Chapter 156: Via Purifico! Rhapsody en route to be condemned.

After the trials were done and the fighters were sentenced to be condemned. Their fate was discussed by the remaining maesters and Mika. They were resolved in seeing to it that Summoner Yuna was extinguished. But that also meant for the Rhapsody fighters as well… In the eyes of Yevon and that meant… Grand Maester Mika… He was not gonna allow for them to live…

Mika: How fares the Ronso maester?

Seymour: It seems my father’s murder troubles him.

Mika: *Chuckles* Ever the Ronso. Hard-headed, hardly useful.

Seymour: However… The summoner Yuna, daughter to High Summoner Braska… She may be of some use to us alive. As will those Rhapsody fighters. Namely the young girl Raven.

Mika: She has disturbed the order of Yevon. She cannot be allowed to live. Neither can the Rhapsody fighters. They are supporting the insurrection of the Al Bhed. They all have disrupted the order of Yevon. The first one to go is that girl they call Zoey. 

Seymour: I understand. *Courtly bow*

Kinoc: Let it go, Seymour. No one thrown into the Via Purifico has ever survived. It’s very highly doubtful that any of them will be with luck on breaking free from the Via Purifico.

Mika: Yet there is always a small chance that they might. Place guards at the exit. Kill any who emerge. If you see the girl Zoey. Seize her. She’s a liability to be let alive. 

Seymour: Sir. *Courtly bow* Leave that to me.

Mika: First your father, now your bride?

Seymour: Allow me to do this because she is my bride. And as for that girl Zoey… She claims to talk to a cat and to a spirit of a Queen not of this world.

Kinoc: Wait. I will go, too.

Seymour: You do not trust me?

Kinoc: Would you trust a man who murdered his father?

Seymour: Very well. As you wish.

They left the balcony and set out to go after the Summoner and the Rhapsody Fighters. The Maesters were all set on going after the Fighters. After the Summoner as well. Plus there was also Zoey. The Maesters were seeming to be threatened by a girl who could talk to a cat and make contact with a spirit of a Queen who not of Spira…

Alternate Reality…


The Watchtower…

Tess: *Looking at Shingo* You and Zeke have gifted kids. And it’s all courtesy of the ladies you married. Zeke, Your Wife… Luna. She used to be the senshi of Love and Everything Little back in the day. 15 years ago. And when she gone all normal… That should have ended her excursion of the senshi. But…

Zeke: It has ended. Tess, My wife isn’t like that anymore. I have had a bad Childhood and Luna broke my reigns of that and trusted me… got me loose from that life. I got out… a better person. Not to forget that she also trusted me to believe that she was no longer a senshi. Told me everything that she used to be… what she was like. Everything. Which i would not blame her if she were it again. I really wouldn’t blame her. Because… Why would there be reason to blame? It’s fate and sometimes… You can’t truly escape it no matter how you try. There is truly no escape. But… She told me herself that… that part of her doesn’t work anymore. when she became all human and stripped from that life… it was all gone. there was gonna be no trace of it left in her. Nothing. No DNA of it anywhere. But you’re telling me that it was something else. Why? Tess… Why?

Tess: It’s because your Wife Luna had a part of that still in her. Dormant. As in sleeping and thought to be forever gone. But when you and Luna gave life to Zoey… The part of your wife that was said to be Dormant. got into Zoey’s DNA. Transferred into her and put into action again.  Your Daughter Zoey… Is not only Zoey. She’s also this…

Tess shows on the overhead what she found…

Tess: Sailor Zoey… The senshi of Love and Justice and the defender of the innocent. Her weapon of selection is the moon wand scepter. She’s not normal now. She has the ability to speak with the Queen of the moon. I did some digging and found that the queen of the moon is also dead. and only speaks in a hologram. So… it’s not exactly like she’s talking towards the Queen.

Zeke: So… You’re saying that my youngest Daughter is a Moon powered Senshi. She can transform into a super fighter.

Tess: Yes.

Shingo: And what about my 3 girls who are gone missing? What of them?

Tess: Your 3 girls who are missing. As well as your Wife Dinah… They’re known as the Thunderic Force Z! You have Sapphire Jodie Rhapsody who is Miss Thunder. She’s the leader of the team although the Leader Mojo isn’t really all there. the team follows her though as they believe that she’ll lead them well. Raven Meredith Rhapsody who is Thunderic Wonder. She is the brain child and the intellect of the team. However… there is little to no time for her to express her intellectual spark therefore the team more than not goes by what they feel and by intuition. Then you got Serena Tina Dinah Rhapsody. She’s Thunder Star. Tough and gutsy. Just like her mother. fierce and wild but also direct. Family straight and loyal just like the father. She’s considered to be the loose wire at times due to how tough she is. But with her toughness… It leaves it being one of the things that give the team the boost of courage and strength that helps. Giving the Mother and father a run for the money. Serena breaks the mold when it comes to your kids.

Shingo: That’s my Serena. She’s always been a headstrong gal. Been like that for as long as we could remember. She’s got Logic of both Vulcan and of an island. Besaid which is a part of the world of Where they’re at right now. Our 3 Daughters have the Logic of Vulcan and of the island.

Alice: What of mines and Alvin’s?

Tess: Your 4 Kids… There’s Paul Charles Alvin Rhapsody. He’s tagged himself with the identity of Honolulu torch Paul. The Hawaiian shaman of Fire. Crystal Diamond Pearl Rhapsody. She’s the Visionary prodigy. The seer of sorts. Seeing into the past… Present and future. Her one and only attack is Psybeam. But she’s Quiet when she’s said to use it.

Alice: That i know… and she is usually never Quiet at all… She’d be at least saying something. Anything to keep from setting to use it. Not that she will… but just that she doesn’t want to take that chance.

Tess: There’s also the twins. Sora and Carly.

Alice: Yeah. They happen to Esp. Extra sensory perception…

Tess: But they also have the capability to cast Magic. And when they do it as one… It’s double the power. Their instructor happened to be a black mage. By the name of Lulu.

Tess then Puts up the image…

Alice: Wow! She looks like a serious goth. seriously.

Shingo: She’s showing the Twins how to cast the Spells?

Zeke: She’s gotta be one heck of a teacher then.

Shingo: What about the other kids? Our Nieces from our sister-in-laws and brother-in-laws? Pearl and Jack. Paige? What about their kids?

Tess: The others… The others are as you know or should know… are also heroes. Paige’s 4 kids are known as the Rhapsody Romancers Z! And Pearl and Jack’s Kids are known as the Rhapsody Aquatic Force Z! The first one is Annie Paige Rhapsody. She’s known as the hero called Miss Bliss. She’s the leader. Her sister Daria Emerald Jane Rhapsody… aka… Miss Passion. She’s the passion inducer of the romancers. Clint Frank Rhapsody… aka… Sir Love. Courteous and sincere. He attacks the oppressors of love with love and romantic sentimentality. Then there’s Theodore. Theodore Henry Rhapsody… aka… Dancing heartthrob. He’s the said twinkle toes of the team. He doesn’t express it but get him going and he’ll dance you to a sugar induced coma with his love steps. The girls attack with heart shaped guitars that let out Love power. The guys have heart rods that emit music and hearts with each and every attack. We then have the Aquatic force Z!. You might know who they are as they’re related to you also… There’s Amy Star Rhapsody… aka… Angelic Bubble. She’s the leader. She leads her team of water, ice and frost. Some of their moves are glittery with Gems of light. But where she leads… the team follows. Susie Kate Rhapsody… aka… Bubbling star. She is the second in command of the team. She helps Amy out when needed. Between the two… it’s hand in hand. Christina Sapphire Rhapsody… aka… Melodic bubble. She is the foreseen musical one. But don’t get her going with the musical front. She’ll sing a river and give you a one way ticket to a sentimental rush. although her mother never sang much around them. Penny Natalie Rhapsody… aka… Bubble Gem. She’s the glitz and glam of the team. If you have the talk for the fashion… She’ll open up. Her attacks are mostly of glitz but with her element of water and ice. her attacks may be eye openers… but for the enemies… it’s their nightmare. Last but not least… Spencer Rubeus Rhapsody… aka… Frosty Ice Bubble. He’s the Albino of the team and the only male. It makes him the lonewolf McQuaid. But when it comes to the team. He’s none better an ally. A part of the team and the considered monk of the team. His frost crosses will cancel and ice down any enemy that pops out. Although with his being an albino… he’s highly weak and vulnerable to heat and fire.

Shingo: Wow! So… our kids are the new Generation of heroes. *Whistles* Well… how about that one? Look out Thunder Mistress… Our 3 girls are in for the long road. The New Thunder fighters are here to storm in.

Zeke: That’s for certain. Not to mention Paige’s Kids and Pearl’s Kids. I am sure that the kids are gonna give the original Rhapsody girls a good run for their buck. They’re good. But these kids of ours… They’re gonna be quite a lively crowd.

Alice: Don’t forget my kids. They’re also in it. The twins now have power of the elements and that’s a start for something.

Zeke: However… the part about Pearl never singing much around her kids… that’s true. She has not done much of that around them. Now… she probably sings to herself. in the shower. At least it’s what Jack told me… once.

Shingo: That’s nothing. My wife has moments where she talks to herself in the mirror. I sometimes hear it and it’s like she lost it… but she says that she does it for some kind of stress release.

Alice: Nice. We all have secrets then.

Zeke: we do. And the fact that you never knew that your kids had powers… Sounds like you’ve been a little jaded or absent in noticing things about the young ones.

Alice: I know. But i work at a psychic house. I am a psychic. I should know about things and should be there to know about my kids… as a mother should. It should be like instinct. But my twin daughters have the Esp. The Esp is hard to… penetrate. And this is a secret. No one is to know this… but my husband and i feel that they are with potential to be… well… either normal girls… or wizards… that as soon as they turn 13… we’re thinking of enrolling them… sending them to the school of magic and wizardry. Just don’t say the school’s name. It’s not for sure though… we’re weighing out all our options first.

Tess: *Looking at the screens* I’ve locked on to their signal. It’s official that they’re in spira. Earlier when you guys mentioned that they were missing and didn’t know where it was that they’d gone to… I did some back tracking and worked on getting the Orbiter to Re-position and lock on to their signal. They’re in Spira. In a city known as Bevelle. *Getting readings from the orbiter* They’ve been sentenced to be condemned. Crimes: Inflicting dire injury upon a Maester Seymour. Joined and conspired with the Al Bhed aiding in their insurrection.

Shingo: Condemned? *Feeling faint* Where exactly are they?

Zeke: Are they alright?

Alice: Please… Are they alright?

Tess: *Trying to get a positive fix* Hold on.

P.A System: Positive Fix on Rhapsody girls.

Annie Rhapsody… found.

Daria Rhapsody… found.

Clint Rhapsody… found.

Theodore Rhapsody… found.

Amy Rhapsody… found.

Susie Rhapsody… Found.

Christina Rhapsody… found.

Penny Rhapsody… found.

Spencer Rhapsody… found.

Sapphire Rhapsody… found.

Raven Rhapsody… found.

Serena Rhapsody… found.

Paul Rhapsody… found.

Crystal Rhapsody… found.

Sora Rhapsody… found.

Carly Rhapsody… found.

Zoey Rhapsody… found.

Blossom Rhapsody… found.

Paige Rhapsody… found.

Pearl Rhapsody… found.

Dinah Rhapsody… found.

Jack Rhapsody… found.

Luna Rhapsody… found.

Alvin Rhapsody… found.

Arnold Rhapsody… found.

Avery Rhapsody… found.

Curtis Rhapsody… found.

Zeke: *Relieved* That’s a relief. We should find a way to make contact with them.

Tess: I’m working on that now. It’s gonna take some time. You forget that we’re breaking the laws of dimensional barriers and shifts. This isn’t gonna be so easy to do. The Orbiter will need to be positioned in the direction of where the Time rip leading to the alternate world/dimension where Spira is. It’s gonna be a while… and there are about many directions for it to point to. It will take some time.

Shingo: How much time?

Alice: They could be in danger over there.

Zeke: Alice, Have some faith. We can’t think that they are gonna be in danger. We don’t know what they’re up against…

Alice: *Putting her foot down* And neither do they. You are being blind to the danger that they could be in. That place that they are in… looks quite like a Dark dungeon. No light. No air. No circulation. Possibly no way out either. You need to wake up and see what is really going on.

Shingo: Alice, Stop it. There is nothing we can do. Tess is right now doing all that she possibly can to get a fix on them all. It is gonna take some time to get it done. Not to mention where even if we get a hold of them… it isn’t like we can obtain the communication. We might be liable to hear them… but they won’t be able to hear us.

Alice: *Worried* I sure hope that they’re okay…

In the Alternate Reality…

In Bevelle’s Dungeon…

“Forgive me, Lady Yuna.”

The Via Purifico’s Drier section…

Yuna: *Walking around* … *Walking ahead and going left* …

Within a few seconds or so…

Yuna: *Spotting Serena* Serena… I… I’m…

Serena: *Looking Pissed on count of Yevon But Relieved to see Yuna in one piece* Save it, Yuna. You don’t have to bother apologizing. You did what you had to do. I don’t really care what got into you up till now. All i care about is that you’re okay and fine again. No matter what… We’re with you. We have been with you since the start. We’re not about to leave now. *Shaking her head over what she’s gonna do next* … *Smiles and Suddenly Giving a playful Noogie on the head* Come here, you Nutty Summoner you… What’re we gonna ever do with you, huh? *Looking ahead and then at Yuna grinning before letting go* What do you say we go and find the others and bring our whole motley crew back together as one again?

Yuna: *Nods and Smiles* Yes. Let’s go find the others.

Serena: Right. *Pulling out a compass*

Yuna: What’s that?

Serena: A Compass. Don’t really know how i managed to wind up with one though as i never figured that i needed one. But the strangest thing about this is that… it’s one that tracks others who have the same element as the one holding the compass at that time. *Looking at the Compass and watching the arrow* It’s pointing north and then northeast. Raven or Sapphire might be close by.

Yuna: You sure?

Serena: I’m sure. Although… with the way this place looks… It’s rather hard to say one way or the other. *Walking onwards and searching for the others* We’re gonna be alright. You just stick close to me. I can’t say that i can really transform here. Something about this place is nullifying the ability to change.

Yuna: I can still summon.

Serena: That’s good. We’re gonna most likely need that Summoning Aeon Mojo. Actually we always needed it. We just didn’t want you to use them much because seeing you getting hurt was just the last thing we’d need. We didn’t want that to happen. But down here… we’re gonna need to trust in what you got to battle with the Aeons and cream the fiends that might be here.

As they walked on… they came across a couple more members of their large party…

Yuna: Raven… Sapphire!

Raven: Yuna… no. Don’t. You don’t have to apologize. It’s alright. We understand. It kinda hurts that you felt that you had to do all that you’ve done since we lost you while being plucked from the very bottom of Macalania lake. It’s fine though. You only did what you believed was the right thing. If it was us in your shoes… We’d do the same thing.

Sapphire: Let Yevon blow out it’s own butt… We’re gonna do our own thing. We’re with you, Yuna. No matter what.

Yuna: *Nods*

Seconds later… They came across Lulu…

Yuna: Lulu, I…

Lulu: It’s okay. I know. *Looking at the girls* You girls alright?

Sapphire: *Grinning* Peachy keen, Lulu. We’re okay.

Raven: We’re not happy with what the Maesters have done. But… we’re still here and are still together.

Serena: The Maesters tried to send us to our end. Not a chance in even their dreams.

Lulu: Where’re the others?

Raven: We’ll find them.

As they pressed on…

Yuna: Paul, Crystal…

Paul: Forget it, Yuna. It’s nothing. We forgive you.

Crystal: Did you really think that we were gonna just ditch you after all this?

Paul: Not a chance. Those Maesters could try to do whatever they could to us… but we’re still here and we’re not stopping.

Serena: Not a chance. We’re sticking. *Looking ahead* We better keep looking for a way out of here. But also look for the rest. They’re here somewhere. We just have to keep going and looking to see if the others are here.

Raven: Yeah. Good idea. I think that Zoey and her cat are near. I kept hearing this odd sound of meowing.

Sapphire: I heard it too… But didn’t think much about it since this place is crawling with fiends in places. So… it seemed to be just the fiends growling and screeching.

Paul: I can still use my fire down here… But it’ll only hold out for so long.

Lulu: We should go.

They kept looking around and were only walking around a little as they happened to be looking for an exit. but also looked for the others. Not too far away…

Sora: I don’t like it here.

Carly: Neither do i. This place is the worst. It’s scary and i am barely holding off from being terrified.

Sora: I feel the same way. *Feeling angry* Mean Maester Kinoc. Seymour is an over grown meanie. The Maesters are all mean. Even that Kelk Ronso. But i noticed that he didn’t stick around after the bombshell we blabbed out at Seymour being a murderer.

Carly: Sora. That was Serena that said it. Not us. But… you’re right. Kelk got shook and left. he didn’t stick around after that. We didn’t see him anywhere.

Sora: I don’t believe anyone had. But i am so mad. we’re 11… or 10 going on 11 and we’re condemned. We’re tagged as traitors. We’re traitors.

Carly: Traitors of what? To a Faith full of bigots? Yeah. I think that we got that. We got that loud and clear. *Annoyed and upset*

Sora: Where are the others?

Carly: Nowhere… somewhere… everywhere. Who cares? I just want to go home. I hate it here. I hate this place. Hate this world… and i hate the fact that we had anything to do with this predicament that we got dragged into. *Upset*


Yuna: Sora… Carly. I…

Sora: Yuna… *Sighs* It’s okay. Really. You didn’t know that this was gonna happen. None of us did. But… if it’s alright. Can we please get out of this place?

Carly: we really don’t like it here. It’s dark. Scary. Spooky and i think that there are fiends here and they might have lost control of their facilities and let off some foul gas. Phew! *Holding her nose and Trying to shake away the bad stench* Smelly.

Paul: It’s a bit smelly here… but it’s not too bad. It’s just the musky smell or the fumes that are getting you. It’s making you smell things that aren’t really there. This place happens to play tricks on your mind is all. It’s gonna be okay, Sora. Carly. Don’t worry too much about it. Let’s go and see where the others are at…

But as they went on to look for more of their gang and rescue them from the Via Purifico…

In the side clearing on the far left side of the Via Purifico…

Zoey: *Feeding her cat June and Looking for a way out* The exit is blocked. I can’t get out.

Blossom: Neither can i… *Groaning and finally stirring from being chucked into the dark Dungeon* This is the path to the Condemned. But we’re already condemned and i really don’t think we’re gonna get out of here, Zoey.

Zoey: I know. I’m scared of this place. I sure hope that my mom is alright. Wherever she is.

Blossom: Same goes for my dad. He’s out there somewhere. Somewhere out there inside this place.

Zoey: Where do you suppose the others are? You suppose that they’re looking for us?

Blossom: I don’t know. I really don’t know… Zoey, you’re with the senshi power… can’t you use some of that to maybe… i don’t know… detect for any presence besides ours nearby?

Zoey: I could… But… there’s a problem. Something about this place is canceling any power going out. I can’t transform. I can’t even use any of the senshi abilities.

Blossom: *With a stone serious face* we’re doomed.

Zoey: Not quite. I can’t detect… Not now… But June can.

Blossom: *Gasps realizing* Wait a minute, That’s right. She can… Can’t she? Is she detecting anything?

Zoey: I think that she is… Her ears are up and she’s alert.

Blossom: *Seeing shadows suddenly* Uh… Hey, Zoey. There’s someone coming.

June: Zoey… I’m detecting 9 shadows.

Zoey: Are they friendly? Do they pose a threat?

Blossom: *Hearing voices* It’s the others. That’s Serena, Raven, Sapphire, Sora, Carly, Lulu. Paul and Crystal plus Yuna.

Zoey: You sure… it’s them? *Hearing the voices* I’m detecting energy. It’s Thunder… Fire. A Mage. Twins. A Psychic. Vision Foresight. Psychic Perception. A Summoner. It’s them. It’s them…

Blossom: Relieved, aren’t we?

Zoey: Relieved… yes. Happy and tickled about our being in this place… No. Do i want out of here… Yeah. *Walking over to the bars and trying to pull on them* These bars must be able to be pulled out. We can break away the bars… Blossom… Come and let’s see on getting these bars pulled apart.

Blossom: Okay. It’s time that we got out of this place anyway.


Sora: *Looking within the bars* Zoey… Blossom. Get back. We’re gonna freeze this… gate.

Paul: No. Wait… There was a center path… A center path that lead straight. But halfway down… there was a gate blocking the way. But to our right… there was a side room with some kind of panel of some kind. With the symbol for a Destruction sphere. Let’s go.

Serena: Raven… Sapphire. You go with Paul. for back-up. The rest of us will stick here.

Sapphire: You got it, Jellybean. Raven… Paul. Let’s go and check it out.

Raven: Yuna… You try to see where the others are. But while on your own… summon for Shiva. Have her out. For a guard. The rest of us will stay here to hold on till this side gate us gone and we got Zoey and Blossom loose from this side opening.

Yuna: Okay.

Yuna along with Paul, Sapphire and Raven left to go and see the side clearing that Paul mentioned seeing. He didn’t want to get their hopes up… Of course they weren’t exactly holding their breath either as they were just wanting to find a way to bust Zoey out from that side opening on the far left side. That was about the only thing that they wanted besides the fact that they were also looking for the others and for the exit…

A minute or two later as they had to fight off some fiends on the way…

Paul:  See that?  *Pointing to the symbol on the wall* That’s the Symbol… We touch that pedestal and it might just as well break open that barred door.

Raven: How could it work though? Doesn’t it need to be activated?

Sapphire: I think that it already had been.

Paul: But who? Who else could have done it?

Luna: *Walking from behind with Paige and Pearl* That’s because we activated it.

Sapphire: *Stops in surprise* Huh? Aunt Luna, Aunt Paige… Aunt Pearl. What brings you here? Wait a minute… we know… You were sent here with the rest of us… But how did you get to solving this mess?

Paige: A mystery. Luna was in the side clearing where the same symbol was on the wall. She said that she didn’t even really touch it. Maybe get in front of it and suddenly saw the mark on the wall glow twice. It glowed twice and then went dead. I was in that opening here and for some reason…

Pearl: It appeared right before our eyes. Right before we could blink. You kids should have checked out every square inch of this place before going to look for one another.

Sapphire: We went through alot of this place so far. We found Crystal, Sora and Carly. Serena. Or actually… she found us. Yuna found her. Then there’s Zoey and Blossom. They’re behind a gated clearing on the far left side of this Dungeon.

Pearl: We’re all trapped here. Expected to be condemned here. This could be where we all die.

Raven: Really? Because if our mom was here… she’d be thinking that this was just a trick. I think it is a trick. I mean… we’re in a maze and there are treasure chests here. All over. in spots.  But… We should get to searching for the others.

Pearl: That’ll help. As it is… i haven’t even been able to find my kids. Annie and Daria are likely to be by where Auron is. There are 3 people up ahead. No idea who it could be.

Paige: We’ll find out. Yuna… Step on that platform.

Luna: *Nods* …. *Thinking* Have you seen where my Daughter is?

Paul: Aunt Luna, we already told you where she was. Let’s get with finding the others and then see on getting out of here.

Yuna: Yes.

Sapphire: …

Yuna then walked over to the one platform and within seconds it glowed twice and then the symbol vanished and switched to the platform in the first clearing leading into 3 directions and it within seconds Lifted by an inch off the ground. It then Sped up ahead and got rid of the gates. It was now open for Zoey and Blossom to get out of that side clearing. With them out and free… they ran up and got back with the others and went to look for the remaining people that were within the Via Purifico. On the right side of the Via Purifico within the path… There was one clearing…

Kimahri: *Standing*

Serena: There’s Kimahri.

Blossom: Hey Kimahri…

Kimahri: Yuna, sorry we left you alone.

Yuna: No, it’s okay.

Zoey: It’s nothing to worry about. She came to find us all. We’re all together. Well nearly all together.

Pearl: That’s right. We are. Although… my kids are still not here.

Yuna: Let’s keep going. We’ll get out of here.

They walked on and searched for the rest and didn’t have any luck till they got to the spot where there was a straight path leading to what seemed to be an Exit. The long path was lit with a red light. But before it…

Auron: There must be an exit somewhere. We search!

Annie: Hey guys. You made it… Lucky. We might have found the exit. Although i don’t think it looks like it’s completely safe.

Daria: Really. This place looks like it could close up on us at any time.

Amy: *Coming out from the red lighted Path* Well… We’re all together, Susie and Penny believe that there is an exit nearby. At the end of the path.


Susie: *At the beginning of the long path* Yeah. Come on. *Seeing her mother* Hey mom. You’re alive. Thank god. We were worried sick. Dad was crying up a storm about it. Worried that you were up the river styx.

Pearl: Well… the fact that we were all separated and with uncertain belief that we’d ever be with one another again will do that to a person.

Kimahri: It will be alright.

Susie: You sure about that? We are still missing our brother Spencer. There is Clint and Theodore and Don’t forget Our Aunt Dinah. Rikku. Tidus and Even Wakka.

Amy: We were with a contradictory. Because for a while he was being a bit of a Racist. But then… just a couple moments or so before we were put here…

Blossom: He changed. He saw the light and saw that…

Zoey: The Yevon faith wasn’t the Faith that he thought it was.

Sapphire: Saw it… or was it that he Dived into seeing as his faith got exposed as a hypocritical faith which betrays its own teachings. on a daily basis.

Paige: Sapphire, That is more than what he had done… Dear. Wakka just was flat out crushed by what he saw his faith become. It betrayed it’s own teachings and the sad part of it is… Yuna’s got to somewhat show that she is following it even though she’s caught the truth. And as she continues the Pilgrimage.

Amy: Aunt Paige, I don’t really know how that will be likely to happen as Yevon marked her as a traitor. Marked us as traitors. They’re sure not gonna make it easy. We can as Auron said defy Yevon if we must… But… it’s not gonna make anything change that doesn’t want to change on it’s own.

Susie: That’s why we’re gonna have to take the shot and make that change. We came to take care of Sin. And Yuna’s on a Pilgrimage to defeat Sin. Bring the calm. So… If we defeat the Beast and bring the calm. Plus… change things so… Yuna lives in the end and not… Die. It will change things. People will change.

Christina: *Walking over after overhearing Susie* You know what… Susie’s right. Things won’t change because we want it. or demand it to… If we want it to be better. We have to fight for it to be better. take the risk and risk everything for it. None of this will be easy. None. But unless we do something… everything we have done here will be for nothing and it’ll all be back to square one. Yuna worked her self hard. really hard. Despite the snag of her… and us being marked as traitors… If her father was here… I think that we could all say without any flaws… that he would be ever so proud of her.

Zoey: Let’s get out of here while we can… it’s really scary. I don’t like it.

Luna: It’s gonna be alright. That path there looks like an exit. We’re almost there.

Amy: Penny is up ahead and waiting. Let’s go.

It was only a minute or so later when they were finally at the end of the red lighted path when…

A form walked from the side as they reached the Last chamber of the drier section of the Via Purifico…

Blossom: *Gasps* Isaaru?!

Zoey: Isaaru! What are you doing here… you were still on the Airship when we last seen you.

Isaaru: Lady Yuna… So it is you!

Yuna: Why are you here?

Isaaru: We rode the airship to the Calm Lands, then came to Bevelle. Maester Kinoc summoned us then. Ordered us to “deal with the traitors.”

Serena: Oh come on… Isaaru. Don’t tell us that you’re a follower of Yevon’s garbage. After all that you’ve seen and after being kept safe by the Al Bhed. The Guado were gonna hurt the Al Bhed just to get to Yuna and they had. The Al Bhed saved you and Dona. kept your guardians in safe harbor. Although the only one we didn’t see was Barthello.

Luna: Isaaru, What’s gotten into you. Stop this.

Yuna: *Crushed*

Auron: You will fight us?

Isaaru: The temple’s orders are law. Even if you are Lord Braska’s flesh and blood… You’re a traitor!

Amy: That must make us Traitors too then.


Susie: Wait… Isaaru. You said that the temple’s orders were law. But that means that the temple’s all follow Yevon. Although… You’re a Summoner… Just like Yuna is. Right?

Isaaru: Yes. That is correct. But even though I am a Summoner… I have to follow the laws of Yevon. The Temple’s orders can’t be disobeyed.

Susie: Why do you follow the Temple’s? They don’t give power to the Summoners. The Fayth do. They’re the ones who give the power to the Summoners. They should be who you follow. Not the Temple’s or Yevon. They’re not the ones who control the Summoners. The Fayth do. You are listening to the wrong side. Pointing fingers at wrong people… because Yevon says to. because they happen to be Racist. Do yourself a favor and don’t act like them.

Isaaru: They can not be ignored. I’m sorry.

Lulu: His guardians…I don’t see them.

Isaaru: Maroda and Pacce are not here. I will do this unhappy deed myself.

Sora: But…

Zoey: If that’s your choice… You leave us no choice.

Yuna: …

Isaaru: Forgive me, Lady Yuna.

Within seconds Isaaru and Yuna started the match. Isaaru summoned for his Ifrit. Yuna called for her Valefor.

Isaaru: Your aeons against mine!

The battle began and Both Aeons came to blows and attacked one another. Valefor used the Sonic Booms and Ifrit used the Meteor Strike. It wasn’t long before the others could see that the Aeon Iftit… on Isaaru’s side was about to use its overdrive. Valefor was not with a full charge yet. But Valefor’s next attack got it at full charge on its overdrive. That was then… when it used the Overdrive Energy Blast… It fired right at Ifrit. Laying on a direct hit and took out the Opponent…

The next Aeon battle was Between Isaaru’s Valefor and Yuna’s new Aeon Bahamut.

Isaaru: It’s not over yet!

The two Aeons went at it and Isaaru’s Valefor went right for Yuna’s Bahamut. Attacking it. With Sonic Booms. But Yuna’s Bahamut came back with Impulses. It was not all that much passing the time before both sides had fully charged Overdrive gauges. The only fated question was on who’d be using their overdrive first? Valefor… Or Bahamut?

Susie: *Watching* That Aeon looks more like a demon… Is that really an Aeon?

Lulu: Yes. that Aeon that Yuna’s using… is a Bahamut. It might look a bit spooky. But the Aeons all serve the summoner and fight for the summoner. Fighting on the Summoner’s side. This battle is a free for all. It isn’t supposed to happen. Aeons are not supposed to be used to battle each other like this.

Penny: Well… I think that it’s slipped their minds. Because right now Yuna is battling against Isaaru and is not doing so bad. She’s already beaten two of the Aeons that Isaaru summoned out. Or is about to beat the second one out of a possible 3.

Bahamut on Yuna’s side suddenly poised itself and unleashed its Overdrive attack: MEGA FLARE!

Within that one attack Isaaru’s Valefor was defeated and the second match was over. It was gonna get really close as Yuna had to unfortunately go through a 3rd match…

Seconds later, Isaaru summoned for his Bahamut and Yuna called for her Aeon Shiva.

Isaaru: I cannot let you pass!

It was a fast match as Yuna’s Shiva was at full power already and with the Overdrive Gauge fully charged. Shiva Launched her Overdrive: Diamond Dust. Right at Bahamut and It was a direct hit. It was over. There wasn’t much left of Isaaru’s Aeon as it was knelt down and literally near defeat. All it took was one more hit and BAMM! Isaaru’s Bahamut was out for the count. It was over.

Once the battle was over…

Yuna: *Walking over to heal Isaaru*

Isaaru: Stay Away!

Lulu: Yuna, let’s go.

Blossom: He’s done. But we really didn’t wish to hurt him. We wanted to get through to him.

Curtis: And you have, Sweetheart. It’s just his pride that’s showing is all. But it’ll be alright.

Blossom: *Gasps and turns* Dad?!

Curtis: *Seeing his Daughter* Hey Princess. You okay?

Blossom: I am now that you’re here.

Isaaru: There’s a way to the surface up ahead.

Serena: There is?

Isaaru: Yes. Just follow the path of the light. It’ll lead you out of here and back up to the surface.

Yuna: *Giving a deep Japanese Bow*

Auron: *To Isaaru* Your pilgrimage is over.

Sapphire: You can try to go on with your Pilgrimage if you wish, Isaaru. But after just being defeated by Yuna… I don’t know how that would be of any use to you.

Penny: But we’re sporting and with civility… So We’ll be sure to give Maester Seymour the Murderer of Lord Jyscal a beating for you.

Isaaru: *Moans a little* Right.

They were finally out of the Via Purifico minutes later as they reached the surface. It wasn’t easy for them although… they did what they had to do to get up to the surface. As for Spencer, Clint and Theodore, Rikku, Dinah, Tidus and Wakka… They were in the underwater section of the Via Purifico swimming for their very lives. The crew however found some treasure and items which helped them out a bit. But they also had to battle some fiends. which wasn’t all that hard as they had thunder. At least Rikku did. And so had Dinah. Between the two of them, they shocked the water fiends to a crisp. But they had a way to go. before they were to make it to the surface. Would they be able to make it out alive? Would they ever see the others again or Would the Underwater section of the Via Purifico be their final resting place? Rikku and Spencer kept their spirits up as much as they could although they realized that it was not gonna be so simple on their end because they weren’t the only ones there in the water. Would the get to the Exit in time and nab a lucky break; not having to battle whatever untold beast was said to be down there with them? Would they be living to tell the tale of their ordeal? What surprises and perils were there in store for the Fighters and Guardians next? Find out in the next Chapter of the Adventures of the Rhapsody girls Z! As the Saga continues…

Back into safety and out from the prison and then met face to face with Seymour. Looks like Round two with Seymour is imminent. No time for a break in sight. Rhapsody New Generation Vs. Maester Seymour the Unsent clash and encounter for Round 2 in: “Uh-oh! Here comes Seymour for round 2. Kimahri to Tidus and Rhapsody fighters… “RUN! PROTECT YUNA! NOW!”


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