Chapter 160: A Rocky battle with a Yevon Block-headed fiend and an expedition to the gorge of the calm lands. Explore thy chamber of the stolen fayth if you please. Part 2

Continued from Part 1…

Alice: *Smiles* Yeah. It’s me. I came to Spira. With Black Canary. She was gonna come here on her own and she tried to get me to back down from coming along to Spira. But… There is no way that i was about to do that. I wasn’t gonna just stay behind. Besides… I missed you kids so much. I just had to see you again.

Paul: Ah… You came to join in on the fun, huh?

Crystal: Coming here is a big risk, mom. You should have thought twice. There are fiends all through this world and any one of them could prove to end a traveler or two.

Sora: We were lucky.

Carly: So far. But… Pushing our luck here… that’s not so good. Not very smart.

Sora: How did you get here?

Alice: Through the portal. Likely the same one that you kids must have gone through.

Paul: Pops is gonna be flipped out when he sees you here, Mom. He’s gonna be happy and surprised. But he’s also gonna flip.

Sailor Zoey: Are you sure that this is what you want, Aunt Alice? Because if you’re intending to stay… You’re gonna need to find a weapon and be able to use it and fight. The fiends around here are tougher than those seen on Besaid Isle, Kilika, and the Mi’ihen highroad. Much more tougher than that.

Luna: I don’t have a weapon and i’m doing just fine.

Sailor Zoey: For now… But it could all change. You know that. Nothing stays the same for long.

Sora: We need to get on over to the next location.

Black Canary: Which is what… Exactly? The peak.

Kimahri: No. Mt. Gagazet. Ronso Land. Sacred Mountain of Yevon.

Auron: *Noticing a tall Blonde standing before them*

Wakka: Who is that?

Paige: That is our old friend. A trusted Ally. Black Canary. The deadly siren.

Rikku: The Black Canary?! Is she friendly?

Black Canary: Don’t worry, Teeny bopper. I’m a friendly person. Not exactly a team player. But… for this alternate world… or reality. We got to stick together.

Kimahri: Kimahri want try Canary. See what she can do.

Dinah: Kimahri… Don’t do it. Canary’s Deadly siren is said to shatter and blow out ear drums. And it’s a frequency that breaks glass. So… If you test her… be cautious of that.

Miss Bliss: he’s not thinking on challenging her… is he?

Miss Passion: Don’t know, but if he is thinking of doing it… His Insurance premiums are gonna go right through the roof.

Sir Love: That is so not funny. Black Canary… Deadly Siren. Kimahri Ronso… of the Ronso Tribe. Experienced in knowing the fiends way of fighting. Kimahri could roar. But does he muster a chance in going against Black Canary’s deadly siren?

Dancing Heartthrob: We know he’s good… We have seen it. But if the Canary’s siren is an alarm that can shatter glass in a single bound and rupture ear drums… Will he be able to withstand the siren’s call?

Thunder Star: He can do it. It’s Kimahri. How can he not do it. He can do it. He’s learned the fiends way of fighting… hasn’t he?

Thunderic Wonder: Yeah. We gotta believe that he can do it.

Angelic Bubble: That’s right.

Blossom: Come on Kimahri… You can do it. *Cheering*

Crystal: This is not gonna be good. *Concerned*

Kimahri faced the Black Canary and tested his luck. He used Lancet on her and if there was nothing more than a surprise… he learned the Technique: Silent Siren. Canary wasn’t a Fiend… but he was still able to learn her technique. but he battled her and got a few hits in before Canary used her deadly siren. It luckily missed Kimahri but shattered his weapon. Seconds later Kimahri tried again at her and tried to get a couple more hits when Black Canary used her deadly Siren again and it got Kimahri. He roared in pain… It hit him full on. But it was only for just that second and suddenly stopped. Stopped just as quick as it started. Kimahri gained his footing and Shook off the attack. He usually would shake his head, but this time… he smiled and nodded.

Kimahri: Canary good. Strong fighter. Kimahri pleased.

Dinah: Whoa! That was a good match.

Pearl: After that deadly siren… He still stands and is in one piece.

Paige: That’s really a definite first.

Miss Thunder: No kidding.

Alice: Where to next?

Yuna: To the cold peak. The sacred Mountain. Mt. Gagazet. But first…

Tidus happened to walk down to the side path that happened to go down to another place. Although he didn’t go in… He still looked and wondered what it was that might have been down the side path.

Tidus: This isn’t the way in?

Lulu: That way leads down into the valley.

Wakka: Wow, you know your way around, ya? 

Lulu: *Drifting away*

Wakka: Huh?

Sora: Where are we going exactly?

Carly: Down into a Valley i guess. But what would a valley be doing here? There are no people here. No point of interest.

Luna: What do you suppose is down there?

Curtis: I don’t know. Luna, We’re going down there for some reason. There’s got to be a typical reason as to why we’re going down there.

Luna: Maybe… there’s something down there that we should see.

Sailor Zoey: It’s likely. But… Mom, you might want to be very careful in there. Strong fiends tend to have little to no control of any towards what they do. Fiends Strong or weak… attack without cause. But the fiends down here… Could be lethal. *Pauses* Wait. How is it that i know that? I never been here and or been down there… not once. And I just happen to know what’s down there?

Curtis: A freak occurrence.

Luna: had to be.

Sailor Zoey: It must be a freak chance. I couldn’t have known about this area so soon. Not before we were to go down and check it out.

June: That came from me, Zoey. Remember… I am guiding you. The Queen is guiding you… through me.

Sailor Zoey: Oh… That’s right. Duh! I sure do forget sometimes. Then again… what’d ya expect? I am only what… 10? soon to be 11.

June: It’s okay. Zoey. No one will expect you to get it right the first time. Your senshi powers and abilities are still awakening. It’s gonna take some time. But once your powers are fully awakened… You’ll know more about things. It’ll help you get better understanding of your powers and what it is that you are able to do.

They all walked down the path and came a roomy clearing that had on one side the entrance to a cavern of some kind. It was a cave at first to them as they didn’t know what would be so special about it. To them… there was nothing. Or was there? There was a side secret trail that not many really knew about. It was bound to have a few fiends stoking around and poking along that trail so The Aquatic Force Z! were sent to go check it out. Rikku and Tidus went along with them. There wasn’t much on the trail but there did happen to be a strange sword lodged in the ground on the side…

Rikku: That’s a sword.

Angelic Bubble: A Sword in the ground? Hmm. That is rather odd.

Bubbling Star: What would a sword be doing in the ground and abandoned?

Tidus: No clue. Looks like it’s been here for decades.

Frosty Ice Bubble: But who’d leave it here?

Bubble Gem: And Why?

Melodic Bubble: I have some belief that this sword was not left by accident.

Frosty Ice Bubble: Why’s that? Something a miss?

Melodic Bubble: I don’t know… But it’s really strange how a sword… would get plunged into the ground and just get left all alone and abandoned. Till now. It’s rusty too. But this Sword has to belong to someone.

Bubble Gem: But to who?

Bubbling Star: Who’d leave it here?

Rikku: Should we take it?

Tidus: …

Angelic Bubble: I don’t think so. If someone left it here… they might be back for it some day. We ought to just leave it here.

Bubble Gem: Why? It’s been here for possibly decades. No one’s been here to claim it since. No one even realizes that it’s here. Who ever it was that left it here… Would have come back for it if they truly cared about it. I mean… Come on. It’s one thing to leave something stick here for another person to find and put to better use. But it’s literally something else to just leave a sword or something somewhere and walk away. Forgetting all about it and hoping that there will be someone around to be curious enough to catch sight of it and claim it. using it for themselves. It’s been here for so long. It’s rusted all over. There is no one alive in this generation who will find it and just want it. It’s better if we were to claim it. It might have some use for us. Somewhere.

Rikku: She’s got a point. Let’s take it. It might be a good idea for us to take it.

It was then that they grabbed the sword and claimed it. They didn’t even know what type of sword that it might have been. But… it was just sitting there for all that time and literally forgotten by many. It was now theirs. Wonder what the others were gonna say about it…

A Minute later…

Luna: Find anything?

Tidus: Not really. Just this Rusty Sword. Not sure what it is.

Bubble Gem: It looks like just a long piece of metal of some kind though. It doesn’t even seem to really look much like a sword at all.

Blossom: Not anymore. *Wondering* you suppose that it might have been left by someone?

Angelic Bubble: That’s what we thought at first. But the only thing that doesn’t seem to add up is why would anyone just leave a sword there and just not come back for it?

Melodic Bubble: It looked as though it was forgotten. Left to sit and rust with the passing of time.

Jack: Maybe, It just needs to be perked back up.

Frosty Ice Bubble: Not very likely, dad. It looks like it’s been forgotten and left there for decades. *Shaking his head* It just doesn’t make a lot of sense though. Why a sword would be there and just left there. all forgotten.

Black Canary: All that for a piece of rusty metal… It better have some use for us.

Paige: I’m sure that it will.

Pearl: We just have to figure out what though.

Jack: Not that hard to do.

Alice: *Pulling out a Psychic channeling crystal* I don’t know why i brought this with me… but something tells me that this might be with obvious use of some sort.

Paul: What do you plan to do, Mom?

Alice: I don’t know.

Miss Thunder: Does Anyone happen to know why we’re here?

Sailor Zoey: What brings us here? *Not getting the reason behind being in front of a cave/cavern*

Rikku: Where are we?

Lulu: The fayth is inside. As are the fiends.

Miss Bliss: Inside there? The cave?

Wakka: *Gasps* Hey. This where…?

Thunder Star: Where who? What happened here?

Black Canary: Is there something here?

Sora: Mom, What are you doing?

Alice: Using my ability of being a Psychic. A Parapsychologist.

Carly: You’re also a Clairvoyant. Aren’t you? Those things are usually used by Clairvoyants.

Alice: *Nods*

Black Canary: Something inside?

Lulu: Mm. *Nods*

Tidus: Where what?

Crystal: *Sensing something* Something is here. I’m just now suddenly picking up energy spikes.

Paul: Are they bad?

Alice: Don’t know. But whatever it is… It’s an unhappy spirit. Whatever that’s in there… Is not happy.

Crystal: *Getting a Vision* There’s a lady inside. A fallen fighter.

Lulu: The summoner I guarded on my first pilgrimage…died here.

A Long silence plays out… 

Lulu: Yuna, let’s go. The fayth awaits.

Sora: *With Carly; Hanging back with Lulu*

Carly: What’s the matter with you, Lulu? You seem to act like you don’t want to go inside.

As the others were all already inside…

Lulu: *Sighs*

Sora: Lulu, You sure that you’re okay? You seem to sound off as someone who’s very depressed. Is there something about this place that you don’t want others to know about?

Lulu: I can’t say.

Carly: *Suddenly with her Esp kicking in* Who’s Lady Ginnem?

Sora: Who? Carly, What’re you talking about?

Carly: Lulu’s thinking about someone that she remembers from this location… inside this cavern in front of us. The name Lady Ginnem popped up.

Lulu: *Not wanting to mention it*

Sora: Is she the one you were talking about when you said… the first Summoner that you were guardian to… Died here?

Lulu: *Briefly Nodding*

Carly: You’re gonna be alright though… Right?

Sora: The others are already inside and are probably waiting for us to come inside that Cavern. We better not keep them waiting.

Carly: Now that our mom is here… we really got to hurry. Our mom has great patience. But make her wait too long and she gets really moody and unhinged a bit. High strung. Just ask our dad. He knows more as he has to handle it more than we do. He knows all how she gets when that happens. But it isn’t good.

Lulu: *Chuckles* Well then… We better get inside. Wouldn’t want her to come out looking mad.

Sora: Nah-uh!

Of course…

In the Virtual Reality…

In Metropolis, Kansas…

November 23rd. 2042…

At Metropolis Superior Court…

Mrs. Bellman: *Handing over the Court papers on the current client* Here are the papers that you requested for, Mr. Harrison.

Nick: *Nods while grabbing the papers gently* Thank you, Helen. And it’s Mr. Rhapsody. Or will be sometime early next year.

Mrs. Bellman: Really? Who’s the lucky woman?

Nick: Rikku Lorelai Rhapsody. The best woman i ever have known. One of a kind. Been together and seeing one another for 14-15 years and it’s been a long engagement. Well worth it too… She’s been the most patient. Even when she shouldn’t have had to be… Plus i too have been patient. Although when it comes to dealing with politics and the Judicial system… you get so busy that everything just takes top priority over your personal life. Rikku and I wanted to be wed 6 years ago. But with everything that happened and now with a particular dilemma that she’s dealing with now with her family. It’s… a bit of a mess.

Mrs. Bellman: Oh no… Is there anything that can be done to help?

Nick: Not really. She says that it’s something of a rather internal personal matter. Something that doesn’t want me to stress over. I admire that… but i also worry. It’s been going on for the last 8 weeks. Now 9 and closing in on 10 weeks.

Mrs. Bellman: What happened?

Nick: *Clearing his throat* I really shouldn’t say. But You’re good at keeping things internal when need to be. A Handful of her family’s gone missing. Her 3 Daughters went missing. as well as a handful of her nieces and Nephews. I happened to meet one of them once. And then there’s her Daughter Luna and Luna’s family. They came over during the Summer and helped out around the house. That one girl Zoey… She’s a really Peach. She would come and help me at the house. I did some painting and Without being asked to help… She started helping. She watched as i painted and followed suit. Without having to be told. Her mother though… She helped with the Dusting and helped her mother with the kitchen. It’s not like they had to… but yet… they came and did it.

Mrs. Bellman: Sounds like a caring family. When did they go missing?

Nick: 9 weeks ago. It was first noticed by my Fiance’s Daughter Dinah’s Husband Shingo. What she said from what she got from him was that it was on a sunday morning when he noticed that something was wrong. Noticing that his wife and their 3 older Daughters were not around.

Mrs. Bellman: Doe he know where they might have gone?

Nick: Not sure. He doesn’t really know. And what he does seem to know, he won’t say as he doesn’t want to create a controversy over it. He already feels bad enough already. He just wants it to be kept down low. For the sake of the younger kids.

Mrs. Bellman: What’s Your Fiance doing about all of it?

Nick: What can she do? There’s only so much that she can hope to do. She goes to see her Son in Law every other day for a couple hours to help him ease his mind a little. He’s taking the situation really hard. I don’t know him… But i do feel terrible for him.

Mrs. Bellman: So do I. *Feeling sorry* I know that it’s hurting you knowing that your fiance is going through a hard time and there being little to nothing for you to help her… But… If you need someone to talk to… I’ll be around, Okay?

Nick: I’ll Keep that in mind. but i’ll be okay. I just have to take it a step at a time. But the generous sincerity is very much appreciated, Helen. Thank you.

At Zeke’s Pub…

Zeke: I can’t believe that my youngest daughter and Wife are in another world. This is so surreal.

Gabe: What’re talking about, Zeke?

Zeke: My Wife and i spoke after 8 weeks. She’s with Zoey and they’re both in another world. You’re never gonna believe where. Never.

Gabe: Try me, Man.

Zeke: Spira. Spira is where they’re at. I’ve seen the place they’re at in Spira. Through a Video chat or screen. I’m telling you… it’s so serene. It was wide open plains. They called it the Calm Lands.

Click to view full size image

Gabe: *Feeling a little disturbed* Uh, Are you feeling okay, man? You’re Sounding really nuts. There is no such world as Spira. It’s all a game. Final Fantasy X. Yeah… i know about the game. My Daughter has that game and she has been playing it nonstop. Playing it all day and night and does nothing else. She’s like… 12. You’re telling me that your wife Luna… and young girl Zoey are without a doubt… in Spira. Inside the game?

Zeke: Yes. They are. They’re not the only ones there. the 3 original members of the Retired hero team are also there with their kids. The 4 original members of the Enforcers of Justice. They are also there. Alvin’s kids. Curtis’s Daughter Blossom. They too are there.

Gabe: Huh?!

Zeke: I wasn’t kidding when i said that they were there. I’m gonna be risking the secrecy of the place i go to. As it’s accessible per to being a member of the family and really close to the heroic cause. But in a couple days… i’m going on over there. I think that in order for you to truly understand what’s going on. You’re gonna have to see for yourself what i mean.

Heinz: *Walking over* Hey… Boss. We got something going on. There’s something on T.V that you’re not gonna believe. It’s already showed once… But there’s talks of there being a Special Edition of your family. Showing tonight. or in a few days from now…

Zeke: *Concerned* …

Gabe: Something tells me that your family is in the shaky waters again. *Being sympathetic* What’re you gonna do?

Zeke: I don’t know. But as long as my family is okay… i can be sure that it will be handled.

Heinz: You gonna be alright, Boss?

Zeke: I hope so. I do know that Thanksgiving is tomorrow and with there only being a few of the family members left and the Kids that are still around… Questions are gonna be asked…

Back in the Alternate reality…

In Spira…

At the Calm Land Gorge…

Inside the Mysterious Cavern…

The fighters were now inside the Cavern and were in a state of confusion. They didn’t know what brought them to the Cavern. They only had the fact that Lulu was drawn to it. and that There was said to be an Aeon here. Those were the only things that they had to go on…

The Reality of where the Fighters were from and the World of Spira…. how Yuna knew about them and all that had happened up to the current point. It was all becoming more tense. More clear. But the one thing that was still a Mystery was how did Yuna really hear about the fighters and why was it that her story behind how she knew them managed to be different from how Auron knew the family. Was Auron lying? Or was Yuna Lying and or getting her details of how the family was known in Spira all mixed up? Would the fighters ever see the opening to get back to where they came from and back to their homes? Would their Home world… their own reality be the same as they remembered it… OR Would it be the world that went on without them… if they were ever to get back to their home world again? What was inside the Cavern? Was it danger or the place of a Aeon said to be hidden? Was it truly the place where Lulu’s first Pilgrimage ended? Find out in the Next chapter of the Adventures of the Rhapsody Girls Z! as the saga continues…

To be continued…


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