Chapter 155: Rhapsody on Trial. In Yevon’s high court they be.

In the Alternate Reality where their family was…

In Metropolis, Kansas…

At Dinah’s and Shingo’s house…

November 14th 2042…

Shingo: *Fixing up some coffee and Thinking* How do you take your coffee, Tess?

Tess: However is fine. Really. I’ll be fine with however it’s made.

A Minute later…

Shingo: *Looking at the facts and records of when Dinah went missing along with a # of others* Okay… I can’t reach Chloe. She’s not answering her cell and She’s last i heard stepped down from Watchtower’s control. You’re the head of Watchtower. So Like it or feel it a bit too sour for your side. But… I can’t start with anyone else. No one on the outside knows of this. Nor will they help. Sid. He knows but is keeping it hushed for our sake. Oliver won’t reply. Clark. Who knows where he’s at. Embracing his calling as a full on reporter by day and Super hero by night. Tess, Chloe stepped down from being with the Watchtower and which means only that she’s also passed on all documents and archives of my family. Rhapsody Clan. Namely me being one of them…

Tess: I can see that. Now… You said that it was Sept. 13th at 8 PM when your wife Dinah… and the 3 oldest girls… Sapphire, Raven and Serena went missing. Where were you when this all went down?

Shingo: I was at work. Doing a shift for my Boss Mr. Willard. He had a shift that needed filled. He didn’t have anyone else to call as the rest were swamped. So he says. But i got wise to some of his little games. He just doesn’t happen to know it yet. But i do. I know. Anyway… I was at work. Filling in on a shift. I barely got off work at like lets see… It was a Monday i suppose… No. it was Saturday. I barely got back home here and looked forward to seeing my wife and kids on a Sunday morning. Figured that we’d go out on an outing as a family. I had that day off anyway as my On call Client i served as a private driver was not in need of any escorts that day. So… i was gonna use that Sunday for a relaxing day with the family. Something that i figured would be nice. However. But i didn’t get that chance…

Tess: You didn’t get that chance because they were found missing. No trace. Nothing. Do you have any clue where they may be?

Shingo: They’re in an alternate Dimension. An Alternate world called Spira.

Tess: Spira? You’re refering to it as such… Like a fantasy world. A Jump from one world… to another. A World Jump. A jump between worlds or dimensions.

Shingo: Right. The only question is how did they get there and how exactly can we reach them. Contact them or bring them back?

Tess: I don’t know. It will be hard to say as it’s never been tested before. You’re talking about jumping time streams and World Dimension barriers. The only ones who can do that are the team from the USS Enterprise. They’re the only ones who can World Jump from one place to another.

Shingo: We need to do something. My two young daughters Sakura and Hikaru are missing their mom and so is our only son Sora. Sora is missing momma too. He doesn’t speak though. He was born with no voice box. We found that out on the 5th birthday when it was common for a toddler or little kid to speak. He said not a word. It wasn’t till we took him to a doctor when we found out… They managed to inject a Artificial Voice Box that will help with his speaking. But he only speaks in Japanese. The Voice Box only has one language.

A second later…

Tess: Okay. This is what we’ll need to do. I’ll head over to Watchtower by this evening. See what i can pull up. But to get to the bottom of the matter and get caught up on what your daughters who’re missing are involved with. Plus Dinah, Pearl and Paige. Along with the 4 men and Luna. Plus her one daughter Zoey, was it…? I will be needing to reopen the files on them. Using their Identification Info to sync in with their belts if they still have them. The 3 Ladies. and see if i can get the Watchtower’s orbiter to lock on their Beacons. Their power source.

Shingo: Good. If you find anything that helps… Let me know. Or reach Zeke. He’s gonna need to be kept in the fold. As will Alice. They’re hysterical.

Tess: Exactly.

It was later…

At Rikku and Nick’s house…

Rikku L. Rhapsody: *Watching a DVD with her Fiance* Nice night for Movie.

Nick: Sure is. The courts were a mess all week this week. But with Thanksgiving on the Horizon. It’s expected… Had alot of cases to sort through.

Rikku L. Rhapsody: Especially that one with the Trafficking of Drugs. She was counted for frauding the system.

Nick: It took 6 years to have that resolved. But every now and then we have to deal with working on a follow-up.

Rikku L. Rhapsody: Yeah. I had the Judge work it over and i am having to monitor any change in activity in the case.

Nick: Sounds like you don’t want to work it much.

Rikku L. Rhapsody: It’s not that… it’s just that i don’t like having to work with a client like Mrs. Sands. One being that… She can’t keep her stories straight. one minute she says that the husband was hitting her or her Ex was trying to get on her.

Nick: You believe that foul play was involved somewhere?

Rikku L. Rhapsody: Yeah. I do. I don’t like being lied to like that. I mean… it’s one thing to be told something that seems to be a little off. But it’s something else when it turns out that it was nothing other than a lie. And the fact that i managed to believe it. It didn’t screw things up. It made me look like an idiot because i believed her. and believed her sob tale of how she was struggling so much all the time. Then people wonder why i hate politics and dealing with the Judicial system and putting up with some of the things that happen to go on. It is not like i regret it. It is only the fact that when people lie to you… It is hard to know whether the next person you talk to… is either gonna tell you the truth… or whether they’re gonna lie to your face and tell you one thing and then yet… do something else. Or tell you something that you believe to be the truth and then later come to find as being a lie. That the one you spoke to… just flat out lied to your face the whole time but saw that you were so so trusting and had so much faith that they figured that they could tell you either a truth or a lie and you’d never tell the difference as since you were so well with trust that they could pull something over you and slide on by.

Nick: But… i am not like that. Rikku, I’d never lie to you. Ever… And i’m gonna make a deal with the woman i love. If i ever try to lie to you… You can punish me. I’ll take it. If i lie i shall be punished.

Rikku L. Rhapsody: That goes for me too…

As they got to watching the movie…

The Phone rang…

Nick: *Looking at the phone* Hmm… I wonder who that could be that’s calling.

Rikku L. Rhapsody: No idea. I’ll check the Caller I.D and see who it is. It’s probably the Judge again. *Checking the Caller I.D and seeing the name* … *Gasps* Oh my god!

Nick: What… What’s up?

Rikku L. Rhapsody: It’s my Son-in-Law. Shingo. He’s calling here. Hold on… *Picking up the phone*

A second later…

Rikku L. Rhapsody: *On the Phone* Shingo… Hello. What’s up?

Shingo: *On the Phone* Hey Rikku. Are you free to come over?

Rikku L. Rhapsody: Not really. I mean… i am free but i am kinda not set to come out. Why? What happened? What’s the matter?

Shingo: Family. Dinah… Is… Gone.

Rikku L. Rhapsody: Gone? *Freezes a moment as she tries to understand* What do you mean gone?

Shingo: Gone as in… Missing. She’s no where to be found. Has been gone for about 8 1/2 weeks going on nine weeks almost. She’s not the only one miss—

Rikku L. Rhapsody: Oh no… Shingo… Look… Hold on. I’ll be on my way in a bit. Please just calm down. We’ll get through it.

Shingo: Okay. See you soon.

2 hours later…

At Dinah’s and Shingo’s house…

Shingo: *Sighs* I don’t know what to do. I don’t know what to do to keep going. Dinah’s gone and been missing for 8 weeks now. I can’t find her anywhere.

Rikku L. Rhapsody: I know… However there is nothing anyone can do. The authorities have called off the search. Concluded that they were gone and there was nothing that could be found. It hurts me that it has been stopped. I want them back. More than anything. Dinah’s my daughter. So are Paige and Pearl. I can’t believe that they’ve gone all missing. So had Luna. Zoey is a sweet one. I saw her a few times. She even helped me here during the summer. Luna and Zoey both did. She even had all her kids at my house. last summer and they all were just so helpful. Luna raised her kids well… Dinah Raised her kids well. You and Dinah Raised the kids well. Sept. 12th i think it was… Raven Rhapsody… your middle oldest daughter came to see me about her feeling something inside her. Powers of some kind. Thunder power.

Shingo: *Shooting up* THUNDER POWER?! What the frigging hell? Thunder Power… No. Rikku, I know about the family and all the things that it had done in the past… But i will not stand for the idea that my kids have powers. No. Not ever. You better not even go there.

A second later…

Shingo: Wait a minute. My wife is the Retired or believed as retired Thunder Mistress… And given that my kids Sapphire, Raven and Serena came before Hikaru, Sakura and Sora did… They must have gotten a slice of the part of the DNA where Dinah’s powers were. I uh… *Sighs* God damn… it. Dinah promised me. She promised me that it after the last threat… 14 years ago. The fighting would be over. That it would all be left in the past. I thought that this was gonna be a new start. New living.

Rikku L. Rhapsody: Shingo, that is not the case. You know that. It isn’t like that. It was just fate. Fate made it to be so. I agree with you on the fact that the last threat should have been the last one. But as we both know… and we are all one to get that the joke’s old. 14 years old.

Shingo: So… this family is stuck in this never-ending rut of super hero-dom and there is no end. So… My kids are now the new generation of heroes. Funny. Okay… I guess that i’ll bite. And what exactly will my 3 older kids be called? I am all for the Super hero personality… I am just in shock and outrage that the powers that be secrecy is back in play again after there was belief that it was all done. that the last threat that ended was gonna promise to be the very last.

Rikku L. Rhapsody: I was looking for normalcy too. But it is not the case. Not the way we planned. You know how things go… We all wish that we could see everyone with normal lives. But it isn’t likely. It isn’t gonna be so much a walk in the dark knowing that your younger kids are gonna be with powers too. If they do develop them… It’ll be while in their teens.

Shingo: Wonderful. Although it doesn’t leave out the part where my wife and older daughters are missing. They’re gone and with it being almost Thanksgiving…

Rikku L. Rhapsody: It’s a shame. Really is a shame. *Noticing some files on the table close by* What are those? *Catching the title on the files close by* Divorce. Who’s Divorcing who?

Shingo: Oh… That. Those are just Divorce papers that one of the guys at work handed me to hold on to. Marital issues. Harry Jensen… He’s been suspecting that his wife’s been having an affair and is struggling with whether he should file for Divorce or not.

Rikku L. Rhapsody: Why doesn’t he?

Shingo: Can’t. Wants to and wants to leave her but can’t. They have a sick 8 year old daughter. Anna. She’s got Leukemia and sleeps with an Oxygen tank. And the only thing is that by divorcing the wife… it will hurt the daughter as she feels that she’s got nothing to live for other than seeing a loving family. If he divorces the wife. She’ll give up trying to hold on and let it take her. That’s why he’s having me hold on to it for a while. He is wanting to weigh all his options and figure out what’s best for the Daughter.

Rikku L. Rhapsody: Poor guy. Will he be alright?

Shingo: Not sure. I mean… he thought that his wife was loyal and would remain with the loyalty. But he said that one night… 5 weeks ago… he came home and saw that there were a couple candles lit. A pair of panties hanging on the bedroom door to his and his wife’s room. Also saw a Bottle of wine and only turned to then catch his wife in a bathrobe. Plus noticed a used Condom in the trash can. It made him feel really upset and broken over it. which anyone who happened to find that they were cheated on… they’d feel just the same way as any…


The phone rang…

Shingo: *Answering the phone* Hello?

Tess: Shingo… Get Zeke and Alice and come over here to the Watchtower. Fast. There is something that you are gonna want to see. Plus there are some answers that i might have found that would explain the powers that the offspring have and why…

Shingo: 3 hours. We’ll be there. Alice is likely to be at work. Zeke at his Pub…

Tess: See you then…


As for the Rhapsody New Generation…

In Spira…

In Bevelle…

In the High Court of Yevon…

Yuna Takes the stand as the others are behind her. The Maesters stood above her on the balconies…

Maester Kelk: The High Court of Yevon is now in session. The sacred offices of this court seek nothing but absolute truth, in Yevon’s name. To those on trial: Believe in Yevon, and speak only the truth.

Serena: Who’s that guy? Speaking about believing in Yevon?

Annie: Is that guy for real?

Spencer: Who exactly does he think he is?

Clint: He looks like an Elder. A rather odd one at that.

Lulu: Maester Kelk Ronso.

Sora: That’s a Maester?

Carly: That’s a Ronso. isn’t it?

Kelk: Summoner Yuna. You have sworn to protect the people of Yevon, true?

Yuna: Yes.

Kelk: Then, consider: You have inflicted dire injury upon Maester Seymour Guado…conspired with the Al Bhed and joined in their insurrection. These are traitorous and unforgivable crimes that disturb the order of Yevon. Tell this court what possessed you to participate in such violence.

Yuna: Your Grace… The real traitor is Maester Seymour! He killed his father Jyscal with his own hands!

Serena: Yeah. Maester Seymour is a Cold blooded Murderer… *Seeing Seymour looking down at her* Yeah You! You Son of a Bitch. You killed your own father. You’re nothing but a Murdering bastard. Murderer… MURDERER!

Kelk: What is this!

Raven: Don’t play dumb. You know exactly what it is… You’re condoning the actions of a Murderer. Letting him walk after knowing that he is a Murderer.

Dinah: You want to condone a Murderer… You’re no better than he is.

Seymour: *Sounding Nonchalant* Hmm? Hadn’t you heard?

Yuna: Not only that… Maester Seymour is already dead!

Paul: That’s right! He is dead. And the last time we checked… The dead weren’t supposed to be walking out freely and with no restraints. They’re supposed to be in the farplane.

Lulu: It is a summoner’s sacred duty to send the souls of the departed to the Farplane! Yuna was only doing her job as a summoner!

Spencer: That’s right. It’s what all Summoners are sent off to do. Unless that was a huge ploy. and their only role is to go and bring the calm only to die in the end.

Yuna: Grand Maester Mika… Please, send Seymour now!

Annie: Yeah. Stop babying the Murderer and send him.

Mika: Send the unsent to where they belong?

Yuna: Yes!

Sapphire: You’re the Grand Maester. Can’t you use your Powers as Maester and send him? Unless you got a skeleton in your closet that you don’t want anyone to know about.

Mika: *With an Ominous chuckle*

Sapphire: What is so damn funny? Are you having yourself some kind of psychotic episode?

Daria: *Looking annoyed* Uh… Earth or reality to grand Maester Mika… This is sanity control… Respond.

Yuna: Maester?

Mika: Send the dead…hmm? *As Pyreflies suddenly then emerge from him* You would have to send me, too.

Wakka: What!

Serena: *Shocked and blown back* What in the—?

Zoey: Uh… Okay. That’s really weird and horrifying.

Luna: *In Outrage and disgust* Nice. That’s really nice. So the Grand Maester… the one that Spira celebrated the 50th anniversary of is an unsent as well?

Paige: Okay… I think that we’ve seen and heard enough. We are honoring an unsent. That is just by far… really sleazy.

Jack: And to think that my wife Pearl and i were his fashion designers. We were catering to an unsent. That’s really nice. Really great. *Mortified* I think that i’m gonna be ill.

Kelk: Grand Maester Mika is a wise leader. Even in death, he is invaluable to Spira.

Kinoc: Enlightened rule by the dead is preferable to the misguided failures of the living.

Curtis: So you’re all a bunch of dead people? Is that what you’re trying to tell us? So… Let me get this straight, Maester Kelk… You are fine with the idea that you guys are mostly all dead people just living empty meaningless lives when in truth… you could all go and roam the farplane whenever you like? Is that it?

Seymour: Life is but a passing dream, but the death that follows is eternal.

Serena: And you’re totally nuts. Insane.

Blossom: You’re the perfect resident for the Bellevue Mental hospital. The men with the hug me coats would just love to strap you in and place you in a padded cell.

Mika: Men die. Beasts die. Trees die. Even continents perish. Only the power of death truly commands in Spira. Resisting its power is futile.

Sora: Yeah… that’s what we thought too… You are all into death. Obsessed with Death and want it like a disease.

Carly: *Groans and annoyed* These maesters are all dead and they’re just hanging around to moan about what it’s like to be dead. An unsent. They’re so pathetic.

Dinah: I would never have thought that i’d say this… but this is exactly the thing that pushes us away from dealing with this dilemma. We’re surrounded by Unsent. and yet… we’re still here helping. This tough woman here is gonna need a huge mallet and few days in a session with a psychiatrist when all this is done.

Yuna: But what of Sin? I am a summoner, my lord, like my father before me! I am on a pilgrimage to stop the death that Sin brings. Are you… Are you telling me that, too, is futile? Grand Maester Mika, I am not alone! All the people who have opposed Sin… Their battles, their sacrifices– were they all in vain?

Mika: Not in vain. No matter how many summoners give their lives, Sin cannot be truly defeated. The rebirth cannot be stopped. Yet the courage of those who fight gives the people hope. There is nothing futile in the life and death of a summoner.

Auron: Never futile… but never ending.

Mika: Indeed, that is the essence of Yevon.

Luna: This is what really gets us really disturbed. Sin can’t be defeated. but yet you all send summoners out on pilgrimages to do battle with it. They however happen to only lose half the time and the ones who do make it… Live long enough to beat Sin. Then after Sin is gone… The final Aeon kills them. Taking their life and thereby becoming the next Sin. Yeah… That’s really rewarding.

Yuna: Lord Mika!

Mika: Yevon is embodied by eternal, unchanging continuity, summoner.

Yuna: No…that can’t be right!

Mika: Those who question these truths– they are traitors!

Yuna: Lord Mika!

Serena: You’re a senile old bag. You’re really blind and thinking that we’re traitors for not believing the same as you do? Oh well… If being a follower of your bullshit is what Yevon is all about. Following lies upon lies upon more lies. I think that you can sign us all up for being traitors. That’s the truth.

Raven: You are all creeps. We may all be traitors… But you know what, Maesters Seymour, Kinoc and Mika? You’ll never stop being jerks.

Kinoc: And you Clan… Don’t belong in this world. We know about your forbidden land of Metropolis. You come here to start trouble. You’ve disrupted the very order of Yevon. You at this time… have two choices… Either you and your clan go back to where you came from and have this whole matter dropped…

Zoey: Save it! Kinoc. We’re staying here. We came here to help with getting rid of Sin. We started the act of helping out and changing how things are… We’re staying to finish it.

Blossom: You can do your worst. You’ll… be in for a wake up call knowing that…

Sapphire: We Rhapsody Fighters…

Rhapsody Girls Z!: *With the Rhapsody New Generation* Bounce right back!

Mika: So Be it!

Moments later…

The Rhapsody fighters were left in Prison cages. The cages were more like bird cages… Not too Constricted or tight… but it didn’t have much room in them at all…

Tidus: Get me outta here! I want out now! You hear me?

Auron: You waste your breath.

Dinah: Yeah… You are wasting your time crying out for release. None of those guys care. They stuck us in here and we have no way out.

Spencer: And they separated me from my sisters and also my girlfriend Rikku.

Dinah: Spencer… Don’t start. Let it go. I happened to have risked everything and protecting Rikku from the Yevonites locking on to her scent. For all the good it did. They still attacked her home and killed a bunch of Al Bhed. and you want to know the most humiliating thing about it? The Djose Chocobo Knights caught on the scent that i was speaking to an Al Bhed and covering up that i knew of one and didn’t say anything. I got myself reprimanded. Booted out in shame from the Knights. All because i had to show that i cared about the Al Bhed. Yeah… Some reward of civility that was…

Annie: Sure was… You might have risked it all and lost the life of being a Knight. But You’ll always be our Aunt Dinah. Our own “Danger Zone”. That will never end. You will always have that. and it is never a bad thing to care about a certain race that is felt to be seen as bad omens.

Clint: You are not supposed to feel this bad, Aunt Dinah. Things happen. How were you to know that The Chocobo Knights were bound to show how they too were racist too. Captain Lucil and Elma… They didn’t appear to have the racist touch. Although… It’s as true here as it is in our reality. People are seldom who they were meant to or appear to be.

Dinah: *Annoyed and with serious Disgust* Well… Alot of good it does me. That Al Bhed Girl has a race of people who are hated and we try hard to stop the hate. We try to get other races to show some care and love to them… What happens instead? Oh that’s right. I forgot. They’re meant to be seen as Heathens and nothing more. Heathens and irritations to the very order of Spira. Blamed for why Sin is around and not seeing the fact that it’s everyone who’s at fault. Not just one race. That’s what it is.

Luna: I know. And the thing about that is Spencer and Rikku are together. It involves us in a way that is gonna be hard to Unbind. I think it’s sweet. Cute even. Young love always kinda got to me a bit.

Tidus: *Growls and then sits* Man, I hope Yuna’s okay.

Auron: Hm. She’s strong. She’ll make it.

Tidus: She’ll make it? What, so she can die?

Clint: Yuna will Die. She’s been tried as a traitor and a conspirator against Yevon. You know that the maesters will seek to have her sentenced to death. Either way… the summoner is gonna die. We try and try to prevent the summoner from getting in any danger and this is what comes of us… It is like we guardians were meant to fail. That we were just set to fail.

Spencer: *Keeping strong and with determination* We are gonna make it. We won’t fail. We can not fail at getting Summoner Yuna to safety and keeping her safe. That can’t happen and won’t happen.

Theodore: *Scoffs and feeling defeat* Does it look like we have much of any choice at all?

Tidus: Why is it…everything in Spira seems to revolve around people dying?

Pearl: My girls can all swim… but in that place that i caught wind of the one monk speaking of… I don’t know. I really don’t know how anyone could just be liable to live to tell a tale of living a second in that dark Dungeon. The Via Purifico… I don’t know about that place. But it’s not good.

Dinah: No way. My girls are also in there and they are all scattered. As are Sora and Carly. Crystal and Paul.

Daria: our mother is also down there… But she never could stand the dark…

Dinah: Hey… Daria. Your mother… is a natural born leader. She used to be the best leader of the Original Rhapsody Girls Z! But around the near end of the last threat that we all went through before you kids came to be ones with power… The role of being the leader of the Team went to me.

Annie: Wait… wait a minute. You mean that our mom used to be the leader. The Winged Angel of Romance, Miss Love?

Dinah: Yes.

Annie: But that’s not possible. I mean she told us that she was… but we kinda thought that she was just playing. Was she really that hero?

Dinah: She was. She was a swell leader.

Clint: I think that we all knew for a long time… but with everything that’s been going on so far up to now… it just didn’t stay fresh in our minds. We somehow seemed to forget. But our mother… was a rather awesome fighter. Of course… we never saw any of her battles. But hearing about them from others who knew… That helped us know about what our mother used to do. What she was once like. Before we were made.

Dinah: It’s true though. She was a hero. She was also a great one. She had her coming out moment of her courage behind the skills of being a Leader… back at the very beginning of the 3rd threat. When we were only then beginning to get put with the threat of a Kandorian named Major Zod…

Dinah flashes back…

“Paige, Pearl and Dinah: *Being Tossed hard in the chair and made facing an army of men* OW!

Paige: *Feeling sore* That hurt… Jerk!

Dinah: You are a real brute of a man, You know that? hasn’t any one taught you to be better caring of girls?

Basqut: *Demanding* Silence!

Pearl: *Shoots out* No. You be silent!

Major Zod: *Shifting his eyes over to the girls* I wouldn’t want to anger him if i were you. he has a very bad temper.

Dinah: Well… so do we. we can get mad too, you know?

Basqut: *Questioning the Rhapsody girls* What major Junction do you have with Major Zod?

Paige:  What are you talking about? We didn’t meet with him. he… as well as you came from that orb that we found. You guys are beings from that orb. If we are guilty of anything… it’s the idea that we thought that we were saving this world from destruction. We have done our part already… saving this world and this galaxy as well as the Denubian Galaxy from King Lotor of Planet Doom. Saving this world from the great evil that threatened to destroy this world if she were to ever get to power. and if she had been allowed to run rampant. But when we released the Major… we thought that it would be the answer to this world’s prayers.

Basqat: There were hundreds of us… we have up to now only found a few dozen and no more than that. Where are the others?

Paige: It doesn’t matter. We were only doing what we figured to be the right thing to do… we thought that we were gonna be saving a civilization. We are not just regular civilians… You all can notice the power belts that my sisters Pearl, Dinah and i are wearing. We are Supers. *With a stern voice and Standing up to Basqat* Do you really truly think that we 3 would team up with one man who happens to be as clueless as you are about what it is that you’re doing here? If you want the answers that should have been given to you… Why don’t you ask the one man that came with you all in that Orb for explanations… The one man who has kept you all in the dark… This ENTIRE TIME!!!”

Dinah: She spoke out directly at the Kandorians. Was she scared? Yeah… But she was also taking a stand. Making a stand against the Evil men. Although it was gonna be a long threat. But throughout that time… she flourished. She was stronger for it. We all were. Your Aunt Pearl and I were great under her as she led us to Victory. Just like as if your Uncle Alvin was leading. He lead his Brothers who are your Uncles and they followed him as they trusted him and felt that he was the strongest of them all. they respected him highly. and still do. However… Your mom knew that since i was so involved with protecting the Dark powered Ally. Raven of Azarath… She saw that i was one made for Leader Material. She awarded me the duties and the powers of Leader.

Annie: She must have seen what you were able to do and saw you being so headstrong that it couldn’t be denied. That you were worthy to be Leader material.

Dinah: Well… Yeah. That was one idea. But it was also the fact that she saw and realized that i knew more about what was really going on with Raven. And for a while… Raven had been living under my roof. with me and my husband. She was close to us and everything and i knew what she was up to most and was protecting her. Pearl was at first said to be the protector of her and was the one who was supposed to be all with her… For a while… it seemed to be just like that. It was just like that. But the fact of the matter was it wasn’t that way. Because she wasn’t the true protector of Raven. Not as we all originally thought. The true protector of Raven… Was me. I was her protector. But no one knew of it till after the first time that Beryl came from the dead with these demonic powers and came after Raven for reasons we knew nothing about. But When we held a party for Raven. She just lost it. She really didn’t like it at all. She was thankful for our thinking greatly of her… but she thrashed everything… and she as well as i got to talking…

Dinah Flashes back…

“Dinah: *Coming into the hall and Calling over to Raven* Raven… *Walking quick over to Raven* What’s the matter with you? What was that outburst back there for?

Raven: *Looking down* I just don’t like parties.

Dinah: Don’t go with that one… There is something else… Isn’t there? Raven… you can fool anyone… no one would think to ask. But you can’t fool me. We happen to have a bond, Remember? You’ve been in my mind. Could read what i was thinking. And discovered that i was pregnant. and it got me to start thinking better of my life. Let me inside yours…

Raven: *Looking back a little* Dinah, You are the tough girl. A Danger Zone when the time comes for it. You at times don’t really think and just do. But you are also one who knows me better than others that there are places in my mind that you don’t go… Where no one should ever go.

Dinah: I’m willing to at least try.

Raven: You can’t.

Dinah: Raven, Please… let me try to help.

Raven: *Walking on over to her room* Dinah, Just trust me. If you knew anything about the day of my birth… You’d know that there is absolutely nothing to celebrate.”

Clint: You were her protector… And you’re saying that our mother was like seeing as you were with the closeness of the Dark powered wielder. As though you knew her more than she happened to know herself. But yet the girl… Raven was not willing to just let you free unlimited access to her mind and see all that there was to see.

Theodore: She must have had things to hide.

Clint: No. She had to have been just scared and not comfortable with letting out all that she knew. Maybe for the idea that she figured that she’d be judged or misunderstood if anyone were to know what she really knew.

Dinah: That is true. It clearly seemed that way. Paige made me the leader. But Your mom was the best of the best. Some of the places we had to go were dark. That’s no lie. It would be spooky. But she could handle it. She was able to handle it very well. The reason though why she was like that… was she had that spark. She knew that she could be scared and yes. It was rather terrifying. But she also knew that unless she was brave enough to try and get through it all in the best way possible… there’d be likely no way for any of us to get through it.

Annie: Wow! She’s braver than she really looks even though she has us all believing her to not being one with the Brave front. I think that it’s because She’s afraid for us and concerned about how we’re going to be able to manage the sort of situation that we’re right now stuck in the midst of here.

Spencer: However… the whole idea that everything that is in Spira… Everything that Spira is all about seems to revolve around people dying… It’s really disturbing. Literally. I don’t seem to gather how everything in Spira is revolving the belief in which all of Spira involves everything on people dying.

Auron: Ahh, the spiral of death.

Tidus: Huh?

Clint: The Spiral of Death? What’s that? A Band?

Luna: What is that?

Pearl: what do you mean?

Auron: Summoners challenge the bringer of death, Sin, and die doing so. Guardians give their lives to protect their summoner. The fayth are the souls of the dead. Even the maesters of Yevon are unsent. Spira is full of death. Only Sin is reborn, and then only to bring more death. It is a cycle of death, spiraling endlessly.

All: *Sighs*


Kinoc: *Approaching on the nearby catwalk* Come out. Your sentence has been decided.

Auron: Sentence? Don’t you mean execution?

Dinah: How will we die? The Guillotine, the Batter of Oil or the Rack?

Luna: You have already seeked to kill our kids. What’s next?

Kinoc: Oh… They’re still alive. But for how long… It’s all depending on how long they can last down in the Via Purifico.

Dinah: So You’re justified in seeing to our demise?

Kinoc: Really, now, what person would execute a dear friend? Plus why would you members of a clan who’re not needed ever think that someone like me would do such a thing as call for your family to be killed?

Auron: You would.

Luna: I don’t know… But you’ve already shown off your true colors… So… why not? You already decided to betray us. I think it was my daughter who thought that you were merciful and rather sympathetic. However… at the 11th hour… I do think that the words such as… “I’m sorry.” and “Forgive me.” will not be available for use by you. My daughter was one of those who trusted you and look what you’ve done, Kinoc. You wasted the value of their trust in you. You metaphorically stabbed them right in the back. My daughter might be dead by now… It’s gonna be your fault if she dies.

Spencer: Who’s to know whether they’re alive down there? or if they’re all dead now.

Pearl: Spencer, Don’t go there. It’s not over for our family. They’re alive. They’ll make it. They’ll make it.

Annie: You’re right. They’re sure to make it. Strength in numbers. The larger the group… the better the protection.

Within minutes…

Auron, Luna, Pearl, Annie and Daria… were put in the dryer section of the Via Purifico. The Labyrinth portion of the Via Purifico. As for Dinah, Clint, Theodore and Spencer… They were as well as Tidus Slapped in the butt leading to be sent into the water below. into the watery… underwater area of the Via Purifico…

Tidus: Whoa!

Dinah: Oh… that was most unpleasant. Where are the others?

Spencer: I don’t think that now would be the time to say as i can swim… but not that great yet. Still learning. Although…i know about the basics.

Warrior Monk: Well… Swim or not… You’re sentenced to be condemned within that watery grave.

Clint: Wow! Thanks. We always did like a watery grave to be our resting place. as we are tried for crimes that are without any doubt…Bogus.

Theodore: Come on, Brother… Don’t worry about that blimey Monk. It’s of no use to plead to him. He’s as thick minded as the rest of them morons and judging fools.

Clint: Yeah. You’re right. Talking to him is like talking to a deaf mute. No use and no result leading to whether we’ll be helped… or killed off. We’re already dead anyway. Come on… Onwards to our assumed doom.

There they swim on towards the entrance of the Underwater Via Purifico…

A second or so later…

Wakka: Oooh! You made it! *High five*

Dinah: Well… yeah. I would say that we have made it. It wasn’t an easy bit of luck… and i feel like a watered down street rat.

Spencer: It’s better to be a street rat wet than to be a cooked goose, Aunt Dinah.

Rikku: *Swimming  over* Spencer.

Spencer: Rikku. Lucky to see you around here. Shameful that we have to be in this eerie place.

Clint: This place is no thrill.

Theodore: No thrill at all. I think that we would be better off with the rack. If we make it out if here…

Dinah: I don’t want to even think about what’s gonna happen. I just want my kids back. and i am hoping for their safe return. That’s all i want. Nothing more than that.

Tidus: What’s our sentence?

Wakka: Think they expect us to give up and die down here.

Clint: *Guffaws sarcastically* Ha! As if there is a chance that we’d give up to suit them. No thank you. Not likely to happen. If they happen to think that it’ll happen… That is a wild dream that just managed to be born prematurely.

Theodore: You’re kidding us all though… Right, Wakka? Is that really what they expect for us to do?

Wakka: …

Tidus: Well, that’s a lame way to kill someone.

Rikku: Where’s Yunie?

Tidus: I don’t know.

Dinah: Not sure. We’re here. We’re still alive.

Spencer: For now.

Rikku: I don’t think that i am liking the way that you said that.

Spencer: I know. Sorry. Yuna didn’t get sent here… Not yet.

Clint: Maybe she got lucky and got out.

Dinah: She could be looking for us right now.

Tidus: You could be right. But i doubt that it’s through here.

Rikku: Wonder if we should wait for her…

Tidus: Hmm… Let’s wait at the exit.

Rikku: If there is an exit.

Spencer: *Swimming along side Rikku* Don’t worry. We’ll find one. We will. Because… there is one thing that they don’t know and we do…

Rikku: What’s that?

Spencer: we don’t give up fighting for what’s right.

Dinah: That’s right. *Swimming onward*

The Rhapsody fighters and the Guardians were sent to their demise. To be condemned. It was said to be curtains for them all or was it? They were put on trial and sentenced to roam around the Via Purifico. The prison for the underbelly of Yevon. Of spira. For those who are moving against Yevon. It was to the death beds for them. Would they ever get out? Will they be liable to find an exit? Would their success bear fruit and become reunited with one another again? Find out in the next chapter of the Adventures of the Rhapsody Girls Z! as the saga continues…

The Path of the damned… It’s the way for the Rhapsody New Generation. The ones who can swim in the underwater parts of the Condemned prison… The others in the drier part of the Via Purifico. Danger might even lurk there… It’s the soon to be resting place of the clan and The Summoner. No way out in sight??? Anger, sadness, fear, relief and uncertainty rests in the Rhapsody Clan in the Via Purifico… in: “Via Purifico! Rhapsody en route to be condemned.”


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