Chapter 147: Under the Icy Sea of Macalania Temple… The Rhapsody Remorse Cometh!

Last Time on the Adventures of the Rhapsody Girls Z! The Rhapsody Romancers Z!, Aquatic force Z! and Thunderic Force Z! and the clan… along with the guardians and Yuna were on the run from the Guado after being marked as traitors of Yevon. The clan were running for their lives from being caught in the clutches of the Guado. Tromell was threatening to go after the parents of the fighters. There wasn’t even any clarity behind whether there was any truth. but the fighters were all in despair… but didn’t have time to relish the situation. They were on the run from the Guado and while on the run…

“Sailor Zoey: I have to go and find my mom. Before those Guado… or Tromell sends the order to Bevelle and my mom gets targeted by Yevon officials. I know that my mom had no part in what we did. But Yevon doesn’t care. Tromell made that very clear. I have to go my way over to where my mom is. I have to find her.

Blossom: Zoey, You can’t. Not by yourself. You’ll get hurt. If they are gonna go after our mom’s and dad’s… We’ll have to deal with it when the time comes. There’s nothing we can do. Yevon’s got army personnel and Warriors. Monks that will bar us from getting to them. Tromell has probably already made the order and they’re probably already being caught as we speak. But we can’t prove that.

Sailor Zoey: So… what? I’m supposed to let my mother get targeted?

Blossom: What about my dad? Zoey, My dad is still in Djose. He will be first to be captured as Djose has only a Small Inn and the Temple. that’s all. There is no place for him to make a run for it. Your mom’s got cover. She can blend and hide easily. No one would even think twice about it.”

Zoey thought on making a plan towards going to Luca and finding her mother. She didn’t want to take any chance in waiting and learning of her mother being captured by Yevon soldiers and Warrior patrolmen. She was petrified and wanted to do something. Anything… But it took Blossom to convince her that there was nothing they could have done. That the others were also with the same thought even though there was little to nothing that they could do about it except hope that their parents were okay. It was all they could do as there was suspicion that Guado patrol were everywhere. All itching to nail them and report sighting of them… With the convincing from Blossom, Zoey returned back to the others who were only a few feet away…

But they finally got themselves away from the Guado or so they had thought… They came across a couple more Guado and also… a WENDIGO! They had to fight it… and the battle was gonna be possibly their makers…

“The Wendigo attacked with a double punch. It still had berserk on it and the Guado had cast Protect and Shell on it before they were defeated. The Wendigo’s strength knocked down Rikku, Spencer, Amy, Blossom… Even Tidus, Yuna and Auron.

Miss Bliss: *Tossing some Hi-Potion over to Spencer, Amy and Blossom* Here, you guys. This will help a bit. This beast is proving to be more of a challenge.

Miss Passion: You can say that again.

Sailor Zoey: *Tossing some Hi-potions over to Tidus, Yuna and Auron* Heal. You guys must hold on. Don’t give up now…

Tidus Performed the Swordplay Overdrive Slice and Dice on Wendigo.

Kimahri Performed The Ronso Rage Overdrive Fire breath on Wendigo.

Auron Performed the Bushido Overdrive Shooting Star on Wendigo.

Wakka Performed The Slots Overdrive Elemental Reels and shot a fire ball at Wendigo.

Lulu Performed the fury Overdrive and cast Fire Fury on Wendigo.

Sailor Zoey: *Firing a finisher at Wendigo* Moon Heart Storm!

Romancers Z!: *Combining their weapons together and Firing a group attack at Wendigo* Love’s Shaking Promise!

Aquatic Force Z!: *Combining their weapons together and Firing a group attack at Wendigo* Screaming Ice Bubble Flood!

Thunderic Force Z!: *Combining their weapons together and Firing a group attack at Wendigo* Storming Thunderic Rage!

Paul: *Firing a heavy stream of fiery flames at Wendigo*

Crystal: *Using Psybeam on Wendigo*

Blossom: *Firing a Ball of Lightning at Wendigo*

Wakka: *Throwing the Blitzball at Wendigo*

Kimahri: *Attacking Wendigo with his Spear*

Auron: *Attacking Wendigo with his Katana*

Tidus: *Attacking Wendigo with his Sword*

Lulu: *Casting Fire on the Wendigo*

Within that moment, The Wendigo took the hit and collapsed to the ground and crashed. It was no more… or was it?”

But with the battle… when they thought that it would be a lucky break… After defeating the Wendigo, They all felt that it’d be over… but it wouldn’t be over…

“Angelic Bubble: Something’s not right. There’s the Guado again. And the Wendigo is lying there.

Bubble Gem: I don’t trust them.

Miss Passion: We better watch out for them. They’re up to something.

Blossom: Not them… The Wendigo. It’s up to something.

Thunder Star: What?! *Shoots out in Outrage* WHAT THE HELL?! We beat the thing. We clobbered the Wendigo into Yevon Beef. How could that thing be alive?

Paul: *Catching the Wendigo jumping back on its feet and starting to growl and shake with rage* Girls… Run!

Miss Bliss: Are you nuts? We’re not moving. That thing might jump and pounce on us if we even try.

Wakka: Don’t look now… but i think that the fiend’s getting mad.

Alvin: *Estranged and disturbed* Well… I have more than likely backed down from being the Captain of the Rhapsody brothers… I even have eased off with the fire. But i am gonna say that i this is not gonna look good for us. My fire power is twinging with a bit of an uncertain sting that this Wendigo is gonna make a desperate move… *Seeing the Wendigo suddenly leap up into the air* Now.

Arnold: This is gonna ruin our day.

Avery: Yeah.  This is gonna ruin our day… big time. I think that we’re about to be put in the throws of danger.

Within seconds the Wendigo was in the air and only stayed in the air for seconds… before Landing and Slamming both fists hard against the ice. Shattering it and creating a hole…

Sailor Zoey: *Freaking out* We’re going down! We’re going down!

Romancers Z!: *Falling down the hole in the Ice lake* Ahhhhhhh!

Aquatic Force Z!: *Falling down the hole in the Ice lake* Ahhhhhh!

Thunderic Force Z!: *Falling down the hole in the Ice lake* We’re going down… Curse those Guado! Ahhhhhhh!

Sailor Zoey: *With Blossom, Sora and Carly; Falling down the hole in the Ice lake; With her Cat* HELP!!!!

Paul: *With his sister Crystal; Falling down the hole in the Ice lake* This is gonna ruin our day. Looks like this is our Curtain CALL!!!!

Down the Icy Hole of Macalania Lake the heroes went… Was this the fate of the Rhapsody Girls Z! Offspring/ The new Generation and the Guardians… Plus Summoner Yuna???


Hymn of the Fayth- Shiva’s Version plays in the background…

Under Lake Macalania…

Narrative: *As Annie* “Praise be to Yevon.” That’s what we would have said and or Tidus, if any of us were in any way followers of Yevon. We were all here… Alive Luckily and in one piece. But It didn’t make us feel too happy. Even if some of us happened to have had a headache from wondering what was in store for all of us next. We didn’t seem to care much at the moment as we were all reflecting on what had happened to and what was going on. We were truly not in good spirits. Sora and Carly Woke up crying and So did Zoey and Blossom. They were hurt and in pain. I for one couldn’t blame them. Our Uncle Alvin… Their father sat down and held them in his arms. Blossom only sat and held her knees and cried. She was hurt. Yevon marked us as traitors for serving Justice to Seymour. Because Maester Seymour murdered his father. The Guado however were covering it up. However as we sat up and regathered our thoughts and tried to figure as to where we were…

Sapphire: *Looking stern at the girls* Okay… Anyone want to explain where we are and why we’re here?

Raven: Actually no. We don’t. We don’t want to explain a thing. We don’t care anymore about where we are. I myself don’t care what happens anymore. I’m wiping my hands of all this. We are pegged as Murderers of a Maester. We’re killers now. Our innocence is out the door. I am just gonna sit here and let Sin take me and kill me.

Serena: Oh yeah… *Scoffs and feeling disgusted* Let the words of that stuck up shit Tromell get you. That’s really good. That’s really smart. Why don’t we give you the NOBEL Prize for being the first one to kick the can and call it quits on doing what was meant to be done…. Quitting on your duties. That’s really a swell thing to do.

Raven: Why don’t you back off, Serena? You act all tough and think that you can solve anything by getting in someone’s face. Just because mom does it… doesn’t mean that you should do the same. Can’t you see that we’re all under the lake. We’re below the ground. We have no idea where the heck we are. We have no clue. Nothing.

Sapphire: None of us do. That’s the problem. The others are all remorseful over what happened. Annie and Daria are devastated… Clint and Theodore are in shock. We know the same as they do and we’re no damn better.

Serena: No Duh! Does that matter much anymore? Because we don’t see it. We’re all hurt. *Sore*

Annie: Come on, guys… Knock it off. Fighting and arguing isn’t gonna help anyone and you know it. *Groaned and trying to keep from breaking down* We killed a Maester. We’re murderers. You think that this is comforting on any of us? Look around you. Look around you and then say that we’re having a lucky break.

Clint: You know what? I think that i am about there where i’m gonna come to blows at anyone who yaps about how sorry they are about what happened. *Annoyed* I don’t think that it matters what we had done anymore. Yevon has marked us all as the killers. We’re done for. We can try to talk our way out of being locked up all we like. But you know damn well that as soon as the Yevon officials get the word of our actions. Killing Seymour… We’re dead in the water. We’re gonna become Spira’s most wanted.

Theodore: I agree. we have killed someone. Whether it been something that we had no choice but to do… or not. we still did it. We are all guilty. It’s over. I don’t even want to be a hero anymore.

Daria: *Moaning; trying to get up* Neither do i. We’re not worthy to be heroes. We don’t deserve it.

Clint: None of us do.

Annie: So… That’s it? We just quit being heroes as according to being marked as Traitors?

Daria: Annie, Come on… What is the point in going on fighting. Being a Romancer Z!? We have no reason to keep going. Yuna’s hurt probably. She’s feeling shattered. Zoey and Blossom are both crying their eyes out. They want their mother… and father. Blossom wants her father and Zoey wants her mother. We’re all hurt.

Clint: Amy and her sisters are also in pain. There is no desire to keep going. Spencer is hanging in there by just a thread and even that’s pushing it

However… Over by the other side of the broken debris scattered all through the flooded grounds…

Sora: *Crying into her father’s arms; With her sister Carly*

Alvin: *Holding his Twin Daughters close to him and hugging them* There there… It’s gonna be alright. You two are not gonna be targeted by any of those Yevon clods. Your old man won’t let it happen. It’s gonna be alright. Shh! Shh! Shh! There there…come on now. Don’t cry.

Sora: How can we not cry, dad? We took someone’s life. We’d be in Juvenile hall if we were in Metropolis and it happened.

Carly: We’re killers. *Crying*

Alvin: So? The Maester was evil. He was gonna kill you kids. It had to be him. It had to be done. You didn’t do anything that wasn’t expected to be done.

Sora: *Crying* Then… why do we feel bad for what it was that we’ve done?

Alvin: That’s called remorse, hon. Anyone would have it when they know that they’ve done something that was bad or left them looking guilty. You two are not killers. None of you are. You girls and young ones didn’t know that it was gonna come to Maester Seymour being killed. You didn’t know. All you guys were trying to do was serve him his punishment. Not just blatantly kill him.

Carly: *With tears in her eyes*

Although… As for Spencer…

Spencer: *Walking over to where Lulu was* Where are we?

Lulu: We’re under the lake ice, aren’t we?

Tidus: I don’t know. I Guess.

Lulu: Look. That’s the bottom of the temple. We’ve fallen a long way.

Annie: *Looking up to see the bottom of the nearby temple* Oh my god… We’re really far down.

Clint: Does it matter anymore? We’re traitors. Staying oblivious to where we are so we can all just die off would be a merciful killing.

Lulu: we’re the traitors that killed a maester.

Sapphire: You’re right. We are. And is there anything to be done to take it back? No.

Serena: We can’t bring the guy back. Even though he was a murderous scum bag.

Spencer: There’s nothing we can do.

Amy: Tell us something that we don’t know.

Tidus then walked over to where Auron was…

Penny and Christina were near him…

Auron: What now, I wonder.

Penny: Not really our concern anymore of what to do now.

Christina: We are more than done with it all. We quit.

Tidus: “What now?” You act first and think later, don’t you? I mean, can’t you be a little more responsible? We’re all depending on you. You know?

Auron: A lecture?

Tidus: No, no, no. –Heh, heh- Just a suggestion.

Auron: You should place trust in your friends. But you can’t expect someone to protect you all the time. You would do well to remember that.

Tidus: Is that a lecture?

Auron: It’s advice.

Penny: That’s good advice, Auron. We have to place trust in each other. It shows that we trust the person.

Christina:  Or the group.

Penny: One day soon we’re gonna have to split up and go our own way. Sometimes we have to follow our own path. But never forget that we are part of a team.

Spencer: Now that is something that i will agree with. We all have to trust in our friends. Our friends are what shape us to be better than we are.

Penny: So… i guess that we shouldn’t quit or give up. Just keep on going. Whether Yevon tries to prevent us or not.

Spencer: That’s right. Tromell is just one man. What can he possibly do to ruin us anymore than what we already had? We may be ruined… but we’re not dead yet on our duties. We’re just in regret and remorse is all.

A Minute later…

Tidus, Walked over to where Wakka was. He wasn’t alone as Serena, Raven, Paul and Crystal were with him.

Wakka: *Droops, sighs*

Tidus: Hey, Wakka, would you cheer up? Look, we only did what we had to do.

Serena: It was what had to be done and you know it had to be. That guy was gonna kill us. We had no other choice.

Raven: Besides that it was either Seymour or us. Do you really think that Seymour would have gone easy on us if we were to fall back and go really easy on him. Besides… You heard him when we tried to surround Yuna. and then you all surrounded me. Barred Seymour from getting to me. ““Protect the summoner even at the cost of one’s life.” The Code of the Guardian. How admirable. Well, if you’re offering your lives, I will have to take them.” He was gonna kill us. Take our lives and live. Then spread the news to the Guado and to all of Yevon that he killed his assassins. Pegging us as the ones coming to try and assassinate him.

Paul: It isn’t like we had much of a choice.

Wakka: It doesn’t matter! Don’t you see? I’ve always walked the path of Yevon…but now, I’m a traitor. How could this happen? *Turns and shakes fist towards Rikku* Damn.

Crystal: Hey! Don’t you wave your fist at Rikku. It isn’t her fault. Not yours… not anyone’s.

Tidus: It’s not Rikku’s fault either.

Wakka: *sigh* You don’t know how I feel.

Serena: Like the hell we don’t. You feel broken because Yevon has now pegged you as a Traitor. What is it gonna sink in that Yevon Betrayed you? You were betrayed, you dumb sap! Betrayed. I am betting that there are many other dark secrets that Yevon’s got that it doesn’t want its followers to know about.

Raven: With that as your Verdict… i would suppose that you’d be nuts. But after the hell we went through… It does lead for a means of suspicion. What other secrets does Yevon have under it’s little hood?

Paul: Who knows…

Although on the other side of the scattered debris…

Zoey: *Crying* I want my mom.

Blossom: *Crying* I want my dad.

Zoey: I want to go back home… Back to Metropolis. This has been nothing but a bad dream.

Blossom: What have we done? We’re killers. We committed a murder. We committed an evil act.

Zoey: *Crying; Sobbing*

Sapphire: *Walking over to Zoey and Blossom* Hey you two. You two alright?

Zoey: No… We’re hurt. We are upset and we feel terrible. *Sore and devastated*

Sapphire: *Sighs* Yeah. I know. I know how you girls feel.we all feel it. We feel nothing but pain for what we’ve done.

Blossom: I just want my father. I just want to go home.

Sapphire: I know how you feel, Blossom. I want to go home too. This whole thing has been nothing but one trouble moment after another. *Sitting on the edge of an exposed chunk of metal siding* This has been just a complete headache. nothing else but a headache. Blossom, Zoey… Come on and sit by me… We can have ourselves a moment of peace. *Looking through her sack which was still attached to her side* There must be a Portable radio in here somewhere. Let’s see…. hmm… I know that i put in here somewhere. Never used it since we started this nightmare. *Looking at her bag and finding the portable radio* Here it is… *Turning it on* Come on… You two should cheer up. It’s gonna be alright. We got each other. We fighters have got each other. and as long as we have each other… We’ll be alright. Yevon knocked us all down to the curb… But there is one thing it can’t do. Tear us apart from one another. We might fight and have little disagreements… but you know that when the cards were placed down… We’d be standing up for one another.

Blossom: *Sniffles* Yeah. Isn’t that what family supposed to do?

Zoey: Yeah. Family is supposed to be like one and all and always as one.

Radio: *Broadcasting* This is a sad day for us all… We have just gotten word that the police have iced the citywide search for the 4 members of the Enforcers of Justice The Rhapsody brothers and the 3 beloved girls of Love, Grace and Fury. It has been 8 weeks and there has been no word or sign of the beloved members of the heroic teams. The Detective in charge declared the fighters forever gone. City officials have scoured every spot where the fighters would be seen. The USGS has called off the hope for Dr. Curtis Rhapsody’s valued return. It’s been 6 weeks since there was an up close and personal installment of the Romantic Journeys and Romantic Novella’s of Paige Rhapsody. The Metropolis Bulldogs suffered a 8 game loss since the disappearance of their coach. Coach Dinah “The Danger Master” Rhapsody. The Fashion Emporium facing a drought of revenue… The families of the missing in action have been seen around town wearing black. Wearing black and in never ending mourning for the last month. It has only gotten sadder. Their hopes are dimming… Fast. Could this be the end of the Rhapsody Dynasty? Let’s keep praying for their return. Praying for the Return of the City’s watchdog. *Music plays and starts up* We’ve been given the rights to play tracks from a Musical. The Musical named: Hairspray. It’s a musical telling a story of how one plump and cushy girl who was told that she would never make it… Making it to the big time… Winning the Pagent but with a twist. Getting the town officially Integrated and Blowing down the barriers of Race and just standing up for what is right. Fighting for what’s right… No matter what the price. No matter what the cost. This track was sung by the actress Queen Latifah who played as Big, Black and beautiful Mrs. Motormouth Maybelle. Here’s the song: “I know where i’ve been” Only on the station that brings back the light and the hits that will keep coming home to your hearts… MRHAP Metropolis.

Music from the Radio plays…

“There’s a light
In the darkness
Though the night
Is black as my skin
There’s a light
Burning bright
Showing me the way
But i know where i’ve been

There’s a cry
In the distance
It’s a voice
That comes from deep within
There’s a cry
Asking why
I pray the answer’s up ahead
‘Cause i know where i’ve been

There’s a road
We’ve been travelin’
Lost so many on the way
But the riches
Will be plenty
Worth the price
The price we had to pay

There’s a dream
In the future
There’s a struggle
That we have yet to win
And there’s pride
In my heart
‘Cause i know
Where i’m going
Yes I do !
And i know where i’ve been

It was a moment later when…

Spencer: *Talking to Sapphire* I heard the Radio broadcast. Is it true that our families are all thinking that we’re… uh, dead?

Sapphire: Sounds like it. They just called off the search for us and our parents are gonna return to see their jobs gone before long. This trip is costing us everything.

Spencer: What should we do about it though?

Sapphire: Spencer, Why’re you asking me? Does it look like i know? I don’t know. I’m just as ignorant about this as you must be. I know what it’s like for us to wonder what’s gonna happen to us when we all go back to Metropolis. It’s a mess. But there is nothing we can really do about it right now. We can bet that our moms and fathers must have heard about it. probably.

Paul: *Walking over to Kimahri* How’s Yuna holding?

Kimahri: Yuna will wake soon. Kimahri knows this.

Paul: That’s a relief then. Maybe she will tell us what she was thinking on trying to negotiate with Seymour when all it did was get her and us all in deep trouble.

Kimahri: No sign of enemy.

Paul: I don’t suppose that there would be any sign of an enemy here. We are pretty deep down in the hole here and out of likely reach of any fiends.

A Moment later…

Spencer: It’s been a while since Yuna’s been out of it.

Annie: Yeah.

Alvin: Is she gonna be alright?

Spencer: We can only hope and pray. She did fall pretty hard. So… she’s probably in a lot of pain and just trying to sleep it off.

Raven: We haven’t seen Yuna move from that spot since we fell here.

Rikku: I’m sure Yunie’s okay. She’s breathing fine and all. How are Lulu and Wakka?

Tidus: Mmm…Well, Wakka’s in shock. Can’t blame him, either. And Lulu, well, she’s just the same as always.

Serena: if you don’t count the part where Wakka was trying to see as you were to blame for us being here. He is still just not giving that a rest.

Rikku: Lulu’s so together. All grown up, I guess.

Annie:  All grown up? *Curious* Rikku, If you’re seeing Lulu as being all grown up… what would you be suggesting that it would make you?

Rikku: I don’t know really.

Spencer: She does kinda look all grown up in many fields though.

Rikku: Well, just give me five or six more years.

Raven: *Looking up and Feeling uncertain* That’s if any of us would happen to have that kind of time to wait. We’re down here and i don’t think that there’ll be a way for us to climb our way out.

Tidus: So, Kimahri, how do we get out of here?

Rikku: *Bopping Tidus* Hey, don’t change the subject!

Serena: Rikku, He’s not changing anything. He’s just wondering on how we’ll get out of here.

Kimahri: We climb.

Rikku: Kimahri, too!

Kimahri: Only those who try will become.

Rikku: Huh?

Tidus: I think he means you have to work hard if you want to be like Lulu.

Rikku: Oh! I will!

Kimahri: Kimahri think Rikku should stay Rikku.

Annie: That’s right. Besides it’s best if you just stay as you are. Staying true to how you are supposed to be

Spencer: Being true to yourself. Rikku, that’s all you need to do. Besides you’re perfect as you are. You don’t need to be like someone else to feel special. You’re just who you’re made to be. Beautiful. That’s how you’re meant to be.

Rikku: Huh? Hey! Are you saying I’ll never be like Lulu! Kimahri!

They all couldn’t help themselves as that brief conversation had them breaking out with Laughs…

Wakka: How can you laugh at a time like this!?

Annie: Wakka, Lighten up will you?

Paul: Laughing is just our way of releasing some of the negative feelings and the atmosphere we were surrounding ourselves with. We can’t be depressed all the time.


Yuna: *Stirring*

Tidus: Yuna!

Sapphire: Yuna?! You okay?

Yuna: *Getting up and sighs*

Raven: What’s eatin’ you, Yuna? You alright?

Annie: You rather had us all worried that something was going on with you.

Clint: *Looking at Yuna Curiously* What was the big idea of keeping us in the dark with all the secretive planning of yours to use the sphere as some bargaining chip against Seymour?

Yuna: I wanted to confront Maester Seymour about his father, Lord Jyscal. I wanted to convince him to turn himself into Yevon’s judgement.

Lulu: In exchange for marriage?

Yuna: Yes, if that’s what it took.

Clint: So… you were in the set mind to risk all to get him to turn himself in?

Penny: That was a gutsy move, Yuna. Boneheaded and fickle. But Gutsy.

Annie: You had to of had a plan B all set to go in case Plan A was a bust…

Paul: But Plan B. never happened because there wasn’t time.

Tidus: So, what did Seymour say?

Yuna: He didn’t say anything. Now…now I don’t even think it was worth it. I should’ve told you what I was going to do.

Serena: You got that right. You should have. We could have helped you. Somehow. I mean… We had to deal with him the hard way… but if you would have told us… We could have helped and got it to where we all could have convinced him to turn himself in with no fights and he wouldn’t be dead. He’s dead and his blood is on our hands.

Auron: Enough. Dwelling in the past is futile.

Rikku: Hey! You don’t have to say it like that!

Auron: You want to waste time listening to her regrets?

Crystal: Auron… Come on, Back off a little. This is rather devastating to Yuna. She’s remorseful about what happened. She feels terrible and i don’t blame her. We feel it too.

Blossom: We all feel it and even though we feel it… it won’t change what we’ve all done. What it was that we did.

Zoey: We’re ruined, Auron. Yuna feels it. we all feel it.

Rikku: You don’t have to say it like that.

Auron: Our immediate concern is Yuna’s pilgrimage. Are you willing to go on?

Daria: Are you crazy? Auron… We can’t go on. The people are gonna be watching for us and will try to stop us.

Amy: But this has to be up to Yuna. Yuna, Are you willing to keep going… despite the possibility of our being caught and apprehended by the Yevon guards?

Yuna: Yes. But then, do you think Yevon will allow it?

Raven: That’s a good question. I’m kinda wondering the same thing to be honest. Even if Yuna were to press on with her Journey. Her Pilgrimage. Would the Temples and Yevon be acceptive of Yuna and her going on with her Pilgrimage?

Auron: The fayth are the ones that give power to the summoners. Not the temples or the teachings. If the temples try to stop us…then we will defy Yevon if we must.

Tidus: Whoa!

Sapphire: You have got to be kidding us. You are kidding us all here. You mentioned sometime before that you were a fallen Warrior Monk. Serving the temples of Yevon. But you’re here and still pass off the aura of being a Warrior Monk but seen with us taking the role of Legendary Guardian. But you then make the outburst of defying Yevon. Are you Sick or something?

Spencer: You must be running a fever.

Amy: Fever nothing… He’s blown a circuit of rational thought. A fuse. You sure he isn’t running a bad fever?

Annie: I think he means it. He is a Legendary guardian. A Fallen Monk and i think it’s more than wise and with common sense that we believe that when he says something… you better take to heart and know that he means it.

Serena: We’ve seen alot of people talk the talk. but not walk the walk. Auron is doing both. Talkin’ the talk and Walkin’ the walk. He doesn’t bull around.

Paul: Not a chance.

Rikku: I can’t believe you said that!

Lulu: Sir Auron!?


Wakka: Count me out. We have to atone, to make up for the sins we have committed. Of course…it’s not like I ever liked Maester Seymour, ya? No way I’ll ever forgive him for killing Lord Jyscal…and for trying to do us all in too, you know? But still, the bunch of us going against Yevon? No way!

Raven: Wakka, Stuff the “I’m all for Yevon” nonsense. Yevon is corrupt. We all killed a Maester. We didn’t mean it… But we still did it. We have took a life. A Life. Plus the Guado were supposed to be lenient and understand somewhat. try to be delicate with it. However… did they show some gentleness to us. At least some or a fraction. No.

Sapphire: What they did was go at our throats. With the mark on us. Pegging us as traitors. Then threaten to go at our parents. Our mothers and fathers. Yeah. Uncle Curtis… Blossom’s father. Our mother, Dinah.The mother and father of Amy, Susie, Christina, Penny and Spencer. The mother of Annie, Daria, Clint and Theodore. Zoey’s mother. That is what hurts. Almost the same as going at us. Like as if they were to go at you guys… Would you be still going for Yevon? Allowing them to turn their backs on you over a misunderstanding. Even if it was major and a rather underhanded act that was committed?

Lulu: But still, we have transgressed and must face our punishment.

Paul: We’re not denying that. We’re not. But stop and think about it. Seriously. Stop and consider this… Do you really think that Yevon is just gonna go easy on us? After the mess we just made. Disposing of a Maester and being marked as traitors? We don’t know Yevon… Not like you, Wakka, Yuna and Kimahri do. We are just taking a stab in the big bad dark here. But you know it probably better than any other. You guys happen to follow it like it’s Buddha. It’s not gonna be that far of a stretch to suggest that if we go to try and lay down our hand and explain. that we’ll be allowed to walk away. That won’t happen. You know it won’t.

Yuna: We must go to Bevelle. We must speak with Maester Mika and explain what has happened. There is no other way, I think.

Wakka: I agree.

Lulu: Mm. *nods*

Yuna: Sir Auron…

Auron: So it is decided.

Yuna: Will you come with us?

Auron: I am the troublemaker, after all. Romancers, Aquatic, Thunderic… you coming along?

Annie: We rather not stir the pot any more than it has been already. But if we are to face the music and face our Judgement day… We might want to be willing to adhere to the ridicule that might come as the bonus. We’re in.

Amy: There isn’t any real Choice. It’s either face the music and take the lumps. Maybe if we survive it… we’ll get a bit wiser for it. or we don’t go and we become cowards. Our mother Pearl and Father Jack didn’t raise a bunch of cowards. So… Consider us there.

Sapphire: You think that we’re gonna allow for everyone to walk into dangers den without having the Thunder Sisters around to shock their minds and lay down some thunderic pain? You might have taken us for fools. We might be gutsy and bold plus danger prone. But going into the enemy’s camp yard… that’s spelling trouble. *Chuckles* You don’t even have to ask us to be coming along. We’re there. If we’re gonna meet our fate and be put on trial for what we done… We might as well go as one. That’s the only way it could be done.

Tidus: Yeah, that’s right! You can always count on Auron to complicate things! 

Rikku: Yeah! Kimahri roars, and Auron runs off, and… The Rhapsody fighters provide the boost.

Auron: I never asked you to follow me.

Tidus: Hey, but that’s what friends are for. Right?

Rikku: Yep!

Zoey: Right. We are all friends. The best of friends. We’ve been together through so much. We’ve helped one another through a lot.

Blossom: If that’s not friend status… What is?

Alvin: Good point. Although… there are some things that are too risky. Even for us.

Arnold: But… Knowing us… It’s like we always used to say or refer to… If you don’t live life a little dangerously and or on the edge… then you ain’t really living. Just existing.

Yuna: *To Tidus* Thank you. *To the Fighters* I am thankful to you all for standing along with me.

Paul: Yuna, forget about it. No need to thank us. We’re all for following your Naive and rambunctious flair. You have no need to worry. We’d follow you no matter what. You may be young… But you most definitely can expect us to keep you around safe harbor. Out of danger’s path. We know how it is to be young. We understand. We’re there with you.

Rikku: Friends, huh?

Tidus: *Chuckles*

Wakka: Man… How can you all act like nothing’s wrong? Must got nerves of steel or something.

Lulu: You’re too edgy. Listen to the hymn and calm down.

Alvin: Yeah, Wakka. Chill out. You’re still in shock and in denial over what’s happened. No one blames you for that. We feel it too. We do. But getting all uptight and in a knot over it isn’t gonna help anything. Just think about something else. Get your mind off of the matter. You’re gonna wind up driving yourself mad if you keep thinking about the matter.

Minutes later as the Singing in the background went on…

Wakka: Say, you feel something weird in the air? Some kind of bad vibes or something.

Sora: *Smelling something weird* That’s got to be a bad smell… whatever it is…

June: *Climbing up on Zoey’s shoulder* Zoey, I’m sensing an enemy presence. It’s really strong.

Zoey: *Nods and looking at her cat* I know… I’m starting to feel it too. It’s not feeling too good. There is definitely something sprouting out danger.

June: Better keep alert.

Zoey: Right.

Spencer: *Walking over to Rikku* Hey. Nice talk back there, huh?

Rikku: Yeah. But… Friends? Wow. It’s a first time that a Non- Al Bhed has called me that. Even Wakka. i know that he still doesn’t like the Al Bhed and he hasn’t really seemed to see me as a friend. Just another member of the team is all. But maybe he’s turning around.

Spencer: To be announced.

Rikku: You don’t think so?

Spencer: Afraid not. I mean… sure he’s seeming as if he’s coming to see the light. But he’s mostly shaken and in shock over all that has happened to us up till now. I would be like him in his shoes. We’ve been through so much. I don’t know how much more we can literally take of this. How are you holding up though?

Rikku: Okay, i guess. Could be better though.

Spencer: I agree.

Raven: *Walking over to Yuna with Serena* …

Seconds later…

Serena: That was sure one long gathering.

Raven: Yeah.

Yuna: I’m sure that Maester Mika will listen to us.

Raven: I am guessing that he would. He has to listen to both sides before making a viable decision.

Serena: Just like confession. Court. Going to stand before a Judge. Same thing. Right?

Raven: Yeah.

A Minute later…

Clint: What’s the buzz, Kimahri? You look like someone who just had their favorite possession stolen. You okay, Bud?

Kimahri: This place smell different now. Kimahri not know if this good or bad.

Clint: *Smelling the air* Um… You think something’s up? *Sensing something wrong* I stand on correction. Something’s up. But let’s not fly off the handle just yet. It could be our minds just trying to scramble our common sense. But You’re with a keen sense of smell. If you are sensing something… we’re gonna need to be on terror level Orange.

Kimahri: *Nods*

Theodore: You won’t be alone on that one… This job’s on the house. Clint and I will stand on guard with you, Kimahri. Pals stick together.

As for Tidus…

Auron: Jecht used to sing this song…

Tidus: Yeah, over and over. *Laughs* But not this good, that’s for sure.

Auron: Another trait you share.

Tidus: Huh? What, were you listening?

A Moment later…

Tidus: Say, how’d you get to Zanarkand, anyway? Sin?

Auron: …

Tidus: Uh-huh, I thought so.

Sora: Sounds like we all got here by Sin. Sin brought us here.

Carly: *Narrative* That proved it. Sin was the link between not only Zanarkand and Spira but also Metropolis Kansas and Spira. Along with Zanarkand. Which means, if we were to kill and defeat Sin, We would never be able to go home. Back to where things made more sense to us. Plus not be so much like a nightmare.

Auron: We should get moving soon…

Sora: And go where?

Carly: Where do we go from here. There’s no way out of here.

Paul: How do we get out of here? Climb?

Sapphire: Climbing… out of here will be a real challenge. We’re gonna need to swim for it and not all of us can do that.

Susie: Then we’re with a problem.


An Eerie silence blanketed the area…

Rikku: The Singing stopped.

Spencer: What? What do you mean? What do you mean that it stopped? How could it just stop?

Lulu: The Singing stopped. It just stopped. All of a sudden…

Suddenly the ground started to rumble a bit…

June: Enemy alert. There’s an enemy near. Zoey, Can you feel that?

Zoey: Yeah. It’s strong. *Looking up and seeing something monstrous* … Oh… My… There’s something here…

Auron: The Ground!


Overhead in the water was None other than Sin. It was drifting in the deep water…

Yuna: Sin!?

Annie: *To Everyone* LOOK OUT!!!

Suddenly a Confusing mix of images all jumbled and flying by soared all through their minds Before everything started to get All fuzzy.

Narrative: *As Zoey* It was then that we knew right off that Sin was Jecht. For the first time we were finally able to believe it.

Romancers Z!: *Seeing Metropolis upside down* You must be wanting to go home too. Back to your sister, Rikku L. Rhapsody, huh?

Voice: “Sister”

Aquatic Force Z!: *Seeing a Pink haired girl* Aquamarine, You are not seriously thinking that she’s our grandmother… Come on. You’ve been gone a long time… She doesn’t look like that. Not since way back when… She’s different now.

Voice: “Home”

Thunderic Force Z!: *Seeing their home city* We know, Aquamarine. You want to come back home… You’re wanting to reunite with those that meant so much to you.

“That’s me. Way back when”

Zoey: You sure are pretty. But you might have changed appearance since then. Time has passed since that time till now.

Blossom: We know, Aunt Aquamarine. You want us to come to you. You want us to come to Zanarkand and meet you and us all go on back to our home of Metropolis. Our world.

Paul: Don’t worry. We’re coming, Aunt Aquamarine. We’ll bring you back. Promise.

The Toxin was taking them over and it was scattering their minds. Plus it also was doing the same for Tidus. He however was seeing himself… His home and his father. How he remembered him. But as it went on… the visions were becoming fuzzy and they were all beginning to black out.  The Guardians and the fighters blacked out and would soon wake to find that Yuna was missing. Although… Where she would be… No one knew. Except for Rikku. But did she really know? Was Yuna gonna be where Rikku said Yuna would be? The fighters were all out cold as were the guardians and where they would wind up when they came to again was unknown. What was the outcome gonna be? Where would Sin’s Toxin leave them? Find out in the next Chapter of the Adventures of the Rhapsody Girls Z! as the Saga continues…

Stranded… in an unknown part of Spira. Or were they? The fighters split and scattered all over the Island. Scattered all over the desert and it’s on their way to search for the missing members of the clan… then journey across the Island desert in a search for Yuna in… Scattered and Deserted. Rhapsody Romancers Z, Aquatic Force Z and Thunderic Force Z! Zoey and team GAZE UPON BIKANEL ISLAND!


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