Chapter 154: RUN! Refuge in Bevelle Temple.

(Rhapsody and all Backed into a corner and trapped like rats)


While the fighters were all in Spira…

In Metropolis, Kansas…

Sid’s Diner…


Sid: *Looking at Shingo, Alice and Zeke* You guys look like hell. It’s been 9 weeks now and you have been wondering where your other halves are.


Shingo: Why shouldn’t we? Dinah happens to be my wife. I loved her. I still love her and always will. She has gone missing and has been gone for a long time now. 9 weeks and it’s Thanksgiving. or will be. Hikaru and Sakura want their mommy and i have no idea on how to make things better for them. I tried everything. Everything. But they’ve been sad. They want their mother and i don’t know where to look. I’ve looked practically everywhere that i could think of. All the places where she could be. Nothing.

Zeke: Same here… I looked for my wife Luna all over. even in the places where she would never be. In the bars… No sign of her. Although i did manage to find out from my oldest Daughter that they’re all in some place called Spira. I was finally told about it the other day. I got on her about it and made sure they she knew how she made everyone feel by not coming out with what she knew.

Shingo: What?! Zeke, What’re you talking about? Spira? What is this about Spira?

Zeke: Spira… As in… *Imitating a few voices one at a time* “I’m Wakka. Coach and captain of the Besaid Aurochs, Brudda!” “In Dark Times she must be. These are Dark Times. Yuna must Shine Bright.” “I am Lucil. Captain of the Djose Chocobo knights.” “It is. Sin Is Jecht.” “Remember: Discretion is the better part of Valor.” “Oaka XXIII Merchant Extraordinaire!” That.

Shingo: Who knew this?

Zeke: Luna and My Daughter Rina. She happened to know about the details revolving it.

Alice: Well… alot of good it does us now. We can’t reach them. Our communication capabilities don’t necessarily reach alternate dimension skills.

Shingo: There’s one person who might be able to make that jump.

Zeke: Who?

Shingo: One guess. Codename: Watchtower. *Chuckles* Damn… that’s something i never though i’d be bringing up. It’s been a really long time since last we made any mention of the Watchtower. or of the others that we all worked with.

Alice: We still have her # and all vowed to only call in case of a dire emergency.

Zeke: Dire?! Try Major, Mrs. Alvin Rhapsody. Very Major. I got two young boys who are asking non-stop. I am for one tired of it… not as if i don’t care… It’s because… what is it that i can do? I took a couple days off every week looking for their mother. My Wife. I tried to look everywhere that i could think to look and found nothing. *Groans* The Modeling Agency has been calling 7 times a day for the last 8 weeks. asking for her. And each time i spoke with her boss… i had to be the one telling him or her that Luna hasn’t come back yet. She’s gonna lose her job if she doesn’t return soon. The people are all getting on their last ropes.

Shingo: What gets me though is why would they be in Spira? What was the reason for it? Was there something that called them over? Was there a situation that called for their help? What?

Alice: I don’t know… but i would think that when i spoke to my husband… Alvin before they were said to have disappeared. He told me something about there being a certain issue that had to be solved. That an old friend. Someone named Wakka calling Dinah and asking for help. And Alvin Jumped right for it. Saying that it was something that he believed had to be done. Pearl and Jack are also there. Paige, her kids. Pearl and Jack’s kids. Dinah’s and your 3 older daughters… Sapphire, Raven and Serena are gone. Luna and Zoey. They too are also there.

Sid: Are you talking about the woman…Chloe? She’s a Mother. and is a publicist for the Metropolis Gazette. She’s done some work for the Daily Planet and helps new publishers get there footing. There’s a few new Publishers coming out in the wood works.

Zeke: Chloe… Sullivan?

Sid: Chloe Queen. She’s Married now. Been for a year. Kept it rather private to avoid all the headache.

Shingo: She’s probably still running the Watchtower.

Sid: *Shaking his head* No. She’s not. And i don’t know about it in detail… but some lady came in here the other week. Tall, Sleek and Walnut Brown hair. Had Glasses on and  looked just like that. It had to have been Tess Mercer. Although it couldn’t be her because she’s supposed to be the CEO of the Luthorcorp Dynasty that she helps run.

Shingo: She’s part of the Watchtower team. But it hasn’t been activated in such a long time. Only because after the last threat… there was said to be no need for it. So it went on dormant activity. Although… with the latest cases of crime going on… It’s been slowly coming back into the field.

Zeke: We’ll be giving her a call soon.

Alice: Maybe that would be a great idea. I just want my husband back. My husband and my kids. I Miss them. I have been secretly crying in my sleep at nights for the last 4 weeks. I miss him so much…

Zeke: We all miss them, Alice.


As for the Fighters. Back in Spira…

In Bevelle…

Yuna had just leaped off the edge and flew off on the Aeon Valefor. But now… the fighters had to make a run for it…

Rikku: Cover your eyes!

Rikku then threw something over at Seymour’s feet and caught his attention. He didn’t seem to know what the heck it was and by time he could respond or react it was too late. the thing that Rikku threw at Seymour’s feet went off and let off a bright flash… In that Flash that let off it’s power… It blinded everyone and gave the fighters and the guardians the opening to make a run for it. To Flee for their very lives…

Wakka: Wh-What was that?

Rikku: An Al Bhed flashbomb!

Thunder Star: *Growls* Kimahri… Kimahri… What’s the big idea pulling me away? Let me go. Let me go. I’m gonna nail that Seymour and put him out of his fuckin’ misery. That son of a bitch is history.

Tidus: Lemme go! I’m gonna kill that Seymour!

Kimahri: Yuna said Leave… We Leave! Serena, There will be another time to nail at Seymour. I want to nail Seymour too… But Yuna requested us to leave. We must heed her wish. We must leave.

Thunderic Wonder: *Firing an attack at the Warrior monks in the way; clearing a path* Back the hell off of us, Yevonites! Get the hell outta the way.

Sailor Zoey:*Firing at the Monks* Cosmic Moon Heart Smash!

Miss Bliss: *Firing at the Warriors* Get lost.

Paige: Kids… Don’t worry about all of them. Just blast the ones that matter and run. Only the ones that matter. Don’t worry about the rest of them. There is no need to get at all of them.

Sir Love: Where’s Yuna at?

Lulu: We’ll join up with her later!

Auron: Break through! *Smacking through the barricades and the Warriors who managed to block the way; Hacking away*

A Moment later…

As soon as they were clear of the Pursuit and in safer conditions…

Rikku: Where’d Yunie go?

Kimahri: Bevelle Palace is temple. Yuna goes to one place only.

Miss Thunder: Yuna’s a Summoner. So… that begs the answer to Kimahri’s riddle or hint. Summoner’s go on Pilgrimages. And have to go to each Temple. To pray for a way to defeat Sin. The only place where she can do that is…

Tidus: The Chamber of the Fayth!

Blossom: Let’s go.

Dinah: You guys go on ahead. We’re gonna stick here to keep an eye out for any Warrior Monks and for the Maesters. However… i think that we’d only see Kinoc trying to come into the temple.

Pearl: What about that slime… Seymour?

Jack: No idea. But we did manage to figure that Seymour was the High Priest for the temple in Macalania.


Luna: I’m coming along. Zoey… We can talk on our way there to the Chamber of the fayth.


Sailor Zoey: We can talk later mom… right now… we don’t have the time to chat. We got to get to Yuna and fast. and get out of Bevelle… Fleeing away from the aura of danger while we have the advantage. We can talk sometime later while hiding out in Macalania woods. Not here. The Monks and Maester Kinoc will be on our tail any second now.

Curtis: Luna, She’s got a point. We don’t have time to stop and Chat. We have to get going. fast.

Tower of Light. Bevelle Palace’s main tower…

Lulu: It’s too quiet. A trap?

Dancing Heartthrob: Hold that thought there, Black Mage wielder…

Paul: *Listening in for any foreign noises besides them* There’s nothing. Nothing’s here.

Crystal: Correction. There’s nothing here… but there is someone inside. *Sensing someone close by* Down there… 20 feet. and then within the Cloister of trials.

Auron: You sure?

Crystal: I’m undergoing a vision right now and i am seeing it. She’s in the Cloister of trials right now. Right this second as we speak.

Tidus: Who cares? Yuna’s waiting for us!

Thunder Star: Whoa… Easy there, Rambo. Chill out. we have to find a way down there first. We can’t just dive down aimlessly.

Rikku: Huh? *Suddenly Poking nearby Console* What’s this?

Wakka: What’s a machina doing in the temple?

Rikku: I suppose it comes in handy.

Wakka: That’s not what I mean! The teachings! What about the teachings?

Rikku: Hey, don’t look at me!

Frosty Ice Bubble: Something tells me that we’re gonna find out what’s down there and we’re not gonna like what we see.

Rikku: I would guess that Yevon has been betraying its followers from the very start.

Sora: But Why?


Carly: Is that how Yevon really treats its followers? I mean… We’re young… but not stupid. Something is up. Yevon is hiding the truth from its followers and the followers are all believing that Yevon is telling the truth and that it wouldn’t lie. It is lying about something. Such as like this… This here is not supposed to be here.

Blossom: Let’s go down and get to where Yuna is… We have a lot of ground to cover here.

Miss Passion: Yeah. Let’s go.

A Minute later…

They stopped again. Meeting a barricade. blocking them from going further…

Rikku: *Lowering the force field*

Wakka: Another machina? Man…

Auron: So this is Yevon’s true face. They betray their own teachings.

Wakka: They treated us like dirt.

Thunder Star: You know what? I hate to shoot a man when he is down & forlorn about his faith being exposed as a lying faith. But i do believe that we all tried to point out that no faith is perfect. Not even Yevon. Yevon has been lying its ass off to you for who the hell knows how long. Yevon is unable to be trusted. It’s lied to all its followers. It controlled your lives for so long that you managed to believe it to be the truth. that Yevon could not do wrong. Well… Look at the truth here. It’s betrayed its own teachings. It betrayed its own laws and broke all the rules. Yevon had a taboo against Machina being used or put in the temples. It was sacrilegious and not welcomed to be used by followers of Yevon. But… Take a look around you. Wakka, Take a look at what Yevon has done. You followed a path that had nothing but lies. Nothing but lies. Is that what you wanted to follow all your life? Not knowing why or what the reasoning for it was. You followed the Path of Yevon all your life. Believed its every word. Listened to all they had to say. You didn’t think twice about whether or not they were lying right out to your face. Using the things that it told you were sacrilegious and forbidden. But all while telling you that it was forbidden… it was using them. It had it here behind closed doors. where no one would think twice or think to question it. Think to question the faith…

Wakka: Okay… okay. Serena. You made your point. You made your point. I get it. I just can’t believe it though. This is the only faith that i knew, ya. The only faith i ever knew.

Paul: Well… you got a point. You can’t go wrong with Religion or faith. You can’t go wrong with that. But After seeing Yevon being how it is with its followers and it was just seen as a faith that betrays all that it puts out for laws… Rules and the teachings Lying about it all. and marking us all as traitors for doing what was right. and fighting for all the respect. to work at getting all the races to be treated equal.

Blossom: Well… There is always the road towards Christian faith… That is a good faith. Mormon… Not so good. but they are not bad if you want to be with almost the same restrictions as you would get from Yevon. Without the lies and the betraying of its own teachings.

Carly: Catholic. Or Islam. Although… the Mosque might be a little touchy with men who have… A little too many muscles. Don’t ask.

Wakka: Is that from your reality?

Sir Love: Well… of course. Just ask our mother. She’s a writer and she had to do some run in with a Muslim a couple or so months ago. Learned a bit about them and she’s to tell that they have rules. But they don’t have deep dark secrets. Although… Extremists… that they got. That they got… but it doesn’t mean that Islam is all about that. They believe in peace also. But… they… uh…. They get misunderstood. Almost in same equality as the Al Bhed. Yeah… Amazing how things are finding the similar Niche… isn’t it?

Sailor Zoey: Surprise, Right? Because… that was so not funny. At least not like ha-ha funny. But in a Kind of Humorous and ironic like funny.

Miss Bliss: No more talk… We got to move.

They knew that the Monks were gonna be not far behind them and they realized that time was not at all on their side. The Fighters and the Guardians… Plus the parents made their way onwards. But they managed to come across steps and had to go down them which as they pressed on… they soon came upon a door. But along the way Spencer came across a book.

Frosty Ice Bubble: An Al Bhed Primer… here. I guess that we should chalk one up for the Al Bhed language lessons. we’re learning another point for speaking the language although we’re already pretty good now.

Melodic Bubble: We are… but don’t boast and brag Spencer. We are still on the climb with learning the dialect.

Dancing Heartthrob: What Dialect? You just gather the primers and then practice speaking it. Nothing else.

Angelic Bubble: Yes… But you also have to watch how you speak it. Because there is a certain way that if you speak it wrongly… you’ll end up offending them and that would… well… that would get you nowhere. You’ll end up pissing someone off.

Miss Thunder: That’s true. Our mom knows that…

Dinah: Sapphire!

Miss Thunder: It’s true. But… you never did it intentional. So… that’s a relief.

Dinah: Sapphire… *Sighs*

Lulu: The entrance to the Trials.

Blossom: So… this is the starting line for the trials.

Jack: Looks kinda cold and frosty in there.

Pearl: You can literally feel the chill in there.

Rikku: *Looking into the door* I wonder if Yunie’s really in there.

Wakka: Let’s go and see!

Thunderic Wonder: I second that motion. Let’s check it out. If she’s there and waiting for us… we should have the right mind to not keep her waiting. It’s one thing for a guardian to look for their summoner. But it’s really something other when you’re having the summoner going off to look for his or her Guardian. I mean call me a bit bitchy on that but that’s kinda Pathetic. Wouldn’t you figure?

Rikku: Hmm… Interesting. But i agree.

Lulu: Let’s go!

It was then that they all made way through the cloister of trials. It was a bit confusing for them as them had to activate platforms. and power the movable floor with the spheres and yet get the spheres in their correct spots. Sora and Carly got the hand on all the spheres and helped them out. It was as though they dreamt about the Trials they were now in and knew where to go… how and when. Where to stick each sphere. they also got a hold of the Purple sphere. Which helped out well for them. they were able to collect the secret treasure that would help them get to a secret Aeon. Closer to winning one. They just didn’t know that yet though. But it wasn’t long before they were able to solve the trials. Now… as soon as they were said to reach the next room… The fighters came to see that it was a huge waiting room. Roomy but rather chilly and a tad haunting. A potent mix for a temple. Although… they had to wait for Yuna. The guardians and the fighters all caught the idea that Yuna was inside the room beyond which was the chamber of the fayth. The Chamber of the fayth where Yuna was said to receive her next Aeon. The newest addition to the aeons that she had already collected.

Tidus: Yuna?

Wakka: Inside, maybe?

Sailor Zoey: I think that she could be inside the room ahead. She’d have to be as it’s where the fayth is. But do you think that she’s okay inside the room? What if she’s… well… sick or tired and or drained?

Dancing Heartthrob: Something could be wrong…

Tidus: Then what are we standing here for? *Straining while struggling to lift inner door*

Wakka: H-Hey!

Tidus: You can stuff your taboos!

Thunder Star: Wakka, we just had a talk or a good heart to heart about Yevon betraying its own teachings… Are you still vouching to follow the path still after all that? Come on… Yuna is in there. And yes. You are right. and we understand that it taboo for guardians to be popping the cork and diving into the Chamber where a guardian should dare not tread. But…

Dinah: Wakka, What Serena is trying to plainly say is that… The Taboo has to be tossed out the window on this one issue here… Yuna is inside there and with what she just recently escaped from only a moment ago… There is no telling as to how she’s faring. She could be weak and could be dealing with blacking out moments. not that we’re to say that she is… But then again… She just went through a nutty and harsh ordeal. So… Think about it… how would you be after going through being forced to marry someone against your will and having to make a drastic and yet cunning but dramatic escape? It’s taboo to go in there if you’re not a summoner. But right now… that should be the least important thing to think about. We’re talking about a Summoner’s life here. her well-being. That comes first.

Paige: She’s young. Like a Child. Strong as she is… She’s still a child. Like a baby. her well-being has to be the key thing right now… Always.

Wakka: Okay… Okay. You’re right.

Kimahri walks over and helps Tidus lift up the door leading to the chamber of the Fayth. It was then that Tidus walked under the door and gone into the chamber. He wasn’t the only one that went in. Raven and Serena Plus Blossom went in. Curtis had a hunch or suspicion that something was feeling off. He volunteered to go out of the waiting room and stand outside the door to keep a watch out for any monks and Kinoc closing in on them all. Dinah and Luna However went to the side and spoke between one another. Zoey went with them as it seemed to revolve her. She was gonna be having to bust out with what she’s done. Contacting someone that was thought to have been unable to be contacted by anyone other than Luna and or a dear friend. Artemis…

Dinah: Luna, I don’t know where to even start with this… but there is something that has been brought up to my attention as my girls brought it to my attention when they had to speak to me for a minute back in Macalania woods.

Luna: Really? What is it? What’s the matter?

Dinah: *Sighs* i hate being the heavy on this. But… Luna, Your Daughter Zoey has been contacting the Queen of the moon. The Moon Kingdom.

Luna: What?! You’re not serious about that… are you?

Dinah: Wish i wasn’t… but i am. I am serious. She’s been contacting the moon kingdom and from what my daughters have told me… The Queen happened to also know about this world. Know about Spira. She happened to know about Maester Seymour and knew about the darkness that happened to be burning within him. She happened to have known. And yet never met the Maester. Zoey spoke to her and My daughter Serena managed to catch it… although she didn’t exactly spell it out. But how she was saying it… it was as she said. Zoey was contacting the Queen of the moon and Blossom also was talking with the Queen.

Luna: That’s my doing. I kinda taught Zoey how to contact the Queen as she was now what i once was once upon a time.

Dinah: Why?

Luna: It is because… Zoey is a lot like me when i was like that. A lot like me and i know it’s out there to allow for Zoey to just contact the Queen like that. But… I happened to do the same thing when i was once so long ago now the one with blue hair… the tail and like some cuddly child. But i am this way now… Zoey is going through just the same as me… the emotions and the burden. the stress. Like i have.

Dinah: Luna!!! That is not the point. Not even close. Zoey is a sweet lovable girl. But she isn’t you. She may have come from you and Zeke… But she’s not a original Moon inhabitant. You are. She is trying to be just like you were. Now… I am all for it. You know i am… But really… Are you sworn to tell me that you’re okay with Zoey being with that type of life? She’s only 10. What makes you believe that she could just hold tough with being a senshi. Like she is now?

Luna: You don’t trust in her?

Dinah: Of course i trust in her. I trust in my Niece. Zoey is a loving girl. I love her as if she were my Daughter. But she’s your Daughter. Your baby. You are to shield her from having that kind of life. Having to make choices that she shouldn’t have to be making. It isn’t fair on her and it sure is not easy on you. Because you live each day panicking and worrying that the wrong people will catch on and want to abduct her and run tests on her. I know because i can see it on your face half the time. It is scaring you to death and it’s also scaring me. It probably scares your husband Zeke and scares the hell out of your oldest Daughter Rina. But none of them will say anything about it as they don’t want to stress you more than you might already be.

Luna: That is so not it.

Dinah: It’s not? Then answer me this… Why is Zoey having to be the one living the life of being a senshi? Is it really something she wanted? Is it the life she really wants? Do you really think that she’s been asking for this life… the life of being a senshi?

Sailor Zoey: Aunt Dinah… Stop it. It isn’t like that at all. I know the risks of what being a Senshi means. I know it is hard to live with the burden everyday. But i don’t blame her for it. I don’t blame anyone about it nor do i blame myself. I am fine with it. I have been careful and i know the chances of my being spotted by someone who would like to run tests on me… But… i am not scared. I try to not be. I mean that yes… it can be hard at times and i am only learning slowly as i go along… But this is just what i am.  I am just like this. I have days that yes… i could be mad at my mom for my being this way. But how can i be without being mad at myself? I love my mom. I understand why she passed all this to me. I was just shocked at first because it just came at me so sudden. But I am like this because it’s by choice. I wanted this. I really did.

Dinah: *Shaking her head a bit in worry*

Inside the chamber of the fayth…

Tidus finds Yuna and a creepy looking kid in a purple hoodie hovering over statue…

Tidus: Wh-What’s that?

Auron: A fayth.

Thunderic Wonder: It looks more like a spiritual hologram. That’s a spirit though… isn’t it?

Thunder Star: What are they exactly? 

Blossom: What do they do?

Auron: They join with the summoner, and together receive the aeon. They are human souls, imprisoned in stone by ancient Yevon rites. The dead should be allowed to rest.

Blossom: So… they’re spirits of the dead? People who had once been alive… but are now no longer living?

But suddenly as the spirit enters into Yuna…

Yuna collapsed…

Tidus: Yuna!

Thunderic Wonder: Oh my god… Someone’s gotta do something.

Thunder Star: Someone grab her. Pick her up.

Tidus: *Picking Yuna up from the ground*

On the outside of the Chambers the Monks were surrounding the fighters and the guardians. The parents as well… They were cornered and trapped like rats… What were they to do?

Tidus and the others were now on their way out of the chambers…

Rikku: *Pleading to Tidus, Raven, Serena, Blossom and Auron* Wait… Don’t come out!

But it was too late. They came out anyway and find nothing but a Warrior Monk Welcoming party all poised to strike as they were all waiting for them to come out from hiding…

Kinoc: There’s the last of them. You are to stand trial.

Auron: *Dryly chuckling* I expect it will be a fair trial.

Kinoc: Heh-heh. Of course it will.

Dinah: Sure it will…

Sailor Zoey: You are making us feel like renegades. We really don’t like it.

Paul: What’s our crime anyway? Caring for all the races? Why? Because we’re to like and care about every race except for the Al Bhed. Is that it?

Pearl: I really don’t like the fact that we’re being under capture. Under arrest for showing care to the Al Bhed. You Yevonites all hate them. We don’t. That makes us infidels and inferior to the rest. We’re supposed to hate the Al Bhed and yet we don’t because we care about them and want to see that they get the respect as the other races get and since we do… we’re the renegades and the insurrectionists.

Jack: That is something that puts my frost in a unsettling position and i really don’t appreciate it. I Really don’t settle for that.

Kinoc: Those are the laws of Yevon. They are not to be disobeyed or broken.

Thunder Star: *Standing up to Kinoc* Or what?! You’ll shoot us and send us to the damned? Condemning us because we happen to have hearts. Something that you Yevonites know nothing about? Go ahead and condemn us… We won’t stop caring for the Al Bhed. Nothing will make us hate them. Ever. You guys don’t like that… do you? Well… boohoo… get over it. It’s called life sucks.

What was their punishment gonna be? Were they to be let go after a long trial… or would they be sentenced to be condemned? What was their fate gonna be and would their fate be the end of them? Would the fighters be able to talk their way out of the situation? Find out in the Next Chapter of the Adventures of the Rhapsody Girls Z! as the Saga continues…

Rhapsody fighters are on trial… they’re busted and are being tried for the crimes that they don’t think are fair… Yevon has blind conceptions upon them and it’s getting shady. Judgment and rotten luck befalls them. All the Maesters Vs. Summoner Yuna and her guardians. Her friends. Someone better come to their defense or it’s curtains for the Rhapsody fighters??? in: Rhapsody on Trial. In Yevon’s high court they be.


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