Chapter 167: The Last moment before the Entry of Zanarkand. Part 1.

(Campfire and reminisce of Pilgrimage/Journey to the Ruins of the Zanarkand Dome)

(The start of the possible end for Tess/ Her hidden past comes to consume her/ Meteor shower becomes more of a possibility and time till Impact runs shorter for Smallville and Metropolis.)

In the Alternate Reality…

In Smallville…

Luthor Mansion…

Tess is having a nightmare. In her nightmare, she recalls being a very frightened little girl in a bare room. listening to the song “Sugar Plum Fairy” from the ‘nutcracker’ on a musical toy before hastily stuffing it into a bag to stifle the song. She’s being frightened by someone passing her door. Although there is a brief pause, but the shadow disappears and the light is suddenly turned off. Young Tess sliding off the bed and while being careful to not make a sound, lifts up the floor boards and takes out a key. She then unlocked the door and runs right over to the front door. Problem is that it was locked. Mysteriously it was enough for someone to notice and it turned out that someone had heard her and she within seconds started to get chased, so she hid in an armoire. The door is wrenched open and an old woman fostering such a sinister smile finds her and then dragged her out of the armoire. Young Tess’ fingers grasp at the side of the wardrobe, making deep scratch marks in the wood; but it was to no avail. She was being dragged screaming down the hallway. Tess wakes up and hears the song from the ‘Nutcracker’ playing which had to have been the same exact some from her childhood. it caught her attention. Following the sound, Tess finds the music box from her nightmare with a note stuck to the bottom…

Tess: *Confused* What is this?

The next day…

Luthor Mansion…

Tess: *Shaking her head* What the hell was that last night?


“Knock Knock…”

Security guard: Mrs. Mercer… There’s someone here for you.

Tess: Send them in.

Security Guard: Yes Mrs. Mercer.

A Minute later…

Shingo: *Walking into the Room* Hey.

Tess: *Looking up over at Shingo* Hey, Shingo… What brings you upon the mansion at this hour?

Shingo: Nothing much. Except that when we left the Diner the other night… The night before last… it was on a bit of a dramatic exit. with me saying some things that i normally wouldn’t say unless there was actual reason for it.

Tess: Oh… That. Don’t worry about it, Shingo. Besides. it’s not as though you meant for those things to be said. You were a little uneased by the fact that you saw someone that you wished you didn’t see. Seeing a man like Lionel would give anyone a reason to be a tad uptight. He isn’t exactly the nicest one to come across. Actually he’s considered to be majorly manipulative.

Shingo: That is something i could have been warned about.

Tess: i don’t blame you. What about you though, Shingo? *Wondering* Isn’t it about time for you to be taking your kids to school?

Shingo: I already did. They’re there now. But you are usually at the Watchtower.

Tess: You’ve guessed it. Although… I’m right now going through some things. An old scrapbook.

Shingo: Hmm… going down a little through memory lane.

Tess: Yeah. Why?

Shingo: No reason. It’s just that Memories are what reminds us of where we’ve been and how we managed to get to where we are now. It’s like memories that took part in shaping who we have turned into. Like my mother. My sister, Usagi. She used to be such a Ditz back then years ago and now… she’s all grown up and with kids of her own. *Chuckling* She even sent me a picture of her little ones. She named her Son Jordan. Nicknaming him “Jor-el.” She’s silly but you got to love her for that one. She named her Daughter Dinah. After my wife. What a tribute, huh?

Tess: That is a tribute. Ensuring that the name Dinah lives on when the feisty Woman we know has gone and passed. Your sister’s Daughter will be around to carry the name’s torch. Immortalize.

Shingo: Oh course… But since i am here and everything. *Revealing a box* This thing came for you. It has your name on it and there happened to be a gift tag of some sort which read: “Happy Birthday, Tess.” I am thinking that someone might have snuck into the mansion or something. One who’s managed to sneak past security or was so fast that they wouldn’t get caught.

Tess: Shingo, It’s not my birthday. *suddenly being shown the box and the note* And I had this nightmare where I was a little girl, and I was holding this exact music box. And then I woke up and I found it… In the library. I actually happened to have had that sort of nightmare last night.

Shingo: I should be able to say that i know what that’s like. But the only thing that i can say is that i never really believe in retching my guts out about nightmares. I don’t really have many of those. I mean… the only ones i had were when Dinah was pregnant and i was terrified about her dying and the babies dying along with her. I was with the nightmare of losing her. That’s the worst nightmare for someone like me to ever have. There’s been some times when i had freaky nightmares i wound up screaming in my sleep. Yeah… Yeah. That kind of dream can freak even a cat. or someone who has no means of caring…

While they were in the room and Tess was looking through her photo albums…

Tess: To be honest, Shingo. I really thought that i would at least find a picture of this somewhere within this scrapbook. Unfortunately, all it has really done was remind me of why i don’t enjoy going home for the holidays. *Still looking a bit through the scrapbook*

Shingo: Sounds like your holiday seasons usually wound up blowing. That’s really sad.

Tess: It’s no big deal. I gradually grew used to it. It’s just the way things turned out for me.

Shingo suddenly caught sight of a picture on the side of the mysterious gift box that had been left for Tess.

Shingo: There seems to be a picture on the side there. *Looking at the picture and noticing something* Hmm… That’s rather strange. I didn’t notice this before. *catching something on the picture of a young girl in front a woman on the steps behind the plaque* Tess, Have you seen this photo before?

Tess: *Looking over and catching sight of the picture* No. Where was it?

Shingo: On the side of the gift that came for you. Does “St. Louise’s” Mean anything to you?

Tess: Shingo, I don’t know if this would mean anything to you and it might come as a surprise to you… But I’ve never really identified with any Saints. Who is she? *Trying to cover her past up*

Shingo: I don’t know… But maybe i can make a call and get some info on it.

Tess: …

Shingo pulled out his phone and dialed up the # of the city hall…

Phone: *Voice* Metropolis City Hall. Lillian speaking. How can i help you?

Shingo: Yes… I need information on an Orphanage. St. Louise’s Orphanage. It’s said to be in Kansas. But i don’t know the location.

Phone: *Voice* It’s in Metropolis. by the far east side of the downtown area of Metropolis. It’s an Orphanage ran by Granny Goodness. However some of the Orphans there had been reported to have gone missing. By our records… one Orphan that ran… was left by a Lionel Luthor 22 years ago. The girls name was Lutessa. But as an official order of the courts. The records were told to have been sealed to protect the child and the parents of the child.

Shingo: Hmm… Thank you.

A second later…

After the call ended…

Shingo: This could be a strange coincidence and all… but i think that a trip over to that Orphanage is gonna be what we need. We don’t have anyone to aid us there so… we’re gonna have to just tread carefully. From what i got from City Hall just now… Granny Goodness is the one who runs the Orphanage. She has been known as the Mother Theresa for the needy children there.

Tess: Right. Watchtower’s in good hands while i’m gone. I’ll be sure to be kept informed of anything that happens while i’m not there.

Shingo: Who’s running it? That part never got answered.

Tess: Genevieve Teague.

Shingo: *Pauses* Huh?! Did you say Genevieve Teague is in the Watchtower?

Tess: Yeah. Why?

Shingo: It is not possible for her to be in the Watchtower… She’s dead. She died along with Edward Teague and her son too. The Queens. The Swanns as well. Lionel Murdered them. he had them all killed to ensure that he was the only one that had the Traveler.

Tess: Maybe so… but if that’s what happened… Then why do i have a woman in the Watchtower going by the same name as the one that was killed by Lionel Luthor?

Shingo: I wish i had the answer to that one. But for the life of me… my mind is drawing a blank as to how that could be so. All i can tell you is that she better be someone that we can trust. Because with my family and my wife plus the 3 oldest daughters still in Spira. The last thing we need is an attempt of Espionage. Mutiny.

Tess: …


4 Hours later…

St. Louise’s Orphanage…

Tess: *Standing in front of the building and looking ahead after looking at the picture of a young girl with her parents standing upon the steps* Shingo, I swear to you… I have never been here before.

Shingo: I want to believe you, Tess. And i am sure that it’s true. That you have never been here before. But I’m afraid the picture is telling the truth. Pictures like that don’t lie. That is clearly you standing on those exact steps 20 plus years ago. I mean… I get the fact that you really would sire to not remember anything about this… because it is reminding you of something traumatic. But for whatever reason there is… Someone from here has likely broken into the mansion and left this picture and that music box. Reminding you of that time in your life.

Tess: Who ever had done it… it’s not funny. I’m not laughing.

Shingo: No kidding. And it’s not like i’m gonna be one who’s likely to bust up laughing about this. This to me seems like a real example of an Awkward factor. Awkward factor 6…

Daily Planet…

Trixie: *Working on an article* There is mention of a Meteor shower coming to hit this city and Smallville.

John: Yeah. It’s kinda thrilling and yet rather alarming. This Meteor storm is said to be a big one. Catastrophic. the last one was said to leave irreparable damage to the town of Smallville back in the 2000’s 05… was said to be the very last one that hit. But this one is with the path leading not only to Smallville… But to Metropolis and this one is said to take out communication.

Trixie: That’s a bad thing because Communication is what embodies the Media and the News reporters. The News Stations. It is what the Media needs. Forms of communications.

Kris: *Walking over to Trixie and John* You might want to hold off on the articles for a little while.

John: *Looking to see Kris* Uh, hello Kris. rest much? You look like you’ve just been put through the spin cycle… twice.

Trixie: At least twice. What’s going on?

Kris: That depends if you want to know about a change in staff.

John: A Change?! What do you mean a Change? What change?

Megan: *Walking in with a couple of laptops* The New Editor is a real sanctimonious tool. You will never believe who the new Boss is…

John: Who? Because the last we checked… It was Perry White who happened to have been our Boss.

Kris: Not anymore. He was given the section 86 and booted out. We now have… Someone named Lionel Luthor.

Trixie: WHAT?! Lionel Luthor?!

John: Oh no way. No way.

Trixie: *Grabbing her phone and pad; Marching up to the Editor in Chief’s office* This is gonna stop here and now. Lionel is not our boss. Besides… he was believed to be dead. How the hell can he be alive? What the hell makes anyone think that he’s alive? That guy died over 22 years ago. He died. His own son killed him.

John: *Shaking his head and sighs* This is gonna sound messy.

Kris: Especially since this new editor is a real shady one.

Trixie: Well his goose is about to be cooked. *Heading over to face the new boss*

A Moment later…

Trixie: *Walking into the Office and walking over to the desk* Hello. Are we quite comfy in that nice Chair?

Lionel: *Turning to face Trixie* Yes. Quite so. Why do you ask?

Trixie: *Laughing with sarcasm* Why am i asking? Why am i asking you if you’re quite comfy in that chair when it’s not even your office? I don’t know how i can answer that without placing you on a pedestal. But i do know that this is Perry White’s office. You’re not Perry White. So… you are roosting in a place that you have no business being in.

Lionel: *Looking at Trixie with Optimistic interest* Well… You might want to handle yourself a little better on that outburst. Perry White was a relic of a man here. Newspaper surplus had fallen by a man who put sentimentality over getting the news out. Whether it be personal or actual hard cold fact. Articles on political issues. But for a long time… it’s all focused on the heroes.

Trixie: Not just the heroes. It focused on the City and the effects of the disasters that were befalling the city. In case you noticed… I am related to them. I know about the things that they’ve done throughout the years. Alot more than i can say for you.

Lionel: You mean… the Demon outbreak that befell the city. Or shall i be more concise on the accuracy and say on the world. *Catching the motion of shock running across Trixie’s face* But the girls of Love, Grace and Fury plus their allies and band of merry supporters. The 3 girls have secrets that they don’t want out. I know about the Lab explosion they caused too… Your first new assignment is to look into that and expose it.

Trixie: Huh?! Come again on that side of conspiracy. You want me to do what? You expect me to be their Benedict Arnold and sell them out?

Lionel: No… I want you to get the truth from them. The real truth. They’ve been covering up their dirty laundry for too long and if they want to be known as honest working citizens… They’re gonna tell the truth.

Trixie: And what truth is that? There is nothing there. You could dig a hole the size of the grand canyon and possibly the highest peak located Yellowstone park. Mt. Bighorn… Then still be unable to uncover the real story. The real story is what’s out there… Several government agencies went through the tape several times. reviewing it over and over again. It came with the same. The Lab Explosion was accidental. There was no possibility of them causing it.

Lionel: I believe that the tapes were fabricated to help favor the girls. They had their crimes covered up like the misdeeds of a Vigilante.

Trixie: Prove it. The tape came right from the security cameras inside the lab. You’re obviously a little behind. You’re a Luthor of course… It should come like second nature to you to know what goes on with your company. How can you run a company and not keep a watch through all the camera’s and security footage that gets played and made? Are you that careless?

Lionel: You sound like you actually believe that i would be spending all my time looking at every piece of security footage of every room of every floor of every location of Luthorcorp property.  *Chuckles* Oh my word… You’re sure bound to grant me way too much credit. But the Joke happens to be a little past since over. As for the fact of who’s the boss here now. It seems that i’m the boss now. Perry White is gone. I saw to it that he received his fair shake… His severance pay and sent him on his merry way. He even made sure to leave his regards to his favorite star reporters. you… and your brother.

Trixie: *Scoffs; growling before sighing in a bout of defeat* Okay… Fine. You win this time. But you heed my word. You heed it really well too… My brother, My sister in Law and I will abide to work here… under the roof of apparent Citizen Luthor. But you are not to go after anyone in my family. or even smear their names through the mud in any way. Because if you do… You’ll be meeting trouble. And that trouble is in the form of someone with a temper. You’re looking at her. You get me on that?

Lionel: Stating an ultimatum upon me… Fierce ambition. I like that. I like that coming from my reporters. You have lots of nerve coming in here with that. It’s that kind of take charge attitude that will get you far in here…

Back over where Shingo was with Tess…

Shingo: *Walking over to the steps* here we go.


Woman: *Walking down with a group of girls* Well… Hello there. You must be the visitors who’ve called here. And with a couple of reporters too… From the daily Planet. Welcome. Welcome. My girls have been so excited. Knowing that this home would be featured in the Daily planet. They simply feel like celebrities already.

Shingo: I am sure that they do. It isn’t often that the orphans get recognition. Love. They should always get love. But the fact that they get left behind… abandoned in the way that they do… It’s really a barbaric upset. making the kids feel as if they were mistakes. I am a father myself. of 6 and knowing what it’s like to go without a family… I dealt with that for a while till my mom and I reconciled over our differences that we had.

Woman: I know… the poor dears. They have been put through so much. But when they are here… they are loved. There is nothing but constant love shown. There isn’t a shread of harm or hate here.

Shingo: Well… With a wonderful caring lady like yourself… I can very much see that. It puts a smile on a father’s face. I might even think about adopting a girl from here. Giving them a home. Giving them love just as you’ve done for them here. If that would be okay, Uh… Granny.

Granny: That’d be such a blessed gift for one of the girls. I think it’d be an honor to adopt one of them out to you my dear. *Feeling that something missing* Oh dear me… i didn’t even ask your name. I must have forgotten due to the surprise of seeing as my girls were gonna be featured in a article.

Shingo: *Introducing himself to the caretaker* The name’s Shingo. Shingo Rhapsody, Ma’am. But you can call me Mr. Rhapsody if it would be more acceptable to you. Anything’s fine.

Granny: Yes. I must say though that it’s a bit of a surprise knowing one of my girls will finally be given a new home. A Better life.

Shingo: Yeah. Would it be okay if i were to hang around with the kids. get to know them a little?

Granny: It’d be so delightful of you to keep them company a little. It’s not often that they get visitors coming here.

Within a Minute or two…

While Shingo hung around with the girls…

Inside the Orphanage…

Granny was talking with Tess. Mysteriously leading her to somewhere.

Granny: Do you know, I’ve always been able to tell an abandoned soul when I see one? It’s a gift.

Tess: Do the girls come here as … as babies?

Granny: Unfortunately, tragedy strikes as it pleases. They come at any age.

Tess: It must be hard to find them older ones permanent homes. Seeing that they get that chance at love that their own parents couldn’t and wouldn’t give them.

Granny: Well, the truth is, by the time I get my hands on the lost souls, they no longer have that cute baby scent childless couples yearn for. It just vanishes away. A lot of couples look for the cute baby scent. It attracts them like bait. *Smiling*

Tess: The children don’t spend their entire childhoods here, do they?

Granny: Oh Mercy me… Lutessa, You make it sound quite like punishment. You see… I’ve been training my girls for decades not to blend into society but to conquer it … here… And around the world. My girls know I’ll always be here for them. And I know they’ll never desert me.

Tess: Who’s to say that they would do that? You made them feel as though they were never gonna be able to escape from here. Even if they’d want to. You did the same thing to me. Although… i never called you up on it.

Granny: I do hope you enjoyed the birthday present. That music box brought such comfort to you when you were young. I knew it would draw you back to me.

On the outside of the Orphanage…

Shingo: *Looking at the girls* There are 7 of you here. Right?

Girl #1: Yeah. I’m Emma.

Girl #2: I’m Lila.

Girl #3: I’m Janie.

Girl #4: I’m Becky.

Girl #5: I’m Nancy.

Girl #6: I’m Alex. It’s short for Alexandra. But Alexandra is okay to call me. I like that name. Too bad that my parents didn’t like it as much as they made me believe. They abandoned me. So… i’m stuck here. or living here. It’s not bad. But Granny kinda scares us sometimes when she gives us that weird look.

Girl #7: I’m Charlene.

Shingo: That’s a nice name. I have a sister-in-law named Charlene. Actually 2. Charlene Frost Rhapsody and Charlene Victoria Rhapsody. Nice huh?

Charlene: Yeah. I kinda think that is really cool. Granny didn’t really like it much but was still showing love. But she sometimes can get really spooky.

Shingo: Why, What do you mean, sweetheart?

Nancy: What she means is that Granny is a little evil. We sometimes would hear her talking with some guy. Someone named Desaad.

Alex: Don’t be talking freely to him about that, Nancy. It’s better that he didn’t know. If Granny figured out that he knew about what was going on here… She’d hurt him. We don’t want him to become collateral damage for her.

Shingo: Don’t worry about it. You can tell me. It’s alright. I won’t say anything. But if there is something that you know about what’s going on… You can say so. I’ll do all i can to get help for you girls. If there is a way. I’ll find it. I promise.

They tell Shingo all about what Granny Goodness really is like and it sends Shingo into a state of panic. He could literally feel his heart race as it went on. He however had to hide it. Hide his reaction of what he was being told from Granny when he happened to see her again. He was also gonna vow to make some calls to get them all homes. New families and a better life. He was already set to adopt two of them and knew which ones to adopt…

In the Alternative Reality…

Tidus looks out over Zanarkand’s desolation with Yuna beside him. The fighters were nearby and looked at the scene. What they saw… They could never live down. It was something that they’d never forget. The image of a city that to them should have been still bustling and flowing with the living… but Instead… was portrayed as now a city that was left in ruin for a very long long time.

Narrative: *As Zeke* A city dead for a thousand years. A city that Tidus had to see with his own eyes. A City that we all had to see through our eyes. The end of Yuna’s journey. The last chapter in our story. As well as Tidus’s.

Narrative: *As Sora* Tidus’s thoughts, they kept floating up, and then slipping through his fingers. Slipping away before he could pin them down with words. As had we… We were with so many thoughts. We didn’t know how to express our views, opinions or feelings. As we all looked at the scene… all we could do was feel forlorn at the image we were looking at. We never saw a city in ruins… never. But now seeing that Zanarkand was a city in ruins and was deemed holy, we could only imagine if our home city was bound and determined to end up in the same exact way as Zanarkand. It made us believe more and more and without any doubt that this world…and ours… were one and the same. Ours was more alive. The only thing which got us was that if all of which Auron told us was true… Our world could likely become like this… That Sin may have destroyed our world just the same as this world. if not worse. We didn’t even stop to think about that as we were looking across the horizon and thereby seeing a city that got left in ruin and made an example of what war can do to a city. thereby resulting it being brought down to its knees in total devastation. leaving nothing left alive… The city was dead. Us seeing it… made us see that war meant… No Mercy. Violent and calculated assault. We mourned. It was all that we knew could be done…

The fighters and the guardians plus their allies and most importantly… the Summoner pressed on forward and kept leading over to Zanarkand. To the Ruined city of Zanarkand. But as they walked…

Rikku: Yuna, I say no! If we go down there, then you’ll…

Spencer: Yuna… You’re gonna only die at Zanarkand. You’ve got to think about this. Are you really wanting to give your life up? What about your friends here? Your allies. You don’t need to go and face this alone. You shouldn’t have to face it alone.

Yuna: Rikku. You’re a true friend, and I thank you, but… I must go…down, to Zanarkand. Spencer… you’re a very caring person. A wonderful friend. I couldn’t ask for anything more.

Rikku: I’m not saying we shouldn’t go. But shouldn’t we think about it some more? There’s gotta be some kind of way we can save you, Yuna!

Serena: Yeah. There must be something that could be done to see that you were saved. We are not ready to let you go. We can’t just let you go without a fight. We can’t.

Paul: Your life must be of some importance to you. Isn’t there anything that you would wish to live on for? To be able to have means a great deal to you?

Yuna: All my life, I knew this moment would come.

Rikku: Yunie…

Blossom: Yuna…

Sora: You have to live. We can’t lose you.

Carly: Don’t do this… Please don’t do this.

Clint: This is literally insanity.

Yuna hugs Rikku suddenly and while they were hugging a sphere slips from the folds of Yuna’s kimono…

Yuna: Thank you, Rikku. Thank you for everything.

Annie: Don’t say that, Yuna. Nothing is over. Not till we say it is.

Rikku: Don’t say that, Yunie! It’s not over yet!

Yuna: Tell Cid thank you.

Rikku: No… You can tell him yourself.

Black Canary: You don’t need to call it quits, Yuna. Hold on…

Luna: Yuna, Please reconsider.

Rina: Just because some tradition is saying to do it… doesn’t mean that you should go along with it.

Natasha: Rina and I haven’t been here long and even we are with the same thought. You don’t need to do this. You can turn away and walk away from it right now. Not completing the Journey. It wouldn’t be much but at least you’d be alive.

Dinah: Wouldn’t you want to live?

Paige: You need to find another way to fulfill your duties. It doesn’t have to be one where you’re to die.

Jack: Come on… Let’s brain storm.

Dr. Fate: Any suggestions?

Yuna: Please…

Rikku: Yunie, don’t say that because…we’re gonna see each other again, okay?

Yuna: Kimahri, let’s go.

Yuna was dead set on going to Zanarkand. She only had to take one look and knew that nothing anyone said or did was gonna stop her from going. Her resolve was set and she was all for going to Zanarkand. It was with no questions asked. None. The fighters all knew it. They wished that it wasn’t entirely so… but knew… that it was how it had to be. They sighed in defeat as they couldn’t talk her out of going and followed. But Tidus caught sight of a Sphere and wanted to know where it came from and what was on it. He turned it on and it played. Raven and Serena were only a few steps away and overheard it…

Yuna’s Sphere…

“Yuna: Sir Auron. Kimahri told me…when my father wanted me taken from Bevelle to Besaid… It was you who told Kimahri, right? I had always wanted to meet you someday. I am truly glad that I had that chance. Having you as a guardian was so great an honor I don’t know how to thank you. Perhaps if I defeat Sin, that will be my thanks to you. That’s what I’ll do. Yes. I will challenge Sin. I will defeat Sin. If you are all there watching this, then I guess Sin is already gone. And so am I, I suppose. Anyway, I just wanted to say: Sir Auron, I thank you.

Yuna: Kimahri…Do you remember the first day we met? I was only seven. My father had defeated Sin, and all Bevelle was celebrating. Everyone was saying what a hero my father was. I was so happy. But when night came, it occurred to me. My father had defeated Sin and now he was dead. Now, I was all alone. I couldn’t sleep, so I wandered into the town, away from the celebrating crowds. I stood on the bridge in Bevelle where my father and I had parted. Standing there, alone, I could see the fields where he had fought Sin. Then, you appeared, Kimahri. You said you were looking for the daughter of Braska, remember? At first, I was so scared. Until I realized what a gentle person you are. (Laughs) You weren’t used to talking to children. When I told you that I was Braska’s daughter… you said you would take me as far from Bevelle as you could. That it was the wish of a man facing death. I think…I cried then. Because that…that was when I knew my father was dead…and I would never see him again. You just held me, without saying a word. I cried after we got to Besaid, too. When you tried to go after leaving me in the care of the temple…I held onto you, crying, “Don’t go, don’t go!” And you listened, Kimahri. You stayed. Kimahri, thank you. Thank you so much. And I’ve always liked your broken horn.

Yuna: Wakka, Lulu: I’ll never forget my days spent with you, growing up in Besaid. We always played together, us and Chappu. That’s why I was always so happy, I think. And when you refused to let me become a summoner and I did it anyway… I’m sorry. I’ve always wanted to apologize. You know, when you tried to stop me then–really, I was happy. I could tell you really cared about me. You were like my big brother and sister. No…I think you really were my big brother and sister. What else… I love watching you play blitzball, Wakka. (chuckles) I even love it when you scold me, Lulu! Really!

Yuna: I guess that leaves…the newest guardian. Star player of the Zanarkand Abes! You are… I am… Well, um… I’m glad…I’m glad that we met. We haven’t even known each other that long, but… It’s funny. So… So this is what it feels like. It’s a much more wonderful feeling than anything I had ever imagined. Wonderful…but it hurts, sometimes. I wonder. I…I just want to say, thank you for everything. Maybe…maybe that’s why it hurts. When I… When I think about us never being together again at all… I’m afraid. No, I shouldn’t say that. I’ll do that part over. Um…

Tidus: Whatcha up to?

Serena: Enjoying the broadening captivating view of the Sunset?

Raven: It’s a nice Sunset, you know.

Clint: It’s sights like these that make life feel like there is a promised new beginning that is just waiting to begin.

Paul: Sometimes it’s moments like these that you stop to think of where you are… where your life is taking you and who you are inside. Who you’re meant to be.

Tidus: Like someone who happens to be far from their home and they’d do anything they could to get back to where their life made sense. Not all confused.

Serena: Yeah.

More was recorded on the Sphere where Yuna was thanking the fighters for sticking by her and protecting her throughout the entire Journey… She named them all and thanked them”

A Moment later… they managed to come across a small campfire. It was a camping ground and they knew that time was on the last set of minutes before they all had to face the music…

The Campsite…

Expanded and made into 6 campfires…

The fighters, The guardians, The Summoner and the Allies all sat around the campfires and prepared to sit and think. Reflecting on all that has happened throughout the Pilgrimage.

Annie: Remember when we first got to the first location of this world?

Clint: How could we forget? I remember it like it just barely happened… The first person we met was the girl who’s now the love attraction of Spencer. She took us all onto that Salvage ship.

Clint Reminisces…

“Girl: *Coming out with a cart laid out with trays of food and canteens of water* … *tapping Tidus and one of the fighters*

Sapphire: *Coming to and Looking up to see the girl next to a Cart lined with trays of food and Canteens filled with water* Huh. Wha—?

Luna: *Seeing the cart* You have carts on this ship? That’s new. This ship isn’t one that’d have carts. *Groaning in hunger* My stomach won’t stop growling. Why won’t it stop growling?

Girl: It’s because you happen to be really hungry. Must have been a while since you guys had anything to really eat.

Raven: That’s a good humble guess. We had a feeling that we’d die of hunger if we didn’t get some food into us and soon.

Girl: That won’t happen. You guys shouldn’t be allowed to go without food. It’s inhumane. My brother and the crew down there felt bad leaving you guys all alone out here. We usually don’t eat much. but knowing that they believed that you guys were here and were famished. They’d have to make X-tra large batches of food to serve everyone. and to see that you had food to eat too.

Sora: *Thinking to herself* That’s nice of them to do. they don’t know us hardly and yet are tending feed us on top of themselves. That’s thoughtful.

Paige: *Getting up and Walking over to the cart* Let’s get everyone served.

Tidus: *Seeing the food in front of him* Whoa!… Right on. *Chowing down really fast and begins to choke*

Girl: Hey! *Offers Tidus a Canteen* It’s because you were eating too fast. knowing that you’re really hungry and were starving. it was to be expected. But you were eating too quick. You’re lucky that you haven’t passed out from choking.

As soon as everyone ate…

Girl: *Watching Tidus walk off a little* Hey!

Tidus: *Suddenly turning around to see the girl still there* Hey there. What’s your name?

Girl: Rikku.

Tidus: Whoa! You really do understand. Why didn’t you say so earlier?

Dinah: Rikku? You’re kidding, right?

Rikku: No. Not Kidding. That’s who i am. Why? Why would you ask if i was kidding?

Pearl: It’s not like we don’t believe that your name is Rikku, It’s just that our mother’s name is Rikku. Rikku Lorelai Rhapsody.

Rikku: Ahhh! That’s why. Okay. It’s nice knowing that there is someone who shares the same name i do.

Annie: You seem to really understand us alot. But if that’s the case… Why didn’t you say so earlier?

Daria: Yeah… Was the crew or the one that happened to be beside you earlier stopping you from saying anything?

Rikku: Well… that would be the reason why… Everyone thought that oui guys were fiends?

Spencer: Oui?

Rikku: Oh… Oui means you.

Tidus: Um, Who are you guys, anyway?

Raven: You guys seemed to be rather like Treasure hunters or Explorers of some kind.

Rikku: We’re Al-Bhed. Can’t you tell?

A second later…

Rikku: Wait! You guys aren’t Al-Bhed haters, are you?

Zoey: Uh-uh. We don’t even know what An Al-Bhed is. We’re not exactly from around here.

Rikku: I noticed that.

Luna: You have?

Rikku: Kinda. The way that one of you stood up to the crew… kinda made it clear that you were not from around here.

Annie: What do you think we are?

Rikku: I don’t know. Where are you guys from?

Paige: Metropolis, Kansas.

Tidus: Zanarkand. I’m a Blitzball player. Star player of the Zanarkand Abes.

Paul: Better believe it. He’s a star player. He’s got one heck of a throw too.

Rikku: Uh, Did you guys hit your heads or something?

Serena: Uh… i think you guys were the ones who hit us.

Rikku: You guys happen to remember anything before that?”

Clint: *Narrating* A Moment later after we told what we knew and explained…

“Amy: Did we… Say something funny?

Rikku: You guys were all near Sin.

Tidus: Mm-hm.

Rikku: Don’t worry. You’ll be better in no time. They say that your head gets kinda funny when Sin is near. Maybe you Just had some kind of dream?

Sora: You mean that we’re sick?

Rikku: Because of Sin’s Toxin, yeah.

Tidus: Are you sure?

Raven: You are not meaning to tell us that we are here in Spira and there is no way back to Metropolis… are you?

Annie: Please tell us that it’s not the case.

Rikku: Yeah. There is no Zanarkand anymore. Nor is there any Metropolis, Kansas. Sin destroyed it 1000 years ago. So no plays Blitzball there anymore. Nor does anyone live in Metropolis, Kansas anymore.

Hearing those words… Made their hearts drop. They felt weak in their knees suddenly and wanted to cry. But couldn’t. How could they? All they could do was hear Rikku out. It was all they had.

Tidus: What do you mean 1000 years ago? We saw Sin Attack Zanarkand. You’re telling me that it happened all about a 1000 years ago? No way? Not possible.

Blossom: There is no way that Sin could have destroyed Metropolis, Kansas. We all came from there. My family came from Metropolis. There was no Sin in sight. There was no sign of that monster anywhere.

It was only a Minute later…

Rikku: You said… You play Blitzball?

Tidus: Uh-huh.

Rikku: You guys are from Metropolis? Who are you guys? I forgot to ask earlier and i should have asked that in the very beginning.

Paige: We’re the Rhapsody family.

Rikku: Nice to meet ya. *Looking at the family and then at Tidus* You know… You should go to Luca. Someone might know who you are. or you might just find someone that you recognize.

Raven: Luca?

Zoey: Luca?

Rikku: *Groans*

Family: *Sighs*

Rikku: *Walking around and then patting their shoulders* Okay. Leave it to me. I’ll get you guys to Luca… Promise.

Dinah: …

Rikku: *Laughs* What? You guys would rather stay here?

Serena: Uh-uh! No offense to that, but we’d rather be back to our homes…

Rikku: Okay. I’ll go tell the others… Wait here. I’ll be right back. *Before walking to go and tell the crew* Oh… and one thing. Don’t tell anyone that you’re from Zanarkand, Okay? Yevon says it’s a holy place. You might upset someone. And don’t mention too much about Metropolis. It’s said to be rather forbidden to speak about that city. You could get into some big trouble over that.”

Sapphire: We remember. We took that for a tall tale as we just could not believe it. We didn’t see as though we could just sit and buy into that.

Serena: It was not that we thought that she was bulling us. We just couldn’t come to face facts that what she said about our home was real. that our home was gone.

Amy: It seemed like a complete nightmare.

Zoey: What about when we all first reached Besaid?

Luna: How could we forget? That was a surprise. We got there by being sucked through a whirlpool of water and it pulled us down.

Dinah: That’s when the Salvage ship got soccer punched on the side by a beast. Sin. Although we didn’t actually understand what the heck was going on. We didn’t know what we were to do.

Paige: I don’t think any of had known. But on besaid… We encountered Wakka. I think he would remember.

Serena: It was almost like we knew him… even though… we didn’t know him like you, Aunt Pearl and our mom had.

Serena reminiscing back…

“Tidus: It’s true Zanarkand was destroyed, right? A thousand years ago? So it’s just a big pile of rubble now, isn’t it?

Alvin: It’s True that Metropolis was destroyed, right? A thousand years ago? Meaning only that it’s now just a big pile of rubble now. Isn’t it?

Wakka: Long time ago, there were a whole lot of cities in Spira. Big cities with machina–machines–to run ‘em. People played all day and let the machina do the work. And then, well, take a look.

Wakka: Sin came, and destroyed the machina cities. And Zanarkand as well as Metropolis along with ‘em. Yeah, that was about a thousand years ago, just like you said. If you ask me, Sin’s the punishment for letting things get out of hand. What gets me, though… is we gotta suffer, ’cause of what some goofballs did way back when! ‘Course, we must always repent for our sins! That’s important! It’s just that, it’s hard to keep at it sometimes, you know? 

Narrative: *As Blossom* It was just as Rikku said. Wakka and Rikku were both letting out the same thing. Just as it was and plain. No over-exaggerations. They couldn’t be both lying to us. Why would they lie? They knew more about Spira than we did and at that point… we were still feeling fickle and very uneducated about Spira. All we knew was what was being said to us. That’s all we knew. Which was making it to be more difficult and harder to grab a handle on what was expected in Spira. Hard. We were gonna need some serious help. But… from where? From who?

Wakka: *Guffaws* But you from the Zanarkand Abes–that was a good one! Hey, I’m not saying the team never existed, ya? But you gotta figure a team livin’ in luxury like that’d be pretty soft, eh? Plus there’s also the idea about Metropolis being livable. That was another good one. With a city like that… it’d be like a world all to itself. I’m not saying that it has never existed… But you’ve got to figure that anyone living in a city like that… a person would have to be pretty carefree, ya!”

Sora: What about the first time we all met Kimahri? He was like a wild cat. Challenging Tidus and us. And it took him a while to really open up to us…

Raven: Yeah… It was almost like we were about to be turned into Meow Mix and eaten.

Raven recalls that moment…

“Sapphire: *Jumps back and freeze* What in all things animal or man or creature… is that?

Raven: *Seeing the strange being; not knowing who it was* That’s a cat. A Lion like man. *Backing away* Nice kitty. good kitty. Please… don’t eat us, Kitty. We don’t want to be eaten.

Serena: That’s one big cat. Is it friendly? Is it a good kitty? *Backing away* Sorry Kitty. We don’t have no Catnip. we don’t have any Meow mix either…

Amy: What does it want?

Spencer: I don’t know… Someone… Please. Do something.

Tidus stands in and challenges it and it took 8 rounds before…

Wakka: Hey! That’s Enough!

The Lion-Like man only shook his head and walked off ahead. The girls all stood looking truly confused as they had no clue who that was and the fact that it was to be another guardian who’d be with them through out the whole journey…

Tidus: What’s with that guy?

Serena: You mean… that half-man Half-cat. That guy looked like he was seeking to turn us into cat chow.

Zoey: The man is gone… right? *Scared*

Luna: It’s Okay, Zoey. It’s gonna be alright. I won’t allow for that man to come near you. Just stay close to me.

Pearl: Who was he? Someone you guys know of?

Lulu: That was Kimahri Ronso, of the Ronso Tribe. He’s learned the fiend’s way of fighting.

Tidus: That’s not what i meant!

Wakka: He’s another of Yuna’s guardians.

Serena: Huh?

Penny: Are you serious about that? He’s another guardian? So… He’s what? He’s gonna be with us from here on out?

Paul: well… I’ll be. *Speechless*

Yuna: *Laughter* Sometimes we don’t understand him either. Kimahri doesn’t talk much either. But he has protected me since i was a child.

Christina: Ah.”

Penny: But that was one encounter that got us ready for the journey before us… Not saying that i am glad it happened. It is just the fact that we grew accustomed to the idea… that we would be facing creatures. Monsters… Fiends. if you were to think of them like that.

Susie: Kimahri didn’t really seem to trust us at first. But we kept trying to show how he could trust us. It was worth it… he finally spoke while we were on the Djose Highroad.

“Kimahri shook his head and walked up ahead before suddenly turning to face Tidus and the Clan…

Kimahri: In dark times she must be. She must shine bright.

Tidus: *gasps*

Daria: *Jumps* Whoa… Did we just hear… Kimahri finally speak?

Zoey: I think so… *Startled*

Raven: He never would speak before… we would be usually trying to get him to grunt… or at least make a sound or something. But nothing. Now this…

Spencer: Wait… Didn’t we hear from Yuna not too long ago… that Kimahri never spoke much and would only speak around others that he came to trust and accept?

Penny: That’s right. She did make word of that. She said that Kimahri guarded her since she was a young girl. that he didn’t speak much at all and yet was always around with her. protecting her. seeing that she was safe.

Serena: If Kimahri finally is speaking to us… he must finally accept us.

Amy: *Nods*

Kimahri: Kimahri takes time to come around and trust others. Been such way since Biran broke Kimahri’s horn. Never spoke much. felt much shame and couldn’t speak. Also know that Kimahri has seen how trustworthy clan become to be protecting Yuna like you have. Kimahri Happy. Now times are dark… Yuna tries hard.

Tidus: We should help her, then.

Zoey: She shouldn’t have to do it all alone. We should help her. Shouldn’t we?

Kimahri: If we worry, she tries harder. Do not frown. Kimahri know who you clan are. See how much you care about Yuna’s safety. Wanting to protect Yuna.

Crystal: Of course… Isn’t that what we are meant to do? She’s also a friend. And whether you want to believe it or not… even though at first… you kinda spooked us… You were seen as a friend. We followed you and Yuna anywhere. To us… a friend was a friend. someone who stuck by through the good times… and the bad times. always there to provide comfort.

Tidus: Don’t worry, be happy?

Kimahri: Kimahri try, too.

Tidus: Smile! Let me see.

Serena: We know that you’re able to smile. There’s bound to be a smile behind those frisky whiskers and that lion lip.

Kimahri: *Grimaces*

Tidus: Sad.

Annie: That’s a good smile. It is a start. But he’ll get there… We believe. Don’t we?

Daria: We sure do.

Clint: Kimahri, You’re a talker now… Feel free to speak your peace whenever you got something to say. Your opinions and outtakes mean something too.

Blossom: That’s right.

Tidus: …

Sora: You should speak more, Kimahri. Just because you have a broken horn… it doesn’t change who you are. You’re still a Ronso. Still Kimahri. No one can ever take that away from you.

Carly: You’re a good person too. we care about you.

Sora: *Nods* Uh-huh. it’s true. We do…”

Alice: You guys must have gone through a whole lot.

Black Canary: This whole experience will leave you with a lot of memories.

Pamela: *Cooking up some chow*

June: Was there more?

Zoey: Alot more… Like the time that Wakka and Capt. Luzzu were going at it. It revolved Wakka’s Brother Chappu.

Zoey Reminisces…

“Gatta: Why only you, sir? I want to fight, too!

Luzzu: Order are orders.

Gatta: I’m not a cadet anymore, sir! Let me go with you, and I’ll prove it to them!

Luzzu: Guarding the command center is important too, you know.

Gatta: But I came all the way from Besaid to fight Sin, sir!

Luzzu: I know, but an order’s an order. To your post, Crusader.

Gatta: But, sir! *Growls; dashing off*

A Minute later…

Luzzu: They let you through, huh?

Annie: Yes they did. It wasn’t easy though.

Sailor Zoey: Plus… we heard that there might be fighting here as well as the front lines.

Tidus: Mm. Gatta deserves better…

Sailor Zoey: Better than being told that he has to sit out from the fight. He is a crusader too. he has a right to fight in the battle too. Although going against Sin is fatal. You’ll all die doing this. The operation… It has to stop.

Wakka: At least there’s no chance he’ll get hurt. *To Luzzu* Why are you guys fighting, anyway? Aren’t the almighty Al Bhed machina enough?

Luzzu: They still need some time to get them ready. Our job is to keep Sin at bay till they’re done.

Auron: They can try to use whatever they wish to beat Sin. It won’t work.

Wakka: *Snarl, mutter*

Luzzu: Wakka… I might not get another chance to say this. It’s about your brother.

Sapphire: What are you talking about, Luzzu?

Serena: Is there something that you have to confess… This isn’t exactly the place to bust out confessions. It isn’t exactly therapy time. There is a huge war about to take place. Standing here and getting with the dramatic sentimentality isn’t gonna end this war any faster.

Lulu: Luzzu, no!

Wakka: *Turns; peering at both Luzzu and Lulu* What?

Luzzu: I’m the one who convinced him…to enlist.

Sailor Zoey: You what? You got Wakka’s brother Chappu to enlist becoming a Crusader. Wakka’s Brother is dead… because of you, Luzzu. Why? How could you do that to Wakka? This was Wakka’s Brother.

Wakka then began rumbling and growling softly and still. He was feeling the anger in him rise as he then got the truth of why his Brother Chappu became a crusader. for the longest time… he blamed his brother’s death on the Al-Bhed. pinning them as the reason for his brother dying when he didn’t need to. All he could do was look down and think before suddenly looking at Lulu who could only drop her eyes in despair. She felt bad about it. Raven wanted to step in and defuse it then. However Serena looked at Raven and informed that it wasn’t their fight. This was not about them and was to remain between Wakka, Lulu and Luzzu.

Luzzu: I’m sorry.

Wakka Glowers for a long moment thinking and letting the truth all sink in and as he stood there silently thinking about it… Something in him blew and before anyone could see what was coming, Wakka decked him. He decked Luzzu hard and sent him falling to the ground.

Tidus: Wakka! That’s enough, Wakka! *Restraining Wakka*

Paul: *Walking over and holding Wakka back; trying to bar him from going at Luzzu again* Easy there fella. You’re getting too worked up about it.

Sailor Zoey: The loss happened… There is nothing that can be done about it.

Wakka: When we used to play blitz together, Chappu used to say…He’d say that–when we won the Cup, ya?–he’d propose to Lulu. And then one day…he goes off and becomes a Crusader. Just like that.

Luzzu: Chappu also said to me… That being with your girl is good…But keeping Sin far away from her is better.

Wakka: Lu, you knew?

Lulu: *Sigh* Luzzu told me…before we left.

Luzzu: *Chuckles* She hit me too.

Serena: See? So it wasn’t the Al-Bhed’s who caused for your brother to be killed.

Wakka: But he used their forbidden Machina to fight against Sin last year.

Raven: *Walking over to Luzzu and Wakka* Hold on just a moment… Wakka. Luzzu… You two need to bury the hatchet on the matter. It is no one’s fault. Not anyone’s.

Luzzu: I was the one that got Chappu to enlist. So Wakka has no faults in hating me for it. Chappu was the only blood relative. the only biologic family that he had. His parents died when he was 5 years old. Chappu was the only one that he had left. I took it from him. Now Wakka’s got no blood family. No one and it is my fault.

Raven: No it is not. It is not your fault, Luzzu. So… don’t even go there. You may have been at fault for persuading Chappu. And it might have been the Al-Bhed’s weapons that got Chappu killed. It might have even been Wakka’s fault for pushing Chappu away because Chappu probably wanted to join the crusaders and Wakka wasn’t supporting him in the choice. But in the end it was no one’s fault. Not any of yours. Chappu isn’t at fault either. Sin is the blame for Chappu being dead. Sin Crushed him and left him upon the Djose shore.  Lulu’s words not long ago. Sin killed him. Not the Al-Bhed. Not Luzzu persuading Chappu. No one is at fault. Chappu made that choice for a reason. He made that choice to go and fight for a greater cause. to fight and see that Sin stayed away from those he cared about.

Wakka: Why wouldn’t he just tell me that he wanted to join in the fight and help keep Sin away from the village?

Raven: Uh… It’s because sometimes saying goodbye is the hardest thing to do. He wanted to do something that would make you proud. He did it out of Love for Lulu. Why else would he have done it? He wouldn’t do it just to be a hero unless there was a reason. There are also times when a person just does it to just do it. Not for status. But because something inside them told them that it was something that they were meant to do. It would be no different than if you were gonna go off and be in the Tournament. The Blitzball tournament and Chappu was supposedly not a Blitzer and wasn’t into it… and didn’t happen to support your blitzball. It’s the same thing…  It is just that he was meant to go and fight. Luzzu might have had pushed it into him a little and got him to really do it. But in the end… it was all by choice. Chappu made that choice. Why he never told you and literally sit down with you and say what was going on. explaining that he was going to fight in the movement. To fight against Sin. i don’t think anyone will ever know. not for sure anyway. It was still his choice. Chappu is probably watching over you guys now. Do you honestly really think that he’d be happy to see you living with mourn, depression, Sadness and Anger in your heart?

Wakka: *Sighs; Looking down* No. He wouldn’t. he wouldn’t be happy.

Raven: Then why are you continually living with anger in your heart? This goes for you too, Lulu. You say you are always grumpy and that it would be seen the best days of your life. But do you think that he’d like watching over you and seeing that you were always down and depressed. Lowly and no thrill for life? No. He would want you to be happy. Live life how you like to. Being the person you were meant to be. Being grumpy and down all the time… that isn’t keeping his memory alive. making him feel happy and full of life even though he was not there to live it anymore.

Lulu: *Nods; Smiles* Thank you… Raven. That was really sincere.

Wakka: We should try to be happy. But i still believe the way i do when it comes to Yevon. Things are how they are for a reason. Sin is around because Machina was being used. Against the laws. The Al-Bhed don’t believe it… but we do. It is because of people using Machina that created Sin and now… we have to atone for the mistakes that were made. because of what they done, ya.


Lucil rides by…

Lucil: All Crusaders in the vanguard are to assemble on the beach!

Luzzu: That’s my cue.

Wakka: Luzzu! Don’t die out there.

Serena: You better come back alive.

Luzzu: So you can hit me more?

Wakka: Lots! Lots more!

Dinah: And i’d also like to let you have it. Even though my daughter spoke some wonderful reasoning to you and Wakka… It still doesn’t make me feel any less angry at you for getting Wakka’s brother to enlist in being a Crusader and costing him his life. Chappu didn’t deserve to die. He was a young guy. Wakka has now…  no blood relations. No one. He loses his parents. then his only brother. If someone where to convince one of my babies to enlist in a war and convince them to go and they got killed. I would be wanting to tear the one who did it a new ass. This was Wakka’s Brother. His Brother. Granted it was by Choice… It was still his Brother. Now if Wakka many years from now dies… the family line of his ends. There is no one to continue it. His family line is Pfft! Gone. Wakka might forgive you eventually even though it will hurt like hell for him to do because he misses his brother so much. But i won’t. Because i am a parent. and i happen to imagine if Chappu happen to be my kid. and heard that you sent him to his death… If you think Wakka was with a hard punch… You haven’t dealt with me. Because you’d be begging for mercy.

Yuna: *Barring Luzzu’s path* Sir Luzzu, please! Please, don’t go!

Luzzu: I have to, Yuna.

Auron: Let him go. The man has already chosen his path…As you did when you became a summoner.

Yuna: *Steps aside reluctantly*”

Zoey: Remember that?

Raven: I had to do some massive reasoning. Run a slight of hand to get them to cease fire on each other. But that was after Luzzu instructed Gatta to stay at the command center.

Christina: I remember that Aunt Dinah made the outburst of never forgiving Luzzu for what he had done… If i was her… i don’t know what i’d do. But i would be completely devastated. I know that i’d be spending many days and nights. Sleepless nights wondering why i didn’t try to prevent a loss from being had.

Blossom: Who wouldn’t want to prevent that? Loss is a part of life… but it doesn’t make it any less hurtful.

Zoey: Or any less of a reminder.

Annie: What about the part where Luzzu went ballistic… Remember when we reached Djose… Before we were told of the story of Summoners going on their pilgrimages and just Vanishing. We felt as though there was abductions going on. A Summoner told us of it though… Issaru and his brother Maroda. They told us about it… It was after we had to calm Luzzu down before he went on a one man USO. He was going…

Serena: Psychotic?

Annie: Yeah. Remember?

Luzzu: Hey. Gatta, he’s…he’s dead. He was a good fighter. He just wasn’t lucky enough.

Serena: We know… he wasn’t even meant to die. No one was… But especially not him. It wasn’t fair that he died.

Zoey: We’re so sorry for the loss, Luzzu. We really are.

Luzzu suddenly explodes and starts punching the wall.

Luzzu: Ah, damn it! He was young! He pushed his luck! What was he thinking–going up there in the front lines like that? He should’ve stayed back with command! Damn it! Damn it all!

Serena: Whoa! *Jumping back while watching Luzzu go postal and with a fit of rage punching the wall* He’s flipped. He is totally blowing a fuse.

Sora: Is he okay? What’s wrong with him?

Kimahri: Luzzu feel hurt. needs to let out pain from inside.

Wakka: Luzzu! Knock it off!

Luzzu: Y-You don’t know what it’s like! *Grabbing Wakka’s suspenders*

Wakka: I…do…know!

Serena: Luzzu… we know what it’s like to lose someone. It hurts. We lost our aunt Princess Aquamarine. (Even though she was told to believe that the girl was alive) 2 decades ago. we never even got to meet her. not once. She died before we were even born. Before we were even a pre-thought in our mother’s eyes. heck… even our mothers and fathers weren’t around 20 to 25 years ago.

Zoey: My mother back 18 years ago… she even told me this once… i am not even allowed to speak of this… but 18 years ago… when my mother used to be this senshi. a wonderful fighter… our mothers and fathers… they all had to go against a galactic Tyrant by the name of Major Zod. Who later became General. He was arrogant and wasn’t one to give up. He wanted to rule and our parents wouldn’t let him. My mom almost lost her life that time during the final showdown between our mother’s and fathers versus him.

Sora: My father used to possess this ability to turn into this SSj3. He had to face Zod and leave a opening for the others to make a run for it. But he too almost lost his life. It was war… Luzzu, we know what it is like… If my father happened to have died then… i would not exist. It was by the grace of god that he survived. That Zoey’s mom… My Aunt Luna made it and lived. We don’t think it is right for anyone to go off to war and sacrifice their lives. But sometimes… a person is driven to go and fight. They come to find that they have no other choice but to go and fight. It’s just the way it is. That’s all. We all endured pain. Possible losses. Gatta died. By Sin. Sin killed him. There was nothing that you could have done. Nothing you could have done to prevent Gatta’s death. You told him to stay at the command center. But we saw him feeling so adament in going to fight. We encouraged him to do it. to fight. He was dead set to do it. He wanted to go. we couldn’t tell him no. You tried to tell him and where did that get him… Got him wanting to push it. You tried to protect him. But Gatta chose to go. Chose to do it. He was built to go and fight.

Zoey: You are feeling the anger towards yourself because you feel that you failed…. You didn’t fail.


Zoey: *Posing and Chanting* Zoey Prism Power… Make-up! *Glowing and covered by a white light and spinning; The pants turning into a skirt* … *With a sparkle of light and stars the hair turning pink with two Pointed meatball buns on the sides* … *The shoes changing into high heels Including high risen stockings with the crescent moon on them and her hands formed gloves on them; Then with a shining flash two Earrings appeared upon her ears with a weapon upholstered to her side; A Crescent moon Wand* …

As soon as she was fully transformed…

Sailor Zoey: Luzzu, Listen… Gatta was not meant to die. But he was also not meant to just sit back and watch… and not fight. He was a fighter. You trained him… You had him close. But it was his decision. You couldn’t have predicted what he was aiming to do. He wanted to fight. Like me. I am only 10. i don’t want to fight. I don’t. But given that my mother was a fighter… and i am her daughter… i am a fighter. it was fate. Fate Made it so. Made it happen. sometimes a person can fight their destiny all their life and still wind up coming to the same conclusion. They had to fight.

Luzzu: *Slumps* I’m sorry.

Wakka: Why don’t you…go home now, to Besaid. Take it easy a while. Rest, ya?

Luzzu: Rest?

Wakka: You need some R & R. You’re hurt, ya?

Serena: You need some time to cool off and unwind. You’re older than Gatta. few years older. but you’re still young. you’re gonna wind up with a hernia and possibly an ulcer and a bad heart going at the rate you are… getting all worked up and exploding with rage like you’ve been doing. You are lucky that you don’t have a heart attack from all the pressure and anger that you just unleashed and the work your heart had to do in order to calm down.

Luzzu: I…I guess so.

Wakka: Get better. I can’t beat up on you when you’re all depressed, eh?

Sailor Zoey: Wakka, that was so not necessary.

Luzzu: *snorts* Right. You guys… that was a subtle way saying that he cares about my well being.

Wakka: *Hand on his shoulder*

Luzzu: This is all punishment for turning from Yevon…”

Curtis: That guy must have been so screwed up.

Blossom: Well… How would you be if you had a cadet and he followed you… only to just have the urge to run off and fight when he was not supposed to and wound up getting himself killed?

June: I wouldn’t feel good about it. I would hate it. Losing someone. No matter who it could be… I would believe it being as if someone grabbed you and ripped out your heart. Taking your soul and your very reason to live. No one should have to be put through that. Losing someone. It is hard in a case where two people maybe Divorce… But it is also harder to live with the fact that you lost someone. Closer people. Ones who meant something to you… Losing that one person can affect you mentally and emotionally as you wouldn’t be able to focus on anything else without reliving the memory of you losing someone that posed a huge close part to you. One that you felt… a favored to.

Sora: We gotta tell you though… we had to deal for a while with the racial barriers of several races… Mostly the Guado against the Al Bhed. Yeah. I know. Racial tendencies exist. Even in Spira.

Carly: Wakka was being a total creep during that time. It’s not like he hated them. He just had a lot of regressed anger in him. 11 years old and we don’t quite know what that means… But Wakka sure was feeling it.

Sapphire: I remember calling him Pinky Lee. Almost as if i was channeling Betty Rizzo from the Movie Grease.

Raven: We were all really angry at him. The only grace period about that was… *Looking at her mom* you weren’t there to hear it. You would have knocked his block off.

Dinah: Oh… Believe me. I still am with that urge. He was acting so awful towards Rikku. That was just so so inexcusable. Trust me… You told me about it. Once.

Serena: But On the frozen lake of Macalania… You weren’t there when we were all still on our way to Macalania temple.

Serena Reminisces…

“But it was seconds later when…

Brother: [Rikku!] E femm damm Vydran!

Rikku: E ys dra kiynteyh uv [Yuna], oui caa? [Yuna] ec cyva! Fa femm kiynt ran! Cra ec cyva!

Brother: Oui tu drec ymuha, cecdan!

The Al Bhed left seconds later and was nowhere in sight…

Rikku: *laughing nervously* I told him I was a guardian. Well, guess I had to, really.

Spencer: I believed that you already were a Guardian, Rikku. You’ve been here and behind guarding Yuna up till now.

Wakka: How come you speak Al Bhed? Why?

Tidus: Uh…well…

Rikku: Because I’m Al Bhed. And that…was my brother.

Annie: Surprised?

Serena: *Shaking her head in dismay; knowing the truth was out* … *Sighs*

Wakka: *To the others* You knew?

Tidus and Lulu both nod in confirmation…

Wakka: Why didn’t you tell me?

Lulu: We knew you’d be upset.

Wakka: This is great. I can’t believe I’ve been travelling with an Al Bhed! A heathen!

Rikku: You’re wrong! We have nothing against Yevon.

Wakka: But you Al Bhed use the forbidden machina! You know what that means? Sin was born because people used machina!

Rikku: You got proof? Show me proof!

Wakka: It’s in Yevon’s teachings! *Folds arms* Not that you’d know!

Spencer: *Feeling steamed suddenly* That Does it! That TEARS IT! *Pissed; Walking over to Wakka and Kneeing him hard in the gut* You Racist son of a bitch. You’re calling Rikku Ignorant. In front of me. The nerve of you. you racist sack of shit. We have just about had it up to here with your racial spew…

Wakka: Why’re you standing up for this heathen? She’s an Al Bhed. It is because of her that Sin is here. Her and the Al Bhed used the forbidden Machina. Machina that is against the laws of the priesthood of Yevon.

Serena: *Looking at Wakka* It is not the Al Bhed who caused Sin to be born. It was a little of everyone. Guado… the Almighty supreme race… Yeah. They wish they were. The Ronso… The Al Bhed and yes… your race. HUMAN! IT isn’t all just Al Bhed. It’s the Ego of men who could not admit defeat. Don’t even think that it isn’t like that. IT IS!

Rikku: That’s not good enough! Yevon says this, Yevon says that. Can’t you think for yourself?

Sapphire: You are a real slime ball, Wakka. Treating Rikku like that. You are really low. There is nothing wrong with the Al Bhed. Nothing wrong with them at all.

Raven: It is all Yevon’s brainwashing beliefs that got you going on believing that the Al Bhed are the harbingers who brought Sin to Spira. Birthed him. We are all sick of it. Beyond sick of it.

Wakka: Well, then you tell me! Where did Sin come from, huh?

Rikku: I…I don’t know!

Wakka: Hmph! You bad-mouth Yevon and that’s all you can come up with?

Rikku: But…that doesn’t mean you should do whatever they say without thinking! Nothing will ever change that way!

Wakka: Nothing has to change!

Serena: Yeah… *Angry and wanting to kick Wakka in the head and lay on a real beat down* That’s right. Nothing has to change. You want to keep being a total racist and show hatred to the Al Bhed. You know what… I feel so sorry for Rikku. Her having to be putting up with this from you and having to be blamed for what her people might or might not have done. She is innocent. INNOCENT IN ALL THIS! The Guado are instigating the fact that the Al Bhed are heathens and should all die. It is so arrogant of everyone. treating the Al Bhed like lepers and making them all wish that they were never born. And if you want to hate the Al Bhed so damn much… then here is a little tid bit to shove down your arrogant throat. YOU GOD DAMN RACIST! You know Yuna… Don’t you?

Lulu: Serena! No! Don’t tell him. DON’T!

Serena: Lulu! We’re sorry. We really are. But Wakka’s pushed us too far. this bullshit of his tearing at the Al Bhed is gonna stop here and now. because it’s old. We’re done. *Holding her hand in front of her and swinging it back and forth in a swift motion* You get us? DONE! *Looking still at Wakka in anger and fury* Yuna is part Al Bhed. from her mother’s side. Her mother is the sister to Cid who is Rikku’s father. Rikku and Yuna are cousins by Blood. by BLOOD! You want to say something now? Go for it. because if you hate the Al Bhed and want to think of them as heathens… you might want to think of Yuna that way too. She’s got some Al Bhed in her. She was seen as like a sister to you. A Sister to you and Lulu. You and Lulu treated her with love and compassion. Seeing that she was part of your family in Besaid. Family. But with you thinking of the Al Bhed as scraps… It is like you think that you can judge anyone who won’t follow yevon. Well Just because the Al Bhed don’t follow all of Yevon… it doesn’t give you the right to tear Rikku down for the acts of what her people had done. The Al Bhed is misunderstood. But It seems that you’re too stupid and thickheaded to even bother give it a chance to get to know them. Understanding why they believe the way that they do.

Wakka: *Mortified; Pretending not to hear that part* …

Rikku: You want Sin to keep coming back? There might be a way to stop it, you know!

Wakka: Sin will be gone once we atone for our past mistakes!

Rikku: When? How?

Wakka: If we keep faith in Yevon’s teachings it will be gone one day!

Rikku: Why do I even bother?

Spencer: Rikku, Don’t even bother with Wakka. He’s proven that he would more rather be an asshole. and Wakka… Get this… you want to know why i am standing up for Rikku the way that i am? Well… Say something to this: Rikku and i are Boyfriend and girlfriend. We love each other. I love her. Does that make me a Heathen lover? Does it? Because if loving Rikku… who is an Al Bhed is like loving a Heathen… Then i got news for you. I am proud of it. Because if being a Yevonite means being a Racist… i would rather be a Heathen any day.

Raven: Wakka, You have no idea as to how pissed you are making us. You are a stone brained son of a bitch and just so you know… we told our mother Dinah. She knows about how you’re acting. She’s not happy one bit. She isn’t gonna say anything about it at this time… where as it is right now… she’s a Knight. She’s got to keep things PC and keep a neutral train of thought in her mind. But once all this is over… Sin is gone and we have done what we were all supposed to do… You can better believe that she is gonna deck you a good one. She’s gonna let you have it worse. A lot worse than us. We are only verbally giving you a lecture. A heated one. But she’ll give you not only that. But she will give you a beating.

Blossom: I think that a nice blast of Electricity shot right at your head will shock you. Place you down a few pegs.

Annie: We are for one thing… sick of your Racial spur. We’re beyond fed up with it.

Sapphire: *Looking at Wakka; noticing him wanting to say something* What?! You want to say something to finish it. Well Finish THIS! You stone-brained son of a bitch. *Lashing out and Punching Wakka in the face* To you from me and my sisters Raven and Serena, Pinky Lee! *Looking at Raven and Serena* Raven, Serena. grab your gear… let’s go. We’ll see you guys at the Temple. Sorry, everyone! *Furious*

Raven: Right. *Following her sister*

Serena: *Walking past Wakka and Letting off a Punch in the stomach* Racist Jerk!”

Clint: What about the time we learned of the fate behind the Summoner’s pilgrimage. What happens to the Summoners?

Theodore: Yeah. That was really upsetting. I remember that we all looked at Lulu, Wakka and just let out how upset we were. We were really upset.

Paul: What about Blossom? And Raven? Not to mention… You Serena… Zoey. You 4 really hammed it up.

Zoey: Could you really blame us for that? That type of memory hurt. It really hurt. We were going down to the Summoner’s sanctum just to rescue Yuna and the other Summoners. But what were then told was the truth. About the fate of the Summoners and that they journeyed on a Pilgrimage to Zanarkand… to here. To get the final Aeon. But after getting it… The final Aeon defeats Sin and then kills the Summoner. Next becoming the next Sin. Do you have any idea what it’s like to believe one thing… then all of a sudden… be told something totally different?

Zoey then reminisces…

“Pacce: *Running up to Tidus and Looking towards Tidus and Paul* Hey, um, Mister… Paul… what’s “sacrificed”? The Al Bhed said summoners were being “sacrificed.” That summoners shouldn’t have to do a pilgrimage…

Paul: Sacrificed is a term used to refer it being someone given up for a cause. or someone giving their lives for something that they believe in and are devoted to doing to either bring peace to others and or protect others that mean alot to ensure their survival. Sparing them from the pain of being hurt. Giving their lives for something that is more important than anything.

Raven: That there… Paul. That there is something that i would usually say. But that is what it means. Giving ones life to serve for a better cause. A greater purpose.

Tidus: Why couldn’t they trust guardians to protect the summoners? The Al Bhed had no right stopping their pilgrimage!

Sapphire: That’s right. The Summoners should not have been made to stop from doing their pilgrimages.

Zoey: The Pilgrimages are what Summoners must do. It’s what they were made to do. Stopping them is wrong.

Clint: How Could the Al Bhed just stop someone’s pilgrimage just like that against the Summoner’s will? Against the wish of the Summoner? That is not right and it should not be stopped. Summoners are doing something that many of others would wish that they could do… but can’t.

Rikku: The pilgrimages have to stop! If they don’t, and they get to Zanarkand… They might defeat Sin. Yunie could…but then she… Yunie will die, you know?

Rikku: You know, don’t you?

Spencer: Rikku, How did you get this type of knowhow? What are you even saying?

Rikku: The Al Bhed know this as it’s in the history and the lore of Spira. My father found this out and as did my brother. Keyakku… who taught me how to fight. How to combat. He heard of it. Summoners journey to get the Final Aeon. All Summoners know this. Yuna told you, didn’t she?

Annie: NO! That is not true. That is not what Summoners do… They don’t go to their doom. No!

Serena: *Feeling heartache* This can’t be. It can’t. How can it be?

Rikku: With the Final Aeon, she can beat Sin. But then…but then… If she calls it, the Final Aeon’s going to kill her! Even if she defeats Sin, it will kill Yunie too, you know! *Breaking down in tears; Falling down then starts crying*

Tidus: Was I the only one who didn’t know?

Raven: Were we the only ones who didn’t know? We didn’t even know about that. Not at all. No one even figured to let us in on the fated destiny of the Summoner. What the Summoner’s pilgrimage is truly all about.

Tidus: *Shaking Rikku* Tell me why! Why were you hiding it? Why didn’t I know?

Spencer: *Walking over to Rikku* Rikku, Tell me… Tell us. Right now. Why didn’t you think to tell us? Did you really think that we would never understand? *Pulling Tidus off of Rikku* Tidus, Enough. You’re hurting her.

Tidus: …

Spencer: *Grabbing Rikku and reaching through to her* Rikku, Listen to me… Please. Tell us… Why did you hide this from us?

Wakka: We weren’t hiding it…

Lulu: It was just…too hard to say.

Sapphire: Give me a break. Give us all a break. Too hard to say. Too hard to say? TOO HARD TO SAY?!

Clint: Wrong! Lulu, Wakka… You both need to wake up, dreamers… Wake up and smell the aroma of the bull that’s being told. Anything that’s bad… or too devastating… like the truth that’s being exposed now… is always gonna be too painful or hurtful to say. It always has been. You two don’t really get it. Do you? There is never an easy way to break out the hard truth that gets heard or brought to one’s attention. But if someone is in need to know. Like us… Even if it hurts. We are entitled to know. IT will hurt. We aren’t gonna lie to you about that. It will hurt and we’ll spend a little time here and there for a while to go on about it… trying to come to terms to it… but we would rather hear what needs to be said… from the source. That’s how it works. That’s how it is meant to work.

Tidus: Lulu! How could you? How could you? Isn’t she like a sister to you? I thought you were family! Why don’t you do something, Wakka?


Serena: *With tears in her eyes and becoming upset; With fury and outrage* Yeah! What the hell is the matter with you guys anyway? Don’t you guys even give half a damn about the fact that Yuna could be dead as soon as we reach Zanarkand? She will die. If that’s what the Pilgrimage is all about… so the Summoner can go off and just Die.

Zoey: Do you really think that you could just live with yourselves if Yuna really did die and if the final Aeon became the next Sin… that this whole thing would be started all over again? It would make her death be for nothing. You’d be without a sister figure. and you’d have more people to be made casualties of Sin’s earthly devastating power. Yuna will be killed and you all are allowing for it to go on.

Theodore: You should be truly ashamed of yourselves!

Lulu: Don’t you think we tried to stop her? She follows…her heart.

Wakka: Yuna, she knew what she was doing when she chose to become a summoner. To face Sin, ya? Yuna knew!

Serena: Yeah right. How the hell could she have known that she was said to die once she were to reach the end of her Pilgrimage? As if she were to know if she was going to her death and that her death would be in vain as she’d defeat Sin… The Final Aeon will kill sin and then kill her. Then 10 years later… another Sin will be born. You think that she had to have known what she was doing?

Paul: Exactly how many sticks of Dynamite does someone have to stick into your ears before your heads were to clear? Yuna is gonna die after Sin is gone. The Final Aeon is gonna kill her. You get that… at all? It’s gonna kill her. Are you quite happy with that?

Wakka: You guys don’t understand that it was Yuna’s choice. You don’t see.

Spencer: We don’t see, huh? We see something else, don’t we? Well what we see is that you are all letting Yuna go off and kill herself. What we see is that you were just told the truth of what happens to the Summoners once they reach the end of the Journeys and are practically making as if you’re okay with the deal. that it’s just okay that the summoners go and get themselves killed as long as it brings the peace. Even if one of the Summoners happen to be one who was really close to you. that you considered to be part of your family. That’s not a heaping amount of happiness and loads of sugar and Spice. It’s also not a grand Giant Leap in our pretty book.

Wakka: Yuna knew though. She knew right from the start that it was gonna happen. She knew and was set on doing it anyway. She was determined to go and become a Summoner. Just like her father Lord Braska.

Rikku: But Wakka, that’s just totally wrong! Summoners shouldn’t have to sacrifice themselves…just so the rest of Spira can be happy, right?

But suddenly as they were all letting out their pain and heartache over learning the truth about what the Summoners were destined to have happen to them once they were to complete their pilgrimages… A Large fiend started to Materialize from the pyreflies…

Isaaru: But that is our choice…

Dona: We all live in fear of Sin. You know that.

Isaaru: A world without Sin… That is the dream of all Yevon’s children. And we will use that power, even if it means our lives!

Dona and Isaaru summon for their Aeons. One summoned for a Valefor. One summoned for Ifrit. But that was when Tidus, Zoey… Serena, Raven and even Blossom ran over to Valefor and started pummeling Valefor While Ifrit went after the beast that appeared in the room…

Tidus: *Pummeling Valefor* And I’ve been telling Yuna… Let’s go to Zanarkand together! Let’s beat Sin! I told her all the things we could…we could… And all along, the whole time, I didn’t know anything! But Yuna, she’d…just smile.


Serena: *Pounding on Valefor in pain* This is so unfair. Why the hell did it have to be like this? Why did it have to be that Yuna was going to press with her pilgrimage and head off to her death? Yuna is gonna die and the whole time we were with her… the whole damn time… We didn’t know a damn thing. Nothing.


Raven: *Pounding on Valefor and in despair* This is not how it was supposed to be. We poured our hearts out to her. Telling her that maybe after Sin was defeated… We show her our home of Metropolis. Showing her all the things. Telling her that we all could… we could… All of it and the whole time… the Entire time… WE DIDN’T KNOW ANYTHING AT ALL!


Zoey: *With tear-filled eyes* Yuna shouldn’t have to be going to her doom. She’s too young. She’s not meant to die. How could a faith like Yevon allow for any summoner to go on a pilgrimage to defeat sin and get themselves killed after Sin was destroyed? The Faith… Yevon… isn’t a faith. It’s a means for a sacrifice. To give up your life for something that is a fools gold. Destroy Sin so the world could just live in peace. How can it be so cruel? Why?! *Crying*


Blossom: *Crying while still inflicted with some burns that were remaining from the attack that came a moment earlier* No one even told us about it. Yuna never even told us about what a Summoner is supposed to do… what it could have meant in the end once she reached the end of the journey. Why didn’t she just tell us? Did she think that we were not meant to know. To keep us all from worrying so much about her? How could she do this? We’re her guardians. her friends… Didn’t that mean anything to her? How could she just not tell us that her fate was reaching Zanarkand and by time she were to beat Sin that after Sin was gone The Final Aeon would kill her and become the next Sin? Yuna’s gonna be killed by that final summoning. We didn’t even know of it till now. Of all the people to keep it from us… Lulu, Wakka, Auron… Kimahri… How could you guys keep it from us? Didn’t we have that right to know?”

Blossom: That was the saddest moment ever. We had a lot of laughter. sadness. Anger and misunderstandings. It was really a long journey. We did happen to have fights. And i also did some things that i am not proud of. Cussing like when we had to deal with the Guado as they tried to strike a sneak attack on the airship.

Sora: Yeah. That was not pleasant. Not pleasant.

Carly: However riding on that airship was really something.

Serena: We all happened to just love it.

They all reminisced about the rest of the highlights of the Journey. The fighters all talked and spoke about everything they went through. The near deaths. The pain. The encounters with Sin. Going against Seymour literally 3 times which the 3rd time was where they had all faced losing Zoey for a while. It was a lot to consider. But while they all spoke about everything that they came to know. The Guardians also mentioned among themselves how far they had come… Pamela was still cooking the food and had to make alot of food for everyone. Enough to cover everyone…

Tidus was up on top of the miniature hill that was on top of the campsite looking beyond at the ruined remains of the city. The Ancient city of his home city. He looked in mortification. The sight was hard to endure as it really hit home on him. He couldn’t stomach it. But all the while having to hold it up as much as he could. No matter how hard it seemed. It wasn’t but a few minutes later when the food was ready. Pamela made Pineapple Chicken Delight. As well as an Italian dish. Garlic Cheddar Chicken. She made enough for everyone and saw to it that everyone had what they needed.

A Moment later…

Lulu: The food was great. How did you know how to cook this?

Pamela: Well… *Washing up the cooking equipment* I kinda got into it during high school. I mean in middle school i was a bit of a loner. Didn’t really belong anywhere. I had a bit of a habit too. As did Luna and Zeke back then. They were abused. I wasn’t. I was kind of left to fend for myself a while. My parents had their own lives. But it was in the middle of the year… the same year that we all had to deal with big bad daddy Scath. the Intergalactic demon. It wasn’t a choice really. It was either deal with it or just die as it took you. We all had to mettle. But during high school after all that was concluded… *Getting to the utensils* I happened to watch some movie and saw how good the cooking was and i don’t know… i just one day decided to start cooking. Teaching myself the basics. Measurements and the sort in ingredients. Making simple things. Working my way up…

Lulu: Was it hard?

Pamela: No… Not really. *Looking at Lulu* Lulu… Nothing in life is hard if you know exactly what it is that you’re doing. granted that i will be upfront on it… I am still learning. It will be a while before i can be seen as a master chef. I own a small chain of Restaurants. Reedy “La Paradisimo”. But there… everyone’s like family.

Lulu: It takes a while to learn all there is about food.

Pamela: Experimenting though is half the fun sometimes when coming around to take in cooking.

Lulu: *Grins* …

That night…

Rina: *Shivers* It’s really cold out here.

Natasha: It’s the Chill in the air. Plus… there is not much light here… But for some strange reason. It’s really light. Somehow. There is light coming around, up ahead.

Richie: *Looking ahead and up the path leading to Zanarkand* This path up ahead might lead us over to Zanarkand.

Natasha: *Looking ahead* this path is kinda long. Don’t you think that maybe we should start heading on over to the end of this path?

Rina: That would be a good idea.

Heinz: What’s next Boss?

Zeke: Gather up my girls and keep them together. Gabe, you and Heinz walk with them. Keep them in sight.

Gabe: Right. You got it, Boss. *Armed and gathering the girls together*

It was only minutes later that they all started down the path that would lead them to Zanarkand…

Wakka: I guess that it’s now or never.

Tidus: We came all this way. We might as well head on our way to the ruined remains of the Zanarkand Dome.

Kimahri: *Walking up ahead*

Rikku: *Walking next to Spencer*

Trixie: …

Halfway down the path…

Daria: *Looking up* Whoa!

Alice: *Catching sight of a thick stream of pyreflies* That’s really twisted.

Serena: What is that?

Dinah: What is that?… Uh… I have no idea. Suggestions… anyone?

Wakka: Looks like the Farplane.

Auron: Close enough.

Raven: *Stammering* T-t-t-t-t-t-the…. the…. the… Farplane? *Turning around* That’s it for this brainy girl. I’m gone. You’re not gonna catch me in that place. No way. See ya! *Trying to make a run for it*

Dinah: *Sighs*

Serena: Don’t look now… but i think that the brainiac kid is hitting critical error and running intercession.

Blossom: Do we have to baby sit her?

Zoey: Considering the last time we went to the farplane and she tried doing this kind of act with us… Do you really have to ask such a question like that?

Blossom: I wouldn’t know. But… Yeah. i would say that we will need to baby sit her.

Jack: *Creating an Ice barrier blocking Raven from running off* Don’t worry. that wall will block her from running off. Unless she can find a way around it or climb up and over it somehow… she’s not going anywhere.

Sapphire: Good work, Uncle Jack. That’ll cool her jets.

They all resumed on their way over to where the Zanarkand Dome was residing. The fighters, Guardians and the Summoner… the Allies all made the way over and were gonna be in for a big huge battle. In the Alternate reality… It was official. Lionel Luthor was back. He was taking control of the Daily Planet. Was seizing Luthorcorp back into his reach. Tess was also being met with pieces of her past and It also looked as if Shingo was gonna be adopting a couple of kids. A couple of girls. How will it work out? Will Shingo be dragged into the darkness that might come from Granny Goodness? Where is Dinah and the others when there was about to be trouble breaking ground? Would Tess end up succumbing to her past… which she hoped would never come back to haunt her? Would the fighters be in for a surprise once they came face to face with Lady Yunalesca? Find out in the next chapter of the Adventures of the Rhapsody girls Z! as the saga continues…

Inside the Zanarkand Dome and through the cloister of trials… How much longer before the surprise long awaited? Come on through to the Cloister of trials… to the last blockade before Yunalesca is before them all. Look who’s in the chamber of the fayth… It’s… It’s… It’s… ??? Who could it be? Tess meeting a little more of her past and a little more of it unravels itself before Tess and Shingo is lured into a trap. Uh oh… Where’s the aid when it’s needed most? Time to crack down on the Dome and finally wrap up the pilgrimage a step at a time in: … “The last moment before the Entry of Zanarkand. Part 2.”


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