to send in a complaint against the Orphanage. Hearing about the dirty or rotten care giving that the Orphanage gives people. That it managed to give all those kids. Namely you girls. It is a real kick in the ass as to why it never got closed down years ago. For all that time… no one calls them up on it. Questions the Orphanage for its dark little secrets. It just gets swept under the rug. You girls have a good friend. helping her talk about what she knows about that place and what you went through… the wounds will heal in time. But I’m gonna make a call and i’m getting the process accelerated in having that Orphanage shut down for good. No way will that place be operating again.

Janie: That will chase Granny out from hiding. But where exactly can she go?

Alex: Who would know? If she’s a Member of the Unholy Trinity… That means just that she has the power from Darkseid. Or a portion of his power and can smoke her way around wherever she choose’s.

Charlene: Wherever. But just as long as it’s not near here… That’s fine by us.

Shingo: It’ll be fine. *Looking at the time* Did you girls get your homework done?

Janie: Yeah. It was just some math problems and a few History questions needing answering. That’s about all.

Alex: *Nods*

Although there was something going on at the New York Planetarium…

Desaad: It’s time for us to start searching for our 3rd member.

Granny: Our Dark lord will be one to find the one who will be the 3rd most loyal follower.

Desaad: But there is a little problem. A few people have been clamping down and tempted to snoop on our activities.

Granny: There are 4 girls who are exposing our secret organization.

Desaad: 4 girls? Would they be the ones that you housed at that Orphanage?

Granny: They’re the same 3 that i adopted to a man who’s father to 6 other kids. A Shingo Rhapsody of the Rhapsody Dynasty. Although one of the 4 nosing girls is the one that i only had at the orphanage for a year. She’s wise to our plans.

Desaad: Father to a team of heroes who call themselves the Thunderic Force Z! They could pose a threat to lord Darkseid’s rise to power. And if that one girl… Zoey Creek… If she helps them uncover our dubious schemes. We’ll be compromised.

Granny: We’re only minions. We can only do so much. But it hasn’t wavered our loyalty to Lord Darkseid. However… don’t worry. We can rest assured that the young girl won’t be mettling with our dark ambitions much longer.

Desaad: First… we must search for Lord Darkseid’s 3rd loyal minion. With the next newest Minion joining us… our Unholy Trinity will soon be complete. And not even the Rhapsody Dynasty will be able to stand in our way.

Granny: Their attempts to stop Lord Darkseid will be futile. Apokolips will one day be upon us and once it arrives. Lord Darkseid will rule this world. All those fragile souls down there will be serving the Dark Lord before long.

Desaad: Don’t worry about those 3 girls. Lord Darkseid’s gonna have something locked in place for them. And for their family.

Granny: But first will be that girl. She’ll ruin everything if she tells of our dark plans…

At the Nightclub…

Rikku L. Rhapsody: *Looking at her estranged Daughter* What do you have to say about your sisters now? You bash them then you come after me.

Betty: You are damn right i will come after you. You’re a Loser. You stalked my father and stole his happy life. You know… ever since those 3 bitches came into our lives… i’ve been wanting to say this. But never got the chance to. Now i can and here it is. I wish that Paige, Pearl and Dinah were never born. I hate the fact that you’re my mother.

Aquamarine: *Stepping in and Slapping Betty in the face hard before bending her over her knee and smacking her ass hard; Blistering Betty’s behind* That is enough out of you. She is your mother and you will show her respect. Or i will make you wish that you never seen me. You are a disrespectful girl and your mother is tired of your backtalk. She is sick and tired of your hatred towards your sisters. The shit stops. Now.

Betty: Or what? What’re you gonna do about it?

Rikku L. Rhapsody and her sister then grabbed Betty and drove to the middle of the far end of the city. They were gonna do something that they’d never walk from. Betty however… had a different idea. She was gonna Electrocute them with a sneak attack and make her escape. She was on a one man mission to destroy the reputation of Paige, Pearl and Dinah. Aquamarine countered with a police report of attempted aggravated assault. Filing a report against Betty…

Aquamarine: Your daughter wants to seek on attempting to Murder your girls… She’s going to Jail.

Rikku L. Rhapsody: She’s Evil. I wish now that i never had her.

Aquamarine: I know. Don’t worry. It’s gonna be alright. *Consoling her sister* You told me about what those 3 girls had done. I can’t say as though they’re completely innocent. The mishap that happened years back. 18 years ago… Could have been dealt with differently. But it happened and all you can do is move on and do better. They know that. Betty however… doesn’t. She’s gonna have all the time to think about what she’s been trying to do… In Prison.

Their eventful night went on…

Although as for the Fighters…

In the Alternate Reality…

In Spira…

In the Al Bhed ship…

On the Bridge…

Everyone was assembled…

Wakka: Hey, guys! I just had a great idea!

Rikku: *Hand over Wakka’s mouth* It was my idea. Let me tell them!

Wakka: *Shoves in front of her* It’s like this, ya?

Rikku: *Shoves in front of him* I just thought!

Lulu: The Hymn is the key.

Wakka and Rikku groan indignantly…

Tidus: The Hymn?

Sora: The Hymn?

Paige: The Hymn of the fayth is the key to bring Sin to us.

Zoey: You sure that it will work? Sin is Powerful. What if it doesn’t stop Sin. Or lure him over to us?

Lulu: Sir Jecht likes the Hymn of the Fayth, correct?

Tidus: Yeah.

Sapphire: Wait! That’s gotta be it.

Raven: We were down at the bottom of Macalania lake. And we just happened to look up when suddenly Sin just happened to be there up above us a bit. Still and floating. He was more peaceful and calm. He was attracted to it somehow.

Rikku: That’s why he was listening to it in Macalania!

Lulu: Sin…violence incarnate, listening peacefully.

Paul: Too Peacefully. I’m starting to wonder if we’re actually going against a monstrous beast or a overgrown massive Tiger.

Crystal: Sin seemed too Docile listening to the Hymn. It was as if he considered it to be like some sort of Lullaby. Something that you sing to put babies to sleep.

Serena: Don’t go maternal on us, Crystal. Sin may be a lot of things. But there is one thing he ain’t. That’s a Cuddly sweet newborn baby.

Wakka: Uh… I know it’s your old man, and I don’t mean no disrespect, but…

Tidus: No, it’s fine. I’ve gotten used to it.

Lulu: Let me say it. If we attack Sin head-on, we’ve little chance of winning. However, if he hears the Hymn of the Fayth, he will become docile.

Daria: Docile or loving?

Annie: In Perpetual Bliss. Right?

Wakka: Yeah, and that’s when we make our move! Might be against the rules and all, but who’s keeping track, ya? Ya?

Rikku: Yeah! It could really work!

Tidus: Yeah… Yeah, it’s worth a try!

Blossom: Anything is worth a try.

Zoey: Nothing is impossible till you stop trying.

Carly: That’s right…

Now the brainstorm…

Spencer, Tidus as well as Alvin Speak with Cid…

Spencer: So… How are we gonna do this exactly?

Tidus: We go to Bevelle and seek an audience with Mika. Make him tell us what we need to know.

Cid: Well, that sounds like a plan to me! My baby here’ll take us anywhere we want!

Alvin: Hold on there Zanarkand star player. Just hold on… We are gonna go and get the answers from Mika. But we can’t over play our hand. Remember This is the Grand Maester we’re talking about here. He’s not gonna just give us the answers on a silver platter.

Spencer: You might be right. However, we gotta try something. Anything is better than nothing. Time before the beginning of the final showdown with Sin is running out. If we don’t enact a battle plan and find some way to lure Sin to us. the mayhem will just begin again. We can’t allow for that to happen. We can’t allow for this to continue. Sin needs to go.

Alvin: I’m all for it.

Tidus: Right. *Fistpump* I think that my father would want this all to end. He’s tired and i don’t blame him. It has been a long time.

Alvin: Cid, When everyone is ready and we all figure out who’s all going to bevelle. Red eye over to Bevelle.

Cid: Not a problem. Whenever you’re ready… This baby’ll get us there.

Sapphire, Susie and Clint speak with Wakka and Lulu…

Wakka: I got a good feeling ’bout this!

Sapphire: We all do. We’re betting all we have on this. This is just something that has got to work.

Susie: There is a likely chance that it might not. But we’re gonna do it anyway. There is no other plan. This is all we got.

Lulu: Well, I guess it’s all or nothing.

Clint: Don’t make a couple of the girls go all Cher on you. But you’re right. This is the last mile. If this doesn’t make the lineup… We’re dead.

Sapphire: We’ll get it. And on the Hymn… we have a way out. But let’s wait a little before we are sure.

Clint: We have a way out. Uh… okay… I’ll bite. What’s our way out?

Sapphire: Our contact from home sweet home.

Clint: You’re banking on that, Sapphire. Aren’t you?

Sapphire: … Maybe. But it’s possible that someone else already has planned on it…

Clint: Why do i get the feeling that this doesn’t typically follow anything good?

Black Canary, Blossom, Zoey, Sora and Carly, June and Theodore Speak with Kimahri in the Corridor outside the Bridge…

Tidus followed right after…

Kimahri: Kimahri doubts Mika welcomes us.

Black Canary: Maybe… But as they say: “when in doubt trust your gut” What does it tell you?

Tidus: He’ll have to run pretty fast to beat this airship!

Blossom: I don’t think that he can. Maester Mika is an unsent. And Pyreflies as far as we know… can’t travel fast.

Zoey: That is not funny. Not funny at all. But since we’re making jokes… I think that now would be a good time to say that If Mika is an unsent… He can likely catch us. Pyreflies are just spirits. They have no gravitational pull upon them. Nothing holding them down.

Kimahri: We cannot chase if we cannot see.

June: What about if he can’t see? If he can’t see… Mika can’t chase and he can’t fly.

Sora: What about Pyre-fly form?

Carly: Wait… that’s right. They can fly.

Theodore: Mika doesn’t have to exactly welcome us… but he can’t just deny us the floor to state our peace.

Black Canary: In a Position like Grand Maester. He’s got to hear anyone and everyone out. He can’t just single someone out.

June: That’s a good point. But it doesn’t mean he won’t try. However… How will we get him to listen? He’ll be more adamant than not about the tradition. About the final Summoning. He might be expecting for there to be a Final Aeon.

Zoey: Yeah. The only problem is… there isn’t one.

Theodore: Not anymore.

It was just a moment later that they all reconvened back into the Bridge and the hallway between the Bridge and the Corridor. It was decided that Zoey, Blossom, Sora and Carly would go for sure. Serena, Raven, Tidus and Yuna definitely were going. Luna, Avery and Arnold would go as well as Black Canary, June and June. Zeke and the two men Heinz and Gabe were also going. Not to leave out Rikku, Spencer, Wakka, Lulu, Auron and Kimahri. They too were gonna be there. (In respect of the Game story).

Avery: Cid, Tell the pilot to red eye us to Bevelle. We’re gonna go and get us some face time with Grand Maester Mika.

Cid: Don’t worry. We got ya’ covered. *To the Pilot* Okay, you Mohawked skinbrain… Set course to Bevelle. Full Speed ahead!

Brother: [Roger Wilco]… Haqd cdub… [Bevelle!] Rumt uh Dekrd!

The ship Sped up and accelerated fast and with speed over to Bevelle…

A Moment later…


(Zoey, Blossom, Sora and Carly, Serena, Raven, Tidus and Yuna, Luna, Avery and Arnold, Black Canary, June and June. Zeke and the two men Heinz and Gabe, Rikku, Spencer, Wakka, Lulu, Auron and Kimahri) The group of fighters and allies that were going as well as the Guardians plus Yuna were on the highbridge. It was a while since they’d been in Bevelle and it was when they were going against Seymour for round 2…

Two warrior monks with rifles bar the palace doors

Warrior Monk: Infidel!

Wakka: *Facepalm* Man, don’t these guys ever give up?

Blossom: Wanna go for the daily double of irony?

Serena: These Yevon clowns sure like playing the card of neverending Village Idiot.

Raven: Ha! Really? Sounds fun. How is that game played again?

Warrior Monk: You’ll regret showing your face here! We’ll strike you down in the name of Yevon!

Tidus: Blah, blah, blah. Yeah, so? Guys?

Sora: I think that they are itching to shoot.

Carly: Would it be safe to declare a call to their pose for a “Shoot to Kill”?

Zoey: *Gulp*

Heinz: Don’t worry yourself, Zoey. We got weapons too. Our weapons will respond back to their gun fire.

Gabe: If they shoot… they better make it count. Because we can return fire too and we won’t hesitate.

Rikku: If they want a fight, let’s give ’em one!

Warrior Monk: Prepare to charge!

Shelinda: Stop! *Emerges from front gate*

Warrior Monk: Captain?

Serena: Shelinda! What the hell? You’re here… Rolling with these Racist Yevonites?

Raven: Looks like someone’s Stripe changed colors.

Shelinda: Lady Yuna is not to be harmed! She’s no traitor! That is an evil rumor spread by the Al Bhed!

Rikku: What?

Spencer: EXCUSE ME! You want to say that again? The Al Bhed spread a Rumor about Yuna being a Traitor?

Serena: That is ludicrous. That is a rumor so full of crap that it could drop a buzzard a 1000 Paces.

Shelinda: Maester Mika himself told me.

Black Canary: Uh…

Avery: *Aiming to fire a shot of Plasma at the Warrior Monks* Okay, Warrior Racist Monk… Provide us a reason not to shoot. Just one. Come near Rikku and you’ll get yourself a surprise that you’ll live to regret.

Warrior Monk: Then…what are we to do?

Rikku: *Credible imitation of Shelinda* Stand down!

Spencer: *Stunned* Whoa! Nice Ventriloquism, Rikku.

Rikku: Thanks.

Shelinda: As she says!

The monks step aside…

Rikku: What was that about evil Al Bhed?

Shelinda: I… Truly, I do not understand it myself. All Yevon seems to be in a state of confusion. Why, yesterday they called me out of the blue and made me captain of the guard!

Serena: *Cynical* It looks like it finally happened. Yevon’s officially gone to hell.

Auron: Short on believers?

Shelinda: Yes, the chaos in the temples is worse than I’d imagined. It’s horrible! And all the priests do is blame each other. I worry what will become of Yevon. But no! I must be the rock that stands against the swirling tides, right? Lady Yuna, I must tell you, your courage has been a great inspiration to me. Even you guys… You all inspired me. Your determination and will gave such wonderful reasons to keep going.

Tidus: Yeah, that’s great, but we came here to see Maester Mika. Is he here?

Zoey: It’s actually a matter of importance.

Shelinda: Yes, I shall arrange an audience. Please wait in the courtroom. *Hurries off*

Rikku: Hey, hey, wait! What was all that about the Al Bhed lying and stuff?

Auron: Simple. Yuna has become Mika’s only hope.

Rikku: Oh… Okay.

Spencer: Somehow i don’t buy that reason… but for the sake of our taking charge in getting a hand on ending the Terror that Sin Brings… We’ll just let it go for now. Finding a way to Lure Sin and defeat sorrow is our concern.

Lulu: Just what does he think he can get away with?

Tidus: Time to teach him some manners!

Yuna: Yes, let’s.

Raven: I guess no one knows about the power of Restraint. *Sighs* Well… I guess that it’s all in and right into the fray we go.

Minutes later in the High court of Yevon…

Mika: Why are you here? You must go and defeat Sin, quickly! You have obtained the Final Aeon from Yunalesca, have you not?

Tidus: Well, we did meet her.

Serena: Cut the beating around the bush, gramps. We are here because there is no final Aeon. We met with Yunalesca and confronted her.

Yuna: We fought and defeated her.

Mika: What!

Black Canary: She said that we fought and defeated her.

Arnold: Did they Stutter at all while telling you what they’ve done?

Auron: Summoners and guardians will be sacrificed for the Final Summoning no more!

Spencer: That’s right! The final Aeon Bull is over. Summoners have the right to live too. Whether your traditions want to believe that or not.

Mika: You have profaned and subverted a thousand-year-old tradition? Fools! Infants! Do you realize what you’ve done? You’ve taken away the only means of calming Sin!

Raven: No… We are giving Spira a new Tradition. One that doesn’t invite Destruction and death.

Tidus: Hey, maybe that’s not the only way! We think we’ve got another.

Mika: Why… Preposterous! There is no other way!

Sora: That’s what you think.

Carly: There is always another way. Somehow… Giving up is like being a coward.

Auron: The grand maester, running away?

Mika: Spira has lost its only hope. Destruction is inevitable. Yu Yevon’s spiral of death will consume us all. I have no desire to watch Spira die.

Raven: COWARD! You say that you care about the world and the people but you won’t go down with the ship if all plans to get rid of Sin fail. You’re really Pathetic. Maester Mika… You’re pathetic.

Yuna: It won’t die!

Tidus: Who is this Yu Yevon guy?

Lulu: Lady Yunalesca also mentioned him.

Sora: We already know who he is… He’s Yunalesca’s father.

Rikku: Wait, gramps! Who’s Yu Yevon?

Mika: He who crafts the souls of the dead into unholy armor. An armor called Sin. Clad in it, Yu Yevon is invincible. And the only thing that could have pierced that armor, you have destroyed! Nothing can stop it now. *Dissolves into pyreflies*

Serena: *Growling and Exploding a little* Grrr! I am so sick of people saying that nothing can stop Sin. There is a way, damn it! So… if no one minds… WOULD SOME ONE GET OFF THEIR ASS AND DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT?!

Blossom: Serena is getting mad… I think that she’s reaching her breaking point.

June: That i take it… is not a very good sign.

Wakka: Bah! Disappear on us, will ya? Rotten son of a shoopuf!

Zoey: No. Not at all.

Shelinda: *Entering the room* Where…where is the grand maester?

Yuna: He, um…

Auron: He’s not here yet. How long must we wait?

Blossom: Yeah. What he said.

Arnold: All this waiting is getting really tiresome.

Shelinda: That’s odd… I’ll go look for His Grace. *Leaving*

A second later…

The Creepy Little Kid appears…

Tidus: It’s you.

Serena: Whoa! Talk about a surprise appearance.

June: Bahamut’s fayth.

Zoey: Hey… We didn’t know that you were gonna check up on us. How are you?

Bahamut’s Fayth: I’m well, Zoey. Come, to my room. We must talk.

June: *Nods*

Yuna: Okay.

He disappeared…

Wakka: Who you talking to?

Tidus: Oh. Uh, no one.

Yuna: I must go see the fayth.

Auron: Hmph. I see.

Zoey: June and I will go too…

Tidus: Right…

Bahamut’s Chamber of the Fayth…

Creepy Kid: Hello.

Yuna: I must thank you for the aeon. *Deep bow*

Serena: It was a huge help in dishing up firepower against the tougher creatures and Seymour. That guy was a total nightmare.

Tidus: So, what’s up?

Creepy Kid: So, have you found a way to truly defeat Sin?

Raven: We have found something that might just be effective in helping get the job done.

Tidus: We think the Hymn of the Fayth might slow Sin down.

Serena: Or at least cause Sin to revert to acting like a tamed puppy dog.

Creepy Kid: Hmm… Perhaps.

Yuna: You mean, it won’t work?

Zoey: Please don’t tell us that it won’t work… This is the only idea we have. There isn’t any other plan to use against Sin. We must have been thinking of a way for a while and nothing came to mind. The Hymn is our only bet.

Creepy Kid: A very long time has passed since your father became Sin. He may not be able to hear the hymn anymore. And I know how you feel, Zoey. But Jecht has been Sin for a long time… he might not be able to hear it so well as he used to. With the passing of time… His hearing has failed him little by little. 

Tidus: I know it’s a long shot… But we gotta try it if there’s a chance.

Raven: And even if it does seem unlikely to work… it won’t stop us. We can’t just stop and not do anything. We’re gonna do it.

Creepy Kid: Yes, you must. I’m glad you’re doing this. You have a good spirit, truly.

Zoey: Nothing is impossible till you stop trying.

June: That’s right.

Creepy Kid: That is correct.

Tidus: I’m not just a dream, right?

Yuna: A dream?

Tidus: Uh… It’s a long story.

Creepy Kid: If it works, what’ll you do then? You need more than the hymn.

Serena: More… Hmm.

Raven: What more would we need. The Hymn will turn the Beast Sin into a puppy dog. It’ll be docile. and while it is calm… We’ll knock it out.

Serena: We’ll shock its world.

Tidus: Well…

Creepy Kid: Well?

Tidus: We fight Yu Yevon.

Creepy Kid: Yes… If you defeat Yu Yevon, it will end.

Zoey: We hope so. We want people to stop suffering. And you Fayth want to rest. But can’t till Sin is gone.

Creepy Kid: Tell me, what do you know about Yu Yevon?

Tidus: He’s what makes Sin come back!

Yuna: Sin is his armor. It protects him.

Creepy Kid: Yu Yevon was once a summoner, long ago. He was peerless. Yet now he lives for one purpose: only to summon. He is neither good, nor evil. He is awake, yet he dreams. But…maybe not forever.

Zoey: He also happens to be the father to Lady Yunalesca.

Tidus: Yeah, that’s right. Because we’re ending it.

Creepy Kid: Yes. Even if you defeat Sin with the Final Summoning, Yu Yevon will live. Yu Yevon will join with the Final Aeon. He will transform it into a new Sin. And Zoey… Yu Yevon is Immortal He is the one who created the Yevon faith. At first the people defied Yevon by singing the Hymn. It first was a Song created in Zanarkand in defiance against Bevelle. Yevon could do nothing but capitulate. They lifted the ban on the song, and spread a new story. They said the hymn was a song sung to soothe the souls of the dead. they took the song and made it scripture.

Yuna: Yu Yevon merges with the aeon…

Creepy Kid: Then, protected by this new Sin he has created, Yu Yevon continues the summoning.

Tidus: For eternity…huh?

Creepy Kid: But you know, there is no such thing as eternity if you end it, is there?

Tidus: Uh-huh.

June: Forever is such a long long time. It’s eternity. But nothing can last forever. Every great thing… or bad thing… eventually ends.

Serena: That’s an understatement and then some.

Raven: I’ll say.

Creepy Kid: Yu Yevon lives inside Sin. Yuna, listen. When you fight Yu Yevon, we will help you. Promise me you’ll summon us. I’m afraid your swords and magic won’t be enough. Please, call us. Promise?

Yuna: Yes.

Serena: You can count on it. However we kinda thought that you guys were already helping us to begin with.

Creepy Kid: But, you know… When it is all over…we will wake, and our dream will end. Our dream will vanish. And Zoey… that will mean that you and your family will be able to return to your world again.

Tidus: Yeah. You’ve been dreaming a long time, haven’t you?

Raven: That’s good. Although we had made so many memories here… It’s gonna be hard to leave now. Having to say goodbye to everything here.

Creepy Kid: I’m sorry.

Tidus: I’m grateful.

Zoey: As are we.

Creepy Kid: *Vanishing*

Yuna: About what?

Tidus: Oh, nothing. Hey, don’t make that face! Come on! We’re going to beat Sin! Let’s see some cheer, okay?

Yuna: You’re hiding something.

Tidus: *Turns his face away* I’m not!

Yuna: Really? *After he leaves* You’re a bad liar, you know?

Serena: Yuna, We really don’t have time to get into the issue now… We got to get on our way and perform our plan. Luring Sin.

Zoey: The Aeons are counting on us. The Fayth. they need our help.

Back in the main Palace…

Shelinda: *Running in* I’m afraid the grand maester is nowhere to be found!

Tidus: S’okay, we were just leaving.

Shelinda: Oh…I see.

Rikku: Hey! Maybe you could help us with the hymn.

Spencer: Yeah. You have apparent influence… Right?

Shelinda: I guess… Sure.

Tidus: Hey, good idea!

Rikku: It’s like, we need you to tell as many people as you can.

Shelinda: What should I tell them?

Rikku: A ship in the sky will sing the Hymn of the Fayth. When they hear it, we need everyone to sing along!

Wakka: Everyone in Spira!

Shelinda: I’m not sure I understand.

Rikku: You don’t have to! Just tell everyone!

Shelinda: A ship in the sky will sing the Hymn of the Fayth? So when they hear it, everyone should sing along, correct?

Tidus: If they do, we might be able to defeat Sin!

Shelinda: Truly?

Yuna: Yes!

Shelinda: That’s wonderful! You can count on me! I shall tell all of Spira!

Serena: And there are people we know who could give us the boost to help out as well…

Heinz: Between you telling as many people as you can and us with our connections… Sin will come and we will be ready to fight.

Gabe: Right. We’re ready to fight…

A Moment later…

Back on the Airship….

Paul, Tidus and Crystal talk with Auron…

Auron: I must admit I was worried at the beginning, but you’ve done well.

Paul: Well… It wasn’t easy. It was hard at first.

Crystal: New place. New world. It was a bit hard to get our bearings. We didn’t know where to go. What to do. Nothing.

Tidus: Plus… I felt as though i wouldn’t belong.

Auron: I don’t happen to belong either. When it finally ends… I’ll have to go too.

Paul: We know.

Auron: You do?

Crystal: We kinda figured it out when you were showing a reaction to being near the farplane during our time in Guadosalam. But we suppose it was when we saw all those memories of you, Jecht and Braska while in the Zanarkand Dome… That kinda confirmed everything. Putting everything into perspective.

Auron: So you’re not surprised.

Paul: Nah. At least not now. Why?

Crystal: It’s not like it’s anything new. After seeing other people in this world being unsent… We rather got used to it. We knew that it was gonna be part of things to expect in Spira. A world of unsent. New and Old.

Tidus: You guys seems to understand a lot.

Paul: Not really. It was hard to digest at first and we thought that we were gonna also be unsent. However… we lived.

Auron: …

Crystal: Plus, for an unsent. You fight really Amazing.

Zoey, June, Annie and Blossom talk with Lulu…

Lulu: We’ll be bringing a new Calm. One that will last forever.

Zoey: Yeah. I wish to see it work sooner. The Fayth want to rest and i feel that the longer we make them wait and keep dreaming… It’s just gonna mess everything up.

June: The Hymn though… How are we gonna get everyone to listen and Sing up?

Annie: We spread the word to those that Shelinda doesn’t reach. the ones who don’t quite catch the message.

Blossom: It’s gonna be a little bit before we can have everything set… But we should contact that lady back from where we are from.

Lulu: Who?

Zoey: I think i know who Blossom means… Tess Mercer. She’s the operator of the Watchtower. If we can reach her through this Airship’s communications and get her to help out… it will add more strength in our plan in using the Hymn of the fayth.

Lulu: You think that she might help out?

Annie: It’s a possibility.

June: We should try.

Blossom: Let’s ask Cid. He might know how to get it workin’.

Lulu: …

Zoey: *Worried that something might go wrong*


Spencer, Clint, Theodore and Pearl talk with Rikku…

Rikku: My pop says he’s got a special surprise for Sin.

Spencer: A special surprise as in…

Rikku: Don’t worry. I think that pops got it all in the bag. Once we get to Sin… Sin will be meeting a surprise and it’ll never know what hit it.

Clint: You’re gonna be trying to kid us, Rikku. I don’t think it would help to kid us… We’re all gonna surprise Sin and surprise it good when it’s all time. But come on… between us and wall the here… What’s this surprise. It’s gotta be something sneaky.

Rikku: It’s the Al Bhed blasters. Shock Blasters.

Clint: Shockers… Wait… Would these be similar to the blasters used back at Mushroom Rock For the failed Operation Mi’ihen?

Rikku: Yeah.

Theodore: We’re dead. We are so dead. *Looking at Rikku* Rikku, You’re with a secret weapon. Your pops is using a weapon that is similar to the one that got annihilated by Sin’s Energy blast. which lucky for us… Was only a viable fraction of its power. If Sin stood around longer… He would have used the big guns. Sin could have used that Massive attack. We’d be dead.

Spencer: What are you saying, Theodore? You saying that we shouldn’t be at least trying to use whatever available to knock Sin for a loop?

Theodore: What i am saying is that we need to think about it. If the secret weapon that this Airship is gonna be using… is similar to the one that was wiped out during Operation Mi’ihen… It better take the shot at it fast when there is an opening shown. Because if Sin grows conscious and makes the first move… We won’t be living to deal with a failure. We’ll be dead.

Spencer: This is gonna be a real problem. *Sighs* Rikku, Before we go at Sin for the Showdown… Speak with your father… Ask him if he is sure that the weapon he’s intending to use from this Airship is foolproof. We’re gonna need reassurance. Lots of it.

Clint: This will be really messy.

Spencer: It could be. But Theodore is right. If we’re gonna go against Sin, We need to be sure that the weapon is strong enough. and make sure that it won’t meet a fate like the one similar to it.

Of course…

Curtis, Avery, Arnold and Dinah Converse with Yuna and Kimahri…

Curtis: *Looking up and thinking* I can’t help but think about what will happen when all this is over.

Avery: We are gonna be getting on back to where we belong i suppose. Isn’t that how it is supposed to go?

Arnold: I don’t know. But i do know that i have to resume my livelihood.

Dinah: Same here. That’s if we haven’t lost the livelihoods already.

Curtis: But this isn’t just about us… It’s about Spira. What will happen for Spira after Sin is finally gone? What will the people of Spira do?

Yuna: We can think about what will happen after we beat Sin, right?

Avery: Sure. We can do that. That is if we had enough time to wait. Because, This is where we’re gonna soon have to say goodbye.

Arnold: That’s right. But our time here was well enjoyed. We don’t regret a single minute of it. Not one thing we regret.

Dinah: Plus… In the beginning. we were here because Wakka called out to us to come. Said there was a disturbance. He never said that it was something like this. However… now that we have gone through all this… If we had to redo it all… I think that we’d be willing to do it again. Especially since we were in company of a man who’s a mix of Rhino and Cat or shall i say Lion. Now i don’t care what people say… That’s pretty flippin’ sweet.

Avery: I have to say that for a young lady… Yuna’s got a lot going for her. She’s got a protector for life in Kimahri. He was not too open to trust anyone of us at first but… he grew to trust us little by little. Plus i think that the Jury is out that when it came out that we were serious in ensuring Yuna’s safety… He caved and saw that we were not backing down. We were committed and we were not stopping.

Dinah: Serena and Raven mentioned the first time that he spoke. Even i couldn’t help but pause in shock.

Curtis: I know the feeling. And when we hit Djose. I picked myself up a job as a seismologist. Blossom however… She didn’t want me to go. I mean, she really didn’t want me to leave her. It was as though she wasn’t ready to be independent fully just yet at that time.

Kimahri: Kimahri think Blossom grew in ways that she don’t realize. Kimahri was impressed at Blossom’s determination with maturing on her own.

Curtis: You’d know as you were with her. And you know what? I truly agree with you, Kimahri. She’s grown. She’s not the same as she once was before. She’s more mature, stronger and with stronger will.

Yuna: She’s a dedicated guardian. I am thankful that she stayed.

Avery: But now there is one last thing to focus on. Sin. Yu Yevon. What do we do about that?

Arnold: We wash out the threat. Lure sin… Then when there is an opening… We Blast at Sin. With a heavy blast of Water.

Avery: Plasma.

Curtis: Electricity.

Dinah: Don’t you forget about Thunder. Although i think that it’s covered. My daughters together will shock Sin’s world.

Yuna: I’ll be having to go too.

Curtis: Not alone you won’t. Yuna… You’re strong and ambitious. But you will get that lone wolf drive out of your mind… You are still in danger. Going at Sin… Just because you dodged a big bullet when we almost got killed by Yunalesca. Doesn’t mean you’re open to go head first into the fray. You think that Sin will just open its arms wide open and be all welcoming for you to come over and do your thing and it not fight back? No. Sin’s got the big guns. It’s gonna kill you. All it takes is one opening for it to use it’s signature move. Giga Gravitron and You’re dead. You go… we go. No buts. You’re not gonna die because of this. No. My daughter didn’t bust her ass to keep you alive and keep it where you didn’t die… so you could go off and die by the powers of Sin.

Dinah: Neither did ours. When are you gonna get it, Yuna? We care about your life. About you. Would we have done all that we have done for you if we didn’t? No. We care about you. That is not something which is said to change. We Love you.

Yuna: *Smiles* Thank you.

Avery: Let’s all go. Kimahri, You coming along?

Kimahri: You keep walking path forward. Kimahri watch the rear. Because of you, Yuna still smiles. Thank you.

Dinah: No thanks necessary. We are always happy to be there for our pals.

Curtis: You betcha’.

Kimahri: Friends have saved Kimahri’s life. Kimahri will treasure it.

Dinah: And we… Treasure you. Friends are friends. No matter who it is… Tyrants and Arch-Villains not included.

All: *Laughing*

After all the talking and discussing…

The fighters, allies and Guardians were ready to move. It was time to go on with their plans and start preparing for the Final Battle… The Battle with SIN!

But before they went onwards…

Wakka: There’s something I want to say before the fight. (Turns to Cid) I…uh…I guess I didn’t know anything about the Al Bhed. Didn’t know anything. Didn’t want to listen to anything. I was a big jerk. So, I…Well, uh… *Half-slumping, half-bowing* I’m sorry, ya? Please forgive me.

Cid: Don’t let it bother you. Hey, I’m guilty of hating those durn Yevonites, myself! Well… There’s a lot of folk in this world–some of ’em good, some of ’em bad. That’s all there is to it.

Blossom: Amen! You can’t change everything. But for the things that you can change… That’s what makes all the difference. to all those around you.

Zoey: *Smiles* Let’s get started.

Susie: Cid… We got a contact from our home reality.

Cid: Eh? A contact…

Luna: Yeah. It’s someone that can help amp up our efforts on Luring Sin.


Brother: Vydran! *Getting a reading* Fa kud luhdyld. Cusauha dnoehk du naylr ic, Vydran? (We got contact. Someone trying to reach us, Father?)

Cid: *Checking the sphere Oscilla-finder* Hmm… Nothing coming for miles.

But that was when…

A Screen formed upon the cockpit window…

Tess: *On Screen* Well… I guess that if you guys were to go on a ride and travel the skies… What could be better than riding the Al-Bhed Airways?

Luna: Yeah. Kinda sudden to be seeing us riding the skies, isn’t it?

Zeke: But you are calling us from where… because it looks like you’re somewhere else this time…

Tess: I’m at the Luthor Mansion. I found a way to tap into the Systems at watchtower from a portable device. The new Addition to the Watchtower team managed to hook me up with that. Usually Sullivan would say for someone to cue the Twilight Zone music… but since she and Oliver Queen are gone to Star City and with a new life. A peaceful life… Sullivan on the other hand does happen to work her power to update the Watchtower’s systems every so often. So… she’s not complete out of reach. She’s still involved but not as much as she usually would be. Back when the threat of one Trigon the Terrible sired to bring the Earth and universe to its knees.

Theodore: *Disturbed*

Tess: But The one that hooked me up was none other than Genevieve Teague. She’s not considered to be like the same one that got offed by Lionel Luthor. But there is something that you may want to know… Lionel Luthor is back. I don’t know how… But he’s alive.

Paige: What?! You’re not toying with us, are you?

Tess: No. I wish this was all a Joke. That he wasn’t alive. But… He is. And to put more of a dark light… He knows about you guys. My office at the Luthorcorp Plaza which is not my office anymore as Lionel Luthor in all his infamous glory… terminated me. I still have the funds from the projects i did for the company but the Job is gone. Plus in my Office were papers. Files on you guys. Some research to look over in hopes that it’ll help work something up for the new teams. But i had to grab all my research there and pack it back to the Mansion. I walked into the office and there was where i noticed that Lionel was officially back. His name placard was sitting on the desk. And there was signs of tampering. He was looking at my files and found out about you guys. He Even knows about the apparent Lab Explosion that took place 18 years ago.

Pearl: Are you sure?

Tess: Yes. However… the Archives of that day when it happened has been changed. Courtesy of our handy friend that is half of two species. Human and Demon. Raven of Azarath… She apparently went back in time to that day and done something to change that event. But the unfortunate news is yet to come…

Luna: Why? What happened?

Tess: One person… Initials B.G.R Betty Greta Rhapsody. Your sister. She’s gone around trying to slander you 3. Your mother… Rikku L. Rhapsody. She informed me of what Betty was saying and one of the things that stuck out was this…

Tess Plays out the Audio recording…

I am as far as i am concerned… their Arch-villain. They want peace. They better find a way to bring back my father.”

Dinah: *Growls* That Bitch! Betty is still pissed about that… After knowing what happened and how it went down. She is also doing this because she doesn’t like that i am able to challenge her. She wants to screw with us… Game on. Tess, Send an APB out to that bitch Betty and tell her that if she wants a fight. She’s got it. When we come back… She’s a dead woman. Sister or not. She was told to drop the matter. Even though the incident was changed… she was told to get past it and just let it go. It came and went and is done.

Paige: Yeah. Betty is gonna regret opening her mouth.

Theodore: Opening her mouth about what?

Paige: Theodore, Don’t worry about it. Just let your Mother and Aunts worry about it. Okay?

Theodore: Uh… *Refraining* Okay… Nevermind. I think that it’ll be better if we didn’t know.

Tess: However… that’s not the only front that’s going on or unfolding…

Zeke: Why’s that?

Tess: There’s a couple of people who are with a Sinister purpose…

Tess puts up the Images…

Tess: Meet the headmistress of the soon to be shut down Orphanage St. Louise’s. Granny Goodness. She’s been said to have groomed the girls there to be mindless fighters. Wiping their memories away of their past. And she’s also a member of the unfortunate Sinister faction that only delves of just 3 members. The Unholy Trinity. Dinah, Your husband Shingo has been hearing a little piece at a time of what Granny had been doing to all who stayed at the Orphanage. Your 3 new apparent daughters Janie, Alex and Charlene… they are also looking into the dark extracurricular activities of Granny. But Granny Goodness isn’t the only one to worry about. Here’s why…

Tess Puts up the next image…

Tess: Meet Desaad. The deliciously dastardly man with a knack for coaxing the temptations of Sin. Lust, Gluttony, Vanity, Pride, and Adultery. Debauchery included. He’s the top Honcho of the Unholy Trinity. And they’re seeking their 3rd minion. It might be someone close to you who wins the position of being one with them… The Unholy Trinity however foretell of a darker purpose. Their role… To serve a dark entity. A Dark Being known as none other than… One Lord Darkseid.

Tess Puts up a Picture to show…

Dinah: Wait! Freeze that picture… Video.

Tess freezes the Video…

Paige: *Freaking out*

Pearl: *Freaking out*

Dinah: Oh my god… no. That’s not possible. the only thing that was said to come through was the Intergalactic Demon. We took care of him. How… could this dark sinister entity just show up… How could it come from the Crows nest?

Wakka: What’s going on?

Luna: Deadly danger…

Tess: It gets worse. The Meteor Shower is said to be the lead a beginning for this…

Apokolips. But it’s not just a meteor… It’s a Planet.

Luna: Is there anyway to stop it?

Tess: I don’t know. But It’s still far away. It’s gonna be a while before it looms closer to Earth… But It’s there. And it’s coming.

A Minute later…

Dinah: Tess… We’re all about to start going against Sin. But we need to Lure. Using the Hymn of the fayth. Someone below on the land. in Bevelle is spreading the word. Shelinda is off to tell all of Spira to Sing up into the skies The Hymn of the Fayth. But we are gonna need your end to join in. Can you work the Orbiter to tap into cell towers and get a message to all the Media to Sing out into the sky and airwaves The Hymn of the fayth?

Tess: That’s a huge leap for the Orbiter. But what will the message be?

Luna: Tell them that a Ship in the sky will show itself playing the Hymn of the fayth.

Tess: I’ve compiled all versions of the hymn of the fayth. I’ll add it to the voices and all the people who hear the message and Sing up to the Sky.

Arnold: Good. Also see on tapping into my Radio Station… MRHAP. Whoever is working there to cover for me… They’re about to have their worth put to the test.

Tess: I’ll see what i can do. It’s something that Sullivan tried doing and a few times the signal bounced and tapped into Government systems. Getting her into a mess of trouble. Of course… The Watchtower’s location is secret and no one knows of it. IP Cloak. So no one can detect it or trace it.

Arnold: Thanks. When it’s all ready… Call. Cid will know what to do. He’s got this down.

Tess: I’ll inform when everything’s ready.

The call ends…

Zoey: *Sighs* We got troubles here… and Troubles Brewing in Metropolis.

June: Something dark is coming.

Blossom: Will we be prepared in time?

Annie: We’re gonna need to get back there… soon.

Paige: No. Annie, You kids are not Experienced enough to go against someone like Darkseid. After this is all over… We’ll see if you’ll be near ready to fight him. Not till then. We’re here. the rest of our family is there. Till we return… there is no one there to protect them. No super powered example to ward off the attack.

Theodore: Mom, What do you want us to do? Sit and do nothing… This is bad. Lord Darkseid… He’s probably gonna attack Uncle Shingo… Aunt Megan. Aunt Summer. The rest of our family. Even those 3 new daughters of Aunt Dinah’s… Our 3 new cousins. We have to do something.

Paige: Theodore, I know. Believe me. I know. But there is nothing that we can do. We can’t go back yet. Our family there is in viable danger. I want to help them no less than you’d like to help them… But if we leave here now… This world is in repeated danger. There is nothing we can do.

Clint: There is nothing we can do. But it doesn’t mean we shouldn’t worry. I think that the least we could do is at least check up on them.

Pearl: We got alot of baggage to carry…

Zeke: Alot of it. None of the good kind.

With a likely battle plan or strategy to go against Sin and things looking set to go, The fighters, Guardians and Allies all prepared to tie up any loose ends and assure that everything was concluded before they dished out an all out frontal assault on Sin. Sin was near somewhere and they were gonna coax it out. But… there were loose ends to tie up. There was Also Sinister blood brewing in Metropolis. Their home… The likely presence of the Unholy Trinity. Lord Darkseid likely being within range. Mystery behind the Dark being… getting more recognition. Apokolips might be closing in and the remaining members of the Clan in line of sight. The fighters are in Spira and are focusing on Sin… What was gonna happen to their home? Was their home and the remaining members of their family in jeopardy? Would Sin fall for the Hymn when the final Showdown was set to begin? Would there be a bout of unresolved Family affairs of Drama just itching to explode? Would the new Generation be brought into the forefront of an old family skeleton that should have stayed forever buried? Was The Meteor Shower getting even closer to Earth? How much time was there left before Chaos and Disaster manage to collide with Metropolis and Smallville? Were they all ready to face Sin? Would they be prepared in time? Find out in the Next Chapter of the Adventures of the Rhapsody Girls Z! as the saga continues…

Loose ends… Last minute prepping before the final Showdown with Sin. A Mystery thickens behind the looming presence of Darkseid and Apokolips. A Meteor Shower closing in on the Earth and Time running out. Family dysfunction in the midst of danger looming near the horizon… Both worlds doomed and fated to clash… in: “Side Quests and the prepping for the All out Main Event Battle against Sin. Parts 1 and 2.”


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