Chapter 144: Go Macalania Temple Deep. Annie, Amy and Sapphire lead the way.

(A Maester… EXPOSED!)

The Snowmobile Ride to Macalania Temple…

Alvin: *Riding on the snow Mobile; With Avery riding with him* Avery, I don’t know what it is with Wakka and his hatred of the Al Bhed. But i am for one getting tired of hearing it.

Avery: I have become tired of it too, Alvin. But… like it or not… there is a deep stain in Wakka’s heart and he is never gonna find a reason to back off from hating the Al Bhed. *Sighs* Now… Condoning what he said… I think that he’s got major trust and civil issues with anyone who follows a path that is not of Yevon.

Alvin: Issue? *Scoffs* Issues my back hind side, Brother. Come on, can’t you see it? Wakka is a racist and his little quirks of how he presents himself proves of how he really is. He happens to be the same person who happens to be a good close family friend to Rikku L. Rhapsody. The new Patriarch of the family line. We are gonna need to tell her about all this and you know Mrs. Rhapsody. This isn’t gonna sit well with her.

Avery: Maybe so… But… Alvin, What do you suppose we do?

Alvin: *Riding on; sighs* I don’t know. We’re gonna have to figure it out. My kids are with their cousins and they’re unhappy with Wakka too. Can’t say as i blame them. I too am not happy and that’s a deep concern for us. I just don’t know though. I don’t know what to think about the situation…

As they rode on…

Tidus: *Riding beside Auron* You’re no fun to ride with at all.

Auron: What?

Tidus: I’ll take Kimahri over you any day!

Auron: Hmph. Just don’t do anything rash. Not like the fighters. They stood up to the rules of Racism. But they were a tad rash.

Tidus: What’s that mean?

Auron: I’m saying you should not complicate matters. Or you’ll find yourself trapped, understand? And for the Rhapsody fighters… they should try to be a bit more rational in what they feel. What they said was what had to be said… but how they said it could have upset everything.

Tidus: I don’t need you to tell me that!

A second passes…

Tidus: I guess there’s some sense in what you’re saying.

Auron: Make mistakes. They should also be making some as well…

Tidus: Huh?

Auron: That’s what youth is for after all. Do not waste it. The fighters are young. the youth they have shouldn’t be wasted either.

Tidus: Rrrgh. So which is it!? You’re confusing me. and i would bet that you’d confuse them too.

As for Spencer…

Spencer: Say… What do you think about Rikku being an Al Bhed, Kimahri? You’re not too shocked over it, are you?

Kimahri: Ronso are followers of Yevon. Ronso dislike Al Bhed, Spencer.

Spencer: *In disbelief* Oh… Not you too, Kimahri. You don’t hate the Al Bhed too… do you?

Kimahri: I can not say, Spencer. Ronso also have disliked Al Bhed. But… Not Kimarhi. Al Bhed are Al Bhed. Rikku is Rikku. Rikku swore to protect Yuna. And Rikku is not a liar. Kimarhi can tell. So, she is a friend. Kimahri knows.

Spencer: What about the part of me and her together? I am hoping that i haven’t lost your respect and trust in my family and me because of it.

Kimahri: Spencer shouldn’t worry. Kimahri knows that the Ronso dislike Al Bhed. But Kimahri feels trust in you and your family. If Spencer is in love with Rikku. An Al Bhed. Spencer should stay with Rikku. Not let anyone tell Spencer otherwise.

Spencer: You should see to let Rikku know that we all still want her with us… Whether she was my girl or not. She’s devoted in guarding Yuna. and she wants to do her part to help. That’s good enough for me.

Kimahri: Kimarhi is surprised.

Spencer: Why’re you surprised?

Kimahri: Kimahri think you are kind. Very kind. Kimahri understands you and your family speak you mind. Not letting anyone to make you back down.

Spencer: Uh, don’t tell anyone, okay? I am sure that Wakka won’t believe it. After the blow-out that happened back there… we’re probably the last ones that he’ll want to see.

At the side, On the other side of the Chasm…

Sapphire: *Walking while angry* That Wakka, really ticks me off.

Raven: No kidding. He is a total jerk. I can’t believe that we even agreed to come and help him.

Serena: We should all just leave and let Wakka and the Guardians go on fighting without us. After what he tried to do to make Rikku feel like she was a part of the things wrong in Spira… I don’t want to see him ever again. For anything.

Sapphire: However… we’re stuck with him till the end. We can’t go our own way. But it’d be nice if we didn’t have to help Wakka anymore. He is such a creep.

Raven: That’s something i’d say. Once we get to the end of this path here… we should decide on what is best to have done.

Serena: I already know what’s best. Beat the hell out of Wakka and knock his racist butt down to the curb. That’s what i’d like to do.

Blossom: *Upset* Poor Rikku. Having to hear Wakka tear her down because she’s an Al Bhed.

Zoey: I wish that my mom were here… She’d know how to handle Wakka.

Blossom: Yevon is a faith for Racist people. It is a belief that is followed by racist people. Wakka acts like one. It’s no surprise if say that we hear that the Ronso go at it too…

Zoey: Question… Why did we even come to Spira to begin with?

Sapphire: No idea, Zoey. But right now, we have our own issues to worry. Dealing with the fact that we’re having to put up with Wakka the asshole is one of them. But there is still the obsession of Raven’s. Which is Seymour. We also have to think about how much longer it’ll be before we reach Zanarkand. Plus Spencer’s love with Rikku. When we leave this world… Spencer will have to say goodbye to her and it’s gonna hurt him. I don’t think that we can even think to do that to him. We can’t.

Raven: We can’t. *Grunts* I would just love to kick Wakka to the wolves.

Serena: He is probably listening in to what we’re saying.

Sapphire: So what? Let him. At this point… i could care less what he manages to hear.

At the end of the snow trail…

Annie: *Looking at her sister and brothers* It’s been decided. We’re sticking with the Guardians. Whether Wakka likes it or not.

Daria: I would rather not be anywhere near him.

Clint: We do however need to go inside the temple where Yuna is. She’s likely to be with Seymour now and is gonna need our help.

Theodore: We’re going in. But we want nothing to do with Wakka.

Susie: How are the others holding up?

Annie: I don’t know. They’re not really saying one way or the other how they’re feeling.

Penny: I don’t blame them. I don’t know what to think either. It’s been a while since we last heard from our mother and father. I wonder what they’re up to.

Christina: Not sure. But we’ll hear from them eventually.

Annie: *Looking at the others coming in* Paul, Crystal… any idea on what to do about Wakka?

Paul: No. But… our father is making the decision that we should all go our own way. Away from Wakka.

Crystal: He’s not happy with Wakka and how he treats the Al Bhed. How he’s treating Rikku. There is likely gonna be a split up from here on. Sora and Carly are gonna be coming with us as well.

Susie: *Sighs* That Wakka! *Growls* He ruined everything. Now we’re having to face possible split ups because of him.

Serena: I would like to deck him.

It was a minute later when they all had finally met back up with one another. Spencer happened to mention that even the Ronso’s disliked the Al Bhed. But that Kimahri was okay with Rikku. Blossom and Zoey didn’t really like the sound of that, but dealt with what they could get. They gathered around and made the motion of heading their way down to the front door of the Temple… The guardians were already on their way in to the temple. Now it was the fighters who had to go in…

Macalania Temple…

There was a sleek ice and snow trail leading up to the front door of the Temple itself. There was a chill in the air as well. Blossom and Zoey felt the chill come to them and even though it wasn’t all that cold… they couldn’t help it as they were shivering a little. Spencer was even a little cold but he toughed it out as best as he could. Sora and Carly didn’t feel much. As soon as they all reached the front doors of the Temple…

Monk at the door: Halt! The likes of her are not welcome in this hallowed place.

Auron: She is a guardian.

Serena: Got a problem with it?

Monk: An Al Bhed, a guardian? Preposterous!

Sapphire: So? It would be no different than a Guado being a guardian. Or a Ronso. Anyone can be a guardian. there is no law therein saying that an Al Bhed… can not be a guardian. If there is… You better show where it says that. Otherwise… there is nothing you can do to forbid her from being a guardian.

Rikku: I’ve decided to be Yuna’s guardian now, and that’s all I want.

Auron: And that’s all one needs to be a guardian.

Rhapsody Thunderic Force Z! AMEN!

Monk: Very well.

A Minute later as soon as they all made it inside the Temple…

Macalania Temple, Great Hall…

Annie: This place looks as if ice chilled and shaped it.

Clint: Yeah. But it looks bright. There is a lot of people here. Besides us i suppose. There is quite alot.

Susie: Musicians too. *Looking at one of the musicians* Whoa! Uh… That one looks familiar.

Sora: Isn’t that one the weird bird man that played a harp on his arms as he lifted his one arm and exposed the strings and would stroke the strings playing a tune?

Carly: Yeah. It is… It’s that same one.

Sora: He must be the one that shows for the parties.

Carly: Yeah.

Zoey: *Seeing Shelinda* There’s the Acolyte. The nice girl Shelinda.

Paul: How it is that she got here is a mystery.


Shelinda: *Running over* Ah! There you are!

Paul: Hey there, Shelinda. Fancy our surprise seeing you here. Must have snuck past us while we were fighting that Crawler contraption.

Shelinda: You could say that. Yeah.

Arnold: So… What’s on your mind this time?

Shelinda: Lady Yuna is getting married. You shouldn’t kid around about these things.

Clint: Sorry about that, Shelinda. But on the celebratory front… You’re gonna have to beg pardon on that. Something about it just doesn’t sound so good.

Theodore: Just a gut feeling about it.

Shelinda: It’s okay. But you should be able to admit that it feels like a joyous occasion..

Tidus: Yeah, I guess so.

Shelinda: You’re not happy?

Tidus: Nah, it’s complicated.

Daria: Yeah… Very Complicated. Very complicated and if it’s got something to do with Seymour… Something is likely to happen.

Tidus: Say… Do you know where Yuna is?

Shelinda: I believe…she’s gone to the Cloister of Trials with Maester Seymour.

Blossom: She’s inside already with the Maester?

Zoey: Uh-oh.

Serena: Sounds like we’re too late on trying to prevent it from happening. The Engagement is going on.

Raven: Do you think that Yuna’s still trying to negotiate with Seymour?

Sapphire: What does it sound like to you?

Raven: Not a clue. Sure hope that Seymour isn’t gonna get wise to what Yuna is trying to do and out do her.

Serena: He’s a Maester though. Mysterious and kinda egotistical. A Little bit egotistical. But with the pressure he’s under… doing what he has to do… It is a wonder how he never cracks and breaks out with a fit of insanity.

Spencer: Well… I couldn’t say myself what the Maester would do. But i suppose that we could be assured that anyone who gets put with all that pressure. A Person is more than likely to crack. there is no one in any common mind that would sustain such pressure and not buckle or crack due to it.

Annie: *Heading over to the stairs leading to the Cloister of trials* We should go and tend to Yuna.

Theodore: How do you think we’ll be able to do that? I don’t think that the priest here is gonna allow for us to pass on through to the trials and get to her.

The Monks bar the way up to the cloister of trials…

Monk: Entry is not permitted. Lady Yuna is on her way to the Cloister of Trials.

Amy: *Sighs* So much for that.

While waiting, they received the thanks from Tromell who was right beside the front door leading out of the Temple.


A minute or so later…

A nun is seen running out of the side quarters and seconds later collapses on to the floor…

Nun: Lord Jyscal! A sphere, in Lady Yuna’s belongings…

Serena: They know… *Looking at the others* The Bewitching hour has begun.

Sapphire: Well… Then what the hell do you think we’re waiting for? Let’s get our hind sides over to the side room and see this sphere once and for all.

Blossom: Yuna’s Sphere’s that will. Isn’t it? It’s finally been exposed, Hasn’t it? HASN’T IT?!

Annie: *Running over to the room with the Guardians* Come on, Let’s go…

Inside the Nun’s Chambers…

Auron: This may well answer a few questions.

Raven: It’s time for some truth to come out. What is going on here?

Zoey: What is the Maester hiding that he doesn’t want the people to know?

Tidus then handles the Sphere and sets it down before then activating it…

The Sphere plays…

“Jyscal: What I am about to tell you is the unclouded truth. I swear it on my honor as a Guado. Listen to me very carefully, for I shall tell you the truth about my son, Seymour. His mind is closed even to me, a maester of Yevon. But I can feel flames of darkness burning in his heart. He is using Yevon, the Guado, and even the summoners. If he is not stopped, he will surely bring destruction and chaos to Spira. I will leave this world soon, killed by my own son. But I do not fault him. Because I was not wise enough, he has suffered, and become twisted. I could not protect him and his mother from the world and its cruelty. I will accept death as punishment for my deeds. But whoever is watching this… I implore you to stop Seymour! Stop my son.”

Auron: Wonderful.

Rikku: Will Yuna be all right?

Auron: Without us, no.

Paul: Oh that’s swell… So Now Yuna’s with a murderer. That’s nice. And if i wasn’t mistaken on the statement… I believe Auron… said something like this earlier. “Protecting the Summoner means everything to the Guardians.”?

Auron: It’s close… But yes. The Guardian’s credo is to protect the Summoner with their very lives. giving their lives for the summoner is everything.

Raven: I looked up to him as a role model. A Role model… and the truth is now… that he’s been exposed as a murderer.  *Sighs* This just can’t be.

Serena: It is. So… Sis, Do you still have the hots for him?

Raven: Serena, back off. Will you just back off? I have just been devastated by the Exposing truth from the sphere.

Spencer: We’re taking down a Maester. This will be a first for us.

Blossom: The Maester is a murderer.

Auron heads out and starts making way over to the Cloister of trials. Rikku follows along as does Kimahri…

Zoey: Wait for us…

Spencer: I’m Going along with you, Rikku.

Sora: Don’t forget us.

Carly: Time to go and rescue Yuna. She’s in trouble and we’ve got to rescue her.

The fighters all start heading off to the Cloister one at a time…

Wakka: Where you goin’?

Tidus: You saw, didn’t you? Seymour’s bad news!

Sapphire: The creep murdered his own father. Jyscal was murdered. Serenity… was right. I don’t get how on earth she could have known… but somehow she knew. She suspected it somehow.

Serena: A Maester that murders… That is something to remember. And only from your beloved… corrupt faith Yevon, Racist Wakka.

Wakka: But he’s a maester! And i am not a Racist.

Paul: Yeah? Prove it! How you were treating Rikku’s people… how you regard them… That is racist.

Crystal: Plus Holding them at fault for the loss of your brother. You’re really low.

Wakka: But Seymour’s a Maester. We can’t attack him.

Tidus: Hmph. Fine! Stay here if you want!

Serena: *Growls* Wakka… We’re done babying you. Get your ass up to the others… NOW! Right now! MOVE IT!

Lulu: Come on, Wakka. Let’s at least hear him out.

Wakka: *Facepalm* This can’t be happening.

Alvin: *Grabbing Wakka by the arm and Pulling* Wakka, We don’t have time for your moments of: “Oh no… The Maester can’t be confronted… we can’t. It’s Blasphemy!” The Maester’s guilty. We are gonna do what has to be done. You are gonna learn. If you commit murder… you are gonna be punished. No butts.

In a Charge… They all bolted out and made their way over to the hallway through that door that lead to the Cloister…

Zoey: *Running up to the door* YUNA! WE’RE COMING!!!

O’aka: Hurray for Maester Seymour’s wedding!

Paul: Hey… Hold up on the wedding chimes there, O’aka. Maester Seymour’s been exposed as a Murderer. He’s in big trouble. Huge trouble…

O’aka: What?! Maester Seymour… a Murderer?! Ye must be joking…

Clint: Look at our faces… Do you see that we’re kidding?

O’aka: *Seeing serious faces* Uh-oh! Oh, I hear Lady Yuna is still going to continue her journey, ah? I wonder if that means she and Maester Seymour will fight Sin together? Just like Lady Yunalesca and Lord Zaon!

Annie: No. Yuna isn’t to fight along side a Murderer… We won’t allow it.

O’aka: ‘Tis a shame. It would have been a rather grand occasion. But you guys’re gonna head up to fight him and confront him… You guys should be equipped to do battle, eh?!

Amy: We will be.

O’aka: Go and get him. Don’t you worry. No matter what happens… O’aka is always gonna be at your service. All for you guys and the Lady Summoner. *Nods*

Serena: *Winks* Thanks, We’ll be sure to make a strike at him for you.

At the foot of the stairs…

Monk lying on back at foot of stairs: That Ronso, he… Bevelle will hear about this!

Sapphire: You shouldn’t have barred his path.

Serena: You’re lucky that… that was all he did. Barring his path like that. Don’t you know any better than to bar a Ronso’s path? Sometimes i wonder if you people will ever learn.

A Minute later…

In the Cloister of trials…

Luckily… it was already solved. It was proof that Maester Seymour and Yuna were beyond the hall and in the rooms ahead…

The Guardians and Fighters all assemble in the hall…

Auron: Kimahri’s up ahead. Go.

Tidus: Right!

Sapphire: *Nods* Auron, You don’t need to tell us twice. We’re gone. *Running up ahead* Raven… Serena… Let’s move!

Raven: Right behind you.

Serena: Let’s go nail us a killer!

Auron: *To Wakka* We will protect Yuna from anyone. Even a maester.

Wakka: This can’t be happening.

Lulu: If he is truly at fault, it must be done.

Annie: It will be done.

Blossom: Seymour is a bad man… Jyscal was killed by his own son. That is just despicable. Really. Lulu, How could Yevon even condone for a Murderer to be a Maester? It just doesn’t make a bit of sense… It really doesn’t.

Lulu: Blossom, Yevon doesn’t condone Murderer’s being Maesters. This just happened to be one of those things that no one knew. Jyscal was the only one with the truth and the only way he could tell us is by putting his will or last testament on a sphere. It was the only thing that he could do to get his word out. But i do wonder… Why would Seymour murder his own father?

Christina: That is what we don’t know… but no matter what his reasons were to have done it… he’s a monster. He took a life and he has to be taken down.

Crystal: Fighting a Maester is gonna go against what we all believe in as it’s like attacking a man of the cloth. It’s like attacking the Pope. This is gonna hurt us.

Penny: Let’s go…

To be Continued…

It was on to the Ante-Chambers to face Seymour and confront him. This was a confrontation that would mark them as killers. But this had to be done. Seymour was exposed as a Murderer. He had to be brought down. Would he be willing to go down without a fight? Will the New Generation of fighters be able to bring him down? Would Raven be able to hold on knowing that she had to take down the one man that she saw as a role model? And What’s this…? Zoey gets a surprise coming to her. It’s her own Cat??? Huh! This is Spira… and there are Sailor Moon element of surprises coming into the mix? Someone’s messed with the stream of reality for Spira. Messed it up good. What would that bring? Would this be the start of more zany surprises? Will Wakka and the Clan ever Reconcile or will the moment come… for multiple splits to occur? Find out in the next Chapter of the Adventures of the Rhapsody Girls Z! as the Saga continues…

Rhapsody calling to the faraway towns Now war is declared, and battle come down Rhapsody calling to the underworld Come out of the cupboard, you Men and ladies Rhapsody calling, now don’t look to us… It is the moment of truth… Maester Seymour is exposed and the moment of truth has come to the front. Will Seymour come quietly or will the bombs be going off? Bombs are lit… flyin’ and the outrage of the Rhapsody fighters has opened the door. Guess what Seymour… you better get yourself ready… Mother Liberty has rung its bell and the Rhapsody fighters are coming in to Blitz you to Justice’s grip….Will you survive to tell your tale… or will this become your curtain call??? in “The Jig is Up Seymour!” Zoey gets a Moon Lit Surprise.


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