Chapter 165: The Mountain trails and a side order of fiends to sweeten the journey.

It was a couple days later…

December 1st, 2042…

11 AM…

The Watchtower…

Genevieve: *Looking at the archive recordings of the fighters* Hmm… Interesting indeed. The fighters used to have no control when they first began the front of being super heroines. *Watching more of the footage and more of the highlights from the fighters* But what’s this…  *Looking into the files and pulling up a name* Luna Tina Rhapsody… Aka… Sailor Luna. The Senshi of love and everything little. She used to be this cat like human being… then Matures into age. Becoming this… *Pulling up a photo on file* … How could that happen? However it managed to occur… It’s astounding.

Genevieve continues going through the archives of all feats of the Rhapsody fighters and work to tie in revolving the new aged fighters that were now in the fold…

Tess: *Walking in and looking onto the overhead; Keeping track of the Fighters location* How’s the research coming along?

Genevieve: It’s coming out well… As it appears now… i believe that i am gathering ideas on weapon constructing for the new generation of fighters. All except for the one named Zoey. and the one named Blossom. There isn’t anything to really do for the 4 kids tied to the one named Alvin and the woman Alice. There isn’t anything to be done for them. Although from how far i had to go to catch up and spot over everything that the fighters went through and then what little there was to go on revolving the New Generation.

Tess: I know… There is not much to go on. but i happen to believe that all of it will soon change.

Genevieve: I hope on that for their sake and ours… that more data gets accumulated from them in order to help them.

Tess: Just hoping that they don’t assume that something else was being planned.

Genevieve: What would make them assume that you had some alterior motive?

Tess: Remember Checkmate?

Genevieve: Oh… You mean the White Queen… Amanda Waller? What about her?

Tess: I served her for a time. and out of that… i almost cost the 3 original fighters their lives. And their mother. Something that i have in fact come to regret. All of it was meant to prepare for the Quote Unquote Apocalypse. But i broke free from that even though in Checkmate… There was only one way out of the secret government agency.

Genevieve: But you clearly made up for that ever since and are better than that now, Tess. You wouldn’t be still feeling the guilt over what was done over a decade and a half ago.  Would you?

Tess: No. Although with the idea that i did those things back then… It still leaves me with the idea… that i could just as well wind up relapsing.

Genevieve: Not unless you were to use that to your advantage and use that part of you to help the new fighters better.

Tess: Not very easy to do. My apparent knowhow that i had when i was part of Checkmate… was lost when i left Checkmate… I had two scares that shook me out of the identity of being one Agent Mercer.

Tess Flashes back…

“on the top of the Lookout overlooking the city…

Tess: *Gasps; freaking out at the view* Let me down from here! Clark, Have you gone bonkers? Are you trying to send me descending to the ground falling to my end?

Clark: *Demanding* Tell me about Checkmate, Tess. Right now. No lies. I want the truth.

Tess: *Breathing heavily* Alright… i’ll tell you. there is no point in lying now that i am in the situation where i’m bound to fall off to my doom. But… A month after I had started working at LuthorCorp, I was approached by a woman known and revered with the Alias “the White Queen”. It’s the Code name that  Amanda Waller’s got. She was looking for information… about alien Investigations. She happened to mention that she suspected that Lex had classified Intel about Aliens. She wanted information about Lex’s alien investigations. At first when she mentioned it, I thought she was crazy.

Clark: But then Lex’s files changed your mind.

Tess: After I had taken over LuthorCorp, I ended up with the realization that Waller knew a whole lot more than i had. But you have got to believe me… I swear Clark, I never told her anything about the Kryptonians. that the Kryptonians were here. I never told her about you.

Clark Grabs Tess’s neck and makes the motion that he was gonna drop her off the ledge. but winds up only choking her…

Tess Gasps…

Clark: I wouldn’t believe your dying breath. And if the girls were smart. they wouldn’t go believing your dying breath either.

Tess: *Voice breaking* None of this should have happened. Dinah Lance and the Rhapsody Girls weren’t even the real target.

Clark: Then who was?  WHO?!

Tess: I don’t know. Something they called Watchtower. She’s not the only one… They also captured the mother to the girls too. Waller had the impression that since she couldn’t get to the girls during the first attempt and couldn’t get them to join her cause. nor could she ensure that they would be secured.  She decided to use a different approach towards getting the girls. She wants them. and She’s not gonna stop till she has them following her…”

Tess: It was then that i had to break free from that life. Losing my life for the truth… All to expose and likely ruin innocent people at the same time. I couldn’t take that chance anymore.

Genevieve: What did you plan to do? Clearly… you had to have tried to make a break from the Agency.

Tess: Back then… i knew that i had to make a move… but not before i made an attempt in setting some things right. somehow…

Tess Flashes back again…

“outside of the Metropolis Promenade… at the coffee shop…

Tess was waiting for Oliver to show up… She was aware that she had royally messed up and knew that she would be practically the very last and very least favorite person that Oliver would ever wish to see again. But she knew that she had to meet him if only to say goodbye…

Tess: *Seeing Oliver* i didn’t think that you were gonna show. after our last meeting… i had the feeling that i would be the last person that you’d ever wish to see again.

Oliver: *Walking over to the Table and Sitting down* Well, you know, I had to figure in that it’s a public place. There’s honestly like only so many weapons that you could really throw at me.

Tess: I’m sorry. For everything I’ve done that’s destroyed your trust. I screwed up. And i know that there is nothing that i can ever do to regain your trust in me.

Oliver: Actually… if this was like a few years ago… i would have bought that little line of defense. But to sincerely apologize for backing a government agency that would go after an innocent mother just to get a group of heroes to join their cause… I definitely don’t think that there would ever be enough stationery for that kind of apology, Tess.

Tess: I told you how to shut down The Castle’s power grid. That’s worth something, isn’t it?

Oliver: *Scoffs* Tess… you are begging for way too much. i mean…What am I supposed to do here? You want me to do, what… Exactly? Uh, handstands… Cartwheels… Spins and Twirls,  because you just happened to have helped solve a problem that you created? You almost costed the Rhapsody Girls Their mother. Do you really think that this was gonna just go away? The Girls will catch on to what really happened and who it was that initiated for their mother to be taken. they will figure it out. You know Dinah Rhapsody, Right? The firecracker and the loose fuse of the Rhapsody Girls Z? She is gonna go ballistic at you if she were to ever catch on to the fact that you were behind the hit.

Tess: I never would have gone after you if I had known that you were the Green Arrow. and that the Word of Justice was the Black Canary. If i had only known… none of this would have happened. The girls were to be the only target. But Waller decided to go raising the bar and setting it a step higher…

Oliver: So it’s back on me? It’s also gonna be put back on the innocent victims of the web of backstabbing intent you had pulled, Right?

Tess: Oliver… i am only here because i want to Apologize to you for all that i had done to you and everyone. I am here as well to let you know that this moment here… This might be the very last time that I ever see you. When I joined Checkmate, I was made to take an oath. An oath that I wanna break. But there’s only one way to leave Checkmate. Only one way out. and i am scared that if i send my resignation to Checkmate… that the White Queen would issue for me to be excommunicated.

Oliver: *Sighs* What are you gonna do?

Tess: *Clears throat* I’m gonna go AWOL. I’m gonna go underground. For a while. It will be better that way. Because now that i am vowing to leave Checkmate’s grip… it will be unsafe for me to be out. i can’t stay out in the open. it’s not safe.

Oliver: That’s good. You know, I got to ask you a question, though. Did it hurt to do something moral for once, Tess? Did it hurt you? Knowing that you had done something from the goodness of your heart and not for some alterior motive?

Tess: Oliver, I’m taking a chance just being out here with you in the open. If i am seen. i could be killed on spot. They’ll be tracking every move i make. The Rhapsody girls are right to see you as a good friend. you’re a whole lot better than i ever was.

Oliver: Yeah, okay, I understand that. Okay, at least we’ve gotten that far. Now… there is only the formalities and the question that we’d both would like the answer to. W-what is it that you want? You’re asking me for something. What is it you want? What do you want?

Tess: Forgive me, Oliver. Oliver, I need your help. Please. I am in need of your help. I don’t know where else to turn.

Oliver: You know… Tess. There are times when I wish I could just go back, to those Santorini sunsets, your sweet freckles and your big dreams of changing the world. Back when I knew that i could trust you. Then suddenly you betrayed me, Tess. You, of all people. You betrayed me. Bit the hand of the man that was actually there for you when all the others up and ditched you. then you almost get Mrs. Rhapsody killed which would have left 6 girls without a mother. and only a father figure. I won’t strike you down. because as much as i’d like to… and as much as i feel that you deserve it. i won’t provide you that satisfaction. But just know this… i want this on record. If you ever come near me or my friends ever again and i find out about it, I swear as i live and breathe… I will expose you to the world. Showing the world the real Tess Mercer. Do you understand me?

Tess: I am being sincere here… Oliver. I didn’t mean to do what i’ve done. i wasn’t aiming to nearly cost their mother… her life. Waller only wanted the girls and was gonna stop at nothing to get them. The mother was apparently Collateral Damage. But she wasn’t even part of Checkmate’s plans. she wasn’t even supposed to be brought into any of it. It was just the girls that were to be involved.

Oliver: Maybe so, but why would you willingly sacrifice the girls to a agency that would only exploit them to better benefit their cause? You have hurt them.  You’re on your own. i am not gonna stick around and watch as you seek on destroying the girls. They have been hurt enough by people like you. Their Ex-Professor hurt them. pushed them to taking his life. and now they’re being hurt by you. You want to hurt people. go ahead. but Don’t expect for any cover-ups to come knocking it’s ball and chain around in your direction. because it won’t be coming from me. *Getting up and walking off*

Tess: *With shaky breathing; starts crying*”

Tess: I had to tell Oliver first. He however… didn’t believe me that time… It took a while before he realized how sorry i was after i made multiple pleas… showing that i was aiming to be better than i was before. Oliver took a while to buy into it. or believe it as others felt. Sullivan too… Even the girls didn’t seem to believe it and were distrusting. Only because… there was one other thing that made it more difficult for them to trust me. On top of the slight conspiracy that i was in league with a Renegade Kandorian named Major/General Zod.

Tess flashes back once more…

“However back at Watchtower…

Tess fires the gun at the door and gunshots are heard echoing throughout the room but reverberating in a muffled pitch…

Chloe: *losing hope* I am not all high with the losing hope in surviving this rather permanent looking Lockdown… but uh, In the event that I end up dying of starvation or, oh, say a ricocheting bullet, do you mind telling me how you got in here?

Paige: Ditto. How did you even manage to bypass the security measures that the Tower was passing off. This place has had so much security that it made it feel as thought we were working at the pentagon.

Pearl: Not like it make much difference. as technology booms farther… so does the chance of least likely having the ability to cloak ourselves from being found by unwanted creeps. Namely Zod.

Dinah: Don’t look at me. i could care less what happens to this place. i mean. it’s already gone now since Tess got in here. She’s tied to Checkmate. and if she’s here… you can bet that Waller is close by and will be salivating her palate just claiming this place as her own and owning all the Info on all the people who had ever worked here. Our family is now in jeopardy. as is the whole League.

The gun clicks…

Tess: *Pointing the gun at the door* You’re sloppy, Chloe. I’ve got thousands of samples of your DNA from all the times you’ve attempted to siphon info and classified Intel from me. all those times that you’ve spied on me. It’s called a DNA cloak. You should have known about it. All companies with high tech use it to protect their confidential files. It’s something called covering our tracks from thieves gallaventing and prancing around looking for their next hunger attack of attaining Info that don’t belong to them.

Chloe: Well, aren’t you fancy?

Tess: You know, getting in doesn’t really seem to be our issue right now. How the hell do we get out of here?

Dinah: *Scoffs* What kind of Dumb question is that to utter from your breath, Tess? The windows and door leading out of here are sealed. We’re bared like rats here. There is no way out.

Chloe: Short answer: it’s impossible. When Checkmate kidnapped me, I upgraded Watchtower’s security to contain intruders like you. The only problem is I was supposed to be on the outside. While the Intruder… Namely you remained upon the inside.

Paige: I don’t think that would do us any good to bring that up since it’s all a loss now. we’re trapped. *Looking at her sisters* I wonder if our mom knows where we are. That’s probably a rather meaningless thing to think about since she already knows exactly where we are and what we’re doing.

Tess then tried to dial out a number on her phone and hoping to reach someone… but to no avail… it doesn’t work. there was no signal going out…

Chloe: *Catching Tess trying to call out* Oh my god… Seriously? The lockdown prevents any signals from getting in or out. *Looking at the girls* Even if you 3 girls were to transform and use your powers to see about breaking out of here… it wouldn’t work. the Steel doors would just absorb the blows and ricochet the blasts sending them all over the room. Likely hurting us. *Walking over to the Computer and trying to break past the System Lockdown*

Computer: Threat confirmation still active.

Chloe: *panicking and realizing something* Wait a minute. Watchtower didn’t react because you attacked me. We’re on lockdown because some hacking transmitter was detected. The initial signal managed to pirate some data before my firewall managed to stop it. And the bad news is that whatever the thing is… it’s still alive. Oh god… Girls… The hacking transmitter bug is active and is moving to break through another firewall.

Dinah: What does that even mean, Chloe? You mean that the hacking bug… whatever it is… is still with us. in here?

Paige: Don’t look at me. I don’t have anything like that on me. nor would i have anything like that inside me.

Chloe: *Looking at Tess* It’s trying to break through another firewall, Tess. It’s trying to give away our location. What did you bring in here?! Whatever it is that you brought inside here with us… it’s gonna seal our fate. if it gives out anymore info… it could turn into a critical risk. What did you bring in here with us?

Tess: Nothing. All I wanted to do was eradicate any info you had revolving the Kandorians, not have it re-routed.

Chloe: I knew you were the Kandorians’ lapdog, but I didn’t realize you were Zod’s little bitch, too.

Dinah: *Outraged* Yeah. Tess, what is it with you and that lamebrain Zod? Is he also seen for you to go to for an appointed booty-call?

Pearl: You might as well be secretly dating him. stealing things for him and siphoning info on him and the other Kandorians and trying to corrupt it or do away with it. Just a curious notion here… Did you and Zod have a type of Intimate arrangement. where you destroyed any info that people like us might have had on him and his people and you would get a shot at a one night stand? I’m just being optimistic.

Paige: the info we have is what we depend on. Without that… we are siting ducks in here and are gonna be flying blind. if the Kandorians break in here… we’re through. there will be nothing we can do to stop them. we don’t even have any of those green rocks that happen to make them so sick.

Chloe: Girls… calm down. We’ll find a way out of here somehow. All right, look. If you’re not behind this, there’s only one other group I can think of that wants Watchtower this badly.

Dinah: Checkmate. Ding-Dong… i hear Amanda Waller calling. She’s about to Zero in.

Paige: Not quite. Don’t be throwing that in just yet. it’s not likely that she’d come here on her own. She has a whole battalion of agents to do the dirty work for her. She’ll never step into the field. Because it will mean that she’s moving to get her rotten hands dirty.

Pearl: Paige, hello! Tess is an Agent for Checkmate… if she is here… that means only one thing. That The White Queen is not gonna be that far behind.

Dinah: If Waller even steps in here… i’ll knock her butt into the wall and then after that… i’ll knock Tess out for breaking in here where she wasn’t wanted and intentionally inviting the wolf in for a smorgasbord. Hell… it might as well be open season on us. Checkmate’s probably got all the info it would ever need about us by now.

Chloe then grabs Tess’s purse and Dumps out the contents onto the Table…

Chloe: Okay, Let’s take a look here in the treasure found in your sifting purse. If I were a transmitting tracking device, I would certainly want to make it as unassuming as possible. Seeing that i wouldn’t be traced. Which means I can probably count this out. “Fever”-colored lipstick? Really?

Tess: Well, I was gonna go with Plain Jane, but you seem to have that market cornered. *Scoffs and laughs*

Paige: How about Evil and Benign, Tess? It works better for you. besides… you almost costed our mother her life. So there is no telling how far you’d go to spew Evil intent…

Dinah: Just knowing that you are in the same room with us is enough to make us sick, Tess.

Tess: Really, how much could have been leaked in the blink of an eye?

Chloe: Watchtower downloads what amounts to the Library of Congress every 3 seconds. Which means in half that time, Checkmate could have attained my entire team’s database.

Tess: And all of your files on the Kandorians.

Pearl: Good guess there, Tess. just keep batting a thousand.

Computer: Firewall breach. Cluster 4458.

Dinah: Hackers again. That transmitting bug… whatever it is; is at it again. At this rate…Checkmate will own us and we won’t be able to break free.

Paige: Chloe, What will we do if Checkmate gets here? you know that they’re gonna capture us and they won’t let go.

Chloe: Like they captured me and your mother? I don’t know what their endgame could be… but i can almost bet you that they won’t stop till they’ve seized this tower and controlled all that is in here. I got enough Intel here that obviously puts the Pentagon’s Super computer to definite shame.

Tess: Cute. Why not siphon the info from every country? If you’re one that sires for all the information. Why not have it all?

Chloe: *To Tess* Now, if it wasn’t planted in your things, it must be on you.

Computer: Firewall 3110.

Pearl: *Gasps* It just got another one… That Transmitter has just busted through another firewall.

Tess: What? Chloe, this is ridiculous, okay?

Paige: Ridiculous? Ridiculous, our foot Tess. Your little bug pal is absorbing all the Intel here and Checkmate’s leader… The White Queen is probably just loving it all.

Dinah: She’s probably sitting in her office drinking champagne right now basking in triumph that she’s finally brought down the seemingly untouchable Watchtower.

The Detector began whirring and beeps… signifying that it was running active.

Chloe: *Seeing movement on Tess’s skin* It’s in your body, Tess. Just beneath your skin.

Tess: *Voice breaking* Get it out of me, now.

Computer: Firewall 2081.

Chloe grabs a knife and uses it on Tess in attempt to try and get the transmitting bug out of Tess…

Grunts are heard as the knife went into the skin, cutting it. But unfortunately the Tracking device sensed intruders coming at it and moved away from where the knife was entering… It was now gonna be impossible to get to it…

Chloe: Oh, my God. It moved.

Computer: Firewall 1579.

Tess: *Chuckles softly* When it feels threatened, it burrows deeper into the host. We’ll never get it out now.

Chloe: How did you know that?

Tess: It’s a Checkmate device. A mechanical parasite powered by the host’s biorhythms. Meaning the lifeforce. which leaves to suggestion that the only way to stop it and kill it is to kill the host. And the host unfortunately is me.

Computer: Firewall 1209.

Chloe: Well, you know what they say: “You lie down with dogs, you end up with fleas.”

Tess: Laugh it up, Chloe. But when Checkmate finds us, we’ll all be dead.

Dinah: Yeah! courtesy of you. You should not have come here to begin with, Tess. It’s all your fault that we’re trapped here… *Exploding* ALL YOUR FAULT! *Out of Anger revealing her hero form and itching to fire* I am so wanting to fry you, Tess. i would be salivating over the idea that i’ll be able to fry you. In fact… i think that i’ll do that. Because you deserve it.

Tess: Dinah… don’t make me fire the gun at you. You’re angry at me… and i done it to myself. but you’re now taking it too far. you’re pushing your luck.”

Genevieve: You’re telling me this… Why? You made up for it since that time. It isn’t as if they’d just be looking for a reason to force you to relive your past mistake. Should you be forever made to suffer through it again?

Tess: No. No… But i rather figure that since you’re a part of the Watchtower family and a new addition to the secret and the new ally to the team here… it was in better form that you knew how the clan and i reached a common ground. It was from there that i thought seeing them would be the last thing i had done. However 14- 15 years ago… there was an attack at the Luthorcorp Plaza By a British Renegade… A Mad Sam Holmes. The 3 girls came to my rescue and took him down. However… after the Villain was taken care of… The 3 girls and of course the 4 guys. their cousins… they weren’t exactly dancing the happy beat seeing me and Dinah brought up an old wound that got a little heated. Saying that i had a hand in the death of their mother. Which i hadn’t. I gave them the truth that one of their very own ordered the hit…

Genevieve: And that cleared things up?

Tess: It did… But it still took a little more time after that before i was welcomed into the grand hall of their world.

Genevieve: Now that explains it. And they now trust you.

Tess: Since a half year before the end of the world came attached right by a big demon with the tyrant fetish for Galactic conquest lasting from immediately till eternity.

Genevieve: …

A Moment later…

Tess: How’s the research coming?

Genevieve: It’s coming out to produce some big fruit. You see… While we were talking. I think that i gathered some intel on the Elements that the fighters have. Of course it’s gonna take a bit more time than that to have enough to coordinate weapons and gather up a team of tech engineers to conduct and put together something for the new fighters. However… It will be very different than from the tech that Oliver Queen designed. Or the one before him. Someone named Stroker.

Tess: Genevieve… I really applaud your fierce devotion to the Job at hand here… I will be right off the top about it. However… The name Stroker… I really do suggest that the tongue knots itself before seering that name. it’s a name that i don’t think the girls will cater on venturing through again. Since the last threat… that name has become none other than a distant dead memory.

Genevieve: Maybe so… But you do know… that all memories have their own way of reviving themselves back from the dead. Not that i’d uncover the identity of the one dead memory. Don’t worry… I won’t be spilling any old dead secrets. We all have secrets to keep and i believe that some secrets are worth keeping in order to protect the integrity of the girls. Protecting them and all they stood for. But… there might be a way to undo the death of Stroker… and untarnish their name.

Tess: What are you getting at, Genevieve?

Genevieve: *Looking at Tess* Well… What would you say if i were to tell you that there is someone who has the ability to go back in time?

Tess: I’d say that… it’s quite a leap from science to Science fiction and a theory yet to be proven possible.

Genevieve: *Trying to convince* Come on, Tess… Every scientist has the wide eyed belief that the discovery of time traveling is a relatively high and long since greatly praised scientific breakthrough. Every scientist in the world spent many days… decades and lifetimes trying to perfect the art of time travel. Some say… to the future. Some say to a specific point in history. Some even have the belief that a single person or group of people could go back in time to a point that they choose and undo or change something that might have happened to them or gone indeed wrong in their lives.

Tess: Hmm… Sounds intriguing. And you’re telling me that this time travel… could help the girls undo what it was that tarnished their names long ago? Change it somehow.

Genevieve: Yes. There is someone who has the power to do that. This person is also with the power of Astral Projection and Empathy. Teleporting capabilities.

Tess: *Walking over to the computer Archives* There are two people who can teleport from one place to another. and one that can transverse from this time period to another.

Genevieve: Who?

Tess: *Pulling out a file from the archives* This…

Tess shows off the archival member of the tower…

Tess: Raven of Azarath. She’s half human/half Demon. Meditates constantly to keep her powers in check as they’re controlled by emotions. If she shows much emotion… she slips off from control of her powers and abilities.

Genevieve: That’s the one. She’s the one i saw.

Tess: We haven’t had any luck in reaching her for some time. After she cast off saying farewell to the clan… She left and hasn’t been back since. No one knows where she is. However… it is a surprise that you’ve caught sighting of her when the clan didn’t.

Genevieve: I caught her by luck. I followed the Clan and everything they had done up till now, Tess. But… that girl was seen by luck…

At Luna and Zeke’s house…

Rina: *Looking at Natasha* Natasha… Our parents are gone. They’re in Spira now… Both of them. As is our young sister Zoey. We have no way of knowing whether of not they’re okay.

Natasha: Why do you say that? What would mom and dad be doing there?

Rina: They’re there to help a family friend of the family’s. Our parents don’t have powers. But Zoey does. She’s got these powers and they are tagging along as protectors of Zoey. She’s in alot of danger. Our mom and dad fear for her life.

Natasha: Shouldn’t we?

Rina: Not sure. Zoey is liable to be one that can take care of herself. However… It’s Mom and dad that we should be more worried over. Zoey has an obvious way to defend herself… Mom and dad… don’t. Like you. You used to be with a habit till you cleaned yourself up. Victoria is back in Juvey. she was let out only for Thanksgiving. She’s gone back to Juvey… She’s gonna be there for a while. Till she decides a new leaf.

Natasha: What about Aunt Megan and our cousins Perry and Marty? What’re they gonna do? Aunt Megan’s always working. Marty and Perry are always alone.

Rina: Hey! Calm down… They’ll be alright. They know that they can come here and have some company. Anytime they need to. It’s not hard. We see them too…

Natasha: Rina, How can you say that? You know better than that. We need help. We have to get them out of Spira somehow… You said that mom and dad and Zoey were there… We need to get them out of there.

Rina: How might we be able to do that? we don’t know how to get there… Plus… we have enough of our family there in Spira without a possible way out of there and back here where they should be.


A Golden light shines from the side and out from the light…

Rina: *Jumps* Wha- whoa! Who are you? How did you get here? Where did you come from?

Man wearing a Golden Helmet: Greetings. I am here in favor of one Arctic Mind. You might know her by another name.

Rina: Not really. We don’t seem to know her. Nor do we know you. Who is Arctic Mind… and Who are you?

Man wearing a Golden Helmet: She’s one of you. Aunt Charlene Victoria Rhapsody. And behind this i am someone related to you. But right now… I am none other than Doctor Fate.

Rina: You’re one of the family? How?

Natasha: We don’t mean to be questioning you… We’re just a bit confused is all… Please just tell us or show us who’s behind the mask.

Doctor Fate: Very well…

A second later…

Rina: Who’re you?

Man: I am apparently your Uncle. Uncle Richie Rhapsody. *Catching the stunned looks on the two teens* Yeah… I know… I look rather hot and like some model. Don’t I? Well…

Natasha: I’ll say. But you don’t have the attire for one… What gives?

Richie: You really do have a eye for models at close range, don’t you? Interesting. And the fact that My Aunt Luna and Uncle Zeke have you as one of their fruit to the loins… That is very sporting. You’re a good kid, Natasha. You’re Ambitious. Literally like the young one. Zoey.

Rina: How is it that you know that? We have seen you in over 4 years.

Richie: I know… I’m sorry. I usually keep a close contact with everyone. Even with my mother… but before i left the most inner circle of everyone here… My mother decides to go on a decade long Isolation binge to Tibet. Saying that there is someone there for her. Someone that she remembered from years ago. She wouldn’t even tell me who it was. But she did say that she’d be back. in 10 years.

Natasha: Huh? 10 years… Why?

Richie: I don’t know… But i know what you’re thinking… How could someone just walk from their family? *Sighs* … *Sitting down and thinking* Let’s see… She’s got the knack for going for all things frost. Ice and she believes that she knows some girl in… Tibet from 19 years ago.

Rina: 19 years ago? Who would she remember from back then?

Richie: Not a clue. My first impression was that it might have been a childhood friend or a pen pal… But now…

Natasha: You’re not so sure.

Richie: No. No i’m not. Not from what it appears. I don’t know who my mother… your Aunt Charlene knows in Tibet. But whoever it is… I don’t think that it’s for a hippy reunion on the league of all things Ice. Because… if she was in the know of someone in Tibet… Why did she happen to feel as though she had to hide the truth or hide why she was going to Tibet?

Rina: That’s so weird. But that’s a good point. Why would she hide it?

A few minutes later…

Richie: So… Now that i’m here and the gloves are kinda off… or should it be said… on a hanging dangling climb. What’s the deal? How are good ole’ Aunt Luna and Uncle Zeke? What’s up with them?

Rina: Oh… They’re just fine. They’re working well. Your Aunt Luna is a Model for the Metropolis Modeling Agency. Your Uncle Zeke is running his own Bar. Pub. Zeke’s Cornerstone Marmalade Pub.

Natasha: At least… they would be at work… if they were actually here… in this uh… world. *Clearing her throat* Ahem…

Richie: *Looking to Rina; Confused* Another world… What do you mean… Another world?

Rina: *Sighs* This is sad. Bringing up something that is really hard to openly discuss…

Richie: Why? I can probably help with the ordeal. It isn’t like i have much to do as of late as my career is on a postmortem standstill. I am a rather precarious person in the career that i am in. I’m a federal agent. But strictly one for the offices and chapters of the government. They don’t know that i am the hero known as Dr. Fate. You two know… and you’re about the only ones that i’d like to have knowing my alter identity.

Rina: *A Little Lost* H-h-h-h-how did you become Dr. fate? We don’t really… or i don’t really seem to figure or get how that’s possible.

Richie: *Chuckles* dear heavens… My Aunt Luna told me about one of my Nieces being prim and proper… not being in the heroic inner circle too much… even while understanding the reasoning behind why there were heroes within the family… She never said that it was you, Rina. You’re gonna be hard to sway into the world of the heroic. However… I do suppose that i ought to tell you. My mother would never understand why i told you though… and your mother would be very cross at the idea that i brought up something from way back when… But… I can tell you.

Richie flashes back…

“Prince Richie: *Walking in and looking at the group* I hope that i am in the right place…

The 3 girls then turn and catch sight of their Cousin…

Paige, Pearl and Dinah: *Looking to see Prince Richie* Prince Richie?

Pearl: What is going on? What are you doing here, Prince Richie? how did you get here?

Prince Richie: I just walked. Plus… I can’t seem to find my mom anywhere. She left for the store about maybe a few hours ago and hasn’t returned. I don’t know where she could be.

Paige: *Shocked* You’re kidding? Aunt Princess Charlene is missing? How so? Why would she be missing?

Pearl: Maybe we should go and look for her.

Dinah: Are you sure she’s missing? When was the last time you saw her?

Prince Richie: Not sure. but i know that i saw her around the Early evening hours. She said something about going to the store to get some food. our house was getting bare and got to the point where all we had was Potato soup and bread. And for breakfast. just a small bowl of Oatmeal. that was it. But she hasn’t come back since and i know mom… She would only spend under an hour and or an hour there at the most. no more than that. *Hearing whispering* What was that? Mom was kidnapped? *Pauses* Who the heck said that?

Paige: *Hearing whispers filling the air* I hear it too.

Within seconds Carter came over and saw the helmet of Nabu Floating into the air and levitating towards Prince Richie. It was a very Mysterious and yet most reeling. Pearl stood and watched as the helmet came to him…

Pearl: The Helmet of Nabu… it’s going to our cousin Prince Richie. *Gasps* Wait! Does that mean that it chose him and he’s gonna become the next Doctor Fate?

Prince Richie: *Confused* Huh?! are you sure you are saying that right? The h-h-h-helmet of N-n-n-n-n-nabu is coming to me and has chosen me to be the next… Doctor Fate? *Looking at his cousins* Paige? Pearl? Dinah? What is this place exactly? What the heck is going on here? huh?

Paige: Well… Prince Richie. Don’t freak out… but this place is the Brownstone and the home of the JSA. The man you see in here nearby the artifacts and helmet is Carter Hall. He is Hawkman. *Looking at Courtney* The blonde teen over by the one set of artifacts is Courtney Whitmore. She’s a High school student. but she’s also the protege of Sylvester Pemberton. She’s Star Girl. And the one that the Helmet originally went to was a man named Kent Nelson. but Dr. Kent Nelson got killed by a Villain that is known as the Icicle.

Dinah: And what really strikes my hide is that… the Frosty Kook was idiotic and a Psycho who got his kicks from killing heroes. i still believe that someone high up must have released him from the Juvey… or something. Someone with a very shady agenda.

Clark: Shady? I don’t think so.

Paige: and how do you know Clark? you are too into being taking the easy way out that you won’t do what’s necessary even though the end result leads to remorse and regret. and that is a sure sign of being human.

The Helmet of Nabu seconds later landed in Prince Richie’s hands and whispered to him… It was reaching out to him. The Helmet whispered…

Prince Richie: *Listening* the Helmet is speaking… it speaks… Uncle King John gifted… Sparks his spark in the presence of 4 girls. 4 girls. sisters to the 4 brothers… Tamaranian sisters take flight. they fly. they soar high and accelerate. Does Aquatic Burn feel the Rage… i believe so… i do.

Pearl: Prince Richie is sounding really spacey… I think this is what we saw in Kent Nelson. He did the same thing…

Dinah: *Realizing* Yeah, that’s right. That’s right. i remember that the first time we saw him… he was looking as though he was pretty… sick. but it was only a episode.

Paige: Well… *Looking at the time* We better go before it gets too late. But first go and find where Aunt Princess Charlene went.

Prince Richie: *Looking at the Helmet* I don’t know what kind of magic or skills you have. but if you’re about to show me things… do a favor and don’t whisper so loud. i do have sensitive ears and they do take a bit of time to quit ringing once they start to chime. *Sighs* Fate is so dreadful when it’s unknown. never knowing where it will take you.  *Feeling the Helmet pull him and surround his head* Aaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!

A Minute later…

Prince Richie/Doctor Fate: I have returned again, My friends.

Paige: Whoa! Doctor Fate. He’s returned. Girls… Our Cousin is the new Doctor Fate.

Carter: Your cousin is Lucky. The Helmet of Nabu is very picky. But he heard the whispers and was deemed worthy for the power.

Dinah: What will we tell Aunt Princess Charlene? She’s gonna be wondering what is going on. She’s gonna be asking a series of questions and we’re gonna have to find a way to best answer her when she asks…”

Richie: That was before the 4th threat. Before the struggle with an Intergalactic demon. It was a long threat. Slow and ongoing which took about 2 years, 2 months and 1 day. But 5 weeks of a prologue. The prepping for the reinstated duties of fulfilling the hero Persona’s again. But that time was with Luna… Your mother who was a cat like girl… going to school. Meeting Martin Marco… being his lover. Quaint, right?

Rina: What do you mean? Our mom used to be with Martin Marco back then?

Richie: Yes. I know as i have seen it. or heard it. She was… back then… But when she matured… they drifted apart and it at first… didn’t seem that way. till… Jan, 11th, 2027. That’s when it started and your mother managed to get caught in the issues of an Abused teen. His name… was Zeke. And this is the same one that happens to be your father. My Uncle. Your mother and father for a short time… under minded a habit. But it was in May of that year… that they broke from it.  Zeke was with the habit longer than your mother was… however… they quit it together.

Natasha: I know… Our mom and dad got on me over it. I tried that habit a little and their guilt trip snapped me right out of it. I put myself in rehab for a short time and Boom. Next i know. No habit but i still had the Emotionally disabled dilemma.

Richie: I see… Although… I did not foresee where you’d try it a little, Natasha.

Rina: That’s something that i thought too… but she did. I know that it doesn’t make a bit of sense over why she’d do it… But she did. Natasha did and i was one of those who joined in busting her chops a little over it as she could be doing a lot better than what she did. She doesn’t do it anymore and we hope to keep it that way.

Natasha: Rina… It is irrelevant to bring that up. I left that part and there is no opening for a revisit through the dark path and the leagues of self-destruct. I blew up a little and allowed for it to get the better of me… i joined Victoria on it and messed up.

Richie: *Cutting in* Wh-wh-wh-whoa! Wait… Victoria. Victoria as in Uncle Curtis and Aunt Megan’s Daughter Victoria has a habit?

Rina: yeah… Why? *Seeing the confused look on Richie’s face* You… you mean that you didn’t know?

Richie: No. No i didn’t. I mean… i usually get the news from the helmet of Nabu… but even it… even the helmet didn’t know. And i was still out from the close range of the family here that i wouldn’t know what happened. It isn’t that i distanced myself from everyone… it’s that after my mother decided to go into a decade long isolation shtick… i knew that if i had to look at everyone here after it just happened… i wouldn’t know what to say or how to let others know that one of our own… went away.

Rina: We all know that feeling. It hurts. Our mom never did that… but if she had… i think that it could be safe to assume or believe that we would want to pull away from the whole family too.

Richie: *Hearing the helmet speak* What is it that you speak Nabu?

Natasha: What’s it saying?

Richie: *Listening to the helmet of Nabu* Many members of family in different world. Different world. Danger… danger. No escape. Not one. Original heroes in jeopardy. Are the heroes safe? Maybe… Maybe not. New heroes in danger… Can’t break free. Soon all will meet terrible fate.

Rina: What does that mean? Does that mean what i think it might mean?

Natasha: I don’t know… But it doesn’t sound the least bit pleasant. It’s nothing like that at all.

Richie: Where are the others?

Rina: Spira.

Richie: *Standing and looking at the girls; Pausing in confusion* Spira? What do you mean they’re in Spira?

Natasha: Just what we said. They’re in Spira. They’re inside the Video game world… FF-X.

Richie: How did they get there?

Rina: There is one obvious explanation as to how they managed to get there. And the ones that would have the key to get there… reside in where our mother and father used to go for the knowledge of enemy forces that managed to strike.

Richie: You mean… Watchtower.

Natasha: Yeah. But how was it that you knew?

Richie: Because i’ve been there a few times. I know what it’s like. However since the last time i have been there… it has likely undergone a change in management.

Rina: You might want to get on over there and find out what’s going on.

Richie: Good idea. There is nothing to worry about though. I am sure that there is nothing wrong. It’ll be okay…


At Reedy “La Paradisimo”…

Pamela: *Overseeing the customers* Another day. I sure do miss my friend Luna though. She’s still in that alternate reality… I really should find some way to join her. Seeing as she’s there all alone. Even though she’s with her family… or the others who have abilities. *Sighs*

Minutes later…

In the back…

Pamela: *On the phone with June* June… Long time since we heard from you. What’s up?

June: Nothing much. Just seeking to catch up with all the gals and guys that went to the same school as i did. It’s been such a long time. I haven’t heard from Luna and i tried calling her… like yesterday and all i got was the answering machine.

Pamela: I see… That’s a rather strange coincidence. Where could she be? She was at work the last time i saw her. She was at work just yesterday… at least she was. She said something about her boss pushing her to do some strange poses. Exotic poses or something and that she was feeling really uneasy about it.

June: You sure about that?

Pamela: Of course. Why? Are you thinking that something’s up?

June: No. Not at all… But usually Luna would be keeping in contact with all of us. I haven’t heard from her for a while and it’s… *Scoffs and inexplicably feeling paranoid* You don’t think that she’s written us off… do you?

Pamela: No. June… It isn’t like that. trust me… it isn’t like that at all. Luna’s probably got a lot on her mind. I know that i would be usually the first to jump the gun and say that it might be that she wrote us off. But The Modeling career… It’s not so easy as we’d figure. We’re not in the business of Modeling. So we don’t really know. Luna does. She knows more than we do. She’s the one that has done it.

June: You’re right. She’s the one doing the modeling and it’s very demanding. Just like what you’re doing. But at least you’re keeping in touch. She’s not.

Pamela: June… Stop. *Groans*… *Thinking to herself* Damn it… Luna’s gonna kill me for spilling this out to everyone… She’s gonna be so pissed. *Sighs* June! There’s something that i am gonna have to tell you. But you must swear to me that you won’t tell anyone else about this. I mean anyone.

June: *Pauses* Huh?! Pamela, What’re you talking about?

Pamela: Luna… Luna… Luna’s not exactly within this world…

June: Pamela… Don’t zone out on me… You’re likely to tell me that Luna’s originally a Moon inhabitant. We already know that. She divulged that to us once in Middle school. I didn’t really know whether to believe it or bolt away from her at first because it seemed so surreal. Unless there is something else that has come of her that i should be in the know about.

Pamela: That’s exactly what it is… June. *Getting into the details* June… You’re not a game player. You don’t play video games. We both know this… But you’ve however kept an opened mind on all things video game and beyond. Tell me what you know about a game called FF-X. Humor me…

June: Final fantasy X. I think i might have heard about it from some of the people i deal with in the business that i do. They mentioned about their kids playing all sorts of games… which one being Final Fantasy X. Let’s see… It’s something to do with the world known as Spira i think. Where the main character or antagonist of the game is from Zanarkand. He gets beamed up by this huge creature that all of Spira know as Sin. Sent a thousand years into the future. far from his time. He sometime later arrives on a remote Island called Besaid Isle and meets Wakka. A Blitzball captain and coach of a team.  It’s a game about a Summoner named Yuna. The Daughter to the High Summoner who managed to defeat Sin 10 years earlier. Throughout the game… the link between the main Character’s Zanarkand and the Zanarkard in the point of time he was in… were somehow connected. Learning that his father… Jecht was Sin. And that he also was Yuna’s father’s Guardian back then. Yuna goes on a Pilgrimage to defeat Sin. Bringing the calm. But comes to find that by defeating sin… her life would end as the final Summoning is one of the guardians and after the Final Summoning kills Sin… It then kills the Summoner in the process.

Pamela: Sounds like they have alot of input about the games. Good. But that’s what it is all about. Reason why i speak of it is because… Luna… She’s there.

June: She’s there… where?

Pamela: Spira.

June: Spira?! She’s actually there… now?!

Pamela: Yes. She is there.

June: How? How could she be there? *In shock*

Pamela: One guess and it’s something that leads to another time… or place. Or Dimension and or Alternate Reality.

June: A Portal. I deal with people in the Interior designer department.

Pamela: What?! Why there? What happened to the Sports Angle?

June: I grew out of that and decided to go for something that had more reward and more of something that i could well… make my own.

Pamela: What do you plan to do?

June: I don’t know… *Sighs* But since now hearing that Luna’s within a Video game… We have to do what can to get over to her. What does your husband Sid think about all of it?

Pamela: I don’t know. But i’ll have to find a way over to where Luna is and then before going… Let my Husband know of it. He isn’t gonna be too thrilled. But he’s got to know.

June: And I’ll be sure to tell mine, Pamela. Sure hope that Luna’s okay though… wherever she might be over there…

2 PM…

Sid’s Diner…

Sid: *Looking at his wife and in disbelief* Pamela… What are you getting at? What do you mean that you’re gonna go to join your friend who’s in another reality? Why are you bringing this up, Pamela? Why…? You don’t have any reason to go there. There is nothing you can do for them. All that’s gonna happen is you getting in the way of whatever it is that they’re doing.

Pamela: Sid, I must go. I have to. It might not be right away. But… it’s either go and help or wait in despair. Hoping that they’ll all one day come back and live that fear of them being forever gone if they don’t.

Sid and Pamela talk while Sid is in process of serving customers…

Sid: Pamela, The last time i checked… You were not with any special ability. You will just hinder what they’re doing. What do you plan to do if you meet any danger… Cook it to death?

Pamela: No. Sid. That is not what will happen. Luna is my friend. She happens to be yours too… You know that they’re in… Okay. I’m gonna say it. Spira. You heard of it. You listened to some of them talk about it.

Sid: I have heard about them. Zeke… Shingo. They’ve spoken about it and about missing their better half. Shingo missing his wife Dinah. Zeke missing his wife Luna and Daughter Zoey…

Pamela: There is something that may have slipped your mind. I would guess. Remember the Thanksgiving party that we went to at Megan’s house. Curtis’s Wife held the feast. Zeke mentioned something about going to Spira to Join up with his wife Luna and daughter Zoey. He also took Mary… the young girl with him. took two men with him as well plus someone else that they all knew. An old ally.

Sid: *Pauses* Wait. Wait a minute, Pamela… You mean to say that Zeke too is also in Spira too?

Pamela: That’s exactly what i’m saying. He is there too…


Radio: *Playing a special news bulletin* We interrupt our normal programming to bring you this breaking news outbreak. This just in from the Metropolis Astronomers institute. In one month… there is expected to be a Meteor shower predicted to hit Metropolis. It’s predicted to cover all of Metropolis and Spread over to Smallville. If you have any family in the town of Smallville… You are urged to warn them while you can. This meteor shower is predicted to leave a devastating path of disaster. All are advised to make arrangements and leave the city…

Sid: A Meteor Shower?! Here? How could that happen?

Pamela: The Astronomers are at the Observatory all day. All day and all night. If they’re saying that one’s gonna happen. One’s gonna happen.

Sid: That’s if they even read the monitors there right. You can’t just detect a Cosmic anomaly that just happens to be a month away before it just hits. No one can see that far into space and catch it. Alot of activity from space rarely gets picked up till it gets only a few miles or so away from Earth’s Atmosphere.

Pamela: Sid, Hon… there are a lot of things in space that no one will ever understand. The only thing we can do is just follow what we hear and just keep an opened mind. We don’t know if it’s gonna happen. For all we might know… it might not ever happen. It’s right now a guess. Whether it might happen… or whether it will not happen.

Sid: Look, Pamela… It isn’t that i don’t believe. It’s not like that at all… I am just saying that it isn’t very likely that the astronomers can see that far into space and just foretell what’s gonna come our way. It could be a Meteor shower. A Comet that happens to hit us. An Asteroid.

Pamela: Well… no one knows. But when it comes to them at the Institute or Observatory… we have to literally take what they release for the public to know. Because they’re the Star gazers. they get paid for it. sitting in that building all day… every day. All night… Every night.

A Minute later…

Sid: What about the part where you were gonna head off to where the others are? Heading off to Spira as you’ve said. How’re you gonna get there? You’ll need a portal or something. and Portals don’t just pop up and lay down the welcome mat.

Pamela: There’s one place that i know of that i can go for some answers and for a way to get to a portal.

Several customers overheard and started getting disturbed by the idea of portals being made…

Sid: Where are you planning to go?

Pamela: The Watchtower.

Sid: Okay… I get it… you are tied to the family of fighters who go and protect this city from dangers. I get it. I do. *Sighs* Look… Pamela… If you are really wanting to go and lend whatever hand you can… please do. But i really would wish that would be careful.

Pamela: I know. June… she’s gonna be coming with me…

Sid: …

In the far reach of Space…

Countdown till Meteor shower…

1 month… 12 hours… 30 Minutes…

Although back in Spira…

On Mt. Gagazet…

At the Cave section of the mountain…

Serena: Well… We’re finally in the cave… or cavern.

Annie: Yeah… But where’s the Exit?

Spencer: Don’t you mean… how far does this cave or cavern go?

Mary: *Looking up ahead* It’s dark. We’re gonna need some light.

Paul: One night light coming up. *Emitting some fire to brighten the area*

Amy: Let’s go. We got to find a way out of this cave. Make it to the other side… If there is one.

Clint: Let’s Look around.

June: *Sensing something close by* Be careful. There are enemy auras near.

Sapphire: We will have to risk it. We need to get to the other side of this cave and waiting here isn’t gonna get us there.

Luna: If you’re going along. then we all are… After the almost certain permanent loss of Zoey… I don’t trust anything about this world. I won’t put up with another possible loss.

Zeke: Neither will i. Not a chance.

Paige: I agree… I mean… the nightmare of almost losing one of you kids… that was enough to shake us. There is no way that we’re gonna look forward to having an encore performance.

Pearl: This is how it’ll be from now on… One of us will stay here in a group. but for our kids… we’re going with them.

Dinah: First thing’s first. Finding the first trial. This cave must be a trial of some kind and we’re gonna need to solve it somehow. So… Let’s get to it.

Zoey: But… Where exactly do we go?

June: We’re gonna have to split up into teams and search for the first trial.

Gabe: Don’t worry. We’ll clear the way. Fiends might come… but we’ll fire at them. There are no fiends that can withstand bullets from a rifle.

Heinz: Or an Ak47.

Zeke: Right. Gabe… you take the one path… Heinz… You take the other. If any fiends come near the kids… Put bullets through them.

Gabe: You got it. Heinz… Let’s move.

Trixie: I’ll look for the exit and wait for you all there.

Lulu: *Walking ahead*

They didn’t waste a minute more standing around… they made way to find the 1st trial. Then find the rest. It was gonna be a while to get through the cavern. It was twisting and turning. They didn’t have a map. So they had to take their luck… but by instinct and chance alone. The Rhapsody Romancers Z! let off for the 1st trial. Paige went with them as she was dead set in seeing that they were guarded. It wasn’t just them thought that went along. There was Wakka… and Kimahri. They were along the group. The others looked for other paths and thought about where there could have been another way out… But found nothing. There was only one way out… The only problem was… Where was it?

A Moment later…

The party comes to a flooded tunnel…

Annie: We might as well consider this as an ultimatum. We now have come to a flooded path. We are with no other way out of here.

Daria: We’re gonna need to do something.

Penny: And what do you think should happen?

Spencer: What else… we take another crack at this. This is another trial. We need to get through this trial. This tunnel though… Is flooded. It is very full of water. We’re gonna need swimmers. good swimmers.

Raven: Which would be who… exactly?

Serena: Raven… You and I. we can go… As well as Spencer. Blossom. You know how to swim… Right?

Curtis: Serena… she doesn’t know how to swim that good yet. Or… does she?

Blossom: I think that i can learn as i go. I gotta learn how to do it eventually, don’t I?

Serena: That’s right. Now is a good a time as any to start learning on how to swim. Spencer knows how to swim… He’s still a little sluggish… but he’s better than he was back around the beginning.

Spencer: Aw, gee… Thanks. And i love you too, cousin.

Clint: But how are we gonna be able to swim this thing?

Theodore: Well… We can always just Dive on in and take the plunge.

Daria: Has it been decided?

Serena: I think so. Raven and I will go… As will Spencer and Blossom. Rikku, Tidus and Wakka will be leading in the front. We’ll follow suit.

Tidus: *Grins*

Wakka: Looks like we got a job to do, ya?

Lulu: If anything should happen in the water, we’re relying on you three. If it gets dangerous, pull out quick.

Wakka: Right!

Yuna: Be careful, okay?

Serena: Don’t you worry about a thing. We’ll have their backs in the water. It’s gonna be okay. We’re not about to let anything happen to them. Not if we can help it…

A Moment later…

Near the Exit of the Tunnel…

June: This is the end of the Tunnel… or the last stretch.

Zoey: It is?

June: Yeah. I have been here once. before coming back to find you, Zoey. Although… my first time back with you… was seeing you unfortunately dead. Then brought back to life. But i checked this place out… It’s a little dangerous.

Paul: We can handle it. Now… can’t we?

Crystal: Yeah. We can. We can handle it.

Sora: *Looking at Carly* We’ve come time far. We can’t just turn back now… Besides that… it’s a long way down.

Carly: You’re right.

Sora: Let’s go on.

Auron: They’ll be upon us soon. She has sent fiends to test our summoner’s strength.

Yuna: Who is “she”?

Auron: Yunalesca.

Yuna: Lady Yunalesca?

Alice: Who… Who’s Lady Yunalesca?

Wakka: She’s the one who was said to have defeated Sin 1000 years ago. With her Lord Zaon. She’s the one that started the whole tradition which we’re gonna change.

Spencer: Somehow.

Auron: In Zanarkand, she awaits the arrival of the strongest.

Yuna: She…is still alive?

Auron: As much as Mika and Seymour.

Zoey: She’s an Unsent… isn’t she?

Auron: Yes.

Yuna: I see.

Auron: Lost your nerve?

Yuna: No. Nothing frightens me now.

Raven: You wanna bet on that one? I think that i hear a book club near by with my name on it… *Planning to make a run for it* See Ya!

Spencer: *Blocking Raven from leaving* Oh no you don’t, Raven. You’re gonna stay right here. You’re gonna stay and face it along with us. We’re all gonna face it. We didn’t come here and get this far just to cower and chicken out.

Annie: You’re right. Let’s go. We can’t back away now. We’re almost there. We’re closer to Zanarkand now. It’s only a little ways away. now…

Luna: And that means… soon… we’ll be meeting with the girl.

Zeke: What girl?

Zoey: It’s a long story, dad. You don’t want to know. Plus… i don’t think there’s enough time to get into what we know about the girl who is likely waiting for us inside Zanarkand.

Auron: Braska would be proud.

Yuna: Then…I must not let him down.

Auron: Aquamarine would be proud of you fighters.

June: *Nods*

Theodore: We should press ahead. We’re already close to the exit anyway… it’s just a straight path now.

Paige: Come on. We’re almost there.

It was without another second of waiting and thinking… or talking that the fighters and guardians as well as Yuna made their way onwards to the end of the cavern. The end of the cave however had a rather golden light glow. almost as if daylight was bleeding at the walls. Although… they were still a little ways away as they met across a couple dozen fiends. A few of them were behemoths. It was also including 6 Dark Flans, A couple Winged eyeballs Ahrimans… Some Grendel. Nidhogg… 4 of those… Even some Yowie. 6 of them.

Trixie: Don’t worry… I’ll take a handle on some of these.

Heinz: As will I.

Gabe: Me too…

Zoey: I guess that June and I will go for it as well…

Zeke: Zoey, Please… don’t.

Zoey: Why? I have to do something. I got these abilities. It’s a responsibility for me to answer to. If i don’t use the powers for things like this and defeat fiends and or villains… What’s the point in even having them?

Luna: *Can’t help but to Chuckle* Heh heh heh heh heh! She sounds like me when i used to be like that back in the day 18 years ago.

Zeke: Oh good god… You just never allow for it to die down… do you? *Grinning and chuckling in amusement*

Luna: Well… You know what they say… Sometimes you can break the chains from the past… Sometimes… you can’t. At least some of the past. My apparent superhero past back in those times… They were pretty strong. Powerful. But the cat tail… At first when i started losing it… I was freaked. But after thinking more about it. I don’t say that i will miss that tail. I am happy that it’s gone.

Zeke: Ha! Now that’s a good one. I must have heard that one before somewhere. However… Just seeing you happy is all that matters most of all.

Zoey: Which is why… we’re gonna do what’s right. June… let’s do it.

June: *Nods*

A second later…

Seconds later…

Zoey: *Posing and Chanting* Zoey Cosmic Power…


June: *Posing and Chanting* June Star power… Transform! *Transforming*

Zoey: *Glowing and covered by a white light and spinning; The pants turning into a skirt with a Pink and red Ribbon on the back and front* … *With a sparkle of light and stars the hair turning pink with two Pointed meatball buns on the sides; With a Pink crescent moon hair clip on the left side of her hair* … *The shoes changing into high heels Including high risen stockings with the crescent moon on them and her hands formed gloves on them one saying love and the other saying innocent; Then with a shining flash two Earrings appeared upon her ears with a weapon upholstered to her side; A Crescent moon Wand that turned into a moon wand scepter with a royal crown on the top and a glowing gem on top* …

As soon as she was fully transformed…

As soon as June was Fully Transformed…

Sailor June: *Posing*

Sailor Zoey: *Posing*

Heinz: *Ready to fire*

Gabe: *Ready to fire*

Trixie: *Summoning fire and collecting fire from within; Moving her
hands and creating a huge wall of fire; Using her mind to break the wall of fire and turning it into a million spikes of Fire; Falling down from the heavens; Launching it at (Yowie and Ahrimans)* Fiery Spikes of Heaven!

Heinz: *Firing at the fiends*

Sailor Zoey: *Firing an attack at Dark Flan* Moon Star Cosmic FLASH!

Sailor June: *Firing an attack at Dark Flan* Mercury Aqua Heart Jet FLASH!

Trixie: *Focusing her energy and transforming into (Arctic Mind) Copying the person’s Abilities, Voice and appearance* Aquatic Reflection!

Paige: That’s the appearance of Aunt Charlene…

Dinah: Whoa… That’s a fast one. I didn’t even know that she could do something like that.

Pearl: I don’t think that any of us knew.

Paige: But now that we know. We should be looking forward to seeing some sneaky moves.

Clint: Arctic Mind… Whoa! That’s Major.

Trixie: *As Arctic Mind due to her Aquatic Reflection* Let’s see these fiends freeze in their tracks. Some of them can shoot fire. But The snow will put the freeze to their fire parade marathon.

Heinz: *Grins*

A Second later…

Trixie/Charlene “Arctic Mind”: Let’s freeze these fiends and give them a new meaning to the phrase: “Winter Wonderland.”

Sailor June: *Nods*

Trixie/Charlene “Arctic Mind”: *Meditating and rising into the air; gathering the energy from the Arctic and holding her hands up; Chanting a spell that make the ground quake and open up spewing snow at a mach 5 speed “Ground quake with a mighty rumble…  Arctic snow from the arctic mountains… fill the cracks and the ruptured ground with arctic peril and frosty hell unleash with your might an Arctic Hell”; aiming at the target; Launching the attack at (Nidhogg) bombarding him/her with an Arctic hell* Arctic Apocalypse!

Sailor Zoey: *Launching an attack at the fiends* Moon Cosmic Hearts FLASH!

Sailor June: *Launching an attack at the fiends* Mercury Aquatic Symphony CONCERTO!

Heinz: Alot of the flying fiends are gone. So are the fire breathing fiends it seems, Boss.

Zeke: Good work.

Rikku: *Using a Arctic Wind on Dark Flan*

Wakka: *Using a Arctic Wind on Dark Flan*

Auron: *Using a Arctic Wind on Dark Flan*

Tidus: *Using a Arctic Wind on Dark Flan*

But the behemoths came at them and Used Heave on them and sent them crashing upon the ground. They smacked down against the ground and were knocked out for a second however that was when Crystal used Psybeam on the large sized fiends and ripped them apart. Paul jumped in and Sprinted fire at them. The Fiends were fried only seconds later as the burns were a direct hit. It was then that the fiends were all wiped out from view. The path was clear and opened again for them all. At least that was what they thought… But on the outside of the cave something was looming close to challenge them. What was it? Was it in fact one of the very fiends that were sent by Lady Yunalesca to test the strength of the Summoner? Would the fighters and guardians along with Yuna be able to fight it and defeat it? Was this the Temple Guardian that if beaten would allow passage to Zanarkand? What about back in Metropolis, Kansas? Was there really gonna be a foretold Meteor shower said to hit the city sometime in the near future? Would the city be prepared for it? What about the New addition to Watchtower… Would she have what it takes to handle her duties and be able to provide help and guidance for the new generation of fighters? Plus what she planning for them? She mentioned of how something that happened years ago which stained their names could be fixed… Was it true? Could it be possible? Was the girl really in Zanarkand… or was what Mrs. Teague said about the girl faking her death and lounging in hiding true? Find out in the next Chapter of the Adventures of the Rhapsody Girls Z! as the Saga continues…

It comes to greet them. To test them and challenge their might. Yunalesca to summoner: “If you can’t beat this temple Guardian… You won’t stand a chance against me.” A Couple more allies to come and join the fun and what’s this… Possibly Luna’s and Zeke’s older Daughters coming as well… With the returned Dr. Fate who is Richie Carlyle Rhapsody and including a possible change in history… Fights and shock. Thrill and a tear jerking moment in: ““Look out!” The Temple Gate keeper comes knocking at the Rhapsody Door.”


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