Chapter 158: Refuge in Macalania Woods. Yuna and Tidus’s romantic interlude. Spencer and Rikku’s Date at the Macalania Woods Spring.

(The Parents to the New Generation’s official return.)

Narrative: *As Clint* We had all just got lucky and as well as with our own wits escaped with our skins intact, As did the Guardians and fast. But our relief was short lived as we all turned to see the broken look on Yuna’s face. Her face said it all. Yuna lost something. Tidus was one who literally could already tell, her faith was shaken. She didn’t even feel as though she could go on. Yevon had betrayed her. We all knew that it had and Wakka was finally seeing the light. A little late in seeing it even though he literally had to find out the hard way. We kinda took a fraction of satisfaction in seeing his agony only for a second due to how he was being towards Rikku and the Al Bhed for a while. But we also had to share his pains as well. We understood what it would feel like to have yourself betrayed by your own faith. Tidus felt like he should do or say something–anything… to lift Yuna back up. We all wanted to say something. Anything. But nothing came to mind. Nothing came to ours as well… We were just as lost as she was. And then…


Macalania Woods…

The fighters were all sitting and or standing around with the gang. Wondering what should be done and what was gonna happen next. If there had been anything for them to do…

Annie: We’re safe. But That was a literal nightmare.

Daria: A Nightmare. *Scoffs* No… A Nightmare is something one has in their sleep and it frightens them awake. It isn’t something that you get put in the middle of and see as it smacks you in the face. This was terror. Terror.

Clint: That’s all fine and good. But we’re safe now. Seymour is gone. We can only hope that the bastard stays gone. Because… Contrary to what you guys may think… I am not gonna be no boyscout on going after him again and be at risk at getting my ass kicked. I don’t think that any of you guys want to get your butts kicked either. So do yourselves a favor. Pray to your livelihood that Seymour Guado stays buried where he should always remain.

Amy: Clint, How could you say that? Seymour is an unsent who happens to be tied to this world. We all see that he is. Seymour is gone for now… but believe it or not… He is like a bad penny. He’ll come back again somehow.

Susie: Amy, Don’t say that. That is not right and you know it. Seymour is an unsent. But to say that he will return… You make like it’s a curse that we might be stuck with. I would rather it not be that. I don’t want to even hear his name. He is Evil. He almost won and tried to kill us. Plus… If you were to stop and notice that he appeared to coming right for Yuna, then nail Raven… Even come at Zoey for some reason.

Penny: Susie, You’re being really dramatic. You know that? You are being completely irrational. Seymour was not gonna come at Zoey. And saying that when Aunt Luna is near… You are really off the track.

Susie: Excuse me… I am off the what? Track? No… I am not off anything. I noticed Seymour’s pose. He was gonna do something. To Yuna, Raven and Also to Zoey. I saw and i know what the hell it was. It was just like that.

Sapphire: Susie, You’re right. But it’s not anything that we should worry about since he is gone.

Raven: But… *Thinking about something* That’s just it though… Why was he after Zoey? Why would Seymour be trying to come for Zoey? What would he want with Zoey? She’s not of high interest. Besides that… He has seen Zoey i don’t know… at least… 6 times up till now. 6 times. There is nothing about her that would make someone like Seymour consider going at her.

Blossom: And how is it that you know that? Huh?

Raven: *Scoffs in disbelief* How do i know that? Well… I’ll tell you. It is because for one… Zoey is way too young for him. She and you… Blossom are only like what? 10… 11? He is 28 years old. A Murderer. He also was into Yuna. Like he had the pink slip on her.

Luna: Raven… Stop it. You don’t talk about Seymour like that. he would never come near my daughter like that.

Dinah: Luna… She’s not saying that Seymour would. She’s saying that Seymour is capable of anything. If you remember… Seymour as well as Mika. Kinoc too… they were gonna have us all exterminated. We almost didn’t make it in the Via Purifico. We literally had to swim for our lives. You and the rest were in that drier spot of the Via Purifico. We were all meant to be condemned. Plus… in case you did forget. I used to be a knight. for only a brief time and it was enough to read the intentions of Yevon. Somewhat. Zoey can contact the moon. Talking to the Queen of the moon. She talks to a cat. She can transform into a Senshi. That is threatening to Yevon. To Yevon… She’s a Alien and a huge threat. Almost close as one as Sin is. Only Sin is much much worse than Zoey being the threat…

Wakka: Wait a minute. You two are joking, ya? Yevon was seeing Zoey as a threat… Why?

Dinah: Why do you think? Zoey is with senshi power. Senshi power. Even though we understand and are okay with it. Plus because we’re her family and love her no matter what. Yevon is somehow seeing that as a problem. A big problem. If i were still a Knight. I would have no option but to take her in. Apprehend her. Even though it would hurt me and everyone here. I would have no choice. But even then… i would not turn her in. Nothing would make me do it. Just because Yevon willed it. No.

Luna: Just like you made the deal and done a favor to Rikku when you said to her that you would make as though you never saw her… even though you had. Saving her from being ridiculed by Yevon even though her people were being scrutinized. Right?

Dinah: Yes.

Lulu: But… That wouldn’t make any sense. Why would you think that Yevon would feel that Zoey was a threat?

Tidus: *Moaning* Come on, get serious. Zoey’s no threat. She’s a 10 year old girl with senshi power. She uses them for the good side. How is that a threat? Seymour’s the threat. Not her.

Pearl: As is Sin.

Jack: True.

Pearl: *Looking at Spencer* Spencer, I hear that you found yourself a girlfriend.

Spencer: Yeah. I did. Why?

Jack: It’s okay if you had, son. Love is for anyone and it happens to be rare usually. But when you find it… have it. It’s grand. It’s like being complete with a purpose.

Pearl: Who’s your girlfriend?

Rikku: Me.

Pearl: Spencer… You and Rikku are connected. Involved?

Spencer: Yeah. Yeah, why?

Pearl: *Touched* It’s really romantic to know that my son… is in love and has a girlfriend. An Al Bhed girl… but very sweet, pretty and special. It’s like winning a Daughter.

Spencer: *Blushing and feeling a little embarrassed* Awwww, Mom!

Serena: *Thinking about her best friend Carly Black* …

Annie: Where’s Auron?

Wakka: Out to see if the coast is clear.

Minutes later…

Auron returns…

Wakka: Well?

Auron: *Returning* We’re all clear. We will have to avoid Bevelle in the future. *Not seeing Yuna* Yuna?

Rikku: Said she wanted to be alone.

Auron: Of course.

Tidus: Someone should go find her.

Paul: Good idea.

Crystal: Who’s gonna go and find her?

Sora: *Sleeping* …

Carly: *Sleeping* …

Auron: Maybe you should go talk to her?

Wakka: Must be tough for Yuna. We leave at daybreak. If Yuna figures out where we’re going, that is.

Theodore: Where do you suppose we’re going next?

Lulu: To the calm lands.

Penny: To the calm Lands? What’s that?

Blossom: It’s probably an open field.

Zoey: Yeah.

June: *Chowing down on a can of cat food* …

Luna: Zoey, What’s this about you having a cat with a crescent moon on it’s forehead?

Zoey: No idea. But from what i was told and what June explained to me… She was gonna guide me. The Queen was gonna guide me through June.

Luna: You’re embracing your Senshi persona. It’s getting stronger.

Zoey: It is?

Luna: Yeah. You are. I am sure that your father is gonna be going ballistic once he hears about this.

Zoey: What about you?

Luna: What do you think? I am shocked and taken by surprise. I am also proud of you. In ways than you could ever imagine.

Wakka: I feel kinda bad leaving everything up to Yuna, you know?

Serena: Well then stop leaving her to do all the deciding. We are her guardians. All of us… Aren’t we supposed to be guarding her and protecting her. Ensuring that she remains safe from any unneeded harm?

Lulu: Yes.

Sapphire: Then let’s get to it. Let’s think.

Tidus: *Looking at Rikku* So…

Rikku: Wonder what Yunie’ll do, huh? Think she’ll quit her pilgrimage?

Tidus: That’s what you want, right?

Rikku: Well… If Yunie really wants to keep going, then… I guess I shouldn’t stop her, you know? That’s what I think, anyway.

Spencer: Why would you want to stop her? You know that she’s gonna just do it whether we try to stop or not.

Rikku: Yeah. I know. But if she goes through with it… The Final Aeon will only kill her once it defeats Sin.

Spencer: That’s what we’re trying to figure out how we can prevent it.

Rikku: I wonder if there’s a way to perform the Final Summoning and not die? That’d be great, wouldn’t it?

Spencer: That’d be wonderful if that were to be possible. It’d be wonderful. Although… problem is… How do we prevent the possibly unpreventable without hurting Yuna more than she already has been?

Rikku: *Thinking* Hmm… I guess someone would’ve thought of it in the last thousand years, huh?

Spencer: Yeah. Someone should’ve thought about that. *Sighs* I don’t know how we’ll be able to come up with a plan or a way to stop the unimaginable.

Tidus had then by that time gone off to go find where Yuna was. They all knew that she was in the woods still and that she hadn’t left the woods at all. But It was to them… not like Yuna to just walk off and just want to be alone. Blossom went to sit next to her father…

Blossom: You think that Yuna’s gonna be alright?

Curtis: I am sure that she will be. *Looking at Blossom* Blossom, Sweetheart. Yuna’s just in Emotional agony right now as she feels that Yevon betrayed her. Yevon might be screwed up all around and it might even have more issues than a person could tolerate or stomach… But Yevon is the faith that Yuna happens to know only. It’s the only faith she’s got. But now with the reality that the faith of Yevon… the only faith she knew seen as one that betrayed her… she’s lost. Hurt and devastated. It’s not that she’s hurt over Yevon… It’s that she feels that she has no real faith now. She’s with no faith at all. She’s lost and even though we all see that she’s strong and hard to truly break… She’s lost and scared. She’s terrified.

Blossom: There must be something that we can do to bring her spirits back up. There’s just got to be something we could do.

Curtis: I know, Pumpkin. I know. *Holding Blossom close and hugging her* I wish that there was something that could be done about it.

However Tidus was on his way to find Yuna. But what he didn’t know was that Raven and Serena were not too far and sired to come along as emotional support. They believed that Yuna was gonna need it now more than ever. Serena and Raven felt her pain and realized that if Yuna didn’t have a reason to find herself and regain her confidence… Despite what had happened and the fact that Yevon betrayed her… They were all gonna be lost. The Fighters would be stuck in Spira forever… and never to go home again.

At the Spring…

Yuna was standing out in the water and it was only then that Tidus appeared on the shore watching at first and Kimahri was close by…

Back at the campsite…

Spencer: *Looking at Rikku* Uh, Rikku… I was wondering.

Rikku: Yes, Spencer?

Spencer: Would you uh… Like to go out on a date with me?

Rikku: *Gasps* Really?! I… Um… I… uh… uh… Okay. Yeah. I’d like that. But where do we go? We can’t go to Macalania lake. There’s a gaping hole there. Plus we can’t go to Luca. To get there, we would have to go through Guadosalam and i don’t want to deal with the Guado.

Spencer: There’s always the Watery Glade.

Rikku: That place? We’ve been there once, right?

Spencer: Yeah. We have.

Rikku: We fought that Spherimorph there.

Spencer: Yeah.

Rikku: Let’s go.

Spencer: You got it.

Pearl: Spencer, You be careful. We all got out from the radar of those Racist Yevonites. But there are patrolmen out… everywhere. Be careful and Don’t let any of them catch you.

Spencer: Don’t worry, Mom. We won’t let any of them catch us. Besides that if they spot us… Rikku can use another Al Bhed Flashbomb on them. Just as she did to Seymour.

Jack: *Chuckles* Yeah. That was a surprise that came out of nowhere but it was very effective. Opened for us to get off to safety.

Pearl: Okay… okay. Point taken.

At the Springs…

Yuna: I always thought that this would be easier somehow. I thought that everyone would help me…with all my friends together beside me. I’ve been trying so hard.

Tidus: *Wading on out to join her* Maybe you’re trying too hard.

Raven: *Swimming over towards Yuna with Serena* Yeah. You try too hard almost every passing minute. You think that you’re expected to do it all…

Serena: You’re not expected to do it all. There are some things that summoners can’t possibly do. It’s just not in the cards. Sendings… That’s fine. Summoning Aeons. That’s also fine. But the rest. Having to be the one who must carry on the highest pressure. The greatest burden. That isn’t fair on you.

Yuna: *Looking at him* … *Suddenly Looking to see Raven and Serena*

Tidus: They told me…everything.

Yuna: Everything?

Raven: Yeah. Rikku spilled it out and the others filled in the spots. They told us fighters everything.

Serena: Yuna… How could you not tell us what was said to happen to you once you were to reach the end of the Pilgrimage? That’s what we don’t understand. Knowing that you’ll die. But you’ll still go on with the Journey… That’s like wishing for death to find you.

Tidus: *Nods*

Yuna: Well, so then…you know.

Raven: Of course we know, Yuna. We were catching on little by little as to what Summoners would have to do in the end and what would happen. We were gathering the pieces and when Rikku said what happened to summoners after summoners got the final Aeon… It really put things into perspective.

Serena: Really.

Tidus: Yeah. I’m sorry. It’s just you know…all those things I said. Like “Let’s go get Sin!” Or about Zanarkand… I didn’t know what would happen to you, Yuna. I guess… I hope it didn’t make you sad. Forgive me.

Raven: We kept giving you ideas. About coming along with us… To Metropolis. To see the view. The University. The schools. Park. The Skyscrapers. Us… All going to beat Sin. Together. We didn’t even figure that something bad was gonna happen to you, Yuna.

Serena: We’re hoping that we didn’t do anything to make you out to be sad. Please Forgive us.

Yuna: I wasn’t sad. I was happy.

Tidus: Yuna. Just don’t do it.

Raven: Yeah… What Tidus is saying. Stop the Pilgrimage. Don’t do it.

Serena: Let it all go.

Yuna: The pilgrimage?

Tidus: Yeah. That’s right. Forget all about Sin, about being a summoner. Forget all that. You know, live a normal life. Come on now, Yuna, what do you say?

Yuna: Maybe I will. Wouldn’t everyone be surprised?

Tidus: Yeah. Except Rikku. She’d be with you. Lulu and Wakka wouldn’t hold out long.

Raven: We wouldn’t be. We would understand. It’d be great for you to keep going if it’s what you really want to do so. We just want you to be happy. Just happy and at peace.

Serena: Besides… you deserve to be happy just the same as the rest. Why should others be happy when you’re not. You deserve to be happy too.

Yuna: Kimahri would say yes, too, I know. But Sir Auron…

Tidus: I’ll make him understand, Yuna. It’s the least I can do for you.

Raven: Same here. We’ll get him to see reason and get him to see that you want to do something else that you just want to be free. Not having to do the pilgrimage anymore. No more pain. No more sacrifices. No more dancing and sendings. Just peace and living life with no pressure. No weight of the world on your shoulders.

Yuna: No, I should tell him. He deserves it.

A second later…

Yuna: What’ll I do if I give up my pilgrimage?

Tidus: Hey! Zanarkand! Let’s go to Zanarkand! Not the one in Spira, the one I’m from. Yeah, we can all fly there. Everyone can go! Then we’ll have a big party at my place!

Yuna: And then we could see blitzball!

Tidus: That’s right!

Yuna: Your Zanarkand Abes would play!

Tidus: Yeah!

Yuna: We could all watch you play, in the stadium all lit up at night. I’d cheer and cheer till I couldn’t cheer anymore!

Tidus: Right on!

Yuna: Well, what about after the game?

Tidus: We’d go out and have fun!

Yuna: In the middle of the night?

Tidus: No problem! Zanarkand never sleeps! Let’s go to the sea, before the sunrise.

The city lights go out one by one. The stars fade… Then the horizon glows, almost like it’s on fire. It’s kinda rose-colored, right? First in the sea, then it spreads to the sky, then to the whole city. It gets brighter and brighter, till everything glows. It’s really…pretty. I know you’d like it.

Yuna: I’d like to see it, someday.

Tidus: Well you can, Yuna. We can both go! *Looking to see Yuna looking down with tears in her eyes* Yu…?

A tear then dropped from Yuna’s face…

Yuna: I can’t. I just can’t! I can’t go! *Suddenly cries out in heartache*

At the Watery Glade…

Spencer: *Looking at Rikku and Smiles* Rikku, I am glad that you and I met. It’s been really amazing.

Rikku: It’s made me happy too, Spencer. Although… There is something that has me thinking.

Spencer: Really?! What?

Rikku: When all this is over… Everything. After Sin gets defeated… You and your family will be going back to Metropolis, Kansas. Back to your world. Your home.

Spencer: I know. *Sighs* I know. I would rather not think about that. Thinking about it and knowing that it means that i’d have to part from you. It’s sad.

Rikku: What’re we gonna do?

Spencer: I have not idea, Rikku. I would be hoping that things could change and we’d always be back together. Never breaking apart from one another.

Rikku: *Suddenly hugging Spencer* I don’t want to lose you, Spencer.

Spencer: You won’t lose me. I think that there is a saying that gets said. “Buildings may burn… People die. But real love is forever.” Rikku, I love you. But i don’t want to get too deep and have it taken away from us before it can ever Bloom. I don’t want you to go through that kind of pain.

Rikku: Anything is worth it as long as it’s with the one we love.

Spencer: You’re right. Although… we both are aware that long distance relationships hardly ever work out. But… I understand that you and I will find a way to make it work.

Rikku: We will… But… *Starting to feel sad* What of Yunie? She’s gonna die once she gets to the end of the Journey.

Spencer: So you keep telling about it. I realize that. I really don’t know what we are gonna do. My mother and Father don’t have any clue as to what will happen to Yuna once we reach the end. We can’t ever tell them. My Aunt Paige… Aunt Luna, Aunt Dinah. They too don’t know also.

Rikku: What’re we gonna do to help Yuna? *Starting to feel her eyes start to well*

Spencer: Rikku, It’ll be okay. I know it will be alright. Back in Metropolis Kansas, 14 or 15 years ago My mother and father. as well as my Aunts and Uncles… they had to go through stopping an unstoppable prophecy. One that can’t be broken. An Ally of theirs was the Gem. The portal which would grant an intergalactic Demon ascension onto Earth. Right on to our world. We… or they tried to prevent it. but it still happened. It was fate. But after the demon came through… they had to keep the Demon… *Sighs* I’m gonna just say that demon’s name. Scath.

Spencer then tells Rikku the details in the form of how his mother lived it…

“Prince Avery: *Getting up and shaking off the dust* Guess that wasn’t angry enough.

Jack: And this would put a bit of shock upon you in exactly what way, Plasma-head? *Dusting off the dirt* Ugh! I’ve had better days falling into the ice and snow. Not into the cold petrified ground.

Pearl: *In despair* Of all the places to crash and burn, why’d it have to be here?

Ami: *Pleading* Please, I wish to leave.

Prince Avery: Yeah? Ami, you wish to leave here that much? Okay. And could i bloody ask where you’ll plan on going? The whole world is toast in case no one noticed, and the only person who’d know what to do is… *Pause* We could really use her help right now.

Dinah: *Walking up to the top of the ruined stairs close-by and at the edge looking all around* You guys, I don’t really know what to believe… I feel that we’ve lost and we were trying to give that big red freak a real beating.

Paige: We all tried, Dinah. we did what we knew how to do. It just wasn’t enough. Raven gave us a piece of her… to help us hold on and fight on. As we were meant to. But then she just vanished. Became the portal.

Dinah: That’s just it though. Is she really gone? I’ve been thinking about it and trying to picture it inside my head. *Denying the fact that Raven was gone; Looking down towards the spiral path leading down to the bottom* I know what we saw, but I still can’t believe it. It just doesn’t feel like Raven’s really gone. She just can’t be gone. It’s not possible. It can’t be.

Beryl: *Voice* That’s because she isn’t gone.

Beryl then walks out from the shadows and the fighters look on to see where the voice was coming from only to see Beryl walking into View…

Dinah: *Looking to see Beryl; Glaring at Beryl* Beryl…

Without hesitating, Dinah charged and Loomed at Beryl…

Dinah: *Landing blows at Beryl and pounding her* You Unfeeling… Cold-hearted bitch. It’s your fault that Raven’s gone. She didn’t need to be the portal. She could have fought it. But no… You took her and helped take her away from us. She was part of the family. Our family. You heartless BITCH! *Changing into her Hero form and Lashing with Strikes of thunder* Thundering STORM!!!  *Blasting a Storm of Thunder and Lightning at Beryl*

Prince Alvin: *Charging into Beryl and Driving his fists into her hard*

Dinah and Prince Alvin Grabbed at Beryl and held onto her leg and swung her around. Spinning her around and around fast then within seconds letting go and watch her go flying into the wall on the side not far from where they stood.

Beryl: *Hitting the wall and trying to hold herself up; panting while catching her breath* Ah… heh… heh… heh… heh!

Dinah: What’s the matter, Mrs. Psycho Queen Beryl? Giving up already? Is that all you got to let out? Where’s that tough attitude you had before? The personality of one who wanted to be ambitious and rule in any way possible… What happened? Did you decide to roll over and play dead on that?

Beryl: *Getting up suddenly and gaining some of her footing back* The nerve of knocking down a Queen. Good thing i’m not the Queen mother or otherwise You’d be known all over the world as a threat. And for that outburst… I’d have to lend my apologies in saying that i’m Sorry to disappoint you. But Dinah, I’m not here to fight. I’m in fact… here to help out with this ordeal.

Prince Arnold: *Snarling* We don’t need your damn help!

Beryl: Yeah… of course you don’t Prince Arnold. None of you need it. You very well seem to have everything here wrapped and under total control. But just so you can rest on ease… Your friend, Raven can still be saved.

Paige as her hero form Loomed straight at Beryl and pinned her against the wall hard…

Paige: *Angry and with a hand set to release a blast of hearts at Beryl* If you knew what was in any way good for you. You’d think twice on dishonoring our dear friend Raven with your foul game playing. This seems like some fun gag to you. But you’re in for a surprise. because it’s not. Nowhere near being a funny joke.

Prince Curtis: *With a hand aimed towards Beryl; prepared to fire* Whatever your selling there in that bag of tricks, we’re not buying. So, Don’t even go there.

Beryl: *To the fighters* Think of me as you like. But what Trigon has done to this world… i would never wish for this to be its fate.

Prince Curtis: It’s a little late for “I’m sorry.” Way too late. You should have backed away from the Demon bastard while the going was good. But… Oh no, You had to sell out and serve him. Just like when you were hellbent on conquest 5-6 years ago. Yeah… we still remember. And no. We are still not forgetting it either. Your actions and your demeanor is just the same now as it was then.

Beryl: You happen to enjoy seeing that you could mistake my generosity for regret, Prince Curtis. I only offer my assistance because it suits me and my specific needs.

Ami: But we saw Raven become the portal, she was destroyed.

Beryl: Mercury, Let me spin the fact to you… Your friend Raven has fulfilled the prophecy of her birth. It was deemed Absolute and couldn’t be prevented. Even though you Rhapsody members saw to keep trying to stop it. Failing at it in the end. because what you tried to stop from coming to pass still came. She fulfilled that part of her life. so that half of her is concluded, but another part of her yet still remains… at least for the moment.

Dinah: *Finding it hard to buy* Why are you doing this? What’s in it for you?

Beryl: My reasons are my own. *Walking past the girls and the brothers* Do you want your friend back… or not?

Prince Arnold: Enough with the puzzles and riddles. Just tell us where the hell she is and we will take it from there.

Beryl: *Stopping* There will be no we, Prince Arnold. *Turning her head and looking back* This is a trip that only one or two of you may take.

Prince Alvin: I don’t think so.

Paige: Yeah… She’s a friend to all of us. We are all going.

Rei: That’s right.

Jack: It’s all of us. Or None!

Beryl: You Rhapsody Brats will never seem to change. You always have to have all or nothing. It’s never a compromise with you, is it? But if that’s how you wish it to be… Your friend’s gonna be doomed to oblivion. You all obviously fail to understand. Trigon is all seeing. His mind can be at any place he decides. at any given time.  For us to succeed… Trigon’s attention must be occupied.

Prince Alvin: Yeah. Right. And how exactly is it that you’d expect for us to do that? Huh? We already tried fighting him and Look at where that got us. We got knocked down for the count back here.

Pearl: That’s right. We gave it all we knew that we had.

Beryl: It is the end of the world… Prince Alvin, All of you… Stop and try to think about it for a little.  did any of you really think that this would be easy? As it looks right now… I don’t expect you to win. I don’t even expect you to live. Only to endure what is.

Dinah: *Sighs and makes the choice to step forward* I’ll go with you.

Jack: What?!

Pearl: Dinah, No. Don’t do it.

Dinah: Guys… look. Beryl is a psycho Queen. None of us trust her. But since she’s been serving Trigon till now. and knows the inside somewhat on what Trigon’s planning and what the fate of Raven might be… And if there is even the slightest chance that Raven’s still alive. and down there waiting for to be rescued… What choice do we really have?

Paige: If only our sisters Shanna and Betty were around… They’d be able to help with the fight and it wouldn’t be so hopeless.

Pearl: We know. But they didn’t make it. Only we did.

Beryl: After all the trouble i caused… i’m going on a limb. But here is something to keep in mind. This trip to Earth that Trigon just took… has indeed taken a lot of his power. so it’ll be a while before Trigon will be able to be of anyway able to fight.  With this… You might be able to survive.*Holding out her hand with a fist made at first before opening it to reveal a ring*  It’s a ring of Azar. Forged by the very order that has helped imprison Trigon. I know… from Experience… that it works.

Dinah: *Hugging her sisters before heading off with Beryl* I know that you guys can do it. I’m the tough girl… but you two are Love and Grace… it’s the worst enemy of Hate and terror. Trigon is one of hate as he’s a demon. Most demons are hateful. your love and grace will counter his hate. It’s the best thing to use.

Jack: It may get ugly out there. But don’t worry. We’ll be sure to keep that red sack of Demon spawning Cesspool of Evil well occupied.

Prince Arnold: Yeah… Just wait till he gets a taste of Water Lord’s Hydro blaster right in the head.

Dinah: He’ll never know what hit him.

Beryl: *Feigns feeling touched by the expressed Sentiments that the fighters share* Your goodbye’s are truly touching and mesmerizing. But… *Walking over to the start of the path leading down* We’ve got a job to do.

Dinah: *Stopping to look at her sisters* …

Ami: *Sighs*

Rei: *Nods*

Beryl: *Looking back* Dinah. Come on.

Dinah walks towards the path and barely gets to the beginning when she stops and turns to look at her sisters one last time…

Dinah: *Nods* I’ll Bring Raven back… Promise! Give that Demon something to remember.”

They all had work to keep the demon’s mind busy while My Aunt Dinah and a once Villain but temporary Mutual Ally went to go and find Raven. It wasn’t easy… but yet… they did their best and got Raven back. Not my Cousin… but the Dark powered girl. Raven of Azarath. But… the rest of them… had to fight their Evil Doppelgangers. Their dark halves. From what my mother might have popped out just by what little she did bring out…

“Trigon: I was aware of this rescue mission of yours before your minds could even conceive it in your heads. And therefore known from the beginning that your plan was of no threat to me.  You happen to fail with comprehending the depth of my power. You fail to understand the departure of your friend.  Some remnant of my daughter may yet exist, but the Raven you knew is lost forever.” 

Spencer: That’s what my mother slipped out. One of the things. As she heard it for it was believed that the attempt to bring back Raven was a futile attempt. An attempt that served absolutely no purpose. I can’t tell you as to how many times i had that play itself over and over in my head for a while after she said what she knew. But she did mention that they in the end brought Raven back from the unshaking fate. Brought her back and Raven in the end regained her powers… Fought back and took back the world. Sending the Demon away. Back to where it belonged.

Rikku: Do you think that it could be used to help Yuna. Save her?

Spencer: It’s worth a shot. I don’t know… What my mother and or Aunt Dinah described back then… 14 years ago. As they were bringing Raven back to the others. where she should be… Raven seemed to feel that she lost hope…

Spencer then flashes back to thinking exactly how his Aunt Dinah told it as she lived it…

“Dinah: *Looking at Raven and and concerned* Are you okay?

Young Raven: *Nods and looking sadly at Dinah* Dinah, Alvin… Why are you guys doing this?

Dinah: You do remember… Don’t you?

Young Raven Nods and turns away…

Young Raven: That story that you were telling… i saw pieces of it. like it was coming together. as though it were really happening. You two… my friends… My father. Like it was all a dream that was happening. Whatever it was… it’s all over now.

Dinah: Raven… There might still be a way to stop hi—

Young Raven: No one can stop Trigon… i remember that.

Dinah: ….

Alvin: I don’t buy that. There is a way. We are not gonna give up. Neither are you.

Young Raven: You came down here for nothing.

Alvin: *stepping up closer to Raven* We came here for you. only you.

Young Raven: *Turning to face Alvin and Dinah* Why? I can’t even help you anymore. My powers came from him and now that he’s done with me… I don’t have them anymore… it’s all over. Dinah. i don’t have anything left. I can’t provide any help. *Getting down on her knees* There was a Prophecy. It came true. It is all over now.

Alvin: *Getting on bended knee and next to Raven* Yeah it is.. But so what? We’ve dealt with scenarios like this before. *With Raven still looking at him* With King Lotor… Beryl… General Zod… now Trigon. But we’re still here… Still fighting. Still friends. That has not died. Never will.

The End III

Young Raven: *With tears Running down her face and getting up* How can you say that? There isn’t anything that i can do… Look at me, Dinah… Alvin. There is nothing i can do… *Looking Down in sadness and defeat* There isn’t any hope.

Dinah: *With Alvin* Then i guess that we’re gonna have to have enough Hope for the three of us… *Grabbing Young Raven’s hand Gently and getting her on the back; Having her hold on tight*”

Spencer: It was the end of the world. My Aunts and Uncles. My mother. My father. They all had to fight back and get the world back to how it once was. But till Raven came back or tried to fight back. We were backed into a corner. Raven coming out from being terrified… Fighting back. Destroyed the demon. Sent him away. Because… as my Aunt Dinah would put it… Raven found what she lost. Hope. She found it and with all her power Blasted The demon right on back to wence it came.

Rikku: Do you think that the same miracle could happen for Yuna. That she could maybe overthrow the part where she could get the final Aeon… By getting it and not dying?

Spencer: *Getting up and walking over to the watery glade* Rikku, I don’t know. Okay? I don’t know. I would really like to say that it’s likely to work. But i would be only a total ass to say that yes… it’ll work. then when it came to the actual moment of truth and we tried it and bombed at it. It would make us all look like shitheads. It’s likely to not be in the cards. Only because… the miracle that happened during my mother’s and father’s time… 14-15 years ago… was because of the end of the world. Because of a demon that was released. Now… I am not saying that it will work. I won’t say that it will not work. All i can say is that it is a long shot. That’s all i can say.

Rikku: *Getting up and walking over to Spencer and facing him* Spencer… No plan is absolute. But it doesn’t mean you stop, sit back and not at least try.

Spencer: There is one thing we can do… Thinking back on what i said only minutes ago. What i was once told by my mother… They broke out of the ordeal… overcame it with faith… determination and Fierce will. They had hope on their side even in their darkest hour. They had hope. *Looking at Rikku* Their hope might be what we need. Fierce willpower. Although the others can’t know about this. So… it may be hard… but till its time… You and I will have to play the card of Village idiots. Just to throw the others off. for now.

Rikku: But why?

Spencer: Because… if we told them our plan… or what we were thinking on doing to see that Yuna didn’t die in the end… Getting their hopes up only to see our plan flop or just backfire. It’s gonna break their hearts. It’ll let them all down and ruin what we planned. We will save Yuna in some way… Any way. But right now… we have to be careful. Just taking it a step at a time. Till we know for sure that we can tell the others and we were sure that we could perform the plan and it’d work on keeping her safe.

Rikku: *Grins* Hey…. You just now sounded like a real leader. You know?

Spencer: Did i now?

Rikku: Uh-huh.

Spencer: I try. *Smiles*

A few seconds later…

Rikku: *Sitting down and Sighs* What do you think everyone back home where you’re from are doing?

Spencer: Probably all grieving and missing us all terribly.

Rikku: Do you miss them?

Spencer: Well… yeah. But if i went back… I’d be missing you. Everyday of my life for as long as i might live. Rikku… *Thinking and suddenly coming up with something* I got an idea. Why don’t you come with my family and me to Metropolis when all this is done? Not the Metropolis that is said to be forbidden. But… the one that my family’s from.

Rikku: Really?

Spencer: Sure.

Rikku: You think that i could?

Spencer: I know that you will. You’ll be okay to do that. You can live there. You and your family can live there. Better choices. Living and everything. There you can be free to be who you’re meant to be. To be who you choose to be. There is a lot to do there. The University plays great football games. The Metropolis Bulldogs win alot of the time as they have great players. A Great coach.

Rikku: it’s not like Blitzball… is it?

Spencer: No. But i think that anyone can create that game there. Just need the funds and the material. and the equipment for it. Building a sphere for it. But then…

Rikku: …

Spencer: There’s the View. up high… on top of the tallest tower… When it starts to get dark… You can see the sun set and it’s like the whole city comes alive in the night. The City lights. they glow with such pristine beauty. it’s like you’re seeing the city from up high. Seeing it just pass by. Telling a story of another night in Metropolis. The night life coming alive. My mom Works kinda enjoys the night life. The downtown parts of the city are always so alive. So full of life. And while on the roof on the tallest building… you can literally see as the sun would start to rise. The sky would just glow brighter and warmer. Almost as though you were being bathed in this beautiful light. It’s like a fantasy. But also a dream that just never dies. never ending as each day when the sun rises… it’s as though another day is promised to you.

Rikku: But you’re Albino. How can you know what it’s like?

Spencer: My sister Amy. She has snuck a few secret mornings every so often and would go up there. From what she sees and how it felt to her… It was so breathtaking.

Rikku: I’d really like to see that. sometime.

Spencer: You can. Just let go of this world. Let Spira go. Just go… the heck with it and go. Soar to another place. Live how you like.

Rikku: *Nods*

Although… Even though Rikku was all for the idea… and thinking happily…

Rikku: I can’t leave Spira. *Cries out suddenly* Everything i know is here. Even if i were to leave Spira… and come to your world, Spencer… How will i be able to make it there? What if i don’t fit in? *Crying*

Spencer: *Seeing tears falling from Rikku’s face and seeing her sob* Rikku… *Speaking in Al Bhed language* Rikku, are you okay?

Rikku: *sobbing*

Spencer: *Reaching out to Rikku and hugging her*

Back at the Spring…

Tidus: *Drawing her close* Yuna.

Yuna sobs still…

Tidus and Yuna kissed and Shared a romantic Interlude. It was magical and yet as though they were uniting their hearts as one. It was a romantic symphony.

At the Waterglade…

Spencer and Rikku Started making out and without knowing what they were doing started stripping and yet made sure that no one saw them. The lovebirds… Rikku and Spencer felt the love burn in them. They kissed and in a romantic form lifted up and floated while making out. They were not together that long in Spira time… but given that since Spencer felt it being done in his time stream. That it was longer than 6 weeks that they met one another… and after all they went through and still felt that love was stronger than anything they’ve ever felt before. Rikku never had a boyfriend before and this was Spencer’s first love. He didn’t take to girls before Rikku came into his life. Sure that… he was close to his sisters. They were family. Family was like part of him. It was a moment later that the romantic interlude ended that Spencer and Rikku got up from the ground and were dressed…

Rikku: That was fun. *Looking at Spencer* You know… Remember when in Guadosalam… i made a mention that people in Spira get married at a young age?

Spencer: Yeah. I remember. And i mentioned that there are obstacles and things to have considered. Although… i don’t think that it’d be that much a problem if we were to be wed at a young age. I would be okay with it. But my sisters… Not sure. I mean… sure they’d welcome you in like a sister. That i’m sure of… but married? That is iffy. None of my sisters thought about romance yet. I don’t think that any of them would.

Rikku: What about your mom and dad? Wouldn’t they be okay with it?

Spencer: Sure they would… i guess. I would suppose that we could always ask. Rikku, our moment of love making… was fun. Really fun and pleasant. But the part of stripping and the Semi-intimate stuff… Let’s keep that to ourselves… just for now. I don’t think that the others would understand. My sisters might not get it. My mom and dad would be shocked. The rest though… To be announced.

Rikku: Righto! Don’t worry. I won’t tell any of them about it.

Spencer: It’s cold out here. Wanna sleep here under the stars?

Rikku: You think that we could?

Spencer: It’s safe. Besides those Yevonites don’t know about this place. We should be safe here. We’ll get with the others in the morning.

Rikku: Yeah. *Wondering* Hey, Uh… Spencer?

Spencer: What?

Rikku: Do you think that Yuna’ll be alright?

Spencer: What do you mean?

Rikku: You know… The Pilgrimage. You think that she’ll think to keep going on her Pilgrimage?

Spencer: No idea. But… If it were me… and i had to wonder and make a guess on whether she’d go on or not… I would believe that she just might go on. Although i could be wrong. But, i think that when it comes to whether or not she’d choose to resume her Pilgrimage… It’d have to be up to her to choose. It has to be up to her to make the decision as to whether or not she will go on. The Al Bhed… and you. Auron, Wakka, Kimahri, Lulu. me… or my family. Cousins… Aunts. Uncles. Cid. We could all persuade her and push her to choose to quit… or choose to resume her Pilgrimage. just for the fact that it is what we’d want. Something that we’d wish for her. But in the end… it’s got to be her choice. Yuna’s got to make that choice. it has to be something that she feels in her heart of hearts whether she should give it up or not.

Rikku: I guess.

Spencer: *Looking up and sighs feeling unsure* I know it’s hard. It can be really hard to just wait and hang on… wondering what she’s gonna decide to do. But Rikku… We all have to understand that… No matter what happens and no matter what we are seeing in the choices she’s making. or the path she’s on. We’re not her. We are her friends. Guardians. But we’re not her wardens. We can’t make her do anything that she knows that she would never do. Auron knows that. I think. as does Wakka and Kimahri. Lulu also knows. Plus my family. They know. Cid however… he was serious about making her quit the pilgrimage quicker than a desert melted ice.

Rikku: That’s my pops. He’s like that. Always has been. But i don’t mind it really as it’s how he is… If he wasn’t like that… he wouldn’t be like himself.

Spencer: *Chuckles* That’s true. But it makes me think of Raven and Serena… Serena being with the tough gutsy attitude. If she didn’t have that in her… she wouldn’t be like the Serena we all know.

It was only a minute later when…

Rikku: *Laying down on a comfortable spot next to Spencer* Night.

Spencer: *Laying down next to Rikku; Smiling* Night, Rikku. I Love you. And by the morning… if you still are thinking about getting married; If you and I are really sure… about getting married at our current age. We’ll see about asking my family… then asking Cid and your brother. once we get on back to the Airship. Deal?

Rikku: Righto! *Nods* Night. Love you. *Smiles*

At the Spring…

Yuna and Tidus were sitting side by side while Raven and Serena were on the side Enjoying the view…

Yuna: I’ll continue. I must. If I give up now… I could do anything I wanted to, and yet… Even if I was with you, I could never forget. It’s what i was made to do.

Raven: It’s fate.

Tidus: I’ll go with you.

Serena: So will we. We’ll all go with you.

Yuna: Wha?

Tidus: I’m your guardian. So are the fighters. Unless I’m…fired? Or unless they are canned and have to go.

Yuna: *Shaking her head “no”* Stay with me until the end. *Japanese bow* Please.

Tidus: Not until the end… Always.

Serena: same goes for us. We’re with you… All the way. We began with you… we’re gonna finish it. We’ll be with you… forever. as long as you wish.

Yuna: Always, then.

Kimahri: *Keeping watch in the background, Suddenly smiling and leaving*

Yuna: Maybe you should head back to camp first.

Raven: You sure?

Serena: What about you, Yuna?

Yuna: I’ll be okay. knowing that you guys will always be around.

Tidus: *Nods

He starts to walk away as do Raven and Serena till suddenly Yuna whistled and without a second to think twice they run back.

Yuna: Wait, I’ll go with you.

Raven: *Smiles*

Serena: *Smiling*

Back at the campsite…

Pearl: It’s getting late. Where do you suppose that Spencer and Rikku had gone to?

Paige: I don’t know. He’s your son, Pearl. My Nephew. Your son. He did happen to walk off with Rikku. I think that they were… dating.

Pearl: That’s right. They are Boyfriend and girlfriend. But they should still come back. There are patrolmen out scouting around. Those two are liable to be caught by them.

Luna: We don’t know that. Besides catching them… would be like catching us. We’re all right here. It’d be an easy catch for them.

Annie: They might have fallen asleep where ever it was that they had gone to. They might even not know that they’re expected to be… well back here.

Clint: What do you suppose is going on between them?

Amy: Who knows. But whatever it is that they’re doing… They better be staying out of trouble.

Susie: What could they be doing to get into trouble? Spencer’s a lot smarter than to see in getting himself into trouble. They’re inside that watery glade. The Patrolmen don’t even know about the Watery Glade.

Sapphire: Or so we think. You know those Yevonites will snoop around and if they happen to catch sight of Spencer and Rikku… It’ll be curtains for us as they’ll come for us next.

Blossom: Any idea as to how Yuna is doing?

Zoey: Not a one. She did seem really down and pretty broken up about what we all had gone through in Bevelle. She must be in the most pain because of it. I don’t think that the emotional anguish is gonna be the end of her meltdown. If she’s liable to have one.

Paul: She did look pretty hurt.

Lulu: Yuna has been through alot. This has been hard on her and hard on everyone. It’s not so simple to think about when a Summoner is feeling a lot of pressure.

Crystal: We noticed.


Tidus walked in and seconds later Yuna came back into the campsite…

Kimahri was already there but happened to be silent…

Yuna: Um… Sir Auron? Wakka? Lulu? Kimahri? Rikku? Everyone, we leave at dawn. And…I’m sorry for putting you all through this. *Letting out a Deep Japanese bow* And…um…

Dinah: Putting us through hell… That’s one way of putting it. However… we are not mad as we should normally be. Only because if it weren’t for us being put in this sort of hell… we would have never gotten this far.

Jack: What she means is that all this has been all worth it.

Kimahri: *Not seeing Rikku and Spencer* … *Looking both ways and sniffing for their scent* Rikku and Spencer gone missing.

Pearl: Kimahri, calm down. It’s okay. It’s gonna be alright. They’re not missing. They’re just out on a date is all. It’s nothing to worry about. In fact… they’re possibly at the Watery glade. that secret place that Auron showed to us.

Luna: That’s right. They had to be there. it’s the only place that they could go for right now. Bevelle is out. Luca is also out of the question too… They couldn’t go to Lake Macalania. Nor… could they go to Macalania. there are guards all over the temple there. and that place is likely swarming with Guado. So… the only place that they could really go to for a date is the Watery glade.

Jack: They’ll be alright for the night. They’re safe. As long as they stay in there for the night and not roam around so the patrolmen can catch them… they’ll be fine.

Raven: *Yawning and getting sleepy* Let’s turn in. We can get to that in the morning and then decide where we’re to go from there.

Wakka: …

Auron: That’s a good plan. Wait till morning before deciding where to go next.

A minute later… they got settled in and it took only seconds from there where they had all fell asleep and slept throughout that night…

The next morning…

at the Watery Glade…

Rikku: *Waking up and seeing Spencer next to her* …

Spencer: *Waking up and Seeing Rikku next to him* … Morning.

Rikku: Morning. *Getting up and stretching a bit*

Spencer: *Getting up and stretching a little* Sleep well?

Rikku: Yeah. I gave some thought on what we spoke about last night on the date. I’m really sure about it. I want to think on getting married.

Spencer: Really? I guess that it’s all settled then. *Smiles* I’ll ask my mother and father and get my sisters to walk to the side to talk in private about it. That way we can discuss it. You being present of course…

Rikku: When do you want to get it out?

Spencer: As soon as possible. That way we’re not thinking about it while we’re pushing on ahead beating up villains and beasts.

Rikku: You’re right. Let’s go.

It was then that Spencer and Rikku shared a kiss and smiled. They didn’t want to steal Yuna’s thunder and didn’t want to complicate things. But they knew what they had to do. Spencer took a look out into the woods to see if the coast was clear and saw that the coast was clear and the alarming rate of patrolmen had dissipated quite a lot. A whole lot. However he didn’t want to take the chance on going the long way and be spotted by patrolmen. There was a shortcut through the woods… a trail that went on over the woods and would take them to the other side of the woods. He lead Rikku up the trail and they both went right on their way to the others. However… they came across a odd looking sphere before they reached where the others were. It was a sphere which sat on the ground and right where the path broke off leading to Bevelle…

Spencer: *Looking at the Sphere* This is a Sphere… Looks like it’s got something inside.

Rikku: What could it be? Do you suppose that it could be a recording?

Spencer: Maybe. I don’t know… I think that there’s a button here somewhere.

Rikku: See if it plays.

Spencer: Good idea.

Spencer plays the sphere…

Apparently it had to have been another Jecht Sphere…

“Bevelle Prison…

From a Security camera. Showing Braska entering and Warrior monks giving off a Yevon bow. Braska Approaches a cell…

Jecht: Who are you?

Braska: You are the one they call Jecht, the man from Zanarkand, are you not?

Jecht: What of it?

Aquamarine: *Shaking her head* He sure is a cranky sort. Isn’t he?

Auron: *Trotting into view suddenly* Watch your tongue, knave.

Braska: *Nodding to Auron and to Aquamarine, then faces Jecht again* Ah. My apologies. I am Braska, a summoner. I’ve come to take you from this place.

Aquamarine: Braska could have gone to just about anyone. But choose you. You are something different. Don’t know how… or why. but you are the one he has chosen. I kinda told him that it’d work out best if he were to break someone out who may have known about the holy place.

Jecht: Hmm. Sounds sweet. What’s the catch?

Braska: Ahhaha… That easy to see, was it? I soon leave on a pilgrimage… to Zanarkand.

Jecht: Seriously?

Aquamarine: No joke. He is said to soon make his departure to Zanarkand. It’s considered to be a holy place. At least to Yevon it is… I however… don’t know if i could see it as one.

Braska: Mm. *Nods* I would like you to join us. It will be a dangerous trip. Yet, if we do reach Zanarkand… my prayers will be answered, and you will be able to go home, we think. What say you?

Jecht: Great, let’s go!

Aquamarine: *Laughs a little* Well… I guess that there is no need for questioning him. He’s all for it. Plus… maybe by us getting to Zanarkand. I can probably find my way home and go back to my sister and my family again. God… how i miss them.

Braska: Hm. So quick?

Jecht: Anything to get outta here!

Braska: Then it’s settled.

Auron: But I must protest…This drunkard a guardian?

Jecht: Hey! You want to step in here and say that?

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Aquamarine: Auron, That’s not nice. You know that he might be a Drunk… but try being put in this place. Locked up and thereby be kept from your family. your home. He is hurt. not physically. But emotionally and egotistically. Just like if i was in his shoes and had been put in here. I wouldn’t really last in here long. 

Auron: Even still, Aquamarine. This guy’s a drunk. He looks as though he’s more trouble than what he’s worth. Are we really sure that this is what we’d want.

Braska: What does it matter? No one truly believes that I, a fallen summoner wed to an Al Bhed…could possibly defeat Sin. This is what they say. No one expects us to succeed.

Aquamarine: Change their minds. Show them different.

Auron: Braska, sir…

Braska: *Chuckles* Let’s show them they’re wrong. A fallen summoner, a man from Zanarkand, a warrior monk, doomed to obscurity for refusing the hand of the priest’s daughter and A Resurrected girl from a past life that she regrettably was forced to depart. What delightful irony it would be if we defeated Sin!

Aquamarine: It would be sure an example of irony seeing that we defeated Sin.

Jecht: Stop gabbin’ and get me outta here!

The Recording clicked off suddenly but then resumed a short time later with Jecht in the main room.

Jecht: Ahh… Free at last!

Braska: Now, Jecht… I am in your hands until we reach Zanarkand.

Aquamarine: I haven’t really battled in a while and i may be a tad rusty. But… I too will be following you, Braska.

Jecht: Right, right. So, what’s a summer-ner, anyway?

Auron: *Sighs; Shaking his head*”

The Recording stopped…

Spencer: Jecht didn’t even know what a Summoner was. Is that right?

Rikku: Don’t know. But that girl… Aquamarine. She was pegged as a resurrected girl who regrettably was forced to leave a past life behind.

Spencer: This must have been before the recording where they left on Braska’s pilgrimage. 10 years ago.

Rikku: Ten years ago? that was the time when a mysterious girl came to Spira and was said to find Braska and stay with him. The date fits though, doesn’t it?

Spencer: It’d have to be. But Auron said that it was longer than that. And before we heard it from Auron… before we were to meet again… You and I. Raven and Serena spoke with Yuna and she said something to the effect of where someone named Spock came to Spira.

Rikku: None of it makes much sense, does it?

Spencer: No. It doesn’t seem as though it does.

Rikku: But maybe Yunie told you and your family what she felt happened and what it was that she might have remembered.

Spencer: *Looking to the one side* …. *Looking up and then at Rikku* Maybe you’re right. You might be right about that. I however don’t really know what is the actual story. Auron says that Aquamarine is alive. We all thought her dead. but Then the first Sphere with a memory we saw. In the Watery Glade back when we were heading over to the Macalania Temple where we had to go against Seymour the first time. We see Aquamarine… the sister to my grandmother Rikku L. Rhapsody. Aquamarine… who was said to have been dead for decades. Alive. She’s alive. But before all that… Raven and Serena are told by Yuna that she knew a man named Spock. It just doesn’t make much sense. Who’s telling the truth?

Rikku: Don’t know. But i’ll bet that Auron might know more than what he’s saying.

Spencer: You think that maybe he’s hiding something?

Rikku: Maybe.

A Minute later…

As soon as they made it back to the others…

Paige: *Spotting Spencer and Rikku walking over* Where were you guys?

Spencer: On a date.

Blossom: All night?

Lulu: You two okay?

Spencer: Yeah… We’re okay. Really.

Rikku: There’s something that we’ve got to say.

Spencer: But… it’s only for the ears of my sisters… and my…

Pearl: for your sisters and your father and I, Right?

Spencer: Yeah.

Jack: Right. *Nods* Okay. You guys will have to excuse us for about a moment and wait. *To Amy, Susie, Christina and Penny* Girls… to the Spring. We’re gonna have a talk there.

Clint: What’ll we do here?

Pearl: You guys… start making way to the exit… leading to the next area. Wait there. If we’re not there in 15 minutes… start going without us. We’ll catch up.

Wakka: You Sure about this, ya?

Jack: Not really. But for right now… It’s what’s best.

It was then that Spencer and Rikku along with his mother… his father… His sisters went off to the Springs to talk. But while they made off to talk… The rest… and the guardians as well as Yuna started off to the Exit that lead to the next area of her Journey where as promised… they waited for that short time of 15 minutes…

At the Spring…

Spencer: *Looking at his mother and father* Mother… father. There’s something that i have to tell you. Something that Rikku and I have to tell you.

Pearl: Spencer, Hon… Just tell us. It’s gonna be alright. Don’t be afraid to tell us what’s on your mind.

Rikku: He wants to tell you… just flat out say it. But doesn’t know how to let it out. However…

Spencer: Rikku and I have decided to wed.

All: *Silent*

Jack: What?!

Amy: Spencer, You’re not serious… are you? You want to get married? In Spira?

Susie: You want to get wed under the laws of Yevon? That is not gonna happen. Spencer, As much as we’re wishing for you to be happy and are pleased to see you happy. We can’t allow this. Not here. Not in Spira. Spencer, We are all traitors. Traitors of Yevon. We are renegades. To get married… we’d have to be at the tower of light. In Bevelle. Although after our recent jaunt of barely getting out from permanent death… Bevelle is the last place we’d think to go.

Christina: *Looking at Spencer* When did this big major life altering decision happen?

Spencer: Last night. Last night it happened. Why?

Penny: You do realize that it’s gonna be impossible to be wed. It’ll have to be sanctioned by Yevon. And we are traitors. Maester Mika… That Twisted gramps… He’s not gonna sanction or grant his blessings towards it. We will. But we’re not of this world.

Rikku: What about the Al Bhed. They can grant it. Can’t they?

Pearl: With the way Yevon is towards the Al bhed. Do you think that the Al Bhed will be with any lead way on granting anything?

Rikku: No.

Jack: We’ll find a Priest and have it sanctioned. once on the Airship… we’ll get Cid to take us to the Tower of Light in Bevelle after getting ourselves a Priest to sanction it.

Penny: There’s one who’d do it. One who’s biased and is open to having Al Bhed within a temple wall…

Susie: What do you mean? Who would do that? Almost all holy clergymen and monk in Yevon despise the Al Bhed. They would all object to the marriage.

Penny: Not quite. There’s one who wouldn’t. And i think that Lulu would know about the person. Father Zuke. I do believe that Lulu made a mention of a Monk or a Priest once. She said his name once. However i don’t think that any of us really caught on or asked her to bring it up. If anyone might know about this Father Zuke… She would. She’d have to.

Spencer: If not in Spira… back in our home world… we could do it there. Somehow.

Jack: Of course. But we’ll have to have it where you two eloped. It’d be the only way. But as far as we’re concerned… Rikku is in your life. She’s our future Daughter in Law.

Amy: Our future Sister in law.

Susie: *Smiles and Giggles happily thinking about having Rikku becoming a part of their family* Yeah. That’s right!

Pearl: Let’s get back to the others. You two are in love… one date and you’re thinking about a wedding. Way too soon but… the saying goes… “Love is a gift.” Some people tend to forget that. Although… Not you two. Young love. But love that is true.

They made their way back to where the others were and went right to the exit of the Woods and to the path that lead on to the next area that Yuna would have to journey through. They all waited as they wanted to go all together. as one. Yuna wanted it that way. It was just a second later when they all joined back with the rest that Questions ensued. Many questions that would need an answer. fast. One strip of tell all that was let out… was that Rikku and Spencer were now Engaged. It was a shock to all. A Shock to everyone. Zoey listened and just couldn’t help but shed tears for joy. She wasn’t the one getting engaged but it touched her. Luna also was touched. So was Yuna, Lulu, Blossom. Even Kimahri… but he didn’t express it. Although they all knew that he felt it. It was on to the next Area for them. So much has happened and they were all through so much. But it was not over. It was far from over. They still had the Calm Lands. The Gorge, Mt. Gagazet- Sacred mountain of Yevon. Zanarkand. Then the Main Event… Eventually Sin. But in between Zanarkand… and Sin. They would have a bit of loose ends to tie up. Halfway done… Halfway left to go. What were they to expect in the next area of Yuna’s Pilgrimage? What surprises would they encounter? Was Spencer and Rikku really Engaged? Or was it all an act for the major secret attempt to keep Yuna from giving up her life once they were to reach Zanarkand? Was the girl that was now believed alive gonna be there and still waiting for them? Was there more to what Auron knew concerning the girl? Back in Metropolis Kansas, Were their family closing in on breaking through to finally reaching them or getting contact from them? Find out in the Next Chapter of the Adventures of the Rhapsody Girls Z! As the Saga continues…

It’s the calm lands… the plains that were believed to be long ago… the final battleground against Sin. It’s through the calm lands they go. Peace and serenity and open fields a plenty there is. Nothing but peace… and yet a warning to all… “This is where many summoners have been known to lose their way” Fighters… keep sharp and stay on the path. keep ones eyes on the prize. in… “Embark on the Journey for the Calm. The Calm lands are here. The surprise of a Hidden temple.”


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