Chapter 161: The Sacred Mt. Gagazet is no trusting mountain for the heart of a Rhapsody.

The entrance of Mt. Gagazet…

Annie: *Feeling the chill* The air is really chilly. Good thing we have something to help us keep warm.

Daria: this time.

Clint: Yeah. this time we have something to keep us warm. Thank the lucky break in that. But the fact that we had to spend 450,000 gil for an Aeon. That is something i’ll never get.

Theodore: You are not the only one, brother. Trust me on that one. i feel the same way as you do. Although we got to admit that even with the Aeon being expensive and wanting money for his services. He has style.

Amy: Right. Style. Yuna’s got more style in her hands than Yojimbo has in his whole body.

Susie: *Scoffs* Hey… Don’t be selling short the power of the Samurai Aeon with the huge samurai sword.

Christina: It’s an Aeon and each one of the Aeon’s that Yuna collects… is one more step closer to gaining the final Aeon and beating Sin. However… that means only that Yuna’ll Die. But there is a catch. We won’t allow for that to happen. We are gonna find a way for Yuna not to die. Quitting is not an option. Defeat is no option.

Spencer: That’s right. None. *Looking ahead* There’s a clearing up ahead…

While walking…

Sapphire: This seems rather familiar… doesn’t it?

Serena: *Thinking and noticing something being up* I don’t think so. This place seems really depressing. These pillars are rather… Old. from Ruins.

Raven: Ruins? Any idea what kind?

Sapphire: Who knows.

Paul: Maybe… the clearing up ahead will be better.

Alice: Be careful kids… Be very careful.

Wakka: Kinda Quiet here, ya?

Rikku: Spooky.

Paige: *Walking onwards*

Luna: now this is one mountain where it’ll be a workout and a half.

Zoey: Uh, Mom… I don’t think so. I don’t think that we’re gonna be getting past this clearing so easily.

Black Canary: what do you mean? Something a miss there Zoey?

Zoey: *Sensing several forms coming in for a landing* we have a cluster of natives nearing here.

Mt. Gagazet- Mountain gate…

The fighters and guardians all reached the clearing. It was quiet in the clearing and left them wondering if something was up…


Biran leaps out and bars their path. Followed by Yenke. The Rhapsody fighters were confronted by Ronso. It was only seconds later after being surrounded and with no way out that the Elder Ronso Maester Kelk Ronso approached into View.

Kelk: Summoner Yuna and guardians, leave here at once!

Party looks around; Ronso surround them.

Alice: We’re not going anywhere.

Sora: If you’re asking us to leave, Ronso… You waste your time. We’re not leaving.

Carly: Making us leave when we just got here… Some attempt towards being hospitable. Pathetic.

Kelk: Gagazet is Ronso land, sacred mountain of Yevon. The mountain will not bear the footsteps of infidels!

Serena: Hey! Kelk! You need to wake up. We are not infidels. We only did what we did because Seymour was a murderer.

Dinah: We were trying to get you to see the truth. And Remember in Bevelle when i said that if you were to condone the acts of a murderer that you’d be no better than he was. I meant it. It still stands. You condone a Murderer… You’re no better than Maester Seymour the unsent freak.

Biran: Enemy of Yevon is enemy of Ronso! Leave, traitors!

Raven: Wanna make us?

Serena: You wanna fight, Biran? You’re on. You are a bully to Kimahri. You’re Mindless. You are following a racist faith. Yevon is a worthless faith.

Yuna: I have cast aside Yevon! I… I follow the temple no more!

Kelk: Then you will die by those words!

Yuna: So be it. Yevon has warped the teachings and betrayed us all!

Jack: It betrayed everyone.

Blossom: *Screaming and with a demanding booming voice* YEVON IS A BETRAYER! IT’S LIED TO YOU ALL! Do you guys have to be so stupid and not see it? WHY DON’T YOU RONSO WAKE THE HELL UP?! WAKE UP! YEVON IS NOT TO BE TRUSTED!

Wakka: Nothing but a bunch of low-down tricksters, eh?

Tidus: Yeah! Yeah!

Rikku: Yeah! Yeah!

Yuna: We have no regrets.

Spencer: We have no sympathy for Yevon. No sorrow either. Yevon can fall. You all should be very ashamed of yourselves. Kelk… You are not here as a Maester. You’re a Ronso. You protect the tribe in every way you can. Wisdom… patience and direct sincerity. But you’re not using your wisdom to know when you’ve been played. Yevon played you. Maester Mika played you like a Stradivarius. He played you. Do you not happen to care that you were played? I mean… Elder Kelk sir… Where is your pride? Where’s your self respect?

Yenke: Blasphemers!

Black Canary: You Ronso need to know when to dial down your alpha male disease…  *Unleashing her deadly siren at Yenke and Biran*

However it didn’t take but a minute to get everyone to undergo silence. But Yenke was still itching to lash out and Biran was motioning to loom at the gang. Aiming right for Zoey*

Kimahri: *Darting over quick to Biran and staring him in the face* Touch Zoey or Yuna or any of Kimahri’s friends, Biran. Kimahri will crush you. I am not afraid of you.

Zoey: *Backing up a little* uh… um… *Nervous*

Susie: Biran… You touch our young cousin Zoey and you will face a lot of trouble.

Kelk: A summoners and her guardians… Rhapsody fighters…

Biran: *Stops and pauses* Huh?! Rhapsody fighters?! Elder Kelk, You know those Blasphemers?

Kelk: Yes. They were related to a fallen member of their family. A Guardian to the High Summoner who climbed the very heights of this peak 10 years before this time.

Yenke: Related to fallen? Related to deceased? *Shaking head*

Lulu: Lord Kelk Ronso, if I may. Have you not also turned your back on Bevelle?

Auron: But still, you guard Gagazet as a Ronso, not a maester. Yuna is much the same.

Biran: Elder Kelk! Let Biran rend them asunder!

Yenke: No escape! Not one!

Dinah: You come near my kids and You’ll get a taste of what people mean by the term… “Miss Lightning in a bottle” I maybe the retired hero they call Thunder Mistress but i still have a bit of fight in me. So just try and come near my kids.

Sapphire: Don’t worry about it mom, You don’t have to fight them. We’ll do it. You’ve done all of it years ago to save the innocent. Protect family. But now it’s our turn. *Standing forward and Poised to fight* Sisters, To you positions.

Raven: *Poised to strike*

Serena: *Poised to strike* Oh yeah… I am always up for a good fight. You Ronso want to fight? Let’s see what you got.

Yuna: No, we will not flee. We will fight, and continue on.

Zoey: Yuna’s come this far. went through so many trials and obstacles. She can’t just be told to quit. She’s come too far to let all she went through be for nothing.

Kelk: You have been branded a traitor, but still you would fight Sin? Lost to the temple, hated by the people, yet you continue your pilgrimage? Everything lost! What do you fight for? Rhapsody fighters… You are known here. To help with getting us all rid of Sin… But you too all been branded traitors. Maesters intimidated by you, Seek to kill you. Despised by the very order of Yevon. Trapped here. in Spira. Away from your home. your families. Everything coming up hopeless. What do you Rhapsody fighters fight for? Lost to the temple with the Summoner, hated by the people just the same as the Summoner, But yet you still press on. You still go on with helping the Summoner on her Pilgrimage? Everything to you fighters lost. What do you fight for now?!

Yuna: I fight for Spira. The people long for the Calm. *View looking over at the fighters and the guardians* I can give it to them. It’s all I can give. Defeating Sin, ending pain…this I can do.

Annie: We fight for the sanctity of love and what love really means. This world lives in fear of Sin and has forgotten how to love. this world has lost the love, Passion and romance. We are here to bring it back to Spira. There is nothing greater than love and passion and compassion for one another. It may be hard. Near impossible. But if there is nothing else we… The Rhapsody Romancers Z! can give. We can provide that. we can give spira back the reasons to love. Not letting fear take them over. It’s all we can give.

Amy: Sin is Evil. Yevon is acting in fear. But we fight for the light and the peace for Spira. Washing away the presence of pain and freezing it in its tracks. This world lost its reasons for keeping the light. We can bring it to them again. Make them believe in the light again. Cleansing the dark stain that envelopes them all. we can wash it away. If there is nothing else that we… The Rhapsody Aquatic force Z! can give. We can give that. We can provide that for them. we can give them the reasons to keep holding on to the light and fight back for the light. Not giving it up. It’s all we can give.

Sapphire: We fight for the power and the courage of Spira. To bring back the strength in Spira. the true meaning of strength and perseverance. Spira lost that and sank into a pit of fear and weakened fragile smiles. They lost their power to pull out from the darkness that Sin put them all under. We can give them the power to fight back. To take back their strength and face the fear. No longer fearing sin and letting Sin hold them within the veil of darkness. If there is absolutely nothing else that we… The Rhapsody Thunderic Force Z! can give. This we can give. We can give them back the reasons to fight for the Courage. Taking back the courage and not letting Fear win them over. This world belongs to the innocent people of Spira. We can show them that they shouldn’t give up their courage and their power without a fight. It’s all we can give.

Blossom: I am only 10 and have power. I can help fight back and provide the people with courage. the young kids are just like the adults. They too have Fragile smiles and shake in terror. i can help take away their terror and give them a reason to smile and laugh and be happy once more. Removing their fear. If there is nothing other than I… Electrogal can give them. I can provide that.

Zoey: I am 10 maybe 11 now. I am a senshi. A Sailor Senshi of love and Justice and defender of the innocent. I know that any race in Spira might not ever understand what a Sailor Senshi is and what they can do. But… Elder Kelk… I can show you…


Zoey transformed herself into the senshi of love, Justice and defender of the innocent Sailor Zoey.

Sailor Zoey: There is no true justice in the world with Sin in the world. I as well as my family… we’re not of Spira and you can see that we’re not. But i believe in the same things as my mom had when she was one with the powers. Back years ago. She fought for those things. Defended them. I fight for the same reasons. But Spira has lost Love. Lost the Justice that should be in the world. For all races. The Al Bhed are being made as ones to blame for Sin. It’s wrong. All races have their blame. Not just one. But there is no Justice. In Spira… There is no such thing as Justice. I’m here to help Spira fight for it. to get it back to the ones who truly need it now more than ever. If there is nothing else that Sailor Zoey can do… I can do that. It’s all that i can give.

Zoey returned to normal and stood with courage.

Alvin’s four kids stood with determination…

Kelk: Even sacrificing yourself?  And for you Rhapsody Fighters… Sacrificing yourselves. Your Lives? *Ponders a while* … *Turning back and sighs* Ronso, let them pass! Summoner Yuna, your will is stronger than steel. Tempered steel that even the mightiest Ronso could not hope to bend. Yuna, we bow to your will! *Facing Yuna and her guardians; welcoming them* Now go! The sacred heights of Gagazet welcome you.

Yuna: We thank you. *Deep bow*

Annie: *Bowing with grace* Thank you kindly.

Amy: *Bowing with grace* Thank you, Sir. Elder Kelk.

Sapphire: *Bowing with grace* You shall never be made to regret this. You have the word of very headstrong and dedicated fighters.

Seconds later…

Wakka: Gaah, my neck’s hurtin’.

Sapphire: I know what you mean. our neck’s been hurting a little too.

Tidus: Zanarkand’s on the other side, huh?

Paul: So might be our home of Metropolis, Right?

Annie: We’re all getting closer to seeing whether it’s true that the girl is there in Zanarkand.

Wakka: Yeah…your home, ya?

Tidus: As if you believed me.

Paul: or believed us about our home world. You were most skeptic about it all. But you now believe us.

Wakka: Hm. Maybe I do. The one on the other side here’s probably just a pile of rubble, ya? But somewhere out there is your Zanarkand. Somewhere, ya? Yeah, you’ll be home soon enough! Same goes for your homes as well. It’s out there and it exists. The little surprise we saw back in the calm lands proved it, ya. Your home is alive.

Tidus: I…hope you’re right. 

Serena: Same here. We’re just hoping that we didn’t just see a video screen that happened to only a screen and nothing else.

Wakka: Yeah! Cheer up! Let’s do this!

Sapphire: Of course. We’re almost there. We’re close.

Spencer: *Looking at Rikku* You okay, Rikku?

Rikku: No. I am still thinking and have yet to come up with anything that could be put to use. I was thinking about the things you told me back at the Watery Glade about the things we should have in order to see that Yunie wouldn’t die in the end… I couldn’t think of a thing.

Spencer: Neither could i to tell you the truth. I am stumped. But don’t give up so soon. We’ll think of something. I am sure of it. We should not give up trying.

Rikku: *Nods* You’re right, Spencer. We have to keep trying. We can do it. Don’t worry.

Lulu: Yuna’s…grown stronger.

Tidus: Stronger, huh? I’d say it’s more like she’s driven, don’t you think?

Crystal: More than that. She is headstrong and devoted.

Lulu: That’s why she’s strong. She’s still pressing forward. When weak people are driven they can’t go far before they break. She keeps going forward, because she is strong.

Paul: I have a feeling that you could most definitely be right. I am sure of it, Lulu. This is what Yuna does. She’s strong willed. She doesn’t give up so easily and doesn’t back down. Yuna’s one heck of a Summoner. Strong and well determined.

Clint: *Walking over to Kimahri* Okay Kimahri, What’s with the Lone wolf McQuade look on your face? You look like you just got clustered into Yevon jerky pow mentally by two of your own clansmen. You okay?

Kimahri: Biran and Yenke gone.

Clint: What? Those two? Why you worried about them? They just went up the hill a little bit. No big deal.

Tidus: I wonder what they’re up to? Eh, it’s probably nothing!

Kimahri: Biran is hero of Ronso. Yenke is powerful warrior.

Clint: And what does that make you, Kimahri? You’re a Ronso too, Are you not? You’re a mighty warrior… Just as well as they are, right? Think about it… You’re not no weakling. So they intimidated you a little. Big deal. Fight them back. Return the favor and give them a taste of their own little recipe. Something that they’ll never see coming. They think that you’re weak… that you’ll never win. don’t let that become you. You are strong as well. You know things that they will never know about. You’ve seen things that they have no intelligence over. With that… You. Kimahri. You can not lose.

Tidus: Great… I hope we don’t have to fight them.

Kimahri: Kimahri must fight. Kimahri must win.

Clint: And you will. Believe in that. You will…

Kimahri: The sacred Gagazet. First time Kimahri climbs.

Black Canary: *Walking over suddenly* First time for you to climb, huh? You know… I don’t know a thing about Ronso pride. or about Spira as i have not been here long. You can see that. But you know what… We should prep you for the likely battle with those two Ronso.

Annie: *Walking over suddenly with the others* Kimahri, you got a situation going on.

Kimahri: Kimahri must climb Mountain. First time Kimahri climb sacred mountain. Biran and Yenke might expect Kimahri to fight them. Kimahri must be ready.

Amy: You will… And if you like… We can practice training. A Member from each team here will be the opponents and you can practice with us.

Kimahri: …

Tidus: You can do it, Kimahri.

Black Canary: It’s a good idea. You tried me on for size and did well for the first try. You were strong against me. I almost didn’t make it. The only out i had was the siren. If not for that… you would have had me pinned.

Kimahri: No… It’s thoughtful. But no. This is Kimahri Problem. I must do this on my own.

Blossom: *Looking up at the mountain* That’s one huge mountain. How’re we ever gonna cross that… or climb that? There’s just no way that we’re gonna be able to climb that. The icy air up there will give us hypothermia. We’ll freeze.

Only a minute later…

Auron: It is as I thought.

Tidus: What is?

Blossom: What’s wrong?

Auron: Yevon is in turmoil. Mika tries to keep it whole, but it crumbles around him.

Tidus: Look, I couldn’t care less what happens to Yevon.

Raven: Neither could we. We’re here to help with the departure of Sin and seeing that Sin is forever gone. Never to be reborn. And to change how people treat one another. Plus to help the Al Bhed build themselves a new home. while at the same time eradicating the Guado for how they treat others who don’t bow down to them. All of their snooty kind.

Auron: Because you are not of this world. To those who truly believe in the teachings… a time of much pain is coming.

Wakka: I truly believe in the teachings… but i am not one who will follow Yevon anymore. After seeing what they were really doing, I am staying neutral. Follow a faith and i get myself betrayed by the faith that i follow… no thanks.

Serena: *Looking at one of the Ronso* What’s the deal with those two Ronso Biran and Yenke? What do they have against Kimahri? Is there something between them that we should know about?

Ronso in red: Quarrel between Biran and Kimahri started ten years ago. Young Ronso fight each other to show strength. Biran beat Kimahri, but Kimahri never admit losing. Not once. Angry Biran broken Kimahri’s horn. Kimahri could not bear shame and left sacred mountain.

Serena: So that’s what started it? A battle between them and Kimahri was unable to admit defeat. And so what…? Biran breaks off Kimahri’s horn and make him hornless? Kimahri… a sore loser back then. I highly doubt that. There is no way that Kimahri could have lost. Not so easily. No way. No way. Not a chance.

Zoey: *At the start of the gate leading into the heights of Mt. Gagazet* How are we gonna climb that?


The time arrived that they all would gather and start to make their way up the mountain trail. It was time to make way and they knew that they had to get going. Although Zoey Looked up and saw that the mountain was gonna be menacing for them. Possibly crawling with fiends. Even stronger fiends than those in the calm lands…

Zoey: *Looking to see where her cat was* June? June… Where are you?

Luna: Zoey, What’s wrong?

Zoey: Mom, Have you seen June?

Luna: Not since we came up here. Why?

Zoey: I can’t see her anywhere. I can’t find her.

Luna: I wish that i knew where she could be, Sweetie. I really don’t know. Where do you think she was last?

Zoey: The calm lands Gorge. But she couldn’t still be there. she was with us as we all left there and finally making our way up here. Where could she have gone?

Luna: *Looking around for the cat* June? June!

Zoey: *Sensing something near* …

Luna: *Looking to see her daughter standing still and silent* Zoey?… Zoey, what’s wrong?

Zoey: I… *Sensing something coming* Something is near.

Luna: What? What’s near?

Zoey: Not sure. But what ever it is… It’s not friendly.

Luna: *Worried for her Daughter*…

Zoey: *Trying to keep watch out for her cat* June?! … June… Where are you? Where did you go?

Luna: Zoey, come on. Let’s go.

Zoey: I can’t. Not without June. She’s my responsibility. If i don’t protect her and help her… who knows what’ll happen. She helped me unlock a new power… I can’t just abandon her.

Luna: Zoey, You can’t do anything more for her… Wherever she is… She’s gonna have to handle herself. We got to get on our way. If she’s up ahead… we’ll see her again.

Zoey: *Sighs* Fine. But she better be okay. She’s my cat. I also happen to love her. *Walking up ahead*

They all begin to climb the heights as they started making way up the very heights but were soon barred again. This time they were being barred by Biran and Yenke.

Biran: Halt!

Serena: *Annoyed* You’ve got to be kidding us.

Tidus: Haven’t you bothered us enough?

Theodore: *Cynical* You know… That was most likely the most unusual question you’ve ever asked.

Raven: What do they want now? Are they with a fix on low jack?

Biran: Summoner may pass. Guardians may pass. Kimahri not pass!

Blossom: What are you talking about? Why can’t he pass? Is there like a barricade here?

Paul: Would this be a No Kimahri Zone?

Biran: Kimahri shame Ronso brothers. Kimahri forget his birth.

Annie: You’ve flipped, Biran. You know that? You’ve flipped.

Serena: We knew that you were off your rocker for a while. Since the moon flow… and from there it just got worse. Now it’s there for all to see.

Dinah: Biran. Would we be right to say that in all things leading to a psychotic episode… You’re batting a thousand?

Yenke: Forget his people, forget his mountain. Little Ronso! Weakling Ronso!

Paige: You two… At Ease! Right now!

Biran: Mountain hate the weak, hate the small. If you will climb…

Kimahri: Then I must prove my strength!

Biran: Think you will win? You not forget who took your horn! Never forget!

Spencer: He will. He’s got us backing him. He has not forgotten about that. But you better not forget that he’s gonna knock you both up to the moon.

Yenke: Kimahri never beat brother Biran! Never win!

Susie: Oh?! Really? We’ll see about that one.

Kimahri: This time, I win. I will win!

Tidus: Why, you…Ugh!

Kimahri: *Shoves Tidus back*

Sora: Huh? Wha- What was that for?

Carly: Yeah! Kimahri… we want to help you.

Tidus: This some kind of Ronso thing?

Kimahri: Kimahri problem.

Dinah: If that is the case… we’re gonna do this right.


Alice: *Thinking* I think there is a way to have them battle. one that will make it official and will have the mountain spectate and watch. The Mountain will be one that knows of which how strong Kimahri really is. Kimahri’s strong. We’re gonna let the mountain hear it. See it.

Curtis: We should make it a Gym battle. But using the mountain as the whole Gym.

Black Canary: Who’ll be the ref?

Luna: The one who loves to Brawl.

Sapphire: Our mom.

Dinah: Me?

Raven: Yeah. You.

Dinah: Okay. *Walking over to Biran and Yenke* Biran, Yenke. You want to see Kimahri prove his strength. and want to set the records straight, Right?

Biran: Yes. He not true Ronso. He is a weakling. He think that he’s strong and can beat Biran and Yenke.

Yenke: We want to see him prove it.

Dinah: Okay. That’s a good reason to challenge him and seek to question his mettle. You want to see if he has what it takes to be a strong Ronso. A Strong Ronso in your eyes. And Kimahri believes that he is already. Even if it has been 10 years. He has also learned the fiends way of fighting. Gained his own experience. Strength in his own way. But To you and Yenke… as you two are prone to the traditional way of Ronso. You see it being not enough. So… Here is where we are. This is how we’ll do it. Biran… Yenke. You take one side. Kimahri will take the Challenger side.

Dinah then goes over the rules…

Dinah: This is a battle to settle the score. to end a quarrel that lasted 10 years. Biran… Yenke. You are to use any move you have. Give it all you have. But each hit… makes for a point. However any secret shots win you extra. This is a battle of strength. to test you two… and To test Kimahri. Cheap shots are not allowed. Using a cheap shot will count you as disqualified. sneak attacks can be accepted. Bulldozing is good offense. The Winner will be decided at the end of the battle. If any fighter on either side is unable to battle… the win will go to the other side. To the one still standing. Fair?

Biran: *Nods* Biran Agrees.

Yenke: Yenke likes the conditions.

Kimahri: *Grins and Nods*

A Minute later when both sides were set to battle…

Dinah: On one side… we got Biran and Yenke Ronso Brothers to Kimahri. The Challenger… We have Kimahri Ronso. with the knowledge of the Fiends way to fighting. Fierce skill and high means for protection to those who mean much to him. This is to settle and end a 10 year quarrel. Biran… Yenke. Kimahri! Let the Battle BEGIN!

The battle began and Kimahri used his weapon. Took shots at both Biran and Yenke. Waited for an opening and used Lancet to get White wind, Doom, Thrust Kick, Mighty guard and Self destruct…

Kimahri: *Using Arctic wind on Biran*

Biran: *casting Blizzard on Kimahri*

Yenke: *Casting Thunder on Kimahri*

Kimahri: *casting fira on Biran*

Once Kimahri was with a full charged Overdrive…

Kimahri used Ronso Rage and performed Thrust Kick on Yenke.

Yenke was kicked right on out of the battle. Kimahri sent him flying.

Dinah: Yenke Has been Eliminated. It’s now a neck and neck between Biran and Kimahri. The first to fall will be the winner. Kimahri… Biran. Give it everything you got. But keep this a clean honest fight. Begin!

Zoey: *Cheering* GO Kimahri! GO!!!

Kimahri used his weapon and struck at Biran a few times. Used Arctic Wind and Then a couple Shadow Gems. He did have to heal himself which helped. But Kimahri battled Biran and Biran returned fire. Used Mighty guard and then Berserk. It didn’t make things easy on Kimahri. What it did was make it a little more harder for him although Kimahri didn’t give up. He also used Steal an ability that he learned to be useful from What Rikku could do and was able to snake some Friend spheres and Return spheres. 10 each. Also a bit of the Lv.3 key spheres. It helped him greatly. It wasn’t long before Kimahri and Biran were on the last stretch. the final shot…

But it was a tie… A Tie.

Dinah: It’s a Tie. And in fair methods of battle. there is only one way to settle this. SUDDEN DEATH!

Kimahri: *Nods*

Dinah: Biran. Kimahri. You both have the last hit. one hit away from a Win. But the skills are both equally matched. So this is what we’re gonna do. On the count of 3… the two of you will bulk up power and Charge at one another. The first one that makes an impact is the winner. You’ll start on the sound of my command. Good luck and may the best fighter win. Biran… Take it slow… but keep your focus. Kimahri… Aim and don’t lose your focus on the target.

Within seconds the two got to their positions. Dinah got to hers.

Dinah: *Looking at the fighters and then at the time* … *Nodding and making the move* Fighters… In position. Set… FIGHT!

Kimahri and Biran bulked up their power and charged up strength. Once they were both in full charge. They bolted towards each other and aimed to strike. The impact was explosive and caused a foggy screen…

When the Smoke cleared…

Biran was on the ground dazed…

Dinah: Biran is unable to battle. The winner is the Challenger. Kimahri Ronso!

Kimahri: *Standing proud and still*

Zoey: Yeah! Kimahri!

Sapphire: Alright, Kimahri! Way to go, tiger!

Serena: Kimahri’s Awesome. Wait till Carly Black hears this when i tell her. She’s gonna flip.

The fighters all stood cheering for Kimahri. They watched the battle and saw how intense it got and saw how hard Kimahri fought. It was the most exciting enjoyment that they ever had. There was no way that the others would have ever believed it. Although… what they didn’t know was that it was being seen by the watchtower. The tower was watching it and even they couldn’t help but cheer…

A Moment later…

Biran: Strong is Kimahri. Biran is happy. Sacred Mount Gagazet! I honor the name of strong warrior who defeats Biran.  Remember always, Gagazet! That name is Kimahri!

Yenke: Mountain knows Kimahri strong. Kimahri may pass.

Biran: Summoner! We Ronso will stop pursuers from temple.

Yuna: Truly?

Biran: Penance for breaking Kimahri’s horn, long ago.

Yenke: We crush enemies following behind.

Kimahri: Kimahri crush enemies standing before. 

Blossom: With us aiding in the efforts. We’re all in.

Zoey: We’re gonna be there for Kimahri through thick and thin. Be there for Yuna too. They are our friends.

Biran: You are most fortunate summoner.

Yuna: I thank you. *Presenting off a Formal bow which happened to be less obsequious than usual!*

Yenke: Ronso will shine your statue brightest. And also shine Statue for fighters too. Mountain know you fighters strong. 

Yuna: Thank you. But I fear that no one will make a statue for a traitor such as I am.

Sora: Same here. We’re traitors We might be in good graces here now… but with the mark of traitors… i don’t think that anyone will sire to make a statue for any of us. They’d never stand for it.

Carly: if they do… it’ll be a miracle.

Biran: Then Ronso will make!

Yenke: With grand horn on head! With grand horn on all heads.

Yuna: That…would be wonderful.

Annie: *Touched* Awwww!

Serena: We’re being praised. That’s a first. Statues are almost like immortalizing someone.

Dinah: Yes. But they are doing it as an honor. I want it to be casual.

Jack: Besides… We can’t let the praise get to our heads.

Curtis: That’s nothing to be worried about. It’s good. Plus… We are just getting a statue. It’s not like we won rights to the mountain. We just won ourselves a battle. That’s all.

Amy: He’s got a point. We are only getting statues in our honor. But not the right to the mountain. No.

Susie: We are being rewarded and recognized for the win that came from Kimahri. He won. We saw the battle. He won.

Narrative: *As Susie* Tidus wanted to see Yuna’s statue, too. we all did. We all were siring to see the statue of us… and of Yuna most of all. Although we all wanted to see it…with Yuna by our side. Not to for Tidus’s side most of all.

The fighters all began their way up the heights again and thought that they would be getting ahead when yet another pause ensued…

Biran: Summoner Yuna!

Tidus: What is it this time?

Paul: Okay… We’ll bite. What’s the buzz this time?

Yenke and Biran started off with the Hymn of the fayth…

The other Ronso warriors march over and join in. Yuna bows down to them and so do the Fighters. They felt a rather comforting sense of calm coming from the hymn. It was calming but more like a sendoff in gratitude. Once done… it was seen that the Ronso were gone. they went on back to the front gate of the Mountain. It was on to the trail. Climbing the mighty staggering heights of Mt. Gagazet. Were they gonna make it through the icy trails of Mt. Gagazet? Were they gonna be able to tough it out through the mountain trail or were the heights gonna be their unforetold graves? Where was Zoey’s Cat June? Was she up ahead and waiting or was there something going on with June that Zoey didn’t see? Was there soon gonna be a shock coming from finding June… if she was said to be found again? Will they get another contact from their home world? Is their home planning to pull them all out of Spira forcefully or was there gonna be dramatics just waiting to stir? Find out in the next chapter of the Adventures of the Rhapsody Girls Z! as the saga continues…

It is right up on the trail of Ice. The staggering heights of Mt. Gagazet is upon them and they must climb. Time to climb the trail and toughen out against the chill of the icy wind. Wind and Ice and a trail that will test them. Rhapsody on the trip through Mt. Gagazet’s heights. Let’s see them climb. Climb high and steer on strong, Rhapsody. Plus a new ally might soon be upon us or is there a danger that sires to make oneself known in… “Up on the trail on the mountain of snow… Flashbacks of old are relived.”


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