Chapter 169: Rock and a rollin’ with the regroup within Airship. Serena to Kimahri: “What are we to do now? Where can we go for answers?” Part 1.

(A Full house of people. A Mad Meet between Husband and Wife… Plus Spencer’s plea to Cid: “Can i have your Daughter’s hand in Marriage?”)

In the Alternate Reality…

At Rikku and Nick’s house…

Living room…

Rikku L. Rhapsody: Sis, *Looking down and trying to understand what her sister is saying* You’re telling me that in all that time that you were gone… You were in another world. In Spira? That somehow… your spirit was broken up and restructured. Reanimated. With all the same memories. and thoughts and feelings. *Shaking her head* This is so surreal…

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Aquamarine: You are not feeling very trusting.

Nick: You have to take into consideration that she never told me about you, Aquamarine. You… You’re her sister and from all the time i knew Rikku. She never mentioned you. Because when she made a reference to you… she would break down and cry. She loved you and still does. But i am a family man… and it is very big with me. So i know when someone’s hurting over a loved one. She had the aura or that scent of someone who was strong and on the level showing on the outside but on the inside they were in anguish and devastation. In deep heartache over the loss of someone who happened to be close to them.

Aquamarine: I know. My leaving broke everyone’s heart.

Rikku L. Rhapsody: Sis, I am not saying that i don’t feel trusting. I am just not sure what it is that you are looking for from me. I Missed you. for years. When you died… i never felt my heart feel so alone. You died. I am sure that the others would be all upset. Terribly upset to know that you’re back and from the dead. It will hurt them. Not in a bad way… but they will freak out.

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Aquamarine: *Feeling a little hurt* You are actually being a little harsh. You really think that i wanted to just die? I didn’t really have much of any choice. All i could do was let myself go. When that hero… Impulse. Bart Allen broke my heart and try to cover it up… I ate myself into a complete destructive nature. I hated myself for that, Rikku. I really did. I Loved you… i always have. But doing what it was that i had done… it was the only way to break from it. Away from Bart. He was cheating on me. With Jan Van Es. Or “Son of Darkseid” the likely bastard Son to the Evil being from way back when… Trixie told me what she saw that one night. That Bart was in Star City. Alone and just minding his own business. Then before she knew what the hell was going on… In comes Jan. that guy who must have been Queer or something. Maybe even Gay. He shows up and She only turned her head for a few minutes. Making as though she was looking somewhere else. Only then to turn and look. As she looked… She caught Bart in a PG-13 Liplock. Kissing and Smooching like they were rehearsing to the beat from the song by… The All-American Rejects. “Dirty Little secret”. She told me. Right then. Right then. And then Bart comes onto me but still with a finger playing with pretty boy son of that dark figure. Which told me that Bart didn’t really have complete feelings for me. He was just playing me. Just to see what he could get from me.

Rikku L. Rhapsody: I know. I hated him for it. Bart however years later… many years later and still early around the time when the 3 girls had to handle a threat known as Major Zod… Kinda swooned me. I went with him for a while. But that was till my apparent death. That managed to never happen. My daughters all broke in with the details of what happened. Where Bart went. The guy said to have left and he quit the hero work. No one’s heard from him since. No one even knows if he’s even alive.

Aquamarine: This was all years ago though, wasn’t it? Plus… i wouldn’t care one bit about Bart. To me… He’s nothing but a player.

Rikku L. Rhapsody: I know. He’s gone. So… don’t worry over him. You and I have each other. Nick is my Fiance and he too will protect you. He has even swore to stick up and protect our family.

Aquamarine: however my death just… *sighs* I can’t believe that i let someone who i thought loved me and would never cheat on me run with my whole life. God… I’m so pathetic.

Rikku L. Rhapsody: Yes. Things have gone on and passed since then. And no. You’re not pathetic. You just wore your heart on your sleeves. And were played. It doesn’t make you Pathetic. I don’t believe that. I never believed that and neither should you. Now… Things have gone on and passed since then.

Aquamarine: As in… what? Rikku, I want to be involved again with everyone. I feel so out of touch.

Rikku L. Rhapsody: Years of being gone from the family will do that to you, Aqua. But… it’s a good thing that your sister has connections to get a hold of Archives of the events that happened since you were gone. It’s gonna keep you pre-occupied for a few days or so. But it’ll catch you up. *Smiles*

Nick: You are part of Rikku’s life. But reconnecting things will not be so easy. Given that since you were told to have been buried by your immediate family. By your mother… Sister, Uncles and Aunts. Cousins as well. Reconnecting with them will take a lot of time. Mixed emotions running high.

Rikku L. Rhapsody: Nick, Please don’t talk about my racist mother. Please.

Aquamarine: *Pausing* What do you mean Racist mother? Are you talking about our mother, Rikku?

Rikku L. Rhapsody: I’m afraid so. Our mother is a racist and as far as i know… she’s in Kansas State Penitentiary. Has been for 14-15 years. Child Abuse and Neglect.

Aquamarine: Why?

Rikku L. Rhapsody: Something just snapped. But How my daughter Dinah explained it was that… during the 4th monster dilemma… Dinah was only a mother for 2 months. Somewhere around that time. And they also had to handle a evil Queen again. Someone named Beryl…

Aquamarine: Okay… You lost me at Beryl? *Confused*

Rikku L. Rhapsody: Queen Beryl. She was around again… Risen from the dead. She was coming back to exact revenge on Dinah. as she said. However… 9/22/26… Beryl tried to come at Dinah but happened to aim towards taking the little ones. Dinah wanted to protect them from her and also from the Intergalactic being said to arrive sometime in the future. Dinah did the only thing she knew could be done.

Aquamarine: Are these the same babies that i saw in Spira? They’re teens now.

Rikku L. Rhapsody: Of course. It’s just that times back then were different.

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Aquamarine: *In disbelief* I don’t believe this… You’re battering our mother.

Rikku L. Rhapsody: Sis, Listen to me… Listen good. Please. Our mom is a Racist. She abused Luna a bit. Luna… You met her. She’s in Spira with her husband and 3 of her kids. The Luna you saw… is the same one that was abused by our mother. Luna was abused at age 12-13. I got a copy of the court transcripts. of that day in the year of 2027.

Nick: It was a technical violation of Court protocol. Going into the archives and ordering a copy of the transcript. But I did it. We have it. It’s not a joke. Your Niece Luna was abuse. I actually did your sis a big favor and looked into it and found the records. The reports. The police reports tied to it. The grievance report. Reports of Child Abuse. Your Niece Dinah had to pose as legal guardian of her for a time.

Aquamarine: I want to see them. Because… I am finding this really hard to believe. I know that i wasn’t there to see any of it happening. I Just can’t believe that our mother… was a Racist. Rikku, Sis… You’re named after her. She is named after an Al Bhed. It’s a freaky relevance to it all… I actually saw the Al Bhed girl before coming through to this reality and to here. Did you know that our nephew Spencer is involved with her? The Al Bhed girl?

Rikku L. Rhapsody: *Gasps* He what?! Oh… my… god.

Aquamarine: Shocked, right? He’s involved with her. He is into her.

Rikku L. Rhapsody: Wow! Talk about a inter-dimensional relationship.

Nick: *Feeling swimmy in the head* Yeah. That’s really surreal.

Rikku L. Rhapsody: It sounds out there. But what i said about our mother being a racist… It’s true. I last year went to visit her and she was so… cross. I didn’t even stay but for a few minutes as she was unstable. She turned into a Drug addict. She started using Meth and Heroin. Nick didn’t come in as he wanted me to have personal time with our mother and i think that he regretted it. I walked out of there in tears. I couldn’t tell him that my mother was in there and was turned into a drug user. taking narcotics.

Aquamarine: So… Our mother went from a sweet person… to a Grandmother… to a Racist… to a Drug user. *Sighs* I guess… that things have changed way too much since the last i was around. *Looking at Nick* What else is there that i should be filled in on?

Rikku L. Rhapsody: There was the Wedding of Dinah’s. I missed it. But a family friend. Chloe. She happened to have recorded the Event and i was given a copy of it. The wedding was so blessed. I cried just watching it. Cried for Joy and happiness. She looked so beautiful. Shingo looked really handsome. It was like seeing a heavenly couple.

Aquamarine: *Laughing a little* See… That’s what i would expect from you… You were always so emotional at special events like weddings. You would always cry for Joy.

Rikku L. Rhapsody: I know. But i can’t help it. Seeing happy moments like that just gets to a softie like me.

Aquamarine: What about Pearl and Paige?

Rikku L. Rhapsody: Pearl is married. Paige is Divorced.

Aquamarine: Oh no… Why? Wasn’t she with a happy marriage?

Rikku L. Rhapsody: She was. But the problem behind that was just the one she was married to was demeaning her. Saying hurtful things that she was too involved with her house being high maintenance and that the kids were spoiled lazy.

Aquamarine: And was it true?

Rikku L. Rhapsody: No. Alot of the kids were given cellphones. It was just for way of communication. In case of an emergency or to talk with people.

Rikku Spoke with her sister and Nick joined in when needed. There were alot of things that were said that took Aquamarine for shock. She was mixed with devastation and heartache, Joy and fulfillment. Peace and excitement. Anger and disgust. Many things. There was more to come however and there were some memories that were not gonna be so pleasant.

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Aquamarine: Sis… Something you said before… about one of my nieces holding a grudge against her sisters over something. What did you mean by that?

Rikku L. Rhapsody: It’s a long story… A long story and something to only be heard by you. Nick… I can’t talk about this story around you. It’s deeply personal.

Nick: *Nods* I know. It’s Okay. You and your sis can discuss it tonight. I have some details to handle at the office tonight. Strange case about a Orphanage. It reached my desk this morning and i got alot of calls to make for the next week.

Rikku L. Rhapsody: Oh dear… You gonna be okay?

Nick: Yeah. I’ll be okay. I’m just overwhelmed is all. Your son in law Shingo made complaints about this Orphanage called St. Louise’s. almost a week ago and it’s just now gotten to my desk. Which means either the case was still getting facts or someone at the courthouse was slacking off. The case is about a week old. So i’ll be having to make phone calls on the case… and then check on why the case took about a week to reach my desk.

Now… as for the 3 adopted girls…

Metropolis Middle School…

Janie: Being in school is gonna be hard.

Alex: Yeah. But it’s rather better than what we were learning from Granny. She was kinda twisting all the text around. shifting everything. *Looking at the other kids close by* I feel as if we’re gonna seem rather stupid.

Charlene: No way. We’ll get the hang of it. We just have to learn the real detail. Not the Granny Goodness Edition.

Janie, Alex and Charlene were new to the school and they didn’t know anyone there. They didn’t even see their apparent cousins around either. However they were lost there. They were conditioned with learning from Granny for 5 years and everything was twisted into something dark and or sinister. All the good things turned bad… the bad turned good with a positive light. They walked around and kept to themselves. It was just when they were about to get into a conversation when…

Girl: *Walking over from the side* You 3 are new here… aren’t you?

Janie: Yeah. We are. But how did you figure that part out?

Girl: How do you figure? Just that i didn’t see you 3 the other day. Then suddenly… you 3 arrive. It’s not that far of a thought to believe that you are new and are lost. You have no idea how scary your first day of school is. It’s scary. New place. New faces. New backgrounds. New situations.

Alex: It can be really scary. And we’re not that scared. But we do feel lost. We Don’t know where to go here.

Girl: I’m new here too… But i know a bit about the way this school operates. I’m considered to be like a whiz kid. My dad’s doing. He always saw me as some sort of intellectual prodigy. It just kinda stuck to me. Started it since i was like 7. I didn’t mind it. Sometimes it’s hard. But it’s also rather like an eye opener.

Charlene: We’re kinda like whiz kids too… kinda. But we’ve been rather just taught the dark side of everything and now that we’re free from that… we are really confused.

Girl: Oh… You mean… learning from Granny Goodness.

Janie: Yeah. *Gasps and in shock* But… how did you know about her?

Alex: Were you taught by her too?

Girl: For about a year. 3 years ago. My mom and dad didn’t have any actual immediate family or close relative. So… they left me at this place. That was ran by this lady. Granny Goodness. She was really nice. But with all that niceness that she had. Something was way off with. I was only there a year and i got enough from her to know that she ain’t no saint.

Charlene: That’s what we figured. But we were there too… longer than you were. However… Granny never told us that there was another girl among us. She didn’t say anything about you. We would have asked… but if we did… she would have either denied it or would erase our memories of what we found out. Using this weird power. I think that it may have even been a Meteor power.

Girl: She tried to groom me but in that one year… she failed. Because there was one thing that Granny never figured… What she never could figure and i could. I had a strong will that couldn’t be cracked.

Janie: If only we had known.

Girl: Like you could really stop her. No one can stop her.

Alex: Because she’s always has Desaad around with her when the stakes are high. But they meet in secret.

Girl: Yeah. Secrecy is the seed of all alterior motive. People don’t know because most of what happens… gets covered up. It’s like a black mark.

Charlene: Yeah.

Janie: We should work together.

Girl: Sure. But it may be better if we talk about all this after school and somewhere else. The kids around here might not like hearing about there being presence of darkness.

Alex: You might be right about that. *Seeing that a group of kids are looking towards them and suspicious*

Charlene: What’s your name?

Girl: I’m Zoey. Zoey Creek.

Janie: I’m Janie.

Alex: I’m Alexandra. But i am used to being called Alex.

Charlene: And I’m Charlene.

Janie: We’re the Rhapsody Trio.

Alex: *Pauses and looking at Janie* The Rhapsody Trio?

Janie: *Nods* Of course. We’re the Ambitious and enthusiastic girls in the family. Dad Adopted us all at the same time. Plus… we’re well… more brainy. Well, Not right now. But that doesn’t mean that we can’t be it again.

Zoey: You girls are really something else. But it could be more awkward. But i’ll tell you girls what. I know this school more than you do… So, I’ll help you girls out as much as i can. giving you possible guides.

Alex: Right. And in return… we can share all of what we know that you might not have picked up from the dark motives of Granny.

Charlene: If there is anything that we know about her right on hand… All we can say right on first is that she’s literal trouble. Her and Desaad. It’s not gonna be much longer before they locate or find their 3rd henchman. or Minion.

Zoey: *Recalling something* Minion. Minion. Granny Goodness mentioned once when i was there under secrecy… by her sinister hands that she was seeking to form an Unholy Trinity. Desaad and Granny make 2 of the 3 members of the Trinity that they’re in need of to be complete.

Alex: What about Apoko—-.

Zoey: Shh! Shh! Don’t bring that stuff up here. Wait till we are out of school for the day. After school. There is a place that my parents know i hang out. We can talk there. It’s much more discreet. here isn’t as safe as you’d think.

Janie: It’s a deal.

Charlene: …

Daily Planet…

Editor in Chief’s Office…

Lionel: *Looking at John* John… What is the meaning of this article that you have decided to write? This is not what we publish. About a Nightclub. Desaad. We don’t publish articles about the sin and Corruption from nightclubs.

John: It is the truth, Mr. Luthor. This club has been seen catering to Minors. in the last 3 weeks there had been a reported 50 young teens seen going in throughout a span of that length of time. And Mr. Luthor… You might want to up your game and scoop it before other newspaper companies sink their teeth into it.

Lionel: Hmm… *Intrigued* Okay. You got my attention and are piquing my interest. What do you got?

John: Just this… *Showing the Photos and some of the Eyewitness quotes* it started 3 weeks ago. But till just yesterday… no one had any leads to what was going on. No evidence. No proof.

Lionel: Then there isn’t an actual story. Just hearsay.

John: That’s what i would have thought too, Mr. Luthor. But you see… Here’s the thing. I called my contact from the Homeless shelter that was only a block away from the Nightclub. The Manager Maurice Stein… Reportedly said that he was just coming in from break as he had his lunch break right before the apparent sighting. He came into the Homeless shelter and he testified that he just only turned as he heard something. Out of nowhere he saw a group of kids walking on over to the nightclub. As if they were being lured there. Which wasn’t the case. Because he was able to stop one of the kids and got the scoop from one of them. a Teenage Male and asked what was going on. The teen told him that it was the best thing to do. That all the teens go there for some frolic and fun.

Lionel: There seems to be a real meaty story there. Okay… You convinced me. You and Megan head over there and work on it. Undercover and see what you can dig up for an actual story. If it has enough convincing facts and informative detail… it’ll be a star news article worthy for a front page Byline.

John: You got it. I can guarantee that as soon as you get the story… You’ll be asking why it wasn’t in to your hands sooner. It’s gonna be one to remember. Count on it.

Lionel: *Impressed*

As for Tess…

At Luthorcorp…

She was walking into the office to find that her personal files have been moved and came to find that she was no longer a part of Luthorcorp. She took one look and saw that her files were looked at by someone. It was not far of a speculation to consider that someone was in the room other than her. That someone was inside her office besides her. Tess went through the desk and caught the name Lionel Luthor on the desk. A plaque that read Lionel Luthor on it. Tess then realized…

Tess: Oh no… Lionel knows. He knows about the Rhapsody Girls Z! And the new heroes… He knows…  *Panics* The teams secrecy is compromised… He’s gonna discover the Watchtower…

In Space…

Countdown till Meteor shower…

3 weeks… 12 hours and 40 minutes…

In the Alternate Reality…

In Spira…

The Air Ship Fahrenheit…

The Bridge…

Yuna’s party gathers, quiet and shellshocked. As do the Fighters and Allies…

Brother: Where to now?

Cid: Aren’t we the happy lookin’ bunch.

Serena: That there is a real understatement. You have no idea as to how much of an understatement that really is.

Blossom: If you were to have seen what we have seen… You would be feeling just like us.

Annie: It’s a nightmare.

Susie: …

Brother: Where? Where?

Rikku: “Where, where?” That all you can say? Why don’t you think of something!?

Spencer: I don’t think he’s gonna be able to. None of us can, Rikku. We’re right now… screwed. We don’t have a clue as to what to do at the moment. We’re with no plans. No way out. Your Brother is wishing that there was something that he could maybe suggest. But… right now… he’s in the same boat as we are. Stuck without a Paddle.

Auron: Well? Any good ideas?

Tidus: Come on, help us!

Zoey: *Fearing that there is nothing that can be done* I don’t think we can help ourselves out of this mess. If only we knew what we could do…

Auron: What do we know… Sin is Jecht. Thus, you have a link… a bond with Sin. That may be our key.

Tidus: So what do we do?

Auron: We think, and we wait. *Leaves*

Tidus: Two things I’m bad at.

Black Canary: Then you might want to start getting good at it. This is where every decision and plan is critical. This isn’t just for a Pilgrimage anymore. This is about bringing down Sin. Once and for all.

Alice: This whole thing has gone on for way too long. We need to end this and end it right away. The fact that my two young Daughters are here seeing this… I am not happy. But if they’re to be here on this… This is gonna be put to rest.

Alvin: *Recognizing the Voice* Alice?! Alice… Is that you?

Alice: Yeah… it’s me. Alvin… i know that you’re here.

Alvin: *Walking over from the side controls* Alice… What in god’s name are you doing here?

Alice: You know what it is that i am doing here… It’s got to do with our young daughters. Sora and Carly. You took them from home. I never said for them to be here.

Alvin: Yes you did… *Groans* Can we please think about talking of this later?

Alice: When?

Alvin: Just wait.

Paige: Alice… We understand your animosity about your 2 young daughters being here without your consent. But after what we all have been through. You need to cool it. This is not as easy as it looks. At first… Luna was the same way you are now… She didn’t want to let Zoey come here either. She was just like you. Felt just like you are now… But initially, she was freaked out. Ask Luna for clarification on the matter. She’ll likely tell you. She will. However she might have forgotten of it. Given since so much has come… gone and passed. It might be old news. But she felt that same thing you are. She was angry. but also scared.

Alice: That’s not the same and you know it. I am always gonna worry about my kids. Always. But Alvin… he never said that he was gonna not only take Paul and Crystal… but Sora and Carly as well. He never said he would. But then i find a day later… after the trip first took place. from the beginning. I find that Sora and Carly were absent from school. I didn’t think it was right. I was concerned. but didn’t think much about it. I thought it was an misunderstanding. So… i figured… that it was likely nothing. But then… the next day. it happened again and i started to wonder. Wondering if they were sick. So i went to find them. Went to look and ask them what was the meaning of their missing school. I happened to believe that if they weren’t in the back yard… they’d be in their room. I checked their room. Looked for them. There was no sign. Nothing. That was when i started making calls and asking where they were. Asking if they saw Sora and Carly anywhere. No one knew. No one knew. My last call that i made before i thought that something might have happened to them was a call to Shingo. Dinah’s husband. He was more restrained and even he didn’t know. But he told me… “Sora and Carly aren’t here… but neither is my wife. Nor are Sapphire, Raven and Serena. but if i didn’t know any better… maybe i am wrong. Maybe not. But if my wife and 3 oldest daughters are gone… i would likely believe that considering of what may have come to light. And some of the things that came up. And a recent call by a man. Someone named Wakka. I would likely assume or put it as that… If Sora and Carly aren’t around and since my wife and 3 older Daughters are gone as well… Sora and Carly are with them.” I then spend a bunch of time looking for them around the area. Hoping that maybe it wasn’t so. That they were not here. Only to come and find that they were here. the whole time. How i knew was when even Zeke filled me in. He filled me in when Shingo told him and he was with the tell all from Tess. Tess Mercer tells them and he tells me. Then it came to hit the nail… *Hysterical* To hit the nail on the coffin. I see you all through a Video screen at the Watchtower. I see you all here. In Spira. In… the calm lands. You have any idea how freaked out i was? I was really freaked out. But thankful to see that my kids were safe. fine.

Alvin: We need to talk now… What the heck is really going on? Excuse me… *Walking over to Alice and walking out with her*

Yuna approaches Cid, bows low. His back is turned when she rises so she doesn’t see he’s fighting tears. It was no secret that seeing her was a emotional face to face moment. Yuna however feeling that she might have failed somewhere…She leaves bridge with Kimahri.

As for the others…

The fighters, Guardians and Allies were scattered into groups and talking. There was something that they knew that they knew needed to be discussed. Be it Anger, joy, Sorrow, Happiness or regret. Something had to be said…

Serena and Raven talk with Lulu. Pamela, June, Luna and Zeke coincide in the Conversation…

Serena: Okay… I don’t want to speak crazy Ill-repute about what just happened just a moment ago… but What the heck is up with Aunt Alice?

Raven: I don’t know. She just lost it. Literally. I think that she might have lost trust in us all. I had no idea that she was this agitated over Sora and Carly being here in Spira.

Lulu: We did tell her that they were safe and that they were getting stronger.

Pamela: Maybe so. But i don’t think that it’s gonna hold up in her opinion.

June: I don’t like saying this… but Alice might be in the right about this. If Alvin wasn’t supposed to take Sora and Carly… bringing them here… And Alice had to find out from other sources… It would be quite easy for her to be upset at him over it. He might have been charged with kidnapping. But…

Serena: That’s just it though… Alvin didn’t do that. Sora and Carly didn’t have to go if they didn’t want to. They chose to go. But Aunt Alice is making as though Uncle Alvin was doing it deliberately. I don’t find that to be very civil and fair. Uncle Alvin would never have done something like that.

Lulu: I don’t think that it’s gonna turn out well.

Raven: It isn’t exactly like that. *Looking to the side and sighs* I don’t get it. What is making her feel so upset?

Pamela: It’s the fact that she’s a mother. Any mother would be over dramatic about her children. It’s a maternal niche. Don’t forget that i have a daughter with Sid. Holly. She’s our only daughter and if she were in the same situation or same circumstance… I would be just like Alice. *Looking at the front of the bridge* Something like this is getting her agitated.

Serena: That is clearly obvious. However… Embarrassing Uncle Alvin like that. I don’t know if that is being civil. Uncle Alvin messed up. But… calling him out on it. In front of everyone. That is embarrassing and she knows that. He would never doing something like that to her. Although… she does it to him. That is just unkind.

Raven: She is right though about one thing… This issue that we’re all going through with Sin and having to take care of the destruction that Sin brings… It’s gone on way too long. We have to end it.

Lulu: How do we do that?

Serena: I don’t know… *Thinking* What would lure a big beast to us?

Raven: Let’s think about it… There must be something…


Dinah, Paige and Pearl walk out to the corridor on level 3 of the Airship to talk…

Level 2 corridor…

Dinah: My kids are really something else… they are maturing and evolving into self-efficient women.

Pearl: And that makes my girls what? Second rate? They are growing more mature also. Rikku, The Al-Bhed girl is gonna become the Daughter in law to me and Jack. I am with no idea as to how i am gonna be able to cope with that. I mean… this whole thing has changed my kids. They’ve been through so much. There has been so much drama and adventure. Emotions and tension rolling through.

Paige: And my Daughters are maturing too… I am not sure that this is the life i wanted for them. They’re gonna be forever marked for having no choices of their own. Their lives are for the mark of the hero. Then again… It’s no different than when we became the heroic team. *Rubbing her forehead and feeling a little dread* I don’t know if my daughters can be able to undermine that kind of life and not have it alter their lives and leave them with a lifetime of regrets

Dinah: I feel the same way about my 3 oldest Daughters. I mean… don’t get me wrong. I am proud of them. Doing things that i used to do with my young nimble speed. so swift. It used to be so… much like i could really fly. Although back then i was rather an angry chick. I was loose wired. A short fuse that was just itching to go off.

Pearl: And you used to hate skirts too… But You were also like a literal tom-boy. If the boys were playing basketball… you played it. If the boys were playing football… You felt as though you had to play it too. You were always wanting to play hard. Rough. You went right for trying out for the Wrestling team.

Paige: 34 years of life… after 34 years of living and looking back… You kinda find yourself wondering where all that time went.

Dinah: *Sitting on the floor; Sighs* Yeah. A parent happens to wonder that sometimes. Like our mother. She had some moments where she wondered where all that time went. Wondering where all the time had gone. My kids are kinda like me. Well… they are like me. Raven’s the bookworm of the family. And she is also more sensitive to bullshit. She doesn’t like it when it’s around. Serena is the same. She has the tough temper too. Plus… i actually worry about her. Before we came to Spira… She mentioned about being in love with her best friend Carly Black. She said something revolving that her friend was… well… in love with her and wanted her as a girlfriend girlfriend relationship.

Pearl: Wow… Really?

Paige: What does your husband Shingo think about it?

Dinah: That’s the thing… He doesn’t even know. I didn’t tell him.

Pearl: Why?

Dinah: Because… he’s got a bunch of other things rolling upon his mind without my telling him that our daughter Serena might be turning gay. He’s got enough to worry about.

Paige: *Looking at Dinah and sympathetic* Dinah, Sis… it might not be something that you would want to disturb his mind with… but if you really want to keep him from wondering what’s really going on between her and her friend… he needs to know. It’s better if you tell him. Because if anyone should get to telling him about Serena and her friend Carly… it’s you. He has to hear it come from the source. Because if someone on the outside happens to tell him before you… he will be upset because you knew and didn’t say. You and Shingo are ones who never keep secrets from each other.

Dinah: *Sighs* You’re right. I have to tell him. But not till we get out of here… out of Spira. we still have too much here to be worrying about.

Pearl: You’re right. We need to be on the front about this. We need to think about how we can Lure Sin out. Figure out how we can Coax Sin.

Dinah: We have to think like Sin. To lure him… we have to be with its mindset. What would attract it the most?

Paige: Well… to get a man’s full-blown attention… you go to his stomach. or straight to their funny bones. Sin… is Jecht. But that’s on the inside… on the outside it’s a beast and what’s the one thing that can soothe a beast. Soothing any beast?

Dinah: Music. Music is like the calming appeased form of a sedative. If it’s a certain kind of music. A beast… no matter how big or monstrous it is… the beast will come and show up. it will come right to you.

Pearl: We need to figure out what the music is that it will draw itself to.

Paige: Let’s think…

Although it was a different story for Alvin and Alice…

Corridor Level 3…

Alvin, Alice and their kids all talk…

Alvin: Alice, What the hell is the matter with you?

Alice: What’s the matter with me? You take our two youngest kids with you to Spira on top of taking Paul and Crystal with you and you dare ask me what the matter is?

Alvin: Yeah. I do dare ask. I didn’t do anything that you didn’t know about. If you remember right… i asked you about taking the girls with me to Spira. I asked you and you said that as long as i was with them or that their cousins were with them… it would be okay. Paige’s Kids… Pearl’s Kids and Dinah’s as well. None of them would have allowed for anything to harm them.

Paul: It’s true. There is no real reason to be all upset over something that was discussed and planned out.

Alice: Paul… That is enough. I don’t want to hear any excuse. Your father was not to bring Sora and Carly here to Spira. I never said for it to happen. He said i nodded and was okay with it. But… here is a newsbreak. I’m not. I didn’t even know that this was gonna happen. I didn’t know. If i didn’t know… how on earth would i be okay with it? Plus… *Seeing Crystal motioning to step in* No. I don’t want to hear it. Sora and Carly are not supposed to be here. They were not supposed to be brought here. *Looking at Alvin* I am not mad at them… I am mad at you. These are our kids. This world is dangerous.

Alvin: Not really. They handled it swell… They went against multiple bosses. Sin Spawns. Sin’s Fin. Lord Ochu, An weird Escargo. Oblitzerator. A Chocobo Eater, Sinspawn Gui. Spherimorph. Crawler. Wendigo. Sandragora. Evrae, Seymour Guado… 3 times. you were there for the 3rd time they went against him. Sanctuary Keeper. Spectra Keeper. Lady Yunalesca obviously. They got stronger. You think that i put them in danger? Alice… I would never do that. You know that i wouldn’t. Not ever.

Alice: You did. Sora and Carly have no reason to be here. You know how they get when they see danger like down there. It isn’t right for them to be here. They’re not meant to be here. They have Esp. Can read minds. But human minds. Not minds of creatures. beasts. Fiends.

Alvin: That is not so… They were able to read minds of fiends… beasts and the creatures.

Sora: It’s true… Esp. It works on anything and anyone. You might want to have more faith in us, mom. We are not weak. Some of the stuff that we have seen… it terrified us. But we still went after it. We were not about to let it spook us. We were scared and still went on. We weren’t gonna stop. It was either keep going or stand back and be exterminated.

Carly: You getting mad at dad is not fair. He didn’t do anything. This wasn’t his fault, mom. We wanted to go. We wanted to be a part of this. no matter what happened.

Alice: That is fine and good. But it doesn’t change that this was not for you two to be a part of. You two came here and got yourselves in alot of trouble. Danger.

Alvin: You’re are obviously not gonna be happy till they’re made into meager yuppies. That is some choice for our kids, darling.

Alice: It’s a mother’s right to see that her kids are safe and not put into anything that will endanger their lives. That’s called being a parent. I am happy that they are wanting to go on things like this… what we’re in. I am… I am just unhappy about the idea that they’re about to go into danger… Again. During the last time the kids went against Seymour Guado… We almost Lost Zoey. Twice. the first time was only with her slightly knocked out cold. The second time was with her into a moments long deep sleep. A Deep sleep. Zoey almost didn’t make it. We have thought or belief that she may have been dead for a few moments then suddenly come right on back to life. She almost was dead… for good. That Literally scares me… You know why, Alvin? DO YOU?! It scares the shit out of me because that could very well have been one of our kids. Zoey shouldn’t be in on this stuff either. Her mother should be ashamed of herself putting her young daughter through this kind of life. Having to give up her normal life.

Alvin: What about us when were those ages? I was like them… growing up… i wanted to be normal just like them. I wanted to be normal… Just like our kids could be… But Truth is… I didn’t have a choice. I didn’t have another choice. It was either work and go prevent the devastation and defeat Evil. Or allow it to win. What was i to do? Or about the others… What were they to do. They didn’t want this. My brothers didn’t really have a choice. They didn’t want the life either. But… however… they were stuck.

Alice: *Being Direct* That’s just the point, Alvin. We didn’t have that choice. They… do. They have a choice. The kids can still choose to not do this.

Alvin: They can choose to not do any of this… just as the same as they can choose to do it. I don’t like it either. I don’t. But sometimes in our line of work… even though we are with kids… Heroes… like us. Or casual heroes that tend to lead a double life. sometimes… the life of the hero… the duties of what they do… it carries on to the Kids. and then their kids and so on… It’s a cycle. Kinda like the Cycle of Death. That Sin Brings. Trust me… When we get back to our home… it’ll be back to normal again. We’ll get back to the simple normal life. But for right now… we have to just press on with what we got.

Alice: But…

Alvin: *Hugging Alice* Hey… Come on. It’s gonna be alright. We’ll get through this. We will get past this. It’ll be alright.

Paul: We still have a problem. Sin.

Crystal: What do we do to lure Sin or reach out to Sin?

Sora: We must have something that can get Sin to come towards us… We need help though… What can we use to get Sin running back our way?

Carly: Food. No… Music. But… What music will Sin be attracted to?

Paul: This is gonna be a tough one…

Crystal: *Scoffs with a bit of a laugh* What exactly do we know about what would attract Sin? It’s not like we are its master and it comes at our demand. It’s Sin. A mind of its own. Nothing else. Plus How exactly are we gonna be able to figure out the music that’ll attract Sin?

Although for Blossom, Mary, Curtis, Spencer and Rikku…

They were talking to Wakka…

Blossom: We have no break in coming up with a plan to get to Sin.

Mary: No plan is a good plan. I don’t think that we would want to get near Sin.

Spencer: No one does… But unless we find a way to Lure Sin to us… we can’t end this and put everything right. We need to get to thinking and we need to do it… now.

Rikku: Easier said than do, Spencer. But what do we do? We can’t Lure Sin without figuring out what will attract Sin or get Sin’s attention.

Wakka: Shouldn’t be hard, ya? Sin’s too big to be hiding away. It has to come out sometime.

Blossom: The question is… How? How can we get Sin to show itself?

Spencer: I don’t know… But there is a matter of something that i’d like to take care of.

Mary: What’s that?

Spencer: This…

Spencer then walks over to Cid and requests to speak with him in private…

Ramp to Level 4…

Spencer: *Looking at Cid* Cid… I have been giving this a ton of thought and you already welcomed me to the Al-Bhed family. Said i was a part of the family. But now i want to take the risk.

Cid: What’s on your mind, Kiddo. What do ya want to ask good ole Cid?

Spencer: Sir… I am here to profess my love… for your daughter Rikku. It’s been found that i am her boyfriend and she’s my girlfriend. I am asking here… for your daughter’s hand… in Marriage.

Cid: *Choking in shock and touched deeply* Why… I’ll be a blessed man to have my daughter getting married to a sharp young man. I’m one heck of a fortunate father. Son… You’re one swell son in law.

Spencer: And you’re one swell father-figure. I am pleased to be a part of the family.

Rikku: *Running over suddenly* Hey… Spencer. What’s the big idea? You just walked off to speak with Cid about something. Something wrong?

Cid: Rikku, You’re gonna be getting a big surprise. Your courting boyfriend here has just asked me if he could have your hand in Marriage. I Accepted the offer. Spencer, Get with askin’ her the question. Don’t make your soon to be woman wait on the question?

Spencer: Right.

A Second later…

Spencer: Rikku, there are many things that a guy like me can ask for. Better things. But from the first time till now that i met you… Even now. You’ve been the best thing i could ever ask for. A Marriage requires Trust and Love. It requires money. A place to live and a stable background. A place that a family can be created. But when it’s with you… I don’t have to worry. You’re creative. Smart. Ambitious and all that a guy like me can really ask for. I am smart. Just as you are. I Love you. I want to be only yours. You… are my first. And only Love. *On Bended Knee* Rikku, Will you Marry me?

Rikku: *Nods with a tear in her eye; Hugging and Kissing Spencer on the Lips* Yes. I will marry you. Traditional or Eloping. I will Marry you.

Back in the Bridge…

Zoey: Any idea yet on what we’re to do about how we’re gonna lure Sin to us? There must be something that we can do to lure it our direction.

Blossom: There is Music… But what doesn’t make much sense is what would Sin want with music? It can’t dance and it won’t change how Sin works. Sin will keep blowing things up and destroying areas. Causing destruction.

Wakka: Would Music work?

Lulu: ???

June: Something about that… might be the key. Remember while we were at the bottom of Macalania Lake?

Zoey: Yeah. Why? What’s that got to do with anything, June? We’re talking about Sin. We have to figure out what we can do to get Sin to reveal itself.

Serena: Where’s Yuna?

Raven: She’s not here…

Tidus: Where could she have gone?

Black Canary: I think that she went off with the Ronso. She and Kimahri walked out and made way somewhere.

Serena: I think that we might know where they walked off to.

Raven: One place.

Clint: What’re you guys thinkin’?

Serena: Let’s go.

Serena, Raven, Clint, Black Canary and Tidus left to go find where Yuna went. While the others all stood and waited. They were all trying to think about how they could Lure Sin to come out into the open. There was nothing they could do but try and come up with a way to lure Sin in. Since they were unable to see Sin and locate Sin easily… they had to think of a way to lure Sin over to them…

Observation deck…

Serena: *Walking over towards Yuna and Kimahri* Yuna, What gives?

Raven: You just walked off and the guys and gals are concerned. You feeling okay?

Yuna: I’m no good at all.

Tidus: What are you talking about?

Black Canary: How can you think that you’re no good?

Clint: You did alot of good.

Yuna: All this time, I’ve been thinking about how to defeat Sin. But I… Beyond the teachings of Yevon, I…I know nothing. I’m sorry.

Serena: Don’t you be doubting yourself. You are not no good at all. You’re good. better even.

Raven: You defeated Lady Yunalesca. Got rid of the 1000 year old tradition. Opened the door for future generations of Summoners to have more of a choice. Giving them more of a choice. That’s saying something.

Black Canary: You did something that others couldn’t.

Kimahri: Yuna, no apologies.

Yuna: Huh?

Kimahri: Apology is running. Yuna never run away.

Yuna: Hm. *nodding* Thank you, Kimahri.

Serena: Yeah. Besides that Running is the worst thing that she could do… Especially when she knows how far she had come. We were all there throughout the whole ride.

Raven: Exactly. We all went through the trials together.

Tidus: So, uh, Kimahri… You got any good ideas?

Clint: If you got a slammer… now’s a good time to speak your peace.

Kimahri: Yevon’s teachings.

Yuna: The teachings won’t help us fight Sin.

Serena: Yevon’s teachings have done us no good.

Black Canary: What do you mean?

Raven: Yevon betrayed its own teachings. Machina inside the Temple… Hence Bevelle Temple. It had Machina inside the temple… It was using machina. After telling all its followers that the use of Machina was forbidden.

Clint: Wait… Maybe Kimahri’s on to something. What do you mean by mentioning Yevon’s teachings?

Kimahri: No answer in the teachings, answers lie outside. Must know both sides to find answer.

Yuna: Both sides…

Serena: Both sides.

Raven: I think that i get what Kimahri means.

Clint: What’s that?

Raven: He said that we had to know both sides to find answer. Meaning that we have to understand the opposite side of the faith to know what answers lie within. It’s like the faiths that we have back where we’re from. Christian, Mormon… Catholic. Buddhist. Islam. there are the good sides and then the bad sides. To know answers that we seek… when it comes to religion or a battle that decides the fate of the world.

Kimahri: Mika knows much. Find him, make him talk.

Tidus: That’s it! Kimahri! You rock!

Kimahri: –Ahem-

Clint: Easy… Kimahri. That’s only a compliment. You gave out some good insight. It’s gonna help us get some well needed answers. We’re gonna be needing answers bad. What you said… in what we can do to squeeze out some answers… helps. Alot.

Black Canary: Only question is… where is this Mika?

Serena: Bevelle. The heart of Spira. the Focal point of Yevon. *Blowing a raspberry just mentioning Yevon*

Raven: Let’s go and tell the others…

In the Alternative reality…


Metropolis Middle School…

After school…

Janie: So… Zoey, What now?

Alex: Where is this place that you go to hang out?

Charlene: We have to meet and discuss about those dark people

Zoey C.: I know. *Looking to the side* There is a place across the street from the new theater. I go to that place alot. It’s considered a Bar. But it’s actually not. It’s mostly a Diner. There’s also an Arcade there on the other side of the Diner/Bar. The fountain drinks there are amazing. I usually stick close to having about 5 each visit. Sometimes… rarely i have 7 glasses of soda. But never more than that. Hey… Sue me. What do you expect for a 12 year old?

Janie: Okay. We can go there. We just have to let our dad know. He’s gonna be picking us up. He’s likely waiting for us by the front of the school now.

Alex: He’s a wonderful person.

Charlene: Come on…

In front of the school…

Janie: There’s our dad. Over there…

Alex: *Looking at the Limousine* Wow! That’s an awesome Limo.

Charlene: This must be what dad drives every day. But i thought that it was his work Vehicle.

Janie: It is. I think that he might have come from work.

Alex: *Nods*

Seconds later…

Shingo: *Looking at his girls* Hey there, girls. You guys ready to go home?

Janie: Yeah. We would be ready.

Shingo: What do you mean, “We would”? *Looking to see another girl with the kids* Hello there… We seem to have an extra passenger. Who’s the extra passenger?

Alex: She’s our friend. We met her during school today.

Charlene: Her name’s Zoey.

Shingo: *Pauses and with shock* Zoey? What’s Luna’s girl doing in Middle school. Zoey’s still a 5th grader. And it would not be possible for Zoey to be here as she is still somewhere with her mother and the others.

Zoey: The name might remind you of the girl you just mentioned. But i am not her. I’m Zoey Creek.

Shingo: Interesting. I guess that i miss the others so much that i’m seeing things that aren’t there. Plus the Zoey I had referred to is with a double identity. The name gets mixed up sometimes.

Charlene: It happens. Missing someone will do that. We want the ones we miss so much that we somehow see things that aren’t really there.

Janie: Where ever our sisters are… our older sisters. They are fine.

Alex: We hope that they are anyway… because we’re not where they are. We don’t know what’s going on over where our older sisters are.

Charlene: That’s true.

Janie: We were wondering if it’d be okay if we hung out with Zoey for a little while?

Alex: …

Shingo: On a school night? *Skeptic* With it being dangerous out due to word that there are two people out with shady intentions… I don’t know. I know that you 3 will be okay. You 3 have some fighting skills and can likely defend yourselves. But… it’s ones like Lionel. And the guy you 3 mentioned. Desaad. It’s ones like them that i don’t trust. If you want to go with Zoey. She’s a good kid. I can tell… I’m gonna call for Raven to come… She has Empathy… and can keep watch for anything suspicious.

A Shadow arrives and forms into a ravenous bird then into a Human form…

Raven: *Looking at the girls* What’s up?

Shingo: Raven, I know this will sound like a uncommon request… but Janie, Alex and Charlene are wanting to hang out with their new friend Zoey Creek at a… *Looking at the girls* Where are you girls going to hang out?

Zoey: At this bar. It’s more of a Diner. With an Arcade on the other side of the Diner. The place is considered to be more like a Bar but it’s Actually a Diner. I go there to drink some Soda. Twice a week. Today being one of those times. It’s a friendly place. The one guy that works there… Donald. He is friendly. Sometimes he would tell stories about historical things. He works and yet also entertains at given times.

Shingo: And this place has a name?

Zoey: Yeah… It’s The Sun shack Pub and Diner. Quint’s. Quint… He owns the place. But is hardly seen. But i know that a few times i was there… he would come in and when he did… Everyone stood up and saluted him. He’s like a 4 star Lieutenant. Donald told me once that he served in two wars. Desert storm and the Iraqi War. the one that our military fought. He got sent back after serving two tours of Duty. But when he came back from the second tour… he opened a Pub/Diner. Said that he wanted the best of both worlds. Saying that he saw enough people fighting for reasons that only brought more fighting. He wanted to do something that brought peace to both sides. Some of the customers that show up there… They do get rough. But not Violent. Just a little testy.

Shingo: And you’re a 12 year old girl? You go there… *Feeling something not right* No… I’m sorry. But i will have to say no to that one. I am a father who cares for his kids. And i also care for your safety too… Zoey, You’ve been there many times. You know the place. But i don’t. When it comes to new locales and spots. People. I have to be weary. Safety and the well being of the Child. Whether it be the girls here or those around my kids. That has to come first.

Zoey: You’re right. I trust that place… but with the possibility of there being men like Desaad walking around… No. It’s better if i dialed down a little. Thanks Mr. Rhapsody. *A Little down*

Shingo: I don’t mean to buzzkill the place there… but If my girls were to go there and while there something happened to either them or you… I would be really worried and wanting to beat or come at the ones who tried to hurt you or put you at risk. The girls getting hurt… rules apply.

Raven: *Looking at the girls* What now?

Shingo: Run them over to the place. But keep a serious watch on them. If anything comes their way that seems suspicious… Run interference.

Raven: That should be simple to do.

Shingo: *Looking at the girls* You girls have fun. Be careful. Be home before Dinner. *Nods*

Janie: Okay.

Alex: Will do.

Charlene: This will be fun.

A Moment later…

At Quint’s Pub/Diner…

Zoey: *Walking in with her friends* Hey Donald.

Donald: *Seeing Zoey* Hey there, Zoester… How’s my favorite young attendee?

Zoey: Good. Brought in some good friends. Met them today. Janie, Alex and Charlene.

Donald: *Looking to see the girls* Hey there girls. First time in the Sun shack?

Janie: Yeah. But this place looks real sporty.

Alex: Not bad. I like the sports. Basketball or football.

Charlene: *Looking to see a Jukebox* This place looks cool. It has a Jukebox here too…

Donald: Yeah… That’s the Owner’s doing. That’s the owner’s thing which is cool. He’s got the whole thing going about presenting a 60’s and 70’s Era atmosphere. The Bar part of the Sun shack is a little bit country and soft rock. Even a little indie sometimes. He’s nice though. As long as you respect his place and come with a sense of gratefulness for what he did for the people when he went to serve to protect the american soil. He’s like your golden goose. He won’t treat you wrong. He’s a Die hard Veteran. Fair and civil. *Looking at the new girls* No one knows this… but first time kids showing here… Get the 1st round of soda on the dial. free. Although… i don’t do it for all the kids. Just certain ones. Ones who are hanging with Zoey. She’s like a smart kid. Psychology, Physics and Math. Even Science and Forensics too.

Zoey: My dream is to be either a special Agent or a C.S.I. I’ve kinda studied a little bit.

Donald: You’ve got a good friend in her. She’s loyal and very organized.

Janie: *Smiles*

The girls all make their way to grab a seat and start talking…

Zoey: You guys know about the thing called Apokolips, right?

Janie: We heard about it. We don’t know what it is really.

Alex: But we do know that it’s no good. It’s dark and sinister. Granny Goodness and Desaad were talking about it and there is something else too. When she tried to warp or erase our minds of what we knew… She failed.

Charlene: We however told our dad that she would erase our minds so he wouldn’t find out much about it so quick. Granny would have hurt him too… She came at us for a long time in the Orphanage. Saying that she loved us. But she sure never showed it how it was meant to be shown. If we were to tell our dad the actual truth… She would have hurt him and there is no way that we’d allow that.

Zoey: Well… That’s good. Because this is something that you can’t ever tell him. He’s gonna need to find out another way. Not from you guys. This is really serious. Darkseid will kill anyone who knows about him and if they try to stop him. Granny and Desaad are seeking to find themselves a 3rd member for their unholy Trinity.

Alex: But where will they find their 3rd member? No one is gonna just stand up and be willing to be able to let themselves be taken over by the darkness.

Janie: *Seeing Zoey’s eyes starting to shift* There’s more… isn’t there?

Zoey: There is… Apokolips is not just a thing… It’s a planet. It’s also being pulled in by people. Ones who were touched by darkness. Stained with a mark that none of them really believed was there…

Alex: Is there a Symbol to this thing? Something that they use?

Charlene: There is… something. Something that can better identify them or Lord Darkseid… If it’s really affirmative that he’s coming, Right?

Zoey: Ω. The Omega Symbol.

Janie: The Omega symbol?

Zoey: It’s something that feeds on our distrust, Doubts and fears. But… There is something else that is off…

Alex: *Pauses* Really? What’s that?

Zoey: There was an incident that resembled this very issue 14-15 years ago.

Charlene: 15 years ago? What happened?

Zoey: I don’t have the data. But i do know that i have heard about it. 15 years i think… There was this talk about the V.R.A and a mark of corruption. The Omega Symbol was said to be a part of the darkness… However that isn’t the mark that was being spread. It was the Mark of a desolate creature. The Demon. History books called him Satan. But others who knew him close or know about his true name… Trigon. but used another name. A secret name to hide his real identity. Scath. But unfortunately… with everyone so focused on that dark entity. Focused upon the desolate one. Something else might have come through… No one knows about it though. And because of that… It might already be here… but just hiding. Waiting.

Alex: How do you know this stuff? Zoey, We’re talking about the possibility of Apokolips being near. About the sinister motives of Granny and Desaad. Not about the past.

Zoey: Maybe not… but something about what i read… is tied to this.

Alex: We need to gather people to help us. They’ll likely befriend us. or…

Charlene: They’ll be like friendly enemies.

Janie: Fri-enemies.

Donald: *Bringing over the 1st round of drinks* Here you girls. 4 classic glasses of Pepsi. On the rocks… on the house.

The girls stick by and speak about the intentions that were likely to come from Granny and Desaad. Janie and Alex felt that what they were diving into was deeper than what they might have thought in the beginning. Charlene felt the same too. The girls must have been there a while as they went through 4 more rounds of soda. Discussing the details of Apokolips and Lord Darkseid.

Janie: Something dark is near…

That night…

At Rikku and Nick’s house…

Rikku was in to mood to have a little night on the town. She knew that she had to discuss things with her sister Aquamarine, But she also needed time out of the house. to unwind. She got ready to go out. Aquamarine also ready as Rikku wanted her to come along. Rikku had done some calls to get Aquamarine’s stuff out of storage…

Living room…

Rikku L. Rhapsody: Hey, Sis… You know what? I was thinking about something.

Aquamarine R.: *Looking up over from the T.V* What about, Rikku? Something up?

Rikku L. Rhapsody: No. But something came to me… I believe that it has been a long time since i last went out having a night on the town. And i also have belief that you have not had a moment or a night on the town since our tearful and emotional reunion after years or decades of our being apart. So…

Aquamarine: A Night on the town? You’re serious, Right? You want to have a night on the town? *Turning to look at her sister* Sis, I am happy to see how much you changed and how you’ve just happened to embrace life for what it is. Not sit back and watch as other people live it for you. But there is a part of me that is feeling as though i should be asking… “Why the sudden change of personality?” You know, I got to hand it to you… When you… commit to something. You really commit. *Chuckles* I Like how you are just so into being one with the night life. You were never like that before.

Rikku L. Rhapsody: Yeah… Well… things do change. I used to be with the pink hair and i used to be one who would just stay home all the time and expect things to just come to me. But i changed. The world changed and i finally saw that things were not gonna just come to me whenever i asked or command. I had to get out and work for things. So… that is what i am gonna do. This is my life now. And as sisters… i want us to be together. I want you in my life. I know that what was said about our mother… it hurt. But i had to tell you now before you went and found out the hard way. I couldn’t let you go and face our mother and get yourself hurt.

Aquamarine: Look, I get it… Our mother has changed. I understand, Sis. I do. I just couldn’t believe it. and I know that i will have to believe it. That our mom has changed. I am sorry for over-reacting the way i did about the fact that our mother had become a Racist and recent Drug addict. I was just scared and terrified over the idea that our mother could somehow lose herself and just fall into a drug addiction. Really.

Rikku L. Rhapsody: It’s okay. We’ve been told worse than that… alot worse than that. Things such as… some dark danger coming. That’s worse.

Aquamarine: Things like the arrival or the likely already presence of a dark being known as Darkseid.

Rikku L. Rhapsody: That… I wouldn’t know. But… i think that we’ve seen enough to know that where there is light… Darkness will always be just around the corner.

Aquamarine: Yeah. That’s something that our mother once taught us… I remember the first time she taught us that. You got scared. I was rather… Not scared. But rather shook up. The concept was startling and i think also like our first lesson in the reality that in every corner… where ever there is good and pure of heart. There is the presence of Evil just waiting to creep on in. Evil lives… just as the good do.

Rikku L. Rhapsody: But we’re a lot wiser now.

Aquamarine: Yeah. we sure are.

Rikku L. Rhapsody: Let’s get ready to have a night on the town. or a Night on the City.

Aquamarine: Okay. *Getting up and going over to get ready for a night on the city*

A Moment later…

With things all ready for them to go… Rikku and her sister Aquamarine started heading out. Rikku, the Family Matriarch had to watch over the two sons of Luna’s However… the Alarms were on and the doors were locked. Which was a safety move. To see that there would be no way for anyone to break into the house without the alarms going off. She and her sister left on their way to the Downtown part of Metropolis… They found a Night club called The Oasis…

Night Club…

Rikku L. Rhapsody: *Walking to the Dance floor* Come on sis, This is our night to be a little wild.

Aquamarine: Wow! Okay… *Walking with her sister to the dance floor*

On the Dance floor…

Rikku L. Rhapsody: *Dancing* This is something that i haven’t done in a while.

Aquamarine: *Dancing* This is fun. Things have changed since the last time i’ve gone out Partying. But this kind of change… i could get used to.

Rikku L. Rhapsody: Don’t worry sis, It only gets better.

Aquamarine: *Excitedly dancing*

Rikku L. Rhapsody: We do still have a bit to discuss.

Aquamarine: I know… But first… we should party. Dancing like this. *Smiling and dancing like crazy*

Rikku L. Rhapsody: *Dancing* You don’t have to tell me twice.

It was a moment later when…

Rikku L. Rhapsody: Sis, we should get to talking about what i couldn’t bring up around my Fiancé.

To be continued…


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