Chapter 151: Into the skies we fly… Rhapsody Clan transport by air.


“Cid: *Walking into the Bridge* Hu desa! Ku, ku ku!

Brother: Drnaa sehidac mavd! (Three minutes left!)

Cid: Rinno, rinno! Oui ryja uha sehida! (Hurry, hurry! You have one minute!)

The fighters and Guardians then arrive on Bridge…

Tidus: *Walking over near Cid* Where’s Yuna?

Serena: You tell us where Yuna is right now. Where are you keeping her?

Cid: Ajanouha uh puynt? (Everyone on board?)

Al Bhed: Ajanouha ymeja!

Tidus: I said, where is she? *Grabbing Cid* Answer me! Answer me, Damn you!

Raven: You better answer us and tell where Yuna is before we come loose. We have been looking all through the desert and through home here for her. Haven’t found her. So either she’s really gone and we don’t know it quite yet or you’ve got her here somewhere.

Paul: Don’t test us. We’re not in a very chipper mood as we just ripped our hearts out over hearing something that we should have been told from the beginning but haven’t till just a moment ago.

Cid: What’ll you do when you find her, eh?

Tidus: I didn’t know anything about what a summoner is supposed to do. And I told her all those things without even knowing. I’ve got to tell her. I’ve got to tell her I’m sorry!

Serena: We told her all about our home back in the city of Metropolis Kansas. Told her all those things without even stopping to ask about what it was that she was meant to be doing… We’ve got to tell her… We need to tell her that we’re sorry.

Cid: Wait a Minute… Metropolis Kansas?! *Turning to look at Serena* You not pulling this Al Bhed’s mind apart with that… are you? You from there?

Raven: Yes. We are. Why?

Cid: Well… color me with a mind blower. How did you all get to Spira to begin with?

Spencer: Through a Portal sir.

Cid: A Portal, eh?

Clint: That’s right Sir. Cid, We came through a portal. An abnormality in the space-time continuum.

Cid: And those Yevon Clods Think that Machina is bad. Try a Portal. You guys came through it? Was it just you young kids and 3 grown men?

Alvin: Not Quite all… there are others, Sir.

Cid: You don’t say. You’ll have to tell me all about it as soon as get ourselves out of here. *Looking at Tidus and Serena* That’s it? You’re gonna tell her you’re sorry? And then you just drag her to Zanarkand and make her fight Sin, huh? You’re all the same — let the summoner die so we can live in peace! *Throws Tidus to the deck and Thumps Serena on the head*

Tidus: No! I’m not gonna let Yuna die! 

Serena: Neither are we. We are not gonna let Yuna bite the dust. We won’t allow it.

Cid: Hah! Words! Show me action!

Tidus: I’m telling you, she won’t die!

Serena: And i mean what i said…

Sapphire: Yuna is considered to be a part of the clan here… we’d protect her with our lives.

Theodore: That’s right. We would. No matter what.

Penny: We Swear on it. We Won’t allow for Yuna to Die!

Cid: Boy, Young Kids… don’t forget those words, ’cause if you do…I’m gonna make you regret it.

Tidus: I won’t. So… You know where she is?

Zoey: Anything?

Cid: ‘Course not. That’s why we’re gonna look! Using this airship!

Wakka: A-Airship?

Paul: Air Ship?!

Amy: Air SHIP?!

Sora: Did he just say Air Ship? *Stammering and stuttering in shock* You m-m-mean that w-w-w-we’re in a a-a-a-air s-s-s-s-ship?

Carly: I think that he did say that. He said it and now… we’re here. We’re in a Air ship.

Sora: Oh god…

Carly: Aren’t we scared of Air Ships?

Sora: I don’t know. We’ve never been on one…

Carly: Well… we’re on one now.

Suddenly the platform shook and let off a Jolt…

Annie: *Falling back and hitting the floor* Whoa!

Amy: *Tumbling over* Whoa! Ouch!

Zoey: *Pausing and Afraid to move* Uh… Are we really… in an Airship?

Avery: I do believe that we are…

Brother: Vydran! Nayto du ku!

Cid: Oaaryy! Y vmekrd 1000 oaync ujantia! (Yeehaa! A flight 1000 years overdue!)

The hangar opened up and sand came in through as the door leading to the outside opened up wide. The Air Ship fired up and started to rise on up… going up out of the hangar. rising from the hangar that happened to be underground from the Al Bhed homestead…

Brother: *Piloting and looking back a second* Whoa! It moves!

Cid: *Within a few steps away from Brother* Risk big, win big!

Brother: Fruy! Ed vmeac! (Whoa! It flies!)

Cid: Haqd, fa ica dryd! (Next, we use that!)

Brother: *Glumly* Frydajan oui cyo.

A second Later…

Brother: *Starting off* Ieyui

Cid: *Turning to face the others while Joining in* Nobomeno *in Unison with the other Al Bhed*






Wakka: What’s goin’ on?

Sora: What’re you gonna do?

Carly: Is something gonna happen?

Spencer: *Walking over to Rikku and Standing by her* Rikku, What’s happening now?

Rikku: We’re…we’re going to blow up our Home.

Spencer: *Gasps* What?! Huh?! Are you kidding? But… that’s your home. the place that you and your people have considered home. Why would you destroy the thing or place that you all created and made to shelter you and keep upon you with safety and safe harbor?

Cid: It’s infested with Fiends. It has to be done Kiddo. It’s for the best. No telling if those Guado are the ones that were still sending in fiends to take us down… But We can’t let those Fiends bust loose. We must blow up our home.

Lulu: How?

Cid: With one of the forbidden machina! *Commanding Brother to fire the missiles* Nayto? Vena!

Serena: *Feeling the Speed* Come on firestorm… Come and chase us. 6,000 pounds of metal with the Knack for flyin’ You know that you want us…

Sapphire: Serena, This is no pleasure. This is a race to escape that blast. We have to outrun the blast.

Amy: *Holding on to the railing* Everyone… Hold on tight!

Zoey: Don’t worry… We are.

Clint: This is gonna be a high adrenaline rush…

Paul: Oh god… Oh god… *Holding on to the rails*

Serena: Oh god… It’s chasing us. We’re in for it now.

Theodore: We better ride that storm. Beat it before it gets us…

Spencer: *Feeling the heat* Blizzard… Anyone. I am overheating here… Not good. Not Good. *Burning up* AHHHHHH!”


The ship Soared fast and broke from the fire storm and it was only then that the ship was out and safe from the blast. It was then that they saw as the Al Bhed home was gone.

Cid: Gah-hah-hah-hah! Nadinh du cyht! (Return to sand!)

Brother: *Bawls*

Cid: Hu haat vun daync! Fryd ec kuut ypuid sylrehy, ec drao lyh pa piemt yhaf, oui caa? (No need for tears! What is good about machina, is they can be build anew, you see?)

Sora: Their home is destroyed. We made it out of that Firestorm… Barely and the result is their home being destroyed.

Carly: Poor guys. It’s so not fair.

Rikku: *Devastated* Our home… It’s gone!

Spencer: We’re sorry that the home was destroyed, Rikku. We know what it’s like. If only we could make it all better.


Wakka: *To Rikku* Hey, look. Don’t get so down. Boom! *Laughs* Like happy festival fireworks, ya?

Rikku: You can cram your happy festival, you big meanie!

Spencer: That was so not cool, Wakka. Not cool!

Rikku walks away from Wakka and feels hurt…

Spencer: Rikku, hey… Calm down. It’s gonna be okay. It’s just like your father said. The best thing about Machina is that it can be built back up and built anew. Your home can be rebuilt and made better than ever.

Rikku: I guess. It’s only that it was the only place that we knew as home, where we would be safe. We built it from just a scrap shelter to what it was.

Spencer: It sure would have looked beautiful if only the Stinkin’ Guado didn’t try to ruin it.

Rikku: Don’t worry about it Spencer. It’s nothing new. We Al Bhed were meant to lose everything.

Spencer: It isn’t supposed to be like that. You and your people don’t deserve to lose it all.

Minutes later…

Sapphire: *Walking over towards where Wakka was standing* … So, What’s eating you this time?

Wakka: Why didn’t I just shut my big mouth?

Sapphire: Shut your mouth about what? About the fact that Rikku lost her home and had to see as her people’s home got blown up to smithereens? Well… what do you expect for an encore? You always did have a big mouth about how you disliked the Al Bhed. You were telling Rikku to not be upset about her home getting attacked and then blown up. That was the lowest thing that you could have ever done. The lowest. *Sighs* Look, Wakka… I am just this once gonna go on a hand and cut you a break. Just once. Because i know what it’s like to take your displeasure of something or someone too far. My mother did it a couple times that i can recall seeing. Dinah, now she is a wonderful woman. A kind mother. Fair and direct. Cool and understanding… but she also can get in someone’s face when they push the wrong buttons on her. We know that… we have seen it. But Wakka, You have to be more mature and more understanding of the Al Bhed. Of all the races.

Wakka: How do i do that? If i forgive the Al Bhed for the loss of my brother it’d be like i was forgetting all about him. Plus they used the forbidden Machina. Sin. Sin was birthed because of that. All the Machina being used 1000 years ago brought Sin to existence.

Sapphire: Wakka, Sin was born from the Ego of men and even the Women who fought against one another over land. Remember your history. Bevelle and Zanarkand were at war. they were against one another for something that may just have made practically no sense whatsoever. The men from one city to another City used more powerful Machina. Remember back when we all rode the shoopuf  when Lulu and Yuna both spoke about the Machina Wars… How it created a rift among the people and brought on Sin as it’s reward… Remember?

Sapphire recalls back to the moment where they were all on the Shoopuf Riding from the south… to the north wharf…

“Tidus: A sunken city!

Zoey: A What?!

Blossom: A City?! Huh?! Is that at all possible?

Sora: *Looking down into the River to see a Sunken city* Hey Carly… Look at that. It’s a city.

Carly: A City? Down There? Why? Why is it down there? If it’s a City… shouldn’t it be above water?

Sora: You got a point. It should be above water. But… What happened to it?

Wakka: A machina city– a thousand years old! They built this city on top of bridges across the river.

Lulu: But the weight of the city caused the bridges to collapse, and it all sank to the bottom.

Paul: Wait wait wait a minute… You mean to tell us that this area… this River… Used to be a location of a city. A Flourishing City?

Crystal: And it just literally sink to the bottom of the river?

Zoey: The ground must have gave way. It must have been too heavy and the bridges collapsed because of it and went into the water. The city sunk and took the whole area with it… Which explains the reason why there were only tents and small pavillions at the wharf. It had to have been a city back then and then something happened. The city somehow became too heavy and it just couldn’t take the weight.

Blossom: A Whole City lost. Just because of its weight and the Bridges just couldn’t hold up the city.

Wakka: Right. It’s a good lesson.

Tidus: A lesson?

Wakka: Yeah. Why build a city over a river, ya?

Tidus: Uh… Well, it would be convenient, with all that water there.

Frosty Ice Bubble: *From the side* That is true… Ever heard of Venice, Italy? It was like a Water like populace. But reports said that it was slowly but surely sinking. No one really knows as to why. But there are theories that are being sprung about of what would be making it sink…

Wakka: Nope, that’s not why. They just wanted to prove they could defy the laws of nature!

Tidus: Hmmm? I’m not so sure about that.

Wakka: Yevon has taught us: When humans have power, they seek to use it. If you don’t stop them, they go too far, ya?

Miss Bliss: Are you nuts? That is so not true… Humans are mysterious. But not all of the humans are like that. There are plenty who are not that way.

Thunder Star: Yevon teaches that… but then it goes and treats the Al Bhed like they’re worthless mistakes that shouldn’t even live. To me… that is no Faith of peace.

Thunderic Wonder: No arguments here. That’s for sure.

Miss Thunder: Maybe humans do go too far. When don’t they? There are Wars that get started over senseless things. Like 1941… The U.S didn’t want to get into the war… We wanted out. But were still gonna send out whatever supplies that were needed to the good guys who were trying to fight off the evil tyrants. But Japan attacked us at Pearl. in the Morning mist. Bringing us into the war.

Tidus: Yeah, but don’t you use machina too? Like the stadium and stuff, right?

Lulu: Yevon, it decides… which machina we may use, and which we may not.

Tidus: So what kind of machina may we not use, then?

Wakka: Remember Operation Mi’ihen? That kind.

Paul: Okay… So that seems to be understood. The Machina used in Operation Mi’ihen… was pushing it.

Crystal: It begs to reason why the balance was upset. Every religion has a balance… culture and belief. A way of life. But disrupt it and it just all collapses.

Sir Love: Well… then that explains it. Certain Machina can not be used.

Lulu: Or war will rage again.

Tidus: War?

Blossom: *Gulps* War?!

Sora: War?! How would the use of Machina rage war?

Bubble Gem: The balance of things… if you upset them… bad things will happen.

Bubbling Star: Oh? You mean like the attack on the U.S Naval bases in 1941. We got attacked for no reason whatsoever. The Japanese Gov’t were seeing us all being in peace and they didn’t like it. They thought that if the rest of the world had to fight and suffer casualties… then So did we. We didn’t have a choice when they attacked the country. It was either fight or die. Kill or be killed. We got back at them… The Atom Bomb and that lead off for the cold war. in the second world war… we lost over 3,000 american lives. Lives that didn’t deserve to be lost.

Yuna: More than a thousand years ago… Mankind waged war using machina to kill!

Wakka: They kept building more and more powerful machina.

Lulu: They made weapons so powerful… It was thought they could destroy the entire world.

Dancing Heartthrob: Almost like Ego… they all wanted to prove that they could be masters of the Universe and when they knew that they were being challenged… they didn’t take to it so well and figured that they could build something more stronger and more greater than the ones before it.

Yuna: The people feared that Spira would be destroyed.

Wakka: But the war did not stop!

Miss Bliss: Of course not. Why would it stop when there were both sides… fighting a war and didn’t want  to cast out being the loser. No one on any side wanted to admit defeat and felt that as long as they didn’t have to… They wouldn’t.

Melodic Bubble: It’s Ego. It can be a very deadly thing.

Tidus: Wh-What happened then?

Yuna: Sin came, and it destroyed the cities and their machina.

Lulu: The war ended… and our reward… was Sin.

Zoey: All that fighting formed Sin? Ouch.

Blossom: I guess that after awhile… all that fighting would bring to life something that would be too great for any side to comprehend or understand.

Wakka: So, Sin’s our punishment for lettin’ things get out of hand, eh?

Tidus: Man, that’s rough.

Wakka: Yeah, it is.

Tidus: But, it’s not like the machina are bad.

Frosty Ice Bubble: I agree… But then there are always two sides to all. Good Machina… and bad. But the reality is that Machina is Machina. I wouldn’t mind if Machina is used. Machina isn’t bad.

Lulu: Only as bad as their users.

Wakka: It’s because of people like the Al Bhed screwin’ everything up!”

Sapphire: Machina is bad… only because it’s users were using them to do bad things. fighting a war that didn’t need to be fought. The Al Bhed are scapegoats in the blame for Sin being in the fold here. But they’re not at fault. It’s the Alpha male disease that all men have. No one wants to admit defeat and out of that… the need for more and more bigger… stronger and powerful weapons were brought on to attack the other side. Bevelle against Zanarkand. Zanarkand against Bevelle. Somewhere down the line… something had to give. Yevon blames it all on the Al Bhed for Sin’s Birth to come… because they are unable to face the truth that it was man… the Alpha Male syndrome and the Ego of man that took over the minds of men and women and wouldn’t give. It was unable to be faced because they knew that it was true… so they blamed it all on the Al Bhed. Figuring that if they cast the blame on one single Race and make that particular race the fall subjects… It would steer them all clear of any blame for Sin coming. Like you blaming the Al Bhed for the death of your brother, Wakka. It isn’t their fault. It wasn’t ever their fault. It was all your brother’s doing. He chose to use an Al Bhed machina. Not the Sword. Not the weapon that you lent over to Tidus who put it to great use. It was not the fault of the Al Bhed. It wasn’t even your brother’s fault. The loss was just bad luck. Bad luck and the fate was just calling for him to go. Like Luzzu said once… “Being with your girl… is good. But Keeping Sin far away from her… is better.”

Wakka: Why do i feel so empty though, Sapphire?

Sapphire: It’s because you’re feeling mourn and like a part of you is missing and the fact of it is that you want to get that part back. Want your brother back and know that it’s impossible. You can’t bring back the dead. No matter how much you would like to. You can’t. It can’t be done. Not that it shouldn’t be done… it can’t be done. It would be like stealing ownership of a landmark. An immovable landmark. It’d be like stealing god. Stealing this guy… *Showing a Picture of a statue that looks exactly like Abraham Lincoln*

Wakka: You’re right. You’re right…Sapphire. When we get out of all this and we’re alone… to talk… we’ll set the record the straight, ya.

Sapphire: Sounds like a plan.

As for Annie and Clint…

Annie: How’s it going, Lulu?

Clint: You look like you’re about to heave ho with the case of Air Sickness.

Lulu: This is tough on all of us.

Annie: I’ll bet that it is. Especially for the Al Bhed. They lost their home. Those Guado really happen to make me truly sick. The Al Bhed didn’t deserve to lose their home. I know that i am not supposed to sound Vengeful as i am a fighter who’s got love as the element of firepower. But… I would give nothing more than to have a chance to return the pain to the Guado. Take their home away as they done the Al Bhed. An Eye for an Eye.

Clint: That’s not the right thing to be thinking about, Annie. We are angry and upset at the Guado for what they had done. We would love to serve them back Poetic Justice for what it was that they’ve done. But the idea of just blatantly attacking them is gonna make it come back on the Al Bhed. They’ve been through enough pain already. Attacking the Guado would only make the Al Bhed look like the ones doing the attacking and will make all of spira want to tear them apart worse than what they already had. It won’t make anything better.

Annie: Well… the Guado have to pay for what it is that they’ve done. They shouldn’t be getting away with what they did to the Al Bhed. They’ll pay.

Lulu: Annie, Calm down. It’s gonna be okay. They’ll answer for it when the time comes.

Clint: Plus… Just think about how Rikku is feeling. Poor young girl… Losing her home. We should do the right thing and after Sin is beat… stick around to at least help her people… The Al Bhed build a new home. That’s the right thing to do. They deserve a home…

Lulu: You’re right. They do… But right now they’re in mourn over the loss. And we’re still feeling the pain over the Summoner’s. knowing that you guys know of it now… it makes it hard on everyone as we didn’t want anyone of you guys to know… You guys happen to be very sensitive and seeing the hurt coming from you… Emotionally. it was a giveaway that it hurt you.

Annie: How could it not hurt us that much, Lulu? It was devastating as it made us think about what it’d be like if we were to lose our homes in such a way… the same that the Al Bhed had to lose theirs. Our homes wouldn’t ever get that to happen. But… it still leaves a big hole that would have to be filled. However after losing their home… i can’t see as to how their hearts could ever be filled. Not so easily anyway.

Clint: does it ever seem too easy? Annie. This is hard on everyone. On the Al Bhed… on Us… Even on the Summoners.

Annie: I know. *Sighs and groans in frustration* Argh! Why does everything have to be so complicated?

Clint: No idea. But the fact that no one wanted for us to know about the truth of what Summoners would be facing at the end of their pilgrimages. That they were gonna die by the hands of the Final Aeon. The final Summoning. It hurts. It really hurts. Knowing that we were to be in the dark about it. I don’t think it’s right. Not right in the least. We should have been told from the start. Yeah… we would have been hurt… We would have been really hurt. But at least we would have known… Maybe using some of the time to find some way for the Summoners to not die. get it to where they lived. Not die.

Annie: There has to be a way to prevent the summoners from dying. To see to it that they won’t die.

Although as for Spencer and Blossom…

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Spencer: Rikku, Are you okay? You seem to be rather Quiet and still.

Blossom: *Feeling the pain from the burn still* The pain still hurts… but Your pain is worse than that. Losing your home. Those Guado have got some nerve taking it away like that. The Guado don’t like you Al Bhed so they decide… to just have a justifiable reason to exterminate as many of you guys as they can. Going for the Summoners. Which however they only went for one. But destroyed your home in the same process. Rikku, You’re being with pain. You shouldn’t have to be in that kind of pain. It isn’t fair.

Spencer: Blossom, Stop. Bringing up that kind of reality to her after she just had to witness it for herself before her eyes is bad enough. However… we’re gonna make those Guado pay for it.

Blossom: That’s right. Rikku, We’ll fight those rotten Guado for you. What they had done was unnecessary and inexcusable.

Rikku: *Trying to keep it together* Thank you… That’s thoughtful. However… I’m okay. I’m fine. Really. I just want to let it go and make like it didn’t happen. It’s hard. but i’ll get through it. *Looking at Spencer* Spencer, You’re thoughtful. I wish that things could have been better though. I just can’t believe that our home is gone. That spot’s been known to us Al Bhed for 7 years. It’s the only place that we Al Bhed knew as home.

Spencer: *Seeing Rikku showing a sign of shaking and feeling it coming; Catching a few tears trying to form* Rikku, It’s okay. *Grabbing onto Rikku and Hugging her* It’s gonna be alright. We’re gonna get through all this. Rikku, On my integrity as a fighter. As your boyfriend… I swear to you… We will make those Guado pay.

Cid: *Catching that one line* Heh?! Boyfriend? Rikku, Yna oui cyoehk dryd oui’na eh muja yht dryd dra gettu haqd du oui ec ouin puovneaht? (Are you saying that you’re in love and that the kiddo next to you is your boyfriend?)

Rikku: *Nods to her father while still being held by Spencer* Yes.

Cid: Well… Tan my britches. My Daughter in love with one of the fighters. I take it that you’re the one they call Spencer, eh… there, kiddo?

Spencer: That’s me. I am Spencer. I am the only son to Pearl and Jack Rhapsody. and the only Male member of the Aquatic Force Z!. I am in love with your Daughter, Sir. I loved her since the first time i saw her. When we encountered each other as my family and I were in the Ruined Baaj Temple. But You’re her pops, sir. So i’ll only have a shot if you are open and accepting of it.

Cid: Of all the times of me being a father to a feather headed son and a explorative and field experienced fighter for a daughter… I never had to face my only daughter finding a boyfriend and the first one being one who was formal and direct to me. I like that though, boy. You got guts speaking courage at me like that. *Sighs before smiling at Rikku and Spencer* Well… If my daughter wants you in her life that much and you love my Daughter Rikku that deeply… Who could i be to forbid it? Welcome to the Al Bhed Race, Kiddo.

Spencer: Thanks. Don’t you worry, Sir. I’ll risk my very life to see to it that Rikku never is hurt. Seeing her hurt will be as if seeing my heart hurt.

As for Paul and Crystal…

Paul: This is new to us. Riding in an Airship.

Crystal: Right. However… it does not throw us off the idea that we had to find out the truth behind a Summoner and their fate. What they were all meant to do. What it was that they would have to do once they were to reach Zanarkand.

Auron: You weren’t supposed to hear that. But you had to get the idea of what it would mean for the Summoner. What it meant for them to bring the calm to the people of Spira.

Paul: That’s right. I would guess that if there was anything other than just the fact that the Summoners risk their lives… It would have to be that it wasn’t about them. It was about the People of Spira. Doing right by them.

Crystal: Don’t forget that it’s the Guardians… and us too… we got to be the ones who take most of the pain and heartache. All of the challenges and trials that comes with protecting the Summoner. It’s not easy.

Auron: The price for protecting summoners.

Paul: It’s too great of a price. But we have to do it if it is to ensure that Yuna remains safe. She’s somewhere we don’t know. But all we can really do is hope that she’s safe and that she isn’t in any danger. Although if it’s got anything to do with the Guado… It’s gonna be a round of luck to expect that Yuna remains safe. or protected.

Crystal: We’re gonna need to pray.

Alvin: *Not seeing Sora and Carly* Where’re Sora and Carly?

Paul: Oh… them… Don’t worry, pops. They’re with Kimahri. Kimahri’s in the hall and keeping guard of things in the corridors of the ship. They’re okay.

Alvin: *Grins and sighs with relief* Thank heavens. As long as they’re safe. After the ordeal that we went through on the island… losing them would kill me. Your mother would be pissed at me if i were to lose track of them. As it is… i had to finesse it a bit with your mother to allow for them to come along. Those two are likely to be fine… They were sure able to learn how best to fight. Lulu showed them how to use Magic. How to cast spells. It’s gotten better for them… but we have to keep track of them. Paul… You go to the Corridor and stand by Kimahri. Keep an eye out for them.

Paul: Okay… I get it… Keep an eye out for them. They’re probably with Zoey too… I didn’t see Zoey in the Bridge by time that we all got out from that firestorm and made it away and around safe harbor. So… they’re possibly with Her and With Kimahri. *Walking out into the Corridor*

Tidus: *Walking out into the corridor* I’m gonna take a look around.

Paul: Well… that’s fine. I’m coming out into the corridor to keep watch of things and keep an eye or keep watch for Sora and Carly.

Tidus: Although first… we need to ask Cid what he has found out about Yuna. If there was any luck in finding her…

Crystal: I’ll come with you. Tidus, if Cid happens to know something or has found something… we need to know. It’s likely to be our lead to finding Yuna and getting her back with us. where she should be. Lulu and Wakka probably are holding on to the idea that Yuna is safe somewhere. But they’re gonna need official satisfaction to back that hope up.

Tidus: *Nods* Right. Let’s go.

A Minute later…

Tidus: Did you ever find anything out about Yuna?

Cid: I’m lookin’ into it, okay? Don’t worry, I’m using a sphere oscillo-finder. If she’s out there, we’ll get her.

Tidus: A sphere oscillo-finder?

Cid: It’s an ancient machina.

Crystal: Not really. It can be used even by the people who reside in Bevelle or on the ships… We Just don’t know about it… because Yevon’s Taboo is keeping all traces of Machina being used… all locked in secret and only let certain Machina be used. But a sphere oscillo-finder is like a type of Radar. or a homing signal device or a beacon that can pick up traces of a person… or thing. However… this one… might be a bit different of a model.

Cid: I don’t know how it works either, so don’t ask me, okay?

Sapphire: You don’t know how to use it?

Penny: That’s not a very good sign.

Amy: No kidding.

Lulu: And you still use it?

Cid: I don’t even rightly know how this rig flies, either!

Wakka: Oooohh…

Raven: *Disturbed and feeling really uneased suddenly* I don’t think that i am liking the way that you said that.

Cid: All because of the Yevon taboo on machina, we’re running around in the dark here! Ain’t it a rush, kiddos?

Susie: Uh… Not exactly… I think that we’re gonna want to get off this thing… right away. *Afraid*

Cid: Careful what you touch! Ship’s not as stable as she looks!

Alvin: I might be able to help with that, sir. *Walking into the Bridge suddenly*

Cid: You don’t say… What exactly can you do to help with the Ship?

Alvin: I’m a Mechanic. I worked on machines and on cars. I can build or repair things where needed. Back in Metropolis Kansas… I am known as the mechanic. The hotshot mechanic. I worked on numerous cars. Trucks. Some buses and even Motorcycles too. A Bit on the Military style vehicles. Industrial machines when called and offered to be the one who fixes them.

Cid: You want to be the Mechanic on the ship? Working on the Machina here?

Alvin: Sure.

Avery: And i can be the Welder for the ship. Welding the metal that tends to come apart in spots.

Arnold: I can be of some help too sir. I am sure that there is no source here for getting water. But… I… Can help on that. *Emitting Water* Count me as the Ship’s Water supplier.

Cid: Heh heh heh heh! Okay. You 3 stay. But before your young ones head off to do what they must… be sure to say your farewells for that time being. Because contrary to what others would say… i can’t bare to see grown men cry.

After the talk…

Tidus went out to the Corridors. As did Crystal, Although she was sticking close by to the door…

As for Annie and Clint…

Lulu: We’re powerless as long as we’re on this ship.

Annie: How’s that?

Clint: How are we powerless while being on this ship?

Lulu: It means that we can’t defend ourselves.

Annie: We can’t? Why not? We can’t be defenseless. There is a way to arm ourselves.

Clint: How exactly do we do that?

Annie: Not sure… But we can’t just give up.

Clint: We won’t give up.

But for Sapphire…

Sapphire: This is a rather different experience.

Wakka: I can’t believe we’re flying through the sky in this! A machina!

Sapphire: Can anyone believe it? Not likely. But we are however in fact inside an Airship. This is a Machina. But… If you were to ask me. I would not make much of a deal about it. If it can get us to where ever Yuna is… it will be something well worth it. Plus, The Machina aren’t bad. They’re just misunderstood. But some of the Machina can really help. It just depends whether people take the time to let it or just cast them away.

Wakka: …

Of Course…

For Spencer and Blossom…

Spencer: This Machina seems rather familiar. Doesn’t it?

Blossom: It does. Wasn’t this the Machina that was found under sea?

Rikku: Remember this ship? It’s the one we found under the sea!

Spencer: Wait! I do remember that the ship here was what was dug up. Pulled up. By that Salvage ship. Wasn’t it?

Rikku: Yeah.

Blossom: What a case for walking down memory lane…

Spencer: It’s rather strange how we can remember this ship being the one that was found under the sea. It looked as though it was to be forever buried and unable to be pulled up from its slumbering spot.

Blossom: Must have taken a whole lot of pulling power.

Spencer: Clint and Theodore helped with the searching and getting some power into it. Serena and Raven had done so too. Back then… i couldn’t really swim. But now… this time… i can.

Blossom: We all can. Well… almost all of us could. There are still some of us who can’t.

Rikku: Blossom, You can Swim…. Right?

Blossom: I think so. But i don’t think that i have ever tried to yet.

Rikku: If only we could get near water to see if you were able to swim.

Spencer: Same here. But… if we are lucky… Blossom won’t have to be made to swim.

Rikku: That’s if we are lucky. And it also depends on where it is that we’re going also.

Spencer: Right.

Just before the corridor…

Penny: Are you sure that Yuna will be safe… wherever she might be?

Auron: Whether Yuna’s safe or not, there’s trouble brewing.

Penny: What Kind of trouble?

Auron: The kind you don’t want. Bevelle is where you told that your parents reside for what they were doing. If word of our accidental deed that was done in Macalania were to get through to Bevelle… They’ll be placed in a cell cage… Waiting for trial.

In the Corridor Outside Airship Bridge…

Zoey: It’s quiet in the corridor.

Sora: Not too Quiet.

Carly: It is. *Looking to see Kimahri close by and near the door leading to the Bridge* What’s up with Kimahri? He looks as though he’s in constant Mourn.

Sora: Yeah. *Sighs* Poor guy.

Zoey: I’ll go and Check on the Summoner standing close by.

Sora: First go and check on Kimahri. We’re gonna look around and see where Dona went.

Carly: If Isaaru is here… and he is a summoner. That means only one thing. Dona is around here somewhere too.

Tidus: Of course.

Sora and Carly went off to look around a bit. Tidus and Zoey stayed around on that level and spoke with Kimahri first. Then… spoke with Isaaru…

Tidus: …

Kimahri: Kimahri never forget the Al Bhed sacrifice. Kimahri will use machina, if machina can find Yuna.

Zoey: The Pilgrimage is a fools gold. Summoners going off to die is not how things should be. Yuna’s our friend. Your friend, Kimahri. You don’t let friends die. no matter what the cause is. All it will do is leave an empty hole in the hearts. That’s all it will do. That’s not a reward to remember. It’s a means to sacrifice a piece of your heart.

Kimahri: Kimahri knows it is hard to understand and not easy to accept. But Zoey need understand. it been this way for hundreds of years.

Zoey: Kimahri, It has been that way for that long… and it is wrong. because it only makes the life of a Summoner out to be in vain. Many Summoners have tried. Tried to beat Sin and has failed at it. Because they allow for a tradition that states for the Summoners to go and get the final summoning. then once the Aeon kills Sin… it then kills the Summoner. Summoners rise to defeat Sin. only to die? What if Yuna Dies? Will you be able to live with yourself, Kimahri? Yuna is like your best friend. Your best friend… Would you be like this if she were to die? That Final Aeon will kill her.

Kimahri: It won’t kill Yuna. We never let it.

Zoey: I sure hope that you’re right, I really do.

Zoey didn’t feel too sure about what Kimahri was saying. She wanted to believe that things would be alright. That they’d be able to not let Yuna die by the hands of the final Aeon. She didn’t know what to say and didn’t want to question it. She wanted to see her mother again. Her only hope was that her mother wouldn’t be hurt by the hands of the Guado.

Tidus went to speak with Isaaru and Zoey was close by…

Isaaru: We owe our lives to the Al Bhed. However, no matter how much they beg, we cannot quit our pilgrimage.

Tidus: Even though you’ll die?

Isaaru: I’ve known since I was a child. My will is set. If I do not do it, someone else must, you understand.

Zoey: *Bound and determined* Not after we’re through… We’re gonna find a way where Sin will be no more and there won’t be anymore Summoners going off to die. Ever again. The Summoner’s Pilgrimage that tells of a Summoner dying by the hands of the final Aeon after performing the final summoning… It is gonna be changed. No more Summoners will be made to go to their death. Isaaru… I might be a little young and only 10 years old. It might take a few years for me to fully get why it’s been this way for so long… and why it’s been how Summoners lived… But i don’t care. You will live. Live. Not die.

Isaaru: I admire your determination. But it has been this way for a long time. Yevon has made this passing a tradition for a long time. It’s been the starting bedrock for as long as a 1000 years.

Zoey: Yevon… Condones it? Figures. Figures that it’d be all for Summoners risking their lives and literally going off to die.

Seconds later…

Isaaru: I’m amazed this thing can fly, truly! It must be sacrilege to think so highly of a machina. I feel uneasy just riding it!

Tidus: Sure it’s not motion sickness?

Isaaru: Motion sickness? What infirmity is that?

Zoey: it’s a type of sickness where a person gets the sense of being rather queasy by the method of motion. by a slight touch of movement or sense of motion.

Tidus: Eh… What she said.

Isaaru: Interesting… As soon as we land, we continue the pilgrimage!

Maroda: Hey, I’m not looking forward to my brother dying when this is all over. If only there was some way of doing it without anyone dying.

Tidus: Let’s think of one!

Zoey: We’ll think of one somehow… You have nothing to worry. We will think of something. No more summoners will die. We won’t let it.

Maroda: Easier said than done. If we had all the time in the world, yeah, we’d think of something. And while we were thinking, Sin would kill us all. Spira doesn’t have that time.

Paul: *Walking over to Maroda* Hey… Spira might not have that time… but neither do we. However… we’re not about to just give up. We’ll find a way. You’ll see that when it comes to us… The words “Give up” and “surrender” are absent in our vocabularies.

Tidus: What happened to you guys? How did you guys wind up back there in the Summoner’s sanctum?

Maroda: The Al Bhed caught up to us in Besaid. They grabbed Pacce, so we had to do what they said. We needed a break, anyway. Pacce was pretty tired. He should never have come on the pilgrimage, little kid like that. Still, he does pretty good for his size. He’s gonna be something someday.

Paul: He sure is. But he’s got a little ways to go. But he’s getting there. Although he sure held on.

Tidus: *Not seeing Sora and Carly* Where’re your sisters?

Paul: They must have went off and decided to look around.

Tidus: Ah. Want someone to bring them back?

Paul: No. It’s okay. They’ll be back.


Raven: *Walking out and going for a walk around the ship* I need some time to think.

Paul: Something wrong?

Raven: No. Just need some time alone. That’s all.


In Side Corridor on level two of the ship…

Dona: Look, I’m really tired. Leave me. If it’s not an emergency, would you mind leaving?

Sora: Why? Don’t you want to talk?

Carly: You’re so alone in here.

Dona: There’s something I want to ask you. What would you think if I said I…I was giving up my pilgrimage?

Sora: Who cares? We can’t say as though we would care if you did.

Dona: Show some sympathy!

Carly: Why… Why should we? We don’t happen to think you’re a bad person. But you got issues. You weren’t the most gracious around Yuna or to Tidus. You threw him onto the Platform back in Kilika sending him into the Cloister of trials. when weren’t exactly guardians yet at that time. Then you start that confrontation in Djose in the waiting room outside the Chamber of the Fayth there.

Dona: How would you have known that?

Sora: Raven and Serena told us about it and we didn’t think it was funny how you were being so rude to Yuna.

Carly: You weren’t being all that nice to Yuna at all. You weren’t being too personal with how you were acting towards Yuna… But it was still mean.

Dona: You’re right. Quitting now would be sort of anti-climactic, no? Tell Yuna something, would you? Tell her she still has a rival: me! Tell her she’d better do her best, or be bested. You’ll tell her, won’t you?

Sora: We’ll tell her… But you have to be a bit nicer. That means no more making snide remarks towards Yuna… or anyone else.

Carly: If for no one else… At least do it for Barthello. I am sure that he’d appreciate the gesture of you being more kinder.

Dona: Yeah. *Groans and trying to sit up*


As for Raven…

Rin: Well, well. It appears you, too, have escaped harm.

Raven: Just barely… We witness the home getting attacked and destroyed… then blown up. The fact of the matter is  that the Al Bhed home was attacked. By the Guado. The Guado came and just ruined the home and they all had to endure seeing as it got blasted back to nothing but sand. But from the looks of things. You made it on the ship too. How were you able to get on the ship so fast? we didn’t see you anywhere within the homestead that got blown up.

Rin: I came to Home to pick up some goods and found myself here. Quite the escape. Thankfully, my goods were spared. Please do let me know if you happen to need any of my wares…

Raven: It’s not really the time to shop. Not right now. But thanks.

Rin: All proceeds will go to help restore Home. Ah, how is your progress with our language?

Raven: It’s going well… We studied more of the language and i think that we have the hang of it. A little scratchy though. *Trying to speak Al Bhed Clearly* Ed’c y cinbneca du caa dryd oui syta ed. Ed ec vundihyda. E zicd lyh’d pameaja dryd dra Kiytu ryt du pa cu lniam du lusa yht fnalg dra rusa yht ymm du ku yvdan y Cissuhan. (It’s a surprise to see that you made it. It is fortunate. I just can’t believe that the Guado had to be so cruel to come and wreck the home and all to go after a Summoner.)

Rin: Oac. Ed ec y crysa. E ys ybymmat socamv yd ruf Oajuh fuimt lusa du yddylg ic Ym Prat. Fa ryt hajan tuha cu ibuh dras. Fa fana fedr bayla. (Yes. It is a shame. I am apalled myself at how Yevon would come to attack us Al Bhed. We had never done so upon them. We were with peace.)

Raven: Famm… draen tyo femm lusa. Drao zicd tuh’d ghuf ed. Pid fa’na kuhhy dyga crudc yd cusa uv dras. kad y vaf uv dras ymuha yht caa ruf drao mega mucehk cusa uv draen jano ufh. Fa tuh’d yld uid eh Jahkavim dahtahleac… Pid eh dra lyca uv fryd rybbahat dufyntc dra Ym Prat… Yh “Aoa vun yh Aoa”. Fryd tu oui drehg? (Well… their day will come. They just don’t know it. But we’re gonna take shots at some of them. get a few of them alone and see how they like losing some of their very own. We don’t act out in Vengeful tendencies… But in the case of what happened towards the Al Bhed… An “Eye for an Eye”. What do you think?)

Rin: E yknaa… Pid e tuh’d drehg dryd ouin cecdanc yht ouin bynahd fuimt ybbnaleyda caaehk oui nadinhehk ryda pylg du druca fru ryda. Drao’t ihtancdyht… pid hud caa du luhtuha ed. Ymdruikr ouin tadansehydeuh yht Tajudeuh ec jano duilrehk. Oui cruf dryd oui lyna ypuid dra [Al Bhed.] (I agree… But i don’t think that your sisters and your parent would appreciate seeing you returning hate back to those who hate. They’d understand… but not see to condone it. Although your determination and Devotion is very touching. You show that you care about the [Al Bhed.])

Raven: Hud zicd sa… So fruma vysemo lynac. Drao vaam pyt vun dra [Al Bhed] yht fyhd du ramb dras. Hud zicd palyica uha uv so vysemo saspanc ec eh muja fedr uha… Ed ec palyica ed fryd’c nekrd. Du muja ymm Nylac. Pid yc ed caasc… Dra Kiytu ryja vunkuddah aqyldmo ruf du tu dryd. (Not just me… My whole family cares. They feel bad for the [Al Bhed] and want to help them. Not just because one of my family members is in love with one… It is because it what’s right. To love all Races. But as it seems… The Guado have forgotten exactly how to do that.)

Rin: Xia cany cany… (Que sera sera…)

But some of the others all went around the ship and spoke to some of the Scattered Al Bhed and heard of their sorrow. They all felt bad. Some of them even managed to apologize for what they had done earlier. The Al Bhed Psyches were on the ship too and swore to avenge the fallen Al Bhed as they played in the Sphere… They were gonna make all their winnings go for building a new home for the Al Bhed. Annie and Clint assured them that the fighters would stick around to give a hand in rebuilding a new home for them. It brought a smile to their faces. Gave them some hope. It was shown that it indeed needed more than ever…

A Moment later…

Back on the Bridge…

Auron and Cid were seen facing off in a Verbal but rather serious conversation…

Auron: After rescuing Yuna, then what? You want to keep her safe, correct? Would you seek to stop her pilgrimage?

Cid: Of course! If she continues this fool pilgrimage, she will die! Sure as if you killed her yourself. No hare-brained law or teaching can send my little niece to her death! When I save her, I’ll make her give up being a summoner quicker than a desert melts ice!

Auron: Even against her will?

Blossom: That’s not right, Cid. That is almost as though you’d deny her a piece of who she is.

Zoey: We are not saying that we are all for what the teachings are like… but we are also not gonna make Yuna stop. She won’t stop the Pilgrimage. She’s driven. We can talk to her and try to reason with her… but in the end… she’s gonna only do what she’s gonna do.

Sapphire: Are you really hoping to make Yuna stop something that she’s just gonna keep doing regardless?

Cid: Better than a dog’s death! And I’ll take down anyone who don’t agree!

Auron: You are the captain.

Cid: Good! Then it’s settled!

Auron: *Stalking back to lurk in hallway*

Seconds later…

Paul: I don’t think that sounded reassuring. Yuna on a Pilgrimage and Cid just out of nowhere mentions how he’d make her quit the Pilgrimage. Against her will? The fact that he called Yuna his niece. That… That we get. We get the fact that he has a thing against the teachings of Yevon for what they have Summoners doing. just to bring the calm to Spira and unfortunately sacrificing their lives. Something that we’re gonna find a way to have it changed. But what does he really plan to stop Yuna from her duties as a summoner? Abduct her? Wrap her in chains?

Crystal: I don’t think that he’s gonna go to that extreme. But he is serious about not being the least bit open to the idea that the summoners are going on a pilgrimage and it being one that would kill them in the end as the Final Summoning would kill the Summoner and become the next Sin. How Could Yevon even condone something like that? That’s what we’d like to know. What would it serve to see Summoners dying off to bring the calm and only have it be just ten years before another Sin comes and just restarts the whole thing all over again?

Paul: It wouldn’t serve a thing. It would only lead to a mess. More deaths and more people getting wiped out by Sin’s presence. People die… by Sin. And Yevon is making as though it’s all fine.  How is it fine?

Crystal: It isn’t fine. Not at all. If anything other… It’s a fool’s errand.

Paul: It has to be. Yuna will not be let go and just dying. We won’t allow it. If there is a way… by god we’ll find it. we’re gonna find it. Yuna… and every one of the summoners besides her who are out there… will not be out to die. We’ll stop the cycle. We have to.

As for Sapphire…

Sapphire: *Catching the look on Wakka’s face* You look troubled. You alright?

Wakka: He called Yuna his, uh, niece, right?

Sapphire: He did. It is true though.

Wakka: I mean, so that makes her Al Bhed, right?

Sapphire: …

Wakka: *Dreading to know Yuna’s An Al Bhed* Don’t say it! Yuna’s Yuna, right?

Sapphire: She’s always gonna be Yuna. That will never change. But we did make a note on it back in Macalania. on the Lake when we were just then done taking down that Crawler. You were going at Rikku due to finding that she was an Al Bhed. Serena came out with the 411 and smacked it hard into you. Saying that Yuna and Rikku were related. By Blood. That they were cousins. Why do you think Rikku sometimes when she’s mentioning Yuna or talking with her… to her or when we were all conversing… she’d call her Yunie? It’s her personal way of speaking of her and or to her. Whatever. They’re cousins. Cid is Yuna’s Uncle. Yuna’s mother is Cid’s sister. That wasn’t a lie. We weren’t making that up. It was the truth. It was a fact.

Spencer and Blossom were close by Rikku…

Spencer: Cid can be very persuasive when need be… can’t he?

Blossom: I guess so. He sure sounded pretty persuasive. I think that he’s wanting to end Yuna’s Pilgrimage. He must feel that Yuna might end up in danger if she were to press on with her Pilgrimage. What do you think, Rikku?

Rikku: Can’t Yunie end her pilgrimage?

Spencer: No idea. I don’t suppose that she could end her pilgrimage. Yuna’s gonna just get back at it no matter what. Nothing’s gonna be able to sway her from going on with it. We will have to support her in it and do our part to see that she is protected and find a way… Any way at all to ensure that She won’t die. This is not only for her… but… for all the summoners. Rikku, We’re gonna do everything we can to save her and see that she gets spared from dying. If the Pilgrimage is said to end her… We’ll just have to accept it. But as long as we’re still kicking… We’re not gonna give her up. Not without a fight.

Rikku: Right. *Nods*

The rest were with the same beliefs. Lulu didn’t think that Yuna would quit her pilgrimage. None of them did. They were all gonna have to think on a way not to let Yuna go to her death.

Alvin: *Walking over to Cid* You want to stop Yuna’s pilgrimage. That’s gonna be not an easy task. She’s headstrong. Like her father. But I think that you can rest in ease that we’re all gonna stop at nothing to help see it through with her. We’re gonna all protect her and find a way to end the age old tradition. Yuna will not die. We won’t allow it.

Cid: That’s a promise that your younguns better keep. Because if they break it… I am gonna be no happy camper. However… First… We go and rescue Yuna. Let’s show’em what we got.

Alvin: You got it. Let’s do it. *Nods*

Were they ever gonna find Yuna? Was Yuna safe… wherever it was that she was? Were their parents safe and out from the grips of Yevon? Find out in the Next Chapter of the Adventures of the Rhapsody Girls Z! as the Saga continues…

Yuna is Found… Location: Bevelle! how did she get there. And there is also a welcoming committee blocking the doors to where Yuna is. Rhapsody fighters… Get on over to Yuna… Get to your parents while there is still a chance to save them. Looks like it’s Full Speed ahead to Bevelle in… “The Red Carpet has teeth!” All on battle against the guard dog of Bevelle.


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