Chapter 153: Enter: Bevelle. “Wedding bliss is Cancelled for you, Seymour!”

The Ship then sped through the clouds and beamed up high before diving down and swooped into the clouds and soaring fast under them. Full Throttle to Bevelle. All to Bevelle. The Fighters and the Guardians were all hanging on and feeling the cold snap of the air and the Atmosphere hit them as they were all on shooting path to Bevelle. They were on their way.

In Bevelle…

The Palace of St. Bevelle was brimming with Warrior monks and priests. High priests and higher men of the cloth They were on all sides and a couple rows were by Seymour. on one side and on the other side… there were a cluster of them leading the bride. It was Yuna. She was being led by them all and once it was that they made way to the middle. the center of the square leading to the alter of St. Bevelle. The palace. A few of the Monks kept a step or two back while Yuna and Seymour were then side by side. Walking up the center steps to the Alter…

At the Alter there stood on the side Luna, Pearl, Jack, Curtis, Paige and Dinah. They were there. and were ordered to remain where they were…

Dinah: Maester Kinoc, The nerve of you to do this to us. Why are you doing this? For kicks, Kinoc? I thought that you were better than that.

Kinoc: It’s the way things go. Your children are adhering to serve the Al Bhed. Inflicted injury on a Maester. Seymour was hurt by your kids. I don’t condone this… but it is for Yevon. They have disrupted the order of Yevon. They can’t be allowed to live.

Luna: No! You’re not gonna hurt my Zoey. She’s just 10 years old. You Monster!

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Curtis: You better not even think to hurt my Daughter Blossom. You hurt my daughter and Maester or not… i will Electrocute you. I Swear on it.

Pearl: *Crying into her husbands arms* They’re gonna kill our darling kids. Our Babies are gonna die.

Jack: I know… Yevon is a monster like faith. Judging the Al Bhed. and because our family happen to show care to all of the races and even the Al Bhed. They consider our family threats just the same as they see the Al Bhed as threats. We’re gonna get back at Yevon for this. Don’t worry. We’ll get them for this.

There were warrior Monks with rifles and guns plus a couple YAT-99’s, YKT-63’s stationed on the sides and all on alert. There was a suspicion for an attack to break through and they were not taking any chances.

Seconds Later, Kinoc happened to look up and see a swirl of pyreflys in the air…

Kinoc: Men! Brace for an attack!

The warrior monks get in position and brace themselves for an attack to break out.

The ship braced through the clouds and down over to the city and the ship followed the long path that led all the way over. It was blowing smoke and critically damaged. But it was risking all to get the fighters and guardians over to the steps leading to the said tower of light. Where Yuna was standing at the Alter or would be…

Kinoc: *Commanding the attack* FIRE!

The warrior monks and the YAT-99’s all started to fire at the ship… blasting at the ship with strong firepower. The Warrior monks all aimed their fire arms at the ship and fired at the ship. The YAT-99’s let out the fire power. Firing blasts at the ship.

Seymour: *Seeing the Airship coming in and knowing it to be the Al Bhed coming in* … *Dragging Yuna over to the Alter in panic* Come!

Seymour: *looking towards Grand Maester Mika to motion for the wedding to go on*

The Airship loomed in and swung around the tower before lounging in a hover like manner and…

Suddenly a couple of grappling cables latched down and grabbed right at the ground… It lead to the tower of light…

There were two cables and the airship was holding on… All while the YAT-99’s kept firing at the Airship and the Warrior Monks were also firing. It was no surprise that they knew it had to have been the Al Bhed.

Luna: *Looking up* What is that thing? It’s a ship… isn’t it?

Curtis: It is. It’s a Ship.

Paige: An Airship. But who’d be flyin’ it?

Pearl: Don’t know…

Kinoc: The Al Bhed. That’s a forbidden Machina. That’s the Al Bhed

But it was then that from the Top of the Airship…

Miss Thunder: Come on… Let’s spark our way over there.

Thunderic Wonder: Jump.

Thunder Star: We’re gonna ride the cables.

Sailor Zoey: *Jumping on to the cables and gliding down to the walkway* I’m Coming Mom…

June: *Holding on to Zoey’s side*

Within seconds…

The guardians and the fighters rode down and slid right on down to the Walkway leading over to the tower of light. To the Alter. It was a ride on down. The Romancers Z! glided down the cables. As did the Aquatic Force Z! and the Thunderic Force Z!. They slid down and hanged ten on the cables…

Paul: Here we come, Yuna. Don’t you fear… Your Guardians are here.

Blossom: *Seeing her father close by the alter* Dad! I’m coming.

Thunder Star: *Hanging ten and calling out to Seymour* Hey Seymour… You haven’t received our wedding present to you. You forgot a present. Our dose of pain.

Miss Bliss: *Looking at the Warriors* You creeps let our mother go. Get your hands off of her.

Angelic Bubble: *Calling out to their father* Father… You got ice power capabilities. Shoot at the Monks. get them. Make them back off.

Bubble Gem: Better yet… Fire at Seymour. He’s an unsent. Ice him.

They barely made it on the Walkway when the grappling cables snapped off and the ship had to soar off…

Paul: *Waving off the ship* Catch you later, pops. Don’t worry… We’ll keep an eye on Sora and Carly.

Alvin: *Speaking from the Airship* Good work, son. You guys be careful. Get at the family. rescue them and rescue Yuna. You can do it.

Avery: *Speaking from the airship* Go for it, kids. Just remember: Fiends only live to die another day. Villains and evil pursuers too.  Don’t let them forget that we fighters will bounce right back.

Arnold: That’s right.

From the top of the steps…

Yuna, Seymour and Mika remain watching from top of steps as Yuna is in apparent distress and while the guardians and the fighters start to charge right for her and the parents of the fighters…

Tidus: Yuna!

Sora: Aunt Luna, Aunt Dinah… Aunt Pearl. Aunt Paige… We’re coming…

Paul: Uncle Jack. Uncle Curtis… We’re on our way.

Blossom: Dad! *Running over*

Warrior Monks #1 & #2: *Firing at the infidels*

Sailor Zoey: I don’t think so! *Firing at the Monks* Cosmic Moon Heart Smash! *Standing ground* Back off from my mom. Get away From Yuna.

Luna: *Shouting over to Zoey* Zoey… Go. Get out of here… All of you. These Yevon soldiers’ll kill you. Please go. Don’t stay here. Get to safety. Please Sweetie.

Thunder Star: Aunt Luna… No. We’re not leaving you guys. You’re coming with us. The hell with what the Warrior monks try to do. We’ve dealt with Strong desert fiends and Guado shitheads who were trying to kill the Al Bhed. Then had to face them on the Airship as some of them snuck on the ship to try and kill the Al Bhed. catching them off guard. The great wyrm too… After all the hell we went through… we’re not backing down.

Sora: Ouch! Serena, you could have been a little subtle with that. That was not pleasant.

Carly: Yeah. That really didn’t feel so good.

Blossom: *Firing a few shots of Electricity at the Warrior Monks* You Yevon clowns leave my dad alone. Get away from him.

Paul: Don’t worry, Blossom. We’ll make it through.

Mika: Who are you Infidels? What business do you have here?

Miss Bliss: *With her sister and Brothers* We are the Majestic soldiers and preservers of all Love is and can be. With the powers of Love, Bliss and Melodic embrace of Romance. To those who upset the Balance of All that Love stands for… We pity. The forces of Hatred and discontent Fear the powers of Love if you dare. We are The RHAPSODY ROMANCERS Z!

Miss Bliss: *To the grand Maester* We’re here for our mother. You are not the guilty one… But Seymour is…

Angelic Bubble: *With her sisters and Brother* Caress the touch of Water’s embrace. The Beauty of the serene frost and the Sparkles of Bubbles and Gems. We represent the element that cleanses the presences of Evil. Our Bubbling, Sparking Gem, Frost and Water power will break down the stains of Evil. The Evil at hand and the source of all who threaten the Innocent and their way of life… You’ve met your Match in Reigning… It ends. Here. From the Powers of water and Bubbles… Time to face the Extinction of Evil’s Stain. We are The RHAPSODY AQUATIC FORCE Z!

Angelic Bubble: *To the Grand Maester* We’re coming for our mother and father. If they’re harmed… it won’t look good for anyone here.

Miss Thunder: *With her sisters* Come into the night of Thunderic Fury… Feel the power and force of Thunder and lightning. With the flash of light and the boom of Thunders mighty roar the Evil at wake will shake rattle and quake with fear. The Crackle and snap of the Thunder will be the cry of Evil begging for mercy. Shake the floor and hear the Skies bellow out with Thunderic Rage. We are THE RHAPSODY THUNDERIC FORCE Z!

Miss Thunder: *To the Grand Maester* I don’t think that any of your warriors want to have us turn ugly on them. Tell them to stand down. We don’t want you to see unneeded casualties. Please… tell the men to stand down.

There was no reply…

The fighters had no other option but to fight…

Auron: There is no reasoning with them. We’ll have to fight.

Frosty Ice Bubble: Hmm… Okay then. *Poised to attack* Let’s take them down.

Rikku: Yeah. We got to save Yunie from Seymour and rescue your family.

Lulu: *Nods*

Kimahri: *Ready to fight*

Miss Thunder: *Firing Thunder at the Warriors with her Thunder Trident*

Thunderic Wonder: *Firing Thunder at the Warriors with her Thunderstorm fan*

Thunder Star: *Attacking the Warriors with her Thunder Chains*

Wakka: *Throwing the Blitzball at the Warriors*

Kimahri: *Attacking the Warriors with his Spear*

Auron: *Attacking the Warriors with his Katana*

Tidus: *Attacking the Warriors with his Sword* Stay right there, Seymour!

Rikku: *Casting Thundara on the Warriors* I know some Magic now. Courtesy of the Rhapsody fighters. Yeah… Me. An Al Bhed. from the race that you yevonites seem to hate so much. Surprising… isn’t it?

Frosty Ice Bubble: Rikku, Don’t antagonize them. They already know that they’re racists. They don’t need to have it shoved in their faces every second. They’re not that stupid.

Rikku: Whoopsie!

Sora: *With Carly; Casting Fira on the Warrior Monks* TWIN INFERNO FLAMES!!!

Lulu: *Casting Blizzara on the Warrior Monks*

Suddenly a Couple of YKT-63’s came and tried to perform a Thrust Kick. It managed to Kick Blossom high into the Air. Curtis was catching what was going on and saw Blossom getting kicked into the air. He Teleported into the air and Caught Blossom fast.

Curtis: *Catching Blossom in his arms* Blossom, Princess… are you okay?

Blossom: *Nods while in tears from being kicked* Yeah. I just hurt. That really hurt.

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Curtis: I know, Sweetheart. I know… But don’t worry. You’re gonna be alright. I promise you. You’re gonna be fine. *Teleporting over where the One YKT-63 was and letting loose* Okay, You sons of bitches want to fuckin’ hurt my daughter? DO YA?! Well… Here’s some of your just rewards. *Firing a Strong Blast of Lightning at the YKT-63* You’re a Machina. Yevon can’t stand Machina but yet it has you? Yevon has defied its own teachings while telling all the devout followers of Yevon to adhere to never using any Machina. Yevon is a Hypocritical faith, Racist, Judgmental and a pathetic excuse. You Yevon assholes hurt my daughter and I am to be expected to sit back and allow that? EAT SHIT, YEVON FUCKS! *Firing Strong blasts of Lightning at the YKT-63’s* THE HELL WITH YEVON! *Seeing the YKT-63’s becoming fried and shorting out*

Sora: Whoa! Uncle Curtis… Calm down. You’re gonna have a heart attack if you keep doing that.

Carly: And you’re uh… Kinda scaring us.

Sora: Yeah. Seriously.

Sailor Zoey: *Firing another blast at the Warrior Monks and then firing a blast at the YKT-63* Cosmic Moon Heart Smash!

Zoey didn’t stop to see that a few more Warrior Monks were coming at her… She was focused on fighting what was ahead and firing at the YKT-63’s to be of aid to Blossom.

The Thunderic Force Z! all caught on and saw that there were more Monks coming towards Zoey. They jumped in and fired at the monks and cleared the danger from Zoey’s Blindside.

Tidus: *Attacking the Warrior Monks with his Sword* Trying to hurt a young kid? Take that!

But it was only minutes later when they finally reached the base of the steps…

Kinoc: This has gone far enough! *Pointing the Rifle at Tidus*

Thunder Star: *Glares* Why you?! *Starting to loom at Kinoc*

Miss Bliss: *Stepping forward to make like she’s gonna attack at Kinoc*

Auron: *Blocking Tidus, Annie and Serena* Stop!

Thunder Star: Why? Look at what they’re trying to do. They’re trying to see that the Wedding goes on. You can see that Yuna is not wanting to wed Seymour. If we’re not here to rescue her along with our family… Then what the hell are we here for? To get ourselves kicked to an inch of our lives? No thanks. I would rather avoid casualties here if you wouldn’t mind.

Dinah: *Stomps her foot on get her Daughter’s attention* Serena Tina Dinah Rhapsody… Enough. That is enough of that. Auron is a warrior Monk… he’s got the knowhow of both Legendary Guardian and Warrior Monk. He knows how they play. If he says to stop… You stop. It doesn’t sound like it’s a bit fair to refrain from pulling off an attack… but he knows more of their endgame than we do. Listen to him. He knows what he’s doing.

Thunder Star: *Sighs* … *Groans*

The Fighters are surrounded as are the guardians by Warrior monks all aimed to fire at them. Tidus happened to then look up to see Yuna Producing her staff from behind her gown before holding it up in a defiant manner. Serena, Sora, Raven, Zoey and Paul also saw it. They didn’t know what to make of it and wondered what Yuna was thinking of doing…

Seymour: You would play at marriage just for a chance to send me? Your resolve is admirable. All the more fitting to be my lovely wife.

Mika: *as the Guardians and the Fighters are Surrounded* Stop! Do you not value your friends’ lives? Your actions determine their fate. Protect them…

View shooting over to the fighters and Guardians…


Looking back at Yuna…

Mika: *Looking at Yuna* or throw them away. The choice is yours.

Yuna Reluctantly then drops her staff feeling as though she’s defeated and unable to see that her friends and guardians get shot or locked away… Serena couldn’t stick back to see Yuna give into the demands to follow through with the wedding…

Thunder Star: *Scoffs in outrage* Ugh! Yuna… What are you doing? Don’t give in to that monster. Fight him.

Sailor Zoey: Don’t go through with the wedding. It’s not a Wedding made for love. It’s all one for control. Chaos. Don’t do it!

Sora: Yuna, Please don’t go through with this.

Carly: This wedding’s a mistake.

Yuna: *Unable to stand her ground*

Seymour: You are wise.

Thunderic Wonder: Enjoy your happy Bliss while you can, Seymour. Yuna will never be yours. She’ll never love you.

Miss Passion: You are not worthy to even know what Love is.

The fighters all watch in disgust and despair as they were seeing Seymour and Yuna close in on each other. locking eyes with one another. Blossom was not looking forward to seeing the connecting kiss between Yuna and Seymour. She turned and didn’t even say a word. She walked to the back and sat down. She sighed as she realized that the wedding was being forced to happen. That Yevon didn’t seem to care if it was one of love or not or whether it be right or wrong. Maester Mika was overseeing it and was all for it. The Thunderic force Z! could not begin to digest a reason to stomach it.

Rikku watched and Squealed. She cringed and whined in terror and distress. The guardians all watched in Horror. Zoey was feeling sick just from the sight that was being seen before them…

Sailor Zoey: This is sick. Nasty. *In horror and distress* How could a wedding like this be condoned? It’s undignified. Rotten.

Paul: *Firing at Seymour* Get your stinkin’ hands off of her. Step back from her Seymour.

Mika: Restrain him.

Warrior Monk: *Restraining Paul and subduing him*

Seymour lands the kiss on Yuna and the Bells toll with celebration. The Marriage was indeed as it was official. But…

As the kiss went on… Seymour didn’t seem to notice that Yuna was planning something and had a trick up her sleeve. As Seymour kissed her… Sighting of her right fist showed that it was being balled. Yuna was feeling something in her snap…

Sir Love: *Watching* Oh god… What’s Yuna doing? What on Earth is she thinking on doing?

From the side…

Luna: Yuna’s up to something.

Dinah: What’s she planning to do?

Pearl: Whatever it is… she better get with it.

Angelic Bubble: I Don’t trust Seymour. He is up to something no good. Someone better watch him and keep an eye on him.

Thunder Star: *Firing at the Warrior Monks subduing Paul* Get your hands off of him. Get back off of him at once.

Warrior Monk: *Pointing the rifle at Serena* Silence, Infidel!

Dinah: *Snaps at the Warrior* Excuse me! You mind getting that rifle out of my daughter’s face?

Warrior Monk: Silence!

Dinah: You have a choice. Either you get that rifle out from my daughter’s face or i will come and grab the Rifle and i promise that you won’t like what i happen to do with it. You want to end up needing that Rifle Surgically removed? Keep it in my daughter’s face and just see what happens.

Luna: That goes for if you dare stick that rifle in my Daughter Zoey’s face too.

Tidus went from worry to serious and itching to strike at Seymour. Their backs were in a literal corner and there was nothing that they could do. Seymour had his way and got to kiss Yuna upon the lips. Force a marriage… and what was worse was that Yevon was okay with it. Didn’t care to know if it were wrong or right. They also hated the Al Bhed too… and were gonna make the fighters and the guardians all pay for not hating the Al Bhed. Pearl and Jack saw that their kids were being pinned as infidels and it took every inch of their pride and composure to not lose it. It was hurting them and it showed. It showed. Spencer gulped and even though he didn’t show his fear around Rikku as he was set on being strong for her like a boyfriend should… Pearl… caught it and saw. That’s when she lost it…


Warrior Monk: Silence, Infidel. They are trespassers here and are crashing a wedding that they were not welcomed to. They are Guilty for attempted Murder of a Maester.

Jack: *Gasps* No…

Pearl: A Mother knows what her kids are feeling and thinking… If they did what you say that they’ve done… there must have been a reason for it.

Warrior Monk: And what would that be?

Bubble Gem: He killed his own father. He Murdered Lord Jyscal. We’d show you the sphere that had his will on it… But the sleaze bag Tromell crushed it and destroyed it.

Mika: That’ll be quite enough. There will be no talk of matters that don’t concern you. The Guado will deal with only Guado Affairs. You are ordered to drop the matter… Immediately.

Thunderic Wonder: Forget it. He is guilty and he is not gonna get away with Murder.

Sailor Zoey: Murder is not to be condoned. Any Faith that would condone Murder is Wrong.

Paige: *Realizing* Hey! You know what? Zoey’s a young girl and has a bit to learn… but she’s right. A Faith isn’t supposed to be condoning Murder. It isn’t supposed to be like that.

A brief second or so later…

As the Vows were being passed to one another. From Yuna to Seymour. But Yuna deep down didn’t have any intention of going through with the wedding or marriage. She didn’t plan on having a life with Seymour. One of lies and mistrust and deceit. Yuna also didn’t buy into Seymour’s vow. However she had to play it and make the monks and the grand Maester believe and think that she was gonna cooperate with the proceedings of the wedding.

Seymour: *Looking up; Lifting his head and looking toward Kinoc* Kill them!

Yuna: *Looking up and gasps in shock*

Kinoc and the Warrior Monks then surround the Fighters and the guardians. It Looked as though it was gonna be curtains for them all…

Kinoc: I am sorry, but it is for Yevon.

Auron: Aren’t those weapons forbidden by Yevon?

Kinoc: *Shifting the aim from Tidus to Auron* There are exceptions.

Thunder Star: Exceptions, My ass. You are betraying your own teachings and yet believe that you’re doing the right thing by pinning the Al Bhed as the ones who disrupt the Order of Yevon for the use of Machina. You’re lying to everyone.

Thunderic Wonder: Since you want to play that sort of game… Why don’t you tell everyone the real truth about Yevon. What it really is like. How it just makes up whatever laws it chooses so it even though controls people’s lives and tells them how to live… what to do and what it is that they can and can’t do and at what times… it behind locked secret doors has machina being used. Sacrilegious objects that Yevon happens to tell the people of Spira are considered as Taboo. Since you want to go down that road. Tell them… Tell them the truth.

Paul: You… Maester Kinoc… are a hypocrite. A literal Hypocrite.

Sora: What do you think you’re trying to do to us? You think that we’re infidels?

Yuna: No! Throw down your weapons! Let them go, or else… *Suddenly backing away to the edge of the platform*

Luna: Yuna, What are you doing?

Sailor Zoey: What do you intend to do?

Curtis: It’s a high drop from here. This a high tower and a high altitude.

Jack: …

There were sudden motions for the weapons to be lowered…

Yuna: *Looking at the Fighters and the Guardians* Leave now! Please!

Tidus: You’re coming with us!

Sailor Zoey: Yuna, we came to rescue you and take you away from Seymour. We’re not gonna just leave you behind.

Blossom: You have to come with us.

Miss Bliss: Please. Come with us. You must come with us.

Miss Passion: Yuna… come on… Come with us. We’re not leaving you behind.

Yuna: Don’t worry! Go!

Thunder Star: Yuna, What are you thinking of doing?

Frosty Ice Bubble: You’re not thinking of jumping off the edge there, are you?

Seymour: This is foolish. If you fall, you’ll die.

Dinah: Compared to what you were bound to do to her… Her falling would be a reprieve to be spared of you.

Luna: That’s right. you Monster. The nerve of you Warrior Monks threatening to shoot at my daughter.

Pearl: Accusing my kids of killing a Maester.

Melodic Bubble: Mom… it’s true. We did do that. Seymour’s an Unsent. We didn’t mean to kill him.

Pearl: I know.

Bubbling Star: How is it that you know already?

Pearl: You forget that a mother can always tell. Christina, No matter what might happen… A Mother always knows what going on with her kids.

Yuna: *Wipes mouth in disgust*… *To Tidus and friends* Don’t worry. I can fly.

Sailor Zoey: How can you fly. That’s a long drop. You’ll get creamed.

Blossom: Yuna… we can’t let you do this. We can’t.

Sora: We went through alot to find you again…

Carly: We don’t want to lose you again.

Yuna: You won’t.

Tidus: B-but….

Thunder Star: … *Looking at her mother* Mom, you’re closer to where Yuna is standing. Grab her… If she falls… she’s gonna die. She’s thinking on falling off the edge. Stop her!

Dinah: I can’t.

Paige: *Sighs*

Pearl: *Looking at Jack* Jack… What’s she gonna do?

Tidus: *Shaking his head in protest*

Yuna: Believe.

Thunder Star: Okay… But Yuna… You watch yourself with what you’re doing. You better make it away alive. We lost you once and went through a nightmare trying to find you. going through a desert. Through a Sanctum… soaring over to here by airship. to come find you again. We’re not losing you again. Plus you better be careful… for also Kimahri’s sake. As it is… he isn’t saying anything about it but he’s more likely than not sick to his stomach seeing that you’re about to throw yourself off the edge of this building. Protect yourself. For your sake, Ours and his as well.

Yuna: *Nods* … *Smiling*

Yuna then takes a swan dive down…

Tidus: Yuna!

Sailor Zoey: *Calling out in panic* Yuna!

Luna: Oh dear god… She’s jumped off the ledge.

Blossom: Is she gonna be alright?

Curtis: I don’t know. I sure hope so. *Worried*

The grand Maester Mika and Seymour ran over to the edge and happened to look down hoping to spot Yuna although there didn’t appear to be any sign of her at all. This was a huge distraction so it would allow for the fighters and the Guardians to make a run for it…

As they looked down they happened to see a glow which pointed out that Yuna was down there. The flash that broke gave away where she was and still falling. She was summoning for an Aeon and since she was in the air and falling… there was only one Aeon that she could have called…

Valefor… Valefor was summoned and as the Aeon was in view in the sky… it wasn’t even but just maybe a second or so that it dove down…

It dove down fast and went to hover under where Yuna was and set to catch her. To break her fall…

Yuna was caught by Valefor and landed on its back. Valefor took one look at Yuna and sighed hoping that she was okay. It wasn’t a moment passed that with a swift motion to go on the run and escape… Valefor flew off… Where she would go… at that time… no one really knew. Not the Maesters, The Warrior Monks, the Guardians nor the fighters. None of them knew. But it was on the run for the Guardians and fighters. The parents too… They had to make a run for it while the opening was there. Where were they gonna go? Where did Yuna go? Would they meet up with her again? Find out in the Next Chapter of the Adventures of the Rhapsody Girls Z! as the Saga continues…

Thunder Star: *Growls* Kimahri… Kimahri… What’s the big idea pulling me away? Let me go. Let me go. I’m gonna nail that Seymour and put him out of his fuckin’ misery. That son of a bitch is history.

Tidus: Lemme go! I’m gonna kill that Seymour!

Kimahri: Yuna said Leave… We Leave! Serena, There will be another time to nail at Seymour. I want to nail Seymour too… But Yuna requested us to leave. We must heed her wish. We must leave.

Next time on the Adventures of the Rhapsody Girls Z!… It’s Rhapsody on the run. Run for refuge and take cover. go for a hideout and make way to the Bevelle Temple’s Chamber of the fayth. Trapped like Rats by Maester Kinoc and the Warrior Monks in… RUN! Refuge in Bevelle Temple.


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