Chapter 162: Up on the trail on the mountain of snow… Flashbacks of old are relived.

Zoey: *Voice-over* Hey there everyone. Zoey here. I am betting that you never heard me talk out like this before. Well… Alot has to do with my mom. She’s not expecting me to do this but It’s better that i at least try. From the 120th chapter of this huge ongoing tale up till now… we’ve all gone through a whole lot. Many things. faces have changed… experiences have been had and it helped change us. I would guess for the better and it shows. I don’t really think that any of us really wanted this kind of life. One that our parents once had. They were the heroes. Having to make hard choices. It’s every so often that they tell us about what they went through before us new generation were even born. I am the last child of Luna and Zeke. I don’t think that they’ll want another. I kinda broke the mold on that. Perfect in every way. Well apart from the side of my being a Sailor Senshi. Yeah… i am betting that everyone knows by now if they had read the tale up to now. I am a sailor soldier. a senshi. I turn into the sailor senshi Sailor Zoey. The senshi of love, Justice and defender of the innocent. My cousins… There’s a lot. but the ones who no one would think would be heroes or with the gift of being with the heroic aura… Are Annie, Daria, Clint and Theodore… They’re with the element of love. hence… Thereby making them the Rhapsody Romancers Z! And you know who their mother is…

Paige Cass Rhapsody. My Aunt Paige. She back then years ago was the Winged angel of romance, Miss Love. Amy, Susie, Christina, Penny and Spencer. He’s the Albino. It was said that he was diagnosed with it when he was seven. i was only a baby when he was diagnosed. He is very sensitive to heat and fire. It makes others see him as a person who’s afraid of fire. Which hurts him. I feel bad for him. But those 5 make up the hero team The Rhapsody Aquatic Force Z! They’re the kids to my Aunt Pearl. She back then years ago was known as the Bubbly Angel of light, Water and serenity, Bubble Maiden. Then there’s Sapphire, Raven and Serena. Raven the middle one of them is named after a beloved ally of the family from back then. A dark powered girl known as Raven of Azarath. I never got to meet her but i guess that it was said that she was really beautiful. But those 3 made up the hero team known as the Rhapsody Thunderic Force Z! They belong to my Aunt Dinah and Uncle Shingo. Dinah Ellen Rhapsody. Danger Zone Dinah. Miss Lightning in a bottle. She was known back then years ago as the Thunderic fury of the skies. Thunder Mistress. Yeah. She’s our loose cannon, but we love her anyway. Because she’s being who she was meant to be. Paige, Pearl and Dinah made up the hero team that became really famous. The girls of love, grace and fury; the Rhapsody girls Z! Then there’s the 4 guys. Alvin, Arnold, Avery and Curtis. They were the Rhapsody Brothers, The Enforcers of Justice. But after the last threat that they’ve all went through… it was said that they would all be normal. With normal lives and with the powers that be days put behind them all. Us kids being all normal. Living a normal carefree life. But last year till the 12th of september of this year. 2042. I was showing forms or signs of being one with the powers of a sailor senshi. Which at first wasn’t too bad. But that changed when i one day transformed in school. Into Sailor Zoey. I was so embarrassed. But my mom reasoned with me and placed things all in perspective. It helped. Alot. But i wasn’t the only one with the powers that be. Sapphire was first of the three of Dinah’s older kids that started to develop powers. Serena was next. and when she got it… it made her feel uneasy as she was all for just being normal. Not happening…

Raven however freaked out as she was the last of the 3. She was really freaking out. I don’t think that she really expected it to come and it didn’t help things that she had been told of them as she had it out with Dinah.

“At Dinah’s and Shingo’s house…

Raven then comes into the house and sits on the stairs and sulks feeling betrayed. She just got back from seeing her grandmother and found that she had heroic blood in her that made her a fighter. A Super fighter and she was never told by her mother when she had a right to know. She was kept in the dark. It was not gonna be a happy talk. But she knew that she was denied the truth and she was gonna get to the bottom of it… one way or another…

Dinah: *Walking to find her daughter after deciding the truth needed to be told, and found Raven sitting on the steps* Darling. i know you’re mad with me for not telling you the truth from the beginning but i want you to know something..

Raven: *Angry and annoyed* Oh yeah?! And what would that be? Where do you want to start? would it be the part where i seem to be harboring a secret inside me that i didn’t know was there…. or how about the part where i am now with the confession from grandmother that i am now not just a freak… but a Super freak. Oh i know… why not tell me about why i now feel betrayed and kept in the dark about my normal life being no more than a sham? Let’s start there, Mom.

Dinah: *Sitting down next to Raven* Yes Raven, it’s true. you do have super powers and you are a super hero. i didn’t tell you about it and let you think you were normal because i wanted to protect you as a mother would for her child… but having powers and being a super hero doesn’t make you a super freak. you know that, don’t you?

Raven: *Getting up and Then turning to face her mother* The right thing for who mom? You should have told me. for 14 years i had this unknown secret and you knew about it… but yet you wanted to what was it that you said… “Let you think that you were normal”… You wanted to let me think i was normal when i was not normal at all. You were probably just waiting for me to spaz out and have a embarrassing moment and i out of nowhere freak myself out by shooting up power that is far from normal before you would tell me about it, Right? Because it sure as heck seems like it to me.

Dinah: *Sighs and stands up again* Raven please don’t be like this. i am sorry for not telling you sooner and yes i should have told you but you must understand my reasons behind not telling you straight away… you were already not feeling normal and if you had been told about the powers you would have thought of yourself as a super freak. i didn’t want to put you in that situation…

Raven: Well… living with a mother who would hide something like this from me… scares me… *Heading to her Room*

A Minute later…

Dinah: *Feeling really guilty about hiding something like that from her daughter, and she walks to Raven’s room knocking on the door* Can i come in for a minute?

Raven: If you want to… I am just really unhappy being lied to. but it’s something that i’ll have to get over… *Brushing her hair a little*

Dinah: *Opening the door and walking in, closing the door again behind her* You have every right to be mad with me. i should have told you the truth from the beginning, it’s just that you’re my daughter and the last thing i want is for you is to be unhappy…

Raven: Well what did you think i was gonna respond with after finding out that i was being lied to? Did you believe in your right mind that i was gonna be all happy go tickly over the news? Newsflash… Mom… Just because you’re a hero… Thunder Mistress. and no demeaning what you had done for years… you made it all work. You’re good at being the “In your face, Back off my case” persona and not take bull from anyone spewing the bull. You told Sapphire and Serena that they had abilities. and they’re fine with it… of course Sapphire was always on the fast track to the hero line. She takes to it like Caffeine to a Junkie on a fix… But you kept it from me. Lied to me about it and told me that i was normal… when you knew in your heart that i wasn’t. You have any idea how damaging that is to someone like me? Living one life and thinking that the life that you were following was the only life you knew only to then later find that you have another life and should have been told of it from the beginning but had to find out the hard way from someone else who even though was family… had no room to bring up something that a mother should have told their daughters. but yet… Did not… Do you even know what that is doing to me… i don’t even know if i was really living the right life anymore. Everything up till now has been shown as a total lie.

Dinah: It’s not as simple as that. when i first became a hero it wasn’t easy for me either as i struggled with it when i was first told and i felt like a super freak as well, when i was younger, like maybe 12 years old i hated wearing skirts and if someone was to ever say to me: “Hey Dinah, you look cute in that skirt” i would have just exploded and blow up. but as time went past i grew to love them slowly. i have been the loose wire for most of my life that if anyone messed with anyone in the family i would let them have it and i still do…

Raven: Well… I guess that i should understand. but in honest opinion… i don’t feel protected… you try living a life like mines that makes you feel like being one person… for as long as you can remember or recall… then in five minutes… find out that you’re someone else that is not like the one you thought you were made to be… *Sighs and growls as she waves her hand and gets a little edgy* Just in case… i didn’t feel like a freak already… *Snaps with anger* Why not we just add a nickname to me… Like Raven, The “Super Freak”?!


Raven: *Sitting down* I’m sorry. I just feel so conflicted. i don’t know what to even think or say. What kind of hero would i even be if i were really this hero that you and the others all believe that i am?

Dinah: *Understanding Raven’s anger* I understand your anger and i know this is hard for you.. but don’t worry. i promise i will help you through this and i’ll teach you everything i know about being a hero.

Raven: That would help… because… this whole guise of my living a life that is a lie… it’s not fair for me… So… if there are things to learn about being a hero… showing them would help. *Groans as she then collapses onto her bed* This is gonna be a total nightmare. How am i gonna learn the ropes of being a hero? i don’t know anything about being a hero… i don’t feel worthy to even be one.” 

She didn’t like it much and she was scared. I think that everyone was. Even Paul, Sora and Carly. They were taken by surprise. But it wasn’t till we got brought to here… Spira. We got brought to Spira and from the very beginning till now… it’s been a experience to remember. one after another. Last time on the Adventures of the Rhapsody girls Z! We finally came to Mt. Gagazet. Ronso land. The sacred mountain of Yevon. Although we weren’t be welcomed kindly. We were met by angry Ronso and an Angry Elder Ronso. They were not happy. But the girls and guys spoke out with a plea. It was likely to not work… however it got the Elder to stand down and allow us passage. But the strangest thing about that was only the fact… that while we were trying to get the Elder to see reason. To see what we felt… my cat… Oh… that’s right. no one knew of it yet. or might not have picked it up yet during this Journey up till now… i got myself a cat. But this was no regular cat. It was a cat from the moon. The fated Moon Kingdom. Anyway my cat June. Nice name, right? During the time of our trying to plead for access into the Mountain. onto the mountain heights of Gagazet. My Cat went missing. We were let through however it was not gonna be easy. Two Ronso who had a quarrel with Kimahri barred our path. Demanding that the score get settled. Forcing Kimahri to fight to prove his strength. Dinah fortunately got a trick up her sleeve and had it set in a way of a Gym battle. That’s right. A Gym Battle. some of them were probably thinking… “Come on, Dinah. This isn’t the world of Pokemon.” But it worked. And Kimahri fought Biran and Yenke. Fought them and beat them. It was with a few close calls through out the fight. but it came in good fun as Kimahri successfully made the winning blow. Taking the win. The two Ronso then honored his name and vowed to make a statue for Yuna. For all of us. As a penance for breaking Kimahri’s horn many years in the past. 10 years past. We were making way up or started to… only to be stopped by the two Ronso again. but this time was a sendoff. they started to sing out the hymn of the fayth. But it got to where other Ronso Warriors marched up and Joined on in with the singing. With the send off. Now we had to climb on the trail. Hopefully finding my cat. and getting a little more further on the Journey…

Mt. Gagazet-Mountain trail…

Zoey: I guess that this is the start of the trail.

Annie: There are possibly strong fiends.

Clint: You think that we’ll have to fight them along the trail?

Amy: I don’t know. But if there is the need to fight us some fiends… we better be ready to go.

Susie: Right. We should get into our forms and be on the watch. No telling what we’ll see or run into here…

Within seconds…

Miss Bliss: Let’s do it. *Walking on*

The fighters and guardians were making their way over through the trail. It was a long trail and they were gonna be facing a whole mess of fiends…

Sir Love: *looking to see a pile of rocks over on the side* A pile of rocks. Strange. What would a pile of rocks be laying around here for?

Bubbling star: Who knows… this trail is pretty cold. We got a long way to go…

Angelic Bubble: Let’s go check it out.

Paul: What’s going on? Aren’t we supposed to be heading up the trail?

Dancing Heartthrob: Yeah. But i guess that they are catching the high side of that rock pile. Must be a place marker or something.

Bubble Gem: Must be. Serena and the others are up ahead and they are sure not one to wait. Zoey and Blossom are also up ahead.

Zoey: Come again? Penny, i am right here. I am just rather listening in for my cat.

Blossom: I’m helping her listen in for her cat. Her cat’s around here somewhere. Her mom isn’t helping. I can’t see how that surprises us. Zoey loves that cat and her mom isn’t showing any concern towards it.

Curtis: Blossom, You mind your manners now.

Blossom: Dad, it’s true… You saw how Aunt Luna was in disregard towards the cat. She didn’t even show much of any feeling towards the cat.

Curtis: That is because Luna is still trying to wrap her head around the idea that you Zoey has a cat now. She’s only seen the cat since we got back together back in Bevelle. But from then till now. That is still not all that much time passed. So it’s all a little new for her. Zoey’s mother cares about the cat as well as we do… but she’s just trying to wrap her head around the idea that a cat came to Zoey. and it was by chance from the moon kingdom. It’s a little much to take on.

Blossom: No it’s not. I was with Zoey when we were visiting the farplane… It was not bad either. I even spoke with the queen as did Zoey…

Blossom flashes back…

“Blossom: *Over by where Zoey is* Zoey, Who’re you gonna contact?

Zoey: I don’t know. My Mom mentioned something about this Queen from long ago. when she was once a Senshi. She called the Queen… Queen Serenity.

Blossom: Queen Serenity?

Zoey: Yeah. You think that i should call her?

Blossom: Why not… It would be a nice sight to see. She might be able to respond. *Looking to the sides* No one is watching… But… How did your mother use to do it?

Zoey: No idea. *Thinking* She had to use something… i think.

Blossom: Wait! Your Transformation Brooch. You think that the Transformation Brooch would likely be able to send some kind of beacon up to her?

Zoey: I’m not sure. But it’s worth a try. *Pulling out her Transformation Brooch* This is so awkward. Doing this in the Farplane and with the chance that others could catch me or see me do it.

Blossom: Maybe. But do it anyway… I mean… it couldn’t hurt. Besides that… at least then you’d know whether it’d be possible for her to be reached from here.

Zoey: *Nods* Okay. *Sighs* Here goes. My mom is gonna be shocked to hear about this. She’ll never believe this if i were to tell her.

A Second later…

Zoey: *Chanting* From the earth to the Moon… I call up to the majesty of the Moon Kingdom long since forgotten. Queen Serenity. the Royal Majesty of the Moon. The Queen to my mother long ago. I summon you.


A Golden beam of light shined through from the moon high in the sky. beaming down to the edge of the Platform. Within seconds… A Woman formed and appeared in view. In Normal size and Royal. As she looked over a 1000 years ago. 1,024 years ago…

Queen Serenity: *Standing before Zoey* Hello Zoey. It’s an honor to meet you again.

Blossom: *In shock* You’re her… You’re really her. You’re Queen Serenity. *Bowing down before the Queen*

Queen Serenity: Please get up, Blossom. There’s no need for bowing down. I have come to show you the history of the Moon Kingdom. The last moments of the Moon Kingdom… Therefore you will understand. Who your mother is. Your mother, Luna was once a fighter. A Senshi of love. A guardian to my fairest and precious daughter Princess Serenity. She helped the Princess and the senshi save the earth… from Beryl’s forces. It was to prevent the world from falling under the reigns of Queen Beryl of Dark Kingdom. But the sailors did not do this alone. They had help from a band of fighters. And the 4 enforcers of Justice…

Zoey: Are you talking about my Aunts Paige, Pearl and Dinah?

Queen Serenity: Indeed. They helped along with their 4 cousins. Helping in the fight against the Dark Kingdom and its ravaging wave of destruction. But the Struggle between Earth, The moon Kingdom and the massive unrest of a great Evil. Queen Metaria.

Zoey: What was the Kingdom like back then?…”

Blossom: But… that was when she told us about the very history of the Moon Kingdom. What the last moments were like and what happened. Then after that… she told about a certain evil shadow. a symbol of evil coming from someone from this world. The same person that we all dealt with twice. Lord Seymour Guado. The only mystery about that is how she would have known about this world. No one told her about it. No one. But she knew. She even knew about the ones we’re all traveling with. Without us even telling her about them.

Curtis: You’re kidding? She did that?

Zoey: It’s true. She did.

Dinah: My girls told me and i was more than taken by surprise from hearing it.

Curtis: Well i’ll be… Ain’t that a rather huge reality pill to be swallowing at once?

They all looked at the pile of rocks and found it out to be a grave marker of some sort. Lulu was only a few steps away…

Lulu: These mark the graves of summoners and guardians who failed.

Zoey: This is a grave?!

Wakka: Yes.

Kimahri: Been 10 years since Kimahri been on Mountain and even Kimahri know.

Miss Bliss: *Gasps* Oh god. *Looking at the others* Will that mean just what it sounds like. That we’ll be remaining here in spirit if we happen to fail?

Sir Love: Hey, sis… don’t even go there. We are not gonna fail. We won’t. We’ll be okay. Promise.

It wasn’t but a little ways further that they came close to another grave marker. But on their way there…

Miss Passion: We got ourselves a little company.

Melodic Bubble: Fiends.

Kimahri: That’s a Bandersnatch. Its attacks will occasionally cause Sleep or Silence.

Miss Bliss: What about that one on the side?

Kimahri: A Bashura. It can use physical attacks like its weaker cousin. it will occasionally drop weapons that have the ability Counter attack. It will be useful for any fiend that could be ahead.

Sir Love: And what about those flying fiends that look like bombs. but Purple… dark purple?

Kimahri: Those are Grenades. They work just the same as Bombs. Hit 3 times and if not beat… they’ll self-destruct.

Frosty Ice Bubble: Lulu, Rikku, Sora and Carly… this is our job. Ice the Grenades. There are 4 of those. 2 Bashura’s and 5 Bandersnatch’s Freeze them then either electrocute or snuff them with water or Fire. But the Bandersnatch probably has fire. So… water may just be our best offense.

Lulu: Right.

Sora: *Nods* Let’s do it.

Carly: *Nods*

They let loose on the attacks and made with the blasts. It didn’t take them but maybe a moment to get past the fiends blocking them. There was more fiends as they went on… but with a strong arm and no desire to fall back… they pushed and nailed at the fiends. Tidus and Auron hacked away at the fiends that they didn’t get. It gave them about 90,000 Gil by time they were to reach the next obvious grave stone or marker…

Lulu: Summoners that die up here…aren’t sent to the Farplane.

Zoey: Huh? What do you mean by that?

Tidus: Why not?

Lulu: Who would send them? They die alone.

Tidus: So that means…

Lulu: Many have become fiends, and they may want Yuna’s company.

Blossom: Our company as well i’ll bet, right?

Wakka: It’s likely.

Sir Love: That is not something we’d find as reassuring.

Rikku: Suddenly i have the feeling that we should just retreat. I don’t look forward to dying.

Frosty Ice Bubble: Neither do I.

Tidus: Well, Yuna will be fine.

Lulu: *Sigh* You’re right.

Kimahri: It’ll be okay.

Zoey: *Looking down towards the beginning of the trail* We can’t go back. There are more fiends coming into the paths. We’re with no option but to go up. Unless we have a way to bust through. However… i am not so sure that we can.

Tidus: Why’s that?

Zoey: We don’t have all the fighters. Sapphire, Raven and Serena are up ahead and they’re not stopping. Aunt Alice, Black Canary, Pearl and Jack are with them too. We’re all we got right now.

Auron: We’re must press ahead. Going back will lose us more time. Lady Yunalesca awaits in Zanarkand. and so is Aquamarine. She’s in the chamber of the fayth within the Zanarkand temple. Waiting.

Bubbling Star: That’s right. She is. She’s there. and we’re right now on Gagazet…

Sir Love: Meaning that we’re almost there. We’re getting closer and closer to Zanarkand and it’ll only be just a matter of time before we reach a spot where we can get a good look at the sight.

Dancing Heartthrob: All our traveling and with all the time we spent putting ground behind us. We’re still with a little ways to go… I think that if we’re close… we’ll see it. Momentarily.

Blossom: What’re we waiting for? Let’s go. *Anxiously making way forward and pressing ahead*

There was nothing more for them to do but go on ahead. The girls and Guardians plus Yuna made on forward and got a little ways further when…

High on the Mountainside…

Zoey: *Looking at the unfamiliar man* Who are you?

Wantz: Greetings, Lady Yuna. My name is Wantz. *Looking to see the fighters* Hello there Rhapsody fighters.

Blossom: How do you know of us?

Miss Bliss: Have we met before?

Yuna: We have met several times before, right?

Zoey: *Thinking back* Wait… I think that we do know you… Just as you seem to know of us. You’re the guy we caught a glimpse of outside the temple back on Kilika. You were snapping a picture of Yuna.

Angelic Bubble: That’s right. You’re the one we saw vaguely in the shadows. You however ran off in a huge hurry.

Tidus: Not running today?

Wantz: I have to carry on my brother’s business. You’ve met him, I think. O’aka XXIII, merchant extraordinaire?

Tidus: Wait, you’re that guy’s brother?

Curtis: You and O’aka are related. Brothers. Strange… he never had once mentioned you.

Miss Thunder: That’s true. he never did mention you. Although you do sound a little like him.

Thunderic Wonder: A younger version of him.

Thunder Star: …

Wantz: Mm. *Nods* My brother wanted to come help Lady Yuna and you fighters. But the temple imprisoned him for helping traitors.

Tidus: They imprisoned him because of us?

Sora: We weren’t meaning for him to be imprisoned because of us. They were after us… what could they have wanted with him?

Carly: It’s really unfair. Poor O’aka.

Wantz: He doesn’t regret it, though. In fact, he told me before they took him… “Don’t worry about me, just go help Lady Yuna. And be in service to the Rhapsody fighters and that Young ambitious Girl Zoey. Help them. They are gonna be in need of help”

Yuna: But, why would your brother do this for us?

Luna: We’re all a bunch of faces in a crowd of many. What makes us any more better or special?

Wantz: *Hanging head slightly for a second* Well… *Looking sharp* Hey, this isn’t the time for talking! There’s dealing to be done! Welcome to O’aka’s.

Zoey: *Looking at the Items* …

Wantz: Oh… Zoey. I don’t know if this would strike you as interesting… but a moment ago before you came over here… There was a White pearly colored cat that had a Crescent moon on the forehead. A talking cat. It was heading up the mountain. Up further.

Zoey: June?! *Gasps* You saw June? Why didn’t you go after her?

Wantz: I couldn’t. The cat ran off too fast. by time i started to go after her… she was gone. But i do reckon’ that she’s up ahead. Likely hiding. She seemed like she were a scared of something.

Pearl: The poor thing. We should keep going and see if we can find it. She should not be too far ahead.

Paige: That’s right.

Dinah: *Holding onto a Sphere*

Blossom: *Looking to see a Sphere in Dinah’s hand* Aunt Dinah, What that you’re holding?

Dinah: What? *Looking down at the sphere* Oh… this? Uh… I don’t know. I found it down one of the small side paths that turned out as a dead end. Don’t know what it is.

Auron: It’s a Sphere.

Rikku: Play it. Maybe there’s something on it.

Dinah: *Giving it to Yuna to play* Here Yuna. You play it. Call it strange, but something tells me that this sphere was left there for you. It’s better if you play it.

Yuna: *Nods*

Yuna then plays the Sphere…

“The Sphere turned out to be a recording of Yuna’s father Braska in foreground, with Aquamarine, Auron and Jecht in the background sticking close by a recently-passed grave…

Braska: Hello, Yuna. I hope you are well. I wonder how old you are, now that you’re watching this sphere. You must be very beautiful, like your mother. I wish I could see you. Oh, by the way… Jecht and Auron as well as Aquamarine send their regards. So far, our journey has been very entertaining. Of course, it is a hard journey, but I have no regrets. It is the path I have chosen. Yuna, when you have grown, you will have to find your own path. Do what you must do, the way you want to do it. Doors will always open themselves to those who do. Listen close, Yuna. Your future is yours to make. Live the way you want to. Whatever way that may be, you have your father’s full support. Yuna, I will always be with you.”

The recording ends…

Sir Love: That was really touching. Sounded almost like he was about to cry though.

Melodic Bubble: You serious?

Frosty Ice Bubble: Well… His voice did sound a bit emotional. Like as though he were gonna lose it before finishing what he was saying.

Alice: What would you expect him to do? He knew that he was going off to die. He knew that it had to be fate and knew that he’d never get to see Yuna again probably. It’s called being with a heart and being a parent.

Black Canary: Exactly.

Miss Bliss: We better press on.

Blossom: What about the items? We do need a few items, don’t we?

Bubbling Star: She’s got a point. We will be in need of some items.

It was then that they got the items that they needed and then made their way onwards to the top of the mountain… or the end of the trail on the mountain. It was that time… they weren’t far from where they needed to be…

In the Alternate reality…

In Metropolis, Kansas…

At Curtis and Megan’s house…


Curtis and Megan’s kids were at the table with Shingo’s and Dinah’s younger kids, Avery and Summer’s kids, Luna’s and Zeke’s kids, as well as the family patriarch Rikku L. Rhapsody, her Fiance, her fiance’s assistant, Zeke’s friend Gabe, some well remembered friends, Jennifer, Jake, Pamela with her husband Sid, Christie, Renee and June Mitchell now June Parker. It was a full house. not as full as expected, but full as it could get.

Dan: *Sitting at the table* Too bad dad isn’t here.

Walter: *Sighs* Yeah. He would have cooked up a plasmatic course of turkey. With flair.

Samantha: Hey… guys, don’t worry so much. wherever dad is… he’s probably thinking of us all right now.

Mark: Of course. Wherever he is. Remember last year around thanksgiving that he tried to do two turkeys at once. We had so much turkey that we had to give out turkey sandwhiches for lunch for 5 weeks. Literally.

Samantha: Although you gotta admit that it must have taken two days for the turkey to be done. Two turkeys. We didn’t eat till the day after thanksgiving. It was the after thanksgiving feast.

Mark: But it was pretty cool though. I mean… a day late but kinda worth it.

Mary: That’s one way of putting it. But our mom can still cook. She’s makes the best Mashed Potatoes. So creamy. I even remembered Dad trying to help with making the dish. He was so into seeing that it made a break. he was really silly. playing top chef. Mom even couldn’t help but laugh.

Perry: Her laugh at dad. At least dad can dish well. Although mom does have her flair in preparing food. Dad does too. It’s just too bad that he’s not here. Neither is Blossom.

Marty: I know. Where are they?

Victoria: Spira.

Shingo: Spira. The 4 men are there as well as my wife. Plus Paige, Pearl and Jack. Along with my 3 older daughters. Luna and Zoey are there as well.

Hikaru: You think that Mommy will come back someday?

Sakura: She’s gotta come back. She’s our momma. There is nothing that would stop her from coming back home. She’s gonna be back.

Shingo: You’re right. Momma will be right back. She’s just with the 3 older girls of ours. In Spira. But she’ll come back. I’m sure of it. You know that your mom is tough. She’ll be making it back alive.

Hikaru: Why did mom go to spira to begin with?

Shingo: She was going to help out a friend. Someone that your mom and Aunts and Uncles knew back before you kids were born. Someone named Wakka. In Spira.

Charlie: You’re kidding us, right… Uncle Shingo? You mean that Aunt Dinah is inside of a Video game?

Zach: That is not even possible. No way. Uncle Shingo, Charlie and I play Final fantasy X alot and we know it backwards and frontwards. Didn’t you get to see them?

Natasha: No. No… Uncle Shingo didn’t. But our dad did. Didn’t you, dad?

Rina: Natasha… Don’t be instigating dad or questioning him. He won’t say. There is someone here who has no connection to what our cousin’s, Aunts and Uncles are going through.

Zeke: Rina, Be nice. I am sure that Mr. Harrison has an opened mind on all that we’re saying about our family and their being in another world. I have spoken to your sister Zoey and Mother Luna. They’re perfectly fine. They of course want to come home soon. But they’re okay. Zoey is a lot stronger now. She’s our family Sailor senshi.

Pamela: *Coughs out* Ha! I knew it. I was right. Luna was telling me the truth about them being in Spira. I for sure thought that she was playing with me and joking. But… this proves it. She’s there.

Sid: Pamela, dear… How did you figure this bit out?

Pamela: 4 weeks ago. I was doing my baking. Making some Chocolate creme fudge pies. That was when i got this strange call. just when i was barely done with the 4th batch of pies when out of nowhere… i received this unanimous call. I didn’t even know that it was Luna till i happened to answer it. She called me from somewhere i didn’t know…

Pamela flashes back…

“4 weeks ago…

“Pamela: *Answering the phone* Hello?

Luna: *On the phone* Hey Pamela. It’s been a while. How are things?

Pamela: Oh well… you know. They’re going. I’m Just now about to make a 5th batch of Chocolate creme fudge pies.

Luna: Really? That many?

Pamela: Of course, You don’t mean to tell me that you don’t know of it being something that i do. I am quite good at it. Remember that you’ve have some…. not long ago. Right?

Luna: Oh yeah. That’s right. I had one of them before and it was so sinfully delicious. Creamy and so so good. However… i don’t know if i’ll get a chance to have any for a while.

Pamela: How so? Something wrong?

Luna: No no… Nothing’s wrong. But it’s just that… i’m not at home right now.

Pamela: Well… Of course you’re not. You’re at work. But you’ll be home tonight.

Luna: Afraid not. Wish i would be though. But it’s not very likely.

Pamela: Okay… I think that i’ll bite on this one, Luna. What’s up? Where’re you at?

Luna: Pamela… I don’t know if telling you where i am is gonna be a good idea. You may never believe it. Although if i tell you… Please don’t tell anyone about it. At least not now.

Pamela: *Laughing a little* Oh dear… Luna, you haven’t changed one bit. You’re really a cut up when you say things quite like that. Okay… tell me. Where are you?

Luna: Heard of Luca?

Pamela: Luca? Uh… No, not really. Why?

Luna: Well… let’s just say that i am in Luca. A Model for the Luca Modeling agency. which happens to be in a world. known as Spira.

Pamela: *Pauses* Come again… on that last part. Did you just say, you’re in Spira?

Luna: Yeah. I am. It’s in another world. Why?

Pamela: Oh heavens mercy… What are you doing there?

Luna: I’m here… as are a bunch of the others helping out an old family friend. Plus Aiding a Summoner on her Pilgrimage. Well… at least the kids are. I am here doing Modeling. I also heard that Pearl and Jack… they’re on their way to the city of Bevelle. I think that is what they called the city. It’s what some of the people around here that i saw so far walking around told me. That it was like the very heart of Spira. The heart of Yevon.

Pamela: Yevon?

Luna: Yeah. It’s said to be like the fayth that the people of Spira here all follow. All their clotheslines here have some Symbol on it. I have not a clue what it is…

Pamela: I got a Camera phone. I can see the picture. Can you send it to me?

Luna: Well… i don’t know if i have that capability here. I’m lucky or breaking the rules of time and space difference by just calling you like this on my cellphone. And there is something about this world here. They have very low tolerance to Machina being used.

Pamela: Machina?

Luna: Machines in other words. But Machina is just the way that the people and the higher officials of Yevon call it. It’s really confusing.

Pamela: You’re telling me. I might have to come over and join you and be there for some confidant support.

Luna: That’d be nice. Although i wouldn’t want you to do anything to get Sid in a fit. Lord love that sweet man of yours but he’d be getting really off the collar if you tried doing a world jump like i did.

Pamela: *Giggles* You’re right. But the least i could do is make him understand if it came to me having to come to Join you. I’d do it. You know that i would.

Luna: *Touched* Awwww! Thanks, Pamela.”

Jake: Wow! Now that is quite a Revelation of a tell all.

Jennifer: I’ll say. I mean… our dear friend is in Spira. In another world. But it’s almost too hard to believe. How could they have gotten there?

June: There were no portals made. Were there?

Beth: I wouldn’t know… but i would say that the idea seems really tough to swallow. It’s really hard to swallow the idea of one finding a portal and it just happens to send them right for Spira. It just doesn’t seem likely.

Renee: I actually think that it might be possible. It wouldn’t be that far of a unlikely event. It’s true. People have since the 90’s looked for way to perfect the concept of traveling through time and space. It may have been even since the 1950’s that people have tried to make an attempt in perfecting time travel. Just like going back in time to a point in time in history or in your life that you’d want to change as you felt that something happened to you and you sire to see if it could be changed or altered or made different.

Christie: Renee… you have a good point there. Somehow… in same way… you’ve got a very good point going on there… Time travel is very much considered. Well heard of too…

Nick: *Cutting in* Hey… I am not officially one with the family. Not yet. But i do believe that i am close enough to you through this wonderful woman next to me. She’s told me about the old days About your mothers and fathers being these heroes. I happen to have a bit of a soft side for the super hero kick. Heroes who do what others can’t. What others would only wish to be able to do. Heroes have a higher calling and most pressure on their shoulders. It’s not far of a spill to say that if your mothers and fathers have made the leap from this time stream as it were… to another. It means that they perfected what others couldn’t.

Rina: How is it that you figure that, Mr. Harrison?

Zeke: Rina, Come on now…

Nick: *Chuckles* No… No. Zeke, it’s okay. I understand where she’s coming from. I do. I’ve gotten met by people who were liable on being skeptical that a well mannered or hard set gentleman don’t openly believe that a politician or a member of the Judicial system which i just so happen to be…  could take any time to understand or have a reason to show any interest in time travel or any opened mind in the possibility that it could be liable to be done. That time travel could be performed by just anyone. at any given time.

Rikku L. Rhapsody: It’s funny how you’d say that. I seem to have the a bit of that same exact thought.

Zeke: Don’t we all?

Gabe: Time travel is strange to me… i never could understand it. *Grins* Now… I might know of it myself. Know it to be very possible. But that’s about all. Nothing more other than that. But i guess that… there is a first for anything.

Rikku L. Rhapsody: Always has been, Gabe.

Click to view full size image

Gabe: Those tasty strong biscuits are in another world and This is all about how they could perfect the method of time travel. You certainly know how to grab a guys interest and put the bizarre into it. Not that i think it’s a bad thing or disturbing. But it sure is a tad hard to get a head or two around.

Dan: Hey man… Careful on that. That’s our father that you’re talking about, okay? He is in another world. Who knows if he’s okay.

Walter: Yeah. Avery’s our father. We worry about him every day even though we try not to let it get to us so much. It’s hard.

Samantha: Not really. our dad is just doing something that is worthwhile. He’s in another world. That we know… but if he’s doing something to help another person who is in need… i think that it should be all we need to consider. All that we need to know.

Mary: How about our father? my sister Blossom. I don’t think that dad might remember. but mom does. she knows… Blossom and I happen to be twins.

Perry: Mary, that is not true and you know it.

Mary: Isn’t it? Perry, if i am not a twin to Blossom… then explain as to how that every time Blossom and i are apart or separated… i feel as if i am only half myself. and the other half of the time i am making out as though i’m only existing. Not living.

Marty: Mom!

Megan: What is it Marty?

Marty: Is it true that Blossom and Mary are twins?

Megan: I don’t know… But they happen to share a few similarities. Although their medical records and or birth certificates point out that they may be.

Jennifer: They might be fraternal twins. If they were born at around the same time and during the same birth. Although they could be born at the same time but however not look like the same. Only because that the mother had two individual eggs fertilized during conception. In the case of same-gender twins, the two will have different physical features, from hair to nose to weight to height to body shape, which results from being two different eggs in the first place.

Megan: Which explains how Blossom has a special ability… when you don’t, Mary. Some of DNA of your father that had the Electric power got into the first one of the children of the same birth. Blossom was the one that came out first. You were second. Although i was never lactose intolerant. But the fact that you are… is a rarity.

Mary: My only thing that bothers me most is that Blossom does get emotional and when she gets angry… it serves trouble. Although there is something else… With how she gets when she gets angry and what she is liable to do… she is capable of blowing out her heart if she gets too out of control with her anger.

Victoria: Mary, that is Uncle Alvin’s forte. You seem to keep forgetting. Uncle Alvin’s with the fire. and with that… there is a bond for Anger. Rage, Fury. That has a higher count for a failing heart if the one with the heart and the fire gets over angry.

Mary: I don’t know if i will worry more of anything… But i’m gonna find my way over to where Blossom is. Victoria, You are a greaser… You must have learned some skills in that time of being a greaser… Start using it for a good cause. Blossom is our sister. If she gets hurt and gets pushed to get really angry and somehow blows out her heart. Dying… Could you expect to live with yourself? Could mom and dad live with themselves if that were to happen? would they still be able to look at each other while knowing that one of us is… dead?

Victoria: What the heck are you, Mary? An activist?

Mary: No. Call it the act of caring alot about my sisters, brothers and family.

Perry: Leave it to Mary to be so high strung and emotional.

All: *Laughing*

Zeke: That’s our good ole’ mary.

Christie: I don’t think that it’s a laugh. I believe that family is the best thing. Mary wants her sister.

Zeke: Yes. but she has no powers. No power in her what so ever. She’ll die in Spira on her own. Tomorrow, I’ll contact Tess. Gabe, call Heinz. You and Heinz and Mary are coming with me. We’re going to Spira.

Shingo: Zeke, No! No. You’re not going to Spira. not like this. No… At least not on your own. There is someone who might go along with you…

Megan: Shingo, What the heck are you getting at? What are you gonna pull?

Shingo: This super powered stuff is rather getting old but it’s about to be rebooted. We have someone in the family who can turn into a Dragon. if you get her mad… and can do it by will…

Rikku L. Rhapsody: That’s right. That’s right. Trixie Ruby Stroker. Although i last heard that she got divorced from Chip and went back to her biological name.

Shingo: Can we still call her though?

Rikku L. Rhapsody: I believe that we can. I still have her #. I’ll call her tonight.

Zeke: And i’ll be calling Heinz after the feast.

For the rest of the time during the feast, the kids and the adults… their friends and guests all shared their memories and how great times were before their members went missing and were found out to be in Spira. They all spoke about such happy times…

Rikku L. Rhapsody: You know… *Thinking* This reminds me of the time that i was looking for a really dedicated job. I was set on looking for such a job that put my skills to use. Organizing and compassionate. formidable and dependable. Although i wasn’t so sure that Law was something that i could put my skills to great use. Great service. But i turned out to be wrong. it was something that got me more serious about a career. to provide. I noticed that i never got seen as serious before by others… which i didn’t really care… but knew that being a home worker and expecting money to just come to me… it wasn’t gonna just hit. I had to find something that would not only make money… but also put my skills to great use. Also not to forget… helping people who were in need. Helping people better their lives. Dinah… didn’t want me to go for a job. Not so fast. She said that she didn’t mind caring for me living under the same roof as her and Shingo. Which i knew that… however i knew and she did too… that it couldn’t be forever. Something had to be done. She wanted to help me out as she knew that it was something that i really wanted to do. She even helped me think of a couple perfect careers that would be literally perfect for me. The first one was the police department. However… that one didn’t really pan out as we would have thought. So… we went to the city courthouse. I got to admit that i was nervous as all hell… I was really unsure if i would even land the job. Land the Position. But before i knew it… I had the job. I won the job of being the official court Liaison to Judge Samantha Greenburg. It was not long after that when i met for the first time. Nick. Remember, that day, Nick?

Nick: Yeah. I sure do.

Nick flashes back…

“At the Metropolis Krispy Creme Donut shop…

Rikku L. Rhapsody: *Walking in and ordering a coffee and couple donuts* Excuse me… Can i have a medium Coffee and a couple of Glazed Chocolate donuts?

Baker: Coming right up. and the coffee is with cream and sugar, Right?

Rikku L. Rhapsody: yes.


Man: *Walking in and coming towards the counter* …

Rikku L. Rhapsody: ……

Man: The still new Court Liaison. We meet again. Today seems like one of those days where we keep crossing paths.

Rikku L. Rhapsody: *Looking to see the man from earlier walking over* I Would say the same about you. You following me, Sir? *Grinning with a smile*

Man: *Chuckles* Guilty. But i guess that it’s because i am rather intrigued by your professional delicacy. Being a Liaison and taking heart of your clients. The case subjects. Not easy on you although you’re handling it.

Rikku L. Rhapsody: It’s like you said… when on the Job… you can’t let that element of thought get in the way. You can’t afford for any personal sentiments to be involved in it. When dealing with cases that involve innocent kids.

Man: Okay… okay. You got me dead to rights. I know that i said that and i will admit that i can be a bit abrasive in the Judicial system and enforcing the laws of Justice. But it’s pretty much all i know. I done it for many years. Started it all when i was only 19 years old.  I worked as a rookie Lawyer when i first started and just worked up to where i am now.

Rikku L. Rhapsody: And that would be?

Man: The Metropolis New District Attorney. Been the new District Attorney for almost 8 months now.

Cashier: *Ringing up the charge and handing Mrs. Rhapsody the order* Here’s your coffee and the donuts, Mrs. Rhapsody.

Rikku L. Rhapsody: *Looking at the Cashier* Thank you. *Taking the Order* … *Looking back at the man* Ah… That’s why you’re so Dedicated and strong armed with the Law.

Man: *Sticking out a hand in means of introducing himself* Nick Harrison.

Rikku L. Rhapsody: *Nods and extending her hand and shaking Nick’s Hand* Rikku Rhapsody. Mother of 5 Daughters and 2 Adopted Girls who i Love very much.

Cashier: That’ll be 5 dollars.

Rikku L. Rhapsody: Oh… okay. *Pulling out her wallet*

Nick: No… No. Allow me. The men at the station have me grabbing a few dozen Donuts for them. I’ll pick up the tab on that one too.

Rikku L. Rhapsody: Are you sure?

Nick: Oh yeah. It’s not a problem.

Rikku: Thank you. That’s really kind of you.

A minute later Nick and Rikku resume the conversation…

Nick: Nice. I guess that you’re getting the career to support your kids. That’s one way of working. Providing for the kids. Making a living for yourself too. I don’t have any kids. Nor am i Married. I’m not really seeing anyone. Except my Job.

Rikku L. Rhapsody: Same here. I’m single. I once was seeing a guy. years and years ago. Back when i was considered to be with the Title “Princess” But the thing was that i kinda got teased and mocked and trampled by people calling me nicknames. I don’t know if i ever would find a suitable guy. The guy… my first love was the professor to my 3 girls Paige, Pearl and Dinah. And before he was the professor. He was a Pilot for the Garrison and helped… as you may say… form a mighty robot. don’t ask how it is i know that though. My family… or my girls… they have been going through so much and have been fighting danger and busting up beasts and creeps for a long time.

Nick: What about now?

Rikku L. Rhapsody: They still are fighting crime. but they are also going to the university. Metropolis University.

Nick: They go there. Wow… How are they affording to go there? I mean that University isn’t cheap. It is really pricey.

Rikku L. Rhapsody: It is… but here’s the thing and i don’t know if its for you to know. No offense of course. But the one paying for it is the CEO of Queen Industries.

Nick: I don’t think that i’ve met the guy. I don’t know who that guy is. Is he like a friend of theirs?

Rikku L. Rhapsody: Oh… Well… You could say that. You could say that he is like a friend of theirs. But… he is also the Professor to them. The previous one died in a lab explosion. Awful too.  Nick, There is something that you might not have guessed.

Nick: Really? Why’s that? *Curious*

Rikku L. Rhapsody: The girls are heroes. They have a secret that the whole city knows of…

Nick: You don’t say. Interesting. I won’t ask what that is unless you’re open to spill out that part. But what ever the secret is… You’re a strong woman for trying to keep the secret silent around someone like me.”

Nick: I’ll never forget that day. It was the best day. Before that day, i didn’t really think that i’d find someone that would be the perfect match for me. I had thought that it’d be all just a dream. However… i was made wrong. Because when we met… It was the first time that i truly felt anything worthwhile towards a lady. I mean one that i could spend my entire life with.

Mrs. Bellman: That was really sweet. Nick, You’re surely a true Von Casanova.

Nick: *Smiles*

The end… or was it? There was more to come. It was nowhere near over. The entire family… at least the kids and the remaining members of the family and the friends that were all close to them. They all had a wonderful time. The best of time. It was just a good time. The kids were all speaking about things that took their mind off of the fact that their family was apart as a portion of them were in another world. There were a ton of things to speak about. But it also seemed that a small band of them were gonna go to Spira. to reunite with the fighters. Zeke, Mary… With Trixie. Zeke’s two helpers Gabe and Heinz. It was gonna be a big dangerous attempt on their end as they never read up on all the things that Spira was about. They knew only that their family were in Spira… that it existed… where they were in Spira… What they were there for. But that was all they knew. All that they had cross their mind. Were they begging for trouble to come knocking on their doors? Would they become more of a hindrance to what the fighters were trying to do or would it be that they were likely what the fighters needed? What was the fate of the fighters? Would they be able to come up with a plan to see that Yuna wouldn’t Die? What would their plan be? Would it work? Was there a plan? The fighters were now high on the mountain at the end of the trail and were be a save point and it was gonna be the start where time would really start to run on its last… very last ride. They were at that point halfway through the mountain. or were about to be and it was gonna be a break once they were to reach the prominence. But would they be able to plan for a way to save Yuna before they were to reach the ruins of Zanarkand? Was there enough time to come up with a plan before they were to reach the ruined city? Find out in the next dramatic and wheel turning chapter of the Adventures of the Rhapsody Girls Z! as the Saga continues…

A 3rd round of Seymour, a surprise to come for Zoey and Luna, A surprise for Blossom and Curtis… A couple gunmen to aid in on the fight. Plus a return of an extra means for firepower. A Surprise new attack from Blossom and a rush on Seymour… Kill Seymour for 3 times the charm and taking a high tempered… high raising Blood boiling stand. A never forgotten reunion of family members in… Round 3 of Seymour. “Can’t he ever Die?” Serena grows annoyed with Seymour.


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