Chapter 164: The Summit and the Dream of the fayth.

(Rhapsody Aquatic Force Z! detect the end of the Son of Jecht soon to approach. A mind blowing surprise knocks on the clans door.)

Previously on the Adventures of the Rhapsody Girls Z!…

“Zoey: Seymour! What are you doing here?

Seymour: Ah, the son of Jecht. Daughter of Sailor Luna.

Tidus: Rikku, run ahead and tell Auron!

Zoey: *Gulps* Uh-oh! Rikku, Spencer, Sora… Carly… Go and tell Auron. We have company.

Blossom: *Growling at Seymour* You monster! Why can’t you leave us alone?

Rikku: You are not fighting him alone!

Sora: You can’t fight him alone… You’ll get creamed.

Carly: Don’t stay and fight. not alone. Let us help.

Spencer: Let’s all fight him.

Tidus: Just go! Go!

Zoey: *Looking back at the others* Get the others… Now! HURRY!

Rikku, Spencer, Sora and Carly suddenly run off to go and get the others…

Seymour: Now is your time to die. Prepare yourself, son of Jecht. Daughter of Sailor Luna.

Tidus: Not if I can help it!

Zoey: *Suddenly getting angry at Seymour* You’re talking about things you know nothing about. You don’t know my mother. You have no right to expose her past. You’re not a friend to her. You’re not a Rhapsody… But i’ll tell you what you are. You’re about to be Moon Dusted. Say hello to the Senshi of Love, Justice and defender of the Innocent, Sailor Zoey.

Seconds later…

Zoey: *Posing and Chanting* Zoey Cosmic Power… Make up! *Glowing and covered by a white light and spinning; The pants turning into a skirt with a Pink and red Ribbon on the back and front* … *With a sparkle of light and stars the hair turning pink with two Pointed meatball buns on the sides; With a Pink crescent moon hair clip on the left side of her hair* … *The shoes changing into high heels Including high risen stockings with the crescent moon on them and her hands formed gloves on them one saying love and the other saying innocent; Then with a shining flash two Earrings appeared upon her ears with a weapon upholstered to her side; A Crescent moon Wand that turned into a moon wand scepter with a royal crown on the top and a glowing gem on top* …

As soon as she was fully transformed…

Sailor Zoey: You want to play, Seymour? You’re not the only one who can play. You wreak havoc everywhere you go. All you do is harm the innocence. It’s malicious and underhanded. You keep coming back to inflict pain to the innocent. Well… this is where you leave this world. Since you won’t leave quietly… You’re gonna be forced to leave. *Posing* I am the senshi of Love and Justice and the defender of the innocent, Sailor Zoey. In the name of the Rhapsody clan… The guilty at heart will be punished.   And that means you… *Pointing at Seymour* You hope to find love here… Bad news. Love’s all run out. You won’t be getting any. this love is gonna send you away. on a one way ticket riding the Moon dusted express. Say Au revoir, Blue mop topped reject. *Firing an attack at Seymour* Moon hearts Cosmic Blast!

Blossom: *Turning mean and becoming Electrogal* …

Tidus: *Growling at Seymour*

The rest of the fighters and guardians along with Yuna suddenly rush back…

Kimahri: Save some for Kimahri!

Seymour: Lady Yuna, it is a pleasure.

Lulu: Yuna!

Yuna: *Nods and beginning to perform a sending towards Seymour*

Seymour: A sending, so soon?

Miss Thunder: You better believe that it is a sending. You’re lucky that Yuna wants to send your ass to the farplane. Because if it were us… we wouldn’t be sending you to the farplane. It would be to hell that we’d send you.

Seymour: Allow me to say something to the last Ronso before I leave.

Susie: *Confused* What are you talking about? Are you sick? You gonna try and plead temporary insanity?

Seymour: *Cackling* Yours was…truly a gallant race. They threw themselves at me to bar my path. One…after another… *Cackling*

Jack: You even killed the Ronso clan?

Black Canary: Okay… now we draw the line on this… Seymour is officially a psychotic sadistic tyrant.

Kimahri: No…

Yuna: Kimahri…

Seymour: You could end the suffering of this poor Ronso.

Blossom: *Suddenly explodes and starts emitting Electricity all over her body* … *Charging up and getting beyond red hot mad* Seymour… You son of a bitch. I am 10… not meant to see death and carnage… I have. Because of you. You make me sick. You make us all sick. If killing you means i give off my life… So be it. But this is the end… I WANT YOU GONE!!! GO TO HELL! GO TO HELL AND DON’T YOU EVER COME BACK, SEYMOUR! *Launching an attack and Charging at Seymour* Electrogal VOLTAGE STAMPEDE!!! *Shooting straight at Seymour and covered by electricity and Thunder charges* AHHHHHHH!!!!!! *Ramming into Seymour hard*

Sailor Zoey: Blossom! No! Don’t do it… *Cries out in dramatic desperation* BLOSSOM!!!!

Suddenly before a blink of an eye… Zoey glowed bright and felt her power increase…

Luna: Zoey!

Seymour: *Cackling*


Scene change…

“Seymour: To destroy–to heal–Spira, I will become Sin. Yes, with your help.


Seymour: Come with me, Yuna.

Blossom: NO!

Mary: Seymour, Leave my sister alone! LEAVE HER ALONE!

Seymour: Silence, Rhapsody Brat!

Sora: Make us!

Carly: Either put up or shut up! We beat you twice already… We’ll do it again.

Tidus: *Standing in front of Yuna*

Heinz: *With Gabe; Standing in front of Zoey* Don’t even think about it, Schwein. You’re not touching this young innocent girl.

Seymour: Once I have become the next Sin, your father will be freed again. and with you… Daughter of Sailor Luna… once you are dead… Sailor Luna… will have no choice but to awaken and come out. *Looking at Luna* I know who and what you are… prepare to say goodbye to your Daughter Zoey!

Tidus: *Growls while with a lowered head* …

Everyone stops and stares…

Mary: What’s he talking about?

Blossom: A tall tale. That’s what, sis. Seymour’s good at that.

Tidus: *Suddenly looking up and lashing out* What do you know?!


Zoey’s brooch then glowed and she fired a strong blast at Seymour as she charged towards him. The light from the moon wand scepter glowed…

Sailor Zoey: This is for my family… my friends… The fallen… the innocent people… FOR THE UNIVERSE!!!! *Shining the light brighter and releasing more power at Seymour* Ahhhhhhh!!!!!!”

Scene Change…

“Kimahri: You have angered Kimahri! The spirits of the Ronso will guide Kimahri’s spear!

Kimahri’s Strength rose up higher…

Seymour: Do you not want to heal Spira’s sorrow? Let death carry you off into peaceful slumber.

Yuna: You can’t run from your fate!

Yuna’s magic Defense Increased tenfold…

Seymour: Zoey, Why do you fight me? You are no threat to me. Just like your mother.

Sailor Zoey: Shut up, Seymour! My Mother was strong… and just because she’s not Sailor Luna anymore… it doesn’t mean anything. She’s still Luna. Still my mother. I Love her. I don’t care if she happened to be Sailor Luna again. It wouldn’t matter to me. She’s still be my mother. You want to bash my mother in front of me… good luck! EAT THIS! *Firing an attack at Seymour* Moon Star Cosmic FLASH!

Zeke: Heinz! Gabe! Shoot into my daughter’s attack. Combine your firepower with hers.

Heinz: Affirmative… Gabe, Let’s do it!

Gabe: Right!

Heinz & Gabe: *Lining up their Rifles with Zoey’s Moon wand scepter* Weapons ready! Aiming at target! *Looking at Zoey* Zoey. Attack again at Seymour. Don’t worry. We got your back. *Looking at Seymour* You’re about to be sorry, you impudent Schwein! Zoey’s the girl of the Pub back home. You want to test her… We’re about to show you how much of a mistake you’ve made.

Sailor Zoey: *Nods* Right! Here we go! On three. *Set to strike* One… Two… Three!

Heinz & Gabe: *With Sailor Zoey* Moon Star Cosmic Flash Rapid FIRE!!!

Mortiorchis: *Auto attack mode*

Seymour Flux: *Performing Cross Cleave on party*

Mary: *Ducking for cover* Oh god… Take cover!

Trixie: *Summoning fire and collecting fire from within; Moving her hands and creating a huge wall of fire; Using her mind to break the wall of fire and turning it into a million spikes of Fire; Falling down from the heavens; Launching it at (Seymour Flux)* Fiery Spikes of Heaven!

The Cross Cleave was a direct hit. It knocked Zoey out and knocked out the two men, Blossom, Mary, The Twins and left damage. to the rest of the party…

Luna: *Cries out in desperation and deep Emotion* NOOOOOO!!!!! ZOEY!!! *Running over to Zoey* Zoey… Zoey… *Kneeling to the side of Zoey and Picking her up* Zoey, Sweetie… Please wake up for momma. Please, Sweetie.

Zeke: *Walking over to Luna* Luna, Our daughter is in danger. This battle is gonna kill her if she goes on. We have to pull her out of the battle.

Sailor Zoey: *Weakly while coming to* You’ll do no such thing. I am not gonna cower. *Struggling and trying to get her strength back* I will not give up.

Rikku: *Walking over* Luna, Zeke… here. *Handing over a couple potions* Give Zoey these.

Zeke: What are these?

Rikku: Al Bhed potions. They heal 1000 HP on the user or the ones you toss them to. It also cures Poison, Petrification and Silence.

Zeke: *Smiles and Nods; accepting the potions* Thank you, Rikku.

Rikku: No Prob. Zoey’s a wonderful person. She’s also a very good friend of mines too.”


“Trixie then returned to normal and saw the fight go on. Seymour shot out with Flare on the guardians. Heinz and Gabe were there and firing at Seymour. They were not giving up. But things were bound to change. Seymour cast off a barrage of attacks. Lance of Atrophy… then Full-Life on a bunch of the fighters. And Zoey… She was fortunate to ward off all the attacks… at least the Lance of Atrophy. She was immune to the attack. But when the barrage of attacks were done… Some of the fighters were seen lying on the ground lifeless. It made her think about when the Tyrant that tried to rule the world 17 years ago and tried to terminate her family. That was what got her billowing mad. She grew mad and raised her temper to the state of white hot mad. Enraged… That’s what made her look right at Seymour with fury.

Trixie: *Turning into a Dragon as her Rage Builds up and bursts; Bellowing out with a Ferocious ear-pounding roar* RRRRRRRRRRRROOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!*Rising up with speed and Soaring around gaining speed; Roaring loud while gathering up more Fire inside her; Looking down at the target and locking on before Speeding back down and with aerial speed Looms at the target and with a mighty release; Creates a Fire storm and begins using her wings to blow the fire at Seymour Flux* Scorching Fiery WindStorm! *Grabbing Seymour Flux and Taking off with him; Shooting up into the sky high and Digging her Claws into him Circling around and Spinning her Wings fast and with Aerial precision before point down and at a mach 5 speed diving and Tossing Seymour Flux down with Force* … *Shooting fire at Seymour Flux and burning him with rage* DRAGON’S HELL!!! 

Miss Bliss: Whoa! guys… did you see that?

Sir Love: Yeah. Aunt Trixie just tore Seymour into a sack of old shredded metal.

Miss Thunder: That was really extreme.

Thunder Star: We had no idea that Aunt Trixie was seriously that ripped. That was vibrating with a punch. *Shivers* Wow!

Sailor Zoey: *Firing at Seymour* This is for harming the innocent.

Heinz: *Up and ready to fire*

Gabe: *With her weapon aimed right at Seymour*

Blossom: *Nods*

Mary: Blossom, Why not make a new move?

Blossom: A New move?

Mary: Something like a Pocket monster… but turning it around to be something that comes from you. Customizing a move.

Blossom: I can try that.

Curtis: Blossom, Mary… What are you two planning?

Sailor Zoey: Whatever it is… do it fast and soon. We need to beat Seymour before he uses that Total Annihilation technique. If he uses it… we’re all but down. That Cross Cleave was bad. But Total Annihilation will finish us for sure.

Jack: *Seeing Seymour prepare to launch another move* He’s gonna do it. He’s gonna do it again. Everyone Watch out!

Seymour Flux: *Preparing to Initiate Total Annihilation*

Pearl: Jack, Create an Ice Shield and Surround the kids. Surround them all.

Jack: You got it. Seymour got at the kids once. He’s not about to have the second round at them.

Miss Bliss: *Looking at the team* Team… Defense positions. Defense!

Miss Passion: *In defense*

Rhapsody Romancers Z! *With a Defensive pose; Forming up a force field*

Rhapsody Aquatic Force Z!: *With a Defensive pose; Forming up a force field*

Rhapsody Thunderic Force Z!: *With a Defensive pose; Forming up a force field*

Paul: *Fire Bending to create a force field to shield himself*

Crystal: *Creating a force field out of her Psychic ability*

Sora: *With Carly; Creating a force field*

Seymour Flux: *Performing his Signature move: Total Annihilation*

Sailor Zoey: *Running out in front of everyone and standing between Seymour and the fighters* …*Crying out* STOP IT! WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS?! SEYMOUR… WHY ARE YOU HURTING PEOPLE? YOU WERE HUMAN ONCE… YOU HAD FEELINGS AND HAD A WONDERFUL LIFE BEFORE YOU TOOK YOUR FATHER’S LIFE. WHAT TURNED YOU TO BRING SUCH PAIN TO THE INNOCENT? *Getting the full force of the attack*

Luna: *Seeing her Daughter taking the attack* NO!!!!! *Cries out* NO! My BABY!!! ZOEY!!!

Black Canary: *Unleashing a deadly Siren at Seymour*

Once the attack was done and the smoke cleared… Everyone stopped and looked to see Zoey… Lying on the ground… Not moving.

Luna and Zeke ran over and kneeled next to Zoey’s seemingly lifeless body and tried to wake her. Tried to shake through to their Daughter hoping to get through to her and get her to snap out of it. But there was no chance. None… No luck in getting a response. Blossom Looked at Zoey’s lifeless body and saw her Aunt Luna and Uncle Zeke sitting beside Zoey. She shed tears and ran over to Zoey and tried to get through…

Blossom: Zoey, Come on Cousin… Wake up. You gotta wake up Zoey. Don’t you die on us. We need you. You may be a Sailor Senshi and some of us will never understand why and how you got yourself into it. I managed to understand it. But the fact is that you’re our Cousin. Daughter to Luna and Zeke… Don’t leave them. They don’t want to lose you. None of us do.

Luna: *Grabbing her daughter and carrying Zoey with her husband Zeke; going ahead a ways* We’re gonna find a place to bury her. Our daughter is dead. *Crying and hugging her Daughter while walking on*

Zeke: Our only young daughter… is dead. *Looking back at the others* You kids… You better kill that Seymour. If your cousin Zoey means a thing at all to you… You will Avenge her. *In Agony* KILL SEYMOUR NOW! KILL HIM OR WE’RE THROUGH!

Thunder Star: Don’t you worry. We’re gonna fry his ass. Seymour killed an innocent young girl. Zoey may have been a senshi. but she was also most of all… family. Blood. Seymour killed her… Now… *Looking at Seymour with Rage* THAT SON OF A BITCH IS DEAD! I’M GONNA KILL SEYMOUR. *Charging at Seymour*

Mary: Blossom. Why not do a special attack?

Blossom: Yeah. Like what?

Mary: Something like… Wild Charge. You’re with Electrical power. Drawing in Electrical currents and shooting them out at targets. So… Wild Charge is where you Charge and you know… Ram into the target. But with the Charging… you get Electricity surrounding you and Inflict Paralysis on the target.

Blossom: What will i call it?

Mary: Electrogal Blitz!

Blossom: Hmm… i like the sound of that. Okay. I’ll try that.

Mary: Blossom, I Believe in you… Use your special attack. Electrogal Blitz!!

Blossom: *Charging up and Building up power in her legs as surges of Electricity flow through her and covering her all over; Electrical currents spreading all around before Exploding* AHHHHHH! ELECTRO….. GAL!!!!! *Charging at Seymour*”


“Miss Bliss: *With Angelic Bubble and Miss Thunder; commanding the teams* Come on team… Seymour is almost beat. he’s on his last final leg. We got 15,688 HP left. But if we can all attack with our overdrives and then with the Finishers… *As Angelic Bubble* As for you Guardians… You attack from both sides. Both sides and hit them hard. *As Miss Thunder* Zoey isn’t with us. She is dead. Seymour saw to that. So… When attacking Seymour… Think of Zoey. Avenge her and keep her memory alive. Doing the best and fighting hard to do what’s right. Plus to Avenge the Fallen Ronso Clansmen who gave their lives to protect us all from Seymour.

Lulu: You’re right. This will be for Zoey and the Ronso.

Wakka: For Zoey and the Ronso.

Rikku: For Zoey and the Ronso.

Auron: For Zoey and the Ronso.

Kimahri: For Zoey and the Ronso.

Tidus: For Zoey and the Ronso.

Yuna: For Zoey and the Ronso.

Heinz/Gabe/Trixie/Mary/Black Canary/Annie/Paige,Pearl and Dinah: For Zoey and the Ronso!

Seymour Flux: Zoey is dead. Girls who talk to cats and turn into senshi’s are not welcomed in Spira. I have done Spira a service.

Thunder Star: Yeah. And also killed the heart of Luna and Zeke. But We’re gonna fry your ass. You’re dead, Seymour. YOU GOT THAT, SEYMOUR?! DEAD!”

Where the adventures last left off…

“As they prepared to Set her down on the ground so they could start digging a hole and placing Zoey inside it… They looked back at all the memories that they’ve had with her. All the memories that they ever made with her and saw with the family. how things were so peaceful… happy and calm. But what they didn’t realize was the tears they were shedding fell on Zoey. Their tears of dedicated love. Maternal love, Motherly love and complete strong emotion. Fatherly love. Sincere heartfelt emotion. The strongest love for their Daughter Zoey…It hit right on Zoey’s Transformation brooch and right on into her stomach. But it miraculously traveled into Zoey’s heart. Zoey’s body started to faintly glow at first as it got into her. The love and the parental embrace with the combined tears and the energy that mysteriously came from Zoey’s Transformation brooch it united as one and flowed into Zoey’s body. Pulsing into her with energy and strength…

Luna and Zeke only stood there and watched as they then saw Zoey’s body glow and shine bright. It tore open the clouds and peeled them away as the light shined with energy through Zoey. Luna and Zeke gasped as it happened. It was mysterious. But it took no surprise to them as they believed that something was gonna happen. It happened to however catch the attention of the clan nearby as they saw the flash of light and the bright glow.

Zeke: *Taken by disbelief and mystery* What is going on? What is going on here? Zoey is being levitated by this white light. the bright white and golden light.

Luna: Something is going on.

Zeke: *Watching the light levitate Zoey’s lifeless body* Oh my god.

It was moments later when the light faded and Zoey’s body was back on the ground and showing no movement. However as they watched Zoey showing no additional movement…

A girl came from behind. She wore a creamy blue shirt and a Blue mini-skirt with a yellow ribbon. She had a couple miniature little make-up cases that were pocket sized. (Aside from How Luna was with a cat like tail sticking from the back when she used to be a senshi and a cat like human girl.)

Girl: *Walking over* Hey guys… What’s up?

Luna: *Looking at the Mysterious girl* Watching Zoey’s body glowing mysteriously. It just started about a moment ago and it’s still going on.

Girl: Really? Any idea what caused it?

Zeke: Not sure. We don’t really know.


Zeke: *Stopping and quickly turning to see a mysterious girl* Wha- wh- who are you? Do we know you?

Girl: Oh… Me? I’m June.

Luna: June? I know someone named June. But she was June Mitchell now June Parker.

Zeke: You have a last name?

June: No. I don’t think so. I know that my first name is June. That’s what i know. Plus… i am also a Sailor Senshi too… Not sure about a last name though.

Luna: Why not?

June: Never had one. At least that’s what Queen Serenity told me. Not sure why. But i am from the moon. The Moon Kingdom. At least i would be if i were a cat. And i was.

Zeke: The Moon Kingdom? Are you serious?

June: Yes. *Looking at Zoey* What happened to Zoey?

Luna: She’s dead. Seymour killed her.

June: *Stammering* Seymour?! S-s-s-s-s-seymour…. G-g-g-g-g-g-guado Killed Zoey Rhapsody? Killed S-s-s-s-s-sailor Z-z-z-z-z-zoey?

Zeke: It’s true. Sorry to say. But… She’s dead. We are staying in Spira, With Zoey dead… we can never go back home to Metropolis.

June: Why?

Luna: Because when we came to Spira… or when I came… Zoey was alive. But now she’s dead. We can’t very well come here with Zoey Alive then leave here without her. People would be asking endless questions. Wondering what happened.

June: Oh that… *Shaking her head* That’s a problem.

But that was when…

Zoey’s body came alive and sat up…




Zoey: *Waking up fast and freaking out after coming back to life* Wh-wh-wh-wh-where am I? What happened? What’s going on? *Looking at both sides* What is this place?

Luna: *Looking at her Daughter back alive again* Zoey?! *Seeing her daughter freak out* Zoey… Zoey, Sweetie… Calm down. *Walking over to Zoey and kneeling down before her; Hugging Zoey* Calm down. It’s okay. Honey, It’s gonna be alright. It’s gonna be alright.

Zeke: You’re in Spira, Princess… This is Spira.

Zoey: *Not understanding so well* Spira?! What do you mean that i am in Spira? Where is Spira? How did i get here?

Luna: You got here through a portal. as did i.

Zoey: *Trying to remember* I think i remember something about a portal. But i don’t remember who else was with us.

Luna: There are others here too. Your cousins, Aunts and Uncles.

June: *Worried* She must have amnesia. She doesn’t seem to remember much. I think that the moments long deep deep sleep broke apart some of her memory and she is seeming to be unable to remember anything about this world.

Zoey: *Looking to see a unfamiliar girl near* Who are you?

June: I’m June. Zoey, I’m June. Your personal friend. Guide. I used to be a Cat.

Zoey: A Cat. *Remembering and recalling something* You came… from Queen Serenity…

June: Yeah. She won’t be too open about my being a human… but in spirit of someone who used to be a cat 19 years ago… then for 3-4 say years being a cat like girl but with the knack for humanity… I think that the Queen can figure that since she pulled it off… i might be more open to it too… Besides the girl became all human. We know who that is too… *Looking at Luna* You. Luna you are all human now… been for years. But your originality was that of a cat. However… back at the Moon Kingdom… You’re a Legend. A dire legend. Both you and Artemis Aino. Queen Serenity told me of all the things you’ve done. Serving her well… Protecting her daughter Princess Serenity. Guiding her daughter and the 4 sailors that aided the Princess. You were a dedicated adviser. I have to say though… that i am inspired. by what you’ve done. I really am.

Luna: *Blushes* Oh dear… June… You’re making this old girl blush.

Zoey: And i think that i am gonna faint. I still feel really woozy and a little weak. I was out of it. I’ve had this awful dream. Dreamt that i was dead. But why would i dream that? I don’t understand how that’s possible.

June: It must have been a deep deep sleep. It’s one of the defense moves that sailor senshi’s can use. However it happens to last for about a few moments or so. Long moments.

Zoey: *Looking down and scared* I had the most frightening nightmare. It was a really terrible dream. I dreamt that i was…. d-d-d-d-d-dead. *Looking up at her mom* Mom, Was i really in a deep sleep?

June: You were. Zoey, It’s gonna be alright. You’re safe now and alive. It wasn’t your time to die. It never will be. We won’t allow it.

Zoey: June, Don’t get me sounding ungrateful… but why am i alive? I remember getting in the middle of the fatal attack. I remember that i was trying to ward off the attack that was aimed for the others. And before i blacked out… I could hear screaming…

Zoey flashes back…

“NO! My BABY!!! ZOEY!!!”

Luna: That was me. I was screaming for you.

Zoey: *Not believing what’s being said* No… That’s not possible. You weren’t even on the battle field. You were on the sidelines watching. Plus… most of that was blocked out by the sounds of the attack that was done. Which… nailed me.

Zeke: True… true. It’s true… that most of it got drowned out. But your mother did call out to you. She cried out to you, Zoey.

Luna: *Nods*

June: She must have been near by the battle field if she managed to do something like call out to you. Zoey, You need help remembering. I am a sailor senshi like you are…


June: *Posing* June Star power… Transform! *Transforming*

Within seconds…

Sailor June: *Posing* I am the Senshi of Wisdom, Love and the defender of truth Sailor June. In the name of the Moon… The presence of Evil will no longer be welcome…

Zoey: Sailor June? *Understanding* So you’re a fighter too?

Sailor June: Yes i am. I am a senshi as you are, Zoey. You were bestowed the powers of the senshi from the day you were born. As it was made dormant for the one before you… it was laid to slumber. But when you were born… it came alive and bestowed all of its power to you. The sensory of energy. Aura detection capabilities. You for 9 years of your life… never knew of this as it was to be kept a secret till you were believed to be ready. However when you had that slip up in school not too long ago. It made things all too clear. You were destined to be a sailor. Your path was chosen.

Zoey: You mean that i was fated for this path, was i?

Sailor June: Yes. Yes you were.

Zoey: So you’re a fighter… my guide.

Seconds later…

Heinz: *Walking over along with the whole gang* Zoey… You’re alive? Ach tu Lieben! How are you alive? We saw Seymour kill you. You were killed by Seymour.

Gabe: Way to go with the Subtle approach, Heinz. But yeah… that is right. You died. Seymour killed you.

Heinz: I am not saying that it’s impossible. But it’s just astonishing.

Paige: *Surprised and thankful* It’s great to see you back alive though.

Pearl: Right. We missed you, sweetie.

Dinah: You sure managed to give us a bit of a scare though. We all thought that you bit the dust and were forever gone like the wind.

Curtis: Although none of us wanted to truly believe that you were really gone. We played it in our minds that you were just put into a deep deep sleep. Just to keep us from really losing it even though we all knew what we saw…

Curtis Flashes back…

“Seymour Flux: *Performing his Signature move: Total Annihilation*

Sailor Zoey: *Running out in front of everyone and standing between Seymour and the fighters* …*Crying out* STOP IT! WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS?! SEYMOUR… WHY ARE YOU HURTING PEOPLE? YOU WERE HUMAN ONCE… YOU HAD FEELINGS AND HAD A WONDERFUL LIFE BEFORE YOU TOOK YOUR FATHER’S LIFE. WHAT TURNED YOU TO BRING SUCH PAIN TO THE INNOCENT? *Getting the full force of the attack*

Luna: *Seeing her Daughter taking the attack* NO!!!!! *Cries out* NO! My BABY!!! ZOEY!!!

Black Canary: *Unleashing a deadly Siren at Seymour*

Once the attack was done and the smoke cleared… Everyone stopped and looked to see Zoey… Lying on the ground… Not moving.

Luna and Zeke ran over and kneeled next to Zoey’s seemingly lifeless body and tried to wake her. Tried to shake through to their Daughter hoping to get through to her and get her to snap out of it. But there was no chance. None… No luck in getting a response.”

Curtis: We saw you sacrifice your life to save everyone. Zoey, You did a monumental thing. A great thing. But you really didn’t need to do it. We all would have gladly taken the lumps.

Alice: You giving your life like that was huge. Courageous.

Mary: Zoey, You’re amazing.

Zoey: Do you guys think that i was brought back from the dead as a reward for sacrificing my life for others?

Curtis: Yeah. It had to be that.

Blossom: *Walking over to Zoey and surprisingly landing a slap to her* Don’t you ever do that again. Not ever.

All: *Gasps*

Zoey: Ouch! Blossom, what was that for?

Blossom: *Hugging Zoey* I’m sorry. I am shocked and so relieved to see you back… But… You risked your life and got yourself killed. I was worried sick about you. *Pulling away a bit and Looking at Zoey with Sincerity* Zoey, You’re my best friend. The idea that you were dead… made me feel as if i lost my only close friend.

Mary: Hey… What about me? Aren’t i your friend, Blossom?

Blossom: Yes you are… But you’re not with powers. Zoey is. She and i understand each other with powers that we don’t really understand. But you’ll always be my best friend in a sister. Zoey’s my best friend in a Cousin… Hero and someone that i can share certain things with. Knowing that she’d always understand.

Mary: *Smiles*

Zoey: I’m sorry, Blossom. I didn’t mean to get myself killed. I just didn’t want Seymour to kill anyone. I thought that if i were to ward off the attack… if i were to get in the middle and ward off what Seymour was attempting to do… it’d spare you guys. Save you guys.

Zoey remembers what happened…

“Seymour Flux: *Performing his Signature move: Total Annihilation*

Sailor Zoey: *Running out in front of everyone and standing between Seymour and the fighters* …*Crying out* STOP IT! WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS?! SEYMOUR… WHY ARE YOU HURTING PEOPLE? YOU WERE HUMAN ONCE… YOU HAD FEELINGS AND HAD A WONDERFUL LIFE BEFORE YOU TOOK YOUR FATHER’S LIFE. WHAT TURNED YOU TO BRING SUCH PAIN TO THE INNOCENT? *Getting the full force of the attack*

Luna: *Seeing her Daughter taking the attack* NO!!!!! *Cries out* NO! My BABY!!! ZOEY!!!

Black Canary: *Unleashing a deadly Siren at Seymour*”

Zoey: He was also after me. Not just Tidus. He was after me. And had a thing against my mother. Mom… He was planning to kill me to get to you. He knew that if he got to me… killed me… He’d be able to get to you easily as you had no powers of your own. Figuring that you wouldn’t be able to fight him off.

Luna: How are you figuring that, Zoey?

Zoey: How am i not?

Wakka: You might be just imagining things and just thought that he was gonna be after her, ya.

Lulu: What doesn’t make sense is that… why would Seymour be after your mother, Zoey?

Zoey: Lulu… How could he not? Sailor senshi’s are obviously threats to Spira. As much as i or everyone here would like to speak of him as psychotic… there is a germ of truth to what he says. Think about it… Before we came to spira. There were no such presence of a sailor Senshi walking among the populated parts of land in Spira. Then we come and there is. Me. My mother used to be a Senshi 16-17 years ago. But then when that part was all done and over… it was meant to be all gone. Then i get born and for 6 of my life… i was seen as normal. Normal and with no extra power that could not be explained. Then when i was 6-7 years old…i start to feel things that are not so normal. Power that i can’t understand. At first… i was scared and taken by surprise… Then before we all came to Spira… i started having episodes of extra energy. Showing signs of it. Then in school a week before our Journey to Spira. I let out my Senshi form out for all to see… I was scared then. Afraid that everyone would mock me. Tease me.  I don’t like the teasing part. I feel like an outside in school just because i am a senshi. I could always go for home schooling. But it might be a bit of a problem. Who’d stay and teach me? No one. *Sighs* we come to Spira and at first there were no personal or deliberate attacks at me… then… since the second round of Seymour… till now i was in Danger’s radar. Recently i died. I was killed off. Then i get resurrected. I get brought back to life. And for what?  *In mental pain* So i can relive it again and be one to get myself killed… Again?!

Serena: Zoey… You are not gonna deny yourself life. Not again. Zoey… There is no conspiracy going on towards Senshi’s. Senshi’s are not threats. It’s called Seymour is an asshole. Yevon is threatened by anything or anyone that tend to question its archaic traditions. One being where a summoner goes off to die to bring the calm to all of Spira. for 10. But gets killed by the final Summoning.

Raven: That’s right. You are not the constant target. Just because you died twice. it doesn’t mean that you’re the target in the never-ending ongoing strain of vengeance. It is bad luck. That’s all.

Sailor June: That is not the case. The fact is that Zoey could be in danger. There is belief that another attack could come at her… at any time. Not to forget come at the Summoner. There is danger coming.

Zoey: See? Am i really in confusion now?

Alice: …

Sora: Zoey, There isn’t any danger coming to you. You’re gonna be fine.

Carly: Of course. Plus… we’re here. You’re safe.

Wakka: That’s right. You’re safe now. That rotten son of a shoopuf maester Seymour isn’t gonna be getting his greasy hands on you again, ya?

Auron: Important thing is that you’re back alive and with the ones who love you. That’s the main thing.

Zoey: *Sighs*

Kimahri: Zoey, Welcome back.

Zoey: Thank you, Kimahri. *Smiles*

Crystal: *Getting a psychic vision* Zoey, You mentioned something about how you stood between everyone and Seymour. Taking the attack. But…

Zoey: What… Something wrong?

Crystal: The attack was meant for you. So you didn’t ward it off. You took the attack.

Zoey: How could i have done that if it were meant for me?

Crystal: Maybe it’s because you didn’t know that it was meant for you. Seymour was after you. He was gonna nail you.

Susie: That’s right. We forgot about the last time we all went against Seymour. Seymour went for all of us… was shooting for Raven… But for some shocking or mysterious reason… shooting for Zoey. He didn’t aim for her. But attacking us all the way that he had for round 2… might have been a warning to her.

Luna: A Warning? *Defensive* What do you mean… a Warning? What kind of Warning are you talking about?

Zeke: Okay… You know what? *not amused* Stop on that… right now. There is no conspiracy. There is nothing more about what Seymour did. Zoey is not the center of a conspiracy. There is no conspiracy.

Luna: No… Zeke, Hon… There might be something about this warning. What kind of Warning was it?

Alice: *Suddenly Channeling Seymour* “The Presence of Sailor senshi disrupts the order of all Spira. Spira and Yevon are suffering by the putrid girl who can talk to a cat. Zoey is the threat that must be eradicated. This is a warning to the Girl Zoey and to her mother. Leave Spira. Or your friends will perish. All hope shall be lost.”

Zeke: *Pauses* What… Did you really have to say that or channel him?

Luna: We got to leave Spira. We have to leave.

Zoey: But mom…

Luna: *Snaps* Zoey… Enough. That is enough. That warning is a dire threat to you and me. We need to go back home. Now. I Lost you once. I’m not gonna lose you again. Neither is your father.

Sailor June: She won’t be lost to you guys. Not with me here… Sailor Zoey will be okay. I am here to aid.

Heinz: As am I.

Gabe: That includes me.

Amy: We all will. That’s what family is for. To stand up for one another. To be there for one another when they are in need of help. Coming to aid the ones who are in need of it the most. Providing them with a reason to keep going and give them a leg up.

Luna: Maybe so… But If i had to choose between letting her embrace the Duties of being a sailor Senshi and thereby getting herself killed and pulling her out of it; shield her from the danger and enforce a life of being just normal which will keep her out of harm’s way. I’d choose the pulling her out the dangerous path and thereby keep her normal and safe. Making sure that she doesn’t get hurt ever again.

Zeke: Same here.

Sailor June: You’re stopping her from her duties. That’s the worst thing one can do. Stopping fate.

Sapphire: *Looking to see a new girl* Hello there… Who might you be?

Sailor June: Oh… Right now i am in my hero form… Known as the Senshi of Wisdom, Love and the defender of truth Sailor June. But in normal girl form… I am Just June.

Annie: How are you able to be a Human, June? The last time we saw you… you were a cat. There is no way that you could be a cat that could turn into a human… That is just not possible.

Clint: Unless…

Daria: What about the fact that the cat we saw around Zoey for a while was June? She had a crescent moon on her fore head. That she was from the moon Kingdom. As it came out… The girl could be… her.

Theodore: How is that possible? How could she be the same June that was a cat?

Sailor June: Because i am the same. I am June. I’m from the Moon Kingdom.

Serena: Prove it.

Sailor June: I’ll do one better. I’ll show you… *Pulling out her communications device* This is from the Moon Kingdom itself. It works in two ways. I can use it as a phone and call the Queen. I can also use it as a Hologram transmission transceiver. Where i can get call by hologram. The Queen can appear on it and present herself. Zoey, You have one too… Although i don’t think that you happen to use yours much.

Rikku: And you just happen to know Zoey because…?

Sailor June: of her mother. Her mother happens to be a legend back at the Moon Kingdom. for the things that she had done back then… years ago. A Decade and a half. Almost 2 decades.

Rikku: How did you become… human?

Sailor June: By being bathed in the light that came from Zoey…

June flashes back…

“The attack hits Luna as she was in the path of the attack…

Luna: *Flying back* Ahhhh! *Hitting the ground*

Sailor Zoey: *Gasps* Mom! *Running over to her mother and Kneeling before her* Mom, you okay?

Luna: *Knocked out a little* …. *raspy voiced* Yeah. I’m okay. I’m gonna be okay.

Sailor Zoey: That attack. Why did you jump in the middle and take that attack? You could have been killed.

Luna: A price that i’d gladly pay. for the safety of my kids. for you. Zoey. You’re a senshi… but still my daughter. That will always come first. Always.

Sailor Zoey: *With a tear in her eye and upset* Mom…

What happened next… No one could explain. No one could describe it. No one. A tear fell down from Zoey’s left cheek and hit her brooch which caused it to glow and before anyone could blink… Bright light shined throughout the gorge and the calm lands. Zoey was able to heal the injured with that light shining brightly. She had the light shine on her mother and heal her. It was then that the light shined on and surrounding June. Bathing her in the bright light. Lulu and Wakka looked at the act and stood in shock as they could not gather what was going on… Or what was causing for Zoey to shine like that. No one could explain it. No one knew what was doing it.”

Sailor June: The bright light that came from Zoey surrounded me and flowed through me like a mass of pure energy. It was enough to grant me the power to be human. It’s something that Queen Serenity passed as a favor. Something to try out as since the complete human living was tried for a long time By a couple others back then. She decided to allow for it to continue. However… by time i reach 15… I will have to relinquish the powers of the Senshi as i used to be from the moon and a cat but now a human. But the only plus side for that is that i’ll be able to keep the knowhow and the smarts. some of the resources that will help with guiding through any dangers that may come.

Dinah: Kinda sounds like you’re getting more of the sweeter end of the deal. When Luna first became human… All human back at that time… She had to relinquish all the power. even the knowhow and the resources. All of it. However… She made the best of it and came out making her own path.

Sailor June: I know. Queen Serenity told me that once. She said that all Moon inhabitants that become all human go through the changes differently. Some lose all the powers. Some only lose the superhero parts yet keep the Know how and the retain still the resources that could help others still. Not all inhabitants are the same. Wish they were… but they’re sadly not…

A Minute later…

June returned to normal and looked at them. She was curious as to where everyone was heading to next…

June: So… Where are you guys heading?

Auron: To Zanarkand. We need to pass the Summit of the mountain.

Luna: It’s likely to be dangerous up ahead.

Blossom: What do we do? We can’t just stay here… Besides… the longer we wait… the more uncertain things would become. Plus… we all know that the lady in Zanarkand… isn’t gonna just stick by the ruins and just wait forever.

Susie: How might you know that?

June: I don’t think that it matters how she knows that… But i think that there is a bit of danger up ahead. When i became all human or rather in human form… i knew that sometime soon… Eventually you and Zoey would be reaching the cave portion of this Mountain. I went inside of it and did some looking around and from what i managed to detect… There was a lot of energy being left in the cave. The cavern actually and it left 4 paths. 4 paths that lead to different directions.

Auron: Are you certain?

June: I am. There is also a strong enemy presence in the center of the cavern. at the end of the cave. I detected it while looking around. I wanted to be near with Zoey while you met with the barricade of Ronso. Especially the Elder Ronso. How did it go?

Luna: It went pretty well…

Annie: We had to spill out our guts a little. But were allowed through.

Clint: Then we have to face Biran and Yenke. Faced them. And they swore that all the Ronso there would beat the creature and threats following behind. and Kimahri beating those before us.

June: Great work, Kimahri. It seems that you’ve all got here in one piece.

Zoey: Except for my almost permanent ride to the afterlife. I am still scared about that.

It was then that with all that considered and things starting to make some sense once again… with things looking a little better and knowing that they had to make way again getting closer to Zanarkand… They pressed on.

A Minute later…

Yuna: Wow!

The fighters and guardians including the Allies and even the Summoner reach a cliff that’s studded with thousands of fayth. Not to forget also a weird column of water rising up…

Wakka: Wh-What are those?

Yuna: Those are fayth. A summoning! Someone is using these fayth! Someone is drawing energy from all of them!

Rikku: This many?

Serena: You’re not trying to pull our rope here on this… are you?

Sapphire: This sounds more like a pot shot at the Science fiction angle.

Lulu: Who wields power on this scale, and what could they be calling?

Sora: Good question. Who would be calling someone or something… using this many to just… Summon?

Carly: And why? There must be a reason for it somewhere.

Mary: There has to be an energy source coming from somewhere.

June: With this many fayth being called. This many summonings. *Detecting a strong energy flowing from the column of water* The fayth are at work here. It’s powerful. Really powerful. There’s strong auras forming.

Zoey: *sensing strong energy emitting through the column of water and through the side of the hill* I sense it too… I don’t think that i am liking the sound of what’s here.

Rikku: *To Auron* Hey, you know something, don’t you? Spill the beans!

Auron: Look not to others for knowledge. This is your journey, too.

Rikku: Yunie might die, you know?

Tidus: No… Auron’s right.

Rikku: Huh?

Tidus: This is our… This is my story. *Suddenly Going up to the wall and touching it* Whoa! *Suddenly getting pulled in*

Zoey: *Gasps* Tidus!

June: Zoey… Let’s go inside there.

Zoey: can we get in?

June: Not by ourselves… But… Together… we can.

Luna: Zoey, No! Don’t.

Zoey: Don’t worry about it mom… We’ll be okay. You know that i am only a kid. But when you’re a senshi and have power… then see something that needs your attention. It’s when you have to think of it like this: “A Senshi’s gotta do… what a Senshi’s gotta do.” June… Let’s do it.

Suddenly Zoey and June combine powers and Jump into the wall….

Tidus wakes up on the dock of his houseboat…

Zoey and June were close by… They too suddenly woke up and looked around to see that they were in Zanarkand… as it looked 1000 years ago.

Tidus: Eh?

Zoey: *To June* June,  Where are we?

June: I think that we’re in Zanarkand. This is how it looked back then in the past.

Zoey: You know about this place, June?

June: I do. Remember… Queen Serenity has knowledge revolving everything. She might not have all the pieces… But she’s got the data that is most helpful on everything.

Zoey: *Noticing Tidus going inside a boat house* We’re on a houseboat. He just went inside that house.

June: Let’s go follow him. See what’s going on.

Zoey: Yeah.

Tidus Enters the boathouse and Immediately finds his own room. Zoey and June follow him and wind up right along in the same room as Tidus.  Zoey and June only managed to stop and turn when a Creepy Little Kid appeared.


Creepy Kid: Welcome home.

Tidus: You…

Zoey: We know you… don’t we? My cousins Blossom, Raven and Serena saw you. told us that you were inside the Chamber of the fayth.

Creepy Kid: Remember me? We met in Bevelle.

Tidus: Uh…Yeah.

Zoey: We remember.

June: You must be the fayth for the Aeon Bahamut.

Zoey: Yeah… that’s right. We got to see the Aeon Bahamut. But… *Gasps* No… I saw you back when my family and i first came to Spira.

Creepy Kid: But that wasn’t the first time we met. I’ve known about you for a long time. A long, long time. And yes, Zoey… You’re right. We have all first met back at the beginning when you’ve first came to Spira. I have known about you and your family… for a very long time. I have been following up on your family for a while.

Tidus: I…I feel like I know you, too. Where are we?

Creepy Kid: *Chuckles* Silly, don’t recognize your own home?

Zoey: My family and i are from Metropolis Kansas.

Creepy Kid: Yes. I know. When all this is over… you and your family will be back in your home world again. Where things make sense to you. In this world… it’s been one obstacle after another. one issue after another. trying to make sense of everything. You are also here to reunite with the girl that your family knew back a decade ago.

The Creepy kid then vanished and left it open for ghostly images of Wakka and Rikku to appear. Images of Luna, Zeke, Blossom and Serena started to appear as well… Almost at the same exact time as the Images of Wakka and Rikku appeared…

Wakka: What’s gotten into you? Hey!

Rikku: Wake up! Wake up!

Luna: Zoey, Please… Sweetie. Wake up.

Blossom: Don’t be going into a deep sleep again. You might not be able to wake up. Snap out of it.

Zeke: Princess… Please snap out of it.

Serena: This is just illusion. Can’t you tell?

Tidus: Wait…this is a dream.

Zoey: We’re dreaming?

Creepy Kid: *Runs back in* Precisely.

Tidus: A dream? Are you crazy? I don’t have time to be dreaming now!

June: We don’t have the free time to be dreaming.

Zoey: We’re not dreaming… are we? Are we… still awake?

Creepy Kid: You’re wrong. It’s not that you’re dreaming. You are a dream.

Tidus: Huh? Wait a sec.

Zoey: We’re dreams? Or are you talking about the Star Blitzball player?

Creepy Kid: The Star Blitzball player is the dream. Just as much as his father is.

That was when the Creepy Little Kid ran outside. Zoey and June were rather confused and not understanding. June understood more and felt that the Kid may be one to enlighten them about what’s really going on. Tidus found him up on the upper deck….

Creepy Kid: Long ago, there was a war.

Tidus: Yeah, with machina, right?

Creepy Kid: Yes. A war between Zanarkand and Bevelle. Bevelle’s machina assured their victory from the start. Spira had never seen such power. The summoners of Zanarkand didn’t stand a chance. Zanarkand was doomed to oblivion. That’s why we tried to save it–if only in a memory.

Zoey: This is all a memory?

June: How could you gather power to create all this in just one dream?

Tidus: What did you do?

Creepy Kid: The remaining summoners and the townspeople that survived the war… They all became fayth– fayth for the summoning.

Zoey: All of them? Wait… Would the lady… Belgemine be one of them?

Creepy Kid: No. She died many years after the Machina wars have ended. Before the time when High Summoner Lord Braska went and defeated Sin which brought the calm.

Tidus: The summoning… You mean Sin?

June: Would it have been Sin?

Creepy Kid: No. I mean this place. A Zanarkand that never sleeps.

Tidus: What?

Zoey: Oh… You mean like… New York City. That city is also one that never sleeps. Day… or night. Same as for Metropolis.

Creepy Kid: That’s correct. The dreams of the fayth summoned the memories of the city. They summoned all the buildings, all the people who lived there.

Tidus: The people… What, they’re all dreams? Me, too?

Creepy Kid: Yes, you’re a dream of the fayth. You, your father, your mother, everyone. All dreams. And if the fayth stop dreaming…

Within seconds Zoey and June watched the view as they spectated as Zanarkand vanished before their very eyes; all that was left before them was nothing other than just melted bits of dock and houseboat…

Tidus: No! So what if I’m a dream! I…I like being here.

Zoey: There is something that i don’t really understand. You said that Tidus… his father, and mother were all dreams. But…

June: Bahamut… She’s not trying to question you. She’s just wondering… If they’re all dreams… Then what happens when you and the rest of the fayth happen to cease on the dreaming?

Zoey: Do they all fade? Would that mean just that Tidus would cease to exist?

Creepy Kid: That is correct, Zoey. We’ve been dreaming so long…we’re tired. Would Tidus and his father… Would they let us rest? Both him and his father have been touched by Sin. Sin, the one whom all Spira–the spiral–revolves.

Zoey: Sin is Jecht though. He became Sin. Became Sin after he became the final Aeon for Lord Braska.

Tidus: What are you saying?

Creepy Kid: You two are more than just dreams now.

June: They’re living breathing beings. Aren’t they?

Zoey: What are they gonna do now? If they’re dreams… Does that mean that they’re only living half of a life?

Yuna: *fleeting image* Wake up! Wake up, please!

Creepy Kid: Just a little more, and maybe… Maybe he’ll be the dream that will end our dreaming at last. And you as well as your family will be free from this world. Going back to your own. Your departed member Aquamarine has left your world and all her memories and thoughts were reconfigured. Resurrecting her back into the human that she once was. Back then before her memories and thoughts were configured. She was known to your family as a hero. One known as Love girl. But when she died of a broken heart… Her physical body on your world… left the realm of walking among the human race. But her spirit went to the spirit world and her spirit somewhere got broken up into pieces and pyreflies concealing all of her thoughts and memories. putting them together into a new human being. Resurrecting the girl that left the world that she once knew… to this world. It won’t be long now before you and her are reunited once again…

But a moment later… Before they knew what was going on… the background changed. Within that time… it was found that Tidus, Zoey and June were back on the trail and surrounded by others. Surrounded by the guardians and fighters. Especially the Summoner.

Yuna: Are you all right?

Tidus: *Gets up*

Yuna: Oh, phew.

Rikku: Hey! We were so worried about you!

Zoey: *Panting* Oh my… That was a very awkward vision.

Lulu: You okay?

June: The view of Zanarkand was very eye opening. The fayth… are summoning all the people… all the buildings. The Summoners of back then. In Zanarkand. They’re summoning a Dreamscape of Zanarkand. Dreaming of how it looked 1000 years in the past.

Tidus: I…I’m okay.

Yuna: What happened?

Tidus: Nothing… I blacked out. I was dreaming. You called me…and I woke up. *Stretching with exaggerated nonchalance* Nothing like a good nap! Well, I’m ready. Let’s go!

Luna: There was more than that, wasn’t there?

Susie: I detect that there is about to be an end to the Star Blitzball player in the not so distant future.

Penny: How might you know that?

Susie: How might i not? How can we not know that? It was what we felt here.

Amy: What? The fayth? You’re saying that the fayth did this?

Spencer: Not sure… but if they have… they’re doing a really great job at summoning. And at this grand a scale.

Annie: How grand a scale?

Spencer: Grand scale as in: “Any grander than it got just a moment ago… It would be as if it’s literally coming from Sin. That something in Sin is casting the Summoning… And not only that… Summoning something world changing. Altering the course of the entire world. not just a portion of the world. But all of it. Every hidden location, Every known location, Island, Main land. Every inch… affected in some way.”

Zeke: Spencer… Really. Can you really feel that?

Spencer: Uncle Zeke, You think that i am just playing a elaborate game here… I think that you might want to wake up and see what is really going on… You don’t have any powers… but this isn’t rocket science. It doesn’t take much smarts to know that something was causing this. That the fayth… was summoning something. Using a massive dose of fayth… energy to do a summoning.

June: Spencer… It doesn’t matter what the fayth were trying to do. It doesn’t matter anymore… All we need to do is consider the fact that one of us is a dream. A made real dream. The fayth… the Purple hooded kid. The Fayth for the Aeon, Bahamut… He said that the fayth have been dreaming for so long. That they were growing tired. They want to rest. But they can’t till Sin is gone.

Zoey: We should do them a favor. End their suffering.

Alice: How?

Black Canary: How are we to do that? We don’t know where this Sin is.

Auron: Don’t worry about us finding Sin. He’ll find us.

Blossom: That’s the part that we’re afraid of… I just hope that it doesn’t try to sneak up on us.

Sora: I really hope that you don’t speak about that again. It’s not something that leaves us feeling so good.

Carly: That’s a double for me.

In the Alternate reality…

In Smallville…

Luthor Mansion…

Tess: *Reading some files on the New Rhapsody Heroic teams* I need to find them a new professor. All the old files are locked away in the Watchtower along with the new data. But resources are dimming. The new teams need a professor. But who can i find? *Looking at some more of the files*

Knock Knock Knock!”

Tess: *Looking up* … *Seeing a woman walking into the Office* Excuse me… Who are you? *Recognizing the visitor* Are you the new Professor i asked for, Mrs. Teague?

???: *Cordial* Oh… Please, Tess… Call me Genevieve. We are… Professionals and headstrong at best after all.

Tess: Of course. *Looking at Genevieve* Genevieve, I heard that you are into elemental research and development. Skills in that field and made millions in stock for scientific recognition. Vast resources in the Political aspect in weapons coordination.

Genevieve: My my… You’ve been doing a lot of background checking. I must say that i am astonished by the dedicated time you took in figuring me out. Although… For the work and research that i do… My services don’t rub off cheap.

Tess: Unless there was a position that might be more than beneficial to what you do. You ever heard of a group of fighters. Heroes known all through Smallville and Metropolis?

Genevieve: *Recalling what she heard about the group of fighters that reside in the city* You’re not talking about the girls of Love, Grace and fury… are you?

Tess: Yes. And i believe that you might know of them after all by the sound of your voice.

Genevieve: Of course i’ve heard of them. I’ve followed up on their heroics for some time. In fact… my husband works as a Science professor at the University. Every phenomena that manages to occur in Metropolis… he uses science to explain the cause of it. When he can’t explain it with science… That’s when he becomes fascinated by it and seeks to study it.

Tess: Studying the unexplained Phenomena… getting to the bottom of the miraculous occurrence. Seeking for the truth. But for the work that you do… You’ll be perfect for the position that i’ve got for you. Any of the resources will be at your immediate disposal.

Genevieve: And that would be…?

Tess: The professor to the group of heroes. Actually 3 groups of heroes. The Rhapsody Romancers Z! The Rhapsody Aquatic Force Z! and the Rhapsody Thunderic Force Z! Not to forget The Esp Twins, Electrogal, Honolulu Torch Paul, Crystal. And last but not least Sailor Zoey. The Senshi of Love, Justice and defender of the innocent. They’ll all need professors.

Genevieve: All of them are heroes?

Tess: Yes.

Genevieve: *Laughs* Ha Ha! Tess, You can’t possibly be serious to tell me that you believe in such heroes. Surely you don’t mean to tell me that you happen to feel that there are indeed heroes in the world quite like them. The only heroes that are known are the Girls of Love, Grace and Fury. Plus also the Enforcers of Justice.

Tess: It is hard to see that there are other heroes such as them… but there is. For i believe that they are the offspring of the Original fighters. The Romancers Z! Are the offspring to Miss Love. The Aquatic Force Z! is the offspring to Bubble Maiden. The Thunderic Force Z! are the offspring to Thunder Mistress. Honolulu Torch Paul, Psychic visionary Crystal, The Esp Twins are the Offspring to Flaming Soul. Electrogal is the offspring to Electric Rage. Sailor Zoey is the offspring to the one who happened to be Sailor Luna 15-16 years ago in the past.

Genevieve: You don’t say… Well now… that’s intriguing. Do they know that you know about them?

Tess: Yes. They do now… I not long ago was able to get a hold of them through video communications.

Genevieve: Why only by that? You happen to have access to them, Haven’t you gone over to where they live and meet them face to face?

Tess: I would usually do that and meet with my teams. See them and get them acquainted. If they were to be among this world. But sadly… They are anything but among this world at this present time…

Genevieve: What ever is it that you mean by that? Of course they’re among this world. Where on earth else would they be?

Tess: In a world that follows a faith known as Yevon. They’re in the world called Spira. When i last spoke to them… they were in the Calm Lands. That was when i first spoke to them. Since then… i’ve been keeping a close track of their progress. It was discovered at first that they went there to help out a family friend of theirs… but as it went on… they would up in the middle of a Pilgrimage and assisting her. Bringing the calm. Changing the way things were in that world as well as look for someone who was thought to be dead for decades.

Genevieve: Spira? *In shock* How on earth did they manage to get there?

Tess: A Portal.

Genevieve: Would this person that they seek be none other than a Aquamarine Chloe Rhapsody? *Curiously letting out some insight*

Tess: Why? Do you happen to know something about the Rhapsody Dynasty that i don’t?

Genevieve: That depends on what it might be worth to you, Tess. Something like this could be well put to your advantage.

Tess: Interesting. But i do hope you know that i am not one to string along the addictive carrot and pull on betraying them. Using them for some leverage. Although… if it’s something of some use in helping them out in the long run… I’d be more than open to learn what it is that you’ve found out.

Genevieve: As you know… I am a big follower of the miraculous and unexplained. I also am a fan of their heroics. I not too long ago came across some Info on the whereabouts of the lost girl that the clan believed was lost and long since gone. The one that they call Aquamarine.

Tess: You have?

Genevieve: yes.

Tess: What did you find out?

Genevieve: What i found out was that she didn’t exactly die in the Hospital that day… over 2 decades ago.

Tess: *Intrigued* I’m Listening… go on. What do you know?

Genevieve: Ever caught on to the identity of one hero named Impulse?

Tess: I have access to the hero database. I know about him… However 17 years ago… I was under the flow of a shady government agency… Checkmate. They too have a copy of all the heroes and fighters. However… their data on them… is slim. They didn’t get all of it since the link between them and Watchtower and me… was severed. Considered Incognito. Impulse… Bart Allen. Why?

Genevieve: He back in the day was with her… Loving her. Although… he didn’t stick to he romance and noble charms. He was caught cheating on her and playing the acts of a Von Casanova to another girl. By the Cousin of theirs. A Trixie Ruby Rhapsody as it were. Way back two decades ago. She caught it and told the sister to Aquamarine. A Rikku L. Rhapsody as stated within the records… A fight or misunderstanding managed to ensue amongst each other and led to Aquamarine leading herself to fake her own death. To the other members of the family. her sister… cousins and nieces and Nephews. Aunts and uncles. All of them knew that she was dead. They all buried her.

Tess: This is impossible. How could she be alive after all this time? The records state that she died of a cardiac arrest. The medical records all state that it was a cardiac—

Genevieve: The records were all forged, Tess. She never died. She went into hiding after the last time she got her heart broken. She ate herself into a overweight nature. Obesity in natural unhealthy form. Although… that’s what she might have wanted others to see. She hid. Leaving all she knew… and all she cared, loved and adored behind in her wake.

Tess: *With a paused and shocked revelation* She’s alive? How could that be when she’s been stuck in Spira as sources implied. Stuck for 20 years. *Thinking back* No… wait. Wait… It was more than 20 years. It was close to 30 years. That would make Rikku L. Rhapsody in her late 40’s now.

Genevieve: I’m aware of that… With the research on them… I can help them. It is a long shot… But with very little i know about the new teams… It will be hard. But i guess that with the job and the resources at hand… It shouldn’t be too tedius of a task. All i need is some insight on the elements behind these new super-sleuths and from there… we can get the data needed to bring together something that will put the spark in those flashy and ambitious girls.

Tess: I’ll get you started. Just so you know though… It’s all non-profit. It is a casual secret base that no one outside of the hero realm know about it. Allies to them are an exception to the rule however.

Genevieve: Very well… I can abide to that. I’m not one to seek towards the idea of committing such subterfuge. I’m very well professional to what i do…

But on the main street…

The Talon…

Sheriff Adams: *Enjoying her Lattè* Now this is a good Lattè.

Regina: It sure is… That worker there really has got it down. *Enjoying her Lattè* … *Pauses* Sorry. New comer in town. Just taking a pit stop before making way over to Metropolis.

Sheriff Adams: You’re kidding? a drive up to Metropolis on a night like this?

Regina: Sure. Why not? I am looking to relocate myself in that city. in the residential area. Then looking for a Job. Working at a restaurant. Waitress detail is kinda my thing.

Sheriff Adams: By the way you express yourself… you sound more like a DJ.

Regina: A DJ? *Thinking a little bit* Hmm… You know… I might try that. I hear that there’s a radio station in Metropolis. MRHAP.

Sheriff Adams: So i’ve heard. But i hear that the founder of that station pulled himself a Harry Houdini and vanished. They got some smart cat running the hot seat on that station. He calls himself Blitz-man Drake. Rather colorful and smacking with his antics.

Regina: Really… That’s strange. I could have felt that it was all run by one person and without the founder… there was no station. The one running it like its his own empire… Almost seems that he was just chomping at the bit looking to seek control of it.

Sheriff Adams: Maybe. But with the founder gone… it’s gotta be controlled by someone. The founder and his family are missing a bunch of their own. reports say that they managed to pull a David Copperfield and hightail it out of the city.

Regina: Any idea who the family were?

Sheriff Adams: *Sighs and shaking her head* I oughta tan my hide over this… But they’re known in Metropolis as the Rhapsody Clan. A family of famous super sleuths who go against the presence of crime and send the bad seeds running back into their holes.

Regina: Sounds like they’re pretty famous. I should meet them sometime.

Sheriff Adams: Well… unless you can Telecommunicate with them using Psychic Esp. It’s gonna be a waste to reach them. They vanished and no one knows where it is that they high tailed it to.

Regina: *Finishing her Lattè* I should get on my way though to Metropolis. I’m gonna be staying at a hotel for a couple days till i can land a place of my own to live.

Sheriff Adams: I should get on my rounds and do some patrolling on the streets. Seeing that there are no signs of crime going on in town.

Regina: You’re one with the Law here, aren’t you?

Sheriff Adams: You got that right. I’m very good at upholding the law.

Regina: Wow… and i can’t believe that we’ve been talking and all this time i didn’t even have it dawn on me that you’re one with the law… It’s nice to meet someone in town who upholds the law. Caring about law and order. *Kindly Introducing herself* Regina Fordman.

Sheriff Adams: Sheriff Adams.

Regina: It’s been a pleasure. I am hoping that we meet up again. When i get set up… I’ll be sure to let you know.

Sheriff Adams: I’ll be looking forward to that opened invite, Regina.

There was a new resident in Metropolis now… She was coming to stay. There was also a possible new professor for the famous fighting teams. June was now a human and Zoey was back alive. But the fighters were now with the premonition of the Star Blitzball player being made a dream which meant that once Sin was beat… he’d be gone. The Fighters didn’t like the sound of that as they knew it meant saying goodbye to him and he saying goodbye to them and to Yuna. Plus a new revelation behind the girl who’d been believed to be long since dead for more than a decade or so… Then to be told she was in Spira all this time… There was new twists and new turns in the Adventure. New Twists in the plot. They were all being dragged into the middle of all of it. What new twists were the fighters, Guardians and Summoner gonna meet? Would the Fighters be finally getting one step closer to meeting with the girl Aquamarine face to face or would the revelation that came out about her tell a different tale and tell that they all were mourning her for no logical reason… figuring out that the death of her was a sham and faked? Would this new woman that appeared to become their new Professor be one working with them or could there be a hidden agenda looming just off the coast? Find out in the Next Chapter of the Adventures of the Rhapsody Girls Z! as the Saga continues…

The mountain trail and a swarm of fiends that sweeten the journey… A further look into the truth of the girl who was believed to be long since lost. Zoey and June join in and fight with the fighters side by side… It’s almost to Zanarkand they wind up as they embark onto the cave part of the Mountain. Fighters, Guardians, Allies, Summoner and new faces to bring into the center in… “The Mountain trails and a side order of fiends to sweeten the journey.”


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