Chapter 163: Round 3 of Seymour. “Can’t he ever Die?” Serena grows annoyed with Seymour.

In the Watchtower…

The day after thanksgiving…

Zeke: *Looking at Tess* Tess, I have given it alot of thought. Much thought and as dangerous as it might seem… I need to be with my youngest daughter and my wife. Mary… She’s the sister to Blossom and Daughter to Curtis. She’s coming too…

Tess: Zeke, I can not condone this openly. It is gonna be hard and treacherous. The fighters that are there are hitting lucky to make it without a complication. But they luck may soon be running out.

Zeke: Are you kidding… I am not gonna cower over that. I got a couple of men with me… Gabe Morrison and Heinz Freudenberger.

Gabe: Pleasure to meet you, Ma’am.

Heinz: *With a german accent* It is an honor to meet you, Frau Mercer.

Tess: Ebenso ist es eine Ehre, Sie als auch gerecht zu werden, Herr Freudenberger(English Translation: Likewise, It is an honor to meet you as well, Mr. Freudenberger.)

Heinz: Ach! German response that is clear. You are sharp. I am impressed.

Zeke: There is also a reserved Ally.

Trixie R. Rhapsody: *Walking in* It’s been a long time since i got into action. I was more into wrapping up my hero days and long had since hung up my heroic charms and means of firepower. But after the call i got last night… I am coming back to lend my assistance. My family is in trouble. I’m here to help in whatever way that i can.

Zeke: It’s great to have you aboard, Trixie.

Trixie: Likewise, Zeke. I’m sorry that i was distant from the family for so long.

Zeke: Hey… no one blames you. You must have had reasons as you were dealing with person issues for some time and didn’t want us to be pulled in. It’s okay. But you’re family. and your problems are ours just as well. The main thing is that you’re here.

Mary: Yeah. You’re here. *Pauses and realizing who she’s seeing* Oh my god… I know you. My dad told us about you. You… You’re the legendary hero Aquatic Burn. You’re her. the wielder of fire and water. Can transform into a dragon at will or when you become really really angry.

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Trixie: I see that you follow the heroic charms of the family. Nothing can get past your pretty nose. *Grins and chuckling briefly* I happen to be looking for someone to carry on my heroic power sometime soon. So… You… Young one better stay on the roll and be sharp. It might be your power soon.

Mary: Really?

Trixie: Stranger things have become known to happen before. Plus in this family… there is always gonna be a bit of room for the more strange and bizarre. Thrills included. You know that as well. Your father does. He’s seen it.

Mary: He has?

Trixie: You bet.

Mary: Wow! *Feeling rather excited*

Trixie: Why not ask him when you get that chance to? You’ll be surprised at what he tells you.

Mary: *Excited*

Zeke: Gabe… Heinz, You two have your arsenal of ammunition and your weapons?

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Heinz: *Pulling out his weapon from his Arsenal* You really have to ask such a question, Mein Liege? I got Speedy. Speedy’s all prepped and set to go.

Gabe: And my weapon is all rearing to go.

Tess: *Nods* I guess that there is little to nothing to stop your ambition to go to Spira. So… the least i can do is locate and Get a sync in with the portal that took the fighters to Spira originally. Once it’s sync’d in… I’ll put in the coordinates of the safest current point to initiate entry. But i will have to warn you to make sure that you’re sure about this… Once you’re in. You’ll be stuck there for a while till the portal eventually realigns itself and opens up. Plus to be fast in going in. because the portal won’t hold open for long.

Zeke: Thanks Tess. This does mean a lot.

Gabe: It does… but you better be sure that we’re doing the right thing by going in and stepping into likely danger, boss.

Heinz: It doesn’t matter. Mein Liege… Your young girl and wife are there and in possible need. We’re with you all the way.

Trixie: Let’s go.

Tess: Hold on.

A Moment later…

P.A System: *Chiming* Watchtower now sync’d with Portal. Attaining Communications with Portal. Now contacting Spira communications. Communications locked on… Portal now active. Locking on to location of safe entry… Locking on… Location of selection… Mt. Gagazet. Sacred Mountain of Yevon…

But as things were getting connected…

Tess: *Hearing music playing through the P.A* What… Is that?

P.A System: *Playing the Music on the overhead* Ieyui Nobomeno Renmiri Yojuyogo Hasatekanae Kutamae.

Gabe: My good heavens… i know that one. My daughter plays that game. FFX. That’s supposed to be the Hymn of the fayth.

Heinz: That answers our riddle, doesn’t it?

Zeke: Everyone ready?

Trixie: Where’s the Portal?

Tess then showed where the Portal resided and made sure that it was still open.

It was only a minute later when they had everything set to go. All the arsenal for their weapons were with them. All the Ammunition and the weapons. Mary was prepped to go. Once they were prepared to go, Trixie Walked outside and for the first time in over 17 years since the last time she used her powers… Trixie transformed into her dragon form and Flapped her wings a couple times before growling softly but happily…

Heinz: *Looking at the dragon* Oh mein Gott! What is that? That’s a Dragon. *Not knowing it was Trixie; motioning to fire* Get back you fire breather. Back.

Trixie: *Gasps* Heinz… no. No. Don’t shoot. Don’t shoot. It’s me. It’s Trixie. This is just me in my dragon form is all. That’s all. That’s all it is. It’s me. Trixie.

Heinz: *Pauses* Trixie… well… now that tells everything. I had no idea that it was you. I didn’t know it was you at first and no one told me that you could… turn into a Dragon.

Trixie: Don’t feel bad. there’s a lot of people who don’t quite get the idea that i can turn into a Dragon. I used to only turn into one when i got over angered. or if i lost control or something. But that was when it first happened. After the first time it happened. I didn’t want it to happen again so i trained myself and honed on its skill and power. Practiced it. From then on… i was able to control it and better use it. However… it’s been 17 years since the last time i used it. That was against someone named Major Zod turned General Zod. I was really mad back then… Not that i was prone to do so… it was because my family was being threatened as was the whole entire world. I had to get mean and get really pissed. Pissed off to the point where i was on the breaking point of exploding. It was just that bad.

Heinz: Is it hard to control?

Trixie: Well… yes and no. I mean… sometimes that it can be proved to be a bit hard to control… however… it isn’t too easy to handle yourself when you lose control. It takes a while for you to calm down. But i will say that it’s not all that hard to gain control of it once you’re able to focus and hone on the skills. getting in tune with it. Sometimes when you train on getting a handle on it… you have to sync with music. Sync with a tune that reaches out to your inner spirit. getting it all to work as one. one piece at a time. Being patient. Only because if you don’t have patience… nothing will work for you no matter what you try. Practice… and patience are always key. Those can make or break the person’s mettle towards being in total control of their specific powers. Whether it be fire. Ice… Water, Thunder, Psychic. Whatever the element.

Heinz: Interesting.

It was seconds later… when the rest came out and before they could take a breather… Trixie rose up and flew into the skies… towards the portal with Zeke, Gabe, Heinz and Mary. There was no second guessing. none whatsoever…

In the Alternate reality…

In Spira…

On Mt. Gagazet… Prominence…

The fighters and Guardians were walking onwards and going even closer to Zanarkand. But as they walked on… Spencer, Tidus, Blossom, Zoey, and Rikku… Sora and Carly also stayed…

Rikku: Zanarkand is on the other side, you know?

Tidus: I know.

Spencer: We can sense it and it’s meaning that we’re almost there to find out if the girl is there but also…

Sora: Meaning that we’re running out of time.

Carly: We’re almost out of time. There’s only a little ways to go.

Rikku: Yunie is gonna get the Final Aeon, you know?

Tidus: I know.

Zoey: There must be a way for us to prevent the unthinkable. There just got to be.

Spencer: There is. We just have to think more.

Rikku: I still haven’t thought of anything.

Tidus: Me neither.

Blossom: I didn’t have any ideas come to me either. I know that there is something… but we’re all just drawing blanks.

Rikku: What are we gonna do?

Tidus: We’ll do something! We just don’t know enough yet. Until we do, we really can’t help Yuna. Let’s got to Zanarkand. We’ll find something there. It’ll all come together. I know it!

Zoey: You sure that there will be some answers to what we can do to help Yuna out?

Spencer: Not sure. But we are not giving up.

Zoey: *Sitting down* Sure sounds like we are… *Sighs sadly*

Blossom: What’s wrong, Zoey?

Zoey: *Sighs* Nothing. I am just feeling hopeless as I still haven’t found June.

Rikku: Of course you haven’t. None of us were able to. But you shouldn’t feel so bad. Your cat couldn’t have gone far.

Spencer: It’s here somewhere. We just have to keep our eyes and ears open for it. It’s here… somewhere.

Zoey: My cat was said to be up here and i still don’t see her. I think that something might have happened to her.

Sora: Zoey… You have to chin up and suck it up. Your cat is gonna be fine. all cats are said to have nine lives. Right?

Zoey: In a cartoon… yes. But not in this kind of world. However that fact has crossed my mind.

Carly: Think about it… If your cat was dead… and not saying that it is… but if it was… we’d see it now lying lifeless. But we don’t see it. We are still looking for it and the cat is still missing… gone somewhere. roaming around. So if that is the case… Think, Zoey. Think. Your cat is still alive.

Zoey: *Nods* … *Sighs* I just want June back. It’s not that i don’t want to see her sticking to one spot so i can find her… I just want her back. She’s my only cat. Call it obsessive if you like… but She’s become like a best friend to me. I haven’t had her for very long. Only since during the first battle against Seymour. till now. It’s not a long time.

Spencer: True. She hasn’t. However she’s been giving you so much. It just means that maybe she’s seeing how you do without her for a little bit. seeing how you use what it is that you’ve learned so far from what she’s taught you. She gave you lessons. We all heard her talk to you. She’s given you very useful information.

Zoey: But she’s… she’s helped me realize that i am different. that i should embrace it. Mom and dad tried to suppress it. But i guess… June made me realize that i am embracing my powers. i realized it since i was 6 but i didn’t understand it. I thought that it was my letting out extra boosts of energy.

Sora: You’re different in your own way, Zoey. You’re a Senshi… But your mom and dad just want to protect you. You think that your mom wants to hold you back to prevent you from growing… No. She just doesn’t want you going out and getting hurt.

Blossom: That’s a mother’s love showing. She cares and loves you. She doesn’t want anything to happen to you. Just like my dad… he wouldn’t want anything to happen to me.

Spencer: It’s gonna be okay. We will find her. She’s got to be here. But aside from that… we have to still keep thinking about a way to save Yuna from dying. She is in risk of dying if she gets the final Aeon.

Tidus: Yeah. but we’ll figure out something. It’ll all come together soon. I am sure of it… We just don’t know enough yet to be of any help. It’s gonna work out in the end. I just know it. We’ll make it.

Rikku: Hey…

Tidus: Hm?

Rikku: Just now you sounded like a leader, you know?

Spencer: That’s true. You sure sounded like a Leader for a second there. Tidus… you’re thinking about a plan. We are too… Let’s all think as one.

Sora: Yeah.

Carly: Let’s save Yuna from an unspeakable demise.

Tidus: Star of the Zanarkand Abes! Didn’t anyone tell you?

Rikku: A-haa! *Mockingly bowing* Huh?

Zoey: *Looking to the side* Huh!…

Seymour was suddenly standing before them on the edge of the cliff…

Zoey: Seymour! What are you doing here?

Seymour: Ah, the son of Jecht. Daughter of Sailor Luna.

Tidus: Rikku, run ahead and tell Auron!

Zoey: *Gulps* Uh-oh! Rikku, Spencer, Sora… Carly… Go and tell Auron. We have company.

Blossom: *Growling at Seymour* You monster! Why can’t you leave us alone?

Rikku: You are not fighting him alone!

Sora: You can’t fight him alone… You’ll get creamed.

Carly: Don’t stay and fight. not alone. Let us help.

Spencer: Let’s all fight him.

Tidus: Just go! Go!

Zoey: *Looking back at the others* Get the others… Now! HURRY!

They suddenly run off to go and get the others while Zoey, Blossom and Tidus stayed behind to fend Seymour off…

Seymour: Now is your time to die. Prepare yourself, son of Jecht. Daughter of Sailor Luna.

Tidus: Not if I can help it!

Zoey: *Suddenly getting angry at Seymour* You’re talking about things you know nothing about. You don’t know my mother. You have no right to expose her past. You’re not a friend to her. You’re not a Rhapsody… But i’ll tell you what you are. You’re about to be Moon Dusted. Say hello to the Senshi of Love, Justice and defender of the Innocent, Sailor Zoey.

Seconds later…

Zoey: *Posing and Chanting* Zoey Cosmic Power… Make up! *Glowing and covered by a white light and spinning; The pants turning into a skirt with a Pink and red Ribbon on the back and front* … *With a sparkle of light and stars the hair turning pink with two Pointed meatball buns on the sides; With a Pink crescent moon hair clip on the left side of her hair* … *The shoes changing into high heels Including high risen stockings with the crescent moon on them and her hands formed gloves on them one saying love and the other saying innocent; Then with a shining flash two Earrings appeared upon her ears with a weapon upholstered to her side; A Crescent moon Wand that turned into a moon wand scepter with a royal crown on the top and a glowing gem on top* …

As soon as she was fully transformed…

Sailor Zoey: You want to play, Seymour? You’re not the only one who can play. You wreak havoc everywhere you go. All you do is harm the innocence. It’s malicious and underhanded. You keep coming back to inflict pain to the innocent. Well… this is where you leave this world. Since you won’t leave quietly… You’re gonna be forced to leave. *Posing* I am the senshi of Love and Justice and the defender of the innocent, Sailor Zoey. In the name of the Rhapsody clan… The guilty at heart will be punished.   And that means you… *Pointing at Seymour* You hope to find love here… Bad news. Love’s all run out. You won’t be getting any. this love is gonna send you away. on a one way ticket riding the Moon dusted express. Say Au revoir, Blue mop topped reject. *Firing an attack at Seymour* Moon hearts Cosmic Blast!

Blossom: *Turning mean and becoming Electrogal* …

Tidus: *Growling at Seymour*

The rest of the fighters and guardians along with Yuna suddenly rush back…

Kimahri: Save some for Kimahri!

Seymour: Lady Yuna, it is a pleasure.

Lulu: Yuna!

Yuna: *Nods and beginning to perform a sending towards Seymour*

Seymour: A sending, so soon?

Miss Thunder: You better believe that it is a sending. You’re lucky that Yuna wants to send your ass to the farplane. Because if it were us… we wouldn’t be sending you to the farplane. It would be to hell that we’d send you.

Seymour: Allow me to say something to the last Ronso before I leave.

Susie: *Confused* What are you talking about? Are you sick? You gonna try and plead temporary insanity?

Seymour: *Cackling* Yours was…truly a gallant race. They threw themselves at me to bar my path. One…after another… *Cackling*

Jack: You even killed the Ronso clan?

Black Canary: Okay… now we draw the line on this… Seymour is officially a psychotic sadistic tyrant.

Kimahri: No…

Yuna: Kimahri…

Seymour: You could end the suffering of this poor Ronso.

Blossom: *Suddenly explodes and starts emitting Electricity all over her body* … *Charging up and getting beyond red hot mad* Seymour… You son of a bitch. I am 10… not meant to see death and carnage… I have. Because of you. You make me sick. You make us all sick. If killing you means i give off my life… So be it. But this is the end… I WANT YOU GONE!!! GO TO HELL! GO TO HELL AND DON’T YOU EVER COME BACK, SEYMOUR! *Launching an attack and Charging at Seymour* Electrogal VOLTAGE STAMPEDE!!! *Shooting straight at Seymour and covered by electricity and Thunder charges* AHHHHHHH!!!!!! *Ramming into Seymour hard*

Sailor Zoey: Blossom! No! Don’t do it… *Cries out in dramatic desperation* BLOSSOM!!!!

Suddenly before a blink of an eye… Zoey glowed bright and felt her power increase…

Luna: Zoey!

Seymour: *Cackling*


“The fires of Evil fear my name… The light of the innocent welcome me… Justice is my follower and is what drives the dragon such as i. The seas and waters only hear and summon my name to aid the innocent lost to the devastation that Evil lets loose… From the Oceans call and from the Fires of justice that burns within. your demand for the aid of justice has been granted… Fear not for i shall be your protector… I Am Aquatic Burn!”

“*To Seymour* You heard her, you son of a bitch! Leave our Daughter alone! Take a step closer and you’ll pay for it!”

“Don’t worry, Zoey… Your father has come and also two bodyguards to boot.”

“Don’t forget me, Mary… the Sister to Blossom.”

Halten auf junge Zoey. Heinz und Gabe sind für Sie da. (English translation: Hold on young Zoey. Heinz and Gabe are at your service.)”

Luna: *Looking up and seeing a form soar down from the sky* Who’s that? That voice…

Trixie: *Roaring as she lands* Here comes the heavy punch… Aquatic Burn and some good allies to lend some strong arm.

Yuna: …

Heinz: *Jumping down from the dragon with Gabe* That was one live ride.

Gabe: Oh yeah. *Laughs* With a ride like that… we could get anywhere that’s far away before a blink of an eye. *Walking over to Zoey* Good to see you, sweet little ambitious young lady.

Heinz: *Walking over to Zoey* Hello there, Zoey. You need a couple of strong arms. It’s here. Gabe and i will guard you from dangers.

Sailor Zoey: You… you will? *Not fully getting it*

Heinz: That is correct.

Zeke: *Walking over to Luna and Hugging her* Hey dear. Surprised? Aren’t you?

Luna: Yes. Quite surprised. How did you get here?

Zeke: A portal.

Gabe: And we’re not the only ones here. There is a tasty biscuit sibling for Blossom.

Mary: *Walking over from the side* Hey sis. Dad. *Smiles*

Curtis: Mary?! What the hell?! What the hell are you doing here? This is a dangerous spot. At least, right now… *Looking cross at Zeke* Zeke, What the hell is the meaning of bringing Mary here? She’s in danger here. Damn it… Zeke! How the hell could you? *Yelling* How could you ENDANGER MY DAUGHTER?!

Mary: Dad, Come on… don’t be mad at him. It was me… i wanted to come and rather talked him into bringing me here. Although… i was gonna come anyway. Blossom is in need of help. Mom finally came with the belief that Blossom and i might just be twins. Fraternal twins.

Curtis: That’s right… *Gasps* Wait… that’s true. You and Blossom were conceived and born around the same exact time. same day but just half a day apart. Well… I’ll be. That’s something to be reminded of. Although you’re here and with no defense. You could be in trouble.

Yuna: It’s nice to meet you all.

Trixie: *Turning into her normal form* Likewise, Summoner Yuna. It’s an honor to us. What’s going on here anyway?

Kimahri: Seymour is back after being defeated twice.

Trixie: He’s a dead guy?

Auron: No. He’s an unsent.

Thunder Star: No… Try MURDERING BASTARD! *Firing a shot at Seymour* DAMN YOU, SEYMOUR!

Thunderic Wonder: What the hell do you want, Seymour?

Seymour: Allow Kimahri to die, and release him from his pain.

Alice: Kimahri… Nothing can truly make up for the loss of your people. But… when all this is done… You… You’re coming with us. Living with us all. You’re not gonna be alone. Plus… my daughters Sora and Carly like you quite alot. Although… You’ve noticed that for a while now… huh?

Blossom: They’re not the only ones. We all like and admire him. And that goes for Rikku too.

Trixie: Rikku? What… What’s Rikku doing here? She didn’t tell me that she was gonna be here too… How did she follow us? Rikku was with Nick.

Paige: No… This is Rikku. She’s an Al Bhed. The Rikku that we all know as a Clan member is still back in our time. Our world.

Trixie: *Confused* Huh?! Two people with the same name. One… A clan member and family Matriarch. the other… An Al Bhed. wow… That’s uh… a real first.

Heinz: *Concerning Seymour’s outburst* Ach tu Lieben! What says him?

Gabe: He means that he says that the Ronso soldier that is standing within the ranks is to die. Just as well as the rest of the Ronso clan.

Zeke: He is Psychotic. Luna… We got to get Zoey out of here.

Sailor Zoey: No, Dad… i am not leaving. I am a sailor senshi and if that means i stay and fight. I will stay and fight.

Seymour: Spira… is a land of suffering and sorrow caught in a spiral of death.

Miss Bliss: Which you seem to love apparently.

Seymour: To destroy–to heal–Spira, I will become Sin. Yes, with your help.


Seymour: Come with me, Yuna.

Blossom: NO!

Mary: Seymour, Leave my sister alone! LEAVE HER ALONE!

Seymour: Silence, Rhapsody Brat!

Sora: Make us!

Carly: Either put up or shut up! We beat you twice already… We’ll do it again.

Tidus: *Standing in front of Yuna*

Heinz: *With Gabe; Standing in front of Zoey* Don’t even think about it, Schwein. You’re not touching this young innocent girl.

Seymour: Once I have become the next Sin, your father will be freed again. and with you… Daughter of Sailor Luna… once you are dead… Sailor Luna… will have no choice but to awaken and come out. *Looking at Luna* I know who and what you are… prepare to say goodbye to your Daughter Zoey!

Tidus: *Growls while with a lowered head* …

Everyone stops and stares…

Mary: What’s he talking about?

Blossom: A tall tale. That’s what, sis. Seymour’s good at that.

Tidus: *Suddenly looking up and lashing out* What do you know?!


Zoey’s brooch then glowed and she fired a strong blast at Seymour as she charged towards him. The light from the moon wand scepter glowed…

Sailor Zoey: This is for my family… my friends… The fallen… the innocent people… FOR THE UNIVERSE!!!! *Shining the light brighter and releasing more power at Seymour* Ahhhhhhh!!!!!!

Seymour then starts turning into a bigger and badder menace…

Seymour Flux

Seymour: Pitiful mortal. Your hope ends here. And you meaningless existence with it!

Zeke: Zoey… Get out of there… RUN!

Sailor Zoey: *Ready to fight*

Heinz: *Cocking his Ak47 Assault Rifle* Okay, you Schwein… You mess with Zoey… you cross the wrong guy. *Firing at Seymour Flux*

Gabe: *Firing at Seymour Flux* Come on… let’s see you try to fight back.

Sora: *Reading the info on Seymour Flux*

HP Overkill MP
70,000 3,500 512
Strength Magic Defense
30 15 40
M. Defense Agility Accuracy
40 38 100
Evasion Luck
0 15

Carly: This one is much more tougher. We better be sure that we have a strategy.

Sora: Our only hope is that Seymour doesn’t try to take side shots at anyone.

Trixie: He won’t. Not with me here. You forget… I can transform into a dragon. And just because i am a woman… don’t let my womanly charms fool you boys. This Dragon can be mean and it can bite… hard.

Blossom: *Aimed to fire at Seymour*

Miss Bliss: *Firing an attack at Seymour* Blissful Heart Storm!

Miss Passion: *Firing an attack at Seymour* Love’s Passionate FOG!

Sir Love: *Twirling his Heart Rod and Then Pounding it on the ground twice before Firing an attack at Seymour* Royalty Love’s MELODY CHARGE!

Dancing Heartthrob: *Twirling his Heart Rod and Then Pounding it on the ground twice before Firing an attack at Seymour* Love’s RHAPSODY BLITZ!

Seymour Flux: *Performing Lance of Atrophy on the Romancers Z!*

Angelic Bubble: *Firing an attack at Seymour with her Bubble Gem grenade Launcher* Bubble SHINE FLASH!

Bubbling Star: *Firing an attack at Seymour with her Bubble Gloves* Bubble STORM!

Melodic Bubble: *Firing an attack at Seymour with her Bubble Laser Rod*  MUSICAL BUBBLE BEAMS!

Bubble Gem: *Firing an attack at Seymour With her Bubbly Harmonica* Sonic Boom BUBBLE FASHION BLITZ…. BANG!

Frosty Ice Bubble: *Firing an attack at Seymour With his Frost Scepter* BUBBLE MAIDEN’S FROSTY DREAMS!

Miss Thunder: *With her weapon- The Thunder Trident; Firing a tri-shot of Thunder at Seymour* Tri-Star Thunder BEAMS!

Thunderic Wonder: *With her new weapon- The Thunderstorm Fan; Firing a Gust of Thunder at Seymour* Raging Winds of Thunder!

Thunder Star: *With the new forged weapon- The Thunder Chains; Whipping the Chains at Seymour; Shocking him* Thundering VICEGRIP!

Frosty Ice Bubble: *With his weapon- The Holy Crosses of Frost; Aiming at Seymour and Firing a Charged Blast of Ice and Cold frost At Seymour* Ice Cross CHARGES!

Wakka: *Throwing the Blitzball at Seymour* Dark Attack!

Kimahri: *Attacking Seymour with his Spear*

Auron: *Attacking Seymour with his Katana*

Tidus: *Attacking Seymour with his Sword* HA!

Mortiorchis: *Using Absorption on Seymour*

Seymour Flux: *Casting Full Life On Sapphire and on Sora*

No effect…

Rikku: *Throws an Al Bhed Potion to Sapphire and Sora*

Kimahri: You have angered Kimahri! The spirits of the Ronso will guide Kimahri’s spear!

Kimahri’s Strength rose up higher…

Seymour: Do you not want to heal Spira’s sorrow? Let death carry you off into peaceful slumber.

Yuna: You can’t run from your fate!

Yuna’s magic Defense Increased tenfold…

Seymour: Zoey, Why do you fight me? You are no threat to me. Just like your mother.

Sailor Zoey: Shut up, Seymour! My Mother was strong… and just because she’s not Sailor Luna anymore… it doesn’t mean anything. She’s still Luna. Still my mother. I Love her. I don’t care if she happened to be Sailor Luna again. It wouldn’t matter to me. She’s still be my mother. You want to bash my mother in front of me… good luck! EAT THIS! *Firing an attack at Seymour* Moon Star Cosmic FLASH!

Zeke: Heinz! Gabe! Shoot into my daughter’s attack. Combine your firepower with hers.

Heinz: Affirmative… Gabe, Let’s do it!

Gabe: Right!

Heinz & Gabe: *Lining up their Rifles with Zoey’s Moon wand scepter* Weapons ready! Aiming at target! *Looking at Zoey* Zoey. Attack again at Seymour. Don’t worry. We got your back. *Looking at Seymour* You’re about to be sorry, you impudent Schwein! Zoey’s the girl of the Pub back home. You want to test her… We’re about to show you how much of a mistake you’ve made.

Sailor Zoey: *Nods* Right! Here we go! On three. *Set to strike* One… Two… Three!

Heinz & Gabe: *With Sailor Zoey* Moon Star Cosmic Flash Rapid FIRE!!!

Mortiorchis: *Auto attack mode*

Seymour Flux: *Performing Cross Cleave on party*

Mary: *Ducking for cover* Oh god… Take cover!

Trixie: *Summoning fire and collecting fire from within; Moving her hands and creating a huge wall of fire; Using her mind to break the wall of fire and turning it into a million spikes of Fire; Falling down from the heavens; Launching it at (Seymour Flux)* Fiery Spikes of Heaven!

The Cross Cleave was a direct hit. It knocked Zoey out and knocked out the two men, Blossom, Mary, The Twins and left damage. to the rest of the party…

Luna: *Cries out in desperation and deep Emotion* NOOOOOO!!!!! ZOEY!!! *Running over to Zoey* Zoey… Zoey… *Kneeling to the side of Zoey and Picking her up* Zoey, Sweetie… Please wake up for momma. Please, Sweetie.

Zeke: *Walking over to Luna* Luna, Our daughter is in danger. This battle is gonna kill her if she goes on. We have to pull her out of the battle.

Sailor Zoey: *Weakly while coming to* You’ll do no such thing. I am not gonna cower. *Struggling and trying to get her strength back* I will not give up.

Rikku: *Walking over* Luna, Zeke… here. *Handing over a couple potions* Give Zoey these.

Zeke: What are these?

Rikku: Al Bhed potions. They heal 1000 HP on the user or the ones you toss them to. It also cures Poison, Petrification and Silence.

Zeke: *Smiles and Nods; accepting the potions* Thank you, Rikku.

Rikku: No Prob. Zoey’s a wonderful person. She’s also a very good friend of mines too.

Minutes later…

Sailor Zoey: *Up and ready to fight* This is it… No more Playtime. Seymour is going down. *Seeing her friends* Blossom, Mary, Heinz, Gabe, Sora… Carly. *Seeing as her friends were injured* I’ve got to do something. *Lifting up her Moon wand Scepter and Raising it* I’ve got to heal my friends.

Seymour Flux: *Casting Protect and Reflect on himself*

Mortiorchis: *Set to Annihilate*

Sailor Zoey: *Unleashing power from her Moon wand scepter and sending it over to the others to heal them*

Trixie: *Coming to* Long time since that happened. *Looking to see Zoey shining a light healing everyone* Zoey, What’s going on?

Sailor Zoey: I’m giving everyone back their strength and healing them. Healing them as they should be.

Sora: *Getting up* Thank you.

Carly: This is a nightmare.

Alice: It’s gonna be alright you two. But for the rest of the time… stay here away from the battle. It’s safer that way. I don’t want to lose you kids.

Before a swift blink of an eye and before any of them could catch a breath…

Seymour Flux: *Casting reflect on himself*

Wakka: *sneaking in with casting Dispel on Seymour* Not so fast.

Trixie: *focusing her energy and making her eyes glow aquatic blue; summoning a massive Tsunami; chanting a spell to create another massive Tsunami “Water’s mighty power… rush upon me… grant me your essence… transform into a second Tsunami and flush away the Tainted presence. Let the Evil feel thy wrath of the Aquatic deep” ; Holding her hands out and forming a massive sized heart…breaking them into a million pieces; Combining them into the two Massive Tsunami’s; Launching the two Tsunami’s at (Seymour Flux)* Aquatic Tsunami’s Of burning Love!

But that was when Trixie went for another attack and moved to soak down Seymour…

Trixie: *Rising into the Air and gathering Strength from the waters; forming a massive cloud; filling it with the power of the Oceans; sending it to hover above the enemy; Launching the Attack at (Seymour Flux)* Aquatic Storm of Redemption!

Seymour Flux: *Taking the hits and Soaked*

Thunder Star: Hey! Aunt Trixie… What say we electrocute Seymour with a little side order of Water and Thunder mixed to serve?

Trixie: *Laughs and busting a gut; Liking the sound of the idea* You must be the tough girl Dinah’s Daughter Serena. I should have caught that one… But i like the way you think. Shocking Seymour with a mix of water and Electricity. That’ll really put the shock into Seymour’s testy gut.

Thunder Star: *Nods*

Seconds later…

The Thunderic force Z! and Trixie began to start an attack pattern on Seymour in deliberate intentions to Shock Seymour hard. Unfortunately… Before they could make with the performing of the attack. MortiOrchis got ready to lay for the signature move.

Seymour Flux: *Performing Total Annihilation*

Trixie: *Turning into a dragon and Suddenly grabbing onto Seymour* No you don’t. *With her wings and claws chucking Seymour into the air* Going up!

Seymour Flux lifted up and soared into the air with speed before nose diving back down and smacking into the ground hard. It was a hit that took 10000 HP away…

Trixie: *Rising up with speed and Soaring around gaining speed; Roaring loud while gathering up more Fire inside her; Looking down at the target and locking on before Speeding back down and with aerial speed Looms at the target and with a mighty release; Creates a Fire storm and begins using her wings to blow the fire at the Evil* Scorching Fiery WindStorm!

Seymour Flux: *Taking the it*

Trixie then returned to normal and saw the fight go on. Seymour shot out with Flare on the guardians. Heinz and Gabe were there and firing at Seymour. They were not giving up. But things were bound to change. Seymour cast off a barrage of attacks. Lance of Atrophy… then Full-Life on a bunch of the fighters. And Zoey… She was fortunate to ward off all the attacks… at least the Lance of Atrophy. She was immune to the attack. But when the barrage of attacks were done… Some of the fighters were seen lying on the ground lifeless. It made her think about when the Tyrant that tried to rule the world 17 years ago and tried to terminate her family. That was what got her billowing mad. She grew mad and raised her temper to the state of white hot mad. Enraged… That’s what made her look right at Seymour with fury.

Trixie: *Turning into a Dragon as her Rage Builds up and bursts; Bellowing out with a Ferocious ear-pounding roar* RRRRRRRRRRRROOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!*Rising up with speed and Soaring around gaining speed; Roaring loud while gathering up more Fire inside her; Looking down at the target and locking on before Speeding back down and with aerial speed Looms at the target and with a mighty release; Creates a Fire storm and begins using her wings to blow the fire at Seymour Flux* Scorching Fiery WindStorm! *Grabbing Seymour Flux and Taking off with him; Shooting up into the sky high and Digging her Claws into him Circling around and Spinning her Wings fast and with Aerial precision before point down and at a mach 5 speed diving and Tossing Seymour Flux down with Force* … *Shooting fire at Seymour Flux and burning him with rage* DRAGON’S HELL!!!

Miss Bliss: Whoa! guys… did you see that?

Sir Love: Yeah. Aunt Trixie just tore Seymour into a sack of old shredded metal.

Miss Thunder: That was really extreme.

Thunder Star: We had no idea that Aunt Trixie was seriously that ripped. That was vibrating with a punch. *Shivers* Wow!

Sailor Zoey: *Firing at Seymour* This is for harming the innocent.

Heinz: *Up and ready to fire*

Gabe: *With his weapon aimed right at Seymour*

Blossom: *Nods*

Mary: Blossom, Why not make a new move?

Blossom: A New move?

Mary: Something like a Pocket monster… but turning it around to be something that comes from you. Customizing a move.

Blossom: I can try that.

Curtis: Blossom, Mary… What are you two planning?

Sailor Zoey: Whatever it is… do it fast and soon. We need to beat Seymour before he uses that Total Annihilation technique. If he uses it… we’re all but down. That Cross Cleave was bad. But Total Annihilation will finish us for sure.

Jack: *Seeing Seymour prepare to launch another move* He’s gonna do it. He’s gonna do it again. Everyone Watch out!

Seymour Flux: *Preparing to Initiate Total Annihilation*

Pearl: Jack, Create an Ice Shield and Surround the kids. Surround them all.

Jack: You got it. Seymour got at the kids once. He’s not about to have the second round at them.

Miss Bliss: *Looking at the team* Team… Defense positions. Defense!

Miss Passion: *In defense*

Rhapsody Romancers Z! *With a Defensive pose; Forming up a force field*

Rhapsody Aquatic Force Z!: *With a Defensive pose; Forming up a force field*

Rhapsody Thunderic Force Z!: *With a Defensive pose; Forming up a force field*

Paul: *Fire Bending to create a force field to shield himself*

Crystal: *Creating a force field out of her Psychic ability*

Sora: *With Carly; Creating a force field*

Seymour Flux: *Performing his Signature move: Total Annihilation*

Sailor Zoey: *Running out in front of everyone and standing between Seymour and the fighters* …*Crying out* STOP IT! WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS?! SEYMOUR… WHY ARE YOU HURTING PEOPLE? YOU WERE HUMAN ONCE… YOU HAD FEELINGS AND HAD A WONDERFUL LIFE BEFORE YOU TOOK YOUR FATHER’S LIFE. WHAT TURNED YOU TO BRING SUCH PAIN TO THE INNOCENT? *Getting the full force of the attack*

Luna: *Seeing her Daughter taking the attack* NO!!!!! *Cries out* NO! My BABY!!! ZOEY!!!

Black Canary: *Unleashing a deadly Siren at Seymour*

Once the attack was done and the smoke cleared… Everyone stopped and looked to see Zoey… Lying on the ground… Not moving.

Luna and Zeke ran over and kneeled next to Zoey’s seemingly lifeless body and tried to wake her. Tried to shake through to their Daughter hoping to get through to her and get her to snap out of it. But there was no chance. None… No luck in getting a response. Blossom Looked at Zoey’s lifeless body and saw her Aunt Luna and Uncle Zeke sitting beside Zoey. She shed tears and ran over to Zoey and tried to get through…

Blossom: Zoey, Come on Cousin… Wake up. You gotta wake up Zoey. Don’t you die on us. We need you. You may be a Sailor Senshi and some of us will never understand why and how you got yourself into it. I managed to understand it. But the fact is that you’re our Cousin. Daughter to Luna and Zeke… Don’t leave them. They don’t want to lose you. None of us do.

Luna: *Grabbing her daughter and carrying Zoey with her husband Zeke; going ahead a ways* We’re gonna find a place to bury her. Our daughter is dead. *Crying and hugging her Daughter while walking on*

Zeke: Our only young daughter… is dead. *Looking back at the others* You kids… You better kill that Seymour. If your cousin Zoey means a thing at all to you… You will Avenge her. *In Agony* KILL SEYMOUR NOW! KILL HIM OR WE’RE THROUGH!

Thunder Star: Don’t you worry. We’re gonna fry his ass. Seymour killed an innocent young girl. Zoey may have been a senshi. but she was also most of all… family. Blood. Seymour killed her… Now… *Looking at Seymour with Rage* THAT SON OF A BITCH IS DEAD! I’M GONNA KILL SEYMOUR. *Charging at Seymour*

Mary: Blossom. Why not do a special attack?

Blossom: Yeah. Like what?

Mary: Something like… Wild Charge. You’re with Electrical power. Drawing in Electrical currents and shooting them out at targets. So… Wild Charge is where you Charge and you know… Ram into the target. But with the Charging… you get Electricity surrounding you and Inflict Paralysis on the target.

Blossom: What will i call it?

Mary: Electrogal Blitz!

Blossom: Hmm… i like the sound of that. Okay. I’ll try that.

Mary: Blossom, I Believe in you… Use your special attack. Electrogal Blitz!!

Blossom: *Charging up and Building up power in her legs as surges of Electricity flow through her and covering her all over; Electrical currents spreading all around before Exploding* AHHHHHH! ELECTRO….. GAL!!!!! *Charging at Seymour*

The attack smacked into Seymour hard and left a sense of Paralysis on him. Seymour couldn’t move and couldn’t attack. Which left it for an attack. Straight on.

It was then that the reality of Zoey being dead finally hit Blossom. Hit her hard. There was nothing to hold her off.

Blossom: *Thinking about her best friend; Mourning her best friend and broken about the Ronso’s* Zoey… my best friend. the best friend i ever had. She and I did everything together. Everything. We were there for one another. She’s gone… She is dead… No… My best friend… Zoey! The Ronso… they’re gone. They fought against the enemy… Tried to defend themselves. But none of them stood a chance. They didn’t even have a fighting chance… *Shook up and paralyzed with shock and distraught; Numb and deeply wounded mentally as she sees the carnage and the devastation* No… I can’t bare to live without my best friend. I can’t bare to see my sister… my cousins, Aunt’s and Uncles… hurt anymore. *Feeling a sudden sharp piercing through her mind* No!!!! *Exploding in agony and in Bursting fury* This is wrong and it won’t continue any…MORE!

Blossom: *Screams and Bellowing out with a surge of power and Electricity* AAAHHHHHHHHHHH! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!

Building more power and gaining strength as the power and element charged up and with intensity….

Miss Bliss: What is she doing?

Sir Love: That act is a DBZ stunt.

Dancing Heartthrob: What? *Pauses and confused* What do you mean, Clint?

Sir Love: DBZ. Dragon Ball Z! The Episode where the son to the guy Goku. Gohan… He becomes a Super Saiyan Class two because of a loss of a fellow Ally. He lets loose and just explodes. With a shattering quake. This here… What Blossom is doing… It’s with the same zest. The same feel.

Angelic Bubble: Uncle Curtis’s got himself a Lightning bug. Blossom… The Lightning Bug.

Bubble Gem: *Gasps* Whoa!

Bubbling star: Oh my…

Blossom: *Letting loose* AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!

Seymour Flux: What?! *Seeing Blossom charging up with intense power and force* Electrogal… You dare try to challenge my power. To defeat me…

Once she was done…

Blossom: *Pissed off and with Fury; Looking at Seymour* I’ll do more than that. We’ll do more than that… YOU SON OF A BITCH! YOU KILLED MY BEST FRIEND! You Killed Zoey! Zoey was my best friend. You killed her… YOU BASTARD! BASTARD! *Firing a massive shot of Electricity at Seymour*

Miss Bliss: *Looking at the others* Guys… Now’s our Chance!

Miss Passion: Let’s do it!

Sir Love: That evil freak has got to go.

Dancing Heartthrob: He Killed Zoey! Now we kill him!

One by one they all got up and armed their weapons and went to full power. Time came for them to lay down a beat down upon Seymour…

It was Summoner Yuna, The Guardians, The fighters and Allies Vs. Seymour…


As for Luna and Zeke… They were up a little further and were holding on to their now deceased daughter. There was no response coming from their Daughter. Nothing was there. Luna could only cry in agony. Zoey was the youngest and she was part hero. Although What they didn’t know was that there was soon to be a surprise. But they were so upset and with such a broken heart… they didn’t pay much mind to any of it. All Luna and Zeke could do was sit there and break down in sobs. They were in heartbreak.

Luna: Our Daughter is dead and there is nothing that we can do.

Zeke: You wanna bet on that, Luna? We were supposed to ensure her safety. You were to keep her safe.

Luna: I have tried. So have you. Zoey was the sweetest person. She was loving. *With tears in her eyes* What are we gonna tell the others back home? What’re we gonna do?

Zeke: I don’t know. *With tears in his eyes* Rina will be upset. Natasha will become distant. The two boys will probably change and… I have no idea. The Matriarch of the family will be surely unhappy. Shingo really admired Zoey.

Luna: Don’t forget Nick Harrison. He thought of her to be a complete Sweetie.

Zeke: We’re gonna stay in Spira. We can’t go back home without Zoey. The pain in everyone’s eyes will be too great.

Luna: Zeke, Spira is not our home. We have to go back to Metropolis eventually. I know that it will hurt…But we have to. We have to go back.



Luna: *Pauses* What’s that?

Zeke: *Stopping to look both ways to catch where the sound was coming from* Wait… That sound.

Luna: I think i know that sound…

“Meow… Meow… Zoey!”

Zeke: That’s a cat… Isn’t it?

Luna: I guess so. I don’t know. *Listening in* But if that’s a cat… Why would it call out a name? Why would it call out for our daughter?

Zeke: *Looking to see a cat walking around* Yeah… that’s a cat… or is it?

But the cat vanished… Which was seconds later believed to be an Illusion. But what they didn’t know was… up ahead…

Girl: *Shaking her head* Where was i going? Zoey and i should be together. Although i left her for this place. I did guide her. However… Now… i’m lost. Although these caves or summit seems really weird. Something is here. *Sensing something* Where’s that energy coming from? *Detecting something wrong* There is something not right up ahead. I better go check it out. *Sighs* Sorry Zoey. You’re gonna have no option but to be on your own for a little while longer. Please Hold on. Don’t give up your training. Remember what you learned. You can do it.

As for the Fighters…

Miss Bliss: *With Angelic Bubble and Miss Thunder; commanding the teams* Come on team… Seymour is almost beat. he’s on his last final leg. We got 15,688 HP left. But if we can all attack with our overdrives and then with the Finishers… *As Angelic Bubble* As for you Guardians… You attack from both sides. Both sides and hit them hard. *As Miss Thunder* Zoey isn’t with us. She is dead. Seymour saw to that. So… When attacking Seymour… Think of Zoey. Avenge her and keep her memory alive. Doing the best and fighting hard to do what’s right. Plus to Avenge the Fallen Ronso Clansmen who gave their lives to protect us all from Seymour.

Lulu: You’re right. This will be for Zoey and the Ronso.

Wakka: For Zoey and the Ronso.

Rikku: For Zoey and the Ronso.

Auron: For Zoey and the Ronso.

Kimahri: For Zoey and the Ronso.

Tidus: For Zoey and the Ronso.

Yuna: For Zoey and the Ronso.

Heinz/Gabe/Trixie/Mary/Black Canary/Annie/Paige,Pearl and Dinah: For Zoey and the Ronso!

Seymour Flux: Zoey is dead. Girls who talk to cats and turn into senshi’s are not welcomed in Spira. I have done Spira a service.

Thunder Star: Yeah. And also killed the heart of Luna and Zeke. But We’re gonna fry your ass. You’re dead, Seymour. YOU GOT THAT, SEYMOUR?! DEAD!

Seconds later…

Sora: *With Carly and Blossom in unison* By the Rhapsody Power of three. Set us free… spark up a surge of thunder and lightning. put Seymour back in traction. *Firing a Shot of Electricity and a surge of thunder at Seymour* Thunder shock by the power of 3…. Thunder CHAIN FLASH!!!

Thunderic Force Z!: *With the Thunder energy combined into one* combined. Thunder one… Thunder All… Let’s get Seymour after all! *Launching the Thunder blast at Seymour* Thunder Dragon FORCE!

Tidus Performed the Swordplay Overdrive Energy Rain on Seymour.

Kimahri Performed The Ronso Rage Overdrive Fire breath on Seymour.

Auron Performed the Bushido Overdrive Shooting Star on Seymour.

Wakka Performed The Slots Overdrive Elemental Reels and shot a fire ball at Seymour.

Lulu Performed the fury Overdrive and cast Blizzara Fury on Seymour.

Rikku Performed her Overdrive Mix and created Winter Storm.

Rikku took shots at Seymour a few times with her claws to charge up her Overdrive gauge again before then using her Overdrive a second time…

Rikku Performed her Overdrive Mix and created Firestorm.

Miss Bliss: *Jamming on her Heart Guitar and gathering Energy to create a Love Storm* … This is Love’s greatest power… the power of life and truth. Two of the things that Love resembles. The Love and the Bliss of perpetual romance. *Performing a power ballad and Drawing it up into her Weapon; Suddenly Stroking the Strings; with a Pink aura and with the energy built and ready; Launching her Overdrive* LOVE’S BLISSFUL SERENADE!!!

Miss Passion: *Jamming on her Heart Guitar and gathering Energy to create a Love Storm* … This is How Passion is born. It’s born with compassion, Romance and Sweet Bliss. Truth and warmth. That is how Passion is born. Love is part of a breathing romance. What Love resembles is Eternal and pure. *Performing a power ballad and Drawing it up into her Weapon; Suddenly Stroking the Strings and with a Pink aura and with the energy built and ready; Launching her Overdrive* PASSION’S ETERNAL REMEDY!!!

Sir Love: *Twirling his Heart Rod and moving it to the one side and to the other. From the Right to the left; Tossing the rod up and absorbing Love Energy and building up Musical power* Love and Rhythm and the power of romance. There is nothing like it… Nothing. With the heart and soul of Miss Bliss and Miss Passion. This is the moment of truth. It’s unable to be measured. *Jumping up to grab his rod once it’s at full power and landing down; Thumping the Rod on the ground and within seconds launching his Overdrive* SIR LOVE’S ORCHESTRATED LOVE CONCERTO!!!

Dancing Heartthrob: *Twirling his Heart Rod and moving it to the one side and to the other. From the Right to the left; Tossing the rod up and absorbing Love Energy and building up Musical power* Dancing to the side and dancing to the right. Watch my dancing groove as i lay the moves of a serenade. I got the love and the dance… Watch as i lay it on you. *Jumping up to grab his rod once it’s at full power and landing down; Thumping the Rod on the ground and within seconds launching his Overdrive* DANCING HEART LIGHTNING SYMPHONY!!!

Angelic Bubble: *Gathering energy* … This is the frost… the water of light. Water and Ice… Light and Glitz Build within me. Wash this evil away. *Launching An attack using her Bubble Gem grenade Launcher* ANGELIC GEM GRENADE STRIKE!!!

Bubbling Star: *Glowing with Light and Energy* Here is the star of the light and the power of water’s force. Evil’s extinction is confirmed with just a blast of water and Ice. Water and Light. *with her Bubble Gloves Launching her Overdrive* BUBBLE MAIDEN’S STAR OF WATER SCREAM!!! (The attack is a combined power of Water and ice in a surging pulse of Stars and Water unleashing a scream of Light and Ice)

Melodic Bubble: *Casting her Overdrive* BUBBLING BEAMS OF ICE CONCERTO!!!

Bubble Gem: *Launching her Overdrive With her Bubbly Harmonica* WATERY ICE SPIRAL SYMPHONY!!!

Frosty Ice Bubble: *Launching his Overdrive with his Holy Crosses of frost* FROSTY CROSSES OF ARCTIC JUSTICE!!!

Miss Thunder: *Glowing with Thunder energy* … Thunder and Lightning i call upon you to grant me the power of Thunders Rage. Come forth and guide my Soul. *Rising her Thunder Trident and swirling the tip into the air and creating a Thunder Storm; Building up energy at full power* The Evil angers the Thunder. Hear the Quaking roar of the Thunder and the intensity of it’s fury. *With The Thunder Trident at Full power* …. Here comes the triple Threat of Thunderic PAIN! *Launching her Overdrive* TRI-BEAM THUNDER MAGNITUDE 9!!!

Thunderic Wonder: *Glowing with Thunder Energy* …Here comes the brain of the Thunder and Lightning. There is something that the Thunder and Lightning never put to use. That’s the galling wind and the force it can unleash. This is where the Wind comes to play. The scream of the Wind is Thunder screaming Vengeance. The Wind combined with the Thunder and Lightning is the nightmare of any Evil entity. *With The Thunderstorm Fan; Launching her Overdrive* GUSTING WINDS OF THUNDER AND LIGHTNING!!!

Thunder Star: *Glowing with Thunder Energy* Thunder and Lightning flow in me… It’s my element of choice as i have a hot furious temper when i am mad. The Stars of Thunder break open the doors and crack the skies. Snap… Crackle and Pierce the Winds and the Evil intent with the Thunder Star Chains of Fury. *With The Thunder Chains; Glowing and Charging up; Whipping the Thunder Chains against the ground then at the air back and forth; gaining speed while whipping the chains all over before splitting into two and Whipping the Thunder Chains before wrapping it around the target; surrounding the target with the Thunder Chains; Launching her Overdrive* THUNDER STAR HURRICANE CHAINS OF THUNDER FURY!!!

Blossom: *Casting her Overdrive* ELECTRICAL BALLS OF LIGHT!

Romancers Z!: *Combining their weapons together and Firing a group attack at Seymour Flux* Love’s Shaking Promise!

Aquatic Force Z!: *Combining their weapons together and Firing a group attack at Seymour Flux* Screaming Ice Bubble Flood!

Thunderic Force Z!: *Combining their weapons together and Firing a group attack at Seymour Flux* Storming Thunderic Rage!

Trixie: *Rising up with speed and Soaring around gaining speed; Roaring loud while gathering up more Fire inside her; Looking down at the target and locking on before Speeding back down and with aerial speed Looms at the target and with a mighty release; Creates a Fire storm and begins using her wings to blow the fire at Seymour Flux* Scorching Fiery WindStorm! *Grabbing Seymour Flux and Taking off with him; Shooting up into the sky high and Digging her Claws into him Circling around and Spinning her Wings fast and with Aerial precision before point down and at a mach 5 speed diving and Tossing Seymour Flux down with Force* … *Shooting fire at Seymour Flux and burning him with rage* DRAGON’S HELL!!!

Wakka: *Throwing the Blitzball at Seymour* Dark Attack!

Kimahri: *Attacking Seymour with his Spear*

Auron: *Attacking Seymour with his Katana*

Tidus: *Attacking Seymour with his Sword* HA!

Blossom: *Firing a Shot of Electricity at Seymour*

Rikku: *Using Shining Gem on Seymour*

Lulu: *Casting Thundara on Seymour*

Rikku: *Using a Arctic Wind on Seymour*

Wakka: *Using a Arctic Wind on Seymour*

Auron: *Using a Arctic Wind on Seymour*

Tidus: *Using a Arctic Wind on Seymour*

Rikku: *Attacking Seymour with her Claws*

It was the biggest battle thus far for them all. They all fought hard and fought long against Seymour. It took them all out for a while. But as soon as Seymour faded back into the air and faded out…

Tidus: And stay up there!

The fighters and Guardians as well as the Allies and extra help all began to make way forward when…

Yuna: He will become Sin…with my help.

Auron: Lies. Forget them.

Yuna: If he becomes Sin, Sir Jecht will be saved.

Serena: *Snorts in mockery* Seymour will become Sin with your help. Yeah right. Like Sin would ever want to have a thing to do with him… With Seymour. I think that Sin would rather eat and shoot him dead before taking a look at him.

Paul: That was about a thousand feet off the path of sounding amusing. Serena… You need some reality shot at you… Seymour is an unsent. Sin is the Bringer of death. Seymour broke out in pyreflies and into the sky. Sin is out in the skies somewhere. Not allowing itself to be seen apparently. So… I think that he is likely to be inside sin and therefore… we’ll have to beat him a 4th time. Is that hard to imagine? Yes. But knowing what we know about Pyreflies and about the unsent and the Pyreflies Phenomenon… It isn’t gonna be that far of a speculation.

Crystal: Sir Jecht is inside Sin. But can he really be saved from sin?

Sora: He’s gotta be.

Heinz: However you might look at it… It still spreads trouble. You guys have only barely beat that guy and he was no pushover.

Blossom: Maybe so… but I don’t think that it’s over yet. We still have to get to Zanarkand. It’s only a little ways away before we get there.

Auron: We’re leaving.

Yuna: You know something! Tell me!

Annie: Auron, If you know something… you better just tell us.

Auron: *Stony silence*

Yuna: *Confronting Tidus* Tell me!

Tidus: *Hangs his head* Sin’s…my old man.

Wakka: You hit your head?

Spencer: No. we didn’t. We wish that we had though. If that’s what you’re asking. However… it isn’t likely.

Tidus: Sin is my old man. My old man became Sin! I don’t know how or why he did it. I felt him, inside. And when I did, I knew it was true. My old man is Spira’s suffering. Sorry.

Daria: He won’t be the suffering for long. Not at all.

Susie: We’re gonna save Sir Jecht. It will be a piece of cake.

Penny: Are you sure about that one? Sin isn’t gonna just kneel down and roll out its red carpet. We’re gonna have to fight for it.

Yuna: *Looking at Tidus in shock* Even…knowing that Sin is your father… Still, you know, I must…

Raven: We all must.

Trixie: It’s gonna be bit harder now since Zoey is gone. I didn’t really get to meet her. *Sighs* Wonder how Luna and Zeke are holding up.

Pearl: After losing their daughter… Seriously… You have to even ask how they’re holding up?

Paige: I don’t hear therm anywhere. You sure that they’re up ahead?

Gabe: Want me to go and check it out?

Mary: Sure.

Heinz: I’ll go with you. They must be close by.

Tidus: I know. Let’s get him. I think my old man would want that.

Lulu: You’d fight your own father?

Tidus: Yeah. No problem there.

Sora: Sometimes… you get met with a choice. You fight your demons and overcome them… or you sit and lie under the dark shadow and let it consume you.

Wakka: Uh… ‘Bout your old man… You sure this ain’t some kinda bad toxin dream or something?

Tidus: *Sighs*

Dinah: What about back home? My husband had a mother who used to think poorly of me. But then our mother who has the same first name as Rikku spoke to her. Spoke with her and from there… it got everything back to good status. Although for a while… before that… it was a rather personal demon that i had to face. Shingo had to face it too and it was hurting him most. But we both knew… that unless we faced it… and overcame it… it would become a demon that would haunt us for a very very long time.

Carly: Right. But that was 14 years ago. Wasn’t it?

Dinah: That’s right.

Paige: That part… we had no idea. But our mother did that? Handled it and just made the animosity between you and your husband’s mother go away?

Pearl: Whoa! That’s revealing.

Amy: But now… as for Sin… We now know that Sin… is Sir Jecht.

Wakka: Then, Chappu… I, uh… I think I’ll just pretend I didn’t hear nothing. I’m getting a little confused, ya? Why… Why’d all this have to happen?

Auron: We’ll learn when we arrive. Soon.


As for Luna and Zeke…

Luna: *Looking at Zeke* We should get to burying her. It hurts to do this… but we have to do it. *With tears in her eyes*

Zeke: *Nods; With tears in his eyes* I know. If only we had a shovel to use so we could dig a hole.

Luna: Remember how she used to rough house her stuffed animal?

Zeke: How could i forget? She was so full of zest and spunk. A real energetic girl and she never would tire. Not ever. I could remember that she even got creative and a few times that she did… she nearly came close to bumping right into the one side table. She almost got close and she did manage to scratch herself just slightly on the corner a few times. Not that it was bad… But it was sure a close call. Anyone else would sit and cry.

Luna: Not her though… Not her… She got up and grabbed the first Aid kit. Placed some Neosporin on the scratch after washing the scratch off a bit. Drying it. But then putting the Neosporin then placing a band-aid on it. She didn’t even cry. Not even once. it had to of stung her a little and surely a normal person would cringe.

Zeke: Exactly. But not Zoey.

Luna: *Sighs* Yeah. *Shedding tears and crying* That was her. But now courtesy of Seymour… We’ll never get to see her smiling face again. Hear her voice again.

Zeke: *Shedding tears with his wife Luna* Luna, Let’s get to burying her. Seeing her like this is hurting.

Luna: *Nods while crying* Okay.

But the only thing that came was tears. They knew that as painful as it was…they had to bury Zoey. And it was hurting them. As they prepared to Set her down on the ground so they could start digging a hole and placing Zoey inside it… They looked back at all the memories that they’ve had with her. All the memories that they ever made with her and saw with the family. how things were so peaceful… happy and calm. But what they didn’t realize was the tears they were shedding fell on Zoey. Their tears of dedicated love. Maternal love, Motherly love and complete strong emotion. Fatherly love. Sincere heartfelt emotion. The strongest love for their Daughter Zoey…It hit right on Zoey’s Transformation brooch and right on into her stomach. But it miraculously traveled into Zoey’s heart. Zoey’s body started to faintly glow at first as it got into her. The love and the parental embrace with the combined tears and the energy that mysteriously came from Zoey’s Transformation brooch it united as one and flowed into Zoey’s body. Pulsing into her with energy and strength…

Luna and Zeke only stood there and watched as they then saw Zoey’s body glow and shine bright. It tore open the clouds and peeled them away as the light shined with energy through Zoey. Luna and Zeke gasped as it happened. It was mysterious. But it took no surprise to them as they believed that something was gonna happen. It happened to however catch the attention of the clan nearby as they saw the flash of light and the bright glow.

Zeke: *Taken by disbelief and mystery* What is going on? What is going on here? Zoey is being levitated by this white light. the bright white and golden light.

Luna: Something is going on.

Zeke: *Watching the light levitate Zoey’s lifeless body* Oh my god.

It was moments later when the light faded and Zoey’s body was back on the ground and showing no movement. However as they watched Zoey showing no additional movement…

A girl came from behind. She wore a creamy blue shirt and a Blue mini-skirt with a yellow ribbon. She had a couple miniature little make-up cases that were pocket sized. (Aside from How Luna was with a cat like tail sticking from the back when she used to be a senshi and a cat like human girl.)


Girl: *Walking over* Hey guys… What’s up?

Luna: *Looking at the Mysterious girl* Watching Zoey’s body glowing mysteriously. It just started about a moment ago and it’s still going on.

Girl: Really? Any idea what caused it?

Zeke: Not sure. We don’t really know.


Zeke: *Stopping and quickly turning to see a mysterious girl* Wha- wh- who are you? Do we know you?

Girl: Oh… Me? I’m June.

Luna: June? I know someone named June. But she was June Mitchell now June Parker.

Zeke: You have a last name?

June: No. I don’t think so. I know that my first name is June. That’s what i know. Plus… i am also a Sailor Senshi too… Not sure about a last name though.

Luna: Why not?

June: Never had one. At least that’s what Queen Serenity told me. Not sure why. But i am from the moon. The Moon Kingdom. At least i would be if i were a cat. And i was.

Zeke: The Moon Kingdom? Are you serious?

June: Yes. *Looking at Zoey* What happened to Zoey?

Luna: She’s dead. Seymour killed her.

June: *Stammering* Seymour?! S-s-s-s-s-seymour…. G-g-g-g-g-g-guado Killed Zoey Rhapsody? Killed S-s-s-s-s-sailor Z-z-z-z-z-zoey?

Zeke: It’s true. Sorry to say. But… She’s dead. We are staying in Spira, With Zoey dead… we can never go back home to Metropolis.

June: Why?

Luna: Because when we came to Spira… or when I came… Zoey was alive. But now she’s dead. We can’t very well come here with Zoey Alive then leave here without her. People would be asking endless questions. Wondering what happened.

June: Oh that… *Shaking her head* That’s a problem.

But that was when…

Zoey’s body came alive and sat up…


The answers to come and what goes on for the heroes. Premonitions and a surprise knocks on their doors. The end of the Son of Sir Jecht in sight with a Vision in mind. A Fayth shows the Dream version of Zanarkand to the star player of Zanarkand. A Resurrection??? What’s the deal surrounding the miraculous surprise in: “The Summit and the Dream of the fayth.”


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