Chapter 160: A Rocky battle with a Yevon Block-headed fiend and an expedition to the gorge of the calm lands. Explore thy chamber of the stolen fayth if you please. Part 1.

In the Alternate Reality…

At the Secret Chamber…

Black Canary: *Looking for the portal* Hmm. Tess said that there was a portal here. But There isn’t anything in here other than ruined statues that used to look just like that Dark powered princess. Raven. The Half Human/Half Demon.


Something opens up and reveals a Portal…

Black Canary: *Looking at the portal* Well now there’s something that you don’t happen to see everyday. Came right out of nowhere.

Alice: *Sensing something* Yeah. Something is there in that portal.

Black Canary: *Turning to see Alice* Mrs. Alvin Rhapsody… What’re you doing here?

Alice: *With her travel sack and some personal items* What does it look like, Mrs. Lance?

Black Canary: Wait… How did you know who i was behind this look?

Alice: 14-15 years ago all while we were dealing with the Demon dilemma. We all met a few times at the Watchtower. With my Fiance now Husband Alvin. which he was since the 6th day after the Demon Dilemma was all over. We all met on together and reunited on top of the Daily Planet for a huge celebration. A grand celebration with all the fighters. All the girls and guys. You didn’t know it happened though but i sat a couple seats from you. and You were in the look that you are now. and had something sticking out from the side on you. It said Daily Planet Press pass. With a Picture of a woman with medium black hair. and the Name read Dinah Lance. Press Reporter. It had a line under that which read: “Where there is News, The Word of Justice is there to get it and tell it.” I’m not dense. I know who you are. But if you are to think that i’m gonna be your Chappaquiddick. and sell you out. Your radar is really rusty. i don’t sell out my friends. or friends to my family.

Black Canary: That was really informative, Mrs. Divinitive Light. But Next time… Drop a Memo. We were all there that day. That day was the start of big changes. And it was only 3 years later that we all had to part ways for a while. *Looking at the portal again* But really… You shouldn’t be here.

Alice: Oh… really? Why? You’re going off to reach where the others are. I over heard the conversation. I was still there at the tower. Tess thought i left. And i made Zeke think that i too was gonna go home. But i stuck around. And i over heard you talk about finding this portal here… I am coming with you.

Black Canary: You can’t. You’re not coming with me.

Alice: *Scoffs in a stubborn Maternal tone* Excuse me?! I’m not coming with you? Um… I got news for you. If you’re going into that Portal and it’s to Spira where my kids are… I am coming with you. My kids are there with their cousins, Uncles and Aunts. My Sister-In-Laws and Brother-in-Laws and Husband. If you’re going… So am I. *With her Travel sack strapped onto her back*

Black Canary: You can’t. You have no means of defense. You don’t have any means to fight. No weapons. No super ability.

Alice: Doesn’t matter. I am not gonna be stuck waiting for my kids to come home and made to sit around not knowing whether they’re gonna come back from Spira or not. I spoke with them. They’re alive. But it could all change from when i spoke with them to whenever the mess going on in Spira is all over. Things could change. I am not gonna lose my family. You’re not with kids in another world who are likely to be in danger. My husband Alvin and I will be having a good talk when i see him. I am not angry per say with him. I know why he did it. It was something that had to be done… Something to show the kids. But the fact that they’re possibly in danger over there… That is something that i can’t stand back and allow. I’m going with you. I am not gonna back down from my decision. I am going with you to Spira to get to my kids one way or the other.

Black Canary: Alvin’s got one heck of a high strung arm piece. You’re really high strung. But if you wish… Come on.

Within seconds Alice and The Black Canary Jumped into the portal and traveled through it to Spira. It was a bit of a Ride. The Portal however took them to right to Spira. But to Macalania Woods…

Alice: *Crashing into the bushes and landing onto the ground* Ohhh! Ow!

Black Canary: Well… Here we are. Spira and all of its wonder. This is where the fighters are… or if they’re not here… they’re likely to be a bit further. They’re said to be in the calm lands. But… where?

Alice: *Looking around* There’s a fork in the road here… But there is some strange crystal like pathway going over the main path of the woods. It’s a shortcut to somewhere.

Black Canary: You think that we should take it?

Alice: Not really. But it’s our only option. The main path could take us to the same location but it might be a little dangerous. *Pauses* … *Looking at Black Canary* Yeah. I said it. It’s too dangerous. I said it. I admit it. But a mother’s determination and instinct. Plus love… it’s taking over natural common sense. So Danger or not… I’m going for it. Let’s go.


As for the New Generation fighters and Guardians as well as Yuna…

The fighters were now at the north end of the Calm Lands. At the Gorge. It was only seconds after they managed to cross the first bridge when a strange voice called out to them and it was then before long that two Guado men appeared…

Guado: Halt!

Second Guado: Summons from Lord Seymour. Come with us!

Serena: Go to hell Guado. She’s not going with you.

Yuna: We have nothing to discuss with Maester Seymour!

Tidus: Yeah, so out of our way!

Spencer: Move! Or we’ll Plow you. We don’t really care one way or the other how it is that you leave. But You’re gonna turn back to where ever it is that you came from and beat it. Get lost!

Raven: Plus… Why would we have anything to discuss with Maester Seymour the unsent Murderer?

Susie: The only thing we have to discuss with him is why he’s not in the Farplane… where he belongs.

Guado: Lord Seymour’s commands must be obeyed. You will come!

Dinah: Who’s gonna make us? You?! *Laughing at the Guado’s Pathetic demands* Pfft! Yeah Right!

Annie: We’re warning you… Beat it. Or we’ll blast with our heart attacks.

Clint: Annie… We’ve got to transform in order to do that.

Daria: Whoops! We better do that. Those guys… They’re trouble.

Second Guado: I warn you, the maester doesn’t need you alive.

Sailor Zoey: *Firing at the Guado* Moon Star Cosmic FLASH!

Guado: *Firing back; casting Thundara on Zoey*

Luna: *Standing between her daughter and the Guado* You bastard… You leave my daughter alone. Want to attack her? Get through me. Because you’re not touching her.

The attack hits Luna as she was in the path of the attack…

Luna: *Flying back* Ahhhh! *Hitting the ground*

Sailor Zoey: *Gasps* Mom! *Running over to her mother and Kneeling before her* Mom, you okay?

Luna: *Knocked out a little* …. *raspy voiced* Yeah. I’m okay. I’m gonna be okay.

Sailor Zoey: That attack. Why did you jump in the middle and take that attack? You could have been killed.

Luna: A price that i’d gladly pay. for the safety of my kids. for you. Zoey. You’re a senshi… but still my daughter. That will always come first. Always.

Sailor Zoey: *With a tear in her eye and upset* Mom…

What happened next… No one could explain. No one could describe it. No one. A tear fell down from Zoey’s left cheek and hit her brooch which caused it to glow and before anyone could blink… Bright light shined throughout the gorge and the calm lands. Zoey was able to heal the injured with that light shining brightly. She had the light shine on her mother and heal her. It was then that the light shined on and surrounding June. Bathing her in the bright light. Lulu and Wakka looked at the act and stood in shock as they could not gather what was going on… Or what was causing for Zoey to shine like that. No one could explain it. No one knew what was doing it. But when it was over…

Luna: *Getting up slowly* Zoey, Don’t cry. It will be alright. It will be fine. really.

Suddenly the ground started to pound and shake around them as something was coming. Was it the end? Was it Sin? No… It was a Rock hard wooden Droid. A Thick headed Wooden Droid Machina. Walking up and Booming with each single step. Each step that it took was a step of caution. Danger….

Paige: What the heck is that thing?

Sora: That is a Defender X.

Carly: It’s got 64,000 HP. 42 in Strength points. and a 30 in Defense. This one’s gonna cost big. The Guado… the jerks that they are… gave over the big guns. That thing’s most dangerous attack is Blast Punch. It will cut one party members HP in half. It’s special attack is Haymaker. It can KO a person. Watch out for that. Testing it will be a bad mistake. Best thing to do is use Armor Break on it. and cast Dark on it. Blinding it. If there are any Aeons that have a full Overdrive Gauge… use them. Fast. Use them quick before it finishes you.

A Second later…

Annie: Miss Bliss. *Putting her hand into the middle*

Daria: Miss Passion. *Putting her hand into the middle*

Clint: Sir Love. *Putting his hand into the middle*

Theodore: Dancing Heartthrob. *Putting his hand into the middle*

Annie, Daria, Clint and Theodore: *Chanting and Posing* RHAPSODY ROMANCERS Z! Power… LOVE DREAM ACTION!

With a flash of light and with a sudden down pour surrounding them… Annie and Daria were covered in Pink light and bare with exposed skin before being transformed. Red and Pink blouses covered the girls and Shirts with red and gold hearts appeared on the boys. Glittery Pink and fushia Skirts covered the lower parts of the Girls and Glittery red and Pink Pants covered the boys lower half. They had heart shaped rings and Jewelry appear on them in style. The girls had Tiara’s and the boys had German style hats on them. The girls received weapons in the shape of heart guitars that when stroked by the strings Turned into heart blasters that Released pure bursts of Love energy. The guys received weapons that were in the shape of Rods. Heart Rods. When Spun and twirled and then finished with a thump on the ground Firing a strong concentrated blast of Music and Blissful heart energy… The girls had shoes that were high heels with Nylon Leggings. The guys had steel toed cowboy boots that have laser lights on the bottom that with each step… Sang a tune of romance. Their Gloves were all Red with Tiny pink and black hearts decorating them.  Once fully transformed… They presented themselves in their alternate forms…

Miss Bliss: *With Miss Passion, Sir Love and Dancing Heartthrob; Posing in unison* Rhapsody Romancers Z!

Amy: Angelic Bubble. *Putting her hand into the middle*

Susie: Bubbling Star. *Putting her hand into the middle*

Christina: Melodic Bubble. *Putting her hand into the middle*

Penny: Bubble Gem.*Putting her hand into the middle*

Spencer: Frosty Ice Bubble. *Putting his hand into the middle*

Amy, Susie, Christina, Penny and Spencer: *Chanting and Posing* RHAPSODY AQUATIC SQUAD Z! TIDAL WAVE DREAM ACTION!

A storm of Ice and bubbles and sparkles surrounded them with it’s embrace. The appearance within seconds changed piece by piece. The girls were surrounded with Shirts that struck as Blouses and with designs on it. Shards of ice stuck out and shined light out which enveloped them with a white veil putting wings of light on them. Blue and white Blouses with bubbles all over.  A Skirt formed on them long skirts that sparkled with twinkling gems and ice dust. their shoes were high heeled Pumps in their sizes and had the designs of Ice and Gems. Bubbles on the bottom for the ability to hover off the ground. each of them had a tiara made of bubbles and gems. shining like the light of angels. Their weapons were the Bubble Gem grenade launcher, Bubble gloves, Bubble laser rod and the Bubbly Harmonica… With each blow on the Harmonica… a Sonic boom of Bubbling Ice gets released and fires at the target in sight. For Spencer got turned into a Monk of Ice and Bubbles. his attire was with the cross of Bubble Maiden and Jack Frost and the weapon was the Frost Scepter. and for the accessory was the Frost and bubble Charm bracelets. The footwear were the angelic slippers. With frost on the bottom to grant the power to swim.

Angelic Bubble: *With her sisters Bubbling Star, Melodic Bubble and Bubble Gem; With her Brother Frosty Ice Bubble* *Posing in Unison* RHAPSODY AQUATIC SQUAD Z!

Sapphire: Miss Thunder! *With her hand in the middle*

Raven: Thunderic Wonder! *With her hand in the middle*

Serena: Thunder Star! *With her hand in the middle*

Sapphire: *With Raven and Serena; Posing for transformation* … *Transforming* Rhapsody Thunderic Force Z!… Electrify!

Within seconds the appearances changed and replaced the attire with Thunderic charged suits. The Boots were with Thundering energy… Each step was with Thunderic power. The Gloves were with Thunder and lightning. Their weapons were the Thunder Solar Discs. The Jet propelled Lightning Shooter. The Seismic Thunder Boomerangs.

Miss Thunder: *With her sisters Thunderic Wonder and Thunder Star* … *Posing* Rhapsody Thunderic Force Z!

Paige: Kids… This time… We’re gonna fight along side you. Let’s show this heavy armored mecha fiend our fighting power.

Pearl: It’s been a long time since we did the transforming.

Dinah: Well… this is only a once in a while thing. We’re mostly retired. Besides… It’s our kids who have the thrills now. It’s the young person’s game now.

Paige: Ready.

Pearl: Yeah…

Dinah: Let’s do it!

Paige, Pearl, Dinah: *Getting in transformation pose* Rhapsody Girls Z! Power… Make-Up!

Paige: Miss Love Power… Make-up! *Transforming* …. *Raising her Power Buckle and surrounded by white light; Firing Hearts and Love; Throwing punches* PAIGE *Getting sprayed Twice with Hearts; Throwing kicks and sparkles of hearts around;  Absorbing Love’s power* … *getting the last spray and throwing her hands up into the air as Wings form* … *Shooting up into the sky and flying high spinning with with Romance charging up before Diving down releasing Loving Hearts; Landing* …. *Posing*

Pearl: Bubble Maiden Power… Make-up! *Transforming* …. *Raising her Power Buckle and surrounded by white light; Firing Bubbles and Throwing punches* PEARL!!! *Getting sprayed Twice with Bubbles and ; Throwing kicks and a storm of Bubbles around;  Absorbing Bubble power* … *getting the last spray and throwing her hands up into the air as Wings form* … *Shooting up into the sky and flying high spinning with Bubbles charging up before Diving down releasing Bubbles; Landing* …. *Posing*

Dinah: Thunder Mistress Power… Make-Up! *Transforming* …. *Raising her Power Buckle and surrounded by white light; Firing Lightning and Throwing punches* DINAH!!! *Getting sprayed Twice with Thunder and lightning; Throwing kicks and sparks of Lightning around;  Absorbing thunder power* … *getting the last spray and throwing her hands up into the air as Wings form* … *Shooting up into the sky and flying high spinning with electricity charging up before Diving down releasing Thunder; Landing* …. *Posing*

Paige, Pearl and Dinah: *Fully Transformed and doing a group pose* RHAPSODY GIRLS… Z!

Lulu: *Gasps* What?!

Wakka: *Stunned* They’re the ones. The ones that went against that big bad Demon.

Lulu: The Legends were true… They’re really the heroic team. The Original team of super fighters. The Rhapsody Girls Z!

Yuna: My father knew about them… But i never knew that they existed.

Auron: Till now.

Tidus: *Gazes with wonder* Awesome…

Curtis: That they are.

Blossom: You’re one of the original fighters too, dad. You’re a member of the Rhapsody Brothers. Electric Rage.

Wakka: Whoa whoa whoa! You serious? He’s one of the original Members of the Enforcers of Justice?

Lulu: One of the Rhapsody Brothers?

Blossom: That’s right. He is. *Smiles*

Yuna: *In Awe*


in the Alternate Reality…

At the Watchtower…

Tess: *Locking on to the position of the fighters*

P.A: *Chiming* Incoming transmission… Black Canary.

Tess: *Patching in the call* Black Canary. What’s the report?

Black Canary: *On Screen* We’re in Spira now…

Tess: We’re? What do you we’re in Spira? It’s only you in Spira now heading to get to the others.

Black Canary: Well… i guess you’ll have to pay extra for the hourly rate. Because this Canary got herself some extra baggage. A sudden Sidekick.

Tess: Who?

Black Canary: Tell me if this rings a jingle… Mrs. Divine Light.

Tess: Alice. You’ve gotta be kidding. She’s there with you now?

Black Canary: in the flesh. We’re right now on a detour and stopped at some travel agency that is told to be just a few feet from a location known as Macalania Lake.

Tess: There is a big hole in the Lake. It isn’t exactly safe.

Black Canary: Alice doesn’t seem to worry about that. She’s just picked up a map of the world. She’s just bound and determined to get herself whacked by the untold creatures that reside in Spira.

Tess: You better keep a close eye on her. If she gets hurt… There will be some questions to have answered by the other half. her husband will be furious.

Black Canary: Got it. We shall keep you informed. Gotta go. Canary out…

Transmission ends…

Tess: *Sighs* Alice is gonna get herself killed. Alvin’s gonna go ballistic.

Back in Spira…

In the Lake Macalania travel Agency…

Black Canary: I’m babysitting and on my way to the others. I’m gonna be in alot of trouble with the man of the family if she is harmed. *Seeing Alice walking towards the door* You ready to go?

Alice: Yeah. I’m set. Got a map. Now i know where to head off to. Which direction to go. But first we got to go back to the beginning of Macalania woods back to where the fork in the road is… There’s a side trail that leads to a mega city called Bevelle. Then there is two more side paths a few feet further. one to a small campsite. the other to a Spring. But… straight ahead on the path is to where my kids were said to be.

Black Canary: The Calm Lands…

Alice: Right.

Black Canary: Let’s go.

They were on their way again…

But as for the fighters and Guardians…

Calm Lands North: The Gorge…

Blossom: You guys better get to bashing at that Mecha fiend. It’s gonna attack…. *Catching the Fiend starting to make a move* Uh-oh! Uh… guys… *Seeing the fiend performing a move* LOOK OUT!

Defender X: *Launching Blast Punch at Susie*

Bubbling Star: *Ducking out of the way of the blast* Whoa! Holy crap… That was close.

Bubble Maiden: Susie! Watch your language.

Bubbling Star: Sorry Mom.

Miss Bliss: Let’s get it!

Sir Love: Oh Yeah…

Miss Bliss: *Commanding her Team* Rhapsody Romancers Z! ATTACK!

Angelic Bubble: *Commanding her Team* Rhapsody Aquatic Force Z! WIPE-OUT!

Miss Thunder: *Commanding her Team* Rhapsody Thunderic Force Z! ELECTROCUTE!

Miss Bliss: *Firing an attack at Defender X* Blissful Heart Storm!

Miss Passion: *Firing an attack at Defender X* Love’s Passionate FOG!

Sir Love: *Twirling his Heart Rod and Then Pounding it on the ground twice before Firing an attack at Defender X* Royalty Love’s MELODY CHARGE!

Dancing Heartthrob: *Twirling his Heart Rod and Then Pounding it on the ground twice before Firing an attack at Defender X* Love’s RHAPSODY BLITZ!

Defender X: *Launching Blast Punch at Clint*

Sir Love: *Taking the hit and Countering with a blast from the heart Rod; Healing himself* Ha! Nice try. But Love never goes down till the last Quarter… but in the last Quarter… it isn’t us… that will go down. It’s you.

Angelic Bubble: *Firing an attack at Defender X with her Bubble Gem grenade Launcher* Bubble SHINE FLASH!

Bubbling Star: *Firing an attack at Defender X with her Bubble Gloves* Bubble STORM!

Melodic Bubble: *Firing an attack at Defender X with her Bubble Laser Rod*  MUSICAL BUBBLE BEAMS!

Bubble Gem: *Firing an attack at Defender X With her Bubbly Harmonica* Sonic Boom BUBBLE FASHION BLITZ…. BANG!

Frosty Ice Bubble: *Firing an attack at Defender X With his Frost Scepter* BUBBLE MAIDEN’S FROSTY DREAMS!

Defender X: *Launching Blast Punch at Penny*

Bubble Gem: *Ducking out of the way of the attack* Crap… That was close. Really close. *feeling the hit barely touching her* That heavily armored creep is really gonna be a mess to handle.

Miss Thunder: *With her weapon- The Thunder Trident; Firing a tri-shot of Thunder at Defender X* Tri-Star Thunder BEAMS!

Thunderic Wonder: *With her new weapon- The Thunderstorm Fan; Firing a Gust of Thunder at Defender X* Raging Winds of Thunder!

Thunder Star: *With the new forged weapon- The Thunder Chains; Whipping the Chains at Defender X; Shocking him* Thundering VICEGRIP!

Frosty Ice Bubble: *With his new weapon- The Holy Crosses of Frost; Aiming at Defender X and Firing a Charged Blast of Ice and Cold frost At Defender X* Ice Cross CHARGES!

Defender X: *Performing a normal attack and slamming into Spencer and Rikku*

Rikku: *Taking the hit* Ow!

Spencer: *Taking the hit* Ahhh!

Bubble Maiden: Spencer! Rikku! *Growling at the Mecha fiend* You dare hurt my son and my future Daughter in Law in my presence… I’ll show you what fer’! *Firing an attack at Defender X* BUBBLES STRIKING CANNON!!!! *Firing another attack at Defender X* Bubbling wipe-out! (The attack was a Typhoon of Bubbles and Water surrounding a shroud of Ice and Light.)

Wakka: *Throwing the Blitzball at Defender X* Dark Attack!

Kimahri: *Attacking Defender X with his Spear*

Auron: *Attacking Defender X with his Katana*

Tidus: *Attacking Defender X with his Sword* HA!

Sailor Zoey: *Swinging her wand towards Defender X; Firing an attack at Defender X* Moon Star Cosmic FLASH!

Blossom: *Firing a Shot of Electricity at Defender X*

Rikku: *Using Shining Gem on Defender X*

Defender X: *Performing Haymaker on Zoey, Dinah, Rikku, Annie and Theodore*

Sailor Zoey: *Firing a sneak attack at the Defender X; Stopping it in its tracks* You leave my Aunt Dinah and family alone!

Blossom: Sora, Carly… I think it’s time we sent some shock waves towards this Mecha nightmare.

Curtis: Blossom! Be careful… You’re still pretty shaken up by what happened earlier when you were told about the unsent who died at the bottom of the Gorge not receiving a proper sending becoming fiends. So go easy. Please.

Blossom: I will. I’ll go easy. I promise.

Sora: *With Carly and Blossom in unison* By the Rhapsody Power of three. Set us free… spark up a surge of thunder and lightning. put this Mecha fiend back in traction. *Firing a Shot of Electricity and a surge of thunder at Defender X* Thunder shock by the power of 3…. Thunder CHAIN FLASH!!!

Miss Love: *Firing an attack at Defender X* Love’s Blinding Heart BLAST!

Bubble Maiden: *Firing an attack at Defender X* BUBBLES STRIKING CANNON!!!!

Thunder Mistress: *Firing an attack at Defender X* Thundering Dragons! *Releasing two streams of Thunder which emit a roaring cry as they turn into dragons and with sharp fangs and claws; Biting and Electrocuting Defender X*

Miss Bliss: *Seeing the attack* Whoa! That was a direct hit. Where did you learn that, Aunt Dinah?

Thunder Mistress: I Learned it 15 years ago. I also remembered some Wrestling moves and made a version of my own of them. One being…

Miss Bliss: What? One being what?

Miss Love: Kids… Yuna… Wakka… Lulu, Kimahri, Auron, Tidus and Rikku. You all might want to stand back and watch this one.

Wakka: Why… Wh-wh-what is she gonna do?

Bubble Maiden: Paige, Dinah and I grew up liking certain things and Dinah grew up as the tough girl. Danger Zone Dinah as they called her. we still do when times call for it. Which for Dinah… While Paige was into all things romance, Sweets and comic book heroes in spandex. Me with the sensitive touch and with all things fashion… Dinah went for the tough approach. The wrestling. Sports. She can do Thunder moves like the F.U Thunder. The Last thunder. I think that she can also do the Five Knuckle Thunder. And our known favorite that we seen her do… Is this one… the one she’s about to do.

Miss Love: Everyone… Count with us.

Thunder Mistress: *Stomping her foot; Charging up for the attack*

Thunder Star: Oh god… Mom’s gonna do it. She’s really gonna do it. Guys… start counting… This is gonna be sweet.

All: *Chanting the count* 1…… 2…… 3…… 4… 5… 6… 7.. 8.. 9..

Thunder Mistress: *Hopping on one foot with the other in the air and with one big kick high in the chops; Driving the kick and releasing a strong blast of Thunder into Defender X* Sweet Chin Thunder!

A second later…

Thunder Mistress: *Chuckles* God… I haven’t done that in years. But geez! That felt so darn good. Too good.

Auron: *Impressed*

Kimahri: *With his jaw dropped to the ground in shock* …

Rikku: *Using a Arctic Wind on Defender X*

Wakka: *Using a Arctic Wind on Defender X*

Auron: *Using a Arctic Wind on Defender X*

Tidus: *Using a Arctic Wind on Defender X*

Angelic Bubble: *Firing an attack at Defender X with her Bubble Gem grenade Launcher* Bubble SHINE FLASH!

Bubbling Star: *Firing an attack at Defender X with her Bubble Gloves* Bubble STORM!

Melodic Bubble: *Firing an attack at Defender X with her Bubble Laser Rod* MUSICAL BUBBLE BEAMS!

Bubble Gem: *Firing an attack at Defender X With her Bubbly Harmonica* Sonic Boom BUBBLE FASHION BLITZ…. BANG!

Frosty Ice Bubble: *With his new weapon- The Holy Crosses of Frost; Aiming at the Defender X and Firing a Charged Blast of Ice and Cold frost At Defender X* Ice Cross CHARGES!

Auron: *Looming at Defender X with his Katana and Hacking away*

Wakka: *Throwing the Blitzball at Defender X*

Kimahri: *Attacking Defender X with his Spear*

Auron: *Attacking Defender X with his Katana*

Tidus: *Attacking Defender X with his Sword*

Lulu: *Casting Thundara on Defender X*

Kimahri: Kimahri think it time Yuna use Aeon now.

Sailor Zoey: Good idea. I agree.

Yuna: *Nods*

Seconds later everyone stood back as Yuna summoned for the Aeon Ixion. Ixion came out through the shroud of thunder that was created by Yuna’s Rod as she was summoning for it to appear. It trollop in place a second before whinnying and facing the Mecha Fiend. It used Aerospark a couple times. then only seconds later thereafter… It used it’s Overdrive Thor’s Hammer. Ixion shot a stream of lightning from the tip of its horn before it had Defender X surrounded in a white shelled Thunderic casing. It had Defender X lifted up and was still shooting the stream of Lightning at the fiend before suddenly releasing a medium sized orb of Lightning from it’s horn and sent it right at the Thunderic casing which had the fiend inside causing it to explode. and it seconds later cleared then revealed Defender X hitting the water hard. It was a massive hit. A heavy hit and direct. Taking 12,000 HP from Defender X. However Ixion only then got knocked out which brought everyone back in…

Miss Passion: Now what’ll we do?

Dancing Heartthrob: Is there another Aeon to use?

Yuna: Yes.

In Seconds, Yuna held her Rod in front of her standing in mid-air. Raising it up seconds later and then swinging the rod to her right with her right hand as her left had let go. The Rod however is Pointing Diagonally up in a slant. Behind her came down 3 huge Ice Crystals the side ones in a slant pointing up Diagonally. and the Middle one standing and pointing straight up. Seconds later a line with a Hook at the end of it came trekking down with a silhouette of a woman at first before the woman landed within the crystals and revealed herself.

None of them were watching as they were about to have company…

From up on top of the side cliff…

Alice: *Watching the scene* … *Gasps* Oh my god! My kids are down there and there’s some strange blue being down there battling against a Wooden contraption.

Black Canary: It’s not safe now. We can’t get down there yet.

Alice: *Looking down and watching* My kids are gonna be in danger. We gotta get down there somehow. There’s got to be a way down there.

Black Canary: there is… But not right now… That blue being is about to do something…

Back down on the ground…

Shiva raised her one hand and twirled once to throw Ice dust across the battle field and then powered up with a energy field as she then had her one hand facing her opponent and blasting ice, causing the ice to rise and build up. Burying the opponent in Ice. Once the opponent was incased in Ice… she held out her one hand and her arm stretched out in front of her and aimed towards the opponent. She Within seconds Snapped her finger and before anyone could blink… the Ice busted up and flew apart releasing pressure and it was a heavy hit on Defender X. It knocked out 10,000 HP. But that was when Shiva got knocked out as well… It caused for everyone to get back into the battle. Yuna had to then revive the ones that were knocked out by Defender X.

Seconds later…

Sailor Zoey: *Getting back up after being revived* Oh boy… That was not my day.

Rikku: *Getting up after being revived* I’m okay. I’m fine. Where’s the creep?

Frosty Ice Bubble: *Getting back up* I feel really tipsy. Did i just get sent to the cleaners? I just got back from being put in the clothesline. Did i really need to get awoken back up?

Miss Bliss: *Getting up and tipsy* I am 14… under age and i am feeling like i just got drunk. What the heck just happened?

It took them about a second or so to shake off the hit that knocked them into a momentary slumber. Of course… that was when they got set on performing their Overdrives… then finishers…

Miss Bliss: *Jamming on her Heart Guitar and gathering Energy to create a Love Storm* … This is Love’s greatest power… the power of life and truth. Two of the things that Love resembles. The Love and the Bliss of perpetual romance. *Performing a power ballad and Drawing it up into her Weapon; Suddenly Stroking the Strings; with a Pink aura and with the energy built and ready; Launching her Overdrive* LOVE’S BLISSFUL SERENADE!!!

Miss Passion: *Jamming on her Heart Guitar and gathering Energy to create a Love Storm* … This is How Passion is born. It’s born with compassion, Romance and Sweet Bliss. Truth and warmth. That is how Passion is born. Love is part of a breathing romance. What Love resembles is Eternal and pure. *Performing a power ballad and Drawing it up into her Weapon; Suddenly Stroking the Strings and with a Pink aura and with the energy built and ready; Launching her Overdrive* PASSION’S ETERNAL REMEDY!!!

Sir Love: *Twirling his Heart Rod and moving it to the one side and to the other. From the Right to the left; Tossing the rod up and absorbing Love Energy and building up Musical power* Love and Rhythm and the power of romance. There is nothing like it… Nothing. With the heart and soul of Miss Bliss and Miss Passion. This is the moment of truth. It’s unable to be measured. *Jumping up to grab his rod once it’s at full power and landing down; Thumping the Rod on the ground and within seconds launching his Overdrive* SIR LOVE’S ORCHESTRATED LOVE CONCERTO!!!

Dancing Heartthrob: *Twirling his Heart Rod and moving it to the one side and to the other. From the Right to the left; Tossing the rod up and absorbing Love Energy and building up Musical power* Dancing to the side and dancing to the right. Watch my dancing groove as i lay the moves of a serenade. I got the love and the dance… Watch as i lay it on you. *Jumping up to grab his rod once it’s at full power and landing down; Thumping the Rod on the ground and within seconds launching his Overdrive* DANCING HEART LIGHTNING SYMPHONY!!!

Angelic Bubble: *Gathering energy* … This is the frost… the water of light. Water and Ice… Light and Glitz Build within me. Wash this evil away. *Launching An attack using her Bubble Gem grenade Launcher* ANGELIC GEM GRENADE STRIKE!!!

Bubbling Star: *Glowing with Light and Energy* Here is the star of the light and the power of water’s force. Evil’s extinction is confirmed with just a blast of water and Ice. Water and Light. *with her Bubble Gloves Launching her Overdrive* BUBBLE MAIDEN’S STAR OF WATER SCREAM!!! (The attack is a combined power of Water and ice in a surging pulse of Stars and Water unleashing a scream of Light and Ice)

Melodic Bubble: *Casting her Overdrive* BUBBLING BEAMS OF ICE CONCERTO!!!

Bubble Gem: *Launching her Overdrive With her Bubbly Harmonica* WATERY ICE SPIRAL SYMPHONY!!!

Frosty Ice Bubble: *Launching his Overdrive with his Holy Crosses of frost* FROSTY CROSSES OF ARCTIC JUSTICE!!!

Miss Thunder: *Glowing with Thunder energy* … Thunder and Lightning i call upon you to grant me the power of Thunders Rage. Come forth and guide my Soul. *Rising her Thunder Trident and swirling the tip into the air and creating a Thunder Storm; Building up energy at full power* The Evil angers the Thunder. Hear the Quaking roar of the Thunder and the intensity of it’s fury. *With The Thunder Trident at Full power* …. Here comes the triple Threat of Thunderic PAIN! *Launching her Overdrive* TRI-BEAM THUNDER MAGNITUDE 9!!!

Thunderic Wonder: *Glowing with Thunder Energy* …Here comes the brain of the Thunder and Lightning. There is something that the Thunder and Lightning never put to use. That’s the galling wind and the force it can unleash. This is where the Wind comes to play. The scream of the Wind is Thunder screaming Vengeance. The Wind combined with the Thunder and Lightning is the nightmare of any Evil entity. *With The Thunderstorm Fan; Launching her Overdrive* GUSTING WINDS OF THUNDER AND LIGHTNING!!!

Thunder Star: *Glowing with Thunder Energy* Thunder and Lightning flow in me… It’s my element of choice as i have a hot furious temper when i am mad. The Stars of Thunder break open the doors and crack the skies. Snap… Crackle and Pierce the Winds and the Evil intent with the Thunder Star Chains of Fury. *With The Thunder Chains; Glowing and Charging up; Whipping the Thunder Chains against the ground then at the air back and forth; gaining speed while whipping the chains all over before splitting into two and Whipping the Thunder Chains before wrapping it around the target; surrounding the target with the Thunder Chains; Launching her Overdrive* THUNDER STAR HURRICANE CHAINS OF THUNDER FURY!!!

Blossom: *Casting her Overdrive* ELECTRICAL BALLS OF LIGHT!

Tidus Performed the Swordplay Overdrive Energy Rain on Defender X.

Kimahri Performed The Ronso Rage Overdrive Fire breath on Defender X.

Auron Performed the Bushido Overdrive Shooting Star on Defender X.

Wakka Performed The Slots Overdrive Elemental Reels and shot a fire ball at Defender X.

Lulu Performed the fury Overdrive and cast Blizzara Fury on Defender X.

Rikku Performed her Overdrive Mix and created Winter Storm.

Romancers Z!: *Combining their weapons together and Firing a group attack at Defender X* Love’s Shaking Promise!

Aquatic Force Z!: *Combining their weapons together and Firing a group attack at Defender X* Screaming Ice Bubble Flood!

Thunderic Force Z!: *Combining their weapons together and Firing a group attack at Defender X* Storming Thunderic Rage!

Sailor Zoey: *With her Moon Wand Scepter Pointing it forward and then Lifting it up before then swirling it back and forth; gathering power before then spinning once and suddenly posing to initiate the attack; Moving the Moon Wand Scepter back and forth to the left then to the right making the attack; Suddenly swishing it back and forth a couple times as it being one last time before Pointing it at the target* Moon… Cosmic… Hearts… Extermination!

It was then… that the Mecha fiend was finally beat. Although during their overdrives… the defender X let off Blast punches to several of them in random. to every 3 attacks The Defender X used its blast Punch and some of the time tried using its Haymaker. then a couple times let off a physical plain attack. But they all healed up and kept up with the full health. Fighting it and beating it down. Tearing away its armor with the Armor break. The Guardians all fired and sliced… struck hard at the heavily armored Fiend. It was a Machina… Tough and heavily armored. But in the end… It was torn apart. The Armor was broken. The Mental break was cast. The fighters tired themselves out fighting at the boss. But once it was beat…

Sora: *Catching her breath* That was really tiring.

Carly: It was almost as if that thing was never gonna die.

“Well… What did you expect it to do? Throw you a party?

“You kids are okay now…”

Paul: *Looking around and Looking for who was there besides them* Who said that?

Dinah: That voice sounds rather familiar…

“The city’s a dangerous place… You should be prepared.”

Luna: Dinah Lance. Black Canary. But… *Shaking her head* No. That can’t be. It can’t be. She couldn’t be here. No one could find this place. No one could reach this place physically.

“What about a member of the family?”

Seconds later…

Alice: *Walking over from the beginning of the north part of the calm lands* Paul, Crystal, Sora… Carly.

Sora: *Turning to see their mother* Huh?!

Carly: *Gasps* Mom?!

To be continued…


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