Chapter 159: Embark on the Journey for the Calm. The Calm lands are here. The surprise of a Hidden temple.

Previously on the Adventures of the Rhapsody Girls Z! It was a momentary break and time to unwind a little, calm down and catch a breath for the fighters and the Guardians. Wakka was devastated by the reality that his faith had betrayed him and shown how it betrayed its own teachings. The same teachings that he had been following true for as long as he could remember. Lulu wasn’t saying a word about it. There was indeed… to her… nothing to really say on her end of it. Auron did say much. All he really could say was that everyone would have to steer clear of Bevelle for a while. Yeah… Like they were really planning on going back to Bevelle anyway after what they’ve been through. No brainer. But while they were sitting and hanging around and reflecting somehow and in someway over what they all went through. Of course, while they were there in the campsite within the woods… Yuna had been in the Woods but at the Springs. Alone. Kimahri watching over her and seeing to it that she was fine and that she was okay. Tidus was also there with Raven and Serena. They all spoke to Yuna about what they knew. telling her that they knew what was said to happen to the Summoners who reach the end of their Journey and getting to Zanarkand. it was emotional. However while they were with Yuna… Spencer and Rikku had their very very first date. they had their date at the Watery Glade. they spoke about a bunch of things. About what to do to see that Yuna wouldn’t die. That they could save her and how. Spencer did the oddest references to maybe see to make some sense and see if there was anything from what he was once told by his mother about 14 years earlier… before he and his sisters were in the swing of being with the heroic Mojo… to use and salvage in a way to come up with a plan or a move of action with Rikku. Where they would… together find a way to save Yuna. To Keep Yuna from dying. Rikku was scared. Spencer saw it. They also started speaking about getting Married. at a young age. Not to say that they were still young… a bit too young and it of course was that as Rikku said people do very young. Some people get wed rather young in Spira. Spencer didn’t know what to think although he was open to it. Throughout that time… They spoke of that and other things… but mostly about Yuna’s fate. Their Date was romantic nonetheless as they were in love. It was very perpetual. Yuna’s and Tidus’s interlude was touching. The next morning they all woke up and Spencer… took along Rikku and gathered his sisters… his Mother and father and they walked privately to the Spring. To talk and he dropped the bomb on them. The Bombshell of surprise. Rikku and Spencer were in means to get wed. and at first they were in shock… then in question… then as it really sank in… Welcomed Rikku into their family with opened arms. Vowing to find a Monk or Priest and a way to make it happen. In Spira. Or if they had to wait. till they were back in Metropolis Kansas. But all the while they thought happy thoughts. There was one thing that still remained. Yuna’s Pilgrimage. Among other things. They were half way through the ordeal and it was cutting down to the final chapters of the tale of Yuna’s Pilgrimage. To their time of being in Spira. Spencer was gonna sometime soon be wed. The rifts that were between them and Wakka… Were soon to be mended. A shaky uncertain future for Yevon… Spira??? What were the Fighters in for next?…


“Embark on the Journey for the Calm. The Calm lands are here. The surprise of a Hidden temple.”

In the Alternate Reality…

In Smallville Kansas…

At the new Watchtower…

Screens were flickering on and off. there was power being drawn into the circuits as data and a homing transmission from the Orbiter was surging into the system. Linking into the computers and the mainframe…. Trying to gain communication capability with the fighters. The new Generation…


with power and light suddenly being beamed into the Screens…

P.A System: *Chiming* Communication Capabilities Now Achieved. Locking on to Spira communications… Spira Communications Locked on. Audio and Video screen capabilities now Active. Sending Homing frequency now…

Minutes later…

P.A System: *Chiming* Homing frequency Achieved…

Tess: Thank you, Watchtower. Now let’s get a contact with our favorite super family armada, Shall we…

Back in the Other reality…

In Spira…

Calm Lands…

The fighters and the Guardians along with Yuna walked up the slanted path leading to the trail leading down upon the plains to the Calm Lands itself. It was then that they finally reached the Grassy Ridge overlooking the Plains.  The plains were vast. and spread out for miles. Several miles. and it looked as though it’d stretch as far as the eyes could ever see. The grass was green. there were a few thorns sticking up in certain spots as a sign of remnants telling of what the past battles against Sin left for a reminder. The whole Plains were filled with a memory. All the memories of the battles past of Summoners going against Sin…

Lulu: The Calm Lands. Long ago, the high summoners fought Sin here. The road ends here. Beyond, there’re no towns, no villages. Only endless plains.

Auron: Many summoners stray from their path and lose their way here.

Zoey: I don’t think that would be reassuring. Summoners Straying and wind up lost. That’s… That’s not good.

Luna: No. It’s not. But If we stick close together… we’ll be alright.

Yuna: *Suddenly Lying down on the grass* I’ve always known where to go.

Paul: No doubt about that, Yuna. Because You’re with the sense of direction. I think we’ll take a stab at guessing and say it’s from your Father’s side. or your Mother’s side. The sense of direction came from them. But as long as you know… where it is that you’re going… You’re gonna be just fine.

Clint: You don’t ever lose your way, Do you… Yuna?

Yuna: No.

Suddenly a Piece of ground rose up and revealed a T.V. It wasn’t a T.V exactly as it was Video screen. A Communications receiver and transmitter…

Susie: *Seeing a T.V nearby* Uh, Okay… That is rather creepy. That T.V… Came right out of nowhere.

Blossom: T.V? Here? *Turning to see a T.V nearby* How could that be possible? There’s no Electrical source here. No Outlet. There nothing for the T.V to plug into. It can’t plug into itself.

Sora: Wanna bet on that? *Looking towards the side and spotting the T.V*

Carly: Yeah. Wanna bet on that? The T.V is here and it’s doing something.

Crystal: *Turning to see the T.V showing activity* A Picture is starting to form.

Christina: …

Annie: It’s a Lady.

Theodore: A Lady. Gotta be a model. Check to see if we get MTV here?

Spencer: Ha ha… Very funny, Theodore. But this isn’t a T.V exactly. It’s a Communications Device. A Video Phone of some kind.

Spencer walked over to check it out and barely got close to it when…

Tess: *Speaking from the Screen* Hello… Who’s there?

Spencer: …

Zoey: The Lady speaks… But does she know us?

Tess: *Seen looking at a documented photo before Looking through the screen again* Yes. Zoey. I do know you as i happen to know your mother Luna. Is she there With you?

Zoey: Uh… Yeah. She is.

Annie: Who’re you?

Paige: *Walking over to the Video phone and catching Sight of a familiar face* …. Oh… my God. Tess? Tess Mercer?

Tess: *Looking to see Paige, Pearl and Dinah in sight* Paige, Pearl… Dinah. *Sighs* Thank god i have finally caught track of you guys. Shingo… has been going dramatic for the last week. Wondering where his wife went.

Dinah: Is Shingo There now?

Tess: Not now. He left here about an hour ago Earth time.

Dinah: We’re on Earth too… But this Earth is different. It’s in a world called Spira.

Tess: I know. I had the Orbiter track you guys down. I had to get through to you guys. Alice… Zeke. Megan, Summer. They are all worried sick about you guys. Missing you Terribly.

Zoey: Is my dad there?

Tess: He’s here. So is Alice…

Luna: *Gasps* Zeke?

Sora: Mom?!

Carly: Mom’s there?

Seconds later…

Zeke: *On Screen* Luna?! Is that you?

Luna: Yeah. It’s me, Sweetie. You okay?

Zeke: I am now that i see you again. What’s going on? What’re you doing there… In Spira?

Luna: I came here along with Zoey as she’s now a super. A Senshi.

Zeke: That i got… But that is something i don’t seem to have figured. How is Zoey a Senshi? She’s a 10 year old girl. Plus there is no chance for her to be one with the powers of a senshi. When you relinquished your powers to become all normal… You told me that it was all gone. that there were no trace left of it. But then i come to find that you still had that… but in the very back and it was dormant for all these years. All these years. Now Zoey’s got them. She’s become what you once were.

Luna: Is that a problem?

Zeke: No… Dear. it’s not a problem, Love. It’s not a problem at all… but i would say that it’s got me a bit under the concerned sense of feeling towards it. I am proud of our daughter no matter what. But she’s a senshi. She’s gonna be making decisions that she shouldn’t have to make. Living a life of herodom. It’s gonna stress her out and make where she’ll never have a normal childhood. You and I didn’t want her to be with a life that she could not get out of. She’s got it now, Luna. I don’t have a problem with it… i am just… as a father… really worried. As should you be.

Luna: I know. But what can i do? It’s fate. I didn’t mean for it to happen.

Zoey: *Looking at her father* Hey dad.

Zeke: Hi, Zoey. How’s my beautiful young Princess?

Zoey: I’m okay. Just wanting to come home soon.

Zeke: I know. I miss you. It’s almost Thanksgiving here. in 3 days it will be Thanksgiving. The entire family. The ones still remaining here are getting together for a banquet. But without you and your mother… it’ll feel so lonesome.

Zoey: We have to stay here still. There’s a big bad threat here. Bad.

Zeke: How bad?

Zoey: Well… Dad, Let me put it to you this way… You remember how you and mom dealt with a big bad threat that spelled the end of the world… 14 years ago before Zach, Charlie, Natasha, Rina and I came into the picture?

Zeke: Vaguely. as it was so long and that Demon is definitely a threat most thankful to be forgotten. Why?

Zoey: Well… This Threat… is just like that. But has been around for 1000 years. and there is this tradition or lore that it gets birthed anew after every 10 years. from the Final Summoning that gets called to defeat Sin. before Killing the Summoner. Thereby becoming the next Sin.

Auron: It’s true. But… this time… it’s different.

Zeke: How different?

Zoey: We can’t say. Not now… But just know… It’s bad…

Zeke: I’ll believe it. Otherwise it wouldn’t be this hard to talk about. But your sisters are all missing you. Natasha is in Rehab. She put herself there and is refusing to be allowed to get released till she is cleaned up all the way from what she’s been doing. From what i also was told and this is from Megan… Megan can give the news on that… Victoria is in Juvenile hall. Don’t ask. There is something about that… which is really off. I am very proud of you, Zoey. Even if you’re submitting to the duties of a senshi. I am very proud of you.

Zoey: Thank you, dad. *Smiles*

Zeke: I Love you, My sweet Princess Zoey. Luna, You better keep her safe. I want her safe. I know you can do that. I Love you and Miss you. So much.

Luna: I Love you Too, Zeke. I miss you and the kids so much.

Zeke: I know. They miss you too. I miss you.

Alice: *Looking to see Sora and Carly* Sora… Carly. Hey there you two… How are you?

Sora: We’re okay. We’ve been wonderful actually. But also have been wishing to come back home.

Carly: We’ve had to deal with an unsent. Lord Seymour Guado. He killed his own father and what’s worse is that Yevon was covering it up. We’ve been rather marked as traitors.

Alice: That’s awful. Where’s Alvin… Your father?

Paul: *Stepping in* Mom… Dad’s on an Airship right now. An Al Bhed Airship called the Fahrenheit.

Alice: *Shoots out* What?! He’s up there and you’re down… uh… where are you guys?

Lulu: This is the great plains. The calm Lands.

Alice: *Pauses and Jumps in a startling surprise* Huh?! What… Who…. who are you?

Crystal: Mom… settle down. That was just a good friend. An Ally. Lulu.

Alice: That’s who it is… Well… Okay. Are they there with you for some reason?

Sora: Yes. Mom… they’re the Guardians to Yuna. She’s a Summoner.

Alice: A Summoner?! Would she be on a Pilgrimage to battle against Sin and beat Sin?

Carly: Yeah. She is. But the Pilgrimage is a means to an end. Because at the end of the Journey… The Summoners receive the Final Aeon. They call it to defeat Sin and after Sin is beat… The Final Aeon… *Gulps* Kills the Summoner.

Alice: No! That’s terrible. It can’t be right. A Summoner can’t go off and get themselves killed.

Paul: Actually… Yeah. They can. It’s a tradition that has been around for about 1000 years.

Alice: You are kidding me, Right… Paul? You better be kidding me on that one… Is that really what’s going on? You’re with a summoner and she’s going to risk her life? *Shaking her head* Uh… Wait… Who’s the Summoner?

By that time Yuna got back up on her feet…

Sora: *Giggles* Mom… You’re really funny. Wigging out like that. *Stepping aside and showing off the Summoner* Mom… Meet the only daughter… to the one who brought the Calm to Spira 10 years earlier. The daughter to High Summoner Lord Braska. Yuna.

Yuna: *Waves* Hello. You must be Sora and Carly’s mother.

Alice: That’s right. I am. Knowing that Sora and Carly are there as well as Paul and Crystal is not sitting too good with me. I mean… i am happy that they’re okay and they seem to be safe and are more independent than what they were before.

Yuna: They are. They actually know how to fight and use magic spells now.

Alice: They do?!

Paul: That’s affirmative, mom. They do.

Alice: Who taught them?

Lulu: I have. They took to it quite well. I didn’t really have to do too much in teaching. All i needed was to show them just once how it was done and they took it right from there and learned the rest of the way.

Alice: Wow… *Smiles and briefly Chuckling* Sounds like they are taking up lessons of magic. The fact that they have E.S.P doesn’t happen to scare you, does it?

Lulu: No.

Wakka: It don’t scare me. We knew for a while that they had it. We just didn’t mention it, ya.

Alice: Well… as long as it doesn’t manage to scare you guys. Although i do worry alot about them. *Sighs and feeling disappointed over her husband* I can’t believe that my husband did this. This was not supposed to happen.

Auron: Your kids are fine. They’re in good hands.

Yuna: We’re all taking wonderful care of them. Their cousins… They’re keeping Sora and Carly protected. As am I.

Alice: But my husband was not supposed to take them and wind them up there. He may have been only doing what he thought was right. But he should not have done it at all. I can trust ones like Kimahri. I know he’s there… i can see him there. Wakka, Lulu, Rikku. I think… Plus I am certain that i can also trust you. Also Auron… Plus that Star Blitzball player. I know he too is there. But the others… I can’t. You better find a way for yourself to not die, Yuna. Tradition or not. You are too young still to just sacrifice your life. I don’t care what the cause is… You’re not gonna just hand over your life. Just because Yevon… says it’s part of some tradition for Summoners who go on a pilgrimage. If they said for you to Join a Commune. Would you do it? Be an individual. Not a mindless Yevonite. Following your heart is one thing… But to just give up your life and it only be in Vain since Sin will return in ten years? No.

Dinah: Alice, Calm down. Please. Calm the heck down… Yuna is not gonna die. We’re gonna find a way to break the cycle and end the age old tradition. We are also gonna find a long since thought to be dead member of our family there too… Long story. Don’t ask.

A few Minutes later…

Luna: *Chuckles and unable to contain herself; Laughing* She was really high strung back there… wasn’t she?

Pearl: Yeah. She was. But i have a feeling that Alvin’s gonna be getting it when they meet back again. He’s gonna really hear it. *Giggles*

Paige: Alice sure is sounding entirely worried. I miss the times of having a husband. I regret letting the one who i had kids with go. *scoffs* What the hell was i even thinking?

Zoey: Dad sure seemed like he was really thankful about seeing me. and you, Mom.

Luna: He sure was. He said that Natasha is in Rehab by her own free will. How can a minor just put themselves there?

Dinah: Not sure. But… We’re gonna have a whole lot to catch up on when we get back home.

Curtis: That’s for definite confirmation.

Annie: It’s sure nice to hear from home. But… One question. How did Tess know about us? Us Kids. How did she know about us?

Paige: *Thinking* Not sure. Maybe it’s because she probably reopened our files and it pointed her right to you kids. It has to be that. She wouldn’t just go snooping. It’s not her style.

Clint: It’s not? *Grinning* Interesting, Mom. Very interesting. How she knows us and we never even met her or heard about her. I guess that if we were to know… you’d be wondering how much i’d be asking as to why we never got told of her… till just a moment ago.

Amy: Clint, Would you stop? It’s not the time to focus so much on that. We got to keep going. The Pilgrimage is still in the process of being completed… We gotta keep going.

Sapphire: That’s something that Serena or I would usually say.

Serena: Yeah… What gives? *Not getting it*

Blossom: *Looking ahead* There’s our most frequent Scholar. He’s walking down to the plains.

Spencer: How did he get here though? How could he get here? We didn’t even see him walking by us.

Susie: Do we ever? He sure has his means of getting around though. I think that we might see him a few more times. But that is a guess.

Pearl: Who is he though?

Penny: That’s the Scholar… Maechen. He has been all around Spira. Or has since we all started on the Mi’ihen highroad.

Annie: Let’s go and check out what he knows about this place.

Amy: Yeah.

Theodore: Right. He’s got to know something.

Zoey: Let’s go.

Zoey and Blossom run on up over towards the Scholar who was up ahead and barely got near him when they came across an anacondaur…

Blossom: Uh oh… *Looking at Zoey* I think that we’re in for it now… This Basilisk wants to attack.

Zoey: We got to stand our ground. We can’t show any fear.

Blossom: Would that be before or after i happen to faint.

Zoey: You’re a fighter. You have lightning power… Use it. You’ve used it up till now.

Blossom: Yeah. *Gulps*

Kimahri: *Running up to the fiend and attacking it*

Blossom: *Starting to fire Electricity at the Fiend* …

Zoey: Go…

Kimahri: No. Don’t. This fiend is like Basilisk. Except it absorbs lightning. There won’t be any damage done to it.

Zoey: What’ll we do?

Auron: *Suddenly walking up from the left side* Stand back for this one… We’ll handle it. It’s alright.

Zoey: *Looking at Blossom* Blossom, They’re right. We’ll let them get to the bottom of this one. Thunder and Lightning will be of no use here. I don’t think that even Sailor Zoey will have any luck with this one. this type of fiend will be tough.

Within minutes the fiend was beat…

Sora: *Running up over to Blossom and Zoey with Carly* Blossom, Zoey… You guys alright?

Carly: That Anacondaur looked like it wanted to savor its palette with you two. Keep up on knocking on its door and next time it will… This place is gonna have fiends that are so much different than that of Djose, Mi’ihen highroad, the road to the Moonflow, Kilika forest and Macalania forest combined. Even including the Sanubia desert.

Blossom: Sure. But those… we were able to fight. This one… that Anacondaur… is an exception. A total exception to the rule.

Zoey: It’s over now…

Before long, the rest of the crew came up and joined back. They were right by the Scholar…

Blossom: *To Maechen* Hey Maechen, came to gaze upon the plains too?

Maechen: Well… hello there fellow travelers. Been a while since we have had the pleasure of crossing paths with one another.

Zoey: It’s been a while. But alot has happened to us since the last time we’ve seen you. A whole lot. Plus i don’t think you’ll want to know all the details. Went against Lord Seymour. took him down. first time by accident. second time… it was on purpose. We had to save Yuna from Bevelle. We took out the Guado who were attacking the Al Bhed. Witnessed the Al Bhed home being destroyed. Attacked a Giant wyrm. Been put on trial. Marked as traitors. Nearly condemned. Yeah… Alot.

Maechen: That is quite alot for younguns like you to handle. But i can see as it has made you younguns more experienced and more wiser beyond your very years.

Blossom: Of course. Although… the whole thing is more than just… well…annoying. Or just tiring. Especially for a 10 year old girl. and an 11 year old. She’s soon to be 11.

Sora: Carly and I are twins. We’re 10 to 11. More like 11 now. Even we’re feeling like there should be a conclusion to all this. However… till Sin is gone… we’re all stuck in this… Rut that is not just not icing itself.

Tidus: Never heard talk like that before. But Spira is most definitely in a rut. A dark rut.

Maechen: Perhaps you would like to know a bit about these plains?

Spencer: Yeah. Sure… Tell us the news about what this area is about. Been a while since we received a good piece of information.

Susie: Knowing about this place would help us. Really.

Maechen: Mm-hm. As you know, these plains were once a battlefield. A great battle between Bevelle and Zanarkand, a melee of machina! That war left this place a barren, lifeless land. Then, time passed. The summoners took note of this uninhabited land. Great battles could be fought here, with no harm to the common folk. Perfect for the final battle with Sin, as it were. Summoners wait here, ready to perform the Final Summoning. Ah, to know what they must feel! In any case, when Sin is defeated here, the Calm will visit Spira once more. That’s why this place is now known as the Calm Lands. Exactly who dubbed it so is unknown. And that, as they say, is that.

Serena: So… this place was once a battlefield and held a big dangerous battle between Bevelle and Zanarkand… which left this place a barren land. Then Summoners came and claimed this land to hold their last battle. the final battle with Sin which brought the calm…?

Amy: nice one. So this place used to be something great till a war destroyed this place. preventing it from being something better.

Susie: War sucks. It really does.

Penny: You said it.

Maechen: Oh dear, I almost forgot to tell you something. There’s a chasm, a great rend in the earth, in these parts. A scar from High Summoner Gandof’s bitter battle with Sin, four hundred years past.

Paul: What happened to him?

Crystal: I would guess that he died and lost to Sin… didn’t he?

Maechen: Not sure. The records don’t really say.

Raven: We better hope that Yuna won’t get that same fate.

Sapphire: She won’t.

Annie: How do we know that it won’t be? We don’t know and we are only guessing here. That’s all we’re doing. We have some time before we get to Zanarkand and right now… we have absolutely nothing. We have absolutely nothing in a plan to save Yuna from that fate. All we got… is a sworn vow that we won’t let Yuna Die. and then each other. That’s it.

Clint: Annie. That isn’t true. We have more than that. We now have capabilities from a source from our moms and Aunts. And Uncles too. We have a way out. All we need to do is think like them. What did they do when a problem ensued?

Annie: I don’t know. confront it. Just like we’re having to.

Clint: Bravery… Fierce challenge. Hope. Those are what was used. Don’t forget that 4 letter word that all Evil and forms of Hate can not stand.

Theodore: Love.

Clint: Yeah. That. It’s those 4 things that when combined… We can’t lose. We won’t lose.

Blossom: Let’s start on our way…

It was then that they saw as it was time to get going. They had to make some ground while they could. The Fighters and guardians got to the bottom of the slanted part of the path and started to make their way through the calm lands. It was then that something came…

An Al Bhed hover pulled up over to them and all the while scattering a hoard of wild birds. Scattering the small herd of wild Chocobos about…

Hover driver: Rin’s Travelling Agency, at your service! We offer fine wares at reasonable prices. Please consider making a purchase before crossing these vast plains.

Susie looked at the items and then the weapons and Armors. The Armors and Weapons were with a high price on them. But some of the things they needed were from the items. They stocked up on what items they were to need. Saw a couple of weapons or Armor.

Spencer: Armor. A Targe… Not sure what that is… but i think that’s the type of armor you have, Rikku.

Rikku: Yeah. it’s kind of expensive, isn’t it?

Spencer: *Looking at the price* 10050 Gil. That’s expensive. really expensive.

Pearl: These things are really high priced. Shouldn’t they lower the prices… Just a little bit?

Dinah: It’s supply and demand. plus the cost of inflation. Inflation. when the cost of the material to make the weapons go up. the price goes up too. To cover the cost of the making of the weapon or material. or item.

Paige: We know about the part of Supply and demand. But the pricing… Ugh. tragic.

As soon as they got what they needed and stocked up on items that were most certainly needed amongst them all… They pressed on and got to where a medium sized Thorn like horn Sticking up when…

It was spotted and the Aquatic force Z! members all saw the Mysterious Lady. The friendly traveling Summoner who happened to not be on a Pilgrimage but was around to perhaps await her next chance or opportunity to help train Yuna. Lady Belgemine stood by a lonely spire which happened to be sw of the Calm Lands Agency that just so happened to be not far from where they stood. But there were no stream of travelers coming through the calm lands. At least… Not regularly. So… how they could station there… was by far to them… unknown…

In the Alternate reality…

At the new Watchtower…

Tess was just off the phone with the one who left a woman with 4 kids to raise on her own. She was stepping into a minefield of familial matters. But with the situation and the dilemma that was going on and what was said to be only a few feet away from where the fighters were… options… were grimly low on help. The other heroes were all gone. There was no one else. All the heroes that were once there… were all retired, moved on or gave up the life. There was one hero left. other than the new Generation. Just one. The Black Canary. Although it had been years since the deadly siren was needed. There was no telling as to if a contact would be made… or if what was remaining inside the Watchtower… the Rhapsody fighters were to be the only ones… who were left.

An hour later…

Reese: *Walking into the Watchtower* Well… So this is the Watchtower. I take it that you’re now the one who runs this show.

Tess: Yes. I might be angering Paige for involving you into her life again without her go ahead. But this is bigger than her and the kids. You are her Ex. But you still know what Paige used to be… Years ago.

Reese: What are you getting at, Tess?

Tess: Reese. Your kids are in another world. They’re not in the world here. But in another.

Reese: Okay… I am aware now that you are leading for something. You have me at another world. But… Come on. Just tell me. Where are they?

Tess: Spira.

Reese: Spira? *In Disbelief* You’re kidding me, right? Spira. You’re talking about Spira. What exactly is Spira, if you don’t happen to mind me asking?

Tess: i’ll tell you. But you’re… You’ll have to bare with this. You’re not gonna like it much. Take a look…

Tess then leads Reese over to the one mainframe and pulls up a file on Spira…

Tess: When i found out about Spira or first heard about it from Dinah’s husband Shingo. I at first didn’t take to it. I felt it to be like some sort of game. A Mind trick of particular nature. Plus with my being with corporate sources as a head of Luthorcorp. I couldn’t speak to others about it as they kinda feign or frown upon the sudden mention that people can just receive the gift or luck of undergoing the world Jumping capability and streaming to another world… which in your kids case… Spira. They’re not alone There. Dinah’s and Shingo’s older daughters are there. Dinah herself. Pearl and Jack and their kids. Luna and Zoey. Curtis and his youngest daughter Blossom. Paige and your 4 kids. Alvin and Alice’s 4 kids. They’re all there. Alvin, Arnold, Avery and Curtis. they’re there with them which is clear since Blossom is there… therefore Curtis… Blossom’s father is also there.

Reese: That would explain some… but not all… So far i got the who… and Where the kids are. But i don’t have the What. Meaning what Spira is.

Tess: Don’t worry. This is where it gets really out there. Completely out there. I managed to arrange for a tech wizard. Greg Franklin. Mastermind of the tech world and renown Gamer of All genres. Anime. Japanese Origin and American version. Russian. even Arabian and Portuguese. Played all Final fantasy games up to X/X-2 Played them… won them. Hasn’t played this one. FF-X… Is really beyond your average game. Your average common game of save the world of a intergalactic reality. Not like this one. He’s been here since the other day. He’s a wiz in the game world. Has hardly come across a loss.

Reese: Wait a minute… You’re telling me that… my kids… Annie, Daria, Clint and Theodore. Along with my Ex-Wife Paige and the others are there. In the same place that the game you speak of… revolves? You’ll have to forgive this heartland farmer here for not seeming to be able to wrap a head or two around this… But my kids… are there? In the world that the game resides towards.

Tess: Yeah. It’s not very sane to believe it. But it is as it appears. Take a look…

Tess then has the game put up on the overhead showing the game and the World of Spira…

Tess: That’s a Map there… of Spira and i just moments or so ago got done speaking with them… They’re somewhere within this Quadrant. *Highlighting the accurate location of the Fighters* The Calm Lands. and from what was gathered… They were on a direct path to the Towering Peak. A Mountain called Mt. Gagazet. Data collected from that is describing the Mountain out to be the land of a race of people who are Rhino/lion Hybrid. Ronso. The Mountain is considered to be Ronso Land. And to all of Spira. Known and considered to the Yevon faith as the Sacred Mountain of Yevon.

Reese: Well… that’s a new one. Will they be contacting here again?

Tess: Yes. At least… that is what i am expecting. Just minutes after i made first contact with them… Zeke and Alice spoke with them and got to see them a little. To know that they’re okay. But i beamed down to the fighters… Communication bands. One of the few relics that were of great use 14 years ago. It still works and more duplicates were made to cover them all. In case they were to get split up throughout the rest of their journey there in Spira.


P.A: *Chiming* Welcome back To Watchtower, Black Canary.

Dinah Lance: *Walking in* After all these years… The Watchtower needs the Black Canary to lend out her deadly sirens and acrobatic skills. What’s the buzz? Wasn’t the Watchtower iced and shut down? Something happen?

Tess then explains the details to Mrs. Lance. She didn’t know what to say about it except that it was but a shock to her. She went out to look for a way to find how to get to where the clan was…

Back in the Alternate Reality…

In Spira…

In the Calm Lands…

Belgemine: Oh, you again. You’re quite the notorious traitor these days.

Tidus: What’s it to you? 

Serena: After seeing the bull that Yevon tried pulling… We’re proud to be traitors. No way we’re gonna follow Yevon.

Belgemine: *Chuckling* Ah, you shouldn’t take what the maesters say too seriously. For summoners, destroying Sin is everything. We are no tools of Yevon, understand?

Yuna: Yes.

Annie: So do we. We too understand. But Yevon needs to keep off our backs.

Zoey: *Nods in agreement*

Belgemine: So, are you up to the task? 

Yuna: I do not know, but I will do my best. 

Belgemine: You’ve got spirit, but you’ll need more to beat Sin. An aeon duel! Show me what you’re made of.

Raven: You can do it, Yuna. Don’t back down from the challenge. You can do this. It’s like the other battles you’ve been in. Nothing is different.

Yuna: Okay.

Belgemine: Excellent. But before we begin… *Sparkle* I’ve just healed your aeons for you. Let us begin!

Within seconds the Aeon battle took flight. It started with Belgemine Summoning Shiva…

Belgemine: Choose your aeon well, summoner.

Blossom: *Gasps* Huh?! h-h-h-h-how did she get herself a Shiva? She wasn’t in Macalania. We would have seen her. How did she land herself with a Shiva? *Confused*

Kimahri: *Watches*

Annie: *Intrigued* …

Yuna couldn’t summon out her Shiva, so she called out the Aeon that was of the opposing element to Shiva. Ifrit. She called out for Ifrit, Summoning him to come and assist in the battle. it was a fast battle as Ifrit had its overdrive gauge full and used its overdrive. but it didn’t defeat the opponents aeon. Not so easily. Shiva struck a few times with her move Heavenly Strike. And Ifrit returned the favor with Meteor Strike. 4 times and it knocked Shiva down. Shiva attacked 3 times and then so did Ifrit. He attacked too… By time the last hit went down… Shiva was knocked out. Ifrit won…

Sora: Wow! That was an amazing battle.

Carly: That move Hellfire though… still scares me a little. But it was so cool and beats being scared any day.

Spencer: *At a distance* Yeah. That’s nice. Good for it. I am keeping a distance. You forget… I am Albino… I can’t take the excess heat. I never could.

Amy: Spencer, The Albino ailment is in your head. You’ve got Arsonphobia. That’s all.

Spencer: Since when did you decide to denounce what i have? I am an Albino. Amy, You’ve known this all your life. You know this.

Pearl: Amy, Stop trying to question your brother’s ailment. He’s an Albino. He was diagnosed with it. It’s not like he wanted for it to happen. It just did.

Annie: You don’t denounce a person’s ailment. It’s like calling them a faker while knowing and seeing that there is something not right with the person. Something that you want to help with. But know that you can’t. It is not nice.

Amy: Sorry. But i am just tired of seeing Spencer holding on to the ailment like its a security blanket. I know what he’s suffering. I feel bad for him and wish to god that he never had it. But he needs to stop letting it rule his life. It will only mess him up in the end. There are other people who are Albino… or with a skin disorder like Vitiligo. They don’t let it get them down. they make adjustments. Adjustments so even though they’ve got the Ailment or disorder… They can still live their life. Without a problem.

Belgemine: Stop. That is enough. Impressive. Remarkable talent. Traitor or no, you may have what it takes to beat Sin. Take this. You have earned it. 

Yuna receives the Aeon’s soul. and some power spheres as prizes for winning.

Yuna: Thank you. *Giving off a Japanese Bow*

Belgemine: I think you will do just fine.  But, if you ever feel like you want more training, seek the hidden temple of Remiem. I will be waiting there. Farewell.

It was only then that with just a farewell line and an invitation to a hidden temple. the Mysterious Summoner took her leave and went right on to the temple she spoke of. Before long they went on their way. They kept going and found that they could ride A Chocobo to spare themselves of having to fight fiends. The thing was that they knew that they’d need alot of Gil. If they were to obtain an Aeon that was said to be nearby. in a Temple. up ahead from where they were. So they walked on foot. It was for the best. Zoey and Blossom Looked ahead and saw there was an cliff or a chasm of some kind. They didn’t know what it was… or what could be there. They went over and took a look at it…

On the Northern Rim of the Calm Lands…

Blossom: This is… a gaping hole. What happened here?

Zoey: Don’t know… But i do think that we should go on back to the others. They might get mad at us for being over here. What if we get… Dizzy or woozy just looking down from here.

Blossom: What is this place?

Svanda: This gorge is called the Scar. They say that when the high summoner cornered Sin, Sin tore the earth here asunder with the last of its strength. The high summoner and Sin struck each other down at the gorge’s bottom. Lord Gandof’s sacrifice brought us the Calm.

Zoey: Lord Gandof’s sacrificed himself to bring the calm. Is he… Down there?

Svanda: Yes. It is quite possible. That he is down there. The Gorge here is considered to be practically deep. In the Calm Lands, we bury our dead in this gorge. We cannot send them because few summoners ever make it this far. 

Blossom: What happens to them?

Svanda: Hard to say. But I’ve heard that the dead that don’t receive a proper sending roam the bottom of the gorge as fiends.

Zoey: *Gulps* That’s bad. really bad. I think that i’ll go back to my mom now…

Blossom: And i’ll go back to my dad. Zoey, Let’s get out of here.

Zoey: Yeah.

They run back screaming to the others. Zoey to her mom and Blossom to her father. Luna couldn’t figure what had her daughter so scared. But something scared her and she wondered what it was. However it wasn’t long before Zoey calmed down. Blossom however was petrified. She cried in her father’s arm as she was terribly and horrifically terrified. The thing about Blossom is that she could take a lot. A lot of scary things… depending what they were. Or what kind it was. All of that. But for spirits to soon become fiends. Fiends… that were once human. Humans that didn’t happen to receive a sending or proper burial. Or say… Demons… it was what got her scared more than anything other. It was that bad. Blossom could take a lot. A Lot… and to hear about Summoners or the dead who do not receive a proper sending… becoming fiends… That was what pushed the limit to what she could tolerate. She couldn’t go on with it anymore. However… She had to do all possible to be there for Yuna. Even if she were scared to death now. Although at that one moment… She was in tears and nothing could calm her. until moments later…

At the Travel Agency in the Calm Lands…

Curtis: *Pissed about the fiends that were told to be down in the gorge* That really tears it… Never again are we gonna go on our own to scavenger hunt or explore on our own. Luna… Zoey’s your Daughter. Where she goes… You will go. I don’t give a damn if it breaks trust. We’re not gonna lose our kids to the likes of fiends in this world.

Lulu: Curtis, Calm down. It will be alright.

Curtis: Hey! Lulu, Is Blossom your kid? No. She is my kid. My daughter. There are fiends around that might have scared her. Terrified her. You heard her say that she was told by someone while checking out the North western end of the Lands here that the dead that didn’t get a proper sending became fiends. Roaming around the bottom of the gorge as fiends. You saw how the hell my daughter got. She was damn terrified. So don’t you dare tell me to calm the hell down. My Daughter is shaken. Look at her. *Pointing to his Daughter Blossom* Does that look like it’ll be alright? Does it? Because from where i’m standing… It’s nowhere near that.

Wakka: Curtis, Stop getting so hot under the collar, ya. It’s gonna be fine. We’re all here. And there’s nothing to get her. We won’t let anything get at her. We protect our own, ya?

Luna: I trust Zoey. She’s courageous and is very apprehensive to everything. *Looking at her daughter* But… Curtis is right. She’s my daughter and to lose her… would kill me… Hurt my husband Zeke and ruin the love and veil of togetherness and trust that Zeke and i have. Zoey’s the only hero in the family when it comes to my Husband and my kids… Zoey’s at risk of being hurt and i can’t take that chance. I just can’t.

They were all in the Travel Agency and stationing around to think of things. But that was when…

A Monk suddenly Approached…

Lulu: Father Zuke!

Penny: That’s Father Zuke?!

Susie: Father Zuke?!

Christina: Where did he come from? Did he happen to… Follow us?

Amy: No idea.

Father Zuke: Long time no see. *Looking towards Yuna* You are Yuna? Hmm… You certainly don’t look like Maester Kinoc’s murderer.

Wakka: What’d you say?

Annie: Oh give me a break… You too? You think of her as a murderer too?

Serena: Yuna is not a Murderer. Seymour is. Seymour is a murdering piece of garbage that i wouldn’t give you two cents for. He’s a dead beat and we don’t want him.

Yuna: Please, tell us what has happened!

Father Zuke: Maester Mika just issued a personal order, you know.

Raven: Oh yeah… That’s what we figured. We would have figured that. Mika is a deranged man. What did he say? Dare we ask?

Father Zuke: It said that you and your guardians murdered Maester Kinoc and fled.

Dinah: *Shoots out* WHAT?! Oh… That has done it. That has done it big time. I will nail that Mika. Or Seymour. When i see him again… if we see him again. He will wish to god. Wish to his own mortal soul… or spirit that he never met us. This is all Seymour’s doing. All of it!

Father Zuke: We are to kill you on sight, or so it says.

Zoey: What?!

Luna: *Gasps* No! Oh no!

Zoey: *Suddenly scared and Cries into her mothers arms*

Auron: What of Bevelle?

Father Zuke: Things are calm on the surface, but the depths are turbulent.

Sora: You mean… Unstable?

Father Zuke: Not exactly. Things are stable… but then again… endearingly stressed. Tense. After the death of Maester Kinoc, Kelk Ronso left Yevon.

Carly: He probably thought that it’d be best to just walk. He must have been unwilling to stick around and watch as Yevon allowed for a Murderer to roam among the living and just stick by. Leaving… Yevon after seeing what he was seeing the other Maesters doing and hearing the awful truth… I’d be doing the same thing. The same thing.

Auron: Convenient. Getting around will be easier with Yevon in disarray.

Sapphire: Disarray? No… Try shaky waters. That’d be more a better way to describe it.

Pearl: What’re we gonna do?

Jack: The only thing that we can do is tread carefully for a while. It’s the only thing that we can do. And till we know what’s what… our kids can not be seen within any of the temples.

Father Zuke: But be careful, my friends. You have been branded enemies of Yevon. You should avoid temples for the time being.

Yuna: Thank you, Father Zuke, for your warning. *Deep Japanese bow*

Lulu: Father, you came all the way here just to tell us this?

Father Zuke: To tell the truth, I was a little curious to see… this summoner you are guarding. I hope her pilgrimage goes well. For your sake, too.

Lulu: Thank you, Father.

Spencer: Uh… *Stepping forward* Pardon my interruption. I don’t mean to cut in. However… I was wondering… Are you with a biased mind.

Father Zuke: It depends. But yes. I am one that has care and belief to all races. No matter what their plight might be. Whether it be Guado, Ronso, Al Bhed or human. I used to be with the Burden of the duties of Summoner. So i know the pressure that is involved with it all.

Spencer: okay. I am going on a risk here. But do you have the power to marry two people?

Father Zuke: I am a Monk. But i believe that Monks may be permitted to grant the sanctity of joining two people in Matrimony. But it would be best to have a Priest. I know of a Priest who might do it. Under the radar. However… It’ll have to be reported to the other priests in Bevelle. However… He might do it. Who’re the ones getting wed?

Spencer: Rikku and Me.

Father Zuke: *Gasps* An Al Bhed! Oh… Okay. It’s what i figured. But… Find this Priest. He’s in Kilika. He might be able to help. Although… you’ll need the blessing of the guardians of both sides. The Girl’s… and the groom’s.

Spencer: We’ll get it.

Rikku: Uh-huh!

Father Zuke: Be careful while doing so. With you being all branded traitors and Enemies of Yevon. Being allowed in a Temple and being one to be permitted to get married will be not an easy reward.

Spencer: *Nods*

Father Zuke: I must be off. *He and Lulu exchange Yevon bows* I shall pray for all of you. *Leaving*

A Minute later…

Tidus: Who was that?

Lulu: Until half a year ago, he was a summoner. Wakka and I were his guardians.

Wakka: It was kind of a short pilgrimage.

Lulu: He gave up halfway. Here, on this plain. Now, he is a monk at the Bevelle temple.

Sora: What made him give up?

Carly: Didn’t he want to keep going?

Lulu: No one knows. But in the end… He didn’t feel it in him anymore.

Curtis: He just gave up?

Lulu: yes.

Daria: That is really sad. Really sad. To come all this way and then only to fizzle out and give up. Do you suppose that he’d be a wonderful High Summoner if he were to keep going and didn’t give up?

Wakka: Right next to Lord O’halland. But really a well trained Summoner.

Zoey: I wonder if a senshi could become summoner.

Luna: No. I wouldn’t think that would be possible. And You won’t become one. You forget that Summoners go to beat Sin and get the final Aeon… then once Sin is gone… The Final Aeon kills the Summoner. We’re here to Change the Tradition. End it. Not add to it. Yuna will not be made to die. We won’t allow it.

Lulu: This is my third pilgrimage as a guardian. Father Zuke was my second. And my first, well… It ended here, too. I’ve never been to the lands beyond.

Paul: Who was your first?

Crystal: Could it have been a fallen Summoner?

Sora: *Wondering* Hmmm… That would be seemingly strange.

Carly: Very.

Lulu: Mt. Gagazet towers to the north, and Zanarkand lies beyond that.

Yuna: So, we are officially traitors, then.

Tidus: Hey, let them say what they want.

Yuna: It’s okay, I’m not worried. *Sighs* Well, maybe just a little. It’s so hard not to be.

Tidus: Hey, it’s okay to worry. And if it gets too rough, just yell!

Yuna: Yell? Hmm… Okay, I might just do that.

Raven: Yeah. Go for it. You need a method of release. A way to just vent. The way you’re going now and holding everything in… You’re gonna only wind up having a Mental breakdown.

Tidus: Yeah!

Serena: Sometimes having yourself a nice moment of screaming and crying and growling. Getting all your pressure out. All the pain, hurt and frustration out from your system. All of it. It might make others think you lost it. But so what? You’re entitled to have a moment of release. It’s well needed.

Yuna: I wonder if my father got lost here, too?

Tidus: Maybe, with my old man helping him!

Annie: That’s not nice. Do you just seem to not like your father at all?

Clint: *Sighs*

Yuna: Maybe I’ll ask Sir Auron.

Tidus: Auron? That grouch never tells me anything.

Yuna: *Gruff voice* “That is none of your business!”

Theodore: Hey… That sounds just like him a little bit.

Tidus: *Laughs* Not that he keeps out of other people’s business, you know what I mean?

Crystal: *Laughs* Okay. That was cute. That was a good one.

Yuna: Just a little farther to Zanarkand.

Luna: And by time we get there… it’ll be near that time when maybe we’ll finally see the girl Aquamarine. She’s there… And if so… We’ll have a lot to tell the others when we get back to where our lives are.

Auron: Messy.

Tidus: What is?

Auron: Yevon. Mika and Seymour are not of one mind.

Penny: Oh Yeah?! You could have fooled me. because it sure as heck seems like they are.

Auron: Remember what Seymour said last we met.

Paul: Not sure. and i don’t think we would care much about what Seymour said. He’s a Murderer, Auron. After the last move he tried to pull on us… That was where all bets were off.

Auron: I do not think Mika will concur. If Yevon founders, so will Spira.

Crystal: Wait! So… Yevon and Spira are interconnected with one another?

Susie: Seems like it is…

Kimahri: Gagazet is Ronso land. Kimahri home.

Blossom: That’s where your people all reside.

Tidus: Hey! We might meet your family.

Amy: That’s right. We might get a chance at seeing your mom and dad. I am sure that they have been missing you alot. It has been… what? Ten years.

Kimahri: Kimahri has no family.

Penny: Really? No mother. or father? Sister? Brother? No one?

Kimahri: *Shaking his head*

Tidus: Oh, sorry.

Spencer: That sucks.

Kimahri: But Kimahri not alone.

Sora: No. Never alone. You have us. and so what if Gagazet don’t accept you. You can stick around us in our home city. You will not be left out in the cold.

Kimahri: Sacred mountain Gagazet. Not change for one thousand years.

Carly: That long, huh?

Daria: That’s a long time for a Mountain to stay in just whatever way it happens to look. No changes.

Dinah: *Walking over to the lone standing Al Bhed on the side* …

Al Bhed besides Travel Agency: I have a message from Cid. He says: We’ve gone to repair the airship. We’ll come get you when we’re done! Until then, keep Yuna safe or you’ll be sorry.

Dinah: We’re gonna keep her safe. we won’t rest till she is guaranteed safe.


As they were standing around…

Curtis looked over a bit towards the east side and saw a side path that looked like a door of some kind. Annie and some of the girls took a look towards the side and saw the same thing. It didn’t take them long to get over to that door. There was a few fiends along the way. A Ogre. A bee which was red and blue. It was known as a Nebiros. There was a Chimera. But the kind that they were seeing was Black and some blotches of red. It was a Chimera Brain. A Coeurl. A Flame Flan. A Malboro. Shreds. Skolls. Although most of the fiends that were said to be roaming the calm lands were in other parts of the area. however… those fiends were said to be in the lands. It was there. What was next to expect was the fact that when they reached the odd opening in the wall. The girls walked in and saw that there was an old man standing in front of a door. and on the side what looked like a creature. Strange one at that. But…

Annie: *Looking at the old man standing front of the strange door* Excuse me… What is this place?

Susie: Yeah. Is this place used for something? What’s going on here?

Old Man: I’m the Caretaker and owner of the Monster Arena. This is a training arena that Lord Mi’ihen constructed for the Crusaders.

Susie: Lord Mi’ihen constructed this Arena?

Penny: How is it that no one told us about this? This would have helped us gain Experience. Much needed experience.

Amy: We already are experienced. We’re pretty good as we are now. We’ve had some close calls. But We learned. Penny… You should know that our parents have done this for years… Before us. They are with an excuse for being a little rusty. We aren’t. We are still learning and will be taking time before getting as good as our mom and Aunts. Uncles. Rusty skills are for ones who had done all the fighting of monsters and creeps before us but then went through years where they stopped and hung up their ties to the heroic fighting.

Annie: What is it that we do here?

Old Man: You can hone your battle skills here by fighting fiends gathered from all over Spira!

Susie: If that’s the case… Let’s practice on some of the fiends here.

Old Man: But…the fiends all got away because I, uh, screwed up.

Clint: Why not go and regather them?

Old Man: I’m too old to gather fiends now, so I’m in quite a fix… So, that’s where you come in, Younguns. Can I ask you to round up all the fiends for me? Of course, I’m not asking you to do it for free. There’ll be nice, fat rewards! On top of that, you can hone your fighting skills anytime against the fiends you bring back here!

Annie: Hmm… Sounds interesting.

Susie: It could help us out beat the fiends.

Amy: We should tell the others about this… They might like this.

Penny: You mean… Like Blossom and Zoey? Blossom so far in the calm lands… broke down in sobs 3 times. Because of the apparent mention of fiends. She can’t cut it.

Annie: You’re calling Blossom a weakling? A Wuss?

Penny: No! I am just saying that it leaves to concern. She’s reaching her breaking point towards all this. If she lost it once while in the Calm lands. it would be okay. It’d be just the rush of everything that we all have been through suddenly bombarding her all at once and she releases her anguish and sadness expressing how it’s been making her feel. That’s fine. It would be understood. But 3 times? No. Something has to give. You think that she’ll be able to tolerate going further as there will likely be more tougher fiends?

Susie: *Thinking* Hmm… You know what? Even though that was a little harsh… Penny does have a bit of a point. Blossom is at her breaking point. She is trying and we all see it. But she’s been losing it a little too much here. And remember on the Air Ship when we went against the Guado? She was heard using the F word. She never did that. Not ever. Then her yelling at Seymour over the sight of Kinoc being laid on the floor face down. Dead. This world has changed her and has affected her.

Annie: That’s right. She’s a strong young girl. As is Zoey. They’re both strong. But I think that our Uncle Curtis is seeing the stress and tension that struck at Blossom. He’s not happy.

Clint: I feel bad for Uncle Curtis. For Aunt Megan too. Blossom is the only one in the unit of his household with the Electric bending power. None of the others in their house have it. She’s vulnerable to high emotional situations.

Annie: We should try to keep a more careful watch on her. She’s likely to snap if we’re not careful. Uncle Curtis is seeing it and he’s already on the high level of tension. It won’t take much more tension to get him to lose it entirely. The next areas will likely be where he’ll keep Blossom out from the battling and the fighting. Blossom’ll fight about it and not be thrilled over it…

Amy: *To the old man* We’ll all do it.

Old Man: In addition, any items you win during training are yours to keep for free! But, there will be a small fee for each training session, so bear that in mind. How about it? Not a bad deal, eh? You won’t regret it!

Clint: We shall start right away.

A Moment later…

Back at the Travel Agency…

Zoey: Mom, what do you suppose is taking the others so long?

Luna: I don’t know. But i really do wish that they’d hurry up. We gotta get going to the next area of the Journey. However… we can’t go anywhere without them.

Zoey: They said something about going to that mysterious opening in the wall or something. There must have been something that caught their eye and got their interest in going over to check it out.

Luna: They better be careful.

Zoey: *Nods*

June: Zoey, You might want to go over there and provide some protection. They’re not transformed and there are Strong fiends surrounding the opening in the wall. Many strong fiends.

Zoey: How many?

June: 10… Strong Fiends. Very strong.

Zoey: I’ll just Transform as i run my way over there.

Within seconds Zoey ran her way over to the far side where the strange opening in the wall was and changed into her Senshi form. She was driven to get over there and tend to the fiends. Battling them. She swung her weapon and released Light and hearts at the fiends. It seemed to have an effect on them all and chased them away. She blasted at some of the fiends and defeated a few of them. The ones that got beat dropped some useful items and Zoey claimed them for the gang. Knowing that it could be used for something. The Fiends that she didn’t defeat took off and just fled…

A Moment later…

Everyone finally met back together and spoke about the monster arena. Annie, Susie, Penny and Amy all spoke about it and it wasn’t that far off of an idea for them either. They all took to the idea and agreed to do some fiend capturing for the Arena. It’d help in getting them some needed and much useful items. Items that could help them…

Sora: We should all get on our way. We got to get past that mountain.

Carly: Right.

Sailor Zoey: Let’s go…

Luna: *Looking ahead* What do you think we’ll find up ahead?

Paige: Who knows…

Dinah: Well… We got to get through this sooner or later. It might as well be now.

Jack: *Walking ahead* Next stop… who knows…

It was up and onwards for the fighters. They knew that time was growing short for them. And time for them to come with a plan to save Yuna was getting more and more shorter. But it was still a little ways from Zanarkand. They still had some time to think of something but whatever it was that they were gonna think of… they had to do it quick. Time was not a luxury for them to keep. The Fighters knew that it was time to go on and they were gonna be with a little worry as for each step that the fighters and Guardians took meant one moment away from coming up with a way to stop Yuna from dying at the end of the Journey. What were they gonna expect to see next? Would they yet get another surprise from their home? Would it only finally tie in with the world they were in still in and theirs… Combined? What about Blossom? Was she reaching her breaking point? Would she be able to go on fighting or will her father have her benched for a while? Or will it be permanent? Will Zoey be the next to suffer a Meltdown and undergo pressure? find out in the Next Chapter of the Adventures of the Rhapsody Girls Z! As the Saga continues…

A Guado sighting… Torment… and a Battle against a Block headed fiend. A leading into the Gorge and to the cavern of the Stolen Fayth… A heartening battle against the unsent of Lulu’s first Summoner. Uh-oh… A fighter vs. Aeon battle as a farewell to unsent Summoner Lady Ginnem. Creepy to Blossom and a possible turn to darkness for Zoey… Oh no… Pray for her to beat it and fight it in: “A Rocky battle with a Yevon Block-headed fiend and an expedition to the gorge of the calm lands. Explore thy chamber of the stolen fayth if you please. Parts 1-3


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