Chapter 167: The Last moment before the entry of Zanarkand. Part 3.

(Final Aeon Chamber of Fayth without a Statue/Reunion of Aquamarine in long last/ Meet Part one of Lady Yunalesca)

(Shingo gets granted two daughters from the Orphanage for himself and Dinah.)

Previously on the Adventures of the Rhapsody Girls Z!…

“Rikku: If only princess Aquamarine was still alive… i still cry every so often over the loss. it still hurts. losing her to a damn virus… she died of a broken heart. someone named Bart broke her heart. but that was the precursor. The virus and then Cardiac arrest was what got her…

Trixie: *Sighs* Sis, i can’t keep consoling with this… i feel the same as you do about it… i mean… hell if it were one of my daughters… i’d be in deep mourning too. it’s a stain on the heart. losing a child… it hurts.

Rikku: I know…

Trixie: *Looking at her sister* Sis, You really need to let it go… as hard as it may be for you to do… you need to let it go. I really don’t think that love struck blondie Princess Aquamarine would be too happy to rise back up from the dead and see you all mopey and all gloomy. she’d want you to live on and be happy. not be in constant mourning. now please… Sis. i am begging you… For my sake. For the sake of your grand kids and my nieces and nephews… my great nieces and nephews… for the sake of your Daughter Princess Rikku and for your sake… move on… don’t let her death keep you down. She’s gone… but as long as you still hold her and keep her close to your heart and just remember all the happy and joyful memories… she’s never really gonna be gone. she’ll always be with you. that should be enough for you. That’s all i need. because memories never die. not as long as you don’t allow for the memories to fade. they’ll always be there with you.  Sis… you of all people should know that.”

“Tidus: Hey you! Don’t stand there! All of this is your fault! Gettin’ swallowed by Sin! Ending up here in Spira! Not being able to go back to Zanarkand–everything, everything! I’m telling you, it’s all your fault!

Annie: Yeah! Auron… You have any idea about what we’ve been through. Do you? We can’t even go back to our home. Metropolis, Kansas is all but a distant memory now.

Auron: *Chuckling which then builds to full-blown guffaw*

A little later…

Tidus: Who are you, anyway?

Auron: *Silence*

Tidus: You knew my old man, didn’t you?

Auron: Yeah.

Tidus: And you also knew Yuna’s father?

Auron: That’s correct.

Clint: And is it true that you also knew a member of our family as well. One who was said to be deceased. Princess Aquamarine. You knew her too?

Auron: That is correct. I did know her.

Tidus: Hey, man, there’s no way. That’s just impossible.

Raven: That’s not possible. How can that be possible? She was dead. Our grandmother Rikku L. Rhapsody even told us. She broke down in sobs just talking about it.

Auron: Nothing impossible about it. Jecht, Braska, Princess Aquamarine and I… Together we defeated Sin ten years ago. Then I went to Zanarkand… where I watched over you. So that one day I could bring you to Spira. I also learned of you relatives of Princess Aquamarine and found you all.

Tidus: Why did it have to be me?

Penny: Why did it have to be us?

Annie: Yeah. Why us? What was the reason of us being dragged to Spira like that?

Auron: Jecht asked me to. And Princess Aquamarine told me to watch out for you girls and crew.

Tidus: Is he alive?

Sapphire: Could she still be alive?

Auron: It depends on what you mean by “alive.” He is no longer human. But then… I felt something of Jecht, there in that shell… couldn’t you? You must have felt him when you came in contact with Sin. The same for you girls and crew when you came in contact with Sin. I sensed her. Couldn’t you?

Tidus: *Stunned* It can’t be…

Auron: It is. Sin is Jecht. Princess Aquamarine is in Zanarkands ruins. She’s alive but in slumber.

Tidus: *Shouts* No! That’s ridiculous! No way! I don’t believe you!

Zoey: *Cries out* That’s a lie! It isn’t true.

Theodore: defrocking our grandmother’s Sister’s memory like that… That is a totally low blow. Not true.

Auron: But it is the truth. You’ll see for yourself. Come with me.

Tidus: If I say no?

Annie: If we happen to refuse?

Blossom: Yeah! What if we happen to refuse to come along?

Auron: Every story must have an ending.

Tidus: I don’t care about your stories!

Crystal: You are not making us stop to consider for even a second a reason why we should care about your stories, Auron.

Penny: You were one of the first ones that we met when we first came to spira. Then we get sucked up by Sin. With you no less… You literally vanish from sight. we are left with not knowing whether or not you’re even alive. then we come here to find you back and in our sight again… Now you want to tell us that every story must have it’s ending, why?

Zoey: That’s not fair. You are being really unfair.

Auron: *Unsympathetically* I see. Sorry you feel that way. Fine, then. Come or don’t come. It’s your decision.

Tidus: *More shouting* RRrrraaaaaaghhh! What am I supposed to say!? You tell me it’s my decision…But I don’t have a choice, do I? You’re the only one who can tell me what’s going on, anyways! I have to go with you! I have to!

Rhapsody Romancers Z!, Rhapsody Aquatic Force Z! and Rhapsody Thunderic Force Z!: *More Shouting and becoming irate* RRrrraaaaaaghhh! What the heck are we supposed to say!? You keep saying that it’s our decision and that it’s for us to decide and choose. But you don’t seem to get it… We don’t have a choice in the matter. We don’t know squat about what to expect in Spira. As it is… you’ve clearly been all over Spira before yourself and know what’s going on. You’re the only one who can tell us exactly what’s going on, anyways! We’re gonna have to go with you! We have to!

Auron: Irritating, I know. Or are you afraid?


Auron: *Sets a hand on his shoulder, speaks more gently* It’s all right. *Placing a hand gently on Annie and Zoey* It’s gonna be alright. You’ll see all that you must see with your own eyes in time.

Tidus: Auron? Will I ever go home? Back to Zanarkand?

Dinah: Will we ever get to go back home to our home of Metropolis, Kansas?

Auron: That’s up to Jecht. And on your returning to your own world… That’s all up to Princess Aquamarine. Only she can decide that for you.”

Aquamarine R.: *Sitting on the ground in front of the spring* Sis, I know that you have been grieving me for years. Thinking that i was gone. But if you’re watching this… it means that i am alive. that the Broken heart was not as real as you thought. And that the Cardiac never happened. I know that you are out grieving me and want to see me again. It just shows that you and i were ever so close. Closer than most siblings would ever dream to be. But there is a time when you have to move on. Moving on and live your life how you wish to live it. I know it will hurt. but i know you can do it. You’re my sister and i love you. if your kids are seeing this… or your grandkids. I am sure that they’re wondering about me. That they’re beautiful… Just like their mother and the kids you had are adorable and lovely. Even Beautiful just like you. Bye for now. But just know that you’re my sis and i love you. That had never changed…”

It was then that the offsprings of Paige, Pearl and Dinah got on their knees and cried… They didn’t know that the girl knew about them. For the longest time they were with the understanding that she was dead and had been gone for a very long time. before they were even a forethought. It got them believing that the girl really was alive. It wasn’t but a moment later that they got back up and dried their tears. While trying to cheer up…

Annie: *Drying her eyes* Aquamarine knew about us. She knew about us the whole time we never knew it.

Daria: *Sniffles* Tell me more about that one… I can’t believe that we were all thinking what we were told was the truth. She’s alive. She’s got to be.

Clint: No more second guessing. We’re going to Zanarkand.”

“Auron: Wait.

Tidus: Yeah?

Annie: What’s the matter?

Auron: Jecht loved you. And Aquamarine knew about you girls for a while. She let off that before her believed death back where you are from… She and her sister planned out your names. Seeing that the names brought out something unique in you girls.

Tidus: Oh, come on, please!

Amy: They made all that planning?

Auron: He just didn’t know how to express it, he said. And she had her sister who is your grandmother keep it a secret. Till it was time.”

“Paul: You happen to remember alot of things from this world. You must have had a whole lot of memories while in Bevelle. You had to be there once before. What do you remember of Bevelle?

Auron: It was where Braska, Jecht and I first had began the pilgrimage. Lord Braska was both unsure but also never more determined. But what got him to go was the fact that there were no one out to see us off. He felt that by saying goodbye to too many people he’d think twice on going away on the Pilgrimage. But if it wasn’t for Aquamarine to assure him that having maybe a few people waving off before he were to walk down the high bridge leading into Macalania woods wouldn’t be that bad… he would have said goodbye to not even his wife and Young daughter Yuna. Yuna didn’t think of it then as she believed that she’d see him again and that he’d come back again someday.”

Jecht: Who are you?

Braska: You are the one they call Jecht, the man from Zanarkand, are you not?

Jecht: What of it?

Aquamarine: *Shaking her head* He sure is a cranky sort. Isn’t he?

Auron: *Trotting into view suddenly* Watch your tongue, knave.

Braska: *Nodding to Auron and to Aquamarine, then faces Jecht again* Ah. My apologies. I am Braska, a summoner. I’ve come to take you from this place.

Aquamarine: Braska could have gone to just about anyone. But choose you. You are something different. Don’t know how… or why. but you are the one he has chosen. I kinda told him that it’d work out best if he were to break someone out who may have known about the holy place.

Jecht: Hmm. Sounds sweet. What’s the catch?

Braska: Ahhaha… That easy to see, was it? I soon leave on a pilgrimage… to Zanarkand.

Jecht: Seriously?

Aquamarine: No joke. He is said to soon make his departure to Zanarkand. It’s considered to be a holy place. At least to Yevon it is… I however… don’t know if i could see it as one.

Braska: Mm. *Nods* I would like you to join us. It will be a dangerous trip. Yet, if we do reach Zanarkand… my prayers will be answered, and you will be able to go home, we think. What say you?

Jecht: Great, let’s go!

Aquamarine: *Laughs a little* Well… I guess that there is no need for questioning him. He’s all for it. Plus… maybe by us getting to Zanarkand. I can probably find my way home and go back to my sister and my family again. God… how i miss them.

Braska: Hm. So quick?

Jecht: Anything to get outta here!

Braska: Then it’s settled.

Auron: But I must protest…This drunkard a guardian?

Jecht: Hey! You want to step in here and say that?

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Aquamarine: Auron, That’s not nice. You know that he might be a Drunk… but try being put in this place. Locked up and thereby be kept from your family. your home. He is hurt. not physically. But emotionally and egotistically. Just like if i was in his shoes and had been put in here. I wouldn’t really last in here long. 

Auron: Even still, Aquamarine. This guy’s a drunk. He looks as though he’s more trouble than what he’s worth. Are we really sure that this is what we’d want.

Braska: What does it matter? No one truly believes that I, a fallen summoner wed to an Al Bhed…could possibly defeat Sin. This is what they say. No one expects us to succeed.

Aquamarine: Change their minds. Show them different.

Auron: Braska, sir…

Braska: *Chuckles* Let’s show them they’re wrong. A fallen summoner, a man from Zanarkand, a warrior monk, doomed to obscurity for refusing the hand of the priest’s daughter and A Resurrected girl from a past life that she regrettably was forced to depart. What delightful irony it would be if we defeated Sin!

Aquamarine: It would be sure an example of irony seeing that we defeated Sin.

Jecht: Stop gabbin’ and get me outta here!

The Recording clicked off suddenly but then resumed a short time later with Jecht in the main room.

Jecht: Ahh… Free at last!

Braska: Now, Jecht… I am in your hands until we reach Zanarkand.

Aquamarine: I haven’t really battled in a while and i may be a tad rusty. But… I too will be following you, Braska.

Jecht: Right, right. So, what’s a summer-ner, anyway?

Auron: *Sighs; Shaking his head*”

“Romancers Z!: *Seeing Metropolis upside down* You must be wanting to go home too. Back to your sister, Rikku L. Rhapsody, huh?

Voice: “Sister”

Aquatic Force Z!: *Seeing a Pink haired girl* Aquamarine, You are not seriously thinking that she’s our grandmother… Come on. You’ve been gone a long time… She doesn’t look like that. Not since way back when… She’s different now.

Voice: “Home”

Thunderic Force Z!: *Seeing their home city* We know, Aquamarine. You want to come back home… You’re wanting to reunite with those that meant so much to you.

“That’s me. Way back when”

Zoey: You sure are pretty. But you might have changed appearance since then. Time has passed since that time till now.

Blossom: We know, Aunt Aquamarine. You want us to come to you. You want us to come to Zanarkand and meet you and us all go on back to our home of Metropolis. Our world.

Paul: Don’t worry. We’re coming, Aunt Aquamarine. We’ll bring you back. Promise.

“Tess: *Looking up* … *Seeing a woman walking into the Office* Excuse me… Who are you? *Recognizing the visitor* Are you the new Professor i asked for, Mrs. Teague?

???: *Cordial* Oh… Please, Tess… Call me Genevieve. We are… Professionals and headstrong at best after all.

Tess: Of course. *Looking at Genevieve* Genevieve, I heard that you are into elemental research and development. Skills in that field and made millions in stock for scientific recognition. Vast resources in the Political aspect in weapons coordination.

Genevieve: My my… You’ve been doing a lot of background checking. I must say that i am astonished by the dedicated time you took in figuring me out. Although… For the work and research that i do… My services don’t rub off cheap.

Tess: Unless there was a position that might be more than beneficial to what you do. You ever heard of a group of fighters. Heroes known all through Smallville and Metropolis?

Genevieve: *Recalling what she heard about the group of fighters that reside in the city* You’re not talking about the girls of Love, Grace and fury… are you?

Tess: Yes. And i believe that you might know of them after all by the sound of your voice.

Genevieve: Of course i’ve heard of them. I’ve followed up on their heroics for some time. In fact… my husband works as a Science professor at the University. Every phenomena that manages to occur in Metropolis… he uses science to explain the cause of it. When he can’t explain it with science… That’s when he becomes fascinated by it and seeks to study it.

Tess: Studying the unexplained Phenomena… getting to the bottom of the miraculous occurrence. Seeking for the truth. But for the work that you do… You’ll be perfect for the position that i’ve got for you. Any of the resources will be at your immediate disposal.

Genevieve: And that would be…?

Tess: The professor to the group of heroes. Actually 3 groups of heroes. The Rhapsody Romancers Z! The Rhapsody Aquatic Force Z! and the Rhapsody Thunderic Force Z! Not to forget The Esp Twins, Electrogal, Honolulu Torch Paul, Crystal. And last but not least Sailor Zoey. The Senshi of Love, Justice and defender of the innocent. They’ll all need professors.

Genevieve: All of them are heroes?

Tess: Yes.

Genevieve: *Laughs* Ha Ha! Tess, You can’t possibly be serious to tell me that you believe in such heroes. Surely you don’t mean to tell me that you happen to feel that there are indeed heroes in the world quite like them. The only heroes that are known are the Girls of Love, Grace and Fury. Plus also the Enforcers of Justice.

Tess: It is hard to see that there are other heroes such as them… but there is. For i believe that they are the offspring of the Original fighters. The Romancers Z! Are the offspring to Miss Love. The Aquatic Force Z! is the offspring to Bubble Maiden. The Thunderic Force Z! are the offspring to Thunder Mistress. Honolulu Torch Paul, Psychic visionary Crystal, The Esp Twins are the Offspring to Flaming Soul. Electrogal is the offspring to Electric Rage. Sailor Zoey is the offspring to the one who happened to be Sailor Luna 15-16 years ago in the past.

Genevieve: You don’t say… Well now… that’s intriguing. Do they know that you know about them?

Tess: Yes. They do now… I not long ago was able to get a hold of them through video communications.

Genevieve: Why only by that? You happen to have access to them, Haven’t you gone over to where they live and meet them face to face?

Tess: I would usually do that and meet with my teams. See them and get them acquainted. If they were to be among this world. But sadly… They are anything but among this world at this present time…

Genevieve: What ever is it that you mean by that? Of course they’re among this world. Where on earth else would they be?

Tess: In a world that follows a faith known as Yevon. They’re in the world called Spira. When i last spoke to them… they were in the Calm Lands. That was when i first spoke to them. Since then… i’ve been keeping a close track of their progress. It was discovered at first that they went there to help out a family friend of theirs… but as it went on… they would up in the middle of a Pilgrimage and assisting her. Bringing the calm. Changing the way things were in that world as well as look for someone who was thought to be dead for decades.

Genevieve: Spira? *In shock* How on earth did they manage to get there?

Tess: A Portal.

Genevieve: Would this person that they seek be none other than a Aquamarine Chloe Rhapsody? *Curiously letting out some insight*

Tess: Why? Do you happen to know something about the Rhapsody Dynasty that i don’t?

Genevieve: That depends on what it might be worth to you, Tess. Something like this could be well put to your advantage.

Tess: Interesting. But i do hope you know that i am not one to string along the addictive carrot and pull on betraying them. Using them for some leverage. Although… if it’s something of some use in helping them out in the long run… I’d be more than open to learn what it is that you’ve found out.

Genevieve: As you know… I am a big follower of the miraculous and unexplained. I also am a fan of their heroics. I not too long ago came across some Info on the whereabouts of the lost girl that the clan believed was lost and long since gone. The one that they call Aquamarine.

Tess: You have?

Genevieve: yes.

Tess: What did you find out?

Genevieve: What i found out was that she didn’t exactly die in the Hospital that day… over 2 decades ago.

Tess: *Intrigued* I’m Listening… go on. What do you know?

Genevieve: Ever caught on to the identity of one hero named Impulse?

Tess: I have access to the hero database. I know about him… However 17 years ago… I was under the flow of a shady government agency… Checkmate. They too have a copy of all the heroes and fighters. However… their data on them… is slim. They didn’t get all of it since the link between them and Watchtower and me… was severed. Considered Incognito. Impulse… Bart Allen. Why?

Genevieve: He back in the day was with her… Loving her. Although… he didn’t stick to he romance and noble charms. He was caught cheating on her and playing the acts of a Von Casanova to another girl. By the Cousin of theirs. A Trixie Ruby Rhapsody as it were. Way back two decades ago. She caught it and told the sister to Aquamarine. A Rikku L. Rhapsody as stated within the records… A fight or misunderstanding managed to ensue amongst each other and led to Aquamarine leading herself to fake her own death. To the other members of the family. her sister… cousins and nieces and Nephews. Aunts and uncles. All of them knew that she was dead. They all buried her.

Tess: This is impossible. How could she be alive after all this time? The records state that she died of a cardiac arrest. The medical records all state that it was a cardiac—

Genevieve: The records were all forged, Tess. She never died. She went into hiding after the last time she got her heart broken. She ate herself into a overweight nature. Obesity in natural unhealthy form. Although… that’s what she might have wanted others to see. She hid. Leaving all she knew… and all she cared, loved and adored behind in her wake.

Tess: *With a paused and shocked revelation* She’s alive? How could that be when she’s been stuck in Spira as sources implied. Stuck for 20 years. *Thinking back* No… wait. Wait… It was more than 20 years. It was close to 30 years. That would make Rikku L. Rhapsody in her late 40’s now.

Genevieve: I’m aware of that… With the research on them… I can help them. It is a long shot… But with very little i know about the new teams… It will be hard. But i guess that with the job and the resources at hand… It shouldn’t be too tedius of a task. All i need is some insight on the elements behind these new super-sleuths and from there… we can get the data needed to bring together something that will put the spark in those flashy and ambitious girls.

Tess: I’ll get you started. Just so you know though… It’s all non-profit. It is a casual secret base that no one outside of the hero realm know about it. Allies to them are an exception to the rule however.

Genevieve: Very well… I can abide to that. I’m not one to seek towards the idea of committing such subterfuge. I’m very well professional to what i do…”

Zanarkand Chamber of the fayth…

The fighters, Guardians, allies and Yuna go down and arrive at the chamber of the final fayth…

Annie: Is this it?

Clint: This is a statue. But there is nothing happening.

Raven: Were we too late?

Zoey: What’s going on? Where is the fayth? We didn’t just come here for nothing…

Susie: This has to be a fayth… but if that is the case… where is the fayth that belongs to this statue?

Yuna: This isn’t a fayth. It’s just an empty statue.

Daria: What?

Sapphire: *Scoffs* What the heck is this? You mean that we came all this way for just some game of quest hell?

June: This must mean one thing…

Dome Gatekeeper: *Appearing* That statue lost its power as a fayth long ago. It is Lord Zaon, the first fayth of the Final Summoning. What you see before you is all that remains of him. Lord Zaon is…his soul is gone.

Wakka: Gone!?

Amy: You’ve got to be kidding us.

Trixie: All this for nothing? No Fayth. Just a statue?

Rikku: You mean, there is no Final Aeon?

Gatekeeper: But fear not. Lady Yunalesca will show you the path. The Final Aeon will be yours. The summoner and the Final Aeon will join powers. Go to her now. Inside, the lady awaits. *Makes symbol of Yevon and vanishes*

Rina: The Final Aeon is not here but Yunalesca will know. show the path. Hmm…

Richie: I know that this is all foreign to me… but am i the only one here that finds this to be a tad bit odd?

Natasha: You find this all odd? That’s a laugh… What exactly do you think that it leaves us thinking?

Mary: I don’t think that it leaves us thinking of anything. It does make us feel like all this has been for nothing.

Curtis: The lady up ahead will show us the way to the final Summoning. What do you suppose that could be?

Tidus: Yuna, wait! Auron, you knew this was going to happen, didn’t you?

Auron: Yes.

Rikku: Why didn’t you tell us!?

Auron: If I had told you the truth, would that really have stopped you from coming?

Luna: I don’t think it matters anymore as to whether it’s stop us from stepping into this place.

Zeke: This all sounds like a trap.


A figure stepped out from the side…

Auron: *Seeing the woman stepping into view* Aquamarine.

All: Aquamarine?!

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Aquamarine: *Walking over from the side; Smiling* I was wondering when you were all gonna get here.

Paige: What… You’re our Aunt?

Aquamarine: Yes i am, Paige. I am your mother’s sister. I never got to see you and your sisters Pearl, Dinah, Betty and Angel. I was said to have died back in your city. All because of a broken heart. Done by Bart Allen. He cheated on me. With someone named Jan Van Es. The Son of Apparently Darkseid. Yeah… Idiocy in whatever version you see it to be. It’s all rather stupid. I died and my memories and thoughts were reconfigured. to give me a life. Here.

Pearl: But that is not possible. Our mother never talked of you too much as it hurt her.

Aquamarine: I know… But that’s because she and i were just so so close. I was the popular one and she was the one getting mocked. teased. Literally teased. I know it isn’t something to be thinking about given since we’re here… in Zanarkand. But my sister Rikku. Your mother and i were so close. Out of anyone else… She and I were always deep with sisterly love. I was popular but out of all that… no matter how busy i may have gotten… She came top priority. I cared and loved her so much. Leaving her and leaving the family like i had… I just didn’t have any other choice. I was so broken back then that i couldn’t stay and allow for my pain to become theirs.

Dinah: Would this be the same Bart that our mom was dating for a short time?

Aquamarine: yes. *Spotting Luna* Oh… Luna. You’re here. My sister told me things about you… i didn’t know how true they were… But seeing you… Now i know that they are as she said. You’re beautiful. Just like she said that you are. *Seeing Auron* Auron?! Auron… Oh my god. *with a high rush of emotion slapping him in the face; Hugging Auron* Auron… Thank God… or Yevon that you got here. 10 years after Yunalesca sent you flying… you’re still here. But for that long… had to have this huge weight on the shoulders.

Auron: Because i was fulfilling a promise. The promise i made you 10 years ago was to look for your family and bring them to you. If i was to see them. You heard about them and through the journey with Jecht, Braska and I… You spoke about your life in the world that these girls are from. About your sister and cousins. Aunts and Uncles. Mother. Things you knew… that’s how it came out that you wanted to reunite with your family again. Zanarkand… 10 years ago. You were here and we all faced Yunalesca. then Sin. With Jecht being made the final Aeon. He defeated Sin. then took Braska’s life. You didn’t make it much longer. You knew that you had to hide here in Zanarkand. Before i left you here… as agreed. You made the deal. “Find my family. Bring them here to me. I want to see them. They are likely to be here soon in this world. Look out for them and tell them about me. Bring them to Zanarkand.”

Paige: All that just to see us?

Pearl: Talk about a Reunion.

Dinah: Seriously.

Aquamarine: Yuna… You’re following your father’s footsteps.

Yuna: Yes.

Aquamarine: Are you sure that you want to go through with this. If you do this… Your life will be meeting its end.

Rikku: How do you know that?

Aquamarine: Because the same exact thing happened to Lord Braska. Jecht became the final Aeon. His resolve was clear. Strong and solid. Jecht loved his son. In his own way… he thought highly of his son.

Tidus: Yeah… right. Then why didn’t he ever say it? Why did he have to leave my mother and me. My mother died because of him. She missed him so much that since he left she would not do much. She would look out into the distance and count the moments till his return. He never showed. Then when there was news that he was in trouble… My mom got more worried and distressed. It made me hate him because he was hurting my mom… making her worry so much about him. He also drank a bit too. And thought that he was the only one who could be the best. He never said anything to me saying that he cared or loved me. My mother was the only one who had.

Aquamarine: Honey… Some guys don’t know how to say it. But it don’t mean that they don’t feel it in their hearts.

Pearl: That’s really sweet.

Aquamarine: Yuna, You are aware of what you’re about to do… right?

Yuna: …

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Heinz: I say that we go back. Something isn’t seeming so safely sound.

Gabe: How do we know that what’s ahead isn’t a trap of some kind?

Zeke: We’re gonna need to tread carefully.

Rina: For those who don’t feel sure about going on ahead. Wait here.

Alice: Must we really wait here?

Black Canary: Nowhere else seems safe. This is the only area that is safest. this room and the two rooms before this one. Everywhere else is likely to be dangerous.

Wakka: It is. This place is crawling with fiends.

Natasha: *Nervous* I don’t think i am liking the sound of that.

Susie: We should go.

Spencer: Right. It’s time to decide… Should we wrap this up and see where this will end? Or should we turn back and not follow through and see as all that we fought for was put in vain?

Kimahri: Yuna.

Yuna: I’m not going back.

Kimahri: Kimahri knows. Kimahri go first. Yuna is safe. Kimahri protect.

Kimahri went in first… Yuna followed and then went the crew. one by one… they all went in…

Hall of the final Summoning…

Rikku: Someone’s coming!

Aquamarine: It’s her. That’s the lady we faced.

Trixie: That’s the one. You’re not serious… are you?

Aquamarine: I wish that i was only playing with this… but i’m not. I am not playing at all. That is the lady that i Jecht, Auron and Braska faced 10 years ago.

Yuna: Lady Yunalesca.

Yunalesca: Welcome to Zanarkand. I congratulate you, summoner. You have completed your pilgrimage. I will now bestow you with that of which you seek.  The Final Summoning…will be yours. Now, choose.

Click to view full size image

Aquamarine: *Shaking her head* I was afraid of this… This is a repeat of before. History is just repeating itself. Nothing has changed… At all.

Yuna: …

Yunalesca: You must choose the one whom I will change…to become the fayth of the Final Summoning.

The fighters all gasp as do the guardians and Summoner.

Yunalesca: There must be a bond, between chosen and summoner, for that is what the Final Summoning embodies: the bond between husband and wife, mother and child, or between friends. If that bond is strong enough, its light will conquer Sin. A thousand years ago, I chose my husband Zaon as my fayth. Our bond was true, and I obtained the Final Aeon. There is nothing to fear. You will soon be freed of worry and pain. For once you call forth the Final Aeon, your life will end. Death is the ultimate and final liberation. Your father, Braska, chose this path. *Leaving*

Dinah: *Standing in front of her kids* No one is touching my kids. If you want me to be the damn guinea pig and become the fayth. Do it. As it is now… We’re all stuck here in spira. We might never go back home. I’ll never get to see my husband again. Ever. My kids still have many years to go and lot to work for. Me. I don’t. I have my family, My Husband and my kids. A bunch of my family is here already. But i’ll never be able to see my Husband again. Do it to me… But leave my kids out of it.

Serena: Mom! What the hell are you saying? Do you really want to have your life ended here? We are gonna be leaving this world soon. This isn’t the end.

Raven: Mom, You’re being really psychotic. The real nerve to know that you are wanting Yunalesca to turn you into a fayth.

Aquamarine: Your mom is doing it to save you kids. She doesn’t want to see you kids get put in harms way. Jecht did it because he realized that he’d never see his son again. He just didn’t believe in himself to have hope that he’d ever get to see his son. He had high hopes. Bettered himself throughout the pilgrimage. It was hard. But he knew that he had to do whatever he could to better himself. To make sure that he would be someone that his wife and son could be proud of once again.

Another flashback to Braska’s pilgrimage: Hall of the Final Summoning…

“Auron: It is not too late! Let us turn back!

Aquamarine: There is still time to think about this. We can find another way.

Braska: If I turn back, who will defeat Sin? Would you have some other summoner and his guardians go through this?

Auron: But…my lord, there must be another way!

Aquamarine: There needs to be another way. Any other way but this. Not here. Not now… Braska, Jecht. I agree here with Auron… You can’t be thinking about doing this.

Jecht: This is the only way we got now! Fine. Make me the fayth. I been doing some thinking. My dream is back in the other Zanarkand. I wanted to make that runt into a star blitz player. Show him the view from the top, you know. And you, Aquamarine… You wanted to go back to where your family lived. Back to Metropolis. Being with your loving sister Rikku L. Rhapsody again. Being there with your family and where things would return to make sense again. But now I know there’s no way home for me. Just like there’s no way home  for you. This is it for you… for me. I’m never gonna see him again. My dream’s never gonna come true. Neither is Aquamarine’s dream. I feel sorry for her. Yeah yeah… I know. An Ex-drunkard and rumored to be retired blitzer being sentimental. But it’s the truth. So make me the fayth. I’ll fight Sin with you, Braska. Then maybe my life will have meaning, you know. Aquamarine has too much to live for. A sister. Nieces and Nephews. Cousins. A hearty family. All i got is a Son and woman. They are all i got. But it’s now gonna have to be up to him to rise to the top. His mother… I am sorry. She’s gonna have to press without me. I just hope that when this is done… they know that i do this for them.

Auron: Don’t do this, Jecht! If you live…there may be another way! We’ll think of something, I know!

Jecht: Believe me, I thought this through. Besides… I ain’t gettin’ any younger, so I might as well make myself useful.

Aquamarine: I can’t stand and allow this. You need to think about this again. What about your daughter Yuna, Braska? She’s only 7 years old. I know that you’re only thinking about the world and doing this to bring Spira the calm. It’s admirable and highly appreciated to everyone. But what about your daughter? Braska, You may have done this for the world. But to Yuna… You are her world. She needs her father. She needs you. She might be strong eventually without you… but the memories of losing you… That will hurt her for many years. Do you really want to put her through that? No child should be put through that. No one. It’d be like if i had put my sister through that. Seeing that no one was there other than me. That i was her whole world. Then i leave. i go away and leaving her broken. Alone. Upset. Spending many days wishing it were her that went and not me. Because she and i were so close. So think about Yuna… Do you want Yuna to have a life like that?

Braska: Jecht. Aquamarine… I understand how you feel. But this is a life that i have chosen. I was set for this for a long time. Yuna knows that where ever she is… i will be there. A father’s love never dies.

Jecht: What! You’re not gonna try to stop me, too?

Aquamarine: *Sighs*

Braska: Sorry. I mean…thank you.

Jecht: Braska still has to fight Sin, Auron. Guard him well. Make sure he gets there. You too Aquamarine.

Auron: *Stammering*

Jecht: Well, let’s go.

Auron: Lord Braska! Jecht!

Jecht: What do you want now?

Auron: Sin always comes back. It comes back after the Calm every time! The cycle will continue and your deaths will mean nothing!

Aquamarine: Seeing that you’re sacrificing yourselves like this… it hurts. I can’t stay for this. I can’t do it. It would make me believe that i’d be doing it to my sister. Leaving her all alone. I Just can’t do it. Your deaths will mean nothing. Sin is always gonna come back. It always does. Every ten years. It will just recreate the cycle all over again.

Braska: But there’s always a chance it won’t come back this time. It’s worth trying.

Jecht: I understand what you’re saying, Auron. I’ll find a way to break the cycle.

Auron: You…have a plan?

Braska: Jecht?

Jecht: Trust me, I’ll think of something. *Laughs*

Aquamarine: *With a tear in her eyes*”

Braska and Jecht leave; young Auron falls to his knees in despair. The current edition snarls and tries to behead his own image before it fades. Aquamarine shakes off the Vision and tries to deny it. Hoping that it would be a memory that died… She didn’t want to have it relived…

Auron: And the cycle went on.

Aquamarine: It could not be stopped. The fate was inevitable.

Tidus: We’ll break it!

Serena: That’s right. We’ll break it.

Spencer: We have to break it. It’s got to be changed.

Wakka: But how? What, you got a plan now?

Amy: Not sure. But we are gonna do something about this.

June: It has to be done.

Lulu: If one of us has to become a fayth…I volunteer.

Curtis: Make me the fayth.

Wakka: Me too, Yuna!

Tidus: That still won’t change anything, you know? You’d bring the Calm, and then what? That won’t break the cycle!

Annie: All it will do is just lead to a repeat. Nothing will ever change that way. And because of Spira’s funny way of dealing with Sin being back… Sin’s presence gets blamed on the Al Bhed. It isn’t their fault. But Spira will see it that way. You going with this… it will make everything that we tried to do to stop this cycle be for nothing.

Wakka: Listen… You wanna defeat Sin and keep Yuna alive… You don’t want Sin to come back, ya? That is just not gonna happen, brudda, you know? You girls must know it too, ya? You can’t have both, you know?

Sapphire: Why the heck not?

Serena: Why? Because it would mean trying to do everything possible to see that the tradition doesn’t go on and there was actual change?

Sora: I say that we stop this. We can’t let Yuna give off her life.

Carly: It’s reckless.

Sora: Really reckless. What if sin comes back?

Raven: That’s right! What if Sin returns? You really want to chance that?

Lulu: If you want everything, you’ll end up with nothing.

Tidus: But I want everything!

Wakka: Now you’re being childish!

Spencer: Actually no he’s not. He is wanting everything. But he also cares about the life of Yuna’s. He wants to see her live. I would think that we all want that. If we were to allow for Yuna go through with this… How do we know that this would be the final time of Sin? That this will be Sin’s final call? How do we know?

Tidus: I give up. So what would an adult do, then? They know they can just throw away a summoner, then they can do whatever they like. You’re right, I might not even have a chance. But no way am I gonna just stand here and let Yuna go. And what Auron said about there being a way… I think it’s true.

Rikku: “You’ll think of something”?

Spencer: You bet. We all will… We’re not about to give up.

Tidus: Yes. I’ll go ask Yunalesca. She’s got to know something.

Spencer: I’ll go with you. This is the last chance we got. We have to make the leap. We came all this way… we can’t just let this be the end. We can’t let Yuna just Die. Remember back at the Watery Glade when i said something like “Fierce willpower”? faith… determination and Fierce will. Hope.

Rikku: I remember that, Spencer. I remember that. You really think she’ll help you? Will it work.

Tidus: I don’t know, but I have to try. This is my story. It’ll go the way I want it…or I’ll end it here.

Yuna: Wait. You say it’s your story, but it’s my story, too, you know? It would be so easy…to let my fate just carry me away…following this same path my whole life through. But I know…I can’t. What I do, I do…with no regrets.

Clint: We don’t have any regrets either. And as for who’s story it is… It’s no one’s. It’s in all… all of ours. Everyone’s. We’ve put our blood sweat and tears into the story here. We tore ourselves up. busted ourselves. So… guess what? This is a story meant for all of us. We have written it. And if it’s to end. We’re all gonna end it… together.

Luna: Zoey… Please don’t go.

Zoey: I have to go with them, mom.

Zeke: Why? You know that you could possibly be hurt in there. What if that lady in there happens to hurt you?

Rina: Are you sure that you really want to do this?

June: I think that whether or not she was sure… It’ll have to be done. There is no other way.

Natasha: Zoey, We are not sure that doing this is gonna be such a good idea. I really don’t think that you should go.

Amy: I wouldn’t want her to go either. But the heroic nature in her is telling her that she should.

Penny: There is no other way. Yunalesca must know of a way to defeat sin other than having one of us becoming the fayth. She’s the one that will know what to do. If there is anyone that would know… it’s her.

Raven: And what if she doesn’t know or knows and won’t tell us… I mean… what if she tells us that there is no other way and we have no other choice but to fight her?

Theodore: Then we fight her.

Blossom: Do we think that we’ll be able to out do her?

Sora: I guess.

Trixie: I’ll come along with you kids. You’re gonna need a ally that has ample amounts of Experience.

Black Canary: I’ll Aide as well.

Yuna: There is no turning back now…

Yuna then walks up the steps and heads straight through to the door. It was now time to go and face the music. The fighters and the Allies that could fight all went on in through the doors. The Guardians were there most of all…

In the Alternative Reality…

In Metropolis, Kansas…

Sid’s Diner…

Sid: *Looking at Shingo with three different kids* Hey man, What’s with the kids? You pickin’ strays?

Shingo: *Chuckling* No… no. They’re not strays whatsoever. in fact… they’re my kids. I just adopted them today from an Orphanage. St. Louise’s Orphanage. You’re looking at the newest members of the clan. As of tomorrow it will be official. Tess is straightening out the legal papers and the adoption forms. Janie, Alex and Charlene.

Janie: *Smiles* Hey Sid. How’s it going?

Alex: Hey there. *Looking at the display case and seeing Chocolate cake* Is that chocolate? I’ve been itching for some all day.

Charlene: *Looking at the lights* Wow! This Diner is awesome. It’s got a Jukebox. Retro designs and a homey atmosphere. You work here?

Sid: No. I own it. This is my Diner. Had it for 8 years and i kept it running.

Janie: That’s cool.

Alex: Yeah. That is really cool. I think that it is really cool that you own a diner. Seeing all kinds of faces.

Sid: You do. But one face that i am hoping that you 3 never cross is someone like Lionel Luthor.

Janie: *Confused* Lionel Luthor? Who’s he?

Sid: Someone who is tediously high and powerful. He owns a huge company. Luthorcorp. I can’t even fathom the idea that i know about that company.

Alex: Luthorcorp? I think that we heard about that company. That was the same company that would send a representative every so often over to the Orphanage. Asking about someone named Lutessa. Granny goodness has a photo of Lutessa hanging up on a wall in the hall at the orphanage. Saying that she was gonna be granny’s most valuable soldier in the coming wars.

Janie: Something called Apokolips.

Charlene: Hey Sid… Have you ever heard of a man named Desaad?

Sid: Can’t say that i have? Heard that there is a club somewhere in the seedy parts of the city called Club Dessad. But i never have gone there. Nor do i plan on it. Why?

Janie: Don’t make a plan to meet him. That guy is really bad news. He came to the Orphanage a few times and would talk with Granny. In a secret room somewhere in the Orphanage…

Shingo: You girls are okay now… I got you out from that.

Alex: What about the other girls though?

Shingo: It’s gonna be okay, sweetheart. The rest are gonna be put into a foster home. A more suitable one till a home can be found for them. But Granny goodness is never gonna get to them again. Tess is also making the calls to have that place shut down and all the kids there that were hurt and brainwashed by granny… They’ll be going to other Foster homes as well. Some will go to spend some time with a random family to see if they’ll be able to have a suitable place to live and see if a family will take them.

Sid: See that she does. Anyone who hurts kids… They are on my bad side. Kids are special. Seeing innocent kids being tortured. That’s liable to scar any kid for a long time. Any kid that had been abused are gonna suffer having moments remembering what happened to them and will be liable to relive it. Over and over again.

Janie: We’re not like that. We won’t relive the pain of what happened to us. We were taken from Granny goodness. She’s not gonna get us anymore.

Alex: Although… I don’t think that it’s gonna be over.

Shingo: Why? Why do you say that, Alex?

Alex: Desaad. He’s out there and he’s got a dark purpose.

Shingo: How dark?

Janie: Sinister.

Sid: That’s not good.

Charlene: *Shaking her head* No. It isn’t good. It isn’t good at all. I am actually scared knowing that someone like him is out there.

Janie: It’s gonna alright now. Shingo’ll protect us. He swore that he’d never allow anyone like that near us. I believe it. He’s gonna be our father officially tomorrow and he’s already providing us with love. Care and protection.

Alex: You’re right. He of course mentioned that we had sisters. 3 more sisters. Sapphire, Raven and Serena. But we already met some. Sakura, Hikaru and Sora. he’s our new brother. But he only speaks Japanese.

Janie: We can learn that. We just have to practice it.

Charlene: And we can also teach him English too. Kinda like a trade.

Janie: *Nods* Right.

That Evening…

At the Luthor Mansion…

Tess was going through some of her things and just suddenly stumbled upon a document which turned out to be her birth certificate from the orphanage and remembers her past where her biological father left her at the orphanage. It happens to somehow be a memory that got unlocked and she remembered it as if it were just yesterday and not all that long ago: she is the biological daughter of Lionel Luthor and Pamela Jenkins. The birth certificate gives her real name as Lutessa Lena Luthor. Tess then just seconds later after reading the official birth certificate got up and walked over to the window and looked out the window and wished herself a happy birthday…

A moment later…

Tess: *On the phone* Yes, Shingo.

Shingo: *On the phone* I’m just calling to check up on the situation.

Tess: That? Oh. Don’t worry. It’s been all handled. They’re officially yours now. Well… yours and Dinah’s.

Shingo: What about the other kids?

Tess: They’re in another Orphanage. Out of Granny’s reach.

Shingo: What about the kids that were brainwashed and turned into Psychotic fighters?

Tess: They’re getting counseling and will be back to their normal original selves before they know it.

Shingo: Good. I just hope that you can shut down St. Louise’s Orphanage. There’s been some dark dealings going on over there while the kids were there. Something about Granny talking with someone named Desaad. and it all circling the topic of Apokolips.

Tess: *Pauses* … *Leaning closer to the desk in dread; concerned* What do you mean? Apokolips? Where’d you hear this?

Shingo: From the girls. Janie, Alex and Charlene. They spoke about it. a little bit. That apparently good ole’ granny goodness… the sweet lady with the sinister dark secret purkelating underneath was having secret meetings with someone named Desaad. The two of them would hold secret discussions on the End of days. Apokolips. Not to leave out their mission to find minions who will loyally serve someone or something named Lord Darkseid. I don’t know what the hell is going on… but when you can… get a team of whiz-kids together and see what can be found out about this Lord Darkseid fellow. My older daughters and Wife are likely to come back in the hopeful near future. I don’t want them coming back to a city ravaged by a Meteor shower and overcome throughout the entire world here by a dark being like Darkseid. That’s the last thing they need.

Tess: I agree. We can’t let this happen.

Shingo: Any idea what’s going on with the girls fighting in Spira?

Tess: No. There hasn’t been any new developments the last i checked. It was only the other day when i had last checked and it was right when i had to open up a portal leading to Spira. Luna’s two older daughters are now there. as well as a couple of people who are friends to Luna. Old friends. Pamela and June.

Shingo: Really? *Not Understanding* Why? Why them?

Tess: I don’t know. I really don’t know. I tried to talk them out of it. But they insisted that were to be let go. They’re not the only ones there. One called Dr. Fate… is also there.

Shingo: Richie. he’s there too?! *Groans* I don’t believe this… I so can’t believe this. They’re with no power. No defense and are in another dimension. Tess… You should have made any excuse to keep them from going. They’re gonna be trapped there now till whatever’s going on in Spira is taken care of.

Tess: I realize that. But their minds were made up and a woman’s mind… when a woman has her mind set on something… there is little to no chance in getting the woman to back down. They were determined.

Shingo: How determined were they to go? They are now gonna be stuck there till it’s all over.

Narrative: *As Shingo* Theodore Roosevelt once said: “In a moment of decision, the best thing you can do is the right thing to do. The worst thing you can do is nothing.”

There were now mentions of a reference to a dark being on the way. A man named Desaad and a topic called Apokolips. Shingo was now with 3 new kids. Adopted the 3 girls and made him now the father to them. And Dinah was the mother. But Was this the beginning of things to come? Would this be the start of more danger on top of the still on going situation between Spira and the world that knew the clan well? Would the fighters get back in time to stop what could be coming? Was the Meteor shower the one that would be the precursor to this presence known as Apokolips and Lord Darkseid? Was he already here… and hiding? Was he still far away in space and just now on sight for Earth? How could the 3 new girls be with details of something of a distressing magnitude? What about the fighters in Spira? Would they overcome Lady Yunalesca? Were they gonna be able to overthrow a tradition that had spanned 1000 years? Would the surprise be popping out to Watchtower and get to the Family matriarch Rikku L. Rhapsody that Aquamarine… Was… ALIVE?! What would result in the revelation of the sister being alive? Was Dinah and the Rhapsody Thunderic Force Z! in for a personal surprise? after the defeat of Yunalesca… Would there be said to be emotions running high? Dramatic? Reunions and a floorplan for what’s to happen next? Find out this and lots more in the next Chapter of the Adventures of the Rhapsody Girls Z! as the saga continues…

“Auron: No! Where is the sense in all this? Braska believed in Yevon’s teachings and died for them! Jecht believed in Braska and gave his life for him!

Yunalesca: They chose to die…because they had hope.

Young Auron gives a horrible yell and leaps, and Yunalesca zaps him. He flies across the room and crumples, then fades away. 

Aquamarine: NO!!!! Auron!… *With a shed tear* Auron!

Aquamarine: *Looking for her sister* Rikku, Sis… You here?

Revelations… A fight to end a 1000 year old tradition. A stand-off. 3 new girls with the family. A soon surprise for Dinah and the girls and a long since belated reunion between sister… A likely possibility… More info on the sinister chats revolving a likely dark being: “Lord Darkseid” and Apokolips… The last stand for Lady Yunalesca in: “Standoff confrontation between Yunalesca and Fighters/Guardians and Summoner plus Allies alike.”


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